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2023.05.29 23:14 diordevieve Kremer Funeral Home - Have the bodies/ashes been returned?

Kremer Funeral Home - Have the bodies/ashes been returned?
Was driving past this funeral home and thought to give it a Google. Found these articles and heartbreaking experience in the reviews. It is currently listed as permanently closed and bankrupt. Anyone have insight or hear if there has been any resolution for the families?
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2023.05.29 23:13 FMPumaY Me 16M, Gf 16F. I found out this morning that she was manipulated into cheating on me at the start of the relationship

What do I do.
My gf slept round my house last night. I could not sleep and it wasn’t until 2am I decided that I was going to just look on her phone as I’ve had trust issues from a past relationship and I’ve found texts from a boy where she allowed him to flirt with her but she didn’t flirt back, and so I obviously like an idiot went looking. We have been dating since January 2nd 2023, so coming up 5 months. Everything was normal, just her usual friends who I know (some boys) until I found this guy we will call Jarret. I had never seen him before and so I was curious. I went on and from just before we started seriously talking in September of 2022 to about 3 months ago so a month or so into the relationship she had been sending nudes to him. The majority of the full nudes were from before we were dating but like a week before I asked her out. In the relationship she said that she had only sent one full nude as I saw the rest were just thong pics or her arse in nike pros. I started shaking and my heart sank. She woke up from my shaking and asked me what’s wrong and I just stared blankly for a few minutes until I asked her who Jarret is. She then explained how she sent him nudes before she new me and ever since he has used it against her by saying if she doesn’t send more he will leak them. She told me she was planning to tell me soon but it was taking her time as she was scared and didn’t know how I would react. I don’t want to break up with her as she had no choice as this boy is known for leaking nudes. She told me she felt so guilty and wanted to tell me but was so petrified of him. She stayed up until 10 am cuddling me, apologising and answering the questions I had. I genuinely do believe she was being blackmailed.
This feeling hurts so much. After we would cry together if feel okay but now she has gone home and I’ve started cutting myself and I can’t get the image out of my head. I understand breaking up with her would probably be good for myself but I am not ready to give up on us as I have never loved a girl as much as I have with her. How can I get over this. She has removed him and hadn’t spoken to him for 3 months anyway as she eventually was able to put her foot down and stop it despite her trying multiple times before before but he said he didn’t care that she had a boyfriend and she’d keep doing it or the nudes would be leaked. I’m going to message him and pressure him with my mate but how do I get over these feelings. I feel like a clown now knowing what happened but being clueless at the time and loving her with everything I have.
I am begging someone to help me. Breaking up is not an option I just need help to be the happy boy I was with her the day before I found out.
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2023.05.29 23:13 WhiteFenix207 Need mods for a special playthough

Trying a new playthough that im pretty sure is not fully possible in vanilla. Don't know what mods will let me do this the best
I call it bisexual 100%
Rules of the playthough
I must marry every available NPC that is normally available. (Not allowed to marry somebody who can only be married with mods.)
They must all move into the same home (is there a large player home that would allow this?)
No sex mods (this is about love, not lust)
A nice little outfit (somehow slutty while not showing much skin, for a twink wizard, and wizard hat)
Put nazeem into a cage and make him do a little dance in a silly outfit (maybe over a pit of some kind)
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2023.05.29 23:13 Taz2dope Job change advice

Hi every hope all is well.
I have recently been offered a job that's more money but have the following issues.
My current job is with a non profit organisation and its extremely laid back with little to no pressure with the flexibility to work from home, leave early for school pick ups and money just ok. Prior to this job I was always in high stress jobs that were all consuming to the point my health and well being mentally and physically would deteriate.
My issue now is I want to move on make more money but am terrified of falling back into a black hole if I move jobs and have more work stress and less flexibility. I feel like I'm almost living with a disability and need to be aware of my own mental limitations when it comes to my ability to handle stress.
Feeling a bit down and and advice on what to do next is appreciated.
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2023.05.29 23:13 mrockracing I'm going to start making requests like they do.

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2023.05.29 23:13 dfw_doug 12-22-92 Dallas City Limits- RARE + Skid Row KISS covers

My car broke down and I have been forced back into my archives...
This is a one of a kind VHS recording from December 22, 1992 at Dallas City Limits, Pantera live. This has never been seen outside my home. It has some pre-show antics and the full show from a single tri-pod mounted camera near the sound stage - makes the audio exceptionally well for a bootleg. This was just before the release of Vulgar display of power. Features Mouth For War, Fucking Hostile, Domination, Walk, Cemetary gates, and more.
A lot of the chatter between songs was cut, I mean, batteries only lasted so long in '92.
Also has the Skid Row / Pantera KISS cover jam. More stuff I have been unable to find on YouTube or anywhere else.

Basic Question, what is this worth and how can I sell it?
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2023.05.29 23:13 SandovalsNews Rupert Murdoch's Fox News' 🦊 False News Reports Are the Scum of the Earth!!!! 🌎🌍😱🤮

Rupert Murdoch's Fox News' 🦊 False News Reports Are the Scum of the Earth!!!! 🌎🌍😱🤮
Rupert Murdoch's Fox News' 🦊 False News Reports Are the 'Scum of the Earth'!!!! 🌎🌍😱🤮
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2023.05.29 23:12 RealAd1811 I didn’t show up for the last two shifts of my new part time job, what do I do?

I had a full time remote job and was only making 44k and was struggling to make ends meet, especially when I found out I owed taxes in April. My manipulative mom who is very mentally ill kept offering to give and loan me money but was then angrily demanding immediate favors and errands during my work hours. I was really stressed so I kind of frantically started applying for part time and full time jobs.
I heard back from part time jobs first and took a job for a cashier at the grocery store across the street. They hired me over the phone and I went in for orientation, she said she would call me in a day or two but I didn’t hear back from her for a week until I called her.
She thought this would be my new full time job and that I was not working at all but didn’t seem in a hurry to give me hours. In the meantime I interviewed and received a new full time job working in office. Then I got my schedule for the grocery store after a couple training shifts and I was scheduled to work Thursday through Sunday while I was still working my remote job and starting my new office job that Monday. I hadn’t gotten any of my clothes shopping for the new job yet, they are really strict business professional and I didn’t have anything.
I was really stressed and worked the grocery store Thursday after my remote job, Friday after my remote job, then Saturday and Sunday and went in to the new office job feeling a bit unprepared Monday. I had a horrible headache after my first day of the new job and went home to sleep since I barely slept the night before. Tuesday after my new job I ran around to several stores (3) getting clothes. Wednesday I was supposed to work at the the grocery store after work, but my house was turned upside down and I was so behind on chores and I forgot my phone at home all day. I get off at 4:30 and was supposed to be at the grocery store at 5 but I was so tired I just went home and didn’t go. I was also supposed to go there Friday and I didn’t go either. I had a birthday party after work for a niece Thursday and plans with my boyfriend I hadn’t seen in two weeks Saturday and Sunday and also I hadn’t been able to do my dishes or clean the litter box or do laundry and the house was a wreck, it stunk.
I am an idiot and really over scheduled myself. I feel awful for not showing up at the grocery store. I really don’t want the job… I feel ashamed because my family and boyfriend knew I started the grocery store job. And they’re going to ask about it.
I’m sure I’m fired since I didn’t show up for 2 shifts. I really think it was too much because I was supposed to work 5-10 after work and then go into the office the next morning and I knew I wouldn’t have slept enough and would have been emotionally and mentally exhausted because I already am exhausted with learning a whole new office job.
Also, this store I found out is more dangerous than I thought, a manager recently got her car stolen, during my 5 shifts there there’s been a couple of thefts, and also the store next door gets robbed a lot, once on a shift my coworkers were shouting about someone stealing a big armful of clothes and running out the door, and also one of the managers there is really u hinged, calling a worker the B word, and yelling a lot in an unhinged way and getting super angry. It just seemed like not a good place to work.
What should I do? I’m feeling really guilty. I’ve never not showed up to a job before. I’m really ashamed of myself.
TLDR: I got a new part time grocery store cashier job in the midst of starting a new full time office job, and got overwhelmed and didn’t show up the last two shifts for the grocery store job. I feel really guilty and ashamed. What should I do?
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2023.05.29 23:12 Sht_n_giglz What's it like?

I'm going to the Luxembourg shows this summer, (very small and intimate venue close to my new home) and have the chance to catch them in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and France as well. What should I expect as a newbie?
I'm starting to take a dive and listen to some albums since KGtLW started to permeate some jamband music scenes and reddits recently.
What are your album and live show recommendations for a new listener? I've been going to grateful dead shows, phish since mid 90's, jazz, rock, reggae and open to new things musically. Are their live shows and fans psychedelic friendly?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.29 23:12 EarthChristmas Therapist/Psychiatrist recommendation.

My sons and I will finally be back in my home state/hometown this coming Thursday after 24 years ago.
Their dad died suddenly 2 years ago and all our family is there (Englewood).
However, from that traumatic night, I've developed panic anxiety syndrome. My doctor told me to get in with a psychiatrist to start addressing the grief that I more or less surpressed for my sons.
Can anyone recommend a good therapist or psychiatrist there? Preferably non religious. Thank you in advance. 😊
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2023.05.29 23:12 arthurmorgan2266 Friend and family just want things

I left my home country a long time ago. Some family and friends have always kept in touch and we have a good relationship.
I went back for a visit last year and caught up with everyone.
I'm back this year again but this time I'm working (I'm a semi successful artist) now all these friends and family who haven't spoken to me for years or wanted to catch up with me when I came back are all messaging me for me to do work for them.
I don't want to say no because they had work from me when I first started so I still feel grateful. However, I feel like they will expect the same cheap rate and working on the trip is funding my trip to see everyone.
I know if I say my full rate everyone will get weird with me. Just feeling abit used and needing advice please
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2023.05.29 23:12 jellybean20231 5G Home Internet and gaming

How’s the 5G home internet for PS5 online gaming? How about work from home and gaming together? It’s just my husband and I at home, he games and I work at home. We stream TV when he’s not gaming. We also have a couple tablets but they have cellular plans. Coverage map shows availability at my address. We are switching from Verizon and their 5G home is not in my area so I won’t be able to compare but it would be nice to get rid of our telephone co-op fiber optic internet which is insanely high $$$ for crazy low speeds.
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2023.05.29 23:12 super-jazz Northeast USA Importer

Is anyone aware of any importers in the northeast (bonus points for New England)? I live in Western MA and would prefer to be able to pick up and drive the truck home to save on shipping costs.
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2023.05.29 23:12 Nihilistic_Elder I took the keys to a car I don't own

Today I went to see a car I'm thinking of buying, so I see the car and test drive it, the salesman tells me to turn it off and to take the keys so I can give it to him. As I go to do this he left to find me a new battery for the car, I put them in my pocket and head to the office. We talk shop for 15 minutes and settle on a price we both agree on. He offers me a ride to the nearest train station. AFTER I get back home I'm emptying my pockets and I see the car key, initiate panic, self hate, self blame Mode. Here in Germany he could easily call the police because we last left the car in the street and he could even report them as stolen. luckily he was quite nice and told me that he has spare keys so all is good now.
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2023.05.29 23:11 jimbospet Cheapest Mobile Home Parks in Peoria?

To make a long story short, I'm looking to move into a mobile home because my rent was just raised and I was barely scraping by as it was. Need to cut costs where I can.
I am wondering if anyone knows any cheap mobile home parks in the area? I see ones going for $900-1200 but that is more expensive than my current rent.
Hoping someone can help guide me in the right direction. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful memorial day weekend!
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2023.05.29 23:11 throwaway20211111110 My old place of employment-long post

I quit my old job a year and a half ago, and since then it has been nothing short of mental hell. I have anxiety when I have days off,because I am just waiting for someone to call my phone and yell at me for something. As I worked alongside the direct and CEO of a small company. So anything that went wrong(no matter if I caused it or not) was my fault. Constantly on eggshells, whenever I would talk to them about remotely anything. They would constantly bring up the fact that I am a woman in a male dominated field. Which I was well aware, but I wasn’t aware that being followed home from work, called outside of my name, and blame for literally everything, was part of the job description. I missed holidays, birthdays, and even the birth of my niece and nephew. When my nonna (grandmother) passed away they didn’t count it as a person I was close enough to, and had to beg to have the day off for her funeral. Which was unpaid until I fought with them on it. The day of my dad’s anniversary of him passing, I requested the day off, the director called and screamed at me because I wasn’t there and I could lose my job. Even though he told me weeks prior that I could have it off. The boss’s son would harass me daily, to the point my hygiene went to crap because I did not want to come off like I was looking to be harassed as they would say. He would constantly tell me to leave my fiancé for him as his dad owned part of the business, and I felt disgusting every single day. The last straw was when during the holidays of 2021, I contracted C19 because they allowed people in the building with no mask, and would mock about how the virus is. After I was diagnosed and was urged to rest and quarantine, I called my boss and apologized for getting ill, because he was upset with me that I got ill in the first place. And that it could have been completely prevented. So day after day that I was trying to rest, I would receive phone calls about how crappy of a worker I was, how I did nothing right. So I shut off my phone at that point. Until I thankfully recovered and returned to work. That same day that I returned to work, I ended up being rushed to the hospital with a heart rate of 160 and had my first ever panic attack. After I returned and busted my butt to show I am a great worker; I was then declined a raise since my performance fell during the time I was ill. So I quit a few months shortly after finding a new job. Since then, I have not felt right since. Mentally, I am still scared, physically I am not okay, and I have spoken to therapist, I have went to several doctors, psychiatrist, and still feel like everything is my fault. That I am not a good person, and that life is how it is now, because I caused all of it. Even though I graduated with my bachelors degree as valedictorian and just recently received my masters.
If you have read this far, I thank you dearly, from the bottom of my heart.
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2023.05.29 23:11 anjealka Laundry Room floor drain sewer smell comes & goes, cleaning hasn't worked

We moved into a rental home about 6 months ago. The laundry is on the second floor. About 6 weeks ago the laundry room had a bad smell ( like sewer) , the smell went away during the next load of laundry. The room smelled fine for a few weeks, then the smell came back. The washer was only 6 months old (top load) and the washer smelled fine as well as the hose and the hose drain. Again the smell went away during the next load.
The smell came back this weekend and it was strong. I moved the washer and the smell is coming out of the drain in the floor under the washer. this is the drain in the drain pan. It is strong sewer smell. I poured hot water down it and , it made the smell a little less strong. I poured baking soda and vinegar down it and it made the smell go away but within 36 hours the smell is coming back.
What would be the next best step, drian cleaner, snake, checking the roof?
The home is about 10 years old. The laundry room is on the second floor, there are two full bathrooms on the second floor, another bathroom on the first floor. The master bath is next to the laundry room and the master tub has had a sour smell twice (not sure if it is related but the it was not a sewer smell like the laundry room and vinegar and baking soda got rid of the smell for a long period of time). There is no drains running slow in the house. Just this horrible smell in the laundry room floor. I would rather not bother the landlord with it, it is a hard rental market and we agreed to take care of small issues (hopefully this is a small issue).
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2023.05.29 23:11 JanVanRiebeek12 My husband cheated on me with my own daughter, feels like I’ve lost two loved ones.

So I noticed some wierd activities with my husband and daughter for a while. Caused a little concern but nothing out of the ordinary. I come from a small town in Kentucky and we are really friendly good people. While theys was hugging once I noticed him with a tight grip on her behind. But like I said we good people here.
Well all that good thinking went out the window when I came home when I wasn’t supposed to and caught them to. I almost vomited. The man I love. Father of my children. Having my own precious sweet daughter bent over like that doing Satans work. We don’t even have sex like that anymore.
My daughter so young and so innocent. When I was her age I hadn’t even had my first kiss yet. I mean she’s such a good student in school. Getting good grades. She tried telling me daddy forced her and she didn’t want to. But I saw with my own eyes how she was moaning in pleasure.
As for my dirty husband. He’s now dead to me.
How do I move on in life now?
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2023.05.29 23:11 X_I_Will_Vore_You_X May god have mercy on my wounded soul.

I am a pasty white guy. Emphasis on pasty, and emphasis on white. I went to the aquatic center the other day and so bravely decided to swim without a shirt, being in the sun for around an hour. The catastrophic blunder leading to the agony I endured moments ago bein that I forgot sunscreen.
By the time I was home I could only take cold showers, which was only so bad. Jenisa applied some cream to my back that killed off any pain other than the pain I'd get adjusting my sleeping position.
Yesterday, the day after the affair, was a perfectly fine day. I was even outside, albeit with a large sunhat and an improvised scarf to cover my neck, back and shoulders.
I put some lotion on my skin maybe an hour ago to hopefully expedite the healing process. Within minutes I had started to develop this unrelenting itch that I could only feel under my skin. It was an itch that had, within 5 or so minutes, garnered such a ferocious intensity that it had earned it's name as hells itch.
I was - back to the beginning of this - writhing on my way to and inside of the cold shower, playing wack a mole with the shower, trying to smite any itch that may come up, however that only eased me for a few minutes.
I got out, starting to make noises like a rabid animal due to the frustration of having such a torturous sensation all over my shoulders and back and not being able to do anything about it. It was so fucking bad if I had to go through that again I would promptly remove the damaged skin with a potato peeler.
It has finally began to subside, after taking ibuprofen, benadryl, applying a lidocaine spray and and rubbing in what I can only estimate to be half a cup of aloe vera onto my shoulders and back. I sit here now, with only mild itching, ever grateful that I've been graced by moderate comfort once again.
I sit here, reflecting, asking whatever beings watch down on us, what critical sin I have committed to deserve such a harsh, unyielding punishment.
The gratitude I feel that this nightmare is over is unparalleled.
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2023.05.29 23:10 ShallowBox [Canada] Run AC all day while at work or only once I get home?

Hey all! Happy Monday!
I’ve just recently moved out on my own so ive been wondering this question - and I’m not even sure if this is the right place to ask.
Was hoping maybe someone more experienced in paying bills might be able to help me.
I live in a small 1000ish square foot apartment (6th floor).
Currently where I live it’s 27c (80F), I’m sure to some of the hotter climates this is nothing but it’s hot to me!
My question is it cheaper to set my apartment to 22c the whole day so it stays that temperature?
Should I just set it for 30mins before I get home to 22c to cool it down right before I get home?
My thought process is: if I just have it come on 30mins before I get home it’s going to take a lot longer to cool down to 22c vs having it regulate itself back down to 22.
I also might just be totally over thinking this, and it’s best to just have it turn on right before I get home.
It’s only the start of the summer and we typically see 30-35c (85-95F) mid summer, that’s why I thought it might be better to just have it on all day rather then having to go to 30c to 22c.
Thanks so much (:
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2023.05.29 23:10 Electricladylanddd Trouble setting up pole

Trouble setting up pole
So I just got a pole for home the brand is Yaheetech.
I’m having issues installing it correctly. I have found a stud in the ceiling and it’s aligned correctly with it. I’ve tightened the bolts as much as possible. The issue is that it is wobbly and it also loosens when you spin and the whole thing falls off.
Any ideas??
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2023.05.29 23:10 Then-Improvement-652 AITA for not telling my parents I have a boyfriend in advance?

I guess I should give a little background first that my parents have always been a little...weird about me dating. I couldn't date in high school (though I was homeschooled, so not much opportunity anyway) and I basically wasn't allowed to have any sexual relationships while I lived at home during college and after. Seeing my half-sisters (then 20/21) being kicked out in the middle of the night for lying about having sex didn't encourage me either.
As a result, I never dated until now, being 26. I moved out last fall and met my current boyfriend two months ago, made things official a month ago.I haven't even mentioned him to my family yet because I just wanted to keep the experience to myself now, especially away from the questions and concerns that would come my way.
But the other day, while on the phone with my parents, when they asked me about something, I mentioned an item I needed to drop off at my boyfriend's place and yeah, basically introduced him that way. The questions came in hot: "You have a boyfriend? Why didn't you tell us? What's his name? How did you meet?"
Then later I visited their house and they eventually had more questions, and what started off as curiosity eventually became sour disappointment that I didn't tell them anything sooner, that I should have, and questioning why I'm so secretive.
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