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2023.05.29 23:33 No-Sweet-2650 Piercing advice, pls help

I got my belly button pierced in February. Backstory behind what i did before this was I went on a trip for 3 days and forgot my saline wash and took two baths because the place I was at didn’t have a shower. I developed this bump yesterday and it looks fleshy after a long plane ride. There is no pain and it just felt a little itchy last night, but I don’t know what to do. Do I just not touch it and continue to clean it? and if that’s the case what routine should I follow? Or something i can do to relieve the swelling?
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2023.05.29 23:32 bcm27 Designing a Mystery Campaign with a Tempting Magical Artifact - Item Feedback Needed

Hey reddit! (and too my players if youre reading this please stop, I know you know my reddit username)
I'm currently working on a mystery campaign for my second group of players, inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes novel, "The Sign of Four." For this adventure, I've created a missing magical artifact that the party must track down and recover.
Here's some background: My party is currently at level 2, having just finished the beginners box. They've expressed a strong desire for a story-focused experience, with one player specifically wanting to take on the role of a detective. I then decided to create a custom campaign rather than using a prewritten adventure, they should be roughly level 4/5 by the time this wraps up and they acquire the artifact. Side note: I have been playing Pf2e for a year now and am currently running SoT as my main campaign with a different group. Up until this moment Pf2es OGs content has met all my desires.
Now, I've drafted a magical artifact that holds significant power and properties. The idea is that it will serve as a central element in the campaign's mystery. However, I'm concerned that if the party successfully tracks it down and steals it back, they might be tempted to keep it instead of returning it. I want to strike a balance between enticing them with the artifact's power and pray it doesn't absolutely break the game.
Thank you in advance for your help!
Heart of Agra
Wondrous Item, Rare
Item Level: 5
Price: 5000 gp
Item Type: Wondrous Item
Rarity: Rare
The Heart of Agra is a beautifully crafted pendant that radiates a faint, pulsating light from within its center. It is made of a rare gemstone, shimmering with hues of blue and silver, set in an intricate silver pendant. The gemstone seems to hold a captivating allure, drawing the eyes of those who gaze upon it.
The Heart of Agra bestows the following abilities upon the wearer:

>! Wearing the Heart of Agra around the neck activates its powers. The pendant must be worn continuously to benefit from its effects. When active, the gemstone's center swirls with the color corresponding to the damage resistance type granted by the item. !<
Legends tell that the Heart of Agra was created by ancient wizards to harness the essence of an otherworldly source of magic. Its purpose was to enhance the wielder's arcane abilities and provide protection against elemental forces. The gemstone at the pendant's center is rumored to contain a fraction of the power of a long-lost arcane artifact known as the Agra Crystal. (further campaign ideas. Basically granting myself more ways to drive the story afterwards)
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2023.05.29 23:32 whitetiger577 33 [m4f] #NY let’s go to the park

Kind, a bit sarcastic, a bit shy, and great at giving unusual compliments.
Not looking for a serious relationship but am looking for a genuine connection.
Enjoy long, aimless walks around the city, hanging out at the park (and maybe doing some people-watching), and trying new foods. Also enjoy going to museums and like to learn new things.
Physically, I am white with brown hair and brown eyes. Incredibly handsome.
Usually prefer the type of girl who is easygoing, smart, and independent.
What’s your favorite comfort food?
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2023.05.29 23:32 SoSmartish Best Weapon Loadouts for solo challenges

I recently tried out soloing Spire of the Watcher, and I got all the way to Persys before just being burnt out. My kill on Akelous took 51 minutes just because I had to repeat the DPS phase so many times. For the DPS phase I used a Taipan with Frenzy and Triple Tap which did around 10%-15% of his health each time. But I had so much fun exploring and figuring out the puzzles that I don't want to be deterred by the huge time requirement, because I see people soloing bosses in ~10 minutes, but I no longer have access to a lot of those builds due to seasonal artifact and fixes / balancing.
The node phases were easy, void titan with Actium + Sweet business made me pretty unkillable, so just wondering if there is like, THE weapon/mods for DPS burn phases because the videos I watched were all from previous seasons so the builds don't really work anymore.
So TLDR looking for titan loadouts that excel at DPS phases in case I want to solo more content because my friends all quit or don't have the dungeon pass, and I don't want to use LFG. Thanks!
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2023.05.29 23:32 music4masses Help? Issues sampling streaming video - YouTube / Tubi

Just starting to get into sampling - but have been recording music for awhile now.
I have a 2-channel PreSonus AudioBox iTwo. I have a USB-C to 3.5MM adapter for my iPad. And a 3.5mm-to-1/4" adapter for my pre. I'm running an aux cable from my headphone out on my imac or from the USB-C to 3.5mm jack on my ipad into the first channel. When I try to record the video, the background noise in the videos comes through but the dialogue is very low.
I found a work-around by using Google chrome audio capture - but it's a little clunkier than just recording the audio directly into Logic.
Any tips?
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2023.05.29 23:32 ChiefBr0dy Wind Waker inverted Y-Axis problems when conducting the wind waker baton

The rhythm mini game up/down note arrows are basically in reverse for me due to my configuring the game's camera to be inverted in CEMU's global controller configuration settings. Does this mean I'm essentially stuck or is there a work around?
I find it odd that searching reddit had nobody else complaining about this issue.
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2023.05.29 23:32 coolqueer42 i think my game is broken i can't do this quest

i'm doing the "a call to the depths" quest and it told me to take all the eyes to the statue so i took one but i can't find the statue. i'm at the central mine i marked where the statue is aboveground on my depths map and it's not there. i wandered around a little thinking maybe it's not exact i even looked up a walkthrough and the walkthrough gave me exact coordinates that i fully cannot get to. i'm at -0770 -1897 -0523 which is almost exactly where the walkthrough said it would be for the x and y (which btw is different from my marking for where the statue corresponds to on the aboveground map so i also am confused by that???) but for the Z coordinate the walkthrough said it would be -564 but that is impossible for me because i'm on the ground and when i climb it makes the z coordinate get lower instead of higher so i don't see what i'm doing wrong and it's making me really frustrated. can anyone help please
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2023.05.29 23:31 HardlineStudios What are you doing for your websites?

I'm finally implementing a new site to coincide with a new logo launch and coding it all myself. As fun and challenging as that may be, it's also kind of a pain.
What are you all doing for your websites? Are you coding it yourself or hiring it out or purchasing a pre-made template?
I did the pre-made template last time around but found it wasn't that customizable and not very responsive across the various devices.
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2023.05.29 23:31 ArtemisZX Help: should I use this TV wall bracket already installed to mount a 70+ inch?

Question: I am tasked with buying a new large TV and mounting it above the (electric) fireplace. I have been looking at a 77” TV that is said to weigh around 23kg / 50lbs.
The previous house owner left a TV mounting bracket on the wall. I am wondering if I can reuse this part without drilling new holes—or if I need to take it off and install a new bracket & mount entirely. Much thanks if anyone can help judge.
Picture of the bracket, with outlet for scale:
P.S. Don’t tvtoohigh. Not my idea
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2023.05.29 23:31 BrinFK Looking for advice on a “transition”

Looking for advice on a “transition”
So this is the current piece on my arm. It is basically a “heaven-like” theme with the clouds and everything, but I would like to kinda border of that part to start with something else on the bottom part. I was thinking maybe wrapping a vine or something similar around the arm just below the clouds to kinda cut it off and was looking for any thoughts, advice etc. Any ideas, tips, advice and all is welcome :) Thank you!
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2023.05.29 23:31 realalbertcrowley 22M looking for non-judgmental serious friends that I can talk about anything with

Hi thought I'd try this again and see if there are any people out there who I can be friend who won't judge me and can have serious intelligent conversations with I suffer from a lot of mental health issues like depression and extremely bad anxiety and it makes it hard to make friends
I'm very different and strange and extremely old fashioned so if you mention or reference anything new or modern I won't understand it
My interests are: Movies and TV shows Books Lots and lots of music Learning new interesting things And well I don't feel comfortable mentioning my extremely weird unusual and a bit controversial interests
So please message me if interested I also have discord and I'd prefer someone older but around my age is fine I know this may sound strange but I'd prefer females cause I really don't get a long well with guys but anything is fine
If you've read all the way message or comment silence brother
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2023.05.29 23:31 Visual_Farm_5586 New(ish) isaac vid

There is a scene in the video Discord VCs at 5AM where yumi seems to be in a shopping mall. can anyone help me in figuring out where that shopping mall/outlet is? I believe I may know where this was filmed, but it would help to confirm it. If it does seem to be the place I am thinking of, I may drive there and film around.
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2023.05.29 23:31 Abject_Plenty_4685 Looking for advice - feeling stuck

I am 23, single and I bought my first home early 2022, it needed quite a bit of work so I have been using all my savings to renovate it. I am only able to save $600 per month, which goes straight towards the next job.
I work as a Quantity Surveyor earning around $90k with 5 years experience, and I am looking around me and it seems like I will be on that salary for the next 3 years until I become Senior. I find this job quite boring and knowing that I am locked in disheartens me and I feel the urge to be chasing something bigger.
I feel as if I am hungry for more, but not sure what the smartest step would be.
I've thought about:

Thank you!
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2023.05.29 23:31 Careful-Meal5977 May you guys help me find my enneagram?

I have had a hard time telling exactly what my enneagram, or IV is, but I'm confident I'm an Infj. Anyways, I am going to attempt to make this as in depth, and organized I can about myself.
I've been told that I come across as a nice/kind, or considerate person as I try to be, and someone who has ambition to be the best. I've also been told reads things/ people well, but that's only how I'm perceived as I keep a lot of stuff to myself as I consider myself an untrusting individual, but I want to find someone I'm able to share my experiences in life with, whatever interests, or deep secrets I have, but intimacy scares me a lot for some reason, and I tend to be very big on boundaries, in which these two trying to go the extra mile for people, while keeping a strong distance towards them puts my relationships in a awkward place.
I have a few interests, but all of them are stemmed towards the idea of understanding, in which could be anything, towards things, ideas, or even people, and I tend to use that for writing. Mainly Psycholoy, Strategy, and Philosophy had been my main interests, and engineering, and math are something that intrigue me, but slightly difficult, and nothing I feel passionate about, per say how I feel about writing. This fuels my ambition, and makes me feel like this is the most important thing about me, as I use this as a reflection on how I view the world, and I feel like I need to be the best at it, otherwise I feel worthless. This causes me to be pretty competitive, but I try not to show it, as to try not to brag, or put others below me. I want to raise people higher, and help them. Anything that requires me to use my brain is a big interest towards me.
I always feel guilty, or judgemental towards myself for enjoying life, and I also tend to be pretty critical of others when I feel like they're not trying to do anything with their lives. This is something that never goes away, even when I'm in a SE grip, in which is weird because I tend to joke around, or goof to the point where I look stupid, and I feel judgemental towards myself afterwards, so there's this constant cycle, so I feel like I have to control myself better, and make myself the best version I can of myself at all times. I also can be a bit of a perfectionist, and if I get anything below my standard, it starts bothering me. I also feel the constant need to improve the world, and make things better, besides considering myself slightly lazy, or not the highest in contientiousness, and I always try owning up to my mistakes.
I always try to understand people, and I want to help them with any way I can, that could include emotional, or doing a favor for them.
I have a weird relationship with aggression, where it's either all, or nothing, but I feel like I show assertion directly, but it's so weird, or awkward when I confront someone because it's a slight struggle to, and I hate that part about myself, but at the same time I don't like showing my anger, but I believe anger is an important emotion, just knowing how to act on problems properly, while not letting anger take over is important, but the problem is that I feel like I get angry too easily, and it deeply bothers me even if I don't actually do anything with it, but only show it, I think it only makes me want to push others away, or aggressively push people away, and let them know their place towards me, but in the moment, when I am being direct, it always feels awkward. To add on top of that, where I feel like that anger is coming from is that I feel like people could see me as a people pleaser, and in a way I am by going the extra distance, but only it's because I feel like I'm doing the right thing, or I just want to help, but I know when to say no, and I do when I feel like it's not necessary, or they're really pushing it. I genuinely want to help people, but it pisses me off when I feel like they're trying to take advantage of me, or not grateful, taking me for granted, in which makes me feel like I have to keep my distance.
I am insecure about feeling like I'm not enough, not smart enough, or strong enough, and I don't feel like I have a proper identity, in which bothers me because that means I'm not a proper person, and I'm not able to get closer to people, or be worthy enough for something. In which can make me feel pretty envious of people, and that's what spurs the perfectionism, and ambition in me, to be better than I could be before, and if I feel like I'm getting dumber, or weaker, I'm losing a part of myself.
Intimacy is a weird thing for me because it's something I've feared, but I think it's because I fear that they'll smother me, or not let me go, but I do want a relation, and I realize that now after a while because I feel like I was in a bad place that caused me to view relationships differently. It's more emotional intimacy I want, and I don't like being physical. I also can get pretty obsessed over certain people, or things for a while, taking over my thoughts, and I don't like it, but it happens.
If there's any questions, please ask me.
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2023.05.29 23:30 SuperMightGuy For those of you who grew up without a father or father figure or any structure in childhood, how’d you do it growing up?

Hey, 25M here. I don’t really have any male figures in my life that really mean anything to replace what I didn’t have as a kid. I have a brother but he was too grown when I was young so I didn’t really see him a lot. He tried to be there as a male figure I could look up to but it wasn’t his job to do that for me. And I’m sure he knew that. I’m sure the men my sisters are married to also know that and therefore never really tried to steer me in any direction or talk to me like how a dad would to their son. I didn’t grow up in an environment where striving for success and aiming to actually be something was reinforced either. The people around me weren’t like that either. They were kinda complacent being where they were. Most people in my life are older and therefore have families to worry about so I’ve really kinda been left up to own devices. I didn’t do well in school either and never went to college to pursue it. So yeah. Kinda a mess, don’t have anything or anyone really to talk to about stuff like this so, I’m here asking you guys. I didn’t want to make a long post to if you have questions or anything lmk! But for those of you who grew up similar to me, how’d you do it?
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2023.05.29 23:30 Mediocre-River5537 47 [M4F] #Northbrook - Looking for an Affair

Name: The Guy Who Won’t Harass You For Illicit Pics
Address: A grown-up residence (not my mom's basement)
Phone: Locked down with all kinds of solid OPSEC
Education: If you want degrees, I'm your man
Employment: Very gainful
Criminal record: Nothing beyond a few totally unjustified parking tickets
Seeking an ongoing connection with a charming woman who needs something extra in these troubled times without turning her life completely upside down. No ridiculous expectations, no ghosting, no creepiness.
Neither a newbie nor a total Don Juan. I have a couple of successful extracurricular adventures under my belt. They have gone fairly well and ended amicably.
Communication: I'm a decent writer, as this posting (hopefully?) demonstrates, and a solid conversationalist. I know that simply responding with "ur hot" to an email won't cut it.
Discretion: This is always first and foremost. To that end, I won't make unreasonable demands on you for personal information. And if you need to take a break for real-life responsibilities, I'll be cool with that, no questions asked.
All-around 'regular guy' status: My interests range from sports and music to books and art. I'm not a one-dimensional person. We can connect by talking about pretty much anything. Netflix? Politics? The mundane details of adult life? Yes, I'm down to discuss and share.
Connected a device almost the entire day.
References probably not available upon request
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2023.05.29 23:30 stsh Is sitting near kids a major buzzkill for anyone else?

I know this a touchy subject and probably a super unpopular opinion. I myself am a bit conflicted on it but my experience last night was not something I’ve experienced on other tours. My entire section was almost exclusively parents and young toddlers. So. Many. Very. Young. Kids.
Really disappointing at first because my idea of a good time at a show is to dance, smoke a couple of joints, and listen to some great music with other heads. Most of the kids sat on their tablets the entire time.
One of the parents kept insisting that I smoke and that his kids wouldn’t even know what it was but I still just didn’t feel comfortable smoking around kids. I finally took a few hits when it got dark out thinking it’d be a little more discreet and, almost immediately, another family behind me starts telling their kids (loud enough that I’d hear) how people who smoke weed are losers and wasted potential and how the kids shouldn’t kill their brains. Probably great advice for a kid but… c’mon.
As soon as I heard that, I ditched the seats and found a spot on the lawn where I danced my ass off. Still a bit disappointing to have to leave great seats though.
I know the general sentiment is that kids are welcome at Dead shows but am I the only one who gets a bit put off by having to sit near them?
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2023.05.29 23:30 Suitable_Ad_8513 RC Worth The $250+ Upcharge Over RC-N1?

Hi there. I'm getting back into DJI drones. I'm going on a trip and I'm trying to stay within a certain budget. I've come down to the DJI Mini 3. But, they have two options. (pricing through B&H)
Mini 3 with RC-N1 - $460
Mini 3 with RC - $610
Question: Is it worth an extra $250 dollars for the RC controller? (I don't do this professional. Just for vacations and some social media stuff). I've heard the RC is great but is it worth paying $250 more to save 10-20 seconds of getting my phone out and connecting it?
I'm looking to get feedback from people who have used both and could give me some real-world reviews. Thanks! Anything would help.
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2023.05.29 23:30 kyumura [NA][Aether][LFM][Shield Healer][Static][Savage][Casual, MC][7 out of 8]

Currently looking for a SCH or SGE to complete our raid group for 6.4 savages and future reclears!
Times: Friday+Saturday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm EST
Current Comp: WAR, GNB, WHM, MNK, SAM, MCH, SMN
We are a group of friends that aim to have fun while getting the clears this savage tier! Most of us have cleared the last 2 tiers of content together and a couple have ultimate experience. We work well with communicating and synchronization as a long term team and love to have funni raid memes but try our hardest to focus up and get the clear when the time comes! Our goal is to clear the fights (before patch 6.5) and not worry about parses, although we are aware fights do require certain dps checks to be met for clearing so we do try to provide logs every week for those that wish to view them for any sort of personal improvement!
A few key points about our group and what we're looking for:
- Previous savage experience is preferred but not required, if this is your first savage tier we ask that you are at least comfortable playing your job and believe you are able to learn from mistakes!
- That being said, a lot of mistakes do happen, as long as you can recognize what went wrong and learn, it's okay!~ Ask questions if you're unsure!!!
- Under no circumstances do we want any elitism outside of constructive criticism that can help someone improve.
- Be respectful of everyone in the raid team, while we do joke around a lot it's important to not offend anyone!
- We all have a huge sense of humor so having one as well is required!
- Being on time is important, so we ask that we receive a heads up if you're going to be late or absent so we can prepare for substitutes!
- This isn't a blind prog group, we will use any resource available to study fights and ask that everyone puts effort into studying them (besides week 1 which may be delayed with learning resources)
- Voice chat is 100% required for progging, you do not have to talk at all if you don't wish to, but please respond in party chat to communicate with everyone!
- Besides week 1 and maybe week 2, we ask that you hold off on trying to clear on your own through PF until after our scheduled raid nights, you are free to try and clear savages on your own in PF/with other statics you may be in after our scheduled nights. Don't ruin the loot for everyone else!
- We will be doing reclears as a group until we all get the gear we need (during the same scheduled times unless another time is agreed upon for everyone). After we have all the gear we need from a savage boss, people are free to reclear that savage boss on their own time.
If you are interested at all don't hesitate to shoot me a DM Kyubae#7456 ! We look forward to getting to know you and raid with you! You will be able to trial with us before making a decision to stay with us on the first couple raid nights!~ If youd like some people to do the newest extreme with too most of us are willing to help
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2023.05.29 23:30 james_harry What to do next?

I've spent the past 3 weeks playing this game and have been avoiding main story stuff, only just did my first Regional Phenomena 2 days ago. Still don't want to continue on with main story, but have no idea what to do now. I still have a lot of the Depths to explore, but is there even anything good down there? Mainly seems like random bosses scattered around the place.
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2023.05.29 23:30 gadgetvirtuoso DDNS with Zoneedit

I've been using them for a long time and it's not been much of an issue for me until recently because I'm not in another country with a completely new ISP. I set up my RT6600AX with DDNS for a custom domain, but the Zoneedit entry keep erroring out. Zoneedit says that it's because DDNS is updating too frequently. They rate limit to 10 minutes, which honestly is fine. The issue appears to be that SRM doesn't allow me to set any kind of rate limit on the refresh of the IP. The ISP does in fact regularly change the IP I'm assigned. It would appear that at least once per day (usually overnight) the IP changes, and then I get the error because it recently updated, but the IP also has since updated. Not sure how to work around that problem. Once it's in this error state, I have to manually update it, otherwise it will never update on its own.
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2023.05.29 23:30 Just-Letterhead1382 [Tenant - KS] - Cracked bathroom window, worth bothering landlord?

[Tenant - KS] - Cracked bathroom window, worth bothering landlord?
My wife and I rent a single-family home in Kansas. It's just the two of us. After getting out of the shower today, I went to shut the window when I noticed a crack along the lower left corner of the upper part of the window. It was the first time I noticed it and I have no idea what caused it.
The only thing that may make sense is the windows are old and heavy and maybe the pressure of closing the bottom part caused the top to crack in that spot, but I don't know if it's that's even possible.
I recently had to bother my landlord about a window screen coming loose, as well as a spigot in the back that was on the verge of falling out. They also had to send someone over to look at a side of our back fence, which probably will fall over if not replaced before next winter. The guy they sent over said it's way too far gone to repair. At least we have a homeowner neighbor who would foot half the bill for a fence.
I also alerted our landlord to increasing wood rot on the home's pergola, which has gotten no response or acknowledgment. So I don't know how soon I should let our landlord know about the bathroom window, and I really don't know how it happened.
How soon would you reach out about the bathroom window?
One of the reasons my wife and I rent is that neither of us is handy or good at fixing (most) things around the house, so it's not something we could take care of on our own. We're good tenants who pay on time all the time and treat the place like it's our own, we're just not great at repairing or fixing stuff.
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