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2016.12.08 18:18 Gifs for the spirit

Quality gifs that make the viewer feel good.

2023.06.05 09:29 Ill_Marionberry_131 Yet another picture from the elementary school near me

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2023.06.05 09:29 Astra_Arc Faust The White Mist

I've been thinking about this idea the whole night. First fanfic I've ever written. Final ID for Faust during her chapter
Faust L.corp remnant, uptying tier EX, The White Mist
Uptying requirements: 500 threads, 300 Faust EGO shards, chapter 12-x to be completed, special item (guiding thread Faust perhaps)
Story: Despite the absurdly huge amount of individual you can encounter in the city, it's almost impossible to find someone you really need
Our research facility slowly grows, but we've encountered a seemingly unbreakable ceiling
To extract matter from human subconscious, a phenomenal task requiring the most exceptional individual
Who knew we encounter one of them in the backstreets of all places?
While giving one of my speeches to the city folks, we've been stopped by a grade 2 fixer
White hair, pale skin, a high quality silk that made her clothing and eyes staring into the void, as if thinking about something grand
She seems out of place in this dusty and gloomy area, as if she somehow escaped the incurable disease that have been plaguing the minds of everyone in the city for ages
My words has caught her attention and she proposed to join my side
Her unusual intellect and wit was already enough to give her a position as a executive of the wing
But she chose the life of fixer
Gathering intel, giving valuable advices and eliminating threats in the city
Getting to this high grade and progressing even further seems almost trivial to her
And yet she chose us
Perhaps she's already knew who we are?
My friends and colleagues protested inviting her in, pointing out high possibility of her being a spy, sent to destroy us from the inside
But i knew that wasn't the case
Carmen: "Faust, I have an amazing news for you!"
Faust: "Have Faust's instructions finally paid off?"
Carmen:"Exactly! Using the right dosage of Cogito we've managed to extract a special equipment"
It was a solid black scythe emitting eerie sound with each swing
It's painful to hear it, nevermind actually wield it, yet holding it produces a weird melody that only wielder can hear
A soothing yet sinister music, trying to break wielders mind
Carmen: "While this weapon might be crude and even weaker than a sword you have right now, it's certainly have a near infinite potential, given the right wielder"
Faust: "Faust's knowledge in music is not as great as you might think, however I guarantee that with enough time, Faust will be well acquainted with this power"
In the midst of battle, a cacophony of painful screams, broken bones and grinding metal is broken by indescribable melody
Each swing tore the air in the most beautiful yet terrifying way, stunning any combatants senseless
Child swiftly slash enemies trying to escape the dreaded song
Each of her steps, her breath and even blinks was in rhythm with the melody
After the battle a weapon starts talking to the child
Not a rare occurrence, but something that have been happening quite a lot since child grow familiar with a scythe
???: "Da capo! From break and ruin the most beautiful performance begins"
???: "You shall become the conductor for the most beautiful performance this world is yet to see"
???: "As the symphony would come to an end, a new one would emerge from the ruins"
???: "An endless cycle of immortal art"
Faus: "Faust respects your admiration for the art of music, yet I must decline your proposition"
Faust: "To live in an endless cycle, means endless stagnation"
Faust: "Inability to move forward and experience something new, a true hell for researcher like me"
Faust: "Thousands or millions of years in a loop would bring only pain and despair to everyone, a fate more horrible than anything the world can give"
In a bright light, followed by resonating humming, child unlocked something new
In the midst of battle, the area came to a complete silence
Child, wearing a set of complete EGO, cover the entire battlefield in the mist
No sound can be heard, combatants slowly losing their mind enable to see or hear
A coloured fixer swiftly slides from enemy to enemy until nothing remains
Only the music that no one can hear, but everyone can listen to stays
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2023.06.05 09:29 DifferentBid2966 Been edging all night send over your gf ex or wife to push me over Kik theoffice4lifexd

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2023.06.05 09:29 Jabre7 This whale is one of the worst fights i've had to suffer through in this game

Now, Poborubarumu conceptually is pretty unique and cool, even among the Frontier monsters i've fought. He's a walking whale that can play songs to buff himself and whatnot, almost like a living Hunting Horn. His buffs even affect whatever's around him, including the player and whatever CPU companions they have, which is pretty nice and adds some dynamic to the fight...which doesn't mean much because his fight is abysmal. Constant tremors and shockwave attacks that send you flying for most of your health even with proper gear and health buffs, very frequent hard to dodge attacks from the front, making attacking the tail near exclusively the only viable option for a Blademaster that i know of unless you constantly block...the fight would just be another annoying but managable check off on the list if this was all. But the reason this post was made was his healing. His heal buff applies slow regen to your party...but also to himself. And "slow" for a monster with a large health pool like him means your DPS needs to both naturally be very high and you need to be at your A game to outpace it...even then he'll seemingly have undone a large chunk of your damage so far. I know because i fought him for almost 30 minutes, and i kill even high health monsters in HR5 in 20 minutes tops, and he didn't even limp. I spammed charge slashes at lv2 whenever i could, and i have Focus+2 and the Resolute Faith GS, one of the best in HR5 for it's raw, sharpness, element and paralysis being very high. I also carted to the most stupid situations, though that might be on me for using a slow weapon like Greatsword. I'll try again with SnS and see if i do better, but i still never want to fight this thing again after this. The fact this is a Key Quest too just rubs salt in the wound...anyway thanks for reading, if you have any tips please tell
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2023.06.05 09:28 kitchenwitchin How did you roll up Ace in Mutsuo's level?

I picked up Dipp after a couple of tries once I had most of the non-animal items and cousins rolled up. However Ace runs around the other side of the tree from me whenever I get near him. I tried running straight into the tree to see if some of the katamari could reach him from the other side, but no. I don't see anything else I can roll up to make the katamari big enough to grab the bigger animals or shrubs. Help!
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2023.06.05 09:28 Fancy_Variety_1009 [Get] Adventures in SEO – Lena Gott

Visit Here:

Adventures in SEO Information

This is the registration page for the instructor-led course Adventures in SEO.
Let me clarify what I mean by "instructor led" because it is a little different from most courses available.
On Day 1, all course materials—including video lessons—are accessible. The instructor-led segment is designed to guide you through the content in a methodical manner and answer any questions you may have along the way.
The "live" component can be taken or left out entirely.
You will be a part of the Adventures in SEO Central Facebook group for the entire six weeks, where you may ask questions and get answers from other students and me personally during my weekly office hours.
I'll also be in the group for the duration of these six weeks, providing additional comments to supplement the courses we're studying that week and posing discussion starters to encourage learning.
You will continue to have access to the course materials after the 6-week live component has ended.
Additionally, you will be invited to join a community for course graduates where you may keep up your conversations and support one another:
In what areas is this course covered?
keyword optimization for Google and Pinterest. The two have a nearly equal share of it. This is due to the fact that many of the same principles apply to both platforms due to how comparable they are to rank for.
If you want to gain consistent traffic from Google, Pinterest, or both, this course will show you how to optimize your content.
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2023.06.05 09:28 NightmareLuna1996 Screaming kids

Anyone else notice this a lot? Nearly everyday especially when I'm out and about, there's always kids screaming, especially when they're playing, examples: 1: I was in my garden, there's a public grass patch right outside it, all of a sudden 2 girls show up, stand in front of each other and just scream out of nowhere into each other's faces. 2: I was swimming at an indoor pool and there was a little girl getting swimming lessons, every time she jumped into the water she would scream, thankfully her swim instructor told her to stop after nearly everyone was getting annoyed and leaving the pool. 3: I was at the mall and 2 kids were chasing each other and screaming. I have sensitive hearing so it really bothers me sometimes.
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2023.06.05 09:28 chutneycoot Best late night Chinese that delivers?

Bonus points for sharing your fav dishes too!
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2023.06.05 09:28 beanizzle Nausea after a couple days of unintentional bigger deficit?

F 23 125lbs 5‘5
The last year I spent a lot of time in the usa and gained a couple of pounds, now that I’m back home in germany I tried focusing on being more active instead of eating less. My maintenance sedentary is around 1600cals. For now I saw some good process with this method.
Now the last couple days were extremely stressful, I didn’t have time to cook much and therefore ate less than usual. I found myself extremely hungry in the mornings and sometimes at night - a sign for me that I didn’t eat enough. Yesterday was the most hectic day and I moved even more than usual. At night I woke up with strong nausea which continued throughout my day today. Also some loose stool for a little bit in the morning and felt some reflux.
Nausea for me comes up sometimes when I go longer hours without eating so I was wondering if the unintentional higher deficit yesterday could have caused this?
Did this happen to anyone before?
Disclaimer: I had an eating disorder in my teens which is why my body still struggles 8 years later with signaling me my hunger, especially during stress. I also don’t count calories in detail for this reason.
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2023.06.05 09:28 throwraheeo My(24F)ex(25M) contacted me after months of no contact

My ex broke up with me two and an half months ago. His reason for breaking up with me didn’t make sense but at the time it did. He broke up with me in a strange way. He ghosted me for a little a bit… a few days but then he contacted me again and we had sex then he broke up with me. His reason was because he couldn’t deal with me and his trust for me was lacking. We still stayed in contact and every time I went over to his house we had sex except for the last time. Him and I were fighting over materialistic items that were mine and after I left the house he blocked me and was never heard from again. He usually blocked me after every fight we had but never past a day or two. That time it was over.
After two whole months, two days ago, I see him in person while im with a mutual friend. He calls her and starts joking around with her and she tells him that she’s with me. She gives the phone to me and tells me who it is. I jokingly pretend like I don’t remember who he is and it makes him angry for a bit. Then he asked me over and over do I miss him and told my friend earlier that he wonders if I miss him. Also wanted to know why I missed him.
Later that day he calls my phone for a bit. We catch up on what’s going on in each others lives. Then he said a sexual joke to me on the phone. I tell him that it’s that time of the month(period) and I can’t do anything. He tells me his plans for that night but tells me he had to go and will text me later. He never did. What does he want from me?
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2023.06.05 09:27 RevolutionaryAnt5913 Local restaurant wrongly accused of obnoxious sign

A Chinese takeout restaurant in Bellevue was wrong accused of having an obnoxious sign demanding 25-40% tips. The Reddit Army began to leave numerous 1-star reviews in an attempt to destroy this small business. At first it seemed simply unfortunate, but folks were angry and wanted to see them burn. However, it turns out it's not even the restaurant's sign!
The sign belongs to nearby massage parlor. It's super common for restaurants, especially within an ethnic community to drop off their menus at nearby businesses like hotels, shops, nail salons, massage parlors, etc. to advertise to the patrons of the other businesses. Their menu was visible in the photo and that's what lead people to believe that it was their sign. It all makes sense now since you would expect to tip a fair amount for a massage whereas you wouldn't expect to tip much for takeout food.
This small business needs our support. Last night they were down to a 1.3 star average Google rating, but they've slowly been climbing back up. Leaving a good review or placing an order would surely help them recover from this. Here is a link to their Google listing.
I am in no way associated with this business, I have just seen this drama unfold over the past day.
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2023.06.05 09:27 arzsapkota No tip expirement failed with order never getting delivered

Me and my friends planned to order some cans of soda with a pre tip of $0. I am a delivery driver myself and wanted to see how the driver would react and if s/he would steal it at given circumstances. I asked the driver to drop the food below the buzzer. I also had the delivery set to meet at door. We had 2 camera at the top the entire time monitoring if anyone gets in or out of the apartment while I was downstairs doing laundry. Sadly the order never arrived. As soon as the driver left i went to check for the order and called the driver to hear what he would say. He insited on it being delivered. I have video proof of this all. I have just done a similar order from different restaurant to see what the next driver does. If the driver drops the food off we planned to drop $50 tip for 2miles and couple of cans. The next driver is on his way now. But I am so pissed at the way the driver earlier spoke to me. I have video proof of this all. I know how mad we get when we get no tip orders and all so i wanted to give something back to someone who would for some reasons pick the order up. It was just a loss of $19 so i dont want to provide the video proof or dislike or do anything to the driver. But I am honestly disappointed considering what happened today. The concierge is a friend of mine and ill get the video proof of the intercom area just to be sure. I dont plan on reporting him with video proof but the way he talked to me on call honestly pissed me off. What do i do now. Experiment failed so bad lol
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2023.06.05 09:27 mpopbelpop Types of cars to book for road trip (LA - SF)?

hi all! My partner and I will be heading to US in Dec, and looking forward to a road trip from LA to SF!
Sorry this is a long one. Here’s some background:
Here’s our itinerary for reference:
Day 1 to 5: pick up car in Los Angeles Airport (Avis) upon arrival. Explore LA.
Day 5 to 9: Explore Joseph tree > Grand Canyon.
Day 9: Drive to Las Vegas (rest stop). Return rental car at Las Vegas
Day 10: Fly from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara airport. Pick up the rental car near Santa Barbara airport (Avis)
Day 11 - 13: Drive up to Big Sur (if roads are open) and Monterey.
Day 13: Drive to Yosemite
Day 16: Drive to San Francisco. Return rental car near hotel. Note: this is to save the valet parking fees which is $70/night, and we think we might not need the car the following day
Day 17: explore SF by public transport, ferry, foot. Half day at the Alcatraz.
<3rd part of trip>
Day 18: pick up rental car. Flexible plans (Muir Woods, Golden Bridge and/or Napa).
Note: we can’t return the car on Day 19 as it’s a major public holiday and most rental shops in the city are closed
Day 20: return rental car at San Fran airport
Our questions:
  1. Do you think that Avis would be the best option? We’ve taken into account its wide network and our membership.
  2. Considering the costs and weather constraints, what cars should we book for each part of the trip?
Thank you!
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2023.06.05 09:27 HumbleBear75 I’m no chef

Has anyone here been in charge of a medium sized kitchen and been forced/pushed through a food rep that you know is in the owners pocket? Changing items that our store loves/sending group messages later at night? I’ve been off today but I’m speaking to my GM tomorrow morning about it. Seems sketchy, would love any input you beautiful bastards (the group message is me, my food rep, and our owners son”)
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2023.06.05 09:27 jdion84 I guess I am not allowed to go to the gym

Every time I start a regular workout routine I get severe restless legs at bedtime.
I've tried calisthenics, heavy weights, light weights, machines, etc. They all lead to the same restless legs after a couple of workouts.
The only thing that makes it go away long-term is to just stop working out for weeks. If I don't workout for a couple of weeks then the restless legs go away completely. There are short-term solutions like sex, or epsom salt baths, but that will only give me about a 2 hour window until the jitters come back.
I have absolutely no idea why this is happening. I've taken multi vitamins, magnesium, protein supplements, probiotics, made sure my meals are nutrient dense and have lots of variety, meditated, stretched, done RLS-specific leg workouts in bed, etc. it just doesn't seem to matter.
I guess I am doomed to be skinny-fat if I actually want to sleep at night.
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2023.06.05 09:26 Fast_Tangerine_7657 This is my (22F) first long term relationship to my (23M) boyfriend. Question for those in a long term relationship, are there periods where you constantly cry about the relationship?

My boyfriend and I have recently had some issues and we just recently discussed them and he told me that he’d work on things, but waiting for the results makes me more nervous. I cry a lot in fear of the relationship coming to an end. & since this is my first relationship I’m not sure if how I feel makes sense. I am so willing to work on my relationship, there are just some nights I cry because I feel lonely. I also have mental health issues that to be honest I haven’t done much to take care of. Any advice or tips I’d appreciate it!
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2023.06.05 09:26 korach1921 Silver Linings Playbook just rekindled my passion for cinema, but David O. Russell is literally Satan

I've struggled with bipolar disorder for years, two years diagnosed, God knows how long undiagnosed. Part of the depressive side as well as the medicated side was losing any interest in movies and not caring for films anymore. But after getting recommendations for this film from other bipolar folks, I watched it on Friday night and it suddenly relit that spark in me. Not to be trite, but it felt like a movie that spoke directly to me in so many ways: ex with BPD, family members with severe OCD/rituals, manic meltdowns, lingering trauma from explosive incidents, struggling with medication and therapy compliance.
Unfortunately, I've learned that David O. Russell is basically evil incarnate and it's really hard to watch a film that showcases scenes (which I thought were actually depicted appropriately) of intimate violence and explosive behavior and false accusations of harassment, knowing how Russell has treated his actors and coworkers and how he sexually assaulted his own niece. It actually makes me feel worse knowing that the scenes I related to strongly were made under the supervision of a monster.
Why can't I have nice things?
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2023.06.05 09:26 icapaige427 How to support 4yo with moving across the country

Hello all!
My son is 4 years old and got diagnosed with level 1 autism. He is usually very well behaved and is super sweet.
However, we recently moved across the country and it has been extremely hard for him. He lost his "person" (grandma) and is now struggling. I am doing my best to help him with the transition but I don't know if I am pushing him too hard.
Some background:
We needed to live with my MIL for a year when he was 1-2 (COVID). She became his person and was also his daycare provider. However, she didn't follow any boundaries and spoiled him. He does not know the meaning of no because she will buy whatever we don't. She also gave him whatever he wanted to eat and would never encourage him to try new foods.
Now that we moved it is a shock to his system because he doesn't get whatever he wants whenever he wants it. I am trying to slowly transition him away from eating junk all the time but I don't know how to convince him that new food won't kill him. I have a stock of his favorite foods (Kraft dinnechicken nuggets) so that he won't go hungry but I always feel like I'm "giving in" when I feed it to him. But he won't try new food if he knows that those two are options. I never force him to eat. I always make a plate of what we are eating and ask him to try something - even just licking it, using sweets as a reward since he is always asking for some. But I am normally unsuccessful and he ends up eating KD.
I do bring him shopping with me to try and get him to choose something with varying success (got him to switch to cheerios instead of lucky charms!)
Another thing is the meltdowns. I knew to expect them with the move but.... I don't know how to handle them. My husband does not understand or have the patience and makes everything worse and I just don't know what to do. I try to bring him to his bedroom and cuddle with him (he gets anxious if I leave him). Once he is calm enough I try to talk him through what happened and what we could change. Is there anything else I can do?
Finally bedtime! He always needs someone is bed with him as he falls asleep, but the closer he gets to sleep, the more he fights it and he gets violent- biting, kicking, hitting. Usually I give him 3 warnings then walk out of the room for 5-10 minutes (depending on what I hear on the other side of the door - if he is being destructive I don't reenter) I will then ask if he is ready for me to come back in and start everything over again. The third time I leave, I don't come back because I am usually past my breaking point then. Am I doing this all wrong and making things worse? He tells me he doesn't like it when I leave and I have tried to explain to him that I don't like it when he hurts me. I feel like a failure.
If you read all this, thank you. Any and all advice will be read and appreciated, even if I don't respond. If you have any questions, let me know!
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2023.06.05 09:26 drdpt71 CRIS, Kimmie, and Medicaid.

Kimmie stated in Dani’s live last night that AJ’S Medicaid was suspended for a month. They accused Cris of taking “medication” out of his mouth. Vicky Purcell is a slimy lying desperate old lady from New Zealand. She didn’t even like Cris and blocked me because I followed her. Also, Cris never said “good job, send that email”. She said “sounds good”. Here’s the facts about Medicaid. You will not lose coverage during an investigation. If you lose coverage you either forgot to fill out your 6 month review paperwork or you were found to have made too much money for the month. If they find you in fact didn’t make too much they will go back and pay for that month. Since everyone wants receipts, KIMMIE, show the receipts where your Medicaid was canceled. Please remember this was during covid and they weren’t canceling anyone for anything. I do not like Vicky. I will never believe Cris was out to hurt a baby. I want receipts since you all want to keep up with this charade and have lives repeating the same thing. Over and over. I don’t think Dani is wrong for having a “rebuttal” live. The only thing that was wrong was when she let lips in. Let’s see these receipts where AJ was denied care and denied insurance coverage.
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2023.06.05 09:26 Phree_09 Insane congestion now with wheezing and cough. Need advice!!!!

My 48 y/o husband in February of this year started with copious nasal congestion. Clear and watery. It’ll drop out of his nose looking like water. Some days worse then others. Sometimes it would just come on full force out of no where. Never had any symptoms before this. He started taking Allegra D and it seemed to help the most out of all the other allergy meds. About a month or two later he has started with wheezing and a pretty severe cough. It usually happens around 3 am and his “fit” lasts about an hour. It’s not every night but most nights. During the day he will have some random coughs and some minor wheezing once in awhile. He did get an inhaler that seems to help during these fits. I just need advice from some people who have managed their allergies since this is all new. Are his symptoms normal allergy symptoms as to me they seem severe for the sudden onset? Any lifestyle suggestions? Any insight? Both our quality of life is being effected by this and I just want to find him ways to help. He’s been to the doctor and only suggestions has been the allergy medication and inhaler. Is wheezing a normal symptom of allergies? Thanks for any insight!
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2023.06.05 09:26 jaredean222 Just got home from this amazing show. Was so lucky to get the setlist…could have stayed for 3 more hours…

Just got home from this amazing show. Was so lucky to get the setlist…could have stayed for 3 more hours…
This is my fourth time seeing them (1987, ‘92, 2016 and tonight) and it was so powerful and beautiful and fulfilling.
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2023.06.05 09:26 Full_Fisherman3958 I did it. We broke up and I feel absolutely horrendous

I did it. We broke up and I feel absolutely horrendous
I ended it last night with my boyfriend of 8 years. He had been so unsure about me on countless occasions in the past 3 years, with his own mental health problems he kept running away and not respecting my boundaries.
Sometimes love just isn't enough and I had to choose myself. Hearing him last night say all the things I've wanted to hear for so long and how he how he has truly realised he's messed up and would do anything to take it back, but I think it's too little too late for me.
I feel like the worst person on earth right now. Hearing him cry made me doubt everything, it still does now that I've just woken up. But, I know in my heart I deserve to feel safe and at peace right? That's how they should say relationships should feel.
This is truly awful. Why do I feel such guilt
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