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Many brothers lived together, very many.
From there these many people could hear women ; for two very pretty women lived beyond there, and thither in the northwest this lot of people were going to go courting, they say.
Two very pretty women lived there, Wild-Parsnip's brother's daughters.
Now, on top of this mountain were the Mountain-Tossing people.
A man, listening to those women, would not be able to reach to the top, it is said.
"You must go up over, and do the best you can there," they said.
So a man started off, after having packed up some food.
Going along, he camped close by a spring at the base of the mountain.
In the morning he went up; and as he went, when he was halfway to the top, he was killed.
"That man will not return.
I shall go and take a look at that dangerous country there," said one of the brothers who was going after him.
"All right!" they said.
"Look out! Go ahead!" said the oldest man.
"You shall say, 'I will tell you carefully when I shall come back,'" he said.
"Then, on whatever night you name, we shall look for you," he said. Then the other said, "All right! All my brothers may not, indeed, have crossed over that mountain.
So, following them, I shall arrive, if alive, after seven days are passed; but if dead, I shall be later than that night.
'He is dead,' that ye shall say of me," he said.
Then he went away, kept travelling until, having arrived at the spring where there was a hut, he camped.
In the morning, after having breakfasted, he went up; and going up, when he was halfway there, he saw where his brother had been killed.
Still he continued on, going upwards; and when he was almost at the top, he was killed.
Now, the many people here in the house watched; kept watching until that day had passed that he had told them,
"I shall return then."
"To-night he will return," they said, and watched.
Then, when that day was over and he was not come, "Well, he is dead," they said.
Then Atatim-Man said, "I will go myself.
Do ye remain here.
"--"All right," they said. In the morning he spoke to them, saying, "Where I am going, I can conquer any kind of a man.
I shall go," he said.
"My people, ye must not watch for me there.
I shall return on the day I wish to, when he has failed to conquer me," he said.
Then he dressed himself, put on a fine netted cap, put on new beads, and feather plume-sticks and bands, and stuck down upon his head.
"Now," he said, "I am going! Ye must stay;" and he went off.
Travelling along, he camped at the camping-place.
By and by, in the morning after he had slept, he awoke, and, having finished breakfast, he went up.
He sang; and when he had gone a little ways from the fireplace, he sang, swinging his body from side to side.
He kept on singing, turning first in one direction, then in another.
Now, Coyote heard him from somewhere this side of the mountain.
"Ah! I wonder what that may be!" he said.
"Well, well! It sounds very pretty. I'll go and see," he said, and trotted off towards it.
He came halfway to where the man was singing.
"Halloo!" he said. "In another's country shall I sing, looking down; in another's country I shall sing, looking about," he said.
Coyote said, "Well, my cousin! you sing very prettily.
What country are you going to? Tell me truly where you are going."
Atatim-Man remained sitting on top of a rock.
Coyote, standing around, talked to him.
By and by Atatim-Man spoke.
"I am not doing anything," he said. "Recently, a while ago, two of my brothers were travelling in this country; and since they did not return, I am looking for them.
What is the matter,"
Then Coyote spoke.
"Who is following you, going with you?" he said.
"If you go alone, people will see and talk about you."
Then Atatim-Man said, "I am alone. You stay here!" telling Coyote to remain where he was. But Coyote shook his head.
"No," said he.
"Why do you go alone? I will go with you, my cousin.
I am one who may talk with many chiefs.
In going where there are many people, it is sufficient if you go two together.
If you go alone, no one will see and talk about you; but if this man has a chief with him, a good man, then all the women as well as the men will be talking about you," he said.
"I shall go there.
I shall follow you," he said.
"Very well! If you wish to go, you may go.
In going, you must seize hold of my belt, on both sides."
Now, when the sun had risen but a little ways, they went up.
A little distance up, Atatim-Man said, "Now seize hold of my belt! and, by shutting your eyes, you shall reach the top.
Only when you reach the top may you open your eyes.
You must not open your eyes.
"--"Very well!' said Coyote, "I will not open my eyes.
By going along with my eyes shut, I shall reach the top."
So, without his opening his eyes, the two went on up.
(Coyote) walked along with his eyes shut; and, going on, they had nearly reached the top when he said, "I wonder why he tells me to shut my eyes! Huh! I guess, if I open my eyes, I shall not die! Why, when he has his eyes open, should I go keeping them shut?
It will be well if both of us are looking about.
I, too, want to see something," said Coyote.
He thought thus to himself: "If he looks back to see if my eyes are still shut, I'll say, 'My eyes are still shut.'"
That is what he thought as he went along.
He opened his eyes; and just then, when they were almost at the top, something just touched him as it went past.
He wanted to see it very much.
"What kind of people can they be?" he said.
So he opened his eyes a very little, looking about.
Before he had seen anything, without giving him a chance to see anything, they seized him, carried him off, and killed him.
(Atatim-Man), without looking back there, went on; kept travelling and travelling until he reached a place where there was a house.
The house lay on the other side of a river, they say; and when he got there, he camped.
In the morning, having arisen, he sang, kept singing, until after a time he spoke, saying, "Do ye give me a canoe."
Then he went on singing.
Then Wild-Parsnip-Man said, "Do ye take over a canoe."
So two men went down to the canoe, and, having reached it, they crossed over.
"I did not call ye two," said Atatim-Man.
So they went back again; and when they had reached the other side, they went up to the house.
"'I did not call ye two,' he said to us," said they.
Wild-Parsnip-Man said,
"He is a man of great power.
Understand that well.
Do ye two take the canoe over."
Then two women went down, and, having reached the canoe, crossed over with it.
"I did not call ye," he said, and they went back.
Having crossed over, they went up to the house.
"'I did not call ye two,' he said to us," they said.
"He is a powerful man," said (Wild-Parsnip-Man).
"Do ye two do the best ye can.
Be careful! Do ye two take the canoe over again."
Then two middle-aged men went down, and, having reached the canoe, took it across. When they had reached the other side, "Did I call ye? I certainly did not call ye two," he said. So they went back; and, having got across, they went up to the house.
"'I certainly did not call ye two,' he said to us," said they.
Then Wild-Parsnip-Man said, "Well, he is a powerful man.
Ye must do the best ye can and survive.
Do ye two take the canoe over.
So two middle-aged women, having gone down to the canoe, went across.
When they had reached the other side, he said, "Did I call ye two?
I certainly did not call ye." So crossing back again, when they reached the other side, they went up to the house.
"'I certainly did not call ye two,' he said to us," they said.
"Well," said Wild-Parsnip-Man, "Ye two perhaps, ye two crawl out there."
Then those two beautiful women, who rarely went out or about, they, having crawled out, took the canoe over.
Now, Atatim-Man sang, turning his body from side to side.
He sang quite loud.
The two women, arriving at the canoe, took it over; and when they got there, he said, "All right! It was ye that I was calling."
He got into the canoe, and they, taking him across, when they reached the other side, went up to the house and went in.
Then the two women, having prepared good food, gave him something to eat; and when he had finished eating, he remained there.
Atatim-Man married the two women.
After a few days he went away, and returned with those two women.
They kept travelling; and reaching the top of the mountain, when they walked down the other side, they found Coyote lying there, nothing but bones.
Those who killed people did not trouble them if they were returning; but those who were going, who were climbing up that mountain, they overcame.
So Atatim-Man was a very strong man, they say.
Being stronger than that other kind of people, he conquered them and went on.
He journeyed on still with the two women.
Having picked up Coyote's bones, they carried them along.
He saw his brother.
He lay there, nothing but bones; and, gathering them up, he went on down.
Halfway down there was another lying there.
So, gathering up the bones, he went on.
They kept travelling until they came to the spring, and there they camped.
After they had eaten supper, they slept.
In the morning, waking up, after they had breakfasted and finished eating, they went on.
Going up to the spring, they put Coyote in it.
Then they continued on; and when they had returned, they took the bones of the brothers that they had carried, and put them at night into the water.
In the morning they came out from the water, and came to the house.
And then they all remained there, in those olden times.
Now Coyote, waking up in the morning in that spring, looked about him.
"I wonder if my cousin has left me behind!" he said.
"He left me when I had been asleep a little while.
Yesterday morning my cousin went off.
Well, I wonder where all my cousins live! I'll go and see.
Going hither and thither, from east to west, I will make a circuit around," he said.
He pointed about as he spoke, they say.
He was all alone; and when he started off, he came in this direction, kept travelling, and at length heard a man who was carrying something in a buckskin sack, tied up tightly.
"Well, I wonder who it is! He is a big man, a man as large as I am," he said.
"I will ask him to fight," he said, and, so thinking as he went toward him, they met.
"Halloo!" said Coyote, "where are you going? My! You are a very great man, my cousin!
My cousin, let us fight! We are exactly the same size."
Then the other replied, "No, I am tired, I am not strong enough to fight.
I have come a long distance, I am going that way."--"What are you carrying," said Coyote. "Let me look!'--"No," said the other, "I shall not show it to you.
It is something bad."--"What kind of a bad thing?" said Coyote.
"I want to see what it is. Let me look!"
"No, it is magically powerful," he said. "You had better tell me.
If you tell me everything, I will let you go, you may go on your way, and I will not trouble you," said Coyote.
Then the other man spoke.
"I have come from afar to this country, for I do not like to see these bad winds blowing about.
The Wind-Man is a bad man, one who carries much sickness; and if he blows upon mortal men, they will be very ill.
So I was going to stop this Wind-Man.
The Wind-Man carries many weaknesses, he carries many coughs and colds, carries many sicknesses of all kinds.
The Wind-Man carries very cold winds; and when they begin to blow in this country, mortal men can hardly see the ground.
That is the kind he is.
I do not want to see him do that way.
The Wind-Man carries great sickness.
For him to blow upon mortal men made me feel sorry.
I am carrying off that very powerful man, and shall not let you see him."
So said the man who had the winds.
"So, there afar off, travelling about from the ends of the earth, I have been going, carrying them in a sack.
All kinds of Wind people--North-Wind-Man, Whirlwind-Man--all kinds of Wind people I have been catching.
Travelling over this world continually, going for very many days, a great many days I have gone all around the world, hunting.
And so, catching them and tying them up; seeing another in another country, and tying him up; going from there to another land, and seeing another there and tying him up,--that is the way I have been doing.
Going all over the world, hunting for them, I have not missed one; have been catching all kinds of Wind people.
I think I have caught them all, and carried them away," said he.
"I think I have caught every one, and now I am carrying them off.
And making them stay in my country, keeping them there, then this world, wherever one goes, all over the world, wherever the world extends, the country will be good," he said. Now, there I tell you the truth," he said.
Coyote, saying nothing, listened, kept listening until the other had finished speaking.
"All right!" said he. "That is good.
I think if you gave me a little, if I also had some, I think I could be very good.
It will be a good thing for two persons to own them.
My cousin, you had better give me some.
I am a chief. I shall be very careful if I have some of them."
So said Coyote.
Then the man who had the winds refused.
"No, it would be a bad thing," said he. "Mortal men in this country, in all countries, will feel bad at having this pestilential wind blow on them.
When, preparing their food, mortal men eat, then the whirlwind, blowing up, makes the dust rise, blowing it into the food.
That will be very bad. I do not want to see that.
I want this world to be good," said the man having the winds, not wishing to give any to Coyote.
After Coyote had staid there without speaking, after he had listened, and when the other had finished speaking, then, after a while, he spoke up.
"That is good," he said. "You think rightly. I, like you, am a man who wishes well.
In the many countries I go through they call me a good man.
I think nothing but what is good.
And as I go about through this world, many men and many women speak of me as a good man, a great chief.
Give me that. I am like you, and shall be a good man if I have it," said Coyote.
Then the other man stood up without saying anything; and when he had stood for a while, he spoke.
"What I say to you, you must believe.
I said to you I would not give you any.
I told you I would not give any.
Many days again going, for many days travelling, I shall carry off what I have caught.
In this same country, if it starts to blow, if it blows in this country, it makes the dust fly in this country, throwing about little twigs of all kinds, as if angry.
I don't want to see quantities of all kinds of rubbish made to move about.
So, carrying it off away from this country, it will be made a good country.
That is why I shall go away," he said.
"I shall not let that loose here," said the man who had the wind.
Then Coyote, after he had listened for a while, spoke.
"I am not an outsider, a stranger, who asks you to give.
Many men do not address you with good talk.
So I ask you, my cousin, my good cousin.
I myself have been thinking of you for many days.
I wonder who has talked to you, saying good things! I am a good man, my cousin.
I have been thinking only of you.
Give me that. You had better give it to me," he said.
Then the other, not saying anything, thought, and he got angry.
Meanwhile Coyote still listened; and when he did not answer, Coyote spoke still again.
"Did you hear? If you hear what I say, you will give it to me.
Don't you wish any kind of people, even your brothers, to own a little with you?
We are brothers and cousins together, not strangers.
It will be better if all sorts of things are owned by one good man rather than by many persons.
So, not knowing me, and considering me a stranger, you did not give it to me.
I guess you never saw me," he said.
"Long ago I was in your country, when I was small.
My father went there to make friends with your father.
When he was there, I knew you as a child.
So you do not know me.
I have been thinking of you, but you do not know me."
Meanwhile the other listened, saying nothing.
Coyote spoke, they say; and after the other remained for a time without saying anything, he replied, "All right! I will divide with you, and give you half.
Carry it away out of this world, and take good care of it as you go.
You must do that way if you want to have it.
You must not open and examine it in the middle of this world.
Don't do that! Don't untie the bag, except when you have carried it out of this country!
For in whatever country you put it, there make it stay, make it stay there certainly.
Only there you may open it.
There you will make it remain," he said.
"All right! I shall do so," said Coyote.
"I shall not open it.
I will carry it far away.
There having carried it to my country, there only will I open it.
You said you were taking it to your country.
I say I shall take it also to my country," said Coyote.
The man who had the wind was very unwilling to give it; but, not being able to help himself, he gave it when he was beaten.
When Coyote told him to give him half, he refused, and gave him only a little.
After he had given it to him, he said, "Well, go! I also am going."
Then the man who had the wind, starting on, went off.
And Coyote started and came on hither.
Having come a little ways, he looked back.
"I wonder what there is to be afraid of! It would be well if I look, I think. I'll untie it, And peek in," he thought.
So again he looked back, standing up; he looked all around, then sat down, kneeling.
Then he untied it, but held it tight as he did so.
When he had all untied it, he let go.
When he let go, rushing out with a whistling noise, the wind carried him up to the sky.
After a while he fell down, but only as bones, for the flesh was all gone.
So Coyote died.
Then the wind, blowing, knocked down many trees as it went.
The Wind-Man, they say, is going in the same way still.
Always the wind, as it goes along, throws down the Tree people.
Long ago it was when he let the Wind-Man go; and he has been going about and blowing ever since, it is said.
That is the way that Coyote made the world evil.
And therefor, they say, this Wind-Man exists in this world.
Meanwhile the other man, he who had the wind, went off.
He kept going toward the country whence he had set out, and, having reached it, let the wind go there.
And in that country, they say, the wind was only a little strong.
And the man remained there in the long ago.
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2023.06.05 05:21 SplatoonOrSky Anyone know the quest for the wagon scene from the final trailer?

It’s been bugging me recently. If you don’t count Koroks I’m basically almost at the endgame here but I remembered a scene from the trailer where a horse is carrying a wagon of people somewhere seemingly near the Great Plateau. They don’t look like the Stable Trotters. Is there another quest I’m missing?
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2023.06.05 05:20 Severe_Plant_humper I just joined--here is my work.

I write into coves of intimacy. Sure, sometimes it is convoluted, but I write for only feeling with no remorse, and with no editing --other than minor infractions. (Not infarctions, that's your heart).
I guess I am here to ask -- What have you (as writers) accomplished alone, without notoriety, and without people paying attention to you? Where do you find solace? How do you continue writing -- without anyone ever seeing? What drives you? Is it something you are nearly nihilistic for? Is it something you do for a stress relief? What exactly makes you write?

Please tell me. I would love to hear.
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2023.06.05 05:20 reddkolka Mediocre frames on good PC?

Long story short: came back to GW2, my frames are well below what they used to be after the DX11 releases.
CPU: Ryzen 7 5700X boosted to 4.65 GHz GPU: Radeon RX 6700 XT RAM: 48 GB, 3600 MHz, CL16 Nothing utilized well enough according to perfomance monitoring.
Max. settings atm. on 2560x1080 resolution with Character Limit and Quality both low give me around 73-75 FPS near the main, bank area in Lion's Arch, which is really bad as it's before my heavy GShade presets are even factored in. Back when I left GW2 I wouldn't drop below 75 FPS in Lion's Arch on my packed presets.
Thank you in advance for pointing me out to whatever I'm missing rn.
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2023.06.05 05:20 NovaDarkwood Today I Learned...

That a word ive been using (thankfully not in school or near to many people) is a very vulgar word.
I didnt know it was such a harsh word until a 40 year old blonde women yelled at me for it.
I dont understand WHY its so bad though- its just another term for female genitalia?
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2023.06.05 05:19 sybar142857 What's a safe cheap area to rent for a single person with a cat?

Some context: I'm a single guy with a cat looking to move to Bangalore to take a break from my career. I don't drink or party or have a large social circle so I'm not looking to live in expensive places with a large amount of night-life. Since I'm not moving there for work, I don't need to live near the equally expensive office-centric areas of the city as well. I prefer to keep to myself and stay at home most of the time.
What I'm looking for is a 1BHK/1RK in a safe community with basic amenities like clean water and fairly reliable electricity where I can live a quiet life in peace with my cat. A fairly modern metropolitan community would be great too but I feel like I might be asking for too much.
Can I accomplish this under a rent of ₹25k? If so, which places in Bangalore are ideal?
If not, how do I alter my expectations?
I'd appreciate any help you can provide me. Thank you.
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2023.06.05 05:19 awakened_celestial The red sun part 3

Two nights ago. I was playing a game in some sort of shopping container with a bunch of people and a friend. Kinda like a tower defense but defending a finish line. I chose a wrong character, friend got mad, I sat out. I was bored. I turned around to look at the city behind me. It was very cloudy, the whole city was covered by deep brown thick clouds. One area in particular stood out to me. It was a circular cloud. Dark red in color. There was a ring around it, equally red in color. I was confused as to why it was there and why it was different. I tapped a girl on the legs and pointed to it. She was equally confused and kinda scared. She called out to the others. They all saw it. By the time we realized what it was, it was too late. I’m only two seconds, I had two thoughts. Regret. I regretted how I spent my life and that I didn’t make the most of it. That lasted a second. The second thought. Complete peace. I was no longer afraid of death. I’ve come to respect it and accept it. The blast came near. I let go. It hit. it felt so real. It was finally over. No more pain, no more suffering. I was finally free from this world. Then I woke up. In a pool of sweat and almost a heart attack. I looked back on it, the night before, I dreamed of an angel. I fell in love and expressed my feelings to her. I’ve never done that in a dream before. I think the true meaning of the red sun that I’ve been dreaming about this whole time was about the future. A nuclear war. WW3. If this is how it ends, I’m sorry everyone. I tried to help. But I may have failed. 300 will rise from the ashes of the nuclear disaster. 300 will lead humanity towards a new world. 300. A collective intelligence of only the strongest and the smartest. Rebuild this world. I believe in you. Goodbye.
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2023.06.05 05:18 Antique_Turn4529 M30 Bored and tired at work and would love to have a chat about anything you like to get me through the day

Had a very rough night and got nearly no sleep, just arrived at work so damn tired.
I’m open to chatting with any age or gender. Still kind of new to this whole reddit chatting/making friends thing but would love to meet some new people! I’m pretty open minded and have alot of interests, so feel free to drop me a message and help me get through the workday :)
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2023.06.05 05:18 Melonman64 September itinerary check

Γεια σας! My partner and I will be traveling to Crete for one week this September and I was hoping I might be able to get some feedback on my proposed itinerary. I've done a fair amount of research both on this subreddit and in general, so I think I have a fairly good idea about what to do, but I have two general questions:
  1. I know this is probably too much stuff (to me, vacation is about seeing and experiencing a new place more than it is about relaxing). What, if anything, would you remove from my plan? Would you replace it with anything in particular?
  2. Is there anything absolutely essential that I'm missing?
Here's my rough itinerary (nothing is reserved so the order of the days is more or less irrelevant so far):
Day 0: Fly from Athens to Chania, landing around 2pm. Get rental car and check in at hotel (west side of Chania). Lunch nearby if we're hungry. Relax and get dinner in Chania.
Day 1: Drive (or take a boat?) to Balos/Gramvousa
Day 2: Drive to Elafonissi Beach (if we're ambitious, I've considered combining this with Balos into the same day, but I know that's a lot)
Day 3: Samaria Gorge (probably via a tour group for simplicity, but I'm not opposed to driving to Xyloskalo and then taking the ferry + bus back to our car provided that it is easy and straightforward)
Day 4: Ntounias (and more? I'm not sure if we want to just get a meal at Ntounias or do a whole workshop or what. It's a bit of a drive but not crazy far so I think we could fit something else in if we want)
Day 5: Minoan Palace of Phaistos + Iliana Malihin Winery + Rethymno (lunch and/or dinner) -- this is a long day, I know, but it looks like everything flows together from one place to the next
Day 6: Heraklion/Knossos + Psychro Cave
Day 6 Alternate: Psychro Cave + Elounda/Agios Nikolaos (beaches and food)
Day 6 Alternate 2: Heraklion/Knossos + Elounda/Agios Nikolaos
Day 6 Ambitious: Heraklion/Knossos + Psychro Cave + Elounda/Agios Nikolaos
Day 7: Fly back to Athens around 2:30pm for one last night before flying home to California.
I'm not worried about food/restaurants since that's where I've focused most of my research. We don't really eat breakfast so I figure we'll maybe grab a small bite at the hotel before heading out for the day and grabbing lunch near wherever we are, then either returning to Chania for dinner or heading to dinner near our activities too (e.g. I really want to go to Avli in Rethymno since I've heard a lot of wonderful things about it).
I suspect Day 6 is the first thing we would cut or at least simplify, since everything is so far from Chania (but that's also why I would want to condense it all into one day). I also know my partner wants to get out on a boat at least once while we're in Crete, so maybe it might be better to replace the entire Heraklion area stuff with a trip to Gavdos or something? I know that's a long day too, and maybe not worth it since we wouldn't end up with a ton of time there.
Sorry if this seems like a repetitive kind of post; I tried to do as much research as I could beforehand. Thanks for reading all of this. I'd love to get a few other opinions about my trip!
Ευχαριστώ πολύ!
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2023.06.05 05:18 Antique_Turn4529 M30 Bored and tired at work and would love to have a chat about anything you like to get me through the day

Had a very rough night and got nearly no sleep, just arrived at work so damn tired.
I’m open to chatting with any age or gender. Still kind of new to this whole reddit chatting/making friends thing but would love to meet some new people! I’m pretty open minded and have alot of interests, so feel free to drop me a message and help me get through the workday :)
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2023.06.05 05:17 Antique_Turn4529 M30 Bored and tired at work and would love to have a chat about anything you like to get me through the day

Had a very rough night and got nearly no sleep, just arrived at work so damn tired.
I’m open to chatting with any age or gender. Still kind of new to this whole reddit chatting/making friends thing but would love to meet some new people! I’m pretty open minded and have alot of interests, so feel free to drop me a message and help me get through the workday :)
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2023.06.05 05:17 NightMareChia Work place bullsh*t

Hello! I am a employee of a non corporate Starbucks that is inside a Target shopping center. So I technically work for target and get Target benefits. However a bunch of things have been happening since I was hired 11 months ago.
So my main team lead for Starbucks (we can call her bossy), doesn’t know how to do her job. That’s right, she has worked at the SAME position for 25+ years and doesn’t know how to do her job (that’s not even the worse part). Just today she clocked out of her shift 20 mins early without telling ANYONE! Then she went to sit with her friends as I am now by myself struggling to make and take orders with a long line with about a 20 min wait time. Bossy and her friends just WATCHED me struggle with the orders. She never told me why she clocked out early even, she was NO WHERE NEAR overtime for the week. Besides that, she left us alone off and on four times for a total of 3ish hours. Didn’t have a reason but “emails”. My other team leads said it only takes 20 mins PER WEEK to work on emails, she takes 2+ hours PER DAY, and she won’t say when she is leaving to do it. If I ask where she was, she just says emails and not to worry.
She also doesn’t give us barista’s free drinks or food, yet claims to her Starbucks bosses that she does. Since I’ve been hired, I’ve never gotten a free drink from her, she is supposed to be doing it more often, but doesn’t. Even worse though, us baristas are NOT allowed to have water on hand. By state law we are supposed to have a designated area for water to go. We do not have one, we brought this up to her and Bossy ignored us. So we are LUCKY if we get to drink ANYTHING between breaks (about 4 hours), and our Target isn’t cooling off fast enough to beat the heat, so it’s humid and hot inside the store. We brought this up to a higher team lead and they also ignored us. Hell, even HR ignored me!
Now the team lead above bossy and is the front of the store team lead who is responsible for scheduling (let’s call him EL for entitled leader), has refused me to be trained in other parts of the store. I’ve been BEGGING for 2 months to be trained in ANY position and no longer work Starbucks, and that I don’t care where and I won’t complain. Plus we are in dire need of staff however the store refuses to hire new people and instead burns out it’s own employees. He moved me to lanes 2 times, other then that I’ve only been in Starbucks. I tried asking again and he ignored me. There is 3 team lead positions opening up within the next 2 weeks and I feel like if I ask they won’t allow me to apply just because. ALSO EL hates giving vacation time or days of, even though your not available that day for whatever reason, he will still put you on the schedule. I requested a weekend off 2 months in advance, and he kept denying it for no reason.
I wish there were other jobs near by that paid as much or better then Target, but none of them come close, and as a person finishing high school, I prefer a higher paying job. However the management at Target, in the part of the store where I work, is so bad I want to quit.
ALSO!!!! Almost all of the baristas are DRAMA! And I’ve been so mistreated over my mental and physical health that I can’t take it. As a person who gets triggered and can easily get panic attacks I did warn them that if I run to the back randomly I just need a min. One time I did that after a miserable week, I ran to the back struggling to breathe. One barista that was about to clock out for lunch turned around, looked at me, and said, “What the f*ck is wrong with you?!” I slowly said panic attack through gasps and shaking and all she said was “Well get back to work then, it’s not that bad.” HUH!? I’m barely able to stand in front of you, wdym?
There is another barista that makes fun of me because I can’t spell names for the life of me. So I often ask customers to spell it for me and I always hear behind me, then spelling it super slow interrupting the customer as they are making drinks.
Now, is this normal and I’m frustrated over nothing, or are my feelings accurate. Cause to me it’s EXTREMELY infuriating.
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2023.06.05 05:17 drunkbettie [Request] Vancouver Canada 🇨🇦 for Japan 🇯🇵

I recently spent ten days in Japan and have really been missing some things I didn’t think to bring home with me. This is a hopefully very easy request: next time you’re in or near a Don Quijote or convenience store, can you get me a whole bunch of Nobel Petagu flat pineapple gummy candy? Willing to exchange for anything from Canada!
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2023.06.05 05:17 Antique_Turn4529 M30 Bored and tired at work and would love to have a [chat] about anything you like to get me through the day

Had a very rough night and got nearly no sleep, just arrived at work so damn tired.
I’m open to chatting with any age or gender. Still kind of new to this whole reddit chatting/making friends thing but would love to meet some new people! I’m pretty open minded and have alot of interests, so feel free to drop me a message and help me get through the workday :)
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2023.06.05 05:15 CommunityNo6391 Looking for new friends in IL

Are there any bi or gay guys out there near peru IL. DM me if ur close. Been lonely af lately
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2023.06.05 05:15 13_36R_NewEngland UBER can pay me the $2000+ they owe me, or they can SMD !!!

So I haven't open support ticket on my driver's account dating back over 12 months, and I am missing earnings totaling over $2,000. The issue plaguing my account is still miscalculating my earnings on nearly every trip I take, and when I take screenshots and contact support to provide the screenshots support just tells me that they reviewed the trip and that all my earnings are there and correct. Correct. If anyone at Uber support with a functioning brain were to take even one or two seconds to review my screenshots, they would clearly see that they are wrong and I am correct. When the map shows a multiplier of 2x and the base fare on the trip is $10, then the boost earnings for that trip should also be $10. For some reason when I take a trip that starts in a zone marked with a 2x multiplier, let's again use a $10 trip as an example, the earnings I receive which should be $10 will usually end up either not being there at all or come in around 1 to $2, or between 10q and 20% of what they actually should be. So far my missing Boost earnings on just the last 10 trips total over $130, and Even the supervising support agents have been zero help thus far. (with 1 agent as an exception) I also keep getting told that they cannot review any trips older than 7 days. Considering the amount of my missing earnings is so great, the issue has effected my account and all the trips I have completed over the last 12+ months, and issues causing missing earnings continue to plauge my account, does anyone have any suggestions how I should approach this situation short of quitting driving for Uber, and cutting my losses? Thank you in advance cause I'm lost at this point...
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2023.06.05 05:14 AlpacaFinance Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #39

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #39
Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #39… #DeFi #Web3 #crypto #BNBChain #Finance #BinanceSmartChain #BSC #yieldfarming #BNB #Binance #NFTnews #DeFinews $BNB

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #39



  • United States CFTC issues letter on digital asset derivatives
  • US lawmakers target crypto regulatory clarity with proposed bill challenging the SEC
  • ETH staking reaches a record high as confidence in the banking system declines
The US CFTC has advised derivatives clearing organizations to be cautious when expanding activities, especially with digital assets. They stressed the importance of identifying and mitigating new risks, with a focus on system safeguards, conflicts of interest, and physical deliveries. The reason given was due to the heightened cyber and operational risks associated with digital assets and potential conflicts of interest with affiliated entities or services.
Lawmakers from the US House Financial Services Committee and House Agriculture Committee have released a draft discussion proposing a framework to label certain crypto assets as digital commodities. The proposed legislation aims to provide regulatory clarity for crypto firms in the US and would prevent the SEC from denying digital asset trading platforms from registering as regulated alternative trading systems. The bill would also allow for the classification of certain digital assets as decentralized and require the SEC to provide detailed analysis for objections to such classification. The draft bill has received positive feedback from Coinbase’s chief legal officer, who highlighted the need for further review before formal introduction.
The number of staked Ether (ETH) reached a new all-time high in May, with approximately 2.96 million ETH staked, accounting for about 2.46% of the total supply. This surge in staking came after the Shapella upgrade, which allowed validators to withdraw their staked ETH after two years. Despite concerns of a bearish impact, only a small fraction of staked ETH was sold. The increase in staking was attributed to factors such as the U.S. debt ceiling saga, confidence in the U.S. dollar, bank collapses, and the high annual percentage rate (APR) offered for ETH staking.


  • Scientists propose quantum proof-of-work consensus for blockchain
  • Beijing releases white paper for Web3 innovation and development
  • Russia scraps plans for a national cryptocurrency exchange
  • Crypto​.com joins ranks of licensed payment institutions in Singapore


  • Hong Kong Police Force launches new metaverse platform, ‘CyberDefender’
  • Reddit collectible avatars onboard nearly 10M into the crypto, NFT space
  • Japan launches digital yen pilot project after second successful proof-of-concept and Japan’s largest airline also launches NFT marketplace
  • Georgian central bank to launch AML probe into crypto firms


  • Deal to avoid US debt default nixes proposed 30% crypto mining tax, says Ohio lawmaker
  • Crypto exchange Bybit exits Canada, citing ‘recent regulatory development’
  • Hong Kong and UAE central banks collab on crypto rules, fintech development
  • EU officials sign Markets in Crypto-Assets framework into law


  • BNB NFT marketplace Tabi raises $10M in angel funding
  • Blockchain firm raises $25M to develop third-generation architecture
  • Web3 developer Magic raises $52M in funding led by PayPal Ventures
  • OpenAI commits $1M to support AI-driven cybersecurity initiatives
Follow this medium account to get notified when we release more of this newsletter. To learn more about Alpaca Finance, you can visit our official communication channels:
Website · Telegram · Twitter · Discord
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2023.06.05 05:14 BadHigBear Old people on the road

So I'm curious if anybody else has this problem. It almost feels like Old people are out to kill me. I'm talking about these 70-90 year old fossils who are constantly flying through red lights, not noticing traffic signs, nearly drifting into me on the highway. My gf works in pulmonary and they have this problem in the parking lot, old patients regularly dinging up cars and nearly running people over. Had one old fart nearly back right into my parked car waiting to pick her up, if I didn't start laying into the horn this jackass would've smashed right into me. When I was young I thought the country Kitchen Buffet episode of South Park was just humor. No man, these seniors are out for real and they're out for blood!!
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2023.06.05 05:13 plnnyOfallOFit I'm in over my head

trying to help a QXfriend who once helped me. We were in a pure food cult of sorts and I escaped, but she got worse. She kind of "got out", but went on into the Qult. Any money she had in her life she spent on expensive foods and "pure" lifestyle.
I have a hard time "in the normal world too", but bought a solid home and worked a solid career, on fixed income now, everything is rationed.
She is now broke & homeless and called me crying saying she was in an abusive situation. I am renting the house I own for a year to help my daughter finish in her art school abroad. I'm in the process of deep cleaning and screening renters.
I told her she could move here and help me deep clean & then live in the tiny lockOFF and get a job, save money and then be on her way.
Turns out she interviewed for just one catering job that starts in a month.
She won't work in many places inc out local huge hospitol that of course requires a Covid vaccine. She won't work anyplace that uses "toxins" to clean or air fresh etc. Now she claims to have hurt her hand cleaning with me in my home. I told her to wear gloves but "latex" or whatever.
She records herself saying conspiracy theories that I think she posts on YouTube. I don't have the stomach to see these.
Her hand and joints have all swelled up and she has obvious signs of infection. She refuses to take antibiotics, instead asked me to purchase organic herbs. I told her no, that's her job to buy expensive herbs.
Her checks aren't accepted anyplace near us, and she claims her bank was hacked, because "The world is a crazy place". Etc. She can't really help me clean afterall because of infections n all.
Anyway. She is ANNOYING and I should have compassion but...I just want her to go someplace else.
How the HELL do I get her to go. It's barely been 10 days and I"m jumping out of my skin.
Thanks for reading this. How do I get her to GO NOW
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2023.06.05 05:12 OoSallyPauseThatGirl my inlaws are being grifted by their pastor

They are in their 80s and have always been independent, but they are slowing down. Last week my MIL went to the hospital while traveling, and my husband went out to advocate for her, support his dad emotionally, and get the two of them to their home state several hours away. He got them home Thursday and has been spending the rest of the time getting them settled back in at home and visiting.
He texted me that a few hours ago, it came up that they are giving $1200 every month to their church at the behest of their pastor. They have some savings, but a fixed income is a fixed income, and this is almost equal to their mortgage payment.
This is all i know so far. My husband is talking to them about it and i hope that they will listen.
But i am FURIOUS at this pastor. Who the hell takes $1200 every month from a couple in their 80s like that? There's no way that this is normal. I can't imagine what that pastor must be telling them to convince them that this is a good idea.
I'm sorry that my info is limited so far but I'm sitting here at home, 800 miles away, absolutely seething about this. We're now touching base with my sister in law, who lives about an hour from them, to establish much more regular communication between us and her, and we will be calling my inlaws at least once a week to chat and keep up on what they're up to. I feel some shame that we did not do this earlier but i guess nobody wants to realize that their parents are nearing the ends of their lives and needs help. And I'm pretty terrified about what will come next, and what's coming next for my own folks (who are ten years younger but also need more attention and care to keep them safe and happy these days). I know it's all part of life but i am afraid i won't be up for the task of helping with whatever they need, and it's EXTREMELY important to me that I be there for all four of my parents.
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2023.06.05 05:11 kennynailtech JELLY NAIL DESIGNS YOU MUST TRY RIGHT AWAY

For starters, Dua Lipa, Cardi B, Lil Nas X, Megan Fox, Lizzo, and Kylie Jenner have all rocked jelly nails. Or perhaps we should argue that because the jelly nails are translucent, we have "seen through" them.
Glossy, translucent, and vibrant they are. Jelly nail store supply near me nails can be decorated in a variety of ways, but they are transparent like lip gloss. Additionally, performing this kind of manicure at home is simple. Check out these jelly nail art patterns that you need to attempt right away.


Using jelly nude nail paint is the easiest technique to create jelly nails. It already has a smooth, glass-like texture and is translucent.
Look at this collection of trendy-colored gel polishes


These jelly nude gel hues are transparent but vibrant, and they last for up to 3 weeks. The polish is easy for beginners to apply and remove, and it has a lovely fragrance. To fix it, all you need is a nail lamp.
Another choice is to thin out your preferred nail paint by adding a clear top coat to make it translucent.
In essence, you'll require:
conventional manicure equipment, such as a nail lamp and a file, to prepare and shape the nails
Here is the nail lamp we like best. It is strong enough for a salon while still being ideal for beginners:


All varieties of gels can be cured in a matter of seconds with 96 watts of electricity. Set the timer, and when you need the light, the motion acrylic powder wholesale near me sensor will turn it on. The polish is evenly cured thanks to the interior's high degree of reflection.
Additionally, this lamp is simple to transport because of its long-lasting rechargeable battery.
Start with a transparent base layer when using jelly gel polish, and cure it under a nail lamp. After that, brush on two transparent gel layers, curing each one between coats. Add a high-gloss top coat to complete.
However, if you want a clear color, you can experiment with diluting gel polish. In order to get the correct level of translucence, add a few drops of top coat. Once you're content, the application procedure is the same. A base coat, two thin coats of jelly color, and a top coat should all be applied using a brush.


Add a little glitter to the varnish to give the jelly nails additional dimension. Use a toothpick or dotting tool to evenly disperse the sparkles before curing it.
A topcoat like the eggshell gel that specks the surface is another option.
Alternately, you might get ideas from the 3D jelly nail designs from Korea and Japan. Nail artists begin by applying many coats of translucent jelly polish. Then, they use hard gel or building gel to cut out shapes of clouds and rainfall.


It's time to use your imagination. As you peruse the jelly nail design ideas below, feel free to let your creativity run wild.


Beautiful jelly nails with watercolor designs. But how can you create the colorful whirlpool? We've discovered that blossoming gel polish is a miracle worker.


A translucent polish is called blossoming gel or blossom gel. Don't cure it; just apply it. Replace that with adding the colored gel and observing how the color spreads or blossoms.
However, a color cannot be sufficiently thinned out by blooming gel to become translucent. Use a pre-diluted or ready-made jelly hue for optimal results.
You can substitute jelly nude polish for blossom gel in the marble nail tutorial.


With confetti and jelly nude nail paint, have a party on your hands. When applied to a jelly French manicure with long tips, the look is even more striking.


Chrome jelly nails? Please, yes.
Make those jelly nail shine with chrome powder!



The color of the chameleon chrome powder varies based on the type of light, the color of the background, and the viewing angle. It works with acrylic nail art, builder gel, gel paint, dip powder manicures.


There are numerous methods for adding holographic depth to jelly nails. You may include confetti or holographic stickers, for instance.


The sparkling Aurora top polish gives jelly nails unique effects. It's not your typical glitter nail polish. Choosing which colour to use first is the most difficult aspect of using it.


We are now moving towards 3D nails. Before embossing the surface with hand-painted or stamped designs, apply the jelly nude gel and nail products suppliers near me allow it to set. Five distinct emboss gels in varying colors are included in the kit. Do you have an image in your mind of blue jelly nails with silver lightning flashes on them?


What's the trick to creating jelly nails with clouds, fruit, gummi bears, or jellyfish? Builder gel is the catalyst.


All 6 building gel colors are included in this collection. It has a glossy finish, a smooth texture, and is entirely real gel. Like any other gel, it can last for up to three weeks. Furthermore, an LED nail lamp cures it in 60 seconds.
You may make it into any shape you want to dress up your jelly nails.


Yes, nail lacquer rather than gel polish can be used to make jelly nail designs. The TikTok approach that's going around dilutes colorful polish with clear top coat to recreate.
We enjoy using the wonderful LDS nail nail technician supplies wholesale near me polishes since they resist chipping for up to 7 days. And they don't contain any harmful chemicals or 9-free.


Are you eager to create jelly nail art? One of the trendiest and simplest manicures to perform at home is this one. Take advantage of one of our sales to purchase what you need right away.
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2023.06.05 05:11 Pheonixflames81 Today I took a 2 hour hike around town when it was supposed to be only 15 minutes

Today I took a 2 hour hike around town when it was supposed to be only 15 minutes
I went to west end library then figured I’d walk up 20th st NW to get to DuPont circle park but somehow I went off course and walked all the way to 16th st got lost in adams morgan. I even tried to get a Lyft out of the forest of streets but the driver was somewhere else so I cancelled the ride.
Can someone tell me where this statue is? I stopped there to take a break before I got lost.
If you all saw a guy walking with a purple cane that was me. I’m so embarrassed. I added more picture to see if anyone knows where I was in the crazy maze of DC.
What should I do next time if I’m at a circle and straight up is the wrong direction? The gps doesn’t always help and yes I know there are busses and metro but there wasn’t a close bus stop near west end library and I really like going to DuPont circle to chill even though the benches are broken as you see in some pictures.
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