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2023.06.05 08:50 yahyoh Bose QC Buds II

Hey guys, i wanted to update my almost broken Apple AP1 and try something else, first i got the anker soundcore liberty 4, and OMFG it has an ear bleeding highs tunning that cant be fixed even with there EQ, they sounded good and has better bass than AP1 but they were slightly uncomfortable, next i wanted to try Bose QC2.
I ordered and got it, honestly i was blown away how good the sound they produce compared to the tiny sound from AP1, but the good stuff ends here, here is a list of the annoying stuff thats got me to return them and get the AP2, even though i still think the Bose sounded better:
1- The case quality for 300$ bucks is totally unacceptable and felt like breaking any time you open it.
2- taking out the buds feels like fighting with the case!!
3- unacceptable hissing/noise floor while in aware mode, it was driving me crazy when im using them in a quiet room or at the office, as per Youtube review the hiss they produce in aware mode is about 32DB compared to 25DB for AP2 (which sound dead quiet in transparency mode)
4-very buggy Bose app, most of the time it thinks the pods are not connected even though they are connected.
5-aware mode is better than AP1 but not even close to AP2 which feels like theres nothing in your ears,
6-you cant see the case battery level in the app?? you have to count the flashes of the led? Bose WTF?
7-The case still huge compared to Airpods
8-Mic quality feels like 10$ bucks earbuds, I got multiple complaints while in call with them especially if there's some wind blowing outside, of if the car AC vents facing you!!
9-Mic Quality sucks even outside calls, like trying to record a voice memo in whatsapp, you sound tiny and feels like recording in some tunnel!!
10-they annoying announcing of battery level and device name every time you wear them, feels like chinese crap earbuds!!
In the end, the hissing was driving me crazy as i use them in quiet office environment, i would honestly tolerate all the other issues if there was no hissing in aware mode, so i returned them and got AP2 instead, even though they dont sound as good playing music.
TLDR: Only thing good about these buds is the sound they produce, and the great noise canceling, other than that they are less comfortable than AP2 and pretty annoying and buggy, especially the hissing in aware mode!
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2023.06.05 08:47 Lizzysoul Ladies and Gentlemen, what's your favorite ben 10 fanfic?

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2023.06.05 08:44 DimondNugget The endless basement that goes down forever.

One day I was hiking along a small mile long trail and it was an ordinary weekend and a nice sunny day. I knew the weather was going to be nice today so I decided to go for a hike and I drove to my nearest state park and once I got out of my car I smelled the nice fresh air of the outdoors and then I saw a small one mile trail and decided to go on it I walked a while on the trail and while I was walking on the trail I heard the peaceful sounds of the birds chirping and I saw the beautiful forest and the beauty of mother nature around me as I was walking near the end of the trail and I was greeted by a blocked off gravel path and a sign saying please do not go on this path hikers are not allowed on this path 500 dollar fine if caught walking on it.
I was curious when I saw this and I looked around to see If anyone was around me and I saw that no one was around me and I then jumped the fence that was blocking the gravel path I was finally walking on the forbidden gravel path and I got a rush out of it knowing I was doing something forbidden. On this so called forbidden path I looked around me to see if there was any park rangers I of course did not see any. I then kept walking on the gravel path and I was walking for a while and I kept seeing signs telling me to go back and stop walking on this path of course I ignored the signs and kept walking.
I looked at my clock and saw it was getting late and I was starting to get worried because the park is closing soon and the park rangers usually check the park to see if anyone is still in the park at closing time and If I got caught that means I would get fined 500 dollar so my paranoia made me to look around me to see if there were any park rangers around me there were none around and that gave me sigh of relief. I kept walking and it was really starting to get dark and I heavily searched my bag to see if I had a flash light I found a small dim flash light in my bag but it was bright enough to see around me but as I looked around to see I thought I had saw something in the corner of my eye of course it scared me a bit but I shrugged it off as my mind playing tricks on me. I then heard the wind howling and I thought I could hear something faint in the wind as I was listening.
I at first thought my mine was playing tricks on me and I kept listening I found out my mind was not playing tricks on me I was hearing voices in the wind and the voices were telling me to go back and to get off the forbidden path. I looked around to see that no one was there,was I hallucinating? I was walking and for a while I did not hear anything but then the wind started to howl again and I heard "please go back it's not safe". I was shaken up by this so I looked around me to see that no one was there I was for sure I heard someone. I then kept seeing stuff in the corner of my eye again and I thought I saw a ghostly figure for a second but every time I looked they were gone. I then once again started to hear the wind howling and I began to hear voices again and I kept hearing "go back go back get off the gravel path". At this point dawn was starting to come and the sky was starting to turn brighter and I saw something in the distance it was some sort of mansion me being the curious and adventurous I was happy to explore what ever this mansion was. I proceed to approach the mansion and as I was walking to it the wind began to howl very violently and the wind gust were very strong and it almost knocked me over my feet.
I began to hear "please go back go back do not go in there". I of course was too curious about the mansion to listen to what the voices were saying. I then opened the front door of the mansion and I walked in and saw that the place was old and was falling apart the wooden boards were rotting away and it smelled like mildew. I knew by the looks of this place it was abandoned and no one lived there. I was curious to explore this place so I walked around and I proceed to walk to the first room and I saw that there was a lot of holes in the wall and it looked torn apart, the bed was broken and the window was broken and I could tell that this place was old and rotting away. I then proceeded to the next room and I saw that there was symbols wrote with dried blood on the wall, this of course scared me bad and I jumped and I saw that there was rotting away skeletons of animals in this room, It looked like as if there was devil worshipers here. I then tried to walk to more rooms in this mansion and I saw more scary stuff. I saw that there was a warning wrote in dried blood on the walls saying whatever you do, do not go in the basement it's dangerous.
I then was curious to go in the basement of the mansion and I was the cat who could have died from their own curiosity. I then saw the door to the basement and I looked at it for a good 20 minutes, and after minutes I finally made up my mind to go open the basement door and go down there. I then proceeded to open the basement door and I then walked down the stairs and as I walked down the stairs the basement door slammed shut and I walked back up and tried to open the basement door I tried to open as hard as I could but it would not budge "shit I'm trapped in this basement and can't get out". I tried again to get the door to open I even tried pounding the door down but it did not work the door was locked shut.
I then gave up on trying to open the basement door and walked back down the stairs and I saw that the basement was huge and the was dried blood all over the walls It was crazy how much dried blood was on the walls and I was very scared I wanted to pound on the basement door again and get out of this place but I knew that would not work. I walked around some more around the basement and saw that there was more stairs it seemed as if the stairs went down to another floor. I proceeded to walk down the stairs and I got to where this floor was and I saw on this floor had a bit more dried blood on the wall then the previous floor I was on. I saw that this floor was bigger than the previous floor I was on and It was a massive room and in the corner of my eye I saw a figure of some sort and when I turned around it was not there I jump but then told myself that my mind was playing tricks on me because this basement was just so creepy.
I again saw that something was in the corner of my eye I looked around me fast and saw that no one was there. I kept walking around this floor and saw that it was full of furniture like very old stuff from what seemed to be from the 70s or 60s and they was a radio of some sort it only had AM on it and no FM. I thought to myself if I could turn on the radio but wondered if it still had worked so I pressed the button and surprised it turned on and starting working. All I heard at first was just static but then I kept listening and I could barely hear anything and I thought I heard something though the static but then I could finally hear something though the static and I hear what sounded like creepy voices in the static. I still could not hear it because there was still a lot of static on the radio and I tried to tune the radio to see if I could hear it more but nothing came out of it and I could still hear a lot of static but then after a few minutes I heard the voices again on the radio and I heard the voices louder this time and I could hear what they where saying and I heard a bone chilling sound coming from the radio a girl screaming "dad please help me I'm being tormented the beast is tormenting me please make it stop"!
My heart nearly stopped due to how scared I was. I saw that there was even more stairs that went down what seem like even another floor a 3rd floor even. I was curious and walked down the stairs and walked into the 3rd floor it even had the number 3 on it. I saw that this floor was not as big as the 2nd floor. I began to see that there was spiders on the wall but there was only of few of them on the walls and saw some more stuff it looked like there was some writing on the wall and it said the further you go down the worse it gets.
There were bricks on the walls of this floor and there was no wallpaper just bricks on the walls and I saw that there was a door to another room of some sort on this floor. I opened the door and saw that it was pitch black in this room and I walked into the room and could not see in the room so I got the flashlight from my bag and turned it on and it still was pitch black it's like this room was sucking any light away so I had to feel around the room but as I got walking around this room and feeling my way around I felt as if someone was behind me and I felt as if I was not alone in this room and the longer I stayed in the room the stronger the feeling got and tried to find my way out of the room because I felt as if someone was behind me and I felt as if someone was gently touching me and It got me scared but I then bolted and tried to find my way out of the room but could not for a few minutes and I then could hear a faint growl in my ear and I was running as fast I could and I finally found my way out of the room I was in. I slammed the door shut to the room I was in and I saw even more stairs that went down to another floor and ran down the stairs.
I was now on the 4th floor and saw that on the 4th floor there was cobwebs on the ceiling of the floor and spiders were more common than on the 3rd floor and there was more dried blood on the wall than the previous floors I was in. There was a lot more stuff on this floor and there was dining tables and chairs on this floor and it looks like as this was a restaurant from the 60s or 70s and I walked around the floor and there was cobwebs on the tables and chairs and spiders were crawling on the table but then I saw that there was a kitchen of some sort and I kept feeling as if something was behind me but the feeling was not that strong and I kept seeing stuff in the corner of my eye but when I turned I saw that nothing was there I realized that in the darker places that where less illuminated the feeling of something being behind me was there .
There were flickering lights in this place that seem as if they were about to die out. I somehow walked into a darker place in the floor and the feeling of something behind me was coming back. I felt as if something was lurking in this place and they lurked in the darker areas with less light. I saw that was of course more stairs that went down into the 5th floor. I was now in the 5th floor and holy crap this place was getting creepy there was a lot more cobwebs on this floor then there was on floor 4 and the spiders where now in big numbers and the spiders looked even bigger than before. This floor was even darker with less light. I saw that there was tables and chairs on the 5th floor just like the last one but they where on the tables but then as I looked away and looked back I saw that the chairs were now on the floor and broken for some reasons and I thought to myself this place has to be haunted. There less light bulbs that were on this floor than on the last floor and it was darker and there was less light.
Like I said in darker areas I felt as if someone was behind me and on this floor the feeling was stronger than on the last floor. I walked around and was in darker areas with less light and the feeling of someone behind me was getting stronger and stronger until I stopped walking and I listened closely and I could faintly hear a voice of some sort and it sounded creepy and I got scared and walked to a lighter area with more light and I saw something in the corner of my vision and then turned around to see a tall skinny shadow figures and it appeared to be afraid of the areas of the place with more light so I kept going around the place and saw more figures and I went into a darker area and something jumped out at me and tried to attack me and I ran to where a light bulb illumined the place and the figures stopped were scared off by the light of the light bulb and stopped attacking me because of the light.
I kept going down more floors and my god it felt like this thing was going down forever I was on the 15th floor when things really started getting bad the cobwebs where getting the point to where they are covering everything and spiders where so big to the point to where they are the size of the palm of my hand. I saw that there was little spiders in such massive numbers that something you could not see what they were because it was covered in so many spiders. On the 15th floor it was so dark that you could barely see in front of you the only reason I could see that there spiders everywhere was because there was only a few light bulbs on the floor that were dimly lit . The Odor on this floor was bad and it smelled like dead rotting corpses and so much dried blood on everything that it covered every square inch on what was on the floor and on the wall on everything and on everywhere.
I was standing under a dimly lit light and around me I would hear voices screaming "help me help I'm being tormented"! I then saw that around be where hundreds of glowing eyes around me but I felt as if I would be safe as long as if there was light around me. I stayed under the light bulb for until the eyes went away but then a few minutes later the light bulb above me went out and when that happened I knew I was in trouble and I bolted and I could not see in the dark so I bumped around everything and tripped and fell and as I fell something grabbed me and I could tell that this thing was big. It was dark and I could not see anything but I was in this what ever this thing was grip and I thrashed and tried to punch this thing but it was not budging I felt as if my life was coming to an end.
A stroke of luck happened and for some god only knows reason I escaped from what ever this thing was grip and ran as fast I could in the dark tripping over objects and then getting back up. I was in the dark and saw a dim light in the distance and I got closer to see it was a dimly lit light bulb I felt safe under this light bulb and the thing did not go near it. I went down more floors and on floor 18 is when some very scary stuff started happening at this point spiders where the size of cats and the cob webs where so thick that it was getting hard to walk through. I was getting attacked by spiders I was fighting them off it was getting to the point where I was getting overwhelmed by them. I found a baseball bat on the floor and used it to beat the spiders and kill them.
I heard screams everywhere and they were ear piercing. All I could hear was "I'm being tormented help"! I then realized that there was water on the floor about an inch of it. I kept walking around and I kept hearing the sloshing of water on the floor as I walked I tried to turn on my flashlight because it was dark but the darkness of the room was so bad that it sucked all the light away from the flash light. I was walking and a very nasty smell hit my nose, it was the smell of rotting corpses but the smell was very strong and I began to throw up and nearly passed out. I felt as this place I was in was filled with corpses and that was confirmed when I saw a very dim light in the distance and when I went to it I was hundreds of rotting corpses and some of them where in the very thick cobwebs hanging with web wrapped around them like mummies.
I looked down and saw that the so called inch of water was not water at all it was an inch of blood filled with maggots and flies swarming them by the thousands. I looked and saw a corpse and I kept staring at it and saw that it had long flowing blond hair and was wearing a pink backpack with yellow stars and had a purple shirt that said lets go tigers and that when it hit me like a truck and tears started flowing down my face this was my daughter she is dead and was smelly rotting corpse that mostly been mummified. My daughter was 16 when she went missing and her school mascot was a tiger and her name was Amy and she had a pink backpack with stars. I miss her so much and if she was alive by now she who have been an adult at the age of 18. I then look to see at her backpack to confirm if it was her and I saw the name Amy written on her backpack I confirmed that this was in fact my daughter. I kept digging in the backpack to see what was in it and found her phone it turned on with 45 percent battery and no password was on it.
I could no longer hold it in anymore and the tears flowing down my face become full blown sobbing. My daughter is just a mummified dead corpse. I took my daughters phone out of her backpack and put it in my pocket and as I was doing that is when I heard it a low pitched growl and a very creepy one and then I froze for a solid minute and then heard a another growl and I tried to be as quiet as I could and heard the sound of water sloshing around but that of course was not water but it was blood sloshing around. I kept hearing the blood sloshing as if something was moving around in it and my heart was pounding very hard and I felt as this was the end of me I then realized I was in this thing's nest and I was going to be the fly in the web.
I heard the sloshing again and it sounded like it was getting closer to me and I felt a warm draft over me and that when I booked it and ran I fast as I could and ran up the stairs that was closest to me. I ran to the other floors I was now at floor 17 and I knew the thing was chasing after me. I was now hyperventilating and heart pounding I could hear roaring at the stair well I knew I had to run up to floor 1 and bust the door down as hard as I could I kept running tripping over everything in the dark and dirty as hell and covered in blood. I then ran up to the stairwell that went to floor 16 and of tripped and fell while on the stairwell to floor 16 and busted my head and blacked out and woke up in a spiderweb. I open my eyes and saw I had passed out and I was back on floor 18.
I knew I was doomed and I would never be found down here I was going to be this thing's meal a few hours had passed I kept struggling and struggling and could not get out of the web. I felt a warm draft on me and I felt as if I was being stabbed this thing was digging into me with it's fangs I felt I was done for. The pain of the thing digging it's fangs in me was unbearable and I was screaming. The thing was sucking my blood until it was dry. I was there in that web for god knows how long it had to be a very long time because I was dehydrated and very hungry. I was very weak and could not move much and could barley move my limbs but for some reason I began to slowly fall out of the web and broke free from the web and I got out of the web. I began to walk slowly to the stairwell that lead to the 17th floor and I climbed up the stairs slowly and when I was up on the 17th floor I walked around the floor for a while and I saw a place I could hide in from the thing there was a door and I open and there was a glowing light in the room I opened and the light was a light blub glowing and turned and lit up the room and I saw that I was in luck because there was 2 bottles of water on the shelfs in the small room I was in and a small bag of trail mix that was month passed its expiration date. I put a chair in front of the door so the thing would not get in.
I happily ate the trail mix and drank the 2 bottles of water and I put my ear on the door to see if I hear anything and when it was ready to go. I did not hear anything when I was putting ear my ear on the door at first but then a few hours had passed, and I heard a sniffing sound a faint growl. I tried to be as quiet as I could and hoped the chair in the door made where the thing could not get in the room with me, and I was no longer weak because I drank the water and ate the trail mix. I heard banging on the door the thing was trying to get in and get me. I had to think fast, and I saw a trap door and I opened and crawled into it as fast as I could. I was inside vents now and crawling and I heard the thing break down the door, but it was too big to get in the vents I was crawling in.
I began to crawl faster and found an exit to the vents, and it was on floor 15. I was now on floor 15 and the vents for some reason just collapsed right as when I crawled out of them, and I could not get back into the vents to get away from the thing. I heard the sound of the thing getting up to the floor I was at, and I booked it as fast as I could and ran up the stairwell to floor 14. I ran up more floors and I'm now on floor 12 and I fell as if this thing is catching up to me and I ran I fast as I could and kept running until I reached floor 11 and at floor 11 I grab a knife on the table and I kept running until I got to floor 10 and then on floor 10 I fell into a huge hole that was on the floor and the wood on the floor was rotting and I fell back into floor 11. I was catch up by the thing and was in its grasp and struggled to get out of it grasp and I then stabbed it in both of its eyes and it let go of me and it was screeching in pain. I ran back into the 10th floor and went around the hole and then went up into the others floor and at floor 7 I could hear it getting closer to me again but kept running as fast as I could and heart pounding.
I few more floors left, and I could pound the door down and get out of the basement. I was running and finally got up to floor 1 and began to violently pound down the door that was the entrance to the basement and I pounded as hard I could and I had super human strength from the adrenalin and I could hear the thing coming up the floors so I did one last super hard pound on the door with all my strength and busted a hole in the door and walked out the door and at last I was no longer in the basement of this damn mansion. I then ran out of the mansion and was finally outside and I kept running on the gravel path as fast as I could and then for a while, I finally found the fenced I had jumped and got over it and was back on the small 1 mile trail and collapsed on the ground where people saw me drenched in blood.
I then woke up in the hospital and the doctor said I was lucky and almost died from severe blood loss and I realized I had my daughter's phone in my pocket and cops were in the hospital room where I was at. I also saw my wife there too and she said where were you I called the cops and your boss said you were not at work, and he then called cops and I went all over the city looking for you and stayed up and it was on the news of you going missing and I'm glad you're okay and you are alive. I told them everything of what happened I told about the thing in the basement of abandon mansion in the woods and I would never go back to that place.
My wife told me her story and she told me that she looked everywhere in town for me and her first thought I was at the bar with my friends but then saw I was not there she said it was getting dark and I had to be home to or she would call the cops and she said I did not answer the phone and she got worried and called the cops. The cops came and began to search for me, and days had passed, and they did not find me so a whole search group came and looked for me and she said she looked around the city and she tried to look for me at the small park near the house and did not find me.
She said a cop was at a state park and saw a passed out person on the ground at a 1 mile trail which was me and the ambulance came and picked me up and got me to the hospital and then a cop was at the hospital and realized it was me as I was waking up.
A few months had passed and I was diagnosed with ptsd and I told my therapist everything.
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2023.06.05 08:39 GravitateBackwards hello question about wall textures

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2023.06.05 08:36 your_nude_peach Kindred Voice

So, anyone else had this saddening thing that eventually riot will update their voice lines and they might take different voice actors for that? I have no idea who the voice actors but years past and people get older and some things we can do no more. I think it might be still easy for a wolf actor to have such raspy feral voice but for lamb it might be pretty hard after being 40-50-60, I think
I personally wish, if riot will ever update their voice lines, they shouldn't touch the original ones and just add up the new ones. It's just so iconic immortal
Tbf even in Legends of Runeterra I feel like Lamb's voice actress's voice became more mature. She still did an amazing job, this person a total hero of voice acting
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2023.06.05 08:26 SP458 Stage for Cinderella Final results

-- Election Winner -- 1. Eve Santaclaus (8,252,071 votes)
By winning the final round, Eve Santaclaus becomes the 11th Cinderella Girl. She will also receive a voice actress and a commemorative SSR.
-- Participate in final event song -- 2. Ichinose Shiki (7,733,033 votes) 3. Takamori Aiko (5,352,037 votes) 4. Takagaki Kaede (5,267,980 votes) 5. Hisakawa Hayate (4,998,870 votes)
These idols will participate in the final event song, along with Eve.
-- Do not participate in final event song -- 6. Sato Shin (4,987,212 votes) 7. Kamiya Nao (4,947,082 votes) 8. Yorita Yoshino (4,747,697 votes) 9. Hisakawa Nagi (4,512,633 votes) 10. Sakuma Mayu (4,361,395 votes) 11. Yumemi Riamu 12. Nitta Minami 13. Ohtsuki Yui 14. Sagisawa Fumika 15. Ohishi Izumi 16. Takafuji Kako 17. Tsujino Akari 18. Shimamura Uzuki 19. Layla 20. Kanzaki Ranko 21. Mochizuki Hijiri
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2023.06.05 08:21 IsaiahTrenton Hot Spicy Take: Across the Spiderverse is Just Fine

This is gonna make me popular.
I loved the first movie and what it set up and what it introduced. I don't think it's the best superhero movie as some people have said but I did like it a lot. The best kind of comic book flick is the one that makes you want to read the comics they're based on. Into the Spiderverse did that for me. This sequel is not a bad movie by any means but I was not as blown away from it as others apparently were. There was a lot I liked but unfortunately the stuff I didn't like took dominance overall. This is just my opinion and it doesn't mean you're not allowed to like this because I don't. Not am I telling you what to like or not. That being said let's get into it.
I'll start with what I genuinely loved and that's the exploration of different art styles and universes. My favorite part of the first film was imagining what exactly the different worlds were like and how they functioned. This film kicks up everything I loved about the first film. I loved the look and design of Mumbaihattan. I have zero idea what the art style was inspired by, maybe graphic novels from India, but I thought the way it was brought to life was brilliant. The colors in Gwen's world and how they bled into each other and how the colors and shades she was shown in reflected her mood, it was wonderful. Nuevo York is the only world I felt could've been more distinct but I did like it's design overall. I was expecting a bit more of an overt Latin flair similar to how Mumbaihattan influenced so greatly by Indian culture. Scarlet Spider and Spider-Punk were my favorite characters to watch. I remained amazed how seamlessly they blended so many different types of art styles that contrast heavily with each other. It was impressive just how many styles they came up with for the dozens of Spider people we see in this film. The soundtrack continues to be top shelf material. I knew we were in for a treat at the opening logos. Even during the segments that I wasn't really feeling the music along with the impressive animation helped me pull through. The humor doesn't take as much of a focus here but when it does appear it's a lot denser and wackier than the first film. Hell there's a lot of dark humor in the premise of the main thrust of the plot. The characters are literally debating if spin-offs from the original comic should veer too far from the original formula. So basically because Peter Parker was an unlucky son of a bitch all the way back in the 60's, everyone else is also fucked. This is darkly hilarious while also making for a good driving force of the plot. The film is incredibly meta whenever someone is in a Spider-Man suit.
The moment that suit comes up is when the story plays it incredibly straight and I'm sorry but I wasn't into this and it takes up a lot of time in the first act. There are long stretches of characters just talking and sometimes they give us interesting visuals to go along with it. But a lot of the first act deals with Miles and his parents and I'm sorry but I hated most of this. We've seen this story before literally because this is the same conflict every Spiderman has. There's obviously a lot of that in this series but most times there's a variation on it or they play it off in a creative way. Miles gets an Uncle Ben moment in the first film but it's obviously very different than when Uncle Ben died. They do a lot of that in the first film which made a lot of the times when there's so superhero shenanigans interesting. This film doesn't have a lot of that as it regards Miles. Although I did find it very interesting how Miles conflict could easily be seen as an allegory for coming out to one's family as queer, there just wasn't enough in those scenes that kept me engaged. Maybe it's because I'm not a parent. You can definitely tell Kemp Jones was involved in this because there's a lot more dramatic scenes and moments of pathos than in the first one which already had plenty.
That brings me to my next point: momentum. This film drags A LOT in the third act for me. The big twist at the end was telegraphed very early on and while I appreciated the clever editing and beautiful art that went into this sequence, I wanted them to get to the point. I knew he was in another universe and his whole scene with Rio where he comes out to her as Spider-Man and obviously she doesn't know what that is because he's in the wrong world felt like it took for fucking ever. This was clearly very effective for a lot of people not named me. But I much would've preferred if they had just gone straight to the twist and stopped dragging out. I knew this was part one of a story going into it and I knew they weren't going to wrap everything up in ten minutes. I felt like I was being edged. I really just wanted them to get to the goddamn point already. All of this is an amazing concept but they take so much time setting up for this big moment that you could probably pick up on if you paid even a little bit of attention. In a way it reminded me of Everything Everywhere All at Once in that the parts before the multiverse stuff gets going can be comparatively somewhat slow. Although in EEAO, I felt like those pieces of the film had enough charm in that that came off as quaint.
This movie kept building up to an emotional pay off that we never got and yes get why because it's part one of a two part story. But there are ways to do that in ways that leave the audience feeling emotionally complete. I've seen a lot of people compare this to Infinity War and while I get the comparison I'd argue that because the main character was in effect Thanos there was a somewhat complete story arc presented. The same argument could be made for Gwen but she's not really the same main character in the same way. I did like that she got a lot more to do and honestly if the film were only following her trying to fix shit in the multiverse and the sequel was what we got here with an actual ending, I probably would've preferred that. I didn't feel complete emotionally at the end of this. Perhaps my feelings on this will change when the last installment comes out. But for now, while I did like this it wasn't better than the first one for me. The first one had much better momentum, build up and pay off. There's still a lot to love otherwise and I do recommend other people see it. I am very sure that I am an outlier in this and if you wanna see it you're gonna like it more than likely. But for everyone else who is on the fence, I'll tell you that this one is a lot moodier and darker and not as fast paced as the first one. It definitely takes it time and on some level I appreciate that. But for my particular taste, it just didn't work for me. I'm probably not watching this whole thing again but I'm absolutely looking up the fights and some of the gags. I gave the original a 9/10. I'll give this one a 6.5/10.
submitted by IsaiahTrenton to flicks [link] [comments]

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2023.06.05 08:14 Jaginun Observations and (hopefully constructive) criticism for devs.

Hey. Been playing this game for a couple weeks now, and it seems the developers are open to feedback and dialogue, so I'm posting with the intention of it being seen by developers. Just as a preface, I've been playing as a two-stack and have reached level 31, 24th mission of Zero to Hero. Issues are in no particular order. Finally, there is much I like about the game, or where I see promise, but the problems are just more important to include than the successes.
Criticisms -
  1. THE PRICE. This game is far too expensive, and is even getting more expensive. £25 is far, far too much for the state of its development, and this clearly is the reason why it's dead. It was increased a few days after I bought it, an insane idea considering the player count is barely over 1k at peak. Before I bought the game, I played another one of the studio's games, Dredge, to familiarise myself with them. It's a neat game, but I was frankly shocked to see it being charged at £21, for a game that (with all due respect) is more akin to a proof of concept, and should be a tenth of that.
  2. Crafting. What, when and with what you craft with all have major flaws. Attachments for the Sten, arguably the weakest primary and first unlocked to craft are far harder to craft than say, ones for the BAR. Fabric is relatively rare compared to scrap, which also is far too easy to get by just breaking down Welrod/Cloth caps. The items available to craft are seemingly arbitrary, and include end-game weapons like the BAR and M16 while missing others.
  3. Ship combat. For ship combat itself, most ships and turrets are virtually useless. Any ship larger than the Scout is objectively worse (for anything but doing Red Baron) because of their size, and weapons like the the Dual Rockets (which has 1/3 the rockets of the rocket launcher) and Torpedo are not viable. Interceptors and Frigates/Dreadnoughts are far, far too large for player use, even with a full 4-stack. A single Breacher Scout can take down 5 other player ships without any real issue, although it doesn't really matter much because of -
  4. Boarding. Boarding completely negates losing in space combat, and even if pounded post-destruction can't stop the crew from simply healing, popping into pods and breaching you. Damage taken while boarding is negligible, and provides no malus to boarders who often can spawn in positions able to sprint into the cockpit and kill the pilot before they can get off the helm. Destroying pods is possible (and satisfying) but the weapon seemingly best at that job (Flak) requires direct hits, even though they were proximity detonated in real life. For players intending on fighting outside raid locations, staying on your ship is a straight disadvantage.
  5. Movement/gunplay. My major problem here is the forced mouse acceleration. It makes the gunplay feel worse, and makes scopes a disadvantage to use.
  6. Lore and universe. The game seems very muddled and confused when it comes to the story. Factions seem to be named after WW1 nations, but the style and design is (almost) entirely WW2. I can only imagine this is to avoid any dangerous topics, but makes the armour and weapons feel far more generic than if the world was instead an extrapolated WW1. Soviet weapons are present yet no soviet/russian faction, again something I imagine is out of PR concerns due to current events. Vendors don't even seem to sell faction equipment, M1 vests being sold by CE instead of UA, Mat-49s sold by pirates instead of KA etc. Two factions have some variation of 'alliance' in their name of the 3, and no effort is made to differentiate the factions in intent, ability or scale.
  7. Missions. Most missions seem akin to placeholders. In-match objectives are almost exclusively 'hold F on object' ones, and the others are inconsistent in difficulty (get 5 kills with P08 vs kill 4 space mines) and don't provide any potential lore behind the factions that issue them. The Zero to Hero contracts range from killing 20 security (mostly found on merchant ships, a hot spot for pvp) to killing 5 radar turrets. They aren't satisfying to complete, and now that I have scrap and flash grenades equipped, there's very little motivation for me to even continue doing them. The final quest seems like an artificial bottleneck, and not even worth the quest reward (a worse ship to craft than the 18K breacher).
  8. Levelling. Apart from to get new voices (one of the best part of the game) I have little motivation to gain levels, and even less to prestige, which gives you a few more slots in exchange for everything. Inventory space doesn't matter because containers are plentiful and even the best gear is easy to replace. Skill points are equal to the level gained, which means I am never forced to save them.
  9. Health. Healing is easy mid-combat and has resulted in the meta being 'who can carry more S.F.A kits'; the amount of boarders I've found with the equivalent of 4+ large FAKs is stupid. Being put down to 1% health has no penalty, and in addition to the ease of getting loot and the weak gunplay makes pvp combat have little weight behind it.
  10. Loot. Some items like Motor Oil and Transmitters have no use outside the main questline, and the crates worth opening seem random. Jewellery and Ammo are worth more when opened, Medical are worth more unopened. Descriptions of items are at best useless, and at worse down right wrong. They provide no flavour and give new players no idea of their use; food items heal you despite their description saying they just remove fatigue, I have no idea how much damage armour values block, and no way to compare the stats of weapons.
Sorry if any of this seems overly critical, but I am only posting because I see potential in the game. The dev team does seem perhaps new to coding these type of games, but I appreciate the effort put in to take criticism.
submitted by Jaginun to MaraudersGame [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 08:13 boytisoy I actually enjoy some of the Michael Bay Transformers movies

I find the action entertaining, Autobots and Decepticons have solid designs, celebrity voice-acting is solid all-around, and the robot deaths are quite brutal in a good way. With two robot factions at war with each other, you expect a lot of oil and metal pieces flying around. Let's be honest, if Peter Cullen didn't return to voice Optimus Prime for those films, I wouldn't have seen them. He's one of those few voice actors like Kevin Conroy with Batman where their voices are so synonymous and iconic with the role that they are the standard for which how other future talent should voice that certain character.
submitted by boytisoy to TrueUnpopularOpinion [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 08:10 Lumpy_Picture_2569 I used AI to generate how Peter Drury would commentate on Hazard's return and I'm~

Ladies and gentlemen, Stamford Bridge is alive with anticipation and excitement as the prodigal son returns! Eden Hazard, the magician, the maestro, has made his way back to his beloved Chelsea, and the fans are on their feet, ready to witness his triumphant return.

As the players emerge from the tunnel, the atmosphere is electric. The Chelsea faithful, draped in blue, their voices echoing through the stands, creating a wall of sound that envelopes the stadium. And there he is, Eden Hazard, resplendent in his familiar number 10 jersey, with that mischievous grin that has melted the hearts of fans worldwide.

The referee blows the whistle, and the match begins. Hazard, as if fueled by the raw emotion of this moment, bursts forward with the ball at his feet. The defenders scramble to contain him, but his grace, his elegance, is unmatched. He dances through the challenges, leaving defenders in his wake. It's like watching a virtuoso performance, a ballet on the football pitch!

Oh, what a pass! Hazard picks out his teammate with pinpoint accuracy, a pass that splits the defense like a surgeon's scalpel. The crowd inhales collectively, holding their breath in anticipation. And... GOAL! The net bulges, the stadium erupts, and Stamford Bridge trembles with jubilation! Eden Hazard has announced his return in style!

The fans chant his name, their voices reverberating through the hallowed grounds. The love, the adoration, pours down from the stands like a waterfall. Hazard, with a humble smile, acknowledges the outpouring of affection, a man reunited with his footballing home.

As the match continues, Hazard's brilliance continues to illuminate the pitch. His combination play, his vision, his ability to unlock defenses, it's all on display. The opposition can only watch in awe as he weaves his magic, leaving them in a state of disarray.

The final whistle blows, and Stamford Bridge erupts once more. Eden Hazard has returned, and he has conquered hearts yet again. This is a storybook comeback, a tale of a hero's homecoming. The Chelsea faithful will forever cherish this day, the day Eden Hazard reclaimed his throne.

And so, my friends, as the echoes of this momentous occasion fade into history, let us remember that football is not just a game of skill and tactics. It is a canvas on which dreams come alive, where legends are born and reborn. Eden Hazard, welcome back to Stamford Bridge, where you belong!
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2023.06.05 07:54 p1g30n5h17 Danganronpa: True Colours, Second Round of Voice acting auditions

Hi Hi again! I'm Pidge Main director of Danganronpa True Colours.
We have our prologue almost finalised :) and I am super excited.
Out of the 17 roles we opened for auditioning, 10 of them were filled, leaving 7 roles unfilled, including our Mascot!
Come try for our second round of Auditioning as it starts now! and ends on June 30th (Aest)
Here is the required stuff
Story: In this fangame, Danganronpa is a Tv show that everyone has heard of. Not everyone enjoys it but everyone knows of it. In the show they have a group of students known as ultimates forced to kill eachother for escape. They will usually have 5 chapters of murders and a final chapter to find out the truth of their circumstance. Its heavily popular and many people have attempted remakes to only be arrested. One day, one of the richest undercover people on Earth finds it and wants to make it a reality.
Setting: Danganronpa True colours takes place in a mall when 16 Ultimates aged 17 to 26 are locked in and forced in a killing game. All of them don't remember their names, having a tablet refer to them by a colour name reminiscent of their personalities. The Mascot Doukeshi is a program that appears on the screen, that acts as a mascot for this game. These people know nothing about how they got here or why, all they know, is someone is recreating Danganronpa in real life, and they have to play along.
Theme: History repeats itself/ someone's true colours
Availability: p1g30n__5h17#6390
Roles we are recruiting for: Writers, Artists, Animators, Coders, VOICE ACTORS, Music crew.
Proof: This is a document of all the roles we are auditioning for, including personalities, lines, voice acting requirements and basic info on the characters.

I know I have made a lot of posts and I'm sorry but XD I want this game to succeed so badly.
submitted by p1g30n5h17 to Fanganronpa [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 07:50 imperpetuallyannoyed Approaching a suspected predator in public

I was sitting in a food court next to a male foreigner and a couple of kids (a female teenager and a female child about 10 years old). I can hear them clearly talking about visa and how he'll help them go abroad. I moved a bit closer to them and the foreigner lowered his voice and left immediately. I don't want to judge but everything looks sketchy. How will you deal with this situation?
submitted by imperpetuallyannoyed to Philippines [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 07:50 dothingsunevercould Eagan $$$$$

With his photographic memory, as soon as 2018 rolls around in the new TL, he'd be able to hit on 10 team parlays on a nightly basis, insane player prop bets too. He'd be a trillionaire within a month-- he's definitely a passenger who is set up the best in the new timeline.
Ben is going to crazy trying to reconcile his memories of grown Olive/Cal and Eden with what is now reality (Olive especially, there's no telling the impact losing Ben and Cal at such a young age had on her and a huge part of the kind and compassionate young woman she was growing to be, what if now she's just a stone cold bitch in the new timeline, or what Cal without the callings will grow up to be).
submitted by dothingsunevercould to ManifestNBC [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 07:41 AntiqueBench528 Rate voice out of 10.

submitted by AntiqueBench528 to singing [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 07:39 A_horse_a_piece77 Pride And Prejudice

Pride And Prejudice
As June arrives, the question this year is not which companies will give their logos a rainbow refresh to commemorate LGBT Pride Month, but how much they’ll try to outdo each other in the process. The inevitability of corporate virtue signaling in June has become a joke even in LGBT circles:,
and viewed more as hollow pandering than genuine celebration:
Still, CEOs know they have to pander – or risk earning the ire of progressive authoritarian watchdogs.
I say “authoritarian” because that’s what much of the left has become – and nowhere is their tyranny more visible than in the orthodoxy demanded during Pride Month. Once reserved for the last Sunday in June (the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion that started the contemporary gay rights movement), one day is no longer sufficient to appease the LGBT overlords – Pride only counts if it’s observed from June 1 – 30. And if you think the demands stop at giving your company a rainbow logo for 30 days, think again:
The "Wear the ribbon" energy of the LGBT lobby is a far cry from its origins. Advocacy that began by calling for Americans to “live and let live” is now demanding public validation that stretches from the board room to the living room. This mindset betrays everything that Pride should be about.
What started as a celebration of differences and a plea to let individuals be their authentic selves now demands conformity. The oppressed have become the oppressors. In the grandest of ironies, LGBT bullies have pushed people into the closet, silencing the voices of those who don’t agree with the entire panoply of LGBT dogma.
In 2023 that dogma includes teaching kindergarteners “what it can mean to be transgender, non-binary, or gender expansive;” referring to people using pronouns like “xe/xem” and “fae/faer”; and being completely okay with children attending salacious drag shows.
Refuse to toe the line, and self-silencing will be the least of your worries. Oppose compelled speech? Lose your Job.
Question the fairness of biological males competing in women’s sports? Become the target of physcial violence.
Decline to participate in a same-sex wedding? Get hauled before the Supreme Court of the United States.
For U.S. corporations, “allyship” is almost exclusively determined by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and their "Corporate Equality Index".
In order to get a perfect 100% score, companies need to do far more than ensure LGBT employees are welcome, respected, and treated like everyone else in the workplace – the criteria to be met include: the “integration of intersectionality” into corporate training; covering the cost of cosmetic surgery: for transgender employees; donating to LGBT charities; and marketing or advertising to LGBT consumers.
Given that context, one wonders: Were the recent controversies that erupted around Bud Light and Target caused by a genuine desire for the brands to engage in social issues?
Or the consequence of having a proverbial gun held to their heads by the Human Rights Campaign?
The public backlash brands are now facing for “going woke” is the inevitable result of idealogues pushing a progressive (and aggressive) cultural agenda, and major corporations helping them implement it in ever-encroaching ways.
Escaping this abyss will require three things.
First, businesses need to ditch the Corporate Equality Index. Companies regularly decline to participate in workplace surveys — even when proposed by their own stockholders — citing time, manpower, cost, and existing company policies that make such inquiries irrelevant. They should take the same stance on the Corporate Equality Index. It’s a paper tiger, but it will only fold if companies abandon it.
Next, everyday Americans appalled by the collusion between Gay, Inc. and Big Business need to make their opposition known in c-executive suites and corporate boardrooms coast to coast. The New Tolerance Campaign has launched a petition that allows people to do exactly that. The voices of reasonable LGBT Americans who wish to disassociate themselves from recent extremes will be especially important here.
Finally, those words need to be paired with action. In the past week, Target stock plummeted 12% , and Bud Light has become so toxic that stores can’t even give it away:
Grassroots action works – it made examples of those two brands and showed that it’s not the elites who hold the power; it’s the people.
A cultural shift from mandated celebration to mutual respect is needed – and something most Americans would welcome observing 365 days a year.
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2023.06.05 07:38 Hitoshi_Takumi The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Audiobook "Quick Poll"

Hi, if you don't already know I'm working on a Haruhi Suzumiya Audiobook using AI to generate it in the voice of Crispin Freeman. The English Voice Actor for Kyon.
For anyone lisening to the audiobook.
Would you like to see "𝘊𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘣𝘺 𝘊𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘶𝘱𝘭𝘰𝘢𝘥𝘴", like I'm doing right now? (Uploads takes around 1-2 weeks)
Or a "𝘍𝘶𝘭𝘭 𝘉𝘰𝘰𝘬 1 𝘶𝘱𝘭𝘰𝘢𝘥?" (Will take around 3-4 months)
I've already done chapter 1 and 2. So I feel that the need for exposure has already been acheived, and a full release makes more sense to people who want to lisen through the whole book.
View Poll
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2023.06.05 07:38 Hopeful_You_1316 Sadness is all I’ve ever known and it gives me comfort. Recently I had an encounter with my dead mom in my dream. Need guidance. Trigger warning: mentions self harm, sexual assault.

Bad things have been happening to me all of my life. I remember my mom saying I was “retarded” while I pretended to sleep. Just because I had trouble speaking as a kid. Now as an adult I realize I was just having social anxiety but my mom hated that.
I used to get bullied as a kid in elementary school and ate by myself. My parents were strict to I didn’t really build friendships outside school unless it was an extracurricular like dancing or sports and I ducked at both.
In middle school was my first contact with self harm. I had watched the movie thirteen and like the girl in the movie, I felt comfort in slitting my wrists. I confided in a friend and my entire class started to call me “psycho” . My mom found out and punched me for ruining her reputation.
The next year while I was in class some boys called me ugly. I was so ashamed I didn’t want my friends to tell the teacher. They did. My parents found out which added to my shame.
Later that year, my mom passed away of cancer. I was 14. While I was shocked, I felt relief. Relief she would no longer insult or hurt me.
Around that time I got a new haircut and suddenly boys started to notice me. I was so shy and awkward that I made up for it by going straight to kissing and touching to avoid conversations. That’s how the rest of my relationships became even as an adult.
I lied to the world about being not being a virgin because I was. I ended up giving “it” to an older man because it was the only way no one my age would find out I was still a virgin. Around that time I was going out with one of my schools teachers. I was just 17. I never had sex with him but it got scary one time that he followed me home and I was by myself.
When I was in college things somewhat improved but I always felt lonely. I never had friends who cared enough and I covered that by always being in relationships. I never had a big family and I never attended family parties. I never learned how to dance or how to be social. My only sister got married and never introduced me to her partner or let me know she was getting married. It was a small intimate wedding but I never felt important enough even though I tell her everything.
I always ended up with men who needed me to take care of them. The college dropout who I did his school work for and who left me for another woman after he graduated.
After that I went on a tinder binge and had sex with about 5-10 people and I can’t recall their names. I met one man who took me out for dinner. I ended up being drugged and r*aped in my sleep.
I let my doorman who was 53 years old perform oral s*x on me. I was 23. I never felt so much regret and disgust for myself in my life.
At that time I met a man who would become my husband 2 years later. Now that I think about it it was too soon for us to marry. He never demonstrated sexual interest in me and always raised his voice at me. On my 25th birthday I asked him if he loved me and he said “love has to be built”. It had been 1 year after we started dating. A few months later he asked me to marry him while he said “I love you” for the first time. I don’t want to make this post about him but he rejected me so much. After he got his green card he left me. Now he’s with a beautiful woman and told her I love you after the first 2 months. I am in the process of divorce and we’ve been separated for nearly 3 years.
When I first got separated from him I tried to fill that void by shopping. I got into debt of 45k in just two years and I’ve let most of the payments default. I am so scared but i can’t afford it. I was also hospitalized twice and incurred medical debt. The only good thing that happened to me during that time was getting into my dream school for my doctoral program with a scholarship. I’ve always liked to learn and I want to build a career where I can help others. After all, sometimes I feel that everything that happens to me has a bigger purpose and that I should serve the world and help it become a better place.
I’ve been seeing someone for 1 year and for the first time I’m with someone who calls me pretty all the time and reassures his love for me. Even though I gained 20 pounds while dating him after starting my doctoral program, he always shows he desires me and has never rejected me. He helped me apply for school and takes care of the dishes when I’m too tired. He’s been my rock but I’ve been hurt by life so much I can’t appreciate that I’m worthy of anyone’s love.
I ended up getting pregnant. Due to financial reasons I decided to go for an abortion. I didn’t want to because I love my partner. He was by my side even though he wanted to keep it. The abortion ended up being incomplete. I spent two days in the hospital thinking I would die. I haven’t healed from that yet and all I do is sleep, eat, and cry. It’s so recent still.
Even though I am no longer with my ex husband I can’t stop comparing myself to his new partner. Physically, she’s everything he ever wanted in terms of what I observed about him while we were married. His friends always rejected me and I see how much love his friends have for her. It reminds me of the rejection my mother dad towards me and the rejection my peers had in school. I will always be the weird and ugly one.
I have isolated myself so much that I don’t have friends. I cry a lot though I’ve never thought of dying. Somehow, being depressed is so familiar to me that it’s all I’ve ever known. Even when I was little I would write about me having no worth in my journals. I’ve kept those journals many years.
However, something strange awoke me a few nights ago. I had a dream where I was in my childhood home and kept knocking on my sister’s door and she wouldn’t open. Suddenly a huge figure that looked like my mom broke into my room asked me what was going on. I went on my knees and started to cry and said that I was so tired of bad things happening to me. It was like my soul was vulnerable in that moment in my sleep. I can’t stop thinking about that dream or what it could’ve meant.
What does this dream mean and how can I use it to transform myself?
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2023.06.05 07:29 A_horse_a_piece77 AI: Good News For Bad Guys

AI: Good News For Bad Guys
ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (AI) are all the rage right now.
In fact, AI and GPT together are almost the only drivers of positive stock market performance today.
A small group of companies with advanced capabilities in AI/GPT (Microsoft, NVIDIA, Google, Apple, and a few others) are rallying sharply on the profit and productivity potential offered by the new technology.
If the AI/GPT plays were removed from stock market indices, the remainder of the stocks would be down on a year-to-date basis. Whether this performance is a bubble or a genuine leap based on fundamentals remains to be seen.
History is filled with investing fads that fizzle out.
Still, there’s no doubt about the impact. That said, GPT has a dark side that is quickly coming to the fore. What do I mean?

Good News for Bad Guys

Malign actors can use the speed and comprehensiveness of GPT to produce fake images and content. They can then push that content into social media and mainstream channels to cause market rallies and crashes.
In other words, for market manipulators, inside traders, and geopolitical adversaries, GPT is one of the best tools ever invented. Here’s a recent case in point…
Last Monday, May 22, a story appeared on Facebook, Twitter, and several other media channels showing a large building on fire near the Pentagon along with speculation that a terrorist attack might be underway.
Stocks immediately began to sell off. Within minutes, it was realized that the building fire photo was fake (based on some windows that had an irregular instead of uniform appearance).
And indeed, the entire story was fake.
The image of the building with billowing smoke was generated by AI. Investors should get used to this type of AI-induced panic that can manipulate markets.
The AI/GPT technology is already in the hands of bad actors and they won’t stop using it just because this one fake was detected quickly.

Computer vs. Computer

Most stock trading is done by computers primed to look for keywords in breaking news. This was a case of computers selling stock based on what another computer was reporting with the use of a fake photo and fake news.
It’s computer versus computer using AI/GPT as advanced weaponry. Here’s why that’s so potentially dangerous…
Today, stock markets and other markets such as bonds and currencies can best be described as “automated automation.” What do I mean?
There are two stages in stock investing. The first is coming up with a preferred allocation among stocks, cash, bonds, etc. This stage also includes deciding how much to put in index products or exchange-traded funds (ETFs, which are a kind of mini-index) and how much active management to use.
The second stage involves the actual buy and sell decisions — when to get out, when to get in and when to go to the sidelines with safe-haven assets such as Treasury notes or gold.
What investors may not realize is the extent to which both of these decisions are now left entirely to computers. I’m not talking about automated trade matching where I’m a buyer and you’re a seller and a computer matches our orders and executes the trade. That kind of trading has been around since the 1990s.
I’m talking about computers making the portfolio allocation and buy/sell decisions in the first place, based on algorithms, with no human involvement at all. This is now the norm.

The Demise of Active Investing

Over 80% of stock trading is now automated in the form of either index funds (over 60%) or quantitative models (under 20%). This means that “active investing,” where you pick the allocation and the timing, is down to less than 20% of the market. Although even active investors receive automated execution.
In all, the amount of human “market making” in the traditional sense is down to about 5% of total trading. This trend is the result of two intellectual fallacies.
The first is the idea that “You can’t beat the market.” This drives investors to index funds that match the market. The truth is you can beat the market with good models, but it’s not easy.
The second fallacy is that the future will resemble the past over a long horizon, so “traditional” allocations of, say, 60% stocks, 30% bonds and 10% cash (with fewer stocks as you get older) will serve you well.
But Wall Street doesn’t tell you that a 50% or greater stock market crash — as happened in 1929, 2000 and 2008 — just before your retirement date will wipe you out.
But this is an even greater threat that’s rarely considered…

Shouting Fire In a Crowded Theater

In a bull market, this type of passive investing amplifies the upside as indexers pile into hot stocks like, for example, Nvidia, Google and Apple have been recently. But a small sell-off can turn into a stampede as passive investors head for the exits all at once without regard to the fundamentals of a particular stock.
It’s like shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater. AI could issue the false alarm that sends investors scrambling for the exits.
Index funds would stampede out of stocks. Passive investors would look for active investors to “step up” and buy. The problem is there wouldn’t be any active investors left, or at least not enough to make a difference.
There would be no active investors left to risk capital by trying to catch a falling knife.
Stocks will go straight down with no bid. The market crash will be like a runaway train with no brakes. It all comes back to complexity, and the market is an example of a complex system.
One formal property of complex systems is that the size of the worst event that can happen is an exponential function of the system scale. This means that when a complex system’s scale is doubled, the systemic risk does not double; it may increase by a factor of 10 or more.
The emergence of AI-generated “fake news” can amplify these market movements.
As the technology improves, which it inevitably will, it’ll become increasingly difficult to distinguish reality from fiction. Stories like the fire near the Pentagon will become much harder to debunk.
Investors need to understand these technological developments before their portfolio holdings are badly damaged.
One thing we can be sure of is that the threat is not going away.
Written by James Rickards at the
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2023.06.05 07:22 The_johnie Does anyone know anything about this?

Does anyone know anything about this?
Saw it randomly on IG. I guess this person ruined an event Dasha and her boyfriend were speaking at last night.
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2023.06.05 07:21 jbsfk DND 5E, online, 9:00 MST on Tuesday, looking for 1 to 2 more players for a short campaign

Edit: always forget something. 9:00 pm MST
This 5e game is a playtest for a homebrew adventure. It began as a one shot but the players agreed they wanted to play again and continue into the adventure. The players agreed the only significant factor was four adventurers seemed one or two too few for the difficulty, otherwise our initial session had very positive feedback.
Very ranged party. I don't care much about party composition, but Frontline class or support healing class would definitely help to widen the present skillset. But play what you want.
Plays on roll20 with discord for voice chat.
The adventurers are level 3. The intent is to finish the adventure as long as the interest maintains. I anticipate the full adventure to take about 10 sessions, leveling up to about level 6 throughout.
The adventure is Resident Evil and Metroid inspired. You begin trapped (at first) in a bizarre mansion with frightening and strange creatures stalking the halls. The primary objective is escape alive. Secondary, find the villain responsible for this among other horrors and capture or eliminate him. Tertiary goals arise at the party's discretion as they find clues, survivors, and other potential leads.
It's horror based but in terms of disturbing imagery or concepts, it's no more than Curse of Strahd level (I'd say even less). No 18+ content.
Pretty even in roleplay, combat, and problem solving.
Prefer players with some 5e and roll20 experience but if you have a desire to learn and do some homework, I'd take you.
We have only played one session so far so there is not too much to catch a new player up on.
This listing is great for anyone who wants to play but doesn't want to commit to a longterm game. Great for those of you with lighter summer schedules (like me. I work in education), or great if you love the RE genre and the idea of a Metroidvania game sounds fun for you.
Message me if you're interested. Please tell me your name, your age, your 5e and roll20 experience, a character concept (don't have to commit to it), and why you're interested in this adventure.
We play on Tuesday, so two days from this posting. We'll connect you in quick.
Happy gaming!
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