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2023.05.30 00:01 AppropriateLoan7563 Sanderson special edition.

I just had a funny thought and figured i'd share.
What if Sanderson released a volume of the way of kings the same way Alethi books are written would you buy it?
Ie the red context script only for women to read.
Would it be too on the nose or even worth having?
What if he tailored it like a directors commentary?
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2023.05.30 00:01 Dracyl Natural grey hairs turning gold in between semi-permanent color applications, would purple shampoo help?

Hello! I've been using Wella Soft Color in Blue Black for years. I only dye my hair like 4 times a year (February, June, October and December) and since the dye is semi-permanent, I just let it wash out to my natural brunette/chestnut hair until is time for me to dye again. I keep my hair below shoulder length, sometimes like 4 inches below shoulders, sometimes I let it grow mid back until the bra line, but right now is 4 inches below shoulders. I come from a long line of women with salt/pepper hair, so in recent years, I started getting grey hairs, and I notice I get awesome blue highlights on them when I use the dye, but once the dye starts fading, the grey hairs that were blush start looking like a blonde highlight, and obviously the new growth comes silver, so when I have like 2-3 inches roots of new growth I'll have chestnut/grey in my roots but the rest is chestnut/gold. I also notice my hair from mid shaft to ends tends to catch a tiny bit of reddish hue, I'm assuming because of the dye itself fading.
Since Soft Color fades gradually, my roots and ends don't have a shocking contrast, and I usually style my hair with wavy layers; and my grey hairs aren't coarse, so people usually tell me they look like highlights, but I was wondering if using a purple or blue shampoo in between dyes would help me keep the "gold" at bay. I don't want to cover the greys, I just want them to not be yellow until the time comes for them to be gloriously blue again for a few weeks, and then let them be grey.
I'm currently "on break" after coloring in the first week of February, and I'll be putting on dye again the last week of June for my birthday. The reason under the "4 times a year" is because I prefer giving my hair a rest, and only dye it on those specific dates because of specific social gatherings where I want my hair to look fresh and blue :)
Right now I'm using a OUAI detox shampoo + mask once a week (I know that fades my dye faster, but I get super hard water where I live and that shampoo really helps with it and my hair is healthier than ever), Christophe Robin detox scrub +mask also once a week and a regular shampoo+ conditioner once a week, so I was thinking about subbing the regular one for purple/blue one if necessary. I also read about "toning", but I'm not clear if that would work on natural grey hair.
Thanks in advance, an throw in any advice you see fit!
TL,DR: My grey hairs turn a lovely blue when I use my usual semi-permanent dye, but as it fades they become blonde while my new growth is also silver. Not a fan of the blonde "highlights" even though everybody compliments me on those, will purple or blue shampoo help? 😅
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2023.05.30 00:01 Nice_Breakfast1872 Law and Indigenous identity fraud

I'm an Indigenous law student (had to make a throwaway because just that info with my post history could be enough to doxx me). I know I am Indigenous, my whole family is on reserve, 3/4 of my grandparents went to residential school, its not some distant heritage thing. The further I go in academia I'm seriously, seriously disturbed by how many 'pretendians' are around me, not only taking the spaces and awards for Indigenous people but becoming elevated and touted as leading voices and executives of Indigenous agencies and organizations.
Some of the hardest hitting was one of my undergrad professors who I did research for was later found out to be a pretendian. Now in law school, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond was exposed to be a pretendian when I was at the Indigenous Bar Association conference. My own school's Indigenous students society has a fair few questionable members. I will probably always have a bit of a sour taste in my mouth seeing someone who is 1/16th and has no lived experience as an Indigenous person get accolades and opportunities over me, but I'm really just trying to discuss the more blatant fraud.
The Amira and Nadya Gill story that broke REALLY pissed me off, this article summarizes most of it but I'll also TLDR:
Nadya was placed on leave from Durant Barristers where she was articling and is now 'under investigation' by the LSO but seriously how can someone like this just go on and practice after, you know, doing fraud? and taking advantage of a disabled Indigenous woman? taking thousands of dollars of scholarship money from Indigenous students?
and I know they've got buddies too! Karlie Nordstrom is a friend of Nadya's, got her law degree at UofT, claims to be Metis, but was sending letters threatening the Inuit women who uncovered this (now corroborated, dare I say proven) story of fraud with defamation! But don't worry, she's on the board of directors for Aboriginal Legal Services Toronto AND got a job on Bay st filling Aird & Berlis' Indigenous quota I'm sure 🙃
Idk writing this makes me want to cry. The Gill twins is a more blatant nefarious cases of Indigenous identity fraud but because most schools and jobs only rely on self-identification, there's loads more with very vague and distant claims who skirt by with no further questions asked and collect every award, opportunity and cheque earmarked for Indigenous people and idk what can even be done.
As an Indigenous student, or when I'm a junior lawyer, I don't want to be the one going guns blazing and be identity policing especially when there are so many cases of family trauma, 60s scoop and everything else making it a sensitive subject to so many. Thats why I rely on the institutions to do their due diligence in ensuring that those they prop up as their Indigenous students or Indigenous lawyers actually are Indigenous. They should have the grounds to verify Indigenous identity claims if Indigenous identity is a prerequisite.
I guess I really have a couple questions for the sub; there's a difference between those with weak/suspicious claims and fully fraudulent like it was for the Gill twins. Like how could they have been found out sooner when they got past a lot of check points by being registered Inuit NTI members? Pessimistically, I think had they said they just had an Inuit great great great grandparent, they'd be given a lot of the same opportunities and awards and never be found out. Also more specifically in the legal field, what can be done about law students and lawyers who do this? Is it just an integrity question? Will law societies actually disbar?
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2023.05.30 00:00 BigDaddy_5783 Question for the thick-bottomed women

How hard is it for rear-entry positions? Does it make a difference how big he is?
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2023.05.30 00:00 Over_North8884 What do you think of "passport bros"?

A "passport bro" is a man who travels overseas to meet women. In most cases, a passport bro emigrates from a Western country (overwhelmingly often the USA) to certain Southeast Asian countries (most commonly Thailand, Vietnam, and the Phillipines). Passport bros receive flack; the arguments usually take the following forms. Passport bros (I named the arguments myself; I may have done a poor job)
1) aren't good enough to get women in their native country (the "incel" argument); 2) are looking for poor women to entice them with money, or alternatively, the foreign women only want them for money (the "golddigger" argument) 3) treat the native women poorly (the "jerk" argument); and 4) pursue age gap relationships where it's more acceptable (the "pedophilic" argument) 5) seek cheap and easy paid sex (the "sexpat" argument)
The counter-arguments are
1) native-country women are undesirable, usually citing lack of feminity, body weight, and making unreasonable demands (the "repulsion" argument); 2) the ease of dating in foreign countries (the "easy" argument); and 3) native-country women who object to passport bros are resentful of a) being bypassed, b) their monopoly on native men broken, c) their vulnerability to competition, and d) realizing how unattractive they are (the "jealous" argument)
My questions is, do you object to or support passport bros and if so, for which of the above arguments? If you have a novel argument not in the list, it's great.
Full disclosure: I am a passport bro. I ran a lengthy AMA thread about it if you want more info about my experience:
Feel free to roast me if you feel the need within bounds of the sub rules.
I think the format of this sub won't allow me to answer top-level questions about myself since I'm the wrong gender, but feel free to PM me. You can take my PM response and bracket it in a response of you own.
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The stability of your nails will be destroyed if you remove gel polish. Naturally, repeated chemical application to your nails tends to cause them to become progressively weaker. Gel nail polish is the same. Even though everyone would wish to maintain stunning, bright nails, neglecting to take proper care of them could endanger your nails.

1. Rushing to remove the gel coating

Nails should be removed with acetone, professional wholesale nail supply which functions like a gel-removal detergent. The majority of women, however, are frequently in a rush to remove the coating and end up opting for quick but risky techniques. Our nails then become even weaker as a result.
You run the risk of accidentally removing the top layer of the nail, weakening the plate, if you choose to remove the coating yourself rather than waiting for the necessary amount of time for gel dissolution. Follow a professional's instructions on how to remove the gel coating if you want to maintain strong, healthy nails.

2. Excessive use of nail polish

Give your nails a short break if you want them to regenerate healthily. Applying one gel polish after another is not recommended. Your nails and cuticles can be barely able to breathe and retain hydration after such a hard routine.
Like plants, nails only grow well when they are regularly hydrated and given oxygen to prevent drying out. Try hydrating them while you're taking a break using an effective hand lotion, an overnight mask, or even just by placing a hot, damp towel over your hand. Your nail layers will eventually become hard enough for another polishing session.

wholesale nail supplies for professionals near me

3. A mishandled soaking-off procedure

A foil dipped in acetone can improve nail polish removal. Wrapping the foil around your fingers to remove gel polish causes it to stick firmly to the nail plates over time. To avoid scratching the nail plate, the actual removal of the foil must be done carefully by a specialist, such as a manicurist. If the technique is not followed, it might make your nails brittle and weak, making them more prone to drying out.

4. Long-term use of the gel polish

Even though it seems unlikely, leaving your beloved gel polish on for too long might occasionally backfire. After removing the gel polish, you must give your nails time to recover and breathe.

5. In what ways does it harm your nails?

Consider a nail polish chemical remaining on your nails for an extended period of time and allowing bacteria to flourish as your answer. That's clear? Right! Replace your nail polish every two to three weeks. In essence, if the polish layer is left on for too long, it will start to lift, exposing large gaps for air and moisture to enter. The warmth produced by the coating, when combined, creates ideal circumstances for bacterial development. Your cuticle and the skin around your nails could therefore suffer as a result of this.


Consistent and deliberate nail care professional nail product suppliers is necessary. Depriving your nails of such crucial elements could potentially destroy them permanently. You wouldn't want your nails to become weak and brittle just because you neglected to carefully supervise the removal of your nail polish. The steps leading up to gel polish removal are as important and must be strictly followed. Polished nails are a vital component of attractiveness, and their wellbeing must be carefully monitored at all times. Please read my post on nail polish removers that include acetone and those that don't.
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2023.05.29 23:59 itsmeboo67 Hope y’all can read this , she scam somebody out of 175 and when they confronted her she played like her account was hacked

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2023.05.29 23:59 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses

Courses for 30 May 2023

Note : might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.
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2023.05.29 23:59 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses

Courses for 30 May 2023

Note : might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.
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2023.05.29 23:59 Jammooly Islamic story of Adam and Eve’s fall similar to Christianity?

Islamic story of Adam and Eve’s fall similar to Christianity?
Islamic scholars will say that Islamic story of Adam and Eve is different from Christianity as evidenced in the Quran in multiple areas.
The difference I want to explore is where Christianity blames the Eve for both of their fall from heaven while the Quran doesn’t assigns a blame to any one person.
Then while I was exploring the hadiths, I landed upon Sahih Bukhari 3330, https://sunnah.com/bukhari:3330, where it seems to imply that Eve betrayed Adam possibly faulting her for their fall from paradise.
I even searched through Fath Al-Bari, https://shamela.ws/book/1673/3513#p1, and Ibn Hajar is blaming Eve for tempting Adam to eat the fruit. I’ve attached pictures of a ChatGPT Translation of Ibn Hajar’s commentary from Fath Al-Bari on the Hadith.
My questions are, is this an Islamic belief? Is there ikthilaf on this? Why do many Scholars not mention this while talking about this story and explicitly say opposite of what this hadith implies? Since the Quran made no mention of the details regarding who tempted who and whatnot, how seriously should one take this hadith?
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2023.05.29 23:59 BYork15 Thoughts on this ?

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2023.05.29 23:58 decent_sport_1 Intertwined with the Venom-Verse [M4A] [OCxOC] [Reddit/Discord]

Still looking, I am still looking.
Good day/afternoon. Its me... the copy of the sentient account from however long ago. I really should post more often, shouldn't I? Eh, doesn't matter. I'm here now. Please say you've read the title, because I don't really know how to put it in words, aside from: Spider-Men... or... Women... symbiotes... you get the point.
I'm on the hunt for a Venom-Verse style RP, with more symbiotes than just Venom, and with OCs, just to see how creative I am compared to others. Probably not that creative, but I like to try.
The main plot I'm looking differs to the Venom-Verse and Spider-Verse storyline. Yes, there will be inter-dimensional travel, but I'm looking for an overarching storyline involving, say, a more villainous Venom (borderline Carnage) who teams up with Morlun to hunt down interdimension spider-people and symbiotes( and the hosts) because Venom realised that... well, I can't really put it in this post because it might get taken down, but let's say that Venom having a nibble of a certain something from Spider-Men (clue: it's found in the head) will make him a bit more power-hungry... ravenous, really, as well as actually increasing his own power's levels. Same goes with other Symbiotes he comes across.
I also have some minor things I want to say: - please have an OC bio.
This is about it. If you've read this far, know that I'll only talk to you if you text me, 1: with Reddit chat, and 2: your first message is "MISERUM".
Until then, enjoy sleeping or your breakfast, whichever one you're having now. As I'm writing this, it's 22:58, I might be asleep, but in case I'm not: I'll respond relatively quick.
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2023.05.29 23:58 RareSorbet I’m wondering if I put in enough effort when it comes to trying to date guys.

Keep in mind these are ramblings from a grown woman whose standards are waning and is looking for slightly desperate guys irl:
A coworker I know said she chased her current bf for 2 years. I’m not sure what she means specifically. I guess creating space for the two of them to get closer?
I get rejected by guys but maybe I’m not creating that space for them to develop interest and I’m coming on to them too strong?
Am I repulsive or do the guys seem themselves as someone who can get women better than me?
As my standards start to drop I’m reconsidering how I approach life. I don’t think I care about wasting time because it’s probably never going to happen for me anyway. Might as well experiment. I think I’m going back to reading the “how to win a guy” esque dating books and videos.
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2023.05.29 23:58 honeyandpeachesx Does anyone else feel like giving up with their hair journey?

I am wondering if anyone else feels this way about their hair growth journey.
I have been consistently oiling my hair for at least 2 + years now and I find that my growth is rather similar to how it has always been. I've added the addition of rosemary water regimens a few times a week, invested in silk pillowcases, a sleeping bonnet, rosemary shampoo, use protective hair styles and apply heat to my hair 3-5 times a year max. I add a different oil for the mids to end range as well, double cleanse, massage and brush my hair daily. I feel like after all the effort I have put in for 2+ years, my hair doesn't even appear to be healthier or much longer lol.
I see all these tiktoks of girls and their hair growth journeys with long, luscious locks of hair and can't help but think that the texture of my hair is the way it is and is probably inhibiting those sorts of results. I have pretty thick, frizzy and in some areas; coarse areas of hair. Unless I apply heat, it doesn't really look that nice and I usually just french braid it to make it look a bit more presentable in the public eye.
I also find that girls wash their hair 2-3 times a week but my hair can honestly go 2 weeks without it needing to be washed. (Of course I don't ever wait that long but I am not sure if my hair likes being washed twice a week because of how dry it naturally is). I can put heaps of oil in my hair and the next day, it'll appear as if nothing was there LOL. I don't even know if oiling my hair is worth the money anymore and am wondering what else I could do.
:( Does anyone else wish they had better hair genetics, frizz free hair that dries straight? (I sure do).
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2023.05.29 23:58 random_potato92 Boot recommendations for stall cleaner?

I clean stalls at multiple horse barns. I’ve gone through 3 pairs of boots in the past 2.5 years and I’d really like to make one last at least a year! Any suggestions would be fantastic because I’m not sure what brands are good or not.
I’ve had both Muck Boot brand and LaCrosse boots and both have lasted about 8 months before a hole started in the back of them and/or a hole in the side of the rubbesole separating. I’ve heard of some people having boots by these brands and they last like 10 years so either they’re barely wearing them or I’m doing something wrong. Any recommendations or advice to keep my boots from falling apart would be great!
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2023.05.29 23:58 i_amnotdone What is happening to the players with basic skills?

It seems the basic skill sett needed to run in a beacon game is going away at an alarming rate. I spend most of my time in a ball (a bot that I believe I'm semi-comptent but not my style) in order to get enough beacons for my average team to win. I see more and more TDM tatics (hide and shoot) then ever before. How has the skill sett for a beacon game become a rarity? Some would say its the Mk2 deals. That does not change what you need to do. If anything, it should help that strategy. Some say its pixos fault for losing so many of the players that made the game. Maybe. Basic strategy does not require genius IQ. So I'm left confused as to how it's possible to not know how to take a beacon. Maybe I missed something?
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2023.05.29 23:58 Fanboy8947 Just what ARE the font skeletons?

By that I mean Sans and Papyrus. (and maybe gaster, judging by the fact that they share a naming scheme, but i'm not going to focus on him)
Anyways, we all know what Sans and Papyrus are, right? They're skeleton monsters. Sure, okay. But have you ever REALLY thought about it?
They aren't just any skeletons. Lots of animals have skeletons—dogs do, birds do. But Sans and Papyrus are HUMAN SKELETONS. For Undertale/Deltarune's world, that's got to have big implications, right? Humans being the only other race in the world? Or am I just cornplating...
You have to understand. This is like if you had a fantasy world made of dog-people and cat-people, and one of the cat main characters is named "Woof", and they bark a lot and like chewing bones. Like that obviously has to mean something. It would be weirder for it NOT to mean anything.
I feel with sans and papyrus, it's so on-the-nose that it just, had an underflow error or something and now it seems so obvious that no one considers it.
If we had Alphys talking about wanting to be a human in UT, we would be racing to make theories about it. Ralsei sings don't forget, and we're theorizing that he's the singer in DR's credits. If any monster said something like "hmm it sure would be nice to have blood and hair" we would be like. Ok you're obviously related to humanity somehow.
Oh wait. Sans is shown to have blood, which only humans have.
Oh wait. Papyrus talks about styling his hair. Twice. And talks about wanting to have SKIN when you talk to him about the racecar bed. Even though we specifically know he doesn't consider himself to have skin (quote is literally just "I HAVE NO SKIN" while talking to Undyne in a phone call).
I have no idea what the actual explanation is, like what...sans & papyrus used to be humans, but then went through some experiment and turned into monsters? I guess that could be true, but that sounds dumb. But these breadcrumbs have to be leading somewhere. What do we think?
I even think this idea was lampshaded in Deltarune, where there's an NPC that asks
  • If humans are made of bones...
  • Where does skeletons come from...?
Yeah it's a funny joke. But really, where DO skeletons come from?? Lorewise, isn't it super weird that there exists a monster species with the exact same body morphology as humans? Like think about it. Obviously Toby doesn't plan every little detail in the world, but he is still meticulous, and I feel like he would want things to at least make sense.
Though conversely, maybe this NPC is actually poking fun at the idea, because it doesn't make much sense...
Potential counter-evidence:
Toby's initial ideas for Sans and Papyrus came from Helvetica, which was a webcomic which had Skeletons with font names. but there were skeletons named after fonts in that.
Because this was Sans & Papyrus' initial inspiration, it's somewhat less likely that they were intended to have
What I mean is, it's wasn't Toby going "I want to make a monster species that's really similar to humans" and landed on skeletons. It would have had to be "Wait, these skeleton characters I'm making...skeletons are basically humans right? Let me incorporate that into their lore somewhere.". Which makes it a bit less likely.
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2023.05.29 23:57 Koley99 Headphone issue and question.

Lately my headphones barely work. Sometimes I hear the game, sometimes nothing. Is this a issue with others on Xbox or is it just me? If happened to others what tweaks did you do? Also anybody have any recommendations for ear bud style headphones that are good? I wear glasses most of the time at night and have to prop regular headphones up off my ears due to digging in and being uncomfortable, so a lot of time I go no headphones.
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2023.05.29 23:57 FormerLibraryChick Looking for US online bra shopping alternatives to Bare Necessities. Is Storm in a D Cup a reliable alternative?

TL;DR--Is the US branch of Storm in a D Cup reliable?
I have had two Bare Necessities shipments so far. In both cases the packaging seemed to have been done haphazardly. In the first situation I ordered some non-bra items along with my bras to qualify for free shipping. The non-bra items rattled around the box during shipment and led to creases on the molded cup bra in my order. The problem could have been prevented easily by using some sealed air packets or bubble wrap around the bras and/or securing the non-bra items (taping the bags to the edge of the box would have sufficed as an example).
For the second shipping situation, I received some bras in a box that was maybe 2/3 the size of the previous box even though the bras took up roughly the same amount of space as the previous order. This meant the one T-shirt bra in the order (admittedly more like a lightly-lined style or spacer foam than, say, stiffer Freya Deco Moulded foam) got creased as well.
In defense of Bare Necessities, when I sent my most recent return, their website mentioned they are in the midst of moving warehouses at the moment and there could be a delay with processing my return. I suppose that situation could also explain why the packaging has seemed off to me. Since I am newer to online bra shopping, it is also possible I am just used to bras not being so creased when I buy them in a store.
I am looking into places like Breakout Bras and Levana, but sometimes my size is sold out, so I want to have at least one alternative in mind. I have been looking into Storm in a D Cup, which appears to have free shipping for $100+ orders as well as free returns, but I have never seen anyone mention them here. The US branch is in Florida, but there also appear to be branches for Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and the UK. I know the prices are not discounted, but for styles that are being discontinued, they seem to have more sizes left in stock.
If my Bare Necessities shipping experience has been unusual, I would appreciate knowing that as well. My first exchange went smoothly. I am now waiting for a voucher on my most recent return, so I will be giving them at least one more try.
Thanks for your help!
Edit: Added link to Storm in a D Cup
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2023.05.29 23:57 natzattakz Is it just me or does this show only have women screw it up?

Like come on… if anything the writers of this show have not only nudged sexism but made a pregnant woman not only mess up the show but destroy the ending and the whole last season. It could have been any character, but it had to be one of the few females.
Women are successful and represent in finance, science and more, but writers like in Succession are still not supporting their success and giving stereotypes for the industry to continue to use. Thanks HBO.

womenInFinance #womenInStem #inheels #feminism

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2023.05.29 23:57 ThrowRApresswithcare Should I (26F) keep giving this guy (23M) a chance just because he is "inexperienced"?

Ive been seeing this guy for around a month but known him as an acquaintance for around 4 months.
It took my by surprise when he asked me out because we have...very different personalities. More on that in a bit.
So far, weve been on a couple of dates and hung out a few times outside of that, including drunkenly sleeping together once. He told me in the beginning he was pretty inexperienced with dating.
Now, Ive dated men who were inexperienced and a bit awkward around women. But man, Im having SUCH a hard time trying to connect with this guy, even after the sex (which..wasnt great). Some of the things Im having issues with include:
Its like the guy doesnt really know what to do with me except touch me. He doesnt try to carry the conversations, or ask me about my interest, hobbies, or goals. I ask him about his, and try to keep up with the going-ons in his life, but when I bring up my own, he often changes the topic or straight up doesnt respond. For example, I'm traveling abroad this fall with some of my D&D friends. His response? "Wow that visa process is really going to be a pain for you.". Thats pretty much the energy all the time.
To top it off, the guy still lives with his parents but reminds me constantly how much he makes as an engineer.
I keep telling myself the guy is just inexperienced and itll improve, but man. We overlap on alot of interests and future goals, which is why Ive held on to hope. But...I feel like some weird girlfriend-bot that is supposed to supply him with sex and validation.
He asked me to come over again tonight, but just thinking about it I know Ill be bored out of my mind. He hit me with the "happy one month" text this morning and "wants to do something".
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2023.05.29 23:57 InternetTraumatized Martyred Fathers and Mothers of Atchara (May 29)

(from oca.org)
Atchara has been a Christian stronghold since apostolic times. It was through this region that Saint Andrew the First-called entered Georgia, preaching the Gospel for the first time in the Iberian land. In this land, in the village of Gonio, the holy relics of the martyred Apostle Matthias are buried.
Since the 16th century Atchara has been subject to constant assaults by the Turks. Having attained a victory in the Ottoman-Persian War, the Turks gained a large part of southern and western Georgia: Samtskhe, Atchara, and Chaneti were declared Turkish provinces. The invaders knew well that, in order to completely conquer the Georgian people, it was necessary to uproot Christianity. Thus they instituted a systematic campaign of forced conversion to Islam.
When they failed to achieve their goal with bribery and deception, they resorted to violence.
In his work The Islamization of Georgia, or the Spread of Islam in Western Georgia in the 17th-18th Centuries, the renowned early twentieth-century scholar Zakaria Chichinadze retold a story he had heard from one elderly Atcharan man: “In Atchara the implanting of Islam faced a powerful opposition. Many of the elderly men and the majority of women stood firmly by the Christian Faith, and even challenged and debated the Turkish mullahs.... The number of these aged men in Atchara was considerably high. In the end an order was issued: to arrest all dissidents, forcibly convert them to Islam, and execute those who resisted. Before long all the elderly Christians of Atchara were arrested and cast in prison. Then they were led to the River Atcharistsqali, to a 12th-century bridge known as the ‘Bridge of Queen Tamar.’ On that bridge the Ottomans erected a guillotine.
“They chopped off the heads of the elderly people, sent the ends of their tongues to the pasha, and threw their bodies into the river. This happened one hundred years ago, in the year 1790.”
Gallows and a guillotine were erected in the villages of Atcharistsqali, Keda, Chakvi, Khulo, Machakhela, and Gonio. The documents preserved in the manuscript collection at Akhaltsikhe Museum describe in even more horrific detail the martyrdom of the Atcharan Christians: “The human tongue is powerless to describe the tortures that the Georgians suffered in those years for confessing Christianity. While they were still alive their flesh was stripped and their bodies quartered; they were slashed to pieces with swords, their bellies ripped open; they were roasted over campfires. They were pierced with flaming rods, thrown into cauldrons of boiling water; molten lead was poured down their throats; they were tossed into pools of hot lime....”
The Georgian Apostolic Church has numbered among the saints all the holy fathers and mothers of Atchara who sacrificed their lives in defense of the Christian Faith.
Troparion — Tone 4
Your holy martyrs, O Lord, through their sufferings have received an incorruptible crown from You, our God. For having Your strength, they laid low their adversaries, and shattered the powerless boldness of demons. Through their intercessions, save our souls!
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