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Hey, hey, hey! It's VMBA10!

2023.06.10 18:31 JohnMainGuy Hey, hey, hey! It's VMBA10!

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2023.06.10 18:30 kcr141 As If On Q: part 5

Memory transcript subject: Tal, Venlil Space Corps
Date [standardized human time]: December 31, 2136
This was it. Since the incident at Sillis, humanity had gathered as many allies as they could and prepared to confront the federation, and in a few moments, I would be exiting subspace in orbit around Aafa.
By all rights, flying solo into this conflict should have terrified me. Instead, it just felt surreal. Really, I should have been vaporized by an antimatter bomb on the surface of Sillis, but a twist of fate— an unprecedented intervention led me here instead. Now, I was given a chance to scratch one more item off my bucket list, though not quite in the way I had hoped.
I dropped out of FTL, and the rest of Venlil Prime’s contribution to the fleet was close behind. As the Venlil ships joined the attack, I took in the situation before me. Most of our fleet consisted of human ships, however, they were interspersed with vessels from several other species including Mazics, Zerulians, Harchen, and even a few Thafki.
Already, the Kolshians were preparing to meet our advance; I didn’t have much time.
Quickly, I switched FTL configurations and began preparing to travel into subspace once again. Now, I just had to wait.
Up ahead, the two fleets were about to meet when suddenly, the humans’ allies panicked. A large portion of the non-human ships had broken formation, though luckily, they seemed to be recovering quickly. Several UN vessels followed the diverging ships and our fleet was divided into two. In response, the Kolshians split their fleet as well.
At first, I wasn’t sure what all the commotion was about, but it quickly became obvious: the ships that remained on their original course were fighting the Arxur.
There was no mistaking it, the space between us and the Kolshians was filled with Arxur vessels. They were scared, disoriented, and shooting at anything that moved.
As they began taking fire from UN ships, the Arxur sent out a hail.
“You! Humans! What trickery is this!?”
I recognized the huntress’ voice. In the aftermath of Sillis, I had listened to her transmission threatening to make cattle out of humans.
Looks like we found the rest of Shaza’s fleet.
Immediately, this led to more questions.
Was her fleet sent into the future, or had they just been in subspace this entire time?
Were the humans really sure that what I was about to do was safe?
We opted not to send a response, and the only reply offered by the Kolshians was a barrage of rail gun fire. Shaza and her army were getting sandwiched between the opposing fleets.
Stars, I really was spending too much time around Nick.
It wasn’t long before the human alliance and the Kolshians were fighting directly, and it quickly became apparent that the federation had been holding back all this time. Many of their ships were designs that had never been seen before, and they remained unusually composed despite the stress of battle. To top it all off, the Kolshians had us outnumbered significantly. If this worked, however, none of that would matter.
The FTL drive was ready. Immediately, I laid in my course and entered subspace.
Almost instantly, I felt a sickening jolt. The sound that resonated through my ship reminded me of the time Nick accidentally left a spoon in the microwave, and then everything went white.
When Q made Shaza’s fleet disappear, they were thrown into subspace despite the presence of FTL disruptors. Not only that, but there was no indication as to where they had gone. If such an event could be duplicated, the strategic advantage would be obvious, and so the UN’s scientists immediately got to work.
Having sensor readings from when the incident occurred certainly sped things along, but it seemed to me that all the humans really needed was to know that it was possible.
Slowly, I regained my senses. My ears were ringing and my head still hurt, but at least the vertigo had started to clear up. As the dizziness subsided, I suddenly understood what I was seeing out of the viewport:
The humans’ modifications to my drive had worked! Though it certainly wasn’t pleasant, I had passed through the Kolshians’ FTL disruptor field and appeared in Aafa’s lower atmosphere.
As I reduced my altitude, the capital city became visible. Even though the weather was partially overcast, the buildings, all made of glass and metal and constructed in unique, artistic shapes, glittered in the sunlight. The urban landscape below was dotted with patches of green giving credence to the planet’s name Aafa, meaning ‘Garden.’
I made sure the payload was ready and then dived down even lower. I made a pass directly over the city and, when I was in clear view of the School of Flora, I activated the release mechanism and triggered the remote ignition.
Dozens of projectiles flew out from underneath my ship. They spireled around chaotically before detonating and spewing a shower of bright red sparks.
There was no way I had not been seen, so now I just had to wait and hope the Kolshian fleet would get the message.
I began to climb in altitude, and as I did so, I kept an eye on the status of the unfolding battle using my ship’s sensors. It took a while, but eventually, something happened.
The Kolshian fleet doubled back. They turned away from their attackers and began making their way in my direction, rushing to defend Aafa.
As soon as this happened, the humans began broadcasting on an open channel:
“This is commander Fortin of the United Nations fleet, please respond.”
He was met with silence.
“You are no doubt aware that we have breached your defenses, however, we are willing to discuss the terms of a ceasefire, please. respond.”
Again, there was no reply.
As the Kolshian fleet neared the planet, a portion of its ships suddenly changed course. It was the ships that were believed to be autonomous, they all suddenly stopped in place, anchoring their position relative to Aafa. The allied fleet simply flew past them with neither firing on each other.
“I repeat, we are willing to negotiate for a peaceful—”
Commander Fortin was cut of by the voice of Nikonous:
“What did you drop on us?!”
“Chief Nikonous, as I said, we are requesting—”
“Spare the pleasantries predator, tell me what you did!”
“They were fireworks, sir,” Fortin said. “Completely harmless, however they could just as easily have been antimatter warheads, next time they will be. We have the ability to circumvent your FTL disruptors and therefore you cannot defend yourself from such an attack, however, as I told you before, we are willing to discuss the terms of a ceasefire.”
Chief Nikonous did not respond, and after an awkward silence, the commander continued.
“We request that you end all hostility with Earth as well as its allies. Assuming that the federation takes no military action against us, we will do the same.”
“This is unacceptable,” Nikonous replied. “I cannot simply allow more federation worlds to fall into your corruption. Your ‘allies’ fall within our purview.”
“Frankly, you aren’t in a position to demand something like that. Our terms are more than reasonable, and we will not be making concessions.”
“And what of the Arxur? Aren’t they your allies too now? Am I supposed to do nothing about the ones who would see us all dead?”
Like you’ve done anything at all before! I thought to myself.
Commander Fortin, however, gave a very simple response:
“The dominion no longer exists,” he said flatly.
After another long pause, Chief Nikonous huffed.
“Very well, I will consider your request.”
With that, the channel went silent. By this point, I had reached the upper atmosphere of the planet. It was surreal. The battle had stopped completely and the UN fleet was preparing to leave.
I was just about to begin charging my own FTL drive when I noticed something odd. One of the Harchen ships that fought alongside the UN was now barreling forward. Commander Fortin’s voice sounded over the comms channel once again:
“Harchen vessel, please return to formation. Do not engage, I repeat, do not engage!”
The ship continued on its path directly towards Aafa, and even stranger, the Kolshian fleet did nothing to stop it.
Something was off…
As I realized that the Harchen ship was headed in my direction, I moved to intercept.
I was just about to hail them when they opened fire. I was hit before I could react.
Quickly, I tried to shake their target lock, however, my ship’s engines had taken damage limiting my maneuverability.
After managing to establish a target lock of my own, I returned fire. The shots were intended only to disable the vessel, however upon connecting, the ship exploded violently.
It was carrying antimatter bombs. That was the only reason I could think of for the explosion I just saw. Unfortunately, I was beginning to lose altitude and didn’t have time to worry about why the Harchen ship was carrying warheads nor the amount of radiation I had just been exposed to.
The engines were not doing well, however, as I fell down to the surface, I managed to flip my ship around and regain some amount of control.
The landing was not nearly as gentle as I would have hoped, however the hull stayed together and the inertial dampers absorbed the brunt of the impact.
I did a quick survey of the situation. Looking out of the viewport, it appeared I had crashed somewhere outside of any of the Kolshian cities, however I could also see that civilization was not far away.
Turning myself in to the Kolshians seemed like a very risky idea, and I also very much doubted that anyone sided with the humans would be allowed to come rescue me, so I figured my best bet was to try and repair my ship as best I could.
I made my way to the back of the ship and opened the doors to the outside world.
As the ramp extended down to the ground, I spotted a Venlil waiting for me at the bottom; or rather, something that looked like a Venlil.
“Q?” I said nervously.
“Don’t worry, I just want to talk. I promise I won’t bite. unless you ask nicely.
Apparently, Q had ditched his extermination officer attire and, for some reason, gotten his fur dyed. The fur on top of his head now had an odd purple streak running through it.
Cautiously, I walked down to the bottom of the ramp.
“Do you uh… do you know what just happened?” I asked.
“With the Harchen ship? Yeah, the federation managed to find some supporters among the Harchen fleet. They were going to sabotage the ceasefire by bombing Aafa on behalf of the UN. ‘Better the civilians die than fall to the predators’ and all.”
I took a moment to absorb this. I had thought that the federation couldn’t disappoint me anymore than they had already, and yet once again, they somehow found a way.
“You know, it’s funny,” I said. “I always wanted to visit Aafa. I mean, this place is beautiful, isn’t it?”
“For me, personally?” Q replied, “Not a huge fan. It’s too… artificial, reminds me of home. Actually, are you by any chance feeling adventurous?”
“I mean, I did just crash land after fighting in a space battle, so I would say so.”
“In that case,” he said, “my offer from before still stands.”
Q turned to face me and extended his paw.
I hesitated briefly, but then I took it and
Error 409: Unresolved sequence, consult user manual for more details
Transcript generation aborted
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2023.06.10 18:16 thisisfunme The real dance moms expert (chatgpt)

I decided to ask some questions to chatgpt for some ultimate clarity 😂
Since this was really long I shortened it down to the more funny content not the general AI Blabla.
The top 5 dances on the show:
"The Last Text" (performed by Maddie Ziegler): This emotional contemporary solo, choreographed by Abby Lee Miller, is often considered one of Maddie's standout performances. The routine depicts the story of a girl receiving a final text message from her dying mother, and Maddie's poignant interpretation of the choreography earned her praise and recognition.
"Where Have All the Children Gone?" (performed by Maddie Ziegler): This group routine featuring the dancers of the Abby Lee Dance Company was choreographed by Anthony Burrell. The dance, inspired by the theme of lost innocence, received critical acclaim for its powerful storytelling and cohesive execution.
"Stomp the Yard" (performed by Nia Sioux): Choreographed by Anthony Burrell, this energetic and lively group routine showcased the dancers' precision and synchronicity. Nia's charisma and strong stage presence were particularly highlighted in this dance.
"The Waiting Room" (performed by Kendall Vertes): Choreographed by Abby Lee Miller, this contemporary solo allowed Kendall to showcase her technical abilities and emotional range. The routine explores the theme of a girl waiting for her love to return from war and received praise for Kendall's growth as a dancer.
"Black Swan" (performed by Maddie Ziegler): Choreographed by Abby Lee Miller, this haunting and dramatic contemporary solo drew inspiration from the ballet "Swan Lake." Maddie's precise movements and portrayal of the Black Swan character captivated audiences and demonstrated her versatility as a dancer.
Best Solo on the show: "The Last Text" performed by Maddie Ziegler is often considered one of the best solos on "Dance Moms." The emotional choreography and Maddie's exceptional performance received critical acclaim and left a lasting impact on audiences.
Best Technique: Maddie Ziegler is frequently praised for her strong technique and precision. Many of her solos, including "The Last Text" and "Black Swan," showcased her technical prowess and attention to detail.
Best Turns: Sophia Lucia was known for her exceptional turning ability. She held the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive pirouettes (55) at the time. Her solos, such as "Red Queen" and "Famous," often featured impressive turns and spins.
Best Jumps: Kalani Hilliker was often recognized for her impressive jumps and athleticism. Her solo "It's Like Summer" showcased her powerful and controlled jumps, including leaps and grand jetés.
What were each of the dance mom original girls strength and weaknesses in dance? ? .
Each of the original Dance Moms girls showcased their own strengths and weaknesses in dance throughout the show. Here's a general overview of their strengths and areas where they may have faced challenges:
Maddie Ziegler: Strengths: Maddie was known for her exceptional technique, emotional expression, and stage presence. She consistently delivered strong performances in various dance styles, particularly contemporary and lyrical. Weaknesses: While Maddie was highly versatile, some viewers felt that she occasionally relied on similar movement patterns and expressions, leading to critiques of lacking diversity in her performances.
Chloe Lukasiak: Strengths: Chloe possessed excellent technical abilities, with strong ballet and lyrical skills. She was praised for her graceful lines, flexibility, and musicality. Weaknesses: Chloe occasionally struggled with confidence and sometimes allowed nerves to affect her performances. This resulted in occasional inconsistencies and difficulty fully embracing the character or emotion of a routine.
Nia Sioux: Strengths: Nia was known for her versatility and ability to tackle various dance styles. She had a powerful stage presence and excelled in energetic, fierce routines. Nia's strength in hip-hop and urban styles set her apart. Weaknesses: Nia sometimes faced challenges with technical precision, particularly in executing intricate footwork or maintaining sharpness in certain dance styles.
Brooke Hyland: Strengths: Brooke had a natural elegance and fluidity in her movements, particularly in contemporary and lyrical styles. She displayed strength and control in lifts and partner work. Weaknesses: Brooke occasionally struggled with self-confidence, and there were moments when she appeared reserved or disconnected from the emotion of a routine.
Paige Hyland: Strengths: Paige had a natural athleticism and flexibility, which allowed her to excel in acrobatic elements and tricks. She displayed enthusiasm and energy in her performances. Weaknesses: Paige occasionally faced challenges with technique and precision, particularly in executing intricate turns and jumps consistently.
Kendall Vertes: Strengths: Kendall had a strong technical foundation and flexibility. She showcased improvement in her performances over time, displaying growth in her execution and confidence. Weaknesses: Kendall sometimes struggled with fully embodying the emotion or character of a routine, which led to critiques of lacking depth or connection.
My takeaway:
Yes it forgot kenzie 😂 Kenzie is not an Original dance moms girl
The last text was maddies solo as was whalcg and stomp the yard was nias and waiting room kendalls.
The stories of the dances were very different from what we believed 😂
Sophias solo Famous and Kalanis feels like summer where surely amazing.
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2023.06.10 18:12 Auzor Space Marines and the wonders of combi-buffing

Note: many characters are 4 wounds now. Quite vulnerable to getting sniped with Ap2 Dam2 sniper rifles. Marine Scouts should see a points increase due to 2 wounds.
Onto the combo buffing (looking at ranged attacks)
The Strike Speeder trio:
(1 unit can use the firestorm stratagem for ignore cover, and +1 AP during devastator doctrine. Of course, you can turn on devastator doctrine for 1 squad at command phase instead with a stratagem, or with say, a Captain or Guilleman, you could use firestorm strat twice during devastator doctrine)
Example: *Land raider *Redeemer ** has truly been redeemed, it runs into a Tervigon (T11, 16 wounds, 2+ save). (I wonder what happened to those gaunts the previous turn) Okay. We pop Hail & Thunderstrike buffs. Flamer: average 13 hits, S6 +1 to wound, Ap2+1, Dam 2= 13 x 1/2 x 2/3 x 2= average 8.67 wounds. Into Daemons you don't need the Hailstrike. Also note: No Oath of Moment yet, which would increase the output to: 13 x 3/4 x 2/3 x 2 = 13 wounds average. This is before the small matter of the Multi-Melta and the twin assault cannon.
Another example: Predator Destructor: champion of mediocrity. keywords combine as leader joins unit? You got it! Tyrant + tyrant guard. Enter Hail & Thunderstrike combo. Destructor gets +1 Ap vs Infantry. Why yes, those Tyrant guard are infantry. Thunderstrike gives +1 to wound vs Monstevehicles. Why yes, the Hive Tyrant (/Swarmlord,...) is a monster. Combined, within 24": 6 Heavy Bolter shots... wounding on 4's at Ap3 Dam2. Followed by 6 autocannon shots, wounding on 2's Ap3 Dam 3. Hailstrike also buffs the Predator to Ap3 vs any marine unit. Add in some Incursors for a +1 to hit.
Hailstrike is crucial for dealing with infantry. Infernus fellas example: Hailstrike buff + Devastator doctrine & Firestorm: Ap2. 10-man shooting at terminators: 35 wounds avg, x 1/2 x 1/2 = almost 4 dead terminators on average.
Making the most out of buffs seems pretty vital, considering Oath of Moment: Relatively, Oath has the highest increase when you're wounding on 6's. 1/6 chance to wound, becomes 11/36 chance to wound, almost doubling! However, in the absolute, this only adds 5/36 to the wound chance, less than 1/6 (+1 to wound is better than wound rerolls here). If wounding on 5's, it goes from 1/3 to 5/9, an increase by 2/3rds relatively. And +2/9 = +8/36 in absolute wound chance. This also means, +60% more effective than the case of wounding on 6's, in terms of wounds added via Oath of Moment. Bolters into tough Oath of Moment target with/without Thunderstrike +1 to wound buff: 11/36 chance to wound, vs 20/36 chance to wound.
Wounding on 4's lastly, is the best, but the bonus effect is less pronounced as the jump from wounding on 6's to 5's: from 1/2 to 3/4. So +50% more wounds relatively, in the absolute adding 1/4= 9/36. (total wound chance: 27/36) Slightly better in terms of total wounds still (+12.5% more) than the wounding on 5's (or indeed, wounding on 3's) scenario: +8/36 +9/36 wounds is still a +12.5% relative increase, even if the difference is only 1/36 in the absolute. Conclusion: use Oaths on 4 or 5's to wound situations when possible for max total benefit.
(I am not considering Devastating wounds yet admittedly, nor number of attacks etc, or indeed lethal hits).
As the Thunderstrike gives +1 to wound vehicles/monsters, and many go without invulnerable saves, (and vehicles have other 'anti' options), we may see an edition where 'not-vehicles/monsters' are once again tougher in practice than these Behemoths: Custodes on a Jetbike: see the Predator destructor above: first, no +1 to wound as 'not infantry'. Second, no +1 to wound as not 'monster'. So mr Predator's heavy bolter is wounding on 5's and 'only' Ap2 with the hailstrike. And if you shoot some MM's at them, they'll have an invulnerable. And a 4+++ vs Mortals. Infantry does have some 'anti-infantry' keywords, and indeed specific 'anti-infantry' battleshocks etc. The design team seems to have majorly overlooked bikers, beasts, cavalry. Elite versions of these are where the most durability might be found. (indeed, Custodes jetbikes, Thunderwolf cavalry, ...), due to lack of anti-X and 'vs X unit, +1 to...' vs X, battleshock' style rules.
NB: technically, from a background view, bikes & jetbikes are vehicles. An EMP-pulse knocking out vehicles (or a grav-gun) should be effective vs a jetbike, infact, very effective. (and indeed, vs crisis suits and the like... :s )
Lastly: Marine Infantry thoughts
Hellblaster deathstar. You must choose between 2 options: Librarian for a 4++, and a 4+++ vs psychic mortals. Helps keep the unit alive. Or, Apothecary, for reviving self-killed model/turn. But: apothecary himself is vulnerable to snipes. Could give him the 2+/5+++ enhancement. This takes away the sustained hits enhancement. Could add a Lieutenant for the Sustained Hits /Lethal hits combo, and keep apothecary in the 2+/5+++ armor, or vice-versa.
Marines have loads of options, the unability to stack for melee will be a limiting factor(imo): do you want a free stratagem & charge rerolls? Terminator captain. (finest hour for +3 Attacks regular captain). Do you want +1 to wound rolls in melee? Chaplain. (terminators with PF/Hammer wound any monstevehicle on 4+) Do you want 4+++ and sustained hits terminator librarion. 4++ & 4+++? Regular librarian. Do you want 'strike first'? Quite important... Judiciar, 4++ vs melee attacks only vulnerable to being sniped, and not combine friendly. More OC? ah, also check the fineprint on combinations.
Between Terminators 4++, Bladeguard vets 4++, and two librarian (Primaris & Authentic) providing 4++... you could build an entire marine (infantry) army with 4++ saves.
The theme that I'd be most interested in though, remains 'bolter-less marine datasheet collector'. NO BOLTERS where-ever avoidable. No intercessors, tactical squad, ... would allow combi-weapons (min-size devastator squad). No unit duplicates.
Vindicator, Whirlwind, Land raider Redeemer, Hellblasters, Flamer-boyz, Suppressors, ... Dark Angels might provide extra options here with plasma bikers. I think it would be funny to attempt making an effective 'Space Marines' army, and treat the iconic marine weapon as a training weapon, "what, you thought a bolter is for actual combat?? of course not, dummy!"
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2023.06.10 17:52 WilliamWallace98 Springfield Marine Corps Operator

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2023.06.10 17:22 Oriskana [ARMA 3][PRIMARY REPO][MAP+MOD DOWNLOAD] Saturday 17/06/2023 - UTC 18:30 - Operation Lions of Tazri

Calendar Details:2022-06-17 18:30 UTCArma 3 Operation Lions of Tazri

Operation Lions of Tazri


When? 18:30 UTC
Get the mods through our mod downloader, Swifty
Want more info? Our documentation
Join our Arma unit:
Recommended reading:
If you have any issues with mods or teamspeak, do not hesitate to contact the event host or any of the helpers on teamspeak or Discord. DM on Discord and Reddit PM are the easiest way to get a hold of the event host.
Map required:
North Takistan -
  • Cup core required
Mods required:
Medical system tweaks:
tl;dr: Splints, stitching and PAKs enabled.
Settings Change
Limping Limp on open wounds
Fractures Splints fully heal fractures
Advanced Bandages Enabled and can reopen
Clear trauma after bandage Disabled
Epinephrine Anyone
Surgical kit Medics only; Anywhere + self surgery enabled
PAK Doctors only; Anywhere + self paking enabled
Blood Medics and Doctors
CPR success chance Increased to 55%
ACE Settings Change
ACE Fatigue Performance factor Increased to 1.8
ACE Fatigue Recovery factor Increased to 1.8
Pole settings:
  • Teleport to squads enabled.
Other changes from our usual mission setup:
  • Non-Zeused op - I will have access to Zeus, but will be only used for bug/ Arma fixing.
Non MC framework scripts used:
JEBUS by DreadPirate; Light Advanced Vehicle Respawn by Fiddi; Timber Corp Reinforcements by Geelik and Dagger; MIL_CAS by beno_83au



Intel Package - click me!
June 20xx, Duchy of Takistan, Kingdom of Sahrani
Sahrani Liberation Army has used the recent drought to incite peasant uprising in North Takistan. Their combined forces have allowed them to capture Mantiq, besiege Kushak and start pushing south to Takistan proper.
Queen has despatched RMEF (Royal Marine expeditionary force) to delay SLA, before rest of army arrives.
Key role plays town of Tazri, whoever holds it, can cut supply lines of the other.
For that reason RMEF will assault Tazri before SLA reinforcements will arrive and then hold it.
Criticisms about historical accuracy should be shouted down an empty can of microwave noodles.

Enemy Forces

Takistani Peasant Uprising - Infantry, Technicals. Location: Town of Tazri.
Sahrani Liberation Army - Infantry, Mechanized, Armour, Air, AA assets. Location: North East of Takistan.

Player Forces

Royal Sahrani Marines - Mechanized Platoon. Location: FOB Rusty
Royal Sahrani Marine Aviation - OV-1D Mohawk (Callsign MUFASA). Location: Kharu Airfield

Friendly Forces

3x 105mm Field gun - Callsign Pumba. Location: FB Kevin
2x 155mm Field gun - Callsign Timon. Location: FB Kevin
1x 203mm Howitzer- Callsign Rafiki. Location: FB Kevin
MEDEVAC - Location: Kharu Airfield
Logistical Airdrop - Location: SE of AO

Civil/Terrain/ Weather considerations

Terrain - Hills, sand, sand women, sand children. Urban areas.
Civil - Civilians present across AO. Limit collateral damage
Current weather - overcast, mild wind, morning fog, 17°C
Forecasted weather - overcast, mild wind, no fog, light rain 29°C

Mission Objectives

1) Assault town of Tarzi
Try to prevent collateral damage to town. Use of artillery support is not recommended within town.
2) Prepare defences
Depending on how long you take to assault, expect already streaming in SLA reinforcements.
You have access to digging equipment and limited fortify supply, use them well, use them fast.
3) Hold town of Tazri
SLA understands the value of Tarzi, do not expect them to give it up easily.


Rules of Engagement: Avoid causing collateral damage.
Mission starting time: 07:00 (already daylight)

Mission makers notes

All players, including pilots are starting at FOB Rusty. Pilots have dedicated transport to get themself to Airfield.


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: Discord Name: Slot: Alpha A1 AR 
CO, squad leaders and special roles (all roles in bold letters) should join the teamspeak 30 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.
If this is your first event with us we would also like to ask you to join 30 minutes early for a quick introduction to MC.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
You need to have played at least three events with us for all leadership and special roles like pilots or vehicle crew.
Limited Arsenal provided at Starting Point.
Pilots - are trained to treat themself and repair.
All Rada IR guided weapons are forbidden from use. Dumb and laser guided are allowed.
Sole exception: AIM-9M Sidewinder
Confirm you've read this part by adding to your sign up post: Scar did nothing wrong.
JTAC - To be able to call Support modules, you have to be inside BMR-600 HQ vehicle. Make sure you protect it, once it's gone, it's gone.
Group TOW - are trained repairmarines
Callsign/Role IGN
Zeuskana Oriskana
Pilot lottery
Copilot lottery
Group Command BMR-600 HQ
Group Medical BMR-600 MEDICAL
Chief Medic
Group TOW BMR-600 TOW
Vehicle CO
Group Alpha BMR-600 M2
Marine Squad Leader
AR Marine
AT Marine
Ammo Bearer Marine
AA Marine

Reserve: aWeisGuy

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2023.06.10 16:25 Chispy New robotics job field may be coming to the US Marine Corps

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2023.06.10 16:09 FFXIV_Ast 34 [M4F] Canada EST / Online - Best Friend Applications - Apply Within

We here at Friend Corp are seeking individuals between the ages of 25 and 45 to come join us at our wonderful company. There are many benefits for when you join Friend Corp. We are a social and talkative company who enjoys listening to our employee's feedback
Alright, dropping the charade.
As the title states I'm looking for a best friend first and maybe the connection evolves into something more. The friend-connection matters more to me than anything else. I want to look forward to coming home and hearing about your day just as much as you want to hear about mine while we eat homemade tacos in front of the tv. To me, the best long term connections are those born from friendships.
It seems kind of crazy these days to think like that but what can I say? I'm a bit of a romantic. I like to take my time to get to know someone.
About Me
I'm 6'4" living in the north of Canada. I can practically see Santa's Workshop from my window. I'm an outgoing introvert - very outgoing around friends and family, sort of introverted around new people until I get to know them for an hour and then I warm up. I've been on a new health plan and working on getting fit to lose the covid pounds I've racked on. I've got an adventurous sense of humor that likes to dabble in all the different types. I've got black hair and blue eyes. French is my primary language but I mostly speak English these days. I'm a big hockey fan but I unfortunately go for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Might as well dump any hopes for a championship in my lifetime down the toilet. A few of my interests are collecting "old" books, camping at the family cottage home in the middle of nowhere (on a nice lake), and spending some quality dad time with my 12 year old daughter. "Old" is in marks because we don't get actual old books at the old book store but rather "gently used" ones. I've got a book shelf and a half worth of various ones. Like everyone else, I like music and movies and tv shows and what not but so does everyone. Plus, my crap is better than your crap. That's just the way it is. :P I've got a Bachelor's degree from a university and certified in some IT fields. A Random Fact and a Hot Take: I've never travelled outside of Canada before and winter is better than summer.
About You
You live somewhere on Earth. That's a good starting point. Sorry aliens. You're also outgoing but have some introverted streaks. You like both going out and staying in. You are social and friendly, you like to laugh. Bonus point if you laugh at my bad jokes even if they aren't funny even if I know you're laughing at my unfunny jokes that aren't funny. Your someone who shares some common interest or traits with me but not all because that's boring. Two halves make a whole. I don't care about appearances or nationality or body type or whether you were actually born on mars. That stuff doesn't matter to me. I am attracted to a person's personality much more so than anything about their physical or immutable characteristics.
This is long enough I think. Congrats if you've read this far. You, behind the screen right now reading this, are probably the first to do so. Most just skim the first sentence or two or see how long this is and skip. But I feel like to make sure people are compatible, you need to know about them. I'd personally much rather respond to something of this size than "I like music movies, hiking, camping. Anything else just ask" I want to be able to have conversations longer than 3 word sentences back and forth.
Shoot me a message if you got this far and are interested in some friendship. In your message, tell me anything you know about canada. The weirder the better but anything at all is fine. That way I know you've read this far.
Take care of yourself and live a happy life.
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2023.06.10 16:06 walterherbst Was the Rifle In The Texas School Book Depository A Mauser

Was the Rifle In The Texas School Book Depository A Mauser
The rifle Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly used to shoot President Kennedy was an Italian-made 6.5 Manlincher-Carcano. However, the rifle was originally identified by Dallas police as a German-made 7.65 Mauser. Was it human error that caused this discrepancy, or was this a sign there was a conspiracy?
Deputy Eugene Boone worked for Bill Decker in the Sheriff’s Department. After JFK was shot, Boone was on the 6th floor of the TSBD when he found a rifle hidden behind a stack of boxes. He credited the flashlight he was carrying, saying without it he never would have seen it. Captain Fritz and Lt. J.C. Day of the Dallas Police Department arrived next and examined the rifle. They were soon joined by Deputy Constable Seymour Weitzman, who had once owned a sporting goods store, and he identified the rifle as a 7.65 Mauser. He was so certain that the next day he wrote in his deputy’s report that the rifle was a 7.65 Mauser. When he testified before the Warren Commission, he told them he had told the FBI in Dallas that the gun was a 7.65 Mauser. Sheriff’s Deputy Roger Craig said the same thing, and under oath and in sworn testimonies, both Weitzman and Craig said the rifle was a 7.65 Mauser.
Captain Fritz took control of the rifle and handled it closely. He confirmed it was a German-made Mauser. He even ejected a live round from the chamber, so he had a good look at the rifle.
In the early morning hours of November 23, Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade told a press conference that the murder weapon was a Mauser. Later that day, the FBI reported that Oswald had purchased a 6.5 Italian-made rifle through the mail under the name A.J. Hidell, and once that was known, all references to the Mauser disappeared and the murder weapon became a Manlicher-Carcano. There were no signed affidavits from police officers or sheriffs deputies explaining why the rifle was originally said to be a Mauser, nor was there an explanation from Captain Fritz or anyone else in authority that it was a Carcano. No one claimed to have seen or handled the rifle the day before.
A receipt from Klein’s Sporting Goods in Chicago with Oswald’s handwriting was then found among his possessions, indicating that’s where he had bought the rifle. The Post Office receipt for the rifle should have been signed by the person who received it, which would have been Oswald. However, Postal Inspector D.H. Homes, who was also an FBI informant, somehow lost the receipt, even though the Post Office was supposed to retain it. So, an opportunity to connect Oswald directly to the rifle could not be done.
The Carcano rifle had stamped on the barrel: “Made Italy” and “Cal 6.5.” How was it that so many people handled this rifle, for extended periods, on the 22nd and the 23rd, but no one noticed this?
Also of interest is the story of a man who would eventually become the director of the Marine Corps in the Intelligence Center at Quantico, Virginia. He did not want his name revealed, but he is on record as saying, “I know more about the rifle found in the Depository than most people.” At the time of the assassination, he worked as a clerk for the Dallas FBI, and was asked by FBI agent Vincent Drain to build a box for the rifle so it could be flown to Washington for testing late on the night of November 23rd. The clerk’s name is in the Warren Report, his fingerprints were found on boxes on the 6th floor, and Agent Drain said that two clerks had packed the rifle, so his story is believable.
The unnamed clerk would also state, “The rifle had a dirty bore…an exceptionally dirty bore,” which meant it had not been fired for quite some time. It was likely wrapped in something that collected dust particles inside the barrel. With this in mind, let’s consider the testimony of Robert Frazier, the FBI firearms expert who examined the rifle closely when it was sent to Washington. He was asked by Warren Commission member John McCloy specifically if he found any metal fragments in the barrel of the rifle. Frazier replied, “I did not examine it for that.” It seems plausible that an expert like Frazier would have checked the barrel to compare metal fragments found there to fragments removed from JFK’s and Connally’s bodies. So, he dodged the question, which suggests he did not want to honestly answer what the barrel looked like.
Supporters of the Warren Commission have said that at Ruth Paine’s house after the assassination, Marina Oswald directed the police to the garage where she said Oswald kept his rifle. All that was found was a blanket. Ruth Paine never saw the rifle, so we only have Marina’s account that a rifle was there, and her testimony was most inconsistent and unreliable throughout the assassination weekend.
One final point. If the Dallas Police, FBI, and Warren Commission were so sure it was Oswald’s gun that was found on the 6th floor, why did Police Chief Jesse Curry tell Dallas reporter Tom Johnson on July 16, 1964, “We don’t have any proof that Oswald fired the rifle, and never did. Nobody’s yet been able to put him in that building with a gun in his hand.” Something does not add up. For more stories like this, please check out It Did Not Start With JFK, published by Sunbury Press.
Seymour Weitzman Signed Affidavit
Eugene Boone Signed Affidavit
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2023.06.10 16:05 WolvedOut Flag of the Enclave Marine Corps Remnants

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2023.06.10 14:45 RemoteRocketship Shift5 is hiring a Account Executive, Navy/Marine Corps in the United States

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2023.06.10 13:36 LizardSatan The Cookie Theory

I was talking to my buddy at the red rock show and we had a funny theory. 
So imagine if Stu wasn’t actually the leader of the band but it’s really Cookie  that is the driving force behind the band, The conductor, The lyric writer the music writer the real genius behind the band but puts Stu in front. Sort of like the Wizard of Oz.
It adds a little bit of comedy to watch the band play and think that this might be the reality because Cookie so slick and so calm in the background. I love Cookie.  
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2023.06.10 13:33 Jurryaany Unlatched parts ingested into F-35B in Marine Corps mishap in Japan

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2023.06.10 12:33 NextLevelStocksnNews Dedicated to John the Baptist and United States Marine Corp…

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2023.06.10 11:40 jinxgutz Is this gaslighting?

My mom is being petty asf. I've only gotten to know her truly, since I was 16. I am now 20. She's currently in her early to mid 60's (she had me hella late I know lolol) and I live with her... For now. I've started dating this new guy, she is pretty neutral about him. My best friend is also somewhat neutral but likes to shit talk or make fun of him to my face. It's shitty, and it gets to me sometimes, especially since this is the healthiest relationship I've been in... EVER! It's stupid, it's how she is.
Anyways, my mom and I have gotten along well since I was 16 (before that it was absolutely hell, and she deadass performed exorcisms on me multiple times in middle school when it was literally just depression of being a prepubescent, just having lost my father who I worshipped and wanted to be like) and we have gotten really close these past few years. It's been really really rocky here and there, but for the most part it's been good. Every so often though she would complain about how "sensitive" I am, or that "I can't take a joke" or am being "SO dramatic". And then when I ask her for examples, she either blames it all on me, or blows me off and brings up some childhood stuff that she knows will upset me.
My grandma on my mom's side, we think had NPD and either borderline or bipolar (not diagnosed before she died because back then it was hella stigmatized), a lot of her mental illnesses passed through her down to my mom and I though so I'm starting to think my mom has one of those 3. Or just traits of it. Anyways, she attacked me about it again. She was like "I feel like I have to tiptoe around you so I don't offend you" even though she is also very liberal and we have a similar humor. This kinda just came out of nowhere. Sometimes I don't understand her sarcasm or jokes though, she describes herself as a very "intense person" with all emotions. So instead of either being a little happy, she's VERY happy. Or when she's angry, it's not a little angry, it's a BIG angry. All emotions included.
She just keeps hitting me all of a sudden with "if you don't toughen up your skin, the world is going to eat you alive" but the difference is, when I'm working at a job, it doesn't affect me as much as it does at home because I have my guard up at work. But when you're with family and friends that are actually cool and you feel safe around, you're supposed to be vulnerable and let down that guard. It's just so weird.
It's the same with my best friend. I'm thinking about cutting her off. She makes a joke, and sometimes I don't hear it in time or understand it, and she won't repeat it because if I don't understand, she will just roll my eyes and raise her voice saying "well thanks, good job, now the joke isn't even funny anymore!" And tries to make me feel like shit for not understanding or mishearing something. There's a lot on her that I'm not gonna go too much into about. But long story short, she's used me for money, clout (we're in a band together and doesn't even work on it with me even though we're a DUO, I do all of the music production, lyrics, instruments, marketing, research, etc.), and other things. I love her dearly and we've been best friends for a full year now. She just has a lot of NPD traits but she would never admit to having them, and even if she did, she'd just be like "lol yeaaahhh, oh well 🤪" as if it doesn't affect everyone around her??? Her own fiance has to deal with it and I feel bad for him, although he has issues of his own. We all do. She also does the whole "you're so sensitive", "this generation is so pathetic and sensitive", and has the whole "well, you just need to get over it" attitude. Her and my mom definitely talk shit about me when I'm not there and it shows too. It's making me lose my fucking mind.
When in an argument with my mom about the whole "you're too sensitive" thing, I said I was gonna move out and live in my van once it's done and liveable. (I've been working on it for a few months at least but have had a couple things stopping me, plus lack of time with my new partner has made things slow down) It wasn't something I actually planned, the van thing was just for a road trip I'm gonna do this fall, but now that I'm thinking about it, is it something I should actually think about? I'm not gonna cut off my mom, but I think we definitely need some time away from eachother.

[ TW// physical abuse + night terrors ]

It also doesn't help that I used to have constant night terrors as a small child where I would either be chased down and beaten, or strangled and killed by my mom on a regular basis. It's got me wondering if my psychosis traits (diagnosed) or trauma inflicted memory loss as me confused on if that was actually real or not. I still have them but very rarely. It's strange either way. I mean even if they were just night terrors, why my mom specifically? And why at me?? It could've been my mom to my dad, it's not like a child could intervene anyways, so the dream would still render you useless?? It was always my mom trying to come at me physically or lure me in emotionally to trick my child brain before attacking me.

But I don't know. Sorry this is so long, but what do y'all think? Am I actually overreacting and over analyzing or is it something actually serious that I should deal with?
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2023.06.10 10:31 itsallalittleblurry Security Platoon

Talking about the zipper incident reminds me of my sojourn with Security Platoon.
We were tasked with guardianship of the most sensitive installations on Base. Which gives rise to consideration of the makeup of that platoon, personnel-wise.
A number of our number we’re awaiting adjudication of charges serious enough to have had them removed from their parent units and warehoused with us so as to be put to Some use in the interim. The wheels of military Justice could grind rather slowly sometimes. Might take months to get to the actual Court-Marshall proceedings.
The Platoon Sgt himself was awaiting Court-Marshall for having struck an Officer. A nice way of saying he’d knocked a certain Lt on his ass after that person had, through ineptitude, needlessly endangered some of his men. I discussed the matter with SSgt K, and he claimed, in his cheerful fashion, that there had been extenuating circumstances: “The sonofabitch had it comin,.” He didn’t seem unduly concerned about the outcome.
Others still had already had their cases adjudicated, and were in the process of being processed out.
Still others were in similar circumstances for various and sundry matters.
And then there were some, like myself at that time, who were in between assignments, and assigned there until someone figured out what the hell to do with us.
I myself would, if I chose to accept it, eventually be offered the mission of Independent Duty in a small City in Deep South Texas that none of us had ever heard of. A new start-up Marine Reserve unit was being staffed, and needed an armorer. I wasn’t one, but that an unimportant detail.
It had progressed with the Gunny, a SSgt, and myself poring over a road atlas spread out upon a desk, just trying to Find the damn place:
“Is that it?” Staff finally asked, tapping his finger on the small dot. “…..Nah, can’t be - that’s in fucking Mexico.”
“Are you blind as well as stupid, Shithead?” from Gunny. “It ain’t neither in Mexico!”
“I’m tellin’ you it Is!”
“Look again. It Ain’t! Not quite, anyway. Looks like you could piss across the border from there, though……. So whaddaya say, young Sgt OP? It’s yours if you want it.”
I accepted the mission. Would sometimes, in the months that followed, fervently wish I had not. But it was where I met Momma, so it all worked out in the end.
But that was later. For now, I was the new Sgt assigned to Security Plt, where I and one other would actually run the show under the benevolent, Officer-assaulting guidance of SSgt K.
And the Marine Corps, in all its wisdom, had thought it a good idea to arm and set to watchdogging the most sensitive installations on base the worst criminals on base (like SSgt K). Fuck me. Perhaps it was felt that they would have less problem with using deadly force if called upon to do so. I do not know.
But you know, to a man, they turned out to be a great bunch of guys. We got along. Of course, I’d previously been a bigger criminal than some of them for an extended period of time. But I’d never gotten caught. That can make a Huge difference.
One incident, among others, stands out for the degree of fuckupery to which we in leadership did fuck up.
In the duty office, we had a heavy floor safe. Inside it we stored the ammunition that we would issue to our jailbirds-to-be (some of them) when they went on post. Ammunition properly issued and carefully accounted for.
But then there were the extras we’d added to our inventory ourselves. Or at least, SSgt K had. We had a Lot more ammo than we were supposed to have, with no paper trail or authorization.
And the half a case of grenades we weren’t supposed to have at all, of course. Where and how K got his hands on those, I have no idea. But no matter. No one would know.
Until a surprise inspection one day, to which the three of us were invited to attend. And, of course, the contraband was quickly discovered.
Neither I nor the other Sgt were charged. K was the man in charge, and so the onus fell on him. And he now had some new charges to face. His explanation that “Well, we’re responsible for protecting all that shit, and you never know when we might need it” was not well-received.
But as he told us, in his usual unconcerned manner: “Ah, fuck it! What more they gonna do to me anyway, you know?”
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2023.06.10 08:44 BullShtGaming Is it okay that I listen to parody songs instead of the original songs?

I feel like just listening to the original song is boring. I like to listen to songs with more funny and interesting lyrics. I also only like to sing the parody songs. I don't know the lyrics of the original songs I'm listening to the parodirs of. Am I considered weird? Because my friends think I am. But I honestly enjoy listening to parodies way more than songs. If you're curious, I'm listening to parodies of a youtuber named the computernerd01, of songs by artists like Kesha, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, etc. I also listen to some parodies of Bart Baker and The Key of Awesome sometimes, but I'm more into the parodies of Josh.
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2023.06.10 08:22 marslovebug when i tried to get my church to sing hallelujah.

okay so this was back in 2016, i was nine at the time and really into the church. i was in youth choir, adult choir, praise dancing, everything. this was the year where the iconic death of a bachelor album came out. i was a huge p!atd fan.
our church choir would let the youth suggest the songs we could sing. most of the time, they actually did it. i had this thing where i thought any song had said god, lord, hallelujah, etc was holy. so you could guess what happened when i was listening to the album and i heard "all you sinners stand up, sing hallelujah."
i never saved a song so quick. my ass thought that song was the most godliest shit out there.
came to church for choir practice, showed the song to my cousin (who was the first lady). she listening to the song, and giving me this look. it was like she was telling me "bitch, we're not singing this in church. tf?" but we were in the house of the lord so she told me that she'll think about it. she nodding her head. im thinking she was actually about to let the idea pass.
i was happy asf. couldn't wait to go to church sunday. came to the church all happy and shit. our choir went up to sing. tell me why they started playing kirk franklin.
man, i was mad as fuck. after church, i asked her if we were going to sing it. she said we was gonna do it next week. went to sing next week, we didn't do the song. i kept asking her, and she kept saying next week. every sunday, we didn't do the damn song.
i was starting to get fed tf up. i go to a black church too so i thought the old folks would be happy asf to here some brandon urie.
then one of the triflin sick evil bitches from the praise dancing thing i was in gonna say "listen to the lyrics and think if this song good for church." (she was a bitch to me) i listened to the lyrics, and i asked again bc i didn't find a damn thing wrong about it.
eventually, i got tired of asking bc i knew we wasn't gonna sing that damn song. as im re-listening to the album, i realized that im lucky we didn't sing hallelujah. im not even christian anymore. but it was funny asf to think that i was trying to get p!atd played in a CHURCH.
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2023.06.10 07:11 Curious-Attention-98 Does anyone else get super annoyed when people in your household force you to watch random TikToks or reels?

I'm not sure if this is just my family or if other people do this too, but all the members of my family have this weird thing where they'll shove their phones in my face at the most inconvenient times (usually when I'm super busy or trying to take a few precious minutes of me time) and demand I watch some pointless video when that's literally the last thing I need/want. Doing the dishes - watch this! Doing the laundry - watch this! Cooking dinner - watch this! Helping the kids with their homework - watch this! Finally getting some me time - watch this!
Yes, I tell them it's not a good time. I let them know I'm annoyed. Yet they always insist "no, this is so worth it. It's hilarious!" It never is. It's usually some pointless joke that I find more annoying than funny. All day long I deal with this from the kids and the adults in my household. Frankly, I don't get it. If I see something I think someone will enjoy, I send it to them via text, I don't incessantly bother them with every single thing I happened to see on the internet that day.
My SIL just interrupted my me time to insist I watch a video about misheard song lyrics, I told her no, she insisted, and it was just me sitting there (quietly stewing) with her phone shoved in my face, for what? The same misheard song lyric jokes I've heard a thousand times before? Why? Just why???
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2023.06.10 06:33 nettj303 Here for my husbands grandfathers funeral

Here for my husbands grandfathers funeral
Harlan owned a grocery store in Garner from 1958 to until 1979 (Johnson’s Clover Farm, later Johnson's AGI). He’s was the last relative on my husbands side in Iowa, so this is our last trip out here. Very bittersweet for my husband and his Dad. They are playing the Garner golf course tomorrow that they used to play with Harlan ❤️
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2023.06.10 06:00 throwawayaccbeth Still a secret to my friends and family

I (18F) enlisted in the Marines Corps this week. I’m so thrilled and proud of myself to have enlisted.
I’ve been talking to a recruiter for the past year. I made up my mind pretty quickly but was still talking to him about the MOS. I’ve got a combat MOS and just can’t wait to ship out.
I didn’t tell my family about it because I know they wouldn’t be supportive and I don’t really care what they think. I’ll tell my friends soon xD
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2023.06.10 05:50 ArthurJack_AW Is there any difference between the 40K era and the 30K era strike cruisers?

The XVIII Corps had designed a new type of cruiser, the Ebon Drake, which seems to have been the basis for future strike cruisers. But the armies seem to have been using strike cruisers before HH? So in fact this type of ship has always existed? Did the XVIII armies just refine the design? So why did the Ebon Drake design become the dominant design in the Space Marine fleet for the next 10,000 years? Is there anything special about it? Is it possible that the strike cruisers of the past were much inferior to modern strike cruisers in terms of deployment vehicles?
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