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2023.05.29 23:20 Maxson52 Student laptop for engineering >CAD$1200 (Canada)

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2023.05.29 23:19 Successful-Money4995 LPT: If you hand someone your phone to take a photo of you, there's no point in checking the quality right then. If he sucked at photography, you don't want him to try again. Wait until he's gone and then check.

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2023.05.29 23:19 BlankcotTon About something on TikTok

About something on TikTok
For a while now, I’ve been seeing these videos on TikTok regarding Temu and how you can enter a code into it and earn free money from it. They usually take form in a slideshow, showing the viewer how they could make free money or encouraging the stop being lazy and start making money. Sometimes they might not do money, but other things like free v-bucks or robux. It might be nothing but with the amount of kids on TikTok, I feel like a lot of them are going to fall for something like this.
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2023.05.29 23:19 curious1914 Making Bar Doors vs Show

Hey team, visiting from NZ and seeing a gig at Manning Bar tonight. I've not found anything online to indicate if the 8pm on my ticket is the door time or show time.
How do they typically handle that at Manning?
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2023.05.29 23:19 Kamichoo Need help with my pve stam blade build?

So I’m pretty new to this game I’m cp 350 and I tried to follow a build the best I could online for a beginner pve stamblade but i jus rlly suck in pve and idk what to do to improve. Here’s my build (idrk how to format this so I’ll just put as much info as I can)
Front bar: two briarheart daggers
Backbar: briarheart great sword
Chest, waist, hands, legs, feet: orders wrath with divines.
Neck and rings: briarheart set
Head and shoulders: just random pieces as I’m trying to grind for a monster set
Front bar skills: Killers blade, surpirse attack, deadly cloak, barbed trap, relentless focus, incapacitating strike
Backbar skills: twisting path, dark shade, resolving vigor, stampede, carve, incapacitating strike
Boon: the lover
If u need any more info jus ask
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2023.05.29 23:19 reginafelangi123 42F in Milwaukee

Hello all, I am new here. My dream would be to find someone around my age also in the midwest who would want to have a real relationship. Kinda tired of being alone.
It took me years to realize my asexuality. I didn’t even hear the word “asexual” until I was in my mid-30s. I’m torn between asexual and demisexual. Perhaps a little of both.
About me:
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2023.05.29 23:19 SalVulcanoslefttoe What are these paparazzi videos???

Has anyone else seen the paparazzi videos of Danny were he’s like walking down the street and then steals this dudes hat? Or the one were he buys them a taco??? Idk how to add videos or photos but the tiktok account is called “greggonzalez333” that has been posting the videos. I NEED TO KNOW IF ITS ANOTHER EXPERIMENT😭
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2023.05.29 23:18 Firm-Swan-4085 Cutting contact with my former best friend

My ex-best friend has been getting on my nerves lately. and I ended our friendship and told him to never contact me again. The first sign I knew he was trying was when he made one guy get a $50,000 loan to open a restaurant and then abused this person mentally and psychologically. He also has sex for money, and we are both gay, and he thinks I don't know he has an ad on a site for hookers. The final straw was him telling me he wasn't going to invite people he didn't like and was always complaining about. and then ended up inviting them anyway, to which I got into an argument with everyone there, and he made me leave, and I went especially for him to another town for his birthday. He also lies to girls that he is straight and constantly invites people, which I didn't like when we used to hang out; he would always look for people for sex and only talk about having sex, and that was his only conversation theme. I am done, so over it, and ready to cut all contact with him. I told him everyone is talking about him and that him sleeping around is gross, but he just says to me, "Well, we can't all be asexual like you." I've had it, and I think that will be it. i just wanted to get it out of my chest and see what you think.
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2023.05.29 23:18 Serious_Yoghurt_832 dear locals of Prague! can you suggest me, a tourist, any local and really good places to eat? restaurants, cafes, etc. also, where have you eaten the best Smazeny syr ever? would love to try it

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2023.05.29 23:18 tjaymiller How is contactless payment with Apple Pay in rome?

I made it through London and Paris without needing to pay with cash once and I found it quite convenient. I always have some cash on me, but for large sums like in restaurants it’s more convenient to use VISA on the iPhone contactless. How is it in restaurants and cafes? Something that is common practice or relying on cash?
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2023.05.29 23:17 bakuchi-dancer (32M) My high school sweetheart cheated on me on prom night, and almost 15 years later the trauma still haunts me and harms my current efforts at dating someone (31F). How do I heal?

I tried to keep this short, but it still ended up being pretty lengthy. Apologies in advance, and thank you if you choose to read on.
I had a girlfriend in high school that I was completely devoted to. We never did anything more than make out because she wasn't comfortable with anything past that, but shit happened and she went and fucked one of the jocks at school after prom, where we were each other's dates. It was a devastating life event for me. It crushed my self-esteem, I had trouble sleeping for weeks, and it was the singular, identifiable event that made me turn to cigarettes and alcohol abuse, which then led to drug abuse later on. I've cleaned up my act now, but boy were my uni and early adulthood years grim.
I tried going on a handful of dates in the years that followed since the prom incident (even when I was putting myself through the wringer), but I would always end up not pursuing any further relations because I told myself that I was above needing a mate. In hindsight this was probably me being afraid of devoting myself to someone and having that devotion betrayed again.
Now I am 32, sober, and enjoying a stable and respectable income. I have the clarity of mind and humility to admit that, hey, I would like to date and meet someone nice to go through life's motions with. I also have the confidence now to go on dates, which I didn't have when I was staying busy through self-destruction and hopping from shitty job to shitty job.
I met someone nice through a dating site (old school, I know!), and we really hit it off. I like her a lot and think she's great. We've been going out for about two months now. Problem is, as soon as I realized I liked her, my anxieties and insecurities about relationships started resurfacing, and they've been keeping me up at night.
I tried Googling for a name for what I'm feeling and it's apparently called "betrayal trauma" (See this page: As I was reading the symptoms on this page I started tearing up because I realized, I'm displaying these symptoms right now. I'm being held hostage by a cruel act done to me by someone I really loved, a long time ago.
The woman I like now, sometimes I feel unworthy of her when I know I shouldn't. And when we end up rescheduling a date because something came up for her, my mind immediately goes to "she's fucking someone". When I can't sleep I look through her Instagram to see where she's been or what she's doing, thinking maybe another guy would show up, but no, she's just at work or with her gal pals. My deflated self-esteem, difficulty trusting others, and hypervigilance--these are symptoms of a trauma I haven't healed from.
The thing is, I know how stupid it looks when I act this way. She probably got called into work and here I am thinking "she's fucking someone". I have reason to believe she likes me too but here I am thinking she could have ulterior motives. And here I am, up at 3 AM looking at a woman's Instagram to feel my heart sink at even just the sight of a dude's shadow, in a photo taken before we met. Holy fucking shit, dude. I know how stupid it looks, but I can't help how I feel! I am so, so fucking scared of the worst case scenario, and it's always the first thing I think of.
But I want to heal for this person. I don't want to be jealous, I don't want to be insecure. I want her to be able to date the best version I can make of me, I just don't know how to healthily process my trauma without getting her caught up in it. It's not like I think of her as the one or someone who'll fix everything wrong with me or anything like that. It's not her responsibility to heal me! I just don't want my great fear of getting hurt to get in the way of possibly nurturing a good and healthy relationship between us. If it doesn't work out, I'd at least be able to say that it wasn't because of the old dregs of a painful, life-altering incident in my past.
For those who have experienced some form of betrayal trauma, how did you recover from it? What steps did you take? Did you make your trauma known to your partner, and if yes, at what point in your relationship did you do so? And if you didn't make it known, how did you overcome it by yourself (or with the help of someone other than your partner)?
And finally, thank you for reading up to this point if you did. I know you're tempted to comment "skill issue" down there, but it would really hurt my feelings, so please don't. I swear it would really hurt my feelings. For real.
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2023.05.29 23:16 _Stolem Sleeping-Bag recommendation (in EU) 0°C/32F Comfort

Hi Ultralight-Sub,

I´ve used the search for this sub but did not found a good answer. Hope you guys can help me out.
Right now I am looking to Upgrade my 3-Seasons Sleeping System with a new/other Sleeping bag.

What I got:

What I do:

What I am looking for:
I got the feeling that my System is, especially early/late in the season or on higher altitudes, just not warm enough. Sometimes I am combining it with my Puffy Jacket to get as low as 6-7°C with the Bag+Mat+Bivy Setup. I am pretty skinny and tall with a very active metabolism: I am very warm after eating but getting cold during the night - especially my feet (often wearing merino socks for sleeping or even a puffy in my toebox). I love to sleep under the stars and only use the tent with a rain forecast.
All these points make me think to upgrade for a 3-Seaon Sleeping Bag with a 0°C/32F Comfort-Zone Limit.

What I am looking at:

Right now I am shifting to the Norrona and Patagonia because I got plenty of Equipment from these 2 Brands (Puffys, Rain Jackets, Skiing Equipment etc.) and I am very satisfied with the quality. I want it to last long so a bit of extra-weight is okayish - still 600g vs 960g is a lot of chocolate-bars :)
What do you think? Anything else I should look at?

Appreciate your Inputs!
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2023.05.29 23:16 BlameThePinot [US-VA] [H] Keycult, Unikorn, Keypora [W] Paypal

Prices in this post are OBO! If I'm high I will either take less or adjust for the next post as needed.

Keycult No. 1/60
A-stock Rev. 1. White/Red. From OG (S-tier) manufacturer. Built with Inks and UHMWPE stems, lubed with 205g0, 105 on springs. Durock stabs. Soldered pcb. Used for less than an hour then put into case.
Comes with Keycult wrist rest (brand new) and extra solderable pcb (brand new)
$1,849 OBO with wrist rest

TGR Singa Unikorn
Grey. Sealed.
2 sealed pcbs, brass plate, 2 o-rings. All brand new, never touched. First run of Unikorns, piece of history
Ships in original box or can substitute with one of my extra hard shell cases (no charge)
$1,898 OBO

HHKB, everything brand new opened only for timestamp
Half plate (Silver, Aluminium)
Sealed pcb (solderable), o-ring, daughterboard, all original hardware, stickers/cards, all original packaging including boxes and Monokei cloth
Comes with:
extra PC full plate (brand new)
extra solderable pcb (brand new)
$379 OBO

Montage Keypora - Alpha Keycaps, opened only for photo, $159 OBO

71 NovelKeys Dry Series Black (x2, 2 bags of 71), brand new never used, $13 per bag (like Alpacas and other recolors, retail is $0.55 a switch)
68 NovelKeys Dry Series Red, brand new never used, $12
64 NovelKeys NK Dry Series Yellow, brand new never used, $12
76 clear-top pcb-mount Greetech Browns, brand new never used, $10

Please PM with Paypal email and Paypal zip code. I will update the post when something is no longer available.Mechmarket rules. I can only ship to the address on your PayPal. Prices do not include shipping. Must post in thread before PMing. Prices are firm unless I note OBO.I cannot respond to all PMs. I'm sorry! Not always FCFS, priority to people I know, previous buyers, and those who send a PM with Paypal email and Paypal zip code.Thanks! Will prioritize bundles when possible.
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2023.05.29 23:16 Soft-Percentage8888 Tiny snail ID?

Tiny snail ID?
I’ve noticed these teeny tiny little fellas in my cherry shrimp tank lately. They look like tiny snails to me (even smaller than the newborn shrimplets I have swimming around) so I’m sorry for the bad quality photos.
I have a magenta mystery snail and a red racer nerite in there, and I haven’t seen any snail eggs at all, so I don’t think they are mystery snail babies.
I haven’t added new plants or new anything in ~2 months, so I have absolutely no idea where they would have come from.
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2023.05.29 23:16 Repulsive-Eye8116 Gmail Walpaper without Google Photos

Hey guys, I'm trying to set my University Email walpaper to be of Clone High but, from what I've seem, one of the only ways for me to do this is by adding it to an album in Google Photos, but that's disabled in this google account (my organizer(uni) turned it off)
I saw some people say in other posts that in the "My Photos" tab your profile pictures and your old hangout images show up in that tab. Is there any way around I could use to get my precious Clone High walpaper in Gmail?
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2023.05.29 23:16 pab002 Taskbar glitch while watching videos but not on full screen

Taskbar glitch while watching videos but not on full screen
Hello guys, I have a glitch with my task bar and I don’t know how to fix it. I have read online that chrome and chromium based browsers can trigger the glitch. If any of you know a fix. Thanks
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2023.05.29 23:15 Takis0verHotCheetos Feelin insecure

Hi guys I’m 19M and I got a page on my university’s psychiatry program as a faculty member. (I am a research assistant!) The about me was EXTREMELY nice and highlighted me graduating uni at 19 with my gpa and all that. I posted it on my social medias with the link to the page with a small caption saying how proud I was of myself and how big steps I’m taking. I thought i might get a few congratulations…the opposite. People were just focused on the picture the program reached out to me for that I picked. I don’t take or think I look good in many headshots/photos. It’s a screenshot from a video that I used as my Facebook pfp. It’s clear and has my whole head (so basically a headshot) but has like a Snapchat song in the background? I’m completely fine with it and if the department didn’t like it they would’ve asked for a new one. Well basically I’ve gotten no congratulations which I don’t care about, I posted it not expecting any praising…but did not expect the laughing. Now this big moment has me feeling insecure, but I like the picture, think I look good and really don’t wanna take another one that I feel won’t be as good, and e-mail the department making a huge fuss. Kinda disappointing when I open a snap hoping for a “good job” but it’s “wow couldve picked a diff picture” or something. What do u guys think? Thanks!
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2023.05.29 23:15 JoshAsdvgi The Brother and Sister

The Brother and Sister

The Brother and Sister
The Native American Story of the Brother and Sister
(( This story of the Brother and Sister is featured in the book entitled the Red Indian Fairy Book by Frances Jenkins Olcott published in Boston, New York by Houghton Mifflin Company in 1917 ))
An Arapaho Story

The Story of the Brother and Sister
There were three streams all flowing east, and near them a tribe of Indians was camping.
A brother and sister were playing at a distance from the camp, and a Chief passed by them. The children called him saucy names and he was very angry.
Going to the camp he bade all the people pack up, and move to another camping-ground. Before moving away, the people took the two children who had been saucy to the Chief, and tied them each to a pole.
They leaned the poles against some trees, and leaving the children to die, they took their goods, and went to another place.
Well, the poor children suffered hunger and thirst, and wept bitterly.
At last an old Wolf, the Chief of all the Wolves, saw them, and he said to himself,
"How pitiful these children are!"
Then he cried out to the pack, "Come, all ye Wolves, from all directions!"
In a minute Wolves and Coyotes came running from every part of the Earth, and the old Wolf said to them:—
"I pity these children.
Seize the poles and lower them slowly.
Then chew off the ropes and free the children."
The Wolves and the Coyotes did as he told them to do, and loosed the children.
But when the boy and girl saw all the wild animals running about them, they were terribly frightened, for they thought that they would surely be eaten.
But the old Wolf said:—
"Do not be afraid! Stay with us, and we will care for you."
After that he called four big Wolves from the pack, and said:
"You, Clouded Wolf, who are above all others in daring deeds, provide food for this boy and girl.
White Wolf, I want you also to look for food for them.
Black Coyote, go out and find meat.
And you also, Black Wolf, who are brave and cunning, provide meat for them."
Immediately the four big Wolves ran away, and soon came back laden with the best parts of a Buffalo; and piled all the meat in front of the children.
The brother and sister ate, and were made strong again.
Then the old Wolf told them to go into the timber near by, and live there; and he said that he would stay with them.
It was now Winter.
The boy got together some poles and made a frame for a brush house; while his sister gathered long reeds, and with them thatched the house.
She made a door of brush and sticks, and inside she put brush for two beds.
They then made a nice comfortable bed near the door where the old Wolf might sleep.
When the house was finished, it began to snow.
They all went in, and the old Wolf said,
"I am feeble, and suffer much from cold.
I have no strength, no swiftness, no warmth.
If it were not for your kindness I should be out in the snow.
Therefore I thank you for letting me live with you in this comfortable house."
So that night the Wolf slept by the door, the girl slept on the north side of the house, and the boy at the back.
Well, in the morning the boy was the first to get up to make the fire; and he looked out, and the snow was over all the land.
And what was his surprise to see great herds of Elk near by.
The whole snow was yellow with them as far as he could see.
In the timber, on the banks of the rivers, and everywhere, the Elk were standing, walking, or lying down.
The boy shut the door quickly, and said to his sister, "Get up!
There are herds of Elk close by."
"Why should I get up?" said she; "I can't do anything."
But the boy answered, "Just get up and look at them anyway."
"I can't do anything by looking at them," said she.
"My Grandchild," called the old Wolf, "get up and look at the Elk."
So she rose, and opened the door; and as soon as she looked at an Elk, it fell down dead. Then she gave her brother a flint knife with a bone handle, and he ran out into the snow, and skinned the Elk as easily as if he had always known how to do it.
As soon as he had skinned the animal, he threw its hide into the house, and the girl folded it three times, and sat on it.
Immediately the hide became a soft and beautiful skin, all dressed ready for use.
Then the girl looked at more Elk, and they fell down dead; and the boy skinned them; and so she did until they had thirty-six skins.
They next sliced the meat, and hung it to dry on the trees near the three streams.
After that the girl took some of the thirty-six skins, and piling them one on the other, she sat on them, saying,
"I wish that all these skins may be sewed together for a tent."
And when she got up, and spread them out, they had become a tent with a bird ornament on top, and four round ornaments on the sides, and rattles over the door.
Then the girl said, "I wish for twenty-nine straight tent poles."
And when she went outside, there were the tent poles made of otter-weeds. Soon the tent stood covered, and was very handsome.
Then the girl folded three skins, and sat on them, saying,
"I wish for a wall-hanging embroidered with Porcupine quills of every colour."
And it was so, for when she got up the Elk skins were changed into a beautiful hanging, which she fastened behind her brother's bed.
Then she folded three more skins, and sat on them, and wished for an embroidered hanging for her bed, and she got it.
After that she did the same to more skins, and wished for an embroidered and ornamented blanket, and she gave that to the old Wolf.
Well, after seven days it snowed again, and when the boy got up to make the fire, he looked out and saw the snow over all the land.
And what was his surprise to see great herds of Buffalo near by.
The whole snow was black with them.
He waked his sister, and bade her get up, but she said:
"What can I do? You have broken my sleep. Let me sleep longer."
"My Grandchild," called the old Wolf, "get up and look at the Buffalo."
So she rose, and opened the door, and as soon as she looked at some of the Buffalo, they fell down dead.
The boy skinned the animals, and brought in their hides.
The girl took one, and folded it three times, saying,
"I wish this to become a robe with bird ornaments."
Then it became an embroidered robe, and she gave it to her brother.
Then she took another skin and did the same, saying,
"I wish this to be a painted robe for myself."
And it turned into a robe; and when she spread it out the painting was seen bright and beautiful.
Then she took another skin, and, in the same manner, made it a robe with red and yellow embroidery at the four corners, and eight lines of embroidery across it, and between them black lines painted with charcoal.
This she gave to the old Wolf.
After that she made three pillows for the beds.
On the one for her brother was the picture of an animal embroidered in yellow quills.
The eye was dark with yellow quills around it.
On the throat were a hundred bars of yellow quills.
The ear was a yellow cross of quill-work.
The head was round, and the tail and nose were bars of yellow quills. All around the edge of the pillow were fifty bars of yellow quills.
The pillow for the girl was white, embroidered with an animal made of black and white bars of quill-work; while the pillow for the old Wolf was very beautiful, embroidered with red and yellow quills.
Well, after seven days it snowed again, and when the boy got up in the morning to make the fire, he looked out and saw the snow covering the land.
And what was his surprise to see more herds of Elk near by.
The snow was yellow with them.
He called his sister, and the old Wolf bade her rise and look at the animals, and she did. Immediately some of them fell down dead.
Then as before, the girl folded, and sat on their skins, and wished for a fine hunting-shirt for her brother, embroidered in circles of red and yellow quills, with fringes along the edge, and tufts of long hair hanging between the fringes.
Then she wished for leggings for him, and a pair of moccasins embroidered with birds.
For herself she wished for a woman's dress handsomely embroidered, and with four rows of fringes, also for leggings and moccasins.
As the old Wolf could not wear clothes, she of course did not wish for any garment for him.
Then the boy said, "I wish I could have for a Dog a Panther of yellow colour with white sides."
His sister went outside the tent, and called, "Come, Panther of yellow colour with white sides!"
And immediately the Panther came walking through the timber, slowly twisting his tail.
He entered the tent, and lay down by the boy, and put his head on the boy's knee.
Then the boy said, "I wish you could have for a Dog a Bear with white streaks down his fore legs, and whose claws are white with black streaks."
So his sister went outside the tent, and called,
"Come, Bear with white streaks down your fore legs, and with claws white with black streaks."
And immediately the Bear came pacing through the timber, and sat down at the foot of the girl's bed.
After that the brother and sister lived very happily with the old Wolf, the Panther, and the Bear.
They had plenty to eat, for the dried meat was piled up before the door of the tent, and there was meat still hanging from the trees.
One day two Indians from the tribe that had deserted the children, happened to be hunting by the streams, and they saw the handsome tent in the timber.
They went toward it, and, lo, there were the boy and girl beautifully dressed; while on one side of the tent sat the Panther, and on the other side the Bear, and the old Wolf was lying just in front of the door.
Well, when the animals saw the men, the old Wolf rose up growling, the Panther crouched to spring, and the Bear stiffened his hair.
The men were very much frightened, but the boy told the animals to lie down, and he invited the men into the tent.
The girl bade them be seated, and gave them pemmican in wooden bowls.
Now the men saw the wonderful tent and all its fine furnishings, and they looked at the great pile of dried meat before the door, and said to the children that they would return at once to the tribe, and tell the people to come and see them.
But the girl said that if they came, they must camp down by the streams, and not approach the tent, or the animals would kill them.
So the men went back to the people, and the tribe came to the streams, and made their camp.
And though they could see the beautiful tent in the distance, they dared not approach it for fear of the animals.
But the brother and sister gave some of their meat to the people, and after that the two continued to live happily in their tent, guarded by the faithful old Wolf, the Panther, and the Bear.
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2023.05.29 23:15 fkingyoung_perfect crazy guy ch*ked me out at a party and egged my car part 2

jake still liked me obviously, but i did not. it was all good and he was nice and funny and almost never did anything wrong or made me mad. around october 2022, i developed a trauma bond with him. i told him i didn’t want a relationship with him because i have committment issues. november 2022 it got even worse. the highs were high, but the lows were sooo low. we would argue every single day and he would verbally and emotionally abuse me. he also demanded sexual favors, which i would decline. this would frustrate him, so i made it clear that i didn’t mind if he messed with other girls because we weren’t even dating so he had no reason to be “loyal” to me. of course, he did mess with other girls, but he confessed that it was never fullfilling because the only girl he truly wanted was me. february 2023, we got in a heated argument and out of anger, he revealed that he did in fact have my pic from last year. this obviously enraged me and i almost cut him off again. we took a short break of around 2-3 days before he apologized again. i felt that i was already in too deep, and there were 3 months of school left, so i should just push through and might as well continue using him for rides, food, and gifts. beginning of april 2023, we got in another argument and he said “go get r word by your dad”, referring to my personal trauma (my dad did not r word me btw). friday april 14, 2023, 2 days before my birthday, he dropped me off in the middle of nowhere and almost made me walk to school (not the first time he had done this.) that same day, he told me to come out of class so we could discuss what happened, and i told him i didn’t want to because i didn’t trust him and i didn’t want to get dropped off in the middle of nowhere and have to walk back to school. he told me he would park at school so i had nothing to be afraid of. i agreed to go talk to him as long as he parked at school. i got in his truck and he immediately started driving off campus. i told him to turn around and he said he would but of course, he didn’t. i did what i had to do to avoid getting dropped off far away, so i jumped out of his moving vehicle and walked back to school quickly. it was pretty traumatizing and i had to cover my face in class to hide the fact that i was uncontrollably crying. fast forward to may 26, 2023, i finally got to go to my first party, and jake was there. we were on good terms and actually having a lot of fun. it was a pool party, so i had a bikini on, and lots of guys were coming up at me and hitting on me, which jake very much noticed and was trying to get the guys away from me, despite us not even being in a relationship. towards the end of the party, some guy and i were super drunk and we kissed but i pulled away really quickly. jake witnessed it and you can already imagine how furious he was, which is beyond stupid because not only has he kissed other girls, he has also effed them. he grabbed my arm and dragged me away to a corner away from the party scene while continuously asking me “why the f did you do that”. he pushed me against the wall and began choking me with both hands. i couldn’t breathe. i said “stop choking me i can’t breathe” and thankfully the host’s mom got there quickly and said “what are you doing?” in an angry tone. jake said nothing and let go of me. the host’s dad started yelling at jake in front of everyone and told him to get the f out. i tried to de escalate the situation by saying he only grabbed me, but no one was buying it. i went to jake’s truck with him to talk but we hardly did any talking. he was breathing heavily and taking deep breaths in hopes of calming down. my friends walked over to his truck and told me to get out because they didn’t trust jake. later that night, jake sent a video of him effing another girl in hopes of making me jealous or just to help him feel better (neither of which happpened.) he blocked me on everything and went around saying i kissed a homosexual in hopes of embarrassing me. he and justin messaged my mom via instagram to try to get me grounded or in trouble. in the early hours of may 28, 2023, he came to my house while everyone was asleep and egged my car. he continues to go around spreading lies about me and recruiting people to dislike me and make fun of me. everything he has done to me and almost all our arguments have been about other guys on my social media because he’s so insecure. he has always tried to justify his actions by saying it was a reaction to what i did, or i shouldn’t have made him mad in the first place. he’s mentally ill and takes any opportunity to go all out and release his demons. [today is monday may 29, 2023]
i have emailed his college twice with proof of him being racist, homophobic, having an underage girl’s explicit photo, and entering private property to egg my car. i also texted his mom to tell her to stop her son from coming to my house again. i can handle the harassment, but coming to my house is too far. a few days ago he said he told his stepdad about how i’m going around “lying” about him choking me and how they’re going to take me to court. i’m pretty sure he lied about that though. i’m looking for revenge ideas, so let me know what i should do.
be mindful of who you allow to be in your life and don’t settle for less than what you deserve. be careful and don’t surround yourself with dangerous people
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2023.05.29 23:15 brytahea College Student: Get a 2nd card or hold off and build credit?

I’m a car-less college student who’s fairly frugal, and the bulk of my purchases—and I mean almost all of it—is reserved toward food and drinks from restaurants. I only have the Discover It student card at the moment, which is nice for the quarterly dining 5%. But seeing as that runs dry in a a few days, I was curious whether I should get a second card to maximize the value of my dining purchases?
Outside of restaurants, most of my money is spent on online purchases, retail items (e.g., Target), or movie tickets. Grocery spending is quite sparse, as I have EBT, but I do cook a lot and regional ingredient-suppliers generally don’t accept it.
My Discover FICO is currently at 778, and I’m irrationally fearful that it will drop. So my thoughts of getting a new card right now lay in getting a new card while my score is solid.
I was thinking Capital Savor One for the Dining and Entertainment benefits, as I plan to travel a bit in the post-college years and I think it’d be good to build toward Venture X.
Any thoughts are appreciated.
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2023.05.29 23:15 calighrebhi iii or iiix - seeking recs/opinions

Hey all! I'm looking to get a iii or iiix this year but I am absolutely at a loss to decide which on is best for me.
For background, I'm an amateur film and digital photographer, particularly keen on travel and street photography. I have experience shooting with various Canon DSLRs and little point and shoot 35mm cameras, but my main stay has been and probably always will be a Nikon FE 35mm.
I will be going on honeymoon to Iceland next March/April, so I'd like something that will help me capture landscapes but will also allow me and my partner to take photos together without much facial distortion. We're hoping to travel more frequently in the coming years so I'd like to have a good, small, all-around digital travel camera to capture those memories.
The caveat is that I am originally from South Africa and travel back home frequently. The iiix is appealing with its telephoto accessory to shoot wild game and small flora and fauna. I'm just not sure if it's worth getting and potentially limiting myself in terms of wider angle shots.
All of this is to say, I'm more drawn towards the iii since I'm looking to take a lot of travel photos and I'm up to the challenge of shooting with a 28mm lens. However, the iiix is drawing me in with its telephoto accessories and what I would imagine is lesser facial distortion.
Send help!
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2023.05.29 23:14 ShoddyChemistry234 Aside from taking photos and videos of my tiny Asian feet 👣 - I am into graphic designing too. So the logo is made by yours truly. 🥰 I accept commissions too if you want me to do some designs for you.

Aside from taking photos and videos of my tiny Asian feet 👣 - I am into graphic designing too. So the logo is made by yours truly. 🥰 I accept commissions too if you want me to do some designs for you. submitted by ShoddyChemistry234 to milksfootsiesph [link] [comments]