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2023.05.29 22:35 Stan_SH17 How to act against my ex's provocations during my zero contact? Why she want to hurt me? Is she going to come back?

Hi everyone. I'm happy to discover this forum, I really feel very lonely in this new and hard fight. I'm gonna make a big summary about my situation. I will appreciate a lot any kind of advice or help. My girlfriend brokeup our 4 year and a half relationship. The main reason, she know a friend that at the beggining she resist to admit that she likes it. So the guy enter in his life just as a friend. And it seems that for almost a year it was just that. Before thath the relation ends, we had a discution about her interes in my self. My ex was in a very dificult period in her life, she has a lot of problems with her family, her mind and the university. So she beggan to neglet the relation. Even when i warned him about the posible concecuences, she didn't do nothing. She just hinted that it wasen't no more confortable to feel that she must hold the relation. So she was angry and sad for our discution and the next day that she was with her friend, she kissed him. Aparrently for the guy that was a surprise. But for her it was a destructive desition. Next day she told me witout stop of criying and saying sorry lots of time. And at the same time, express her desire of broke up. I didn't understand, I was shoked, and my only option was to "accept" the broke up. Since thath, happen a mounth ago and both we suffer a lot. Also we beggin to think in all our mistakes during the relationship. Even knowing that, I was determinate to get back her. I decide to change my life (at that moment me too have to fight lots of problems) and to write a big letter explaing all my changes and the reasons why I think we should comeback. Meanwhile that happen she only express her guilty and confusion. But she tried to convence herself that our time together has come to and end, and know each of us must beggin a new life. I tried to convence that chanching our lifes dosen't mean that we must be separated. So in that time I didn't stop to look for her and to give him small details to convence her. Now I reconize that it was a big mistake.
When she promise me that she has clarify her mind, she express again in person that she dosen't want to be with me. The problem is that it dosen't seem to be a strong desition. Because even in thath condition we have pass a good time. That was a week ago, we kiseed multiples times and we play a lot like if we was boyfriends. My intensión was to make a zero contact and at that moment give my best impresión. And then, when the moment of remember me arrive, she could remeber our last good time together. At the same time I began to realize that it wasen't good to be friend or to talk to someone to I love and I want as a couple, when she dosen't deasire anymore the same thing. She only seemed to be interested in garante our friendship. So at the next day and in our "date" I made and effort to transmite the following: "i cannot want to be with someone that dosen't love me as I do it". And I beggan the zero contact. She only try to speak me the same day and the she didn't said nothing. She kind of proud women. During that days I beggan to fell me better, and I convince myself that my life could be cute witout her. But at the same time, even If i beggan a emotional disconection of her, that dosen't mean that I lost the hope on her. In wich she will reconsidere her desition. Or at least my objetive was to give him some time to think witout preasure and felling my true absence in her life. So after a couple of weeks I could come back in a stronger emotional way and for show with discretion my changes. This time witout fear of being rejected. But then something happen, I put in my social media a picture with my new puppy friday. Also durring this weeks I put some collection photos in facebook of my past, with my family, of my birthaday and even a couple of pictures with her. I think she saw it friday and she became maybe angry or sad, because of that and the zero contact. So she desactive her facebook profile. Is something that she do when she feel bad o she has to think. And the yestarday in the morning she found a stuppid pretext to send me a message, and she said: "Don't worry, its not necesary that you answer me". I ignored that. But at the night, she made something to hurt me. It will take to much time to explain the context.
So I will only say that she found I way to put something in her social media In way that only I understand why it hurts me, meanwhile other found it like a inoccent experience. She try ito put me jelous, but not with a guy, the problem was the WORDS that she chose to describe her experience knowing in a event an "actor" that made the voice of her anime crush, that she knew (because I told her in the past in a relax way and not being jelous, that i feel a bit bad when she post cute and admirable words for him. I said that I will like to be for her that one guy that she announce in her storys as the "love of her life"), it would hurt me. And even more, she thanked publickly in a cute but discrete way to the guy she kissed (apparently still friends). I don't know why, it doesn't seem like it was a date for two. At best, he just gave her the information about the event. In the worst, well she has no respect for the duel of our broke up. So just me I realize that this is kind of a vengence and a way to catch my atention. It just made me very angry, but I dindt do anything.
I think the best think I can do is to ignore her provocations. But I dont know that to do now. She will ever realize of what she is doing hurting me like that? What is she waiting of me? I should change something of my strategy? If didn't do anything, maybe she will get more angry or more sad and will do something more? Bad o good maybe? Whats tells you your own experience about my case? Why she do that and what sould I do? What should I expect?

Sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native speaker and I do my best.
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2023.05.29 22:33 Melodic_Blueberry490 The Voice Actors of Flowering Heart

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2023.05.29 22:24 nicholashoneywell When did yall realize they share the same voice actor

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2023.05.29 22:24 FeLiOn_Minty Looking For Voice Actors!

Hello folks, I'm here today to ask if anyone wants to join a little team with me, this is more of a hobby thing for people the reason I say this is because there is no pay, not even myself. All published games will be free (probably), any gains made will be split up accordingly. I'm not expecting many people to join because I agree it sounds unreasonable. The only reason I posted this was really to see if anyone up to a similar time would like to join forces because together we are better. I'm currently already working on a game in Ue5, it's called Malfunction 54, it will be free on Gamejolt when it releases. If you want to join just dm me. Btw if you do want to join there is one requirement, I need to know your age.
Voice Actors Looking for voice actors, if you are good at singing even better! Although M54 is a horror game I think music is a special part of the idea. I don't want to disclose too much as to not spoil the game. We do also need voice actors for other stuff related to M54.
Info about Malfunction 54: Malfunction 54 is a horror game a hold close to my heart, it is passion project of mine I will NOT let this game be a cheap rip off of any other games. The game takes place in an abandoned Recreational Center, I have lots of big ideas for the game but it's hard to do this on my own (another reason I made this post). The game is currently being developed in Unreal Engine 5.1 In the coming days I will most likey switch it over to Unreal Engine 5.2. Here is the link to the gamejolt page: There is also a subreddit simply called Malfunction 54
Info about the team: We currently have a name and a logo for it. We call it Sputnik Games. We have a few ideas for games I'd like to do in the future but currently M54 is top priority.
Thanks for reading, I hope you have a lovely day. -Zisco and the rest of the team
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2023.05.29 22:18 ItalianofromItaly Rewatching Gargoyles as an adult - Awakening Part One

Feels like a good time to do it, considering new stories are coming out for the first time in years; if people here will show some interest in this commentary, I'll keep it up until the end.
The episode on Gargwiki.
The episode on Ask Greg.
The first eight minutes or so are great: the animation is still top-notch even three decades later, the pacing is good, the battle is choreographed well and the Gargoyles' first awakening is an awesome scene; all of the major characters get some nice establishing moments (ok, I probably could have lived without Broadway's "All of nature trembles at my passing!" "I can see why...", but even that's not horrible, it just doesn't fit with the general atmosphere) and even the background Gargs - while having zero lines - work, on account of some kickass designs.
(Although one wonders where all the females were on that particular night; were breasts more difficult to animate in the '90s or something?)
Once the battle is over we get to the banquet scene, and, frankly, I don't think it works - in fact, as worldbuilding goes, it kinda sucks; just to remind you, the scene goes like this:
The problem with all this? The problem is that I find absolutely none of these interactions believable, especially when we take into account the later reveals about Castle Wyvern's backstory - namely, that:
Nothing of this means that the relationship between the two groups has to be perfect, but from the way the humans act, you'd think this alliance was only formed, like, last month - all of the interactions feel like people who barely know each other, not people who, for good or for ill, have lived in the exact same place for decades. From the way the scene goes, you'd think Katharine and Goliath have never before talked to each other, but that's obviously ridicolous; Cap getting demoted is weird too - is this really the first time he ever tried to convince the Princess to give the Gargs some well-deserved accolades? For that matter, why did he think that calling Goliath and Demona to the dining hall was going to work - just because they had helped win the battle? That must have happened dozens of times in the last two decades, what was so different about this one?
Ah, well - I've harped on this long enough; let's get on with it.
In the following scene, Demona claims that humans "should bow to us!". I have the feeling her apologists tend to conveniently forget that sentence exists; then it's dawn and hot damn, has Stone Sleep ever again looked this good? No wonder they put it in the opening. The Captain goes to Hakon, and I have to admit that Ed Gilbert does an awesome Magus impression - albeit I have to wonder what the purpose of it was, in-universe.
(In the Italian dub, Cap's voice actor uses his normal voice for that scene - which kinda spoils the twist, I guess, but objectively makes more sense; I'll let you decide if you find that to be a good or a bad decision.)
It's night again, and we see that, after a good Stone Sleep, Goliath's wounded hand has healed, with nobody commenting the fact - which I quite like: the fact that Gargoyles heal during the day will be better explained three episodes from now, but it's good to have it subtly established here - now that's good worldbuilding.
Cap and Demona try to convince Goliath to use the entire Clan to hunt down the Vikings, he refuses, and then Keith David gives us the iconic "Remember: you and I are one... now and forever" line - which I have to admit kinda comes out of nowhere: as far as Goliath is concerned this is a mission like any other - easier than many others, in fact - so he really has no reason to be THAT dramatic; I also have to admit that these scenes fit really well with the later flashbacks from Reawakening and City of Stone.
...and then there's the "no-names" conversation; oh boy.
"I'm Tom. What's your name?"
"Except for Goliath, we don't have names."
"But what do you call each other?"
"...that doesn't sound like a practical method at all; like, what do you do if you have to talk about a guy who isn't there?"
"Hey, no law against saying "red friend with the big snout" or "green fat friend".
"And do you call everybody "friend"? Even those Gargoyles you don't like or those you're kinda indifferent about?"
"The official party line is that all Gargs are brothers and sisters and so we all call each other "friend"... but yes, ok, in private we call all those we don't like "f**k-face" and all those we have no opinion about "that one".
"And what happens if you have to write an episode of a tv show with you in it? Do you give each other names that you'll never actually use in real life?"
"Look, somebody at Disney wanted most of us to have modern names, and this is the best the authors could come up with to justify it; I'm sure John Tolkien would have done it better, but he was a bit dead at the time, so what can you do?"
"Fine, I guess. I won't mock the "no-names" thing again. This episode."
We get to the episode's second cliffhanger, with Brooklyn, Lexington and Bronx scaring the humans; in his commentary, Weisman notes that both of this episode's cliffhangers have the Gargs as the potential threat, and that he "could never have gotten away with that by even episode 2. But this early on, we didn't know the gargs well enough to know how they'd react." Quite frankly, I'm not sure it even works here, at least the second time - the members of the Trio have already been fairly well established as "the funny ones", so that it's not particularly difficult to figure out they're bluffing; the first cliffhanger being Goliath growling is okay, though.
We then learn that Gargoyle eggs are polka-dotted; that's the goofiest f**king thing I've ever seen in my life.
The following sequence - Goliath and Hudson getting tricked, the sacking of Wyvern, Hakon killing Unnamed Garg from the Opening and "My Angel of the Night..." is mostly great; I like that we clearly see Tom being brought away along with everybody else, thus underlining the fact that the Captain's action to "help" the Gargs has damaged every human within the Castle in an indiscriminate manner, rather than just the Clan's supposed enemies.
Why do I say that the sequence is "mostly" great? Because the Captain (and Demona, once that reveal happens) ends up looking like a complete and utter moron - which I know from every other scene he's in he's not supposed to be. What the hell did he think was going to happen here? Even if he had managed to overpower Hakon, what was his plan to stop all the other Vikings? How could he - a guy who knows first-hand that the Gargoyles are hated even by the humans they protect - think, even for a moment, that the Vikings that got beaten up by the Gargs literally last night were going to spare them? And did he really believe that Goliath, having returned to find the Castle ransacked and the humans gone, was going to shrug, say "Well, sucks to be them, I guess" and get on with his life without at least attempting a rescue mission?
Yes, yes, I know: Dramatic Irony; "the Gargoyles' only human friend is also the one who caused their destruction, even though he honestly wanted to help them"; I get that. I just wish they didn't have to give Cap such a big fat Idiot Ball for it to happen.
And that's it for the first episode, I guess; the verdict is: still pretty good. Anything to add?
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2023.05.29 22:18 Upbeat_Eye_3369 TIL that in the original Star Wars trilogy - Episode V - Palpatine was portrayed by Marjorie Eaton in heavy makeup as stand-in, chimpanzee eyes were superimposed into her darkened eye sockets during post-production and was voiced by musical stage actor Clive Revill.

TIL that in the original Star Wars trilogy - Episode V - Palpatine was portrayed by Marjorie Eaton in heavy makeup as stand-in, chimpanzee eyes were superimposed into her darkened eye sockets during post-production and was voiced by musical stage actor Clive Revill. submitted by Upbeat_Eye_3369 to u/Upbeat_Eye_3369 [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 22:02 RostyslavTeleguz Voice actor John Lowrie teases exciting collaboration with Valve

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2023.05.29 22:00 Ajayu Last Week in Bolivia ep5: mysterious deaths, politicians turned TikTok stars, a WWE-style Royal Rumble in congress and more!

From Bolivia with Love
Not since the days of the dictatorships into the early 1980s have we seen government opponents (internal and external) die in mysterious circumstances with such frequency. Four decades have since those dark days, and in the last 6 months we have not 1, not 2, but 3 strange deaths, that rival the demise of Putin's contrarians in Russia. If true, who knows how long this apparent purge of government enemies (internal and external) might last.
The latest victim is Carlos Colodro, who had been charged distributing the assets of Bank Fassil. Fassil went bankrupt recently, Colodro was charged with taking its assets to return the bank’s customers their money, transfer their accounts to other banks, pay back the salaries of Fassil employees and so on. Saturday night he turned up death after allegedly falling down from the 14th floor of a building. As per his family the corpse shows strange bruises not explained by a suicide, and he was missing an eye and a testicle. Unconfirmed reports say the government actors had money in Fassil of unknown and potentially illegal origins, and Colodro was perhaps getting too close to this information. As per his family’s lawyer Colodro had been receiving threats recently. Curiously the next day the Minister of Government Eduardo Del Castillo had a press release with an apparent suicide letter. This came as a surprise to the family as a search with the police at 11pm Saturday night did not find this letter. According to Del Castillo the letter was found (conveniently) during a second search at 2am Sunday morning. However neither the handwriting or writing style fit Colodro’s. Take that as what you will.
Colodro’s death is eerily similar to the recent death “by suicide” of Christopher Balcázar, who happens to be the defense lawyer for political prisoner and opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho. On the night of May 1 Balcazar “jumped” to his dead from his 11th floor apartment. At the time the police said they were collecting footage from the building’s security cameras, but almost a month later these haven’t been released to the public yet. Why?
In 2022 attorney Felipe Sandy Rivero came out as a whistleblower exposing corruption within the ABC government agency (Administradora Boliviana de Carreteras – Bolivian Administration of Roads) with Chinse company CHEC. At the time of the allegations this was seen as the latest battle of the MAS civil war (Evo Vs. Arce) as Sandy Rivero was receiving help from a hardcore member of the “Evista” wing of the party, and the accusations were against the “Arcista” wing as allegedly President Arce has his people and family member working in the ABC. Sandy Rivero ended up receiving death threats and fearing for his life escaped to Miami. In March 2023 the Minister of Justice Ivan Lima (an “Arcista”) disclosed that Sandy Rivero had died the previous January in a car accident. The press was able to independently obtain a list of transit deaths in Miami and Sandy Rivero’s name was nowhere to be found. The press then produced US forensic results indicating that Sandy Rivero “had assaulted his own body” and he had “attempted against his life”, some convoluted language to describe an apparent suicide, there was nothing about a car accident in the document. The Evistas then pointed the finger to Lima as responsible for Sandy Rivero’s death. Before dying Sandy Rivero made a video in which he stated that he feared for his life from Bolivian and Chinese actors and wanted to explain the corruption details (fake documents, money laundering, front documents, etc).
Here Comes Johnny
State congressman Federico Moron recently went to the police to make corruption allegations against Santa Cruz Mayor Johnny Fernandez. During his term Hernandez has been reluctant to construct new roads in his city, but has decided to make an exception by ordering the construction of an avenue linking Tundi with Las Peñas. Moron alleges that Hernandez conveniently bought all the land around the road (currently under construction), once the road is complete the value of this land will increase and Fernandez will make a killing by selling it.
Now Moron is under arrest. You read that right, immediately after hearing his testimony the police arrested Moron on charges of his own corruption. The details are not clear to me yet, but are these charges true? Or is this a way to silence Moron? Or a bit of both? Your guess is as good as mines. In the meantime Johnny keeps creating content for his REAL TikTok account “UncleJohnnyFernandez”. His most common content revolves around him just giving money away while his own theme song “Johnny Cash” plays in the background. Selected lyrics:
Jhonny Cash, with Uncle Jhonny Cash
The Land Cruiser waiting in the garage
I am Johnny, pure money
I am boss, I am Fernandez
MVP with only Mansions grandes [big]
I am Jhonny, they call me Don Dinero [money]
In the yellow Ferrari I arrived primero [first]
The Congressional Battle Royale: A Fight for Signs and Glory
This week congress came together to debate on whether to censure or not Minister of Government Eduado Del Castillo, who is a member of the MAS party. As part of the process Del Castillo had to answer 11 questions regarding the violent “arrest” of opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho last year. A kidnapping might be a better way to describe it. Rather than answering them Del Castillo instead made a long partisan speech. Congresswoman Maria Renee Alvarez tried to voice her protest with a sign, but MAS congresswoman Tania Paniagua had other plans, grabbing and tearing signs from opposition congresswomen. More opposition congresswomen then brought their own signs, which Paniagua also proceeded to grab and tear. Not happy with that Paniagua then proceeded to assault her fellow congresswomen and a battle royal ensued.
The fun also takes place outside of Congress
The Guarayo Province in Santa Cruz is home to the indigenous Guarayo people. A large part of the province is protected and Guarayo hold collective title for it. However for over a decade the central government created an “intercultural” program in which government supporters from the highlands are allowed to use the land of the Guarayo (and others) for their own. This has resulted in mass deforestation and has severely weakened the Guarayo way of life. The “interculturals” simply take their land and do whatever they want with it. Finally a local district attorney was taking steps to remove these squatters, in return a mob of them went into his office an assaulted him. The police were able to rescue him fortunately. This is not the first time the squatting interculturals have resorted to violence. It seems the interculturals have taken the term "culture clash" to a whole new level.
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2023.05.29 21:59 JLrosen English VAs for Adaman and Irida in Pokémon Masters

Would anyone have any guesses to who these voice actors might be?
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2023.05.29 21:57 Abitruff My favourite, most rewarding compliment was from a voice actor

He said it was almost too hard for him to record at times as my story was “so grippingly morbid.”
Teehee -_^
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2023.05.29 21:46 Party_Needleworker71 [USA-CA] [H] PS Vita Persona & Memory Card Bundle, Official Nintendo Switch Travel Case [W] Paypal

Afternoon. Selling again a few more items. All of these items are in good condition & fully working, just want to move a bit away from any gaming collection right now.

Have 1 confirmed sale on hardwareswap here , & 1 unconfirmed sale on both that subreddit & in this one. Also have seller rep on eBay if needed to provide any trust as I don't have any confirmed sales here yet. I'll provide all pics of the shipping process, how the box looks, etc. if needed as well. Or I could ship it out first to any reputable buyer & you can pay me later. I would like PayPal F&F only.

PS Vita Game & Memory Bundle In good condition. Includes a CIB of Persona 4 Golden (signed by the Japanese voice actor of Nagase Daisuke, Tomokazu Sugita, on the front of the game case), Persona 4 Dancing All Night, & an OEM 32GB PS Vita Memory Card. $125 shipped OBO
Official Nintendo Switch Travel Case Case only, in good condition. For V1/V2 Nintendo Switch. $4 w/any purchase, $10 shipped alone?
If you need more pics or questions, let me know.
Please send negotiate on this thread before PM'ing me. I want PM's, no direct msgs.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.29 21:41 Key-Win7744 Your thoughts on "Peter Pan" (1953)
As with most of Disney's post-War projects, Peter Pan had actually been in the works, in one form or another, for quite a long time. Disney had purchased the film rights to the story all the way back in 1938, but World War II happened, and Disney's animated projects were set back almost a decade. As only the second cinema adaptation of the story (the first was a 1924 silent film which stayed largely faithful to J.M. Barrie's original play), Disney was the first entity to really put its own spin on Peter and Neverland.
Point by Point
In Conclusion
Another triumphant adaptation by Disney. It doesn't do anything new on the technical side of things, and the song catalog is a bit weak, but it's full of fun and adventure and colorful characters. For now I'm going to stick it between Alice in Wonderland and Dumbo.
Current Ranking
  1. Pinocchio
  2. Bambi
  3. Cinderella
  4. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  5. Alice in Wonderland
  6. Peter Pan
  7. Dumbo
  8. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
  9. Fantasia
  10. Melody Time
  11. Fun and Fancy Free
  12. The Three Caballeros
  13. Make Mine Music
  14. Saludos Amigos
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2023.05.29 21:08 Agent-65 Recently finished watching Odd Taxi. It’s really friggin good.

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2023.05.29 21:04 Sola_Sista_94 Substitute Kokichi: End (Fanfic)

The next day, Himiko woke up from a dreary dream. She looked at her clock, which read 2:15 p.m. She sighed heavily as she climbed out of bed. She noticed Tenko wasn't in the room, but she didn't really care. She thought about getting dressed, but all she could do was stare miserably at her closet door. She decided to forego getting dressed, and shuffled silently down the stairs. Even in her sorrowful state, she noticed that it was a little too quiet. She wondered if everyone else was gone until she turned the living room light on.

"IT'S A LIE!!!" everyone exclaimed.

"NYEH?!?!" Himiko exclaimed in shock. The others were all wearing Kokichi's outfit and wigs that resembled Kokichi's hair. "Wh-What's going on?!" Himiko squeaked.

"Nee-heehee...I heard that you were lonely without me, HimiCocoa Bean! Sooo...everyone decided to dress up as me!" Kaede said, smiling a Kokichi smile as she placed her hands behind her head.

"That's right, Crackerjack!" Kaito said with a cheeky grin. "Nee-heehee...I don't want my supreme lady to feel sad without me, ya know! Cuz I'm Kokichi Ouma, Supreme Leader of the Stars!"

"Sooo...whaddya say, Monkey Buns?!" Tsumugi asked, trying to be as excited as Kokichi would be. "You can plainly dress up like me, too! Nee-heehee!" Tsumugi handed Himiko a Kokichi outfit that she sewed together herself, along with a Kokichi wig. Everyone stared at her with expectant and excited faces. Himiko broke out into a smile.

"Nyeh...okay!" she said. "I'll be right back!" She took the clothes and wig from Tsumugi and headed upstairs to change. She came back downstairs and threw her hands behind her head. "Nee-heehee! Let's get this party sssstarted!"

"YIPEEE!! I'm sooo totes excited!" Angie exclaimed cheerfully. "Nee-heehee! If I were Angie, I'd say Atua is excited, too!"

"Nee-heehee...Kokichi play pranks on friends today!" Gonta said. "That is what other Kokichi's wanna do, right?"

"Yes, let us begin the pranking process...nee-heehee," Kirumi said politely.

"Right after I choke myself," Maki said, grabbing her own neck. "Nee...cough...hee...cough, cough...heeee!! Just kidding. It's a lie. I would never choke myself. I don't wanna die...y'know?"

"Woooow, me! That was a really convincing,! " Tsumugi exclaimed to Maki.

"Thanks..." Maki replied. "I had a whooole lot of practice being choked."

"Okay, guys! Let's think! How are we going to prank people today?" Ryoma asked. He put his hands behind his head, but he wasn't smiling. He just had his usual laid-back expression. Kaede cleared her throat at him. "Oh! Um...nee-heehee!" Ryoma added quickly.

"I know! We can play ding-dong ditch at 7th Island House! Uh...nee-heehee!" Shuichi suggested. "That's always fun, right?"

"Instead of ditching, hooow about we shoot whoever answers with water guns?" Rantaro suggested.

"Aaaand instead of fillin' up the guns with water, we fill 'em up with lemonade so that they'll think it's pee! Nee-heehee!" Miu cackled. "Guess Miu isn't the only one with a golden brain after all!"

"Nee-heehee...Miu does not have a golden brain!" Keebo said, throwing his arms out to his sides like Kokichi would. "Last time I checked, pigs' brains are small and pink!"

"Eeeeeeee!!" Miu whimpered. Keebo gave Miu an apologetic look. Miu narrowed her eyes at him. "Oh, yeah?! Well, Kee-boy is a hunk of scrap metal that needs to be taken to the junkyard! NEE-HEE-HEEEEEE!!!"

"Ugh!! I'll have you know that Keebo, er...Kee-boy is a cool robot with-" Keebo began.

"NO DICK!!!" Miu shouted angrily.

"Nee-heehee...wooow, here I am, arguing with myself," Kaede laughed, though her voice seemed threatening. She looked at Miu and Keebo with a warning look. "I'd better stop that! People will think I'm crazy if I'm arguing with myself!"

"We're sooowwwy..." Keebo and Miu apologized sheepishly.

"Yes...let us go next door and pull the prank, already, nee-heehee..." Kiyo said.

"Leeet's do it!" Kaito exclaimed. They all rushed to get water guns and filled them up with lemonade. Then, they headed on over to 7th Island House.

"Who's gonna ring the doorbell?" Tenko whispered as they all hid behind a few bushes near the entrance to 7th Island House.

"Nee-heehee...I will do it!" Angie whispered.

"Okay! And when whoever opens the door opens it, we all rush in and attack everybody, got it?" Himiko said.

"Ooo! That sounds like fun, actually!" Kaede whispered with excitement. "Who knew it would be fun being me?" The others had to agree that their plan did sound like fun. It made them see the fun side of Kokichi. Angie slinked over to the door while the others tiptoed closer to the house. Angie reached out to ring the doorbell. The door opened to reveal Mahiru.

"Kokichi? What are you-...wait! You're not Kokichi!" she exclaimed.

"You're right!" Angie said, and pointed the water gun at Mahiru. "IT'S A LIE!!" Angie squirted the water gun at Mahiru, making her back up. Immediately after, the others came rushing in.

"CHAAAAAARRRRRRGE!!!" Kaede shouted. They all squirted whichever resident of 7th Island House came into view. Kaede squirted her gun at Nagito. "TAKE THIS, HOPE BOY!!!" she shouted.

"Wow! I've had the pleasure of lemonade being shot at me by an Ultimate dressed as Kokichi!" Nagito said with wonder. "This day couldn't get any better!"

"It's not lemonade, Mr. Crazypants! It's pee!" Miu said.

"How unfortunate," Nagito said, shaking his head. "This must be the result of my bad luck."

"Ah, I'd like to be hit with a golden shower, if you don't mind," Terteru said, wiggling his eyebrows up and down.

"You asked for it, CHEF BOYARDEEZ NUTS!!!" Miu said, shooting Teruteru with the lemonade.

"Mmm! Keep it comin!'!'" Teruteru moaned ecstatically as he rubbed the lemonade all over his body.

"Stop! I command you to back off! Or you will feel the wrath of my Four Dark Devas!" Gundham growled at Kaito.

"Launch your hamsters at me all ya want, Hamster Boy! I, Kokichi Ouma, ain't scared one bit!" Kaito said before proceeding to squirt Gundham.


"AAAAHHHHH!!! WAAAHHHHHH!!!" Kazuichi screamed as he was being chased and squirted by Maki. "I DON'T WANT PEE ON ME!!! I DON'T WANT IT ON ME!!!" He hid behind Akane. "AKANE, HELP ME-HEE-HEEEEEEE!!!"

"Don't worry, Kazuichi," Akane said. "I can take on this chump!" She stared down Maki, but Maki wasn't fazed.

"'re making such a scawy face," Maki said in a deadpan voice as she sighed and placed her hands behind her head. "I'm not scared of you, Akane O-Why're-You-Stupid!"

"Stupid, huh? You're gonna pay for that!" Akane growled. She launched herself towards Maki, but Maki jumped over her, squirting her in the process. She landed in front of Kazuichi and squirted his face.

"AAAAUUUGGHHHH!!!" Kazuichi screamed. "Wait a second...this really is lemonade, you guys!" he said to the others.

"Huh? So Nagito was right, after all!" Ibuki said.

"That's too bad," Teruteru sighed with disappointment.

"We should get water guns and fill it with shit!" Nekomaru said.

"No, no...that's g-gross and highly uns-sanitary," Mikan mumbled quietly.

"You guys just decided to barge into our house and trick us?!" Hiyoko exclaimed incredulously.

"That's right, Bananarama!" Himiko said, squirting Hiyoko.

"UGGHHH!!!" Hiyoko groaned in frustration, wiping the lemonade off her face. "And why the hell are you guys dressed like Kokichi?!"

"That is none of your business, Miss Angry Face," Kirumi said.

"You do guys know that this means war...right?" Chiaki said.

"Oh? And what do you plan to do, Little Miss Gamer Girl?" Kaede asked with a cheeky grin. Chiaki smiled.

"Well, this is a game, right?" she responded. "As the Ultimate Gamer, it makes sense that I would play, too...I think. So, that being said..." Chiaki stepped on a tile on the floor. A pillar of water guns emerged from the ground. The residents of 7th Island House gave the Casa V3 students mischievous grins. "...let the war begin!" Soon, war broke out between the two houses; it was lemonade vs. water.

"There's only room for one imposter here," said the Ultimate Imposter as they squirted Tenko.

"I got you, you, um...bad person thingy!" Shuichi said as he squirted Mahiru with lemonade.

"Ha! A camera isn't the only thing I'm good at shooting with!" Mahiru countered, and shot Shuichi right back with water. Rantaro was chasing Hajime across the room.

"Think you can keep up?" Hajime called out behind him to Rantaro.

"Hahaha! I wouldn't worry so much about me!" Rantaro said with a sly grin. Hajime kept looking behind him, not looking where he was going. He suddenly ran into a wall.

"Nee-heeheee...awww, did wittle Hajime get an owie?" Rantaro teased. "Too bad! Hey! Would you prefer first-aid, or...LEMONADE?!" Rantaro then proceeded to squirt Hajime.

"P-P-Pleeeaaassse...don't squirt meeeee!" Mikan whimpered to Kiyo.

"Okay, then...I will not," Kiyo said, lowering his gun.

"R-R-Really?" Mikan stammered hopefully.

"Of course not!" Kiyo said, pointing his gun at her again. "It is a lie!" Then, he squirted the lemonade at Mikan.

"I should have seen that comiiiinnnng!" Mikan squealed, blocking her face.

"I hope you like your water cold as shit, cuz that's what you'll be drenched in for the next few hours!" Nekomaru screamed at Ryoma. Every time Nekomaru would shoot at Ryoma, however, Ryoma dodged every stream of water.

" still got a ways to go!" Ryoma exclaimed, shooting Nekomaru's crotch.

"Hey! It looks like I wet my pants!" Nekomaru whined.

"That was the idea," Ryoma said with an impish grin.

"Kokichi will shoot lemonade at Peko!" Gonta said, aiming the gun at Peko.

"Go ahead...make my day," Peko replied, aiming the gun back at him. At the same time, they squirted their guns. Because the lemonade and water were clashing together, however, a puddle began to form on the ground, growing larger as Gonta and Peko continued to fire. As a result, they both slipped and fell. Not knowing they were on the ground, Kazuichi tripped over them.

"Haha! You can't catch-...OOF!!!" he exclaimed as he fell down.

"Gotcha!!" Keebo shouted, squirting at both Peko and Kazuichi. In another part of the room, Himiko and Chiaki were aiming their guns at each other.

"MWA-HAHAHAHAAAA!!" Himiko laughed evilly. "I've got you right where I want you, Chiaki!"

"No, you're wrong!" Chiaki replied in a dramatic voice, holding up her hand to Himiko. "I have got you right where I want you!"

"Think again!" Himiko countered. "Your gaming days are ove-"

"Uh...what's going on here?" came Fuyuhiko's voice in the doorway of 7th Island House's front entrance. Everyone stopped abruptly to turn their heads to see Fuyuhiko. When they did, however, they saw that it wasn't Fuyuhiko, at all. It was...

"KOKICHI!!!" Himiko exclaimed with happiness as she dropped her gun and rushed over to Kokichi, jumping into his arms. Kokichi looked at her in bewilderment, not recognizing her immediately due to her Kokichi disguise. When he realized it was her, he laughed.

"Hahahahahaha...'ello, luv!" he exclaimed in a British accent, ruffling her wig. "Why are you dressed up as me?"

"She's not the only one," Kaede said, walking up to Kokichi. Kokichi stared at her and everyone else who was dressed up as him in shock.

"Okay, this is really weird!" he said.

"Well, Himiko felt really sad without you, so...we decided to dress up and act like you to make her feel better," Tenko explained. Kokichi looked at Himiko, who was still holding onto him. He smiled and raised an eyebrow at her.

"'s true," she admitted.

" missed me that bad, huh, Monkey Buns?" Kokichi asked.

"Yes," Himiko murmured sheepishly, pressing her forehead against his. Kokichi wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer.

"I missed you, too," he cooed flirtatiously. Himiko blushed and giggled softly. He kissed her tenderly, making her sigh contentedly and blissfully. Then, she leaned her head onto his shoulder, smiling happily.

"By the way..." Kokichi began while Himiko remained in his arms. "...what are you guys doing in here? I passed by here and the door was opened, and all I heard was screaming."

"Oh! Well, since we were acting like you, and all, we decided to play a prank on everyone here at 7th Island House," Kaede explained.

"Yes! I rang the doorbell and we all rushed inside and started squirting everybody with lemonade with our water guns!" Angie added.

"Niiiiice!" Kokichi said with a cheeky grin. "Also...Himiko, I got you something from the Sugar Burger on the way back!" He handed her a bag from the restaurant.

"Nyeeeh! Thanks, Kokichi!" Himiko said, taking the bag before giving him another hug.

"No problem-o, HimiCocoa Bean!" Kokichi replied. "You know...Fuyuhiko works there, and he told me some interesting things that happened while I was gone." He smiled impishly at Himiko as she blushed sheepishly. "Care to explain?"


Later that evening, after Himiko had finished eating, she went to Kokichi's room to explain to him what had happened. She told him about how she wanted to be around Fuyuhiko just so that she could hear his voice.

"I see," Kokichi replied. "So, you thought Yakety-Yak's voice would help you feel less lonely, huh?"

"Yeah," Himiko admitted. "But...I wasn't cheating on you! I promise! Everyone else kept thinking I was, but I really wasn't!"

"It's okay, Himiko, I believe you," Kokichi replied.

"Y-You do?" Himiko asked.

"Yeah! Besides, you don't have that kinda energy to sneak around behind my back, anyways!" Kokichi said.

"Well, that's true, too, but...I don't wanna do that to you," Himiko said. "I love you."

"D'aww, Himiko! You're always spoiling me with your love!" Kokichi teased, pinching her cheeks. "But you know what?"

"Nyeh...what?" Himiko asked. Kokichi smiled flirtatiously at her.

"I love you, too," he said with a wink. Himiko giggled and threw her arms around him. They leaned back onto Kokichi's pillows together with Himiko's head nestled against the crook of Kokichi's neck. Himiko closed her eyes and smiled happily knowing that the other part of her was whole again. She drifted off into a deep sleep. Kokichi watched her fondly as she laid there in his arms. He suddenly heard a knock at his door. Making sure not to wake Himiko, he gently laid her down and went to answer the door. It was Kaito. With a smug grin, Kokichi leaned against the doorway with crossed arms.

"Did you miss my face, too?" he asked, raising his eyebrow cheekily.

"!" Kaito answered. "I just...gotta talk to you about something. It's about Himiko." Kokichi stood up straight with a serious look on his face.

"What about her?" he asked.

"When you were gone...she wasn't acting like the supreme lady like she should have been," Kaito said. Kokichi stared at him.

"What are you talking about?" he asked.

"Well, she kept cryin' and layin' in bed all day instead of takin' charge," Kaito replied. Kokichi rolled his eyes.

"Kaito...not everyone is like you," he said. "I'm sure you mean well, but Himiko takes charge in her own way. I've seen it, and even you've seen it. Just because she's not like you, doesn't mean she's not 'acting like a supreme lady.' So, make like Mike and Beat It!"

"Well...I guess if it's okay with you, then it's okay with me," Kaito said, rubbing the back of his head.

"It isn't your problem, anyways, so stop worrying about it," Kokichi said.

" bad," Kaito replied before walking off. With one last eyeroll, Kokichi walked back inside his room and over to his bed, where Himiko still lay sleeping. Kokichi smiled warmly at her as he covered her with his blanket and gently kissed her cheek.

" supreme lady," he murmured softly. Then, he sat at the foot of his bed, playing video games for the rest of the evening.
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2023.05.29 21:03 Nimochis I read your opinions

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2023.05.29 20:54 UnlightSun001 Name help

I apologize if this is not in the proper place/subreddit, but I am quickly losing my patience with this topic.
I am trying to find the name of a certain voice actor for the total war: warhammer 3 game, but have turned up nothing for it.
Allow me to explain. I recently watched a video about headcanon voice acting for 40k (this is for reference only, nothing else), and I quite liked the voice chosen for Logan Grimnar. I have manged to find the quote in question, it was the narration for the Bel'akor the Dark Master campaign cinematic (origin section), but that is all I can find. I have scoured the net to the best of my ability, but EVBERYTHING I find always relates to the 'advisor' or to Richard Armitage (who voices Bel'akor himself). I want neither of these, I want the name of the narrator of the cinematic in question, but I can find NOTHING, ANYWHERE, about who that is, and I am approaching rage quit levels of frustration with this (at myself, for not being able to find a single NAME) whole mess.
Any help would be appreciated.
And if I did post this in the wrong place/subreddit, simply tell me so, and I will move/remove it.
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2023.05.29 20:50 B-Fenn [Job] "The Show Must (not) Go On!" {2023-05-29 23:45 (UTC)}

{2023-05-29 23:45 (UTC)}
Player Count: 3-4
Communication: Discord for Voice; Roll20 for Tabletop
Duration: 4-6 Hours (Hard Cap: 8 Hours)
Game Type: Black Trenchcoat / Mirror Shades
Game Theme: Ruin a Play (Non-Combat)
Prerequisites: You have read and agreed to my Table Rules
Threat Level: My employer needs a team that can sabotage a performance. No one gets hurt. No actor or actress's reputation is permanently marred. Your involvement cannot be discovered. But the audiences and critics must absolutely hate what they see at the opening debute. Can you handle that? (Low).
You see the following post on the Runnerhub:
There is an opening debute in the theatrical arts in a couple days. The show must be a disaster. Not the sort of diaster that involves people getting hurt or careers permanently ruined. The sort of disaster that causes audiences and critics alike to think it was a complete piece of drek and an utter drain on their numbered hours of life. With such dismal reviews from critic and audience alike, the showrunners would be forced to end its theatrical run early: the show must not go on, in other words. Can you handle this with the creativity, nuance, and subtlety that my client requires?
Please provide the following in an OOC response:
- Hyperlink to Character PDF in a Google Drive, Character's Role, and Familiarity out of 10
- Your last run date and if you have less than 5 runs on the HUB
- Your Discord handle and if you have any hardcaps
While not mandatory, you are strongly encouraged to leave an IC response or slice of life narration. Your prompt is that a run your character just saw a truly awful performance (does not need to be theatrical in nature). What was the performance, why was it so awful, and what does your character think, say, or do?
I really enjoy reading your IC narrations! So, I shall bribe you. At my own discretion, I may reward those with significant IC narration with a free edge refresh for the run itself if you are chosen.
Content Warning:
We will not be in a content warning channel. Standard shadowrun content warnings such as violence, crime, drugs, etc. are always applicable.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, reach out to me on discord: B-Fenn#1961.
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2023.05.29 20:41 Glad_Huffelpuffz What was my motivation for cosplaying as Mr.Krabs at an anime convention? MONEY

What was my motivation for cosplaying as Mr.Krabs at an anime convention? MONEY
My first ever cosplay and I made it myself :> Quite proud of it honestly! I even got noticed and called up by Saberspark to sit next to him at a panel he was having at Momocon! He really liked my cosplay too! I know it can look a lil janky rn but I hope to have a better version of the mechanical claws next year! MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY
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2023.05.29 20:21 -eagle73 Has Michael McDonald (Gandhi's voice actor) mentioned anything about the show's revival anywhere?

I liked him in Scrubs and liked him in this show too, they repurposed Christa Miller into a new role but I don't know if Michael McDonald has returned too, and when I Google him not a whole lot comes up in regard to this show's revival.
It'd be strange if he wasn't involved at all.
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2023.05.29 19:58 zwtor Batman: All 7 Mr. Freeze actors ranked from worst to best

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2023.05.29 19:43 Blackiechan15 Day 4 of Building Itto (Yes, I Now Started Building Him.)

Day 4 of Building Itto (Yes, I Now Started Building Him.)
I started to build Itto after one year and a half, pulling him at AR30-40. I honestly cannot remember because it's been such a long time.
I pulled him because Itto... is well, Itto! He's too damn funny and voiced by my favorite voice actor. Anyways, now I'm AR59, and wondering how to properly build him.
I'm gonna spend the next couple months on this handsome oni, so is there a recommendation on his team, amount of defense, crit rate/dmg builds?
My current team is Itto, Gorou (C6), Zhongli, and Yunjin. (Might replace Yunjin with Geo traveler for the crit rate buff.)
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2023.05.29 19:43 ArcerPL Not sure if this question fits the subreddit but...

i'm kinda looking for a female voice actor that sounds kinda like isaacs mom in the post-mother ending, all ya need is discord
the reason is basically to animate custom endings etc., need basically someone to help on the voicing region
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