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2023.06.10 23:17 Extra_Middle_3505 help usfind him!

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2023.06.10 23:16 Key-Indication-8085 Not 1 day into a work trip

I (39M) had to leave the country for a work trip and literally not 5 hours into checking into the hotel, wife (39F) calls, roughly 6 AM here, and splits on me. She's devaluing me and dumping all these accusations on me and how I've given her this trauma. No idea I had this coming and unfortunately couldn't set the record function on phone.
Basically she goes off on how I supposedly mistreat her our whole relationship and she wonders why I haven't left them yet. Claiming I never initiated any phone calls to her while on work trips in the past, which isn't true. I try to defend and explain how that isn't true but she isn't hearing any of it. Says I mistreated her while she stayed home alone with no-one to talk to. She goes on about how ever since my stepmother came over one day and asked her if she was schizophrenic that I've been treating her differently and keeping our daughter (4F) away from her, not true as she's the one avoiding us. How I've slept on the couch and created drama, which she made me do ironically when she would split heavy on me and start call me every name in the book in front of our daughter.
She continues to claim I was on dating sites and talking to someone on the playstation too. That one is always funny to me as I never talked to anyone on playstation and she has access to the history on it. She's also the one who hopped on dating sites after our relationship to try and date women, when she wanted to open up the relationship because she had so much love to give and crap. Only thing I did do was not delete my old dating app when we started dating. After she made it an issue one night, I immediately deleted it and never looked back at any sites. But she vehemently claims I've been on several since. Just can't win this argument at all.
She claims she remembers all our conversations perfectly and knows I'll just deny or say I forgot. Well, I do forget conversations, I know my memory is crappy in the regard but I also know she forgets things I tell her constantly. She brings up past conversations where she read too much into them and holds them against me. One was where she suspected and asked me if I was gay and if I'd ever turn gay in the future. I had told her no, I was not gay but I can't claim to know about the future. I explained to her that asking me if I'll turn gay in the future is like asking me if there'll be a tornado or not next year, I have no way of knowing so I won't say yes or no to such a question. Well, she moves on seeing she can't argue with me on that one again.
Another situation she brings up is about how she suspected something happened to our child in child care one time and brought it up to my attention. She claims I just told her our kid is ok and then turned back to play a game. I don't recall this interaction at all but she uses it to justify how I don't listen to her or how I'm supposedly ignoring the well being of our child. Mind you, I've been the one handling our child's healthcare, school, therapy, meals, mornings, bedtime, and playing with her. Shoot, I checked our indoor security camera the day after this call, which she made me install in the house due to some paranoia about people following her home, and she's upstairs watching tv or something while our daughters been downstairs all day watching cartoons. Her grandmother offered to take her to the zoo or someplace today but my wife is choosing to ignore it.
She goes on and tells me about how she thinks I'm a conniving liar and even my family is out to get her. This upsets me and I tell her I don't like being treated like I'm some bastard or something. This triggers her and she responds that I shouldn't put words in her mouth and called me a narcissist. Try to tell her that is not what I said and that I feel like I'm being treated one, but no winning that one either.
Well, she gets upset about my trying to respond to her many claims and says that's not the point at all. It's about how I've made her felt during the whole relationship and I need to stop responding to individual claims and respond to the whole point. That confused me as I'm thinking I should respond to each claim and show how it's false instead of admitting to it and saying I'm sorry to claims I never did. As if she wants me to admit fault to things I never did just because of how she feels. She talks about how her physical health has been hurting due to all the things she held onto, the trauma and supposed abuse. How she won't be some stupid person who'll kill herself for some man. She has her daughter to live for and take care of, funny because I'm the one taking care of both of them. But the suicide remark does trigger a concern, even if she doesn't claim she will the thought itself has me wondering about her mental health while she watches our child alone.
Eventually she tells me to get off the phone because she's driving as she's telling me all this and she missed her turn because of the call. So I hang up after telling our daughter goodbye, as she's in the car with her mother during all this too. I really dislike how she tends to have these splits and go off on me in front of our daughter. All I can do after this is journal the interaction and prepare to get a few more consultations after I get home in a few weeks. I wonder if the this episode is due to her being responsible for taking care of our kid while I'm gone now and she's not handling how attention seeking our kid can be. This'll be another interaction to go over with my therapist too when I get back.
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2023.06.10 23:16 Lanky_Tea2398 Handheld radio suggestions

I’m looking for an analog 70cm, 2m dual band radio. Needs to be ipx6 rated minimum. preferable mil-std-810 rated. Power range 2 watts to 10 watts (something like that). Trying to stay under 500$. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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2023.06.10 23:16 BigTerminator [WTS][US-MD][H] MiniDSP SHD + UMIK-1, 2x SMSL SU8-V2 Balanced DAC, Mr Speakers (DCA) Alpha Primes + Custom Balanced Cable [W] Paypal

Hello, selling a bunch of audio gear I don't use anymore. Everything is in very good condition. All prices shipped.
Selling the SHD plus SMSL's as I went from 2 channel to multichannel in my home theater. I am selling the mic as I already own a UMIK-1, got this one from purchasing a DDRC-24, it is pretty much brand new as uses USB Type C. Bought LCD-X's so the Alpha Primes have not been getting used, they are still excellent closed back cans. Timestamp:
MiniDSP SHD: $700
MiniDSP UMIK-1: $100
Two SMSL SU8-V2's: $140 each
Alpha Primes with unbalanced DUM cable: $500
Custom Balanced Cable for Dan Clark Audio Headphones: $40
I can also make a balanced an unbalanced adapter for that cable for $20 with the same wire and look. If you have any questions let me know!
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2023.06.10 23:16 Little_Finch802 Should I email a company that did not select me?

Normally I would absolutely not email somewhere if I got rejected but I think I messed up. I used a jobsite and when prompted clicked "I need help relocating" or something like that when I should have clicked "I am planning to relocate". When I check my application status an hour after applying, it said it was rejected.
This job was entry level but very specific. It involves working in a certain type of lab that are not common around me - I only know of 2 within a 20 hour drive. It is exactly the work that I want to go into, and I was so excited to see they were hiring. I had gone to school for my degree and taken a few courses around this subject and studied it a lot on my own time. I have all of the qualifications required for the job.
My reason for choosing "I need help relocating" was because the listed wage was $2 above minimum, but I would need at least $5 above minimum to afford renting in that area. I'm currently living at home, which is 2 hours away from the lab. While I do have a car currently, it is not in great shape would not make the trip on a daily basis. I'm wondering now if I should email and explain the situation.
Should I email the company? I'm worried they will think I am harassing them. Is there any point in asking them if they'd pay $5 over minimum (instead of $2) for a job that requires a degree?
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2023.06.10 23:15 theonethatgotlost I miss him a lot but I don’t know if I like him?

I genuinely cannot stop thinking about the guy (23) that I (F23) met in my trip in Asia. I’m originally from Europe and it has always been my dream to visit Asia which happened. I stayed in a shared house and met amazing people. Just beware, this is going to be a long story. In a share house it is just common for people to come and go including me, I was staying for 3 months and I am planning to come back and stay even longer. I always just work back home travel around and then come back home again to work since the euro currency is strong.
One month in my trip, someone new joined and we were all excited. From the profile picture that we saw when he got added to the group we already assumed he was an out-going person. When we saw him in person he was to be honest really cute. Fast forward we later found out he had a gf and we totally respected that and I got along pretty well with his gf she’s a sweetheart and we have a lot in common. She had to leave however due to visa and after three days she left the country. So it was LDR for those two.
However, I still respected their relationship and we just talked. That’s how we kind of found out we were really alike and we liked the same things and humour was also similar. I was genuinely excited to have met someone who could match my level in terms of being active etc. We would go on evening walks together, go out and dine at restaurants, shop together etc.
Or when I was just feeling down he would talk to me and ask what was going on and stayed up until late at night. I think the latest was like until 4 AM. He would sometimes cook as he knew I liked miso soup he would scoop a bowl for me just things like that. Or I would watch a show and it would be our show since he would randomly join mid-way.
Naturally I started to question myself, am I just excited to have met someone that is just really likeable or is this some other feeling that I have?
I also started to notice that he would rarely mention his girlfriend, only when the other people in the sharehouse would question about her. I sometimes also brought her up just in case that he would not cross the line.
I eventually had to leave, but I promise everyone to come back and he worked from the lounge so that he could wave me goodbye and spend the last time together. After I left he would still text me and also just in a GC of me another girl and I because we would play wordle daily.
He then texted me that he needed help and that he was doubting his relationship with his girlfriend. He showed me their conversation and how she was talking about it would not work out because of different lifestyles. I gave him advice and told them that they should work it out via call or in person since she would return back to the sharehouse in two weeks and he agreed. I got the update that they rekindled and that made me happy but also lonely.
Was I feeling lonely because I felt like I wanted what they have, a relationship?
Because during this all I was also talking to another guy and I would go to him for advice. He did tell me that I should drop the guy and that he didn’t deserve me etc. However I took it as a sign that he was really an asshole because the guy turned out to be an asshole.
I’m just really confused. I deactivated all my social media platforms because I feel super distracted not only because of this however it does play a factor. I really hope he does not read this however he does have Reddit I think. So if you do see this I’m sorry.
I genuinely do not want to do the wrong thing.
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2023.06.10 23:15 shmangmight I'm really sick of folks who are mad at exactly one half of the ruling class and insist the other half will save us from them

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2023.06.10 23:15 vaselinemyself2sleep How to use this ND filter?

Hi, I have purchased an ND filter to use with my Olympus Pen D2, to allow me to use 800 ISO film during daylight as the shutter speed only goes to 500. The filter is a ND2 - ND400 Filter. Here are the ND filters markings. At the 'Min' point there is still a small amount of dimming, at max barely anything is visible.
On my light meter app on my phone I can account for an ND filter by inputting a number, for example ND2, ND4, ND8, ND16 and so on. How do I know what to enter into my light meter based on the markings on the ND filter? Thank you.
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2023.06.10 23:15 FoxFallsFromYou Car Play / Bluetooth / Dashcam

rented a 2021 Rio LX which has Blue Tooth CarPlay (can’t seem to bypass the bluetooth for the wired)
The Bluetooth Carplay auto turns off my wifi. Even when I try and override it. It does it again
My Dashcam is a bluetooth/wifi. It’s a Nexar
I can’t run Bluetooth Apple Carplay and have Playback access on my phone for my Dashcam
I originally had a 2017 Kia Forte and it was a wired Carplay only.
Is there anyway to bypass the Bluetooth Carplay? I’m getting a 2024 Seltos EX Premium. Anyone know if this will have the same issue as the 2021 Rio?
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2023.06.10 23:15 IGMedia Facebook Ad Manager/Creator

📷 Seeking Experienced Facebook Ads Expert for Home Service Business! 📷
📷 Job Opportunity: Facebook Ads Pro for Home Services 📷
Are you a seasoned Facebook Ads Expert with a track record of success in the home service industry? We're looking for someone just like you! 📷
📷 Requirements: 📷 Proven experience in running successful Facebook campaigns for home service businesses 📷 Demonstrated expertise in generating a double ROI for clients 📷 Fluent in English with excellent communication skills/willing to communicate with client📷 Previous client case studies showcasing outstanding results in the home service niche 📷 Willingness to participate in a Zoom interview 📷 Ability to provide the number of current projects you are currently working on
If you're a professional Facebook Ads Expert who can deliver outstanding ROI for home service businesses, we want to hear from you! 📷
Budget: $200-$600 *Depending on given results *
Must provide your case studies and client testimonials, demonstrating your ability to generate exceptional results. Let's work together to take home service businesses to new heights! 📷
To apply, send us a message with your relevant experience, case studies, and the number of current projects you are working on. We'll schedule a Zoom interview to discuss further. Exciting opportunities await! 📷📷
Email: [email protected]
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2023.06.10 23:15 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Devon Brown – Easiest System Ever ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 23:14 cultural_island777 Thoughts?

Getting ready to finalize the design of the addition and remodel on a home. Looking for any thoughts or ideas on the floor plan before I give my okay to the designer. Roughly doubling the size of the house. I wanted to preserve as much of the original structure as possible to save on demo and rebuilding. Thank you in advance for any insight.
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2023.06.10 23:14 sealove67 Are the any equity options??

I have never owned a home so I know little about how real estate works.
I am renting a converted two-car garage on the backside of a single family home. My property is fenced off from the house and had it's own address. It's even on another street because the property is on a corner.
The house is a rental, as well.
I've asked to buy my house and lot, but I was told by the property manager that the lot cannot be split. I assume that has something to do with power and plumbing as their electrical box is on the side of my house, and I'm pretty certain our plumbing is connected.
I would like to ask if the owner is open to other options that will allow me to have some equity in this place, though I don't know what that looks like.
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2023.06.10 23:14 Mountain_Height_5654 Prepaid credit card (asking for recommendation)

I am looking for a prepaid credit card. Is there any experience-based recommendation on that? I don't need to use a credit card mostly. I will probably use it while renting a car etc.. I don't want to mess up with my bank, they are asking a lot of documentation to the existing customer.
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2023.06.10 23:14 Nusack No I wasn’t like other kids, surely I can be a little annoyed by them

I am not a fan of kids, never have been, although I never express it because kids may take it personally but also it’s a boring topic to be negative about things.
However everyone knows I don’t like being around kids. I’m autistic and really bad at understanding them and quite often they don’t seem conscious so I don’t know how to interact with them.
Like a few weeks ago I was with my nephew doing a treadmill wall climb and he was being really slow, and constantly stopping the wall from being so low annoying the other person climbing, he fell off, I watched the whole thing and he didn’t hit anything on the way down and landed on the soft mat and began to cry. What the fuck am I meant to do? His ego is a bit bruised and while he’s holding his knee I know he didn’t hit it because he pivoted back and his foot landed on the mat at the same time as his butt.
About 5 minutes later he was running around screaming visibly pissing off people around him from being annoying.
My niece is very standoffish because when she goes to her dad’s house he sleeps and she can do anything she wants. She’s rude and unapologetic.
Today I was in the garden with them and on many occasions they seeked attention for absolutely nothing. I counted a dozen times my niece loudly exclaimed that she was going to relax, laid down and after recognising she has lost everyone’s forced attention she would jump up and start screaming.
I was not like them as a kid. I was a quiet, thoughtful, polite, cling-free kid who didn’t want attention and was happy to do my own thing. Yet people whenever I even suggest that I don’t like kids say “you can’t complain, you would have been like that when you were their age”
No, I absolutely was not. I would get along so well with younger me, we’d just sit together quietly appreciating the silence but also appreciating that we aren’t forgotten about. I could probably get her started on the latest Lego Technic contraption she’s working on which is the few things that she will talk about, but she understands that most people don’t care which is why she doesn’t talk about it when not asked and she will stop talking if she gets the impression I don’t care. She’s a kid who is so happy to blend in that she was often forgotten while the loud obnoxious kids were rewarded because they were hard to forget.
I was not like the kids I find annoying and hard to deal with now, but I’ve been suffering being around them for a long time
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2023.06.10 23:14 Kenjirio Acts 10:20 Bible Study - Don’t hesitate with God’s calling!

In Acts 10 verse 20, we find the words of an angel speaking to the apostle Peter. The angel says, "Get up, go downstairs and go with them without hesitation, for I have sent them."
This verse marks a pivotal moment in the early church as God reveals His plan to include the Gentiles in the salvation message. Peter had received a vision from God, and now the angel confirms that he is to accompany the messengers sent by Cornelius, a Gentile centurion.
The angel's words carry an important message of obedience and openness. Peter is instructed to set aside any hesitation or prejudice and go with the messengers to Cornelius' house. This encounter challenges Peter's preconceived notions and expands his understanding of God's inclusive love and redemption.
This verse serves as a reminder that God's plans often stretch beyond our expectations and comfort zones. It calls us to be open to His leading, even when it challenges our preconceptions or cultural boundaries.
So, my dear friends, let us embrace the message of Acts 10:20. May we be willing to step out in obedience, setting aside hesitation and embracing God's inclusive love for all people.
Let us seek to break down barriers and share the good news of Jesus Christ with people from every background and culture. May we cultivate a heart that is open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, ready to participate in God's redemptive work in the world.
May Acts 10 verse 20 inspire us to respond to God's call without hesitation and to extend His love and grace to all, just as Peter did. Amen!
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2023.06.10 23:14 thefakeslimshady_ insurance expired what can i do

just what the title says ive been on medicaid but after my 21st bday my insurance was scheduled to expire and now i finally have no insurance im not sure what to do i know i can try to find a job w health insurance but it was hard enough for me to get this part time job and with everything im doing between school and just trying not to burn out idk if i even mentally can work 40 hours a week ik a lot of people do it but im barely making it as is with 25-30 i live alone and with all my bills i dont even have enough for rent currently and my insulin is 700 or 350 for the generic for a one month supply i know i may just sound lazy not wanting to work 40 hours a week especially if i have to for health insurance but is there any other advice or solutions anyone could offer , sorry if this is rambly and poorly written im pretty distraught honestly i knew this day was coming but for some reason kept pretending it wouldnt
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2023.06.10 23:14 ButterscotchOther775 Can topical Dut or Fin work better than oral Dut or Fin for some people?

I've been on oral minoxidil (5mg) for 9 months and oral Dutasteride (.5mg) for 9 months and am still losing alot of hair daily. Currently I don't do anything topically. I'm wondering if my gut issues may be causing the oral medications to not work properly and if switching to topical versions would work better for me. That said, I know topical Fin should work since the molecular weight us under 500 Daltons but I have my doubts about topical Dut since its over that threshold, which is the standard for which meds should be able to go systemic or not. Anybody else experience topical meds working better than oral, and if so, which ones?
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2023.06.10 23:13 Desperate_Amoeba5310 Some general Dreamteam questions coming from a long time myClub player

Re-downloading efootball now that the COOP mode finally making will be making an appearance. Used to play PES for years with 2 friends on the couch doing MyClub Coop, am now planning to do the same with Dreamteam.
While trying to prep the squad a bit, I noticed that all the players I spinned on day 1 are out of contract. Currently don't have enough players to fill the bench 😅. And contract renewals are not a given anymore it seems...
Hence would like to know what the main method is to sign players/make your squad in this game? I would normally use the Auction House but that is gone as well :)
Also, any other key dreamteam tips are most definitely welcome as well!
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2023.06.10 23:13 IGMedia Facebook Ad Manager/Creator Needed

Seeking Experienced Facebook Ads Expert for Home Service Business!
Job Opportunity: Facebook Ads Pro for Home Services
Are you a seasoned Facebook Ads Expert with a track record of success in the home service industry? We're looking for someone just like you!
Requirements: Proven experience in running successful Facebook campaigns for home service businesses Demonstrated expertise in generating a double ROI for clients Fluent in English with excellent communication skills/willing to communicate with client Previous client case studies showcasing outstanding results in the home service niche Willingness to participate in a Zoom interview Ability to provide the number of current projects you are currently working on
If you're a professional Facebook Ads Expert who can deliver outstanding ROI for home service businesses, we want to hear from you!
Budget: $200-$600 *Depending on given results *
Must provide your case studies and client testimonials, demonstrating your ability to generate exceptional results. Let's work together to take home service businesses to new heights!
To apply, send us a message with your relevant experience, case studies, and the number of current projects you are working on. We'll schedule a Zoom interview to discuss further. Exciting opportunities await!
Email: [email protected]
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2023.06.10 23:13 SibbleConsulting I Hate to Say This: Current EV Goals are Unrealistic

Don’t get me wrong; I want to reduce CO2 emissions. And quickly. But I also prefer to do it economically and by incentivizing people to make smart decisions by making the green decision the cheaper, better decision. I absolutely do not believe in forcing sub-par and more expensive products on a populace in the name of reducing a tiny overall percentage of worldwide emissions at the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars.
Count me out.
Yet that’s exactly what we are doing with electric vehicles.
My ex-wife and I went to buy a car in November of 2021. Remember this was at the height of when vehicles were scarce and prices were high. My lease ran out a month later, so we did not have much time. We went skiing frequently, so we wanted an SUV. Our trips were long (4-6 hours) and we had well over a thousand pounds of cargo between all our skis, luggage, supplies, passengers, and (cute) dog.
Quite simply, I checked and there was no EV on the market that was even capable of handling our payload capacity at the time. So before it even got off the ground, the idea of getting an EV was off the table.
And that was before everything else that disqualified them. Our new condo we had just bought had outdoor parking spots with no electrical source anywhere near them, nor any public or private chargers. So, installing a charger would have required digging up the parking lot and running heavy wiring all the way to our meter on the other side of the building. The mere thought made my wallet significantly lighter. And then, there was the potential cost of an EV. The only EV that came anywhere close to offering what we needed was a Tesla Model X, which started north of six figures. Once again, this was out of the question.
So we went to the Ford dealership, found a Ford Explorer we liked for about half that, which could handle a lot more cargo, has a much longer range, and required no charging infrastructure. It was one of the easiest decisions we’d ever made.
At no point did buying an EV made economical or practical sense. Since then, a few more EVs have entered the market, and I frequently reconsider my purchase decision. The calculus still has not changed. I don’t see it changing any time soon.
Yet federal and state governments seem hell-bent on, pardon me, shoving electric vehicles down our collective throats over the next decade or so.
Now, the average American only travels a short distance every day. So for many of them, EVs work in theory. But that discounts so many people who travel long distances, regularly go on road trips like we did, live in rural areas, or need to tow or haul heavier things. This is a rather large percentage of the population, even if only on occasion.
While the EV is a more advanced product in many ways compared to an ICE vehicle, it is not all-encompassing as many would like us to believe. It also fails against ICE in many categories. Additionally, until physics is reinvented, it will continue to fail for the foreseeable future. It’s unrealistic to think that every car and truck in America can be made electric. It simply won’t work. Not to mention the fact that they are more expensive! The parts and raw materials are more complex. And, as demand goes up, the cost of the raw materials will increase as well. The price of many EVs has, in fact, been increasing, not decreasing. This is the opposite of what would be needed to get mass adoption.
Suffice it to say, for these reasons alone, EVs have a long way to go before mass adoption.
And then there are the other issues, including a long litany of problems.
First of all, where are we going to get the power to charge all of these cars? It’s well-known that our power generation system and grid is already in terrible shape. Just look at how much difficulty we’re having at keeping houses powered in Texas and California. Now, you’re saying you want to dump all this added demand onto an already-stressed system?
A study showed that preparing California’s distribution assets and power grid for EVs and electric heaters would cost about $50 billion by 2035. Now, guess who’s going to pay for that? The people of California, via higher electric bills, will. That doesn’t sound pleasant or desirable.
And that’s just one state…out of 50.
We are nowhere near ready if 2035 is the goal. And neither are the cars.
Then comes this brilliant WSJ article. Remember how Toyota led the environmental car charge with hybrids? Well, it turns out they don’t buy into the electric car goals, and they’re getting slammed for it.
Except, well, Toyota has a point. Let’s examine it.
A Toyota memo to auto dealers in April explained the challenges to full electrification. For instance, “most public chargers can take anywhere from 8-30 hours to charge. To meet the federal [zero-emissions vehicle] sales targets, 1.2M public chargers are needed by 2030. That amounts to approximately 400 new chargers per day.” The U.S. isn’t close to meeting that goal.
That’s a really good point. If you’ve noticed, the Federal government loves mandating things without any basis in the reality of how anyone is actually supposed to meet said goal. This is a perfect example. And Toyota is calling out BS for being complete BS. The US absolutely cannot meet its federally mandated goals it has pushed upon automakers, at their expense, for electric vehicles. Building 400 chargers a day? Who is paying for that? How are you going to obtain permits for them that fast in this modern environment? According to EVAdoption, we added 4,200 chargers in all of 2022. That’s 11 per day…not 400.
Houston, we have a problem.
Unless we all want to sit for eight hours waiting for a charger, this alone makes mass adoption of EVs completely unrealistic. Just DOA.
And then, there’s the raw materials that make up EV batteries. It’s an extremely inefficient use of materials currently to make one EV, and the environmental disasters that are these mines is a topic EV lovers love to ignore.
Well, Toyota has a few things to say about that too:
Toyota also noted that “more than 300 new lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite mines are needed to meet the expected battery demand by 2035,” and they could take decades to develop. “The amount of raw materials in one long-range battery electric vehicle could instead be used to make 6 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles or 90 hybrid electric vehicles.”
And here’s the real kicker: modern plug-in and regular hybrid electric vehicles are so efficient compared to EVs that they have nearly the same reduction in CO2 emissions. Furthermore, they are significantly cheaper and a dramatically better and less wasteful use of finite raw materials.
So, let’s just all agree that Toyota has a point.
On the greater scale, mass EV adoption has a lot of problems yet to be solved. Government so frequently likes to think it can wave a magic wand through legislation and change the world via fiat. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works.
I would love to see mass EV adoption but I want to see it by making EVs the better choice for consumers. Until that day, I just don’t see it happening.
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2023.06.10 23:13 anywone Sometime life ain't so bad

I've been drinking since young, like a 70cL of vodka or 6-7 strong beers every nights, and it always got me in shitty situations. Lastly, I lost my job like a year ago, tried working mcdicks for a while but I just couldn't. So I drank more, lived as an adult at my dad's place, took some crack or coccasionnaly.
Then my brother offered to help me out to find a job and let me live with him and his gf for a while. Well I found a factory job first, and then found a really nice offer. I was serious, didn't drink much, just took the xanax I was prescribed and on the off day drank a beer or two.
But my brother's gf took one night all the xanax I had, and started flirting very inappropriately, I dipped out and didn't say anything because I would be on the streets in a not so nice place. It was an error, because she told some shit to my brother and they kicked me out right after I gave them half of my unemployment check as rent.
So I was on the streets for a month while still working. I slept 10 metres below ground in a parking lot, I had to fight, some people stole me food, the red cross gave me a blanket. but I kept showing up to work.
My point, if there is any, is that I'm halway through my third month, Ilive in an airbnb, I don't work tomorrow and I'm proud of me, even if I didn't beat that shit I earned my bottle of vodka, my tranquility, my wifi an hot shower. Sometimes you can do it without even quitting, you just have to bite life in the ass just like it bit yours
Chairs guys Ily
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