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2023.05.29 04:37 Father_Brine Advertising to the Space Engineers community.

Hello Engineers. Curious about joining a creative server that doesn't bombard you with excessive mods? Don't wanna waste time scrolling through the server browser for the right one? Looking to embrace the chaos? Then Rumorsquad Gaming is a good choice. We've got a Vanilla Creative Anarchy server that's open to all walks of life. Feel free to use the links down below to join the server directly or even join our Discord. See you in the stars!
Server IP:
Discord: https://discord.gg/TXJm9RgnJN
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2023.05.29 04:37 Stillwonderingnow [US,US] [H] Vintage Sets, Single [W] Trades, Games, PayPal

Hello all!
Selling/Trading my sets and singles to make room for some other cards I'm interested in!
Basically looking at anything right now. I want to build up a zinnia collection if anyone has some of those! I'll look at full art trainers, old school ex cards, modern/old cool cards, basically just nice stuff lol. (btw Just saw the dendra 266 card and it's amazing!) Feel free to drop your binders and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by!
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2023.05.29 04:36 TopEditor9652 Help find Nathan

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2023.05.29 04:36 SupremoZanne QBasic Gorillas (GORILLA.BAS) [Microsoft, 1991] THE CLASSIC WE ALL LOVE!!! link in comments

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2023.05.29 04:36 mrsmjparker I Negotiated and the Company Rescinded Their Offer

For the past month and a half I’ve been going through the process of applying and interviewing for a position. It started with a recruiter reaching out to me on LinkedIn and I have a boundary for myself that I won’t even make a phone call with a recruiter unless I know that the position is within my desired salary range and has the same amount of WFH days that I have in my current position, if not more. I am open to being fully in office as long as it pays more. So I always ask from the beginning what’s in budget for the salary and if the job is remote/hybrid/in person. In this case I was told the salary, that they are flexible about the amount, and that the role is hybrid with two days in office. Since this role has the same amount of WFH days as I currently have and pays more I proceeded with the process.
I went through multiple phone calls, multiple interviews, an employment verification, and a credit check and they extended the job offer to me. I’ve been working with a professional career coach this entire process and she helped me with my response and helped me initiate negotiation.
The offer letter didn’t include if the job was hybrid so I asked about that (even though we did discuss hybrid in my interview). They told me that training is 100% in person and after I’m done I would be ELIGIBLE for the hybrid schedule that MOST the office is on. I also found a job posting on indeed that says the position is in person. I got the feeling that they would keep me 100% in office the entire time I work for them. It’s also an hour drive each way so an extra three days a week makes a huge difference and for the salary they were offering I would be losing money. However, I did not call them out on this in my negotiation.
I handled the negotiation properly. In my interview I made sure to ask what important skills they are looking for and cited that I have those skills in my negotiation, plus years of industry experience. I also cited various websites with the average pay for this position and used that to provide a number to negotiate with. Their offer was below even the low end of the salaries I saw. I stated that I would be okay with an alternative such as a starting bonus, additional PTO days, or another incentive. And I reiterated that I was excited about the job opportunity and phrased it as a request and not a demand. This was not an entry level role. I didn’t throw out a ridiculous number. I never mentioned a number before it came time to negotiate. I was told they were flexible. I was professional and enthusiastic. I didn’t mention any personal reasons about how I need the increase in salary. I swear I handled this the proper way. (And before anyone comes for me, no, it is not greedy to negotiate. Companies do not provide sufficient raises to retain their talent so the time to get the salary you want is in the beginning when you’re negotiating for a new job. This is part of advocating for your value.)
They responded and let me know they not only couldn’t meet my negotiation, but that they were also withdrawing the original offer.
“After much consideration for your proposed changes to the terms in the original offer letter, we are unable to meet your salary requirement of XX nor any of the additional proposals for starting bonus, additional vacation days or other incentives. Therefore, it is with great disappointment that I inform you we must regretfully withdraw your job offer for the position at Company. This email serves as formal communication to let you know that our job offer is no longer available with our company. Company is under no obligation to give you compensation or employment moving forward. Our initial job offer did not serve as a binding contract, as this job offer was at-will. We wish you the best in your future endeavors and hope you can find a role that serves your interests.”
I understand there is a risk to negotiating but this came off so petty! Usually companies are willing to participate in some sort of negotiation or at least say that their original offer was the best they could provide. My career coach thinks this company wanted a yes man and freaked out when I came back to them with research and to advocate for my value. I had a weird gut feeling about this company ever since my interview with the hiring manager so I most likely dodged a bullet with this one. But I am pissed off that they lied about hybrid and wasted hours of my time on interviews, paperwork, etc. I really want to blast them on Glassdoor. And honestly I feel so discouraged with my job hunt now. I was told companies rarely ever rescind offers like that but is this the new norm? Has anyone been through this?
Tl;dr: I received a job offer and negotiated properly. The company also lied about the role being hybrid and didn’t tell me until I had a job offer. After I initiated negotiation the company immediately rescinded their offer.
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2023.05.29 04:34 thebeastnamedesther At what age was your puppy crate trained?

We just adopted an 11 week old golden retriever. He was rehomed to us after 2 weeks with a different family and 9 weeks with his breeder. I don’t believe he was crated when he was with his litter, and in his 2 weeks with the other family crate training went very poorly. I’m at a disadvantage of being limited in my crate training experience because our 1.5 yo came to us already crate trained at 12 weeks old.
So I come here to ask - how long does this process typically take? The internet says days to months. With such a broad range, it is hard for me to know how hard to push him. He has to be crate trained in order to be boarded, and I need him crate trained during certain meetings while I work from home.
I’ve explored the crate training links on this sub but they’re not answering my questions. I’m not trying to decide if I want to crate, I need help executing the plan! Thank you all!
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2023.05.29 04:34 Witty-Huckleberry39 Sharing this rally bus from Chicago to Tinley Park for Avenged Sevenfold this July 28, 2023

Hello everyone,

Just wanna share this link for those who need a bus rideshare for Avenged Sevenfold's Tinley Park show this July 28, 2023. There 14 pickups in Chicago
Rally Bus Link
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2023.05.29 04:33 Sunset_Sakura selling on mercari (link in comments) send offers

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2023.05.29 04:33 OrneryDescription780 How concerned should I be about ID theft when giving my personal info on a Craigslist ad?

I was a dumb ass had had my full name, email, and phone number on an email response to what I think may be a scam post. Should I be worried about ID fraud?
I was on Craigslist looking for apartments rentals and found one that was a little suspicious but the address and photos checked out and I thought at worst it was someone advertising a private room as a private unit. I sent the email and got a response a couple hours later. The email had some red flags. The biggest ones was saying all utilities were included (the price was already low if it was just rent) and then them sending me a link to find my credit score and to send it to them before seeing the place. Also I noticed that the email they used doesn’t match the one Craigslist had me use to contact them but still had all the links to the original post, and stuff about Craigslist emails, and reporting scams on the bottom. I ended up sending them an email back that I was going to pass on the apartment because I wasn’t going to use the link and wasn’t comfortable sending them anything. I know, I’m a dumbass but part of me wants to believe it wasn’t a scam and didn’t want to be rude.
Anyway, I realized after I got the sketchy email that it was really stupid of me to have my full name, email, and phone number in my initial email. In my naïveté I was thinking “sharing this information makes me more trustworthy and not look like a scammer.”
How concerned should I be about my ID being stolen given this information?
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2023.05.29 04:33 AmpersandMe Migrating from GA3 to GA4: 'SearchTerms' and 'SearchUnique' in BigQuery GA4

Does anyone know how to define the equivalent of the dimension 'SearchTerms' and the measure 'SearchUnique' form GA3 in the GA4 BigQuery Steaming data?
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2023.05.29 04:33 Beautiful-Stomach656 I am so scared for my next session on Tuesday, is there any hope anyone can give me about being able to work things out with my therapist? (Sorry for reposting….keep getting weird abusive BS in my replies)

Posts from earlier in the week:
(There are links with posts to more history in there but this is the most recent updates)
Literally all I want from my therapist is the bare minimum that everything I’ve read said is important an necessary in terms of having a good relationship, good connection, good bond between therapist & client:
I seriously don’t want anything out of the ordinary, just the concepts that are recurring in posts like this. Something that is a genuine connection, being genuinely cared about, and receiving genuine compassion and support.
It just scares me because it seems like she’s trying to say even that is too much, but I don’t even understand how that could be possible. If that’s too much for her, then the basics of doing the job of therapist are too much for her.
I don’t know what to do or say to make this not seem insane anymore. I know I just want normal shit. I just want this to resolve because it’s the basic bare minimum.
I just want some hope. If she can’t give me even the basic minimums or won’t even try to aspire to, it’s just rehashing all the emotional abandonment and neglect that I received from my growing up. And makes it worse after my therapist encouraged all this maternal transference and attachment, and then abandons me the same way.
Please help me hope. I’m so scared.
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2023.05.29 04:33 darkenmyimagination Short en sweet

I’m on a couch of some kind and my friend comes over to sit by me. He’s not typically a touchy person with me but her leans a bit towards me and since I was sitting all curled up he just leans his elbow on my hip and let’s his forearm and hand rest casually on my thigh as we talk to those in our group not really acknowledging the contact. I feel him looking at me even as I’m speaking to someone else so I loop the hand closest to him casually through his elbow and gentle rub his arm trying to get him to relax which yeah, he does and we all are laughing but something shifts in me. I feel so suddenly linked to this person and I can’t really let go but unsure if I want to or not. Like a building panic put on pause. Then of course I wake.
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2023.05.29 04:32 etbryan83 Diagnosis difficulties please help

Female age 40. Smoker. I do not drink or use drugs.
-I have access to all of my blood work and can promptly answer any questions you may have.
Past Medical Hx Past Medical History:
. Anxiety - no meds
. Arrhythmia- PSVT - atenolol 2x per day
. FH: migraines - no meds
. History of palpitations-Controlled with Atenolol
. Incomplete abortion (multiple)
. Morbid obesity (HC)
. Panic attacks - no meds
. PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) - metformin
. Vitamin B 12 deficiency - biweekly injections
. Vitamin D 3 deficiency - daily D3 pill
. GERD - daily proton pump inhibitor
. Superficial blood clot in 2021 - no treatment was needed
. Dust mite allergy - daily allergy pill and nose spray
. Vertebral segmental dysfunction diagnosis with an X-ray at the chiropractor. I get small, low impact adjustments.
. 40mg prednisone. Was on 60mg but needed to drop down due to heart rate in the 140s
https://imgur.com/a/sxyWdIl https://imgur.com/a/Q1mxEsa https://imgur.com/a/OfY0BEJ https://imgur.com/a/uW2z2ek https://imgur.com/a/vO4JSAV https://imgur.com/a/tVvqHUZ
Dear doctors of Reddit, I need you. My medical team is struggling to diagnose me. I need ideas to bring to the table, because apparently whatever I have is not very common. I am located in Minnesota and will absolutely take a recommendation on a professional to see.
Over the past few weeks I have seen 8 or 9 different doctors between the emergency room, my GP, a OBGYN, breast specialist, nurses, a PA and a dermatologist, I even saw a hematologist due to unusual blood work. No one knows what is wrong with me, how to diagnose me or how to treat me. But they all agree something is very wrong. Originally they thought Lupus and then the ER said vasculitis. When I saw my GP on Friday he asked me what I had found on google and started taking notes. I’m shit terrified.
Last year when things were bad…. but not even close to this bad I was cleaned by endocrinology. This year I was cleared by allergy. I also have a clean MRI/CT scan of my head.
My baseline of health never feels awesome. I’ve always been someone who felt “sickly” and run down. But I deal with it and don’t complain. When I have these “episodes”. Some symptoms are short lived and less bothersome than others. Unfortunately everything seems to be happening at once and I can’t function.
I am currently on 40mg of prednisone to try to control some of this while we look for answers.
-My breasts are turning purple. Blood vessels are bursting and I experience swelling and pain with this.
-vulva swelling with distended veins.
-I have problems with spikes in blood pressure and heart rate that can’t be explained and I was often told it is anxiety. It comes with a burning feeling in my chest and back. It is usually self limiting to hours and they don’t have a known trigger.
-my hands swell and turn red and purple if I get too warm or too upset.
-I don’t sweat anymore. Being hot makes me feel very sick and my face turns bright red. My skin feels like it is burning. It takes multiple ice packs and hours in front of an air conditioner to cool down to a regular temperature.
-I get stretches of unexplained chest pains. Sometimes I will feel like inside of my chest itches. Sometimes it will feel hard to breathe.
-I get stretches of unexplainable abdominal pains. Sometimes hours and sometimes weeks. I sometimes feel like the pain is generalized to a specific area like around my spleen or around my stomach. It will hurt worse if I touch the area. Sometimes it is full abdomen pain. During my last uppelower I was told there was unexplained esophagus inflammation. I have had episodes of delayed gastric emptying with vomiting during these periods.
-I get weird rashes on my arm if I go outside or get too hot. They are small round dots that turn in to open sores. They do not hurt or itch. They heal as white or purple marks. They just started last year.
-I get swelling in the left half of my face and have very limited sensation in the left cheek. With this I get what I am guessing is swelling in my tongue that causes deviation. The tongue deviation being linked to swelling is just a guess and my personal guess. Doctors have no clue(I was originally told this was anxiety)
-I get what feels like swelling in my inner ears. I feel and hear crunching and popping. Soon this pressure builds and I get feelings of being lightheaded, dizzy, smelling burning, vision changes, and cognitive decline.
-I get pain and stiffness in my neck, wrists, fingers and toes. I have numbness and tingling in my left arm with limited sensation and what feels like limited strength.
-I get lesions on the sides and back of my tongue and what feels like bumpy rashes on the roof of my mouth. This was something I noticed right before the tongue deviation started.
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2023.05.29 04:32 Specialist-Listen628 New work focus set up

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2023.05.29 04:32 Hoshino_Key The first cover song video will be uploaded on June 14th!!! I sang my favorite song!! It's still a while away, but please subscribe and wait!!! :D *Link to my channel in comments.

The first cover song video will be uploaded on June 14th!!! I sang my favorite song!! It's still a while away, but please subscribe and wait!!! :D *Link to my channel in comments. submitted by Hoshino_Key to VirtualYoutubers [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 04:31 Striking-Sea434 Mac Miller TV Show

Does anyone have a link or know where to watch Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family from MTV? I've checked the MTV website and searched in the group and couldn't find it. I know there's an old 2018 google drive link but its missing most of the episodes.
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2023.05.29 04:31 CharacterFootball543 [AMA] I'm an Author, Editor, & Literary Agent. Ask Me Anything About Writing, Publishing, and Navigating the Literary World!

I'm an author, editor, and literary agent with a career spanning over a decade in the publishing industry. I've graduated with honours from the University of Melbourne with a Master's degree in Creative Writing, edited for HarperCollins Australia, represented authors at the Creative Artists Agency in LA, and am now a freelance writer and consultant based in Sydney.
I've had the chance to experience every aspect of the book creation process—from penning the first draft, slogging through revisions, to advocating for a manuscript and seeing it on bookstore shelves. Along the way, I've learned a lot about the craft of writing, the ins and outs of the publishing industry, and how to survive (and thrive) in this rewarding, yet challenging, field.
Whether you're an aspiring writer working on your first novel, a self-published author trying to increase your book's visibility, or someone curious about the realities of the publishing industry, I'm here to answer your questions!
Ever wondered about:
What catches a literary agent's attention in a query letter? How to effectively revise and edit your manuscript? The pros and cons of traditional, self, and hybrid publishing? Techniques for dealing with writer's block and maintaining productivity? Or anything else about writing, editing, and publishing? 
Fire away! I'm here for the next few hours, excited to answer your questions and share my experiences. Ask me anything!
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2023.05.29 04:31 Panzermeister69 RE 1.9 Items Configuration List

This is a list of RE 1.9 Build 48's Items Configurations. If you want to tweak something like a weapon's damage, the stack size of an item, the range of a detector and many more, this will guide you to that specific item. In the list there will be the item name and a number to the right. That number will be the line number in the configuration file in which the item is located. To get to the configuration file go to file explorer>steamlibrary>steamapps>workshop>content>383120>2550354956>content>configuration>ItemsConfig.ecf. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TrF7K9lcHN24WYmB_YL_f5u_8QdOJLHb/edit?usp=drive_link&ouid=116989510165388939714&rtpof=true&sd=true
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2023.05.29 04:31 saltychiz A legit and easy way on how to get FREE CS:GO Skins/knife 🔥

Hi guys, so I'm just gonna drop this tips here on how to get free skins (even gloves and knives!!)
How to get it :
  1. Download GC SKINS app on Play Store or App Store which mean It's trusted. Most questionable question in the CS:GO forum is : "Which one better? GCSKINS or Clickloot? Well, here is some info to compare both of them 2 million people has downloaded the app and there are more than couple thousands of daily users. It also has 4.6 rating on Google Play Store and TrustPilot, meanwhile Clickloot only have 500k users and only have an average of 5k-10k daily users and has a lot of complain. It also only has 3.7 rating on Google Play Store and more than 10% dissatisfied users every month
  2. Press ENTER CODE and input SALTY, TIKTOB, HOLMES, TERTOK, TERPOK, and RIPTIDEGC6 for in total of 30-50 starting coins (This step is optional, only for you that wants some extra coins. Some codes might not work, for more updated code you can check my YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/@saltychieze)
  3. Press Get More Coins. and choose your favourite offerwall
  4. Do tasks that they give and get the coins
  5. Withdraw the coins to open case or buy skin that you want from the NEW market and you send the skin to your steam account (steam level 0 and non prime csgo also can, Clickloot need atleast level 1) WITHOUT ANY LOG IN OR SIGN UP (only put steam trade link).
A little bit of advice, do not spend any money on the tasks because it is not worth it.
Good luck guys, I am sharing this because I have proven that this app really works.

csgo #gcskins #FREESKINS

check out this video for 'kinda' a tldr: https://youtu.be/dM_vEUdXbjo
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2023.05.29 04:30 _thedogfather_ [P&P Round 2] Completely Sane Industries Reliant 'B' Light Tank

[P&P Round 2] Completely Sane Industries Reliant 'B' Light Tank

Trust me, I'm an engineer.
A well-dressed kobold stands alone at the front of the room, shuffling note cards and sipping something that fizzes and smells awful. Clearing his throat, he begins:
Before we get into the full presentation, I'd like to thank the organization for their feedback on our ‘Precious’ prototype. We've incorporated numerous improvements to our design process as a direct result of that feedback, most prominently the consideration of crew members larger than kobolds. We do ask, however, that you please save any questions related to the unconventional layout of the tank to the end. I believe we'll be able to answer your questions during the presentation.
Our Reliant 'B' prototype. The 'A' variant has been cannibalized for parts and the engine returned to Infernal Armories after numerous complaints about it's, ah, appetite. Plus, from this view, it almost looks like a normal tank.
You asked for a new light tank design with unparalleled speed, visibility, and enough armor to survive any unfortunate engagements with the enemy, while also carrying sufficient firepower to eliminate any targets of opportunity that may present themselves.
With the Reliant B prototype, we feel we have the answer to your problems.
No photographers were harmed in the making of this pitch.
First, speed: The Reliant can reach a top speed of just over 40 mph forward and (while slow to accelerate) 36 mph backwards as well. Using the M89 engine means the Reliant accomplishes this through nonmagical methods, so that even in the case of an antimagic field, the tank remains mobile.
Driving around our proving grounds.
Regarding engines- this prototype is equipped with the M89 8-cylinder option. We found the slightly reduced engine power was an acceptable tradeoff after an intern on a tour with Infernal Armories was nearly consumed by their prototype. Using the lighter engine allowed us to add additional armor, resulting in better protection for minimal loss of speed. Luckily, the intern survived with no detectable loss of brainpower.
Upper view- note the oversized rear engine deck, forward fuel tanks, and offset exhaust.
Coupling the high speed with twin 10 speed transmissions gives the tank excellent turning performance at speed, and while the unconventional layout makes turning in place something of a misnomer, it is capable of it.
As this is a scout tank, visibility is a top priority- we've set up the driver position with three linked view ports giving a 90 degree clear view to the front, supplemented by two additional side periscopes. For night driving, six lights cover the full 180 degree arc to the front. In the turret, the commander's cupola is equipped with a separate spotlight, and a further 4 lights are attached covering the front arc of the turret- the multiple lights and coverages allow the crew to look in separate directions regardless of day or night conditions. The risk of being spotted by the enemy was deemed minimal considering the engine is loud enough to be heard from nearly a mile away- this tank relies on speed, not stealth, to accomplish its mission. The tank carries a crew of only 3- a dedicated driver, a combination gunneloader, and commanderadioman. While multiple roles can be difficult in combat, we've left as much space as possible for each crewman to avoid cramping them too much.
6 hull lights, 4 turret lights, 1 cupola light. Definitely not subtle, but at least you can see where you're going, where you've been, and where your friends are.
An internal 550 liter tank gives a reasonable combat radius, but the addition of 300 liters of additional fuel in quick-detachable external tanks significantly extends the range, allowing longer scout missions without increasing the size of the vehicle.
Excellent view of the forward tanks, taken after a mishap during hill climb trials.
To reduce the risk of being immobilized in enemy territory, a complete set of replacement road wheels and idlers are mounted on the fenders, with additional spare track links. Use of small bogie style suspension allows the crew to perform the maintenance themselves, even if they're all kobolds. Not that unlike torsion bar suspensions, ours is entirely outside the vehicle- provided you can at least get the rear of the vehicle on jacks or blocks, you can fix it without need heavy equipment.
Extra road wheels/idler wheels (identically sized for supply chain commonality)
Armor is still fairly thin, but for a light tank it's an efficient layout. We’ve managed to meet the 17mm protection request, at least for sides and rear of both turret and hull, without exceeding the weight limit. Hull frontal thickness is approximately 73mm all over, with side and rear armor of 18mm for both hull and turret- note that the turret front is actually slightly less well protected, at only 69mm. The bottom is protected by only 10mm plate. The hull top plate was increased to 12 mm, and the turret top increased to 18mm due to the high risk of attack by enemy aircraft. Use of the tank's incredible visibility is strongly encouraged to avoid minefields, as even light antipersonnel mines are likely to penetrate the lower hull.
The turret is equipped with the ToM104 3” field gun, primarily for the versatility offered by the wide selection of ammunition types. Carrying only 55 rounds (15 in the turret ready rack, 40 in the hull) means you won't be engaging in long, drawn out fights, but gives enough capacity to pack a few of each type of round to ensure you can pick off any lightly defended targets you find- storage caches, convoys, command posts, etc. A cupola machine gun is mounted above the turret for the commander, and a coaxial machine is also fitted for cases where the main gun is low on ammo.
Main gun, coax MG, and cupola MG.
Now, to address the layout- yes, we're aware that tanks generally have treads running the full length of the tank, but frankly we determined through testing that it simply wasn't necessary and added too much weight to the tank. Instead, we fitted much shorter tracks to the rear section and replaced the forward portion with an extended skid plate. Interestingly, this configuration actually improved step climb performance (from almost nothing to clearing the 0.75m step) and had no impact on hill climb, keeping the original 40 degree target from our internal specifications for light tanks.
Clearing the 0.75m step- a small running start is required.
Not just clearing the 40 degree slope, but catching air at the top.
Altogether, this tank provides the complete package- speed, visibility, protection, and enough firepower to handle light targets. Reliance on magic is minimized to avoid complicated maintenance requirements, and in fact an anti magic field will have almost no effect on the tank.
Superior hill climb performance means a squadron can strike or disengage through paths many would consider impossible terrain, like this prototype cresting the steep slopes adjacent to the shore on our proving grounds.

Out of character notes:
Once again, thanks to u/28th_Stab_Wound for putting on the contest, it's been a blast building these things and being able to exercise a bit of an unconventional flair on the design side. If at any time these pitches become too outlandish for the lore you're working towards, let me know and I'll tone it down. For now, though, I'm just having fun :D
Thanks to u/Terianis for allowing me to include the Infernal Armories reference, and for the inspiration to attempt this absolutely ridiculous hill climb test- I'm still flabbergasted by the things we can climb with the traction changes lately, and the fact that I can make a 9 ton tank with skinny little tracks covering less than half the length of the tank climb a hill like that is just bonkers.

While the Reliant can't compete with IA's entry, it can climb the lesser portion of the slopes by the waterfall at the shore.
Seconds from disaster- this is what happens you challenge a tank driven by a construct engine fueled by the flesh and souls of its enemies.
Disaster imminent
Even inverted, the sole hatch is still accessible!
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2023.05.29 04:29 TheHyperIntrovert Do any of you have/have heard of any experience with Badger Recovery?

So, I am a student who completed his first semester and dropped out second semester due to a combo of mental health issues and alcohol/drug addiction. I am returning to UW in fall, made a post about it in another sub, and someone sent a link to a resource called Badger Recovery. It’s basically a peer support group through UHS’s mental health services for those in recovery from drug addiction (whether that’s through an abstinence or harm-reduction model). While I am going to Madison soon to explore the Madison version of other supports I have set up (such as AA meetings), I was wondering if any of you have experience with Badger Recovery or have heard anyone’s experiences with it. I am trying to learn more about if it’s helpful or not for students so I know a little more about it before I try to sign up for it.
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2023.05.29 04:29 PomegranateNo9414 Car insurance after import

Anyone here have experience with importing cars from Japan? I’m not looking at importing anything exciting or exotic — literally the same model Subarus and Toyotas that are driven our roads. But I’m curious as to what insurance premiums are like for imports after they’re registered in Aus. My uninformed assumption would be if they’re the same vehicle as cars sold locally, they should be in the same ballpark with the premiums (personal and location factors aside). Haven’t found anything definitive online to answer my query.
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