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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

2014.04.19 21:56 halfAccurateChang Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is an American late-night talk show airing Sundays on HBO in the United States and HBO Canada, and on Mondays (originally Tuesdays) on Sky Atlantic in the United Kingdom. The half-hour-long show premiered on Sunday, April 27, 2014, and is hosted by comedian John Oliver. LWT takes a satirical look at news, politics and current events on a weekly basis.

2010.09.21 16:32 power_chamber Power Rangers

This subreddit is for Discussion/fan-art/all other things related to Power Rangers. This subreddit is entirely unofficial and fan-run. We are not affiliated with Hasbro, Entertainment One, Toei, Bandai, Netflix or the United Alliance of Evil. Enjoy, and may the power protect you. If you need help, call the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988.

2011.01.19 09:02 airmandan First World Problems: Lost the remote, now begins the arduous trek to the TV to switch it manually.

First World Problems. If it's a problem you can only have if you have money we'll feel bad for you. Then we'll feel guilty for having enough money to have the same problem.

2023.06.08 19:42 tryingmybest101 What's going on with Mark Alan Dacascos's accent?

So...though I'd always heard of the famous Iron Chef program in its different iterations I'd never actually sat down to watch an episode until today. I was pleasantly surprised by the hots. I loved Alton Brown back in his Good Eats days and am also a fan of Mark Alan Dacascos for his martial arts skills and his starring role in the tv version of The Crow. Imagine my surprise then when I heard Dacascos's over-the-top Asian accent. Dacasco was born in Hawaii and speaks English perfectly with a slight Hawaiian accent in any other thing that I've seen him in. So why is he doing what seems like a borderline racist Japanese accent for this show? Is there something I'm missing?
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2023.06.08 19:42 biglad18 AITB for “overstepping” my boundaries at work

So I 21m work at a restaurant and have for 2 years. I don’t think I am but a few of the managers have said I’m one of their best BoH and I work full time so I guess I hold some value.
Anyway there was a trial shift for a guy there the other day and when he walked through the door my heart dropped a bit. I knew him and I hate the guy. He worked at another store and came to our store to help out a few times (before my current manager came here) and every time he was rude and just genuinely a cunt. He’s also friends with some other co workers so I’ve been around him when we’ve smoked after work and he was the same. He quit his old store and wants to come back here now. They did his trial shift and his attitude was pretty shitty but he did alright because he’s worked for our brand before. But I obviously don’t wanna work there with him.
So I’ve been thinking about transferring to another store for a while and figured if they’re gonna hire him I might as well do it cos I don’t wanna be around him 30 odd hours a week.
I pulled my manager aside and asked to talk about how the transfers worked and he basically told me and then asked why and I tried to say no reason but he insisted as he is very employee focused and wants us all to be safe and have a good time there. I asked him to not share with anyone else because the guy was friends with a few people there and didn’t wanna cause problems. But that I wouldn’t be comfortable working with him due to personal reasons and I’ve been thinking about transferring for a while although I wasn’t dead set on it, but that this was a good enough reason for me.
My manager wants to promote me and I guess he thinks I’m tryna leverage something because we need more staff atm although that’s not what I’m trying to do, he basically said to me I’ll take what you said into account but I feel you’ve overstepped here and that was the end of the talk.
Was I the asshole here because I was just trying to be honest after he asked, I know as just a staff member I don’t have any say in who they hire but I think it’s fair enough that I want to transfer if someone I can’t work with works there.
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2023.06.08 19:42 ThrowRAinsecuritiess I [25F] am feeling extremely insecure in my relationship with my boyfriend [30M].

Long story short my relationship with my boyfriend started off super rocky. We’ve been together for about 10 months now. There were some instances of cheating on his side, talking to women behind my back, including his ex who he had said he still loves and would be with if he had not needed to move back to the United States. Liking super inappropriate pics of his friends wife on instagram claiming he was just “supporting” his friends because his friend is a photographer. Comparing me to other women in front of me. ALMOST slept with a stewardess while on a safari trip to Africa. We had ALOT of arguments in the beginning, a lot of them involving me being super insecure because of the above things I mentioned. I’ve never been this way in previous relationships and if anything was the opposite of the jealous type. I got better for a bit and truly stopped looking at his instagram or wondering about anything. But recently I’ve been feeling increasingly insecure. I can’t put my finger on why. We got into a huge argument again last night because I asked if he’d be with his ex again given we weren’t together (stupid question I know) expecting the answer to be different this time and sort of seeking reassurance from him. I was wrong and his answer was the same, that if she lived here and he were single he’d date her again. I blew up and cried. I feel so overwhelmed by these insecurities and I’m not sure how to help my relationship or myself. I know I can’t rely on him to help me with them and I need to learn to love myself again but I have been struggling so much recently after thinking I was doing better. Seeking advice on what my next steps should be. I can tell he’s getting really fed up with it and I don’t want to worsen anything further because of these insecurities. What should I do to help myself get over these insecurities and improve my relationship?
TLDR: Very insecure related to some things that happened in the beginning of my relationship. Got better but recently felt more insecure. Got into a huge fight with my boyfriend and I can tell he’s getting fed up with me. Not sure where to go from here.
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2023.06.08 19:41 fallenequinox992 What makes gang stalkers increase their tactics?

Post found on Quora:
First answer: "When their targets gets irritated, nervous, paranoid, scared and angry. Once the targets responds to the tactics they do, that will make the stalkers continue messing with the targets because their tactics is getting into the targets mind but if the targets has a way to ignore the tactics the stalkers do and the more the targets ignore the stalkers, eventually they will back off but when you let the stalkers piss you off more and more the more they will continue to mess with you and it gets more intense."
Reply to First answer: "I can confirm - they do this because they always want to remind you that they're always there. But who cares, this is literally part of their basic tactics to cause stress. But I am busy with life, I'll get to you, when I get to you".
Second reply: "Being on quora is one….calling them names saying what. They cant do to you…giving other tis helpful imformation….ignoring them in the streets…just not being afraid of them period…will increase there attacks on you …they will do anything to get a. Reaction from you …i have been out of mind with rage. At times but i wasnt caught…"
Reply to Second answer: "But we can get legal revenge on them, if you managed to find out which neighbor they are. E.g. If they have a barking dog then report them. Report if they're breaking any local laws at all. (Watch neighborhood revenge shows and get inspired. But make sure it's legal!).
Post a community flyer about gang-stalking, to help raise awareness and to stop people getting involved with them. Once they understand the full affect. (You could post at night too).
Here is an example of one: Template for Gang-stalking awareness:
You could post the evidence of them on social media (like to a gangstalking group) as long as the platform allows it and the evidence is legal/clearly shows the act. Or you could describe the reason why and how it relates to gangstalking as well. But never give away your personal information away in this post."
Your creativity is up to you".
Third answer: "Cause there getting payed to do it and it's there job. There legit job maybe a part time job for some. And they change there tactics to form a different version of the same event. Which is find a new way to harass someone. The increase there tactics when the get a certain type of reaction out of there victims.. or when something in there victims enviorment has changed."
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2023.06.08 19:41 Dull-Bit-8639 Fidji XV for the world cup

I've tried to piut together the team i think will start the world cup for the Flying Fiji's ! Would be intérested of what you think of this team what you would change.
For the front five and number 9, I almost had no clue, and i picked some players based on Drua's and the team that played in the European tour.
Having said that, their backs are absolutely STACKED, they can be a threat to any team in the world!
  1. Ravai
  2. Matavesi
  3. Doge
  4. Mayanavanua
  5. Tagitagivalu
  6. Yato
  7. Botia
  8. Mata
  9. Lomani
  10. Botitu
  11. Radradra ( I know, it's weird, but having Radradra, Tuisova and Waisea is just a cheatcode, and they put Radradra as "utility back", so why not?) Or Habosi
  12. Tuisova
  13. Waisea
  14. Wainiqolo
  15. Tuicuvu
Would love some input from some Super Rugby or even Fidji fans! Sorry if some names (mainly in front) are big mistakes 😁
I have my ticket to support them in France , hoping to find a flag before the WC!
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2023.06.08 19:39 Trash_Tia My friends participated in a “special screening” for a well known game which has been almost ten years in the making. I don’t recognize the people who came back

Three days ago, my housemates were alive.
And I wasn't losing my fucking mind.
Three days ago, I awoke to my housemate, Misty, shaking me.
“Get up!!”
Misty was usually the last to roll out of bed out of all of us, so I figured it was something important. My housemate wouldn’t get out of bed for nothing. She valued her sleep—often comparing her bed to a safe haven. Her place of solitude. I was right there with her, until she startled me out of slumber. I opened my eyes to find her face roughly three inches from mine, her expression lit up with excitement I couldn’t justify this early in the morning.
She smelled of toothpaste breath and her raspberry scented body wash. Her thick black curls framing her face were still damp from what I presumed was a shower, hanging in tangled knots in front of wide, almost unseeing eyes. When I first met her, Misty Kang had been my crush for a while. With a Korean father and a Texan mother, she definitely caught eyes when we hung out. We had a thing in freshman year, which quickly fizzled out once we started living together. Never date your housemates.
I will just say that.
Over the last few years, Misty has become one of my closest friends.
When she knew I was at least conscious, my housemate was grabbing my arm and yanking me out of bed. “Get up!”
I was barely awake, and those were the only words I could fully distinguish.
I shooed her away for a moment and swung my legs out of bed, taking a minute to blink sunlight out of my eyes coming through the blinds. “Sam.” Misty was in front of me again.
I don’t think she understood the concept of being half asleep.
She wouldn’t leave me alone, waving her arms wildly. Her shadow under the soft morning light almost reminded me of one of those inflatable tube guys.
“Huh?” My voice was a low croak, and her smile widened.
“Guess who’s just scored tickets for an actual screening of the first five minutes of gameplay for the most anticipated game of the decade?”
“What?” Her string of words wasn’t making sense in my caffeine deprived mind. It just sounded like gibberish to me, initially.
Like we were in some cheesy commercial, she was the lead, and I was the confused NPC with the WTF expression. But when I went over it in my head, words started to slide together like a jigsaw puzzle. Misty didn’t get excited about video games. Well, she did. Though, my housemate was one to get excited on behalf of someone else. After living with her for a while now, I had concluded she was a follower.
By that, I mean whatever others thought or did or said, she copied it. If her Twitter followers were mad at bad takes, she would drop all of her own opinions on said follower and focus on what other people said. We had Korean barbecue for takeout the other day, and Misty clearly did not like it from the creased look on her face, and her very obviously spitting it politely into a napkin.
Jay, my other housemate, liked it.
And so did I. So, naturally, Misty announced she wanted more.
I had to watch her suffer through two more portions before she excused herself—presumably to throw up. Blinking at my housemate who was clearly excited for Jay, I resisted the overwhelming urge to roll my eyes.
“Slow down. What game? What are you talking about?”
I got out of bed and threw on my robe, half aware of the mess from last night on my desk. Another attempt to finish an essay which just wasn’t happening. The monster energy cans and takeout Chinese wrappers were embarrassing. I got a basic run-through as I headed downstairs with Misty right behind me, practically breathing down my neck. From what I understood, there was a Reddit post.
That was all I got from Misty’s squealing. She leapt down the stairs after me with a spring in her step. The clock above the front door told me it wasn’t even 9am. The smell of bacon, however, was quick to arise me from the dead.
Jay was in the kitchen making breakfast. I noticed his laptop was open on the table, and every so often he’d peer at it with wide, almost disbelieving eyes. Jay and Misty were complete opposites, which made them great people to live with. Jay was a quiet book who was slightly on the pretentious side, routinely quoting something philosophical to piss me off.
He had rich parents on the other side of the world, but the guy himself was fairly humble and had mostly detached himself from said family.
My housemate was usually well put together. In fact, I barely saw him in his pajamas, excluding game nights. That morning, however, he was a disheveled mess, still in yesterday’s clothes.
He offered me a grin. I glimpsed sauce from last night’s dinner still staining his chin. Jay hadn’t brushed his hair or even put on deodorant.
I caught a whiff of BO when he ducked in front of me, his gaze glued to his MacBook. It was rare when Jay ignored basic hygiene, so yeah, I was going to guess this was a pretty huge thing. “I did tell her not to wake you up, y’know.”
His slight aussie accent was always refreshing on a morning. Born in Australia and moving to the states when he was ten years old, Jay still had a slight tinge in his accent. I had seen pictures of his family, and the guy had definitely gotten most of his dad’s genes, thick brown hair, and freckles. While his dad was built like a pro wrestler however, Jay was leaner like his mom.
I shrugged. “I was already awake.”
“Liar.” He didn’t look away from his laptop.
Looking closer, I glimpsed the Reddit homepage.
“So, you have won something.”
Jay didn’t answer. I could tell he was excited by the way he could barely keep still, bustling around the kitchen, barefoot. “Coffee?”
His voice was more of a Misty-like squeak, and I half wondered for a moment if they had switched bodies, or he had at least become one with my other housemate through a chemical explosion. In our kitchen, which was yet to be cleaned after a cooking disaster several nights ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if something was living on the countertop. I nodded, slumping into a chair. “What’s going on? Why is Misty freaking out?” I nodded at his laptop. “She said you’ve won something?”
As if my housemate couldn’t hold it in anymore, he nodded, turning his screen towards me. “You know____, right?”
“Yes.” I sipped my coffee, eyeing a toaster strudel sitting on the countertop. "You mean the game which has been coming out for a decade."
He ignored that. “Well, what if I told you one of the developer’s posted on the official sub this morning?”
“For _____?"
He nodded with a grin, and I wondered it this was one of those rare times when Jay was blindly looking through a red flag to see what he wanted. I had heard of these types of scams, and Reddit was a breeding ground for them.
Gamers were pretty intense. I didn’t realize I was pulling a face until I caught his lips curving into a smile. Jay was usually the skeptical one.
“You don’t believe me.”
I downed my coffee to avoid replying. When I had drained the cup, he was still staring at me with amused eyes.
“You think it’s bullshit.”
I shrugged. “You said it,” I said. “I’m pretty sure that game isn’t even partway through development. Didn’t Twitter leak a still last year? Also, they’ll be bringing out a new console before that game comes out.”
I leaned back in my chair. “It’s more of a pipe dream, at this point.”
“The leaks were fake,” Even he didn’t look sure. “Anyway, that’s not the point. One of the dev’s posted on the official sub this morning. He asked if we were all excited for the new game, asked if we could post some of our favorite NPC dialogue, and he’ll DM winners.”
“Uh-huh.” I nodded at the screen. I had already checked my phone for an internet meltdown concerning this post, but there was nothing. “And where is that post now?”
Jay didn’t look at me. “It was deleted. So it only reached a certain number of people.”
“Oh, it was deleted?” I couldn’t resist a smile. “What a coincidence.”
When I laughed, Jay scowled, showing me his screen—navigating his trackpad to his Reddit DM’s.
To my surprise, there was actually a message from what I guessed was a throw-away account.
While I was skim reading the DM, Misty hurried in, all dressed and ready for the day. I peeked at her outfit from Jay's laptop. Cute.
Extravagant, but cute. My housemate cranked the radio up before bouncing between us, a toaster strudel hanging out of her mouth.
Misty was a living animated character. Ignoring her wide smile, I turned back to the screen. “Congratulation!!” The DM started with capitals.
It took me reading it twice to realize there was a clear spelling mistake. I sent Jay a pointed look, but he was too busy practically vibrating with excitement. If the guy had any more caffeine, he was going to explode. “Since when did winning DM’s start with a typo?”
“I knew you were going to say that.” Jay curled his lip. “They were clearly excited when typing the message.”
“But this is supposedly an official,” I said. “Surely they would make sure it’s professional?”
My housemate didn’t reply, shooting a look at Misty, who rolled her eyes.
“Wow.” I squinted at the screen. “I am so sorry for caring about your safety. You do realize these types of scam’s usually end up with you being sold on the black market, right?”
I shuddered. “I’ve heard horror stories about underground markets specializing in illegal organ harvesting.”
“Or…” Jay’s eyes were glued to the screen. “You could be happy for me?”
I frowned at the rest of the message, which was just a capitalized freak-out about the upcoming release of the game, before inviting Jay (and a friend!) to a five-minute preview of gameplay, as well as a Q&A. There was a location and a time, which was brow-raising. “10 at night.” I said. “Who hosts a gaming convention at 10pm?” I leaned my chin on my fist. “Unless they wanted to lure as many gullible people as possible, and ship them to some organ harvesting factory on the other side of the world.”
Jay scoffed. “That’s dark.”
“You’re actually considering going to a 10pm gaming convention in the middle of nowhere. I’m trying to wake you up.”
Jay nudged me that time. “It’s real. Relax.”
“And.” I pointed to the screen. “No phones? Why would they ask you not to bring your phones?”
“To stop us filming content,” Misty sang. “Duh.”
I groaned, leaning back in my chair. “You’re on his side? This is clearly shady!” I didn’t get mad unless something was seriously pissing me off, and this was one of those times. Jay was a smart guy. There was no way he was falling for this bullshit. I thought he was joking around when he spent the day tracking the location on Google Maps. I went to class like normal and got updates through text. At lunch, Jay agreed with me and said it was in fact shady, and he wasn’t going. By afternoon classes, he was texting me in paragraphs explaining his own skepticism but had found several “friends” on an online forum who were also going and had changed his mind once again. The guy couldn’t make up his mind. He was driving me crazy.
Misty sent me several videos of Jay pacing the kitchen with his MacBook in his hands. She was broadcasting his mental breakdown via Instagram stories. But then she started to send me pictures of herself in different outfits, asking me for my opinion on each one. At that point, I turned my phone off. My housemates had lost their fucking minds. I did my own research though, just to make sure I wasn’t actually going to lose them to a shady cult.
I searched for the game itself, but just as I thought, it was shown as still in development. Every “update” was just fan speculation.
There were YouTube videos and TikTok’s of fake leaks, but nothing was real. It was either AI generated, or badly edited. By the time my classes had ended and I had turned my phone on, I had a barrage of missed calls and texts.
Most of them were from Misty with her outfit changes, and Jay changing his mind again.
This time he was convinced it was all a scam, his texts full of typos and crying emoji's which he never used. Before it hit me that Misty was most likely using his phone to text me.
I was right. When I walked through the door, I was greeted by both of them sitting on the stairs. Misty was scrolling through Jay’s phone, while the boy had his head in his hands. According to Misty’s last text, he was back to being excited to go.
From the look on his face, eyes shadowed with sleep circles, light brown curls slipping from under his hood, I wasn’t sure what Misty meant by “excited”. The guy looked the complete opposite. His mind had been consumed by the game, and the idea of seeing new content.
When I dropped my bag and folded my arms, fixing the two of them with my best disapproving parent look, Misty jumped to her feet. “Sam!” she waved Jay’s phone at me. “Did you get my texts? We’re actually going now!”
The 100+ texts on both messenger and iMessage said otherwise.
I nodded, my gaze on Jay. “Both of you do realize it’s a scam, right?” I softened my tone despite growing progressively more irritated. We were grown adults, not kids. I could understand a group of teenagers falling for it, but two twenty-three-year-olds?
This time, I ducked in front of Jay. “Hey.” I pulled down his hood, and he groaned, burying his head in his knees. “I don’t want to freak you out, so listen to me, okay?”
I exhaled out a breath. “I’m not saying something bad is going to happen to you, because it most likely won’t—and yes, I admit I’m being paranoid.” When he lifted his head, blinking through bedraggled curls, there was a faint smile on his lips. “But.” I said. “You are most likely going to end up disappointed. Which I don’t want, because you won't shut up about it for weeks."
I was only partly joking.
For a moment, I thought my housemate was going to wake up, and nod, laughing at how crazy it was.
Before shook his head and jumped up.
“I’m going to take a shower, alright? I should start getting ready."
I admit, I exploded at him.
We argued while he was in the shower, and I paced up and down the hallway, coming up with multiple reasons why he was definitely going to die, and only two positives if it was in fact real. In the end, I gave up worrying all together. I didn’t say anything when the two of them were hurrying around looking for shoes and missing car keys. I didn’t realize they were gone until the door was clanging shut, and a text was coming through. I didn’t look at it until an hour later, and I had calmed down.
Jay: 1h ago: Stop worrying, lmao. We’re good! I’ll keep my phone just in case. I’ll make sure to avoid the organ harvesting 😉
Another from Misty a few minutes later: “Love you! Chillll, kay? 😭😭 It’s going to be fun! I’ll take pics!”

Followed by: “Oh shit, we can’t. I’ll try to sneak some!"
Attached to the text was a photo of the two of them. Misty with a wide smile and a peace sign, and Jay who looked like he was mid-shout, his eyes on the road.
Those texts were… at least comforting, I guessed. Maybe they were right. I figured I was paranoid, and they in fact would really be okay.
But that didn’t stop the anxious coil in my gut when I tried to force down takeout pizza. I attempted to focus on my essay to distract myself, but I couldn’t stop glancing at my phone, and checking Twitter. There was a hashtag on the DM, which was just “PlayStationGO.” When I searched for it, however, nothing came up.
Sure, it was a private convention and only a select few knew about it, but nothing could escape Twitter.
Somewhere, someone must be talking about it. After scrolling through endless tweets though, I realized I was wrong. There was nothing.
That put a bad taste in my mouth.
10pm came, and I held my breath all the way through a Netflix TV show I was forcing myself to watch, half asleep, slumped at my desk.
I could barely distinguish the plot.
I just had a vague idea of the character names, and some of their motivations.
Midnight passed, and I was struggling to stay awake.
I glanced at my phone.
No messages, just a notification from Spotify reminding me my favorite band was playing nearby.
Still nothing. I fell back to sleep.
This time, I stayed awake for a few minutes glaring at my phone before my eyes grew heavy.
3:16: am.
My phone buzzed with a text from Jay, but I could barely desipher it: "can't feel help my head hurts Canshdhsn727272_6798mi/!! _&go home please. (Sent from: PlayStationGo™️ BETA)."
3:27: am.
3:54: am. I was wide awake, blinking at a notification which had popped up from an unknown number. I was trying to figure out what number it was, when my phone vibrated again and I almost jumped out of my skin.
After a moment of hesitation, I answered it.
I was trying so hard not to think of the possibility of it being the emergency room, or even worse, the cops.
All of my worst nightmares had come true in a single second.
“Hello?” I whispered in a croak.
“Are they in the house with you?” The stranger’s voice came through in a hiss of interference.
His words sent my mediocre dinner lurching back up my throat. “What?” I managed to get out. “Who?”
“Your friends.” He said, and I leapt to unsteady feet, my gut twisting and turning.
“No.” I found myself taking slow strides toward the window, brushing back the curtain and peering out into the night. “Why? Did something happen to them?” I paused.
“How did you get my number?”
“That does not matter.” His voice rattled in my ear as I rushed downstairs, almost stumbling down the bottom two. “I need you to get out of that house. Now. Get as far away as possible.”
I could hear his rapid breaths.
He was driving. I could hear the rumble of the engine. With my phone pressed to my ear, I obeyed his instructions, pulling open the door and stepping out into the cool night, a brisk breeze grazing my bare arms was just enough to stop my thoughts spiraling.
I was barefoot, in nothing but a robe, staggering down the driveway. The night was calm and silent; our neighborhood was asleep, each window drowned in darkness. I couldn’t breathe, my clammy fingers wrapped around my phone, as this stranger broke down over the phone. “Whatever you do,” he gasped out.
“Do not, I repeat DO NOT remove the PlayStationGo—shit!! He hissed out, static rattling the call. The guy seemingly got ahold of himself, and the wheel, and continued. I started to walk—where I was going, I had no idea.
The stranger lit a cigarette. I heard the click of a lighter and his exhalation of breath. “It was a BETA version, but we had to rush it. This was not my idea. My boss is a greedy man. He wanted to release the game last year, which would have meant widespread infection. Luckily, that did not happen. We did manage to delay it, but only by a year.” His words barely made sense to me as I struggled to get a word in, peering in the dark. “It was supposed to be a virtual experience of the game—a whole new angle of gameplay. But testing was difficult. First, on monkey’s, we lost multiple subjects. Tonight was supposed to be a…well, I guess you could call it out first attempt on human subjects,” his laugh was bitter. “I knew the tech wasn’t finished. And I tried. Believe me, I fucking tried. I tried to blow the whistle, but these bastards know where my parents live."
Something squirmed its way down my spine.
“So my friends were lab rats?” I said stiffly. “You used them?”
I fucking knew it.
I knew it was too good to be true.
“Yes and no. Listen to me, the people I work for are hunting them down. Trust me, I don’t want my bosses to find them because a life of experimentation will await them. Torture. Do you hear me? It does not matter if subjects fail. They don’t care. As long as there is at least a light at the end of the tunnel for them, they will see it as a win, and bring the publication date closer. They will not be treated as humans. Your friends signed a contract before trying out the tech, where the small print stated that, under section 3, player engagement, all subjects must agree to offer themselves as participants in later updates. I silently cursed Jay for always skipping the terms and conditions when buying games." The man stopped to breathe.
“I have told you multiple times, and I won’t say it again. Get as far away from that house as possible. I will take care of them. I will make sure of it." The sound of squealing engines, and I stopped power walking, coming to an abrupt stop. The silence of the night around me, compared to the sound of the highway he was on, traffic horns and the wind rushing through the window was an eerie contrast, a disturbance to the heavenly bubble we were trapped in.
“What do you mean ‘take care of them?” I had to swallow a yell. “Hey! What are you talking about?
“I’m sorry.” Was all he replied with. “I’m afraid it is too late. There was once an opportunity to save the mind during the initial level of the demonstration. However, once the PlaystationGo has been fully attached to the base of the subject, we no longer have control of it. Once integrating itself into the cerebral cortex, the PlayStationGo can only be removed by signing out of the player’s account,” his breath was heavy. “On this unfortunate occasion, however, your friends are unable to navigate the system due to a malfunction which scrambled their brains,” He trailed off. “Which has left them stranded in the game."
I let out a breath. “Right.” I said. “That’s.. bad. I mean, it’s a fucked-up piece of technology, but they’re just playing a game, right?”
There was a pause, before the man laughed.
“Young man, I don’t think you understand,” he said. “The PlayStationGo was created to give the player a full virtual experience of our game. The PlayStationGo is not a physical object. Created with nanotechnology, it attaches itself to the subject’s brain and is supposed to create a personal gaming experience for each player. As I said, however, it is not finished. It is yet to be released to the public, and of course, we are expecting certain ethical arguments due to the controversial—”
I pulled the phone away from my ear, shaking my head. I didn’t need to hear his attempts at trying to save his own skin.
“You need to help them,” I whispered. “Do you hear me? Can you do that? Can you help them?!”
“That is what I am trying to tell you,” He said.
“I know you are upset and confused, and believe me, I offer my apologies. But you need to listen to facts. During initial testing, our subjects were conscious enough to know where their home was. We are unsure why this happens, though we have linked it to territory, as well as the main character of the game heavily influencing their actions. I have been tracking them from the testing facility, and they are incredibly close. Please get as far away from there as possible. If you are no longer in the vicinity of the house, I can end this quickly and quietly before we gain attention.”
I wasn’t sure what I was going to say. Maybe start fucking screaming at him, because he was talking about getting “rid” of my friends, after their mistake.
“Do you understand me?” He said, when I couldn’t reply. “Your friends are lost causes!”
Before I could answer, though, headlights were suddenly coming around the corner, and I found myself paralysed to the spot. The car which swerved twice, crashed into several trash cans, before reversing and coming straight towards me, was not Jay’s car. Jay’s car was an old hunk of junk he’d gotten from a scrapyard. Jay’s car had doors which were practically hanging off, and a stereo which exclusively played either static gibberish, or old tapes I had no idea how to use. This car was bright yellow, and definitely had an option to drive itself. When the car came to a stop, inches from careening into me, I lost all control of myself.
I was vaguely aware of my phone slipping from my fingers and hitting the sidewalk. But I was too busy staring at the two shadows in the front of the car. The driver, and the passenger.
And the muffled screaming coming from the trunk.
When the door swung open, a figure stepping out, I did not recognise my housemate.
The stranger told me I wouldn't, but I didn't believe him.
Jay had left the house in casual jeans and a sweater, bearing the game's logo.
Now, I found myself face to face with a man with my housemate's face and features, his smile and eyes-- but something had been severed in his eyes and twisted in his expression. For one, Jay was wearing a suit I knew he couldn't afford, the sleeves torn, collar pulled open, smears of red staining the front.
His pants had cufflinks, and the Rolex on his wrist had definitely been pulled off someone's corpse.
The silver was stained a revealing scarlet. Drinking in his face, he looked like Jay. His curls hung in front of his eyes, freckles speckling his cheeks, but everything else wasn't. It wasn't until I was glimpsing what was moulded into the flesh of his hand, did I remember how to move. But then I was taking all of him in, everything my mind had intentionally skipped, because I didn't want to believe the stranger on the phone. Nanotechnology, the man had said in a hiss.
Fiction, I had thought.
Before I saw the reality of it, a writhing metallic like substance glued to the guy's temple, and slowly, very slowly, inching down his cheek, already forming around the bridge of his ear, a very faint blue light flickering.
Something must have alerted him. His cavernous eyes left mine, and he twisted his head—and I heard the sound of his neck snapping, his head lolling to the left slightly, his eyes flickering. I watched his whole body seem to sway back and forth, ready to fall forwards.
Before the newly formed device on his ear turned red, then green.
It was almost like he was… rebooting. As if coming back to life, Jay lifted his head at an awkward angle, before looking straight through me. The blood vessels in his eyes had popped, rivulets of red beading down his face. He should have been dead, I thought. No. No, he was dead. That… that thing was keeping him alive. “Well, shiiiittt,” he said. I could sense the game dialogue which had taken over him, forming on his mangled tongue.
“I’m a man on a mission.”
In jerking movements, he turned and marched back towards the car, opening the door, and sliding into the front seat.
I remembered how to move, ducking to grab my phone, before something slammed into the back of my head—and I saw stars.
I didn’t remember hitting the floor, only the soft sound of her voice, a seductive murmur repeating NPC dialogue, and her kitten heel sticking into my spine, forcing me onto my face.
Misty. I was expecting her to get it over with. But when she dragged me to my feet, sticking the barrel of a gun into the flesh of my neck—I figured she was still playing the game.
Twisting around to meet her eyes, lifeless and empty, only filled with light from the device which had taken over half of her face, I felt sick to my stomach. This thing wasn’t a games console or a virtual reality headset.
It was an attempt at coercing and programming something you already don’t understand, to do something impossible.
I could see that in the way the things had visibly chewed and eaten through her flesh, devouring her from the inside and out. I could see what was left of the dress she had worn earlier, but something must have gone wrong with her too. Because Misty had thrown on another outfit over the top, a diamond necklace hanging from her neck.
I caught a thin river of red pooling down her right temple, trying to ignore the twitchy way she moved, just like a character. From the way Misty walked, stumbling, I already knew she was gone. My housemate had newly acquired strength, throwing me in the trunk of the car where three other hostages were, and slamming it shut on my attempts to reason with her. She didn’t tie me up or restrain me.
In the dim light I could just make out though passing streetlights, I could see the trunk opened from the inside. Which was too easy.
Still though, Jay was driving recklessly, and every time I tried to throw the damn thing open, I was knocked backwards, rolling into a screaming girl, who was bound by her hands and feet. It took me multiple attempts before I had the trunk open, freezing cold air blasting me in the face. I untied the other hostages, but when I told them to come with me, they just stared blankly at me, and continued begging for their lives—and it only took me glimpsing what was attached to their temples, a familiar writhing metal plate, for me to understand. They too were playing the game. This time, as NPC hostages.
I found myself gingerly touching the trembling metallic flesh of the girl's fingers bound in rope. It had a slimy consistency, and I swore, I felt something bite into me.
No way, I thought.
This thing was sentient, yes. But it wasn't living.
Listen, I wish I could tell you what it was like to jump out of a moving car, but I can’t.
I remember it as lunging out of the trunk, hitting the freezing cold air, before hitting the ground head first, neutron star collisions exploding in the backs of my eyes.
What I do remember is waking up on the side of the road. Hours later. The sky was bright blue, a scorching sun blinding me when I managed to force my eyes open.
The early morning rush hour flew by as normal, and I wondered how ignorant American people had to be to ignore someone knocked out on the side of the road.
It’s not like I was nowhere near civilization. There was a fucking Subway right next to me.
When I had gathered myself, I remembered I had no phone. I couldn’t go home in fear of running into my rogue housemates playing their own fucked up version of _____ in their head. My plan was to try and find my phone, get in contact with the stranger who blew the whistle on my friends being dangerous, and find them. They couldn’t be far., right? And even if they weren’t themselves… someone would be able to save them.
If someone could do this to them, surely they could reverse it.
I felt sick, tired, and I was starving.
So, with some loose cash I’d found in my pocket, I bought a Subway and a Coke.
The woman at the counter smiled widely at me. She leaned forward, with a wink. “Nice cosplay!”
I didn’t understand what she meant until I swore I felt something… move its way up my pant leg. I ignored it, and it happened again, this time it felt like something was… biting.
A bug, maybe? I had been laying on the side of the road for around six hours.
When I went to the bathroom, though, I found myself staring at an all too familiar glint of silver creeping its way across my temple. Like it was sentient, parts of it sider webbed towards my ear while the rest writhed into my hairline.
I pulled up my pant leg again, and there it was, a fungus-like metal substance which had already formed in two solid metal masses on my knees. I remember grazing two fingers across the thing beginning its slow feast of my flesh. I remember trying to pull it off, hissing in pain when I risked ripping off my own skin with it. I remember shaking my head and being in denial, even when the lights dimmed above me, and the bathroom door in front of me became more of a shadow. When I strode back through the Subway store, I began to see slight flickers of light above each person, highlighting something not quite there yet.
I could see it already starting, beginning to take over my thoughts. Cars which sped past were suddenly highlighted, and at the corner of my eye, if I concentrated, the outline of a map was starting to appear. Even now, when the room is almost completely taken over by shadow, and my thoughts are half my own, and half not—when a metallic device is beginning to form over my eyes—I know if I hold on, this thing won’t take me. I have considered killing myself, but that wouldn’t… be right.
How could I kill myself when there is so much left to do?
This developer was right. I don’t even know where I can sign out. There’s what looks like the beginning of some kind of index when I look up, but it’s not… finished. I can still see entangled pieces of code struggling to load what I’m guessing was log out. Whatever this thing is, it’s taking over me. Fast. Like a fungus, like a virus, it will not stop until it’s dragged me into the game, until it's leeched itself onto me.
I can feel it happening right now. It's been slow.
Almost painfully slow.
But maybe that is the point. Maybe part of the game is to feel my own thoughts beginning to unravel in favor of something else entirely.
Time is going by…. Fast.
Five minutes ago… I was trying to get home. But I can’t remember where I live.
I can’t concentrate.
I can’t think straight.
I have a phone—but I don’t know how I got it. Did I steal it?
Every time I move, the slowly emerging map comes to life at the corner of my eye jerks with my movement. There is a car parked nearby.
I know it belongs to the man with a child.
But a confusing blur of light is highlighting it to be something of importance. Reality is crashing in front of me, replaced with contorting shapes and bursts of color I have to blink through.
I keep hearing... sirens.
Jay is messaging me.
On what, I'm not sure.
But I need to find him.
I’m sure one mission won’t hurt, right?
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2023.06.08 19:39 UndeadFeraligatr [Rant] We really need to boycott this game until they fix it until it's playable.

This is the only game I have issues with it not working out for me, crashing everytime and still full of bugs that never gotten fixed.
We need to stop playing this game, stop buying their overpriced subscription and let them focus on fixing the game so players can actually enjoy themselves without getting pissed they lagged out of a event before it ended or just constantly get interrupted by some random lag even though you have a perfect internet connection.
It's been 5 years and we're still asking for fixes from day one.
Expeditions were fun until they became a chore to get more legendary modules and scrip. It's not even fun anymore and turned into a destroy your interact button until they stop talking. We need a skip all button for conversations we've already had.
I don't understand why low level enemies are one shotting me even though I'm built like a bloodied god but it doesn't intice me to play longer considering all the work I've done to reach my level is thrown away by some level 50 raider in power armor and a 50cal. It's like my armor and perks don't matter.
Somehow playing this on the cloud will load faster than downloading it to your console and that doesn't make sense.
This game has become a dead trading simulator and even still they're messing that up introducing armor and weapons that are powerful but you can't trade them. So it eventually turns into scrip.
I can understand new players enjoying this but for the end gamers, this game is nothing but a daily challenge and weekly challenge chore list with daily ops and Expeditions in the middle to make you play longer.
I wanna play longer but not doing the same thing over and over again for 5 years in a row. This game is straight grinding. Nothing else.
I'm sure there's more issues with this game so if I missed anything. Feel free to comment.
submitted by UndeadFeraligatr to Market76 [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 19:39 Opening_2039 I've ruined a perfectly good life

I can't believe what I've done. I've been very fortunate in my life and have no real excuse for why i've turned to gambling for the last 10 years. It has really escalated over the past 5 and skyrocketed over the last 3. Basically, I'm depressed and insecure around where I am or was in life, relationships and in my career( always felt stupid) yet always rewarded handsomely. I've been making over 100k for over a decade and having nothing saved or to show for it. Gambling was in my head my salvation to get out of the insecurities and now my increasing financial mess. Over the past year I've gone so far as using payday loans to pay for my gambling and in the last month turned to some less than scrupulous loans to make ends meet. I have a full time job that pays well. I keep thinking I'll dig myself out of this but now I feel I've gone way way way too far. I wish I was dead.
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2023.06.08 19:38 justthrowitawaycount Fired after 2 months

TLDR: Terminated at will after two months when I mentionted abusive behavior, illegal water dumping, city permit bs, not using my own credit card and wouldn't stay until 11pm and theft occurred on my car ‐-----------------------------------------------------------------
Long story: I worked for a GC and was at will terminated. The VP stated it was due poor performance and some miscommunication about my work hours. Please note I cut out a lot to not make this a novel
I had expressed concerns both face to face and via email about illegal activities and several other concerns listed below
1) They(super and PM) illegally dumpedbwater into the sewer during rain events to hide it.
I applied for a discharge permit with the city and the city helped me fill it out. 3 weeks later they say it was wrong and I need to resubmit with water district approval and a discharge plan. I was not told this when i originally submitted
I go to the water district and fill out the permit with them. Only thing from the application missing was the sewer number. It's not on the plans and the civil eng asks the city in a meeting about it. They say schedule appointment with public works.
During the appointment pw says no storm water can go into the sewer and refuse to give me a number. I submit the imcompete water district permit to the water district. The water district gets back to me and days I submitted the wrong form. I fill out the correct form and resubmit it. We need water testing and after calling aroind find a lab drown the street that isn't listed in their site. Due to an adjacent lot having a leaking underwater well we had to test for additional contaminants. I submitted the testing results to the water district and they went me an approval via mail. I had an appointment scheduled for this upcoming week but I was fired Friday.
2)RFIs. My super bombard me with RFIs. Like 5 a day that were for work we wernt preforming. I asked him to email me the rfis and he said he preferred telling me in person. He wouldn't give a proposed solution as he didn't want to be liable. Would Hand draw things that I would need to mark up in bluebeam. I would go over what we talked about and show my super and he would say it was okay. when I sent him the final version he would be like that's not right change this and that. We would repeat this cycle at least twice. I would sent the final version to my super and PM and once approved by them I would submit it.
I asked if we should be involving the responsible sub and he said he was the super and they would build it the way he told them to. I told him they were the subject matter experts. When I brought it up to my PM he said he didn't want to tell the super how to run his job. But he had Ran into this on different jobs with the super
I went back to my job description and highlighted where it says all rfis should have a proposed solution and I should be reviewing RFIs submitted by subs and my PM emailed back that basically oh well we're gonna do it this way.
There were a several times me PM would say to put in an RFI and i would say wait this was addressed in a previous RFI or the upcoming bulletin and he would say no its not put it in. The design team would get annoyed and say this was already addressed and when I would show my PM he would be like okay well just void it
There were other times when the design team would come back with an answer my super didn't like so I would have to create a follow up. I would tell my super this is why we need to give a proposed solution ans he would yell he didn't want to be liable.
3) forms of payments . The company used checks for payments it would take up to a day to get them. If they're hot maybe a few hours. The company card was only to be used for emergencies and could not have the available credit left to use. My super expected me to use my credit card for expenses that came up last minute and he Was annoyed I wouldn't use my cc. I asked both my super,PM and project executive if they would use their cc and only the project executive told me he would as an last resort . My super would tell me at 2pm telling me he needed a payment for an inspection when the office for inspections closed at 230 and my options were pay In person or online. My PM ans super did not want me to use an echeck they wanted me to go to the main office get a check them go to the city and pay. That couldn't be done in 30 mins or even an hour.
4) My super was rude. He would yell and tell me he couldn't believe I didn't know something. I Walked into a convo where he was talking shit about me and my PM just said i know. When I addressed this with my super,PM and project executive they said well he's old school and you need to grow a thick skin and not take things personally. I talked to the super directly every time it happened. I emailed and talked to HR about this. He would tell our capenters he didn't care how they got shit done just do it and talk down to them. He was rude to subs
5) Internet was non existent the first month I was there. The company only had bluebeam on a vm program. I need that every day using the program was painfully slow due to the internet. To the point it would take 5 mins to load a page. After discussing with my PM I reached out to IT. I followed up after no reply and my PM let me know it would be expensive to upgrade the Internet and they were annoyed I was making a big deal of it. I asked if I could come into the office until it was fixed and was told I needed to be on-site. During this time I was hot spotting my work phone for a better connection but it was still slow. Finally it was I was told I could come in two days a week and they would get me a desk. However I never got a desk and was only allowed to come in one day. If u wanted to come in two days my PM would say no or say he wasn't above the super and needed to ask him.
6) submittals I replaced another PE that got moved off the project to replace another PE that quit. For 3 months the PM did nothing with submittals and waited until my second day during orientation to send me 10 submittals he wanted submitted by EOD. My PM didn't know the system we used to submit Submittals and had the previous PE give me a quick training. I used Google and figured it out on my own. I found some issues with some submittals and marked them up. My PM disregarded my comments and instructed me to submit them as they were minor and the design team rejected them and was annoyed with me. I was having trouble getting in contact with the subs. They wouldn't answer my calls but they would for my super and PM. My project executive said well My expectation is that you work until the work is done. He stayed he stayed until 8 or 11pm some nights. I informed him I was doing 10 hour days but under no circumstance would I be working until 8
7)Note taking my super would not follow the agenda and would skip around. When asked if we could follow the agenda he would start yelling and storm off. I asked if he would like the agenda moved around he would say no.
He gave me an agenda for our sub meetings and then he didn't follow it. It just made it so hard to take accurate notes. Both myself and my PM brought it up to him but he did not care.
8) during all of this my catalytic converter and O2 sensor were stolen at work. I drove the car back on the highway but man was it loud and the fumes were terrible. I called my boss on the way to a shop and he was sympathetic but the next day he was like well why don't you buy a new car? And my super was like can you rent one. I informed them I was too young to rent a car and I would was handling it via insurance. I also reminded them new cars have catalytic converters and this wasnt a like oh my transmission blew, my car was vandlized. I informed them Until I got my car back I would be taking public transportation so I couldn't stay too late as I didn't wanna walk by myself as I didn't feel safe. I could however work on public transportation so I would continue 10 hour days. I was able to use a family members car on some days but they would make me late so I stuck to Public transportation. my PM said I could park the car in the project gates when i got it back. The super lost his shit bcg car would be infront of his blocking him as he left before me. My super kept asking when I would get my car back. I was telling him I needed a police report to make a claim and then I needed the shop to send their estimate and parts were delayed due to supply chain issues.
I feel defeated and am unsure what to do next. I have applied for unemployment and am applying for jobs, working with recruiters and am reaching out to my network. I am trying to not let this sour me about construction but idk if I wamma work in this industry anymore
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2023.06.08 19:37 Bionic_Ferir Iroh vs Zhao live action

I just realised we never really see a fight sequence between them, I think given the extra time of each episode the live action is going to have. Including a more choreographed fight sequence between them would be incredible, having a sequence between two masters would be very incredible. And mostly I think it would be very cool to see how a enraged iroh with all of that knowledge fights the ferocity of his attacks.
I think if the love action is able to show different aspects of the same story it will be good, we shouldn't expect a 1:1 recreation because we already have that and live action doesn't have the same strengths and weaknesses as animation. If the love action keeps those core foundations but slightly changes it that's the best outcome. Why would we want to see episodes like the great divide when we could get an episode that explores Suki a little more. Why would we want a 1:1 recreation of the Northern water tribe when we could explore things like a Zhao vs iroh fight scene or a bit of pakus history. We shouldn't expect or want a 1:1 retelling
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2023.06.08 19:37 youbetterwalkthtduck My mom always remembers things differently

My (22F) mom (41F) always remembers my trauma differently. I know this is usual and there’s nothing I can do but it hurts so sharply. I graduated hs in 2019 and was headed to state college in the fall. That summer between, I got a misdemeanor. My dad is a police officer so he spent all the time before my court date telling me I’m going to jail, I’ll never get a job, take a shower while you can because you won’t want one in prison. All of this psychological torture for about 6 weeks until I went to the dorms. My date kept getting postponed so from June-October I thought I was going to prison. During that time I was extremely lonely and depressed. I told no one of the legal trouble because I was ashamed. I started the semester strong bc I was excited for classes. But by October I was struggling. Couldn’t get out of bed struggling. My charge was dropped and I decided to move home for the next semester and commute to a different school. Dorm life was so isolating for me. I ended with 9 credits my first semester. In my head, I would take summer classes to make up for this terrible semester.
When I got home, I started classes and working. Then COVID shut campus down and I was supposed to do online classes. Well my parents sat me down during quarantine and told me that my mom decided to go to nursing school so I am on my own with paying for school. About 5k a semester after loans. At this point I am 18 and work about 20 hours a week with full time online classes. I pay car insurance and a car payment. And also credit card payments because my mom had me get one for my books.
I ultimately decided I couldn’t afford it and being a dependent, I got no FAFSA. I didn’t hold resentment to my parents for this until my youngest sister was put into a private HIGH SCHOOL this past fall. And they plan on paying for her college.
My mom still argues with me to this day that I quit college because I was lazy. She said she would have never gone to nursing school if I stayed at state college. Which is really upsetting bc I also wanted to come home and commute bc it’s 50% cheaper than living at a state school. I knew my dad was working mega overtime for me. I am super grateful for that semester but how can they say that I quit college willingly?
Now my mom is finished and is a full time nurse. I can’t help but mourn my own degree and college experience I will never get back. I am currently saving up for massage school on my own. I hope to use that license to get a bachelor’s degree when I am no longer a dependent. I have worked full time since 2020 and have yet to find a one bed that I can afford.
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2023.06.08 19:37 HomeinPA Favorite season?

My mom and I only started binging the show because we are going to Fargo in the summer. We did it as a joke but it’s a great show!
We’re on Season 3 and, I gotta say, it’s my least favorite season thus far. It’s getting better now that Wes is here (I gotta admit Wes is my favorite character) but it felt like I was dragging through.
Season One is my favorite so far. It was full of excitement and had a lot of characters I enjoyed. Season Two was honestly awesome too. I love Lou and h getting to see his character. Part of why Season 3 is my least favorite thus far is definitely Varga. The ick is unreal. Season 4 looks promising and I’m wondering when Season 5 comes out.
What about y’all? Got a favorite season? A least favorite?
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2023.06.08 19:36 obliviousolives Trying on clothes is weirdly exhausting

I’ve been feeling a lot better for the last few months—I can walk around within reason, can actually go out with friends without constantly worrying that I’ll faint or throw up or whatever—but for some reason trying on clothes just totally does me in. I haven’t done it in ages because it was one of the first issues I had with long covid.
Today, I thought that since I’ve been feeling better I would try to go shopping for the first time in a year, since none of my clothes fit me anymore (thanks covid). Only a few minutes after getting into the store I had my first full on POTS episode in a week or two and almost passed out in the dressing room.
Don’t get me wrong—I’m extremely grateful that I’ve made enough progress to be able to even consider going to a store. But this is so strange! It strikes when I least expect it sometimes.
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2023.06.08 19:36 cozybryant_ The Dray Convo

Genuinely curious: why is the general consensus that we’re nowhere near a Championship team without Draymond?
Let me start with: he’s a dawg who was absolutely invaluable to Championship runs and will go down as one of the all-time defensive players ever.
That being said, his body is declining. Still can be a great defender at times, but he’s not as athletic as he was in his prime and is later on rotations at times which leads to more fouls (Monk was living at the line after he beat his man in that Kings series). With him being undersized, that foot quickness is super important and you’re taking a big gamble betting on it holding up the next few years
He’s a negative player on offense at this point. Doesn’t even look at the rim 80% of the time; and the times he does look to score when he’s wide open, he can’t finish well when help rotates over to try and block
There’s no 1-for-1 replacement for him, I get that. But couldn’t adding some more size inside, and maybe a wing defender kinda cover up the hole he’d leave defensively? Offensively, you’re probably getting better looks since you aren’t playing 4v5 (sometimes 3v5 if he’s playing PF) which could take some pressure off your defense.
What do y’all think? Is 2023-2024 and beyond version of Draymond legit critical to a championship? Or is he more valuable in a team morale “don’t rock the boat” kinda way?
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2023.06.08 19:35 UnciAg Contractor Vs Part-time Employee

I’ve been working/building skills and certifications to start my own niche firm and am sending out my first proposal soon.
Recently, I was approached by an Engineer whom started his own firm and has taken on a lot of business. He wants help with at least one project that dips into my expertise but may want help with other general parts of projects here and there to lighten his work load.
It’s a great opportunity to allow me to start putting a few full days a week into my business (currently full time, I work on my stuff on nights/weekends) while maintaining a somewhat consistent paycheck.
My question for you all is what advantages/disadvantages would you see to this being a contractor vs a part-time employee?
I would prefer contracting as I already have my own hardware/software, insurance, vehicle, etc. to do both jobs. He seems more set on me being a part-time employee, but it doesn’t make sense to me why he would basically re-buy all of those things for me to carry out work for him.
Also have slight concern that my workload as a part-time employee would gradually increase, leaving me less time for my own business.
Has anyone had any experience with this or can think of any pros/cons that will either change my mind or his?
submitted by UnciAg to civilengineering [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 19:35 spartan1204 Introducing Strategic Improvements by Zegangani

A mod meant to complement Strategic Forts by TC
Strategic Improvements allows constructed Airstrips to claim their Tile. The claimed Tile of Airstrips and Missile Silos will change dynamically throughout the game with pillage and city events.
Why would I want this? Having Airstrips and Missile Silos claim their Tile provides many gameplay possibilities, including the following:

Full list of relevant actions and their corresponding effects
NOTE: I will be using "strategic improvements" to refer to Airstrip and Missile Silo improvements.

Compatibility:- Mod should be compatible with any Mod altering Airstrips or Missile Silos. - Mod is compatible with Strategic Forts Mod by TC, and also with any other Mod changing the Fort. If Strategic Forts Mod is enabled, some changes have been made to it to account for following situations:
- Should be compatible with any Mod.
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2023.06.08 19:34 secretgirlinred Is this manipulation from mother or am i just inconsiderate?

24 F, I just moved out two months ago, I graduated college, have my own apartment (that i share with my cousin), i have a full time job. I feel like my mother is manipulating me because she constantly makes me feel bad for being busy or for going out and hanging out with my friends on my 1 day off (sometimes 2 days off i decide to stay over my friends house for fun). She makes me feel bad for hanging out w friends and not seeing her or my grandparents. She uses words that are hurtful and says that im disrespectful bc i dont make time to see her or my grandparents that quote “washed your ass when you were a baby”. the thing is i respect everyone, i try to see them as much as I can but clearly w just finishing college and now working a full time job 40 hours a week i dont have time to constantly be at my mothers house. I have my own bills to pay and life to live yet my mother still says im not an adult and that im disrespectful and am still a child. Im 24, i pay bills, have a literal full time job and she still wont even consider me as a grown adult. she always asks where i am or what im doing if im out, always has to facetime me or call me. when i do answer its always a snarky remark or something rude. When i don’t answer she goes crazy and calls and facetimes me 10+ times. Im very tired of this, to me it seems like manipulation or am i just inconsiderate about her feelings? she always makes me feel bad about everything and this is the main reason why i moved out to begin with. Oh and also she’s homophobic and so is the rest of my family (they dont know im gay) they hate my friends bc theyre gay and thats why they hate when i go out with them.
Please give me some advice. I would really appreciate it. i just dont know what to do at this point.
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2023.06.08 19:34 ottpop [W] Sunder and Rewind 2013 Generations HELP

So I never use redit but i am desprate. Long time Transformers fan and first year teacher. I had an extra Sunder from the 2013 Generations line, the one that turns into a little disk that I added to my classroom. The kids went crazy, the kids are ferial over this little bird. Full on 4 year olds getting into fisticuffs over this piece of plastic. He's the perfect size and difficulty for them but i CAN NOT find more, I even have parents trying to find more for their kids at home. There like 50$ on amazon and i can't find any more from the line. I have the Soundwave and his whole clade from the line but i don't want to release my personal collection to the goblins that ranpage my classroom just to aleve their Sunder addiction. I even got them the Rescue Bots but it's not the same to them, please help. Even like an ebay link to the whole collection of the cassettes or the name of the exact line would but super helpful
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2023.06.08 19:33 FutureButterfly34 Lumps on thigh

Female, 24 . About a month ago a lump came up on my thigh that my dr said felt like a lymph node. It was super sore and made my leg ache for about a week, she said to apply wet damp compress, I did and nothing has changed. It is slightly less sore but still sore and there. Now I've found 2 more painless lumps about an inch away from the original. She wants me to wait until my appointment on the 21 to talk about them again. She said something about a possible ultrasound. I haven't had any recent colds, infections, cuts or scrapes. Of course I've scared myself on google and seen lymphoma as a possible reason. Only symptom l've had so far is itching. I had blood work done about 2 months ago with my WBC being 10.59 and leukocytes high at 3.73, I have the rest of my blood work if that would help I can comment it. Does anyone know why else this could be happening?or what the lumps could be ? Thanks in advance
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2023.06.08 19:33 coffeequeen19 Just listened to todays pod….

Here are some “highlights”:
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2023.06.08 19:33 Sush1burrito First time moms; does it feel weird that you’ll have a little baby in your arms in a few weeks/months?

I’m super excited and also weirded out by the thought. Like, a real baby that I made for 9 months? And it turns into a full person? 😂
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2023.06.08 19:31 Traditional-Poet-381 Çaktırma🤫

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