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Halp! Crib Rebellion!

2023.05.29 04:07 1Ice-Ice-Baby Halp! Crib Rebellion!

Baby is now 1 and suddenly hates her crib. We were fine all the way up until now. Her crib is in her own room.
She is fighting us until midnight for the past 3 days and of course she ends up in bed with us after 4 hours of screaming & comforting & talking. She has a perfect room, perfect crib, like it’s a gorgeous room.
We have tried laying beside the crib with our fingers through the slats, we have tried the timed in/out reassurance. I’m positive our neighbors can hear it in surrounding houses.
She only stops screaming the second we pick her up or put her in bed with us.
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2023.05.29 04:06 SkiesYYC Looking for players to participate in a 1.8 PVP style Survival world with teams of 2 battle it out

The idea is Set Teams of 2 get together on a vanilla survival word fighting the other groups in the same server, spawn (100, 100) will be a safe area so no killing with a 24h grace period in the beginning of the server to get everyone started. World border is (1500, 1500) Each group will create a base in anyway they please, As long as their base is within the world border. So people can actually find other bases and people and shit. When a player is killed they will drop their player head, the team with the most heads (that aren't their own) win when this is all said and done.
You Cannot Grief somebody's base and/or structures.
You cannot steal items from somebody's base other than your teams heads. Items on players when killed is fair game
No Villager Trading
When raiding a base at least 2 members of that base must be online and active in their base for you to raid. You cannot take any items other than your teams heads to cancel them out of circulation
When you receive your own team member's head you must burn it to remove it from circulation
You cannot break or spawn kill beds, if you kill a player and they spawn in naked you cannot kill them for another head. (if they come geared different story)
Totem of Undying are banned
Axe's are banned for PVP (Fine for mobs n shit)
Netherite Armor is banned (Tools are fine)
No cheating this is a fun server with a bunch of friends, you weirdo
Spawn is a safe zone Area of (100,100)
You cannot make an alliance with another group
If you guys are interested, DM me on discord: SkiesYYC#3558
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2023.05.29 04:06 Wort3e Fuckin her in the bed room

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2023.05.29 04:06 Minimum_Bite_7812 Found a non rust eaten box!

Found a non rust eaten box!
Picked up a parts truck! Awesome bed, frame is good, nice bucket interior compared to my plain Jane WT. It has a 3rd door so contemplating stripping the cab, fixing rust and having the VIN of my old one transferred by MPI. Parts truck has no ownership/TOD (owner passed away).
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2023.05.29 04:06 Nawlidg-IsPower Non delivered item

I spent 620$ on a kind mattress & frame that was never delivered. I waited the amount of time they told me to wait for it . It was marked delivered. Never got it. Amazon won’t give my money back and told me to go file a police report. WHAT!? The police won’t do anything we know that… what do I do!? I’m out so much money now and it’s been almost a month and I’ve just been twiddling my thumbs and freaking out. Any ideas? Is this normal? Anyone ever experienced this?
Every package I’ve ever gotten from Amazon they send a picture of it. The bed and frame that SAYS delivered - no picture . BECAUSE IT NEVER CAME. like obviously!!!!
They still won’t budge and won’t give me a refund. I could cry. This was MAY 6th.
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2023.05.29 04:06 WaitUuseRedditYorSad I left my job that I couldn't handle and lied to my property manager about it. She advised me to stay at the job until I found one I could cope with and then leave but I left the day before she said so. I am now avoiding her everyday and getting spammed with calls. Please read details and advise me.

When I moved in, it took me a bit over a month to get a job because I had plans to stay until I was kicked out for reasons I won't get in to and then move on but I changed my min and came to my senses. She pressured me to get a job rightfully so and I managed to find one. The job is menial, tiring, physically damaging and one that I was unable to keep up with. It was a plastic production facility. We are not allowed to wear gloves because then we can’t peel and apply the stickers we have to. The two reasons this bugs me is because we are touching hot plastic and the climate is very cold in the after-dark hours(generally around +5:30). The objects would occasionally burn my hands if I touched it whilst it was too hot and would accumulate a semi-melted residue on my hands which is very bad for you. Something else is that we had to grind plaster which turned in to dust that we would inhale among other thick, synthetic gases and dusts present in the air that I was constantly inhaling and it was leaving me with dry sinuses, throat, a headache and irritated lungs. Not to mention that almost everybody there smoked. I have been waking up with coughing fits most nights since and waking up the other residents separated only by a thin wall. I got sinusitis from my last job at a pork abattoir and never fully recovered so this was a no-go for me. You know those 8-foot trench panels? The worst job was when we had to stack them together 5 at a time as they would rush out of the conveyer belt almost too hot to touch. They would give us these zip-ties the size of pinkies to try and tie them together. I would be seen there with my sweaty hands barely able to grip them with a squinted face trying to tighten these little shits through the gaps while the rest of the panels there were landing out falling on and scratching me, leaving me cut and bruised and making the headaches worse, all the while with forkies beeping and cursing at me because I was in their way. We had to fit 50 of them on each side and to make this work I would have to kick them very hard with my work boots several times which would make my feet and legs very sore. We would be tasked with 3-4 duties at a time and I continued to mess up in one way or another which caused the other workers to get pissed off with me. The other workers also had to take time out of their duties just to help me keep up with mine which would give them the shits. I could make my case about the supervisors half-heartedly training me and not actually “supervising” very well but it’s difficult to determine how much blame to put on them instead of myself. On Wednesday I needed a knife to slice off all of the excess palstic on the edges of the panels and there was no knife there, so I had to just stack them up wherever I could which again, got in the way of the forkies while scrambling around to other workers for a knife. I had to do to this while keeping up with all of the machines I was tasked with handling.
I was never getting hard during the day either which was a big issue for me. I know a lot of it was due to my horrendous diet also but even before the job I was getting hard and feeling horny. Yes the porn use didn’t help but again, I was still using that before the job and wasn’t having the same results. This just made the depression so much worse. I could go in to more details about this but I suppose you don’t want to hear any more about my penis.
I unfortunately quit the job on Wednesday during my shift. My life was merely nothing more then waking up at mid-day to a phone call asking me to come in to work at 3pm, going to my favourite café for my favourite meal and an energy drink or a coffee, dordling on whatever other minor tasks I needed/wanted to do and heading to the train station where I would then Uber to work(fucking Uber, seriously. The last 2 times in a row they went to THE WRONG SIDE of the train station even though they ADMITTED to seeing my LIVE LOCATION and could not provide a logical excuse as to why they went to the other side so instead had to pay the fee on top of a cancellation fee and THEN PAY FOR THE TAXI RIDE ON TOP OF THAT just to get to work. Fuck them, not the first 2 bad experiences I’ve had). After work I would go home in the freezing cold with aching legs and head and feeling like shit to find something to eat because I was never prepared enough to have anything ready and I for the first time ever have found myself addicted to gratifying takeaway because I have few other leisures to stimulate my dull brain. I would then have that oh so satisfying shower and hop on discord to talk to an online friend. After feeling tired ASF, braindead and depressed/unmotivated/lonely/not giving any fucks, I would stare in to the screen and use other internet resources to entertain myself(one of which you can safely assume I hope) just waiting for her to respond and start a conversation to soothe that pain and fill that void of not having any feminine benevolence and having a friend I can be totally honest with. I have one other online I can but he is male and this girl is special in her own way, I’m so privileged to still have her as a friend. “At least I have a job” is the mentality I thought would allow me to be content with this depressing situation but as it turns out it’s not. I have been living such a shitty lifestyle for a while, I recently quit alcohol, am trying to quit porn, eat better and do better things with my time, you know, all the cringe self-improvement shit. But until then I can't avoid the property manager if I stay home. I leave at 8:00am before she get's there and go straight to the mall where I go on my laptop, apply for jobs, go on the internet, wander around, talk to people, get takeaway, etc until about 6:00pm when I know she'll be gone. A few days ago she called and knocked on the door. I was on the bed so I had to remain motionless and silent. I then got off the bed when I thought she was gone and hopefully was to stand on the floor, she has been known to enter the apartments with her master-key if there isn’t a response and that is what she did to a person next to me so I was very worried, I hid in the closet hoping to not be found. She didn’t enter thankfully. I then slept on the quilt on the floor and woke up having realized I went the entire day without eating because there was no food in the apartment and I was unable to leave. I asked a friend who lives at the building who moved in at a similar time to me who got a job elsewhere if he could help get me a job where and he is expecting an explanation as to why I left. I feel like the answers make me look like a sook and/or are made up and that nobody else seems to have these problems. The ED/sexual dabiliation problem is also too embarrassing to explain but is my main reason for leaving. It's so frustrating. Why is it affecting me so bad? I used to work 50 hours a week at an abattoir and I absolutely hated it. I also almost never got hard and felt like shit there the whole time too. I don't think I can live like this. My case worker at the homelessness service I was with is also spamming me to answer and say they will send a welfare check if I do not respond. I am also afraid my friend will rat me out. Please help me.
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2023.05.29 04:06 throwawayyyyststatah My dad got arrested and i couldnt be happier.

this is a follow up to another post i made on this sub, so i wont go back through what i alr said. anyways, my abusive dad was recently arrested. i think someone called the cops on him while he was yelling at me, and throwing shit at me. my brother was with my relative at the time of this. i lost a lot of sleep thinking about him yelling at me so close to my face that i could feel his hot breath violating my skin. anyways, the cops show up and he becomes a mess. he starts crying, saying that hes not a criminal and he shouldnt be arrested. i went to bed after this so my memory is a little fuzzy, sorry that i cant remember the rest. i just know that hes gonna be there for 3 years. i felt bad saying this to others so its just gonna be posted into the void.
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2023.05.29 04:05 SkiesYYC Looking for players to participate in a 1.8 PVP style Survival world with teams of 2 battle it out

Idea: The idea is Set Teams of 2 get together on a vanilla survival word fighting the other groups in the same server, spawn (100, 100) will be a safe area so no killing with a 24h grace period in the beginning of the server to get everyone started. World border is (1500, 1500) Each group will create a base in anyway they please, As long as their base is within the world border. So people can actually find other bases and people and shit. When a player is killed they will drop their player head, the team with the most heads (that aren't their own) win when this is all said and done.
If you guys are interested, DM me on discord: SkiesYYC#3558
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2023.05.29 04:05 SkiesYYC Looking for players to participate in a 1.8 PVP style Survival world with teams of 2 battle it out

Idea: The idea is Set Teams of 2 get together on a vanilla survival word fighting the other groups in the same server, spawn (100, 100) will be a safe area so no killing with a 24h grace period in the beginning of the server to get everyone started. World border is (1500, 1500) Each group will create a base in anyway they please, As long as their base is within the world border. So people can actually find other bases and people and shit. When a player is killed they will drop their player head, the team with the most heads (that aren't their own) win when this is all said and done.
If you guys are interested, DM me on discord: SkiesYYC#3558
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2023.05.29 04:05 2wertf Anna anal gape on her bed and facial

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2023.05.29 04:05 Spiritual_Contact759 Tanning after the gym?

So I’ve been tanning at planet fitness recently since they just changed their bulbs. Usually it’s great and I get good color. I just went today after not going for a couple of weeks and I noticed the bed wasn’t very warm and I was wondering if it’s because I worked out before which i usually don’t do. But I don’t think it would make a difference since I showers between?
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2023.05.29 04:04 dirtymonkey40 40 [M4F] #Michigan lets chat and have fun🐒🐒🐒🐒

I'm just looking for a nice chat before bed with a beautiful younger lady, We can sext , RP , just chat even lets have fun 😊😊😊
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2023.05.29 04:04 Mr_Ben8 Book or Anime

I need help deciding something, so I was bored, and I wrote kind of a Director script of an anime I also have an illustrator’s guide and a voice actor script, but the more I read it the more it sounds like a book. I was wondering if anyone could help me decide if I should turn it into a book or see if I should try to make it into a animated series if a Japanese company does not get involved if it is successful. and if anyone would donate to this “Anime” So here is the first episode, and or chapter. You can vote at the bottom.
Scene 1: A Serene Morning - Masaru's Home
Setting: A cozy tatami-floored dining area with low tables and cushions. Soft morning light filters through sliding shoji doors, creating a peaceful ambiance. The room is adorned with minimalistic decorations that reflect a blend of traditional and modern Japanese aesthetics.
Characters: - Masaru Hiroshi: A young man in his late teens, radiating a calm and focused aura. He is dressed in casual attire, ready to start his day.
Scene Description: The scene opens with Masaru entering the dining area, greeted by the comforting aroma of freshly brewed tea and the subtle fragrance of traditional Japanese breakfast dishes. He smiles warmly at his parents.
Masaru: (cheerfully) Good morning, Mom. Good morning, Dad.
Mom: (with affection) Ohayou gozaimasu, Masaru. Sit down, breakfast is ready.
Masaru takes a seat on a cushion, appreciating the spread of tamago (Japanese omelette), tsukemono (pickled vegetables), and miso soup on the table.
Mom gracefully gets up and reaches for the teapot, pouring steaming tea into Masaru's cup.
Dad: (casually) Masaru, have you decided what you'll be doing today?
Masaru: (thoughtfully) I'm considering helping Mrs. Tanaka with her garden. She could use an extra pair of hands.
Mom returns to her seat, her eyes filled with pride.
Mom: (supportive) That's wonderful, Masaru. Helping others is a true reflection of your character.
Dad: (nodding) Remember, son, the willingness to lend a hand cultivates empathy and strengthens our bonds with the community.
Masaru: (grateful) Thank you, Mom and Dad. Your guidance means the world to me. I'll make sure to assist Mrs. Tanaka to the best of my abilities.
They share a moment of shared understanding, savoring the tranquil morning and the comfort of their familial bonds.
Masaru finishes his breakfast, expressing his appreciation to his parents before preparing for the day ahead.
Masaru: (grateful) Thank you for the delicious meal, Mom. Thank you for your wise words, Dad. I'll see you both later.
End of Scene 1.
Scene two
Scene 2: Masaru's Morning Routine - A Day Begins
Setting: Masaru's bedroom, a reflection of his personality and interests. The room has a blend of traditional and modern elements, with minimalistic decor. The morning sunlight filters through the shoji screens, casting a gentle glow on the room.
Characters: - Masaru Hiroshi: The main character, a young and determined individual. He is dressed in comfortable pajamas, carrying his clothes for the day and wearing a robe. - Inu: Masaru's loyal and playful Shiba Inu dog. Inu looks up at Masaru with adoring eyes.
Scene Description: The scene opens in Masaru's serene bedroom. The room exudes a sense of tranquility, with light wooden flooring and sliding shoji screens allowing soft rays of morning sunlight to illuminate the space.
Masaru stands by his bed, a platform-style bed with a pristine white sheet. He is dressed in comfortable pajamas, the fabric loosely hugging his form. In his hands, he holds his clothes for the day, neatly folded and ready for wear.
With a determined yet calm expression, Masaru carefully selects his outfit, meticulously considering his choice. He slips out of his pajamas, revealing a glimpse of his physique, before smoothly sliding into his daytime attire.
Feeling refreshed from a good night's sleep, Masaru walks towards the en suite bathroom adjoining his room. The bathroom features a modern design, with clean lines and a glass-enclosed shower area.
Inside the shower, the warm water cascades over Masaru's body, rejuvenating him for the day ahead. The sound of water droplets creates a soothing ambiance, as he takes a moment to cleanse both his body and mind.
After his invigorating shower, Masaru steps out of the bathroom, steam lightly clinging to his skin. He reaches for a comfortable robe hanging by the door, slipping it on with a smooth motion. The soft fabric envelopes him, providing a sense of warmth and ease.
Returning to his bedroom, Masaru walks over to a corner of the room where Inu eagerly awaits him. He kneels down, gently petting the Shiba Inu's head, exchanging affectionate glances.
Masaru: (warmly) Take care, Inu. I'll see you later.
Inu barks softly, their bond evident in their connection.
With a sense of readiness, Masaru stands up, his gaze sweeping across the room to ensure he has gathered everything he needs for the day. A desk with a few books and a small shelf housing a collection of samurai figurines catch his eye momentarily.
Satisfied that he has all he requires, Masaru turns his attention towards the door. He takes a step forward, pausing briefly to appreciate the familiarity and comfort of his personal sanctuary.
Masaru walks out of his room and makes his way downstairs, the sound of his footsteps echoing in the hallway. As he descends, he catches glimpses of his parents in the living area, each engrossed in their morning routines.
Masaru: (casual) Mom. Dad.
Mom looks up from her activity, her face lighting up with a warm smile.
Mom: Masaru. Have a great day!
Dad glances up from his newspaper, his expression reflecting a mix of pride and support.
Dad: Take care, son. Make it count!
Masaru nods appreciatively, acknowledging their words of encouragement. He continues his stride towards the front door, a subtle determination in his step.
Closing the front door behind him, Masaru steps out into the world, greeted by the embrace of a new day. The possibilities stretch out before him, and he's ready to seize them with
Scene 3: Masaru's Serendipitous Discovery
[The scene begins with Masaru leaving his house, his destination being Mrs. Tanaka's garden, which lies beyond the city market. He walks along the familiar path, lost in his own thoughts.]
Masaru (muttering to himself): Alright, time to head to Mrs. Tanaka's garden. Gotta take this route through the market. Wonder what kind of chaos awaits me there today.
[As Masaru walks, he notices a side street veering off from the main path. Intrigued by the allure of the unknown, he decides to deviate from his usual route.]
Masaru: Huh, a different path this time. It seems less traveled, yet there's something enchanting about it. Let's see where it leads.
[He ventures down the narrow street, leaving behind the bustling sounds of the city market. The path meanders through a lush landscape, revealing a tranquil pond adorned with cherry blossom trees. A sense of peace envelops Masaru as he gazes in awe at the breathtaking beauty before him.]
Masaru (whispering to himself): A hidden gem amidst the hustle and bustle—a peaceful pond embraced by cherry blossoms. Its serene atmosphere captivates my senses, drawing me further into its charm.
[In the heart of the pond, a small bamboo forest emerges, creating a magical scene that feels like a secret sanctuary. Masaru stands in awe, marveling at the harmony between the delicate cherry blossoms and the sturdy bamboo stalks, as if nature itself has crafted a wondrous masterpiece.]
Masaru (amazed): Such a beautiful combination of grace and strength. How is it that this hidden oasis remains undiscovered by so many? It's like stepping into a realm untouched by the chaos beyond.
[As he walks along the path surrounding the pond, Masaru's sharp instincts guide him towards a rare and elusive creature—a magnificent rabbit with fur as white as freshly fallen snow. With his exceptional stealth and agility, Masaru silently approaches the rabbit, capturing it with impressive dexterity.]
Masaru (whispering to the rabbit): Your elegance matches the serenity of this hidden pond. Allow me to admire your presence for a brief moment.
[Examining the rabbit in his hands, Masaru takes in the intricate patterns of its fur, the gleam in its eyes, and the gentle rise and fall of its breathing. His admiration for the creature grows as he realizes the rarity of such an encounter.]
Masaru (in awe): The world holds its breath when you appear, a living testament to nature's beauty. I am grateful to have crossed paths with you.
[With great care, Masaru releases the rabbit back into the freedom of the surrounding landscape. As it bounds away, disappearing into the lush foliage, Masaru smiles, his heart filled with gratitude for the connection he shared with the creature.]
Masaru (grateful): Farewell, my exquisite friend. May your journey be filled with endless wonder and the allure of unexplored paths.
[Inspired by his encounter with the rabbit and the hidden wonders of the pond, Masaru continues his journey towards the city market, anticipation filling his heart. He moves forward, eager to uncover the stories and encounters that await him in the vibrant marketplace.]
Masaru (determined): The city market beckons, a realm of vibrant energy and untold tales. But the memory of this hidden sanctuary will forever be etched in my mind—a testament to the extraordinary wonders that lie just beyond the beaten path.
Scene 4: The City Market
Masaru finally arrives at the bustling city market. The atmosphere is lively, filled with colorful stalls, chattering merchants, and the aroma of various foods. He walks through the market, nodding and waving to familiar faces, engaging in small talk with store owners.
MASARU Morning, Mr. Suzuki! How's business today?
MR. SUZUKI Masaru! Good to see you, my boy. Business is steady, thanks for asking. Say, have you seen those new spices I brought in?
MASARU Oh, I haven't checked them out yet, but I'll swing by later. They must be quite something!
Masaru continues his leisurely stroll through the market, enjoying the vibrant sights and sounds. He passes by a fruit stand and strikes up a conversation with the FRUIT MERCHANT.
MASARU Good morning! Those peaches look juicy today. How are they selling?
FRUIT MERCHANT Masaru, my friend! These peaches are flying off the shelves. Can't resist their sweetness. Want to try one?
MASARU Sure, I'll take one. Takes a bite Mmm, delicious as always.
As he walks further, he spots a SHOE VENDOR arranging a display of colorful shoes.
MASARU Morning! Any new styles in stock?
SHOE VENDOR Masaru, my man! Just got these sleek leather boots. Want to give them a try?
MASARU Maybe next time. They look impressive, though.
Masaru continues his journey through the bustling market, exchanging greetings and engaging in short conversations with various merchants. Their words blend with the lively ambiance, creating a tapestry of voices and activity.
As he walks, Masaru catches sight of a signpost indicating the direction to Mrs. Tanaka's garden. The familiarity of the garden tugs at his heart, reminding him of past visits filled with enchantment and tranquility.
MASARU (to himself) Ah, Mrs. Tanaka's garden... Always a haven of beauty and wonder.
With a renewed sense of excitement, Masaru quickens his pace, eager to reconnect with the serenity that awaits him in the familiar garden.
Scene 5: The Garden Conversation
[Setting: Mrs. Tanaka's Garden. Masaru enters the garden, greeted by the serene beauty and Mrs. Tanaka's warm presence. They sit down at a small table with cups of tea.]
Mrs. Tanaka: [Smiling warmly] Masaru, my dear, before we start working, let's take a moment to enjoy some tea together. So, have you given any thought to what you want to do for your future career?
Masaru: [Sipping his tea, thoughtful] To be honest, Mrs. Tanaka, I'm still unsure. There are so many possibilities, but none of them feel quite right. I've been volunteering to explore different paths, but I know that volunteering doesn't bring money.
Mrs. Tanaka: [Nodding understandingly] Ah, the practical side of things. It's true that we need to consider financial stability as well. However, let me share a different perspective with you. Money is important, but it should not be the sole measure of our success or fulfillment.
Masaru: [Curious] What do you mean?
Mrs. Tanaka: Volunteering may not bring immediate financial rewards, but it can enrich your life in other ways. It helps you develop skills, gain valuable experiences, and build connections with people who share your passions. Sometimes, the true value of a career lies in the impact we make and the joy it brings to our lives.
Masaru: [Contemplative] I've never thought about it that way. I've always been focused on finding a career that brings financial stability, but maybe there's more to it than just money.
Mrs. Tanaka: [Encouragingly] Indeed, Masaru. Follow your heart, pursue what brings you joy and fulfillment. Remember, a fulfilling career is a combination of your passions, values, and the positive impact you can make in the world.
[They continue their conversation over tea, delving deeper into Masaru's interests, dreams, and aspirations, as the tranquil garden surrounds them with its beauty and wisdom.]
Scene 6: The Garden
[The scene is set in Mrs. Tanaka's garden, where Masaru and Mrs. Tanaka are working together, collecting Kubocha squash. They have a pile of squash beside them. They both pause for a moment, catching their breath.]
Mrs. Tanaka: [Wiping her forehead] Ah, the Kubocha squash harvest is coming along nicely, Masaru. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Masaru: [Smiling] It's my pleasure, Mrs. Tanaka. I'm glad to be of assistance.
[They both resume their work, collecting more squash, their movements synchronized.]
Mrs. Tanaka: [Breaking the silence] Masaru, may I ask you a question?
Masaru: [Curious] Of course, Mrs. Tanaka. What's on your mind?
Mrs. Tanaka: [Thoughtful] Do you know what you want to do for your future career? Have you discovered your true calling yet?
Masaru: [Pausing, contemplating] Honestly, Mrs. Tanaka, I'm still uncertain. I haven't found my path yet.
Mrs. Tanaka: [Nodding] I understand. Sometimes, finding one's purpose can be a challenging journey. But let me tell you about one of my grandchildren. He's grown up to become one of the world's greatest swordsman.
Masaru: [Surprised] A swordsman? That sounds incredible. But how does one become a swordsman?
Mrs. Tanaka: [Smiling warmly] It's not just about swinging a blade, Masaru. It's a path of discipline, dedication, and protection. As a swordsman, you learn to wield a blade with precision and skill, defending what you hold dear.
Masaru: [Intrigued] I never thought of it that way. Tell me more.
Mrs. Tanaka: [Eagerly] Being a swordsman means more than just fighting. It's about protecting your beliefs, your village, and the people you care about. It requires physical strength, mental fortitude, and a strong sense of justice.
Masaru: [Absorbing the information] That's fascinating. But where would I even start?
Mrs. Tanaka: [Encouraging] I'm glad you're interested, Masaru. I happen to know the best swordsman master in history, renowned for his wisdom and skill. If you're willing, I can arrange a meeting for you. He can guide you on this incredible journey and teach you the ways of the sword.
[They continue working, picking up more squash, but now there's a sense of anticipation and excitement in the air.]
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2023.05.29 04:04 SkiesYYC Looking for players to participate in a 1.8 PVP style Survival world with teams of 2 battle it out

Idea: The idea is Set Teams of 2 get together on a vanilla survival word fighting the other groups in the same server, spawn (100, 100) will be a safe area so no killing with a 24h grace period in the beginning of the server to get everyone started. World border is (1500, 1500) Each group will create a base in anyway they please, As long as their base is within the world border. So people can actually find other bases and people and shit. When a player is killed they will drop their player head, the team with the most heads (that aren't their own) win when this is all said and done.
If you guys are interested, DM me on discord: SkiesYYC#3558
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2023.05.29 04:03 EDB_HF Crating puppy on vacation

I’m planning on traveling with my 4 month old Morkie to another house for vacation. Wondering if anyone had any tips on what to do with the below:
1) He sleeps his snaps and during the night in his crate. Should I buy a travel crate? Take his crate? Let him sleep in his travel bag (he fits comfortably)? Should he sleep on the bed (worried it will mess up all the progress made with crate training)
2) Tips for introducing a new puppy to a new home for a weekend and help reduce anxiety.
3) How to get your puppy to pee in pee pads, or I guess find them in a big house (I live in a studio and he currently does a really good job at peeing only in the pad)
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2023.05.29 04:03 wahooo92 Friend pushed one of my boundaries and I caved, now I'm riddled with anxiety and have been crying all night

Friend offered to housesit for our pets for us a month ago for our holiday this week. He is an extremely close friend who lived with us previously, and my partner and I were extremely grateful and agreed. I mentioned that I have a strong boundary where I don't want strangers in my home, and defined it as "anyone I haven't met face to face in my own home already". My home is my safe space and the first one I have ever had. Friend agreed and said he wouldn't dream of suggesting such a thing. Over the next few weeks I reiterated it out of nervousness and both him and my partner told me to calm down and that he understood.
Well, the day we are leaving our friend comes over to get set up and he asks if he can invite some people. We ask who, and he names two friends I know and trust, so I say okay. He then asks if the girl he's been seeing this past month could stay over. My partner instantly happily agreed, and at this point I hate myself bc I completely froze in horror. I mumbled out a "yes" too because my partner already agreed and I was scared and I was stressed as we were literally loading the taxi and I didn't have time to think.
Well, I made my bed and now she's staying over. I didn't even have time to hide any of my valuables or sentimental pieces, and there's a random girl sleeping and having sex in my bed for the week. I am stressed out my fucking mind, but my partner says I'm being unreasonable and that we need to trust our friend. He pointed out that there's no way to back out now without jeopardizing our friendship and that it's on me to stop being so cynical.
It's currently night 2, I hardly slept last night and this night is looking to be an all nighter as I've just been absolutely sobbing and anxious. Bf is sound asleep in the bedroom. I know it's my fault and I should have stood my ground and I hate myself for failing to, but I also can't help but feel a bit betrayed by my friend. He KNEW my boundary about strangers, he knows I have CPTSD, and I've confessed to him about how standing my ground can be difficult. Yet the moment getting his dick wet got into the picture, he figured to try his luck.
I feel so alone and I know my boundary is crazy but I feel so scared and I feel like what little trust I have in other people has been violated once again. My bf thinks I'm being ridiculous and it's not like I want to feel this horrid..I know that to a normal person this is nothing but a small slight but I feel completely defeated.
I don't know what I'm looking for, guidance or comfort or honesty or whatever. Ive just been sobbing the past 6 hours and it's the dead of night and I just wish I could numb my emotions and never feel anything again or have any wants or needs bc they always get violated. I know I'm being unreasonable I just can't stop feeling so shit.
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2023.05.29 04:03 Sevuy Well that bed ain'_t gonna last long!

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2023.05.29 04:02 HMNI_Adam Aching bruised feeling stomach??

Diagnosed methane dominant, haven’t started treatment
No idea why I’m getting this because I’ve been eating low fermentation, the only other thing it could be is I just ate too much the past few days because I’m trying to stop losing weight. Even though I ate low fermentation I think it just might have been too much food.
All day yesterday and today I’ve been constipated and super bloated like really bad, I had to wear a hoodie to go see my friends because I was so swollen. Then I got home last night and I was kinda laying in bed rubbing my stomach and it hurt to press on. But not like regular gas cramps or constipation. It hurt far up like where my actual stomach is, and It felt like someone punched me there, hard, and I’ve got the experience to compare that to. But there’s no bruise. This happened the last time I got really constipated and backed up but I chalked it up to the workout I did prior. This time I know it’s not the workout it’s definitely from the constipation
Freaks me out because it feels like the level of pressure in my guts is just too high, like my stomach or intestines are getting internally bruised from the pressure…
Today I woke up and same thing. No BM, super bloated, and then these weird bruise like pains. I’ve been sipping ginger tea all day and was able to go a little but fuck man I’m scared!!
Am I doing serious internal damage? The bruise like feeling seems to go away if I can lessen the pressure but fuck it’s scary cuz it feels like I’m actually doing damage.
Anyone else get these bruise pains? Anything help? Idk whether to put heat or ice, rub my stomach or leave it alone idk?
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2023.05.29 04:02 psychonautxmic Sea duty taking its toll on marriage

We’ve been together for 8 years now, married for 4. My husband is on a fast attack that has had an insanely rigorous schedule for the last 2 years. Pretty much out and back every couple of weeks with a few 3-4 month prolonged underways. My libido has been nonexistent for 6 months now despite a lot of positive changes in my life, and I am chalking it up to the boat schedule. Everyone tells you to stay busy which I have - I have my own routine and hobbies that I love - but it’s like I’ve crafted my own little life and it’s very very hard to integrate him into it when he’s neither on shore nor at sea for very long periods of time. When they are in port, he works long hours, 3-section or P/S duty, plus he is working on his degree.
All of this is to say, despite us not having kids, it’s been very difficult to have much intimacy or romance. I don’t think he sees an issue as we still go on date nights, our sex life is fine, etc etc but it’s something that is bothering me and I don’t know how to bring it up as I know how exhausted he is from everything. I hate to ask even more of him but I definitely feel this sea tour has forced us into what is bordering on a roommate-with-benefits situation. We go out to dinner maybe twice a month, but otherwise our time together basically consists of 3 hours at night after work where we cook dinner, watch a show, shower, and go to bed.
I know it’s only temporary but we still have 2 years to go. Any advice from those of you more seasoned than I? The time apart has become less difficult as time goes by, it’s the time when he’s home that can be challenging now because I don’t feel like I’m getting what I need, whereas when he’s away that’s obviously a good reason for some needs to be unmet. I don’t want to grow resentful and carry that through our relationship in years to come.
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2023.05.29 04:02 androidfifteen Need some advice about teaching in Ontario

I did my concurrent BA/BEd (juniointermediate) in Ontario, but as I finished in 2016, there were no jobs going so I moved to England.
I've now been teaching "high school" English in England since then but now want to move back to Ontario as my husband and I are expecting a baby and want to be nearer to my family (plus teaching in the UK is terrible and unsustainable so I'm not sure I want to do that while being a parent).
My concern is that I have had my own classes and everything so I'm hating the idea of a supply list and LTOs. If I have 7 years of experience do I still have the follow these channels?
I would probably look into getting my ABQ for senior so I can teach high school. I'd also have to reinstate my OCT certificate. Anything else I would need to consider?
It seems pretty niche to leave and then move back, so I can't find any advice on Google!
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2023.05.29 04:02 ctheturk TIFU by chewing a Zantac

So I saw the TIFU: I swallowed a TUMS whole post, and I was immediately reminded of the time I did literally the exact opposite years ago. One night I was away from home for a friend's wedding, and this friend generously had an open bar for the entire duration of the wedding reception. Of course, it goes without saying that I felt compelled to take advantage of the open bar and drink, well... too much, being a recent college grad and all. I can hold my liquor pretty well and most people wouldn't even be able to tell when I'm drunk, but that doesn't mean my body won't hate me for it later. Between that, dinner, dessert, and some pizza that was ordered later in the night, it all came together for the worst 3 am heartburn you can imagine.
I'm tossing and turning in bed at this hotel regretting my life choices, and the fact that I didn't bother bringing any medications since I was only there for one night. So I finally decided to trudge over to the front desk and see what meds they had on the menu. For some reason, I convinced myself that if they saw my eyes they would know I was drunk and this was a bad thing, so I wore my sunglasses into the lobby in the middle of the night (???) and begged the lady at the counter for some Tums. She whips out this giant Halloween-candy looking bag filled with little individual packets of every OTC medicine under the sun, sifts through it for a while, doesn't find any Tums but finally hands me a Zantac.
I had never taken one of those before, I'm just used to popping a couple Tums, chewing them up and calling it a night. Well, this medicine treats the same thing so that means you take it the same way, right? So I take out this tiny little tablet, chew and swallow, and by the taste alone I instantly realized that it was not meant to be chewed. I look at the packet and sure enough right on the front it says DO NOT CHEW. I instantly start panicking and wondering what's going to happen to me since I disobeyed the instructions. After all, it said not to chew but it didn't tell me why. Within 5 minutes accompanied by some useless googling I've convinced myself that the medication is going to spread through my bloodstream too quickly and I'm going to die. Then I spotted the poison control center phone number on the packet and I knew what I had to do.
I call the number and I'm greeted by a female voice "Poison Control Center what is your emergency?" At that point I knew I fucked up, again. I'm thinking to myself "shit, I don't think this is an actual emergency, what do I say?" and I was just like "Uhh I have a question about Zantac." She pauses for a moment and responds "What's your question??? I have hospitals on hold with patients who need help." Then as it dawned on me that my idiocy could literally be wasting precious seconds in saving peoples' lives, I sheepishly answer "Uh, nevermind, sorry" and hang up. By that time, my heartburn was completely gone, so I passed out and the next day I felt good as new, aside from a small hangover.
TL;DR Got heartburn, chewed Zantac thinking it was like Tums. Got anxiety because the label said not to chew. Called poison control. Got told off for wasting their time. Heartburn went away tho
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2023.05.29 04:01 Vast_Reveal_7620 Almost 5 months, still dealing with insomnia

I quit weed January first of this year after over 15 years of smoking everyday. The last few years I would put myself into a weed coma before bed. Now I am approaching 5 months no weed and the insomnia is still horrible. Most nights I can fall asleep but will wake up after 2-4 hours tops and cannot go back to sleep just toss and turn all night. This is making me a sleep deprived zombie all day and ruining my life. I have no energy or zest for life anymore. I run a business and can barely function throughout the day. I also haven’t consumed caffeine in 5 months. Has anyone else had insomnia that lasted this long? This month I have been thinking about smoking weed just to sleep even though I hate weed and what it’s done to my brain over the years. Any advice or similar stories would be greatly appreciated.
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