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Al baik, aka the best fast food restaurant in the world

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2023.06.10 19:05 Nurse_crunchies Chronic low back pain — who has a strategy?

I’ve had a painful low back for over a decade. I assume my glutes and core need to be strengthened and I’m working on that but my backs hurts so bad on a daily basis it’s hard to do the work.
It’s especially bad after long hours on my feet or sitting for long periods. I think I injured it dancing in high school and it feels like it never healed. Sometimes it’s hard to stand up. I have to lean on a table and use my arms to pull myself up. Turning side to side in bed hurts so much despite having pillows to support all the areas I’ve read are recommended. I haven’t heard other people complain of this with low back pain.
Yoga poses like cobra feel like they could crunch my lower back and be damaging so I try to do modifications or avoid compressing my low back all together. I’ve now spent literally thousands of dollars over the years on modalities to support my back. I’m a nurse and nearing 30 so I’m trying to get ahead of this. It’s entirely too early to be so affected by this and I’m worried about it worsening.
Things I’ve tried to be proactive:
The pain is coming from inside my pelvis. If I try to massage my outer lower back I can never actually access the area that’s gives me trouble. I have no “nerve” or shooting down my leg (usually signifying sciatica) or significant tell tale signs of SI Joint pain, but I do get zingers sometimes when I stand up to fast or try to lean over to grab something that take my breath away.
I’m honestly desperate. Open to any advice. I can’t be the only one dealing with this. Thank you.
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2023.06.10 19:05 MiserableYesterday23 I am going insane

(My english is not so well)
When i was a child, i learned reading and writing too fast. My teacher even tried to convince my parents to get me upper classes, but my parents refused. I nearly always had 100/100 on my every exam. I didn't study anything. I was just listening teacher in class and reasoning what my teacher says. I was playing computer games with my friends. Even at that, i was best, because i did understand and use every tool in games creatively. This lasted like that until end of my teenage. In my late-teenage times, i could speak fluently, charming, convincing. I could manipulate people easily. When i would start to speak, people would come to listen me admiringly. I even had a cult-like group that i was on top of. All of these abilities came from my intelligence. I depended all things to it. So, when i started to lose it, my life started to get ruined too.
My intelligence declines since i was 18. I am 23 now. I lived my entire life in easy mode because of my intelligence, but getting stupid changed it to difficult mode.
Being smart covered all of my weaknesses, made them tolerable, so i didn't try to get rid of them. Now i am socially awkward, physically in bad shape, "good at everything, best at nothing", zero work exp. , still don't have economical independency.
I am trying to get better. I went to pyschiatry, they told me i am in major depression and i am using some medication. In three months, i quit smoking, alcohol and i started to go to gym, study, reading book, writing book, drawing. All of them made improvements about my condition, especially gym. But nothing stopped it. I am still getting stupid.
When i say getting stupid, i mean something blocks my mind, trying to make me think nothing. I am getting far from my real personality. It is like being dead and buried inside yourself. But i know inside me, there is still a guy, smart, confident, intelligent, powerful. I know it because sometimes he gets out. Even i get suprised by myself that times. But lately, that times got rare. I am afraid that one day, i will lose it, and lose myself with it. I will be like dead, like right now, but permanently.
I am not here to get help, because i know no one here cannot help me. I am here because i wanted to get it out of my chest. I am here, because i want to know if i am being ridiculous or not. If it is a yes, this proves my point. If it is a no, then i am not alone.
I am tired to prevent it. I am about to give up.
This goes on and on. I can write a book about this if i let myself, but i should finish right here.
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2023.06.10 19:05 mtnbrt8150 Best food near alameda and federal

Looking for good options to take out while I’m at work. Thanks in advance
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2023.06.10 19:04 CreamyJuicyCows Why do I keep seeing this? (Women)

So I'm actually a dude, but I have a problem with modern girls/women now. You can use the sexist card all you want, it doesn't bother me.
Okay so my problem with girls in the modern era is that I keep seeing more and more AND MORE of them putting their hair into a FUGLY hideous eye-cancer head wart hairstyle, known as a tight knit? Or hairbun, whatever it's called, with that ball of hair on top of girls heads. One time I saw the queen of fugly head warts, it was the biggest and roundest and mole-ist looking head lump of hair I had ever seen. She is definitely the princess of them or the queen.
To me that is extremely revolting. I don't understand why women think this hairstyle is cute. IT'S HIDEOUS. I hate it. I hate with every ounce in my being. It would've been fine if it was like some elderly women that had it somewhere that one time, but No, it's literally every woman on the streets that I have seen in the last 4 freakin' years. Every time I recoil my neck so fast.
I never thought a simple hairstyle could be cancer.
And pants, freakin pants for days and miles. Pants are for men. From the backend I literally thought this one Mom was a Man. But she got up with them denim jeans and her kid said "Mom" And I was like "Mom?" Kid are you sure that's not your father?
I swear it's like skirts are endangered. Leggings and skin tight shorts are near endangered. I haven't seen a single girl wear a short skirt in a very long time, I think only saw it like 4-5 times in Last year? I would be okay with that, those are girls.
And thank God for Kohls advertising skirts.
If this OFFENDS you, you're the girl I'm referring to. If you disregarded this, then it's not about you.
And before you claim incel/ sad whatever. I don't seek women, I'd rather be a reclusive person, never talking to any B* on the planet, ever. I don't seek anyone out, I'd rather live alone without any pets. You can call this sad all you want, but to me, it's perfect paradise.
I did copy paste this twice, because I'm not writing all of this again because the other posts has mod approval, which is extremely annoying. I know they'll never approve it.
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What’s important for you to have more time for?
For me, it’s time with my wife, our 2 dogs, friends, mountain biking, fitness, cooking, travel, and unplugging in nature. ← All things I didn’t have time for when I was non-stop prospecting and reacting to client demands…
Listen, The Copywriter’s 6-Figure Income Sprint is no-fluff, jam-packed with value, and has literally everything you need to implement this “turn key” business plan and create your new lifestyle business earning serious money in as fast as 60 days if you apply these steps as you learn.


Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
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2023.06.10 19:02 Advanced-Painting181 What's the weirdest item you've ever found in a fast food meal?

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to play a practical joke on someone?
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2023.06.10 19:02 bgg_xscape Mini Rogue - 9 Card PnP

Mini Rogue - 9 Card PnP
6th play and I finally got OG’s Blood.
I’m impressed by the simplicity of only 9 cards (I use the 2 card stat tracker, so technically 10 cards) and the decisions you need to make. Do I need more food? How’s my health? Bump the XP to get closer to more dice? I should take the gold to get more armor.
Today everything worked out.
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2023.06.10 18:57 smith1064 Fast food win

Found out you can order oatmeal anytime at McDonald’s, just not on the app. I’ll take it as a win when stopping for a quick bite with friends.
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2023.06.10 18:54 ConflictedGroom23 AITA for not helping my cousin-in-law with his bill?

My wife and I are both 25 and we got married about a month ago. Everything went great until the end of our wedding reception. My wife's cousin Andy to my knowledge is not much of a drinker, but he definitely over-indulged and by the end of the reception, he was in no shape to drive himself home. Most everyone had already left and since Andy lives between the venue and our apartment, my bride and I agreed to drop him off at his place before we went home (we didn't have to be at the airport to leave for our honeymoon until about 3 AM).
We get to Andy's apartment at about 12 and find that he has lost his keys, probably somewhere at the venue. We take him back to our place and start calling relatives. His parents, grandparents, even my wife's parents, anyone we can think of to come get him. At this point it's going on 1 AM and everyone had a long day with the wedding so we understood why no one was answering. We tried to get him sobered up with food and watesports drinks but then he started puking in our bathroom and at that point we'd had enough and were now crunched for time to get to the airport.
Since he was vomiting, we dropped him off at a nearby emergency room, made sure he got checked in, and left. We texted numerous family members to let them know where he was and that he'd likely need a ride in the morning.
Fast forward to yesterday, Andy contacted us and was fuming because he has received his ER bill. He's demanding that we pay at least half because he never asked us to take him to the ER (he doesn't remember anything about the night, but he's not wrong). We're refusing because unless we wanted to miss our flight, we really had no choice. Plus he wasn't keeping food or sports drinks down so we thought it would be safest for him. Am I the AH for not helping him with his ER bill?
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2023.06.10 18:53 cphcass Elm Creek fast food resta

Where is it? I swear I’ve looked at this map for so long I can’t see anything.
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2023.06.10 18:53 Fishboy9123 Bitters Review # 1: Hella Bitters Gringer

Bitters Review # 1: Hella Bitters Gringer
Hella Bitters Ginger
Notes From Website: Ginger is one of our favorite ingredients. Its versatility lends to sweet, savory, spicy and earthy cocktails. Our formula uses both dried and crystallized ginger and lots of real lemon peels. The result is a bitters with the vibrant kick you expect from ginger coupled with the brightness of lemon. Familiar but unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.
Cost: $22 for 5 fl oz. 47% Alcohol.
Bottle & Color: Clear glass bottle with a dasher top and a plastic screw on lid. Bitters are the color of a nicely aged bourbon.
Smell: ginger, cinnamon, lemon, brown sugar
Taste on back of hand: Intensely bitter, little sweetness. Spicy on the tongue followed by ginger, lemon peel, and a hint of cinnamon.
Taste 4 dashes in 4 oz Soda Water: Ginger and Lemon both come through. Complex and earthy without being intrusive.
In a cocktail: The only cocktail recommended on the Hellas website was a Moscow Mule…. Dumb. The weather was nice so I made a daiquiri.
5 dashes Hella Bitters Ginger
1.5 oz Haitian Casimir Clairin
.5 oz Plantation 3 Star
1 oz lime juice
.5 oz 1/1 demerara syrup
Freaking delicious, but in hindsight probably should have chosen something not as flavorful as the clarin. The ginger is there as well as a hint of spice and bitter. No complaints here.
Final Thoughts: Well done and interesting. A fun addition to a lot of drinks, especially tropical and tiki where a hint of ginger is always welcome.
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2023.06.10 18:52 mkwink07 Buying a juicer - opinions needed!

Hello everyone! My girlfriend is pregnant and wants to drink juice to help her get some more of the vitamins and nutrients she needs. She’s not attempting to juice fast/cleanse, she’s just having issues with appetite, nausea, and different food smells, taste and texture making her sick. We’ve noticed that beverages/juice don’t bother her as a whole, roughly.
I don’t own a juicer. I have a vitamix blender that i was able to blend fruits & veggies in and strain through cheese cloth. This was messy, wasteful and time consuming.
I also have a KitchenAid mixer, which I have seen juicer attachments for. A 50$ knock off on Amazon and a $300 kitchenAid brand one.
I just don’t know what to buy or where to look. My best guess that this will be used almost daily throughout the pregnancy.
Thank you!
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2023.06.10 18:48 Savonarola1452 Should there be labor protection laws in service jobs?

Retail, customer service, fast food and administration are the main sectors and the largest employers in the world. I wonder if we can actually improve working conditions for these workers so their job doesn't take such a heavy toil over their mental health?
I'm talking about giving them a fixed amount of people to serve per shift which is reasonable and isn't too demanding. Giving them the right to refuse service when a customer is being rude, giving them the option to attack back a rude customer, helping them avoid multitasking, Forcing a business owner to hire a minimum amount of workers to handle the high demand etc.
Do you think it should be done in our service based societies?
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2023.06.10 18:47 Unhappy_Block6000 Lost Job at Abilityone program

Hi, I recently lost my job at an abilityone program. Kinda lost, I’ve been applying but I’m not that smart so my jobs are a bit limited. I’ve only tried for data entry and food jobs near me but none have accepted me after interviews. Not sure what other jobs to apply to. I don’t have the ability to go to school or finish it. I’m not that smart so jobs that have low entry and intelligence requirements are ideal for me.
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2023.06.10 18:45 TaterTawt Why do my shrimpies refuse to eat in their feeding dish?!

Why do my shrimpies refuse to eat in their feeding dish?!
I have about a 15% success rate of my shrimp eating when I put food in the food dish. I’m feeding them every 2-3 days but every other feed I’m alternating between food in the dish (shrimp king pellets and/or blood worms, as pictured) or Bacter AE. I know they love the shrimp king pellets because as you can see in the first 2 pictures they went straight for the tiny little piece of it that fell outside the feeding dish — but they don’t bother going into the feeding dish! They also love blood worms and go crazy for them when I drop a work near them (last 2 pictures), but of course won’t bother if it’s in the feeding dish. I even bought another feeding dish just in case there was an invisible forcefield around it, but nope still no luck. Should I just give up on trying to use a feeding dish??
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2023.06.10 18:40 InformationPatient58 Took dog to vet for flea allergy to be told she may have gastric lymphoma. Blood test result advice.

•8yrs •female. neutered •cocker spaniel •11kg currently •UK •no previous health issues except episodes of unexplained diarrhoea and bad teeth. (she used to live with my bfs family so I had no say in a dental being done until now) Blood results -
I get the feeling the vet thinks it’s gastric lymphoma despite her pooping like normal and no sickness. She is losing weight rapidly but also not eating nearly enough. She hasn’t much interest in her food or human food but will eat treats.
Questions Could the blood results be from her bad skin infection coupled with bad teeth being the reason she’s not eating = weight loss?
Addisons seems possible due to the unexplained diarrhoea in the past and she does get stressed easily but do these blood results indicate that more so than lymphoma?
Would the blood results indicate gastric lymphoma despite her pooping normal and no sickness? Her appetite is my main worry but I keep thinking what if it’s her teeth?
Should I get a second opinion before going ahead with the stomach scan?
How can this happen from going to the vets for a skin infection? She was running around and herself 3 weeks ago.
Am I just in denial about what’s happening? Advice on blood results and going forward please.
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2023.06.10 18:39 Dhamaka_Singh7777 The expectations from life, for everyone, has gone through the roof. And it is hurting people big time!

The expectations from life, for everyone, has skyrocketed over the past 20 years. And the mismatch between, the reality and expectations has never been bigger. Social media has made the things absolutely worse in this regard. Now somehow everyone seems to be under pressure to achieve everything as fast as they can. Not just that, but much more than others. Otherwise you are not allowed to feel successful by the random invisible forces of the society. Society has become a display showcase of achievements for everyone to look and compare with e.g. see that 12-old boy who's a coding champion now, see that girl has a bf at 14 year and she's an entrepreneur already :D, see that vlogger, he's making 15 lakh per month. All of these have been putting tremendous pressure on everyone. EVERYWHERE! Remember, life in any case is a pretty tough thing in reality - everyone has job related problems, finance problems, health problems. On top we have to deal with existential issues. Then this pie is topped with a shit-show of social media. People are developing wide variety of mental health problems due to the growing pressures. The age for the onset of depression has been falling over the years (Now it's near to 15-20 years age). The demoralized mind is a BIG, widespread reality now. Welcome to depressive, dystopian hell :D
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2023.06.10 18:37 ARCH_LINUX_USER Cat doesn't eat wet food fast enough. Need help

My cat eats wet food little by little, then asks for new food when the food sits outside for a bit of time.
I'm wasting ton of cat food everyday as he doesn't eat half the food i put out before i have to replace it with new food.
I don't want to switch to dry food since i heard that wet food in heathier for cats.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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2023.06.10 18:37 Junepero 104th hunger games story’s of panem day 3 and 4 victor crowning

Day 3 Suprisingly most of the tributes awoke rather early as game maker laurier announcement sounded in seconds. He stated that a feast would be held at the cronocupia with a twist that mutts would be chasing them there. Clemot and Midge were near by the cornucopia they took the short walk toward the cornocpuia but as they then held there weapons waiting for the new weapons to arise a loud boom occured. Cllemot swore as he threw him self down as 2 cannons sounded. Midge quickly got up and thew a knife near by Clemot. As the tension in Goldtstein square grew to a quiet holt with people yelling for clemot to dodge. As he did just that Midge got his knife stuck on the cornocpuia wall. Clemot grinned then slit midge’s arm and achiles tendent. He then said in a rather menacing voice “Im very close to victory betrayal doesnt sound good now does it.” Midge sighed as he then lost consciousness his cannon sounded. Clemot then remained near by the cornocpuia watching the feast continue from morning to the afternoon. 3 more tributes had been slain by Coloumbia from 6. As the feast came to an end the cornocupia table slumped back down into the ground. The next 8 hours were rather uneventful besides the tribute count dwindling down to 4. But before Clemot had went to bed a sponsor gift was sent down Clemot then quickly opened it being in much joy seeing a battery explosive and a pocket knife scattered by small bits of food with a note saying. “My Job has been very kind to me latley remember what you came here for mr boom boom “ from L Clemot grinned thanking Linet and the capital as he then set up the near by explosive by a near by castle wall. Then drifting back to sleep as horn of plenty played featuring the fallen tributes. Both from 2 midge 4 both tributes from 7 and Marco from 14. Leaving the last 4 tributes Clemot from 5 Columbia from 6 Juliso from 9 and Olivia from 14. Day 4 Game maker Laurier announced to the tributes that 5 minutes or there trakers would denoate. Clemot was already at the cornocpuia so he had remained hidden. As many owls and eels chassed the tributes up only Olivia from 14 didnt make it back in time having the owls catch with her pecking her until her cannon then sounded. Once all 3 tributes were at the cornocupuia game maker Laurier then announed the wonder plan. He then added many historical mutts from many past games would be used as a temple escape in many later starting in this years games. After his announcement a plethora of animal and air mutts screamed in many tributes panicked. Juliso foot had been infected and mangaed to fell pray to Columbia as she then chased falling the into the first historical mutt the poisonous snakes from Lucy Grays ames victor of the 10 hunger games. But before Columbia could even act Clemot then quickly pressed the button sounding a ginormous boom to occur as Columbia was thrown back as the final cannon sounded. As much of the mutts retreated game maker Whimsiwick announced that Clemot Cornelious of district 5 was crowned the victor of the 104th hunger games. He then curtsed as the hovercraft brought him out of the arena back to the accommodation towers. Aftermath He then was given a heroes hug by his mentor Gravito and lInet even there stylist Ashely King. Ashley was over joyed knowing that her of being head stylist she was the stylist of a victor. After a brief health check by many of the doctors within Goldtein hosptial declared that Clemot was in great health as he then was preped for his victors interview. He then was adorned in a stylist suit with many geyser like patterns and holographic but not harmful bombs. Camelia was adorned in stylish Gray and white dress. After the usual victors questuions she then asked what he would to with his later life. Clemot replied with what ever really made him happy. Camelia smiled and nodded congratulating him again with his victory. Afterword he was dismissed from the stage as Head game makers Laurier and Whimswick were brought to the stage. As they were brought in Camelia imedtialy asked about the “Wonder plan.” Game maker Laurier imedtialy blushed telling her to wait for now. After a short awww from the citizens watching the interview Camelia shrugged then started pressing both boys about the next years games. As usual they had only gave a few hints but not many. At the end of the interview Camelia took both boys hands and bowed doing her usual outro. After clemots victory he returned home to district 5 finishing his studies. After a few years of hard work he graduated then after graduating he then moved to the captial permanently with his boyfriend and sister. He then later married his boyfriend 2 years after moving to the capital adopting two capital newborns naming them Areulio and Scarlet. It is also known that Clemot had studied to becoming a exlpsoive frosencic detective. Solving many murder cases with many famous and cheif peace keepers such as a few of his close captial friend cheif peace keepers Barronta and Balrona. Clemot was known to be a rather tough mentor but he had always hinted that if they lived through the games they would thank him. He mentored the district 5 tributes till he was replaced later within following years. Clemot died at the age of 78 due to a heart attack. Editors note I am very happy to state that this one of my finished tales. I hope you guys enjoyed it a few things i would to say before I go. I am going to rewrite file 103 and file 102 before i reach file 180. But before now I will say that more hunger games content are on there ways, Question of the day which tribute would you save from the hunger games for me it would be Junipero from the 85th games he deserved much better. And now I am on my way to prep for are first quinquenal quell so I will see you all in a few days to a week so I can get the creative juices flowing. Hope you all have a great day and as we always say Panem today Panem tomorrow Panem forever.
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2023.06.10 18:37 Dhamaka_Singh7777 The expectations from life, for everyone, has gone through the roof. And that's hurting people big time!

The expectations from life, for everyone, has skyrocketed over the past 20 years. And the mismatch between, the reality and expectations has never been bigger. Social media has made the things absolutely worse in this regard.
Now somehow everyone seems to be under pressure to achieve everything as fast as they can. Not just that, but much more than others. Otherwise you are not allowed to feel successful by the random invisible forces of the society. Society has become a display showcase of achievements for everyone to look and compare with e.g. see that 12-old boy who's a coding champion now, see that girl has a bf at 14 year and she's an entrepreneur already :D, see that vlogger, he's making 15 lakh per month.
All of these have been putting tremendous pressure on everyone. EVERYWHERE! Remember, life in any case is a pretty tough thing in reality - everyone has job related problems, finance problems, health problems. On top we have to deal with existential issues. Then this pie is topped with a shit-show of social media. People are developing wide variety of mental health problems due to the growing pressures. The age for the onset of depression has been falling over the years (Now it's near to 15-20 years age). The demoralized mind is a BIG, widespread reality now.
Welcome to depressive, dystopian hell :D
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2023.06.10 18:36 Disastrous-Space-712 Turn your receipts into cash!!

What is Fetch? It’s the app I use to turn all my receipts into gift card$.. It’s free and super easy to use. Sign up with my code: TEWWJ & get 100 points for your first receipt. My code: TEWWJ
MAKE SURE to enter my code BEFORE submitting your first receipt! Here’s my code!👉🏼 TEWWJ
Fetch is an app that gives you points for shopping and submitting your receipts. Points = $$$! You can redeem your points for gift cards from a wide variety of your favorite retailers, restaurants and charities(tax write off)!
Fetch gives you points for shopping and submitting your receipts with the app.
Ask me any questions about the app or any additional information on how to get started using Fetch!!
my code👉🏼 TEWWJ
Download the app here to get started:
Every time you submit a receipt, whether it is from a grocery store, fast-food restaurant, or clothing retailer, you will receive a minimum of 25 points! In addition to that, more points can be earned on eligible receipts from grocery/supermarkets, wholesale club stores, hardware, pet stores, gas stations, and convenience stores when you buy participating items and complete offers at those types of stores.
Eligible receipts that contain at least one participating brand may receive a minimum of 35 points. If there are brands on the receipt that are awarded points, the snap bonus will make up the difference in order to reach 35 points. If the brand items exceed 35 points, no snap bonus will be awarded.
Physical receipts you receive from the storefront printer, as well as "eReceipts" you receive from online purchases, can be submitted for points!
I’ve been using this app for over 3 years now and I love it! You literally get paid for all of the shopping that you’re already doing (and getting nothing for).
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I’ve used the app to stop myself from spending my hard earned money on brand name coffee every day. I use my points to pay for my Starbucks coffees and I don’t feel guilty about paying 7 bucks for a coffee. I’ve also traded my points in for gift cards to Amazon, Apple, Ulta beauty, Sephora and the list goes on!
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my code👉🏼 TEWWJ
Download the app here to get started:[FETCH](
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2023.06.10 18:36 lexydoodle F*ck GD.

I was diagnosed at 25 weeks. I’ve been tracking my diet and numbers for 3 weeks now, and all I have to say is f*ck GD.
All my healthcare providers considered my case mild and were confident I could be 100% diet controlled. Well, 3 weeks later and my numbers feel all over the place. It’s like all carbs spike my numbers. I had two eggs with cheese, breakfast sausage, and one slice of whole wheat toast this morning. Clocked in at 150.
I’m so stressed out with picking my foods, timing when I eat, forcing some level of movement, hating waking up because of my fasting number likely being high, this being the busiest work season of the year, the thought of having to go on medication now, and the likelihood of being induced, stillbirth, c section wrapped into one.
I had HG up until roughly 18 weeks (twice weekly infusions, leave from work, 4 ER visits, 15 lbs lost) and now to deal with this is such a fucking slap in the face. I’m at a loss. Just so sad and frustrated. I really don’t know how I’ll make it til the end here.
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