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The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

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2023.06.05 08:25 Wyr__111 Playstation store wont let me rebuy siege.

Ok, here's my situation. My disc reader for Ps4 isn't working and I don't quite have the money for a ps5 yet. I would like to just repurchase the game through the PlayStation store because it is currently on sale. However it wouldn't let me go through with the purchase because I already own the game.
Does anyone have any suggestions that doesn't involve buying the $80.00 version of the game. I already own every operator and feel like that it would just be a huge waste of money.
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2023.06.05 08:24 bhj887 Why so much evidence for a "learning universe"? Why so much focus on suffering, love and compassion?

I have recently been researching dozens, probably hundreds of near death interviews and studies.
There is a strong correlation between them regarding people talking about "infinite love", "compassion", "tasks they have not yet fullfilled", "aspects of life they have not yet understood" and so on...
Those people are usually in a state of deep awe and love for others. They also usually don't require any more proofs for what they experienced because it was "much more real than reality".
I believe /r nonduality isn't too fond of such concepts and would take a more "neutral" stance like "it's nothing important in particular" or "it's everything all at once" or "there is nothing to be gained nor lost" etc...
Could you give me some input on this please?
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2023.06.05 08:24 Zestyclose_Read_360 Colombia citizen traveling without a Colombian passport

I’m sure this topic has been discussed here several times in the past but I haven’t read anything recent. I am a Colombian citizen who was adopted and raised in the USA. I have been back to Colombia nearly 5 times without a Colombian passport and they always let me in and out. I did get pulled aside last time the problem is I don’t really remember what they said. I know they looked me up in their system and couldn’t find me (because I have changed my name but they don’t know that). Well for my cousins graduation gift we have a trip to colombia planned next week and I have been consistently unable to renounce my citizenship and can no longer obtain a Colombian passport due to my job not allowing me to hold dual nationality (even though I technically do, not sure how I got away with this). They are asking for some apostille which I have no idea what this is. My cousin is also a Colombian citizen who is adopted and also doesn’t hold a Colombian passport but has never reentered the country since leave so I doubt she will have any issues (especially because she speaks no Spanish, I find the less you know the easier on you they are… or maybe it’s just because one cannot understand). Basically I’m running into a ton of issues. I leave for Colombia in a few days and I’m worried I will get stuck there or worse not allowed to enter. Any advice would be much appreciated!!!! Need to figure out what to do, where to go or what to say and fast.
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2023.06.05 08:24 airbornchaos Unusual mouse and keyboard behavior, started after less than two weeks of inactivity.

Please pardon me if this is a known issue, I know just enough about this stuff to be dangerous. System details below.
I left for a camping trip 26 May, and returned late yesterday, 3 June. I left the computer on, and let it "sleep" for that time. Mainly, because my spouse isn't interested in learning how Linux works, and I have an application she may need to use while I'm away. So I left it open so it was easy to access. (She says she never needed to, but it was available. )
Today I notice strange behavior of my mouse and keyboard. In Libreoffice, and Firefox, the CTRL key shrinks the size of the project or page. Just using CTRL+C, CTRL+V, and CTRL+Z shortcuts here, each shrank my window to 40%.
In other pages on Firefox, attempting to use the auto-fill feature for name, address, etc, the selections flash in and out, well before I can make a selection. And when trying to use a media player, such as VLC and Celluloid, if the mouse pointer is in the player window, the file fast-forwards. Simply mousing over the player causes the file to quickly fast forward in 10 second intervals.
I've not seen any of these behaviors before I left. When I returned I did run the update manager, it's most likely one of those updates needs to be rolled back, but I was so tired, I don't think I even looked at what was getting updated. At first I thought it was the driver for my SteelSeries mouse, but the driver-less keyboard is also showing strange behaviors. I'm not really sure where to start troubleshooting. Any suggestions?
System Information:
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2023.06.05 08:23 Adventurous_Toe8891 Took me all weekend, but the log store is (almost) done

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2023.06.05 08:23 melodictritones matewan, wv. landed near me and crawled onto my finger when given the chance. an absolute beauty!

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2023.06.05 08:23 Coochie-obtainer90 Every time I go to purchase the battle pass on ps4 it loads up the store and then just closes it not giving me option to purchase and I checked other this is just on genshin any help?

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2023.06.05 08:21 ChickenDinnerGuy A woman I'm not into asked for my number. I think I'm too shallow.

I'm not exactly a good looking guy. I think if I took better care of myself I'd be far better looking. I'm slowly working on that but have some health issues that prevent me from going all in.
Anyways, a customer at the store I work at has expressed interest in me recently. I didn't think anything of it. And to my surprise, she got a friend to ask me for my number on her behalf. I told the friend I'm not interested in her that way but as friends it would be fine.
The woman isn't ugly or anything. She seems nice and outgoing from the interactions I've had with her. But she seems very different from me even though we are roughly the same age. She seems more like her age than me. Im respectful and responsible but I carry myself as very funny, goofy, etc.
I don't know her very well but I can't see myself connecting with her. Perhaps I'm very shallow? I am more interested in younger women but I haven't had any luck with that. The reason for that is because I obviously find them more attractive, they are less likely im relationships or less likely to have children, and they will get more type of humor and hobbies more than someone my age (mid 30s).
Many women in my age group have looked down on me because I like video games and comic books. Whereas younger women (19 and early 20s) are more understanding and welcoming of it. Some even play them. And women in my age group have far more life and relationship experience than I do.
This is the first time a woman has asked me for my number with a romantic intention. Unfortunately I'm not into her and can't see myself with her.
I kinda want a younger vibe that will get me to explore the world and to experience things I missed out on when I was younger. With a similar mindset. Someone with some similar interests as well or unique interests she can share with me. And I admit, looks are important to me. Nothing wrong with that. Looks aren't everything and some very attractive people can turn out to be extremely ugly. But physical attraction does play a role for me. It seems a bit silly when people say it doesn't matter at all.
Anyways, I wish a woman I was interested in was the one that asked me for my number.
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2023.06.05 08:21 Keyboard-muse How to deal with her depression

Hi, my upwbpd has again an episode of interchanging being angry and being sad. Yesterday in the evening she walked through the house crying somewhat. I tried to speak to her, but she left the room. In bed she let me listen to a song on her phone, where it was about a girl who felt she was pressured to be perfect but she feels almost broken doing never good enough.
I asked her if this kind of songs help her to feel better. "Even now you blame my choices", she said. "Even the music I listen is not good enough". I told her I did'nt blame her choice of music, I only asked if this kind of music helps her to come out her sad mood, or that it confirms her bad feelings and keeps her there. And I told her there is for me no need for her to be perfect. She may be herself. I touched her for some moments and went to sleep. I do not want to give up my sleep anymore because of her moods.
Sometimes it is easier to ignore the angry side of her than the sad one. I cannot bring myself anymore to be honest empathic and try to sooth her sadness. I am more observing and analysing her behavior and then touch her to let her feel I am near. But her sadness does not trigger feelings of pity for her in myself. I am more confused and shy and afraid to say things making her feel even worse instead of better.
We have had these weeks or even month of silent treat very often (last year more than 10 times, almost every month). Sometimes a number of days more normal, but then a new trigger and she get upset or very sad. But from the outside it looks te same to me: she does not say goodbye when leaving for work, of going to sleep. If I ask questions I get very short or no answers, or she speaks so soft I have to ask: "what did you say?". She ignores me, but expects at the same time that I am there to comfort her when she is feeling bad. She does not always explicitly say that I am the cause of her feelings, but in the way she communicates, it is clear that it all happens to her and is caused outside of her. She is not asking for help or to hold her in my arms. She is not telling about her feelings, if I ask, then often it is: "you know what I am thinking".
It is hard to be with her and stay sane. I feel a lot of stress building inside me, some hyperventilation, painful back and neck muscles, etc. I can still handle it mentally and be there for the kids, but I feel also always very unsure when she is around.
I wanted to share my thoughts, of course supportive comments are welcome.
Perhaps someone has the golden tip how to tell her she is doing damage to me and the kids with this behaviour. I blame myself for trying to ignore her most of the time and not finding words to address to her how she damages us. It is hard to correct someone who is feeling sad.
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2023.06.05 08:21 procrastinatador I'm incredibly burnt out and starting to freak out on a study abroad trip but have a while longer to go before I can stop. Can I have some advice please?

ADHD with very severe RSD Suspected ASD Suspected borderline Suspected multiple instances of neurocognitive disorder Anxiety Depression CPTSD
I decided to do a study abroad trip and I'm starting to think it was a big mistake. I am 5 days in in a big city in another country and have over a week left to go before I go home. The journey here was long and overall due to modes of transport I took, I was traveling for about 3 days. It was a lot to handle.
Part of me doesn't even know if it's burnout because it's been getting a lot worse when the schedule changes or I spend money and something gets canceled/can't be done. We have mostly pretty packed days and also have to do some sort of extracurricular every day and then go back to our hotel and write about both of those and post pictures. Sleep. Repeat.
To give you an idea of how burnt out I look, they have to ID you if you look under 25. I'm 23. I tasted some mead at a little business the second day of the trip and got ID'd. Yesterday was day 5 and I did not get ID'd in a big chain store with stricter regulations on IDing people. I bought a whole bottle of wine and drank most of it. It helped while I was drunk but I'm back to where I was before this morning.
It also doesn't help that I can't have my ADHD meds here.
A couple times where it got a lot worse and haven't really subsided were:
-the plane didn't have food for me with my dietary restrictions and the flight attendant was rude about it and told me that "that's what I ordered so that's what I was getting" when I already hadn't had an actual meal in about 2 days, and that was, in fact, not what I ordered. I called twice beforehand to make sure that this didn't happen and was told they would definitely have food for me and accidentally touched barley and ended up minorly glutening myself and getting sick, not to mention I was so upset that I couldn't have a meal the whole time after not eating anything but the occasional nut bar for going on 3 days at this point I spent most of the flight fighting back tears. It was an 8 hour flight. That was dinner. For breakfast, they had me down for a meal that was mostly gluten when everyone else got one that wasn't that I actually could eat most of, but didn't get. I wanted to jump out the fucking plane door at that point but I'm used to feeling like that and knew I wasn't going to do anything, but it was still distressing. I know it's an overreaction but I really do think its just borderline.
-when we took too long on a bus tour where you could just get off whenever you wanted and had a destination with tickets we missed, but the class was saying "oh we can just do that tomorrow because the tickets are good then" but some of us already had plans and had bought tickets for other things that we weren't supposed to go alone to that were expensive and the people I was going with that were scheduled for that time. I wouldn't have been able to go to them if I had gone with most of the class. Apperently, the class just decided that not all of us had to go on this excursion without consulting us (because we all had to go at once to use the tickets).
-I was pressured to buy a ticket to a novelty bar with the class and was too jet lagged to go and knew I wouldn't have a good time, so I just didn't go after buying the ticket.
-when some people I was supposed to go somewhere with didn't tell me they when they were going and I only found out as they were getting there. I got on a train and wasn't too far behind them luckily (they waited up a lot at the attraction and I was able to catch up with them quickly, we've been hanging out a lot and they're awesome to me otherwise. We all have ADHD and the medication we've all been on is illegal here and we haven't been taking it so I really do suspect that this was an accident) these people have been good to me and otherwise a really chill group to hang out with.
-I bought a salad and didn't realize it had pasta in it (I have celiac) and absolutely hate wasting food so I tried to see if my classmates wanted it and nobody did. This literally prompted me to go buy a bottle of wine and drink most of it, although I was definitely getting there already.
A while back (after I signed up for this class though) I was wrongly put on lamictal because a psychaitrist (who was well known for doing this apperently) decided that I probably didn't have ADHD but bipolar disorder, despite me telling him that ADHD medications had worked well for years. If you don't know, this is very bad, and I was a literal dumbass in thinking that the doctor knew best on this one because I was in a course on ADHD where they had just talked about this and how it can mess you up if you have ADHD and not bipolar to be put on a mood stabilizer and literally make you suicidal. Well, it did more than that to me. I was on it for 3 days and everything shifted, but I had been there before, except this was different. I was a lot more overstimulated by everything, communicating was hard, etc.
A few years ago I did a substance and well, I was barely functional the next day, then the next, and so on. It's been 4 years since then. I've healed and learned to cope somewhat, but the only thing I've been able to do is school. It's too much if I try to do anything else, and at the beginning, I was failing half my classes despite being on ADHD meds that were working and trying my hardest because my brain just wasn't working. I took a year off and slowly started to pick up speed and almost managed an A average this past semester. I need to get an A in this class and the rest of my classes.
So I'm not sure if I originally had very prominent autistic traits. The ADHD ones were, but I'm here asking you guys about burnout and overstimulation and the feelings around changing plans now because I'm experiencing them and this sub probably has a lot of experiences with them. What do you guys do? My emotions are all over the place but only in a negative direction. I don't want to be here anymore but won't graduate on time without these credits. How am I supposed to stick out the rest of this trip? It's got a little over a week left, then I have to travel for days and deal with jet lag I'm still not over from getting here and keep waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. I'm constantly exhausted. I've already told some friends I'd come stay with them for a few days at the end of the trip.
Please give me some advice so I can just get my credits and get home here? I am not having a good time and just need to get this over with. I've tried listening to music. I might watch some cartoons. I'm too exhausted to do much else.
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2023.06.05 08:21 VexingRaven Fighters suiciding into hostile stations even when set on intercept? Help?

So I just did my first station attack, on a lone Kha'ak Installation. I had 2 destroyers, an M, and 6 or 7 fighters. The fighters were commanded by the M which was commanded by my destroyer. First, I tried setting the M to "intercept for commander" and the fighters to "attack for commander", which usually would make the fighters attack whatever the M goes to attack. However, in this case once the Kha'ak fighters were dead, all my fighters decided to go attack the station, even thought they should've just been ignoring it. This wasn't a case of them just flying near it careless, they had an actual attack order for it. I didn't understand why, but figured maybe the "attack for commander" had somehow passed down the attack command from the parent Destroyer.
I tried again, this time with all the fighters set to intercept rather than attack. The exact same thing happened: They stayed in formation with me until the first defenders appeared, killed them, and then got an attack order to attack the station. It's my understanding that intercept should only attack S/M ships and nothing else. I ended up just having to order them to go fly away and stay there, but it would be really nice to be able to have fighter escorts just automatically attack incoming fighters and stay in format otherwise. What am I doing wrong?
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2023.06.05 08:21 syswiz87 Anyone using Zenkit To Do?

I'm a big to do app advocate here. I'm still mourning the loss of wunderlist, Microsoft have ruined that product, they clearly wanted to eliminate the best competition out there. Why they haven't incorporated the comment feature is beyond me. Mini rant over.
I started using ticktick, and their free tier is damn impressive, but their reminders are just strange, it doesn't let me select a date time that I wish. Then I stumbled across Zenkit, which does everything I need. Great clean interface too.
But in the app store it only has 10k downloads. All the mentions of it online are practically 2 years out of date. What's up with this? It's a fantastic app, but now I have reservations as it doesn't seem to have a large user base. Any one using it? Any pros and cons? Or is it just a good kept secret. I'm okay with that!
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2023.06.05 08:21 Thydumbsir My old fwb txted me saying that they're glad I'm happy for finding love and idk if I'm overthinking it or not

For context me and my gf started dating near the end of January but before her I had 2 fwb because I was a idiot and figured I could do this to get over the single and depression part of a break up. I put up a post of me and my current girlfriend and my old fwb txt me the exact same night I put that post up and I haven't looked at it at all cause then she'll know that I saw it and my gf hates the fwb I had due to me being too nice to just block and mute them and still want to have a back too regular friendship. It's just idk if I should just say thanks or tell her about it or delete our conversation, but I think that'll get my girlfriend going wtf..
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2023.06.05 08:21 kazemaru04 I can't get this out of my head...

Sorry for bad english, not my first language. This will be a bit more personal but I just have to dump it somewhere.
Me and my gf of 2 1/2 months were meeting up with her guy best friend this saturday. They never had contact prior to wednesday when I secretly made arrangements with her best friend to meet up. On saturday we wanted to drink a little and chill at the beach. Before we did that we collected a few other people and while doing that already drank a bit. I wasn't gonna drive home since we wanted to sleep over at her best friends apartment. We chilled at another friends house for a while and my gf and him wanted to make mirror selfies. So they went into the bathroom, he locked the door and they made some. (The next part is what my gf told me what happened and I believe her to my fullest because this sounds like something she'd do) she then turned around facing him and asked if he wanted to make some more pics or if it's enough. He then just pulled her towards him and kissed her. She stopped it after like 2 seconds and came out of the bathroom. She continued the evening completely normal until the two of us wanted to get some snacks for the beach. Right after we started going to the store I asked her if she also felt that her best friend was being weird. She then unpacked the whole story and the moment she told me he kissed her I just stood there. I couldn't believe my ears. It was like I was struck by lightning and my whole body was just stiff from the shock. I wasn't even mad at her since she did nothing wrong. At first I was really sad and upset but then that turned into anger against her best friend really quick. The whole 40 mins walk to the store and back was so awkward but we told ourselves that it was not her fault since he asked her a day earlier if she wanted to sleep in his bed and if I would sleep on his couch with the other friend we stayed over for a little bit.
We just ended up bringing the snacks to the beach I had a quick conversation with the guy and we immediately left. We went to my car and I called my brother and asked him if him and my dad would come pick us up since I couldn't drive anymore. They did and me and my gf just cuddled and I cried for the rest of the night. I'm a bit better now but I just can't get the scene out of my head how it must've looked when they kissed.
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2023.06.05 08:20 urmyjhope Missing Blanket in Columbia Neighborhood

Missing Blanket in Columbia Neighborhood
Hello There!
My family has been missing a blanket since yesterday and I'm now really concerned that it fell out of the car as we left the neighborhood, or that it accidentally ended up on the car hood. It's an older Saranoni swaddle blanket with light orange/coral roses (maybe peonies?) that I believe is bamboo. The tag on the blanket will likely no longer say Saranoni, as it is faded. Enclosed are two photos of the blanket; one zoomed in with natural lighting, the other zoomed out to show more of the blanket (sorry for the subpar photos, I cropped family out).
I usually wouldn't post asking, but it is a very near and dear item to my family and particularly to one of my (currently very distraught) children. Hopefully it just randomly turns up in a super unexpected spot.
If it was truly lost on our way out of the neighborhood, it was likely somewhere near the roundabout on West Street and the Plant Exchange/Donation stand on W North Street.
There's $50 for whoever finds it and returns it to me!
Thank you all so much.
Close up picture of blanket in natural lighting
Photo of larger area of the blanket (sorry, not the best lighting).
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2023.06.05 08:20 Willing_Tangelo868 Smartphones Repair Near Me

Smartphones Repair Near Me
For reliable and convenient smartphone repair services near you, trust Repair My Phone Today. Our skilled technicians offer efficient repairs to get your smartphone back to optimal functionality.
Email : [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Phone : 01865655261
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2023.06.05 08:19 mebbett just a proud hoya mama

just a proud hoya mama
first time poster but i just can’t help myself because i am in LOVE.
i bought this hoya when i worked at a local health foods store for maybe ten dollars, almost two years ago. for a year it stayed pretty small/compact and green, but last summer we moved into this place and she got a permanent spot in, surprisingly, a south facing window and has now put out a total of four blooms this season! (still waiting on the other two to fully bloom!!) i don’t know why the petals become convex like that.. (let me know if it’s something i’m doing wrong??) but the nectar smells so insanely sweet! i was so surprised to see any blooms, since reading that it could take years for hoyas to bloom and typically the vines need to be around 3ft?? i have no clue what i did either.. i haven’t repotted it or fertilized or anything 😅 just sunshine and monitored watering! i cannot stop admiring this beauty 🤩
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2023.06.05 08:19 Lankythedanky Trombone shopping with $500 pt2

I've been looking around for a jazz horn for solo/combo playing as a second horn. I've looked at some older Conn's (4h, 6h, director) which were either too ratty (4h, Director) or too expensive. I've looked around at some Olds models too, particularity the ambassador and super. Almost snagged a Recorder on ebay but someone (one of you lot probably) outbid me last second. I noticed a YSL-653 on ebay for $460, with a little lacquer wear (nothing too major) and some good photos. Only issue is it's in japan. I've never bought anything used from outside the states and am curious about customs issues or other shipping fees. Another concern is that I've never played this horn and I don't have anywhere to go to try one out as the nearest big music store (not guitar center or M&A) is a 2 hour drive and they don't carry any models I can afford (as a second horn at least). What do y'all think about the Yamaha? Anyone have any advice for what horns to look for at my price point? Does anybody have a king 3B that they just absolutely hate and need to throw away immediately? Thanks!
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2023.06.05 08:19 peachytrashh Just lost my cat

My cat, Midnight was put down two hours ago, he got into an accident and his spine was messed up. They couldn’t do much. He was in so much pain, couldn’t move his hind legs. I saw him before and he just looked like my baby. Meowing at me and I just wanted to take him home, that this didn’t happen today.
I don’t know what to do, he’s been in my life nearly a decade(7 years to be exact) i raised him and he’s raised me. He watched me graduate, fall in love, get heartbroken. I can’t imagine laying in my bed and he doesn’t lay on my legs. How do i cope with all of this? How do I possibly fall asleep knowing he won’t just push my door open and jump into my arms?
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2023.06.05 08:19 Futurismt 10 Types of Digital Shoppers and How to Sell Them

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2023.06.05 08:18 SeitaAnother9 AITA for wanting a break?

I (26 M) am a dishwasher in a casino restaurant, but I don’t get to do a lot of dish washing to begin with. I’ll get to why in a bit.
We’re in the middle of summer, and I have had multiple nights of not getting to go home until it’s nearly 3 in the morning. I clock off at 2 most nights, and I’m supposed to work shifts that go until midnight. I am tired, and it helps to get my breaks when I can. That leads on to my other coworker, who I’ll call N.
N is an older fellow in his sixties, and tends to take his breaks whenever, even when it’s bad. He’s too old to be able to do much else other than do dishes, but he does a good job at them. The problem? Whenever N gets to work at another station another kitchen over, he refuses to help put away dishes he washes. He makes stacks so high it’s a risk to pull any carts out to the main kitchen to put them away. He rarely does anything else other than dish washing when he can get away with it, and he gets frustrated whenever anyone other than him does the dishes. I know, because he’s talked behind my back with coworkers who are friendly with me and tell me what he says.
To be fair, in the past he had a stroke, which I know is a serious case. It impacted his ability to hold things somewhat, so I took on most of everything that happens in dishwashing to help him recover. That was months ago, though, so he’s had time for that and more.
Tonight is a hard night. N went out of his way to only stay at the side kitchen, as our main kitchen’s washing machine isn’t working. He’s only washing dishes, while I’m taking trash out, getting heavy carts to take the floor mats out for cleaning, putting away dishes that get cleaned, bringing over dishes that are piling up that need to be cleaned, organizing them so we don’t get any insane piles that risk crashing into the floor and breaking - our other staff don’t know how to not make crazy piles that risk dishes breaking - and on top of that I only got one chance to sit tonight for a meal.
N? He’s sat down for five breaks, 2 being official and 3 unofficial breaks. I’ve caught him doing this waiting for me to bring dishes over to the side area to clean them and put them away.
I’ve tried asking for breaks when he does this, as he has done this type of thing before already. It should be fair for me to have at least a ten minute break, but I’ve been called lazy for it. I’m furious, as I doubt that I will be allowed to go take my other break, while N has been carefree all night just putting dishes in a machine and stacking things high and senselessly. AITA for wanting a break when my coworker tends to slack nearly all day whenever I’m around?
Additional information. Apparently, N does this same routine even when he’s alone. He makes other chefs and cooks come help him put stuff away even during busy days when they run out of silverware, plates or pans. His antics don’t change, and N has said he does this so he can run the clock and get overtime.
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2023.06.05 08:18 Sidial_Peroxho Regarding the best "repairable" equipment for professional use

Good day to you all!
I wanted to know what is the general consensus as to what is the best camera and the best camera equipment when it comes to longevity/repairs/DYI? If I would need to use an analogy, I would use a car or vehicle and its maintenance:
There are cars that are built like a tank, and have easily accessible components for repairs, both within the car and for purchase so you can conduct the repairs yourself if you so wish, but you mainly have your choice of car repair shops.
With a camera and camera equipment I am looking for something similar. I want to have a camera that is actually suitable to my professional needs (freelance videography/cinematography) but also adhere to this principle of repairability and longevity, and by extension maybe modularity.
The closest thing I have found is the apertus beta cam, as shown in this link:
But it is sadly nowhere near ready when it comes to professional usability, or at least I think it isn't. If someone thinks otherwise, please let me know.
The best option I have found, even if it's maybe a compromise, is the black magic cameras like the 6k pro and the Ursa mini 12k. They work really well for what I want to use them for, they have a wide variety of lenses I can choose from (I can swap mounts), and I think they are repairable or extremely usable in the long-term.
If someone has had a lot of experience with either, especially the 12k , feel free to share your thoughts. I have worked with them in the past and I like them, but I would like to know the long term implications when it comes to maintaining them and if it is a sensible investment.
And if there is a better option that allows me to have a really good camera that will last me a lifetime, I will take any kind of advice for it.
I appreciate all of your answers in advance. Thank you very much!
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