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Music videos without the frills. Hi guys. Just a couple of guidelines. 1) Singular Music Videos/songs only. 2) LoFi in this sense means super budget music videos. This is broad, but the subreddit was created particularly for the most basic old school of video production. (think W95 movie makegreen screen/clip art/etc) OR hand-drawn/old-school animation things. Have fun!

2023.06.08 19:35 Hot_Floor9499 Artefact destroy - OP Piety

Hi, quite recently Iv discovered that destroying artefacts is giving a ridiculous amount of piety, I am not sure if this is a recent update or sth I have missed after 1000hrs of playing but..... since I have discovered this Piety is no longer a thing for me, every time I have a new ruler I can destroy a literally just a couple of artefacts and it gives me the highest Piety level and thousands of points. It just doesnt feel right.

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2023.06.08 19:35 intriguedmaverick Living in Brazil from a gringo's perspective

A small caveat: I am new to this sub, and these have been my personal experiences and impressions while living in Brazil; but they may not be indicative of others who live or have lived here.
This month marks the two-year point that I’ve been living in the country with my Brazilian wife. Currently, I’m living in the interior of the state of São Paulo and I LOVE it here. The interior of São Paulo has very little crime, the people are incredible, and the infrastructure is very good. We get invited to churrascos and pizza night every week. I could write a book about all the good experiences that we had in São Paulo.
However, I used to live in the south of Brazil in the state of Santa Catarina in a city called Joinville. Vou falar sem rodeios: It was a literal hell on earth for my wife and I. During my first month in Joinville, I was by myself, got lost and I asked a local for directions and he said something along the lines of “vai se ferrar!” (translated as “go screw yourself!”) I asked a second guy and he completely ignored me. People from Joinville are notorious for being rude and cold, but I also met a handful of joinvilenses who were nice and friendly. When I walked in the street, I always said oi, opa, or bom dia to everyone, but you will get ignored most of the time. It is also incredibly difficult to make friends there; my wife and I had the goal of inviting people to our house every week to play games and to eat, but only the Venezuelans, Haitians, Americans and Brazilians (outside of the south of Brazil) accepted. My wife is from Macapá and she faced A TON of racism even as a native Brazilian, and a few times natives of Joinville told me to go back to Argentina even though I’m not from there LOL. My wife and I had the same reception in Porto Alegre and in Curitiba. However, the north, northeastern, and rural areas of Brazil blew me away with their warm hospitality. I taught at a local high school in Santa Catarina, and the kids from Joinville bullied the Haitians and Venezuelan students. I don’t recommend the south of Brazil if you’re learning Portuguese; the people aren’t generally too patient. São Paulo was such a stark contrast; the people aren't xenophobic, they were helpful and friendly, and they were happy with anyone that tried to learn their language. For me, this just goes to show that one cannot judge a country by just one city or region. There are friendly and rude enclaves in every country.
Here are the amazing benefits of living in Brazil:
Health: Brazilian healthcare is actually REALLY good. Calling an ambulance is free, you can go to any PA (pronto atendimento) for free, and their private hospitals have incredible doctors.
Nature: Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in this world, and there is such a huge array of places to travel and places to see.
People: Generally, Brazilians are eager to help, friendly, and will go out of their way to make sure that you have a good experience.
Food: Brazil has such a vast a delicious variety of exotic fruits, foods, and barbecue. This deserves an extensive post in itself.
Infrastructure: The country is very modernized, the public transportation works very well, and I’ve had very few internet issues. The public transportation is way better in Brazil compared to the US.
Affordable: Living in Brazil is very affordable. My wife and I pay about $10 per month for our electricity bill and $300 for rent in São Paulo (although we rented for $120 per month in Joinville). Overall, we spend about $700 (≈3500 reais) per month for all of our expenses combined. Just be warned that technology (cell phones, computers, TVs) is CRAZY expensive in Brazil.
Here are the downsides to living in Brazil:
Safety: I’m not going to sugar-coat it; Brazil is a dangerous country. I’ve stared down the barrel of an assault rifle, and my wife and I have been followed at night on a couple of occasions. This isn’t to say that every city in Brazil is dangerous, but you have to keep your eyes peeled when you’re going out. Although many say that the south of Brazil is safe, it’s not exactly true. Porto Alegre has a murder rate of 34 per 100,000 inhabitants, Curitiba has a murder rate of 41 whereas Rio de Janeiro has a murder rate of 13 (1). The safest cities in Brazil are usually found in the interior of the state of São Paulo and parts of Santa Catarina (2). Lastly, if you’re concerned about safety, it’s better to live in a large apartment complex because the security is much better than renting a house.
Police: I’m sure there’s some good cops trying to keep law in order, but overall, the Brazilian police suck. We knew some neighbors that got burglarized in Joinville. It took three hours for the police to arrive, and the thieves left clear fingerprints on all the windows. My friends asked the police, “Aren’t you going to take samples of the fingerprints?” The police said “who do you think we are? CSI Miami?” Lastly, the police didn’t do anything when my wife was sexually assaulted in a beauty parlor. So.... yeah, they are a waste of space and tax dollars in my opinion.
Corruption: If you live in Brazil, corruption is going to affect you in some way. Don’t worry about getting mugged in Brazil; be more worried about the big Brazilian corporations like the internet companies, the Brazilian banks, the electricity companies, etc. I’ve been robbed on the street just two times from Uber drivers, but I’ve been robbed by big Brazilian businesses on COUNTLESS occasions. Whatever you do, DO NOT GET VIVO INTERNET SERVICES. Lastly, save yourself dozens of headaches, and get yourself a good, local Brazilian lawyer.
Noise: If you’re someone that loves peace and quiet but hates a lot of noise, Brazil is not the country for you, my friend. You’ll hear dogs barking all night, fireworks, the neighbors arguing, soccer matches, the couple next door making passionate love, the churros truck, the gas truck, the Atacadão deals truck, the egg car, late-night parties, and motorcycle fanatics so loud that cause even the deaf to hear. If you don’t like noise, be sure to bring a few pairs of ear plugs or shotgun earmuffs (or both).
Overall, I love living in Brazil, and I will be so sad when I leave at the end of this year. I hope that someone finds this post useful.
  1. http://www2.portoalegre.rs.gov.bobservatorio/default.php?reg=181&p_secao=17
  2. https://www.maioresemelhores.com/cidades-seguras-do-brasil-atlas-da-violencia/
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2023.06.08 19:35 LAN_of_the_free (24M) Potential liver issues causing hypogonadism?

I have some concerns about potential liver issues but I don't have enough information to conclude anything but would appreciate guidance on where to proceed forth as well as any labs/markers that should be requested from my physician.
To start I've been experiencing hypogonadal symptoms for a few years and recently started investigating the cause. I had blood work done to determine testosterone levels and pituitary hormones and results are as such:
FSH 5.9 (1-8 IU/L)
LH 5.1 (1-7 IU/L)
Total T 9.8 nmol/l (8.4-28.8) (around 280 ng/dl)
Free T 280 pmol/L (196-636) (around 80pg/ml)
What concerns me here is the high ratio of free test to test, which is greater than the ~2% which is usual. The higher amount of free test relative to test is likely due to low SHBG, which, although not tested, is very likely the cause of this ratio. Low SHBG can be a sign of metabolic syndrome or diabetes or insulin resistance, but my hbA1C is 5.0% (5.6 or greater is prediabetes) so I'm unsure if that's the case. Another possibility is a liver issue. The reason I suspect potential liver abnormality is
1) because I have what's called Terry's nails, which is a white appearance of the nails with a pink band at the tip, which is associated with hepatic problems
2) I had a separate routine blood test conducted that showed lower than normal GGT (9 UL with range 14-62), although Alanine Aminotransferase was normal at 17 (<50 U/L)
3) Very strange lipid values, which may or may not be a result of something going on at the level of the liver. here are the lipids:
Total Cholesterol:157 mg/dl Triglycerides: 67.32 mg/dl HDL: 79.66 mg/dl LDL:64.19
What's with the HDL being much higher than the LDL? Why is the LDL so low? Something is definitely wonky. It's also worth mentioning my TSH is borderline subclinical with 2.6, and my prolactin was initially high (20 with max range being 19) but another follow up test it was lower at 12. My fasting glucose was also 5.5 mmol/L with the upper level being 6 so I may be prediabetic? Although the hba1c is normal so not sure.
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2023.06.08 19:35 quirkypixell Questioning if I am Frayromantic?

Hi, So I am a 28, Autistic and identify as Gay/Lesbian, Asexual(aegosexual)
I found out about Frayromantic when doing a google about the aromantic spectrum and the fact it means you can have romantic attraction then it fades after time resonates with me.
I feel like this is what has happened in me and my partners relationship and also in past relationships (even though most of my dating history is men). I still really love my partner and care about them on an emotional level but it does mean their is little to no romantic attraction.
I thought my lack of wanting to kiss, hold hands, cuddle and be touched was part of being autistic even though I couldn't get enough of kissing them the first few weeks into dating. Sometimes I am good with touching and sometimes I don't want it at all.
My partner (also my fiancé) is only aware of my asexual identity and being Autistic, i feel like bringing up romantic attraction is going to be a lot harder and confusing for them to understand.
They would like to get married as soon as we are both ready but i worry about getting married because it is such a romantic focused thing and i want to be 100% in my thoughts first.
Lastly before I found out about possibly being aromantic, I have wondered if I am not attracted to my partner because they are trans/non-binary and I have always had the most romantic fantasy's about marrying a woman and dating etc.
After I came out, I only had the chance to date woman online (covid) then I met my now partner of 3 years and they are my person. But I do wish I had explored my identity more.
I just feel like it is unfair for my partner to love me and find me romantically attractive and for me to not feel the same way.
Do you think this could be Frayromantic, or something else like Aroflux Grayromantic
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2023.06.08 19:35 tulpacat1 To Kill a Predator, Chapter 25

Hi everyone.
To Kill a Predator is a work of fan fiction set in the Nature of Predators universe originally created by SpacePaladin15 whose Patreon you should subscribe to.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Depiction does not equal endorsement.
Hope you enjoy it!
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Memory transcription subject: Martin Russo, Human Refugee
Date [standardized human time]: December 14th, 2136

The initial search through the offers is not going well.
“What about John Hopkins University?”
“Pre-approved for their internal loan program.”
“University of California Berkeley?”
“Pre-approved for their internal loan program.”
“It’s pronounced Dartmouth, and they’ll help talk to the bank to take out a loan.”
“Are there any universities in your entire tribe that don’t want us to take out huge expensive loans?!”
With a frustrated yell, Vilek throws herself on a chair. Thiva sighs and crosses more names off the list.
I was expecting this. The US and its wretched predatory profit-based educational system is a non-starter. I am not saddling the lambchops with about a million dollars of debt. Each.
At least I’m unlikely to have to pay my own student loans back, what with my debt holder being a smoking crater.
“Hey, this is promising!” Thiva’s ears perk up. “I told Johan we were looking into education on Earth and he said he’d see if he could talk to some people at Lund University. They sent us an offer, check it out!”
“Lund University. That’s in Sweden…” I’m reading the letter rapidly on Thiva’s pad and getting more excited the more I read. “They’ve got both therapist and engineering courses. And they’re willing to transfer your credits and give you both full-ride scholarships, as long as you’re willing to start the term early and ‘establish a baseline of knowledge’. And they’ll split your classes into morning and evening so you don’t have to run double-claw studies like we usually do… And they’ll even have the UN pay for housing and transportation to Earth? Jesus Christ, that’s… really damn good.”
Vilek perks up too, both of them watching me closely now with wagging tails. “So what’s the catch?”
I read it again. Slowly and carefully. And I find myself faced with a bastard of a choice. “Well for a start… this says nothing about me.”

Vilek and Thiva are running the math. It’s not looking good. “What if we sell your house? That should give us plenty of money, right?”
“Vansi still owns it, even if she’s never setting foot there again. How about a loan?”
“Nah, that was the first thing I checked. Banks aren’t issuing loans right now. Even taking out any money is hard. With the economy in freefall they don’t want to encourage a bank run.”
I chime in unhelpfully. “And I don’t think they want to give out a loan for a one-way ticket someplace they can’t make us pay it back.”
Thiva pouts with frustration. “That too. Ughh, this was such a good opportunity, too!”
“It is. So maybe you girls should go anyway.”
Thiva’s eye locks onto me right away. “No.”
“I’m just saying-”
“No, I’m not leaving you alone here! I can just finish school here, and…”
“…and leave Vilek alone on Earth instead? No, you two should stay together. I can house-sit Thiva’s place and try to find a job. Maybe get enough money for you girls to head back during summer and winter breaks.”
“I told you it’s not my place, it’s Vansi’s.”
“And she’s welcome to it as soon as she gets out of jail.”
Vilek flicks her tail-tip with uncertainty, ears moving thoughtfully. “…Are you sure this is our best bet?”
“I’m pretty sure it is. And we don’t have a lot of time to look for alternatives. Says here you guys will be working with a pair of tutors to make sure your knowledge base is up to spec, and that’d start in just a few days.”
They’re my friends, and they have an amazing opportunity here. I have to be strong. It’s what’s best for them. It’s just a year or two.
It’s not like I’ve barely survived the last month and a half on this wretched rock.

Date [standardized human time]: December 15th, 2136

Today’s physical therapy session is in my room. If I were hoping that’d lead to less pain, I would’ve been wrong. “C’mon, keep pulling your leg back! That’s the way!”
My arch-nemesis is currently leaning on my leg and levering it back toward my torso with her entire weight, and is encouraging me to pull back with both arms too. I’m pulling like a beast, teeth gritted so hard I think they might crack. “don’t… fucking… say it…”
My vision is blacked out from the sheer goddamn agony, while Chasa cheerfully encourages me. “Gold star, Martin! Do it for the gold star!”
But it’s the only way I’ll be able to restore a normal range of motion without lopping my limbs off and going for prosthetics. “mother… fucking… hate you…”
Which I can’t afford. And besides, upper prosthetics are nowhere near as advanced as people think. “That’s the way! Alright you can let go now, you did an amazing job!”
I collapse back immediately and straighten my leg. Opening my eyes I can see white stars dancing in my vision. Chasa pads up the bed and licks her paw before stroking it through my hair, giving me another cowlick. “Good boy, I’m so proud of you!”
I am defeated. “…thanks.”
“Hey, uh, is this a bad time?”
I blink at the familiar voice and turn my head. Mosun’s standing there with a confident expression, and Jarkim is right beside him. They both look good, far better than me at least. Jarkim’s got bandages on his leg and Mosun’s got a clavicle brace, but they’re both mobile.
Chasa gingerly climbs down from the bed and moves over to my file. “Nope! We were just done for the paw, except I was gonna give Martin his gold star~! He loves the gold stars!”
“…I am going to eat you.”
Jarkim squawks with alarm at my threat to my Zurulian nemesis. She is undeterred and cheerfully says “No you’re not.”
Jarkim speaks up. “Aren’t you… concerned, about him using that sort of language?”
Chasa stretches idly before placing the shiny sticker on my file. I’ve still got one for every session. “Nah, he doesn’t mean it. Threats and cursing are proven to help human pain responses, that’s all! He’s a big softy; I’ve got him eating out of my paw.”
I try to sound disagreeing but it comes out as a rather pathetic whine. “…I’m an apex predator…”

“So you were both discharged?”
Mosun flicks his ear affirmative. “I was in for a paw longer than Jarkim was, but we’re out and healing now. It’ll be another thirty-ish paws before my collarbone’s fully fixed up, but I can return to daily life.”
That’s an insanely short time to recover from a shattered collarbone, but I suppose the medi-teddies are the leading health care providers in the galaxy for a reason.
I nod. “Well, that’s good. The rest of the posse doing okay?”
Jarkim moves a wing in the positive. “Hanya got in contact with that human you mentioned, doctor Eriksson. She seems positive about it. Slavik’s back on their farm.”
I nod. “So what are you guys gonna do? I, uhh, I don’t know what you do for work, Mosun, but I think Jarkim’s out of a job.”
Mosun grins, before getting a thoughtful look and tapping his leg a few times on the floor. “I drive around stocking vending machines, so nothing that matters. But I’ve been teaching Hanya a little, like she asked. And I think… I think I’d rather like to start a Dance school. So I’ll be saving up a bit and getting it set up while I heal.”
It’s clear he doesn’t mean ballet, but I make sure to censor myself around Chasa just in case her cheerful disposition toward humans doesn’t carry on to ‘primitives’. “I think that’s a fantastic idea. I know there are a ton of humans who’d be lining up for a chance to learn your culture’s Dances. Yotul too, obviously. And Hanya’s shown there’s interest from other sapients too…”
Jarkim clacks his beak twice before speaking. “I’ll go work on Slavik’s farm for a while to pay them back, and to stay airborne. But after that… I want to help people. And I’ve still got contacts. So I was thinking of setting up a sort of troubleshooting agency. People could come to me with problems, and I’d try to help them out.”
I laugh, but quickly reconsider as my body protests the action. It’s the most stereotypical ex-cop thing he could do! “You’re gonna become a freaking private eye?!”
Jarkim looks me dead-on and deadpan. “…What’s a private eye?”

Date [standardized human time]: December 19th, 2136

My fingers run through Vilek and Thivas’ fur slowly. I have been discharged from the hospital, but I’m still going to be in for physical therapy every other paw for the foreseeable future. Right now, though, I am relaxed. “How long, now?”
Vilek answers. “Half a claw.”
That’s not a lot of time, but I am determined to not ruin it with a foul mood. “Mm… You girls all packed?”
“There’s not a lot to pack. We’re getting most everything once we’re there.”
Thiva’s currently quietly crying onto my shirt. “I’ll miss you.”
“I’ll miss you too, lambchop. But I’ll feel better with you two together, and doctor Eriksson is in Lund, so you can have in-person sessions.”
“And you’re sure you can’t come with?”
I shake my head. “Unless you got any new ideas. Besides, moving between human nations is a pain in the ass. I can’t get in as a refugee. Sweden’s been strict about refugees since before the Satellite War: I set foot on Venlil Prime first and VP’s been willing to house me, so that means according to Sweden and most other nations that I have to stay here until I can go back to the US.” Fucking ‘first safe harbor’ laws. “And since I’m a citizen of the United States of America I can’t move to Sweden on my own anyway. At least not without having a job or family or something there.”
Thiva looks up at me and says softly “…We’re family, right?”
Oh, wow, okay. I bite my lip for a second to keep from crying. It mostly works. “Yeah, of-of course we are. But that’s not how they see it. Don’t worry, we’ll try to figure something out. We just need to be patient.”
She gives a soft and sad sigh. I scratch behind her ears and look over at Vilek.

Vilek gives a soft beep and leans her head against my other hand. “Do you know a lot about the place?”
I shake my head. “Almost nothing. Lund’s a city in Sweden, and Lund University is around five hundred years old. Before going to Venlil Prime I had never left the US, which is almost as far from Sweden as you can go before you start getting closer again. But it was practically untouched by the extermination fleet, and the people are famous for being friendly.”
Even that much I had to search online to learn. The stereotype that Americans can’t tell Swedes from Swiss might not be true but it’s apparently not as far off as I thought.
“You’ll be studying one claw, then a break claw, then another claw of study, then you have three claws off. These six-claw periods are a day. You’ll study five days, then have two days to yourselves.”
Vilek whistles a soft laugh. “So there’s a lot of time to recover.”
“Remember, humans tend to sleep for eight hour stretches. So most people sleep eight hours, study or work eight hours, and have the remaining eight for transportation and personal stuff.”
“Hopefully that’s not going to be a problem…”
“I managed to adjust to VP’s time, I’m sure you’ll manage Earth’s. Worst case scenario, there’s coffee. Every student lives on coffee. And there’s soda, and potato chips, and curry. There are so many tasty things that you girls will adore trying on Earth.”
Thiva wags her tail softly, looking up at me. “You make us sound like gluttons.”
“No, I’m saying I miss those things because Venlil food sucks.”
Both girls play-push me and bleat with protest, making me laugh.
Mary mother of God I am going to miss them.
“Speaking of that, it smells like the food’s done.”
“Huh? I don’t smell anything?” Thiva gives me her most deadpan expression of confusion, and I roll my eyes at her and gently pinch the tip of her ear to pay back her jest. That elicits an adorable little squeak, and I smile while I get up and grab my crutch. I won’t be able to walk unaided for a long time, perhaps ever. I’m okay with that. I kinda want to have a walking stick anyway. A classy wooden one, like Tom’s.
Maybe I can be the first human with a walking stick made from Venlil wood?

I put out the spread. Cooking has been an extra pain in the ass with my injuries, but I’ll be damned if that’s going to stop me.
I present the plated-up meal on the table by the couch with a small flourish. “Here we go, girls. This is the meal I was going to make for you before things got… hectic. Tomato focaccia and pasta alla norma. And to drink, wine. That’s a fermented drink from the juice of grape berries. This particular wine is a variety called Nerello Mascalese, from my family’s ancestral home of Sicily.”
Vilek wags her tail as she leans forward. “This focaccia looks sort of like Strayu, but with a bunch of stuff on top?”
“It’s a sort of bread, almost all human cultures have some variation on bread. I’ve topped it with cherry tomato fruits, rosemary herbs, and kosher salt.”
The lambchops look at it with excitement, and Thiva’s the first to tear off a bit and place it on her outstretched tongue. She rolls it into her mouth and starts chewing, and her ears perk up and her tail wags at once. Her eyes half-close and she looks like she’s melting. “Ohhhh Protector… it’s so sweet, and salty, and juicy, and-and-and-”
Vilek excitedly tears off a piece for herself and plops it into her mouth. I’m rewarded for my hard work with an adorable squeal of joy from her, and she takes a second piece and shovels it into her mouth too. Only after swallowing does she focus an eye on me. “If I didn’t already want to mate with you beforehand, this ‘focaccia’ would’ve sealed the deal!”
I find myself blushing rather hard, and simply take a small bit of the bread for myself wordlessly. Thiva and Vilek both whistle a laugh.

After having thoroughly sampled the bread Thiva pokes at the pasta dish with a claw. “So what’s this other stuff? It looks utterly wild!”
I smile at the two, letting my explanation cool my jets a bit. “Pasta is made by combining a ground wheat powder with water, and then shaping the resulting dough and boiling it. Here I’ve combined it with a sauce made with tomato fruit and herbs, as well as a spongy and nutritious plant called eggplant. You guys don’t seem to mind bitter plants, so I figured it might be a good idea. Finally, it’s got a vegan ricotta made with almond nuts, lemon juice, and garlic powder… and basil, a wonderfully fresh leafy herb. This is a classic meal from Sicily, modified the tiniest bit for my herbivorous lambchops.”
The two take a pair of spoons and scoop up some of the mixture, making sure to get a bit of everything. They look at each other and, on an unspoken signal, put the food in their mouths.
They squeal and gasp. Vilek even squirms happily in her seat, while Thiva just wags her tail rapidly and moves her ears in slow little circle motions as she chews. Vilek’s the first to speak up. “…this is absolutely crazy, there are so many flavors… all at once! But I can taste each one…”
I pour some of the wine into their glasses, wincing a bit at having to awkwardly brace the heavy bottle in both hands.
I know the Venlil can hold their alcohol well enough to make the Irish blush, so I’m not concerned about that part. Having tried Venlil drink once, I am mostly curious as to if the lambchops will be able to appreciate the complexity of something that doesn’t taste like everclear and paint thinners.
As they take small sips, I needn’t have worried. Thiva in particular bleeps with joy and perks her ears. “Oohh… that’s rich! There’s sweetness, and acidity, and a sort of dried herb taste underneath it all?”
Vilek adds her own opinion, but is slower with it. “There’s a sort of earthiness… and I can taste it a little differently just by holding my mouth near the glass… that’s wild. It goes really, really well with the food too…!”
I laugh quietly. “Heh… I’m glad you girls enjoy it. Just make sure to leave some room for dessert. There will be chocolate cake.”
Thiva tilts her head. “You humans have meals for after your meals?”
“Only for special occasions. Don’t worry, you’ll love it.”

“It looks like dirt.”
“Wet dirt.”
I wait patiently with a small smile. They load their spoons with some of the moist, spongy chocolate cake and the rich frosting that I’ve so lovingly slaved over. And into their mouths it goes. I wait for the reaction.
It does not disappoint.
They immediately start devouring their dessert, while I grin. “Well girls, If you don’t want the ‘dirt’ I’ll be glad to take it off your paws.”
They quickly protest. “Don’t you dare!” “Yeah, we’re keeping the whole thing! This stuff is better than mating!” “How would you know? You’ve never even done it!” “Yeah okay, but am I wrong?” “…I didn’t say that!”
Laughter and whistling fills the room. As far as last meals together goes, this one is going about as well as I could’ve hoped.

We’re standing outside. We’re beside the politely impatient cab driver that’ll take the girls the first leg of their journey to the space port and on to Earth. Thiva’s crying again and clinging to me. It hurts, but I grin and bear it.
Vilek smiles, the human expression looking a bit foreign on her face. “…You promise you’ll be okay? I… I need to hear you say it.”
Thiva flicks her ear and tail. “Yeah. W-We can still change our minds, if… If you need us.”
I have no goddamn idea what I am going to do after you girls step into that cab.
I smile at my beloved lambchops, give them a warm hug, a pair of quick kisses on their cheeks.
And I lie to their faces.
“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine without you.”
This is the penultimate chapter of this story. Thank you for reading so far!
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2023.06.08 19:35 joshharog Investing in S&P 500 or any other type of funds at 16 years old

Hi, im 16 years old and joining the army in the next couple of months this means i will have alot of disposable income, and I'm already thinking of my future (retirement).
Since i will have alot of disposable income I'm willing to invest £500 a month or more I don't know alot about investing or s&p 500 in general, but what I've researched so far is if i invest a monthly amount into s&p 500 until i retire i will be a ''millionaire'' is this true? and if so how would i go about with it.
And is s&p 500 what i should be investing all of the £500 into or invest a couple 100 and the rest into other stuff?
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2023.06.08 19:35 SnooBeans8917 Affectionate Cockatiel hates coming out of Cage

Hi! I have a 3 year old tiel and where best friends. She loves to hang out of my shoulder, sit in a perch next to my desk and hang out while I do work, she chirps at me like we’re having a conversation and she LOVES scratches and head rubs, she’s super duper affectionate and friendly.
However since I’ve gotten her, back in November 2022, she always HATED coming out of her cage. Every time I put my hand in the cage to bring her out she’s runs away despite her begging and chirping when I get home to let her out. If I leave the door open she’ll climb out no problem and be perfectly fine. I’ve tired having her associate my hand with food with millet and other treats, which she has 0 problems with outside the cage. Outside the cage she lets give her tons of affection and touch and she’s even fly to my hand semi- on command.
She has no problems with my hands outside the cage. How can I fix this or should I accept this behavior as boundary of hers.
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2023.06.08 19:34 sluggy1114 Hi all I'm looking for a recommendation for a hair stylist with experience with long curly hair preferably from the queer or neurodivergent community. Thank you in advance :)

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2023.06.08 19:34 ERNP1982 My survival story

I'm not really sure how to start this post. I guess I can start by saying that I really enjoy this forum and listen to your podcast almost daily. Also, I must apologize, as this is kinda long, but I didn't want to leave anything out. So, here goes....
I'm a 40 year old male and I pride myself on being fairly successful in my life. That's not to say I'm filthy rich or don't have my problems, which we'll get to in a minute, but I have a life that many would be happy to live. I have a beautiful and loving wife, two wonderful kids from a previous marriage, and a job that is not only fulfilling, but allows me to live comfortably. Most people wouldn't suspect some of the things I've dealt with in my time, but I wanted to share this aspect of my past in hopes it will help me work through it.
All my life I've lived in the South, Mississippi specifically, and as one might suspect I've grown up going to church. This has never bothered me, although some of the experiences I could've done without (I'll looking at you youth choir). When I was a young child, probably 7-8 (the exact age escapes me, possibly blocked out for my sanity's sake) my family attended a Baptist church in the boonies which we lived on a family farm. It was your typical southern style church, we had service every Sunday morning, night services that would include business meetings, and RA's every Wednesday night. For those unfamiliar, RA's (short for Royal Ambassadors) was an organization very similar to the Boy Scouts of America. Granted, we didn't have all the same types of awards or taskings they did, but the group would study the Bible and how we could apply the teachings to serve the community at large. Every year we had a couple camping trips and nature hikes we would attend, but no merit badges or anything. I suppose now would be good to introduce our characters in this story. Myself, whom I'll call Addie, my brothers John and Steven, and a young man named Robert. Obviously, these aren't the real names, but you get the idea. Robert was the leader of my RA class and always seemed to be a fairly cool guy. He was probably in his mid-twenties and seemed to be really in tune with all the youth group. Robert was very well known to all the RA classes, as we all would meet in the fellowship hall after the individual classes were done, typically to have an activity as a large group before going home. My brothers and I seemed to be of a particular interest to Robert (And yes, as a grown man I look back and see the absolutely wrong and inappropriate nature of this) and he would always seek us out Wednesday nights to joke around or tussle. This type of behavior went on for a long time, not really sure how long as I've already said, but it was long enough for our parents to feel comfortable with him around us. Before any one starts trying to throw stones my folks way, you have to remember this was in the late 80's and society was far more trusting that it is today. As such, people in the church were thought to be mostly good people and it never entered into anyone's mind what could have been going on behind the door those nights.
I remember some nights where Robert would forgo the weekly lesson, instead opting to "play games" with all the boys in his class. These games were always posed as innocent enough, but always involved....well....things that boys shouldn't be doing with other boys, let alone in the presence of a grown man. This is bad enough, but one of Robert's favorite young men was my oldest brother, Steven. As I would come to find out, Robert had cornered my brother on multiple occasions and assaulted him. One of these times, my brother and I were walking through the church on a Wednesday night, no one else in sight. I honestly can't remember what we were doing (Possibly running an errand or something) but without warning, Robert rounds the corner. Apparently, he had seen us leave the fellowship hall and decided to follow. When he saw us, something about his facial expression gave me and Steven a chill. He looked excited, almost giddy, and had a big smile on his face. He started walking towards us, saying something about he was going to get us or some garbage like that, and that prompted us to run. We bolted back down the hallway and through the sanctuary, with aim to get out the front door and make our way down to the safety of the rest of the group (As our father was one of the teachers and we knew he was there). To give an idea of the layout we were traveling, the sanctuary sat on a hill and the fellowship hall was at the base of the hill. Also, the church was in the process of building a new sanctuary next to the old one, so we had to run around this giant construction zone to get down the hill. So, we exit the front of the church, sprinting to the right as fast as we could, past the construction, and down the hill. When we rounded the corner, we were looking straight at the door to the fellowship hall. We pick up our pace, the sound of Robert gaining from behind, but we keep a good lead until we get to the door. Now, you would think this should be the end of the story right? We fling open the door, the throng of people see our predicament, and rush to our aid. But no, we grab the door handles and find them locked. We ran to the side window, trying to get our father's attention, but to no avail. By this time, Robert had caught up to us and was blocking our way to go back. Things get hazy at this point, mostly coming in flashes, but the jest of it is clear enough. My brother attempted to run past or through Robert, but he ends up being lifted in the air and carried away from the building. He stopped at the far end of the parking lot and began to assault my brother right in front of me. I remember trying everything to get him to stop. I kicked Robert in the ribs, jumped on his back, screaming at my brother to do things to make him stop. But nothing worked. This man was violating my brother right in front of me. This particular memory is as clear in my head as what I had for breakfast today. I don't remember much of my grandfather, the majority of my Christmas holidays, or a thousand other things from my childhood, but this freaking memory sticks out like a billboard. Fast forward, it turns out (not surprisingly) Robert had been doing the same things to lots of other kids, John and I included. When everything came out, my father threatened to beat him to death, Robert was thrown in our state penitentiary, and put on the offender's registry for life.
For years I would check the registry, making sure that Robert was still behind bars. One day, fifteen years later or so, I checked it and found he had been paroled, now living close to my old hometown. It was a gut punch, as I hoped he would never breathe free air again. But by this point, I was grown, big into weightlifting, and trained by the military so I felt confident in my ability to handle myself. If I'm being honest, I actually had concocted an entire scenario in my mind that if I ever saw him in Walmart or something, I would confront him and throw him a beating for everything he had done to my family. Well, the years came and went, I got married, and welcomed the birth of my sons into the world. I also started a career in nursing, eventually earning my master's degree and becoming a nurse practitioner. Having kids of my own gave me a new perspective on life and truthfully gave me a different outlook on life and I never let my guard down when it came to my boys. Eventually, after almost 15 years, my wife and I divorced. I moved back to my hometown to be closer to my support system. This opened up an opportunity to manage and practice medicine in a clinic nearby. I did this for almost two years until I was given the chance to work back in the ER of a hospital system and decided this was a better fit for me. So, I'm working my last few shifts at the clinic, when I went into a room to see a patient. The patient was an older woman, a little older than my parents, and as old folks often do, she wanted to talk about anything but why she was there. I've always been somewhat of a people pleaser, so I typically would just let these type of people talk. I think about how my grandmother and how she lived alone for almost 30 years after my granddad died and how lonely she would get at times. I figured, if someone wanted to ramble and it would make them feel better, I was more than happy to lend an ear. Well, she asked me where I was from, if I was married, if I had kids, etc. Just typical stuff really and I answered everything she asked as it wasn't terribly strange stuff. She remarked at the beginning that my name was familiar, but she couldn't place where from. I told her who my parents were, where they worked, and where I had grown up. Eventually, it came around to where I had gone to church as a child and after I told her, her face grew stoic. Seriously, it looked like someone had pulled the drain plug on her face and emptied it of blood. I looked into her eyes, curious as to what caused this shift, and she started to cry. I was obviously stunned at this drastic turn of her demeanor and asked her what was wrong. She replied, "I know where I know your parents from, where I know you from. I don't know if you would remember my son, you were so young, but I don't want to tell you." When she said this, my brain jumped back to the start of her inquiry about me, at which time she had told me her children's names. I looked at her chart, searching frantically for her last name. When I found it, everything clicked and the name of her youngest child left my lips quietly, Robert.
The realization that I was looking at the mother of my childhood monster was, sobering to say the least. She began to apologize over and over, telling me she had prayed my brothers and I had led normal lives and hadn't been "ruined" by what her son had done. Now, it's important to clarify that while we all have been successful in our chosen fields, all three of us have carried scars from what he did to us. I, personally, have had difficulty with relationships and trusting other people. I can't say for certain what John and Steven endured in all these years, but I know that none of us were ever "normal" after what happened. However, as this woman had nothing to do with her son's atrocities, I didn't want her to feel attacked or responsible. I leaned in and tried to comfort her, reassuring that we all turned out well and had moved beyond the past (Despite this not being entirely the truth). This seemed to give her peace of mind. As she dried her eyes, she spoke again, "I'm glad to hear that. I know what he did was wrong, horribly wrong. He never could tell me why he did it, he told me he knew it wasn't right but he couldn't seem to stop himself. I know he went to prison, and he suffered there, but he's done so good since he's come home. He's not a bad man, he's so good to me." She kept talking, but by this point, I was tuned out. I felt sorry for her, truly I did, but I was ready to get out of that room. Then she said something that made my heart sink and my guts implode. "He's so good to me, he even brought me today. He's out front right now."
I stood up, my legs were numb, and I felt short of breath. I quickly told her what her treatment plan entailed and left the room. I walked to the front of the clinic, looking through the check-in window out into the lobby, and there he was...Robert was sitting not even 10 feet away. My mind raced, all of my rage and anger that had been pent up for over two decades boiling inside me. That memory, the one I spoke about, played in my mind like a bad snuff film (As if any snuff film is a good one, but I digress). I walked back to my office and sat down, trying to rationalize what was going on. All these years, I have had a clear and focused plan for how things would go if I ever saw him again. I rose from my chair, walking towards my car and the gun I always kept inside. I told my nurse to keep all the patient's in their rooms and not to let anyone out to the lobby. She asked me why and, for some reason, I told her everything. She looked into my face and said, "What are you gonna do Addie? What are you going to tell your boys when you go to jail for life?" Her questions stopped me in my tracks, like my feet were bolted to the floor. She continued, "He took something he never should have, no doubt. But don't let him take you from your boys, you're a better man than that." As soon as it had come on, my crazy idea to deal with this guy like I had always wanted evaporated from me. I asked her to discharge the old woman and I went back to my office. I stayed in there until they had both left and then continued with my day. I called my fiance and told her what happened, making sure she knew that I hadn't done anything stupid. She told me that she was proud of me and the rest of the day went by without incident.
I never thought the day would come where I was face to face with this guy. Despite my blustering, I'm no killer and he wasn't threatening anyone in that moment. Since that day, I've started my new job and haven't seen Robert again. I told John about the whole situation, and he echoed my fiancé's opinion, glad I had let him leave without incident. I've since told my mother about it, yet again, was told I did the right thing and that she was proud of me. I wish that I could say I was proud of myself, but I can't. I feel like, I dunno, that I somehow betrayed my brothers by not doing something...anything. Granted, no matter what I did to him, it wouldn't have been enough. Even if I un-alived him, it wouldn't do anything to remove what had happened or the impact we all have endured. But still, I can't help but feel guilty I didn't dish out the punishment I feel Robert deserved, the justice I feel the kids he messed up deserved.
I guess if anything, I'm writing this to hopefully let other people who have been through similar circumstances they're not alone. And to warn everyone else, no matter what you think, there really are monsters in this world and they look like everyone else.
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2023.06.08 19:34 Grand-Pen-5981 International Duty Refunds: A Guide

For folks ordering Outlier international, a big sticking point is often the duties and taxes if you need to return an item.
Outlier's policy is that they do not refund the taxes and duty fees which can sting if you're in countries where the taxes and duties can often be 50% of the purchase value. Fear not though as there are potential ways for you to recoup some or all of those duties and taxes.
Step 1 - You will need to check that your country offers VAT or duty refunds. Some countries do not offer this, some will only refund a partial amount, and others will refund you the full amount. I suggest checking your local government customs and import sites first before continuing with this process.
Step 2 - Contact DHL which is Outlier's international shipping provider and request the import documentation for your order(s). You can do this on the website for the country you live in by going to DHL -> Customer Support -> Send Email. Provide the waybill number(s) for the shipment(s) you returned and they will usually get back to you within a couple of days. If you're Canadian like me, you can just email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) to make the request. They will provide you with the commercial invoice, customs coding form, and customs entry and invoice.
Step 3 - Get the appropriate forms for your country. Some countries it's all done digitally whereas others like Canada you'll need a form like the CBSA B2G form to fill out and mail in.
Step 4 - Time to submit. For most countries this will mean the required government paperwork and the following in order for the refund to be accepted:
Step 5 - Submit! If you live in a country that does this all digitally, it's smooth sailing and you'll hear back usually within 30-90 days. If you're like me and live in Canada, you will need to package it all up and mail it back to your closest Casual Refund Centre (listed on Page 2 of the B2G form). Expect 30-90 days to receive a response.
One thing to note about the refund is it can vary. The DHL invoices I've received at least in Canada only report the % paid to taxes and do not list the duties paid so you may find that the governing agency only refunds you back the taxes. It's hit and miss so if you don't get the full refund just reach out and ask them to clarify. I've let Tyler know the 3PL software isn't populating the duties section on DHL's side so hopefully Outlier is able to correct that one. I've had a couple get rejected due to this just as a heads up. Also, because the shipping is factored into the prepaid duties you'll need to subtract the $35 from the refund request.
Hopefully this helps some of the international folks get a couple bucks back if they ever need to return items.
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2023.06.08 19:34 Specialchurchpants F19, Let’s chat and see where things go?!!

Hi! I hope you are doing well. We can talk about anything i don’t mind. Let’s just not make it boring. I don’t care about your age gender or timezone either. So if you want to chat about anything send me a dm. And who knows we might end up best friends!!
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2023.06.08 19:34 Hittanlmb Selling Authentic Social media services

Selling 10k instagram followers and 5k likes $30 , for Youtube or any other platforms dm. Cheapest prices in the world literally come see for yourself. I can also get press release published and can do graphic designs. If anyone has doubts dont worry I will give you a free trial before we start !
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2023.06.08 19:33 gogolightly74 Other similar workout methods?

Hi everyone!
I started doing TAM about a month ago and I love this style of working out! I’m curious if you guys have tried any other sort of similar styles, like the sculpt society or Hamelin D’Abell’s method, etc and what success you’ve found with it?
Basically, is TAM just magical or are other similar high rep low weight styles also effective?? Thanks !
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2023.06.08 19:33 justanotherdeadbody Barbarian X Fighter level recomendations

I'm playing a half-orc Barbarian x Fighter, actually lvl 2 by now with one level in each.
For flavor reasons he is a soldier who kind of struggles between the military honor and behavior and his barbaric bloodlust.

For the build i'm using a greatsword, the DM let both dices on the half-orc passive for the crits...

But now i don't know how much of each class should i level up, i don't know if i should just get to lvl 9 of barbarian or should i push it to llv 13 for the crit dice, also i'm thinking of going with berserk subclass, but honestly i did not like it, one more attack is really good, but the rest is useless for a almost mindless fighter, any barbarian subclass recomendations for the idea?

The Fighter subclass will be Rune Knight for plot reasons, but the amount of level depends...

Is there any other class recomendations for a further multiclass build? I wanted a character that could ravage single hit damages, especially with crits, but i've only played with monks on 5e and a couple of oneshots with fighter.

So... The question is Level recomendations amount of barbarian to fighter lvls? Is it better barb crit or fighter extra attacks? And if you guys have any recomendation for a further class introduction, my stats are 18, 14, 16, 8, 11 and 12 in this order.

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2023.06.08 19:33 thecrackdad420 Part Time Jobs for Flight Attendants

Question Hi, I just got a cjo from American for the F/A position. In the first year, I’m only guaranteed 75 hours per month, and I cannot live off of this. Are flight attendants able to work another job part time? I know that I will be on reserve for 19 days out of the month, so if I get called during those days I need to be ready and at the airport in 2-3 hr. What part time job could I do that allows me to drop everything and go to the airport while I’m on reserve? Is picking up extra hours easy enough to get 30 h week as a new flight attendant? What side job is flexible enough to let me create my own schedule based on what American gives me that month? Not door dash, or instacart, those aren’t profitable enough after the cost of car maintenance. Please share your wisdom as I am really concerned about how I am gonna get by my first year. Thank you
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2023.06.08 19:33 foos182x "Your Device is Corrupt" After unlocking bootloader and flashing recovery

I was trying to revive my old pixel 5 and get LineageOS on it (following these instructions) but I've gotten myself in a bit of a jam.
I booted into recovery and unlocked the bootloader (or so the phone indicated) and proceeded to step 5 to flash the recovery image (the latest vendor_boot.img from here - which I take it was wrong) and now the device will not boot into recovery and doesn't show up on fastboot. It's stuck in a loop of showing "Your device is corrupt. It can't be trusted and may not work properly." and the white Google boot screen.
Am I hosed or is there hope / something I can do to fix this?
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2023.06.08 19:33 Jorin0L Concerns about my 16 month old

Hey everyone. So this may be an odd post, as the answer to these "I'm worried about my kid" threads is usually talk to your pediatrician and see if early intervention is necessary.
Thing is, my 16 month old son has already been in early intervention for almost half a year. He was born 6 weeks premature (age adjusted he'd be a 15 month old) and I also have family history of autism (my sibling and a cousin have level 3 ASD). Also when he was around 11 months old we had some concern areas, such as lack of response to name and no gesturing.
Since he hit around 13 months though, we thought he really had flourished:
His EI therapist thinks he is doing good, however, early intervention is only one hour a week and due to scheduling we've missed a decent amount of appointments too. Generally, he is doing much better in the areas we were concerned with, but last night as his session she did the ASQ for an 18 month old on him and it definitely raised some concerns for me again that there may be something wrong, and maybe I was just being optimistic for a few months.
So until we do an mchat at his next pediatrician appointment, I wanted to see what you guys thought. Here are some of the things that concern me about him:
Just wanted to see what some of you all think. I appreciate any feedback.
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2023.06.08 19:33 SquidsAndMartians BA volunteering opportunities

Hi all,
In my current job, BA is not part of the role, so unfortunately I have to seek elsewhere to keep developing myself. I figured, volunteering or consulting might be a great way, for the latter however some other details need to be worked out first such as the competition clause.
I spent several days googling charities and other non-profits, but on my side of the world it's mainly marketing and community support, such as coordinating volunteers, handing out flyers, reaching out to youth, etc.
Do you know any platforms or organizations looking for actual BA assistance? Do you have tips/advice on attracting opportunities to continue the personal development (aside from courses)?
One of my goals is getting the IIBA-CCBA, so learning is not enough, I need and want to put in the work too.
Thank you.
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2023.06.08 19:33 Professional-Hall485 Need help after power query to actually merge to existing table

Hi all,
I have multiple questions but hopefully the title is appropriate as this is the main issue I'm having.
Append data into existing table
I'm working on an excel sheet that takes a weekly dump of surveys into a csv file, and I want that to read the file, do all kinds of column sorting and removal, then import that survey list into an existing table that I have.
I've gotten to the point where It accurately imports the file removes renames and relocates the appropriate columns, but now i'm stuck there. I want it to basically take the information on an existing table, and merge with that table, removing the duplicates.
To make it clear, 90% of the items on the survey will be duplicates since it will always have the "old" surveys, then it will have the new surveys we need to add to the table.
so far, i've been unsuccessful in the best process to write to that table. I can manually "close & load" then go to "queries & connections" right click and go to "load to" and have it create a new table on a new sheet, then I have to manually copy all of the information and paste/replace it to the existing table, Then since the paste is odd and only pastes text, I have to manually filter my key category and reformat to make them numbers so my conditional formatting will kick in.
Isnt there a way to make all of that automated though and have it insert just the information (after the header) into an existing table and replace the old data, or append just the new data into it?
Also, since my file name changes each time we download it, how can we run this and easily update the file we are selecting? (see below)
VBA Button with file selector for Power Query
The other issue I'm hoping you all could assist with is, I'd love to automate this into a VBA button where you click on the button, it goes to file explorer, and you select the CSV you want to import with power query, then it runs the power query automatically.
I was able to create the button, and have it select a file, but i'm not sure how I can make that a variable file path to sync with power query and execute it. Any thoughts?
The idea is i'd love to share this form with less technical people and they are able to do this just by hitting the button on the main page.

At the end of the day I can make it work as I have it, but I feel like being able to get those two items done would make a quality of life improvement enough where I could share and other properties could use it for their surveys.
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2023.06.08 19:32 Janluke95 Should I buy the Pro or EX version?

Hi, I want to subscribe via monthly plan, but I can't decide what version to choose. So, I am a comic artist, so I realize 2D works. I'm planning to draw comics pages, since I want to create comics volumes in future. Sometimes I do illustrations when I have to do, for example, commissions. I don't have a realistic style, like Marvel or DC, but I draw with cartoon and humorous style, like Simpsons. So I haven't to do backgrounds with too many details. Plus, I do not do animation.
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2023.06.08 19:32 darfaderer Came home from holiday to dead bees all over the house

Came home from holiday to dead bees all over the house
Hi all Firstly let me say I’m not a bee expert, I just found this sub so thought I’d post here rather than anywhere else
I’ve just come home from 2 weeks on holiday this afternoon and my house is literally carpeted in almost every room with dead bees. There isn’t a single live one anywhere, not even twitching. I can’t see any signs of a nest anywhere but they’re in almost every room of the house in their hundreds
Has anyone ever seen / heard of this before? I’m assuming the queen must have got inside somehow, looking for a place to set up home and been followed by the rest of the swarm, but then all died of dehydration when they couldn’t find a way out?
Or could there be another explanation?
I wouldn’t have had a clue how to deal with it if I’d come home and they were all alive. Theres absolutely bloody thousands!
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2023.06.08 19:32 Electrical-Mind-3863 m38 4 A - [chat] and VENT

Hi there. Looking for someone to talk to without any form of judgement?
Got a problem or secret you need to get off your chest?
I provide a safe space where you can share anything about anything. Opinion is only shared upon request. DM only
Anybody welcome
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