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Overrated Hashiras

2023.03.10 17:53 Rengoku_kyoguro Overrated Hashiras

So when Mugen train was released Rengoku was so overrated that people started saying he beats Akaza, I was one of em before I read the manga and this account is very old so you can just see my pfp
Now that Tengen is animated people are wanking him so hard everyday and it's going so hard that it's out of control [ Spoilers ] Could he in a healthy state without poison and both hands on defeat every upper moon if he completed the specific Music score on each demon? : KimetsuNoYaiba (
See this shit
I am afraid what will these Certified Tengen wankers will do (who used to do that for Rengoku earlier) when Muichiro will be animated
you will be afraid to know that most of these people are those who read the manga
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