Who sang all alone am i

Forever Alone, Together!

2010.09.15 02:09 noonches Forever Alone, Together!

A subreddit for Forever Alone folks. Official Discord server: https://discord.com/invite/TvDz9jB If you're hurting: https://www.reddit.com/ugly/comments/13nmu2i/suicide_hotlines_52123/ 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or 1-866-APPELLE (if in Quebec). You can also check /SuicideWatch

2017.11.01 07:35 FaeryLynne Who exactly thought this was a good idea???

Be careful what you Wish for......

2012.04.28 20:41 ayyyyyyyyyy FAW, a women-only sub

We are a women-only sub aimed at women who struggle to bond with others, start relationships, feel attractive... We talk about depression, late virginity or very limited experience, low self-esteem, social anxiety, body image issues, handicaps, mental disorders. We do not welcome partnered/married women, SW, single mums, 3rd time divorcees, etc. If you date/fuck around and can't find the right person, /dating. If you can find relationships but feel alone, /lonely.

2023.05.29 20:32 adn1991 Social skills mentor

Hi all,
This is probably a long shot; hopefully it's alright to ask this here. But basically I was wondering if anyone who considers themselves to be quite good with social skills, would be interested in being my mentor haha.
Long story short, I am 32, recently diagnosed with ADHD and autism, which explains a lot of things over the past 3 decades. However I have been using this as fuel to sort of mechanically improve my social skills but doing reading (e.g., forums like this), as well as some books. I am quite good at a lot of things tangential to social skills but struggle with some fundamental things. Anyways, I am highly verbal (frequently verbose), agreeable, and I have always considered myself to be introverted but now I think a better categorisation is somewhat extroverted, but stuck in an autistic brain.
Anyway, if this interests you I'd love to hear from you.
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2023.05.29 20:31 traumatized_tiramisu how do i confront my mother about her controlling my life (rant)

For context, I'm only a 13 year old girl so my mom does have control over my life but i feel like she is asking too much of me.
My mom is a travel influencer which may sound fun at first but it's become really stressful and has completely destroyed my life. She forces me to be in photos for her instagram even though I really don't want to be in a photo that she will post publicly. I've told her this before and she says it's necessary for her work. I know I'm being kind of a brat to complain but it gets really embarrassing when my classmates make fun of me for it and repost and reshare every bad photo of me. I get teased about it in school all the time. I feel like it's kind of my right to privacy to not have to have photos of me shared online.
Another thing that's also been stressing me out is the amount of travelling we have to do. I really don't mind travelling to hotels where there is internet and i can still do homework but i am often dragged to the middle of nowhere and i'm not able to complete any of my assignments. i have horrible grades and usually end up staying up till 1am to try and finish my homework during the week. if i'm not doing homework at night, i can't sleep due to anxiety and i end up only getting 5-6 hours of sleep a night. My teachers haven't noticed but i usually fall asleep every math class.
Lately, I also have no social life and struggle to keep up. i'm never home and never able to hang out, so all my friends have found new people to hangout with. no one bothers to invite me anywhere because they all know I won't be home anyways.
My mom also expects me to work for her as well. I understand a lot of children do help out with their family business but when I help my mom it requires a lot of time that i don't have and conflicts with my life. i wouldn't mind helping her but i hate being in photos and spending entire weekends creating content. There is absolutely no time for me and I'm always stressed. Many of my classmates make fun of me for having no energy and joke about my mental health which can feel very degrading.
Since I have no control over my life, i have also restricted my eating. i feel like the only thing i can control is what i eat so i refuse to eat rice because it's a carb and never really eat much. I never eat breakfast unless my mom is awake to force me to and i haven't packed a lunch to school in over 6 months. During the school week, the only meal I eat in a day is dinner and during the weekend I usually wake up really early to pretend i already ate breakfast and I eat very small portions at lunch and throw out half my dinner. My mom hasn't noticed at all because she's too consumed with herself.
There are so many more problems caused by my mom and she is negligent to all of them. All she does is yell at me and call me ungrateful and lazy. She doesn't even try to understand what I'm going through. I've been able to live like this for years but I'm almost 14 now I really really really want my life back. I want to be normal again and not have to live like this. i'm done with always being sick and tired and having migraines and feeling nauseous all the time.
At this point I just want to run away. Does anyone know how to cope with this or how i should confront my mom? i have a really unhealthy relationship with her and i'm terrified of even talking to her. Any help would be greatly appreciated, so sorry for the long rant, I just feel like there's no one irl that i can actually talk about this stuff with.
Thanks for reading and considering!
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2023.05.29 19:54 newmusicrls Beatport Drum and Bass Top 100 May 2023

  1. Eksman, Hedex – MHITR (Semi-Automatic) [feat. Eksman] (Original Mix) 02:54 87bpm Ebm
  2. Phibes – Bassdrop (Original Mix) 02:52 87bpm Fm
  3. Rusko, Mozey – Hands In The Air (VIP) 03:06 88bpm Cm
  4. Mozey – Break It Down (VIP) 03:24 87bpm Ebm
  5. Sub Focus – Fine Day (Original Mix) 03:52 87bpm Gm
  6. Bennie – Mercenary (Original Mix) 03:40 88bpm E
  7. Odd Mob – LEFT TO RIGHT (Subsonic Remix) 04:05 87bpm F
  8. Amplify – Skrewface (Original Mix) 04:38 87bpm Dm
  9. Lockerz – The Noise (T95 Remix) 04:27 88bpm Em
  10. Logan, Jappa, Napes – Full English (Original Mix) 05:37 128bpm Em
  11. Amplify – Get Out (Original Mix) 04:32 88bpm Fm
  12. Supermode, 1991 – Tell Me Why (1991 Remix) 04:04 87bpm Cm
  13. Amplify – Machine (Original Mix) 03:55 88bpm Eb
  14. Paul T & Edward Oberon – Somewhere Else (Serum Remix) 04:46 88bpm Am
  15. DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter (T>I & D*Minds ‘Run In The Jungle’ Remix) 04:02 88bpm Abm
  16. Zero T – On the M.I.C (Original Mix) 04:08 87bpm Ebm
  17. London Elektricity, Liane Carroll – Billion Dollar Gravy (Watch The Ride Remix) 04:52 86bpm Dm
  18. Ella Henderson, Switch Disco – REACT (Culture Shock Remix) 03:27 87bpm Fm
  19. Formula – Workin (Original Mix) 04:16 90bpm Eb
  20. Sub Focus, ACO – Vibration (One More Time) (Original Mix) 04:02 87bpm Cm
  21. Jappa, Napes – Where Is The Promoter (Original Mix) 03:12 87bpm Em
  22. Lens, Javeon, Pola & Bryson, goddard. – Way Up (Original Mix) 03:22 109bpm Am
  23. Toxinate – Nope (Original Mix) 03:43 88bpm Em
  24. Amplify – Warmed Up (Original Mix) 04:34 87bpm Bbm
  25. Basstripper – Ricochet (Original Mix) 03:45 88bpm Am
  26. Ed Solo, Deekline, General Levy – Junglist (Kleu VIP Remix) 03:46 88bpm Gm
  27. Kanine – Take Me Up (Original Mix) 03:35 87bpm Bbm
  28. Sota – Wait For Me (Original Mix) 02:51 87bpm Gbm
  29. Harriet Jaxxon – Story Of Women (Original Mix) 02:42 87bpm F
  30. B Live, Bou – F*ck Jump Up (feat. B Live) (Original Mix) 03:44 88bpm G
  31. Disrupta – Come In (Original Mix) 03:02 87bpm Em
  32. Particle – Let It Go (Original Mix) 03:26 87bpm Cm
  33. Turno – Killer (Original Mix) 03:40 88bpm Gbm
  34. TC – Tap Ho (Formula Remix) 04:18 90bpm Gb
  35. Trex – Out The Box (Original Mix) 05:07 88bpm Fm
  36. Bennie – Black Belt (Original Mix) 02:57 87bpm Em
  37. Deekline, Specimen A – The Fugitive (Original Mix) 03:01 88bpm Em
  38. Formula – Now You See Me (Original Mix) 04:20 89bpm Ebm
  39. Fatman D, Amplify – You Better Move (Original Mix) 04:35 87bpm Am
  40. Pola & Bryson, Emily Makis – Phoneline (Original Mix) 03:46 98bpm Dbm
  41. Ozone, Bennie – Goose Chase (Original Mix) 04:48 87bpm Am
  42. Kanine – Ultralight (A.M.C Remix) 03:49 87bpm F
  43. Doktor, Sigma, Watch the Ride – Trouble You (Original Mix) 02:45 87bpm C
  44. Ekko & Sidetrack – No Good 4 Me (Original Mix) 03:49 87bpm F
  45. Calyx – Pull Up (Original Mix) 04:11 86bpm C
  46. MC Spyda, Disrupta – No Chat (Original Mix) 03:46 87bpm F
  47. DJ Marky, Alibi, Charli Brix – Natural Feeling (Original Mix) 03:13 88bpm Ebm
  48. Öwnboss, SEVEK – Move Your Body (Hedex Extended Remix) 03:42 87bpm Dm
  49. Rizzle, Operate, PAV4N – Pleiadians (Original Mix) 03:29 87bpm Fm
  50. AIRGLO – Sandstorm (Extended Mix) 03:09 87bpm E
  51. Bou – All U Gotta Do (Original Mix) 03:45 88bpm Fm
  52. Doktor, S.P.Y – Bad Boy Dub (Edit) 02:56 88bpm G
  53. Metrik – Immortal (Original Mix) 04:08 87bpm Fm
  54. Break, Lorna King – Wait for You (Original Mix) 04:39 86bpm Bm
  55. Basstripper – Milky Way (Original Mix) 03:41 88bpm Bb
  56. DJ Guv – Execution (Profile Remix) 05:10 87bpm F
  57. Impish – Leave (Original Mix) 03:40 87bpm Gm
  58. Particle – Double Stack (Original Mix) 03:23 87bpm B
  59. Speaker Louis – Flip The Fader (Molecular Remix) 04:00 87bpm Gm
  60. The Prodigy, Camo & Krooked, Mefjus – Breathe (Mefjus & Camo & Krooked Remix) 03:44 88bpm Ebm
  61. Amplify – Rendevous (Original Mix) 04:28 88bpm F
  62. Sub Focus, Dimension – Ready To Fly (Sub Focus & Dimension) 03:24 87bpm Abm
  63. Dread MC, Bennie – One Gun Finger feat. Dread MC (Original Mix) 04:08 109bpm Em
  64. Bennie – Giant Killer (Original Mix) 03:00 87bpm E
  65. Pythius – Implant (Original Mix) 04:13 87bpm G
  66. Bennie – Hijack (Switch) (Original Mix) 04:28 121bpm Fm
  67. Ozone, GRAY, Diagnostix – No Face No Case (Original Mix) 03:19 88bpm E
  68. Benny Page, Dope Ammo, Cat Mctigue – I Need Your Loving (Bladerunner Remix) 05:36 88bpm Dbm
  69. Dimension, Poppy Baskcomb – Where Do We Go (feat. Poppy Baskcomb) (Original Mix) 03:24 131bpm F
  70. Bad Company UK – Torpedo (Insideinfo Remix) 04:29 86bpm Cm
  71. Calyx – Feel The Sway (Original Mix) 03:53 86bpm Fm
  72. Creatures, Ill Truth – Taco Disco (Original Mix) 04:31 87bpm Cm
  73. Flowdan, Rohaan – Musket (feat. Flowdan) (Original Mix) 03:03 88bpm Abm
  74. Wilkinson, ILIRA, Tom Cane, iiola – Infinity (feat. ILIRA, iiola & Tom Cane) (Original Mix) 03:33 87bpm Am
  75. Dirtyphonics – Scorpion (Tantrum Desire Remix) 04:26 87bpm Fm
  76. MoMo, Alcemist – Stars On The Roof (feat. MoMo) (Original Mix) 04:02 88bpm Am
  77. Strategy, Sustance – Undercurrent (Original Mix) 03:24 87bpm Em
  78. Lens, Bcee – My Time (Original Mix) 04:08 87bpm Abm
  79. Ed:It – The Keep (Original Mix) 05:06 86bpm Gb
  80. Ray Volpe – Laserbeam (Blanke’s ÆON:REMIX) 02:44 86bpm Ebm
  81. Sota, Primate (BE) – Realise (Original Mix) 03:15 152bpm Ebm
  82. Simula – Running Out (Original Mix) 04:26 131bpm Em
  83. Sub Focus, Cherish, ACRAZE – Do It To It (Sub Focus Extended Remix) 04:31 87bpm Gm
  84. Hyroglifics – Albany Road (Original Mix) 03:17 87bpm Am
  85. Kevin Lyttle, Bru-C, Luude – TMO (Turn Me On) [feat. Kevin Lyttle] (Original Mix) 02:39 112bpm Dbm
  86. Bad Company UK – Spider (Optiv & BTK Remix) 06:31 87bpm Gbm
  87. Dub Head – Your Style (Original Mix) 04:38 87bpm Cm
  88. Magenta – Bad Girl (Original Mix) 04:31 88bpm Bm
  89. Justin Hawkes, Andrew Hellier – Better Than Gold feat. Andrew Hellier (Original Mix) 05:20 87bpm E
  90. Kublai – Feel with it (Original Mix) 04:46 109bpm Dm
  91. Netsky, Daddy Waku, Chantal Kashala, Babl Lemmens – Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Original Mix) 03:20 86bpm E
  92. Bluejay, Ill Truth – Street Art (Original Mix) 03:51 86bpm Dbm
  93. Ed Solo, 4K – I Can’t Help It (Original Mix) 04:36 87bpm Em
  94. Benny V, Subcriminal – The Ending (Original Sin Remix) 04:03 87bpm Cm
  95. DRZ – Air I Breathe (Original Mix) 04:33 86bpm Fm
  96. Impish – I Need (Original Mix) 03:21 87bpm Ebm
  97. Nia Archives – Baianá (Original Mix) 02:32 106bpm Dm
  98. Simula – Tension (Original Mix) 04:23 88bpm Ebm
  99. Primate (BE) – All Of Your Love (Original Mix) 03:02 87bpm Abm
  100. Objectiv – Burnt Toast (Original Mix) 04:06 87bpm Em
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2023.05.29 19:41 Worldly_Monk3715 Hogwarts Legacy RP!

Hogwarts Legacy RP!
Hello hello all! My name is Lex 23F. As many other people have done, I’ve diced back into the world of Harry Potter, specifically Hogwarts Legacy and I am dying to do a role play with this! I’ve been roleplaying for 5+ years and have the most experience with OCxCanon pairings
What I am looking for: Someone who is 18+ like myself, just not in my comfort zone to RP with minors, sorry!
Someone that loves Hogwarts Legacy!(Duh, otherwise you would’ve stopped reading this already)
Someone that will roleplay on Discord Someone who is interested in plot( either AU or canon), angst, romance, drama and other themes
Someone willing to play OCxCanon or CanonxCanon. Specifically for myself I’m looking for someone to play Sebastian against my OC and I’m more than happy to double! I can play F and M canon characters to fit this.
Someone willing to tolerate the various game related memes and jokes I’ll send and will laugh over headcanons with me
Someone that writes third person, past tense and is semi lit to lit. I usually write 3-4+ paragraphs but that can always vary due to whatever is currently going on in the RP!
Hope to hear from you and have fun together!
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2023.05.29 18:09 Human-Dingo-6884 Friend is ultra conceited

Have a friend I have been having with a lot past six months. She is obsessed with taking photos when we go out. Walks to bar while taking selfies and takes more for like 15 min when we get there and then filters then. This is like every time we hang. She is 38 and I am 39. She considers herself super hot and she is good looking but feels she is above most guys she meets in looks. Guys ask for her number, she gives it out and then complained how they text her and sweat her..I feel that she is conceited and shallow and this will keep her single a lot time. At first I like her as a friend for other reasons but I find this to be a deal breaker. Thoughts from others who have had similar friend issues?
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2023.05.29 17:44 InterestingAd1196 Can someone delineate how they go from collecting blood samples and relating it to air pollution exposure to get the results for figure 1 and 2? PLS modelling

Right so... I will be presenting this paper this week and I get the overall jist of the paper, the ONLY thing that I am still having a really hard time struggling with is the process of the experiment and how the statistical analysis got them these results that they plotted. I contacted the authors and they responded but I'm still unsure when they collected the blood sample of the children and how they combined all the data to get those correlation values in blue and red.
So here is my general understanding so far: They recruited a bunch of children > collected one blood sample from each child but at different points throughout the year and measured their methylation at the 4 genes from the PBMCs whilst also taking blood pressure and also health questionnaire, excluding some kids on the specified conditions > meanwhile they are collecting air pollution data via sampling and geospatial data but used that to generate average measures of air pollution at 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 and 12 months > They then (here is where I'm stuck) used PLS modelling to predict what CpG sites would have had a methylation peak that was related to the air pollution exposure at those specific time points?? They did the same for Immune cell profiling, using the data to predict if the air pollution exposure at those time points were related to a specific increases or decreases in immune cell type quantity?
The bit that confuses me in the paper is when they say 1 day, 1 week, 1 month etc prior to the blood draw. The hell does that mean? So what for e.g they took a blood sample from some kids 6 months after getting an estimate for air pollution? Why? What does that do? Honestly I just don't get it.
If you guys cannot answer it in a way that's simple then please just tell me what I should say in the presentation about PLS modelling because I do not want to go into detail about something i don't understand then get asked questions on it.
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2023.05.29 17:36 mynormiemask Insulin resistance and metformin

So, a functional/integrative doctor looking at my blood work said I was with insulin resistance. She prescribed me metformin.
I am still polydrugged on fluvoxamine (SSRI), diazepam and pregabalin. Can metformin be a good idea? She said that it helps with other stuff such as mitochondrial health I guess, she also said that biohackers use this stuff even without diabetes.
Is this med safe for those who have an oversensitive brain caused by pregabalin or diazepam?
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2023.05.29 17:21 Distinct-Hat3486 IM TIRED OF ACTING LIKE IM OK

in other words i miss my ex and the main reason is because i mainly self sabotage it and wasn’t vocal at all about how i felt being scared since it was my very first relationship so i was always wondering,curious,anxious about how things were going to go. also,ik it’s bad but i was in a long distance relationship with a boy that was in college as a freshman so i can see what went wrong. in which we both expressed to each other that we both had busy lives where i’m at school and then going to work after also with him working on a business and college classes. also,we dated for 3months then we broke up in February and then went our separate ways. but this past April he reached back out asking how i was doing and i rlly was surprised and nervous but then i acted like i didn’t missed him by acting so bothered. But the truth is i rlly rlly missed him and tried to hint at us possibly getting back together but it didn’t work in which he suggested that he wanted to be friends but i was like okay but it that made me kinda sad no actually very upset. so i disappeared cus i didn’t know how to react,but next month is my birthday so i am hoping he texts me. But he already knows that i am a pretty big over thinker and he often is pretty understanding about listening to me but idk if it’s even worth it to reach out anymore and just leave things alone. also i am okay with our age gape for anyone that wonders. (any advice would help) (f17)(m19)
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2023.05.29 17:12 DougDonkker 30 [m4f] Older Women/Wives looking? Montrose, Midtown, anywhere

How's your search going? I want to connect and share passion with someone who can explore this with me. I'm not hung up on looks and care more about if you are a sincere person.
I am handsome, energetic, and love a good conversation. White, tall, and mostly normal as far as people from Reddit go. I'm happy to trade pictures with you.
I'm looking to chat and build from there, send me a chat?
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2023.05.29 17:09 Angelo_Aman Guilty idiots, condemned fools and regretful dumbasses also welcome.

Welcome !
I hope you can support this subreddit as we've all been there. And if we were around, who we they get to be remorseful to?
WOULD LOVE to have a few moderaters pitch in if anyone is game.
No topic is off topic here (Provided you are REMORSEFUL)
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2023.05.29 16:56 Ordinary-Counter-323 Sores in armpit

I am female, sexually active. After shaving, the next day I woke up to a weird sores in my armpit and then the day after that I woke up to a weird blister type thing filled with clear liquid, I mistook it for an ingrown, and when it popped it looked a lot like the sore. Now I have three sores and dry patches on my skin, all of this only one one armpit. Could this be herpes or it just an infection from shaving? The sores have gotten really dry, it’s been 5 days. Also might be a stupid question but is there any chance it’s herpes?
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2023.05.29 16:44 BlessedSouthernMess1 Best companies to sell app to

So just as the topic suggests. I am trying to sell an app idea, but I’m trying to go with the most reputable company that isn’t going to rip my idea off. I haven’t done this before and it app development and tech is not my background at all. I know just enough to keep my smart home running but that’s about it. So I’m asking if you sold an app idea, who did you sell it to?
With 14 million people, I’m sure there’s one person in here who has sold an app (I hope 🤞🏻)
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2023.05.29 16:33 HarryGoatman Bateman’s Tower is officially no more.

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2023.05.29 16:23 KarmInderIndia Help me with me married life trauma from indian perspective 32M

I am from india delhi. I got married 4 years back with the one i dated for 6+ years. We never had intercourse before marriage but used to enjoy other pleasures than actual intercourse. I was also ok as as per hindu beliefs we should be intact till we get married. It wasnt a big deal for me and i kept on holding myself for a better time. We are hindus and we follow our religion at a moderate level. Like we dont follow all traditions but our parents do and we support as much as possible. Before getting married my girlfriend who is my wife now got indulged with some christianity brainwashers who made her believe that couples should have intercourse only when they want to have baby. Also at that time before marriage she wanted to become a christian. Any other time than to have a baby doing sex is a sin. She also used to say that whoever is sick take me to that person, i will keep my hand on his forehead and pray and he will heal. I fought a lot for this state of mind of her and brought her back from attending those prayers or meeting those people. Her parents also supported me in this. She decided to not follow those things for the sake of saving our nurturing relation. We got married and i had a lot of expectations from this marriage both mentally and physically. Each one of her family member regards me and treat me with proper love care and respect. I also do the same and always treated them higher than their expectations. After our marriage slowly and gradually i realised that she is not at all interested to have any physical relation with me. Even after waiting for 6 years when we went on honeymoon post marriage we had sex once on the second day of a 7 day honeymoon trip. We had a huge fight when i demanded again on 4th or 5th day. We did it after a fight but she cried for the rest of the day. I made sure if she is feeling any pain and she rejected and said dont know but i dont feel like doing it. Time passed and we had this pattern of hardly having sex 2 times a month and that too 99% initiated by me. I am a hardworking person and not only in my job but also to my and her family i do more than the beat i can. Everyone admires me for that as well. I had a rough childhood just like any other lower middle class indian family where i was asked to earn my pocket money just after completing my 8th or 10th class study. I dont blame my parents because this is usual in lower middle class families like ours. I not only started earning very early but also started supporting my family with their day to day expenses and family budgets. I tried speaking with my wife when i got tears in my eyes as well on how sexually frustrated i feel. She always thrashed me by “saying this is the only reason why you got married na". I cook food, take care of day to day supplies, treat her and my family when they visit. But this was what i got to hear from her. Throughout these 4 years of my marriage i have always felt that i have given so much but got nothing. Whenever i try to speak with her on anything she says something bad and we have a fight. Multiple time i have stopped talking to her and wait for herbto come back and speak with me but she has shown no intrest in talking about actual issue. She just trys to kiss me on cheeks of trys to hug me but never wants to talk abt pain areas. Thoroughout these 4 yrs of marriage i was like begging for sex and she kept on longing me on. She gave me physical satisfaction like she is giving a coin to begger. 80% of time she tells me as well that i am doing this for your satisfaction but i dont feel a thing for physicality. Since we did love marriage i feel if i tell this to her or mine family they will blame on me back saying you are the one who chose this girl and we all agreed to your decision only. This sexual frustration has led me to become so angry from inside that now i hardly find my self even smiling. She says she also have some issues from me. Like i smoke which was actually once a day that too i have stopped. i drink alcohol which is 2 beer a week at max. I feel like her issues are not actual issues but just an excuse to support her nature. Even if i do 100 things for her at the end in night she is the same 90% of time. I have a sharp brain and doing lots of good work in my job. But these things which i cant tell anyone is killing me from inside. She is not a villian. She takes care of our rented flat. She cooks food after coming back from office. Only 2 issues. No intrest in physical intimacy and not talking to me on pain areas rather pinching me hard by her words when we talk. Help me with your valuable suggestions.
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2023.05.29 16:19 Ok-Anybody-8257 [NA][Thrall][H] - 9/9N & 9/9H, Recruiting for Mythic team, DPS.

Raid Times/Days: Tues/Sun 8:00pm-11:00pm est
Progression: AtSC 9/9N & 9/9H --- VotI 8/8H & 2/8M
Recruitment Contacts: Anamull#3346
Raider.IO: https://raider.io/guilds/us/thrall/The%20Inn%20Between
Requirements: RC Loot Council, 90% Attendance, AoTC exp, Able to take/give criticism, Positive / Team Mentality
-The Inn Between- is a group of experienced "dad" raiders and friends who are looking to recruit some likeminded individuals for our raid team. Our environment is inclusive and fun above all else, while expecting to clear the content efficiently.
Last tier we had the server 36th Heroic Raz kill before taking an extended break. We've just completed AotC for this tier and now Mythic progression begins this week.
Our current recruitment needs are as follows -
Mythic Main Roster;
3 DPS - Mage > Rogue > Lock > Enhance > WW.Monk (Bonus if flex healer) > S.Priest (Bonus if flex healer)
These spots are contested, the better player will get the starts and we like to have a healthy bench. We got flexible raiders who can accommodate your spec.
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2023.05.29 16:16 velvetphoniex 36M looking for friends to talk gaming and other fun things.

Hi! I'd like to say this up front. I tend to respond to messages pretty quickly most of the time. I also don't like to spam people with messages if they are busy. If I haven't heard from someone in a while I'll send a message or whatnot but I wont just spam messages and look needy. Conversation is definitely a two way street. Please read on if you'd like to know more about me.
Discord is Tearsofafeather#8064
☆ I've been a chef for 14 years now. I specialize in thai food and Italian and I'm pretty good at baking cookies, muffins, cakes, and brownies. I also make a killer peanut butter frosting. ♤ I spend some of my free time gaming. I have a ps4, ps5, and two switches. I am currently loving Sonic Frontiers. I also have Mario Kart/Party on my switch and could use people to play with when I get online again. ♡ I love reading. Both books and comics. My favorite author is Clive Barker and his favorite book of mine is Mister B. Gone. On the comics side I like more Marvel then DC but I prefer Topcow over all. If you dont know what Topcow is let me introduce you? ◇ besides the activity I get out of being a chef I also like to take long walks while I listen to music. I swim when the pool isnt full to the brim, I enjoy hikes when I'm not to tired to take them. ♧ I love horror. Be it comics, movies, or novels horror is my jam. Hellraiser is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love Freddy, Jason, Chucky, and all the other slashers as well. □ I'm a big music fan. I love everything except for country. If you want to get a feel for a some of musical taste check out these links and let me know what you think. https://youtu.be/lTwHN5VKFF4 https://youtu.be/LBzQwHJnNPI https://youtu.be/u0b5Xc3v99g https://youtu.be/gxyDcHn0efo https://youtu.be/bkpHUPUM6jQ ○ It's me: https://imgur.com/a/hTkGhCb ■ I enjoy sharing selfies and things with people I talk to and while I do like to see who I'm talking to there is no pressure from me to share anything if you don't feel like it.
If any of that stuff catches your interest and you feel like chatting me up, send a message or a chat. I prefer the chat option but I dont mind either. I hope to hear from you and have a lovely day
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2023.05.29 16:15 Spogbobsquireponts Windows broken after update

Updated my new computer last night and I woke up to it being broke, always says automatic repair couldn’t fix it. When I try to reset it, it says there’s a problem, same with pretty much all troubleshoot settings. I left my USB at home and am at a beach house so I can’t upload windows again and I never made any backups since the pc was new.
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2023.05.29 16:12 Ivar_Boneless_8016 19M [friendship] I would like to talk to someone

I enjoy playing videogames and chilling to some music orchestra mostly, watching movies TV shows and I'm soon going to college Learn computing. I'm introverted too and I enjoy reading alot. it would be great to have someone to chat with (everyone ik is either working or busy) I am a talkative introvert. I indulge in a lot of hobbies as I like to spend a lot of time on my own: I play video games on my PS4. Games I have played from start to finish are The Witcher, all Tomb Raiders, and Uncharted. I wasn't brave enough to finish The Last Of Us, but I'm working on that. I also play ColdWar Zombies quite a lot. Though it does not mean I am any good at it. I read books. have been looking into thrillecrime books. I have read most classics in my younger years and I do enjoy poetry and a couple of self-help books.
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2023.05.29 15:33 Past_Syllabub9748 Is My Friendship Over? 19M 19m 20M 20M

Hi there,
I haven’t posted before so I’m not sure if I’m doing this right.
I (19M) have been having some issue recently with my ‘friends’, I’m going to use fake names, Mike (20), Smith (20) and John (19).
I have been best friends with these three and Andrew (20) for the better part of 10 years, the 3, 20 year olds were in the year above me in school and John was in my year.
I met Mike as he lived very close to me and we caught the same bus and very quickly got very close with the rest of their friend group in the year above me.
Within the next year or two, myself and Smith became very close and I have considered him the best friend I have ever had ever since, we would do everything together, and for a long time when I was in year 11 & 12 he would spend almost every day at my house.
Around the start of year 11, I invited John to a gathering with my higher friend group, he did not know them and they did not know him. But I thought they would be a good fit.
Shortly after, he was kind of added into the friend group, he didn’t spend as much time around us as the rest of us, but he was considered a close friend by the rest of us.
Fast forward to the end of year 12, I was looking to move around an hour and a half away from my home, as was John, Andrew and Smith already lived there & Mike had no intention of leaving home.
Myself and John swore to each other that we were going to get a house together, however, after looking for a few weeks we were not finding anything and soon enough John stopped responding to me. I then found out that John and Smith were moving in together, I felt very betrayed but John told me that it was his only option as Smith had already had rental history.
I eventually got over this, and we went back to being good friends.
Fast forward another year to present, John had told me months ago that he was going to have to move back to our home town as he had an apprenticeship here, I was quick to ask if he wanted to move out with me when he returned, he liked the idea and agreed.
I soon found out Smith was also going to move back and I was excited to think I may be able to live in a house with my two best friends, and quickly later asked Mike he he would move out with us as it wouldn’t be too far of a move and even be closer to work for him, he said it was a maybe but he was definitely interested.
I was excited and eager. One day John and Mike were out for a drink and gave my girlfriend a call to ask if she would give them a lift home, she agreed and picked them up, there was general small talk until after she had dropped John home.
When my girlfriend and Mike were alone, Mike drunkenly blurted the words “I don’t know how I’m going to tell him” my girlfriend confused asked what he was talking about.
Mike then proceeded to tell her that John had asked if he would move out with him and Smith. He said yes as at this point he was excited to move out.
My girlfriend immediately called me and was confused as I had told her about my excitement about moving out with my friends.
Soon enough myself and John had a conversation where I let him know about my feeling of betrayal and he told me that he didn’t want to move into a four bedroom and a lot of other bs. But he seemed to turn around and said he would look for four bedrooms, however they had already applied for a house.
(Just a side note, I am a property manager myself and I would’ve gotten the four of us into a house with ease.)
Since then they were accepted for their three bedroom and have moved in.
I haven’t heard from John in over 3 weeks and I’m struggling to plan things with my other two friends with him, I’m afraid I’m going to lose my best friends but I also feel like I have already lost them.
I want to talk to Smith about this, but at this point, it’s almost like the only time we ever talk is if I message him, and if I don’t message him, idk if we would ever talk.
I’m sorry about the long message, I just really don’t know what to do.
Thank you!
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2023.05.29 15:31 esoseequees not sure where else to ask this, but advice is needed!

hi, 24 (afab), 4’11, live in CA
I am having a hard time right now (for the past two months basically) because my PCP has been giving me the run around as I try to get an accommodation request filled out for a job I’m trying to get. Basically, it’s an all standing job (front gate at an amusement park in which I have seen chairs being used), and I cannot stand for an entire shift due to long experienced back problems and pain in feet/legs.
Background: Physically, I am overweight. Mentally, GAD, BPD, Major depressive disorder. Terrible insurance. I will admit that seeing my PCP is not my favorite thing because I have a bad relationship with them, but I have been seeing a psychiatrist routinely for multiple years now. Explained to PCP at the start of this process the pain I feel when I stand/walk for too long. He referred me to a PT, but there were no appointments until July. Went back, asked him to fill out paperwork explaining that I only had a limited amount of time to get things filled out for the job. He did, but found out this week that he said “No” to the question “Does the employee have a medical condition or disability that limits any major life activities? [then extensive list of examples of major life activities, walking/standing included]” but a ‘temporary yes’ to the chair request, and employer needs a “yes” to the first question.
I went in this past weekend to ask why, and in his own words, because “I have both my legs and I’m not paralyzed.” (He then went on to belittle me for the rest of the visit, which is a whole different thing but.)
I basically don’t know if this reason is valid or not, or if it aligns with the wording of the question on the request form, because he says that because I can walk/stand, there’s nothing wrong with me. But I am at risk of not getting this job that I genuinely do want because of this.
What are my options? Since my disability doesn’t need to be disclosed, could I get my psychiatrist to fill out the paperwork? Can I see an urgent care doctor or teledoc? Or am I SOL? Let me know if more info is needed. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.29 15:31 Berry_48 34 [M4F] #Boston - Looking to have fun with a college girl

Hey! I'm coming to Boston for a work trip in a few weeks, and I'd love to have some fun in my hotel room with a college girl.
19+, please. I'm open to all body types, races, etc. I ask that you been clean and discreet.
I myself am 6' tall, clean shaven, conventionally attractive, with a few tattoos. I'd love to meet up somewhere public and check the vibes before coming back to my hotel room for some fun. If you're at all interested, shoot me a message and we can talk specifics!
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2023.05.29 15:10 meowmeow_27 Toxic College Classmates

Hello, I feel really sad now and it feels like I have no one to share my feelings with so I am venting here. I don’t associate myself with a lot of people because I don’t want to be inclined with issues and drama but look at me now. There is someone or maybe a lot of people who hates me and my success. I know that I did nothing wrong to them and instead of hating them, I chose to understand. Maybe it was really my fault that they felt that way towards me. My college journey was one hell of a ride because of my classmates. Unlike other schools, we're in a block section and it's really suffocating. They act like they are still in high school and it's kinda ironic knowing that our course deals with human and requires a lot of empathy. Sa loob ng 4 years, hindi naging close yung section namin. Imagine that. Until now may kanya-kanyang circle of friends and I thought na sa college, wala ng mangingialam sa mga ginagawa mo but ours was different. Lagi silang may say sa suot mo, sa way ng pananalita mo, sa itsura ng partner mo, almost everything. Tingin ko sobrang toxic non and when it comes to school activities naman, still, parang high school. Ang idealistic masyado ng mga gustong gawin although they know na we can't make it feasible. Siguro the beef between us started when I started voicing out my opinions on certain things that concerns me and the rest of our classmates. I see nothing wrong there, tbh. Ang intimidating nila which makes the rest of the class to chose not to say anything nalang and I really hate yung mga ganong eksena kaya I am voicing out for them.

idrk where this post is going but I can't stand their toxicity anymore. I feel like I am being bullied. I know na ako yung topic nila everytime and they even tweet about me. I thought everything will end once na matapos yung sem namin (because we are graduating soon) but it isn't. Now, I don't want to attend the graduation rites anymore dahil feeling ko ija-judge nila pati yung pamilya ko. I don't have a large circle of friends din and not all of them ay ggraduate this year so I think wala talaga akong ilo-look forward. the thought of them makes my heart race already
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