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2023.05.29 03:47 itsIzumi Congratulations to the winner of Ultimate Singles at Smash Revolution 2023!

Top 16 Bracket

GFs Twitch VOD

Place Player Sent to Losers by Eliminated by
1st FaZe ∣ Sparg0 (Byleth & Lucina) --- ---
2nd CS3 ∣ Andrik (Captain Falcon) AlanDiss Sparg0
3rd WF ∣ Skyjay (Incineroar) Sparg0 Andrik
4th AC (Snake, Joker & Meta Knight) WaKa Andrik
5th LFG DT ∣ AlanDiss (Snake) Sparg0 AC
5th XTR PSK ∣ WaKa (Luigi) Skyjay Andrik
7th XTR PSK ∣ ΩRugal (Cloud & Joker) Skyjay AC
7th DM ∣ EB Kub4444 (Bowser Jr.) Skyjay Andrik
9th Mazer ∣ ShiNe (Wolf & Pokemon Trainer) Marshall AC
9th BLZ ÑFC ∣ Ázral (Palutena & Lucina) Andrik ΩRugal
9th XTR PSK ∣ Gamase (Diddy Kong) ΩRugal Andrik
9th CaptainCRUP!!! (Captain Falcon) Sparg0 Kub4444
13th SF ∣ BICI (Fox) Ázral ShiNe
13th WF ∣ FuerzaDON (Shulk & Falco) Loi Ázral
13th BLTC/ Trainer K (Pokemon Trainer) AlexDisC Gamase
13th UNF/ Mr.salty (Palutena) Ez Kub4444
17th SxH ∣ Loi (Bowser Jr.) DQ'd (against CaptainCRUP!!!) DQ'd (against ShiNe)
17th PhT/HoM ∣ Marshall (Snake) Sparg0 FuerzaDON
17th LFG/PS ∣ Panda β (Inkling) Kub4444 Gamase
17th PSK ∣ Peco (Ike) Gamase Kub4444
17th XTR DT ∣ AlexDisC (Sonic) AC Mr.salty
17th BLTC RNV ∣ Ez (R.O.B.) WaKa Trainer K
17th DT ∣ Maylo Schneider (Incineroar) AlanDiss Ázral
17th RPG ENS RNV ∣ Waymas (Wario) AlanDiss BICI

Grand Finals

Edgar "Sparg0" Valdez [W] // Twitch Twitter Wiki FaZe Clan vs. Andrik "Andrik" González [L] // Twitter Wiki Club Smash
Sparg0 3 - 2 Andrik
--- = Lucina Pokemon Stadium 2 Captain Falcon = Win
Win = Lucina Pokemon Stadium 2 Captain Falcon = ---
Win = Lucina Pokemon Stadium 2 Captain Falcon = ---
--- = Lucina Pokemon Stadium 2 Captain Falcon = Win
Win = Lucina Pokemon Stadium 2 Captain Falcon = ---
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2023.05.29 03:44 ccharles1550 Death Battle: Dragonborn vs Chosen Undead (Dark Souls)

Death battle just announced this match up coming in a week from Tuesday. What are your thoughts?
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2023.05.29 03:43 Traditional-Beat90 New fan roster

To be honest I tried my best remaking from my old roster I posted a while back, but I chose this one due to fan demanded characters, story, fight potential
ROR Animated Series Season 1 Round 1 Thor vs Lu bu(1-0) (Battle of Power and Strength)
Round 2 Zeus vs Adam(2-0) (Battle of Judgment and Independence)
Round 3 Poseidon vs Sasaki Kojiro(2-1) (Battle of Pride and Humanity)
Round 4 Hercules vs Jack the Ripper(2-2) (Battle of Justice and Malice)
ROR Season 2 part 1 Round 5 Shiva vs Vlad the impaler(3-2) (Battle of Destruction and Transformation)
Round 6 Susanoo vs Blackbeard(4-2) (Battle of the Seas)
Round 7 Hades vs Nikola Tesla(5-2) (Battle of dignity and hope)
Round 8 Apollo vs King Leonidas(5-3) (Battle of Prophecy and Rebellion)After seeing what the author did with Leonidas, bringing him earlier and his hate being justified for bringing him out this early, also with Leonidas advancing as a General after death would give Tesla’s speech more impact.
ROR Season 2 part 2 Round 9 Beelzebub/Satan vs Buddha(5-4)This is supposed to be the big mid match of the series and I think this matchup would be better than with zero imo. After reading round 6 I reading about how miserable Zero was and how hajun was handled was kinda cringe for a lack of batter words and I think the message of loving yourself could be approved upon with a character like beelzebub
ROR Season 3 part 1 Round 10 Horus vs Qin Shi Huang(6-4) (Battle of kingship)
Round 11 Anubis vs Rasputin(6-5) (this one is a given)
Round 12 Loki vs Simo Hayha(6-6) (Battle of tricks and traps)
Round 13 Odin vs Nostradamus(7-7) (Battle of wisdom and arrogance)
ROR Season 3 part 2 Round 14 Vidar vs Siegfried(7-8) (Battle of Vengeance and Revengeance
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2023.05.29 03:39 slowboater First autox in 96 m miata

First autox in 96 m miata
Hey y'all, obligatory // longtime lurker first time poster, and just got to drive my long sought after 96 m miata in its first local solo. Got her 2 winters ago and this past summer was spent on overdue maintenance (timing, brakes, tune up, small repairs to the cloth top, etc). I tried to get away with 300 treadwear yoko's and felt the limit to them. (First lap, DNF, then jumped up 5 seconds and battled the last 3 laps to gain 1 second for a total of 6s personal gain from first run and about 3s behind similarly-classed miatas).
I really wanted to supercharge this car as a former mechanic and make her into all she can be but I feel like the class stepping is steep! I.e. even if I just add a cat back and intake with minor suspension upgrades, I'll be in STR which really draws out the miatas "entry/budget" performance. If I supercharge it, I feel like I'll need to upgrade the entire braking system and it won't even be fun to casually drive with all its pretty /s wood interior. So realistically I'm probably 2-3 years away from finding a throw-around turbo race car base miat and the garage to work it in...
So my main question is how do you find a balance between projects vs classes and maintaining proper competition through each season? Any other tips/critiques from the vid or to a moderately knowledgeable amateur are greatly appreciated!
(i know the angle kinda sucks, didnt know about the new helmet rule and was planning to use my moto helmet with go pro mounts pre-arranged, will be ordering a dedicated autox helmet to get a better mount setup)
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2023.05.29 03:37 I_am_Fang_Yuan_ Primordial Origin's Revival Will Succeed!! Fang yuan fights him!!

Primordial origin revives as Pseudo-venerable but he has rank 9 immortal Gu and rank 9 immortal essence stored in the Primordial treasury
He attacks fang yuan, with a rank 9 killer move, fang yuan has no choice but to reveal his rank 9 heavenly web
Everybody is shocked! They understand fang yuan can refine rank 9 immortal gu!!
Knowing his trump card was exposed, fang yuan goes mental and attacks without holding back
a chaotic battle ensues! it goes on, giant sun joins Primordial and Star constellation and fights fang yuan, fang yuan uses Spectral soul as a cover and fights, after lots of fighting,
fang yuan escapes after inflicting injuries on all of them, he has heavenly web as protection after all, and he can attack with it as well
He goes back takes primordial domain, raises his heaven path attainment and all other path attainment and makes a rank 9 clone with paradise earth's corpse
Refines a few more rank 9 gu
Meanwhile Primordial origin goes rank 9, revives Genesis lotus!
Meanwhile Feng jiu ge revives Red Lotus immortal venerable!
Spectral soul through fire gu regains his sanity!! we gets his poem!
Fang Yuan becomes stronger and stronger after refining multiple rank 9 gu from the ressources he stole from central continent
Spectral soul goes back to crazed demon cave, an inheritance was left out by limitless there on purpose, he knew he might fail and left it there, even the "Sovereign immortal body recipe" was made by derivation gu and given to spectral soul by limitless!
Fang yuan starts the final climactic battle just before his chaotic disaster tribulation!!
Giant sun, star constellation, Primordial origin, genesis lotus, Red Lotus, feng jiu ge VS Fang yuan and his clone!!
A Huge chaotic battle that flips the regions and heavens on their back ensues!
Before or after the battle, Fang yuan acquires Self Gu! He makes it eat a part all rank 9 immortal gu! It keeps growing in level
Self gu unlike other immortal gu can eat parts of every gu, thats how it raises its rank!
Wisdom gu, strength gu, heavenly secret gu, heavenly web gu.....etc
Fang yuan finnaly understand and grasps fully the legends of renzu and understand that all this was Renzu's plan!
He couldnt get freedom and as everybody knows All variants human or beasts can never reach rank 9, therefore renzu sacrificied himself and his kids to make it possible for new people to reach rank 9 and be able to destroy fate gu!!!
Humans are devoid of attributes or talents unlike variant humans but that in turn restricts them! Snowman can only cultivate snow and ice path, rockman only sleep and cultivate rock path....
Renzu created a race so shortlived they wanted attain eternal life! so weak they sought strength! perservering so much they would take on humilation and torture if they had a chance of rise up
How does it compare to rockman who sleep centuries or featherman who would kill themselves the moment they lost freedom?
Thats why fate gu enslaved humanity to begin with, it was to stop them and renzu's plan, but fate gu supressed them so much and they still kept on living
But according to the heavenly dao, things had to be balanced so fate gu was forced to give them chances to rise up and so they did until it ended up with fate gu destruction!!
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2023.05.29 03:34 MeatwadSolos Smash Revolution 2023 - Grand Finals - FaZe Sparg0 [W] vs CS3 Andrik [L]

Watch Live

Grand Finals

Edgar "Sparg0" Valdez // Twitch Twitter Wiki Team vs Andrik "Andrik" Gonzàlez // Twitter Wiki
Cloud Sparg0 3 - 2 Andrik CaptainFalcon
--- = Lucina Pokémon Stadium 2 CaptainFalcon = 2 stocks
2 stocks = Lucina Pokémon Stadium 2 CaptainFalcon = ---
3 stocks = Lucina Pokémon Stadium 2 CaptainFalcon = ---
--- = Lucina Pokémon Stadium 2 CaptainFalcon = 1 stock
2 stocks = Lucina Pokémon Stadium 2 CaptainFalcon = ---
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2023.05.29 03:34 CricketMatchBot Match Thread: 1st T20I - Malaysia Women vs Nepal Women

1st T20I, Nepal Women tour of Malaysia at Bangi

Cricinfo Reddit-Stream 🌥 ☁️ 🌥 🌥 🌥
Match yet to begin
Please upvote for visibility, you cowards!
Send feedback Schedule Stat Help
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2023.05.29 03:27 MeatwadSolos Smash Legends 2023 - Losers Finals - WF Skyjay vs CS3 Andrik

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Losers Finals

Juan "Skyjay" Pablo // Twitch Twitter Wiki Team vs Andrik "Andrik" Gonzàlez // Twitter Wiki
Incineroar Skyjay 0 - 3 Andrik CaptainFalcon
--- = Incineroar Pokémon Stadium 2 CaptainFalcon = 1 stock
--- = Incineroar Town and City CaptainFalcon = 1 stock
--- = Incineroar Town and City CaptainFalcon = 2 stocks
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2023.05.29 03:25 Subject89P13_ Was anyone else surprised Guardians 3 didn't explain why Gamora left the Endgame battle with a bunch of strangers?

It always seemed like reason for Gamora's absence after Endgame would be some big reveal. I'm sure most of us are familiar with the time travel disagreement between Endgame directors the Russo bros who say time traveling auto creates branch realities vs Endgame writers Markus and McFeely who said time traveling does not auto create a branch, but instead said that Banner described a closed loop, but then learned from the Ancient One that a branch reality can be created if an infinity stone is taken without being put back. This would mean that Cap never created a branch and was always secretly Peggy's husband under the alias Roger Stevens (as they stated in this article). This was teased when Red Guardian said in Black Widow he fought Cap in the 80's, which would be possible if Cap indeed time traveled on a closed loop. Markus and McFeely's closed loop rules were clearly used in Ms. Marvel when Kamala went back in time and fulfilled her predestined role in the past by leading her child grandmother back to her father at the train. It was always her that did it and she did not create a branch even though she time traveled.
According to Markus and McFeely's rules, Tony's snap would not have killed Thanos, but instead sent him and his entire army back to 2014 with no memory of the Endgame battle so that the timeline would play out as it always did without creating a branch. This would mean that 2014 Gamora would also have been dusted back to 2014 with no memory of Endgame, live the events of Guardians 1 and 2 and then die in Infinity War like she always did. This would have meant the version of Gamora in Guardians 3 could not be 616 Gamora because 616 Gamora is dead. She also happens to show up with a bunch of Ravagers who were not at the Endgame battle and who are all from reality 691 in the comics.. including Krugarr who is 691's sorcerer supreme. I figured this could mean that this Gamora could be from the same reality as all these ravagers.
I had this debate on an old post with a user who decided to tweet James Gunn asking if the Gamora from Guardians 3 is the same Gamora from Endgame, and Gunn actually responded with one word.. "yes." But if this is the case I think it would have been quite necessary to explain how Gamora ended up with a bunch of characters who were not at the Endgame battle for her to leave with. Instead it seems he intentionally glossed over this and we are just to accept she's a Ravager now with no explanation. Anyone else feel the mystery of Gamora's absence that's been a mystery since 2019 should have been explained in Guardians 3? Thoughts?
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2023.05.29 03:22 KittonCorpus Bear vs Wolves: Battle for Food

Bear vs Wolves: Battle for Food submitted by KittonCorpus to Interesting_Shit [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:20 SelfDestructGambit Gateway Legends Ultimate Singles - Grand Finals - Lui$ vs. wG ApolloKage [L]

Watch Live

Grand Finals

Luis "Lui$" Oceguera Ramos // Twitch Twitter Wiki vs Dylan "ApolloKage" J. // Twitch Twitter Wiki Team
Palutena Lui$ 1 - 3 ApolloKage Snake [L]
--- = Palutena Small Battlefield Snake = 1 Stock
--- = Palutena Small Battlefield Snake = 1 Stock
2 Stocks = Palutena Small Battlefield Snake = ---
--- = Palutena Battlefield Snake = 1 Stock
Generated by Tournament Tabler

True Finals

[L] Palutena Lui$ 0 - 0 ApolloKage Snake [L]
--- = Palutena Small Battlefield Snake = ---
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2023.05.29 03:19 Tom41793 Minotaur units randomly dropping dead?

Im playing immortal empires WH3 Slaughterhorn Tribe. In battles vs both Dark Elves and the Mummy's bums, one or two of my Minotaur units just drops dead. loses all of its health and the entire unit just collapses. Does anybody know why this could be?
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2023.05.29 03:12 MeatwadSolos Smash Legends 2023 - Losers Semifinals - AC vs. CS3 Andrik

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Losers Semifinals

Andrik "Andrik" Gonzàlez // Twitter Wiki vs Armando "AC" Castaneda Villalobos // Twitter Wiki Team
CaptainFalcon Andrik 3 - 0 AC SnakeMetaKnight
2 stocks = CaptainFalcon Pokémon Stadium 2 Joker = ---
2 stocks = CaptainFalcon Pokémon Stadium 2 Snake = ---
1 stock = CaptainFalcon Pokémon Stadium 2 MetaKnight = ---
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2023.05.29 03:05 itsIzumi Congratulations to the winner of Ultimate Singles at Combo Breaker 2023!

Top 8 Bracket

Top 24 Bracket

Youtube VODs

Place Player Sent to Losers by Eliminated by
1st Liquid`Dabuz (Olimar & Rosalina) --- ---
2nd NVR ∣ Kobe (Young Link) ESAM Dabuz
3rd big_mak (Sheik) Dabuz Kobe
4th Mastronarde (Pokemon Trainer & Steve) NOODLE Kobe
5th 26R ∣ ESAM (Pikachu & Mii Brawler) Dabuz Mastronarde
5th Ayogima ∣ Arctice (Captain Falcon) big_mak Kobe
7th NU ∣ SoGoodPop (Wii Fit Trainer) ESAM Mastronarde
7th Ravenking (Joker) Dabuz Kobe
9th DKIG ∣ NOODLE (Wii Fit Trainer) big_mak SoGoodPop
9th Skitz (Wario) Arctice Mastronarde
9th MVD (Snake) NOODLE Kobe
9th KilogramHours (King Dedede) Skitz Ravenking
13th NE ∣ Venom (Ken) Kobe SoGoodPop
13th CrowZ (Mega Man) τροία Mastronarde
13th Sir Dank (Captain Falcon) KilogramHours MVD
13th NU ∣ Kople (King K. Rool) Gaius KilogramHours
17th Regulating_Mofo (Mega Man) Arctice SoGoodPop
17th UGS ∣ Syphir (Falco) Skitz Venom
17th TATO ∣ sandy (Mega Man) Dabuz Mastronarde
17th PHNM ∣ Frostbyte (Roy) Ravenking CrowZ
17th Starman (Greninja) big_mak Sir Dank
17th Z (Diddy Kong) sandy MVD
17th UKIT (Jigglypuff) big_mak KilogramHours
17th flyte ∣ kaden (Cloud & Fox) Arctice Kople
25th Dadzie (Lucina) Z Regulating_Mofo
25th Aura Wolf (Falco) Brother jay Syphir
25th Stealth_Pilot (Bowser) Ravenking Sir Dank
25th CSE ∣ ANJELLOH (Luigi & Diddy Kong) Arctice Z
25th DG (Dr. Mario) MVD Mastronarde
25th PAG DBE MTK ∣ Gaius (Ryu & Ken) Starman CrowZ
25th OneStudio ∣ peparony (Steve) Starman UKIT
25th Maize (Pikachu) Mastronarde Kople

Grand Finals

Samuel "Dabuz" Buzby [W] // Twitch Twitter Wiki Team Liquid vs. Kobe "Kobe" Murray [L] // Twitter Wiki Nevermore International
Dabuz 3 - 0 Kobe
Win = Olimar Small Battlefield Young Link = ---
Win = Olimar Small Battlefield Young Link = ---
Win = Olimar Small Battlefield Young Link = ---
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2023.05.29 03:01 MeatwadSolos Smash Legends 2023 - Winners Finals - FaZe Sparg0 vs WF Skyjay

Watch Live

Winners Finals

Edgar "Sparg0" Valdez // Twitch Twitter Wiki Team vs Juan "Skyjay" Pablo // Twitch Twitter Wiki Team
Cloud Sparg0 3 - 0 Skyjay Incineroar
2 stocks = Byleth Pokémon Stadium 2 Incineroar = ---
1 stock = Byleth Small Battlefield Incineroar = ---
1 stock = Byleth Small Battlefield Incineroar = ---
Generated by Tournament Tabler
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2023.05.29 02:56 DosiMoe Theoden is Theodumb and the worst king, here's why

Rewatched the extended trilogy on a covid bender this past week, got me thinking and just wanna quickly go over the facts and comparison to the other kings. He is a major player in the trilogy, since its kind of a fantasy world war I'm measuring his worth as a war time king. Feel free to argue:
-Theoden, King of Rohan: When we find him in the story, he has already been whisper defeated by a guy basically named "I'm an evil whisperer". You could say it was a form of magic- So then why didn't anyone else succumb? His own daughter shrugged it off fine. Then when he does get his wits back, his instinct of trying to save people by headin to helms deep while admirable, is tactically just a terrible move. This has been pointed out before by many others. His cavalry army was proven to work, and most affective in open plains vs the Uruk-hai + all of Sarumans explosives and ladders would have been wasted effort.
This is followed up with pretty much no thought process whatsoever during the battle of Helms Deep. When he is miraculously saved by his allies, what is his answer to some of those same people when asked for help? (for the good of the realm notwithstanding): Nope. Those specific people of Gondor didn't help him, why does heee have to? Even though their last standing king just put his neck on the line like a day ago, right after quasi-dying giving his lazy butt an escort. Theoden does come around not too long after, which is a positive.
Forward to the battle however.. I know his speech inspired some, but it goes :
Arise, arise, Riders of Théoden! Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter! Spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered, a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises! Ride to Gondor! Ride for ruin, and the world’s ending!
And then, he just yells "Death" like three times? Why would you prime them with that thought?
Compare that to Aragorn's Helms deep speech, which goes:
A day may come when the courage of Men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the Age of Men comes crashing down, but it is not this day!
Really now, which is going to inspire you to fight best and not die? He even steals Aragorns line about shields for no reason, I swear. Proceeds to then ride his cavalry line straight into the biggest threat on the field, the Oliphants, with zero plan. The dumb dumb. The fellowship themselves really had to carry the weight of that battle.
Anyways, I maybe have been cranky cuz I was stuck inside too long. I will give Theoden the benefit of some doubt. I love that one of the first thing he asks when he comes to and lovingly greets Eowyn is "Where is my son?". Clearly a decent dad when not being wormtongued. Also manned up and tried to fight the Witch King, which was pretty unfair with that felbeast chompin on everything.
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2023.05.29 02:55 Unusual-Swimming9636 Elektra VS Jennika (Marvel VS TMNT) Fight Progression

Elektra VS Jennika (Marvel VS TMNT) Fight Progression submitted by Unusual-Swimming9636 to DeathBattleMatchups [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 02:47 babydave371 [Spoilers] Pilgrims of Fire by Justin D Hill thoughts

Spoilers Ahead
I was very fortunate in being able to buy a copy of Pilgrims of Fire, the latest Adepta Sororitas novel, so first of all a big shout out to firestormgames here in the UK for putting their stock up for sale several weeks after the initial release, be that on purpose or just when they got their stock in. I haven't seen any discussion of the novel itself on the internet so given that I've just finished it I thought I'd give some thoughts.
Plot Summary
Pilgrims of Fire is set in two distinct timelines, one just before the Fall of Cadia and one sometime after, both following sisters beloning to the Order of Our Matyred Lady. One follows a group of Sisters on the holy world of Cion (I see what you did there Justin) and the other follows a group of Sisters that are part of a fleet in the Indomitus Crusade that is making its way to Cion (retracing Saint Katherine's "Pilgrimige of Fire" to Cion). There is also a third story following a penal legion, the Chem Dogs, that is acompanying the Sisters on their way to Cion but I'll talk about them in more detail later as they were both my favourite part of this book and also probably the worst part of this book.
So the plot itself isn't exactly the most complicated but I'm always a sucker for converging timelines so I appreciated the structure. I also really liked how it flicked back and forth between the two timelines so I was always left hungry trying to figure out how the two would meet. It definitely isn't super complex but it works.
What I liked
What I thought could be better
The Chem Dogs
As mentioned previously, I really like the Chem Dogs sections but also I think they are probably the worst part of this book. The Chem Dogs are penal legion made up of really really bad people, it is heavily inferred that one of the main Chem Dog characters is a cannibal, who are given lots of stims to help them fight and a shot to the head if they try to retreat. All of the Chem Dogs you meet in the book feel so vibrant and different from anyone else in the book, in complete opposition to the Sisters. Their place in the military is also super interesting, with even the high ranking officers being criminals and them having to scavange all their equipment. It is just a really interesting setup for a group of people and honestly I'd love a book just about them.
The Chem Dogs also play into that wider theme of the holy and the unholy. The Chem Dogs are the lowest of the low in the Imperium but fight with the "highest of the highs" in the Sisters. Cion is a holy world turn to chaos, Lizbet and Branwen's arcs, and even Impirum Nihilus vs Imperium Sanctus. This is a really good theme to pull out with the Sisters but I do think there is someting interesting to be done there with subverting the idea that the Sister's are in reality this good holy thing, again feeding into my above complaint about how the Sisters are represented.
And this leads into why I don't think the Chem Dogs stuff works in this book. That theme of the holy and unholy doesn't really do anything interesting for me and the Chem Dogs storyline always feels like a bit of a sideshow. It just feelsl ike that time we spent with the Chem Dogs could have been better used to address my two biggest issues with this book: the lack of focus on the pilgrimage and the lack of distinctness between the Sisters. So to sum that up, the Chem Dogs stuff is great and I want a book about just them but they don't really seem to have a place in this book and take away time that could have been better spent elsewhere.
I did quite like this book, despite the above, as it was a fun romp and the places it excelled, its sense of place and horror, did a great job of inspiring fantastically vivid images as I read it. It is worth reading if you can get your hands on it and please write a Chem Dogs book Justin, having a cannibal main character or something similar would be a fun spin on the usual Imperial Guard stories. But it would be great to hear what others thought of the book, especially if you disagree with any of my points, and congrats to anyone who read all the way through this long rambly post!
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2023.05.29 02:46 SelfDestructGambit Gateway Legends Ultimate Singles - Losers Finals - wG ApolloKage vs. Lima

Watch Live

Losers Finals

Dylan "ApolloKage" J. // Twitch Twitter Wiki Team vs Bharat "Lima" Chintapall // Twitch Twitter Wiki
Snake ApolloKage 3 - 2 Lima Bayonetta
1 Stock = Snake Battlefield Bayonetta = ---
--- = Snake Battlefield Bayonetta = 1 Stock
1 Stock = Snake Hollow Bastion Bayonetta = ---
--- = Snake Kalos Pokémon League Bayonetta = 1 Stock
1 Stock = Snake Hollow Bastion Bayonetta = ---
Generated by Tournament Tabler
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2023.05.29 02:31 SelfDestructGambit Gateway Legends Ultimate Singles - Losers Semis - wG ApolloKage vs. NVR Deathspade

Watch Live

Losers Semis

Dylan "ApolloKage" J. // Twitch Twitter Wiki Team vs Sebastian "Deathspade" Smith // Twitter Wiki Team
Snake ApolloKage 3 - 0 Deathspade Bayonetta
1 Stock = Snake Pokémon Stadium 2 Bayonetta = ---
1 Stock = Snake Hollow Bastion Bayonetta = ---
1 Stock = Snake Hollow Bastion Bayonetta = ---
Generated by Tournament Tabler
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2023.05.29 02:19 Willing-Muffin4748 A Journey Through Some Epic Sports Rivalries

Hey fellow sports enthusiasts, I hope you're all having an incredible day! I've been engrossed in some fascinating match-ups recently and I can't help but wonder about your thoughts on them as well.
Do you remember that captivating face-off between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Chicago Bulls? Now, there was a game that had my heart racing! The strategic plays, the power dynamics, the spirit of competition – it was all there! Do you think the 76ers had the upper hand or was it the Bulls who outplayed them? What was your favorite moment from this riveting encounter?
Then there was the classic battle between the Bulls and the Golden State Warriors. I don't know about you, but I've always found the contrast in their playing styles absolutely intriguing. From the Warriors' precision shooting to the Bulls' aggressive rebounding, the match was nothing short of a tactical masterpiece. Who would you say brought their A-game that day?
Moving from the hardwood to the gridiron, how can we forget the electrifying face-off between the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys? The tactical maneuvering in that game was an absolute treat for all NFL enthusiasts. Do you think the Cowboys' offensive line was strong enough or did the Patriots' defense steal the show? What was your standout moment from the game?
Speaking of the Patriots, their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was another demonstration of football at its finest. The tension, the rivalry, the sheer thrill of the game – it was like watching a high-stakes chess match, but with 22 men on the field! Steelers fans, do you think your team outmatched the Patriots, or did the Patriots' strategic game-play shine through?
I'm really interested to hear your thoughts on these games. Who were the real stars? Were there any unexpected strategies that took you by surprise? And most importantly, who do you think are the top contenders this season?
Looking forward to an exciting discussion, sports fans. And remember, no matter who we root for, it's the love of the game that brings us together!
#SportsTalk #GameOn #NBA #NFL #76ersVsBulls #BullsVsWarriors #PatriotsVsCowboys #SteelersVsPatriots
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2023.05.29 02:16 MarlinBrandor r/deathbattle Episode Accuracy Survey: Season 6

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to part 6 of 9 of the deathbattle Episode Accuracy Survey!
For those of you who missed the previous posts, to keep things brief, this survey examines all 171 current episodes of Death Battle, and asks sub members to vote on whether or not they’re accurate by discussing and debating with each other.
Season 5: 100%
Season 4: 93.75%
Season 3: 78.57%
Season 2: 84.38%
Season 1: 80%
Overall, this sub believes 16/16 episodes from Season 5 are accurate, giving it an accuracy rating of 100%.
The closest “accurate” episode to an “inaccurate” rating was Carnage VS Lucy with 31 upvotes.
The most upvoted and least upvoted episodes were Roshi VS Jiraiya and Carnage VS Lucy respectively.
According to the results of this survey, both Mario VS Sonic 2011 and Mario VS Sonic 2018 are accurate.
Today we look at Season 6, the final season of the 2010s, and the first to fully feature animated Wiz and Boomstick. Highlights include a strong roster of highly requested characters, the debut of the SFM team, and to many people, one of DB’s most controversial battles. Two weeks from now we’ll be looking at Season 7. Until then, refresh yourself on the rules, and enjoy discussing the 16 episodes of Death Battle Season 6!
While you’re discussing them, remember to have a bang up time, huh? Haha, shoot me.
  1. Every episode of a given season will have its own highlighted comment. If you agree with the episode’s verdict upvote that comment, if you disagree, downvote, and if you are uncertain, do not vote.
  2. There are multiple standards people use to determine accuracy. For some people, if an episode’s calcs are wrong but the verdict itself is correct, they may still find that episode inaccurate. Other episodes may have been right at the time but rendered irrelevant or incorrect by new media. While I am not arguing for everyone to adopt one standard for use outside of this survey, for the purposes of this survey, all votes should be influenced by the following principle: Do you believe the victor should still be the victor if the fight was made today?
  3. Do not make individual comments in this thread. All comments must be replies, either to the distinguished comments or a reply to an earlier reply if you agree/disagree with the argument they presented.
  4. Do not downvote people just because you disagree with their argument. The only comments you should be downvoting are those of episodes you disagree with.
  5. Lastly, because this is an open invitation nfor debate. I must stress that as you are debating, KEEP IT CIVIL, this is the most important rule to follow, and if I or other mods notice repeated infractions it will result in temporary bans for the users involved and possibly even the cancellation of this survey depending on how widespread the issue gets.
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