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2023.06.10 22:42 Nurgle_Heals Anybody seen The Angry Black Girl And Her Monster?
Looks like another horror movie was given the death penalty via streaming :( I only heard about this movie because of a preview trailer at the IFC Center, which is also the only theatre in NYC screening it from what I can tell.
The trailer piqued my interest, though, and I'm wondering if anyone else has had a chance to see this in theatres or via streaming yet! Trying to decide if it's worth the trip to Manhattan.
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2023.06.10 22:38 The_AFL_Yank "We'd like you to see Miami the way we see Miami" (1985-1986 tourism campaign)

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2023.06.10 22:36 Several-Date4809 The man, The Myth, The Legend, There's no better handicapper than PLATINUMTIPS__BK on INSTAGRAM.. Thank you man, This is indeed my biggest win for the month 🙏☺️

The man, The Myth, The Legend, There's no better handicapper than PLATINUMTIPS__BK on INSTAGRAM.. Thank you man, This is indeed my biggest win for the month 🙏☺️ submitted by Several-Date4809 to draftkingsbets [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:36 Vathy 34 [R4F] NYC/US - I miss having a genuine connection with someone, want to fix that with me?

In my attempt to not make this much of a read (I have since realized that I've failed, but I am committing to the bit at this point), hi! I'm a 6'1, hispanic guy living in New York city that's been through quite a lot of ups (being able to meet a lot of people through here in person, some of whom I had wonderful relationships, both romantic and friendly with) and downs (poorly timed ambition with covid getting in the way in the timing that it did), and well, I feel like I'm in a place in my life where I've finally got everything I want (in the way of a job, a roof over my head with space to share) except for someone consistent to share my time and space with. This is where I turn to you, the reader, to see if you can help me on my quest to solve the task at hand.
I'm here, like many of those who browse through in my experience of reading posts trying to find my own, am looking for someone who wants to create something simple. Whether that's a relationship (my ideal goal), consistent conversation with potential to have it lead towards a greater goal, or just someone honest to spend my days with getting to know, because while I'm happy to be employed, doing it from home with no one to talk to throughout the day sucks. hard.
Here's a few things about me to see if you think we'd click (and before you continue, if you want to see one, there's pictures of me on my profile!):
Interests: Sports (basketball's a favorite, but I enjoy many), chess, world of warcraft, shows (both irl and TV/anime), traveling (been dying to have a reason to take a vacation after living in WA in 2020), fitness (via the gym or outdoor activities like hiking as I've never been), board games, and so much more.
Views and wants important to me: Left leaning, I want to have biological kids one day (so I am not in the child-free camp), I am open to the idea of marriage, not currently open to the idea of relocation (should I find someone serious from my search) as I'd love to offer my situation to someone open to something new, but I'd love to travel often. Honest, open to any topic of conversation as a talkative person, family oriented (I'd do anything to make sure my mom (and yours) live a good life if I can help it), and totally in the camp of open to settling down.
Desires: I would love a relationship (long term) with someone living in New York City (or open to living here one day) with someone my age or younger (as I've experienced the other way far too many times), but friendship and daily conversation with someone of any age that's available often, is fine, too. I would love to find someone that actually wants to meet up sometime in the city, as its been hard finding someone to connect with. I can't seem to understand people, no matter how well you think you know them. I'd love to just find that one person who gives me exactly as advertised, because playing games with emotions isn't fun.
If you think we might click, drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you! Tell me what stood out, let me have something to work with and I'll give you a mile of conversation!
Hope to hear from someone soon :)
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2023.06.10 22:34 dizzlegizzle27 How does bus clustering get this bad?

How does bus clustering get this bad?
There is a 30 minute wait time for the next 53 Steeles bus. There are going to be 5 other buses following it within the next 4 minutes. How does the bus clustering get this bad? I take this route regularly and I noticed that between 4:00pm and 4:30pm is when there is always a long wait for this bus and clustering happens.
I understand that it may be rush hour, and there may be traffic or collisions that slow down the first bus which allow the other buses to keep up. I just feel that 6 buses coming all at the same time is too much. I have seen the 53 Steeles bus leave from Finch Station before and sometimes I see them leaving all together.
Does anyone know how or why this happens, and why it seems that particular routes are more prone to this? Are drivers intentionally piggy-backing? What could the TTC do to solve this?
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2023.06.10 22:33 accfc0-0 Arriving to Giverny late

Hey. I am going to Giverny timorrow and I bought the tickets in advance. I was convinced thatvI had bought the e-tickets for the 11h30 timeslot. This would allow for a bit of time to arrive in order to accomodate the bus from Vernon to Giverny.
I just went to do a final check to the tickets and they are actually for 10h30, which is a big problem as there are no trains between 8h12 and 10h12 from Paris. This means that the train I was planning to take (10h12) will make me arrive 1h10 minutes late to Giverny than my actually time slot.
Do you know if I explain this to the people at the entrance they will allow me, my sister and father to go in? My sister is extremelly tired since we have been to Paris since Tuesday. I really dont want to miss the Monet Gardens and I think I have to assume my error and arrive 1h earlier to the entrance and wait (if I take the 8h12 train, we will arrive at 9h40 and the tickets are only for 10h30).
Thanks you and I am sorry for all of this text, but I have searched everywhere and I wasn't able to find an answer :)
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2023.06.10 22:32 roi_des_myrmidons SelvaRey white (tried in a mojito)

SelvaRey white (tried in a mojito)
Up til now I’ve been using multi-regional whites (Plantatiop 3*, Probitas) for everything calling for white/light rum; today I finally got a “Spanish-style” white to add to my home bar.
I was initially going to get Flor de Caña 4 (which sells for $20/750ml here in NYC), but based on recs on Reddit (u/Utsutsumujuru; u/RRDuBois) and elsewhere, sprung for the SelvaRey despite it now being almost 2x the price ($38!) and sporting a somewhat tacky celebrity-influenced bottle design. I did rationalize by noting one can easily spend that much on two cocktails here in Manhattan these days…
While I can’t compare this to a mojito made with the likes of Bacardi, Don Q or FdC, I can say it was a darn good drink: clean, bright and super smooth, with subtle vanilla/marshmallow notes in the background.
Looking forward to trying the SelvaRey in other drinks where this type of rum can shine.
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2023.06.10 22:31 LockedOutOfElfland Favorite advantages of living in the city proper?

For me, it's:
What are yours?
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2023.06.10 22:31 s876o374 So excited for the snarking to come. Will they get a tour bus back to Tennessee?! Will the Chanel toilet paper decor make the move?! Or the lemon tree???? Or the amazon tub?! Will they find the cat hiding behind smeli’s 3,000 xxxxxxxs swimsuits?! Stay tuned! 🙏🏻

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2023.06.10 22:31 Several-Date4809 The man, The Myth, The Legend, There's no better handicapper than PLATINUMTIPS__BK on INSTAGRAM.. Thank you man, This is indeed my biggest win for the month 🙏☺️

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2023.06.10 22:31 Interesting_Ad2464 Is it relevant that Pitita is a Barcelona queen and the two former winners are Madrid queens?

As pretty much everyone in this sub, I'm surprised and annoyed by the blatant favoritism on this season. I've been trying to find a logical explanation and taking into consideration that after All Stars we probably won't be getting a season 4, I'm wondering if the producers are feeling the pressure to crown at least one Barcelona queen. I'm not from Spain, but I think is safe to say that as in any other country there's a rivalry between the two major cities like LA vs NYC, Rome vs Milan, London vs Manchester or Toronto vs Montreal. I'd love to get your opinion, specially if you're from Spain.
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2023.06.10 22:30 kiskeya Looking for Klefki

If anyone's heading to NYC for goFest and has a kelfki I'm looking for one. I'm not sure whats a good offer but I have a few spare shiny lengedaries and a few other rareish pokemon to trade (ditto, bowler hat kirlia, ninjask + shedinja and a lycanroc that I'd be willing to trade)
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2023.06.10 22:25 flipypy Planning to buy my first Grand Seiko next week

I've been planning to buy my first Grand Seiko (and first luxury watch in general) as a graduation gift to myself for about a year now, and the time has finally arrived. I'm going to NYC just to generally have a good time, but I intend to purchase one while I'm there... specifically either a SBGA211 or a SBGA407 (I'm still torn between the two).
Any tips on making the purchase? Is it appropriate to negotiate price or ask for extras? For instance, I know the SBGA407 comes on a leather strap, but would they be willing to throw in a bracelet? Or vice versa if I bought the SBGA211? Is there anything else I should know or consider?
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2023.06.10 22:24 IAmNMFlores In THE ADVENTURES OF SHARKBOY AND LAVAGIRL IN 3-D (2005) this title card was inserted to throw the kid under the bus in the event the film flopped

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2023.06.10 22:24 Puzzleheaded-State45 Haunted by an unknown man.

A series of events started to happen when I was very young. Around 8-9. There is a chance the series were not connected. My feeling is, it's all connected. To one disturbed man.
The first event was the phone started ringing almost every night between 2:00 and 2:30 am. Being a light sleeper it woke me constantly.
My parents didn't ever appear to be bothered. Probably because they both were drunk almost every night and passed out. Even when I did complain they would just respond by saying it was probably the wrong number or something along those lines.
It gave me a bad feeling every night hearing that loud rattling landline phone ringing in the kitchen.
One night out of curiosity and frustration when that phone rang I decided to answer it. I heard some distant music in the background and heavy breathing. Now being older I can say it sounded like someone was sitting in a bar.
Eventually, my parents changed the number.
A few months after my parents changed the number I was awakened again but by a different sound.
There is something creepy about hearing noises at night in an isolated country house. Every little sound can be heard. Every sound lingers. You can feel it. So when I heard that car slowing down on the road in front of our house it woke me with an unsettling feeling. I remember I could hear how the tires drove over the gravel in the driveway. My heart sank. I looked up at the wooden square clock in my bedroom it was 2:17 am.
For reasons I can not explain I crawled out of my bed and walked out to the living room and glanced out the windows that hung above the driveway. I kept my distance from the window so he couldn't see me. I stared down at him through the sheer curtains.
A man in a dark-colored Buick Century sat in a car facing my house. I couldn't make out distinctive facial features. I could see he had light-colored hair with a bull-cut style. If I had to guess now I would say he was in his early to mid-thirties.
He just sat there. He started up at my house in a trance. I don't even remember him moving.
I waited to see what he was going to do. I was filled with fear. Around 15 mins he just sat there. Then he very slowly backs up and drives away. He kept his eyes on the house as he drove away.
So maybe wrong house or he was drunk. Who knows. Then I think he visited again.
It was a Sunday evening and I was in the front yard playing with my siblings. I still remember that dreaded feeling of returning to school the next day. A car pulls up and it stops in front of the mailbox down on the road.
Our house was on a little hill with a back road in front. The mailbox was down on the road.
We stopped playing and watched down in curiosity. We knew it was Sunday and the mail doesn't come. Also that is not the regular mailman's car.
The man continued to sit there staring up at us. At one point he reached his arm out the window and acted like he put something in the mailbox. Then drove about 50 yards up the road and stopped and sat. So my siblings told me to go check the mailbox. I don't know why they told me to. Maybe because I was the youngest.
I walked down the little hill and opened the mailbox and nothing was in it. Suddenly l hear tires screeching and the car was flying towards me in reverse. I screamed and we all ran into the house. He drove off very fast.
We told our parents and they thought we were confused and minimized the situation.
That night while laying in bed it clicked in my head. That man was the same man that came that one night. It was the same car and I remember the blonde hairstyle. An unsettling feeling sank in.
About a year after that one day in school, I heard teachers telling kids to avoid a dark-colored Buick. They said a man was trying to kidnap kids at their mailbox after getting off the bus.
I moved out of that town a few years later when my parents got divorced. Every once he comes to my dreams but I never heard anything about this man ever again.
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2023.06.10 22:23 red_dog_forge the big mystery list. VERY SPOILER.

kinda reminds me of season 2 of lost. .here we go...big mystery list. feel free to add or answer! off we go!
lighthouses in the landlocked forest,
magically appearing bracelets,
mysterious ghost boys that guide you.
creepy drowned zombie kids spouting mystery words
. voices over the shortwave that know what your wifes doing out of sight
a house that implodes even though the foundational walls wernt touched,
ac current from nowhere.
that same ac current charging a dc battery bank straight from a light socket
. a radio that REQUIRES an masted antenna structure instead of a grounded dipole or monoline.
a circular road that leads back ro the town,
a dancing ballerina that appears after a music box vision , subdermal worms that killed dried husk ambulatory illusionist zombie/gouls
. tents that get dragged
. talismans that keep out said ghouls unless u open a door,
mysterious visions
civil war soldier visions that fire real ammo
who the fk was martin
who threw the rope
whered the lighthouse go/dungeon/tower disappear
why are the trees moving?
why is fall suddenly coming and why DIDNT the seasons occur before rhat.
what did victor eat for 40 Years
whos playing the fkn jukebox?
why do the zombie ghouls have bile?
how did the creatures know to check the box?
whats up with the woods doggos?
why os NO ONE whiteboarding/ meeting/talking to each other about all this stuff?
what garden? it should be HUGE and where just about everyones working.
how was other food not livestock not prduce but things like salt and baking soda and flour appearing?
where was spike through the forehead gals boyfriends body?
what happened to the motel?
wtf was the apparation pinned under the boulder?
who or what created the bottle tree?
how come no one's interested in victors POV, ya know, the guy whos survived there since before most of em were even born?!
who made the talismans?
what do the talismans marks mean?
what do the cave drawings mean?
how do the talismans work?
how are trees teleporting ppl and thinggs
what possesed sarah?
spiderwebs and poisonous spiders?
sped up healing?
what caused the schizm between colony house and townies?
why does the arrival of two sets of travelers trigger a catastrophe?
speaking of catastrophe what flood?
what do the dates symbolize?
why do the lights occasionally flicker?
why did boy in white tell victor about Tabitha
what caused the storm
why was elgin freaked out?
why did Mari arrive?
whats up with the puppet?
whats up with the rock piles?
who was the caged girl monster in the tunnels?
what freaked victor out in the tunnels?
who chained up martin? why was he chained up, and who were his two dead chained up companions?
how did he know about Abby
why did the boy in white leave victor for so long then return? why does victor dislike Elgin?
what was up with the exit sign?
wheres the missing bus passenger?
whats the symbol jade/victochristopher see?
why could everybody suddenly see the worms?
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2023.06.10 22:20 zrayburton Boston show tickets for sale if anyone is looking. Not trying to profit just trying to make $ back.

Boston show tickets for sale if anyone is looking. Not trying to profit just trying to make $ back.
My buddy got me a ticket so I’m looking to sell 5 altogether ideally but willing to split ‘em up too.
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2023.06.10 22:20 jinnvia KPMG CT office

Hi! Incoming new A1 here. Just curious about kpmg ct office. How’s the culture? (In tax). I’ve seen reviews about the stamford office as kind of cliquey and gossipy. Is this true? Also do we have to travel to NYC office?
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2023.06.10 22:20 jxspercho On the fly wide leg pant sizing advice

Hi, I know the on the fly wide leg pant is an older model and I'm not sure how popular it was, but if you own it would you say it fits true to size? I found listings for both a size 6 and an 8 and I fit a comfortable 6 in lulu's wundertrain. However, I definitely am imagining myself wearing it everywhere - most importantly for travel, as it was meant for, so i'd want to be more roomy and comfy for loooong 14 hour flights. Is the size 6 on the fly wide leg pant forgiving enough to wear on long red eye flights for, or would it be a strictly streetweabus casual situation?
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2023.06.10 22:19 Several-Date4809 The man, The Myth, The Legend, There's no better handicapper than PLATINUMTIPS__BK on INSTAGRAM.. Thank you man, This is indeed my biggest win for the month 🙏☺️

The man, The Myth, The Legend, There's no better handicapper than PLATINUMTIPS__BK on INSTAGRAM.. Thank you man, This is indeed my biggest win for the month 🙏☺️ submitted by Several-Date4809 to DKNG [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:18 DesolatePeach 4/5 ain’t that bad for an early prediction

4/5 ain’t that bad for an early prediction
I had made predictions in February and in my discord server with my friends I made a prediction list of the top 5 teams. (I censored my name)
Still early in the season but I’d say I’ve made some good bets and choices in regards to predictions and pick’ems
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2023.06.10 22:17 SaintAnyanka My female dog is too submissive

Ok, so I know many people say “there is no such thing as a too submissive dog”, but if there is one, it is my dog.
She is a 11 mo, greyhound mix and is a bit anxious. Not something that affects heme day to day. I do however think this is why she is extremely submissive to almost every new dog we meet. This is isn’t generally a problem, most dogs are great and they get along great, sometimes after a bit of song and dance (as is normal). However, with some dogs - I haven’t figured out if it’s with other anxious dogs or just very dominant dogs - she will almost seek out punishment. It sounds harsh, but I feel her submissiveness is hurting her.
The cycle of a meeting with a new dog (that doesn’t go well) is one of two: 1. She presents a submissive stance, the other dog wants to play, bites her to get her started, she cowers/whimpers, the other dog backs off. She then approaches the other dog, presents herself as submissive again to show she’s not a threat, and it starts all over again. The other dog gets frustrated and the “play” escalates until something breaks it off.
  1. She presents herself with a submissive stance, the other dog doesn’t want to play, she starts sniffing or licking/letting the other dog sniff/lick her mouth. The other dog averts their head, she seeks to lick the other dogs mouth, even if the dog gnarls. This continues until something breaks it up.
I get that she doesn’t want to play with dominant dogs, my goal isn’t to get her to play with everydog, but it would be nice if they could just co-exist in say a dog park. My experience says that most of the dogs we’ve met wouldn’t seek her out if she would just walk away or not engage. If she actively tries to gets away from a dog that seeks her out, we of course leave.
My question is: how do I train her out of the behaviour of seeking out dogs that either doesn’t want to play or plays in a way that she isn’t comfortable with? I’ve tried to restrain her and let her observe the other dog, especially letting her watch their play with other dogs, but she doesn’t seem to respond to this. The only solution I’ve seen so far is leaving, but this doesn’t seem to be a long term solution.
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