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2023.05.29 03:29 Miniplo Ya pasaron 3 meses y la extraño (Historia muy larga)

Todo empezó cuando estaba en Facebook y vi a una chica que la llamaré Z le mandé solicitud a Z y ella me respondió la solicitud, yo siempre hago eso mandar solicitud a quien sea y dije bueno vamos a cotorrear un rato a Z empecé mandando un mensaje y pues la verdad yo no le había tomando importancia, yo lo hice por qué estaba aburrido y la verdad yo siempre jugaba videojuegos con mis amigos, mi intensión nunca fue ligar aparte pues yo no sé ligar, literal yo nunca hablo con chicas, ya que nunca me llama la atención ya que para mí siento que es perdida de tiempo y dinero (a mi punto de vista), Retomando la historia seguí hablando con Z y pues me agrado mucho está chica hablamos diario y pues la verdad ella era la que sacaba la plática me preguntaba como estaba que tal mi día y así, yo le respondía cada 3hrs o 4hrs no por qué no quisiera si no por qué jugaba todo el día y pues cuando me acordaba de ella yo le respondía, ella siempre me respondía rápido en menos de una hora.
Después de dos semanas de platicar decidí invitarla a salir, pues la verdad me empezó a enamorar ella, le dije que la invitaba a salir a una plaza y pues ella me respondió un si sin pensarlo, los 2 estábamos nerviosos ya que no nos conociamos en persona, le dije que pasaría por ella en Uber y me dijo que no que no me preocupara que mejor nos quedaramos de ver, al final terminé llendo por ella en Uber, una vez llegamos a la plaza la tomé de la mano y ella se puso muy roja y le dije que que tenía y me dijo que la tomé de sorpresa fue muy lindo, fuimos al boliche me estaba dando dinero para que no pagará todo yo pero le dije que no que así estaba bien y estuvimos platicando y nos divertimos un rato, después de eso yo quería seguir con ella, platicamos un rato caminando por toda la plaza y le dije que si íbamos al cine a lo que Z me dijo que si, una ves dentro del cine ella me estaba volviendo a dar dinero para pagar y de igual forma le dije que no que yo la había invitado a salir y pues al final me dio 100 pesos que yo no le quería cobrar pues yo la había invitado a salir, Durante la función ella me abrazaba, me moría el hombro la mano y toda la función estuvimos abrazados y agarrados de la mano, ella me dijo que llegaba en el momento exacto ya que había tenido una desepcion amorosa y pues dije bueno yo le mostraré que no todos somos iguales, ya era hora de irse y de igual manera la regrese hasta su casa en Uber.
Al siguiente día me dijo que lo que había hecho estaba mal ya que ella sentía que íbamos muy rápido y que era un poco inmaduro, lo cuál fue muy confuso para mí ya que ella hizo más caricias asia mi que yo a ella, y la verdad si soy un poco inmaduro pero también fui demasiado tierno con ella, después de eso seguimos hablando todo normal y como siempre.
Después de eso me la encontré en la calle y platicamos un rato y de ahí estuvimos agarrados de la mano igual y nos sentamos y platicamos un rato después de tanta plática le robe un beso y de ahí sigui otro y otro, al final del día ella se tenía que ir a su casa e igual yo y nos despedimos de beso igual.
Al siguiente día me dijo lo mismo que íbamos muy rápido y que aveces era un poco inmaduro, y pues ahí fue cuando ya no era igual ya pasó de yo responderle rápido a ella no responderme rápido y pues al final me dijo que era un chico muy tierno y no me quería lastimar y que mejor fuéramos solo amigos, lo cuál yo le dije que no, por qué yo no quería que ella fuera mi amiga.
Al final pues me rompió el corazón ya que era la primera chica que me hizo sentir algo después de no haber tenido novia en 6 años, mi edad es de 20 años actualmente.
No sé que hice mal y me puse a sobrepensar las cosas y pense muchas cosas el que hice mal entre otras, a lo mejor solo quería darle celos a su ex amor, y pues siento que hoy en día a las chicas le gustan los chicos que las traten mal.
Al final un día Z público algo en Facebook que me dio a entender que era una chica que no sabía estar sola ya que a poco tiempo de todo eso ella ya está a con alguien más
Pero por alguna razón a veces la extraño aunque se que estoy mejor si ella
Que opinan ?
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2023.05.29 03:29 skyburn I have some questions...

Hi winemaking! I'm an experienced home brewer and on a lark decided to buy 5.25 gallons of chenin blanc juice and try my hand at winemaking. The juice-monger sent along a kit of yeast/fermaid etc. Here was my process and I just have a few questions about what's next (right now, I've racked from primary fermentation into a glass carboy):
5/16/23 - started the process, juice into a fermentation bucket @ 65F, using a hydrometer I read 1.090 starting gravity, 21.6 brix per an online converter (the juice-monger says this juice is 20.6 brix, pH 3.91, TA 4.5 g/L). Per their instructions I added 40g of tartaric acid and included opti white (their kit inclusion) and used GoFerm. I did hydration per this excellent document:
5/17 (24 hours later), added 2.5g of fermaid into a small amount of warm water and mixed into must.
5/21/23 at what I measured as approximately 1.050 SG or about 1/3 sugar depletion I mixed in another 2.5g of fermaid.
5/28/23 checked SG and we're at 0.990 and very little if any activity, so I racked to a carboy and filled it all the way to the top. Smells great, tastes dry as hell and is quite tangy. Per advice I've gathered here and there, I added 4 crushed Campden tablets to the carboy prior to racking.
If you read this far, I am appreciative - just a few questions:
  1. I don't know if I am going to continue making wine, so I don't want to invest a bunch of money up front. I searched the archives of this subreddit, and didn't get a ton of advice on bottling, but some. I'm wondering if using crown caps on brown 22oz beer bottles for bottling this wine is going to be a reasonable thing to do.
  2. If so, how long should I a) let this wine sit in the carboy (2-3 months?) and b) then how long in the bottle that's crown-capped?
  3. Should I re-rack into a 2nd carboy at some point to get the wine off the sediment? Is stirring the lees an important step to perform periodically while it's in glass?
  4. Should I add more Campden just prior to bottling? If so, like 1/2 tablet per gallon? I know there are ways to measure sulfites but, again, I don't want to spend too much upfront until I'm sure this is something I want to continue.
Thanks much for your sage advice!
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2023.05.29 03:28 phoenixmatrix Checklist: diagnosing GPU issue before RMA

Hi! Lots of folks from this community helped me as I diagnose the tons of issues I've had with this build (I've built a lot of gaming PCs over the last 20 years or so, but its the first one where almost EVERYTHING that could go wrong went wrong...). Thanks for all those who chipped in on here and Discord, but I will ask for help one more time :)
First, the build: Windows 11 Asus Strix 4080 MSI Tomahawk z790 DDR5 Corsair Dominator 2x16gb 6400mhz (currently at 6000mhz as XMP failed and simple voltage adjustements didn't help. Ill deal with that later). I7 13700k Corsair rm1000e
The problem: Some games (eg: Doom Eternal, Half Life Alyx, Witcher 3) consistently freeze the whole computer after a few minutes at most (sometimes as quickly as during the initial splash screen, just a few seconds into starting the game). Not a blue screen or crash/reboot. Just everything's frozen, music still playing in a loop, ctrl+alt+delete and mouse no longer work, stuff on second monitor are frozen, require a reboot. What makes this tricky is that other games (FF14, Monster Hunter Rise, benchmarks such as 3dMark) don't have any issues are are 100% stable.
Things I tried so far:
- Ram has been tested for hours and days using almost every ram test you can think of, but mostly Karhu. Zero error. - Tried running ram at stock speed just in case. - Tried a separate GSkill DDR5 kit - Reinstalled drivers from scratch with DDU - Fresh Windows install. - Tried with an old Windows 10 install on another drive. - Tried a different PSU (made sure to use the cables from that PSU) - Tried the "squid" power adapters that came with the card - Tried the Corsair GPU power adapter - Tried with onboard video: no crash 2 days! (Btw, perf is surprisingly good for onboard these days!) - Tried a spare GTX 1080 Ti: no crash for 3~ days. (But this and onboard have a very different impact on the rest of the hardware, so I dunno if that rules out that much).
I had another 4080 before the Strix (an MSI Suprim 4080) but that one fried and gave literal sparks and smoke, which had made me think it was a power supply problem until I tried a different PSU. The two cards behaved very differently: until it burnt out, the Suprim was fully stable in all games, but it didn't last very long so I didn't get to test everything.
So tldr: I tried everything I know, and at this point, I'm convinced its the GPU (as unlikely as 2 bad cards in a row can be) and will RMA it.
I'd just appreciate this community's opinion as if there are things I didn't try that I should have. I'm terrified I'll find out its the board or the CPU, but that may just be my anxiety speaking.
Thoughts? Thanks!
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2023.05.29 03:28 Lower-Possibility826 Handling my jealousy and overthinking nature?

I am just in need of some advice as my brain is driving me nuts at this moment.
My fiance and I have been together for 13 years. We want to get married but finances and the fact that we just immigrated has put us back a little.
So just so you understand, my fiance is that one in a million type of people. She’s very attractive, kind, funny, friendly, great heart, always putting other people before herself and the list goes on and on.
Not to blow my own whistle here, but I would also consider myself a good and genuine guy. Have never cheated / flirted with other people, will always care for her needs. I cook, clean, open the door for her, work my ass off to give her a great life, love her the way she wants to be loved, am EXTREMELY patient, never lift my voice at her, etc etc.
We’re generally a great team.
We’ve NEVER had any trust broken between each other and both of us are not the type of people to 1) put ourself in a situation where we’ll cheat, 2) actually cheat!
She’s always been in a female dominant career but because we’ve immigrated , she changed up her career and going a bit more corporate now.
And here comes my current problem.
So let me start off with this. I KNOW I’m in the wrong for thinking these things and for not trusting that it’s not going to turn out the way my (fucked up) brain is thinking. The worst part is, I’m insecure about myself as a person, and I’m an over thinker (yay!).
She’s going to be a personal assistant to a man that is the same age as us, is a director of the company, is single, is attractive and probably ticks all the insecurities I have about myself.
But please give me advice on how I let my insecurities leave my head and actually switch off these thoughts running WILD through my head.
I am struggling with sleeping because my thoughts are literally consumed by the worst things that might happen.
I’m not even going to explain my thoughts, you know what they are.
TLDR; my fiance is started a career as a personal assistant and my insecurities are getting the best of me.
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2023.05.29 03:28 valley_G It's like he's not even human anymore

My God it's like he's never felt a human emotion or met another person in his life. He acts like normal everyday activities are nothing more than an aggravation to him. He also keeps bringing up my abusive ex who literally tried to kill me on multiple occasions to where he spent 2 years in jail. He just asked me after a family cookout if I made (Ex) do this or that and it just baffles me because why the fuck would you continue to bring up my abuser knowing what he did to me? He also loves to tell me it was my fault he abused me because I don't know when to shut my mouth. Like who the fuck raised you? Who behaves or says these things? I know this isn't just him being bipolar, but what the fuck is wrong with him? My God we just had a great day with my family and then he says some stupid, horrible shit. It breaks my fucking brain. I feel disgusting all over again and of course I'm feeling super anxious now because I just got blindsided by memories of being abused out of nowhere. Jesus Christ.
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2023.05.29 03:28 SuiGe_138 Recommended pairing for men's jackets and outerwear

Recommended pairing for men's jackets and outerwear
  1. Workwear style matching: Japanese work jacket+striped shirt+straight tube work pants+mid cut British style work boots
  2. College style dressing: Knitted baseball jacket+shirt+plain washed jeans+vintage cashew flower skateboard
  3. Functional style dressing: Functional jacket+long sleeved T-shirt+work pants+vintage functional shoes
  4. Military style outfit: MA1 pilot jacket+washed denim jeans+chenille round neck sweater+low cut British training shoes
  5. Retro Style: Denim jacket+heavy American style lining long sleeved T-shirt+drawstring hoodie pants+shell top small white shoes
  6. Outdoor Style: Double neck structured jacket+half high neck sweater+drape anti wrinkle pants+outdoor mountain style shoes
  7. Gorpcore Wind: Bosch and Charge Coat+Warm Long Sleeve T-shirt+M65 Multi Pocket Straight Leg Pants+Mid Top Leather Boots
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2023.05.29 03:27 GambleRisky 41 [M4F] Florida - Eccentric Florida Man Seeks Equally Eccentric Woman.

Here are some fun facts about me:
-41, lived in Florida for 19 years, New York and Virginia the rest. Went to school in North Carolina, Florida and Connecticut, currently finishing another degree at LSU.
-Previous pawn shop manager, professional poker player, and ran a small business for about 15 years before sticking it to myself and going back to school to be an actuary. I know, very exciting stuff.
-I can be quite entertaining and it can be hard to make me laugh. If you can make me laugh you've probably won me over.
-I tend to go for the girl next door type, but seem to end up with the dramatic type at times. I guess that's why I am where I am now.
-Never married and have no children, but happy to change both of those situations.
-I have blonde hair and blue eyes, 5'10, 195. I wear glasses and they make me appear smart, no complaints.
-I haven't dated in a few years and really would love to meet the right person, maybe it will be on here!
-I love poker, cars, exotic plants and coffee. I would be happy if we shared 2 of those interests, but I won't be picky.
If this sounds like you, shout at me on chat! Let it all out!
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2023.05.29 03:27 augustrem How much does it cost you to manufacture a beer?

Posted at the Craft Beer sub and they told me to come here.
How much does it cost your brewery to make a unit of beer, however you define that?
Some context:
So I volunteer for a young, scrappy nonprofit, and we’re throwing a fundraiser. We were unable to procur donated alcohol from any of the big stores or breweries (and we asked a ton).
So now we’re just looking to buy our beer from a big box store. The price would be about $2.53 per beer including all taxes.
I figure if we’re going to be buying beer anyway, we might as well buy from a small local brewery. My guess is that we can’t afford their full prices, but I am going to ask if they would consider selling us discounted or at-cost beer because we are a nonprofit. If it’s a bit more than big box store retail prices that’s fine because we have the added value of supporting a local business.
It’s very important to us that we forge positive relationships with community members, and that includes small businesses.
I’ve experienced “slash and burn” nonprofits that manage to burn bridges with local vendors because they ask for too much and are just very entitled about it: leaving donated event spaces unclean, not even thanking or acknowledging huge contributions via social media or thank you cards or phonecalls, even being too cheap to tip the delivery driver who’s dropping off cases of wine or crates of flowers.
It’s VERY important that we don’t develop that kind of reputation.
That said, I would like to approach them with some understanding of what it costs them including everything to make a serving of beer: overhead, labor, marketing, materials and ingredients, buffer, etc. What’s the marginal cost per beer?
Also I’d like to know if they are still taking a loss even if they charge us.
It’s hard for me to know that, though, because I am not in the industry and know nothing about beer.
I know the responses will be a huge range, and I’m fine with that. Also feel free to share perspectives or any other information you deem pertinent, including if you think I’m approaching this in the wrong way.
Again, I’m not in the industry, so opinions are appreciated!
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2023.05.29 03:26 Dry-Wait5003 Facebook

Hello all, I’m a little bummed out I started a Facebook page for my business to run ads and get more work. Sadly my account was disabled for some sort of unusual activity? And I’ve tried to get a review but it says it’s not available for my case. I don’t even know what I did wrong I literally just created the page like 2 days ago. Anybody know what to do or can help? I’m lost
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2023.05.29 03:26 GambleRisky 41 [M4F] Florida - Extroverted Florida Man Seeks Equally Eccentric Woman.

Here are some fun facts about me:
-41, lived in Florida for 19 years, New York and Virginia the rest. Went to school in North Carolina, Florida and Connecticut, currently finishing another degree at LSU.
-Previous pawn shop manager, professional poker player, and ran a small business for about 15 years before sticking it to myself and going back to school to be an actuary. I know, very exciting stuff.
-I can be quite entertaining and it can be hard to make me laugh. If you can make me laugh you've probably won me over.
-I tend to go for the girl next door type, but seem to end up with the dramatic type at times. I guess that's why I am where I am now.
-Never married and have no children, but happy to change both of those situations.
-I have blonde hair and blue eyes, 5'10, 195. I wear glasses and they make me appear smart, no complaints.
-I haven't dated in a few years and really would love to meet the right person, maybe it will be on here!
-I love poker, cars, exotic plants and coffee. I would be happy if we shared 2 of those interests, but I won't be picky.
If this sounds like you, shout at me on chat! Let it all out!
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2023.05.29 03:25 Juggler_81 Anger outbursts

I'm in my early 40s but this post may make me sound like a f**king child so bear with me. Every so often seems like every 2 weeks or sometimes less I go absolutely beserk and boot my chair around my room, spend half the day cursing and then repent to God (as I'm 'religious') and then just do the same fcuking thing all over again often immediately after repenting. Normally something of mine gets broken in the process too.
It's sometimes linked with seeing my elderly parents who are incredibly controlling and smothering but always well intentioned in their stifling control. I am from a large family but honestly my parents are so out of touch that it's not worth trying to explain myself to them they are just too infuriating.
Any attempt to be truly honest with them would be met with a response that would almost certainly make me even more angry either because it will literally go in one ear and out of the other i.e my 'feelings' would be almost completely ignored or minimised or would be taken as a personal insult by my dad. Something odd would happen as it has in the past so I just don't bother anyway, so real communication with them would be a hypothetical ideal but it is truly not a path I wish to go down. I know I will regret it when they pass on but I will regret what our relationship should have been not actually avoiding them. I'm not sure I will regret avoiding them because every single time I see them out of duty they just act in a way that drives me nuts and then dad practically demanded I see them at least every two weeks several months ago. It was easier to just nod and then not do as he demanded rather than to say 'No' and explain why which is a much harder proposition
So my anger is linked with my non relationship with the parents but it's not just that. I live with OCD and a few other health issues which just drive me absolutely nuts. Maybe some of this is just fucking frustration. Anyway when I feel like this I skip church which I had a reasonable intention of going to before the anger at God kicked in so today didn't feel like a Sunday.
It's Jekyll and Hyde and it leaves me wondering what I actually do believe and wether my identity is in flux
I know I have to do inner work, I've seen counsellors for years and years although none for awhile due to the prohibitive cost. The counselling seemed like a complete waste of time in terms of long term change but maybe I never did the work at home.
So I'm pretty self aware but that isn't helping me. I do journal but probably not in an optimal way
I'm not sure what anyone can say that I haven't already heard or thought of but hey fire away anyway:
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2023.05.29 03:25 rupertpopplewell A lopsided application, no rec letters general advice/reassurance needed

I'm making this post because I need some reassurance that I can actually get into a good grad school. I want to do my masters in mathematics, I have my undergrad in mathematics, I have about a 3.7 in major GPA from UMass Amherst, and during my undergrad I took enough graduate classes that I maxxed out the number that would count towards a graduate degree (if I got in I'd already have 12/30 credits)
The downsides are I literally never spoke to any of my professors outside of class ever and I have a total GPA of ~3.2 which ironically was in gen ed classes like botany that I just couldn't bring myself to do. So I see 3 letters of recommendation required and I just can't even think of a single one that would be solid. I had weak grades in real analysis but great grades in algebra and dynamic systems which is more the direction I want to go anyways.
The main barrier is the recommendation letters I think, which if I ask any of my professors they absolutely will not remember me, and if they do they'll remember a depressed looking guy who never talked lolol.
Would asking the CEO of the startup I work at to write a recommendation help? I've worked with a professor in finance on the job, and finance isn't math, would that help?
I don't have any publications besides a signals analysis patent that I have with my dad.
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2023.05.29 03:23 bigwatermelonhead Do you take friendship 'rejections' better or worse than regular dating rejections?

Just curious
I met a girl two years older on Bumble BFF for the first time a few weeks ago. We talked at a bar for a few hours and I thought had a decent amount in common and the conversation flowed easily. I thought she was super cool tbh. She said we should go out dancing, something we both like to do, the weekend after that one since she was about to go out of town for the weekend. She had me put my number in her phone. She never texted me. There's the tiniest chance I typed my phone number in wrong (lol), but I doubt it. But eventually, 2.5 weeks after we met, she finally 'unmatched' me on the app.
I thought it was kind of odd since it seemed we had a good time and she suggested hanging out again, but I guess it's just literally like dating in that you never know what the other person is thinking. I could've messaged her myself on the app, but she had my number...and I didn't want to reach out if she just didn't want to talk.
In some ways I feel like it's worse because I feel like my personality is rejected more than my looks, which is more personal LOL
I'm not crying over it or anything but it sucks my first meet ended weirdly and I'm kind of deterred from doing it again tbh
How do you feel when someone kind of drops off platonically?
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2023.05.29 03:23 Massive_Level_7127 What Are Bone Conduction Headphones and Do Bone Conduction Headphone Leak sound?

What Are Bone Conduction Headphones and Do Bone Conduction Headphone Leak sound?
In daily life, the sound of teeth colliding can be clearly heard by us, but people around us cannot hear it. This is probably the nearest case of bone conduction technology around us. When you collide your teeth, you may hardly imagine that this sound transmission method will be applied by talented engineers to create the latest popular product-bone conduction earphones.

what are bone conduction headphones?

Bone conduction headphone is a type of headphone using bone conduction technology. Its biggest feature is that it uses bone conduction to transmit sound, uses human bones as the medium for transmitting sound, and directly transmits sound to the auditory nerve to form hearing.

This distinctive technical feature has also revolutionized the way it is worn. The wearing method of bone conduction earphones has changed from traditional in-ear wearing to hanging ear wearing. When wearing it, you only need to hang the earphone on the auricle and put the vibration unit close to the temple, and the whole ear is completely open. The change in the way of sound transmission and wearing has made bone conduction headphones another type of earphone, which is a huge upgrade compared to traditional earphones. Many ear doctors also highly recommend them, because they are better and healthier for ears.
In addition to be health for ears,they have many advantages,such as,safe,hygienic,comfortable,unique appearance.Their only shortcoming is that there is a sound leakage problem

Do bone conduction headphone leak sound?

Bone conduction headphones will leak sound, but now some mature brands have found a solution to the problem of sound leakage, such as Wissonly and Aftershokz have done a good job in reducing sound leakage.

The sound leakage problem of bone conduction headphones is mainly due to the fact that they convert sound into mechanical vibration through the sound unit, and vibrate the bone to transmit sound. When the headphone is working, the shell of the headphone will be vibrated together by the sound unit, and the shell will vibrate the surrounding air, so sound leakage will occur. In other words, the shell of the bone conduction headphone becomes the "amplified speaker" of the headphone, spreading the sound to the surroundings.
From the principle of the sound leakage phenomenon, we can easily see that all bone conduction headphones have sound leakage problems. Those headphones that claim to have no sound leakage at all are basically fake.
It's just that some bone conduction headphones may have made more efforts to reduce sound leakage. For example, some headphones use anti-phase sound waves to offset the sound waves of sound leakage, or through the integrated design of the body without holes, reduce the air vibration caused by the vibration unit, thereby reducing sound leakage. There are also some brands that optimize the structural design and increase the shock absorption function of the body to reduce sound leakage. It should be said that with the efforts of the entire industry, the sound leakage of bone conduction headphones has also been greatly improved.
Although bone conduction headphones have the problem of sound leakage, it has to be said that they have several outstanding advantages
Safer: Wear them without blocking your ears, which allows you to maintain awareness of your surroundings and make outdoor sports safer;

Healthier: They use bones to transmit sound and do not need to use the eardrum, which avoids damage to the eardrum and can protect hearing well;
More hygienic: bone conduction headphones do not need to be worn in the ear, even if worn for a long time, they can keep the ear canal clean and avoid the growth of bacteria;
More comfortable: They are very light, there is no feeling of weight when wearing them, and the wearing comfort is very high.
These advantages also make them popular among young people.
The following are recommendations for several excellent bone conduction headphones. Some of these earphones have good sound quality and sound leak reduction, and some are low-cost entry-level products.

1. wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation
Wissonly's core team is a team engaged in the research and development of bone conduction products earlier. They have accumulated 10 years' technology in this field. They have adopted the best acoustic laboratory in the Eastern Hemisphere for sound adjustment. Wissonly Hi Runner has good technical solutions to the problems of sound leakage, sound quality and waterproof of pseudo-bone conduction headphones.
Wissonly bone conduction vibrator adopts a unique full-wrapped design, which makes the vibrator work in a closed environment, reducing the impact on the shell, thus reducing the vibration of the shell and finally reducing the sound leakage by 90%.
Wissonly uses a large-size bone conduction vibrator, and the effective vibration area of the vibrator is increased by 35% through structural optimization. At the same time, the sound transmission direction is optimized, the sound loss is reduced, and the sound is more concentrated.
Wissonly Hi Runner adopts integrated molding technology, with no holes in the headphones’ body and it is no splicing, which realizes IPX8 waterproof, and can be used for swimming and bathing. Even in the depth of 20 meters, diving is no problem.
It also has 32G of built-in memory, which can store 5000 songs. You can use it as amp3 player when you don't have a mobile phone.
In a word, Wissonly Hi Runner is a product with powerful functions, stable technology and high cost performance.

2. Philips 7607 bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation
They use a 17mm large-scale sound unit that makes their low-frequency sound more delicate, and that makes middle and high frequency sound clearer and not harsh. IP67 waterproof performance allows them to have a waterproof and sweatproof function in daily wear, and to be no problem in the face of sudden rain in a short time. When you wear them at night, LED night running lights make passing vehicles perceive your own location, so the safety factor is higher.

3.AfterShokz OpenSwim bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation
The body of the headphone is made of skin-friendly silicone, and its light body is only weighs 36g. It has ergonomic structure of the ear design, no matter running, jumping, wearing glasses without pressure, more intimate details. The waterproof performance of OpenSwim reaches IP68 level, which is suitable for swimmers. A long strip structure design is adopted at the sound generating part, so that the loudspeaker has a larger surface area and higher sound transmission efficiency. With its own 4G memory, it can use as a mp3 player.Its battery life reach 8 hours, no matter about long time using.But this headphones does not support Bluetooth and calling functions.

4.Earsopen PEACE bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
The Japanese bone conduction headphones adopt the wearing method of ear clipping that is very novel. Although they are ear clipping type, after wearing it for a long time the ear will be somewhat painful. They have IPX7 waterproof performance. Both battery and charger can be used in the charging case, but there is a small problem that the charging case is not waterproof. Their sound quality is still good, and they are excellent in the audio performance of the high, medium and low. And there is a sound leakage problem, but the overall is still good.

5.Nank Runner CC3 bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
Runner CC 2 bone conduction headphones adopt a combination of soft and hard to reduce sound leakage. The entire headphones adopt a seamless design, even the headset mic is wrapped in silicone. The unique sound leakage cancellation technology can greatly reduce the leakage phenomenon.
It uses magnetic charging, after each use, you only need to put the magnetic tip in the buckle position of the headphones. Compared to traditional headphones, Runner CC2 bone conduction headphones has no holes in the entire body, and it has a certain waterproof effect.
It is generally a good entry-level bone conduction headphone. But the waterproof level is not enough, it is are not suitable rain or water sports.
Among the above five products, Wissonly and Aftershokz are my favorite. Their sound quality, sound leakage reduction and comfort are all very good. Compared with the two brands, Wissonly' product parameters are better, cost-effective, and worth buying
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2023.05.29 03:23 Argos_of_the_Embassy Having a hard time

I don't even know what to say really. I can't put a specific word to describe how I feel, but let's just say shitty.
The foremost thing upsetting me rn is my parents divorce. They have been divorced for a few years now, so it's nothing new to me. But I'm just so shaken, because I'm just now coming to terms with how it's effected me. I've never had a sense of stability because I've been driven between each house several times a week. It's fucking exhausting, and its even more tiring having to pack up all my shit and take to my other parents house for one overnight. All my things are focused in one house, and I naturally want to stay at that house most of the time. But being on this schedule for so long makes me feel guilty and I feel that I am betraying one parent either way. My parents say they understand if I want to stay at one place more than the other, but obviously they don't. I want to speak up so bad but I feel like I'm going to destroy one of parents, and I love them and don't want to hurt them. It just conflicts with what I want and what is best for myself. My resentment for the divorce, my parents who put me in this situation, and my guilt eats away at me.
Another thing is religion. My parents are raising me Roman catholic. Frankly, I've been skeptical of belief for a while. I was at a pretty dark place a few months ago (Active suicidal ideation) and I had to go on a retreat to qualify me to get confirmed (which I didn't want to do). I used to the retreat to try and reconvene with God and ask for help as I was literally going to kill myself. I prayed, I really did, for some divine intervention or some reassurance... and I heard silence in return. This was the final nail in the coffin of religion in my life. Either I'm just Forsaken to God, or there's no God to begin with. I managed to pull myself out of that bout of suicidal thoughts. Anyways, fast forward, I get confirmed, which is like so rite of passage in the Christian church, and my dad tells me that I can choose if I want to go to church or not now. Cool. So I did tell him for the first time that I didn't want to go a few days ago. He let me, but he came back from church with my brothers afterwards and was mentioning the holy spirit an odd number of times. He is literally guilting me, and I feel terrible. He also went back on what he said and corrected to only sometimes I can skip church. So I'm just living in your image now. He recently said he wanted me to get married, and he want me to get him grandchildren. He also keeps telling me that I'm going to come back to faith later in life, that it's inevitable. I love my father, he's a great person, but these things stress me out so much.
These 2 things above are the major stressors for me rn.
I also failed my driving Test for the 2nd time, and its so discouraging. I passed the road portion easily the first time, but the maneuverability is killing me. I feel like I'm falling behind because so many people can drive, and passed easily the first time. Me? I'm on my third attempt. Must be something wrong with me. I feel this same way with a job. I don't have a job, and I feel this detracts from my personal worth as a person because typically people have this sort of aspect in their life.
Other things which are hurting me but don't compare to the stuff above: - Friends: I have many friends and many acquaintances. I'm working on getting better at socializing too, because I already mix well with so many people. I'm just not anyone's favorite person, I feel like I can't find my "tribe". I still have close friends whom I hang out with infrequently. But other people are so tightly knit together that I question if I'm really anyone's friend at all, if no one cares to spend time with me. - Dating: I don't have much to say about this. It just confuses me, and I don't understand it. Yet I feel I need to do this in high school because everyone else is doing it, and I'm going miss out on "teen love". It's painted as a one of a kind experience. Why haven't I had a relationship like that though? Should I just wait for a relationship to blossom; can I trust that I'll eventually meet someone I'm compatible with by just talking to different people? Or do I have to be aggressive and ask girls out on dates frequently for something to happen? I don't want to do the latter really, because I'm a pretty introverted person. I'm just confused which I'm supposed to do. Or maybe I'm just not lovable at all.
Thanks for reading through all that. I know it was a lot.
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2023.05.29 03:22 upsanddownes Chromebook Suggestions

I am looking for a new chromebook since the Lenovo Duet 2 I currently have is starting to show its age. This was my first chromebook and i loved the ease of switching back and forth between tablet and "laptop" with the magnetic keyboard. I am looking for something similar to the Leveno Duet 2 that has a keyboad (maybe detatachable) but is still thin and is quick and easy to boot up and quickly shut down like a tablet. Any suggestions to check out would be appreciated.
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2023.05.29 03:22 CounterPuzzleheaded4 Strange errors and crashing in unexpected ways; Samsung galaxy Tab A 2016

So my 2016 Galaxy Tab A has started doing weird things.
  1. Screen goes blank- literally. no apps, no clock, can't bring down drag menu thing, all I see is my background. I have also had it go black but glowing somehow ( if that made sense).
2 the above only happens online.
  1. When all the crashing is done, and my apps come back sometimes a strange error pops up like: Settings has crashed, or clock has crashed. Neither app was open.
  2. 3 years ago I had to replace the Screen- no idea if that is important.
So is my table dying- or is something wrong with it? I'd like to be able to make it last longer.
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2023.05.29 03:21 HaritiKhatri My issues with Ravelianism

I love this mod and the vibrant setting that it depicts, but I have a bone to pick with Ravelianism. Every time it spawns, I lose interest in my run, at least if I'm playing in Cannor or Aelantir.
Why? Because it feels jarring and out of place. As a concept—it feels solidly like something that could exist in the setting! However, the implementation falls flat for a number of reasons:
1) Realism:
Ravelianism is a monotheistic religion, and the primary religion it seeks to replace is a polytheistic decentralized religion. As such, it might be tempting to compare it to Christianity or Islam, both of which are religions that spread like wildfire and easily swept paganism aside.
However. Ravelianism doesn't really resemble either of those religions. Firstly: it offers no cult of salvation, which is a major part of what makes things like Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism appealing, and allowed them to overtake various indigenous religious practices. There's no hellfire-and-brimstone ultimatum of heaven or hell. No hook to make it appeal to the common folk.
To make matters worse, it's a secretive mystery religion, that keeps it's most important teachings closely guarded within it's hierarchy. It's a religion of academics, scholars, and mystics, truth-seekers in white towers debating high-level metaphysics.
As such, it really resembles Mithraism or Gnosticism more than it does Christianity or Islam. It's a religion for the cities, for the educated, for the literate. A religion that literally spreads via a secret society of Not-Freemasons.
SO. The fact that almost every country in Cannor or Aelantir ends up with dozens of Ravelian societies, and thus a Ravelian majority after the event fires, is nonsensical. It should be restricted to urban, literate areas where it's message could reasonably spread. Ynnic cowboys and Gawedi peasants and Grombari orcs who have barely left behind the warband lifestyle should not convert to Ravelianism.
Not as part of the initial society chapter -> Ravelian church event, anyway. Maybe Ravelian nations can send missionaries to the frontier after they've established control over the more urban nations, but having it just happen overnight is putting the cart before the horse.
Even religions like Christianity, which did offer promises of salvation and which did start as a grassroots movement amongst the common people still took centuries to become the dominant faith of the Roman Empire. Ravelianism just Thanos-snapping through that process is lazy.
2) Gameplay (and a 'vanilla-like' experience)
Anbennar ostensibly avoids non-vanilla-like mechanics as much as possible, and tries to be 'EU4 fantasy edition.' To put it bluntly, having halfof the world convert to a new religion overnight is not vanilla like in the slightest.
Religion is supposed to be something you manage carefully in EU4. Even the reformation has visible centers that you can combat or take advantage of, as you wish, and spreads in a way that's semi-predictable.
Ravelianism just springs up like a weed and usually gobbles up the entirety of Aelantir, because the AI is dumb and doesn't have meta-knowledge, and just puts Ravelian Society chapters literally everywhere.
It feels bad to watch the religious map that's been evolving over centuries get blown into insane black-and-white bordergore. Oftentimes, it manages to even hit countries like the Fey Orcs or Corintar where their religion is the core of their national identity.
3) Thematics
Anbennar is supposed to be, from my understanding, an analysis of what the technological innovations of the Early Modern Era (especially Black Powder) would do to a typical fantasy world. That was the sales pitch that JayBean put into the project when he started, at any rate!
For that project to work, the world has to be, at baseline, a somewhat standard fantasy setting; and standard fantasy settings are religiously diverse and dominated primarily by polytheistic faiths.
Even worlds like ASOIAF, where Monotheism exists, rarely depict polytheism getting completely stamped out in favor of a 'One God, One Faith' religion. Having people worship a wide pantheon of gods is, frankly, one of the core tropes of fantasy as a genre.
As such, it feels reeeeeeally weird that Ravelianism 'wins' 9/10 times in Anbennar. It should be fighting an uphill battle, trying to win the hearts and minds of people who live for centuries and who have seen Corin, Dookanson, the Khet, demons, spirits, (and more) with their own eyes into believing that the world was actually created by an inscrutable talking cube.
Conclusion—What would I change?
I would prevent, or highly restrict, the spawning of Ravelian chapters in Escann and Aelantir. Possibly limit them to spawning only in provinces with the 'urban' terrain in those regions? I think it's fine having it be a little more lax in Western Cannor, though I still think low-dev rural provinces shouldn't get chapters.
I have no issue with it spawning like wildfire in the EOA and in Noruin, given that the former is an highly urbanized intellectual center and the latter is the heart of the study of precursor history, but I don't think that you should be able to get Ravelian chapters in places like Marhold or the Ynn or the middle of the freaking leechdens.
Just my 2c, feel free to disagree, but I think Ravelianism works best as an urban religion favored by the forward-thinking OPMs, free-cities, and duchies of the EOA, rather than being a coat of black paint that gets splattered across Cannor like a Pollock painting.
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2023.05.29 03:21 ThrowRAAnon143 I feel abandoned by my mother

I (26f) have felt that my mother has never loved me.
A little background, I was born and raised in Thailand until I was 5 and before I was moved to Australia. When I was living in Thailand I was with my older biological brother (Tee), my dad (Dee), my mother and my dad’s extended family (parents and siblings).
I knew of my dad’s alcoholism and knew him to be abusive when drunk. So I understood why my mother had to leave. I just didn’t understand why she didn’t take Tee and me with her. She left me with Dee and knew what would happen. There were days where I had to run to my grandmother to get Dee to stop hitting me.
I would be covered in bruises for days almost unable to walk. This all happened after my mother left when I was about 2-3yrs old (me running to my grandma, not the abuse). I had always thought she would come back one day but she never did.
Not until she found her ex husband and had another child. I was too young to comprehend what was really happening. Next thing I knew I was on a plane to Australia.
Before I had left, Dee said he would see us soon and that we were just going on a holiday. Which was in fact a lie. She had brought me and Tee to live in Australia.
Dee may have been abusive to me but due to my mothers abandonment we ended up bonding and becoming really close. To the point that I can safely say I am a daddy’s girl. He would pamper me. Listen to my every whim and demand. His only flaw was the drunken abuse. Apart from that I was given royal treatment.
So I was torn when I realised we were never going back. My life had changed completely. A 180. The opposite of how Dee raised me. He showed me love and kindness and compassion when clear minded and sober. So when I came to Australia and was abused the exact same way by my mother who was completely sober, I was terrified.
I was made to become independent overnight. I was made to become a second parent over night. There was no more love, kindness or compassion. I was on my own.
My mother favoured my 2 siblings at the time over me. It got even worse when my 2 younger siblings were born (not twins, but she did have her tubes tied twice and they were still conceived).
When I say favoured I mean favoured. I was the definition of a middle child even if I no longer was. My mother said she brought me here to Australia to give me a better life, a life she never lived.
She had to grow up too fast and look after her younger siblings. Which was the exact life she gave me anyways. If not worse.
I was the maid of the house. I did all the chores. I got everyone ready for school. I had to get everyone to school, I had to make sure they had breakfast. After school I had to bring them home, then make them dinner, help them with their homework and do the evening chores. All before I got to do my homework.
Because of all this was waking up at 5am daily and going to bed at around 11pm and usually falling asleep at my desk trying to do my homework.
I was never allowed to go out with friends or attend birthday parties and I was never thrown one either (except for my 16th, which was at a restaurant, and 18th, even then the effort was lacking. Compared to every other party she has ever thrown for the rest of my siblings mine looked like it was thrown together the night before with whatever was left over in the house from previous parties).
Great example, my 26th birthday just passed on the 16/05 and she didn’t even wish me a happy birthday, but if I ever forgot a holiday, birthday or whatever it was and didn’t wish her a good one or contact my siblings first to wish them a good one, I would be yelled at and told that I don’t care for the family and that I didn’t want to be apart of it.
Everything that went wrong in their lives was my fault. Even if she knew it wasn’t, but because I was the oldest I should take responsibility. Mind you Tee is older than me by 2 years. Yet he never got made to lift a finger.
If glass child means children being ignored. I guess I was the invisible cloak. I often got left at home when they went out. I’ve been left at home with the whole house locked (windows included).
I was made to be a waitress at every single party or event she threw. I was always taken out of all extracurricular activities because my siblings didn’t want to do them anymore and I wasn’t even allowed to play representative sports for the school when I made the team after tryouts.
Some of the ‘punishments’ she gave me due to my white lies about chores and stealing money out of her purse or taking snacks (they were locked in her room):
  1. No food
  2. Extra chores
  3. A beating
  4. All three
  5. Locked in the shed
While my siblings only got a smack on the bum for the exact same things.
She made me find a job as soon as I was legally allowed to, but Tee didn’t hear about it until after he graduated. Which he almost didn’t make due to always being late and failing academically.
My mother also didn’t believe me when the truth about me being sa’d by her ex came out. DOCK’s (Australian CPS) came to investigate as a friend I had confided in told a teacher at school. Her excuse was “How can I believe you when you lie so much?”. Mind you this was after I told her I would be happy to go to the police station to do a lie detector test. Guess who was all against it?
She had pulled me out and I wasn’t able to finish my high school schooling. Due to her not wanting to deal with me and my sa lies. She had sent me to Thailand to live with Dee again.
That day was the day it concreted the loveless relationship I had with my mother. That’s when I knew she didn’t care for me but just needed someone around to keep the house maintained and a free babysitter.
Whenever I tried talking to her casually as a friend I’m told to be quite cause I’m annoying. I’m told to always be there for everyone, but no one is told to ever be there for me. She always made me late to school and events, including my job at the time. Yes, the one she forced on me.
Please bare in mind, this job hunt was when I was 14. I didn’t get to use the money I worked for. I didn’t actually gain courage to stand up for myself until I met my husband when I was 18.
Till this day. 8 years after I’ve left her home and gone low contact am I still hurt. As of this past month I’ve been crying and so depressed. I don’t know why and I hate it.
I hate that I still want the love. I hate that it hurts me to see her always out and about with my siblings knowing full well when I try to make plans with her she’s always busy.
I hate it. I’m so sorry to come on here and ruin anyones day, but I had to get this off my chest. I can’t keep also bringing my husband down. He has been the biggest support and I know I’m not alone, but I feel so alone. All because of a mother I know doesn’t love me. No matter how many times she says she does.
Her actions have spoken volumes. She had instilled in me to be family oriented, yet they have never reciprocated any of it towards me. This includes my other siblings and not just my mother, but that’s another story entirely.
Thank you all for reading.
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2023.05.29 03:21 MissMausoleum666 Alt universes/realities and dreams?

Please don't come for me, I'm genuinely curious😅
So, I was wondering about dreams and if it's possible that they are like our door to alt universes/realities? I'm not even sure if this is making sense at all, I'm horrible with being able to get my thoughts into words.
So, example, 2014/2015 I had a dream about Gerard Way, and in my dream I asked him about Umbrella Academy, pretty much if it was always going to stay a comic or become a show, and he said that he was thinking he was gonna keep it as it was, but would see what happens in the future. Now, it's a show on Netflix.
Back when I was 18, I had a dream about my husband, I never saw his face, but I knew it was him. Obviously, as time went on I forgot about the dream, until that moment I dreamt about happened.
Last night, I had a dream, and I woke up this morning, it was fuzzy and I don't remember what happened, but I remember the feeling I had from my dream. I'm willing to accept that it might have been influenced by watching spn before I fell asleep to Howl's Moving Castle, but I'm curious... What if it wasn't? What if that universe/reality exists? Is it possible that when we sleep, the veil of the alt universes/realities are lowered? Again, I don't know if this will make sense, but I'm trying to get my thoughts out as best as I can.
It's strange for me about last night's dream, because that same day, or the day before, I was feeling frustrated, and literally said out loud to myself that if there was a day to fall into an alt universes, preferably the Supernatural universe and hang out with Sam and Dean, that would be the day for it. I said it while feeling overwhelmed, and I truly meant it at the time I said it, so is it just the influence of the TV when I fell asleep, or is it possible the universe said "hold my beer"? Am I going nuts? Or is it simply wishful thinking? I'm desperately trying to make sense of all of it, and I feel like maybe I am crazy, because it's so hard for me to understand or explain.
I want to point out that my familiarity with stuff of this nature is literally the extent of the show Supernatural, which means I have no clue about any of this, but I'm curious and would love to learn🥹
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2023.05.29 03:21 shivishnu European comission on covid 19 3rd May

European comission on covid 19 3rd May
MR. CRISTIAN TERHES, European Conservatives and Reformists - ROMANIA (Timestamp 1.10) MR. IVAN VILIBOR SINCIC, Non-attached Member of the European Parliament- CROATIA (Timestamp 4.26) 
DR. DAVID MARTIN - USA, the gathering storm- the cost of silenced questions (Timestamp 12.56) NICK HUDSON - SOUTH AFRICA, mandates and lockdowns without data or science (Timestamp 34.32) PROFESSOR CIROISIDORO - ITALY, Covid-19: a novel disease that resembles an old disease (Timestamp 52.06) PROFESSOR GIOVANNI MELEDANDRI - ITALY, interdisciplinary insights from the Sars-Cov-2 and Covid-19 (Timestamp 1.09.00) DR. ANDREA STRAMEZZI - ITALY, early responses: boots on the ground in Italy (Timestamp 1.29.00) 
DR. LOUIS FOUCHE- FRANCE, effects of mandates - masks and lockdowns (Timestamp 1.50.00) PROFESSOR PHILIPPE BROUQUI - FRANCE, early treatment: hydroxychloroquine and the IHU (Timestamp 2.09.00) DR. PIERRE KORY- USA, ivermectin andsuppression of early treatment (Timestamp 2.24.00) JASON CHRISTOFF -CANADA, media over medicine: the power of media (Timestamp 2.43.04) 
DR. BYRAM BRIDLE - CANADA, the Covid-19 Vaccine Trials (Timestamp 2.59.24) DR. HARVEY RISCH - USA, the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines (Timestamp 3.17.33) 
International Covid Summit III - part 2 - European Parliament, Brussels
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2023.05.29 03:20 I_am_Fang_Yuan_ I am Here for Fang Yuan

I am Here for Fang yuan not for you losers
When I leave her, I will still carry fang yuan with me, this place is merely a small place where thoughts take form, I dont write for anyone just because I see its a shame that Reverend insanity has such a complete opposite fandom compared to what the novel is
It seems as if everyone merely reads for entertainment or as a hobby a small thing you pick have a bit of fun and then put it out
But this is not it, Its an Experience, atleast I saw it like that, Its a Life experience with the purpose of completely reshaping who you are and to take you to the beyond and not stay stuck in Ordinary abyss
This entire sub is stuck in Ordinary abyss, because they do not see the Jewel, the Essence of the novel and I feel this truly, when I write posts its the essence of the novel speaking through me its the experience, the mysteries of life and existence trying to be revealed through me
I wished this sub was something different where actual real people who actually care deeply about spirituality and do not see Life and existence superficially
I wished i could atleast find a single true fan, a single true person who learned atleast 1% of what fang yuan is, yet alas, no one and I am the one ridiculed
It is obvious when one is climbing out of Ordinary abyss, all sorts of insults, all thorns and hardships fall into their way
I have had true hardships that I've fought through thats why I understand
It is also an obvious spiritual sign that I am approaching the Truth, as it is said
"Heaven when it is a bout to confer great office upon a man, exercises his mind with suffering, and his bones and sinews with toil. It exposes him to poverty and confounds all his undertakings. In this way, it is seen if he is ready"
This wouldnt get in my mind since I am totally alone, its literally in the name "aloneinthisworld", and I wont go so low as to hurt another since I simply dont care nor does it achieve anything, aloneness is not bad, I like it
but sometimes I remember other people exist and remember the world exist and only then do I remember there are other human beings
Like when I see comments I forget there are actual real humans behind that thing since I myself dont know what a human being is
I mean I do talk to people, sometimes even a lot but when I do so I just let the body talk and its just spontenaous thing
How do I explain I've became so engrossed in Thoughts that I have been non-stop thinking for 2-3 years and I think all day long non-stop, the posts you see on this sub are a bit of the monologues I have with myself
But I have way longer ones that I just think to myself everyday or so
You think just putting all these posts together is easy?
The theories about god, existence, world were not so easy to arrive at, I went through blood, sweat and tears in tens and tens of psychedelic experiences
Imagine going into psychosis numerous times trying to find a meaning to existence, to why I live to why I suffer, to the intense curiosity of knowing what am I and we are
Imagine tripping and thinking you are Alone in the world and you realise you can never know another person is "real", Ive lived days in that
Ive also lived days thinking the past didnt exist neither did space, time or matter and I was imagining everything
Or that everything is a dream, or that the world is not real
Ive thought of all the most deranged thought which no normal human would ever consider in their lifetime
I have loads of writings on my phone and computer about those days trying to stick this to that to make a coherent thought
Ive also through psychedelics completely lost a sense of "self"
I have no "self" so thats why when I listen to music, its an intimate way of being with it
Same when I read novels, I swear I completely Forget I am a Human being and a world exists completely totally
And this is what happened to me with Reverend insanity
Just prior I had read another big novel then Reverend insanity
And I completely lost it, I forgot i had parents, the world existed completely, not a single thought came to my mind of the other persona "me" only fang yuan
I literally was Fang yuan as in I read from waking to sleep and believed literally I am Fang yuan
Fang yuan is not just a character, he is like a part of my being since I hated the world and at that time I first i was young and stupid and I just saw like a beautiful model of what i have desired to become
Its not the edginess, Ri isnt even that edgy at that time i didnt like the bear or kids b,urn, What I liked is the relentlesness and the genius of fang yuan
You would know my shock when after an accident I ingested Lsd and I literally meet God and he explains to me how the entire world was inside God's mind
I have through more than a year and a half searched for the explanation
I have traveled countless roads
From even believing in Eternal Love to Being Fang yuan and Hating the world and everything
Its such a huge contrast yet both these ideals dwell in my mind, god and the devil
Such mystery what this world is, it defies explanation
I have searched and the answers I got are always short of the goal and cannot penetrate into the Truth of the world
I am still looking and will continue to do so
You see only the persona of "me" being like fang yuan here because you are on the Ri sub so ofc, it is also a sort of training, we are what we absorb, I play the fang yuan persona to reinforce what I am and it works amazingly
I also practice indifference to the world, taking walks and staying indifferent to all the surroundings
It is what it is, But I truly don't care about anything
Nada, not a single emotion remains in me
I am like a dried pond
Even if people I knew died, even if my life goes sideways
I will accept it and live with it
I have No desires, nothing in this world do I want
I want nothing
not god, not eternal life, not money, not a wife, not friends, not a carrer
fang yuan alone atleast gets some interest in me
But even fang yuan little by little no longer moves me
maybe the next step is after that
But the ocean of the world has dried in me
nothing remains
I simply don't care whatever happens
you wont be able to understand me but it is what it is,
we all have our own destinies, our own roads to walk
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