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2023.06.05 09:54 sianiam Welcome Our Newest Mods

Hello everyone!
It’s time we increased our Subway order as our mod team has grown once more. We are very excited to welcome u/kriyator, u/Telos07, and u/Sunshine_raes to the team as our newest content moderators. Our maknaes have been working with us for the last month and have been doing a fantastic job so far.
We feel so relaxed we feel as if we can slip off for a picnic and leave them to run the subreddit!
In addition to our new additions to the team, u/DarkKnight2001135 and pixl3rt are both stepping up and becoming full mods!
We have decided to leave the mod application open so people can apply whenever and select from the pool as necessary moving forward. For now we are happy with the size, drama coverage and availability of the team.
A big thank you to everyone who took the time to apply to join the KDRAMA mod team.
Please join us in welcoming our newest mods! Enjoy a quick icebreaker Q&A to get to know them just a little bit better.
u/kriyator (May)
General comment to the community
Hey kdrama fam, I'm so excited and honored to be one of your mods. I began my kdrama journey thanks to Netflix suggesting the cdrama Meteor Garden to me. After binging that, their algorithms got to work and before I knew it, I was falling down the kdrama rabbit hole. Not sure where to turn for guidance, I stumbled across this community and then signed up for reddit in order to interact. So I have kdramas to thank for joining reddit. I'm looking forward to interacting with you all even more and I hope we can continue to make this community even better.
How long have you’ve been watching Kdramas?
Since 2018
Your favorite Kdrama
This is such a tough one but I'll go with Missing
What do you love about Kdramas?
I love how they are self-contained stories and so I don't need to commit years of my life to them.I also enjoy all the tropes, even the ridiculous ones. It's fun to have a break from gritty realism.
Favorite actoactress
Currently for actor it's Choi Hyun Wook (fantastic couple of years with Racket Boys, Twenty-Five Twenty-One, and Weak Hero Class 1) and Park Ji Hoon (At a Distance, Spring Is Green got me in my feels and he was great in Weak Hero Class 1 as well). For actresses I'll watch anything that has with Kim Hye Soon or Park Eun Bin in it.
Favorite genres
Slice of life, Melo, action, sci-fi, romance...I'll watch anything really
Recommendation for new watchers
Navillera. I tried to go for something that lots of people wouldn't normally mention. It's only 12 episodes but very heartwarming
Your craziest kdramas made me do it moment (other than joining the modteam)
Visit Seoul. I did this a year after watching kdramas and it was so much fun. The plan was to go the following year but a little thing called covid stopped that. The other was visiting the Sigriswil Panoramic bridge in Switzerland. It's funny because I never knew it existed, despite living in Switzerland for a few years and so during covid I took a trip to try it out and it was terrifying LOL.
u/Telos07 (Telos)
General comment to the community
G'day to all of the members of this wonderful subreddit! There have been many times when I've been tempted to comment on how much I love this community, which speaks volumes for the excellence of the work that the modteam does, and which we as newbie mods aspire to maintain.
How long have you’ve been watching Kdramas?
Like so many people around the world, I got into Kdramas at the start of the pandemic, around three years ago.
Your favorite Kdrama
2022 was a very special year in Kdramaland. There was Twenty-Five Twenty-One, with its perfect blend of friendship, sport and a retro setting. The same week it finished airing, along came My Liberation Notes, with its beautiful slice-of-life vibes in the fields of Sanpo.
What do you love about Kdramas?
Pretty much everything. The best Kdramas feature performances that evoke deep emotional responses from the viewer, engaging storylines, outstanding production values and unforgettable OSTs.
Favorite actoactress
In line with my favorite Kdramas listed above, I would have to say Kim Tae Ri and Kim Ji Won.
Favorite genres
Slice-of-life, coming-of-age, school dramas and office dramas (bonus points if they have a retro setting.)
Recommendation for new watchers
The world of Kdramas is your oyster! Explore it widely, both in terms of watching a variety of genres and older and newer dramas.
Your craziest kdramas made me do it moment (other than joining the modteam)
Making a late-night visit to Koreatown on a weeknight... for the sole purpose of buying Kopiko candy.
u/Sunshine_raes (sunshine)
General comment to the community
Hello! I'm happy to help this community to continue to be a fun place to discuss all things Kdramas!
How long have you’ve been watching Kdramas?
I've been watching Kdramas since mid-2020. I, like so many others, was convinced by Netflix to watch Crash Landing on You during the start of the pandemic and I've never looked back.
Your favorite Kdrama
Mr. Queen. I was going to say "Oh there are so many that I love" but Mr. Queen is my obvious favorite. Romance + action + comedy + Shin Hye Sun's pure genius = my favorite. Sorry all other dramas.
What do you love about Kdramas?
As a reader of romance novels, I enjoy all the tropes in romance dramas and love stories. I love when writers have fun and put their own spin on the romance formula. I like the contained season format and that there is a narrative that ends in 16 episodes (usually). I also enjoy the sincerity and hopefulness of many of the stories that also still manage to touch on difficult themes or societal problems.
Favorite actoactress
Shin Hye Sun (see above comment/obsession with Mr. Queen, can't wait for See You in My 19th Life!!) Jung Hae In- He picks interesting roles and does them so well. Honorable mentions to Seo In-Guk and Jun Ji Hyun.
Favorite genres
Romance is my thing! I do enjoy a good action drama, crime/political thriller, or slice of life but romance is by far my favorite genre.
Recommendation for new watchers
Mr. Queen, obviously: it's got a little something for everyone, HOWEVER, you have to give it at least 5-6 episodes, which many newbies may not want to do. Business Proposal would also be a fun newbie drama that is easy to get into. A non-romance suggestion would be either Vincenzo, Stranger 1, or Happiness. A wildcard: Snowdrop because it's just so good but it might not be everyone's taste.
Your craziest kdramas made me do it moment (other than joining the modteam)
Definitely doing Zumba in my classroom at lunchtime, thanks to Choi Myung Hee from Vincenzo. She was a dastardly, brilliantly evil lawyer but I appreciated her no shame attitude towards Zumba at work. And yes, co-workers did walk in on me and yes, it was very embarrassing but I continued to do it anyway because it was fun.
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2023.06.05 09:53 PositiveCaterpillar5 My partner 30M just broke up with me 27F. Now what?

Hey and sorry for the long post. I 27F and my former partner 30M had the separation conversation a few hours ago. We have been together for 8 years. I knew at one point we would have this conversation, but I wasn't expecting it so soon. I have offered to attend relationship counseling, but he currently states he doesn't know what he wants. I understand that this situation is a lot to process from both our perspectives, but I won't be waiting for his response forever since I'll be gone in 10 weeks. And the more I think about it, he shouldn't have to think about it if he truly wanted to work things out. Do you agree?
I still love him as a friend and partner. i have so much respect for him as he does for me. After talking, he simply found someone else that shares similar hobbies to his and someone with whom he has a better connection with. I plan on seeing a counselor this week and will start the healing process with professional support.
However, I will continue to live with him for the next 10ish weeks. I can't move sooner as i am a graduate student currently doing my externship. Luckily, my parents will be driving down to help me make the 1200-mile drive back home when the time comes.
For the time being, I have no idea what my new normal looks like, and I feel like I need some outside help from those who have gone through this. For those who are currently living with an ex, how is the dynamic? How do you address each other now? What do the daily home chores? Do you still cook each other dinner? Do you still talk and hang out during the weekends?
Aside from possessions, I have known his family for 8 long years. The relationship i have formed with his mom has been incredible. I dont want to say goodbye to her too. She has been a big part of my life. Would it be weird to occasionally text and catch up?
Again, i am sorry for the long post. I just need some help navigating this unexpected bump in my life.
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2023.06.05 09:53 Slow-Truck-9496 Best GST Registration In Hyderabad

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GST Registration in HyderabadTax Categories, Interstate Transactions, It is an exchange of money between two states. For instance, an iron ore supplier in Jharkhand sends iron ore to a customer in West Bengal. The Central government and the West Bengal government both receive a portion of the GST that was collected. Failings within one state And intrastate transaction is one that takes place inside of a State.
The sale of goods and services inside a state is subject to SGST taxation. The state government in which this transaction occurs receives the money collected. The SGST replaces former taxes as the VAT, Octroi, purchase tax, luxury tax, etc. CGST is a tax that the federal government imposes on intrastate sales of goods and services. It is assessed alongside SGST or UGST, and the centre and the state split the proceeds equally. Transactions involving the exchange of goods and services across state lines are subject to an IGST. Both imports and exports are included .The revenue generated by this tax was shared between the state and the federal governments.
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2023.06.05 09:53 Chris4444444 Do you guys think Alex is manipulating the way he speaks so that paranoid people who think they are being spied on will be triggered by aspects of Alex's speech, as if it's a secret transmission from Alex meant just for them?

I know this sounds nuts, but hear me out. Alex is a monster. He knows he's manipulating mentally ill people and emptying their bank accounts with his bullshit. This is an intentional scam of his. I think we can agree that's true, right?
So why wouldn't he just take the shiftiness to a new low? If he wanted to he could manipulate the cadence and enunciation of his speech to make it sound as if he's desperately trying to transmit a secret message in a world where there is no privacy at all, and the way he would do this is by focusing on expressing an emotion throughout his speeches, rather than making a compelling presentation of the actual information he's discussing. Obviously this is Alex's MO, to put out a message that ensares people emotionally while trying his hardest to ignore facts, but I just can't shake the idea that Alex might be intentionally trying to trigger the paranoia of mentally ill people who believe there is no privacy in this world. I honestly think he is consciously trying to make these sick, paranoid people who believe we're all doomed to believe that he is trying to send a coded message specifically to them.
They wouldn't have to necessarily have to consciously believe that Alex is sending them a personalized coded message to fall into Alex's hypnosis, they would just have to vibe with Alex's real emotional message, which is something like, "we're in deep shit in a prison planet and there's never any privacy so I'm going to send you the secret transmission the only way I can". It's like he's trying to express the emotional inner monologue of a person who BELIEVES Alex's conspiracy theories and to trigger them into thinking he's trying to send them a coded message. It's just the way he talks, it's so weird sometimes. It's like all he's really trying to communicate is the feeling desperation because you're imprisoned and spied on all the time mixed with a bit of rage and fear, but I think it's more than that. I think he is intentionally calculating what he says and how he says it to trigger the specific thought that "Alex is trying to communicate with me".

I'm sorry, this is so hard to explain, and it genuinely sounds insane, but I really think he might be doing this. I'll try to make it clearer what I mean.
I've noticed that Alex calculates his words, a lot. He takes long pauses frequently. He also annunciates weirds in a weird way when he has these pauses. To me it seems so calculated. I think he might be trying to trigger people who are paranoid enough to be susceptible to the idea that someone is spying on them. When Alex's speech gets all stilted and full of pregnant pauses he starts articulating and emphasizing certain words and phrases in some pretty odd ways, and I wish I could give you guys an example of what I mean, but I really get the sense that Alex is specifically speaking in a way that emphasizes the EMOTION of paranoia. I mean, he will basically articulate that emotion and use a cadence of speech and annunciation in such a way that it doesn't sound like he's saying the thoughts he's saying, it sounds like he's trying send out desperate coded messages within his speech.
I'm so sorry, I failed so hard in trying to describe what I'm talking about, but I can't shake the thought that Alex would PROBABLY do something this shitty to vulnerable people.
Does anybody else sense this? I know it sounds insane, but I really think it's something Alex would do.
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2023.06.05 09:53 ThatThirdMonth I [35m], woman I've been seeing [37f] has said I've come on strong and shes not sure...

I met a girl a couple months ago when she visited from her country, we went on 3 dates in a week, and she ended up sleeping over her final night in the country (no sex, but...).
Since then it's been about 7-8 weeks and we've talked every day, exchanged good morning & good night texts, chatted on the phone & video chats, had very deep conversations about what we're looking for and different things -love language, preferences, etc.
Skip to today - I'm in her country and have extended my vacation to work a couple days in a local office, but mainly to see & stay with her for a week - Currently at my own hotel for a night for a bit of space.
We had a conversation yesterday that she brought up and it went something like this:
Now.... pre this convo (I've been here for 3 days), we've been together the entire time, going out on dates, she hasn't shown any distancing or coldness or any real tells - reaching to hold my hand often in public, and wanting to have sex multiple times a day.. even after the conversation we had, we ended up having sex before I left for the hotel, and she's coming to the hotel this evening.
Thanks for your help!
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2023.06.05 09:52 redshift78 'home-manager switch' failing

I'm quite new to Nix, so I'm having trouble debugging this myself. I have Nix installed on Debian on my laptop, with home-manager installed via Nix. I've been using home-manager and moving across configs to it. Now however, when I run 'home-manager switch' I get the following error:
error: 'mkPackageOption' at /nix/store/9a675a4vgadrvrf1xg99wl57p925ca1m-nixpkgs/nixpkgs/lib/options.nix:157:7 called with unexpected argument 'nullable' at ~/.nix-defexpchannels/home-managemodules/programs/ssh.nix:364:15: 363 364 package = mkPackageOption pkgs "openssh" { ^ 365 nullable = true; (use '--show-trace' to show detailed location information) 
I don't think this is a problem in my home.nix, since I have weekly updates I run regardless of whether my home.nix has changed. But it's possible that it is a problem in my home.nix.
I have another system also with Nix on Debian, where home-manager still works. I can see that there are a couple of differences between the two ssh.nix files, one of them being that the 'nullable' line is not there on the working one.
I'm guessing that the 'broken' home-manager somehow is an older version, so I've tried 'nix-channels --update' and 'nix-env -u', with no luck.
I don't want to just replace the ssh.nix file as this might not work, but I'd also rather understand what went wrong and how to fix it if I didn't have another system. Any help or pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.
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2023.06.05 09:52 MangoTurtl A long deconstruction of Belaf for all you nerds out there (and why he is the best supporting character in Made in Abyss)

A long deconstruction of Belaf for all you nerds out there (and why he is the best supporting character in Made in Abyss)
Let's start off with the big picture. We know that, essentially, each of the Three Sages of Ganja has a special "gift." Wazukyan's is 'prophecy.' Vueko's is 'caring.' And evidently, Belaf's is 'understanding.' But what does this mean in the context of the plot and his character development? What exactly does the gift of 'understanding' mean?
He's the first person to understand Vueko. Despite being somewhat pretentious, he's the one to tell her that she is "more capable and lovely" than she thinks. Along with Wazukyan, he invites her on their adventure when she had no place to belong, and treated her with kindness and empathy as she deserved. I have a feeling that Vueko had a much stronger fondness for him than appears in her words.
He's also the 'advisor' to Wazukyan throughout the story simply because he understands perfectly what he must do to help everybody. He's especially useful to the group when he's able to instinctively understand the language of the natives, allowing them to continue their journey.
Simply put, his gift is to have a profound understanding of almost everything he comes across. It's just natural to him, just like Wazukyan's prophecies. With his own eyes, he understands the people around him. And he values the eyes - the gaze - of others because it shows him their essence. Within the eyes of others, he is able to see their confidence, their passion, their determination, their strength, and their longing.
Among other things throughout the Ganja crew's journey, Belaf understands that they might need a guide, he understands that the pseudo-water might be causing their suffering, and he understands the rest of Ganja - as a result, he's easily the most empathetic of the group.
But possibly the most important thing that Belaf comes to understand is Irumyuui, and of course the relationship between Irumyuui and Vueko as well. From the very beginning he sees the value in Irumyuui's presence; her usefulness to the group as a guide and her importance to Vueko as a child. He understands how important Vueko is to Irumyuui and recommends to Wazukyan that they not interfere in that relationship. Irumyuui even tells Belaf that she also loves him - clearly, he hangs around like this more than we're led to believe, and he's empathetic toward Irumyuui like he is with everyone.
And then he's fed the soup...and he breaks, because he's the only one who fully understands the meaning of this to Irumyuui. He knows how much this hurts her. How much pain she must be going through. Just like Vueko he understands that he must be punished, but unlike Vueko he also understands exactly how much punishment he deserves. He understands the value of Irumyuui's children to her, and he empathizes with her to an extent that Vueko simply cannot.
And when his own willpower breaks, what does he attempt to do? He tries to claw out his eyes. He understands people with his eyes; he sees their beauty and their emotion...and at this moment, he no longer wants to understand. It hurts him to understand, unimaginably so. And so with his attempts at carrying out his own punishment are unsuccessful - courtesy of Wazukyan's and Vueko's interventions - he gives everything up to Irumyuui. He offers his bones, his soul; every part of his body. He wants Irumyuui to take it all. He wants to be punished. He needs to be punished. And he is. He becomes a hollow of the village.
The hollows of the village take the form of their own desires, as stated by Majikaja. And when Belaf breaks down and sacrifices himself to Irumyuui, he no longer wants to understand. In his new form, his eyes have been overtaken by a pair of mouths. When shown things he wants, he no longer attempts to understand those things. He buys Mitty to eat. He takes Nanachi. He attempts to take parts of Riko.
However, he can never fully surrender himself. While he wanted Irumyuui to take everything from him, there was one thing she did not take: his memories. And he does not completely lose his capacity for understanding. In part, he lusts for Mitty because it represents something he can eat indefinitely; no matter the circumstances, he will never have to eat that soup again. And though he takes Nanachi, he takes her so that she may be with her treasure.
And finally, after 150 years of waiting, Faputa arrives. And as she breaks down the walls of Ilblu and gives him an escape from his suffering, he understands her, just as he once understood Irumyuui. He relinquishes control of Nanachi and passes on his own desires. And with his last breaths, as he finally is allowed to rest, he shares with Faputa his memories - his gift of 'understanding' - before quietly fading away.
He's a god-tier character. I'm convinced he's one of the best-written supporting characters in anime and manga, period.
I really, really hope that Belaf, along with Wazukyan and Vueko of course, continue to be cast members in some way going forward. Out of all of the characters that Tsukushi has written, with the possible exception of Bondrewd, the main stars of the Ilblu arc - Wazukyan, Vueko, Belaf, and Faputa - are by an incredibly wide margin the best characters in this series thus far.
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2023.06.05 09:52 SkyRain1 Money issue - need advice

I (US) have been ‘dating’ a guy in Jamaica for over a yr. (I previously dated a guy there for 5 yrs but we drifted apart.) This guy does not work because his sister in the UK pays his rent etc. Ever so often the issue of money comes up. He’ll say he’s broke or needs money for a phone card etc. I tell him we can just talk whenever but he always manages to get a phone card so that we can talk everyday. I just REFUSE to send money to any man and especially one who is too lazy to work. We discussed this when we first met (about how I can’t afford to send money to anyone because no one is sending money to me). I have never asked (nor expected) him to send a penny to me. I think adults should support themselves. I know JA men LOVE to find a girl in the US because they’ll send them money. Hell they brag to each other about how much they get and sometimes from several at once. Every time the issue comes up, he gets mad and I get upset. I went to see him for 2 weeks in Jan and am planning another trip in Oct. I do enjoy his company but this money issue is just a sore subject. I’m wondering if I should just end it now and move on, or what I should do. When I try and talk to him about it, he just shuts down and won’t talk at all. I need some advice.
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2023.06.05 09:52 kokoelizabeth How to recover from resenting my husband postpartum?

TLDR; due to traumatic circumstances my husband “checked out” in the newborn phase and now that he is totally stepping up I can’t get past my resentment and am now the problematic partner. If you’ve been there how did you find a breakthrough and heal?
My husband and I had a very traumatic entry into parenthood. We came home from the hospital to a flooded apartment (nursery/tons of personal belongings ruined not to mention our clean-ready for baby apartment became a fucked up construction zone). Two weeks later our daughter was hospitalized because I gave her HSV (during COVID so my husband virtually didn’t see her for two weeks). Shortly after baby gets home from the hospital we have to move in with my parents because our new place needs to be renovated -by my husband because we didn’t have the money to pay contractors. So we moved with a recently hospitalized newborn, were living with my irritable parents with said newborn, while my husband went and virtually single handedly renovated on our house round the clock. I also lost my job where I had good pay and free childcare a few weeks after I came back from maternity leave. This took a major hit to my self esteem and I wasn’t able to find a job with comparable compensation still to this day.
This all lead to a ton of fighting and my husband completely checking out on parenting / our relationship. For the first 20 months of our daughters life my husband avoided almost all diaper changing, bed time routines, child care tasks and even most household tasks-I can’t even recall a time he handled a night wake. All the while being extremely emotionally volatile and too sensitive to participate in any parenting discussions without blowing up or shutting down. He was extremely depressed and would sleep/lay around in all of his free time.
We finally had a break through about 6-8 months ago. He apologized for all of his behavior. He does most of the household duties, he’s extremely involved with parenting and has a beautiful loving relationship with our daughter, he’s the one that plans family outings and fills the weekend with fun activities, he’s in therapy and actively practicing empathy and emotional intelligence.
He has literally done a total 180 degree turn around, but now so have I. I’m the one that’s on my phone almost constantly -I even decline to join outside time with my husband and daughter. I completely avoid my household responsibilities and let them pile up to an embarrassing level. I do nearly zero self-care an occasional shower is all I can muster. I am rather short tempered with my daughter and ineffective with parenting despite being a literal early childhood development specialist. I’m very defensive and snappy leading to arguments frequently.
Has anyone else been able to heal their postpartum resentment? What helped you have that break through and come back to the partnership? And please don’t say things like “recognize his effort and make yourself do the tasks/self care”. Cognitively I know how amazing he’s doing and that I have become the problem parent, I KNOW that I SHOULD get over it and let it go. But I’m just stuck my behavior is compulsive at this I point. I’m just ready for life and relationship to go back to normal.
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2023.06.05 09:52 randomaccountno789 I’ve been living in Bangalore for 10+ years and I still love it!

Hi everyone,
I'm a 34 year old software engineer who moved to Bangalore 10+ years ago for a job at a large multinational corporation. I've seen this city grow and change over the years, but I still love it for what it is. Here are some of the reasons why:
Of course, the city is not perfect and has its share of challenges and problems. The traffic is one of the biggest issues that I face every day. It takes me an hour to reach my office, which is only 10 km away from my home. The pollution and noise levels are also high, which affect my health and peace of mind. I have also lost some friends due to hectic work schedules and personal reasons.
But I don't let these things get me down. I cope with them by playing a lot of video games and sometimes going out to eat at some of the amazing restaurants here. I also try to take out time for a couple of friends that I still have and catch up with them over a drink or a movie. I also hope to see some positive changes in the city in the future. I want to see the metro project completed so that traffic is reduced and public transport is improved. I also want to see more greenery and open spaces in the city, which can enhance its beauty and livability.
Overall, I'm very happy with my decision to move to Bangalore and I look forward to living here for a long time. I think this city has something for everyone and it's a great place to work, live and have fun.
What do you guys think? Do you agree with me? What are some of the things you love about Bangalore? What are some of the challenges you face here? Let me know in the comments.
Thanks for reading! 😊
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2023.06.05 09:52 ScribblingFox98 The Survivor Becomes a Dungeon (Chapter 79)

Vitmori POV
Work had begun almost immediately as Trisha got the forge going, talking with Heptio as she started going through the motions. It was clear to me that she was already off in her own little world. Rita had lingered to watch the work for a moment, but I could tell she was bored of this before long and began making her way out of the forge. Reyvyre had stood around for a little while longer before also making her way out, though she waved for me to follow; seeing no reason not to, I joined her and fell in step beside her. "So, how does your avatar feel? Trisha and Rita mentioned you battled with Reonim." She asked as she glanced over at me; I could see and feel her eyes wandering my body, though I could sense it was strictly analytical as she reviewed her handiwork.
"Hmm... Well, I lost, for one." I mentioned with a bit of a smile and shrugging a bit. "Reaction time wasn't as fast as my original body, though it was fast enough. I think I figured out a hint in using mana to enhance my physical capability, but I was unable to maintain my boosted running speed. My overall physical capabilities were good despite my low weight, but how heavy I am doesn't really matter to me. If I do need more weight, I'm sure I can manage with some kind of metal or stone weights."
Reyvyre's intrigue and curiosity were palpable as I spoke, I could sense that she wanted to take down notes, but she realized that she forgot her notepad back at the longhouse; focusing back on me, she nodded intently at my words before speaking up. "It sounds a lot like the delay that people with artificial limbs experience. The suggested remedy for that is to just use the limb as much as you can... So I suppose it's only a matter of time until your avatar feels natural." She suggested as she absently ran her fingers through her hair. "As for making use of your mana heart, I'm afraid I don't have much experience in actively using it. The only benefits I truly make use of are the ones that maintain my body with the reduced need to eat, sleep and drink. Though I'm sure Reonim could advise you." She said before looking unsure as she tilted her side to side a bit. "Well... He's knowledgable and able to explain things easily enough, but he hasn't shown much talent in actually teaching." She admitted with a little shrug.
"Well, how common are mana hearts and magic users?" Now that I'm really thinking about it, the only people I've seen with mana hearts were mostly those in my service, aside from the drakewardens, Virtisa, Jaz, Lanzak, and Sylvia. Isaak looked like he had some glittering lights around his heart, but he had not actually developed one yet. Even Dhalia only had a mana heart; it wasn't even that impressive.
Reyvyre seemed to need a moment for that, I could feel her mind swirling with information as she considered my question. "One in ten people naturally develop mana hearts, one in twenty will develop their mana hearts to effectively use in combat at Reonim's level, and one in forty are able to cultivate their mana hearts to develop a single mana ring." She explained before looking over at me. "And that is only considering the short-lived races." She mentioned as she looked back out at the treeline below us. "You won't encounter many as powerful as yourself or even as powerful as I am, but there are many ways to develop mana hearts and mana rings, so there will be more than the predicted amount of those with mana hearts here and there, especially in the service of nobles, affluent merchants, among the guilds, or the various academies." She explained as she listed them out on her fingers.
"I see. Well, maybe I'll see for myself once my armor and equipment are ready. I was planning on joining Basti in visiting the Hegemony and investigating the trafficking on their side of things." I decided to mention it as we neared the base of my mountain.
I could feel Reyvyre's look at me curiously at that comment. "Are you sure you're up for it? I mean no offense, but this world is nothing like yours, I just don't want you to be taken advantage of or misled." She expressed sincere worry and concern plainly on her face as she watched me.
I couldn't help but be amused by that as I returned her look with a quirked brow. "You may be four times older than me, but I'm still a grown man capable of caring for myself. People will still be people, no matter where they are from. As long as they can still be swayed by words, actions, kindness, or violence; I should be fine wherever I end up." I was half joking with that comment, but as far as I've seen with the people in the haven, even if they look different, they're still just people like I used to know.
I could sense Reyvyre's uncertainty, though she soon accepted my words and decided to move on to the next topic as we got down into the woods. "Well, if you're going on a trip, would you mind if I took Reonim and visited my clan?" She asked curiously, I could tell she wanted to go no matter what I said, though she also felt I wouldn't say no to something like that, and she wouldn't be wrong.
"Leaving so soon? You haven't even been back for a full week." I mused, deciding to pry just a little bit before letting her do what she wanted.
Reyvyre seemed to catch on to what I was after and obliged with a bit of a smile. "Well, I need to go report my status as possibly the youngest elven mage to etch their fourth ring of mana around their heart." She enthused proudly, though she then looked rather sheepish as she scratched the back of her head. "It's also been a decade since I last reported back, and I'm one of fifteen elves to actually wander beyond my clan borders, so I should probably inform them of the events of the world sooner rather than later." She chuckled a little bit before looking back at me. "If it's okay with you, I'd like to return the remains of the elf we found in Lictdren's chamber to my people, the armor she wore was a lost treasure for the elven people, and returning it should do well to endear the clan to you and possibly the Empire, thanks to your alliance with them." She explained, the anticipation clear in her eyes about the possibilities.
"Just admit it, you have a hard time staying in one place, don't you?" I tease gently before smirking a bit. "Though I do appreciate you going out of your way to find me more friends in this world." I said as I looked over at her, glancing at my mark around her throat. "Sure, go for it, just let me do this real quick." I mentioned as I stepped closer, reaching out and gently poking her neck. I could feel her jolt with surprise, though she remained still as her mind hummed with curiosity at what I'm doing. To be honest, I'm not even sure what I'm doing, but I focus as I trail my finger from her neck, down to her shoulder and pull away. My mark had seamlessly moved away from being so clearly distinct on her neck, down to her shoulder where most other people tend to have it. "There... Sorry if that was uncomfortable." I said as I flashed a small smile. "But my mark looked too much like a collar on you, and that wasn't sitting right with me." I explained as I rubbed the back of my head. I'm not sure why I did this right now, but it felt right.
Reyvyre looked surprised to say the least, absently touching her neck and swallowing. I could sense a flurry of emotions coursing through her mind, but overall I could feel that the collar-like mark did bother her, at least in the corner of her mind when she saw others with my mark in more discrete places. After a moment, she smiled at me as she looked up into my eyes. "Thank you Vitmori, for your help and your permission." She says while looking away, still absently touching her neck as she continues on our way back to the Haven. Though as we drew closer, she glanced back at me and flashed a smile. "Say... How about I show you some of the basics of magic? I'm sure you'll have a handle on it in no time." She mentioned with a grin.
"That sounds good to me." I reply with a bob of my head.
Reyvyre nodded in return before looking away. "Give me some time to set things up, I'll come get you in a little bit." She said as she stepped away and went off in a different direction than the Haven.
I watched her go for a couple of moments, though I made my way over to the clearing soon enough as I walked around. Most people are working on various things, though I do see a cluster of people working around a long, stripping it of bark using the new tools I had given them. I make my way over, spotting a beaverkin man snacking on some bark chips as he seemingly takes a break while Lanzak leads the group now. "You are Woody, right?" I ask, not entirely sure of their name since it felt a little on the nose.
The beaverkin man jumped a little with surprise, having been lost in thought while enjoying his snack. Looking over at me, he offers a grin before standing as he tucked the remaining wood chips he had into his pocket, all while doing his best to chew what he had in his mouth before swallowing and clearing his throat. "Guilty as charged." He expressed cheerfully as he stepped up to me. "Is there anything I could help you with?" He asked as he absently wiped at something at the edge of his lips.
"Yeah, Trisha mentioned that you would be making my bow and arrows for me, I just wanted to know if there's anything I can help with to get you started?" I explain as I glance over at the work they're already doing.
Woody looked thoughtful, his beaver tail tapping almost absently against the dirt behind him. "I know that the Shepherd Zasutir said that we should be doing work on our own so as to not burden you... However, if you are offering your help in exchange for something, then I suppose we are not burdening you anymore and this is just an exchange of service." He reasoned with a shrewd smile before continuing. "We need much more wood than we are able to process ourselves at the rate we're going. Between firewood and construction materials, we need to get a lot of this set up and drying if we want to make any considerable progress on construction after winter has passed." He explained as his tail tapped at the dirt again. "Now, I did hear those drakewardens were planning on coming in with builders and supplies in the next couple of weeks, but wood is a long-term commodity that has lots of uses." He explained, now all business, though even as he spoke, he reached into his pocket and popped a wood chip into his mouth every now and then. "If you don't mind, could you use some of that dungeon magic of yours to take down twenty trees for us?"
"Only twenty trees?" I asked before chuckling a bit. I certainly don't mind the work, and I do have a lot more mana to work with than I had several weeks ago. Plus, Woody did have a point, this sort of stuff is no longer a one-sided charity of giving them whatever they need, they're doing stuff for me now and I'm working to earn it. Even if I think twenty trees don't exactly equate to a bow and arrows.
Woody nodded as he chewed on some more bark. "Yep, for now. It's not like we're gonna stop cutting down more trees, though we won't be as rushed if you can do this for us... And as impressive as the longhouse you made is, what we need now are simple buildings for us to grow into before we improve on them later." He explained as he wiped his lips absently. "All we need to do is build the frames and floors of buildings, then I can make some bricks with clay and dry grass to fill out the rest." He said while nodding at his own words.
"I see, so how am I gonna break these trees down, and where do you want them?" I asked while looking over at the treeline and considering what trees to take down.
Woody hummed thoughtfully at that. "Well you can put the wood behind the longhouse, that's where we have been putting it up till now." He mentioned before looking back up at me. "If you could break down four trees into manageable logs for firewood, eight trees into planks, and the remaining eight trees into squared posts for the frames." He listed out before snapping his fingers as he considered something else. "If it's not too much trouble, could you also pile up all the tree branches next to the wood, and as for the bark..." He trailed off, in the middle of biting down on another chip from his pocket, he pulled it away before clearing his throat. "Could you set up the bark near the fireplace, Virtisa has been asking for some to make some kind of medicine and other stuff... Apparently, it's got some sort of stuff and such to make lots of things and a few medicines." He explained before shrugging as he finally popped the piece of bark he had in his hand and chewed. "I just think it tastes good." He mused with a smile.
I chuckled a little bit at his last comment before rubbing the back of my head and looking back to the tree line. "Sure, I'll see what I can do." With that, I step away towards the treeline, Woody looking to the others and getting back to processing the current log they were working on. It doesn't take long to go around and gather all the trees since I'm able to take everything from the leave to the roots all at once. The only thing I had to actually take my time on was making sure the trees I collected were unoccupied and then taking a moment to fill the new hole with dirt so nobody fell in and got hurt.
It was actually on my way back when I encountered Sylvia, who smiled as she spotted me and made her way over. "I heard from Woody you were helping gather trees for us, could you make sure some of that bark comes my way? I need it if I want to start making the leather for your equipment." She explained as she walked with me.
"Of course, do you think you'll have it ready anytime soon?" I ask as we start heading back to the clearing around the longhouse. Though at that, I could sense some kind of unease coming from Sylvia as she slowed her pace to stare at me.
"How... How soon are you thinking?" She asked before picking up the pace to walk by my side again.
I look over at her and offer a shrug. "Sometime next week, once I have some weapons and clothes, I'll start walking toward the Hegemony and..." But before I could continue, Sylvia started to chuckle before full-on belly laughing at me as she wiped at some non-existent tears, looking over at me and laughing some more as she was soon doubled over at my expense. To say I was a little annoyed would be accurate, but moreover, I was just confused by her reaction.
It took almost a full minute before she managed to get ahold of herself, even then she was still snickering as she placed a hand over her mouth before speaking up. "You're such a silly human... I don't know how they did things in your world, but proper leather for armor takes at least two months to be armor grade, and that's not even considering all the other prep work to get it done." She was panting, taking slow breaths as she did her best to compose herself, though she still turned red from the strain of not laughing at me each time she looked back up at me, having to physically place her hand over her mouth to do so. "Forget about the leather, I'll make you some hide boots and gloves and get with Miriam to see what we can do for some quick and sturdy armor, just leave it to me Vitmori." She mused, smirking at my expense as she smacked my lower back a couple of times before walking off.
Well... There goes my self esteem. I suppose the only experience I have is the stuff I scavenged that was already put together, or from armorers who already had a supply of treated leather ready to be committed to make armor per request. To get my mind off that blunder, I set to work sorting out the wood into the requests Woody made for me. I end up sitting cross legged in the dirt and closing my eyes in order to focus on the details of the work; I can feel the mana be expended, and while it does consume more mana than when I usually interact with things in the vacuum of my storage, and I can't help but be pleasantly surprised that I'm even able to do this much in this avatar; that is being able to visualize my storage space in the same abstract nature I used to before I had a body.
Before long, all the wood has been sorted out in neat piles behind the longhouse and I go over by the outdoor fireplace to find Virtisa getting a massive pot of water to boil over an open flane, the herbalist lizardkin flashing a fanged smile at me as she pokes at the fire with a stick, Sekha mrowling politely as she sits besides Virtisa, but doesn't move from her place as she watched intently. "Hello Vitmori, I take it that you have the bark Woody asked you to collect for me?" She asked, appearing to be content with Sekha sitting in her lap, which was a huge improvent from when I last saw her hurriedly rushing out of my medbay after seeing what I had done to Dread, her head full of anxiety and doubts.
"Yeah, where should I leave them, there's a lot ya know." I mentioned as I make my way closer, reaching out and gently doting on Sekha by scritching her throat before stepping away to give Virtisa her space.
I could see her eyes wander as she looked around before pointing at a spot a couple feet away from her. "If you could leave them there, that would be great, thanks." She said as she brought her hand back and down on Sekha's back as she stroked the blue cub's fur.
I can't help but feel she's underestimating just how much tree bark I collected, in the end I settle with just dropping off a good thirty pounds of bark, and with that I could sense that Virtisa wasn't expecting nearly that much. "Perfect, I'll get to work refining all of this." She said pleasantly, she didn't visibly betray her surprise though, instead bobbing her head as she went back to prodding the flames underneath the pot.
Before I could get into anything else, Reyvyre came into the clearing and waved me over, her hands and knees covered in dirt. Making my way over, I look her up and down before quirking a brow with curiosity. "I see you've been playing around in the dirt." I mused kindly.
Reyvyre, for her part, looks confused for more than a few seconds before remembering something and looking at herself. She chuckled a bit as she scratched the back of her neck. "Yeah about that... Well it's better if I just show you." She said with a small smile before leading me out of the clearing. We walk for a few minutes before coming across a smaller clearing, the smell of fresh cut grass in the air as I see the results of Reyvyre's efforts. In the middle of the clearing was a magic circle with a variety of runes strewn all over the place, while I can read a few of the things here and there, I'm not too sure about the specifics, though I sense Reyvyre is more than ready to explain everything in just a moment as she beckoned me to come to the middle of the circle. "Kneel down here, we're gonna check your affinities." She mentioned, moving to get out of the circle while stepping carefully between the lines and runes.
Watching how she walked, I made sure to follow her example, crossing into the magic circle as I knelt down in the middle. "My affinities?" I parrot curiously. I mean I knew I had three aspects, but I don't know if it's the same thing she's talking about.
"Yeah, we're gonna see what magics you have the greatest connection to, the base roots of which are the primal elements found in the world. Things like fire, water, earth, and air among other things." She explained eagerly as she pointed to the four big circles within the magic circle before gesturing to the numerous smaller circles. "Beyond those, there are other magics which are more esoteric beyond the base elements. From there I can see how to best guide and instruct you on the branches of magics that come easiest for you." She said as she sat down cross legged in the grass. "Go on, reach out and run your mana through the magical circle, I'll make sure everything stays stable and review the results." She mentioned, eager anticipation just radiating from her like a ball of light. I look around myself for another moment before following her instructions, closing my eyes as I reach out with my mana. I can feel things happening around me, my mana pulsing and resonating as I meet Reyvyre's mana in the magical circle. "Wow..." Is all she says as I go to open my eyes.
Prev First
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2023.06.05 09:51 SputnikFrank My cat won’t stop yelling at night

I have a somewhat clingy 9 year old male cat who has recently started continuous yelling at night. In the last week, he’s upgraded to yelling in the mornings too.
Some background on him: he’s been an outdoor cat most of his life (we live in rural Iceland so no predators and little traffic) but December of last year we moved to a third floor apartment so he became indoor. He seemed to adjust well to that and didn’t make any fuss at the windows or doors. We moved again in March when I got a new job, and that’s when the problem started. I’m now on the second floor, and this apartment has a mezzanine level.
For the first few weeks it was alright, he would follow me upstairs to bed and sleep with me. Then the yelling began.
He’ll walk into the bedroom and walk around my bed making repeated noises. If I call for him or try and entice him onto the bed to sleep, he doesn’t respond. He wanders out into the hall or downstairs and just keeps yelling. In the last week, he’s begun doing it around 6am too (I usually wake at 7am) or if I go to the bedroom during the day.
I keep his bowls full and his litter tray empty. He has a small cat tree and lots of balls to play with. If I let him out on the balcony he gets distracted enough to be quiet again but a) I have to supervise him out there and b) the yelling gets worse when I bring him in and comes with frantic scratching at the door to get back out again. I’ve considered building an enclosure out there but Icelandic weather means 25mph wind is common and the landlords won’t let me attach anything directly to the building.
I’m going mad and the ruined sleep is a affecting my work performance. Any suggestions for how to make him stop?
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2023.06.05 09:51 AutoModerator [Download Course] Kaye Putnam – Convert with a Quiz (

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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.05 09:51 Babalaul Overwatch 2 Tournaments Free Entry Prize pool up to $500.00 Americas & Europe

eSports Gateway is hosting 2 x Overwatch tournaments with free entry on Americas and Europe servers with cash prizes:
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2023.06.05 09:50 Astral-Eden My relationship with music is getting worse

Music has been a part of my life ever since I was a very tiny human. My mother practically put me in music lessons since I was 2 1/2 years old. All of my life up until recently, music is everything to me. I wanted it to be a part of my career, I wanted to create music, I wanted to share it and have friends or close ones that I could talk to about it. It's something I hold dearly and something that I'm passionate about.
On the other hand, I'm struggling mentally. I went to therapy secretly for 2 months (a friend payed for me out of the kindness of their heart, bless them) and I actually got diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and ADHD (I'm pretty sure she might've said I had depression as well, but even then I think I know I do). I moved out last year and started living by myself. I thought after leaving a toxic environment I would be better, but I was wrong. I was always trying to catch up to my work in uni, showering became difficult bcs the water was terrible, my eating habits were all over the place, I felt like such an incompetent person, and everything slowly seemed more hopeless by the minute. At one point, I didn't shower for a week and I just ate instant noodles and junk food because I couldn't bring myself to do anything about it.
Though I may not be majoring in music due to my mother's insistence and I stopped having music lessons eventually, I was still trying my best to make time for it. There's a piano you could use with a time limit on campus and I brought as much instruments as I can from my parent's house (guitar, violin, ukulele, kalimba, etc.) that I can fit into this 2x3m room I live in. I'd make songs and experiment with what I could do.
But now, I feel so dead inside. As in, it actually brings me pain to even try and play anything on these instruments or to try and make music. I'd feel really sad and painful and it felt like this passion for music that used to burn brightly inside me dwindled into probably nothing. It's like I couldn't do anything, it doesn't bring joy anymore.
And this whole thing feels very scary to me. I don't want to loose it, but I can barely interact with it without feeling like a pile of washed-up shit who doesn't even deserve to touch whatever instrument I have.
I used to look forward to learning any new instrument, I even had plans on buying a good ocarina. But now I don't know what to do. I can't go to therapy and it feels like no one in my life right now could even relate to this. I just want that passion back. I don't want music to be painful anymore. Yet, I don't know what to do or what's going on with me.
If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read. Sorry if my English is all over the place since it's not my first language. If you have any advice or anything kind to say, I'd appreciate it. If you have any questions, I'll try my best to answer in the comments. Thank you.
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2023.06.05 09:50 a_for_anaru 7 days to leave rental

We have a mould problem at the place we rent. The house is 8 years old and from what the inspector has said the water proofing was not completed properly and as a result moisture is entering the house from the downstairs bathroom and one of the bedrooms.
So, after a spore and moisture test last week the house has been deemed uninhabitable and we must vacate and have our tenancy terminated in 7 days.
7 days? I can't find a new house in 7 days. I work away for weeks on end and won't even be in town when the 7 days are up.
I have been in this house for a year and have been complaining and making the rental manager aware of the moisture problem since October but was told there was nothing wrong and to open the windows more often.
What can I do? At this stage the plan is to dig my heels in while I look for a suitable place to move, but there's no way I can get it done in 7 days.
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2023.06.05 09:49 silverchargerspoon What do I doo??

These new shoots have come through. Should I move to a new pot or let them continue to grow. It has just turned to winter here so will it damage the bigger plant?
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2023.06.05 09:48 Maxientius PSG Opening Year Advice

Does anyone have any advice for the opening moves to make as PSG during Year 1? I have a shortlist of players and staff I target as well as board requests for affiliates and such. My main concern this - is there any known way to get the salary down? I can easily get Messi down from $40m to ~$24m. But Neymar and Ramos aren’t taking pay cut and I don’t care much to bring the latter back another year tbh. Any other tips or players/staff to target greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.05 09:48 DoubleFlacko My father might be cheating on my mom with another man, what should I do?

A few days ago I was sitting down next to my father at a performance and before the show started he was on his phone and I glanced over and it was clearly a picture of his nether regions. I did not get a very good look at it because I did not want stare at my dads nether regions. We have a close relationship and I kind of laughed and said what the h*** was that and his face was bright red and he kept asking, “what?” And I finally said, “that thing on your phone,” and he just said that he sent it to my mother and I just said ok and blew it off. Next thing I know his back is towards me and I peak over his back and I see him exited out of the picture in iMessages so I can see the texts and picture. Only thing is the contact name was not my moms but another man’s name and let’s call him Brad. Next I think oh he might have sent a funny picture of his nether regions to his friends, which admittedly I have done before, but I have never heard this guys name in my life and I know all of my dads close friends well. I do not know the password to my dads phone as he will not even let anyone touch his phone. I do know the password to my moms phone so when they went to bed I took her phone and looked through her messages with my dad to confirm I was not just seeing things and there was no nether regions picture sent to her from my dad. The next day I see him texting the same guy, Brad, who I have never heard of and the only text I can see is what my dad sent and it is “🤤🤤” and he sent these emojis after a picture was sent by brad, but I could not see what it was. I am currently writing this at the airport and I just caught my dad looking at younger men in underwear posing. Him and my mom have been married for nearly 30 years he is a very conservative straight man and while he does not mind the LGBT community he has made comments making fun of them. He is also very active in our Catholic Church community. Also I know my mom and him do not have a sexual relationship due to reasons that happened over 10 years ago, but they seems very happy with each other. Am I thinking to much? Should I just overlook everything and move on? Or is there anything I can do?
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2023.06.05 09:48 Hannahdoll_10 Something I like about this game

Okay, so I realized this a few minutes ago. And I also don't really see a lot of other people giving talking about it.
I love making my games go into the brink of major glitches and corruption with all the stuff I download and add on.
And the main reason why I say this makes ts3 my favorite game is because the base game elements or things added with the packs, is such a good base point. But I love exploiting the reach of it all. Download a mod mostly because it allows same-sex pregnancy and the needed cc? Yes absolutely will do that and make a guy achieve the surrounded by family through his own pregnancies.
Absolutely will download every single mod that adds more toddler actions where now it's more fun to play as a toddler than as a child even though it definitely slowed my game down and some new actions don't work and aren't animated.
Build/buy on other lots through testingcheatsenabled true and shift clicking on a lot? Yes. I will change everything to greens, blues, and lavenders, because cool colors are the coolest. And I will make it look like a grandma's stereotypical house.
Download (🏴‍☠️) almost all the store content and barely use more than 3 premium content? Love it, and I will also download companion mods that add onto them more.
Full on sensory overload when I play this game. Candles going and playing a TV show while I Force my sims to live a country lifestyle and mostly keep them on the same lot.
And that's another thing, everyone says that they love how they can go other places, but I really, REALLY enjoy forcing everything to be on the same lot. A lot of manual labor with building and I haven't gotten more than 5 minutes of actual game time from building so long. But it's my favorite thing.
The more actions on the same lot the better. If my sims are stir crazy I take it as a sign I'm doing good.
I would make a world completely replicating my town if I could figure out how to work CAW.
It's the most funniest thing to have a ton of sims and trying to force them to all do one thing, (eat at the same table together) and then make them do every little thing I placed on the home lot individually.
Number one thing I do is switch between characters. Always have them doing something. There's just so many options.
I love using cheats to make everything go my way.
I know my game is slow and lags if you move around too much, and objects don't get their texture four a few seconds after going back to an area, but sims 3 has a magic that I can't describe other than an analogy where sims 3 as a base game is like a dollhouse, and it's good dollhouse but I want to add a basketball court, and a McDonald's, and so much more, and I can do that because the sims 3 is a chaotic game. That for all it's said to handle, it actually does a lot more for me.
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2023.06.05 09:48 JanceOjay [FNV] Custom Companion Scripting Trouble (NosCo Companion System)

[FNV] Custom Companion Scripting Trouble (NosCo Companion System)
Some I'm trying to create a custom companion for Fallout New Vegas in the FNV GECK using the NosCo Companion System Mod, and it works for the most part, it's the scripting I'm struggling with. Following the creation guide thats on the nexus mod page, it tells me to copy everything from the NCCSCompanionScript and paste it into a new script and save as new script, when I try that, the script I just created shows up in the "Select Form" menu but does not show up in the script listing. (Under NPC ID and NPC Name) (Note I'm fairly new to the New Vegas GECK and modding, so any advice would help)
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2023.06.05 09:48 JanceOjay [FNV] Custom Companion Scripting Trouble (NosCo Companion System)

[FNV] Custom Companion Scripting Trouble (NosCo Companion System)
Some I'm trying to create a custom companion for Fallout New Vegas in the FNV GECK using the NosCo Companion System Mod, and it works for the most part, it's the scripting I'm struggling with. Following the creation guide thats on the nexus mod page, it tells me to copy everything from the NCCSCompanionScript and paste it into a new script and save as new script, when I try that, the script I just created shows up in the "Select Form" menu but does not show up in the script listing. (Under NPC ID and NPC Name) (Note I'm fairly new to the New Vegas GECK and modding, so any advice would help)
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