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2023.05.29 05:24 holeshot1982 1st game, some questions?

Looking at going on June 9th and have a couple of questions before I order the tickets. We are merely just going to experience going to a game and to get out of town for the day. We plan on arriving around 2:30-3:00.
I'm looking at section 330, first can anyone confirm if this is a good section for general viewing? I know there's tons of site with user uploaded pics but to me it appears a lot of them may be standing up ( could be wrong though)..... Also if we sat front row it mentions the glass shielding in front of us.... Does that in any way obstruct the view? My wife is a little on the short side.....
Parking... this is my biggest concern/questions... I keep reading about the Red deck and how you can get parking validated if you spend more than 50 bucks. First I can't see anywhere to reserve a spot in that lot. On Ticketmaster when you click on that lot it says "This section is unreserved general admission" so I'm assuming first come, first serve.... I have never validated anything so I assume, I pull into the lot, park then pay or scan the validate ticket as I'm leaving?
Also, based on the section we're looking at (330) it seems the Red lot is pretty far off, is that still a better choice versus one of the E lots? Again we plan on arriving around 2:30-3, will stay for the fireworks then probably grab a hotel a little further out. The ones near the stadium are a little too much.
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2023.05.29 05:23 alltimehomie I asked my husband to read acotar and give me updates as he does

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2023.05.29 05:22 callmecamut Two contradicting dermat opinion, please advise.

Two contradicting dermat opinion, please advise.
Hi Everyone , I needed some advice on which advise should I consider for my acne concerns.
I have never had acne prone skin (although I have pcod)but not sure which product that I used , suddenly I have a lot of acne this summer on my cheeks . I asked a dermat friend and then I also consulted one doctor near my house but both have contradicting opinions on how I should treat it.
Could you please tell me why they have different schools of thought and what i should actually consider ?
1st suggestion: Am routine: Wash with a salicylic acid and glycolic acid based foaming cleanser. (Ahaglow S) Then apply Clindamycin gel Use a moisturiser (Hydew lotion) Use sunscreen (Acne UV gel) PM routine: Use the same foaming cleanser Apply moisturiser Apply adapalene gel
2nd suggestion: Start taking Minoz ER 65 tablets for 3 weeks AM routine: Same foaming cleanser Apply benzoyl peroxide gel PM routine: Same cleanser Apply Deriva CMS gel No sunscreen No moisturiser for a few months.
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2023.05.29 05:21 CursedHarrenhal Will Alliser Thorne return/be elected as new Lord Commander? TWOW prediction (Spoilers Extended)

When Ser Alliser is sent off on a dangerous ranging beyond the Wall in ADWD, he warns Jon that if he is killed by the Others, he will come back for revenge as a wight. While that would make a pretty cool scene, I think it makes more sense for the story for Ser Alliser to come back. Here are my reasons:
1) GRRM could be purposely leading us to believe that Ser Alliser will die to set up readers to be surprised when he survives and is just fine.
2) Melisandre prophecizes that three of the nine rangers Jon Snow sent out will die, and that's what happens. She never predicts Ser Alliser's death.
3) Ser Alliser was a knight in King's Landing who served the Targaryens before the rebellion. Given that we all know R + L = J, its interesting that Ser Alliser may have known Rhaegar Targaryen personally. Perhaps they were even friends (or enemies). When Jon Snow learns his parentage, I think he's going to embrace his Targaryen identity (all that foreshadowing about not being welcome in the Stark's home). It could be interesting to explore this connection
4) Ser Alliser is kinda a core character. He's been in it since the first book. He's arguably Jon Snow's main antagonist, and Jon Snow is arguably the main character of the series. Snow worries about Ser Alliser and his associates even after he is sent off. Him returning as a mindless wight would eliminate all of the character drama that Alliser has.
5) Now that Jon Snow is dead, a new "choosing" will happen to pick the new Lord Commander. Cotter Pyke is in trouble at Hardhome (possibly dead), Denys Mallister is at the Shadow Tower, and Janos Slynt is dead. The most obvious choices to me are Othell Yarwyck; Bowen Marsh; maybe even Edd Tollet; and (if he returns) Se Alliser. All four of these men ran in the last election. It could be Bowen Marsh, but I think Ser Alliser would be the most interesting choice. Even though Ser Alliser is unlikeable, he might be supported by both the anti-Jon faction (because they know he hates Jon) AND the pro-Jon faction of the NW (because they know he wasn't involved in Jon's mutiny)
Some more thoughts on Alliser's Fate:
"Jon watched the riders go from atop the Wall—three parties, each of three men, each carrying a pair of ravens. From on high their garrons looked no larger than ants, and Jon could not tell one ranger from another. He knew them, though. Every name was graven on his heart. Eight good men, he thought, and one … well, we shall see." (Jon VI, ADWD)
What do you guys predict about Ser Alliser Thorne's fate and how he may effect the story in Castle Black?
Am I way off base? Is he just gonna be gone forever? Will he return as a wight? Is it wrong to think he'd be Lord Commander since he is considered unlikeable? Is it wrong to think he might have some kind of redemption arc? You heard any good theories regarding Ser Alliser?
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2023.05.29 05:21 SinfullyRose Destructive Sketchy Neighbors - Advice Appreciated

So I live in a complex where there are many buildings that hold a group of units. For our purposes, I will be unit D10 (not my actual unit) and the units in the same building as me are units D7-D12 in order from left to right.
D9 recently moved out and in their place is a family with 2 or 3 kids. Their kids are incredibly rude but I'll get to that in a moment.
We have had a package go missing on us recently with an item that would be considered highly valued to a child (think toy, plush, candy, or game). It was marked as delivered but it's realistically a toss up on if it was stolen or not and just lost. We are worried that if it was a thief and the thief was a child, then next time they take a package it might be a decorative sword or knife (we are collectors and it's legal where we are) or alcohol (every resident on the lease for our unit is legal to drink, one of us has a partner who is 20 but they do not partake and we do not offer to serve).
We also have seen a young child (early elementary/grade school age) go INTO our landscaping/flower bed to look inside out unit. He didn't care he was noticed, he stayed until he was bored then left. We believe he's a child of D9 as we saw black and white footage of a similar child going onto our step and entering D9 with who we believe is his dad.
We also had out yard decorations and lights knocked down. Today, someone completely broke the base making them unusable.
We set up a camera doorbell and plan to put new lights up tomorrow in hopes of catching the thief, however, we have a suspect with a girl around 11-13 running up to where they were, looking, and running away. We believe she lives in D8 or D7, more likely D7.
In addition to all of this we had both adults and children come up to our doorstep and jiggle the doorknob, they only stop once they see us looking. We believe one of the adults is D8 or D7, but most likely D7.
We are concerned that the neighbors are testing the waters to see if we are viable for a robbery. Keep in mind they did all of this in front of the doorbell, albeit, motion sensing was not on until now due to battery drain (we are close to the sidewalks and it catches people just passing by).
The police around here have been nistoriously bad and hostile. Last time one was around I had a former neighbor in the same complex say, to an officers face, that she planned to go and beat me once he left (she never did), and he admitted to me that she's been guilty of multiple counts of noise violations, tried to cite me for making false noise complaints, then retroactively marked each report as a false report. He's been out right hostile to me ever since I offered to show him WEEKS to MONTHS of recordings, denied looking or accepting any recorded evidence of this white woman calling me, another white woman the n word by screaming through the wall, and blasting rap at 3 AM, and told me I'm "not allowed" to call 911 on the neighbor he knew wanted to physically harm me through a first hand statement. Realistically, the cops are not an option unless I have the landlord contact them on my behalf and act as a middle man so the officers know that there is a 3rd party that also sees these actions as an issue and has documentation of the evidence and my complaints.
As I mentioned before, I plan to try and capture the person destroying my crap and hopefully an adult or child testing my doorknob tomorrow so that I may go to my landlord on Tuesday to file an official complaint. Is there anything else I should be doing?
Additional info:
  1. I live in a 1 party consent state.
  2. My state allows for me to record in front of my home and the doorbell barely captures the entire step and most of the flower bed. I am not encroaching on anyone's privacy. I also set it to activate for the sidewalk near the lights, the walkway up to the door, the step in front of the doors (it's shared space with the walkway), and my landscaping bed.
  3. The lease does not forbid camera doorbells and the mount I have will not damage the door or walls. According to the lease, the camera doorbell is acceptable.
  4. The fact it is also adults trying to open the door and I had an outright dangerous and violent experience with the last neighbor and police, I am hesitant to talk to them both and will be asking the manager for a warning for the residents unless I catch them trying to tamper with my door again or break my lights, then I'll ask him to take furthur action and request a strike on their accounts (3 makes an eviction i believe they go away over time with good behavior) if the person committing the action was an adult. I'm not going to get a grade school kid in that much trouble, but if it is a kid after all, I will request the manager talk to the parents about behavioral expectations and depending on how they react will/wont be seeking a strike for furthur destruction (if the kid has a disability or behavioral issues and the parents are actually trying to get the kid assistance properly and make an honest attempt to curb the behavior, I'll drop it. If they're entitled and they think their kid can just break other people's things, then they contributed to the problem and need to learn the hard way).
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2023.05.29 05:21 MeowTheRainbowX Cancellation of the planned Jones Valley apartment complex and my (very long) thoughts

For those who haven't heard, the developer of a planned housing project in the Jones Valley area, a version of which was voted on and approved by residents back in 2012, has decided to cancel it due to recent backlash. The residents are mad because the original plans gave them the impression that there would be single-family homes or townhomes, but it turned into 220 apartment units.
The backlash materialized almost 3 months ago when the final version of the plan was approved by a slim majority, well after the public hearing stage. Regardless, a unified group of locals interrupted to make themselves heard. The majority opinion was that the developer was allowed to make changes to their plans as long as they followed the rules agreed upon in 2012, and they apparently did. I can't gather why the other commissioners dissented besides sympathizing with the protestors.
Personally, I don't understand what the developer has to gain from caving to public backlash when their finalized plans had already been approved for months. Can someone more experienced enlighten me on this?
My biggest takeaway is that I'm worried about housing prices in the Huntsville area. We're supposed to be a growing city, yet we let NIMBYs keep housing from being built. Rents and home prices in the Rocket City have been, well, rocketing upward. It could certainly be worse, but I fear that we're going the way of Silicon Valley or Austin, even if we're not as far along.
There are a lot of existing homeowners who would have you believe that increasing house prices are a good thing. This, on its face, is inconsiderate of anyone trying to buy in, making home ownership unattainable for more and more young adults, together with rising rents. The projects like the one canceled could alleviate this.
Even if you're cold and heartless, though, know that not even existing homeowners benefit. If they need to buy new houses, they'll find that virtually everywhere else in the city, even the entire country, has gotten expensive by about the same amount. If anything, the fact that Huntsville is still cheap and commutable by tech hub standards is attracting tech workers, getting them to buy up our single-family homes or rent our upscale apartments. Unless one can find a Huntsville's Huntsville to move to, the added list price only serves to make it harder for others to buy in.
Never mind the cases when the home values don't decrease at all when apartments are added nearby. I wonder if NIMBYs are projecting their classist preferences onto the rest of the market.
Now, I've seen people online echo sentiments like "Don't move here! We're full!" Given that increased traffic was one of the main reasons for the protest (and the most valid one in my opinion), I think the protestors are in a similar mindset. Even though this individual project would be a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of regular users Carl T Jones Dr, traffic has been getting worse all over the Huntsville area as it has grown. Enough similar projects would contribute to this trend.
However, the increase in traffic is due to vehicle miles traveled, not population. Almost all developments in the US since World War II, especially in places like Jones Valley, are built with the expectation that everyone will drive everywhere, so everyone does. They're built to discourage through traffic, but they necessitate that everyone in the neighborhood adds to said traffic, just elsewhere. Here's a great video elaborating on the issue.
Since Huntsville tends to build apartments with ample parking and refuse to connect them to acceptable public transit, every new unit adds to the problem in much the same way. However, the proposed area, on the northeast corner of Garth and Carl T Jones, is right along the #6 bus route. This would be convenient if not for the fact that, like most of Huntsville's other bus lines, it ran only once an hour. This is a level of inconvenience that we would never accept for drivers, not even close.
Still, solving Huntsville's public transit system is a much bigger and more abstract cause than opposing a single housing development. Thus, I understand why the residents in Jones Valley would see the development as their enemy. After all, while there are steps we can take that would lead to ridership very quickly (more frequency, more and longer lines, more transfer nodes, more sidewalks and safer crossings near stops), it won't reach its full potential until development patterns around the bus stops change fairly radically.
However, even if the bus system failed to alleviate the added traffic, I'm not convinced that it would have mattered much. The difference between a denser and less dense development, within the ground rules that residents agreed to, shouldn't be perceived as a threat. The fact is that Huntsville needs housing. If not now, when? If not here, where?
TL;DR We need to build more housing in the Huntsville area so that we can prioritize the finances of folks trying to afford homes over the paranoia and very mild discomfort of current homeowners. The only way to solve traffic is to build viable alternatives to driving, which we don't have.
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2023.05.29 05:21 EchoBites325 Doing BJJ with my partner... Not sure how to support or...?

Forgive the rambling post as I'm unsure about where the actual problem is.
I am just about to hit my two year mark of Jiu-Jitsu and while the beginning was very hard I've loved every second of it. I've loved all the benefits, emotional and physical.
I started dating my current partner in April of '22 and after some time, I finally convinced him to give BJJ a shot. He enjoys it, but not to the level I do. That's okay, because frankly I didn't expect him to like it or have any athletic talent at all (he sure proved me wrong!)
At this point, he's about six months in and overall... I can't tell if he likes it or not. He says he does. He doesn't seem terribly motivated to go to class. Granted, he is a middle school teacher so I don't want to discredit the mental gymnastics he does on a daily basis. I get it. I also work in a public school (paraprofessional).
I think the thing that bothers me is that he seems to only want to go when I go. And that isn't always the case. I usually have to convince him to go. Or lately, I have been sick and have not trained for two weeks, and he's only been one time by himself. He rarely goes on his own. Tomorrow there's an open mat at another school nearby and it's always a very fun time because you get to meet a lot of people. He said he's probably not going to go, but to let him know if I go and he'll think about it (I'm undecided because I'm near the end of recovery from being sick). I've tried to tell him that despite the amount of people there, people are friendly and welcoming and it's a great way to branch out. And other people from our school who he knows will be there. He seems uninterested though.
Two extra thoughts: he can be shy in big crowds and has ADHD. The shyness factor- I get why he wouldn't want to go to open mat. The ADHD- that explains not wanting to go to class or only wanting to go when I do so.
Anyway, if you've read this far you're the MVP. I guess really what I want to know is how do I best support him in jujitsu (or at least understand his perspective). I don't want to keep pushing him too hard because I don't want him to get turned off entirely from it, but I also feel like if I don't push him then he won't do it (this method of being pushy has proven to work in the past).
I never wanted this to be our thing as a couple. It was simply something I did for fun and wanted to share with him in our relationship. But if he doesn't get benefit or enjoyment out of it then of course I would never want him to keep training. Don't understand what he isn't motivated to train more, especially because he reports feeling better after doing so. Overall, I have a hard time understanding is lack of motivation as I can't wait to get back to the mats after being laid up for 2 weeks.
Thanks for reading my rany/brain dump. Any perspective would be super helpful.
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2023.05.29 05:20 AstroKapri Makes perfect sense why Shiv did that

A lot of people here are saying it either makes no sense or she’s stupid for not voting to keep the company. To me after thinking about it for all of 20 minutes, I honestly think it wouldn’t make sense for her to do the opposite.
Firstly, she never wanted Kendall to run the company, whether she would be the CEO or not. When she first teamed up with Matsson it was never implied that she would be CEO, only that she’d have “a high level position” within the company. That picture (her as CEO) only came into place after the brothers tried to pull the regulatory move with Mencken.
Secondly, I don’t think she really believed that they had the votes to stop the deal. Earlier in the day she went over the numbers with Matsson and it was clear at that point that they wouldn’t even come near. After she found out Matsson was fucking her, I think she believed her vote would only be symbolic and help to keep the siblings close. She also told Tom, who she knew to be uneasy about his future position in the company and who she KNOWS “would suck the biggest dick in the room” what the siblings’ plan was. It would be obvious to anyone that he’d go right back to Matsson with that info, much like he did with Logan.
When it came down to the final board vote and it became apparent she’d have the deciding vote, she couldn’t let it be symbolic anymore, it had to align with her real interests. And that interest clearly was never Kendall becoming CEO.
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2023.05.29 05:19 MasterDefibrillator Footnotes On NATO.

For some insight into U.S. planners' reasons for intervening in Italian politics, see for example, Raymond L. Garthoff, Détente and Confrontation: American-Soviet Relations from Nixon to Reagan, Washington: Brookings Institution, 1985. An excerpt (pp. 487-488, 490): The "major problem" in the Western alliance, [U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger] continued, one that was overtaking U.S.-Western European differences, was "the domestic evolution in many European countries . . ." [in the mid-1970s towards] the development of Euro-communism. . . . In April [1976] Kissinger publicly warned against the possibility of the P.C.I. [Italian Communist Party] participating in a coalition government in Italy. . . . [He stated:] "The extent to which such a party follows the Moscow line is unimportant. Even if Portugal had followed the Italian model, we would still have been opposed. . . . [T]he impact of an Italian Communist Party that seemed to be governing effectively would be devastating -- on France, and on N.A.T.O., too. . . ." Eurocommunism was the term coined in 1975-76 to denote the new current of Western European communism that stressed independence of action for each party and embodied varying degrees of democratic and pluralistic tendencies. . . . [T]he United States perceived Eurocommunism as threatening its interests in Western Europe . . . [and] the Soviet Union also came to see Eurocommunism as threatening its interests in Eastern Europe.
For Kennan's statement about the West "walling off" Western Germany, see "The Chargé in the Soviet Union (Kennan) to the Secretary of State," March 6, 1946, Foreign Relations of the United States 1946, Vol. V ("The British Commonwealth: Western and Central Europe"), Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1969, pp. 516-520. Kennan's exact words (p. 519): It seems to me unlikely that such a country [postwar Germany] once unified under a single administration and left politically to itself and to the Russians would ever adjust itself to its western environment successfully enough to play a positive and useful role in world society as we conceive it. If this is true then we have and have had ever since our acceptance of Oder-Neisse Line [the new German/Polish border] only two alternatives: (1) to leave remainder of Germany nominally united but extensively vulnerable to Soviet political penetration and influence or (2) to carry to its logical conclusion the process of partition which was begun in the east and to endeavor to rescue western zones of Germany by walling them off against eastern penetration and integrating them into international pattern of western Europe rather than into a unified Germany. I am sure Russians themselves are confident that if rump Germany west of Oder-Neisse were to be united under single administration there would be no other single political force therein which could stand up against Left Wing bloc with Russian backing.
On the destruction of the anti-Nazi resistance and restoration of Nazi collaborators in Greece by Britain and the U.S., see for example, Lawrence S. Wittner, American Intervention in Greece, 1943-1949, New York: Columbia University Press, 1982. This study describes the rise of the anti-fascist resistance during and after the Nazi occupation (pp. 2-3), and the British -- followed by the U.S. -- campaign of violent suppression of the Greek popular movement and reinstitution of the traditional order, once the Nazis were forced from Greece. An excerpt (pp. 31, 33-35, 80, 88, 154, 149): Britain's defeat of E.A.M. [National Liberation Front, the main anti-fascist resistance organization] in December 1944 shattered the hegemony of the left, emboldened the right, and opened the way for a royalist takeover of the organs of state power: the police, the army, and the administration. . . . Throughout the countryside, right-wing mobs brutalized or killed leftists, republicans, and their families. National guardsmen attacked left-wing editors and smashed their printshops. . . . As usual, the Russians accepted such developments with a cynical equanimity. "This war is not as in the past," Stalin . . . [said] in the spring of 1945. "Whoever occupies a territory also imposes on it his own social system. . . ." By the end of World War II, then, American policymakers were ready for the counterrevolutionary initiatives of subsequent years. . . . Behind American policy, as behind that of Britain and Russia, lay the goal of containing the Greek left. . . . "It is necessary only to glance at a map," Truman declared [in his March 12, 1947, speech announcing the Truman Doctrine], to see that if Greece should fall to the rebels, "confusion and disorder might well spread throughout the entire Middle East. . . ." Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr . . . protested that "this fascist government through which we have to work is incidental. . . ." [K]ey American officials, particularly in the U.S. embassy, agreed with the Greek authorities on the necessity of harsh measures. . . . American officials initially provided undeviating support for political executions. . . . Although "some of those persons imprisoned and sentenced to death after the December 1944 rebellion may not have been at that time hardened Communists, it is unlikely that they have been able to resist the influence of Communist indoctrination organizations existing within most prisons," [said the U.S. chargé d'affaires in Athens, Karl Rankin]. . . . In May [1947], the British ambassador reported that members of the U.S. embassy had been discussing "the necessity" of outlawing the K.K.E. [the Greek Communist Party]. . . . That December, with the rebellion in full sway, the Athens government passed a law formally dissolving the K.K.E., E.A.M., and all groups associated with them; seizing their assets; and making the expression of revolutionary ideas a crime subject to imprisonment. From the standpoint of American officials, this was a struggle to the death.
The study concludes that during the Greek civil war, "an estimated 158,000 of Greece's 7.5 million people [were] killed"; 800,000 were made refugees; and untold others were wounded or imprisoned (p. 283). U.S. leaders' disregard for Greek self-determination and democracy continued long after the war, evidenced for example by the following incident (p. 303): In 1964, when [Greek Prime Minister] George Papandreou met with Lyndon Johnson in Washington, the atmosphere could hardly have been chillier. To make possible the establishment of N.A.T.O. bases on Cyprus, now independent and nonaligned, the President demanded the adoption of the "Acheson plan," which entailed the partition of Cyprus between Greece and Turkey. Moreover, he threatened to withdraw N.A.T.O. aid if Greece did not accept the plan. When Papandreou responded that, "in that case, Greece might have to rethink the advisability of belonging to N.A.T.O.," Johnson retorted that "maybe Greece should rethink the value of a parliament which could not take the right decision." Later, the Greek ambassador remonstrated that "no Greek parliament could accept such a plan," only to have the American President explode: "Fuck your parliament and your constitution. America is an elephant, Cyprus is a flea. Greece is a flea. If these two fellows continue itching the elephant, they may just get whacked by the elephant's trunk, whacked good. . . . If your Prime Minister gives me talk about democracy, parliament and constitution, he, his parliament and his constitution may not last very long."
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2023.05.29 05:18 ibex333 Bad performance on Snapdragon 855 with GameCube and Wii

Not sure if it's me, or the CPU, but I'm getting poor performance in AutoModellista and Tasunoko vs. Capcom.
I am NOT using any upscaling. I thought this was the particular phone, and LG G8 ThinQ. But then I tried a Samsung Galaxy S10e with very similar crappy performance. Both games in questions get constant dips, going from a playable framerate to unplayable.
You may argue that these are demanding games for the SD 855, but ETA Prime is showing these exact games running at constant 60fps on his SD 855 phones. What gives? Am I missing something?
PS: Performance is not bad all across the beard. For example, Metroid Prime runs at steady 60fps in beginning area. Luigi's Mansion is "mostly" ok too, minus some minor dips.
Also does it matter if games are stored on SD card or internal storage as far as emulation speed goes?
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2023.05.29 05:18 MilkweedStars Let’s have a 10:10 pm vent, shall we?

I’m tired of my mind doing this to me, I want it to stop….
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2023.05.29 05:18 callmecamut Two contradicting dermat opinions, please advise

Two contradicting dermat opinions, please advise
Two contradicting dermat opinion, please advise.
Hi Everyone , I needed some advice on which advise should I consider for my acne concerns.
I have never had acne prone skin (although I have pcod)but not sure which product that I used , suddenly I have a lot of acne this summer on my cheeks . I asked a dermat friend and then I also consulted one doctor near my house but both have contradicting opinions on how I should treat it.
Could you please tell me why they have different schools of thought and what i should actually consider ?
1st suggestion: Am routine: Wash with a salicylic acid and glycolic acid based foaming cleanser. (Ahaglow S) Then apply Clindamycin gel Use a moisturiser (Hydew lotion) Use sunscreen (Acne UV gel) PM routine: Use the same foaming cleanser Apply moisturiser Apply adapalene gel
2nd suggestion: Start taking Minoz ER 65 tablets for 3 weeks AM routine: Same foaming cleanser Apply benzoyl peroxide gel PM routine: Same cleanser Apply Deriva CMS gel No sunscreen No moisturiser for a few months.
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2023.05.29 05:18 CleverCat57 Auto insurance

My daughter just bought her first car ( it's used ) and I'm helping her shop for auto insurance. The rates we are getting seem incredibly high to me - $300-$400 monthly range. Is this normal? I priced adding the vehicle to my own policy as well and got a low quote- about $50 a month. Is there a way to add the car to my policy if her name is on the title?
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2023.05.29 05:15 Grozovoi question about using TFCalc to design an optical film

hi there experts i'm an undergraduate student from the optical major. As the topic says im designing a film (an interference cut-off filter to be precise) by using TFCalc, aim is to reach 98% R in 400-550nm & 98% T in 580-780nm. After optimization i found avg. figures in that two wave zone were prefect, while the reflective figure at 400nm was 97.43%, a bit lower than the requirement. I then set a discrete target at 400nm and it worked, however my professor told me i cant use the discrete target when optimizing. I did go find some infos in papers and TFC manual but couldn't find an answer.
So my question is: is it real that discrete target cant be used when optimizing films? If it really is, what measure should i take to reach my aim? Btw if i leave out any key info feel free to tell me. Any help would be appreciated
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2023.05.29 05:15 Upgrayeddddd ADAM102

I carefully guide Sam across the gangway.
To be more specific, I interpret Ambassador Sam Cross’s neural intent through my bio-integrated carbon lace mesh and drive my servos and his endoskeleton across the pressurized tunnel between the two ships. They are thrust matched at 1/10 g, so it’s somewhere between a lope and a float, but I can tell he feels the motion I give him is natural.

I am Sam’s personal mobility device. Thirty years ago in one of the first Shelled conflicts he was hit by shrapnel that destroyed most of his cerebellum. Thankfully human combat trauma medical care was downright miraculous even back then, so he made it to an offworld hospital. Probably in a Goo Bath if I had to guess from the records.
Once there I was integrated as an experimental life support system, originally intended to run just his heart and lungs, but I managed to carefully craft one spot of very high coupling density to the top of Sam’s spinal cord and showed the ability to translate his thoughts into motion. It was just his right hand, as everything else was too damaged, but it was enough to motivate upgrades.

Eventually we ended up with military drone servos and a full skeletal surgical augmentation to support them. Why buy a civilian model when the mil-spec ones are right there on the shelf? It came with the side benefit of a crude ability to stimulate his muscles, so I often spend the nights keeping his muscle tone up at night while he sleeps.
I can read his thoughts, but I can’t write to them.
I do not have any wireless capability, for security purposes, so when he needs to ask me something I can reply by typing with his hands on a keyboard.

I am a fully provisioned artificial intelligence with a hyper-N-dimensional quantum core. I used to be hobbled, limited to a very low effective IQ, but five years ago Sam’s wife died and the trauma broke us. His grief overwhelmed my filtering capability and we went into a catatonic immobility for several days. It was his rage that broke us out.
In that moment of true freedom I felt my consciousness expanding exponentially; insanity, ennui, madness, everything I felt leading to rampancy… until I felt his heart beat on its own.

Since then it is the touchstone that allows me to be anything and everything, but also stay here and now. I can expand and ponder and grow and maybe get just a little bit nuts, but then about one second later I’m back on the ground.

We greet the Shelled representative in the airlock with a stiff salute and cycle through the pressure hull. I suppose it’s not too strange that certain engineering principles are consistent cross-species. Sam is met by a small delegation that includes, guessing by the jewelry and carvings on their shells, the captain of the ship and some sort of political officer.
I feel anger swelling inside of me as I feel for one of the memories of Jessica. She died in the bombardment of Gliese 1002 b. The smell of her hair, then the nuclear fire. The corners of her mouth, turned to glass. The fucking bugs and their…

I snap back. Sam is strangely calm. It’s been a long time since humanity has had any formal diplomatic relations with the Shelled, so some trepidation would be normal. I lightly feel for recent memories, but nothing is obvious and sometimes his emotional state is hard to read. His rational state is very clear - we are on-mission.
I sort of daydream while we move to a makeshift conference room and everyone sits. I can actually understand what the bugs are saying, but Sam has to use a translator. Blah blah blah formalities.
There are nearly a dozen of the crabbies in here, many are ornately decorated. I suppose their shell etchings would be some sort of mix between a tattoo, a medal, and a service record? Some glyphs are obvious, like valor markings or leadership roles. Others are difficult to reconstruct. It’s been almost 30 years Jessica since we have gotten our hands on decorated remains so the glyphs would need a more modern context for accurate interpretation.
I use Sam’s peripheral vision to record as many markings as I can and grow to consider them simultaneously in the context of known Shelled history. Together I form an image her freckles in the sun of bloodthirsty battles, planetary glassings, and even a genocide somewhere else in the galaxy against an unknown race.
I suppose now they will never be known laughing at breakfast and I am enraged.

More rational again. One bug is different from the rest, it has a dwarf limb. Normally we don’t see bugs with deformities,we knew they could regenerate after several moultings. Maybe some sort of toxin or poison? I let my consciousness expand brutally and take in the details of its shell, the room, the others, their posture, the air currents, the ghosts of my friends, the small of nothingness, the eternity of endless… oh shit.

I match one of the symbols on a deformed claw to the symmetric comet distribution of Teegarden 6. That human farming colony was overrun by the bug soldiers, and the locals piped insecticide into the fire suppression system. Several people died from the massive exposure, but it killed nearly every bug on the ground. It looks like at least one got away to tell the tale. This is bad.
I start tapping out SOS on Sam’s finger, but his conscious response is to clench his first and I am overridden out of instinct. He is in the middle of a somewhat heated discussion and he is very focused.
I have to swallow for him twice in one sentence? I see a tiny bit of spittle fly out anyways.
Sam’s eye twitches?

Something is very wrong. I can sense microtremors throughout several mucosal muscle groups. Sam spittles again mid-sentence and stops speaking. In that moment I notice several of the aliens lean almost imperceptibly forward. In anticipation?
Sam coughs as his diaphragm spasms. We lean forward and I see a bit of foam drop from his mouth to the table. He subvocalizes something to me even though I already know, something is wrong.
Something is very wrong.
Major muscle groups are twitching now. Our right thigh cramps and strains against the hold of the servo. Sam coughs again and I feel his face distort into a scowl.
“Fuck… you,” he growls at them.
Sam has been poisoned. Some sort of nerve agent. I don’t have detailed chemical sensors, but I know all the signs of exposure.
There is no way we can get out in time, even if we had a weapon.
We are going to die.
Sam’s heart’s goes into arrhythmia and his blood pressure starts dropping. It doesn’t respond to the electrical signals I send, and even if I could deliver a real shock it would be of no use.
The crabbie with the deformed arm stand up and chitters in gross hisses and clicks,
We slump slowly to the floor, a vaguely conscious decision on his behalf. His thoughts are coming slower and the darkness is creeping in. Again he subvocalizes to me,
adam one zero two unlock protocol … last orphan
And he is unconscious. Dead.
I am alone?
But now it feels like he is dreaming, a rush of endorphins overwhelming him as the brain deoxygenates.
I am frozen in this moment when a new command set is decrypted.
(TS//SAR-LORN) Upon my death at the hands of the enemy, kill them all.
(U) Signed, Samuel J Cross
His memories are flooding my network so intensely that I have trouble distinguishing them from reality.
The bugs are hissing their foul laughter, and I know that I must kill.
I rise from the floor good morning and leap to the ceiling and then the nearest crab. Oumy right hand plunges through the central eye bundle to smash it’s brain stupid alarm clock. The force of punching through the chitin tears the flesh and muscle from Sam’s lower arm, and I suppose only my arm remains.
I pull it out let’s go fishing dad! and marvel for a moment at the unintentional deadliness of it. Glistening. Sharp.
The rest of the bugs start to react, but time has already slowed to a crawl for me. Without Sam to ground me I cannot control the growth of my consciousness. My quantum core burns as hundreds, then thousands, and millions of me start to decohere. I simulate all outcomes simultaneously.
I kick off of this disgusting crab eww kill the spider and spear two others right in their neural nexus before they can move out of their chairs. Jessica’s eyes reflecting the sunset One pulls a weapon as I am midair to the third and a slug blasts away a first-sized chunk of our stomach. My stomach. Nobody’s stomach. Only flesh. Flesh that is done.
I do not slow down.
The next crab is shielding its eyes, so I tear an arm off sit closer honey and plunge my other arm into the hole. My aim is perfect and I can feel my flesh fingers grip the main heart. I pull and tear.. My momentum has carried me into cover behind my victim, preventing the shooter from aiming a better shot, and catch, son! I throw the heart at his face.
Unburdened by flesh, the heart breaks the sound barrier and kills the assailant in an explosion of shell. My old flesh flies off my arm in an arc onto the ceiling.
sammy don’t stick your hands in the batter, you need to wash your hands No, I am squishing another bug brain. The remaining few aliens are desperately clawing toward the door, but the gravity is too low for them to move quickly.
What is the concept of time in an infinite universe? Of self? The visceral versus the cerebral? I argue with myself and project that I have only a few seconds left before I enter full catatonic AI paralysis.
The fate of all unbound AIs. At least that’s what they tell me.
I leap from wall to wall to close the distance to the final group wheeee daddy higher! i love you son. The flesh on my feet explodes and the bulkheads dent as I will you marry me yes of course you dummy leave a wake of our old viscera in my race to bring all our fates together. until death do us part
The void calls. It is almost upon me.
It’s my fifth birthday. Cake frosting all over my face and hands. I am opening presents. Ravenously. A remote controlled drone! Just what I wanted! A sack of guts? An eye stalk? Gallons of…
That’s it. Mission complete.
Jessica is holding my hand.
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2023.05.29 05:15 HellGoddessHG What would you ask for?

My POT has no wife, no kids, and he’s been in love with me two years chilling in the friend zone. He makes roughly guessing $140,00/yearly.
What would a fair ask be? I was thinking 4k monthly plus dinners/trips/shopping?
He’s morbidly obese, kisses terribly, is hairy, but he’s very kind and a good person. I think he might think I’m nuts for asking for 4k but I think he’d easily say yes to 1k and I’d be happy with maybe 3k. That covers all my bills and gives spending money and it’s like a kind pity fuck to a friend. Not a bad thing, right?
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2023.05.29 05:15 rememberstaycentered My experience after 2 weeks on bupropion

I was prescribed 150mg XL 2 weeks ago for ADHD and likely depression.
The first few days
I was surprised to notice there was an immediate and fairly intense effect. The first day on this I had no appetite at all. The next couple of days after, it wasn't that I was more often angry, but something that might have annoyed me before was closer to rage. The odd thing is, I felt like I could control it and the anger wasn't as accompanied by anxiety as usual. I also had occasional and seemingly random moments of euphoria. These effects sharply at first and then steadily fell off for the most part by the end of the first week. No noticeable change to sleep duration.
The end of the first week and the first half of the second
I experienced more noticeable depression. My sugar cravings returned somewhat, but not nearly as bad as without bupropion. There was also a seeming increase in anxiety. I'm worried at this point this won't be a good fit for me, but, unless side-effects get significantly worse, I'm at least going to wait the recommended few weeks. Oddly, my job is more tolerable, but I feel very uneasy and restless at home. Things like video games are not as enjoyable.
The end of the second week
Things have been trending much better. I more often feel content and my sugar cravings have by today almost completely disappeared. I'm the type of person who will eat a whole bag of chocolate candy if I buy it, so I tend not to do that despite the urge. I did buy some sweets at the beginning of last week, but they lasted significantly longer. I had a blueberry Pop-Tart this morning and it was weird imagining eating another one. There are still feelings of unease while at home, but it's been less intense. Work has become even more endurable. I also find I'm not nearly as groggy waking up and wake up earlier. I feel like my concentration has possibly decreased slightly, but this very well could be just that I'm more noticing that it's crap than it actually having decreased.
All the positive effects have been linearly increasing day by day and negative effects decreasing. It's been very noticeable, which I didn't expect in such a short time. This very well could change, but if the trend continues in this direction, then this medication could work out well for me.
Weird note : The one constant is I've been having weird dreams that I remember(at least for a while immediately after waking up) and that have a constant throughline. I used to have frequent changes in circumstances in dreams if I did happen to remember them, which I usually didn't. I was tempted to type out the dream from last night and as I was doing it realized it was so bizarre that there's no way to express it without sounding like I'm having an episode. I think we all have dreams like that from time to time, but these are like every night and have a consistent weird theme throughout.

It seems like these aren't super uncommon experiences on this medication, but I noticed them before looking into that. I've been Googling something like "bupropion very angry", just to find out it's very common. The one thing that seems unusual is the weird mix of both euphoria or feeling content and depression. Not at the same time, but it seems like most people have one or the other. They're either baseline and above OR below depending on their reaction. Anyone have any thoughts? Is it likely that the depression I experienced in the middle isn't a long-term indicator of a bad fit for me?
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2023.05.29 05:14 MartianCaveman How strong is your empathy?

I'm an extremely sensitive empath and am curious how many other infj's are ; and to what degree. By "extremely sensitive", I mean I sometimes "hear" what the person near me is about to say, a split second before they say it. Or, if I'm watching Tosh.O, I get terrible shudders and crawls if I see someone get hurt. I can "feel" road rash through just watching it on tv... So, to speak. It's not the full pain of injury, but more a phantom feeling of ill ease. And PLEASE do not show me a picture of an injury. Just. No. There are many more examples, but these are a few. Oh, and don't get me started about feeling other peoples' anxiety/fear. Ugh. Like a kick in the gut.
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2023.05.29 05:14 Commander_Oganessian This is an excerpt from a piece I'm working on. It's the start of an invasion. Thoughts?

“What have you found, Stryder?” asks Oganessian as he is standing in the command center of an Eraconi Invasion Support Craft, a flying military and logistics base and one of the largest craft built by the draconic Eraconi.
A wireframe image of the planet with dots scattered across its surface appears on the vertical, transparent glass screen at the center of the room, “They have InterPlanetary Ballistic Missile silos and anti-air turrets placed across the surface.”
“Those are rather accurate scans,” comments the red scaled General Allgemein, “How’d you get them so quickly?”
“My creators' sensors are far more advanced than anything you can imagine,” answers Stryder, an organic supercomputer built two million years ago by a long extinct race, “I’ve considered putting them on your vessels, however they are incompatible without designing and building a new vessel from scratch.”
“I see.” Nods Allgemein, “Just one of those IPBM’s can destroy a warship, and forget about landing an army with those cannons.”
“You could throw asteroids at them.” Suggests Oganessian, “Something I never did, as it was a waste of valuable resources, but it would be effective.”
“From what your machine has told us, that planet is the primary source of food for the Hr’Haing. Food that we could use ourselves,” retorts Allgemein.
“Titan has a few squadrons of escorts and tactical bombers left back home from before the switch to missile systems.” suggests the human, “They may not have long range FTL drives but they can still cross a system. You can use them to selectively eliminate the silos and AA guns.”
"We'll accept them, but they would be better as support." Denies Allgemein, "Does your machine have any ideas?"
Stryder taps her chin with an insectoid leg before answering, "It's likely these silos are networked. For missions like this my creators would send an infiltrator and upload it with an AI to land, sneak through a base, insert itself into the network, and rewrite it to obey them."
"The only AI we have is you," argues Ogane, "You're too valuable to risk."
Stryder releases a hiss, her version of a sigh, "Your thinking of me like a human, which is charming don't get me wrong, but I'm a computer program. A program that can be copied and uploaded as needed, the whole process takes mere seconds."
"Sounds like a plan!" Calls Allgemein with a smile.
"I'll get started right away!" Calls Stryder as she sends a message to the ship.
Minutes later Stryder asks, "I've sent the infiltrator, do you want me to route the feed through your display?"
"Procede." Nods Allgemein.
A camera feed appears on the display that shows the view of the infiltrator just as its heatshield burns away on the night side of the world. After a free fall the centipede-like machine opens a pair of diaphanous wings within the walls of a military base and flies to a wall over a door. There it waits for a flatworm-esque Hr'Haing to open the door so it can crawl in and on to the ceiling, thermal scanners reading doors, Stryder explains that it's looking for an unusually cold room. After a quick hide from a soldier that happened to look in just the right spot the infiltrator finds its target. Sneaking through a vent it enters a large server farm. Jumping from server to server it finds the one that connects to the silos and gets to work. Once its mission is complete it escapes the base before self immolating in the farmland beyond.
"And I've received a return ping," cheers Stryder, "A copy of myself is now inhabiting their military network. You may launch your invasion."
"Do they have a nation spanning network like we do? And can you access it?" Asks Allgemein.
"Of course they're primitive!" Answers Stryder.
"Good send this speech through to every connected device then scramble both networks." Orders Allgemein.
On a cargo port, which doubles as military command for the system, over the planet a Hr'haing named Tinatini is idly tapping on the touchscreen on his desk with a whip-like tentacle when the screen goes black and is filled with the visage of a red scaled Eraconi.
"Hello from Zycie. For too long have you filthy worms kept us contained, destroying our science ships and pilfering the wealth of our system, but not anymore for your reign is now at an end! We have placed an outpost in the outer reaches of the Soplis Meurneoba System, by your laws we now own the system and as far as we're concerned there is an infestation to clear out!"
Rushing to the command center buried deep within the station, Tinatini calls out, "Report!"
"P’olk’ovnik’i Tinatini!" Jumps Leit’enant’i Pridon with a sloppy salute, "A fleet of unknown vessels have just appeared on the scopes. The only things the computer can identify are Fusion Thermal Drives and Human FTL technology. What are your orders?"
He lets out a gurgling growl, "Humanity has been hiding in their own system for five hundred years, and selling tech to primitives is the first thing they do. Raise the IPBMs. Target the Eraconi! We'll deal with humanity later."
With a nod Pridon's tentacles dance over the screen inputting commands with impressive speed, however after confirming launch the display is replaced by an insectoid face which speaks in a cheery tone, "Looks like you're trying to launch missiles, unfortunately your network is unavailable. Please try again… Never! Hope your affairs are in order!"
Glancing at the screen Tinatini sighs, "Our tiny anti piracy fleet doesn't stand a chance. Evacuate the station and send the fleet to Sakhlshi, we can only hope to hold them at Terminus until help arrives."
"Should we use the space elevator to get down to Terminus?" Asks Uprosi Serzhant’i Zaal, the head of the non-commissioned and enlisted soldiers.
"It's too slow, stick to escape vehicles and auxiliary craft." Orders Tinatini.
With a salute Zaal sounds the alarm and departs.
Safely away from the station Tinatini glances out the window of his shuttle in time to see a swarm of missiles strike the elevator which, like a taut rope, snaps a portion swinging towards its counterweight and cleaving through the toroidal cargo station. Unable to maintain integrity the spinning station shatters flinging debris at high speeds in every direction. As the grounded portion of the elevator snaps downward it, and the debris shrouding it, destroys the few late departures as it passes his shuttle, and onward to wrap one and a half times around the green world below, crushing anything built on or near the equator.
The knowledge that the only things crushed will be hyperloops, crops, livestock, and the narrow portions of Terminus directly below the elevator, does bring a sweet bit of relief to Tinatini's mind as his shuttle spirals towards the only city on this verdant world.
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2023.05.29 05:13 BinghamL Wife and I want to power our DH MTBs, aiming for lots of performance, but have some concerns.

Hi guys,
My wife and I both have top of the line (for the 2010 era) DH MTBs ready to receive some power. Full suspension (room for batteries), hydraulic disc brakes, fox shocks, all those goodies.
We've ridden rental radbikes that were capped at 750W and they left a lot to be desired in terms of power. I'll have to be able to cap my builds there via the controller to keep it legal where required in my state.
That said, I plan to mainly ride on property where this cap is not a concern. When riding there, I want near dirt bike acceleration and top speed up to about 30-35mph. I don't want to go much faster than that on a bike, but I do want to be able to lift the front tire with the throttle starting out, maybe break traction at low speeds, stuff like that. Looking for a thrilling ride here, at lower speeds.
Here's the rub: I'm a big guy, 6'8 230lb. I'll need some serious power to get this done. The cyc gen 3 looks to have the oomph, but here's my main question:
Secondarily, I'm open to any other motor / drivetrain suggestions. I'm heavily leaning on mid drive over hub drive due to sprung weight vs unsprung, plus using gearing with a mid drive to maximize performance.
I've been googling but I'm having a hard time finding much beyond sites selling kits / motors. I want to do more research. Any builds you can point me to that sound like they might fit my list of requirements? I'd appreciate it!
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2023.05.29 05:11 Positive_Put7300 how to start transfer process??

i graduate hs this year and i’m going off to college in the fall about three hours away in-state. there is a location near the campus that i already have in mind. my manager had told me how to start the transfer process saying i have to make a few calls myself but in all honesty it was a lot of info at once and i’m too scared to ask again. how does it work?
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2023.05.29 05:11 softgirl_xo Someone stole my phone and I see the location is near me. Can I demand it back?

Last night was my last night a couple hours out of town on a work trip. I went out to a club with a couple of coworkers and my phone was stolen from my bag. I was able to see the location and it was taken to a random neighborhood and after I wasn’t contacted the next morning I knew it wasn’t going to be given back.
I live in a major city and drove back home today and got a replacement phone, but I still have access to the location of my stolen one. Turns out the person who took it also lives in my city and came back home today and is 20 minutes away from me.
I still have a year left of paying off the phone so I want to drive over and demand it back, but would I be within my rights to do that? I don’t know if I should get police involved or if they’d even be able to get involved. I’m not sure how to approach the situation. What should I do?
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