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Truck Stop Bathroom

2018.09.20 03:35 SupremoZanne Truck Stop Bathroom

This is a place where a whole variety of entertainment can go, this is one of the most versatile subreddits ever, while other entertainment subreddits would be highly strict about being "on topic", while this one simply allows variety.

2019.06.17 16:52 corsta269 No_Mans_Sky_farms

Hey, guys please post coords to your farms to help everyone out. if you could follow the format for posting farms it will help everyone greatly. 1. Tell us what your farm is for e.g gas farm or circuit board 2. let us know the coords of the farm (also place a comms station near your base for easy finding or build near portal) 3. please let us know what platform and what mode you are playing on. with all those 3 things provided, we can make a good thread that shows loads of farms to help out ne

2015.03.10 22:08 THUMB5UP 1500 kCals A Day!

A sub about eating on 1500 calories total per day.

2023.06.05 06:04 marilynmansonfuckme r/panicatthedisco’s favorite songs by letter: day 17: q (FREE PICK)

panicatthedisco’s favorite songs by letter: day 17: q (FREE PICK)
so, like teh last free pick day, any song by patd or young veins will count for this one!!
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2023.06.05 06:04 huntb3636 Bring back full eBike number in-app

It is so dumb they removed this like a year ago. Guess what we have now? Scratched QR codes, numbers torn off, etc. Just geofence the full number so that only subscribers who appear near the station can access it. This is such an easy issue to solve...they had a solution and now they don't.
For the majority without keys, these bikes are unusable. I think there is supposed to be a way to use a kiosk to unlock but I've never gotten that to work with my account.
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2023.06.05 06:04 Puzzled_Ad8355 Stepfather wants to sue me for putting “wrong” gas in his truck.

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2023.06.05 06:03 KillingSnore The Daily Check-In for Monday, June 5th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

*We may be anonymous strangers on the internet, but we have one thing in common. We may be a world apart, but we're here together!*
**Welcome to the 24 hour pledge!**
I'm pledging myself to not drinking today, and invite you to do the same.
Maybe you're new to /stopdrinking and have a hard time deciding what to do next. Maybe you're like me and feel you need a daily commitment or maybe you've been sober for a long time and want to inspire others.
It doesn't matter if you're still hung over from a three day bender or been sober for years, if you just woke up or have already completed a sober day. For the next 24 hours, lets not drink alcohol!
**This pledge is a statement of intent.** Today we don't set out *trying* not to drink, we make a conscious decision *not to drink*. It sounds simple, but all of us know it can be hard and sometimes impossible. The group can support and inspire us, yet only one person can decide if we drink today. Give that person the right mindset!
What happens if we can't keep to our pledge? We give up or try again. And since we're here in /stopdrinking, we're not ready to give up.
**What this is:** A simple thread where we commit to not drinking alcohol for the next 24 hours, posting to show others that they're not alone and making a pledge to ourselves. Anybody can join and participate at any time, you do not have to be a regular at /stopdrinking or have followed the pledges from the beginning.
**What this isn't:** A good place for a detailed introduction of yourself, directly seek advice or share lengthy stories. You'll get a more personal response in your own thread.
This post goes up at:
- US - Night/Early Morning
- Europe - Morning
- Asia and Australia - Evening/Night
A link to the current Daily Check-In post can always be found near the top of the sidebar.
Happy Monday, SD!
Yesterday, we discussed how the journey can be tough day-to-day, but each day gets a little bit easier. A strategy that really helped me make my commitment stick was a simple pact I made with myself: before taking any drinks, I would post here and share my thoughts. The support I received in response was immense and helped me feel less isolated.
I remember moments when I was shattered, crying over a breakup, consumed by how much I missed her, and feeling utterly lost. I wasn't making much sense. It was a raw dump of thoughts and feelings, and honestly, it felt a bit cringey looking back. But someone from this community always commented, always reached out and provided me with a sense of comfort.
So, for those who are new to the journey, or those finding it difficult, I encourage you to share your thoughts here before you make a decision you might regret. It's okay if your post feels a little cringey, a little raw. It just might be the thing that stops you in time.
For those who've been in the same situation, don't hesitate to share some of your own cringey posts to demonstrate that we've all been there. It's part of the process, part of the journey, and there's no shame in it.
Choosing not to drink is hard, but it gets easier
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2023.06.05 06:02 cupcakexoxoo [Looking For] Room for Rent in Queens

Hi, I am F24 looking for a room to rent for July 1st move in date (flexible for the end of June also). My budget is $1100 and I am open to different locations in Queens, but would prefer somewhere near the 7 train line. I work full time at a non profit (& WFH two days a week). Clean, not a smoker, and very chill. Please DM me if you have any questions!
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2023.06.05 06:02 ResultComfortable448 Stepfather wants to sue me for putting “wrong” gas in his truck.

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2023.06.05 06:02 Middle_Scientist5614 Increase in homelessness expected.

Increase in homelessness expected.
Do to an end in COVID restrictions, the cost of low income housing rent is preparing to double if not triple in August. A newly released letter to the residents currently living under the Boise City/Ada County Housing Authority claimed that the increase will no longer be based of the size of the unit, but the income of the tenants.
If you live within one of there nearly 6 apartment complexes, your rent will change to be 30% of your monthly income. That is 30% of the total household income. So if you are living at the over level, your rent will soon be $1025 per month for that studio apartment instead of the $460 per month you were paying.
Happy Purge Day everyone! So it appears in order to make room for the large number of people on the waiting list for low income housing, BCACHA will jack up the cost of rent in order to justify evictions across the board to make room.
With no other options, where are the newly evicted people to go? You guessed it. Back to the streets that BCACHA rescued them from. And in some cases, back to prisons as new violaters because they couldn't maintain housing.
So my question to City Hall and Derek-Lee Fridley is this. It's it really fiscal sense driving this? Because this smells allot like injustice and avarice to me.
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2023.06.05 06:02 sherlon1234 I felt like I just watched a grand theft auto storyline in tv show format 😂

Like, if any of you have ever played gta you might get what I mean. The dialogue, the characters and everything just gave me that vibe. I mean all this in the best way possible.
With that being said, it was nowhere near as bad as the critics made it out to be, but it wasn’t jaw dropping either. It was just…there. I can see the intrigue some people might have in it. I got no indication of where it could go though, might go way down hill or go up. All in all… it was aite, definitely watchable.
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2023.06.05 06:01 Jaywayo84 Condo recommendation

Hi, I wanted to find out if anyone can recommend some of the newer condos near Onnut or anywhere near the area.
Primarily looking for a condo with full amenities, like gym, work area, sauna etc.. something similar to OkaHaus in terms of what is provided.
Let me know if there are any recommendations!
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2023.06.05 06:01 CRcryptoride Why do I have static through my nova pro game DAC? (Wired) (PlayStation)

I recently found out I’ve been using my head set incorrectly. I’ve been plugging the audio cable into the controller instead of the game DAC (whoops) so I made the correction.
First thing I noticed was everyone said my volume was super low. So I maxed out my mic (which I learned I could put my mic volume at 0 or 10 and it didn’t make a difference.), I adjusted my microphone level on my PlayStation to max and that way they could hear me better but now it’s producing a static noise.
Can anyone offer some advice or help on why I’m having static when I’m connected to my game DAC? I don’t have the static issue when I’m connected to my controller but my audio quality is heavily affected when I’m connected to my controller
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2023.06.05 06:01 marrymesheamus Food delivery drivers: Do you double check the address before leaving?

I live near the city in an apartment where the apartment number and street number are the same. At least once a month, I will have someone else's food delivery order dropped off on my doorstep.
During lockdown, this happened every single day without fail. I've had food nicked off me before, so I've always taken the food to the correct address.
I'm only asking this as the drivers obviously checked that the street address is correct, but with so many people complaining that people didn't get their food which can affect the driver's employment, I'm just wondering why drivers don't take that one last glance at the delivery order address before heading off to the next job.
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2023.06.05 06:00 Awkward-Midnight-785 Stepfather wants to sue me for putting “wrong” gas in his truck.

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2023.06.05 05:59 Skywayman87 Pardon if this has already been posted, but...

Does anyone remember Jack and Stephen going to Barbados? I'm on my first reread and in the first quarter of Wine Dark Sea, the boys are discussing Dutourd and why Jack doesn't want him playing music with them. They start discussing the pros and cons of Dutourd. Him not liking slavery comes up, and while Jack is ambivalent to it, Stephen is also against it and this comes up in conversation...
..."but come, I remember how you tore that unfortunate scrub Bosville to pieces years ago in Barbados for saying that the slaves liked it—that it was in their masters' interest to treat them kindly—that doing away with slavery would be shutting the gates of mercy on the negroes. Hey, hey! The strongest language I have ever heard you use. I wonder he did not ask for satisfaction."
So, here's what I'm wondering. I'm on my first re-read and have had more free time than usual lately, so I've fairly quickly carved through the books. I can't recall them ever being in Barbados or anywhere near the West Indies station. Boston is the closest I remember.
I get that they might've popped in for a refit/restock en route to Brazil or the Pacific, without His Nibs POB mentioning, but this seems like a fairly interesting plot point to gloss over.
And while I'm at it, I've just glanced back over a few of the earlier books bc the name Dutourd was bothering me and it's the same name as the captain from book 3, H.M.S. Surprise, one of the French Intel officers who was torturing Stephen when they captured him in Mahon and the only one to escape Jack and the Surprises fury alive.
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2023.06.05 05:59 theviolatr What happens at a legion?

I thought legions were only for veterans of the military. The one near me has a big sign up saying everyone is welcome.....welcome for what exactly? I heard they serve cheap beer at most/all legions? I guess that's good enough for me.
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2023.06.05 05:58 BonjoroBear Should you raise your prices?

A prominent VC told me 9/10 of his portfolio companies had raised prices (directly or indirectly) over the last 12 months.

A quick poll of my network showed a similar trend. A majority raising prices.

With headwinds around acquisition, multiples for venture backed brands shrinking and uncertainty around large scale industry disruption (AI), brands are trying to squeeze what they can from their bases to keep up with revenue projections.

But there is something very dangerous here.This notion that to keep revenue flowing brands should just “raise prices” can be devastating if not executed correctly.

I know a company that had negative NPS and their price hike became a PR nightmare.
I know a company that sky rocketed churn when they forced legacy customers to upgrade with a 20% price hike (with 14 days notice).
I know a company that tried to slide in the price hikes by putting it on auxiliary features and overages with no notice. They lost nearly a million in big contracts.
I know a company that didn’t QA things properly and people who downgraded got to keep all their premium account features. They didn’t catch it for months and months.

There are so many other stories where price hikes didn’t pan out. They hurt conversions and they spiked churn.
Now for a lot of brands, price hikes make sense.
The economy gives an inherent reason, and if you have an essential product with happy customers, it typically works out well.
But there is so much that goes into a price hike.
How is it positioned? Does it affect all customers or just grandfathered or legacy folks?
Can you change the bundling to increase prices AND make it come across as a win for users?How much warning are customers given? Are customers given options?
Is your product essential? When gas goes up we often bite the bullet and pay even if it’s dramatic. But if your subscription to a magazine you find mildly funny doubles, you likely cancel immediately.
Similarly in tech, the reality is some products are much more ingrained and essential than others. Know your product and ICP.
General things to consider:
1) Nobody likes to just pay $X more for the exact same thing. Always try and improve the package you give or optics in some way when increasing prices. Have a “why” and make it customer focused.
2) Be very careful if your NPS is below 20. It might be wiser to try and pull a feature that is lightly used from the core product and charge as an upsell, to drive up ARPU. Or focus on specific cohorts. While not always true, very low NPS brands often have customers who poll as choosing that software largely BECAUSE it’s cheaper than a better incumbent solution. You mess up pricing, you face a big problem.
3) Give at least 30 days (I like 60-90) until the price hikes hit.
4) Offer annual contracts to secure existing pricing. If you product is north of five figures annually, let users transition with a quarterly plan.
5) QA more than you think you should. I am amazed at how often pricing changes have bugs or issues attached (even with large, established brands)
6) If your pricing change is greater than 10% strongly consider a grandfathering protocol (even if you have to do so selectively)This is just the tip of the iceberg, but this is an important conversation. Pricing is one of the most important aspects of your growth. Make sure if you raise prices you do it with the right optics so you keep customer trust and gain revenue acceleration.
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2023.06.05 05:58 wishingwellspit I love my mom, but she gave me a gift and I really do not want it.

My parents are separated and I don’t see my mom often. I am 18 years old and I am graduating high school, so she is visiting me. I went out with her today and I later dropped her off at home. She texted me to say she left me a graduation gift in my glove box. I opened a card with $200 in it. I felt so guilty that I cried, which is not something I do easily. My mom has been unemployed for about a year and neither her or her husband (my stepdad) make much money and they also live in a state with one of the highest costs of living.
To put it bluntly I really don’t want this gift. I asked my older sister (27) if she could wire it back to my mom without her noticing, as I’m afraid if I stuck $200 in her wallet/purse she’d notice and give it back to me. My sister said if I gave it back my mom would be sad, which I feel like is true. She said I should just spend it on my mom, but my mom is very insistent that I don’t buy her anything and I would feel bad spending it at all. I also run the risk of my mom giving me more money for what I buy her. :(
I feel so horrible to even just hold onto this money, but I don’t want to upset her. Please give me advice on what I should do.
p.s. I would like to note that I live comfortably, $200 is not something I need. I would much rather have my mom use it. I don’t pay any bills or anything since I live with my dad, and he and I have already contributed nearly completely to my college fund for I am going to a community college.
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2023.06.05 05:57 Moonbeam-Kitten I’m not sure I have genuine friendships

Looking for guidance, and a kind ear. I’m not sure if I’m reading too much into situations but I feel like some of my close friends don’t actually like me. I have a best friend who is a wonderful human being and I’m in a happy relationship with my boyfriend for over a year and I feel so lucky to have met him. But I have friend groups too, people who I’ve valued highly over the years, that I look forward to seeing and often reach out to meet up.
Recently, let’s say around for about a year, they’ve not been very responsive. I know one of my friends is in a new relationship for almost as long as mine, and he seems happy to be with her. But he never seems to want to talk to me and never agrees to meet me with his new partner. It appears that he has been agreeing to meet other people in our friendship group though, having spoken to one guy in the group about this friend.
I don’t post that often on social media, but I posted about my one year anniversary with my boyfriend recently. I haven’t posted anything about any of my relationships for nearly 10 years, that was the first time. Most of my close friends, that circle included, know that I’ve been in some toxic and abusive relationships. I never posted anything because I never felt so secure as I do now. I’m finally in a good situation, after being in some really dark places. I was touched that I’ve had really old friends that I went to high school with, some people I barely know and people I haven’t spoken to in years like my post and say lovely things, but none from that group. If I saw something from them, it would mean a lot to me, and I think they know it would. I know if I say anything they will probably say they haven’t seen it. But then, in my news feed, I’ll see them like them like each other’s posts. None of them wished me happy birthday when it was that time. I did for them, and I always like their posts. I feel so shallow for being upset about that. But I’d hate to think they would feel forgotten on their birthday or that I wasn’t rooting them on in life, which I have been, as I have been devastated when they’ve had rough patches, but that doesn’t feel mutual. I feel neglected. I feel like they don’t think I’m worthy. I feel used for the times I’ve tried to be a supportive friend. Despite being happy, I feel terribly lonely. Maybe it’s me, maybe they aren’t my people and I care too much. Maybe I’m focusing too much on social media, but surely trying to meet up is nothing to do with that? I have been told that I value friendship too highly. I’ve also been told that I seem overwhelmed by the bare minimum. Am I just being silly and focusing too much on something trivial? I just wish I understood what was going on. I wish I could make close friends where I’m not second guessing their genuinely.
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2023.06.05 05:56 Wide-Rutabaga-271 I can’t get the image of my gf cheating out of my head

117m have had a rough go around in the past when it comes to dating. Nearly every since relationship that I have seen in my circle, has ended from cheating. A little bit over a year ago my then gf, seemed to be going through a rough patch. I was there to support her but she ended up breaking things off. I saw her with another guy 2 days later so it's no surprise that they broke up with me. Present day I am dating the most kind, sweetest girl I have ever met (18f). I have met so many girls in the past, she is genuinely different. She helps out with special needs people, and loves life. She was sheltered growing up so she just started in the dating scene right as we met, so she doesn't have any bad ex's. She just graduated and I'm a senior, so all I can think about is her losing interest/cheating on me at college. She is only going to college 1 hour away so it's not really long distance, but I can't get the image of her cheating out of my head. Deep down I know she would never do anything like that. I don't want to toot my own horn but I'm well above average when it comes to attractiveness and success, but I still have a deep fear that she will meet someone in college and leave me. How should I even deal with this because I am always so anxious all the time about this.
TL;DR: I have a new girlfriend and I am so paralyzed by the possibility of her cheating on me, I don’t know how to deal with it.
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2023.06.05 05:56 Blackrazor_NZ Changing Proxmox IP for new IOT Network on Unifi

Hi all,
Rampant beginner to both Proxmox, Unifi, and VLANs - so would appreciate some advice from wiser heads. Disclaimer - I am in over my head here so I may ask some dumb questions...
I'm working on setting up my first Proxmox VMserver on a little Lenovo M170q - primarily to run Home Assistant in VM form, an HA instance doesn't need all the resources the Lenovo has so it doesn't make sense to do a bare metal HA-OS install rather than the VM. Plus I can experiment with other VM's on the same device.
Current setup is a Mikrotik CRS109 routeswitch and an RB951G secondary switch/CAP, with a very basic network topology of 192.168.1.X as the core subnet , and 192.168.2.X for the guest subnet, and attached SSID's for each
We are building a new house shortly and I want to both significantly upgrade my network and start to dip my toes into home automation. I have a Unifi Dream Machine SE on the way along with some Wifi 6 WAP's to get me started, and as the build progresses we'll be fitting a more comprehensive wired setup including Unifi Protect and PoE or PoE+ throughout.
Have watched some really good videos from Chris @ Crosstalk Solutions on setting up multiple networks on Unifi, so the current plan is to set up the network as so:
My intent is to set up isolation as follows:
Proxmox has a fixed static IP and doesn't play well with DHCP near as I can tell. Currently it is set to . I understand how to change the static IP on Proxmox, and would intend to change it to to place it within the IoT network range.
My questions are :
Thanks for any help offered!
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2023.06.05 05:56 ConversationTime1307 AITA for refusing to let my mother see my son?

I (24f) got pregnant with a one night stand with a guy I would later find out is not a good person (he is currently in jail) my family is very religious and was already upset that I was pregnant but not married. And even more when then they found out the father of my son was in jail. I was still semi financially supported by my parents when I got pregnant. I had a job but it was minimum wage and could barely get me by. When they found out I was pregnant they completely cut any financial aid off this left me sleeping in a car for most of my pregnancy. Not only that but I was sent hateful and sometimes even threatening messages by my family for all 9 months. Mostly but my older sister and mother. I had to work up until the time I went into labor working 3 minimum wage job. All the stress led not me not only having bad health but my son as well. (He is fine now) luckily I was able to find a little apartment for me and my son. (Who is 2mo now) I decided not to even tell my family that I had gave birth except my 15yr brother who had always supported me but couldn’t do much to him being a minor and living with my parents. Last week my brother got his phone taken and my mother (53) saw the messages between me and him and saw I had my son. She told the whole family and contacted me to meet her “grand baby” I was shocked that she would even think for a moment id ever let her near my son. I sent her many long paragraphs saying how wrong I was treated how I was alone how I was almost homeless ect. She then told the family I was refusing to let her meet her grandson and was overacting because she was trying to teach me responsibility. My father (55) also contacted me I was reluctant but I did agree to let him and my little brother come and visit us (I live in another city) my mother and big sister were furious by this news calling me many names and saying how I was going to hell among other things. Tbh I’m just so tired of all this I’m a single mom with no help with no one and now dealing with all of this. AITA?
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2023.06.05 05:54 FlapsackMcBingus Caleb Martin was sitting with a towel over his head postgame in front of his locker. He told me he has been suffering with migraines and cold chills. COV-19 has been ruled out. Despite feeling ill, Martin came off the bench in game 2, playing 21 minutes.
Caleb Martin was sitting with a towel over his head postgame in front of his locker. He told me he has been suffering with migraines and cold chills. COVID has been ruled out. Despite feeling ill, Martin came off the bench in game 2, playing 21 minutes.
Martin was initially listed as questionable on the NBA injury report with a head injury and an illness. He missed the Heat's practice prior to game day, putting his status in jeopardy. Fortunately, he was declared available to play, albeit in a bench role as Miami decided to put Kevin Love in the starting lineup.
Game 1 against the Nuggets was not kind to Martin, who went off in the Eastern Conference Finals and nearly won the series MVP award over Jimmy Butler. Martin shot just 1-7, one of many Heat players to shoot poorly in the opening contest of the Finals. In order to win the 2023 NBA Finals, Butler has to get back to dominating, which would make it much easier for role players like Martin to come through.
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2023.06.05 05:53 David_Bowies_Eyes My dream Last Drive-In season… Yours?

I know it’ll never come to pass considering the cost of the rights, but I just wanted to put this in writing so I could really take in how great it would be…
1.1 Return of the Living Dead 1.2 Dawn of the Dead 2.1 Alien 2.2 The Thing 3.1 Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 3.2 Poltergeist 4.1 Carrie 4.2 The Shining 5.1 The Terminator 5.2 Escape From New York 6.1 Shivers 6.2 Scanners 7.1 Jacob’s Ladder 7.2 Altered States 8.1 Near Dark 8.2 Salem’s Lot 9.1 The Exorcist 9.2 Rosemary’s Baby 10.1 The Fog 10.2 Creepshow
I could truly die happy if I got to spend my Friday nights with Joe Bob, listening to him fill me in on my favorite films he’s yet to feature on the Last Drive-In (and others I haven’t seen him talk about since MonsterVision 25 years ago).
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