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2023.06.10 20:25 RANDIopen Philly Show Personal Experience

I went to the Philly show last night, and I didn't realize so many people had a bad experience. I went with my best friend and our moms. Maybe the reason our experience wasn't bad was because we were trying to stay towards the back, but my friend and I definitely noticed that it was a bit weird when The Used went on stage and, seemingly magically, the people just... compressed. Don Broco was awesome, and we are gonna start listening to their stuff after this awesome performance. Their lead singer definitely had more energy than The Used guy, which kinda left us bored by the latter. We weren't very familiar with any songs by The Used, which may have been part of our boredom, but we also didn't know anything by Don Broco and still enjoyed that a lot.
Pierce the Veil was amazing, but I think that is to be expected. Vic is such a fun performer and seems like such a nice and chill dude. I still don't really know what happened with the three girls ending up on stage and I don't know if any of them got the guitar, though overall, fantastic experience.
Also, it is very funny to me that no one has said anything about Deathbyromy. Honestly, she was okay. I wasn't expecting anything because I didn't know what was gonna happen, so I wasn't disappointed. I wasn't wowed either, but she wasn't bad.
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2023.06.10 20:25 fruitsandpassion I have a crush on my co-worker and it’s annoying.

I’m 26. I haven’t had a crush since I was I think 15? Like back in the 10th grade. Lol.
This guy isn’t even my type at all. Like AT ALL. He’s a 5’7 skinny blonde haired blue eyed white guy. Im a 6’0 black dude.
I’m almost certain he’s bisexual. I haven’t told him I’m gay, but it’s pretty obvious by my mannerism/personality that I am.
Anyways, he was recently hired at my work and he’s very extroverted. He always comes to my desk and wants to talk. He talks to everyone , but I feel like he talks to me more than anyone else. I don’t know why because I’m so socially awkward and introverted and just a boring guy. But he chooses to talk to me more than anyone else. He said he has ADHD, so I think he likes my quiet, chill and calm aura. At first it really used to annoy me that he’d always come up to me and want to have a long convos when I just wanna be myself and not talk to anyone lol. I just hate being social , so he’d annoy me.
But as I’ve been talking to him more and learning his personality and life story. He has an amazing heart and is he so sweet & kind. Yesterday, he gave me a ride home and he didn’t have to, but he insisted. I was looking his cute smile , his groomed hair and sparking blue eyes as he was driving and I got butterflies. I realized in that car ride , that I think im crushing on him.
Now how will I talk to him again next week? I feel like I will be so nervous around him now. I won’t be acting normal. Now I wanna look my cutest for him when I’m at work. Ugh it’s so annoying!!!
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2023.06.10 20:22 cjrowens I am 19 and i think I have destroyed my entire life

I have no reason to be such an awkward person, I have a good family and many friends, or I did.
After graduation I moved away and lived alone for 8 months. I was a party kid in highschool, since 15 Ive been regularly smoking pot and drinking. When I first lived alone I stopped smoking and started drinking more. Nowadays, and since maybe February, I drink all day.
If im unemployed I wake up, drink, and watch Youtube or listen to music all day. I rarely blackout, Im just content to get less and less present all day. If I have a job I drink the night or morning before and right after, I act pathetic and quiet around almost anyone in a public setting. I shake and twitch constantly, I have the darkest eyebags you have ever seen.
I had a lot of insomnia when I lived alone, thats approved as has my diet since coming back to my hometown. My people skills have improved a bit as well and people think im funny at my new job but I’m calling in more and more. My manager is my high school friend and he has been very supportive, I’ve lied and said I have some sort of blood problem and hes bought it but I was supposed to work today and im not going to because im drinking.
A few nights ago I heard voices all around me criticizing me and I could hear my friends cheering for me to be arrested and wanting to beat me up and calling me a pussy and all sorts of shit and I hid in my bed, drunk and terrified and delusional. I called my friend twice confused and slurring and asking where he was because I could hear him outside. (This is the friend whos also my boss.)
He was in bed both times and I have never heard a human sound as concerned about me as he sounded responding to my call. He asked if I was ok and seemed genuinely disturbed.
I am doubting my reality, I am scared that whatever front I have to convince people im not a massive drunk is cracking.
I used to like rum, now I exclusively drink high ABV vodka and I go to the liquor store almost everyday. I get sick if I manage to not drink for a day. I just nurse on vodka all fucking day.
Im scared I have wetbrain, Im scared that im going to hear voices again, im scared that my friends will give up on me because I just get more cold, awkward, and rigid every single day.
So thats off my chest i guess lol idk what im asking for.
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2023.06.10 20:20 leyla212 Norfolk pine is struggling and not sure why

Norfolk pine is struggling and not sure why
This Norfolk pine was a Christmas plant years ago and has been kept alive and repotted for over 10 years, but it's struggling. Our foster dogs have knocked the whole plant over a couple of times, so we recently repotted it, added fresh soil, added fertilizer, and straightened it up. We thought it was doing better for a while but all the fronds seem to be not as soft as before and they seem to be drying out and falling off a bit faster than normal. We have also seen mushrooms in the potting soil over the last week that we've scooped up... We know it's not getting the ideal amount of light it needs (it's at the only appropriate window in this house), but we're moving soon so hopefully we can remedy that in the new place. Any advice appreciated!
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2023.06.10 20:20 cwmxii WILTY? Series 17 Guests

Regards as ever to those who took the time to report back from recordings. And yes, I have got it confirmed that the desks have been put back together this series.
  1. Tuesday 9th May - Jessica Hynes, Romesh Ranganathan, Gina Yashere, Wilfred "Wilf" Webster
  2. Wednesday 10th May - Babatunde Aléshé, Claudia Winkleman, Mike Bubbins, Jessica Knappett
  3. Saturday 13th May - Frankie Boyle, Abby Cook, Lucy Beaumont, Mo Gilligan
  4. Monday 15th May - Jack Carroll, Gabby Logan, Big Zuu, Bridget Christie
  5. Thursday 18th May - Will Mellor, Kimberley Walsh, Charlene White, Sam Campbell
  6. Monday 22nd May - don't know about this one yet but am trying to chase it up
  7. Wednesday 24th May - Alex Jones, Rav Wilding, Chris McCausland, Su Pollard
  8. Monday 5th June - Craig Charles, Amy Gledhill, Shazia Mirza, Jeremy Vine
  9. Tuesday 6th June (Christmas special) - Victoria Coren Mitchell, Naga Munchetty, Alex Brooker, Melvyn Hayes
  10. Thursday 8th June (the 150th recorded episode) - Ivo Graham, Johnny Marr, Sinitta, Jo Brand
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2023.06.10 20:16 Azrael-Isabella I still see my attacker

This is a hard pill to swallow.
When I was eight, my granny's cousin came to visit. I have never met this guy before, I walked downstairs to make my brother and I cereal and he was there. My granny was upstairs on a call, mind you that I wore a cartoon nightgown. I chatted to him alot and I still blame myself for that, he started touching me, my breasts and my crotch and kissing my neck. He made me touch his shaft, I didn't know what was going on or what was happening. He told me: "I'm teaching you what your boyfriend is going to do to you." All I felt that day was fear, disgust and sadness, I froze up, too afraid to scream. He opened my legs and nearly entered inside me but my brother, at the time was six walked in. Frighteningly I told him to eat his cereal while I washed out all the evidence, (Big mistake) he threatened to kill me and quickly left. I ran upstairs and got dress crying, I sat on my granny's bed waiting patiently for her call to end. I remembered that Michael Knight was playing every Sunday morning on TV, when she was done. I told her everything, she cried called her friend back, called my mom and my mom rushed me to the police station. I spoke to the detectives and they tried to cheer me up but the minute I saw them arresting him I broke down and cried, the detectives put me in trauma unit and tried to calm me down while asking questions. I went to the hospital and they checked if I was broken into, but I washed all the evidence away.
Court took nine months, and therapy by court, I was in fourth grade at the time. My teacher felt sympathy for me. My classmates knew and in my community that is a scandalous thing, I was called ugly names by kids and girls told me it was my fault for opening my legs. I remembered my lawyers and even met a girl in court with a rape case who older than me (She was 12), we became friends, the lawyers didn't want to go into deep details afraid I was gonna cry like her but put me on camera while he was with a judge and my parents where there in my stead. The lawyers promised me nine years for him to go to jail for his crimes, I blamed that the judge and jury believed he's side of the story and gave him a warning and a restraining order.
Growing up, my granny told me not to tell the family, that she'll handle it. Nobody knew, I grew up thinking it was my fault. It's my fault I spoke to him, my granny said my beauty could attracted men into lust via Islam. (I'm christian who was a former muslim. A christian mom and a muslim dad) I dressed modestly and way too mature for my age, I avoided my stepfather and any men in my family. I blamed myself, I felt that no justice was done. I couldn't be around boys my age afraid they'll do the same, (In which the two case of molestation did happen on high school) every family function he was there and I would have to walk out of the house and cry while my brother comforted me.
My cousins started to notice a pattern, eventually I told them. My Granny was worried about face and her reputation with the family, it affected me badly. He acts like a true family oriented guy and so humble knowing he fucked up my life, breaking the court order.
I couldn't date, guys didn't want to be with a trauma messed up girl. I can't be intimate with a guy, I haven't gone to therapy because its looked down upon my community. In 2023, I saw him after the Eid in April when a family member died, my brother was fed up. He told me why didn't I told the court he was a witness, I told him that he was too young to understand and would cry if being questioned too much. I almost thought he did something to him (The guy) when burying the body in Islamic rights since women dont go to the graveyard, but luckily he left it.
Today I visited my granny's father's family. And he was there again, he's wife was there too. She always give me glares and dirty looks to say it was my fault. My granny comforted me, when serving food he served me a plate after I said continuously no thank you. I lost my apatite and was very uncomfortable, I told my cousin who hasn't seen me since the incident why I looked down but didn't go into detail.
I tried talking to my mom but it's always a hush hush topic because she's a rape survivor and she doesn't know how to handle my case if she had to endure silently. Rape and molestation is a victim fault situation since we have the biggest female genocide and rape in the world one year. I feel angry, sad and disgusted with myself. Some men will tell me wearing a night gown provoked him, but I was eight.
I slowly got over these feelings, by bottling them up. I am comfortable around guys my age but not with older men accept a few. I have a boyfriend of four years, and we worked together with this issue where I'm comfortable enough to be almost intimate with him but he will never do it unless I'm mentally and physically sure.
I dunno what to do. I know nothing is going to help, telling people will give me pity and people don't know how to treat me. I don't know if therapy is going to help since the few I met weren't patient enough even if I'm fully open with them and willing to work on myself. I want people to know I'm not that fragile, though he's in my face like a free man, live goes on. But seeing him unlocks the feelings on that day, I still remember, the date, day and time but I forgot his name. Then after a while I forget his face until I see him again.
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2023.06.10 20:14 RoughBeardBlaine Which class do you think fits the story as the “Canon” class choice?

On one hand, I kinda see the Barbarian as the canon class. Really, in all of the games, actually. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 90s, so, Conan the Barbarian fighting evil magic and gods was kinda the thing at the time, but it just felt right to me that this lone wanderer, big bruiser dude is kicking ass across the land. Well…except for the part where Barbarian feels weak and squishy for 30+ hours…but that isn’t canon lore.
On the other hand, Necromancer also kinda seems like a good fit, especially for D4. You get the blue of Lilith in you and now your control over dark magic grows tenfold. Seems like too perfect of timing of events for that to not mean something for the character.
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2023.06.10 20:14 Ok_Text4210 I asked someone their name in a dream and they said “House Actor”

This was a very weird dream tbh. I dreamed that I was in a group and we ended up in this weird building with a lot of cabinet doors and it turned out it was like a maze with hiding spots and people were trying to kill us but I didn’t know until the situation. I managed to escape a situation and i felt someone grab my arm and I was like dude you can’t just grab me, tap my shoulder or something to get my attention, and she was like in a situation like this that wouldn’t work and I was like yeah but this is me, call my name and tap my shoulder it’s just disrespectful like I was calling her out on the customer service in this place that was trying to kill is and I was like what’s your name and she said “House Actor” and I thanked her for listening to my complaint but do better
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2023.06.10 20:12 OrcaOwl Sandy River Access Question...

I've enjoyed floating the Sandy for many years. I also frequent the Oxbow area. I'm looking to switch it up and enjoy a chill spot along the west side of the river between Dabney and Lewis & Clark. Hoping to avoid the crowded Glenn Otto beach.
I've always seen folks in this area when floating by, but have never asked how to properly get access without trespassing.
Anyone have suggestions they don't mind sharing? I realize this type of info can be a heavily guarded secret. PM me if you prefer. Cheers to the summer river season!
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2023.06.10 20:10 XNoob_SmokeX We need to address the Doflamingo disrespect.

I see a lot of cats straight up disrespecting Doffy putting him underneath 3rd commander level. This is wild. Doflamingo was one of the most powerful pirates in the show at the time of his arc and I feel like the fandom just sacrificed the dude in the name of power creep because Luffy went into gear 4th more liberally in future arcs.

Just to reiterate all of Doflamingo's powers and abilities.
-He can fly. Yes it is conditional to having clouds overhead but he still fly and most islands and open seas we've seen have heavy cloud cover.
-He can control people like a puppeteer with parasite string
-He can create naruto shadow clones
-He can repair his internal organs, which let's be honest, it's regen, the dude has passive regen.
-Indestructible shrinking cage.
-Fireattack in Overheat
-All 3 types of Haki
-Awakened DF
-Ability to infuse his strings with ACoA haki
-A+ Durability and Pain Tolerance

Dudes like Jack and Cracker haven't shown even a third of that, yet I constantly see them put above Doffy. Doffy is at least first commander level. Weaker than King and Katakuri but only slightly.
I know people want to bring up his performance vs Gear 4 vs Crackers performance vs Gear 4 but it's apples and oranges. Not to mention Doffy tanked Gear 4 and ended up still able to fight while Luffy had to recharge while Cracker went down in one hit.
You can also compare Cracker's performance vs Aokiji vs Doflamingo's performance. Doffy broke out almost immediately while it OHKO's Cracker.
Aside from that just the individual abilities Doffy has makes him a far more versatile character than lesser commanders. He literally fodderized Diamond Jozu, 3rd Commander level we have no reason to think Jozu is weaker than Jack was or that Doffy couldn't also instantly immobilize him. He clears Perospero.
Doffy beats both Inu and Neko even in their Sulong forms too. Gear 4 Luffy also beats all of those characters. None of them, not Cracker, Jack, Neko, Inu, etc tanks King Kong Gun.
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2023.06.10 20:06 OperationGreenBeans [TOMT][Song] A song I caught the tail end of on the radio, it seemed like a electro pop/rap type song. Male singers

I was in the car and flipped to a radio station I normally listen to when I hit one of the many long stretches of dead zone areas that my phone gets no bars at all.
The song I caught the tail end of was two different male singers one with a higher pitched voice, the other had a deeper voice than the other dude but I wouldn't call his voice like that deep, just it was deeper than the first dudes also he had a bit of a southern accent.
I caught the last two lines of the song and the lyrics were pretty explicit.
Line 1, sung by higher voiced guy "Baby let me feel/fill you up, then I'll let you run away, it's such a shame you won't stay.
Line 2, deeper voice with southern accent: "We'll go back home and get it on and if you say no then you'll have to go sucking down my long/log going all night long no one will hear you scream, as this is all my dream."
Then it faded with electro pop music.
I have tried googling this with no hits. I'm pretty sure I heard most of the lyrics correctly, except for the ones where I have slash marks where I couldn't completely make out the words.
The radio station in question only plays music from the 80s through early 2010s, I don't know when their cut off date exactly is, but you aren't gonna hear any music from say the past 3 years on there.
I checked their website as soon as I got to a place where I was stopped and could use my phone, but they only show the past 5 songs on there and it was about 20 minutes between the time I heard it and the time I was able to stop, so it was already off their list.
Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction, or maybe have heard this song and I am just getting the lyrics messed up or something.
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2023.06.10 20:05 xatql What if.

I started defending people's names when spoken negatively about, if they aren't from my block they get a "Where you from G?" if their not wearing the colour I represent they get beat. If they say one bad thing about me, they get jumped. If they don't say enough good things about me, they get threatened.
I got in to fights, ended up in the hospital, put others in the hospital, cops were called, my parents were called. I got the "you didn't have to do that for me, but I always got you like you had me" talk. I was called "family" by my friends, they said they'd die for me, that they loved me that they'd do anything for me.
Boom,boom,boom now I'm on the ground knuckles hitting my face, feet kicking my stomach. The people I once defended watched from the sidelines.
"My family"... the ones who "loved me". Their faces... expressionless . They didn't stop it, didn't video it, didn't call the cops or call our other friends.
They just watched. Five on one, watched as I laid there not covering my body from the hits I was getting, laid there as I looked them in the eyes. Begging them to do something, say SOMETHING, but they never did anything.
They're finished. They start caring "Are you alright?", "Want me to call someone?", "Hey I tried doing something but there was so much of them". These words. They broke me more then the physical pain I endured. Gasping for air not able to form any words. Sirens in the distance coming closer and closer. Looking into the blue sky, feeling the sun beam on my face As blood drips out of my body.
In the hospital being treated, "Hey do you remember your name?" "What's your date of birth?" Asked if I remembered what happened to me. Scared to out my "friends", scared if I said anything the people who did this would do more damage to me.
My parents rushing in, my youngest sibling on my mother's hips, while my other siblings watched in the corner. Looking at their brothers unrecognisable face. Tears filled my face as I watch them cry, they're confused. They don't understand why someone would want to hurt the person they look up to, they don't understand why someone could be so cruel.
I'm healed, scars all over my face and body
. My mother smiling at me , "I love you" she says, my father holding my hand , "I'm happy youre better"...
Death, sad, aching. Laying my parents to rest, "I love you mother. I'm happy you're in a better place father".
Children running around, my siblings and I eating Christmas dinner, everyone opening their presents. Joy, happy, excitment.
Scared, worried, yes. On my knees for the women I love, please say yes, If not then okay. You will marry me? Thank God
Anxious, paranoid, relieved. Rushing to the hospital, Crying and screaming is all I hear Bags and bags of clothes and diapers New to being a father Guilty of sleepless nights I never regret having you and many more.
Saying farewell to my family, moving away with my wife and children. Big house, cute dog, Nice neighbourhood Good income. Warm, comfortable, peace....
As I grow older.
Memories, doubt, blame. 20 years ago That day... If I reached in my back pocket? Bang, boom, pop.
If I did... My parents farewell. My siblings growth. My nieces and nephews. My Wife... My Children...
Realisation, Satisfaction, Grateful.
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2023.06.10 20:04 Aisheyru Odd feelings about Jevil

Ok, so I got into Deltarune REALLY late. Like literally...just this past year XD (Shame on me I know XD) and when I played, I had NO IDEA there were secret bosses until my sis told me about Spamton. Now, I FREAKIN LOVE SPAMTON! He is such the sad boi and I would hug him forever. That being said, I did find out about Jevil a little before I actually played the game, but didn't realize he was a boss. I just thought he was an NPC of some kind.
Finding out he was a boss, I decided to go back and restart my game so I could pacifist him since I plan on redoing chapter 2 so I can pacifist good old Spamton, and I am going to be kind to EVERYONE. I just beat Jevil this past Thursday. Took me like 5 or 6 tries. Woo what a battle! It was so fun! And hard LOL. Being a pacifist and never having done the genocide route, because I just CAN'T, I was woefully unprepared for him lol.
So here comes the weird feelings lol. Up until now I have been rather indifferent to Jevil. I liked his design immensely, but I didn't really know him as a character and had only recently read up on his backstory. I actually ended up looking his backstory up because I recently read a comparison someone did online of Jevil vs Spamton, and they felt that Spamton was an insanely relatable character who hits you in the feels (which is SO TRUE), but Jevil is just sort of a Clown thing that shouts about Chaos. And for some reason that hit me pretty hard. I felt bad for poor Jevil. So naturally that made me sympathetic to him and like him a little more because I am a soft-hearted sap.
And then when I battled him, something kinda weird happened to me. I'm listening to his music, enjoying his battle and really appreciating the voice (it just FIT him so well!) when I REALLY started listening to his music. Like REALLY listening. Up until that point I had been too focused on his battle to pay close attention. His music is so...melancholy to me. It sounds like someone who is forcing themselves to be super happy and jumpy and bouncy, but there is a total undercurrent of pain and sorrow underneath. And it made me wanna just start sobbing. I have literally had his theme pounding in my head for the past two days, and I keep wanting to listen to it. Plus, I'm watching his sprite move around, and I just felt so sad and hurt for him. He says he's free and that everyone else is trapped, but all I could think is how lonely he is, even as he's throwing that Devilsknife at me lol.
Just like I agree that Spamton really represents Kris, I kinda feel like Jevil represents us as the Player. And his theme song is our theme song. We're free. We can do ANYTHING in this game. Except at the same time we can't. And our we really as free as we think we are? I dunno. I listen to his music and think "..this is me. This is my sound." and it makes me wanna dance but cry at the same time. Doggone it Toby Fox, making me feel my weird feels with your incredible games, dude.
I'm probably just reflecting myself onto Jevil, and of course having depression, I get in these weird thoughtful moods, but that song just hits me hard. But in a really odd combination of ouch and yay. Lol. I've grown to really love Jevil a lot just by battling him lol. Anyone else feel this way or am I just an oddball? LOL.
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2023.06.10 20:02 realtrekisdead Smoking some chicken 🐔 Hopefully everyone is smoking it up too, today! Cheers! 🖖🍻🐔

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2023.06.10 19:57 LogaLagoon Friend (25M) stuck living with dangerously incompetent father (43M)

We'll call my friend Greg. Greg has been in our circle of online gaming friends for 12 years. He was born into a family of rampant addiction, violence, and mental illness. It's a really long and sad story. I'm worried about him and would appreciate any advice on what he could do to escape this situation and live a decent life.
Greg was born with a learning disability and a lisp. The lisp makes him sound like a child despite him being 25 yrs old. I'm not exactly sure what his learning disability is. He's fully intelligent, he just sometimes needs a little extra explaining. He didn't graduate HS because he was bullied and nobody in his family cared if he went.
Growing up, Greg lived with his parents, his grandparents (on his dad's side), and his aunt and uncle (also on his dad's side). Nobody in the family had a job. His dad and uncle routinely fought and threatened to kill each other. Police were called countless times and eventually his uncle ended up in prison. His mom, who is considerably more mentally disabled than Greg, was raped by his grandfather. His dad blamed his mom for "cheating on him" and kicked her out of the house. She moved to a different state and is essentially homeless now. Greg hasn't seen her in years. His grandparents were gambling addicts. They spent all day every day at the casinos gambling away what little money they got from the government. They both died around 2 years ago. So now with his uncle in jail, his mom homeless and in a different state, and both his grandparents dead, it's just Greg, his dad, and his Aunt.
Greg's dad is tragically stupid. He falls for love scams over and over and over and over again. He once met a girl online from a different country who convinced him that she loved him and that she wanted him to move to California with her and start a life together. Greg told him that it's clearly a scam and that he's wasting his money but he wouldn't listen. He bought a plane ticket for himself and then sent her all the rest of his money and flew to California only to realize once he got there that she wasn't coming. He called Greg crying begging for money so he could buy a ticket back. Every time this happens Greg tries to tell him its a scam but he gets angry and violent and so he doesn't feel comfortable speaking out.
Recently he's been sending every cent of his money to his new "gf". Of course he's never met her or even spoke to her over the phone. Her profile pic is a stock image of a young attractive woman. It started with her saying that she was going to send him 2 brand new sports cars and all he had to do was pay for shipping. So he sent her $1000 and was fully convinced that the cars would be delivered by the end of the week. When that didn't happen, she said they had gotten a flat tire and needed another $500 for repairs and they'd be there soon. His dad sent the money once again and once again the cars didn't show up. This has happened every single week for the better part of the last 3 months. She comes up with an excuse for why the cars haven't been delivered yet and claims that she needs money to fix a problem, he sends her the money, she says the cars will be there on a certain date, the date comes around and they aren't there, and then she comes up with an excuse for why the cars haven't been delivered yet. He's spent somewhere between 5k and 10k just on this newest girl alone. She'll send him stock photos of a Lamborghini in a parking lot and that's enough to convince him that it's real. The most obnoxious part is that he STILL believes 100% that he's getting 2 brand new sports cars AND a hot wife and he's being smug about it! He'll text Greg comments like "Your lucky to have a dad that can work some magic like this". The new thing this week is that now it's a brand new house that she bought for him. And all he has to do is send money for blah blah blah.
He stole his own son's wallet so that he could send his fake gf more money.... Greg reported his card as missing and when the new card arrived his dad stole that one too. He had to take a day off work to make sure he was home the third time so nobody would steal his card. And since Greg is the only family member with a job and all of his dad's money is likely being sent to some dude in India, nobody is buying food. Nobodies paying for utilities. Their water got shut off because nobody paid the bills. Their only car just got impounded for missing payments. With no car, Greg is currently using Uber to get to and from work every day and Uber eats for all of his meals.
Greg doesn't have a license, doesn't have a car, doesn't make enough money to get an apartment by himself, and he's living with his dad and aunt who constantly steal from him. It's gotten progressively worse over the years and it's getting to the point where I'm concerned for his safety. Homelessness is becoming a very real possibility. It may seem like it's none of my business, and maybe that's true, but I've always tried to help him out with what I can. I've helped him make a resume and get a job, I've helped him file for unemployment when he was fired, do taxes, etc. I'm just at a loss for what to do now.
Any advice would be appreciated. His dad really needs professional help but they don't have money for it. Any ideas for where his dad can go to get help or a place for mentally ill people to stay and get better? Is there any advice on how Greg could move out and become independent despite not having a license or a car? They live in Arizona if it's relevant.
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2023.06.10 19:56 Horror_Speaker_5160 What will happen when it kicks in?

Hi, I’ve been on Prozac for two weeks now (one week of 10 mg to see if I could tolerate it and now I’m on 20 mg). This is my first antidepressant I’ve been on and I have anxiety, depression, and ocd. I felt terrible the first few days after I increased the dose to 20 mg (I felt like I was spiraling deeper into depression 24/7), but now I’m feeling kinda how I was before starting the medication (which is normally depressed yay 🎉). As far as side affects go I’ve noticed my appetite is kinda gone, if anyone has any advice on dealing with that let me know! I haven’t really noticed any other significant side affects yet, so I’m hoping that I won’t have any more. I guess I’m kinda doubtful that one day I’ll just suddenly wake up feeling so much better, but that’s how it works in some peoples stories I’ve read? Is it really like that? And how long does it usually take till people start feeling the affects? My psychiatrist didn’t really talk about a lot of this but I’m supposed to meet with him in two weeks to see how I’m doing. So I guess I’m just looking for peoples success stories or just any info about the process at all. I’ve been struggling a long time and I can’t keep living like this. I really want Prozac to work for me but it’s kinda hard to believe things will get better after feeling like this for so long. Anyways on that cheerful note I’m going to stop writing bc I have no other questions lol. Thanks :)
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2023.06.10 19:54 Danocho Hows sex when theres a big height weight difference?

Im a heterosexual short & skinny dude. And while it hasn’t stopped me from having very fulfilling relationships with quite attractive ladies, in the sex no one “overpowers” and “dominates” the other one. It’s rather just letting go and the “domination” is mostly mental. Specially considering Im usually successful with women close to my height or even taller.
I’ve always wondered what its like being the opposite, a very tall, very muscular man having sex with a very petite, short & skinny girl. Is it this situation where the lady is always totally “ravaged” and the dude can basically pick her up with one hand and use her as a living fleshlight? I know my imagination is taking this to a ridiculous extreme. But then again, it the description close?
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2023.06.10 19:54 Swim_Spadey 23M Pretend there's an interesting title here

Hey all I'm back at it again cause what else am I gonna do with my spare time 🤷
Guess the main objective of this is to find some new interesting people to make a lasting bond with and maybe even more if things come to that, although I am straight so if any dudes are replying to this thinking I am of the gay variety you're barking up the wrong tree unless you wanna be friends cause that's cool still.
So to start this off I've been told I look either constantly drunk, pissed or high so that should give you an idea of what you're in for, I mean to a degree it's true.
Anyway about me, so gonna say I ain't into anime in the slightest of regards, just not my forte. I prefer comedies and drama types of shows.
I'm also into video and board games, photography, writing and music. Mostly music cause who tf wants to be left in silence with their own thoughts only to discover how fucked they are, that's just not a vibe.
For some reason I just exhude chaos energy so if you're alright with seeing "I did something dumb" pop up in your inbox then in your dude 😎
Don't really know what else to put, kinda hard to advertise yourself when you ain't got a clue how to make yourself sound interesting.
Anyway if you wanna message me then please for the love of god don't just put "hey" or something along those lines, make it interesting. Like I'm 23, my back ain't wait it used to be so it can't be carrying those dry ass conversations.
So to end it, have a great day/evening and hope to speak to you all soon :)
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2023.06.10 19:53 Swim_Spadey 23M [FRIENDSHIP] Pretend there's an interesting title here

Hey all I'm back at it again cause what else am I gonna do with my spare time 🤷
Guess the main objective of this is to find some new interesting people to make a lasting bond with and maybe even more if things come to that, although I am straight so if any dudes are replying to this thinking I am of the gay variety you're barking up the wrong tree unless you wanna be friends cause that's cool still.
So to start this off I've been told I look either constantly drunk, pissed or high so that should give you an idea of what you're in for, I mean to a degree it's true.
Anyway about me, so gonna say I ain't into anime in the slightest of regards, just not my forte. I prefer comedies and drama types of shows.
I'm also into video and board games, photography, writing and music. Mostly music cause who tf wants to be left in silence with their own thoughts only to discover how fucked they are, that's just not a vibe.
For some reason I just exhude chaos energy so if you're alright with seeing "I did something dumb" pop up in your inbox then in your dude 😎
Don't really know what else to put, kinda hard to advertise yourself when you ain't got a clue how to make yourself sound interesting.
Anyway if you wanna message me then please for the love of god don't just put "hey" or something along those lines, make it interesting. Like I'm 23, my back ain't wait it used to be so it can't be carrying those dry ass conversations.
So to end it, have a great day/evening and hope to speak to you all soon :)
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2023.06.10 19:52 robotarm1 [36M] Stop Watching Porn and Other Bad Habits

Sorry for my bad english (not my native language) and perhaps long story.
I understand that a lot of people have bigger addictions and I seem to be a somewhat "functional" fapper.
But I hope that I can inspire myself and other to finally get rid of all the habits. Since 2005 I think my longest streak without fapping is about 2 or 3 days.
So here comes my FapStory:
It all began in the great internet-era of Altavista and searching for Pamela Andersson Naked and see the lagging image rendering on the screen. From that moment on, I was hooked.
In the era of 2005 the video clips were becoming available for streaming and you did not need pirating porn (viruses). From this age, I was a very horny teenager but discovered quickly that people started to get relationships and lose their virginities. But I enjoyed playing sports and did "focus" on that and not chasing girls.
Around this time I also started drinking and going to parties.
At High School, I enjoyed life very well and fapped away on a daily basis. I had it very easy before in school, but now I started to slack in different subjects. But I had my sport and became better, and I did not even get hungover when I partied. Thus - I became somewhat popular. And I loved it.
I was still a very horny teenager and fapped as soon I got the chance. My class was 3 dudes and 22 girls and I started to becoming friends and partied with them. And they became very comfortable with me/us and well, they were also horny teenager - and at a party my sexual adventure began. At parties, between classes and after school, there always someone who would like have a quickie of some sort.
I was social and popular and people liked me, but I did not have a deep connection with someone or a relationship. I tried one relationship, but I missed all my classmates (hehe).
Between my sport, parties and the sex - I thought - This is the good life! Well, I could have not been more wrong!
After graduation everyone went away to college - expect me for the bad grades. My friends started going to college and I was left alone. The parties went on (with younger people) but the lack of intimacy began and I started to fap more.
I got a (bad) job, with bad salary, started to get more hungover and stopped connecting with my friends that did not go to college. I had contact with my college friends but I envied their education.
I started to get more and more depressed and went to my safe space - Fapping. And now was the era of Pornhub and other streaming sites and it was an open market to discover rougher and kinkier stuff and I lost my charm and charisma.
The depression went on to go on with the lifestyle of partying and "living life" I began to get a debt and when the "turnaround" in my life happend (thanks to my friends) I had a debt om 40 000 USD with bad loans and rates.
During this period I had a couple of sexual encounters, but not on a deep connection or someone I liked. (Or it was not like Porn).
I thank my friends today for wanting to help me and I felt ashamed.
So, I've always had ideas and wanting to do stuff on my own, so I started a one-man company. (Yes, this was before the Forex Traders/Guru Sellers/MLM People.) It went well and I started to pay of my debt slowly. But I worked. A lot. Grinding the hours. And to loose some steam - I fapped.
Eventually I got picked up by another company and my career and salary started to flourish. But again. Grinding hours. Loosing steam with porn. Sometimes going to parties/dinners and keeping contact with friends. Once in a while, a drunken One Night Stand.
It took me 5 hard years but I payed of the debt and has now a salary of 120 000 USD / year. (I'm pretty good at what I'm doing.) But the work needed me to mingle, connect, party and what so not. My calendar was always full and I did not have time to date (prevarication), so to loose some steam - Fappening. (The god damn bad circle).
Then I made another bad decision. I thought, I need to have some more sex and began to visiting escorts. (Great idea...not!) It was good in the moment, but afterwards it was a very bad call. But it's nothing like the next story.
I matched with a girl on Tinder and started chatting with her and it became clear she wanted. me to be her Sugar Daddy (2022, I was 32) and I loved the idea. It was awesome (I thought.) We met a couple of times and she unlocked some of my kinks I never tried before (Just fappening to it a million times) like being a dom and a bit rougher. It was amazing contra the one night stands. We had a "relationship" for about a year and I met another girl, but eventually it got boring again and it was like fapping.
This year I realized that even if I have a great job, overcame my debt is that I am a very lonely person and seeing my friends creating families and getting children makes it not better.
I also forgot to mention that a couple of years I took quite a bit of cocaine and other stuff aswell.
And now I realize that I was very safe and had my space of fapping and releasing (LOL) energy. So instead of dating, meeting women and creating a connection I just saw them as objects and trophys.
So, I decided to stop fapping, quit drinking and taking other substances and making something of my life.
To quote Barney Stinson, "There is no meaning doing anything legendary if no one is there to see it."
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2023.06.10 19:50 leavinginafew Am I wrong for cucking/height mogging another short guy.

I'm no better than the rest. Already been a month since this happened but I went to a concert and this one girl started flirted with me. I wasn't interested cause she wasn't my type(f****at) again like I said I'm no better. I keep casual conversation trying to be nice and then she starts feeding me coke so now Im on board just for the coke. She says she has more in her car which I'm down for cause I'm yoked out at this point and wanna keep the party going. Low and behold this dude who's even shorter than me picks us up in her car. He had to be 5 foot or shorter and super out of shape. Dude is driving around looking for a spot and I quickly get the vibe this dudes an incel. He starts ranting to me that's he close friends with all these celebrities and athletes because he works at a famous sports/music venue. I just go with it cause I want coke and let this dude have his moment of "flexing" on me. He then went on to inform me that him and the chick feeding me the coke have lived together for 3 years now and they're a couple. An hour later the chick is still heavily flirting with me and straight up telling me the other guy is full of shit and is always mad jealous of other guys around. Now I'm even more coked out and I'm starting to feel demon mode. So when the dude drops me off at my house I tell only his "gf" to walk me to my house. First sign dude should've panicked. Long story short I ended getting head and making that guy wait 15 minutes just to take her home after swallowing my coke nut. I am seriously no better than any man lmao
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2023.06.10 19:49 mix_master_meow I brought It With Me Part III

Part II
The eerie warning still echoes through my shaken psyche.
It has been about ten months since I last updated the Báthory saga. Ten months and three more disappearances. I am not sure where the dumping ground for the devoured cadavers has moved to, but I am all too aware of where Báthory is the vast majority of the time.
Even though Báthory has not spoken to me again since its warning in the wake of the medium’s grisly demise, its presence has been a constant at work.
When I arrive.
When I hold a Zoom conference.
When I pick up the phone.
Báthory’s inky outline haunts my door when it isn’t off hunting for another stomach-curdling meal. A constant reminder that it is aware of my reluctance to stand idly by while the feeding continues. A reminder that any effort to stymie its bloody feast will be met with swift, intense, and lethal violence. A reminder that my usefulness has expired and Báthory’s patience has limits.
As you can imagine, this has done wonders for my general disposition. My colleagues have noticed my constant nervousness. Students openly comment about my paranoid “vibe” and complain about the ever widening turn around on grades. I have struggled with anxiety before, but this is different. That was general anxiousness about everything that made me frustrated to stand in slow lines or push through crowds. This is a paranoia about something very real. I know exactly what the threat is and what it can do.
But how can I grade in a timely fashion when I still have to be a husband and father at home, then use my old sleeping hours to conduct the research necessary to stop Báthory? Grading is slipped in between meetings and classes during my work day. The few hours between work and “bed time” are to ensure my burden does not destroy my family, and then I browse through online sources for any glimmer of information that could banish this malevolent entity.
Honestly, the late night research hours sometimes work to my advantage. I have moved beyond keeping the scope of research limited to Native American folklore and mythology. I have expanded to any and all strains of supernatural belief across the globe. You know, a completely realistic and manageable scope. I’m not running headlong into a swirling vortex of paranoia and guilt induced insanity, I swear. You just have to have solid, healthy coping mechanisms. The off-brand sugar-free Sour Patch Kids that I devour like a hangry Kronos keep the crazies away. Down the hatch blue raspberry Poseidon.
But, back to how being a night owl researcher has worked to my advantage. Many of the repositories that I contact in search of ancient tomes on mythology and lore are overseas. The time difference means that even though it is the wee hours for me, it is normal business time for some of them. Language barriers be damned, I have Google Translate on my side. Oh, and also the motivation of not wanting to continue being an accessory to appalling murders. That helps me to get my point across the linguistic gaps to these archivists a lot too.
I have already racked up an impressive selection of books of mythology, demonology, and every other topic that could possibly lend some insight to the origins and weaknesses of my shadowy companion. Composed of ancient first editions, reprints, translations, and original copies, the stack has taken over the entire right side of my desk and the coffee table next to the visitors chair in my office. It has been slow going to get through the books. Even when I can locate a colleague that can help with translations, there is often an issue with dialects or other translation hurdles that slow the quest for illumination. Not to mention the probing questions about what exactly my research goals are.
I have spun so many incoherent stevia-fueled lies that I have lost track of what I tell everyone I am on about. The sleep deprivation tends to leave me unprepared for the question and each query receives an off-the-cuff response that never seems entirely satisfactory. It is a good thing I already had a reputation for being a bit eccentric.
Then again, the rumors about how I am linked to the death of that medium might be a more compelling reason for many to lend a helping hand to the rambling, disheveled, wide-eyed professor that storms into their office looking for assistance with analyzing passages of arcane ghost stories.
Keeping my hoard of esoteric books in the center of Báthory’s hunting grounds and conducting my research throughout the fields of prey turned out to be the opposite of a well conceived plan. When prepping a trap for a predator, you should probably not shop for the supplies in its lair.
Keep in mind, I never once claimed to be the Napoleon of monster hunting.
A few days ago I stepped from my office for a quick faculty meeting. I know for a fact that the office door was shut completely behind me, I am a bit obsessive about making sure I close doors behind me. Just be sure that it was fully shut, you will understand why I am emphasizing it here in a minute or two.
After a speedy yet frustrating faculty meeting about details that could have been an email and a shortcut to gather some more snackables, I set off to return to my lair of gothic readings. Imagine my surprise when I found the door ajar.
Imagine my surprise when I entered the room and found the wall smeared with gore and the crumpled body of a student topped with the stump of what had once been a head on the floor.
The bright green collared polo and slacks were still immaculate. His black and white sneakers were as clean as if he was trying them on fresh from the box. The only thing askew was that his neck ended in a still oozing stump and a viscous concoction of skull, skin, brain, and blood was smeared around a rather deep hole in the drywall. This wasn’t the kind of drywall hole a Mountain Dew infused Kyle creates after losing a match on Call of Duty, this was the kind of hole a sledgehammer wielded by someone with a bloody glee in their heart creates.
Naturally, after a brief shocked yelp and unceremoniously depositing my lunch on the floor I called the police. A murder had just occurred in my office. I knew the police could never catch this particular culprit, but what else was I supposed to do when faced with a corpse in my office? Wait for the custodians to take it away with the gummi wrappers and other garbage?
Imagine my surprise when the first responding officer had also been there to question me at the medium’s death. And oh boy, did he definitely recognize me. That stern face was clearly practiced. His face had the round quality of a cheerful baker in a Disney cartoon. Eyes not hardened by years of stress and worry. This was someone who could leave work at the office, but turn on the character while in uniform.
If you are wondering, he did not seem to regard my presence at another death scene as an unwelcome coincidence. His face had more of an “I knew this motherfucker was up to no good” quality to it than surprise or any other reaction. Can you blame him? First I was walking with someone who just happened to start screaming before running away from me into traffic and now one of my students looked like he was trying to spread brain jam on my office wall. He knew I am connected to the deaths somehow.
If only he would believe the truth. If I told him, I would definitely have a Netflix documentary sooner rather than later.
He asked me the normal, if you can call them that, interview questions. We discussed my whereabouts, the identity of the victim, and the timeline of events.
Not buying what I was selling, he decided to pull the security footage. I offered up no objections, the tape would clearly exonerate me. But I also knew it would not provide any evidence he would accept of another, more sinister, culprit.
Just as I had stated, the video showed me leaving my office at the time I had provided. About three minutes later, the student could be seen entering my office.
But how? I know I had shut the door.
Unfortunately, the angle of the camera did not show the latch side of my door, and thus there was no evidence that I had securely shut it. Clearly, according to the officer, I had misremembered. We had both watched the student enter with no resistance. He just pushed the door open. I asked the officer to play back the tape from after I left.
What was I looking for? The shadow that played along the wall toward my door about a minute after I left.
Báthory had set a trap for both the student and myself.
Báthory had had enough of my meddling.
But why not just kill me?
The next part of the video showed me returning, making the gruesome discovery, and calling the police after soiling myself. No evidence of anyone else ever having entered or left my office.
Except for that shadow again.
Releasing me upon my own recognizance, the officer asked if I took one last look at the scene to see if I noticed anything unusual. Aside from the Pollock-esque redecoration my wall had undergone. I indicated to the officer that I did not.
But that was a lie.
About a quarter way down the stack of books on my desk had been a hefty tome bound in faded blue and gilded with dull silver lettering. That book stood out to me among the others due to its age and quality of craftsmanship.
It was no longer in the stack.
That book had the key to Báthory.
You sly bitch.
I racked my brain to remember the origin of that book.
French? Slavic? Uzbek?
I could search through my spreadsheet, find its metadata, and track down any copies if my office wasn’t now a crime scene and everything in it evidence. I would have to find the book itself.
You have overplayed your hand, Báthory.
Now it is a race to the finish. Either I find the contents of that book or Báthory successfully frames me for murder.
Game on.
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