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Tampa Bay, Florida isn't the name of a municipality, rather it is a regional name made up of eight counties; Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk and Sarasota. Also known as the Sunshine Coast,

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2023.06.06 11:12 hydecide Radar Engineering and Flight Simulation Software Engineering

Worked for a DoD contractor as a software engineer for a major Radar system for a little over a year and loved it, just not the location so started floating my resume around. Took an offer from another contractor as a Radar Software Engineer in a place I would love to live (Raleigh). While looking for homes in the area, I was offered another position in a place I’ve always wanted to move to(Orlando) but as a Flight Simulation Software Engineer. Would rather work as a Radar engineer but live in Orlando.
Tldr: Would working as a Flight Simulation Software Engineer grow my career in the Radar engineering world, or would it be a waste of time? I would love to be a systems engineer in Radar Engineering in the future, but not sure if or how much Flight simulations are related/relevant
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2023.05.25 13:25 cleverfool33 This is a hell of a trip.

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2023.05.21 14:53 AFatalDoseOfMarmite Political: Avixa and Florida...

(Sorry if this isn't allowed. Didn't seem to be covered by the rules, but let me know and I'll remove if necessary)
Any word from Avixa about their stance on the political climate in Florida? NAACP have deemed the state "Hostile to Black Americans" and other POCs. Recent changes in law have made the state hostile to the LGBTQ+ community also. If Florida were a foreign country, there would be a travel advisory against going.
So why are Avixa still investing in Orlando? And why are we still investing in Avixa if our money is going back, in part, to the state? Seems like silence from Avixa on this isn't acceptable.
e: I seem to have caused a spate of downvotes without comments. I'm seeing folks with 0 or -ve vote counts and nobody but me having responded... If you disagree with a comment, it'd be more productive to at least briefly say why. I'm not trying to start a fight, but to create a discussion because there hasn't been much on my radar, so your input is wanted even if it is just that I'm completely blind and can't see the bigger picture. Thanks!
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2023.05.18 03:44 vaalbarag Evaluating Lottery Trade Partners

Seems like there are more teams in the trade lottery than usual looking to trade down. A couple of them are highly discussed, some of them are more under the radar. I've gone through the teams and listed who I think might be on the table and what some example trades are. The money should work for all of these, and I haven't really laboured over the values too much... you might find some an overpay, some an underpay. A lot will depend on who's actually available at a given draft pick and how much the Raptors like them. A trade that I've listed that looks like an overpay may suddenly become very good if a player the Raptors covet drops unexpectedly. This post isn't so much about trade values but trade frameworks.
Unless otherwise stated, (note the * and ** conditions below), trades would happen before the pick on draft night. Mostly I'm focused on OG and Pascal here, as they're the only assets that would move the needle, except in a modest trade-up scenario.

San Antonio: Nope, not going to happen. Next.
Charlotte: It's hard to imagine a scenario where Charlotte trades their pick. They've got a slow timeline. Arguably, Miller's a great fit for them and they could go with him over Scoot, but even Scoot and Ball are intriguing enough that they might be worth trying.
Portland (🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨): Okay, this most talked about one, and for good reason: they probably should keep this pick and build around their young players. But everything you hear out of Portland indicates they're going to take another shot with Lillard.
Example trades:
Houston (🚨🚨): Another team that on the surface it makes no sense to trade. However... rumours are they want to try and lure Harden back. Rumours are also that Harden wants to play for a contender. They could make a splash and try and pick up another star like Siakam. They've got enough cap room here to send Toronto a decent return, and still sign James to his overage maximum. They've certainly got other assets they can send in addition to this pick... I'm not sure anyone is off the board except probably Sengun. Probably Green too. I don't see them as being interested in OG, he doesn't move the needle enough. Siakam brings some serious work-ethic that's currently missing on this team and which Harden doesn't really move the needle on. I'm not a fan of drafting into #4... there seems to be a talent drop-off from 3 to 4 based on current consensus.
Detroit: Detroit fans seem shocked that nobody's feeling sorry for them after dropping out of the top four twice in a row after getting the 1st overall pick. As unhappy as the fans are, it's hard to see them trading the pick here... either of Walker or Whitmore makes sense for them.
Orlando: They've got lots of talent and feel like they're on a relaxed timeline... internal growth alone should make them a play-in contender this year. Hard to see them feeling much pressure to trade. That said, there's nobody here who fills an obvious need for them. Probably just go BPA with both of their picks and see if they can get a great player for the third draft in a row.
Indiana (🚨🚨🚨🚨): They're on a quicker timeline than other teams... after finally committing to resign Turner, they want to build a team that will take a step up into the playoffs in the next year or two. OG's an obvious fit for them, given that there's a long history with the state. Obviously they've got some nice other pieces like Nembhard they could include. Question is whether a trade-down scenario or trade-out scenario makes more sense for them.
Washington (🚨): Potentially an underrated partner. They seem strangely happy with building a team around Kuzma, Beal, and Porzingis, but that's obviously not enough. Johnny Davis looks like a bad pick for them last year, and they might be gunshy about picking again in a draft area where there's no clear homerun. Again, OG fills a need for them. Though if Black is on the board when they draft, I think he's an obvious fit for them. Again, both trade-down or trade-out scenarios could be on the board. I actually have a hard time finding values that make sense for both sides here.
Utah: Likely still in asset accumulation mode. They won't trade down or out unless they're getting multiple young assets or picks back, and we're not in a position to offer that.
(edit: Caz noted an interesting trade-down scenario involving Utah.)
Dallas (🚨🚨🚨): Another team where OG fills a desperate need. They don't have a lot of additional assets to throw in, but Green's a decent pickup. There's also an option here for trading up if someone the Raptors like starts falling. OG's too valuable for a trade-down scenario, but Boucher might have value there.
Orlando: See above.
OKC: Like Utah, a team that shows no signs of shifting out of the asset collection mode, and they're a team where matching the salary is tough anyway.
Pelicans: (🚨): Hard to say what the Pelicans do here. They've got a wealth of picks and young assets, a nice team, and a superstar they can't count on. The right play for them might be to target someone like OG, who helps with the regular season workload.
*Cannot be completed until july 1st, because it requires a S&T... this is tough to do without tampering.
** Cannot be completed until after player is drafted, because drafted player's salary is needed for salary-matching. You've actually got a load of salary-matching flexibility on draft night, because you can trade a pick before drafting and ignore the salary, or trade them after the pick and include the salary. This opens up too many draft-night salary-matching scenarios to describe them all.
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2023.05.17 15:43 CancelSalty7951 Another one for the books

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2023.05.16 06:37 Professional-Sail-30 UberX cherry picking hell. Can't choose XL or Comfort rides unless I take an UberX fron the radar first....

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2023.05.13 05:47 Professional-Sail-30 I challenge you to post a worse ride than this.

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2023.05.12 23:14 otowndelivery Yikes even tony pays more

Yikes even tony pays more
Uber getting worse then Doordash lol
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2023.05.11 06:47 BSBubbaRobinsonLuv Radio traffic from the point of origin to that point of reception"AURAL TRANSFER"to my mouth,nose cavity, eyes, face&body.... notes for the day. Criminal pride of the airforce, Carmichael-Napa-Davis-Lodi-Vacaville-U.C.- mental health of the 70s-80s is in today.

Radio traffic from the point of origin to that point of reception
R.T.Grievances. It's been a living hell today. When I woke up, My left nostril was just full of blood. Bleeding out of my nose is common when someone induces it with radar radio gains. Then I loaded the dog up to head out to RioVista for to get mail and pay some bills. Around 10:30a.m. I was on Union turning onto French Camp road. Then airforce criminal pride mutt mouth induces heavy radar radio gains to my left thumb, hand. It shot up my arm and across my chest. In to the other seat. The radar radio gain that was induced, was in the muscle, outer muscle tissue, of my chest and right left hand and arm. I was clueless what that was about. Airforce criminal pride of Vacaville,BayArea, Lodi,Carmichael of the 70s-80s mental Health was going after me. Using the radars out of Stockton airport. Big shots in the Air Force meteorology groups out of Sacramento and Vacaville from what I gather of the 70s-80s-90s-00s-to. Nothing but an jealous asshole full of greed and the wants of monies. As they were sniveling, yelling. I found out one of them has played welfare fraud out of 7 different States and is broke this month by the 10th. .. It's really killing them that I have money in the bank. Always keeping the pressure up/on. Skull fucking folks airforce style this morning. 2nd issue Was my private notes from 98. I call that number after I came back from Florida, attending a school for the phone company. I never lost signal from Sacramento airport through the Denver hub into Orlando, Florida. I never lost signal in my mouth, face,and eyes. While somebody was talking to me in my mouth, from the time I drove to Sacramento Airport. Flew to school, for one week in Altermont Springs Florida and flew back. I was in so much pain that day. Hurting and I was trying to get help back then. It's the same assholes from Sacramento/Lodi going after me today. For posting that note the other day. "The FBI" The nuts have beaten me up since I posted my notes. The airforce asshole nuts have torture and tormented me about how the FBI is always looking for them. In society. "I have the FBI after him again." This fcking nut that's hidden on an AirForceBase skull fcking people Air Force style as a hero in dress blues live in stateside.. 3rd issue. Tonight, my head is living with heavy induced dB radar radio gains in my mouth, nose cavity and the side of my right eye and head. Tonight I've lived in the showers, trying to bust up the radio signal gains to my head and eyes. And now the Carmichael-Napa nuts are trying to say that I ruined him in Lodi. And he can't go to beauty parlor. Criminal pride of those proud parents from Lodi of the 70s-80s. They couldn't wipe their ass, unless thier on county/state welfare. Or stealing from the church. Stop tormenting and torturing me with your actions, access, use, of synthetic airforce aperture radars this evening. Stop blaming me for why people want your a** and jail. Stop. Blaming me why people won't allow you in their house and don't want to live around you and your f****** mouth and your actions with radar. Stop. Tuning in children on school busses and at the school yard to threaten their parents so you could have access to radar. A******* like you deserve. The death penalty and electric chair in this state for what you've done all your adult life, hiding in Air Force blue slacks stateside California. Shame on you for going after the kids in the seventies and eighties to present day with f****** radar. Because you can't make a f****** living in the. Middle of california on air force pay disability and retirement.
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2023.05.09 23:53 DrBunsonHoneyPoo Woo prediction for tomorrow.

With all the buzz being on Universal Orlando today. For the closing of Poseidon’s fury Woo will probably take today off. As he knows his video will not even show up on the radar.
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2023.05.09 19:46 CalamityPhant0m Uber is out of its mind

Uber is out of its mind
Just insanity. Absolutely utter chaos
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2023.04.30 11:44 Mmjuser4life Yikes!

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2023.04.30 07:05 Future-Rich-Guy A storm system, passing over Florida, is now similar in size and shape to the state of Florida

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2023.04.30 04:07 The1t Raining on Tampa’s parade

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2023.04.29 23:22 TickleMonster528 A storm system, passing over Florida, is now similar in size and shape to the state of Florida

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2023.04.29 21:44 reptar239 A storm be brewing to blow some weak leafs away.

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2023.04.29 04:27 VacationSubject1580 Weird spirals on radar. Any ideas on what’s causing this?

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2023.04.26 19:58 RBnumberTwenty RB#20's 2023 NFL Mock Draft v2.0. (Final)

**1.01. CAR - Bryce Young, QB, Alabama.** I know that a lot of people have mentioned Josh McCown’s scouting work of C.J. Stroud and what not but keep in mind he also said that there’s no one in this draft class that can do what Bryce Young can do. When I look at the staff that has been assembled, the history of individuals that have played QB and have taught the position, the more it screams to me that this offense is going to be hand-crafted for Bryce Young more than anyone else. Bryce is the most accurate passer in this entire class in short and intermediate routes. This echoes the strength of WCO. They have a high pick in the 2nd Round to get him another target that he can develop a strong connection with, whether it be a WR or one of the many great TE prospects in this class, should they choose to go that route. Bryce is their guy.
**1.02. HOU - Will Anderson, Jr., EDGE, Alabama.** In v1.0, I had Houston drafting Bryce Young as I didn’t really want to predict any Chicago tradedown events as I knew it was inevitable and wanted to project who I thought Chicago would take if they kept the pick. What I said then, is that if Will Anderson and Bryce Young were both available, then it would be a real debate. BY is gone, it’s no longer a debate. I think passing on C.J. Stroud for Will Anderson is a legitimate conversation but I don’t think passing on either player for Tyree Wilson really makes much sense at all. The organizations that DeMeco Ryans has been a part of as a player and as a coach have the same recurring theme- build a culture, build up a team, find your QB. In that order. Houston has too many needs, about 30 players entering free agency next year, and no defined culture at this time. Anderson provides to Houston everything that it’s been missing since the departure of JJ Watt. If they aren’t sold on a QB at 2 overall, I don’t think they are going to force the issue. They’ll just sit tight and take the best player in the draft and rebuild the culture of the team.
**1.03. IND via ARI - C.J. Stroud, QB, OSU.** (IND Receives: 1.03; ARI Receives: 1.04, 3.79, 4.106.) The Colts overpay here to move up. Arizona could trade back with Detroit, Seattle, or the Raiders and the Colts can’t afford to risk that. Indy finally drafts a QB in the first to develop and at last has something secure there for the first time since Andrew Luck. CJ can run the offense just fine, has a veteran mentor in Minshew to show him the ropes and a genius coaching staff that can teach him to read NFL defenses.
**1.04. ARI via IND - Paris Johnson, Jr., OT, OSU.** After all the things that Kelvin Beachum said about Kyler Murray this off-season, I don’t really see him being much more than a depth piece. After the Cards move down, they secure one of the best OT talents in the draft and someone I see as having Trent Williams upside and could very well become the best overall player from his class. DJ Humphries is a good player, but I think PJJ would start at LT his first season and kick DJ to RT. Paris is capable of playing 4 OL spots though, so even if he steps into the RT role, he will just become one of the best RT’s in football anyway.
**1.05. SEA - Jalen Carter, DT, UGA.** BPA, blue chip talent, whatever you want to call it that’s what this pick is. Jalen falling out of the Top 10 is laughable. Between Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago and Philly, those are a lot of checkpoints to get through in order to land outside of the Top 10 even given the horrific draft process he’s had. If that happens then something **more** would have to be brought to light and if that’s the case then just remove him from your draft boards because no one is taking him. The reports that no one seems to be able to motivate Carter is rather funny as well and saying that Seattle “is out” on him is a very poor take. They have dealt with DL’s that were difficult to motivate previously, hell they have that player right now on their team in Jarran Reed and were able to get the best years out of him too. To make the argument for any player here is fine, but to eliminate Jalen Carter to Seattle for reasons other than football performance doesn’t make any sense to me.
**1.06. PHI via DET - Tyree Wilson, EDGE, Texas Tech.** (PHI Receives: 1.06, 2.48; DET Receives: 1.10, 1.30, 3.94.) When I look at some of the old scouting reports of Derek Barnett that are still floating around, some of the same things mentioned are what stick with Tyree Wilson but I would argue that Wilson is a more polished version of Derek Barnett and I loved Barnett as a prospect. Tons of power and the production to match, natural fit as a 4-3 DE or a 3-4 DE. I think that he would even see some snaps as a rushing OLB for the Eagles too.
**1.07. LV - Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois.** With free agency wrapped up, CB remains a future need for LV. They have a few that should be departing next season. I stick with CB, but I’ve moved Witherspoon up to this spot in place of Joey Porter. Witherspoon’s athletic profile seems to coincide with the CB’s on the roster already. One of the OT’s could also be in play, however, I will remain leaning towards more work on the defensive side.
**1.08. PIT via ATL - Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon.** (PIT Receives: 1.08; ATL Receives: 1.17, 2.49.) Gonzalez has received some of the rave reviews similar to Jaycee Horn and Patrick Surtain II in recent years so it won’t be a surprise to me if he’s the first CB off the board or even if he’s selected within the Top 5. Gonzo has length and is scheme friendly. Has everything that talent evaluators love at the next level. RAS is very similar to Jalen Ramsey. Pittsburgh makes the move up, surrendering one of their 2nd’s which more than likely would be used on CB anyway, to get one of the elite talents at the position which is a need for them.
**1.09. CHI - Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee.** Darnell Wright is a savage and it pains me to mock him to the Bears but with a gaping hole at RT, him being the best RT prospect in the draft, it just makes sense. Wright will uplift the ground game, and will also provide Justin Fields more time to get the ball downfield to his receivers. They would have probably loved PJJ here, but Wright is more than just a consolation prize. One of the elite OT’s in this class.
**1.10. DET via PHI - Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas.** Detroit is one of the teams heavily linked to Bijan Robinson and of all the teams that are, I think they make the most sense along with Philly. Bijan can seriously take the load off of Jared Goff with the 6 games that Jameson Williams is going to miss but also, I don’t foresee DeAndre Swift returning next season. Detroit’s mantra is acquiring blue chip talent in Round 1 and Bijan fits that perfectly. If they remain at 6 I would have them selecting Christian Gonzalez, which would remain the same as my first mock.
**1.11. TEN - Peter Skoronski, OT, Northwestern.** No more Triple Trade Down Event. :( Tennessee stays put and secures possibly the best overall OL in the draft. Skoronski would step in at LG for the Titans and could very well be an All Pro in his first season for them. Completes the overhaul of their offensive line.
**1.12. MIN via HOU - Will Levis, QB, Kentucky.** (MIN Receives: 1.12; HOU Receives: 1.23, 3.87, 2024 1st Round Selection.) I didn’t have the Texans passing up QB at 2 overall just to mock them taking Will Levis at 12. If they weren’t sold on him then, and I don’t have them projected to move back into the Top 10 for him, then I don’t think they are going to want him here. Now armed with 3 first round picks next year, they are in better position to find their signal caller in the 2024 draft, although, Will Levis can run their offense as it will be virtually identical to the one Kentucky ran in 2021. Minnesota has Kirk Cousins for essentially only this season. I don’t think he will be back and Minnesota still has enough talent on the roster to compete this year and next year. Will Levis can redshirt this season and replace Cousins while the team tries to allocate resources to re-sign TJ Hockenson and acquire talent in the 2024 off-season to build around Levis.
**1.13. GB - Myles Murphy, EDGE, Clemson.** Myles is one of the best athletes in this class. We hear about how he needs some time to cook, but it’s important to remember how disturbing this guy’s first step is- it’s elite. The explosiveness, length, and ability to fit any scheme trump any of his flaws. Athletic profile is a match for Gute.
**1.14. DET via NE - Brian Branch, S/CB, Alabama.** (DET Receives: 1.14; NE Receives: 1.18, 5.152, 2024 3rd Round Selection.) New England will charge future compensation for moving out of this one, which works well for Detroit, as they have 2 3rd Round picks next year. New England also has tons of draft capital already. Brian Branch is someone the Lions have shown a ton of interest in. He’s a younger CJGJ, a player that most likely will only be on a one-year rental but has history with Aaron Glenn. Having the two in the same backfield together is going to create a lot of versatility and will allow him to uplift the defense tremendously.
**1.15. NYJ - Cody Mauch, OT, NDSU.** As I had the Packers and Jets swapping picks in my first mock, there really isn’t much for me to think about here. No changes from v1.0, Cody is a 1st Round Talent, and should be drafted higher than people are projecting. Only now, I project him to play OT for the Jets whether it be LT or RT.
**1.16. NYG via WAS - Joey Porter, Jr., CB, PSU. (NYG Receives: 1.16; WAS Receives: 1.25, 3.89, 6.209.) Joey Porter is a value here, has the length and athleticism to play as a boundary CB. The Giants move up for him, they have some players hitting FA next season and he fits the profile of what I think they may want on the outside. They have done a lot of homework on him and brought him in for a late Top 30 visit, which typically translates to this player being pretty high at the top of a team’s list of players to draft early.
**1.17. ATL via PIT - Nolan Smith, EDGE, UGA.** Atlanta has quietly had one of the best off-seasons and is poised to make a big turn-around this season. They have addressed all of their immediate needs and now can look to make upgrades to areas where their game has leaks and address future needs. With the approach to free agency and how they have brought in more veteran leadership on the DL, it would seem that they are already prepared to do more work on that side of the ball and look for impact players while having capable starters on the roster. Nolan Smith is a good fit for them, can rush the passer from multiple positions and doesn’t need to be an immediate starter in his first year which should be better for him. Atlanta is going to be a team that I expect not only to compete for the playoffs this season, but for the division as well, and that is if Desmond Ridder is ready to have a breakout sophomore season.
**1.18. NE via DET - Keion White, EDGE, Georgia Tech.** Tremendous Senior Bowl, was consistent and carried himself well. Keion White also has the capabilities to rush inside, and can thrive in a Multiple Defensive Front. Leadership, character, production, versatility, fits the Patriots identity.
**1.19. CIN via TB - Michael Mayer, TE, Notre Dame.** (CIN Receives: 1.19, 6.196; TB Receives: OT Jonah Williams, 1.28, 5.163.) No changes from v1.0, just a different way of how they acquire the most complete TE in the draft. I don’t think Jonah Williams would be opposed to playing RT elsewhere, it just seems he was blindsided by Cincy’s decision to bring in Orlando Brown. I think, however, he would play LT in Tampa and Tristan Wirfs would remain as one of the top RT’s in the league. Refer to the write-up in v1.0 regarding Cincy and Mayer.
**1.20. NO via SEA - Lukas Van Ness, EDGE, Iowa.** (NO Receives: 1.20; SEA Receives: 1.29, 4.115, 2024 4th Round Selection.) The Saints trade-up to draft an EDGE that has everything they look for in the position. Seattle moves down for a 4th Round pick this year and a 4th next year, Day 3 has been kind to Seattle over the years. The upside that LVN has, the athleticism and traits should translate to early success. Both Cameron Jordan and Carl Granderson are free agents next season so there is a future need to address as Payton Turner hasn’t panned out as anticipated.
**1.21. LAC - Zay Flowers, WR, Boston College.** I think this pick has all but been announced as being used for offense. When I look at the remaining players available, Tom Telesco has been trying to land a speedy receiver to uplift the Chargers Offense for years now, only the value has not matched with the draft position. As it happens now, the value matches the draft position. I think the Bolts are going to want to run more 4 WR sets, and need someone to help take some pressure off of the other WR’s on the roster while also being able to unleash Justin Herbert’s arm to its max potential. Flowers accomplishes all of the above.
**1.22. ARI via BAL - Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR, OSU.** (ARI Receives: 1.22; BAL Receives: WR DeAndre Hopkins, 3.66.) JSN is my WR1 and that has not changed at all during this time. He gets open and extends drives. I think he proved that he was healthy, ran even better than was expected and I don’t think he’s someone to be pigeonholed as just a Slot. He can do it all, inside out, outside in, is a hell of a run-blocker. Baltimore gets Deandre and OBJ, which makes Lamar happy, and Kyler gets another weapon on offense which makes him happy. Win-win for both teams.
**1.23. HOU via MIN - Steve Avila, G/C, TCU.** Steve Avila is a Day 1 starter and has strong production after allowing no sacks in over 500 snaps. Probably haven’t seen him in the first round of many mock drafts, but elite production, a decent RAS, flexibility to play Guard or Center and a strong draft process could have him hearing his name called early. I would expect him to slide into Center for Houston and upgrade the position significantly. A team leader during his time with the Frogs.
**1.24. JAC - Deonte Banks, CB, Maryland.** Much like Darnell Wright keeping Will Anderson in check and O’Cyrus Torrence keeping Jalen Carter in check, being able to keep Marvin Harrison, Jr. in check should get you a trip to the 1st round. Banks is physical but needs to clean up some of the penalties when he gets to the NFL. Can be sloppy at times, but the traits, upside and production are there. I had this pick for the Jags pretty much between RT and CB, but Darnell Wright would only seem possible via a trade-up now. Banks is a player I had linked to the Jags in much of my offline work, had them taking him briefly in the 2nd but he’s just not going to be there. Good fit and athletic traits are highly important to this staff.
**1.25. WAS via NYG - DJ Turner II, CB, Michigan.** The Commanders have to somehow re-sign a large number of their defensive talent that is bound to hit free agency within the next two off-seasons and yet they have no cap space. They may need to make some cuts after the draft and Kendall Fuller may be a likely candidate as it would generate a net cap savings of $8.5MM. Turner is a fast and smooth CB, capable of being a starter right away and worthy of a first round selection. Can play inside or outside, or possibly move to Safety should the Commanders elect not to re-sign Kam Curl. This is also a selection I could see them comfortably making at 1.16.
**1.26. DET via DAL - Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida.** (DET Receives: 1.26, 4.129; DAL Receives: RB DeAndre Swift, 1.30.) I didn’t have Anthony Richardson in v1.0 of my first mock, I had him in Round 2 selected by the Raiders in my offline work for a long time. Richardson is a player I have on par with Jordan Love as a prospect but my comp for Richardson would be Ryan Tannehill raised to the extreme with a much better arm. He’s going to need some time to develop, perhaps 2 years or more, but having the highest RAS in NFL History at the QB position should see his stock rise slightly. I don’t think he’s elevated to Top 5 levels but the tailend of the 1st Round seems reasonable. Jared Goff is the commanding leader of the team, and while he had a Top 10 season for a QB, I don’t think they will re-sign him long-term and he provides great value for a team via trade or free agency at some point over the next 2 seasons or so. The Lions researched Richardson more than any other QB since Brad Holmes has been the Lions GM and the team is not afraid to redshirt a first round pick as evidenced with Jameson Williams this past season.
**1.27. HOU via BUF - Jalin Hyatt, WR, Tennessee.** (HOU Receives: 1.27, 4.130; BUF Receives: 2.33, 4.104, 6.203.) Houston still trades up for Jalin in this mock, only at a MUCH better value and range. Houston needs to build up their offense a bit, the WR room leaves much to be desired.
**1.28. TB via CIN - O’Cyrus Torrence, G, Florida.** There were rumors of O’Cyrus Torrence’s weight and work ethic being the subject of conversation until he shut that talk down with an amazing performance in Mobile. Not only did he dominate, he has cemented his status as being able to play either Guard spot in the NFL– at an elite level in both spots. This is someone who dominated at every phase of his career and has yet to give up a QB Sack. Ever. In 3,065 snaps! We all know that he held his own with Jalen Carter as well. It’s an easy piece of scouting material to watch and outlines how while Carter got some nice pressures, he truly didn’t start blowing things up until they moved Carter away from Torrence to attack the left side of the OL. Torrence is an absolute beast and lets not forget that he only transferred to Florida so that he could challenge himself against better competition. I have him sliding a bit in this mock, through no fault of his own, just that free agency provided a lot of clarity to teams needs. Immediate starter at RG, the Bucs complete the process of their OL revamp. LG would be an open competition between Luke Geodeke and Nick Leverett.
**1.29. SEA via NO - Byron Young, EDGE, Tennessee.** Every year there is a “WTF?!” draft pick, someone who you would expect to be available in the 3rd Round, being drafted in the 1st. My candidate this year would be Byron Young out of Tennessee. Can play as a 3-4 OLB, with weight can offer some value as a 4-3 DE. His upside and athletic profile is about as high as any though and I think given the track record of Seattle at the end of the first round, this seems like this would make sense. I had to realllllyyy dig deep on this one to see what the best match would be for the Hawks as it relates to available EDGE talent that they could choose from. I think Young checks all the boxes for them even though he’s not my highest rated available to choose from. I don’t think he will survive the next few picks, though I could be wrong, I just don’t think his athleticism can be ignored. His testing is just… off the walls. Check them out while you have a chance across all positions. You’ll find that he grades out as one of the most athletic **Cornerbacks** in this draft too LOL. Crazy stuff.
**1.30. DAL via DET via PHI - Darnell Washington, TE, UGA.** Dallas has been including Dak in a lot of their work on the offensive weapons in this class, which should translate to them fixing things early. Darnell Washington’s upside should see him going within this range. 6th OL, but a reliable pass-catcher, I think Georgia just didn’t use him to the best of his ability.
**1.31. KC - Broderick Jones, OT, UGA.** I realize Broderick is being mocked a bit higher than this but I think it’s a case of the media valuing him more than the NFL might. He’s a bit rawer than the other OT’s that went before him, but his athletic profile should match what Andy Reid is looking for at LT and if anyone can iron out the kinks and get the most out of him it would be the Chiefs coaching staff.
**2.32. PIT - Jordan Addison, WR, USC.** Kenny Pickett gets his guy and one of his go-to targets in college. Addy projects as a Slot, but that’s fine since he would be the best to start there for the Steelers. They don’t have anything concrete at that position and this may also allow them to run more 4 and 5 WR sets especially if Calvin Austin comes back strong and healthy.
**2.33. BUF via HOU - Derrick Hall, EDGE, Auburn.** Some Bills fans probably won’t like seeing an EDGE mocked here but I really don’t care. With Sean McD taking over the defensive play-calling, I see the draft relying on that side of the ball and getting back to what made his defenses great in Carolina- strong passrush and a lot of depth in the front 4.
**2.34. ARI - Will McDonald IV, EDGE, Iowa State.** Arizona passes on defense twice in the 1st round, in large part due to the exceptional depth of talent at EDGE on Day 2. Will McDonald is a player they have shown high interest in and fits their passrushing attack. I like the value better for them here than Tyree Wilson in the Top 5.
**2.35. IND - Quentin Johnston, WR, TCU.** Quentin Johnston at one point was being mocked in the Top 4 and here he is sliding into the 2nd. He is someone who fell down to earth fast. People were expecting Julio Jones and instead they got Alshon Jeffery. He still makes a decent WR2 option with WR1 upside, especially if Indy moves on from Michael Pittman next year and C.J. Stroud is going to need more weapons on offense around him regardless.
**2.36. LAR - Kelee Ringo, CB, UGA.** The Rams have a ton of needs so really this pick could go anywhere but CB is one of the deepest needs on the team. I’ve gone back and forth with where to place Kelee, had him towards the end of the 2nd, he slipped into the first as well briefly, his upside is rather high. His length and production would suggest that this is a Top 5 draft pick in almost any given year, but his inconsistency and at times lack of effort that shows up sees him fall.
**2.37. SEA - John Michael Schmitz, C, Minnesota.** Seattle lands arguably the best IOL prospect on Day 2. A stalwart at Center but can play either Guard spot if things don’t pan out plus Evan Brown is reliable at the position too. It’s a good problem to have a lot of depth at the interior of the OL.
**2.38. LV - Luke Musgrave, TE, Oregon State.** OJ Howard and the other guy they signed aren’t really going to stop the Raiders from upgrading at TE. Musgrave would be a first round talent if not for some of the injury concerns. Still, his value is too good to be ignored here. A weapon for Jimmy G that can do it all.
**2.39. CAR - Jack Campbell, LB, Iowa.** It’s not too often that I don’t match a QB taken 1 overall with offensive talent on Day 2 but Jack Campbell’s value is too good to pass up on. Certainly, a Top 40 selection, arguably the most complete traditional LB prospect in this class. Campbell could easily slip into Round 1 as well.
**2.40. NO - Drew Sanders, LB/EDGE, Arkansas.** Drew Sanders can do a lot of what Kaden Ellis did for them, only with a much higher ceiling. I think Kaden is a really good player too so this speaks volumes to where I have Sanders as a prospect. Can play in any LB situation and offers EDGE value.
**2.41. TEN - Jahmyr Gibbs, RB, Alabama.** Gibbs is an electric playmaker, every bit the elusive and shifty back that Shady McCoy was back in the day. This offers a succession plan and compliment to Derrick Henry. Tennessee is going to want to continue to thrive on the ground and this fits their off-season approach and identity.
**2.42. GB - Mazi Smith, DT, Michigan.** Mazi Smith is undervalued and inaccurately scouted. He is not just a Nose. He can play from 0-5. He does his most damage in passrushing situations between the 3-5 while being able to stop the run from virtually anywhere. He’s a game-wrecker. He’s every bit of an athletic freak as Jordan Davis and his strength is surprisingly close to that of Aaron Donald. The Packers are rather thin on the DL and Mazi would resolve that.
**2.43. SEA via NYJ - Tyler Scott, WR, Cincinnati.** (SEA Receives: 2.43; NYJ Receives: 2.52, 3.83, 5.154.) These two teams just love trading, don’t they? Tyler Scott is being slept on, but his skill set typically translates to an early round pick, not Day 3. He’s a YAC Merchant, can excel as a Returner and has great top-end speed. A bit of an upgraded Kadarius Toney. I should say quite a bit as he is already ahead of where Toney was at seeing as his hands are much better and he seems to have the game down better as a Junior than Toney did as a Senior. Had the Chargers trading up for him in v1.0 but now he finds himself being Geno Smith’s weapon in the Slot on Day 2.
**2.44. ATL - Tank Dell, WR, Houston.** Let’s talk about why Tank Dell goes here. Elite Slot WR presence, great route runner, speed and acceleration. Reliable on third down, reliable on converting third downs to first downs. Reliable target in general. Can give you some reps outside as he’s shifty enough to create some issues for Boundary CB’s. One of the few times where you don’t need to be concerned with the size because he takes care of his body. Arguably the best Returner in this class that translates to the NFL. A steady weapon for Desmond Ridder, a do-it-all football player that addresses some future needs too.
**2.45. CHI via GB - Dalton Kincaid, TE, Utah.** (CHI Receives: 2.45; GB Receives: 2.53, 3.64.) Chicago has a good TE group, but none of those guys are really long-term answers and the contracts of both Cole Kmet and Robert Tonyan expire next year. Kincaid provides a much-needed long-term answer for them. Another weapon for Justin Fields.
**2.46. NE - Noah Sewell, LB, Oregon.** So… this is quite a bit of a reach and while I wouldn’t normally have someone like Noah Sewell going this high, I understand that he has everything that Bill Belichick looks for in an LB prospect. It’s a system fit, that’s pretty much all there is to say. I wouldn’t have Noah mocked to any other team in the 2nd Round but them.
**2.47. WAS - Josh Downs, WR, UNC.** The Commanders can pretty much go anywhere with this pick, but I have them addressing offense. Again, they must generate some cap space and by trading or cutting Curtis Samuel post June 1 they will generate over $10MM in cap space while also having his replacement ready to go in the Slot.
**2.48. PHI via DET - Anthony Johnson, Jr., S, Iowa State.** Anthony Johnson is one of the better Safety prospects and as it happens, many have him among the best if not the best in class. Can replace what the Eagles lost in CJGJ.
**2.49. ATL via PIT - Nick Saldivieri, OL, Old Dominion.** Nick Saldivieri can play just about every position and fits every scheme. Whether at LG or C for the Falcons, I would project him to be an immediate starter. High football IQ, versatility and production.
**2.50. TB - Cedric Tillman, WR, Tennessee.** We may witness the final season of Mike Evans as a Buc. Tillman can be a compliment as a boundary WR for them and offer them a succession plan should they not bring back Evans next season.
**2.51. MIA - Israel Abanikanda, RB, Pittsburgh.** Low usage, solid production, amazing RAS. Izzy possesses the traits to be an everydown back in the NFL. Miami has a huge committee, but Izzy is better than arguably all of the backs on the roster. Grades very similarly to Breece Hall from an athletic standpoint.
**2.52. NYJ via SEA - Calijah Kancey, DT, Pittsburgh.** I had Kancey to the Jets in the 3rd Round in my offline work after this very same trade back until today. DT is a quiet need for them, he projects to play inside, and outside which is kind of what they currently have in Solomon Thomas, so I decided to elevate him to Round 2 via a trade back even though I think this is slightly high for him.
**2.53. GB via CHI - Jonathan Mingo, WR, Ole Miss.** Can play in the slot, can play as a Z, Mingo is explosive, has an elite athletic profile and is similar to other WR’s that GB has drafted. I think Mingo is more of what people think Quinten Johnston is than what Quinten Johnston actually is so needless to say this is an exceptional value pick.
**2.54. LAC - Antonio Johnson, S, Texas A&M.** Antonio Johnson + Derwin James doesn’t really seem fair. Johnson is someone most thought could be a 1st Round pick. Solid Safety prospect that also has some value to play the role of a Big Nickel if needed.
**2.55. DET - Tuli Tuipulotu, EDGE, USC.** Tuli is someone that could be the Lions pick at 1.18, if they were to keep it. Offers a ton of flexibility as he can play inside or outside in any defensive front. Has power for days which is something Detroit could use upfront. He coincides with the youth movement in Detroit as he’s only 20 years old so there’s plenty of room for growth there. I like him as a 3T, as a Weakside DE, as a 4i or a 5, just can do whatever is needed for Detroit and has an endless motor.
**2.56. JAC - B.J. Ojulari, EDGE, UGA.** The Jags are rebuilding the Georgia defense. Josh Allen may not be in the long-term plans of Jacksonville and they could opt to find his successor in the draft as this is a very deep class. BJ is very good in run-defense and also a deadly pass-rusher. Similar to Nik Bonitto last year but offers more against the run so he’s not just relegated to just a pure DPR.
**2.57. NYG - Olu Oluwatimi, C, Michigan.** The Giants currently don’t have a capable starting Center on their roster, Olu fixes that. Should be a Day 1 Starter, good production, good teammate, high character. One of the potential under-the-radar Round 2 prospects.
**2.58. DAL - Felix Anudike-Uzomah, EDGE, KSU.** FAU is probably not someone that I would have sliding this far in reality, as I think that the Cowboys will probably look to trade-up for Derick Hall but having a hard time figuring out a trade partner and of the two, I think FAU would go after Hall. Needless to say, this is a great value/BPA pick for them.
**2.59. DEN via BUF - Jason Brownlee, WR, Southern Miss.** (DEN Receives: 2.59; BUF Receives: 3.67, 5.139.) This surprisingly works out exactly even in value on the Rich Hill Chart which I was not at all intending, but I’m going to leave it here. It works out for Denver since they are likely to trade away Courtland Sutton at some point. Brownlee has NFL size and can play outside and offers value on Special Teams.
**2.60. CIN - Zach Charbonnet, RB, UCLA.** ZC is a toned-down version of Kenneth Walker from last year’s draft. He has consistent, high production and can take on a high-volume workload if the Bengals trade Joe Mixon, which I think they will.
**2.61. CHI - Jalen Redmond, DT, Oklahoma.** Jalen is a true 4-3 DT, can play in any interior assignment needed, gets push and is a very strong run-defender as well given his size. Possibly an immediate starter for Chicago.
**2.62. SF via PHI - Cam Smith, CB, South Carolina.** (SF Receives: 2.62; PHI Receives: 3.99, 3.101, 5.155.) Cam is a feisty CB capable of playing inside or outside, perhaps even at Safety, which seems to be the case with many of the Corners in this class which is a good thing as the NFL is moving towards this type of versatile DB. I can’t think of 11 Needs on the 49ers so I don’t think they would keep 11 picks, but the Eagles may want to accumulate more as the value at the end of the 3rd may appeal to them much more than the value at the end of the 2nd. Having that added pick on Day 3 won’t hurt either.
**2.63. KC - Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson.** KC would probably like to replace the passrushing ability that was lost when they released Frank Clark, who, mind you, could return to the team after the draft but that shouldn’t influence this pick either way as the Chiefs defense can just keep rotating a steady attack. I have them resolving that in a different way, as Bryan Bresee is still available. It seems a bit split right now with how Bresee should be utilized. Could form a strong partnership with Chris Jones.
**3.64. GB via CHI - Gervarrius Owens, S, Houston.**
**3.65. HOU - Hendon Hooker, QB, Tennessee.**
**3.66. BAL via ARI - Julius Brents, CB, KSU.**
**3.67. BUF via DEN - Marvin Mims, Jr., WR, Oklahoma.**
**3.68. DEN - Sydney Brown, S, Illinois.**
**3.69. LAR - Ji’Ayir Brown, S, PSU.**
**3.70. LV - Anton Harrison, OT, Oklahoma.**
**3.71. NO - Jalen Moreno-Cropper, WR, Fresno State.**
**3.72. TEN - Isaiah Foskey, EDGE, Notre Dame.**
**3.73. HOU - Jay Ward, CB, LSU.**
**3.74. CLE - Ricky Stromberg, C, Arkansas.**
**3.75. ATL - Jammie Robinson, S, FSU.**
**3.76. NE - A.T. Perry, WR, Wake Forest.**
**3.77. LAR - Keeanu Benton, DT, Wisconsin.**
**3.78. GB - Tucker Kraft, TE, SDSU.**
**3.79. ARI via IND - Emmanuel Forbes, CB, Miss. State.**
**3.80. PIT - Tavius Robinson, EDGE, Ole Miss.**
**3.81. DET - Terrell Smith, CB, Minnesota.**
**3.82. TB - Tyrique Stevenson, CB, Miami.**
**3.83. NYJ via SEA - Joe Tippmann, C, Wisconsin.**
**3.84. MIA - Asim Richards, T/G, UNC.**
**3.85. LAC - Yasir Abdullah, LB/DPR, Louisville.**
**3.86. BAL - Anthony Bradford, G, LSU.**
**3.87. HOU via MIN - Gervon Dexter, DT, Florida.**
**3.88. JAC - Matthew Bergeron, RT, Syracuse.**
**3.89. WAS via NYG - Dorian Williams, LB, Tulane.**
**3.90. DAL - Darius Rush, CB, South Carolina.**
**3.91. BUF - Trenton Simpson, LB, Clemson.**
**3.92. CIN - Kyu Blu Kelly, CB, Stanford.**
**3.93. CAR - Rashee Rice, WR, SMU.**
**3.94. DET via PHI - Sam LaPorta, TE, Iowa.**
**3.95. KC - Michael Wilson, WR, Stanford.**
**3.96. ARI - Luke Wypler, C, OSU.**
**3.97. WAS - Clark Phillips III, CB, Utah.**
**3.98. CLE - Tank Bigsby, RB, Auburn.**
**3.99. PHI via SF - Rochon Johnson, RB, Texas.**
**3.100. LV - Dylan Horton, EDGE, TCU.**
**3.101. PHI via SF - Ivan Pace, Jr., LB/DPR, Cincinnati.**
**3.102. SF - Connor Galvin, OT, Baylor.**
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2023.04.20 15:17 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Debt Roulette by Julia Claire & Crooked Media (04/19/23)

"President Biden and Senator Schumer have no right to play politics with the debt calling." - House Speaker Kevin McCarthy employing the very sophisticated rhetorical device of “I know you are, but what am I?”

De-Struction 2024

Ron DeSantis continues his reign of terror in Florida while also expanding the reach of his shadow presidential campaign.
So, how are DeSantis’s presidential prospects shaping up?
Republican supermajorities in the Florida legislature have allowed DeSantis to emerge as a kind of highly-successful, ultraconservative, shamelessly authoritarian governor that has been extinct in America for some time. His legislative victories have inspired copycats all over the country, and he’s made no secret that he wants to make over the United States in Florida’s image. Even if he flames out in this presidential election, as it seems he will, this isn’t Florida’s Ron DeSantis problem, it’s America’s.

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Moving between Houston, Athens, and Baku, Mobility explores themes of class, power, politics, and desire through the life of one unforgettable character, Bunny Glenn. Both an entertaining coming-of-age story and an indictment of capitalism, Mobility uses fiction’s power to illuminate the way a life is shaped by its context.
Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks called it “a masterpiece of misdirection and a cautionary tale for our times,” and they don’t give you Pulitzer Prizes for having bad taste!
Pre Order Mobility Now!

Under The Radar

As we hurtle towards economic disaster because Congressional Republicans are too craven to lift the debt ceiling under a Democratic president, things are heating up between GOP leadership and the White House. Pencil-necked House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had failed to unify his caucus around a budget proposal, but has now unveiled a plan to lift the debt limit by $1.5 trillion only on the condition of major spending cuts. It’s not even clear if McCarthy has 218 Republican votes for this package, which has zero chance of passing the Senate. Another job well done, Kevin. His doomed plan suggests repealing parts of the Inflation Reduction Act related to green energy incentives, boosting domestic oil and gas production, and completely eliminating Biden’s student loan forgiveness initiative. It would also cancel the IRS’s recent budget increase, which allowed the agency to provide vital taxpayer support to millions more Americans than in previous years, and would give Congress even greater authority to block regulations made by the Biden administration as well. In short, it’s a lot of the same old GOP bullshit. Republicans have no problem running up the deficit through tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy, and they’re always happy to wave through debt ceiling increases when a Republican heads the Executive Branch, so their calls for “fiscal responsibility” are even more transparent than usual. As expected, President Biden rejected this plan and criticized Republican lawmakers for their “wacko” notions, so you know he’s mad.

What Else?

The Supreme Court extended its stay on two lower-court rulings banning abortifacient drug mifepristone until this Friday, April 21, making the drug accessible and legal for a few additional days until the final ruling is handed down.
In the third such incident to attract national attention this week, two teenage cheerleaders in Texas were shot after getting into the wrong car by mistake in a supermarket parking lot. Authorities arrested the man suspected of the shooting and took him into custody on Tuesday morning.
The United States announced it will be sending an additional $325 million in military aid to Ukraine, as the war-torn country continues its spring counteroffensive against the Russian invasion.
Fallout from the leaked Pentagon documents continues: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau privately told NATO officials that Canada will never meet the alliance’s defense spending target, according to documents from the leak.
The family of Tyre Nichols filed a lawsuit against the city of Memphis, its police department, the police chief, and five officers who brutally beat Nichols during a traffic stop in January. Nichols, 29, died from his injuries three days later.
Twitter quietly removed its policy against deadnaming and intentionally misgendering transgender people as the platform under CEO Elon Musk continues doubling down on allowing harassment of marginalized groups and individuals.
Twitter also permanently suspended reporter Dell Cameron from the site after Cameron published a story on Wednesday based on an interview with the hacker who took over far-right blogger Matt Walsh’s account on Tuesday evening. The company cited its policy prohibiting the spread of material obtained through hacking, also the justification for its suppression of the Hunter Biden story, which CEO Elon Musk characterized, in his goofy “Twitter Files” exposés fed to Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss, as a major breach of the principle of free speech.
McCurtain County, OK Commissioner Mark Jennings has resigned after an audio recording captured him talking about killing reporters and lynching Black people.

What In The World?

The United Kingdom currently finds itself as the only major, advanced economy to have double-digit inflation, according to new reports. Analysts say that Britain has suffered higher inflation for longer periods of time than nations of similar size due to its economic reliance on natural gas for heating and electricity and the structure of state subsidies. As a consequence of those factors, Britons have seen the highest increase in energy prices in Western Europe. The country’s continued cost-of-living crisis continues to be felt far and wide, as already-insufficient wages have led to major strikes across the country, including unions of teachers, rail workers, healthcare workers, and others. Trade and job market problems caused by Brexit combined with a reduction in the labor force from Covid (i.e. a lot of people died!) have proven devastating for the U.K. economy, to say nothing of the impact the war in Ukraine has had on energy prices. Last week, the International Monetary Fund forecasted an annual average inflation of 6.8 percent in 2023, which would be the highest rate of any of its European peers.

What A Sponsor

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Light At The End Of The Email

President Biden will host the “Tennessee Three” at the White House.
A toddler became one of the youngest-ever White House intruders after he squeezed through the metal fencing before being scooped up by the Secret Service.
A proposed change to Montana’s Senate primary that would have hurt Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) in his reelection bid is likely dead on arrival after a state legislative committee shelved it indefinitely on Wednesday.


pj on Twitter: "Venmo is my favorite social media site. I love to see my boy Derek charge his wife for martinis"
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