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2023.05.29 03:52 Trophygrabbing After Guardian ape traumatized me I finally came back and beat him!!! Warning long read. SPOILERS.

It all started 3 years ago not long after getting plat on spiderman, and after getting the ultimate mode trophy for the hardest difficulty, and also beating ghost of tsushima in lethal+ I was feeling quite big headed.
And being a gamer for just about 20 years and beat a hell of alot of games and bosses all shapes, sizes and by now honed my skill a little bit
So one day even though I tried dark souls many years ago and failed miserably might i add, I decided to try what I hear to be one of the hardest games around...Sekiro.
Well I get pretty good (or so I think) and just took down genichiro after a few days of owning my skills.
So I start thinking to myself how with abit of grinding its not that bad and just like any other game you could probably overpower and win the game by default without much effort......and wow was I wrong.
Now I've come to him....Guardian ape.
After a horrendous fight of being clumsy and having major issues with the poop throwing I make the decision I need items, so antidotes and gourds at the ready I start to learn his attacks a little and after 2 days I finally take him down and praise the Lord and finally run to the door with real joy..... why is it still fog?
The music changes I shit my pants and die swiftly to terror, almost in real life too.
I throw everything in the book at this guy, I use sugars I use divine confetti, I get the mortal blade. I even go out my way (not proud of this) watching videos on how to cheese him, day after day for about 3 months I watched I battled I watched I battled but to no avail.
I was stuck like I've never been before 3 months of pain suffering and finally he broke me.
I gave up.
But! I vowed I will come back to sekiro one day and take him down with a vengeance as he shook me worse than I've ever been, I lost all my motivation and questioned my skill as a veteran gamer.
A year or 2 later elden ring was about to come out and I thought okay let's try souls games again and see what I can do. Not long after starting the builds and weapons just started to click and the game actually became a breeze when I got used to it.
I got plat on ER and was so proud and thought okay I will platinum all souls games and sekiro will be last because of my arch ape.
I hone my skills and like the stubborn SoB I am, in order I platinum ER, BB, DS1, DS2 and DS3. All with dlcs included and 2 days ago come back to Sekiro.
So after beating some of the most well named bosses around like Orphan of Kos, Nameless King, Ornstein and Smough, Artorias and Fume Knight i felt I was finally ready.
I was so much more skilled and relaxed this time around, once I got used to the mechanics again I started slowly chipping away at him and after 6 hours total he finally went down.
The nightmare was finally over after 3 years of trauma and questioning my skill I got him and cannot tell you how good it feels!
I finished the fight with 0 gourds, 0 pellets and from the start of the fight because I was sick of farming 0 spirit emblems.
So to anyone out there who is struggling with the game and feels they cannot do it, my message to you is keep trying your better than you think.
Thanks for reading and remmember hesitation is defeat🤺🎩👌
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2023.05.29 03:51 Kimfun23 My live action little mermaid review

Disney has adapted their 1989 animated film, The Little Mermaid into a live action film with Rob Marshall directing, Dion Beebe providing the Cinematography, and songs written by Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda. It stars Halle Bailey from The Lion King and the upcoming The color purple. Also starring Melissa McCarthy, Jonah Hauer-King from The Lion King, Daveed Diggs, Jacob Tremblay, and Awkwafina from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Raya and the Last Dragon. Last but not least is Javier Bardem from Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Men Tell No Tales.
Ariel (Halle Bailey), is a mermaid who wants to live in the human world with Prince Eric (Jonah Hauer-King), after saving him from a ship wreck. Ariel’s dad, King Triton (Javier Bardem) forbids it, which forces Ariel to make a dangerous deal with Ursula (Melissa McCarthy), a sea witch.
This version of the Little Mermaid isn’t 100 percent a copy of the original. They have made changes so that the film would stand out from the original. My favorite change was when Ursula’s tentacles lit up, I feel it illuminated her scenes. I thought they should have kept Flounder’s (Jacob Tremblay) color the same from the original film. Here I found his coloring a little weird.
At first I wasn’t sure about Sebastian (Daveed Diggs) due to him not looking like a normal crab but he won me over by playing his part well and delivering some funny lines. Ariel is my favorite Disney princess, so I was extremely happy that Bailey did a great job portraying Ariel. She sang “Part of your World” beautifully. Bardem wasn’t as convincing as he could have been playing King Triton, I feel he didn’t show how angry he was at Ariel when he was destroying her collection of human artifacts. In my opinion, the best performance in this film was McCarthy as Ursula, she can sing and she did an amazing job being menacing yet being someone audiences love. Just like Sebastian, Scuttle (Awkwafina) was funny. The song Scuttle and Sebastian sang together in the palace was really humorous. Hauer-King was a good prince Eric who got a little more of a story this time around. He and Ariel both wanted to explore uncharted places.
John Myhre, the production designer filmed the scenes on a blue screen, and the actors just preformed the swimming movements in the air. This was impressive!. All the scenes looked realistic under the sea. I would recommend any Disney fan to go see this live action Little Mermaid.
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2023.05.29 03:51 throwawayarooski123 How many times is enough times to check a parachute before you'd be okay with using it?

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2023.05.29 03:51 _Galaxy_Star_ This has been the best weekend for me as a solo player ever

I've always struggled to go flawless. Loved doing Elim but trials has always been way too difficult for me to ever have any success, especially fully solo. Cut to this week, decided to sit down Sunday night and give it a shot. Only lost one game and didn't even use the second mercy. Did anyone else also have an easier time? Or is there just nobody playing the Playlist at this time? I know there has been some kind of split between two different pools, bur I was under the impression you'd be put in the better pool the further in the card you got? I definitely faced some blueberries in the beginning but at the end I had to sweat dodge some jotun crutchers. Was a very balanced experience and I felt, especially towards the end of the card, that I brought value to the team and helped secure us the victory. I never made any astounding plays but I kept my head down and shot the guys who showed up on my screen. Here's hoping every weekend is as this smooth going forward!!! And if you had a different experience please let me know I'd love to hear how the community as a whole is liking the new trials
Edit: here's my bungo so you can see how trash I am and why going flawless solo is a big thing for me lmao: GalaxyStar#2100
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2023.05.29 03:51 kalebsantos Respect Creature Z (Marvel, 616)


Following the capture of Morbius[4] and the Lizard, the Beyond Corporation used genetic samples taken from both to create a giant vampire/lizard binary clone with a lizard-like body and the wings and fangs of a vampire bat. They subsequently locked the monster behind "Door Z" at their secret facility on Staten Island, earning it the moniker "Creature Z." It was realized when Ben Reilly and Peter Parker invaded the facility to shut down Beyond's super villain program



Other Abilities

Healing Factor
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2023.05.29 03:51 wickedkiss85 I think I hate my sister-in-law

I’ve never hated anyone before. Not my parents and grandparents who abused me, the partners that cheated on me (or the girls they cheated with), or even the terrible friends who fat-shamed me behind my back but were super nice to my face.
But the level of animosity I (29F) feel towards my sister-in-law (28F) is something I have never experienced before.
I grew up in poverty. I spent time on the streets as a teenager because I was fat, goth, and queer, and my parents weren’t supportive or loving in the slightest. And while I can admit that my in-laws are not exactly the most emotionally available or affectionate people, I have never once seen them fail to put their daughter’s needs above everyone else’s — including their son’s (30M) needs, who I am married to.
But if you were to ask her about her parents, everything she would have to say would be about how abusive and cold they were. Ask my husband, however, and he would say, “Oh they were. Just not to her.” My in-laws started going to therapy a few years ago and openly admitted to everything they put my husband through, right down to favoring his sister over him. It was an emotional breakthrough in their relationships and his bond with them has only grown stronger since then.
My sister-in-law sees this as them favoring him (and by extension, me) over her.
My in-laws are very wealthy people, and when my husband and I got married a few years ago, we were living with them due to roommates who would not comply with COVID restrictions, and at the time I was caretaking for my father with cancer. We were afraid to put off our ceremony any longer because of my father’s health and had a very small, backyard wedding in order to make sure he could be there.
Because we couldn’t have the wedding we always wanted, my in-laws decided that they wanted to buy us a house as a wedding gift. I didn’t want that because I didn’t want to feel like we owed them, but they said as long as we were open to letting my sister-in-law live in our basement, as she was leaving a toxic relationship at the time, they wouldn’t hold it over our heads. We agreed.
We never should have.
From the minute she moved in with us, she controlled everything. If she thought we would paint the walls a color she didn’t like, she would call her parents and complain. We wanted to get a second dog, and since she already had more than 10 pets and was told not to bring more into the home, she screamed that it wasn’t fair and threatened to harm herself over it. When we were trying to conceive, she said it was emotionally triggering for her because she believes she will never bare children of her own, so we reluctantly decided to stop trying.
Then she moved her new boyfriend (30M) into our house without asking. And we had never even met him.
He told us he had kids, but his ex fled the state with them and that he would be unlikely likely to bring them around. We encouraged him to pursue custody, while my sister-in-law would actively tell him, “You’ll probably never see them again anyway.” She’s an inherently pessimistic person in that way. It made me angry. Still, he stayed. And then he proposed. And then they got married.
And no, they didn’t move out. In fact, she started pressuring us to leave. She knew we wanted to move to a larger city, but I have two younger disabled siblings that I help my older sister care for, not to mentioned three nieces that I love as my own. When my nieces would come over to stay a weekend with me, my sister-in-law would complain and whine that she felt trapped downstairs because being around the kids was too “triggering” for her and her husband (who never complained to us about them being here). When she accused them of being so loud that it “nearly killed one of her rabbits” (even though they were on two separate ends of the house and her husband said they didn’t actually hear much of anything), I finally hit my limit when my father-in-law said, “It’s for the best if you just don’t bring the girls over there for the night again.”
And then, just a couple weeks ago, they received full custody of his kids and she has rubbed it in my face non-stop since they got here.
“I can’t believe I get to be a mom. It’s so amazing.”
But the second the kids go to bed for the night, she comes to my husband complains that they are too energetic and out of control. She complains that her husband is spoiling them too much and is a lazy father. He works full time and is on-call during the weekends. She doesn’t do anything at all for work, but mothering and chores are apparently “totally breaking her down”.
This woman knows that I am struggling with my reproductive health because I am chronically ill, and that my husband and I have been wanting to start our family for fucking years. And then a family just falls into her lap and not only does she have the audacity to complain about it, she even had the nerve to say to my face on Mother’s Day, “I’m just not optimistic about it. If I can’t have kids of my own physically I don’t see how you ever can.”
She is the most manipulative, entitled, and selfish person that I have ever met. She never thinks of anyone besides herself, and she never does a single thing unless it also benefits her.
And now, on top of everything else, we have to leave our house because the state won’t let them keep the kids if they don’t have them “in the proper space”, and having two separate families sharing a four bedroom, two bathroom house isn’t the “proper” space. And according to my in-laws, well, “Since you guys don’t have kids yet, they kind of need that house more than you do.”
My husband is insisting that we use this time to move to a new city, like we’ve wanted, but we have nothing financially prepared and we only have weeks before we have to be out. And that means getting no time to say goodbye to my family, not even my nieces, before we go.
I blame my sister-in-law for this. For all of this. I lost out on a puppy because of her, on time with my family because of her, and on committing to fertility treatments because of her. She has made my life a living fucking Hell, and I don’t want anything to do with her ever again.
Ever. Period.
TL;DR: My sister-in-law moved in with my husband and I a few years ago, and all she has done is fight to manipulate and control everything that happens in my house and in my life. Her actions have directly affected everything from my husband and I getting a second dog, to whether or not we have kids of our own, and now I have to move away from my family because she is taking ownership of my house. I feel like she’s tried to ruined my life and I don’t ever want to see her face or hear her voice again once we move out.
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2023.05.29 03:50 UnbreakableStool Need help with phone number detection

I'm currently in Japan as an exchange student, and I bought a ticket to a concert taking place next Sunday. To buy the ticket, a phone number was required for identity confirmation, so I put in my temporary japanese phone number. At the time, I received a confirmation SMS which worked fine.
I now have to use an app to retrieve my ticket, which is supposed to send me a confirmation SMS. The problem is that because of the temporary nature of my Japanese SIM card, my number isn't hard-coded on it, so Android can't automatically detect my phone number, it appears as "unknown" in the "SIM manager" menu.
This doesn't prevent me from sending or receiving SMS, but it prevents the app from getting my phone number, which means I can't access my ticket.
Does anyone know how to get around this ?
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2023.05.29 03:49 StrangeObserverF narcissist refusing to get a job and horrible with money…it’s driving me crazy!

so i just realized that my bf (the narcissist) has a pattern of working for like a month or so and saving up only to quit his job and then coast by in life blowing all of his savings. then when the money is out he used other people to pay for shit and meet his needs.
when we first met he was working, but he quit that job and hasn’t made any real attempts to find another job. he even had interviews set up that he never showed up to.
when he doesn’t work he usually has money for a little bit and then when he finally runs out of cash he starts using others to get what he wants…
i’m pretty much convinced he invites his “friend” over just to get food and weed out of him. often times the friend will come over and then my bf will wait for him to get hungry and offer to get food or make something.
he started using me for food and weed recently too now. the worst part is that he does all of this while i’m working sometimes.
i will be having the worst shift of my life only to come home and see him high as shit on MY medical weed eating all of MY food. WITHOUT EVEN ASKING ME BTW
it feels like a slap in the face when he smokes the majority of my weed. i cannot comprehend using someone’s medication without even asking… because that’s why i have the weed. it’s for me and my disability. AND ITS EXPENSIVE
i just don’t get it.. how can someone make their entire lives about using others and be okay with that? how can someone feel so entitled when they haven’t actually earned anything?
he doesn’t do shit for me and even when he had money and a job he barely ever took me out or did anything sweet.
he spent so much money on himself and always bought stupid shit that he already has but in a different color.
he has multiple guitarS hanging up that he never even uses, and he has multiple collections of expensive shit like exclusive vinyls.
i’m just venting on here because i’m just at my breaking point. i don’t understand how someone can make such stupid decisions with their money and be so manipulative.
i have a horrible job that makes me breakdown every shift and my bf is living life like a vacation every day.
seriously all he does is smoke weed, hangout with friends, and make art. his life is a vacation, and i need to find the strength in myself to stop enabling him or get out of the relationship
the next time he asks me for money i should just tell him to sell one of his million guitars that he wasted his money on because he never plays them (he’s too high to play them half the time anyways)
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2023.05.29 03:49 apricot-pot Friendships stressing me out

Just feeling very overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted by some friends right now. One (who is also my roommate) complains about being left out if she’s not invited to something to the point where she got upset that someone invited me to the movies to see a film (she hasn’t even seen the first one in the series) and demanded to him why she wasn’t invited so then he invited her. But it makes me feel like I can never do anything with a friend (especially if it’s a mutual friend of ours) without inviting her. And because I live with her obviously she’ll know if I go somewhere with a friend and if she’s upset i’ll have to deal with that in the house. Even if I tried to tell her I just want to spend time with a friend one on one I don’t think she’d understand because she’s someone who gets offended easily and just takes everything I say or do as a personal attack.
Another friend I feel overwhelmed with, not necessarily because she’s done anything wrong but there was big drama because her family treated one of our mutual friends really badly so those two are longer in contact but I’m friends with them both still. They both know I’m friends with the other but I still feel guilty when hanging out with this friend.
I don’t know I just feel really stressed and under pressure to please so many people yet somehow someone always ends up getting upset with me.
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2023.05.29 03:49 Average__Citizen Giant Green Laser Sweeping Santa Rosa Rd. Camarillo CA

Disclaimer: I don't drink alcohol, I don't do drugs, original post was removed 4months ago from venturacounty.
So everyday I drive to work from Camarillo to Simi Valley and take Santa Rosa Rd. It's early in the morning so it's very dark and basically looks like nighttime. Every so often I see a short flash of green off in the distance at this one point in my drive. The first time I saw it I thought I was going crazy. I've now seen it atleast 10 times and for much longer durations.
Now that I know I'm not insane I was wondering if anyone else has seen it. It goes right over the whole valley Santa Rosa Rd cuts through, all the orchards on either side, all the homes along the road, and I've had it sweep right over every car next to me reflecting off windows and I'm just thinking there is no way no one else has seen this.
It's green, about a ft. In height by the time it reaches road level (laser can change in width depending on how far they shoot) and spans over as far as the eye can see. It's always traveling from Camarillo towards Simi Valley. To capture it I would need a dash cam always recording and even then I'm not sure the shitty camera on those things would pick it up. If I haven't mentioned it, it's very fast and I've never seen it last more than 3solid seconds.
I work in construction so I figured it's just a big ass laser level or some kind of erosion tracking method someone is using to keep up with mountain altitudes or something of the sort. The trajectory makes it seem like it's really high up on a mountain ridge or directly above the valley. Either way, surprised it's still happening, surprised there haven't been any car accidents related to it because if you were driving into Camarillo this thing would blind the fuck out of you. Lmk what you think.
Occurances began before original post (4months ago) and ended shortly after my original post. As someone who doesn't care for social media you can imagine the amount of concern this gave me that drove me to create a reddit account. I created my account solely for this.
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2023.05.29 03:49 OWCHEDDARTOOSHARP Please excuse my ramblings

Idk what to say here I just feel I need to type this shit out to get out of my head.
I've been up pretty much since Thursday, maybe an hour or two of sleep here or there but yeah. I don't want to be this high anymore. I hate this so fucking much.
I thought I was doing better lately I quit smoking weed for the first time in 10 years, I quit a 5 year kratom habit. I stopped accepting free Adderall and coke from coworkers, and quit the job that allowed me to do all this and pretend I was functioning for the last 4 years.
I felt amazing being sober.. that only lasted like a month or two. I was just so bored in my freetime and had absolutely 0 motivation. I wanted to get high again, and kept having dreams about it. Soo, of course I convinced myself to try getting some pressed addies to satiate the cravings, which I did, and binged on them a few days that month, then couldn't find anymore. They didn't hit like I wanted anyway. So because I don't have any other plugs, and they didn't get me where I wanted, I did a little research, learned PGP and 4 days later here I am, stuck, still high as hell after my last dose almost 30 hour's ago.
I have work first thing in the morning and I don't know how much sleep Ill be getting. Im so fucking stressed out, I already fucked up doing this same shit the night I got my bag, and still didn't ducking learn? And now I have less that 10hours before I have to be there and I'm typing this bullshit for what.
;tldr I fucked up, and apparently I'm an addict I guess.
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2023.05.29 03:49 The_dots_eat_packman [Railroad Preservation] People have been debating what color a defunct railroad painted its steam locomotives longer than I’ve been alive.

This post expands on a comment I made in last week's scuffle thread about a multi-decade disagreement about what color the now-defunct Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad (D&RGW) used to paint its steam locomotives and by extension, what color the 491, a now-restored locomotive operating at the Colorado Railroad Museum (CRM), should have been painted during her restoration. Tie a red bandanna around your neck, grab some popcorn, and sit back for a two-for-one hobby history and drama.
First, three short disclosures. One, I am associated with CRM, but I did not participate in the restoration of 491. Second, I have no preference what color 491 should be, I'm just glad she’s running. Third, 491 uses she/her pronouns. That’s not woke, it's historically accurate. Deal with it, you friggin’ lopsided, melting snowflake.
Before we get to the drama, let’s get a bit of context and background. The D&RGW railroad was founded in 1870 and eventually became a part of Union Pacific in the 1990s. D&RGW built and operated routes in the US states of Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. For a long time, these tracks were among the very few ways to easily travel west of Denver and through the Rocky Mountains. Those corridors were, and still continue to be, foundational parts of the US rail network.
Over time, D&RGW became renowned around the world for operating in some of the most beautiful but technically difficult terrain in North America. The passenger trains themselves became destinations, and the mountainous routes fascinated historians, railroad photographers, and model railroaders. Seriously--just look at this train going up a mountain like a goat. In addition, the railroad was notable for operating an extensive network of "narrow gauge" tracks—the rails were 3' apart instead of the standard 4' 8.5". Without getting too far into the technical weeds, narrow gauge worked better than standard in mountainous terrain.
Another thing that made the D&RGW a darling among railroad enthusiasts is that while they got rid of the steam locomotives on its mainline tracks in late 1940s or early 50s, just like most other railroads did, they kept on chuggin' down the narrow gauge tracks until 1968. To put that in perspective, that's the year the White Album came out, and the year that Planet of the Apes and Night of the Living Dead were released. 1968 was the year before Woodstock and Apollo 11, and only 15 years before the Internet was invented.
1968, in other words, is incredibly recent. It is within the lifespan of some of you reading this post. It should be kept in mind that when we talk about the D&RGW and the 491’s service life, those things, while distant, have not yet faded into history. There are many still-living people who worked on this railroad, operated specific pieces of equipment, and saw it around their communities. There are far more people who had a father, grandfather, uncle, or other relative involved in this industry. We aren’t discussing events in the distant past, and the people who care about this aren’t just hyper-fixated arcane details of history. For many people, the presence of this railroad, and the continued preservation of its remnants, are intensely personal.
Before we move on, let's take a moment to get some additional context on how railroads used color on their equipment. Today, you might notice that most railroads have a set "livery" that they paint on their locomotives. (UP yellow, BNSF orange, CSX blue, ect.) Prior to about 1900, steam locomotives were just as colorful, and were often decorated with elaborate trimmings made of polished metal. This is actually where the idiom "all the bells and whistles" comes from. Most toys, clip art pictures, and children's television programs depict steam locomotives from this era.
However, after about 1900, the appearance of most steam locomotives became far more utilitarian. The Victorian maximalist style had fallen out of favor across the board, especially after the wars, and most railroads in the US accordingly preferred unembellished equipment. Now, their locomotives were most often painted black with minimal amounts of gray, white, or silver trimming.
By about 1900, railroads companies had also noodled out that keeping a brightly colored and decorated locomotive clean enough that it didn't reflect poorly on the company required a lot of labor. Remember, these machines— this is worth harping on both because it's going to be a plot point in a little bit and because modern readers might not fully grasp what “steam power” means—are ON FIRE AT ALL TIMES WHILE OPERATING. A very messy chain of events results from this intrinsic property:
1.Where there’s fire, there’s smoke.
  1. Where there’s smoke and exhaust steam going out the same smokestack, there is the creation of a thick, jet-black sludge of train-dirt.
  2. The smokestack belching train-dirt is attached to a locomotive that is usually moving forward, which means that cancerous inky puke blows back onto any and every part of the locomotive situated behind the smokestack.
If anything on the locomotive isn’t painted black, in other words, it will very quickly become black unless it is being cleaned almost daily. Since corporate penny-pinching is always historically accurate, most railroads did the math and realized it was better for their bottom line to paint things the same color as train-dirt than it was to pay people to clean up train-dirt.
There were some exceptions to this preference. Often, railroads painted passenger locomotives to distinguish them from freight locomotives or to fit into the paint scheme used for every piece of equipment on a specific train. Two good extant and operable examples of colorful locomotives are the Southern Pacific 4449 and the Norfolk & Western 611. Other railroads preferred colorful, but very dark shades of paint for at least some of their locomotives. One of those railroads just so happened to be the D&RGW: There's documented evidence that instead of using black, they painted some of their locomotive a shade of dark green. For the curious, it is approximately hex code 1E3D0E.
Speaking of D&RGW, let's jump back to the 1960s and introduce the specific steam locomotive at the center of this drama: D&RGW no. 491. For you nerds—you know who you are—she is a K-37 Class superheated, outside-frame, 2-8-2 Mikado. She and nine other K-37s were built in-house by the D&RGW in 1928. 491 was taken out of revenue service in 1963.
As an aside, it was actually really rare for railroads to build their own steam locomotives. D&RGW decided to do this because of an entirely different historical drama which, though at the time was complex enough to max out the character limits of gossipy telegrams, can with hindsight be briefly summarized as:
Baldwin Locomotive Works: "Fuck you, pay me."
D&RGW: "NO."
Luckily for the K-37s, by the time they were taken out of service, there had emerged a very dedicated coalition of people actively working to preserve steam power in general and Colorado’s unique railroad history specifically. They were resoundingly successful: All but 8 of the 10 K-37 locomotives, and numerous examples of many other classes, were saved. All tolled, there are about 15 former D&RGW steam locomotives in operable condition or being considered for restoration at the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, the Cumbres & Toltec railroad, and the Colorado Railroad Museum. Additionally, most of the heritage railroads in Colorado operate on routes decommissioned by the D&RGW.
Two of the K-37s—the 491 and the 493—have been restored to operating condition. The 491 got her second lease on life at CRM in the early 2000s-2010s, and the Durango & Silverton returned the 493 to service in 2020.
While D&S made some purposeful modifications to 493 to render her more suited to 21st century operation, CRM set out with the goal of restoring 491 as close to historically accurate condition as possible. They were in fact contractually bound to do so, since the museum had applied and received significant funding from the Colorado State Historical Fund, and the terms of that grant required that any change made to the locomotive would have to be backed up by records or photographs preserved from her days in revenue service.
That should be easy, right? We just talked about those revenue days that were very recent, didn't we? Hit the independent brake and the automatic brake and throw on a handbrake just for good measure, because historical accuracy can be VERY tricky for railroad preservation.
Given that, the revenue service life of most pieces of equipment was, on average, about 40 years, many have been overhauled or significantly modified while in service. Others have been subjected to "Red Green this thing out of my shop and get it back on the mainline" types of repairs that, while technically accurate to the period, were not the typical or best practice and are inappropriate in a preservation setting.
There are, in other words, sometimes multiple and equally well documented versions of “historically accurate,” and it becomes a matter of opinion as to which one is best to recreate. Because of the very powerful personal connections to the equipment we discussed earlier, those opinions are often VERY passionate. It's at this point where we FINALLY where we get to the meat of this drama, because the restoration of the 491 put one specific question in the crossfires of that passion:
What color did the D&RGW paint the 491 and, more importantly, what color should CRM paint her?
Most people assumed that since the 491 showed up at the museum painted almost all black and silver, she would be painted the same way during her restoration. However, given that she had been in service for 35 years, it was possible that she had been repainted at least once or twice. In fact, for a long time, and I mean longer that the internet has even been around long, there has been a dogged faction of people who that believed the 491 operated at least some of her revenue service with her boiler jacket(a thin, metal sheet that holds insulation against the boiler and protects the boiler itself from the elements) painted dark green. As evidence, they pointed to old shop records, a few eyewitness testimonies, and cans of paint found in various facilities. This faction made it known that they wished the 491 to be painted green, and those who preferred black or thought black was better documented raised their objections.
It should have been easy to figure out which color was 'correct,' right? Didn’t you say there are records? There are, but the catch is that while those records amount to a pretty good body of evidence that the D&RGW used green paint at some point, on some of its locomotives, they don't provide a comprehensive record of exactly which locomotives were painted what color at what time. There’s nothing substantive that the 491 herself was painted green.
The next best bet, you'd think, would be to look at photographs. Unfortunately, this isn't reliable. Most of the revenue service photographs of the 491 and her sisters are in black and white, and it is difficult to conclusively determine which colors are being depicted, especially when they are very similar like black and the shade of green in question. Team Green indicated that some pictures render the boiler jacket in slightly lighter shades of gray, meaning it must be a different color, and Team Black counters that the difference might be due to shadows or that paint being more glossy than what was used on other components. Besides, they say, if 491 had been painted green, wouldn't more people REMEMBER her that way? Team Green has a hand answer for that, too: The K-37s simply spent most of their service lives too dirty for the green paint to be seen. That sounds like a stupid ass-pull of an answer, but until we cleaned her up a few weeks ago, I genuinely forgot that 491 was (spoiler alert) painted green.
For YEARS, this was such a hot debate that it probably could have raised 491 up to operating pressure. Some of the source threads I’ve linked to are from the early 2000s—note that many of them mention discussing this issue in the 80s and 90s—and this debate was brought up in pre-internet railfan publications and correspondences. It came to a head when, in the process of the restoration, staff at CRM found flecks of green paint while inspecting and cleaning 491 for restoration. The samples were collected, compared against known samples, and shown to people who were familiar with 491 and other D&RGW locomotives while in service. This exhaustive, almost forensic investigation proved that the 491 had, in fact, been painted green, so proponents of a black boiler jacket revised their position in the face of new evidence.
Just kidding of course.
While there was no question that CRM's restoration of 491 was very well done, there was, and is, a lot of grousing about whether those paint flecks were enough to prove that she was ever painted green. Some say that they were not present in great enough quantities to prove definitively that the paint came from the 491 or to determine exactly what parts of the locomotive had been painted that color.
Others point out that while the 491 and her sisters were built by the D&RGW, the railroad used boilers that had been assembled by Baldwin Locomotive Works earlier than 1928. Unless their customers requested otherwise, Baldwin painted the locomotives and parts it produced green as a default. The presence of the flakes, this opinion states, is only proof that the boiler was painted green at some point, not that it was painted green while it was part of 491.
The complicating factor is that Baldwin appears to have been very inconsistent with how they mixed up their “Baldwin Green:” Sometimes it was a very dark emerald. Other times, as with some paint on the tender 100% established to be Baldwin Green, it is an almost tan shade of olive green. Since we don’t have extant representations of all of those variations, the counterargument goes, we can’t definitively rule out that the boiler jacket samples came from Baldwin.
The most vehement of the anti-green coalition imagined a full-tilt, “Red Alert, folks, Andi in Kansas, you're on the air” level conspiracy about where the paint chips actually came from. They propose that they might have been, *ahem,* conveniently put there by someone who definitely wasn’t a D&RGW employee and who most certainly was not working on the 491 between 1928 and 1963. I don’t want to say much on this, because these folks just won’t be convinced, but that opinion is out there.
Who was convinced that the chips were good evidence, though, was the State Historical Fund, which approved changing the color of 491's boiler jacket to green. That’s how she is to this very day. There’s still some grousing that the she should have been painted black, and the broader debate about exactly which members of the D&RGW fleet was painted green is still a point of contention among narrow gauge railroad enthusiasts. I want to stress again that even though this drama might seem overwrought, most of it comes from a heartfelt dedication to preserving things “correctly,” and very personal reasons to prefer a certain version of “correct.”
I’m going to end this post, though, by saying this: It doesn't really matter what color the 491 actually is, because we also strive for historical accuracy in how often we wipe her down.
Finally, if you ever get a chance to visit the museums or heritage railroads mentioned here or others that weren't relevant, please by all means do so! There are many people working as hard as they can to keep this history alive, and we can always use your support and patronage.

Source Another source Third source
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2023.05.29 03:49 hauntab [fully lost] i think youtubes old mascot.. or icon

Ok this is a weird piece of lost media cause I’m not even sure it’s lost media when i was young i think around 2008 ish is where my perent first showed me to youtube around someone elses house. One thing I remember is it’s weird pencil creature thing that was where youtubes logo is now
Now I can’t find any record of this thing anywhere when i look up youtubes verious logos I can’t see it when i look up youtubes mascot i only get videos. Which is weird since it’s either really buried or (something I’m really not sure of is it even a youtube thing i just know it was a video sharing website and i also remember playing snake when the video i watched buffered)
What does it look like? From what I remember it was a pencil looking thing with lizard features like a tail that goes around in a diamond formation … I don’t remember if it has a face or not and i think the colour was green(but not 100%)
It’s so weird to me that this has disappeared seemingly from the internet since it was something i liked at the time now unfortunately thats all i got about it but. Yeah i it actually kinda feels like I’m going crazy remembering something that never existed. Cause no way would anyone let a piece of youtube history just disappear like i can see videos from time to time on how much people miss the old game of snake you could play while watching youtube. Just nothing on this one thing.
I’m only posting it here cause i heard about this place from a youtuber called blame it on Jorge. And to my dismay haven’t seen anyone talk about it if it helps anything I’m from the uk.
Now if anyone could find a image of it or anything (I’ve tried the way back machine) it’s just weird to me it. Now i wish i had more info to go of off but no it was just a weird lizard pencil thing that youtube had instead of there logo which i cannot find any record of.
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2023.05.29 03:49 motherfudgersob Inheritance issues with siblings as mother's POA and Executor.

My mother died this past week after an sudden onset volvulus (twisting if bowel). My brother and sister were co-POA for general and health care matters. They decided surgery was uncalled for out her in hospice to die and after over three days of no fluids if course she did.
All her investments were in CDs (600k+/-) with all three children listed as "pay on death." She'd had her funds that way for many many years). She became unable to manage Ian affairs die to vision issues about a year ago and then some mild cognitive problems starting about six months ago. My brother and sister reinvested all the CDs due to rate increases as her POA and did so through my brother in law who is a certified financial planner (I know big whoop). I have no idea if they structured them as pay on death with my name included.
She sold her home as the mortgage holder to my sister and brother-in-law (the financial planner) and they still have 10+ years of payments I believe. She gave them great terms. She was competent when she made that decision and minding her own affairs.
She has money tied up in a small IRA. And she put a mid 6 figure down payment for her retirement community and some of that is to come back to relatives.
She told me many times over the years she wanted her money distributed evenly between her kids when quite lucid (she was really quite lucid until inset if sever twisted bowels). I was not any POA participant as I live far away.
I loathe my brother and sister and I assume they feel the same. I neither trust them to do right by me as a sibling or remain inside legal or ethical parameters. I think it was unethical and possibly illegal for a POA to use the incapacitated person's funds for their own benefit which seems like what investing this through my brother-in-law was doing. She had never invested with him before cause she's low risk and he's an grinning idiot.
So I am wanting to get her medical records as I think my siblings and the hospital acted improperly (I'm in healthcare and her living will only asked for no "heroic measures which the surgery that could have saved her dies NIT be). I also obviously can wait and see what I get before assuming the worst but not sure if I should act now before these CDs are cashed out without my name on them possibly. It'd seem incredibly hard to get them back then.
Do I have a right as a named beneficiary if the will to her medical records. Any way to get them?
How about records if her finances over the last year?
What should I do about the CDs. Act in some way now or wait?
Can I for e them to pay off the estate for the remainder owed in the house (the cash they inherit is more than enough to do so)?
Of note I have multiple voice recordings (hundreds actually as I wanted them for remembrances) and she stated clearly often these wishes for her money to be split three ways between us.
Finally an ominous note is that she'd said which personal property she wanted who to have. My sister got diamond and gold jewelry. But they callously threw out the rest including heirlooms intended for me. They wanted cash rich salable items...I wanted heirlooms. My brother also ominously told me I needed to be careful with my investments (seemed to me to imply "that's because you're not getting anything from mother.")
Any advice greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.29 03:49 cyclebreaker12 My dad is dying and my family forgot all of the abuse and trauma he caused.

Tw: overdose, abuse, death.
Both of my parents are addicts and were abusive my entire life including into adulthood. My younger brother lived with me when I finally got out. It escalated so badly police had to be involved due to their criminal activity against me. When my brother graduated high school he moved across the country for school and never came back. I moved as well changed my phone number.
We were both no contact for 10 years with them. I broke it twice for health scares. But after the last time I broke no contact the abuse was worse then ever before.
In March my mom died she had cancer refused all help/treatment abused nurses when they tried to help her and drank herself to death.
I’m not sure this matters to mention but my brother broke no contact with my parents to do their will. Which they left everything to him. He didn’t tell me either of them had cancer and were dying. Or about the will. Until he told me my mom died.
This caused me to be very upset with my brother to hide all of this from me. To which we’ve tried to move past because my dad changed the Will to be 50/50 saying it was just only mom who wanted that and she refused to sign. Which was another reason my family said to forgive give him a chance. That my mom was the problem.
My dad returned that chance by overdosing in front of my brother and I the first time I saw him in years. He had a feeding tube and crushed up his pills and stuffed them in it. He did survive we called 911 in time. I went back to no contact but my brother didn’t.
I put up strong boundaries not to contact me with info I was done because I had complete mental breakdown . The toll it took on my mental health put me back years of recovery I had done in therapy. Suddenly I was a kid again back into the abuse.
My family didn’t respect these boundaries. They keep making excuses for my dad. Telling me I need to be more positive it’s all in the past. He’s dying now he’s sorry for what he did, he asked about me alot and loves me. My dad claims he doesn’t remember any of the abuse. He is unable to drink anymore because he has a feeding tube. So him or drinking was not his choice. He’s still has a pill addiction and addiction problems .
They told me his overdose was an accident. That he got nervous to see me for first time in years and messed up his meds. Which made me feel responsible. They said 1000% this is what happened.
I let this guilt and pain sit on me and when he was transferred to hospice I decided for my sake to go and get closure say goodbye. The visit went ok. He was in bed on very high dose of meds and loopy but he did say he was sorry and that he loved me. I told him I loved him and I forgave him (even though I really don’t know if I do or not) I wanted him to have peace. I brought him a picture of my brother and I tried to make the visit nice. I tried so hard. That was my goodbye.
Now the part with my brother and family. They have literally forgotten all abuse and it’s a complete taboo subject for me to even speak about the overdose or anything negative against my dad or mom. I understand he’s dying but not even my brother we talk about what we went through recently.
It’s like they have amnesia. Suddenly I’m the bad one if I bring it up. If I bring up that I can’t go back again to see him. It’s guilt that I didn’t come back immediately .
Nothing I do is right or enough. I don’t think I can handle seeing him again. But everyone I speak to in my family is painting my dad to be this saint? Suddenly I’m in the wrong for not letting the past go. I’ve been lectured I’ve had the positivity talk so many times.
Because of all of these things I’m having a really hard time with my brother and family. My family says I can’t be upset with my brother for not telling me or with them as they all did the best I could and they all made a decision it was best for me to not know.
This is all too much to handle and I’m really trying to balance their needs but I can’t keep putting myself into harm as this is really putting me in a dark place.
I don’t know how to navigate these relationships. I feel like I’m drowning.
TLDR: my dad is dying and my family has amnesia to all of this abuse. I broke NC because of this for him to overdose in front of me. I keep being told me positive forget the past don’t bring things up. I’m lost depressed and hopeless.
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2023.05.29 03:48 Dimbo_limbo Would it be possible to set up a real-life gathering/meeting with the members of this subreddit?

Many of the posts here are understandably about how nobody understands what it is like to experience the things we do and thus we tend to feel very isolated. I was just wondering if we can take advantage of this online space by actually meeting each other in person and perhaps initiating new friendships or relationships. I feel that it would really help a lot of us feel a lot less lonely than we currently do.
I'm based in Manchester, UK so of course many will be prevented from meeting me due to geographical restrictions but you're more than welcome to use this post to look for others that may be near you.
At the least, we could just simply exchange contact information. Help put a face behind the name. If you're not comfortable with posting it publicly then it can be through Reddit DMs. Feel free to dm me about anything, I'm always available.
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2023.05.29 03:48 Least-Average-8513 My friend (32m) has lived with me (24f) for 2 years and I feel like the relationship is becoming toxic.

Tldr: My friend has been living with me for 2 years rent and bill free, we fight a lot, I think he’s gaslighting me and I am getting angry, emotional and frustrated with the situation and want to kick him out, but I know he is going through a rough time with family and other life issues, plus my daughter sees him as a dad so don’t want to make a rash decision throwing him out. Apologies for any rambling but I want to give as much context as possible for a fair judgement. Also apologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes, it's like 2 am and I'm tired. I (24f) have had my friend (32m) living with me and my daughter (3f) on and off for 2 years, for the sake of the story we will call him Lee. Our relationship has heavily deteriorated and I feel like I am making rash decisions out of anger. Lee originally came to stay with us when he was evicted during the pandemic and was living in a hotel, I invited him to stay with us as I had a spare room at the time since my daughter was too young for her room. I rent, not own, and he lived with us for 7 months before we were evicted due to him staying with me and not being on the tenancy. After being evicted, my daughter and I spent 7 months homeless and couch-surfing between different family and friends' houses until I finally managed to secure a new home. At this time Lee was also couch surfing, when I finally found a new place I felt bad and invited him to come and stay with us again for what was meant to be a short period but ended up being a year. He sleeps on my couch as now my daughter is old enough she needs her room and space. In terms of the financial dynamic of the relationship. I took extended maternity leave when my daughter was born until after the pandemic calmed down early last year. After my maternity support ran out and I had to hand in notice at my job I received government support for my rent and living costs. After my rent is paid I have just shy of £400 a month to live off a month, paying all other bills and feeding and caring for myself and my daughter, when Lee moved in this was my financial situation. I rejoined the workforce last January ans was working for most of last year until I had to leave my job in August due to very poor mental health. Since then, I have struggled to stay in work and do agency work, working maybe 1-3 days on a good week and not at all when my depression is at its worst. Since he first came to stay with us, I have covered all the bills rent, utilities, and most of the food and occasionally helped him out when he needed money. Until December last year, Lee was doing occasional freelance work with very inconsistent money. He would help with putting food in the fridge or WiFi bills as and when he could, but it was not consistent. Last December I helped him to get a job at my agency and he since has been working full-time. I am frustrated with the financial side of this situation as nothing has changed or improved since he started work nothing has improved. I know I am not entitled to his hard-earned money, but I feel he being really selfish with his money when it comes to me and the household. He sends his mum money every payday without fail, but will occasionally give me £50 towards the household. He goes out a lot after work to bars and clubs and buys himself things, I’ve found a casino membership in his name when cleaning, which he claims is to just get in and hang with friends, which is an obvious lie. He mentioned in passing that he has been saving to buy a house. I was actually fuming when he mentioned that even in times when we were struggling he had money, he just had it in an ISA and couldn’t withdraw according to him. I also overheard him in a conversation saying that he has 5 figures in savings. This was just a kick in the gut but I am clearly too forgiving since he is still here. I have broken down my financial situation to him so he knows how things are, but his constant line is that he sends his mum money every week to take care of her, even though he is living in my home rent free not hers. I know it sounds jealous and vindictive but I’m the one whose roof he is living under now and it cooking and cleaning but he will send her who knows how much every week but get antsy with me if I ask him for a contribution to the Wifi bill. To put it in perspective he makes at least £3k a month before tax and tips, whereas my income is £1,780K and my rent alone is £1,400. I am ridiculously frustrated at this by this and it isn’t our only issue. Now I will say I am not completely innocent in our conflicts. I suffer heavily from depression, ADHD and ASD which until very recently hasn’t been treated by professionals. I have my up and down days, pretty intense mood swings where I can snap over minor things, not to mention rising a toddler as a single parent, I am a complete mess. My biggest issue is my house is beyond a state, it's borderline a hoarder's mess and I just can’t cope with maintaining it. Some days I struggle to get out of bed and the mess just keeps piling and piling up. Some days I can clean one, maybe 2 rooms, but by the time I have the energy and drive to clean again the whole house is a mess again and I’m back to square one. Lee and I argue about this often. He used to try and help with some things but would do a half-assed and I would get upset, like loading the dishwasher and leaving the rest of the kitchen a mess, or taking all the mess out of the rest of the house and dumping it into my toddler's bedroom. He stopped helping at all after a while because he said I was a control freak, and I can admit I can be a bit controlling at times if I don’t agree with the way he is doing something. There have been times I have asked him for help and he will turn around and say it’s not his mess so he isn’t helping it’s mine and my daughters so my responsibility to clean up. While this is true he knows I am struggling and will do nothing but sit there and complain otherwise. He complains a lot and his words and actions are driving me insane. Aside from the household maintenance complains about everything and constantly makes not-so-subtle digs and insults at me which make me feel like crap when I am already heavily depressed and suicidal at times, and then will turn around and ask me why I’m in a mood. Some examples of things he has said: - He is surrounded by idiots at work and at home - I’m a mess, this is why he could never date a woman like me, I don’t live up to his standards - Why would I trust you when you look like this/act like this etc. Usually in reference to when I get upset and just snap at him, - He will say I throw his words in his face if I bring up anything he has said in the past to his face but will do the same to me - He used the fact that I’ve been r'd and abs in arguments before “I didn’t r you and I haven’t hit you around so what is your problem with me” These are just a few examples. On top of that,I feel like I am being gaslit and constantly invalidated. He always disregards my feelings when I am trying to explain things to him or talk to him about how I am feeling. He will say he doesn’t want my explanations or he doesn’t care about my feeling. He will make really snarky comments if I give him a long-winded answer to something and say he didn’t want my explanation. He has straight up said F my feelings before and he doesn’t care about my feelings. He belittles my pain and complains I’m always sick, which I feel like I am. I am having lots of complications since having my daughter, from 3-month-long periods, to what is thought might be endometriosis or ovarian cysts, my doctors are messing me around and I always feel physically rotten on top of my mental health and he makes it sound like my pain is nothing. I genuinely feel like he is gaslighting me too, and I feel like I am losing my mind, a few examples: - He got me an Instax mini camera which I have always wanted, a few days later it disappeared and he says he saw my daughter playing with it and it must have gotten thrown in the bin. I got really upset at my daughter, dived into our buildings bins and tore open bags looking for it and he watched me get upset and mad and dig through rubbish, commenting that he will just buy a new one. A couple of days later I found a tab open for its sale price at our local tech shop on his computer and when I looked in his history it was from the same day it went missing. To this day he still blames it on my daughter. - One morning I woke up to a weird noise in my house, he had already gone to work and I went crazy over it. When I finally found it, it was his PC speaker which usually sits on the table, buried in a trunk of his clothes making weird sea noises and on full volume. He claims that it was malfunctioning and he put it there to get sleep and forgot about it when he went to work. When I found it, it turned right off when I pressed the off button. - I have hocks for all my hats on the side of my wardrobe, a few times I have come home from being away and found all my hats thrown on top of my wardrobe, but he claims to never have touched them. On top of that after my last trip away for almost a month, I found an open condom wrapper down the back of my bed when cleaning, even though he claims he never has brought anyone to my home. - He tries to tell me I don’t remember things said in conversations when I clearly remember them and is quick to call me dumb when I challenge him. - My doorbell keeps being turned off and he blames it on my daughter, I thought it was her until it was switched off when I came back from a month-long trip. We constantly argue almost daily, with some just devolving into screaming matches and some in front of my daughter. Whenever I try and remove myself from the situation he will either follow me or carry on yelling from the other room and complain I am running away from the situation. Our arguments have gotten physical before, one day I snapped and got into his face, swore at him, called him names and poked him in the chest. He followed me into the bathroom and wouldn’t leave when I told him to. I began pushing him out and he kept pushing back in, I ended up shutting his hand in the door and scratching him trying to get him to move so I could close it and he says I attacked him and made him bleed. There was no malice in my actions I just wanted to be left alone. He punched a hole in my wall once. I had a guest coming over but hadn’t told him as he wasn’t even supposed to be home. I woke from a nap to hear him dragging things into the hallways and jumped up and said “Don’t move those out here” Before, I could even finish and explain why he had punched the wall and was screaming at me that my ways of doing things don’t work and I’m such a control freak, even though he didn’t even let me finish my sentence or get a word in. He blames me and said it was my fault because he is triggered by past actions and still to this day says it’s my fault. I’m just exhausted and feel like I don’t have a single safe or happy place in this world with him in my home. I really enjoy it when he is at work but just dread him coming home. It isn’t all bad though. He occasionally helps around the house. Has helped with my daughter feeding and entertaining her more times than I can count when I was sick or tired or busy. He has followed me to events and supported me, helped me build my career. We have had a lot of fun and laughs, and even though his help with my daughter hasn’t changed, our whole dynamic has. He is cold towards me now, has no time for me with anything, and can be condescending at times. On top of lying when he doesn’t need to lie to me, which I find how easy he feels he can lie to my disturbing. What he doesn’t realise is that he is an awful liar and I can always tell. What has led me to write this post is today I came home with my daughter to find him with some random guy I have never met before in my house. He brushed me off when I got upset because he got upset that he brought a stranger into my home where my small child lives. Not even my best friend came to my home or even knew where I lived until my birthday which was like 8 months in. He tried to say to me he told me he was bringing him over which is a lie, he asked if I was home and if he could borrow my laptop but said never mind when I said I wasn’t home, and that he would follow his friend home and double back. He didn’t even apologise and had the nerve to ask me what my problem is. I have never been so angry at another person and mad such malicious thoughts then I had tonight so I thought I need an outside perspective. At the start of the month, I asked him to leave by the end of the month, but a few days ago he was attacked on his way home from work and beaten within an inch of his life. I feel bad asking him to leave now when he’s having such a rough time. The only reason I haven’t asked him to leave before is because my daughter adores him, he is more of a dad to her than her dad and she loves him like a father and they have a great relationship. I don’t want to hurt her but I don't know if I should even bother trying to make this situation work. I don’t even know what to say to him or how to speak to him anymore without it divulging into an argument. What is the best course of action from here?
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2023.05.29 03:48 Vivid-Busyness (RWBY) Weiss went from a major character to basically not existing

RWBY, whether you love it, loathe it, or are somewhere in between, we can all agree RWBY are supposed to be the main characters or at least have a good amount of focus. However, the past three volumes have relegated the W, Weiss, to a side character. This is especially glaring because volumes 7 and 8 took place in her home kingdom, and she wasn't given much in volume 9 after being screwed over those two volumes.
To briefly recap, Weiss started off very strong in volume 1 as Ruby's sort of enemy, being racist towards her teammate (Blake), and being an insufferable rich girl all around. Over the next two volumes, we learned more about her mess of a family, why she chose to attend school in a different kingdom, and we even met her sister, which explained a lot about her personality. She maintained an edge, but became much better with emotions, becoming friends with her teammates and missing them dearly after returning home.
As with Blake and Yang, volumes 4-6 were her primary development. She had to deal with who she wanted to be, how she fit in in her family, and eventually escape her overbearing, mean father to stumble upon her true family, team RWBY. She ended up finding Yang first after being kidnapped by her mom (one of the funniest scenes in the show btw) and gave her a big hug. Later when she and Yang reunited with Ruby, she was invited into their sisterly hug, solidifying their bond.
However, in volume 6, we got the news that the group was going to Atlas, which Weiss bemoaned. Ruby said not to worry and that team RWBY wouldn't leave her side. That barely ended up happening as volumes 7 and 8 introduced a million new characters and we had so many cut perspectives. I guess Blake held Weiss' hand when she saw her father again? Weiss yelled her sister's name from the sidelines as Ruby saved the day.
It should be noted Weiss did have something of an arc in volume 7. As ex-heiress in the kingdom, she was supposed to find intel that could be used. She snooped around her family's mansion for a bit and...her mom gave the vital info to her, rendering Weiss' contributions useless. She also finally won her first 1v1, so she wasn't completely useless. Also, despite this, Weiss actually spoke the third most in volume 7, only behind Ironwood and Ruby. It's just a lot of it was exposition for the audience about Atlas' inner workings, not much that advanced her character.
Volume 8 was more or less the same as volume 7 with Weiss being there to give Atlas exposition and support Ruby. However, the finale changed things up with Weiss being the last team member standing as she presumed her other teammates dead. She was only one of two who fell into the void (AKA Ever After) who knew Jaune killed Penny. Jaune did not reunite with team RWBY until halfway through volume 9, so you'd think this would be important but nope.
Volume 9 was a much needed Ruby-centric volume, yes, but you would expect Ruby's supposed BFF to have more focus. She became comic relief, stressing out over the absurdity of a world from a fairy tale, and only conversed 1-on-1 with Ruby one time. Weiss didn't even tell Ruby Jaune mercy killed Penny nor did she talk to Jaune about it, it was A. either revealed off-screen or B. will be discussed later. Oh, we did get to see Weiss mourning the death of her kingdom briefly, but that was kinda brushed over. Ruby acknowledged her feelings on it, but was too caught up in her depression to do anything else.
So, at the end of the volume when RWBY + Jaune were ready to go back to their world, Ruby found herself again, Jaune overcame past trauma, Blake and Yang became a couple, and Weiss? She was right where she started, mourning her kingdom's death. One shouldn't expect the best writing from RWBY, but can they at least not ignore one of their mains for so long? If it weren't for her glaring lack of activity in her home kingdom and the spinoff series Ice Queendom, which heavily focused on Ruby and Weiss' frenemyship, maybe it wouldn't have been so noticeable. All I'm saying is it's sad that Weiss barely does anything anymore after being such a key player early on. Let's hope it changes.
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2023.05.29 03:48 hcombs How to stop a greedy pearl gourami?

So I have a tank with a pair of pearl gouramis, some danios, loaches and shrimps. Only had the gouramis for a week but I've been noticing the female's belly looking a little bloated than when I got them, so I spent the weekend kind of observing her and found out she is quite the eater.
She will spend some time scrounging around the bottom eating the food that's supposed to be for the loaches and shrimps and during feeding time the smaller male gourami spends more time trying to chase her away from eating most of the food than actually eating himself. I've been feeding them a mix of slow sinking and floating pellets
So how do I stop her eating herself to death? I don't have another tank to move her into, and I was considering making a little shark cage contraption to separate her from the rest during feeding time.
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2023.05.29 03:48 junctionalMustard Junctional rhythm

Hello. I'm a congential heart patient 41 yrs old with a history of atrial flutter. On January 11th of this year I had an ablation to ablate the af and was successful. 2 weeks later I developed what my doctors initially thought was PVCS. I was symptomatic with SOB, pounding headaches amd could feel them constantly my burden was/is 15% daily.
We tried sotalol, diaztem, fleccinde to stop me from feeling every single heartbeat.
Didn't work.
So may 11th i had another ablation. And I am having pvcs but that isn't what I am feeling. I am feeling something called junctional rhythm.
For many reasons unfortunately they can not ablate this rhythm.
This is a long shot but has anyone here had a junctional rhythm and has been symptomatic?
Did they find anything to work for you not to feel the rhythm?
Thank you.
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2023.05.29 03:48 neelakurinji An analysis of my interpersonal relations with women. Seeking for an explanation to this phenomenon.

A reconciliation to the truth. What could be the probable explanation to this?
I 26M am a student at NIFT Kolkata. I went to a boarding school in Ooty , followed by undergrad & post grad in Economics from a college in Kerala.
Coming to my childhood, I had parents who were present and 'emotionally' available. I've had my share of trauma but it's far and less in between.
Yesterday, I was talking to my friend 21F. Many things that she conversed struck a deep chord with me. She was saying, how her parents, even more so her dad was emotionally present for her. She knows how to be treated. She distances herself from men who're 'disrespectful' and doesn't get lured by 'appealing words'.
This made me question my life. Whenever it came to interpersonal relations, my interpersonal relations were sub par. This especially held true with the fairer sex. I mostly gravitate towards speaking about abstract ideas and concepts.
Not like, I do not have feelings, I do have feelings and I do share about them with my 'close friends' .
When I started analysing patterns, about my interpersonal relations with women, what I realised was that; the women who I always had strained interpersonal relations with were the women who had, an emotionally disregulative family/ emotionally absent fathe extremely strict fathe toxic father.
Again, I further analysed the few extremely warm interpersonal relations I've with women and understood further that; the women, I've had warm relations with, beyond the talking stage are the ones who had emotionally present fathers. A strong male figure.
Similarly, another trait, I've analysed is the fact that, women I've had warm relations with; their family mandated that they dine together as a family. No TV/ phone while dining. No mindless eating. Family has to sit together, converse and dine together.
Atm, I'm trying to reconcile this pattern and searching for an explanation. Women with a strong sense of self identity and self respect are easier for me to make mutually respectful and genuine interpersonal relations and friendship with.
Could this hypothesis, be explained or substantiated by some academic literature? Or is it my confirmation bias?
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2023.05.29 03:48 sarecycling How To Pick The Perfect Charcoal Making Machine Manufacturers

How To Pick The Perfect Charcoal Making Machine Manufacturers
Producing charcoal is really a successful business model. You may create charcoal from various different substances. Whether you are using biomass, sewage sludge, or what is leftover from your harvest, can cause charcoal easily. Biomass charcoal is incredibly popular as a result of how easily it burns. As long as you are using the correct technology, it is possible to produce plenty of this product every day. Living inside a section of the world where charcoal can be used quite extensively, this may be a fantastic enterprise model. To get going, you will have to assist the top charcoal making machine manufacturers.

How Can These Machines Produce Charcoal?

Charcoal can be produced using pyrolysis machines. These happen to be useful for decades, in either small or large capacities. They may be far more prominent in areas where this product is burned for heat or for creating meals. However, charcoal is likewise used for barbecues and other purposes. The way that charcoal is manufactured is through the ability license process. Inside the chamber, these materials will be heated to high temperatures causing chemical changes to manifest. What exactly is left over is charcoal towards the bottom, and also biofuel which can be produced. When your prime focus is always to have all the charcoal you can, you will need to get the best charcoal making machine available today.

What Sorts Of Materials Can These?

The different kinds of materials you can use will incorporate sawdust, rice husks, palm kernels, bamboo, and even stronger. Sewage sludge is yet another material that can be transformed into charcoal quickly. If you are responsible for a municipal solid waste facility, you will have much of this product to work alongside. In reality, should you install one at one of these locations, you save cash on the disposal of those materials. Once it is fully operational, you can expect to start producing a lot of charcoal, most of which may be sold to the people near you.

How To Assess Each Machine That You Just Find

To evaluate these machines, you must first get info on their specifications. You must know the way they are powered, how big they may be, and what the output capacity will likely be. You need to know what types of materials are permissible if you are going to work with them. You may not realize how many different materials could be used to create charcoal until you have one of these machines. The cost of the appliance, and also just how much it would cost to work it, also must be factored in. Sometimes it will require shipping it to you should also be a consideration. Most of the companies that manufacture these are typically using modern technology and equipment. What you would like is one that will produce charcoal for you personally on the levels you need.

Charcoal is really a large industry, one which demands the production of an incredible number of a lot of this product each and every year. These appliances may be located in most countries, and there are major businesses that manufacture them. By finding the best company, you can then select from all their machines to obtain the one that you desire. Overall, it really is a very good investment if you have access to the materials which have been mentioned. It gives you a means of generating extra revenue and assisting the environment at the same time.
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