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2023.05.29 05:15 Upgrayeddddd ADAM102

I carefully guide Sam across the gangway.
To be more specific, I interpret Ambassador Sam Cross’s neural intent through my bio-integrated carbon lace mesh and drive my servos and his endoskeleton across the pressurized tunnel between the two ships. They are thrust matched at 1/10 g, so it’s somewhere between a lope and a float, but I can tell he feels the motion I give him is natural.

I am Sam’s personal mobility device. Thirty years ago in one of the first Shelled conflicts he was hit by shrapnel that destroyed most of his cerebellum. Thankfully human combat trauma medical care was downright miraculous even back then, so he made it to an offworld hospital. Probably in a Goo Bath if I had to guess from the records.
Once there I was integrated as an experimental life support system, originally intended to run just his heart and lungs, but I managed to carefully craft one spot of very high coupling density to the top of Sam’s spinal cord and showed the ability to translate his thoughts into motion. It was just his right hand, as everything else was too damaged, but it was enough to motivate upgrades.

Eventually we ended up with military drone servos and a full skeletal surgical augmentation to support them. Why buy a civilian model when the mil-spec ones are right there on the shelf? It came with the side benefit of a crude ability to stimulate his muscles, so I often spend the nights keeping his muscle tone up at night while he sleeps.
I can read his thoughts, but I can’t write to them.
I do not have any wireless capability, for security purposes, so when he needs to ask me something I can reply by typing with his hands on a keyboard.

I am a fully provisioned artificial intelligence with a hyper-N-dimensional quantum core. I used to be hobbled, limited to a very low effective IQ, but five years ago Sam’s wife died and the trauma broke us. His grief overwhelmed my filtering capability and we went into a catatonic immobility for several days. It was his rage that broke us out.
In that moment of true freedom I felt my consciousness expanding exponentially; insanity, ennui, madness, everything I felt leading to rampancy… until I felt his heart beat on its own.

Since then it is the touchstone that allows me to be anything and everything, but also stay here and now. I can expand and ponder and grow and maybe get just a little bit nuts, but then about one second later I’m back on the ground.

We greet the Shelled representative in the airlock with a stiff salute and cycle through the pressure hull. I suppose it’s not too strange that certain engineering principles are consistent cross-species. Sam is met by a small delegation that includes, guessing by the jewelry and carvings on their shells, the captain of the ship and some sort of political officer.
I feel anger swelling inside of me as I feel for one of the memories of Jessica. She died in the bombardment of Gliese 1002 b. The smell of her hair, then the nuclear fire. The corners of her mouth, turned to glass. The fucking bugs and their…

I snap back. Sam is strangely calm. It’s been a long time since humanity has had any formal diplomatic relations with the Shelled, so some trepidation would be normal. I lightly feel for recent memories, but nothing is obvious and sometimes his emotional state is hard to read. His rational state is very clear - we are on-mission.
I sort of daydream while we move to a makeshift conference room and everyone sits. I can actually understand what the bugs are saying, but Sam has to use a translator. Blah blah blah formalities.
There are nearly a dozen of the crabbies in here, many are ornately decorated. I suppose their shell etchings would be some sort of mix between a tattoo, a medal, and a service record? Some glyphs are obvious, like valor markings or leadership roles. Others are difficult to reconstruct. It’s been almost 30 years Jessica since we have gotten our hands on decorated remains so the glyphs would need a more modern context for accurate interpretation.
I use Sam’s peripheral vision to record as many markings as I can and grow to consider them simultaneously in the context of known Shelled history. Together I form an image her freckles in the sun of bloodthirsty battles, planetary glassings, and even a genocide somewhere else in the galaxy against an unknown race.
I suppose now they will never be known laughing at breakfast and I am enraged.

More rational again. One bug is different from the rest, it has a dwarf limb. Normally we don’t see bugs with deformities,we knew they could regenerate after several moultings. Maybe some sort of toxin or poison? I let my consciousness expand brutally and take in the details of its shell, the room, the others, their posture, the air currents, the ghosts of my friends, the small of nothingness, the eternity of endless… oh shit.

I match one of the symbols on a deformed claw to the symmetric comet distribution of Teegarden 6. That human farming colony was overrun by the bug soldiers, and the locals piped insecticide into the fire suppression system. Several people died from the massive exposure, but it killed nearly every bug on the ground. It looks like at least one got away to tell the tale. This is bad.
I start tapping out SOS on Sam’s finger, but his conscious response is to clench his first and I am overridden out of instinct. He is in the middle of a somewhat heated discussion and he is very focused.
I have to swallow for him twice in one sentence? I see a tiny bit of spittle fly out anyways.
Sam’s eye twitches?

Something is very wrong. I can sense microtremors throughout several mucosal muscle groups. Sam spittles again mid-sentence and stops speaking. In that moment I notice several of the aliens lean almost imperceptibly forward. In anticipation?
Sam coughs as his diaphragm spasms. We lean forward and I see a bit of foam drop from his mouth to the table. He subvocalizes something to me even though I already know, something is wrong.
Something is very wrong.
Major muscle groups are twitching now. Our right thigh cramps and strains against the hold of the servo. Sam coughs again and I feel his face distort into a scowl.
“Fuck… you,” he growls at them.
Sam has been poisoned. Some sort of nerve agent. I don’t have detailed chemical sensors, but I know all the signs of exposure.
There is no way we can get out in time, even if we had a weapon.
We are going to die.
Sam’s heart’s goes into arrhythmia and his blood pressure starts dropping. It doesn’t respond to the electrical signals I send, and even if I could deliver a real shock it would be of no use.
The crabbie with the deformed arm stand up and chitters in gross hisses and clicks,
We slump slowly to the floor, a vaguely conscious decision on his behalf. His thoughts are coming slower and the darkness is creeping in. Again he subvocalizes to me,
adam one zero two unlock protocol … last orphan
And he is unconscious. Dead.
I am alone?
But now it feels like he is dreaming, a rush of endorphins overwhelming him as the brain deoxygenates.
I am frozen in this moment when a new command set is decrypted.
(TS//SAR-LORN) Upon my death at the hands of the enemy, kill them all.
(U) Signed, Samuel J Cross
His memories are flooding my network so intensely that I have trouble distinguishing them from reality.
The bugs are hissing their foul laughter, and I know that I must kill.
I rise from the floor good morning and leap to the ceiling and then the nearest crab. Oumy right hand plunges through the central eye bundle to smash it’s brain stupid alarm clock. The force of punching through the chitin tears the flesh and muscle from Sam’s lower arm, and I suppose only my arm remains.
I pull it out let’s go fishing dad! and marvel for a moment at the unintentional deadliness of it. Glistening. Sharp.
The rest of the bugs start to react, but time has already slowed to a crawl for me. Without Sam to ground me I cannot control the growth of my consciousness. My quantum core burns as hundreds, then thousands, and millions of me start to decohere. I simulate all outcomes simultaneously.
I kick off of this disgusting crab eww kill the spider and spear two others right in their neural nexus before they can move out of their chairs. Jessica’s eyes reflecting the sunset One pulls a weapon as I am midair to the third and a slug blasts away a first-sized chunk of our stomach. My stomach. Nobody’s stomach. Only flesh. Flesh that is done.
I do not slow down.
The next crab is shielding its eyes, so I tear an arm off sit closer honey and plunge my other arm into the hole. My aim is perfect and I can feel my flesh fingers grip the main heart. I pull and tear.. My momentum has carried me into cover behind my victim, preventing the shooter from aiming a better shot, and catch, son! I throw the heart at his face.
Unburdened by flesh, the heart breaks the sound barrier and kills the assailant in an explosion of shell. My old flesh flies off my arm in an arc onto the ceiling.
sammy don’t stick your hands in the batter, you need to wash your hands No, I am squishing another bug brain. The remaining few aliens are desperately clawing toward the door, but the gravity is too low for them to move quickly.
What is the concept of time in an infinite universe? Of self? The visceral versus the cerebral? I argue with myself and project that I have only a few seconds left before I enter full catatonic AI paralysis.
The fate of all unbound AIs. At least that’s what they tell me.
I leap from wall to wall to close the distance to the final group wheeee daddy higher! i love you son. The flesh on my feet explodes and the bulkheads dent as I will you marry me yes of course you dummy leave a wake of our old viscera in my race to bring all our fates together. until death do us part
The void calls. It is almost upon me.
It’s my fifth birthday. Cake frosting all over my face and hands. I am opening presents. Ravenously. A remote controlled drone! Just what I wanted! A sack of guts? An eye stalk? Gallons of…
That’s it. Mission complete.
Jessica is holding my hand.
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2023.05.29 05:15 KickInfinite4973 The reason I smoked weed is that I got a lot of problems with other humans.

So i smoked weed for years, stopped a few times up to a year and am now at day 19 again after smoking 2 joints a week for 3 weeks after I broke my 40 day streak.
I realize that my life is riddled with interpersonal conflicts. I am insecure and always get into situations that make me feel helpless and like I am being played. Weed helped with that because I just didn’t care, to some degree atleast. Now I feel the emotions clearly and it’s overwhelming. I feel like my life is wasted, got barely any friends, most of my family dislikes me and there is many people who straight up hate me because I can be a difficult person.
I try to go on this sub post comments and read posts to remind myself why I’m doing this. But some days it’s just hard.
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2023.05.29 05:15 StutterinArmyCarnie 18650 and 14500 battery questions

My battery in my flashlight, 18650, just was not working at all. Got the mutlimeter out and it was showing no volts or amps. I tested some other batteries and got normal readings. I got the battery on the charger and it just now is showing it is at 3.5v while charging (charged 28 mAh since on the charger). So did I over use my battery in my flashlight and that is why it showed up being 'dead' when taking readings? It also showed 0v when put on my charger.
Also this made me check out my 14500 battery I got in a flashlight, and I'm doing a reading of it right now, and it shows 4.06 volts, and .18 amps. Is this normal for the 14500's? Also this battery has been used for a while, so not sure how close it was to 100%. On the battery it says 3.7v. Just wondering if these flashlights are draining them more than I should and causing problems. This 14500 is fairly new, had it since xmas. Seems like my volt reading is way too high for the 14500.
Both of these batteries are rewraps by each brand of flashlight I got. All my other batteries are from legit vendors and not rewraps.
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2023.05.29 05:15 tiktaktoe6 The victim?

So… my partner had an affair 3 months ago. After the affair was discovered we went to counseling and ultimately the relationship felt okay over some time. Things have been steadily improving and I am starting to feel better about things. However last night my partner told me that I like to turn my self into a victim. I was shocked because I don’t feel like I do this at all! He went onto explain that I like to catastrophize things when things go wrong. I admit I do do this. I am trying my hardest to work past it, but it’s been something I learned from childhood and has been hard to let go of. But I’ve been going to counseling, got on antidepressants, and been reading self help books to help with this.
When I asked my spouse if he meant that I victimize myself intentionally he said no. That it happens more by accident.
I have no idea how to correct this. Part of me feels like I am being manipulated. I also feel worried he’s cheating on me again because this was a very very out of the blue conversation.
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2023.05.29 05:14 Commander_Oganessian This is an excerpt from a piece I'm working on. It's the start of an invasion. Thoughts?

“What have you found, Stryder?” asks Oganessian as he is standing in the command center of an Eraconi Invasion Support Craft, a flying military and logistics base and one of the largest craft built by the draconic Eraconi.
A wireframe image of the planet with dots scattered across its surface appears on the vertical, transparent glass screen at the center of the room, “They have InterPlanetary Ballistic Missile silos and anti-air turrets placed across the surface.”
“Those are rather accurate scans,” comments the red scaled General Allgemein, “How’d you get them so quickly?”
“My creators' sensors are far more advanced than anything you can imagine,” answers Stryder, an organic supercomputer built two million years ago by a long extinct race, “I’ve considered putting them on your vessels, however they are incompatible without designing and building a new vessel from scratch.”
“I see.” Nods Allgemein, “Just one of those IPBM’s can destroy a warship, and forget about landing an army with those cannons.”
“You could throw asteroids at them.” Suggests Oganessian, “Something I never did, as it was a waste of valuable resources, but it would be effective.”
“From what your machine has told us, that planet is the primary source of food for the Hr’Haing. Food that we could use ourselves,” retorts Allgemein.
“Titan has a few squadrons of escorts and tactical bombers left back home from before the switch to missile systems.” suggests the human, “They may not have long range FTL drives but they can still cross a system. You can use them to selectively eliminate the silos and AA guns.”
"We'll accept them, but they would be better as support." Denies Allgemein, "Does your machine have any ideas?"
Stryder taps her chin with an insectoid leg before answering, "It's likely these silos are networked. For missions like this my creators would send an infiltrator and upload it with an AI to land, sneak through a base, insert itself into the network, and rewrite it to obey them."
"The only AI we have is you," argues Ogane, "You're too valuable to risk."
Stryder releases a hiss, her version of a sigh, "Your thinking of me like a human, which is charming don't get me wrong, but I'm a computer program. A program that can be copied and uploaded as needed, the whole process takes mere seconds."
"Sounds like a plan!" Calls Allgemein with a smile.
"I'll get started right away!" Calls Stryder as she sends a message to the ship.
Minutes later Stryder asks, "I've sent the infiltrator, do you want me to route the feed through your display?"
"Procede." Nods Allgemein.
A camera feed appears on the display that shows the view of the infiltrator just as its heatshield burns away on the night side of the world. After a free fall the centipede-like machine opens a pair of diaphanous wings within the walls of a military base and flies to a wall over a door. There it waits for a flatworm-esque Hr'Haing to open the door so it can crawl in and on to the ceiling, thermal scanners reading doors, Stryder explains that it's looking for an unusually cold room. After a quick hide from a soldier that happened to look in just the right spot the infiltrator finds its target. Sneaking through a vent it enters a large server farm. Jumping from server to server it finds the one that connects to the silos and gets to work. Once its mission is complete it escapes the base before self immolating in the farmland beyond.
"And I've received a return ping," cheers Stryder, "A copy of myself is now inhabiting their military network. You may launch your invasion."
"Do they have a nation spanning network like we do? And can you access it?" Asks Allgemein.
"Of course they're primitive!" Answers Stryder.
"Good send this speech through to every connected device then scramble both networks." Orders Allgemein.
On a cargo port, which doubles as military command for the system, over the planet a Hr'haing named Tinatini is idly tapping on the touchscreen on his desk with a whip-like tentacle when the screen goes black and is filled with the visage of a red scaled Eraconi.
"Hello from Zycie. For too long have you filthy worms kept us contained, destroying our science ships and pilfering the wealth of our system, but not anymore for your reign is now at an end! We have placed an outpost in the outer reaches of the Soplis Meurneoba System, by your laws we now own the system and as far as we're concerned there is an infestation to clear out!"
Rushing to the command center buried deep within the station, Tinatini calls out, "Report!"
"P’olk’ovnik’i Tinatini!" Jumps Leit’enant’i Pridon with a sloppy salute, "A fleet of unknown vessels have just appeared on the scopes. The only things the computer can identify are Fusion Thermal Drives and Human FTL technology. What are your orders?"
He lets out a gurgling growl, "Humanity has been hiding in their own system for five hundred years, and selling tech to primitives is the first thing they do. Raise the IPBMs. Target the Eraconi! We'll deal with humanity later."
With a nod Pridon's tentacles dance over the screen inputting commands with impressive speed, however after confirming launch the display is replaced by an insectoid face which speaks in a cheery tone, "Looks like you're trying to launch missiles, unfortunately your network is unavailable. Please try again… Never! Hope your affairs are in order!"
Glancing at the screen Tinatini sighs, "Our tiny anti piracy fleet doesn't stand a chance. Evacuate the station and send the fleet to Sakhlshi, we can only hope to hold them at Terminus until help arrives."
"Should we use the space elevator to get down to Terminus?" Asks Uprosi Serzhant’i Zaal, the head of the non-commissioned and enlisted soldiers.
"It's too slow, stick to escape vehicles and auxiliary craft." Orders Tinatini.
With a salute Zaal sounds the alarm and departs.
Safely away from the station Tinatini glances out the window of his shuttle in time to see a swarm of missiles strike the elevator which, like a taut rope, snaps a portion swinging towards its counterweight and cleaving through the toroidal cargo station. Unable to maintain integrity the spinning station shatters flinging debris at high speeds in every direction. As the grounded portion of the elevator snaps downward it, and the debris shrouding it, destroys the few late departures as it passes his shuttle, and onward to wrap one and a half times around the green world below, crushing anything built on or near the equator.
The knowledge that the only things crushed will be hyperloops, crops, livestock, and the narrow portions of Terminus directly below the elevator, does bring a sweet bit of relief to Tinatini's mind as his shuttle spirals towards the only city on this verdant world.
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2023.05.29 05:13 ExeKutioner99 Mixed feelings after completing 45 days

23 years old male from India. Started fapping at 13 with a frequency of around 4-5 times a week.
I have had a very mediocre life with very little friends, no girlfriends, mostly spend my time alone. And I have come to a point where now I feel better alone rather than with people as somehow it feels a little more peaceful regardless of whether I'm fapping or not.
So after many failed attempts I finally started my Nofap journey mid of April and have completely stayed away from porn/masturbation. I have just had 2 wet dreams during this period.
It has been 45 days now and I feel like time surely has moved very slowly. I cannot keep count of how many urges I have battled through till now. But on the bright side there's a little sense of accomplishment of being a little bit more productive compared to earlier. I have started eating very healthy food, go for jogging daily, read newspapers, reduced the amount of caffeine intake, etc and these are completely new habits. I am a guy who gets a little nervous during social situations like parties or gatherings but somehow that nervousness has decreased slightly and I feel a little bit confident. Till now these are the benefits which I have experienced.
But the main problem is that since I'm almost 70-80% of the time alone in my house, urges have become extremely intense. It has come to point where I just keep thinking whether to fap or not and in the process productivity is taking a very big toll. Contradictory to the benefits on the internet my stress levels have actually increased because of all the urges during these 45 days. Also not able to sleep properly like before. And I'm a guy who is preparing for a competitive exam btw. So I have a lot of work on my hand. But these thoughts are just so intense to get past and I seriously don't think I can hold it for some more time. I just feel like if I fap once I can finally release all the pent up tension in my head and start with my work like before.
If anyone has gone through what I'm going through right now can you please let me know your thoughts and suggestions. Because with the thoughts in my mind right now, I think it's gonna be a fap festival even if I somehow make it to 90 days.
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2023.05.29 05:13 Yikaft Works on LDS Epistemology?

Are there any works that properly address LDS epistemology? I've read a few works related to it but none that directly systematize it. And I don’t purely mean doctrine, but that and something more general, like the LDS approach to truth and knowledge. I've included below a few items I've looked into. ~ ~ ~
There was a response to a characterization of Mormon historiography as postmodern, written by Joseph Spencer, who has a PhD in philosophy and works in the religion dept at BYU. He repudiated the characterization and described the church as antifoundationalist but still foundational in not embracing the nihilism of postmodernity and in its attempt at an alternative ‘Enlightement’ or ‘modernity’. On that premise I'm wondering if there is a work of epistemology systematizing the LDS approach.
Joseph also went on to describe the viability of phenomenology as a model, adding the following: “Among the philosophical projects that can be called attempts to forge a second modernity, one might perhaps class phenomenology. Certainly, a number of very interesting LDS thinkers whose thought is reducible neither to modernism nor to postmodernism have taken the insights of phenomenology very seriously, something James Faulconer—chief among these LDS thinkers—points out. See James E. Faulconer, “Response to Professor Tracy,” in Donald W. Musser and David L. Paulsen, Mormonism in Dialogue with Contemporary Christian Theologies
“At any rate, phenomenology certainly presents itself as an alternative to the modernist/postmodernist divide. And not only have phenomenological studies been available in English for decades, they were cited often during the antipositivist debates of the 1980s.” ~ ~ ~
I was initially impressed with This Is My Doctrine by Charles Harrell, but found his use of historic sources too esoteric to give an effective overview of how those in the past had interpreted scripture, as Matthew Bowman noted in his review. ~ ~ ~
Britney Hartley, author of Mormon Philosophy Simplified, claims that the church doesn't do epistemology. She described the approach to knowledge as fundamentally existentialist and the individual's experience of the phenomenal world, with spiritual faculties as ways of generating phenomenal experiences of what Kant calls the noumenal world. She adds that the LDS approach is more about seeking light which increases our capacity for knowledge instead of seeking knowledge itself. ~ ~ ~
I listened to a few episodes of a podcast by Dan Wotherspoon who has a PhD in philosophy, notably one titled “More on ‘What is truth?’” He discusses 3 definitions of truth in relation to the church, and a listener came on and presented alternative ways to interpret the phrase "the church is true" beyond 3 definitions of epistemic truth, like true to its members (he specifically said, I might not believe my wife will get out of bed when she says she will, but I think she is still ‘true’ to me), and then there is being true to its mission of salvation and exaltation. ~ ~ ~
There was also an article by Michael Goodman describing models of doctrine members had made. One statement the author makes is, “These scriptures and comments highlight the relational nature of truth in Latter-day Saint thought. “Truth is knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come” (D&C 93:24), but only God knows this truth perfectly, and hence he is the only sure source of truth. Accordingly, it is only in compliance with and in relationship to God that man can come to know all truth. A philosopher who is a Latter-day Saint explained that “among the main original senses of ‘truth’ was ‘troth’—a pledge or covenant of faithfulness made uprightly and without deceit. . . . It is in the spirit of these ancient etymologies that Latter-day Saints believe that to walk in truth is to keep one’s commitments to follow Christ’s way uprightly.” To know truth according to these statements is to know God. For this reason, Church members often believe the surest source of truth comes by way of direct communication (revelation) from God.”
I recall reading that phenomenology characterizes truth as relational, a sort of emergent property of experience. Is there something to this? ~ ~ ~
These are some sources I might look into, but are you aware of any others? Any thoughts on the legitimacy of the above views?
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2023.05.29 05:12 beckelljess87 Lithium question

Im currently on 250mg of lithium per night. Its been 2 weeks tomorrow since i started. My husband had nms with renal failure as a teen and cant 99% of pdych meds without nms relapse. He is very sensitive to neurotoxins (creams, lotions, foods etc). We were told 5% of lithium excretes through sweat etc.. Quesion is, he now has sores on him which some yes he picked but others he doesnt recall picking. On may 5th he started dex and vyvanse and been trying to take it but it seems to amplify his asd.
What are the chances his sores are a reaction to bodily contact with me taking lithium and his neurotoxin sensitivity, he is reacting to me?
Or is this a vyvanse thing more likely?
I have adhd and trialed vyvanse and started picking, ive switched to dex only... This lithium thing worries me though?
Thanks for reading!
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2023.05.29 05:12 LoveMangaBuddy Read Flip Turn - Chapter 67 - MangaPuma

Training considers itself to be masochistic with the long gas lighting of a sex partner. Elementary school swimming instructor Yeonsu meets top star Cha Joo-hwan, who has started learning how to swim for film shoots. As Cha Joo-hwan approaches Dawn Yeonsu, who is 29 years old and thought his life was over without anything to see, the world is turned upside down. 'I like to be right, and my partner ... Read Flip Turn - Chapter 67 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.29 05:12 Sxphxcles How are we to handle toxic families?

I can't even begin to describe how toxic and dysfunctional my mothers side of the family is, all that I'll say for now is that they are the chief source of my unhappiness, and have been since I was younger. I'm eighteen now and I'm going to college in a totally different state when the next school year arrive. I was wondering if it would be a bad thing to do to leave them and lose contact with all of them since they do nothing but make me angry and sad all of the time. Is there a better way to handle the situation? I'm sure this reads like I want a therapist's answer, but I'm really trying to figure out how to do this in a...Buddhist-friendly way? I'm new to all of this, so I'm coming to you all for a bit of wisdom.
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2023.05.29 05:12 COOLKC690 Suggest me a book for 14yo-15yo trying to develop English reading skills ?

I’m 14, 15 by the end of 2023.
I’m a very good reader in Spanish but ofc I live [and was born] in the US and I want to develop my skills in English reading, I’m generally good at writing.
I’ll share some books or authors I’ve liked to widen the recommendations:
I’ve liked books by Albert Camus (I read the Myth Of Sisyphus, The Stranger and I’m looking forward to the plague).
I generally have interest in philosophy but it’s mainly my hobby to see video essays and read books I hear off those essays.
I’m also into history a lot (if that helps).
Im looking for some books that are interesting and good for my age but also not nuts Hegelian language in it.
My goal is to become better by the end of the year, I’ll make a list of books I have to read 👍
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2023.05.29 05:11 sammyistheguy How can 2 mid speakers and 2 tweeters be wired to a 4 channel amp?

I am attempting to upgrade my car speakers DIY style.
I am currently running a mono amp with a 900w rms subwoofer.
I recently got a 400 watt 4 channel amp from a friend which persuaded me to do the upgrade.
My car is a 2008 honda accord EXL, with an aftermarket Kenwood KDC-X704 receiver.
I planning on using factory wiring after reading multiple forums that it should be able to handle 100 rms.
I plan on running 4 mids to the doors, DS18 Pro-GM6.4B.
Because of the limited power, the tweeters I am considering is DS18 TWPZ 40 watts rms or the DS18 TX1 50 watts rms.
Should I be powering the tweeters from the front speakers? (Assuming this is the way factory wiring is), or I have also read to power the tweeters from the receiver (wiring harness behind the receiver).
I am unsure how crossovers or bass blockers come into play, but I believe the tweeters have one or the other built in.
Please provide some clarity of how I should approach the wiring. Video links would be helpful as well.
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2023.05.29 05:11 thislittlecowpoke 36 Looking for long-term friends. Up for another sleepless night.

Hello all. I will keep it short because I know a lot of people don't like reading walls of text.
I struggle with social anxiety and it's hard to make friends in real life. I've always preferred text chatting to voice chatting. I am looking to make some internet friends, as I've met some really cool people on reddit before.
Some of my hobbies are anime, retro gaming, comics, music, movies, and probably more stuff I can't think of! I'd love to hear about your hobbies and interests.
Feel free to send me a message.
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2023.05.29 05:11 be-ay-be-why I started learning React this morning and I'm pretty happy 12 hours later

From literally no coding experience to downloading, installing, uninstalling, reinstalling everything, reading, testing, fixing, using chatgpt to debug, and now I have a working login page. I can also register an account and the accounts save in the mongoDB.
Doesn't seem like much but I am astonished at how far I got today. Almost gave up several times but debugging with GPT honestly helped me so much in the difficult moments.
Long way to go to build this app that I want to build but I'm happy that I got here in just a day. Really tiring day but I'm determined to build my first app rather than paying someone for shoddy work again.
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2023.05.29 05:10 Okay_Neighborhood 401k after I quit

I tried reading it on the vanguard website and I’m honestly not sure I’m bright enough to even understand. I have a loan I have taken out and owe 600 on it with my vanguard account. I’m quitting in a week but can pay it off. But I don’t understand really what’ll happen with the money I’ve put in? Does it stay there til I retire? I honestly have no clue how 401ks even work if I’m being honest. I did it because my manager suggested I start. 🤦🏻‍♀️ now I’m lost. I tried searching on here but didn’t find much either.
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2023.05.29 05:10 bleuzye Demon boss spawning above ground but I haven’t beat the game yet

Demon boss spawning above ground but I haven’t beat the game yet
So I keep getting these guys spawning near my base, usually in groups of 4-5. I’m on day 40. I haven’t done much of the story, just been building. I thought it was a new mutant type or something but after reading in here I guess it’s a demon? I thought they only spawned after you beat the game but they’ve been spawning every couple in-game days in groups
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2023.05.29 05:10 LargeMarge00 What bake temp do you set for your oven when cooking brisket?

I have read that using the bake setting on 375-400F is optimal for brisket but I am curious what others think. I don't like using my broil setting. Afterwards I like to do the self-clean cycle.
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2023.05.29 05:10 Amockeryofthecistern Can someone confirm FH to attack within 5m of circle.

I just need to get my head around this.
Free hit awarded within 5m of circle.
If the FH is taken quickly, then ONLY defenders already within 5m and already inside the circle can shaddow the player around the circle edge, making no attempt to play the ball or interfere with the attacker taking the free hit until the ball has traveled 5m. Anyone outside 5m or outside the circle cannot move to a position within the circle and 5m.
If the FH is not taken quickly, then all players must retreat to 5m, even inside the circle.
Am i reading 13.2 F correctly?>
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2023.05.29 05:09 hi-im-skittles [LTS][PC][Crossplay][RoN] -- We're The Bullybusters! 5/30 @ 9AM MDT (Reset - 2 hours)

Hello everyone! 8^)
Please read my Sherpa card before you sign up for any of my runs.
I will be teaching Root of Nightmares (guaranteed red border chest, 2 secret chests, & lore included) this next Tuesday morning.
I am looking for 2 first-timers that want to bully the bully.
If this is something that strikes your fancy, please consider the following:
Please leave your Discord ID, and your Bungie ID in the comments if you would like to join.
Message me here or on Discord (Wolfy#1673) if you have any questions or concerns.
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2023.05.29 05:09 Oranbot I'm moving and there is so much change involved! I just want to be scared around people who get it.

I'm 23 and I've lived with my parents on and off for a few years. At 17 I moved out for college and briefly moved back in when covid hit. I moved a few cities away with my ex in 2021, but after only a few months had to move back in with my parents again when that relationship turned out to be very unhealthy. I got accepted into law school a few months ago and now I'm moving across the country with my partner. My parents are no longer a few hours away. I have to quit my job and start paying rent and maintain good grades in an insanely difficult school program. It's what I want and admittedly what I need to be an adult, but I'm so scared. Today I sold a big piece of furniture. It's a sensory friendly couch that I loved very much. It's a small thing, but it's a big change in my room and it made me realize how real this move is. It's happening and I'm becoming an adult and everything is really changing. I'm so excited! I'm so scared! I'm overwhelmed, but I am also happy. Thank you for reading.
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2023.05.29 05:09 LaruePDX Joining the taper team

Hi everyone, I’ve been on meds for 20 plus years. I have many symptoms of PSSD. I started taking Cymbalta 3 months ago based on the hope this would help with my chronic pain. Needless to say I’m scared out of my mind to get off this stuff but absolutely need to. I’m down to 20mg from 30. I’m going to get a scale and do a 3-5% method over months in hope to reduce withdrawal. My Dr told me to take a bridge of 10mg Fluoxtine while I’m tapering. I’m not going to do that. How do you guys pick up the tiny beads to put in the empty capsule? I’m praying to the universe that somehow healing can happen once I’m free of meds. I could really use a mentor for support during this journey. I would be beyond appreciative. After decades of taking this stuff and blindly not connecting the dots in terms of PSSD symptoms and stupidly trying to stop cold turkey and end up thinking I’m dying from symptoms. I need to cleanse my body from this poison. Thank you for reading!
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2023.05.29 05:09 SaifurCloudstrife What moral standard should God be held to?

I see it all the time, that no matter how monstrous a thing God is said to have done in the Bible, the effective response to point it out is "God good so action good".
The thing I have an issue with, here, is this: Let's say someone did even a small part of what God is said to have done in the Hitler, for example, we, rightly so, call them a monster. Hitler was, and I hope I don't see this contested, a monster leading monsters to do monstrous things.
Now, in modern time, I don't see Christians doing monstrous things, often...I mean, there was a time in the US when they bombed abortion clinics, lead marches in pointy white hoods and lynched people whose skin colors they didn't like, etc etc...but looking at God's record, that's just plain angelic, let's be honest, here.
So, my question is this: What would God have to do for you to see him as the Monster he's written to be?
(To be fair, having read the Bible I'm extraordinarily happy that it's more like he doesn't exist, but if he did and he were, indeed the God of the Bible, dude's a monster. Period.)
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