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Anything that may or may not have happened while you were pacing on the phone

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And they said math has no real world applications

2023.06.05 09:42 fairyfukcs my(20F) boyfriend (23M) won’t accept the fact he cheated

Over a month ago me and my boyfriend had a big fight, we almost broke up but didn’t and I thought we had come to a resolution. That night he went out with all of our friends, I was meant to go but decided I was against it being too upset and shaken up. For the time he was going out drinking he decided to go no contact which triggered me a lot, I was calling his phone and trying to get in contact to just talk to me but he told me he was silencing his notifications and that was that.
We see each other the next day and everything is back to normal for a couple weeks until he comes home from work and admits to kissing one of our close friends sisters whilst out that night he wouldn’t talk to me. Obviously I was devastated he would do something like that to me and then hid it from me for weeks whilst continuing to sleep with me and have me dog sit alone for his parents. Everyone else in our friendship group knew (as they had been there that night) and pressured him into telling me. His reason for not coming forward sooner was due to my mental state at the time; I’ve been struggling a lot with depression and suicidal thoughts so I had to live with my parents for a bit and started medication.
Due to me being deeply in love with him I decided to forgive and continue our relationship, we were rocky but getting through it together and until yesterday had hope we’d make it through this together. Yesterday conversations came up about how he has lost all his friends because of what he did to me. We shared a friend group which is how we even met and got together. My only response was he did it to himself and his own actions caused others to cut him out of their lives. This begins an argument where he admits to not believing he actually cheated on me as he “didn’t think we were still in a relationship after the fight”. He only ever apologised and called it cheating because he thought it was what I would want to hear in order to stay with him.
I don’t understand how he could think we weren’t together when I was contacting him and we never even verbalised not being together. I’m truly at a loss that he can’t accept what he did, and I don’t know how to progress knowing he will never truly be sorry as he adamantly believes what he did wasn’t cheating. All he has to say is I wasn’t there that night so I don’t even know what happened and I’m choosing not to see his side. What side is there even to see?? Why is he acting this way, what is his reasoning to not understand what he has done?
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2023.06.05 09:41 TheRealJ33BUS My Ex ( 24 ) and I ( 27 ) broke up last week and now she wants to try again…

So literally around this time last year I met this girl ( I was trying to go after her best friend but after some drama long story short we started to date ) and everything was okay I guess, she had just got out of a 5 year relationship and I just got out of a 7 year one. We took things slow at first and eventually we would have our fights but eventually it turned into every day, like I would forget to text and I’d get an ear full and she’s come over un announced and I’d loose my shit, I’m not claiming either of us were perfect and we did try to fix this issues, I was constantly ask her to go out and do things ( the bar, a walk in the park, grocery shopping) but all she would want to do is watch Disney+ and do the nasty. Eventually in September we went on a 3 week break to see if this would help. Well after we got back together it went back to the same repeat situation, there came a time in December where I asked her to spend a Sunday with me so I could treat her to a spa day as a Christmas gift and when that day came I got ignored all day cause she was “ at her exes visiting her dogs “ I could never ever find out if this was true or not as she wouldn’t let me near him as he would “ move awake and take my dogs “ according to her, anyways on that day I lost it as I spent around $400 on mani pedi reservations and message appointment as during the holidays they weren’t accepting refunds. And we eventually stopped talking for the last week of December, now everything from January to march was okay, things got worked on a bit and I was hopping things would get better, but when march came it was her “ birthday month “ not her birthday so the whole month I was basically on eggshells, she would yell at me if I touched the radio or the thermostat in the car, but yet would let her best friend do whatever to the car, on the day before her bday she didn’t want to go out and do something she just wanted a repeat of Disney+ and fun time, and the next day on her birthday I found out that she was on a party bus with the girl who basically got me hammered by ordering me doubles instead of singles and got black out drunk she took advantage of me. And according to her when I found out I shouldn’t have gotten mad as “ since I haven’t told the cops it didn’t happen “ and yet I said okay and continued to be with her, ever since march it’s been fights over and over and last week we got into an argument as I told her I’m felling distant as we’re not doing anything besides fighting over spilt milk and when it comes to doing other things you do it with other people and so she hung up on me and I didn’t get a call or text until she messaged me 8 hours later saying “ hey I’m almost at my cousins I decided to go there for the weekend “ ( btw her cousin lives 3 hours away ) and so I told her “ if we’re going to have all these fights and not be a couple and you’re just going to run away from me and your problems then I think it’s best if we end this and focus on ourselves “ and so she blocked me and I didn’t know this till the next day when I called and it only rang once when I called so I just accepted the fact. Now follow just a couple hours ago I get a call from a blocked number and it’s her asking if we “ can actually try again “ and that “ things will be different “ but I honestly don’t know what to do as I still have feelings for her but I don’t want the constant fights and feeling like fuck buddies.
TL;DR ~ Me and my ex broke up cause of constant drama and now she wants to try again after a week of being broken up
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2023.06.05 09:41 lanaoftheking 25M I can't seem to make friends + Boyfriend is my only friend and I'm breaking up with him soon probably.

Hey. I've always been extremely shy, which made it hard to make friends thorought school and college. I graduated college over a year ago and I don't have any "close friends" at this point. College and school were easier because I'd pair up with the same people every semester but I'd only talk to them about school stuff. Now that I don't have school as an excuse to hang out with them, I slowly drifted apart from all of them. So, no friends to hang out consistently at least.
I've been dating this guy I met on Tinder almost a year ago. He introduced me to his family and many friends very early on in our relationship and always tried to make me feel like part of all of his friend groups. His friend groups are also amazing. All of them were accepting from the very beginning and are also fun to be around, just like my boyfriend. They (him and his friends) are part of my life now. I work Monday thru Friday and I visit him and his friends over the weekend, which is good because otherwise I wouldn't have anything else to do or anyone else to spend time with.
However, as much as I like him and his friends, our relationship is kind of broken. Long story short, he did questionable things that made me not trust him as a partner anymore. Even though we're still together and have our moments, I can't shake off the thought of breaking up with him, which I honestly think is the best for the two of us. I just can't seem to do it. He's my first "serious" boyfriend.
Problem is, if I leave him, that means I'm on my own... completely alone. I know that at one point we're breaking up so ... what I need advice for is ... Should I stay friends with him? If any of you have healthy relationships with ex boyfriends/girlfriends, what's the best way to break up with them while making sure we don't lose contact? Also, other than that it would be nice to get any type of advice on how to be more social. I'd say I'm socially awkward. It's not that I hate people. I just seem to have problems socializing, especially in group situations. I am that guy who just stays quiet until someone in the group asks something to me specifically. If it's a one on one conversation, most times I just go blank. I just ran out of topics to talk about, which makes people think I'm bored or just absolutely boring.
I'd love to be the type of person who takes initiative in talking to new people and people love to spend time to be with. It'd be nice to know specific actions I can take to progressively become a better conversationalist. THANKS! I'm open to any ideas.
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2023.06.05 09:41 AdLong1545 Question from a new player

I finished a build and I want to publish it in the workshop but I was wondering if I somehow can see if I have used any dlc parts. Because I want to make it available for everyone I would prefer if I didn't use any dlc parts in this build. I don't care if I can't see how many. I just want to know if I have used some. Because it has taken be +10 hours I don't remember. Is there a way to see like a pop up message that informs me I have dlc parts or something?
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2023.06.05 09:41 tareekpetareek SEBI released a consultation paper that reevaluates how mutual fund charge their fees. Here's a fun read about 2 of the proposed changes

Original Source: (my newsletter Boring Money. Do visit the link to subscribe if you'd like to receive similar posts in your inbox)
Here’s how mutual funds make money:
  1. An investor gives the fund some money to manage
  2. The fund manages it by investing that money in stocks, bonds, etc.
  3. The mutual fund company charges a management fee for this service, which is a fixed percentage of whatever it manages
The incentive here is clear. The fund needs to increase the amount of money that it manages. One way for a fund to do this is by, well, investing well. If a fund’s investment goes up in value, it automatically manages more money. But investing well is hard, slow, and not a lot of fun. The fun way to manage more money is just getting more money from your investors. That way, the fund needn’t worry too much about how the fund performs, the company running the fund makes money either way.
Last month, SEBI released a consultation paper that reevaluates how mutual funds charge for their services. The paper has 15-odd proposals but I’m only writing about the couple interesting ones. Here’s a post from Zerodha that summarises all proposals, if you’d like to see them all on one page.
SEBI doesn’t particularly like that the only way for mutual funds to make money is by accumulating more money from investors. One solution it’s considering is to allow mutual funds to charge not just for money management, but for performance. Sure, let mutual funds take some money for managing these assets, but if the fund performs well, give the fund company a decent chunk of the profits as well. That’s how hedge funds work, and arguably they do have a lot more fun with their investments. [1]
Here are two possible approaches that SEBI is considering. From its consultation paper:
Approach A: During the period in which the investor remains invested, the base expense ratio may be charged to the investor. At the time of redemption, the management fees may be charged if return of more than indicative rate is generated or annualised returns received by the investor is above the hurdle rate. … Approach B: There can be another approach where higher expense limit for performance based TER [percentage fee] may be fixed and TER inclusive of management fees is charged to the investor. The TER charged by the schemes in such cases should be based on the schemes’ performance during the previous year. At the time of redemption by the investor, if AMC fails to generate return above the indicative returns for investor or the annualised returns for the investor is below the hurdle rate fixed in advance, the AMC may retain base TER as may be applicable and return the remaining expenses charged to the investor, along with the redemption amount.
In Approach A, if you invest in a mutual fund, you’re charged the regular management fee right until you withdraw your money. When you do withdraw, the fund deducts a nice chunk from your profits (beyond a certain agreed upon threshold) and returns the rest. In Approach B, the fund just charges you a higher management fee to begin with. When you actually withdraw, it calculates your profit and returns any extra money it might have charged earlier. This is very different from how hedge funds are paid! The general rule with investments is that you’ll have good years and you’ll have bad years. If a hedge fund has a good year, it’s going to charge for performance right away and take away its share of the profit before it gets to a bad year. If a SEBI-regulated mutual fund has a good year, it’s not going to be paid until the investor withdraws! In the management fee model, a mutual fund is incentivised to convince investors to invest as much as possible. In this performance fee model, a mutual fund is incentivised to convince investors to.. withdraw?
I really understand what SEBI is trying to do here. Hedge funds take a lot of risk and often go crazy. If the risk pays off, they’ll earn a lot that year. If the same risk doesn’t pay off the next year, bahh, the investor might lose half their capital but at least the hedge fund got paid the year it did do well. Going by SEBI’s proposal, mutual funds will have to care about their investors’ real returns which will be a mix of both the good and bad years. Sure, it might work. But I wouldn’t be surprised if mutual funds just get their investors to withdraw more often to lock-in their share of the profits.
Grass is greener on the side of the new fund
A well known phenomenon of the Indian investment market is that investors don’t invest by themselves. They need a bit of a push and prod. Even if they want to invest, they need help with how much and where.
Mutual fund companies rely on distributors to sell their funds to end customers. Because, well, most investors don’t ever download an app and start investing. They buy through distributors who they trust! In return, these distributors also get a fixed percentage fee, just like the mutual fund company itself. [2] Since these distributors sit in-between the mutual fund company and the investor, it gives them quite a bit of power.
  1. If a mutual fund company is starting a new fund, it will ask its distributors to convince investors to buy this newShinyFund. This newShinyFund will give distributors a higher-than-usual distribution commission
  2. The distributor now goes to their customers and asks them to invest in this newShinyFund because it’s new and shiny. But the customer won’t just have large chunks of money lying around to invest. So the distributor will say “hey why don’t you just transfer your money from oldBoringFund to newShinyFund—I’ll do it for you”
  3. The customer says “yeah, cool” and they’re now an investor in newShinyFund which pays more to both the distributor as well as the mutual fund company
27% of the money in new mutual fund schemes launched between April 2021 and September 2022 came from old mutual fund schemes. In one case, this figure was over 55%. Over time, newShinyFund would become oldBoringFund, and the mutual fund company could just launch a newNewShinyFund and well, distributors would then sell that and life would go on.
SEBI’s proposal is ending this! If a distributor switches an investor from oldBoringFund to newShinyFund, but oldBoringFund pays less commission than newShinyFund, they still get paid the lower commission even if their customer is now switched into newShinyFund. I’m sure mutual funds and their distributors will find a way around this sooner or later, but for now, the incentive to push new funds is lost. [3]
They see me regulatin’, they hatin’
One way of looking at SEBI is that as a regulator it needs to ensure there’s transparency and let market participants handle the rest. SEBI is, after all, a market regulator, so it would be a bit weird if it didn’t believe in market forces.
Going by this line of thought, SEBI wouldn’t propose barring distributors being paid more to switch their customers into new funds. If a mutual fund company wants investors in its shiny new fund, and it’s willing to pay distributors more to achieve that, why does SEBI see it as a problem? Its job is to ensure that the investor knows what’s happening, but then it’s up to the investor to choose what they want to do.
I can imagine a solution that wouldn’t limit how much commission distributors get, but instead force them to explicitly inform every investor just how much more money they stand to make if the investor buys into the new fund. “Hey there’s this fund that’s great and you should invest in it maybe. It’s new and shiny, can I transfer your money to it, pretty please? If you say yes, I get to take my wife and kids to Europe this year.” I’m sure some investors would say yes, but presumably the majority would not.
Footnotes [1 ] Here’s an Investopedia piece on the “9 Biggest Hedge Fund Failures”. Hedge funds, even those managing billions of dollars, often take on a lot of risk and frequently implode. Mutual funds rarely (never) do.
[2] These days, it makes little sense for anyone to invest via a distributor and lose money in the form of a lifelong commission. There are tens of fintech apps which allow for direct investing, as do almost all mutual fund websites.
[3 ] The SEBI regulation applies when a distributor “switches” their customer’s money from one fund to another. If the same customer first withdraws their money, then re-invests in the new fund recommended by their distributor, the distributor can then get the new, higher commission. Definitely a more annoying and time-consuming process though.

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2023.06.05 09:40 McGlone_Games 'In Vision' Commentary Notes - African Hunting Holiday

'In Vision' Commentary Notes - African Hunting Holiday
What do you do to get away from it all when you've gambled away all your money, your pec implants are drifting apart, and you've spent time in prison? Why, go on an African Hunting Holiday, of course, for another 'In Vision' commentary recap from 'The Strange and the Dangerous' DVD box-set.

\"RIGHT... thrrough.\"

For this one Louis is joined by Terry Nutkins, a British TV presenter and conservationist, who sadly passed away in 2012. This is my personal favourite commentary, as I grew up watching Terry on 'The Really Wild Show' and just thought it was lovely to see him again.

Cast of characters: Riaan (hunt organiser), Ann-Marie and Paul (American couple), Piet (animal breeder), Lolly (vet running a game farm)

  • The idea behind the episode was to cover another "luxury lifestyle" after they had explored gambling and plastic surgery
  • Terry does eat meat, but feels strongly against the "outright cruel" and "obscene" practice of "trophy hunting" (especially as the "hunting" shown in the episode is merely "shooting")
  • Louis says the "trophy hunting" had been made so easy it was more like "furniture shopping"
  • It was a struggle for Louis and the crew to get permission to film with a hunting agency, because the agencies knew how unpopular they were, and expected any media attention to be negative
  • Louis felt "an obligation to be fair" to Riaan, because he had "gone out on a limb" by agreeing to go on camera
  • Louis on hunting: "Not a good thing, really."
  • Terry has "no respect whatsoever" for the hunters in the episode, and considers it "outrageous" that they encourage their young children to shoot the animals
  • Louis was surprised that, at the time of filming, people were still able to shoot rhinos, but Terry suspects they could "bend the law, somewhat", if rhinos they had bred were being killed on their own, fenced-off land
  • Louis notes that a "300-pound" bloke just sitting on a truck shooting animals would be looked-down upon by the "hunting fraternity"
  • Most of the people who went hunting were American, but there were also Spanish, French, Middle Eastern, and British
  • Louis: "Apparently, the Spanish just, don't really care about trophies, they just want carnage [...] They like to shoot as many animals as possible."
  • Terry on Ann-Marie: "She's... yeah, someone I wouldn't, uh, want to spend much time with, really."
  • Louis brings up how much pressure there was on him to get involved (later saying that it upset him), after mentioning how spending time outdoors with the hunters "softens you up a bit" to joining in
  • Terry doesn't believe he could ever be "softened up", as he could only justify killing an animal for survival, and was appalled by how the other hunters were there for trophies, not "the excitement of the hunt"
  • Piet had previously been interviewed by Roger Cook, after Cook had made a documentary on "Canned Hunting" in South Africa, where he posed as a rich businessman and a lion was drugged to make it easier for him to shoot
  • Louis says the rules for lion-hunting had since been made stricter in South Africa, requiring lions to be allowed to live in a large enclosure for several years before being used for hunting
  • Louis and Terry agree that lions are "ferocious" and "incredibly frightening beasts" that have "no emotions for humans"
  • Louis mentions how, irrespective of the cost, hunters would not typically want to kill lions, and they were considered to be "the most emotive" species
  • On the other hand, hunters could also have little interest in animals that were too easy to kill, with one species of rhino having such poor eyesight that you could just "run up to it and shoot it"
  • Terry says tigers and lions are the most dangerous land animals, with lions being the more dangerous of the two, as at least tigers are solitary animals (a few lionesses would "tear you apart")
  • Terry is very impressed by Louis' South African accent (you can listen to Louis' 'Call of the Weird' audiobook to hear him to do plenty of other accents)
  • Louis estimates that a lion would cost £20,000 to £30,000 to kill, and a rhino would be £25,000 to £35,000, whereas something like a kudu would be only £1,000
  • Terry believes that a vet like Lolly justifies what he does with the near-instant deaths his animals will receive (Terry earlier spoke about how farm animals suffer worse deaths when they are slaughtered)
  • Louis discusses how much more "tame" the animals seemed to be on reserves where only crossbow-hunting was allowed, though Terry takes exception to Louis saying that they were "happy"
  • Terry never uses the word "happy" ("a very human sort of word") with animals and prefers to use "content"
  • Terry: "An animal is content when it has young, and it actually successfully rears its young."
  • Lolly refused to let anyone shoot his giraffes, and Louis visited two other reserves where the giraffes could not be killed (though Louis isn't sure if part of that is because they're "too easy" as targets and the owners knew people wouldn't ask for them anyway)
  • Louis relays how the "professional hunters" said that Lolly was in "the wrong job", because he was too close to his animals and would get angry at any hunters who weren't taking it seriously
  • Terry on a hunter posing with his kill: "Well, if it's so wonderful, why kill it?"
  • The hunters would stay for a week, and got together each night to show off their kills
  • There was a taxidermy workshop attached to the hunting lodge, which is where the heads are being taken during the butchery scene
  • Louis says "in theory" the meat from the killed animals was being "distributed to local villages [...] although, I never actually saw that"
  • Terry does not disagree that the amount of money hunting brings in can make the reserves worthwhile, and mainly has a problem with the attitudes of the hunters
  • When asked what species he wouldn't hunt, one of the hunters told Louis that "he would hunt them all, if he had the money"
  • Terry brings up how Ann-Marie might not want to hurt a zebra, but a zebra would want to hurt her ("a zebra would give you a really nasty bite, and a really nasty kick")
  • Terry warns how it may be that poachers wipe out a species in the wild and they only exist in game farms, but then the poachers will just move on to killing the animals in the farms
  • Terry believes animals "know when they are going to die" and that any preparations for their death will cause them stress
  • Terry states that all the animals he has seen so far appear healthier than they normally do in the wild, and have clearly been looked after
  • There is a discussion of whether our survival instinct means that human beings have an innate desire to hunt animals
  • Personal Note: After Ann-Marie shoots the impala, I always found it extremely creepy how Paul keeps saying "Lots of blood! I saw lots of blood!"
  • Terry goes off on Ann-Marie being "like a child" (and, despite how uncomfortable she seems, Louis mentions that she went on to shoot more animals)
  • There had been a lot of discussion about Louis hunting, and Louis knew that people would expect him to take part in the topic of the documentary
  • Terry had not seen the episode before, and so did not know if Louis shot anything (Louis, obviously, keeps quiet about what happens)
  • The Director and Assistant Producer had gone on "2 or 3 trips" to South Africa before filming began, were confident that they could have shot an animal, and strongly felt that Louis should try it
  • Terry notes how artificial the "hunting" setup for Louis is, with the animals lured to the area with food and water, and how the birds pecking the ground resemble chickens at a farm
  • Louis had "made an agreement with himself" to at least line-up a shot, take the safety off, and put his finger on the trigger
  • Terry acts like a proud father when Louis doesn't shoot anything
  • Louis had mixed emotions after not pulling the trigger, as he felt relieved at having made "the right decision", but guilty about possibly disappointing his audience
  • Terry says he's never killed an animal, then clarifies that he has accidentality killed two deer stags who had jumped in front of his car
  • As soon as they appear on-screen, Terry talks about how dangerous sable antelopes are, and that he knew a worker in a safari park who was horned by one, managed to get to his land-rover to call for help, and then died of blood-loss before anyone arrived
  • When Louis asks Terry if a lion cub could be raised as a completely tame lion, Terry replies with "No, you can't do that. They are always wild animals. Always."
  • Louis on Piet becoming angry: "I thought he was going to whack me."
  • Terry on Piet shoving the camera: "Good telly!"
  • Piet was big into genetics, and tried to breed animals from different locations to bring together their positive traits
  • They both note that Piet "improving the gene pool" to create animals with longer horns just so happened to mean that they would be worth more money to trophy hunters
  • Piet was also into "inline breeding" of his animals, which is just a fancier way of saying "inbreeding" (Terry does not approve)
  • Piet had claimed that sable antelopes were brought back from the brink of extinction by the numbers being bred for hunting, which Terry thinks could be true
  • Louis notes that such an approach would mean that only the "good-looking" animals will be saved
  • Terry talks about how if the hunting acts as culling (i.e., targeting older animals), the meat is used afterwards, and the animals are well cared for without any inbreeding, then it would be acceptable
  • Terry may, or may not, have been a champion jet skier ("Let the rumour carry on!"), but he really is missing parts of two fingers after they were bitten-off by an otter

Next up will be the final recap, where Louis (in 2009) lets us know that 'The Most Hated Family in America' has gone bankrupt and may never be heard from again.
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2023.06.05 09:40 dearpockets thank you supercell, it’s been real…

Never review games but here is my first ever:
This used to be a great game but it’s horrible. I understand the idea that you lose games here and there and that Supercell has arranged the game for equal matches played but they’re are too many instances where I just lose for weeks straight, always the last two weeks of the season. I started keeping statistics to my game wins and loses, since you’re unable to keep track of them in the game, in terms of being able to rate your play on average with a percentage of the damage done to all three towers. I’m not going to get into how this algorithm works, it’s actually simple, it’s just math. The algorithm breaks down your playing time and tells you what your average damage is and keeps a percentage of your wins and tower damage. I went a little further since the game allows you to have ten (10) decks, which decided to find out how many times my elixir pump is either my sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth card. The first two weeks it’s an equal amount to of time where it’s either the sixth or seventh card but the second two weeks it stays at the tenth position 86% of the time and ninth card 14%. I’ve been running this algorithm for the last five months and it’s been consistent as all get out. When I write the company their response is everyone goes through a losing streak, but we can see your a good/experienced player and they offer the solution of taking a break. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that at first glance but once you think about it and the culture of the game you realize that Supercell has set the game up in order for you not to do something like that. Why? Well, you join clans and you play games to help the clan advance and place first in the clan wars portion of the game. Clans almost always want you to play the game but the always want you to participate in clan wars. Missing these will result in you being kicked out of the clan. It’s just disconcerting that the company won’t give you simple answers to how they match you up. I’ve been playing the past two weeks and and can’t chip away damage at the tower more than 1500 hp damage, normally I’m able to counter and destroy a tower or two but always in the game. Every two weeks before the season comes to an end I experience the absolute be situations. I’ve paid for a monthly pass since they’ve started offering it and this has been consistent since the start. I’ve been playing video games since I was a kid and never experienced losses like I do here. The best ones are the matches where I’m able to chip away at their tower within low double digits to single digits but always just falling short. I really enjoyed this game but I can’t back it if they’re not going to be honest about their process. Here’s a little story: back in the early eighties there was a game called Pac-Man. It appeared to be this sort of difficult game to advance in and it really was. I was a kid back then but years later it was revealed that the ghost move in the same pattern each time they leave their area. The only time they divert from that is of Pac-Man is in their vicinity. What I’m saying here is the only ones who knew this information initially was the creators. Same situation here. Thank Supercell, it’s been fun (until it no longer was).
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2023.06.05 09:40 Hronmeer_ Roommate rights and eviction.

It's become a necessity for most to share a rental apartment in Toronto, either with a friend, relative, partner or stranger, which is why sooner or later many will be curious what can and cannot do.
Example, my current situation is living with my parents in an apartment for over five years. I am adult, and I have two questions that concern me the most. I'm guessing that I classify as a roommate and I've read a lot of stories here about a relationship between tenant/landlord and what both can and cannot do, but I rarely heard stories about roommates, and their rights.
Example, what are my current rights to this apartment where I've been living with my parents in case they want to move out or worst case scenario want me to move out? Another example, if I was the tenant who's been renting my own apartment, where I'm paying a monthly rent that's half of the market currently is (because I've been living here for years), and if I wanted to bring a roommate, will that roommate get the same ownership rights?
I read how it's not possible to evict a roommate for making your life difficult, being annoying, uncooperative with responsibilities, and then God knows what else they would be encouraged to do to, where it would come to a point it's a competition between who can bully the other one to "move out" and keep the apartment with cheap rent.
So, yea I am asking the community what rights I have to this apartment where I've been living with my parents, and if I can keep renting it if they moved out (even if my name wasn't written for rent payments, and being a "tenant), and how to deal with roommates, and what are also my rights as a roommate moving to an apartment where a tenant is already renting it.
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2023.06.05 09:40 Old_War_747 I (f 18) is having relationship problems with my bf (m 19)

Hello, I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for about 5 months now. I love my boyfriend a lot. We used to text everyday 24/7. Give me some many compliments (like always in the beginning, it’s amazing). But ever since he stopped wrestling (we were like a month or two in?), we had stopped texting a lot. And it went from 24/7 constant texting, to 2 conversations per day. He had gotten so “busy” in the day and would only text in the morning because school and at 10pm at night for a little bit until he would go to sleep. Never knew what he was “busy” with but that’s what he was everyday. I get very scared to say how I feel often so it was just last month when I finally told him we need to talk more. He complied but then went back to how he was after 2 days. It’s bad enough we don’t go to the same school and we can’t see each other often because we don’t have cars. So at this point I get worried and stressed for our relationship. I’m not focusing on classes, getting stressed with finals and our relationship, and getting constant migraines. And I don’t feel happy in the relationship.
Now about 2 weeks ago he was supposed to see me. He was supposed to come to my house and just hang out. This was supposed to be on a Saturday. But he canceled last minute said his mom is working the weekend and if we could do the following Thursday. I say okay and when the day comes he tells me “he forgot to ask his mom if he can come over” and then says he gonna plan a day to see me. I’m pissed at him but I comply and wait for him to tell me a good day for him. Yesterday comes and I ask him if he thought about it and he says he “forgot again” and will ask his mom about it later cause she was sleep. I’m literally furious at this point. Feels like he’s wasting my time just waiting on him. So I tell him we need to see each other more often if this is gonna work. Cause we don’t text often anyways and barely call. And if he wasn’t gonna change then this ain’t gonna work. He apologized a lot and told me he was gonna try and text me more often and see me more often. And doesn’t want to breakup. So I’m trying to see where this goes.
Also some things about him. He’s a very sweet guy. I like talking to him. But at times he can make me feel uncomfortable. With the constant trying to kiss me (most of the time with tongue), wrapping his arm around me, etc in public. Even when I’m around my mom. Which has made her uncomfortable. I hate being looked at when it happens and I get really embarrassed easily. I’ve told him to stop and he says he will but then will proceed to do it again. He also tends to ask me to send “tit pics” or “send him a pic of me naked”. Not everyday but pretty often. I tell him no and he begs and gets sad. (There is a story about him trying to see my tits so if you wanna hear it just comment below). Trying to get me to maybe feel bad about it when I’m not changing my answer. He’s also very dry with his responses when talking to me (specifically talking about my day and something I’m interested in). But whenever we’re on the subject of what he likes, he more talkative. So it makes me feel like he sometimes isn’t interested in what I have to say.
Sorry for this very long post but I could really use some advice on where I go from here. Should I have given him a second chance on trying to fix this relationship of ours that we have? Any advice is needed. (Also I lied about the ages so it can stay posted).
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2023.06.05 09:40 LolaTulu Am I silly for caring about handover work before I leave this week?

Hi all,
I'll be leaving the firm end of this week. I've done all of my handovers for all projects barring one.
This one is kind of a beast. The Alteryx workflow has been documented and I've walked the team that'll be taking it over on it. And I've walked them through the main dashboard that it connects and how it should be updated every month.
There are two spin off dashboards that I should've completed but didn't before my last day, though. I don't think I'll be able to complete it before I go. I still need to write the documentation for the main report.
I feel bad for the team that will be taking on the projects and then need to work on the spin off dashboards.
For those who have left a Big 4 (or any company tbh), did any of you put in proper effort in handover documentation? Or did you just mentally check out and put the bare minimum effort? I don't know if I'm being silly for caring coz previous people who handed over work to me before they left were always half arsed with little-to-no documentation.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.05 09:40 LolaTulu Am I silly for caring about handover work before I leave this week?

Hi all,
I'll be leaving the firm end of this week. I've done all of my handovers for all projects barring one.
This one is kind of a beast. The Alteryx workflow has been documented and I've walked the team that'll be taking it over on it. And I've walked them through the main dashboard that it connects and how it should be updated every month.
There are two spin off dashboards that I should've completed but didn't before my last day, though. I don't think I'll be able to complete it before I go. I still need to write the documentation for the main report.
I feel bad for the team that will be taking on the projects and then need to work on the spin off dashboards.
For those who have left a Big 4 (or any company tbh), did any of you put in proper effort in handover documentation? Or did you just mentally check out and put the bare minimum effort? I don't know if I'm being silly for caring coz previous people who handed over work to me before they left were always half arsed with little-to-no documentation.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.05 09:40 Kjaeve NJ illegal lease

Relocated to Jersey from FL with a short term lease that ended up being illegal as the home was never registered or inspected by township for certificate of occupancy which is against state and local law. We backed out of living there because the stairs were extremely dangerous for our young children and the home just was not a good option for our family. The floors were covered in kid from a showing prior to our arrival that day so we left the home and got a hotel. We also alerted the landlord that the condition of the home was not as expected and informed him we were heading out to a hotel. The premise of the lease was an investor wanted to "help us out" with the request of our realtor while we waited to close on the home we are purchasing. He also made certain to call and make it clear to us that it was "not about the money" however after we got to a hotel and called him back asking to be let out of the lease without penalty because we just realized the home was not going to be safe for our family, he then said he would only give back 4k. We paid him 5200 already to cover first month and security deposit but never moved anything in. After singing the lease we were unable to put the utilities in our own name based on the fact that the unit had not been inspected (gas & electric) by technicians to ensure safety. When I mentioned this to my realtor she reached out to the landlord and he said that the services are all on at the property , so naturally in good faith I assumed he had the home inspected. He did not. We have decided to sue as he should have never leased this home to us. I spoke with the gas company and they mentioned that services show that they are on but no one is attached to the property in their system and it is suspected that a locked meter may have been ulocked without their knowledge. My question is, since I do not have photos of the stairs or the home as we left immediately after our children fell, would having a written notice (which I do have) from the gas company about the need for a technician to visit and conduct a safety inspection be enough cause to show that the home was inhabitable and unsafe? There have been no inspections on the property what so ever and I don't understand how a judge would expect that we would live in a home when we have the township telling us it is illegal without inspections or force us to pay for breaking an illegal contract. I now suspect that the home is an illegally flipped home after doing some research. It went under contract for purchase the day after we backed out of the lease/move-in day. He kept $2200 and we sent two formal demands in request of all of the money we have paid him. He stated we broke our deal/contract and would only give 1k more. So now I am planning to sue. I want to get paid the remaining $2200 we gave him before arrival to the property and relocation expenses for the hotel and the Airbnb that we were forced to get into since the lease was illegal. If anyone takes the time to read this and share feedback, that would be much appreciated. (Legal advice sub has no real activity)
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2023.06.05 09:40 DaRkDvC Troller is everywhere, please faceit work on this kind of problem

Troller is everywhere, please faceit work on this kind of problem
quickly shows the match room:)
the team leader left early since already gave up, because there were 2 trollers. I have to say, yes, I did troll for couple rounds, since I know I gonna lose and I played for knife, also got a kill with it. No need to keep yelling oh you are troller also.
Here the story begins:)
I started in T sided for knife round, very simple game started. And almost everyone AFK in spawn in knife round, and for sure we lost because of that.
Alright, nothing too much, I accept that, since many of the game, people afk for first few minutes going to washroom or whatever and come back when game actually started, I was like okay, lets try it out.
However, on first round, the troller (his mic also get a problem) yelled and repeated that "give me P250 or I troll". Our team leader did not give a response at the first moment, but when troller said the second time, leader bought him p250. Full team died so early, and I got 3 K in 1v5 situation and lost the round. There is no doubt, not saying anyone good or bad, just regular headshot machine killing all of us.
Terrible things started on second round:)
So, if you guys watched the demo on it, you would hear one of the troller said "Oh, I trolled last game, I am not going to troll this game, lets win." And obviously he trolled again. I heard that, I already gave up, since I lost last game because of my curse and emotional problem(not gonna talk about that, since I know I am bad on that map also). I trolled for 2 rounds, trying to get suicide by trollers' molotov. And they HE nade me to death on purpose:) Nothing to say nothing to do with that, since I was also trolling on that round.
Only for those couple rounds I was trolling, since I felt sad to have trollers in my team, and couldn't kick them out since they are 2 queue. I asked my other teammates, when one of them left the game on purpose, please kick the other one, I rather have 2 bots but not 2 trollers. Make sense, right?
Unfortunately, we failed to do that, and they keep trolling in all ways.
One of the good teammate, he said well, we all still better than you (trollers), and I looked at the scoreboard, well, I got 3 K in first round, maybe I should keep my KD like regular player. Then I tried my best to kill to keep KD and score. When I got that feeling, I muted those two trollers and talk to team leader and the other regular teammate, just mute trollers and try to keep the KD.
hm.. and the team leader left because he doesnt want to waste time on a 100% losing game. Only me and the other teammate were trying. We end up to keep our KD close to 1, and try to show the best, make sense, right? (not making sense on my side since obviously I did troll in first few rounds, but I tried after.....) During the game, nice teammate keep telling me to report these two trollers, and also tell enemy team report them. (I have no idea the enemy team did or not) For sure I reported both of them for griefing.
After the round ended, they type something in chat in Russian, I dont understand Russian (sorry, I am bad in language, and sorry, my English is also not good enough, please dont judge.) and only bad word I type on chat :
and look, how they reply:
I was like wow, amazing, I have no idea why there is people throwing like this and say somethinglike this.
Anyway, I got reported as top frag, and I believe the nice teammate also got reported by these two trollers.
Please dont leave yet, the story not ended yet.
I started the next round, I thought I wont see them anymore, and unfortunately, they are on my team again.
Here is the full conversation:

So, I wrote this long post is not asking my elo point back, since I know I am not a good player either. But only have a wish that please, Faceit, whenever some people report some teammates, please dont put them into same team on next round. Be honest, it was not the only time, but this is one of the worst time for me on Faceit server.
I already getting trolled from level 5 dropped to level 1, and trying not my best to climb back up. Please, people reported teammates mean they dont want to be in same team. Either someone was trolling, or they just too bad.
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2023.06.05 09:39 Ornery-Echo-8816 The Hedonist

tonight i ate raspberries in front of a mirror, thinking of you. i paused as i placed each one gently against the pink softness of my tongue, and looked myself in the eye as i closed my mouth around their prickly saturated fullness until their seeds grated against my teeth. my eyes fell against the smooth shadow resting in the dips of my collarbone, the full flesh of my chest exposed to the dim lighting of the room, subject to the pierce of my gaze, shielded partly by the airy fabric of my dress. i imagine you seeing me this way, imagine your eyes are the ones tracing every detail of the curves of my body, i imagine the sensation of your hands pressing the layers of my clothing against my skin as you touch me with the same soft fierceness you have before. when i saw you tonight i let you be, but i felt your presence in the soothingly warm air from a distance, and felt your gaze dodging drunken conversations, your eyes eventually reaching and heating up the skin of my legs. our separate conversations floated on as i sat frozen and smiling under the haze of the outdoor lighting and the euphoria in my lungs, hoping you were looking at me with the same ferocity as i was thinking of you. i watched the soft fabric of your shirt slide against the familiar muscle of your back, in rhythm with your movements as you walked away, my unspoken desire lingering on the last step you took before disappearing in the distance.
here alone, i taste your sweat in the sweetness of each raspberry, its memory ripe with the tart richness of Cabernet. i think of the way you let your cat roam outdoors as she pleases. i think of the achy distance between us, how many roads, walls, and leaves separate our beds, and about who could be in yours at this moment. i think of how i love to let you walk away, how i love to hope you want me enough to come back, and how i love to feel the warmth i keep for you, even on my own.
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2023.06.05 09:39 yepok2222 Undiagnosed SO stopped caring so easily. I'm finding it hard to process and deal with.

Thank you in advance to anyone who reads/responds to my post. From going through other posts I know my story will have many similarities but I guess I'm just looking for a safe space to vent/try and process my emotions. I'm hoping writing it all out helps with that and getting responses may be an added bonus!
I met the person I was seeing October last year and we started seeing each other consistently after that. He is a very lovely, sweet shy person. We both agreed that we want to take things slow as both of us were not too long out of long term relationships and we didn't want our children meeting anyone etc. I knew he was guarded from the start but that didn't bother me. He opened up to me a little about his traumatic childhood and we grew closer and closer. We saw each other most nights and the only thing that concerned me a little was the differences in his behaviour during sex. Most of the time he was a little shy/nervous like his personality but there were a handful of times where it was like he was a completely different person with his actions/things he was saying. None of these things crossed my boundaries so I just put it down to alcohol and thought it a bit strange.
About 2 months later things were still going well, seeing each other a lot and keeping in regular contact. After he sent me a message telling me to let him know if he gets too clingy I decided to ask him where things were going with us. He basically said it's just casual and it wouldn't bother him if he saw me out with someone else. Judging by the amount of time we spent together and how keen and caring he was, this completely took me by surprise. It felt like a completely different person was messaging me. I decided we might not be on the same page and I ended things. A week later I reached back out to him and he told me he had met someone else and they were together. I was completely shocked. I asked him how he could throw himself into a relationship when he told me he wasn't ready for one and it was, again, like a different person was messaging me. He basically said he'd never 'vibed' with someone as much as he does with her. I put it down to him being a massive dickhead and me uncharacteristically being wrong in my judgement of character and left it at that. It never resonated with me though as I knew this person and these actions were so out of character.
The relationship he had with this new girl was as bizarre as it was toxic. He let her meet his kids and family straight away, they spent Christmas together after knowing each other for a few weeks and she basically moved in. About 6 weeks later she showed some very toxic behaviours and he broke up with her. Shortly after they broke up we ran into each other accidentally one night and the magnetic pull we had always had towards each other went straight back into operation. I let him know exactly how I felt about the situation and he was genuinely confused saying he had no idea what he was thinking or why he did it. He was very ashamed.
We were inseparable again after that and more and more he dropped his guard and became vulnerable with me, we decided to become exclusive to see where things would go. He told me he was put on meds for depression and anxiety but suddenly took himself off them a couple of months ago. During our time together there were a handful of times where he went into this completely heightened state/mood where I barely recognised him because of his behaviour. He was so heightened but would also suddenly get emotional. He's usually so polite but called me an insulting name when he was angry which he would never, ever normally do. It was during one of these episodes he told me he wanted to kill himself. When he was like this he would also say how much better than him I am and that I should run away from him for my own sake. This was also when his sexual behaviour would change.
Then hit the lowest of lows. He would be ok for a few days and then hit depression. It was during the last depressive episode that he basically said he needs to push me away, he doesn't want to put me through this, he doesn't know what is going on and he can't understand his thoughts or what's happening in his head. The next day he sent me flowers thanking me for everything I've done for him. A week later I messaged him asking how he was and if this is really over. He said it's not over because he still has feelings for me but he doesn't know how to process them and he's scared of getting hurt. He said he wants to talk about us and that he'd contact me later that night after work. He never messaged later which had never happened before, he was always so quick to reply usually. When he got back to me it was like he had switched to another person, so distant and cold. He said the last time we slept together felt wrong. I asked him to come over to talk about things and he said 'we probably should' then tried to bail on the talk until I asked him to do it for me.
When he came over he looked physically different. it was like there was nothing behind his eyes. He told me he was feeling trapped because he had been invited to a swingers club and wants to broaden his horizons with both male and females. This is completely out of character for him. He tried to explain what was going on in his head but he couldn't understand it himself. He said its like his head is racing but there's no thoughts, he cant concentrate, he's suicidal and feels numb and worthless. He looked like a shell of the person I knew. I asked him how he could just change his feelings for me so suddenly like a switch had flipped and he said that he doesn't know and it's just something that happens. He also said that when he gets like this he pushes away anyone he cares about. When he left he hugged me like he was clinging on for dear life.
I've checked in on him a handful of times since he left. He has thanked me for it, tells me he appreciates my care as I'm the only one who checks in on him and it helps him to keep his head on straight. He said he's not eating well and the people he's hanging around are 'ok'. He said he has identified the pattern where he goes through a low, starts to come out of it, does something completely unhinged that's unlike him then goes back into depression. He said he hates being this way and that it's really hard to explain what's going on in his head. Through his socials I noticed that he was hyper fixated on one of his hobbies lately and last time I checked in it was like I was messaging a foreign person again. So distant and cold, like he's only replying to be polite but couldn't care less about me.
I'm hurt, I'm confused and I'm deeply, deeply concerned for him. My brain is trying to understand how he could care so much for me 1 minute and try so so hard to keep me then the next want to go to orgy's and act like he couldn't care less about me. I know I'm trying to rationalise and make sense of something illogical and irrational but I can't help it. I'm very worried about his mental health and him in general. I guess I'm holding onto hope that he'll come back. I know he's not used to someone caring about him like I do and that makes him want to run. Any input/suggestions/advice/experiences would be very, very welcomed. Thanks for listening.
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2023.06.05 09:38 PlasticLowLeg AITA for “bullying” my mental classmate?

I (F) was recently accused of bullying my “m€ntal” classmate for the millionth time.
little backstory, this girl was in my class ever since elementary school. she’s been known to be trouble, she always complained to the school administrators about me and my friend group (4 girls) let’s call them Elsie, Luna, Isla, Riah (me) and Jane (“m€ntal” classmate)
around the 4th grade me and my FG kept our distance from Jane after she made it so clear she didn’t want to be associated with our whole grade, fine by me! i kept to my boundaries respecting hers at the same time. She then wanted to seem cool and join our friend group we allowed her for a few days but realized her personality was off, she acted weird around us and just made things awkward. therefore, we decided to tell her we no longer wanted to be friends, she took this badly and started spreading false accusations about us to the girls. “they b£at m£ up” “they played bl00dy mary on me” and many other extremely cringey stuff that almost got us expelled for b¥llying and t0rt¥re. obviously all the accusations were false but we were just kids back then? right…. anyways fast forward to the present now.
we got selected to put on a play i just want to mention jane has no friends and this project was worth half our final grade meaning we had to put our best faces on. we were equally harsh on each other as we were to jane because we wanted this play to be perfect she was always acting like she was too good to be here but the only reason the 3 months we spent on the play were good for her was because in lunch time she had people to hang out with, she was not cooperating at all, she also kept missing our zoom meetings to practice and acted as if it meant nothing. we finished the play and did horribly, she ended up forgetting all her lines on stage because she couldn’t spend 20 mins a day to practice them, not to mention she kept lying about the time she spent practicing daily. she embarrassed us by laughing uncontrollably and repeatedly smirking even though her role required anger and a serious face. our teacher didn’t know how she treated us because in front of her she acts so innocent. after we finished the play she proceeded to tell the teachers isla locked her up in the bathroom, luna [email protected] her up, elsie b¥llying her, and riah (me) screaming and [email protected] her. obviously none of this is true. she even got her mom and sister involved and made a huge problem we are on the verge of getting expelled but instead we explained our side of the story and she got caught up with her lies, she is not getting punished whatsoever. we also discovered she complained over 5 times throughout this whole year all about b¥llying scenarios, literally not letting us know. she lied about the price of our props making all the teachers mad at us.
Are we the assholes for not befriending her? and should we confront her?
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2023.06.05 09:38 1schlick Would anybody be interested in doing Mario Kart Wii Deluxe but Flame-Runners-only friend rooms? Like a once every weekend type of thing?

"But why?" Here is my explanation.
I mostly like vanilla MKW because of it's compex meta and how well it plays at a high level when everyone has the same vehicle with quick and snappy controls (the Flame Runner). MKWDX with it's riibalanced nonsense is mostly tailored towards casuals and doesn't really take high level gameplay into account. One real consequence of this is that skilled karter players can go faster than a flame runner ever possibly could. If one of them is in the room, you're getting 2nd at best unless you get really lucky. It's basically the same balance "problem" with MKW, but in reverse. What makes it bad in this case is that the MKWDX devs claim that "every vehicle is viable" when it's clearly not. They are clearly just shitting on Flame Runner, even openly admitting it when pressed hard enough. Whereas with vanilla MKW we never make the claim that every vehicle is viable. We openly embrace that the vehicles are not all viable, and only a select few are viable. This is not because we like to shit on karts, but because we like the game to be competitive. Having only a few viable vehicles with quick and snappy controls makes it a player-vs-player game. You have to figure out how to beat 11 other players who have the same versatile tools available to them as you do. The feeling of winning in this situation is exhilarating. The feeling of losing in this situation is not too bad, since you know that it was a fair game and you were simply outplayed. No luck-based victory or loss in MKWDX can compare to that. The appeal of MKW is similar to that of Melee. Melee has only a few viable characters, who all have quick and snappy controls, and this is one of the contributing factors to the game's longevity.
With all of that said, the main appeal of MKWDX, and the reason I play it despite it's flaws, is the sheer number of tracks. Out of every MKW mod with an active playerbase, MKWDX has the most tracks out of any of them. 760. First of all, most of the tracks are very high quality and visually stunning (something which I found lacking in Mario Kart Midnight, another active MKW mod). This gives MKWDX a virtually infinite amount of potential depth. I mean look at vanilla MKW, there are so many strats for just a handful of tracks (32). Imagine how many strats there are for the 760 tracks in MKWDX (with more being added in the future!). I've TT'd most of the tracks and they all have plenty of shortcuts making them comparable to vanilla tracks.
What I dream of is an opportunity to extract this infinite depth from the game, and enjoy it fully, without being impeded by gameplay mechanics designed for casuals. To make this dream reality, I need a group of friends to play Flame-Runners-only races with. Mach Bikes and Bullet Bikes are okay I guess because they have similar stats.
Comment or DM if you are interested. If I get enough people (at least 3 other people), I'll set this thing up. A simple discord groupchat is probably good enough for communication.
By the way. I made a music pack that has unique custom music for every track in MKWDX. It honestly makes the game so immersive and fun to play. It's one of the reasons I play MKWDX instead of CTGP (which doesn't have this capability). I highly recommend trying it out.
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2023.06.05 09:38 toastlickerr My Mom Finally Gave Me the A-Ok To Choose My Own Career Path.

so for a little context, I am a girl and in the 10th grade (sophomore in highschool) and my mom has always been very persistent on me having a good future, like all mothers are. but she wanted me to have a job that would be very high paying and apparently the only thing that came to her mind was any sort of doctor, specifically an optometrist. we’re south asian so i assume most kids of my ethnicity and others in general go through the same thing. today is my turn to go through it.
the fact mom chose optometry and science, it did help me at the time for choosing some of my classes and staying on task to actually do my work. but nowadays, it’s been more stressful because I have to pick the rest of my courses and what universities to apply to based on my career, and i dont think i want to be a doctor anymore. i’ve never actually thought about what I wanted to be for the past couple of years because I always thought i would end up being a doctor. also, mainly because my mom wanted me to be one and i just had to get her approval on my choice of career.
but recently, she told me that there are so many more options nowadays compared to when she was my age and I don’t actually have to be a doctor as long as I have a good paying job. i’m obviously very glad that I don’t have to be something that I don’t want to but I only have two years of high school left before I pick universities to attend and I really don’t wanna graduate without knowing what I want to do.
my mind goes blank when I try to envision myself in the future. I guess what I’m saying is do I need to know what I want to be right now? Is it too late? Should I just be a doctor? I mostly just need some advice from anyone who’s been in a similar situation to mine. thank you.
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2023.06.05 09:38 Keyboard-muse Feeling bad about all those articles telling how to handle bps partner

Hi, I read a lot about BPS and handling pwBPS. A lot of these articles tell me to do a lot of counterintuitive actions, like keeping empathic while listening to them, confirming their feelings (even if theses are totally different or strange then mine) and keep working with them to move step by step to getting treatment, even when they deny they are ill.
But I feel more and more rejection building up inside me. I am asking myself questions like: "what's in it for me?", "even if she gets treatment, may I expect her to show real love and effection after therapy?", "how much effort do I want to put in this relation where I never felt fully accepted?", "will therapy not worsen symptoms?", "for what reason do I want to stay with her after all that happened?", "did I ever love her really, or did we have other reasons to marry, like wanting to leave the parental home?", "Am I stable enough to give her support?", "Am I able to change my codependent behavior and anxious attachment style fast enough to also support her?".
In some articles here I read people going on because they have a deep love for their partner. But during our whole marriage I doubted my love for her, because it always felt I am the one initiating the romantic en sexual part of the relationship. Begging from time to time for having sex, giving presents and flowers, take her out for dinner. I can only remember one time where she asked me to go out for dinner. I know she is able to give love. Because in the past after talking out a fight we most of the time we had some days where she was more caring, flirting, touching, etc. Best sex we always had after a fight, feeling connected. I try to remember these times.... but I am aware of the mechanism of trauma bond, but perhaps still in denial.

Why should I any longer try to go on and help her. I can almost not remember the good times at this moment. I know there where good times in our 20+ year marriage, but the last years our relationships worsens every year, escalating last few months.
Has anyone go through this and manage to improve the relationship really?
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2023.06.05 09:38 SliceAffectionateOnU Anxiety/Depressed/Attention Starved.

WARNING...TOO LONG...!!! ( Sorry for that )
Hey guys, ive been on reddit on and off for sometime. Posting this here just to get things of my chest. Idk what other subs i can use , using this in hopes of finding similar people to talk through converse and find something.
Im 25 M working in IT Pune ( Talawade ) . I recently switched companies. Literally and i mean LITERALLY every one in my friend circle is in a relationship except me both in current company and in previous.
Im the only single guy , so no matter how good my friends are, they really dont get the idea of being alone and feeling alone. Its not like im complaining but at the end of the day , you want someone just for yourself to talk to.
Ive been taking therapy and consultancy but it doesnt seem to be working out.
I get anxiety attack in public places , watching all my friends/couples snuggle up in front of me while i sit there. My love language is physical touch and ive never hugged a girl , never held a girl's hand. And being too kind always leads me to being used. So you can imagine how much toll it takes on me. Its excruciatingly suffocating.
And if incase i do get some attention online , i start to overthink if im worthy of that attention. So you can say that much of a fucked up situation/place/mind is for me to consider.
All im asking is to let loose of myself and just talk freely without being judged , without being told what to do . Ik what i should do , but im a human as well , i do want some attention.
There are still so many things but ig this is enough, and if you have read through all that till here i really really really appreciate your time for this , i really do , from my heart. Thank you so much.
Have a good one guys... Cheers. Power and Hope to those who are in same situation . ✨♥️🌈
P.S - i play games ( physical/pc) , go running , draw and sing , study to make myself not to think about stuffs. But it all circles back to the same point one way or another.
So please feel free to advise or suggest. Im all ears . Thank you
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2023.06.05 09:37 peachprincejh Peaches you rare, rare cutie pie🍑

Peaches you rare, rare cutie pie🍑
(Going to ramble a lot) Backstory: I used to play Neko Atsume religiously in 2015/2016 ish (iirc), but life went on and I stopped playing it💔
Fast forward 5 years later, I decided to download it on my extra phone for fun during the pandemic. I somehow didn't notice that I'd gotten Peaches 4 times LOL. Missed her every time😭 I didn't even know how rare she was at that point, I just focused on the themed rare cats😩
I just noticed she visited 4 times before when I opened the game again about a week ago🤧 Till now I've been trying to get her to come back to no avail😩 HOWEVER I decided to reinstall the game on my main phone, and even though I couldn't recover my first game I was like, fresh start great! (also because I want to choose a new remodel, I did Café on my extra phone but I'll probably go for Zen again like my very first game but I'm really tempted by Sugary too)
But lo and behold, 5 days after starting the new game on my main phone, darling Peaches came to the Green Cushion! 😍 (pics r on my other phone so will prob need to attach in the comments or smth?)
While I'm elated about it, I'm still waiting for her to appear on my 2nd phone😪
What even is this relationship with Peaches😩😂
Anyway if you read until here, any advice on how to attract Peaches (Goodies, food, remodels etc?) This is just secondary to my post, I'll go look for prev posts for advice too💕
Have a lovely day everyone!
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