One Card down?

2023.05.17 01:20 MeltedGiant One Card down?

I just tried to log into One Card to upload a photo for my student ID (I’m an incoming freshman) but I got an error message that says something about SSO authentication failing? I’m finding it odd because I can still log into things such as MyPackPortal and StarRez just fine. Is it down for anybody else?
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2023.05.07 00:12 Emergency-Jury8768 Grading

Grading period ended May 5 but my professor told me he would extend it to the weekend so now I have a “IN” as my grade in mypackportal. I have over 95s and perfect 100s this was the only assignment that I didn’t do but I have completed it and sent it to him. I have read somewhere that if you have a IN as your grade you pass with a C or Unsatisfactory I am not sure if that’s correct but can someone let me know if this ever happened to them because I know for a fact a B+ is what I the least that I should’ve received even if I did this one assignment or not.
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2022.05.20 04:19 morningnightshade Still no chemistry professors listed?

I’ve been checking MyPackPortal frequently, and the orgo professors still haven’t been updated for the fall. Does anyone know when that’s going to be updated? I’m nervous lol.
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2021.12.05 15:27 Juicexandski Financial aid help!

I'm an incoming transfer student for spring, and completed my FAFSA for NC state earlier in the fall semester . However, after I got accepted, Mypackportal said I needed to send in proof of citizenship to NC State, which I did, and they finally received it on the December 2nd. However I still haven't received any aid offers, and the billing deadline is coming up on the 7th. I'm really stressing out because I won't be able to contact the financial aid office until tomorrow, and I'm worried that my financial aid offer won't come in before the billing deadline. I also cannot afford to pay for my classes out of pocket at the moment.
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2021.10.15 07:43 dumpsterfire_exe Any other student employees not have their payroll go through yet?

Usually on MyPackPortal you see your check show up a day or to before it gets deposited. It’s payday and I haven’t gotten any info yet. Has anyone else has this problem or is it just me?
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2021.06.13 22:07 Inside_Ad628 My Pack Portal Glitching??

Is anyone else unable to get into mypackportal? It is glitching really bad for me
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2021.05.12 23:16 dumpsterfire_exe Professor hasn't posted grade yet?

Has anyone had their professor not post their grade yet? I'm not sure if MyPackPortal is bugging, and my professor isn't responding to emails.
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2021.02.08 16:38 AdministrativeDig259 Freshman Housing Application Still Down? I May Have The Fix For You!

Title! I was trying to start mine around 8:40 and I had no luck! Eventually I closed out all my tabs and did this:
1) go to mypackportal 2) log in again 3) click campus living 4) click the first link you see under Housing Student Self Service 5) pray
At least this worked for me. The server is being very slow today, so good luck everyone!
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2020.09.09 20:27 sarahjumma How do i check my grades?

I logged into MyPackPortal and went to my grades but I don’t see any numbers? I’m the type of person who needs to know where i stand so this is stressing me out. Any help is appreciated:)
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2020.05.17 19:32 OmryB8 When do the PY professors show up in mypackportal?

I have to take PY205 with no previous experience in physics at all (kill me). After searching on ratemyprofessor, I understand that Zodiac Webster and Zachary Lewis are professors I should avoid. From your experience, when do the available professors show up in the enrollment wizard?
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2019.08.06 18:10 EnormityGamer How to cancel after paying enrollment fees

Hey i want to cancel my offer. I have payed enrollment fees but I have joined another uni due to good scholarship. I have withdraw my term by going in mypackportal and it is awaiting approval I dont why they need to approve something but anyways is that how u cancel ur admission?
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2018.08.21 03:33 Acemixmaster100 Grid View in MyPackPortal

I am trying to export my class schedule in "Grid Format" in order to fill out a class conflict form for E101. Does anyone know how to export it in grid format?
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2017.05.24 15:28 GreyyCardigan Minor on Degree Audit Question

On MyPackPortal degree audit, does a minor only change from "Intended Minor" to "Minor" when the minor requirements are completed? Trying to determine whether or not my minor application was successfully processed. Thanks!
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2017.05.14 17:26 Czvni Housing Assignments

Hey everyone, incoming freshman here. Was wondering if anyone knew of a specific date housing/room assignments came out? Or is it just whenever?
MyPackPortal says it would be "sometime" in late may but that was too vague for me.
Thanks xx
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2012.05.09 00:53 UllrichFromGeldeland Anyone else think it would be cool/nice to have a MyPackPortal app?

I was just logging in to see if any of my grades have been posted and thought it would be a cool idea to have a my pack portal app. something where you could quickly log in and view your schedule, or look at grades, financial aide information and stuff like that. Just a simple app that would let you get to that basic information without having to load the entire web page and zoom in and navigate that way. You guys think this might be something to suggest to the school?
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