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Philadelphia Flyers Mascot

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The home for the greatest creation known to man... GRITTY

2015.02.08 15:48 RyanKinder Everything that's related to Boston Weather: Forecasts, School Closings, Maps...

Everything that's related to Boston Weather: Forecasts, School Closings for reasons other than pandemics, Maps... You name it!

2018.03.23 12:43 EmberordofFire All hail our lord and savior, OGLE-2006-BLG-109Lb.

For all things OGLE-2006-BLG-109Lb, the One True God.

2023.06.08 11:33 sad-canadian When do you start to feel better after starting antibiotics for h. pylori?

age: 19 gender: male location: california medications for h pylori: clarithromycin, metronidazole, omeprazole, and amoxicillin
I had an endoscopy for chronic nausea and they found that i had gerd (which my pcp already knew) and a hiatal hernia, and took a biopsy from my stomach to test for H. pylori and a biopsy from my upper intestine to test for celiac disease. The biopsies came back that I do have H. pylori, and I was put on a lot of antibiotics and an acid reducer. I have a pill divider to make sure I’m not forgetting which pills I have to take & how many etc.
I’m currently on day 3 of the medication and I noticed that every time I take them, I get more nauseated and my stomach starts to hurt. Overall, I’ve been feeling more sick than usual. Weirdly enough despite the acid reducer, my acid reflux is making acid reflux slightly come back up (I’m not full on vomiting or anything). I’m not sure if this is related to the antibiotics since I’m also on Latuda, but I’ve been severely fatigued ever since starting the antibiotics, and I started Latuda the same day as the antibiotics so I cant rule anything out. When I say severely tired and fatigued, I mean I can barely stand up and stay awake half of the time and I sleep 12-14 hours at a time.
Just wondering when you actually start to feel better after starting the antibiotics because so far I’m just feeling a little worse than usual.
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2023.06.08 11:33 GameAW I'd like to call suspicion once more on Njordr... (New chapter spoilers)

So as we learned, Heidr is Gullveig's child, and as she puts it, her "other half" as well as Seidr is also to become Gullveig herself. We also already know Kvasir approached Njordr (who was initially hostile to her) and told him about Gullveig's presence within her, as well as a spiel how all is inevitable. We then arrived and were met with that same hostility.
Fast forward to the start of the book where we find both of them living with him, Gullveig even basically entrusting Heidr to him for all intents and purposes by sending her with him to live as a sister to Seidr. It is also important to remember that Seidr (who is now confirmed going to become Gullveig) asked us to create a child with her on his orders specifically. For someone who is telling us he is trying to stave off the Seer's Curse on Heidr and opposes Gullveig, his actions so far seem to only have an end goal that benefits her. If Seidr cannot create a child, Heidr cannot be made. If he wanted to stop Gullveig, he could try to arrange for Heidr, Seidr, or even both to be killed prematurely either himself or by our hands, not foster both of them.
Lastly, this one is rather weak on its own but I suppose it at least deserves a mention: Golden eyes seems to be a recurring theme on those involved with Gullveig. His are small but if you look carefully, they are absolutely golden just like Heidr and midpoint movie's Seidr. This one isn't exactly much but it does contribute a bit.
I know a lot of us had concluded by his reaction on the midpoint movie that he couldn't be evil after all, but given the newest chapter and further reflection on his actions, I think we need to double-check this guy.
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2023.06.08 11:30 AutoModerator [Get] Payton Clark Smith – SEO and Webflow 2.0 Download

[Get] Payton Clark Smith – SEO and Webflow 2.0 Download
Download :
“All Webflow designers should understand SEO. This course will show you how to master it, package it and sell it!
This course is the best way to grow your freelance web design business.”


Does this sound familiar?
You’re a freelancer working project-to-projectYour income is unpredictableYou can’t find enough clients


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Build recurring income
End the stress of working project-to-projectMake over 6-figures with only 10 clientsIntroducing SEO and Webflow 2.0


Freelancing was much harder than I thought…

In 2018 I started my business and I struggled to find web design clients. When I did, they would never pay me more than $800 bucks for a website. The next month, I was back to square one trying to find a new website project just to stay afloat.
I was working myself to death. 😩
I had serious doubts that I could ever provide a good life for my family as a freelance designer…
I hustled to improve my skills and up my prices (and I did pretty good!).
I started charging $2k and $3k for my website projects and I got a glimmer of hope. 🤩
Then my 1st son was born and I quickly realized how expensive life can get.
I finally accepted the fact that I needed to make some serious changed to my business if I was going to make this work.

So I started to learn SEO…

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2023.06.08 11:30 DeepTip6658 Tapering from 40mg - 20mg as of yesterday. what to expect ?

Just wanted anyone’s experiences of tapering from 40mg- 20mg. (i have been on Fluoxetine for 8 months in total- 3 months on 40mg).
It is for my anxiety and OCD. I am tapering off over two/three weeks to then go on Clomipramine 25mg as Fluoxetine is not doing much for me. Just wondering what to expect and if anyone has switched to Clomipramine ? thanks so much :)
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2023.06.08 11:29 thedailynewsbulletin Rs 2,000 Notes: Around 35% of Rs 2,000 currency notes deposited or exchanged so far

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2023.06.08 11:29 TitleFar5294 £4 Grow herijuana t16

£4 Grow herijuana t16
My script is arriving today in two parts. I've gone for £4 per gram Grow T16 Herijuana (pictured), £4 per gram Cetolone T20 White Widow.
The herijuana is beautiful on first inspection. At £4 per gram this is a must for the budget conscious among us (based on aesthetics. I'm yet to try it). The smell is relatively muted - but what Im getting is earth, spicy and v slightly sweet.
The White Widow looks...fine? Small midsy looking. Also muted in smell: earthy, a bit citrussy. Fine at £4 per gram but nothing to write home about and near zero bag appeal.
I'm waiting on Green Gelato & Murray Sherbet. I'll put something up if the Murray Sherbet is any good (I've had the GG before so unlikely to post unless it's particularly mind-blowing)
This month's summary:
White widow - 20g, £80 Herijuana - 20g, £80 Green Gelato - 10g, £52 Murray Sherbet - 20g, £104
Total = 70g for £316 Average = £4.51 per gram, £126.40 per ounce
+£15 repeat prescription fee (Zerenia)
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2023.06.08 11:29 sioapochuchu Are there other people like me who have birthday/birth month anxieties?

Birth month blues or birthday blues are common for me years ago. But the last 4 years are different. Each year in those 4 years someone is breaking me into pieces. Someone hurt me emotionally. Someone who should be the one who will go far and beyond into making me happy because that’s my special week, day, or month. But in all the months he always chose to break up or create a problem every birth month. I guess it’s because I will never do this to my someone because I always go far and beyond to make my someone happy especially because it’s his month and I am hoping someone does it the same as mine.
Last month I’m dreading for June to come because of the anxiety of me breaking my heart again and me crying again, especially on my birthday are high. And di nga ako nagkamali.
It’s my birthday in 2 days and I’m crying my heart out for the person who should celebrate it with me but chose to break me again for the 4th time.
And my family will ask again where is that someone? Why is he not with me? Why are we not celebrating?
I want to cry to my mom. I want to tell them everything just to ease this pain. I want them to hug me and take away this pain. But I still don’t want them to know because they treat him as his son and I don’t want to ruin that or his image. And so here I am writing everything as a way to cope.
HAHAHAHAHA fvck my life.
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2023.06.08 11:29 intothemayland What coffee am I looking for?

TLDR: I am looking for some coffee recommendations, origin and flavour profile based, rather than specific roasters and brands. I live in Europe, so American roasters will be unavailable to me.
So far I have had a chance to try a few coffees from different countries and from different roasters. I'll quickly describe the flavours, the method and whether I enjoyed them.
The first coffee I tried was Ethiopian, brewed in V60 at a coffee shop/roaster (let's call them Roaster A). I liked the taste but did notice it had quite an acidic taste for me. It was more like tea than coffee, but it was interesting. Next, I bought coffee from another roaster (Roaster B). They use their own branded names for their roasts. There was not much info on the pack except for that it was of Kenyan origin. I bought freshly ground beans to make at home, and in the few tries I had with my Mugen, I enjoyed the taste. Initially, it had a slightly more acidic taste, while now I can feel more nutty, chocolate-kind of flavours. However, now I am starting to think, maybe what I am tasting is staleness ?
I also tried two more coffees from Roaster A, one being Kenyan and the other being Costa Rican. Kenyan was prepared with drip machine, and it had a very acidic flavour, with a note of manure, even... I did not particularly like that. It tasted like tea with 5 lemons in it.
The Costa Rican coffee was sold as filter coffee (paper bag with pre-ground beans you put on a cup), so I decided to try it at home. The taste was good too, slightly acidic but not too much.
My main question is, what kind of coffee am I looking for? I did enjoy more chocolate-like flavours since they actually scream "coffee" to me. The very acidic tastes remind me of tea with lemon instead of actual coffee, but then apparently that is how coffee is supposed to taste. I am also a bit confused since both coffees of Kenyan origin tasted so vastly different.
Does flavour have to do with the coffee itself or the roasting process? Do you have any tips as to how to choose coffee?
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2023.06.08 11:28 philosophiesde Guest post by Yervant Kulbashian: "The Green Swan - Part 3: A Thin Layer of Symbols"

Guest post by Yervant Kulbashian:
Guest post by #Yervant #Kulbashian (Engineering Manager, AI Platform): "The Green Swan - Part 3: A Thin Layer of Symbols"
Read part 1 and 2 of the series.
The 3rd part of the guest post published here is by Yervant Kulbashian, whom I got to know and appreciate through a sub on reddit.
Yervant works as an engineering manager on an AI platform for a Canadian IT company that deals with #Reinforcement #Learning as solutions "autonomous operation of robots in dynamic environments".
And it was exactly this engagement with reinforcement learning as "autonomous operation of robots in dynamic environments" that triggered a very productive correspondence on my previously published essay "The system needs new structures - not only foagainst Artificial Intelligence (AI)" (
The focus of our interesting exchange, which we later also continued in our "#Zoomposium panel discussion", was mainly on the "subject-object concept" for "machine consciousness" and the possibilities of a symbolic representation or implementation of human language on machines and the logical problems that arise in this context.
In this context, Yervant had already published his articles on language implementation on machines in September 2022, but in the context of #ChatGPT and the possibilities for implementation or representation of human language, they take on a whole new perspective and topicality.
However, the essays also show very clearly that #ChatBots are currently nothing more than very smart, "talking parrots", but are still very far from semantic concepts of language, let alone conscious use.
Yervant has kindly agreed to publish his 3 articles on this topic with me as well, which I am now successively putting online. To make them accessible to my German readership, I have translated them into German.
This 3rd part of his overall essay deals mainly with the problem of how language-guided, human thinking "can be developed from this implicit stage to a formal #logic". Here you must first "go through the stages of #conceptualization or #abstraction" in order to develop from this in a further step "the terms for logical concepts" for machines, to learn them and to be able to apply them to several similar examples. So for machines there is still a lot to "learn" ;-).
But the original text is available on my page below.
There are more projects planned on the topic "#AC/#DC" (only meant as a bonmot ;-) or "Artificial Consciousness/Digital Consciousness", which I would like to point out here prospectively. But now Yervant or rather "the AI shall come up":
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2023.06.08 11:28 savannahrileyr This has been really great week so far! Hope yours has been amazing too! Almost Friday!

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2023.06.08 11:27 potatoISnotAfruit Does anyone know where to buy this plush chick? (Around 20 25cm)

Does anyone know where to buy this plush chick? (Around 20 25cm)
I study really far away from home and this is the first toy i gave to my sister(bought from thriftshop, so no tag) She loves it a lot, but lost it due to random kid took and ran away with it(????)
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2023.06.08 11:27 FrulesYT Hi! My name is Alex, and i'm currently making an open-world game about Bluey!

Hi! My name is Alex, and i'm currently making an open-world game about Bluey!
You've probably seen me around the subreddit posting clips of a Bluey sandbox game I developed.
Well, since putting all my time and effort into it i'm deciding to go full throttle, which means I'm gonna need a LOT more coffee.
There's not much to it yet as far as gameplay goes, but i've been working so tirelessly on this thing, i've got dreams of Bluey running around the giant open world I created. Not even lying.
I do have a story to tell and I think it'll be really fun to experience. I'd just like to know what fans of the show would think, because I'm still relatively new to the fandom.
If not then, hey, I can just private the whole project, no biggie (cries)
I would love some support if possible. I've got an early test itch . io page set for a demo release.
...of course, I haven't made the page public yet, BUT I WILL!
Anyways, that's it. That's all I wanted to say. BYEEEEEEE
Working title is \"Bluey in the Imaginatrix\" Could be set to change but I think it sounds really good.
Bluey. Just Bluey.
Drowned Canyon in the distance. It'll make sense further down the line.
So...SO many floating Islands. Probably gonna add more just for kicks
Muffin on a Tractor chasing Bluey. Because yes.
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2023.06.08 11:27 DutchChairMan Formula not showing the right outcome

So for this table I'm trying to calculate the average what it shows is technically correct but not what I need, which should be the total under test 4, 9,15 (sum of test 3 / by the count of aantal keer gewerkt).
I've tried both a measure and new column. Formula;
Test 4 = VAR _ss = SUM(Nacalculatieoverzicht_Dienstlengte[Sorteren]) VAR _cae = COUNT(Nacalculatieoverzicht_Dienstlengte[Aantal_eenheden]) RETURN divide(_ss, _cae)
Anybody have any ideas?
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2023.06.08 11:27 Bubbly_Clothes_6365 My dad made me sleep in my own piss when I was a teenager

I'm sharing this story because it haunts me to this day, although I moved out nearly five years ago.
To give some backround, my dad was a single parent with two kids, me (24f) and my brother (27m). Growing up, my brother and I always had to share a room, because our dad had financial problems, and couldn't afford a three bedroom apartment. My brother moved out with his girlfriend as soon as he could when he was 18, and so my room was left with two beds. I loved to use his bed as a sofa, because it felt like luxury back then.
The first few months after my brother had moved out were absolutely horrendous. Growing up, me and my brother had always been there for each other when our dad let out his anger on us, and so we were always very close. Tbh I don't think I could've made it this far without him. But now it was just me enduring all the abuse.
My dad had fucking lost it after my brother had moved out, and I was just waiting for the day to end so he would go to sleep and leave me alone. I fell asleep quickly, but then I accidentally wet my bed due to extreme stress.
I obviously didn't tell him because I was so embarrassed, I just switched to sleeping in my brother's old bed. However, my dad started to notice the fact that I wasn't using my old bed anymore. After he found out the reason behind it, he wouldn't let me sleep in my brother's bed anymore. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He made it sound like I had committed a crime, and I'd have to face the consequences. We ended up having an argument where I begged him to let me sleep in my brother's bed if I got rid of my own which smelled foul due to the piss, but he never gave in. He even went so far that he came to check if I was sleeping on the right bed before he went to sleep. I felt so fucking humiliated I could only cry myself to sleep. I don't think I'll ever forget the smell, it was the most disgusting thing ever.
I know this sounds crazy, but I wish I was lying. He got rid of my old bed the day after the incident, and we never spoke about it again. I still have no idea what happened to him that night, but I could never fully trust him again since that had happened.
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2023.06.08 11:27 nDangered Sonic Syndicate's Most Misunderstood Album.

Sonic Syndicate's Most Misunderstood Album.

Sonic Syndicate is one of the most popular MDM bands of the past 2 decades and their influence can still be heard to this day in a lot of modern MDM and Metalcore bands.
In this post, I wanted to talk about their most misunderstood (and underrated) album to date, I'll give a brief summary of the event before and after this album so people that don't know this band can get an idea.
So the band kinda started in the early 2000s but didn't get a buzz until the second album "Only Inhuman" which dropped in 2007, the band became kind of a big deal at the time and with the release of their third studio album "Love and Other Disasters" the band was basically on the same level as In Flames, Atreyu, etc., later in the beginning of 2009 their clean vocalist Ronald Johansson left the band and was replaced by Nathan Biggs. I don't really know what most people think of Nathan (personally I like his style, especially on the album we will be talking about).
In 2009 the band released an EP called "Burn This City" with 2 new songs, the title track gave us a glimpse of the style the band was evolving towards (meaning party rock/metal forced by the label), and the second song which isn't very known "Rebellion in Nightmareland" is more of their original sound and I believe "We Rule the Night" would have benefited from songs like this, also this song is a sort of glimpse into The Unguided as this song sounds like it might have been written for that (The Unguided formed in 2011 but the idea was birthed around 2008-09). Long story short their fourth album "We Rule the Night" had some hits but fans of the band hated it because of its very commercial sound (I personally like some of the songs here). Shortly after the album's release two of the founding members Richard and Roger Sjunnesson left the band, according to them the label (Nuclear Blast) was controlling and changing the sound of the band and left to form The Unguided which holds strong to this day and follow the traditional SS sound and have had a flawless carrier so far.
After touring for WRTN the band kinda took a small break to focus on other stuff, then in 2014, it happened! The band released their fifth studio album "Sonic Syndicate". My personal belief is that if a band self-titles an album then it should represent everything the band stands for and in this case, they hit the nail on the coffin with laser precision. This album represents everything the band is, you have classic melodic riffing, awesome keyboards, the drums sound raw and amazing, the choruses are anthemic, the artwork is cool as hell and the band proved they could hold their own without the Sjunnesson brothers. Nathan's best work to date is on this album, now taking both screaming and clean vocal duties proving he can hold his own just fine (as well as the beautiful collaboration with Soilwork's Bjorn "Speed" Strid and harmonizing the chorus to "Before You Finally Break" together is something magical). As a whole, this album is flawless to me and can only be topped by Only Inhuman (it might as well stand neck to neck with it).
I believe the reason this album is underrated and misunderstood is that it has a lot against it in a way, with founding members leaving and forming a new band with the old sound everyone liked, as well as being released 4 years after a not so well received album with a hiatus in between you can see why this album was doomed from the beginning. I am obviously aware that not everybody will like this style but SS fans that like the first 3 albums have no reason to dislike this at all in my opinion.
I am also aware that 2 years after this album was released, SS made a very shocking change to their sound as their sixth album "Confessions" wasn't at all connected to their sound, instead it was an electronic rock album. After that, I'm pretty sure everybody gave up on new SS music. I find the new sound very nice but they should've made a better transition to this sound and not gone from classic MDM to Electro Rock in a 2 year span. After a few tours spanning from 2016 through 2018, the band sorta went into hiatus again.
Last year Nathan shared a post on his Instagram stating that he had hit writer's block and couldn't find the passion to write new SS music but also stated he was coming out of it and that he and Robin started writing again and that it sounded good. I can only hope that if we ever see another album that it will be an anthemic return to form.
If you read through all this thank you, I would love to hear everybody'sTitled opinion on the Self Title album.
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2023.06.08 11:26 fit_vivant Lessons Learned from Ironman 70.3 Victoria 2023

I did Ironman 70.3 Victoria last month (my first tri!) I wanted to give a few tips re: logistics that I didn’t see elsewhere on reddit or on the race website. This is mostly for my fellow Americans.
Getting there:
· There are 3 Vancouvers: Vancouver, WA, Vancouver BC, and Vancouver Island. Vancouver, WA is very far away - it’s on the WA/OR border. Victoria BC is on Vancouver Island. Vancouver BC is not. Generally, you have to take a ferry to get to Vancouver Island from the US or Canada mainland.
· The “travel tips” video on the race website tells you to take the Victoria Clipper ferry from downtown Seattle. It does not tell you the Clipper is a pedestrian-only ferry (bikes OK, but no cars.) You will need a car for the race – see “Race Site” section, below. If you plan to walk-on to the Clipper and rent a car in Victoria, I recommend planning this a few months in advance. UbeLyft is not available in Victoria. Clipper tickets are $100+ and sell out very quickly in the summer.
· There is a car ferry to Victoria from Port Angeles, WA (Blackball/Coho ferry). There are currently only 3 boats per day; 8am, 12:45pm and 5:15pm. It costs about $80 each way. You’re charged a nominal fee (about $12) when making the reservation, then pay the rest when you arrive at the ferry dock. You are required to be at the dock a minimum of 60 minutes before the boat’s departure time (unless you are a walk-on). 60 min before departure, they start letting the standby cars on. 25 spots are reserved for standby cars (first come first served); then they start giving away spots of those who had reservations but have not yet arrived.
· Prior to all of this, in order to get from Seattle to Port Angeles, you need to take a WA state ferry from downtown Seattle across Puget Sound. There are several cities you can take the ferry to, namely: Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, and Kingston. When selecting a ferry and buying tickets, note that some of these boats may be pedestrian-only, so pay attention.
· Furthermore, WA state ferries are named after other cities in WA that they are not sailing to. For example: the ferries from Seattle to Bainbridge Island are called the “Wenatchee” and the “Tacoma”; the ferry to Bremerton is the “Walla Walla.”
· The WA State ferries are typically running 30-40 min behind schedule, but the website lists the precise timeframes of delays.
· Alternatively, you can (and should) drive around Puget Sound. Because you have to drive south to go north, this can take 2.5+ hours.
· I bought my Blackball/Coho ticket a month before the race. Only the Friday 8am boat had available tickets at that point. I arrived 20 (not 60) minutes before departure. Cars had started lining up to get in the standby line at 6:30am. I couldn’t get on the 8am or 12:45 boat. I barely got onto 5:15pm.
· Returning home, passengers are required to be at the ferry dock in Victoria BC 90 minutes prior to departure. If you stay in a hotel on the inner harbodowntown, it’s at least very close by.
The Race Site:
· The race site is located about 7 miles from the inner harbodowntown Victoria (which is where any/all ferries will let you off). The only realistic way to get to the race site from the inner harbor (especially at 4:30am) is to drive.
· There aren’t many hotels near the race site. You may be able to find a motel or an Airbnb, but it will still be 2-4 miles from the race site. There are exactly two houses at the race site. One of those homeowners owns a ton of acres behind his house, and sells parking spots for $100. You would have enteexit privileges all weekend. I think he can accommodate 100+ cars.
· The other house, next door, appeared to be rented out by a team.
· The only source for drinking water (for spectators) that I could find at the race site was a single water fountain near the swim start. There was also a single food truck (Greek) that was selling bottled water, but I imagine supply becomes limited.
Check-in & Race Day – Site Logistics:
· Bring water and a lunch to check-in. See notes above re: water availability.
· Ironman water bottles sold out almost immediately.
· Spectators must be able-bodied, and ideally, physically fit. A lot of walking is required, as several gates/barriers are set up all around the course. I saw some younger people hopping the gates and bushwhacking to get from point to point (e.g. from the swim start to the swim finish). Otherwise there’s lots of walking through a maze.
· The 3 parking lots are each about 2 miles from the race site. There are school bus shuttles, which require some waiting.
· Porta-potties are abundant for athletes and spectators (separate).
· The park has a new bathroom that was built this year, however, at race check-in the sinks were already completely clogged with sand from swimmers. I imagine race day was worse. Public swimming still occurs during check-in and on race day (mostly families of athletes). The public swim area is roped/buoyed off.
· Spectators should bring lunch/snacks, lots of water, clothing layers (a packable down jacket is ideal), and something to sit on. If you care about your spectator, you should prep these things for them in advance. They will be spending 5-8 hours at the park, waiting for you. If they aren't triathletes or into socializing with them, they should bring a book. Families with young children and/or dogs swam and and played on the playground (near the swimming area) all day. This probably sounds like a nightmare to most Americans, but I noticed during my whole trip that Canadian children seem more precocious and well-behaved, and the dogs more mellow. It seemed to rub off on the Americans kids and dogs, respectively.
· Check in is very time-consuming unless you are a seasoned triathlete and/or have a partnespectator who is.
· You absolutely cannot leave your car unattended while you check-in your bike. If you are alone (i.e., don’t have another driver in your car), you have to give the race officials your bike, go park your car in the lot 2 miles away, shuttle back (which involves lots of waiting), check-in, get your timing chip, bib, and wristband, go thru the expo (it's thankfully small), bring your bike to the transition, and set up your transition area. A pre-race briefing is required (offered about every 1-2 hours). I also did a swim course recon.
· I also stayed for what was listed as a “swim clinic” (optional) - which turned out to be a lecture by Lance Watson with Life Sport Coaching. This was incredibly useful and single handedly calmed all of my nerves about swimming.
The race itself
· All 3 legs of the course are beautiful.
· The run isn’t flat. There are a few little hills. There are also some significant tree roots. I tripped a few times, and saw one older athlete take a tumble.
· I wore normal race-day running shoes. One guy ran it barefoot. I'm not sure how.
· There is lots of course support for all 3 legs. I was surprised (and comforted) by how many support vehicles were on the bike course.
Anyway, I hope this helps someone who plans to do the race in the future! Thank you for coming to my TED talk;)
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2023.06.08 11:26 Beneficial-Article67 Nearly puked during first time doing CF

First time at a gym yesterday at 26 years of age, embarrassing I know. When I got there my coach introduced me to the Baseline workout I'd be doing. 7 mins to do 500m row, 40 air squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups and 10 pull ups.
We went through each exercise before hand and showed me how to use the rower, right form to do each, corrected my feet elevation on the squats and done some assisted pull ups. After all this my legs were already burning from doing the squats. But we then started the timer and and I got going.
Went through the rower and was getting fatigued at the last 100m, started the squats and was wrecked after like 20. My legs were gone and I was losing form and my back was arching. I managed to get through them and after 7 or so sit ups I could feel nausea. I tried to do like 2 more but I told my coach I felt like I was gonna throw up. We stopped there and I got some air and recovered.
We called it a day there, in total was around 45 mins. I felt like I was gonna fall with each step I took. Next morning (today) my legs are in agony. My next class is tomorrow and I can't wait. I know it's embarrassing to step because I feel like I'm gonna puke, but happy I pushed myself to that point and happy we know my baseline. It can be scaled down now or tomorrow we can try a different workout. Either way it was some experience!
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2023.06.08 11:25 ensuta My journey with cervicogenic dizziness (June 2023)

April 2023 post:
May 2023 post:
Physical therapy just hasn't been working out for me. Since starting it, my level of neck and shoulder pain has only increased and hasn't gone back down. Jaw pain and stiffness has decreased, but everything else is actually worse. My physical therapist did mention that if there was a vestibular component, they wouldn't be able to help much. So, after some deliberation, I decided to switch over to vestibular rehabilitation therapy.
If any of you are in Japan, I want to flat out say that I still do not know of any in-person providers of VRT, and even in university hospitals, they do not practice in the same way as overseas. However, I did manage to find several overseas practices who were willing to work with me virtually. I'm on a very limited budget because of how much this has wrecked my life, so it took a while, but I finally found someone reputable willing to work with me and my budget, and started just early this week.
Around the same time, I visited another neurologist, this time someone who specializes in headaches. No problems with my brain, they don't think I have vestibular migraine, just really bad and chronic tension headache. Unlike pretty much every other provider I've been to thus far who think pain pills help, at least this doctor said otherwise and prescribed a month's worth of the lowest dose of klonopin (a benzo) you can get. Said to take it and see, because first priority is breaking the pain cycle or nothing else will work, and report back in a bit less than a month.
The klonopin, surprisingly, actually helps a bit. I take only 0.5 mg at night right before sleeping, and the next day it hurts a bit less and my muscles aren't as tense. I am very aware of how quickly someone can get physically dependent on these, and do plan to very slowly wean off them with the supervision of the neurologist eventually... hopefully relatively soon.
As for the VRT, I was given both neck stretches and gaze stabilization exercises. They're far less and more gentle than what any other provider has given me, but perhaps that's a good thing. I actually don't feel worse days after doing them, though it's difficult to tell if it's because of the medication or the exercise prescription is actually right. I guess we'll see as the month progresses.
I guess the lesson is, if you're going through physical therapy and it just isn't working, consider trying VRT. According to my therapist, there is often a neck component that is either causing or exacerbating the dizziness, so it is very common for them to treat both.
Hopefully will have decent news next month!
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2023.06.08 11:25 Tnecniw Personal opinion: Lilith is the first antagonist demon that ACTUALLY feels demonic.

So this is just my perspective. But as far as I see it, Lilith is the first demon that we have fought in Diablo that actually comes across as truly demonic.
All the other demons were essentially just “I am a giant big monster that radiate evil!” With some sprinkling of possession as well.
Lilith (for me anyway) is the first demon antagonist that actually feel truly demonic. She makes pacts, approaches mortals in surreal ways, vanishes and appears at will. Her presence alone makes people fall to their baser instincts and sins. She is cunning, she tempts, offers, and tricks without lying.
The closest we have gotten to this feel (IMO) was the intro cinematic to Diablo 2. And that is still more of a… raw force of power thing rather than Lilith’s approach.
I dunno, I just heavily approve of demons that feels as it they couldn’t be replaced with a large enough and angry enough grizzlybear.
What do you guys think?
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2023.06.08 11:25 EnvironmentalScar675 Problems with the "walk to" action

I love this game and will look past a lot of clunky stuff but I, right now, got ended an extremely difficult playthrough by the "walk to" command sending me off a 4 story building. I was sniping away at some zeds when i built a little balcony with wooden floors to get a better position. Because I knew how dangerous cliffs without fences are and how easily you will fall off, i didn't trust myself to walk on it manually and fall because i miscalculated how far i would go off to a side when turning, as i never do. I let the autowalk go where i please, and plummeted to my death as the pathfinding CUT A CORNER in the floor tiles (imagine how a chess knight moves- thats how i had built that floor and my char walked straight over the corner point). I always try to look at the game in a realistic way to judge it. Did I die to what i would call bs hitboxes in other games? Well, it could be that irl i would just fug up and fail. I could absolutely slip or miss a hit. In this case? I was not touching movement controls. No zed was nearby. I would not be so reckless and just jump. I should not have died to this. When attempting to revive my char, the game tells me "you are dead. cheat mods have been reset" or smth along those lines *while im in debug*, absolutely fascinating. I ofc expected the "autowalk" to work as in any other game, and even this same game itself. It will navigate around trees to not slow you down, but it will ignore a gaping abyss? Literally, if it was coded WORSE- to only move in the middle of tiles one at a time, not taking a more optimal path- i would be alive.
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2023.06.08 11:24 Important_Sea_8201 Uru's art has come so far, and so has John 🥰

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2023.06.08 11:24 milkyfour20 TTEOTM Question

I’m on my second run of TTEOTM and I still have some questions.
  1. Did Tantai Jin really botched Xiwu’s original plan (about the Love Fury) to save himself and to marry into Ye fam? Or did he just say that out of spite?
  2. In the last arc (sorry idk what to call it), what did Jiwu learn that made him so angry? It was never explained or did I miss it?
Last question, any cdrama recommendation like this? So far I’ve watched TTEOTM, Love between fairy and devil, Ashes of Love, Who rules the world, Love & Redemption, and Eternal Love. I really like supernatural/fantasy but please not so much misunderstandings. 😭
Thanks so much.
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