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This is Team Magma's Hideout Hail Groudon. Hail Maxie. Hail Puffergirl.

2023.06.09 15:36 Interesting_Row_8507 Just won some seeds need help picking the best pack

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2023.06.09 14:16 bemillety 7 Reasons to Include Millets Daily Diet

7 Reasons to Include Millets Daily Diet
Millets, small-seeded grasses grown in the semiarid tropics of Asia and Africa, provide 97% of the world's millet. These grains are nutrient-dense, abundant in fiber, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, and require less soil fertility and water.
Millets have numerous health benefits, including weight loss, blood sugar stability, immunity, cardiovascular disease prevention, blockage of allergies, digestion, and antioxidant properties. Millet is also beneficial for diabetes, weight loss, and heart patients due to its high nutritional content, gluten-free nature, and lower glycemic index.
To know more about foxtail millets and recipes, read Top 7 Reasons to Eat Millets Everyday.
Buy Products:

7 Reasons to Include Millets Daily Diet
Incorporating millet into your diet can help maintain energy levels, lower blood sugar levels, strengthen immunity, block allergies, promote digestion, and help remove pollutants. Millet is also a great option for weight loss, as it can help reduce the BMI of obese people and promote long-term weight loss.
There are several types of millets, including kangni, ragi, bajra, kutki, and other key crop species. Kangni millet is high in protein and complex carbs, regulating blood sugar fluctuations, lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol, and raising good (HDL) cholesterol. Finger millet, also known as ragi, is a healthier cereal option, rich in protein and amino acids, and helps children's growth and brain function. Bajra, or pearl millet, is beneficial for enhancing general health, promoting weight reduction, and managing diabetes.

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2023.06.09 13:25 wanbebd871 Need some advice for fixing my lawn.

So I bought my house early this year, and previously it was occupied by renters who didn’t care too much about lawn maintenance. I have a large variety of weeds throughout the lawn, I live in Georgia, and I have Bermuda grass. I sprayed pesticide earlier this week because I had mole crickets. I plan on spraying 2,4D this weekend for the weeds, and I read that it will also slow the growth of the grass for a bit. I also have moss, so I’ll be applying Scott’s MossEX later as well. My question is, is it bad to apply so many different things so close together? I also have liquid fertilizer that I’m planning on applying once a month. The grass is in 85% of the lawn. I just need it to grow and spread.
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2023.06.09 12:32 unbiasednhuge Scott's fertilizer

Can anybody tell me the real difference between Scott green max, turd builder, turf builder pro fertilizers other than green max having 5% iron? Thanks
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2023.06.09 12:00 AutoModerator Daily r/LawnCare No Stupid Questions Thread

Please use this thread to ask any lawn care questions that you may have. There are no stupid questions. This includes weed, fungus, insect, and grass identification. For help on asking a question, please refer to the "How to Get the Most out of Your Post" section at the top of the sidebar.
Check out the sidebar if you're interested in more information on plant hardiness zones, identifying problems, weed control, fertilizer, establishing grass, and organic methods. Also, you may contact your local Cooperative Extension Service for local info.
How to Get the Most out of Your Post:
Include a photo of the problem. You can upload to for free and it's easy to do. One photo should contain enough information for people to understand the immediate area around the problem (dense shade, extremely sloped, etc.). Other photos should include close-ups of the grass or weed in question: such as this, this, or this. The more photos or context to the situation will help us identify the problem and propose some solutions.
Useful Links:
Guides & Calculators: Measure Your Lawn Make a Property Map Herbicide Application Calculators Fertilizing Lawns Grow From Seed Grow From Sod Organic Lawn Care Other Lawn Calculators
Lawn Pest Control: Weeds & What To Use Common Weeds What's Wrong Here? How To Spray Weeds MSU Weed ID Tool Is This a Weed? Herbicide Types ID Turf Diseases Fungi & Control Options Insects & Control Options
Fertilizing: Fertilizing Lawns How To Spread Granular Fertilizer Natural Lawn Care Fertilizer Calculator
US Cooperative Extension Services: Arkansas - University of Arkansas California - UC Davis Florida - University of Florida Indiana - Purdue University Nebraska - University of Nebraska-Lincoln New Hampshire - The University of New Hampshire New Jersey - Rutgers University New York - Cornell University Ohio - The Ohio State University Oregon - Oregon State University Texas - Texas A&M Vermont - The University of Vermont
Canadian Cooperative Extension Services: Ontario - University of Guelph
Recurring Threads:
Daily No Stupid Questions Thread Mowsday Monday Treatment Tuesday Weed ID Wednesday That Didn't Go Well Thursday Finally Friday: Weekend Lawn Plans Soil Saturday Lawn of the Month Monthly Mower Megathread Monthly Professionals Podium Tri-Annual Thatch Thread Quarterly Seed & Sod Megathread
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2023.06.09 11:12 Far-Macaroon7201 Football Turf Builder in Tamil Nadu

Football Turf Builder in Tamil Nadu
Football Turf Builder in Tamil Nadu - We constructed another Football turf ground in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Meckavo is one of the best artificial football Turf constructors & builders in Tamil Nadu. This artificial turf is installed according to FIFA guidelines. Turf Size: 32m x 19m.
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2023.06.09 10:36 BroMandi [Home Depot] Scotts EZ Patch Lawn Repair for St. Augustine Lawns (85 Sq. Ft) $10.65 w S&S + Free Shipping [Deal: $10.65, Actual: $22.47]

[Home Depot] Scotts EZ Patch Lawn Repair for St. Augustine Lawns (85 Sq. Ft) $10.65 w S&S + Free Shipping [Deal: $10.65, Actual: $22.47] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 09:10 StylishMammoth Bunker-like structure with suspicious sand that generates on beaches

The structure: a multi-room buried structure filled up with sand and suspicious sand. The first room (without all the sand) contains a crafting table, a furnace, a bed, and 1-2 chests with a little bit of loot. Other rooms may include small mineshaft-like tunnels that don't lead anywhere, other workstation blocks, maybe even what appears to have been a farm for some kind of crop. The suspicious sand loot: 6 pottery sherds, an armor trim, a broken relic from the past (that can be repaired by using an anvil and is used to change random tick speed during the night or whatnot), and some junk like coal, stone pickaxes, stone swords, diamonds etc. The chest loot: some food (like steak), some seeds, wooden tools, enchanted books, cobblestone... The lore: one of the remaining ancient builders built this little bunker on the beach to escape the disaster that ultimately killed the ancient builder civilization. The bunker isn't too modern, it's rather built of oak wood, stone bricks, and cobble, since that's what its builder had on their hands.
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2023.06.09 08:47 Desert_Haze_ Ways to avoid having Poa Triv in upcoming renovation

I live in zone 8b. I am a new to lawn care and wanted to renovate my existing lawn in the coming fall.
I was excited about using Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra seed mix (Tall fescue + Perennial Ryegrass + Kentucky Bluegrass) as it looks really good. I read a lot of reviews, videos of people using JGBBU and found there's a high chance some poa trivialis may come into my lawn if I use this mix. As poa trivialis doesn't have any selective herbicide it will be pretty hard to kill it as it comes back every year through stolons.
In order to avoid this I am thinking of using Tall fescue and Ryegrass mix only. As KBG is of poa family, I feel having KBG in the seed mix increases the chance of poa triv in the bag as weed seed.
I was thinking of mixing these two seeds in 70:30 ratio from Jonathan Green and create an ultra mix without KBG.
Let me know if you think this has higher chance to avoid poa triv.
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2023.06.09 08:13 fsurfer4 Good old-fashioned shitposting review on Amazon

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2023.06.09 08:05 samjam110 So my grass was green…

So my grass was green…
All I did was cut my grass super low, throw some manure and over seeded, I then watered for a few days in the evenings (around 8pm) and now a vast majority of my grass is toasted… what happened? And how do I fix it?
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2023.06.09 07:02 Awkward_GM New Player, how it went for me. Looking for mod and config advice

Long story short I didn’t want to drop $30 on a game that’s been out for years. And was happy to find this game.
I did an initial test of the game and found myself in the desert biome. Immediately I started digging a staircase down to find resources which I was not prepared to locate. Realized when night fell that I couldn’t see anything, and since I couldn’t find coal I got lost underground. 😬 Reset. Downloaded some mods for Mobs, Creatures, Villagers, Nether, and Mineshafts.
Wound up in a very cold climate. The area I was in had grass, but a few blocks to the left was snow. Took a half hour to realize there were no Mobs spawning. Eventually I realized the Mod features were turned off by default and got them working. I still felt a bit too safe however. I started using torches to mark my territory and where I’d been. Even making a makeshift lighthouse on an island off of where my base was. And making a bridge full of torches to light my way in case I got lost.
Up until now I had been using random number seeds. This time I just started from 1 and didn’t find a seed I liked till 4 or 5 which was a mountain full of Apple trees and I think a mod I downloaded placed a nice ruin at the top where I took shelter and built up as my base. I downloaded the Stamina Mod and had fun with collecting apples and farming wheat. I also created a mineshaft from my base at the top of the mountain to so far I think 1000 blocks down. I basically started looking for new ores, but so far have only found Iron, Gold, Copper, and Tin aside from coal. I got frustrated at one point and only had my pickaxe, a few apples, and a pile of ladders as I dug straight down (“Oh no……! Splat”).
Couple of issues I’m having that I want to try and mitigate with Mods:
• Need more fun landmarks to find. I tried downloading a Villages and shipwreck mods but they had conflicts with Mods I had installed.
• Traveling from the top of the mine to the levels with gold is about 5-10 mins of holding down shift to go down the ladders. (God forbid I forget an item in a chest at base)
• Traversing steep terrain. The worst example of this was I dug myself into the center of a cavern where I had no idea where the nearest wall was. Eventually I found I could make a wonky bridge with torches attached, but I feel like I was doing this inefficiently.
• None of the villagetraders have been spawning. Though maybe I have to find them in a way I am unfamiliar with?
• More ruin or exploratory mods that give cool stuff to find. Especially while mining as right now I’m just finding featureless caverns.
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2023.06.09 06:31 Jmeisalive Snacc Attacc DIY Pet-grass info

Snacc Attacc DIY Pet-grass info
The one and only Goodest Good Boy, Mr.Bonbon, enjoying some fresh wheatgrass.
Snack time is serious business round' here... ;)
>>Btw, its really easy to grow wheatgrass yourself- and waaaay cheaper to diy.
I usually buy my seeds in bulk off Amazon. Just search "organic wheatgrass seeds" and you'll have a ton to pick from. Typically I choose whatever is cheapest/on sale. Seems like most small domesticated pets like snacking on it, including dogs. Cats like it so much one of its colloquial names is "cat-grass". Soak your seeds overnight in water, then plant in well drained soil the net day.
A 5-10 lb bag of wheatgrass seeds typically costs the about the same as a tiny pre-grown pot you'll find for sale at the local pet supply.
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2023.06.09 06:24 Ralfop SEED SPRAY KETTLE Help you to grow grass anywhere if you use Seed Spray Kettle. Repair dry spots, dog spots, high flow areas and shadows. Achieve and maintain a lush looking lawn is not difficult. Each kit will relocate a 100-foot square area, or 200 points, and contain: spray head,

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2023.06.09 05:44 horns24717 Grass Over Removed Tree

Grass Over Removed Tree
I recently had a tree cut down and I have significant wood chips/saw dust in the area. Should I try to sweep this up before planting new grass seed or will it be fine in the soil as is?
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2023.06.09 05:30 celekst why is it so hard to find a litter that won't damage my cats health or paws?

PLEASE help ease my woes.
I've had my furry guy for 3 yrs (first time cat owner) and it's apparent that everything I hearead/watch regarding what's best for a cat's health can be instantly contradicted. Whether it's dry food vs wet food, water fountains vs water bowls, plastic vs "steel" litter boxes, or clay litter vs sustainable litter. I could scream.
I know cats are unique creatures and vary on preferences and needs, but I come here today to reach into the reddit abyss and hope that someone can offer up some decent recommendations regarding cat litter.
I'm currently using So Phresh Fragrance Free Cat Litter from Petco. I was recommended this by a friend and have since realized it's not good at all. Biggest concern is clay dust. I now know that no clay based cat litter is entirely dust free, so transitioning away seems like the only option. I don't want him breathing that in and he's a fluffy boy so consuming while grooming is VERY concerning. I'm also entirely against silica crystals because silica dust is just as bad (worse?) than clay dust.
I was about to commit to transitioning to pine pellets, but I just can't look past it hurting his paws. So the first questions I'll ask - is there any way to make the pellets softer to the touch? Are there other alternatives to clay/cystals you'd recommend? My biggest concerns with sustainable litters (tofu, grass seed, corn) is it seems like a trend for cats to eat them, and they also are more likely to cause UTIs, or mold growth. And I hear walnut litter causes allergies and is not dust free at all, so what's the point in that?
Before anyone says it - yes, we've tried Jackson Galaxy endorsed "Sustainably Yours." Besides tracking being horrible (LITTERally everywhere, more ended up outside of the box than inside), the real hang up is that even though I would spend all my money on my cat if I could, the price is just not feasible. So other comparable options are welcomed.
Tl;dr: biggest concern is my cat's health (no dust, unscented, doesn't cause UTIs or allergies) and paw comfort (not sold on pine pellets for this reason). Price is the last factor, but if it comes down to it, I'll spend as much as I have to. Idc about making things easier for me. My cat brings me endless comfort and joy and I just want to do the same for him. Ty.
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2023.06.09 04:18 Apart-Fun7133 Why is the answer J in this passage

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2023.06.09 04:07 Red_rover14 Question: If God says not to follow Astrology, then why is it that it seems so strangely accurate?

First, I (27F) would like to provide some context to explain my line of thinking. I've been dwelling on this question for a while now. I could also use some advice on my current situation, which will soon be explained.
I'm a reborn Christian as of 2020. Before I became a Christian, I was really into Astrology - and I'm not talking the daily horoscope sort of Astrology, those tend to be inaccurate. Im talking the in-depth Astrology, where you know what planets are in whichever constellation at the time/place of your birth. I got into that to the point where I even knew my birth chart pretty much by heart, and even would find out about and analyze the birth charts of other people like friends or family. The main reason I got into Astrology is because it was really accurate, often so accurate that it was scary. In depth analyses of birth charts could even pinpoint the types of relationships and jobs you could have, which I found helpful and interesting. It even got to a point where I would determine if I could get along with someone based on their planet alignments, and it was usually pretty spot on.
Around this time too, I got into a relationship with someone. Let's call him Scott (26m). I did a compatibility analysis on both his birth chart and mine and saw that we were really compatible. But in one of their house alignments, which is about love and marriage, it had said that their potential life partner would be someone whom they worked with or who worked in a similar career. This stood out to me, and will get to that in a bit.
Flash forward a year, some life changing things happened and I became a Christian. I stopped with the Astrology and other New Age beliefs. I ended up breaking up with Scott because they were atheist and I wanted to follow God. But I was still young in my faith, and I never could fully let him go in my heart. So 6 months later, we got back together. I got distant from God because I was sinning with Scott, but I still believed and kept away from Astrology. I often prayed for God to bless our relationship. Then about a year later, Scott was feeling lost in his life. He hated his current job and wanted a change in career. He prayed for the first time and was blessed with a new job! So it seemed like he was becoming a believer too. I was so happy and thought maybe it meant that our relationship could progress into a Godly marriage.
But then, after a few months into his job, Scott asked for us to "take a break" so that he could "figure his life out". I believe this is true still, because even with his new job, he still wasn't sure about what he wanted out of life. But that was only part of the truth. I agreed to the break, and I even offered that we could see other people, because he also mentioned that he wasnt 100% sure about our relationship. I said this though with the hope that he would still choose me in the end.
A few days into the break, I had a hunch something was off. Eventually I got him to confess that the other part of him wanting a break was that he wanted to try to date one of his new coworkers. I had no clue about this other girl and it was obvious that he kept it from me because he also loved me, and didnt want to lose me or hurt me. I wasnt about to be put on the back burner, so I broke up with him and went no-contact, partly because the heartbreak was too much and I also wanted to see if my absence would make him regret his decision.
A few months later, I saw on his Facebook that he had discreetly (as in it wasn't posted to his feed) changed his relationship status to 'in a relationship' with that coworker, and it apparently happened just a week after our breakup. This broke me even more. Out of curiosity, i checked her profile, found her birth date, and saw that she had a zodiac sign that is supposedly extremely compatible with his, even more than ours. Now it's been over 6 months, and they're still together. Ive since leaned on God and grown closer to Him, but I'm still hurting. And I know that there is a lesson in this, that I'm supposed to let Scott go in my heart, but I have a hard time doing so. There were other things that Scott had done in the past that hurt me, but none like this. It just doesn't seem fair at all to me that he could treat me the way he did by lying to me about the coworker, and that he could move on so fast. I've come to terms with the fact that perhaps he isn't the one God has for me, that my purpose in our relationship was just to plant the seed that would help bring him to Christ. But as terrible as it sounds, I pray that they end up breaking up, because of the fact that it doesn't seem fair for their relationship to work out.
And I also remember that birth chart, and how it said that Scott would marry someone "who works in a similar career". And how it seems like they're perfect for each other, based on their zodiac signs and other things. It frustrates me that Astrology has been right, because God doesn't want us to follow it! I asked God about this but still haven't found a clear answer. So I figured I'd ask here: If God is in control and the things that happen are not ordained by the stars and planets, then why is Astrology so strangely accurate?
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2023.06.09 03:50 TheOriginalJatch New home owner

New home owner
Hello all! First time home owner and attempt at lawn care.
We are located in zone 4B southern mn. Our property is 10,000 sq ft and 99% clay. It is a new build with kbg sod laid in Oct. 2021. I installed an irrigation system and have aerated once last October. Lastly, the only product that has been on my lawn is Scotts Built for Seeding.
I wanted to ask for some opinions in here. I have a few problem spots that seem very dry compared to the other sections and browning. They are creeping in from the neighbor’s (see photos) and one spot directly next to the concrete. How can I tell if this is fungus? Does fungus dry out areas? I just ran irrigation a few minutes ago to ensure these spots were hit and they indeed were.
Any suggestions are welcome and attached is the soil test I just received back today. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.09 03:39 richi-carmen Just how to get animal food processing device?

Just how to get animal food processing device?
How to purchase animal food processing device? If the pet feed maker utilized for fish feed production or grass animals feed manufacturing, is it feasible?
1. Exactly how to buy animal food processing maker for fish feed?
( 1) Select the power of the pellet feeder according to the amount of bait. Generally, a fish pond of 0.33-0 .66 hectares (5-10 acre) has a day-to-day feeding amount of about 120 kg, and also a animal food handling device with a power of concerning 1 kg can be purchased; for a fish pond of 0.66-3 .3 hectares, the day-to-day feeding amount is about 120-160 kg, the animal food processing machine with a power of concerning 1-2 kg can be bought; for a fish pond of 3.3-6 .6 hectares, the day-to-day feeding amount has to do with 600-1200 kg, and also a pellet feed machine with a power of 2-4 kg can be bought.
( 2) Select the specifications of the pellet feeder according to the reproducing large-scale farming. For fish ponds with a large proportion of bottom fish, you can pick a tough pellet animal food processing machine or a soft pellet feed device. Tiny multifunctional animal food processing maker? as well as crushing sieve powder machine can be utilized in fish ponds for increasing fry to acquire feed of different requirements.
Related post: pig feed making machine
( 3) Take notice of inspection when buying. The finishing of the casing need to be entirely smooth, without issues such as fractures, peeling, blistering, and so on; the transmission ought to not leak oil; the mechanical transmission parts need to be geared up with security tools as well as overload defense gadgets, and have appealing lubrication, procedure, turning, safety and security indications; Firmware shall not be loose; each modification manage and also handwheel will be flexible, light and also dependable; electric components will be in great get in touch with, with trusted insulation as well as no leak.
( 4) Power on for 3-5 mins, observe whether the procedure is secure, whether there is irregular shock, resonance as well as heating, as well as whether the tip of the ammeter as well as voltmeter are typical.
( 5) Finally, do not forget to request for item certification, instruction manual, sales billing, etc 2. How to start the animal food handling machine?
① Prepare to begin:
Before the animal feed pellet making equipment driver is ready to begin, it is required to verify the material storage space of each material storage facility and the residual circumstance of each procedure, recognize the maker status and also manufacturing schedule, open each steam catch for concerning two minutes, release the compressed water in the steam, make the Startup is smoother.
② Beginning the animal food handling machine:
When the primary device button is pushed, the animal food processing equipment starts to run, however currently the granulator has not actually started, so it is difficult to powder or add oil to clean the mold and mildew. After the star-delta conversion of the primary motor of the animal food handling equipment, after the ammeter reveals that the current is regular, some grease products ought to be put in first, and the animal feed pellet making maker ring die need to be washed for about two minutes to heat up the ring die.
Related post: animal feed pellet machine manufacturers
At the start of feeding, the feeding quantity need to not exceed 20% of the production capacity of the granulator, to prevent the animal food handling machine from instantly feeding way too much, too much adverse feeding, as well as abrupt boost in tons, triggering blockage or devices damage.
When the material top quality is readjusted, it can be swiftly grouped, as well as can be spread after loosening. At this time, the feeding door is closed for granulation. Observe whether the current of the major device is steady, as well as readjust the feed amount as well as vapor enhancement amount according to the manufacturing performance and present load of the animal food handling equipment
The amount of feed need to be slowly adjusted from reduced rate to high speed, as well as the amount of heavy steam added need to be readjusted according to the dry moisture of the material. The animal food processing equipment ought to avoid overload, which is simple to create ring die rupture and damage to the granulator. Do not be careless when utilizing new molds till the brand-new mold and mildews are at their maximum ability.
3. Handling grass pellets with animal food processing equipment.
( 1) The benefits of yard pellets
① The growth as well as application of feed is considerably influenced by the period. In wintertime, the forage lawn is withered as well as yellow, with little nourishment, as well as the livestock absence yard; in the cozy season, the forage grass grows intensely and is rich in nutrients, and numerous livestock can not eat it. As a result, in order to advertise staminas as well as prevent weaknesses, and also make complete use warm-season forages, livestock as well as pet can be fed in winter months.
② high feed conversion rate. Feed animals and also animal with grass pellets in winter to make use of less meat. milk. Feed volume is small. The pellets are only about 1/4 of the volume of the raw hay, which is convenient for storage as well as transportation, and less dirt is beneficial to the health of humans and animals.
③ Boost palatability and also improve feed top quality. If the grass stream has the special smell of coumarin, the livestock will not such as the food a little bit, yet after making yard pellets, they become tasty as well as high dietary value feed.
④ Broaden feed sources. Such as golden pheasant, excellent quinoa, sheep firewood and so on. Their branches are thick and difficult, which are smashed and refined into lawn pellets, which end up being the livestock's favored feed. Others are refined right into turf pellets, such as byproducts of plants. Coverings, straws and also numerous, can be used to feed livestock and animal.
( 2) Turf processing technology
① The most critical technology for handling turf granules is to readjust the wetness material of the raw materials. First, the moisture material of the raw material have to be gauged, and afterwards the water is blended to the dampness web content needed for processing. According to the decision, the optimum water content is 14% ~ 16%; the forage yard is 13% ~ 15%.
② animal food processing equipments are normally made use of to process grass pellets. Lawn flour is influenced by stirring and pressing throughout rolling. Under normal scenarios, the temperature of the pellets simply coming out of the screen will reach about 80, and also the water web content will generally decrease by 3% ~ 5% from heat cooling to space temperature, so the water material of the cooled yard pellets will certainly not surpass 11% ~ 13%. Suitable for storage as a result of low tide web content. Turf pellets with various nutrients can be prepared according to the nutritional demands of different pet. Its pellet dimension can be adjusted and processed as needed.
③ Structure as well as impact of pellet feed
In order to produce different animals and also pet with feed, boost the use price of feed. Turf powder (green hay. Crop straw) 55% to 60%. Concentrates (corn, sorghum, oats, bran, etc) 35% to 40%. Minerals and Vitamins 3%. 1% urea comprises compound feed, which is pushed by pellet feed pellet equipment.
Throughout the pressing process, include 17 kg of water as well as 100 ml of formaldehyde fluid concentration to 37% per 100 kg to boost its nutrition and also digestibility. According to the experiment, 8-month-old lambs were fattened with pellet feed for 50 days, with an ordinary everyday weight gain of 190 grams, and 6.4 kgs of feed was consumed for each gain of 1 kg. Ruminant pellet feed made by animal food processing device is a practical way to advertise the growth of aquaculture in pastoral as well as farming areas.

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2023.06.09 03:18 Saltybagul Stubborn Lawn

Stubborn Lawn
Zone 3a. I’ve been battling this lawn for a couple years now. Weeds aren’t a problem and we do get the lawn fertilizer through a company. This year we dethatched, aerated and over seeded in the spring.
For a couple years now, we have little white moths (and their super annoying little babies) and besides doing BTK treatment, our best bet is making the lawn healthy enough that they can’t survive.
Ive pulled the roots, and the grass isn’t coming up where it’s green. Another problem that popped up after winter is there seems to be low spots in the lawn/it’s lumpy, but no evidence of rodents.
  1. I want to level my lawn, and this sub has taught me to use sand. When’s the best time for this?
  2. Should I put down something for the grubs (just in case they’re there)? If so, what should I use and when?
  3. What can I do in the fall to start next year with a BANG?
Thank you for reading this far!
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2023.06.09 03:14 ziomus90 New seed and sod. Does it go dormant in the summer / do I water less?

Newly seeded back yard with sod in the front. Most of my grass is green but some brown spots are beginning to show. Is that an indication that it's going dormant? Should i water less, or maintain the suggested watering schedule (as per sticky)?
Few posts i found here also suggested to stop watering during high temperatures all together and resume in August when things cool down.
Cool season grass. Zone 5b.
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