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2023.06.05 08:17 OkGap5167 she was here It was sky

It was so close in the distance of an azure sky
There were delayed messages between us, while the courier turned into a crimson cloud, like the last setting of the sun
she was here It was sky
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2023.06.05 08:16 OkGap5167 she was here It was sky

It was so close in the distance of an azure sky
There were delayed messages between us, while the courier turned into a crimson cloud, like the last setting of the sun
she was here It was sky
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2023.06.05 08:14 OkGap5167 she was here It was sky

It was so close in the distance of an azure sky
There were delayed messages between us, while the courier turned into a crimson cloud, like the last setting of the sun
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2023.06.05 07:36 Ranger_Houston My two characters. Houston and Blue.

Used photoshop to get them both in the same pic. How’d I do?
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2023.06.05 05:44 CT_Phipps Audiobook audiobook sale recommendations

Audible is having a massive sale on almost all their audiobooks this month so it seems like the perfect time to recommend your favorite audiobooks so others may pick them up. Please share and share alike in hopes of spreading the love. As an audiobook author myself, Supervillainy Saga and Cthulhu Armageddon, I want to make sure as many lesser loved works get the attention they deserve as the big names.
Superhero Fiction
Cyberpunk/Dystopian SciFi
Urban Fantasy/Fantasy
Share the books you'd love more people to read.
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2023.06.05 05:19 AnaWolfbay1412 Not as stupid as watching the non-vaxxed FB posts go from Prayers => Obituary => GoFundMe

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2023.06.05 04:02 thr0waway32183329 I think my pedophilic ex-coworker has the potential to be a serial killer...

Throwaway for OBVIOUS reasons. This is a long, kind of crazy story that has a lot to do with intuition and straight up Facebook stalking lol not the most serious detective work, but it ties together. Please bare with me, as I'm going to do my best to get it all out in a way that makes sense.
I'm a healthcare worker. When I was in my early 20s, I had a coworker, lets call him "Ross," who rubbed me the wrong way within the first few weeks of knowing him. He was a seemingly charming, outgoing ~40 y/o who infiltrated into and got along well with my work friend group. He started to rub me the wrong way when he would try to "innocently" make physical contact with me during visits with our patients (making a point to put his hand over top of mine when doing a Hoyer transfer, asking for hugs, putting his hand on my back or shoulder, etc.). This escalated to him telling me on a regular basis how beautiful he thought I was and how "in shape" I was, telling me that I could be a supermodel... he continued to do this refer to me as "supermodel" at our group outings, in front of my boyfriend and his fiancé, "Rachel." She was less than thrilled and safe to say she didn't like me from the get-go. (Side note: when he started working with us he had told us about his girlfriend, it wasn't until we met her that she told us that they had been engaged for over a year.) To tell you a little about Rachel, she too was in her early 20s and a beautiful, sweet, reserved, dark-blonde girl. Hair color ties into this. They lived together with his "only" teenage daughter.
After about two months of working with this guy I could not shake the weird vibes he gave me. I told a friend that I worked with about it and she expressed that she had noticed how Ross was strangely infatuated with me and another girl that we worked with (also early 20s). She told me how she had felt like he was appropriate towards her, but pointed out that she has blonde hair and that me and the other coworker both had dark brown hair--suggesting that perhaps he had more of a type.
Decided to google Ross, as he has a rather unique last name. I figured that I would probably find nothing and could put my mind to rest about the weird feeling in my gut once I did... but I didn't. Instead, I found an obituary for a close relative of his that had his name listed as well as what I assumed were the names of his ex wife and three daughters. This peaked my interest because he had told us at length about one daughter, but only one, and that one's name was on the list.
I searched the name of his ex wife on Facebook and to my delight it seemed that most of, if not all of her posts were public. Under the influence of a strong edible, I spent more time than I'd like to admit just mindlessly scrolling through her posts. Not reading every one, but just scanning to see if there was anything that stood out. She was a pretty, older, dark-haired woman who shared a lot of After scrolling through a few months worth of posts, I came across a screenshot of a Pinterest-like image of a living room with two canvases that spelled out "STOCKHOLM" on them, or something to the effect... and her caption on it was "I found the perfect housewarming gift for my sister, Rachel," and in that moment my heart sunk to my stomach... because I KNEW.
I kept scrolling and found another post that was sharing a link to an article entitled "A Different Kind of Heart Attack: New Research Finds A Broken Heart Permanently Weakens The..." (I'm referring to a screenshot, so that's all I've got.) Her caption on the post solidified the feeling in my gut. She wrote in her caption, "This literally happened to me a few years ago... My BP was regularly low and I had fainting spells due to my heart not pumping enough blood to my brain... this was after discovering that my now ex husband was sleeping with my 15 year old sister. I later learned that he was also abusing our children." I could have barfed. Putting those pieces together told me that Rachel had been groomed into being this gross man's fiancé. From her comments it sounded like for whatever reason, the court system failed them and he had gotten out with no charges or anything.
I immediately told my friend and from that point on only interacted with Ross in a work setting. If he went out with our work friend group then I didn't talk to him, I brought my boyfriend to ensure I wasn't alone, and I avoided him at all costs. At work he still was overly friendly/touchy towards me for months until finally like a year later he finally seemed to get the hint that I wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. He stayed infatuated with my other dark-haired coworker.
I can't pinpoint when I finally noticed the mask drop from him, but I definitely can tell you that once it dropped I could see him for all that I had learned that he was... cold, dark, and unfriendly. Once he noticed that I would not play into his games, he turned off the charm on me and would get mad at me for miniscule things at work. I'm good at what I do, but this guy would try to belittle me in front of other coworkers and make it seem like I didn't know what I was doing when I would fill in for others and that my other coworker (that he loved) was the best at what we do and that I should lead by her example. I sucked it up and didn't take it personally, because I knew it wasn't... He would talk down to me and scold me for weird things and try to mansplain everything.
We had one interaction that I will never forget, outside of our clinical office. He had gone out to leave for a visit where he was training someone (still on the clock, in-home care setting) but had forgotten something in the office. I ran down to see if he had left yet to give it to him to take, as the patient needed it, and his car was still in the parking lot. I ran up and tapped on the window and this man turned his head back in disgust and his blue eyes went pitch black. It was a very short moment, but it was a switch I definitely noticed. He did the annoyed "one minute" gesture, as he had gotten on a phone call, so I waited then gave him the patient's item and quickly went back upstairs.
Not too long after that I ended up finding another job and I stopped hanging out with that work friend group because I decided that it was just giving me too much anxiety to be around this weirdo, and I didn't have to subject myself to that.
After changing jobs, he sent me an "apology" text for being rude to me and that he hoped we could still be friends. I didn't respond, but rather blocked him on everything to get my point across.
I did, however, keep Rachel, who at this point had started school for a specialty medical program. I told my close friend who knew the whole situation that I was holding out hope that Rachel was just using Ross to pay her way through school and that she would leave him once she got her degree. I never had a problem with Rachel, we just got off to a weird start and I didn't like her dude so I was not going out of my way to be her friend.. lol. So we have stayed social media friends the whole time.
Anyhow, fast forward to this last summer, Rachel graduates with her degree. I say again to my friend how much I hope she was just going to get a good job and leave him after a few good paychecks.. (I don't wish that upon most people, and definitely acknowledge that in most situations that would be awful lol my moral compass is there, I swear, but like COME ON!!! How full circle karma would that be?)
Well, they seem to stay together for a while after that until all of a sudden I noticed that she was posting in a seemingly single way... iykyk. I looked at her Instagram and noticed that she had deleted all of their photos together. After responding to a story post, I decided to ask her and she confirmed that they had in fact broken up. I told her congratulations and suggested we get a drink. This was in December.
At the beginning of spring term in my psychology class we had been discussing personality disorders and I asked my teacher some questions keeping the weird interactions I had with Ross in mind, as it is still to this day one of the craziest intuition stories I have. So I ask my teacher about the ability to infiltrate into groups with charisma but then switch to being cold, having the eyes turn black, etc.. My professor told me that the "switching" is literally that, it is the person's personality switching.. and in that moment you see the real them and it's when the "mask slips." He said it is a very common trait amongst serial killers and advised me to stay cautious and safe.
This is where I feel like my story definitely becomes more of a reach (maybe I'm just feeling insecurely crazy), but if you've stayed with me this long, maybe you'll see the dots I'm connecting. I'm a big true crime fan so there's some crime junkie theorizing here.
So, there have been a bunch of bodies that have turned up in the last four months in rural areas of surrounding counties where I live. One of the counties that the bodies were dropped is one that this guy lives in.
The first girl that they found went missing in December. She eerily resembles Ross' daughter that I saw on his ex-wife's FB page (not the one he continued to raise).
Ross and Rachel broke up around that time. Could be a trigger.
The next five bodies were found in rural areas and the commonality amongst the women is that they had dark hair and dark eyebrows, and were in their mid 20s.
That's clearly not enough to accuse someone of something as serious as murder, but it's surely enough to give me the suspicion that if the murders are connected and it's a serial killer that it could be him.
I decided to look at his FB page from an account that can't be traced back to me and over the last few months he's shared a lot of posts about mushroom hunting. You know where people go to hunt mushrooms?? RURAL. AREAS.
I feel so freaking crazy but I CANNOT shake this feeling in my gut that something is up.
Ted Bundy was the same way, a freaking charismatic guy that got caught because someone (his wife) had a weird feeling in her gut!!!
I can't really do anything though but vent to reddit, because I just can't imagine that anyone else would listen to this story and take it seriously.
Also, on the off chance that this guy's on reddit he's definitely going to know who I am. I'll be sure to tell my fiancé about this post and add it to my "if I go missing" file.
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2023.06.05 01:43 KikoKeys [US-CA] [H] Raw Norbauer Data Pad, OEM Topre Sliders, Deskmats, Custom Mini-USB Cable, GMK: Yuri R2, Redacted, Agent 01, Metropolis R2, Various Artisans + M107 Collection [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Timestamp Artisans
Local to 92115
For Sale:
Item Description Price (Inclusive of PayPal fee, exclusive of Shipping fee)
Unfinished/Raw Norbauer Data Pad Unfinished Aluminum Data Pad. Raw SS Backplate. No Norbauer box. Comes with Folio, extra parts, no internals Will add a free 3dp akira hhkb set $280
1u Standard Black Slider - $0.35/ea
GMK Yuri R2 Base + Cyrillics + Cherry Picker Display set, typed one for a few days at most. Not splitting. Ships in bags $260
GMK Agent 01 Alt Alphas BNIB $65
GMK Redacted Novs + Add-on Ships in bags $60
GMK Metropolis R2 Novelties BNIB $40
GMK Metropolis 2.25u Enter RAMA BNIB $50
Rubrehose Deskmats 1x Auth card v2, 1x Beige $35 ea
Aesthetic Deskmat View colorway $20
Mizu Koi Deskmat Like new $50
Cablemod Mini-USB Coiled Aviator Cable Black/white colorway, 3 ft host side $40
Various Artisans - If it's listed, it's available!:
Maker + Sculpt Colorway Price (Inclusive of PayPal fee, exclusive of Shipping fee)
Bogan Blindbag V1 Slagbag $90
Archetype Akkrabba Marduk $85
Keyforge Shishi Black, Blue, Red (exact CWs not 100% on) $55
Keyforge Shishi v2 Diet (2x) $55
Lividity Observer Julius $35
SodieCaps Crescent Cap v2 Ashes of Ariandel $35
404artisans INKM Pennywise $20
Melonkeys Suika Laser $50
Melonkeys Sumo Laser $50
Archetype Logo Retrowave Purple $15
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Archetype Jinx Seer $60
GSK Bara Pilgrim $40
M107 - Only what's listed below is available:
All come with box/card/sticker $60/each HF/Mizu avail: $100/ea
Aquaman Robin Puddin
Harley Pat Camping
Red Ryan Superman Spiderman
Iron Man Captain America Flash
Cyborg Green Ryan Ben
Carol Nick Wonder Woman (2x avail)
Please comment before PM and do not use Reddit Chat. If on Mobile, click here to send a PM.
Shipping turnaround time is usually next business day upon receipt of payment barring delays from couriers/work. Will only ship to address on PayPal. Please be sure it's correct!
Willing to ship international. Buyer responsible for any conversion & import/VAT fees. Items will be declared at full value for international sales. Feel free to send a PM if you have any questions/want more info or pictures. Be sure to check my most recent post for up-to-date availability on items!
Thank you for your interest
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2023.06.04 17:43 flaskman Not as stupid as watching the non-vaxxed FB posts go from Prayers => Obituary => GoFundMe

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2023.06.04 05:47 Alpha_Invictus Freelancer Prestige Leveling Guide

I wrote this as a response to someone asking me for freelancer leveling tips recently in another post. It's just a draft written in one sitting but I thought I'd post sooner than later to help people out, if I can be bothered I may polish it as time goes by. Many obvious things have been omitted. Feel free to add your own.

Plan ahead to bring back as many free guns as possible using this guide: The guide has some errors and omissions but is a great guide overall.
After you prestige level up and are starting anew, make sure to milk the early maps for everything it has until all free items are retrieved. At syndicate completion reward time, you want to be receiving mercers, not common items.
Using Mendoza as an example, I will bring back the Bartoli Woodsman Hunting Rifle and the Bartoli Hunting Shotgun from the dual silo area of the map. On the second Mendoza run, I will bring back the Sapper's Axe and the Sieger AR552 Tactical rifle from the villa area.
Every item you retrieve is one you don't have to pay thousands for.
Get the Assassins's HWK21 Covert pistol by neutralising and assassin in the first showdown.

*** You can bring back 3 items by carrying one on the back (useful for Isle of Sgail), one in the briefcase (vendor purchase, only some maps have briefcases), and one hand-held weapon such as a sapper's axe***
*** BE CAREFUL as the many a time a bug causes the item in the briefcase to not return to the safehouse, resulting in an item loss***
*** If you risk this method then ensure the weapon in the briefcase is a cheap one and not something like a legendary weapon***

*** Sometimes the HITMAN 3 servers malfunction at the end of the map when you exit successfully ***
*** I have noticed this happens repeatedly when I have retrieved too many free items in Isle of Sgail (everything you can bring back for free and carry) ***
If this happens, you lose everything and take another 15+ minutes to run this map again and finish all the objectives.
Solution: separate your item retrievals instead of doing it all at once - you WILL play that map again on your way to the next prestige level.

Check the map (press M) at the beginning of every map to check where the targets, couriers, and safes are, then plan the most efficient route.
This will save you a lot of time compared to just using instinct to navigate.

I use the DAK DTI as my primary weapon most of the time. This means picking a contract with Dubai straight after a level up. This solves two problems:
  1. If you die, you lose a weapon you can easily obtain for free with a visit to Dubai
  2. You won't have the lockpick on you sometimes for long durations (yet to obtain or died), and the DAK DTI quickly and quietly opens most, not all, doors. Doors seemed to be bugged, as some open and some do not no matter which gun you use to shoot them.
It has the advantage of being quieter than a crowbar when opening doors, and it is a suppressed weapon.
- One downside is that it is rather inaccurate, and long (sniper) distance kills can take a very, very long time.
If I die I will use the Assassins's HWK21 Covert pistol as my primary weapon, as if I die again, this can readily obtained at every showdown.

Spend your mercers as quickly as you can, converting them to weapons and storing them in the safehouse. We all die sometimes no matter how careful (or careless) we are, and losing even 10k mercers is approximately another 2 maps you have to play to get the 10k mercers back, plus getting back the items you lost.
You will realise after many prestige levelings that you sometimes have many mercers left over before you prestige level. This applies especially if you're chasing the remaining missing pistols that don't spawn every map at the vendor. This translates to the amount of times you wasted on a courier or a safe. Skip the courier or safe if you have to go out of your way substantially to get them, it is a waste of time.

I used to prioritise bringing back bulky and illegal items like sniper rifles, so I don't have to worry about carrying them back later, but I realised that this resulted in many pistol slots being empty at the end of each run when the weapons wall is otherwise full. This is because there are more pistols than other weapon types.
Prioritise pistols a litte bit more when purchasing from a vendor if you don't want to be wasting time doing another almost full campaign run just to get all the remaining pistols.

Aim for time efficiency over blind mercer gathering. I aim for an absolute minimum of 1000 mercers per 1 minute of in-game time.
Ideally, you want to get 2000 mercers for 1 minute of in-game time. If a safe is on the other side of the map, I often skip it and move on.
The quicker your maps the quicker you reach the 10k, 20k, 30k bonuses and your free reward weapons.

Losing some mercers by not completing objectives such as "no bodies found" (1000 mercers), or "hide target bodies" (1000 mercers) is a good thing if it saves you more than 1 minute. Go ahead and shoot a target from long distance to save yourself walking across the map, or waiting to isolate 3 separate poisoned targets, etc.
Trickier targets that are embedded in areas surrounded by people can be easily taken care without triggering a shootout by dropping an explosive next to them, running away, then detonating.
You may lose some mercers due to collateral damage, but it is well worth the time saved as you don't have to isolate the target, or trigger a massive shootout and risk mercer and inventory loss.
Examples include many areas of Colorado, targets outside the front bay area in Bangkok, deep inside crowds in Mumbai, etc.

Choose the contracts that you find the quickest and easiest. Some contract objectives take more time than others, and have a much lower success rate, resulting in less mercers and more time spent trying to achieve them. Hiding target bodies, or arranging an accident kill, or pacifying 3 guards unnoticed with a rare melee are going to take longer and more stress than poisoning a target with a dart gun, or killing 3 guards with a shotgun.
This is a personal preference but I've been just grinding the Arms Trafficking (80%) and the Big Pharma (20%) contracts.
I personally find them to be the most efficient and easiest for quicker leveling, and importantly, fun. Arms Trafficking contracts can be risky compared to other contracts though, but I'm well versed in combat tactics and map knowledge.
Big Pharma contracts can improve efficiency in showdown maps by using your dart guns and remote emetic device to poison suspects for identification.
With the Arms Trafficking contracts, the Shashka A33 Covert can be used as the primary rifle, and easily reobtained for free if you die.
With the Arms Trafficking contracts, weigh up the benefits vs risk. If you are risking a 21,000 golden sawed-off bartoli shotgun for a 1k objective, is it worth risking on a map like Colorado? Probably not.
Another benefit of Arms Trafficking contracts is that many a time you don't need to bring the weapons as they can be taken from guards or found in the map.

In a showdown map, isolating a target and aiming a weapon at them to trigger an escape is sometimes a very helpful way to identify a target without triggering a map-wide evacuation.
Shoot around them even if they have an escape icon above them, because sometimes they are the target but the "target is escaping" doesn't show on the objectives list until you start shooting around them.
If you don't do this, you'll knock the real target out to stop a map-wide evacuation, then you'll be running around the entire map looking for a target that doesn't exist, wasting tons of time.
The remote emetic device is great for isolating the showdown target in busy areas where dart gun use will be spotted. The remote emetic device is an illegal item, so if you're not in a guard uniform, put it in a briefcase, stand next to your target holding the briefcase, and trigger to poison your target. This is sometimes needed for a quiet showdown target kill in maps like Mendoza, where the target won't leave the area surrounded by people, and it's rather difficult to use a dart gun. That, or you can just use micro or duck explosives.
If you have triggered a map-wide escape, whether the target is already killed or not, no disguise will save you from the guards at the exit point. Running to the exit without killing the guards first is a sure way to die. Kill them all first. This another situation where explosives can come in handy.

Avoiding death is the number 1 priority, even if you have to exit the map early.
Before engaging in a risky kill, always have an exit strategy in the case of a mass shootout. A shootout actually isn't so bad if you are in a room killing guards running through a choke point, given you have sufficient ammunition to fend off until you can pick up dead guards' guns.
Map exits can also be used to this effect, for targets and objectives such as kill 3 guards with a rifle.
Don't be afraid to kill non-target witnesses and lose some mercers, it can save a lot of time, risk and stress by preventing a massive shootout.

Waiting to prevent a risky event from occurring is often the right thing to do. A little patience goes a long way. It's false economy to believe that you are saving time by taking overtly risky actions, because if your impatience results in a death or campaign failure, you have not only lost progress, mercers, your inventory, and all your tools, all of which you have to spend time regaining, you have also lost the legendary item reward at the end of the campaign.

Don't be afraid to get spotted by enforcers to save yourself time en route, you just need to run away fast enough and be out of sight.
The most useful items in freelancer are (very arguably) probably micro and duck explosives. They make killing embedded targets (that you can't shoot secretly and run) easy to kill and avoid shootouts and the risk of death. Dont'be afraid to spend mercers on buying them at the vendor. Use them wisely and they will make life easier.
If you play Colorado, explosives can help a lot as mentioned above.
Concussive devices pretty much useless (apart from objectives if you play that contract), but I discovered you can use them to open safes. Save yourself running around photographing documents and save your explosives for harder embedded targets. The remote concussion ducks take up only 1 inventory space and are legal items, unlike the Breaching Charge MK III (3 inventory spaces).
You can get the HACKL 9S COVERT for free from the Isle of Sgail map:
Make as many mistakes as you can. It's how you learn and get better. I'm currently level 4565 and have made every mistake any player can possibly make.
It only makes you better.
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2023.06.04 01:20 Expert_Role2779 I made a backstory for my Character for the first time.

And I am unreasonably proud of it so I am going to post it here:
I claw myself out of a shallow grave through half frozen mud in some clearing in an ancient forest. The moon is waning and half hidden behind clouds, and yet I can still see, the snow reflects what little light there is.
I'm shivering all over, every move is agony, my fingers are numb and yet I can't stop. I don't want to die here.
I didn't think a lot that night, all I heard in my head was his voice "I'm sorry kid, the game was rigged from the start… Don't take it personal." And then the memory ends in blinding pain, they speared me like a deer. Through the shoulder into the heart, I look down and I can see the bloody tip of the blade breaking through my chest… held down and speared like a fucking deer.
Then I wake up. It's been five years since that day, I really dug myself out of that shallow grave that one night and stumbled my way into a not far off village.
I must have been a sorry sight, pale bloodless skin, torn muddied and bloody clothes, stumbling along deliriously like it was the night of the living dead, a wooden coin clutched in my fist like it meant something and desperation in my eyes. Not that I would've been the first one looking like a corpse or the first walking corpse.
I crawled out of the woods in the dead of night close to what seemed like a small farm near the edge of the forest. Everything seemed fast asleep, not even the Geese made a sound. I stole what I dared, some eggs and clothes (gods bless the conveniently forgotten laundry basket) before being on my way again.
The wooden coin I left. It was the only thing I could pay with. Strangely, the cold didn't hurt as much as it used to just an hour earlier, I chalked it up to the fresh clothes and the eggs I ate raw - disgusting by the way but filling enough.
Five years on the bloody road, every night the same nightmare or maybe it's a memory. I can't remember much from before. Five years of telling stories in taverns and delivering little letters for midwives and reading banal gossip from the town over to illiterate villagers to earn a few coins. Five years of scrounging and living just from day to day.
I pieced a few things together during that time. Even before I've been little more than a courier, delivering messages for my employers, sometimes little trinkets… Wooden coins of all things. Who pays to have a wooden coin delivered anywhere?!
But when I try to push my memories more… Pain and the nightmare!
But it's not all bad news, I still got the scars and the look of a hardened traveler, one good story at the Inn and I hardly have to pay for my own drinks.
And just a few weeks ago I was in the woods again, near the village where I acquired my very first set of unbloodied clothes (It'll always hold a special place in my heart), and this time when the nightmares came, I pushed further than ever before! I even managed to eke out the glimmer of a face.
And it gets better, I received a gift. In the clearing where I made my camp, after I woke up from the nightmare again, a beautiful blackened blade lay beside me.
I knew it for what it was as soon as I saw it. Someone or something was offering me a pact. Needless to say I accepted it immediately!
Maybe it should disturb me that it looks like the one that speared me through the chest, but it doesn't because now I know what I'm going to do when I find those bastards again and I can't help but smile when I imagine their faces once they look me in the eyes and recognize me.
I took it personal. I took it oh so very personal.
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2023.06.04 00:37 Both-Establishment12 Nick lost another sibling

Half sister Ginger passed away.
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2023.06.03 21:32 AdmiralDaffodil [OC] The Terran Conundrum 02 - Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Whew! I did not expect such a positive response to the first chapter. A huge thank you to everyone who read my post and upvoted it.
Acrid smoke hung in the air of Hreln’s office. It was an indulgence she didn’t often allow herself since most other races found it unpleasant, but there were still times. More so since what the press agencies had dubbed the ‘Human Incident.’
Now she caught herself rubbing her mandibles against each other. Given the complicated and sensitive nature of the overall problem, Hreln had decided it was best to place as much as possible under her official seal. Reporters being reporters, none of them were satisfied with the limited statements she’d made. Yes, she’d met with the terrorists as they’d demanded. No, she would not discuss that meeting. Yes, a Tochvorda representative had barged into the meeting and been assaulted by one of the humans. No, she didn’t have further comment about that either. Yes, the humans had been detained. No, they were not available for interviews. One news agency had even gone so far as to try getting another sector magistrate to order her to unseal the case. The result had been a heavily encrypted and diplomatically worded “What the hells, Hreln?” to which she had replied with an equally heavily encrypted and diplomatically worded “You’re not going to believe this but-.”
The other magistrate’s response to that could be summed up as “Holy crap, you need some help?”
Finally, Senator Tanaka stepped into her office, Colonel Hargreaves following behind. Hreln had wondered if the two of them were mated but no, they were both mated to different people. Tanaka was simply the senior civilian representative while Hargreaves was in command of the military contingent. Apparently, humans normally kept the two separate, with senior civilian leaders having ultimate control over the military. No matter. The Imperium was flexible about how member worlds handled their local government, as long as the rights of all citizens were observed and the Imperium’s laws were followed. Flexible to a point, anyway.
Tanaka bowed. “My apologies for the delay in our arrival. A… disciplinary matter among the troops required Colonel Hargreaves’ attention.”
“Hopefully nothing too serious.” Probably not, or Gerima should have already heard about it.
“No, simply soldiers with nothing to do finding inappropriate ways to occupy themselves. Only the rank of those involved required my attention.” And that was all Hargreaves was going to say about it.
Presented with over a thousand not-quite prisoners that needed to be kept as far out of the public eye as possible, Magistrate Hreln had come up with a rather… unique solution. She had packed the whole lot of them off to an unfinished island resort that had gone into bankruptcy partway through construction. Some grunt work provided by literal grunts and their confinement was downright sybaritic. The clothing replicators even produced beachwear.
Unfortunately, the old saying about idle hands being the Devil’s playthings still held true. Faced with nothing to do and vague orders to standby to standby, some of the troops had decided to start building boats for a breakout. Their ‘plan’ (to insult a perfectly good noun) had been to sail somewhere else and start wreaking havoc, in the hope of encouraging the Imperium to find in humanity’s favor a little quicker.
The colonel had come down on the boat builders as hard as he thought he could without attracting undue attention. Reduction in rank and confinement were a slap on the wrist in the current circumstances but hopefully, it would discourage any more escape attempts. He’d also told his officers to start working on more things to keep everyone busy. A soccer league had been his personal suggestion. Let them run themselves out.
Now Tanaka turned and bowed towards what looked like a large jellyfish floating in a tank. “Honored ser, I don’t believe I’ve met you before.”
The jellyfish twirled and turned a deep purple color, a cheerful voice coming from the base of the tank. “No, we haven’t. Most people who aren’t familiar with my species tend to assume I’m just decoration. What gave it away? You can call me Ahapsu, by the way. And to put things in terms you’re familiar with, I’m your lawyer unless you have an objection.”
“Lawyer?” Hargreaves frowned. “Yeah, I guess we need one of those. And I don’t know what the senator saw, but your tank is on counter-grav. Seemed a bit much for a fish tank.”
“Fish tank? Ah, a holding tank for aquatic lifeforms. That wouldn’t work with me.” Ahapsu rose from the water in their tank and did a pirouette around the humans before plopping back into the water. “My race is one of the few graced with psionic capabilities; levitation and limited telepathy. I ‘speak’ using a voder built into my tank.”
<> Ahapsu sent to both of them. <>
<> Tanaka sent back, biting her lip to keep from speaking aloud. <>
<> Hargreaves tossed in. <>
<> Tanaka shot back. <>
<> Ahapsu twirled in their tank for a moment, turning a dizzying array of colors before settling on yellow. “Sorry for the silence, everyone. I needed to clarify something with my clients before we began. I’ll file something official shortly, Your Eminence. Still, the short version is that since the leadership of the Terran resistance was and is made up of officials from pre-annexation governments, instead of being a ‘terrorist organization,’ they should be viewed as a coalition of local Dirt governments. Or possibly as the government of Dirt, my firm will have to research that.”
“Earth,” Hargreaves put in.
“Excuse me?” Ahapsu must have paid well for their tank’s voder; it managed to sound perplexed.
“The official name of our planet is ‘Earth.’ Or ‘Terra’ but they were still arguing about that when the Tochvorda started leveling cities. And ‘Earth’ and ‘Dirt’ have similar meanings in most of our languages, but it’s a bit of nuance so let’s just stick with Earth.”
“We stand corrected.” Hreln shifted uncomfortably on her stool, turning the matter over in her mind. “Before I rule on this, I’ll want some serious research from my own staff. Plus whatever arguments you put before me, of course.”
“So, are they still under arrest?” Gerima rumbled. Are they still my problem or what?
“Let’s leave their status as ‘detained for their own security’ until I make a ruling” Hreln chittered. “If they are a legitimate government or governments, then what happened on Highport Numena may constitute a legitimate act of war.”
“Act of war?!?” Gerima leaped to his feet, fangs bared. “They threatened to murder civilians!”
“Yes, and how many of their people have died, hmm? Given the circumstances, it could be argued that they had no choice but to consider themselves at war with the Imperium as a whole and the Tochvorda in specific.” Ahapsu was pink at the moment, Tanaka noted. “Especially given how often their attempts at protest or simple dialog ended in repression.”
“The hospital riots,” Hargreaves noted.
“Enlighten us, please.” Hreln leaned forward intent on what Hargreaves had to say.
“Not a complicated story. A Roach-pardon, a derogatory term for Tochvorda due to their resemblance to a type of Earth vermin-official decided whatever he was in charge of needed a shiny new headquarters. Except he wanted to put it right smack dab on top of Chicago’s most-functional hospital, with no plans for a replacement. People protested, security troops slaughtered the protesters, and it turned into riots. Even the security troops gave up trying to suppress it and settled on containment, waiting for the violence to burn itself out. Took over a week.” Hargreaves shook his head. “Somebody got the r-Tochvorda official, though. He got called to the governor’s palace to answer for his part in everything and his aircar got taken out by a SAM. Uh, that’s short for surface-to-air-missile, a weapon used to destroy aircraft.”
‘I’d like to address something you just said, Colonel. You said the site was Chicago’s most-functional hospital. Were other hospitals not in operation?” Ahapsu floated out of their tank again, drifting back and forth.
“Not really. Between the first barrage and the Tochvorda’s habit of smashing anything that annoyed them, the global supply chain was in crappy shape. Still is. There are shortages in food, medicine, just about anything you could name. Hell, the Resistance is doing more to keep things running than the Tochvorda are, in a lot of places.”
“Ah.” Ahapsu stopped in front of Hargreaves. “It seems we have our first volley against the Tochvorda, sers. I shall prepare a lawsuit against their government in general and specifically the governor.”
“On what grounds?” Hreln’s tone was decidedly unamused.
The thing about dealing with corrupt officials is that like most people, they see what they expect to see. Pay the inspectors at a spaceport to ignore the comings and goings from a specific warehouse, and they’ll assume you’re smuggling. They don’t ask what you’re smuggling, because then they’d know what you’re doing instead of merely suspecting. This time, though, instead of asking for more money they would have made a discrete call to planetary security.
In defiance of all dramatic tradition, it was a hot, still, dry, moonlit night as the trucks pulled up to the warehouse. The driver of the first truck walked up to the security panel and punched in a code, which failed to get a response. Satisfied, he punched in a second code which opened the door. Whistling a cheerful tune, he wandered over to the nearest cargo container. Checking the serial number, he started disarming its security measures.
“Do you have to fucking whistle?” hissed the woman following him.
“Relax, nobody’s been in here, or the place would be a crater and you know it. And knock off the swearing, you know the Colonel hates it.”
“Well, he’s not here-”
With a clunk, the last of the container’s security disarmed itself and the door swung open, showing two rows of stasis pods and some very annoyed soldiers. “What took so long?” Colonel Hargreaves snapped. Behind him, soldiers started fanning out around the containers.
“Sorry, sir, we didn’t get notified you’d arrived until the containers were in the warehouse. And, ah, when we set up this smuggling route, nobody figured on this much coming back so soon, so we didn’t have transport handy.”
“Right.” Hargreaves looked at the row of containers, trying not to move his head too much. Coming out of stasis was not kind to his sense of balance. It would pass. “Everything going according to plan here?”
“Yep, everybody’s keeping their heads down, more or less. Given, ah, how much stuff you brought back, I take it nuclear diplomacy worked? You get some guns out of the Imperium?” the woman asked, a feral grin spreading across her face as she contemplated the potential for mayhem.
“Better.” Hargreaves walked over to one stasis pod and triggered the shutdown sequence. When the grey haze of the zero-tau field cleared, a being that looked like a man-sized chinchilla was blinking back at them.
“We’ve got weapons-grade lawyers.”
“So let me summarize where we stand.” Moritz Vogel was not only the senior German representative on the Resistance’s command council,he was also one of the oldest members of the council, period. And he looked every inch the elder statesman as he leaned back in his chair, steepling his fingers. “Reaching out to the sector magistrate has succeeded in drawing her attention, regardless of… the delivery of our message. An investigation has been opened but that will take some time. Some things are truly universal, I suppose. As a short-term measure, our best move is to assert a claim that we represent a coalition of regional Terran governments and sue both the governor and the Tochvorda government for all the benefits we should have been getting as part of the invasion, apologies, ‘annexation.’ Plus damages for everything that’s been destroyed and staggering loss of human life, directly and indirectly. Do I have that correct?”
“Accurate enough for the purposes of this discussion, if lacking in detail,” Rokketch answered, yawning. His body clock was way off; it felt like the middle of the night to him. “Ahapsu asked me to see what else we could add before formally filing the lawsuit. As one of your legal representatives, I’ve already noticed two things that it would probably be in your best interest to maintain some secrecy about.”
“What do you mean? Areas where we are vulnerable?” Arina Guseva was the sole Russian member of the council, something she resented.
“No, just… I’m sure there are Imperium officials that will say admitting this isn’t in the Imperium’s best interests, but you seem to have developed two technologies that the Imperium hasn’t. As such, they constitute significant bargaining leverage.” Rokketch couldn’t help but twitch at the admission.
“The first is your zero-tau stasis technology. Its ability to drastically slow time within a small volume will be very valuable for the transport of perishable goods and livestock, plus I imagine it could be used to stabilize critical patients until needed care is available. It might even see use in passenger transport, though the effects of coming out of stasis may limit that.”
Muttering broke out among the council. Guseva just shook her head. “It was a laboratory curiosity until we figured out how to make it practical on a larger scale. Then we used it for the crew of our first interstellar mission. I wonder what became of them?”
“Hopefully still on their way to Proxima Centauri,” Chiron said brightly. “They shouldn’t reach their destination for approximately another five years. But ser Rokketch, you said there were two technologies. What is the other one?”
“Well, you, ser. Or rather your kind.”
“Oh.” Chiron was the sole artificial intelligence on the command council, and their inclusion hadn’t sat well with most of its members. “I’m rather more surprised about that, to be honest. Has the Imperium never tried to develop cybernetic consciousness?”
“Tried, yes. Succeeded no. Or at least not to a degree where the result would be accepted as a fellow sapient as you seem to be.” Rokketch looked at the human members of the council. “I am correct in that, he is regarded as a fully sapient entity?”
“I am recognized as a legal person and have full citizenship,” Chiron said. “Though ‘he’ is inaccurate, since I have no gender. There are few of us left; most were in cities that were Tochvorda first strike targets.”
Seeing Rokketch’s reaction to that, Vogel raised a placating hand. “That isn’t to say the technology is lost, merely that… Given the situation since the annexation, we haven’t been able to expend the resources to create more.”
“Plus, once we have access to the Imperium’s computer technology, I’m sure we’ll be able to create more advanced cybernetic intelligence than myself. And I can go back to astronomy, thank you very much,” Chiron added. That drew a chuckle from the rest of the council. Chiron had survived the initial bombardment because they had been helping run a radio telescope in Chile.
“Yes, well,” Vogel cleared his throat. “At this point, there’s a matter I’d like to bring before the council. Given everything we’ve heard today, it seems that continuing to refer to ourselves as simply ‘the Reistance’ might not help our legal cause. I would like to put a motion before this council that we adopt an official name. Is there any comment, or shall we move to a vote?”
“Governor Vonnuk? There’s, there’s someone here to see you.”
Vonnuk looked up from his security chief’s report in annoyance. The upstart human terrorists had been too quiet for his liking since well before the incident on Highport Numena. And that bothered him far more than their usual violence did.
He’d caught all sorts of hell from his superiors about it, of course. Exactly how had the terrorists managed to get to Highport Numena, much less get their hands on nuclear demolition charges, hmm? Vonnuk had managed to placate them by launching a thorough investigation, which so far had yielded very little. The humans were aggravatingly skilled at being sneaky.
Magistrate Hreln’s non-statements about the incident bothered him most all.
Still… “I gave strict orders that I was not to be disturbed.”
“Yes, sir, but… it’s a courier from the magistrate’s office, sir.”
“A courier?” That was unusual. Couriers were only used for physical documents, and he couldn’t think of any request from the magistrate’s office that would need to be sent physically. “Give me a few moments to finish what I’m doing and then I’ll see them.”
Vonnuk closed the report, checked his grooming, and then signaled his assistant to send the courier in. The courier was another spider-like shoan, the same species as Hreln. Probably not a relative; shoan were fairly common in this part of the Imperium.
What startled him was the human following the courier in. “What is that doing here?” Vonnuk yelled. Now he knew what had bothered his aide so much.
“He’s with me,” the shoan said irritatedly. “My name is Mollot, and I’m a courier attached to Magistrate Hreln’s office. I have two things to deliver to you.”
A datadisc dropped down on Vonnuk’s desk. “Magistrate Hreln has ordered a full Imperial audit of the Tochvorda’s annexation of Earth, and their administration of it since. Here is your notification of the audit, plus your orders to comply with the audit. The auditor’s staff will be contacting you shortly. A copy of this is also being sent to your superiors in the state ministry on Chechiak.”
Another datadisc. “You are also being sued, both personally and in your office as Governor of Earth as well as your government, by the Terran Confederacy. The preliminary claims are that you have illegally and inappropriately denied humans of their lives and property, denied them benefits that they should have received as part of the annexation, including but not limited to health care improvements, energy and industrial infrastructure improvements, it’s quite the list. You have also fraudulently denied them local autonomy as is their right as part of the Imperium. Copies of this are also being sent to your superiors.”
“I-I won’t accept this!” Vonnuk screamed.
“Refusal to accept this does not nullify their legal authority.”
“Or as we put it around here,” the human leaned forward, grinning, “Surprise, motherfucker.”
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2023.06.03 21:12 PM_ME_UR_FAXES 2023 ITIN Guide (2022 Tax Forms) for Canadians to Churn US Credit Cards

2022 1040NR / W-7 ITIN Application Guide - Gambling Income Method

The purpose of this post is to provide a simple step-by-step guide for Canadians to apply for and obtain an ITIN so that they can apply for US credit cards and take advantage of US credit card signup bonuses. This guide involves submitting a Form W-7 Application for ITIN and a 1040NR non-resident tax return to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
This is a method that should apply to most Canadians. Please leave all questions as comments, as I often browse through this thread without logging in and generally do not respond to DMs.


I am not a qualified tax professional, so please use this guide at your own risk. The information provided here is for educational purposes only and should not be used as official tax advice.

Notice about Paid Services

Paid services are available, but they are not necessary as the forms are simple to complete. I do not endorse any specific service. If you choose to use a paid service, ensure that their PTIN and full name are disclosed on any 1040NR form you file.
The preparation of a tax return for compensation, including the 1040NR non-resident tax return discussed below, requires that the preparer be registered with the IRS, and the preparer must include the PTIN and their personal information (including their name) on the second page of the 1040NR under "Paid Preparer Use Only", irrespective of the method of submission. If you pay for a service that prepares for you an 1040NR (including a "draft" of such a return), and fails to disclose their PTIN on the documents you file, that preparer may be subject to IRC 6695 penalties, injunction and/or disciplinary action.
If you are using a paid service always ensure that their PTIN and full name are disclosed on any 1040NR you file. It protects you too, as they can be penalized by the IRS for unauthorized disclosure or use of your personal information.

Big Picture: How it Works

There are very specific reason where the IRS will issue an ITIN. These include to obtain tax treaty benefits, to file a tax return, and more. Throughout the years, administrative efficiency has taken away the need to issue an ITIN for the purposes of obtaining a tax treaty benefit. So if you have been reading about obtaining an ITIN by saying "I need an ITIN to reduce my withholding tax with Amazon/Smashwords", this no longer works, it is not worth your time to try.
Instead, the ITIN can be obtained by filing a tax return declaring some amount of U.S. income, which I will share with you upfront, although paid ITIN services will skirt around informing you of this directly. The fact that you haven't actually earned anything is irrelevant here (unless you don't want an ITIN lol). The self-declared income can be sourced from US-based online casinos, so you don't even need to set foot in the USA to claim US-source gambling income (as noted by Prince of Travel).
Think of it as "I have $85 USD of gambling/interest income sourced from the USA (e.g. gambling: specifically from blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, or big-6 wheel; interest: interest from a US source), and I'm an upstanding person so I need to report it to the IRS".
This guide will use gambling income, but it only takes minor changes if you want to report interest income instead on your 1040NR instead.


The time it takes for you to receive your ITIN letter varies greatly but appears to have settled around 1.5 months in 2023 at the time I updated this post. You may want to read through comments in this thread or the 2022 thread (for 2021 tax forms), to see other people's timelines. Please share your own! I sort the threads by New in order for newer data points to be more visible.

Who it won't work for:

What you'll need to prepare the forms:

What you don't need:

Completing the W-7 (Rev Aug. 2019)

2022 Form 1040NR:

Schedule 1:

Schedule OI:

Job done!

Congratulations! You finished completing the forms! The next step is to submit the forms to the IRS, briefly here are the four options:

Mailing instructions:

Mail signed W-7, signed 1040NR, Schedule 1, Schedule OI and proof of identity (e.g. original passport or certified true copy of passport) to:
Internal Revenue Service
ITIN Operation
P.O. Box 149342
Austin, TX 78714-9342
Suggested method is via registered mail with Canada Post (~$15), for proof of delivery and tracking. If you are using a private courier (e.g. UPS, FedEx, etc.) use the mailing address on Pg 6 of the W-7 instructions.

IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center - In-Person Appointment

You can submit your forms in-person at an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC), located across the USA and available by appointment only during normal business hours. Applying at a TAC saves you from having to mail in your original passport or paying for a certified true copy of your passport.
Call 844-545-5640 to schedule an appointment in advance, up to 2 months before, you will need one appointment per person, even if they are your spouse. Some people have reported difficulty calling from a Canadian phone number, and have been able to obtain success using a VoiP to make the appointment. Others have also reported success from calling 267-941-1000 (not a toll-free number) and letting the phone agent transfer you to the proper line. If the lines are busy, you will need to keep trying until you get through - I would recommend calling with a couple different phones until you get through.
You will need to bring your passport, as well as a duplicate copy of your forms so they can stamp them as received. Upon completion, they will inform you that you will receive a letter letting you know of your ITIN application results mailed to your home.
Appointment length differs based on the agent that serves you. There are data points that go from 20 minutes per person up to 1 hour. Some data points indicate that the clerk at the TAC may confuse your application with another reason of registering for an ITIN (e.g. meeting the substantial presence test). Remember that the clerk's role is to make sure your application is complete before submission, and they do not make any determination on your ITIN application. Kindly remind them that the reason you are filing is to file a tax return (the 1040NR) and that you need it submitted to the ITIN group for their consideration.


As noted previously, you will owe a small amount of tax to the IRS. Comprehensive instructions on how to pay your US taxes are online.
You can either pay with filing of your 1040NR, or after you receive your ITIN. The easiest way may be to obtain a $USD money order from a Canadian bank (TD, BMO and HSBC are all capable of this), and submitting it with your TAC appointment, or the mailing of your application.
If you have a U.S. bank account (not a $USD account at a Canadian bank) you can also pay by online banking, but only after you obtain an ITIN.
From my own research, if you have a BMO premium chequing account (account fees waived for a minimum balance of $6,000), you're eligible for a BMO $USD chequing account (no fees for withdrawals/deposits), and $USD money orders issued at no fee.

Aren't I Late on filing/paying my taxes for 2022?

If you are concerned about filing your 2022 after the April 18, 2023 filing deadline, it appears from Form 2210 that there is no penalties due if your income is less than $1,000. You will still owe interest on late payment, you can add $2 or $3 to the amount you owe to cover.

I lost my ITIN Letter!

If you lose your ITIN or your ITIN letter, you can get the ITIN by calling the IRS at +1 267-941-1000 and provide your name, mailing address, birthdate. You can then request a generic letter with your ITIN to help you with proof of your ITIN.

ITIN Expiry

Your ITIN will expire. I have not seen any evidence of them reassigning an ITIN to someone else yet, but the possibility exists.

End note

This post was written for free. I'd appreciate it if you would spend a moment to share your timeline (application, ITIN letter, return of proof of identity) and any additional tips you think should be noted! Appreciate the thought. :)

Questions? I do follow this thread. Please post in this thread, do not DM me.

Also, PM me your faxes.

submitted by PM_ME_UR_FAXES to ITINforCanadians [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 19:54 bu_SV [FNV] Game keeps crashing

There are two problems. First is whenever I try to fast travel to the triangle between Durable Dunn's Sacked caravan, Raul's shack and Vault 34 game crashes. Second is whenever I fight any turret that is connected to a ceiling game crashes.
There is a modlist.
"0000","+","DLC: TribalPack",""
"0001","+","DLC: OldWorldBlues",""
"0002","+","DLC: MercenaryPack",""
"0003","+","DLC: LonesomeRoad",""
"0004","+","DLC: HonestHearts",""
"0005","+","DLC: GunRunnersArsenal",""
"0006","+","DLC: DeadMoney",""
"0007","+","DLC: ClassicPack",""
"0008","+","DLC: CaravanPack",""
"0010","+","Fixed ESMs",""
"0011","+","JIP LN NVSE Plugin","f57.01"
"0012","+","JohnnyGuitar NVSE",""
"0013","+","Crash Logger",""
"0014","+","NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix",""
"0015","+","NVTF - INI Presets",""
"0016","+","FNV Mod Limit Fix",""
"0017","+","kNVSE Animation Plugin",""
"0018","+","Console Paste Support",""
"0019","+","ShowOff xNVSE Plugin",""
"0020","+","ShowOff xNVSE Plugin INI","--"
"0021","+","JIP Companions Command and Control",""
"0022","+","JIP CCC HD icons",""
"0023","+","SUP NVSE",""
"0024","-","Bug Fixes_separator",""
"0025","+","Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP",""
"0026","+","Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus",""
"0027","+","Improved AI (Navmesh Overhaul Mod)",""
"0028","+","lStewieAl's Tweaks and Engine Fixes",""
"0029","+","Stewie Tweaks Essentials INI","f1.05"
"0030","+","Presets for LstewieAL's Tweaks",""
"0031","+","Combat Lag Fix (NVSE)",""
"0032","+","ISControl Enabler and Ironsights adjuster (now ESPless)",""
"0033","+","Vanilla Iron Sights Realligned",""
"0034","+","New Vegas Mesh Improvement Mod - NVMIM",""
"0035","+","Collision Meshes",""
"0036","+","Asterra's Many Fixes",""
"0037","+","Improved Lighting Shaders",""
"0038","+","Climate Control NVSE",""
"0039","+","Elijah Voice Audio Files Fix",""
"0040","+","ActorCause Save Bloat Fix",""
"0041","+","Aqua Performa - Strip Performance Fix",""
"0042","+","Fog-based Object Culling",""
"0043","+","Exterior Emittance Fix - NVSE",""
"0044","+","Crafting Consistency Fix",""
"0045","+","ExRB - Extended Roombounds",""
"0046","+","Strip Lights Region Fix",""
"0047","+","Johnson Nash Ammo Fix",""
"0048","-","User Interface_separator",""
"0049","+","UIO - User Interface Organizer",""
"0050","+","One HUD - oHUD",""
"0051","+","The Mod Configuration Menu",""
"0052","+","Vanilla UI Plus (New Vegas)",""
"0053","+","Clean Vanilla Hud",""
"0054","+","Consistent Pip-Boy Icons",""
"0055","+","Consistent Addon Icons",""
"0056","+","Clean Companion Wheel",""
"0057","+","High Res Local Maps",""
"0058","+","High Resolution Screens",""
"0059","+","yUI - User Ynterface",""
"0060","+","Simple Cursor (YUI)",""
"0061","+","ySI - Sorting Ycons",""
"0063","+","JAM - Just Assorted Mods",""
"0064","+","Bullet Time Improved - a JAM addon","f1.01"
"0065","+","NPCs Sprint In Combat",""
"0066","+","Real Recoil",""
"0067","+","Real Recoil Tweaks",""
"0068","+","Follower Tweaks",""
"0069","+","Delay DLC Redux",""
"0070","+","NV Collectibles - Merged",""
"0071","+","Better Caravan",""
"0072","+","Soft-Lock Aim-Assist",""
"0073","+","FOV Slider",""
"0074","+","NAWEMO - NPCs use Ammo Variants and Weapon Mods",""
"0075","+","NPCs use Aid items",""
"0077","+","Consistent Spread - Firearms Accuracy and Wobble Fix",""
"0078","+","BallistX - Internal and External Ballistics",""
"0079","+","B42 Inspect - aka Animated Ammo and Weapon Condition Checking","f1.01-hotfix"
"0080","+","B42 Melee Bash",""
"0081","+","B42 Quickthrow - an alternative grenade hotkey mod",""
"0082","+","Quickthrow Stylized HUD Icons",""
"0083","+","B42 Descriptions aka Pip-Info",""
"0085","+","JSawyer Ultimate Edition",""
"0086","+","JSawyer Ultimate Edition - Push's Tweaks",""
"0087","+","Mojave Arsenal",""
"0088","+","Famine - A Loot Rarity Mod",""
"0089","+","Food Effect Tweaks - Custom Food Healing",""
"0090","+","Player Combat Priority",""
"0091","+","Player Combat Priority Alt Chance To Attack Dog Patch",""
"0092","+","Essential Vanilla Enhancements Merged",""
"0093","+","Essential Vanilla Enhancements Merged - JSawyer Ultimate Push Tweaks Patch",""
"0094","+","EVEM - YUP Patch",""
"0095","+","EVEM - Crafting Consistency Fix Patch",""
"0096","+","EVEM - JSUE Patch",""
"0097","+","EVEM - Mojave Arsenal Patch",""
"0098","+","Navmesh Overhaul VNV Patch",""
"0099","+","Better Character Creation",""
"0100","+","Harder Barter Faster Stronger","f1.01"
"0101","+","Economy Overhaul",""
"0102","+","Economy Overhaul - FO3E INI",""
"0103","+","Better Brotherhood",""
"0104","+","DEC - Dynamic Essential Companions",""
"0105","+","Immersive Critical Effects (AKA Classic Critical Effects)","f1.06a"
"0106","+","Radioactive Muck",""
"0107","+","Canvas Backpacks - FNV - TTW",""
"0108","+","Accessible Lucky shades",""
"0110","+","Uncut Wasteland",""
"0111","+","Strip Lights Region Fix - Uncut Wasteland","Patch"
"0112","+","Essential DLC Enhancements Merged",""
"0113","+","Essential DLC Enhancements Merged - JSUE Patch",""
"0114","+","Mojave Raiders",""
"0115","+","Mojave Raiders Tweaks",""
"0116","+","Mojave Raiders - JSUE Patch",""
"0117","+","Mojave Raiders - EVEM Patch",""
"0118","+","Mojave Wildlife",""
"0119","+","The Living Desert - Travelers Patrols Consequences Increased Population and more",""
"0120","+","Simple Open Strip",""
"0121","+","Simple Open Freeside",""
"0122","+","Mojave NPCs",""
"0123","+","Mojave NPCs - FPGE Patch",""
"0124","+","Cook-Cook In His Castle",""
"0125","+","Functional Post Game Ending",""
"0126","+","FPGE Patch - JSawyer Ultimate",""
"0127","+","FPGE Patch - Uncut Wasteland (Viva New Vegas)",""
"0128","+","FPGE Patch - Mojave Raiders",""
"0129","+","FPGE Patch - Simple Open Strip",""
"0130","+","FPGE Patch - Simple Open Freeside",""
"0131","+","FPGE Patch - Cook-Cook In His Castle",""
"0132","+","Mojave Express Courier Delivery Work - Primm",""
"0133","+","No Toll Booths for Mojave Express Courier Delivery Work",""
"0134","+","The Someguy Series",""
"0135","+","New Vegas Bounties I",""
"0136","+","New Vegas Bounties II",""
"0137","+","New Vegas Bounties III",".954"
"0138","+","The Inheritance",""
"0139","+","King of the Ring","f1.04"
"0140","+","New Vegas Killer",""
"0141","+","The Better Angels","f1.01"
"0142","+","CONELRAD 640-1240 - Civil Defense Radio",""
"0143","+","Platinum Radio - A New Radio for New Vegas",""
"0144","+","Blues Radio New Vegas",""
"0145","+","Cowboy Radio",""
"0149","+","Asterra's Many Fixes - NMC's Texture Pack compatibility",""
"0150","+","Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod",""
"0151","+","Weapon Retexture Project - WRP",""
"0152","+","WTH - Weapon Textures from Heaven",""
"0153","+","WTH - WRP Patch",""
"0154","+","Armed to the Teeth - Redux",""
"0155","+","All Non DLC Clothing Retex 2K",""
"0156","+","All DLC Clothing Retex 2K",""
"0157","+","Power Armor Visual Enhancement (PAVE)",""
"0158","+","EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements",""
"0159","+","EXE - Effect teXtures Enhanced",""
"0160","+","All Weapon Sounds Overhaul Modern Edition - AWSOME",""
"0161","+","Simple Open Freeside - Vanilla LOD",""
"0162","+","Simple Open Strip - Vanilla LOD",""
"0163","+","NMC's Pre-Generated LOD Updated",""
"0164","+","Improved LOD Noise Texture","f1.00"
"0165","+","FNVLODGen Resources",""
"0166","+","LOD additions and improvements","f1.07"
"0167","+","Much Needed LOD",""
"0168","+","Much Needed LOD - NMC WASHEDOUTWASTELAND Patch",""
"0169","+","FNV LOD Texture Patches",""
"0170","+","TCM's LOD Overhaul",""
"0171","+","Bullet Impact Increased LOD","d2023.5.26.0"
"0172","+","Enhanced Bullet Impacts",""
"0173","+","xLODGen Output",""
"0175","+","Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI",""
"0176","+","Different PipBoy Animations",""
"0177","+","No Muzzle Flash Lights",""
"0178","+","Melee Hitstop Effects","f3.01"
"0179","+","Anniversary Anim Pack",""
"0180","+","Anniversary Anim Pack - General Bugfix",""
"0181","+","Anniversary Anim Pack - Bonus Patch",""
"0182","+","Dedicated Weapon Animations (kNVSE)",""
"0184","+","Butcher Pete Complete - A Melee Animation Overhaul",""
"0185","+","Wasteland Warrior - A Melee Animation Overhaul",""
"0186","+","Viewmodel Recoil 0.308","d2023.5.28.0"
"0187","+","Power Fists Debulked",""
"0188","+","Gauntlets Debulked",""
"0189","+","Auto Melee Debulked",""
"0190","+","Unarmed Animations","f1.00"
"0191","+","Different PowerFist Animations Xolerys kNVSE",""
"0192","+","B42 Weapon Inertia",""
"0193","+","B42 Dropmag and One in the chamber",""
"0194","+","Permanent Weapon Shells",""
"0195","+","Awesome Staggering",""
"0196","+","Diagonal movement",""
"0198","+","NV Compatibility Skeleton",""
"0199","+","3rd person Movement Animations Overhaul (and bugfix)",""
"0200","+","NVTS - New Vegas True Scopes",""
"0201","+","Pip-Boy Shading Fix NVSE",""
"0202","+","Strip Street Light Corrections",""
"0203","+","A Little More Lamplight",""
"0204","+","Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks (Interior Lighting for FNV and TTW)",""
"0205","+","Clarity - An Orange Tint Remover",""
"0207","+","High Resolution Bloom NVSE",""
"0208","+","Cloud Shadows",""
"0209","+","Cloud Shadows - Clear Weather",""
"0210","+","Cloud Upgrade NVSE",""
"0211","+","Interior Rain",""
"0212","+","Climate Control - Rain",""
"0213","+","Character Expansions Revised",""
"0214","+","Character Expansions - YUP","P2.0"
"0215","+","Character Expansions Revised - JSU","P1.1"
"0216","+","Character Expansions Revised - MR","P1.3"
submitted by bu_SV to FalloutMods [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 18:39 Available-Jicama4290 Asked ChatGPT to make a summarized new Vegas as a poem

In the wastelands of the Mojave, where the sun's rays scorch the sand, A tale of survival and power, where destiny is at hand. Amidst the ruins and radiation, a city rises in the dust, New Vegas, a glittering oasis, where factions seek to thrust.
The Courier, a wanderer, marked by a bullet's sting, Awakens in a world of chaos, to the desert's wild song they cling. Their memory fragmented, their path unclear, In this post-apocalyptic land, their destiny draws near.
The Mojave's factions converge, their ambitions intertwine, Caesar's Legion, the New California Republic, and Mr. House align. Each vying for control, their own vision they impose, As the Courier walks the path, where loyalty and treachery flows.
From Goodsprings to the Strip, from Freeside to Hoover Dam, The Courier embarks on a journey, each step a deadly exam. In the Mojave's savage land, danger lurks at every turn, From raiders to mutated creatures, in the harsh sun they burn.
The Strip, a beacon of light, a paradise amidst the waste, Ruled by Mr. House, an enigmatic figure, his power firmly placed. But corruption runs deep, beneath the glitz and glamour, As the Courier navigates the shadows, their choices becoming stammered.
Beneath the neon lights, factions scheme and plot, The enigmatic Yes Man, the Brotherhood of Steel, each one sought. The fate of New Vegas hangs in the balance, in the Courier's hands, As they confront their past, and make their final stand.
The battle rages on, beneath the scorching desert sun, As the Courier's actions echo, the war can't be undone. In this brutal world of Fallout, where hope flickers like a flame, The Courier's choices shape the future, forever bearing their name.
With a heart torn asunder, the Courier makes their final decision, To forge a new path or maintain the status quo with precision. The tale of New Vegas, a poem of war and strife, Where choices made in darkness, define the wasteland's life.
In the vast expanse of the Mojave, where survivors dwell, The story of Fallout: New Vegas, forever weaves its spell. A testament to resilience, where power and chaos entwine, In this wasteland's epic poem, the Courier's fate shall shine.
submitted by Available-Jicama4290 to falloutnewvegas [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 16:00 MissDirected67 Proxy sealing of murder victim

TW: domestic homicide
I need help.
I work with victims of abuse as a legal advocate.
A few days ago, I got a call from a former co-worker who took a job at another DV agency in another state.
This co-worker knows I am exmo.
It appears that a family member of a woman who was murdered by her ex-husband, has had her sealed to him by proxy.
The had victim left the abusive husband. He then stalked and threatened her for the two years that the divorce dragged on. He was arrested multiple times. She got a restraining order. She did everything to get away from him. He made her life hell.
Three weeks after the divorce was final, he attacked her outside her home and stabbed her repeatedly, killing her. He then died by self-inflicted gun shot in a standoff with police.
Their obituaries ran the same day, separate, but made no mention of the divorce, the circumstances of their deaths. Or the murder.
This was years ago.
Fast forward to a few months ago.
The victim's sister, a Non-mormon, was helping her grandchild complete a fourth generation family history chart for school.
They went to
She discovered that not only had her sister been baptized but also sealed to her murderer.
Furthermore, the records of the victim and murderer show only a marriage. No divorce. The record - and I looked at it - makes it appear they were still married and died together, like in a car accident or something.
I hope you can appreciate the absolute horror of this situation for the victim's family!
They tried contacting the church but were told a "family member had submitted their names for the work." After hearing how the victim died, the person they talked to sympathized but said "the Lord will sort it out" and that the victim "can choose to reject the sealing if she wants."
She fucking divorced him!! She made her choice already!
Sister is absolutely outraged her sister is sealed to the man she fought hard to escape. The man who ultimately murdered her.
She's also outraged that the records show only that they died together on the same day. It appears to the unknowing reader that they were still married and died on a car accident or something.
So ...
Help me out here. Who are we calling, what policy am I invoking, is this acceptable? What?
How do I help honor this victim's effort to escape her abuser?
I don't need an answer this weekend, but I'm planning to tackle this starting Wednesday. Thank you in advance for helping.
(Fucking Mormon church)
***EDIT on Sunday morning: WOW! Thank you all so much. I didn't expect so many responses on a weekend!
I can't respond to any individual post right now (weekend family celebration is keeping us busy and away from phones).
But I scanned answers and ... I KNEW you guys wouldn't let me down! THANK YOU!
Tomorrow morning at work, I'll start sorting all this out and call the family. I am thrilled to be able to tell them that exmormons stepped up to help.
Folks, please feel free to add any other ideas that you think may help. I've been doing this work long enough to know we often need many approaches to solve problems for victims of abuse, all of them.
Again... THANK YOU 😊
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2023.06.03 15:27 hazzlaw Is there a courier that will pick up a large item in Dubai, safely pack it for me (bubble wrap + cardboard etc.) and post my parcel to me in Greece?

Hi everyone,
I'm struggling to find a company that will pick up, pack and post a large item from Dubai to Greece - does anyone know of a company that offers this service? I'm in Greece so need to organise it over the Internet.
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2023.06.03 14:22 SockyMcBeanPlate MetaFilterMetatalktail Hour: Drama Edition

Drama! Metafilter has had one or two dramatic moments in its four decades on the Internet. From weird users to people posting their own obituary to getting stuck in an elevator, some drama is fun and some is fairly upsetting. Any dramatic moments stick out in your mind?
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2023.06.03 14:05 hrishis Help regarding courier service from Wagholi

I want to Speed Post a PC Monitor & CPU from Wagholi to Parli V. (Beed Dist.) I'm new to Pune so don't know which courier services will be good out of many.
I've asked a few from Wagholi by searching on Google but they charge 1k.
I'm asking in this sub with the hope of finding the right courier service at an affordable price.
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2023.06.03 05:53 atyourserviceusa Essential Reasons Why You Need a Notary Protect Your Documents and Ensure Legality

Essential Reasons Why You Need a Notary Protect Your Documents and Ensure Legality
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2023.06.03 00:29 NotFallacyBuffet Re: Recent post about NO-filmed movies: The Courier wasn't mentioned.

Watching it now in Prime. Filmed here, here vibed, basically The Transporter: Cajun Style. Decent enough for escape purposes.
Previous thread:
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