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2023.05.29 04:32 Mindless_Trip220 (23f) feel stuck in terrible relationship with husband (25m) and I'm not sure how to keep dealing with it

So my husband plays video games with his friends online basically everyday from like 6 p.m. - 2 a.m. Sometimes it can vary with his work schedule but basically he always spends most of his free time playing games. We hadn't spent any time together the past couple days because of an argument, I finally decided to just get over it (I was the one that was upset at him) and hang out together on friday, which he had off. We watched a show together for maybe like 4-5 hours at most then at about 7 p.m. he just takes off without saying anything to go play games and ignores me the rest of the night until 2-3 a.m. Obviously I'm not happy, especially because he was getting onto me for not wanting to hang out those days we were fighting. Any time I get mad about something and just want to be left alone for a while, he says I'm being mean and rude, and pushing him away (because I want space). Which in turn just pushes me away further and causes the conflict to last longer. Anyway so it's like here we go again, I'm mad because we can't even spend a day together, even after not spending ANY time together for days, all the while he was complaining that we weren't hanging out, but then ditches me to spend 8+ hours with his friends that he's already spent days hanging out with. Like huh? I'm all for individual alone time but he spends all his time playing with his friends. And because I moved to this town for him in the middle of nowhere, I have no family here to talk to, and I don't even have any friends to play online with. Like I'm all alone here, and I get really lonely and sad spending all my time alone while he laughs his ass off in the next room with his buddies. So I was pissed today, I reluctantly went into town with him around 1 p.m. to eat, came home and did some stuff in the backyard, and we were hanging out a little bit. He was also telling me all morning saying he just wants to hang with me and misses me, that I should stop being mad and blah blah blah. Then at around 5 p.m. he goes into his room to play games. Like wtf. And he is definitely gonna play all night and ignore me. So I went in and said, "Hey do you wanna hang out?" He says "Uh, in a minute." Obviously annoyed. So I say, "Oh, so you don't want to hang out?". And then he says, "You're really pissing me off, get out." And I'm like okay but don't try to say I didn't try. Sorry if this is confusing, but basically its like he only wants to hang out with me on his own time, when he feels like it, or when I'm upset with him and want space. And the evening is strictly reserved for him gaming. I think its bs and he's just trying to come off like he wants to spend time but really its just a facade for him to use to make it seem like he cares and wants to hang out with me.
He's really a terrible partner to me in many ways, constantly being mean to me and putting me down, and disrespecting my boundaries 100% of the time. Like I'll ask him to not touch me, (especially when I'm upset) and he will continue doing so, then when I push him off or slap his hands away he instantly turns into the victim, even though he's putting his hands on me in the first place. I always have to ask repeatedly for him to stop, and he won't so then i have no other choice but to push him off. He is much bigger and stronger than me. Like I literally weigh 98lbs, and him probably 190lbs. Not that it makes it okay, but its kinda like a mosquito slapping a brick. Its not like hes hitting me or anything when he puts his hands on me, but regardless if I say to stop touching me, in any way, then he needs to stop. But he never does. And he tries to say "that's abuse!" And I'm so horrible cause he's just trying to be sweet. -.- Like dude you are putting your hands on ME first, and won't stop even after asking multiple times. So if I want him off me and he won't listen I just have to deal with it? Like no I'm gonna get you off me. He will also pick, and damn near break the lock on my door when I try to get some space from him in my room. The fact that i can lock my door infuriates him, and he'll bang on the door and try to do everything to pick the lock, until he eventually gets in. He also does the same with my bathroom door. He also says stuff under his breath and like pretends like he's gonna hit him behind my back if I say something he doesn't like. I know he wouldn't actually hit me or anything but that's still fucked up to pretend to cause you're frustrated. I'm definitely not perfect either, especially when it comes to name calling cause I feel like I get antagonized and pushed to a breaking point where I just can't deal with it. I've done toxic things, and stuff im not proud of, but its hard when someone just wears you down and treats you like garbage, and you just have to take it. I can't afford to leave rn, and I probably won't for a while. I just feel so stuck, and sad, and depressed all the time. He constantly holds the fact that he's the provider over my head, always bringing up money and how that makes him such a good caring partner because he buys stuff. I'm absolutely sick of it, I'm in somewhat of an unpaid internship atm which is why I've been financially dependent on him. He is constantly blaming me for all money problems and holds everything over my head, even though he intially said he was 100% supportive and not to worry about it. We also dont share a bank account or anything, so how he spends his money is all his own choice.
Hopefully I should start to make some income in the next few months so I can save up to get out, but it seems so far away. I think I'll get a part time job on top of that, just so I can have money sooner though. I definitely don't see this relationship lasting much longer at all, guess I just wanted to rant and get some others perspectives. Thanks.
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2023.05.29 04:31 JeffritoSD21 New to group

Hi I had a question on what seems to be a kind of impersonal non urgent approach by my provider to my situation. I’m almost 70, went in for a physical complaining of some urinary issues, scheduled an appt with a urologist for the following month and they drew blood. My PSA came back 7.15. She ordered another test for 2 to 4 weeks later, i went asap at 2 weeks and at that point it was 7.8. PSA free was .64 and PSA free % was 8. I got a call from the nurse explaining that the doctor was too busy to call me and then she tried to explain the situation but it was a bad handoff in my opinion. I ended up doing my own research, which gives me a 60% chance of cancer. I have an MRI of the prostate scheduled June 11, and then a previously scheduled appt with a urologist on June 27. That’s a month away. I understand it can also take a week or so to get results from the MRI, which can then lead to a biopsy…all of this is taking so much time, and in the meantime I do my research and deal with depression over the situation and exhaustion from something, it sure what, and just living in limbo waiting. Also, not sure if this counts, but a recent cat scan showed mild diverticulitis but no tumors. Not sure if that would pick up any spread. At any rate, are things moving fast enough? If you potentially have cancer and have to wait for weeks to see someone and then schedule biopsies etc and then wait for those…isn’t the cancer getting the advantage here? Is the system broken or does it end up working even if it is backed up and takes time? Thanks!
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2023.05.29 04:27 DataAdvanced9371 how would i go about ethics?

hey guys! i’m 16 & i started at maccas apr 9. when i first started everything was good until this manager-daughter duo decided they don’t like me & have tried to make my shift a living hell. recently there was an incident outside of work which resulted in a family member trying to punch out the daughter (i was unaware) i believe my store was notified because this happened at a diff school & my AP brought me in for questioning, so i feel with this incident im back at square 1. i have heard from numerous employees & a former employee that if the mother doesn’t like you, she’ll talk to the person who makes schedules & give you less hours. well they recently only had me working 2 days & when i got my schedule back, it was 1 DAY . i’m so sick & tired of being treated like dog shit & being consistently singled out by that 1 manager. it seems like she’s the only one that does it if there’s a stain on the floor, she will point to the stain & make me clean it, whenever she’s the manager on duty im the only one doing parked cars +fc/fc assembly she has quite literally made me cry before im just so done but it it worth going to ethics ovecontacting corporate? i try my very hardest to please all of management just so they don’t chew me out but it’s literally always something i don’t get it i literally just wanna make money like everyone else :(
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2023.05.29 04:26 CrispyHanu A little accident now a big problem. I need help, any cat owners experience this?

About a year ago my mom stepped on on of my cats paws by accident. We never noticed any issues with Papito's walking after that but my mom never went to get his paw checked to make sure things were good. A couple months go by and next thing you know I see this swelling/inflammation show up on his outer toe bean. which walking on he seemed fine but when pushing on it he clearly was upset. We went from vet to vet trying to find out what was wrong but all they gave us were steroids, the swelling never went down and if anything it just kept growing. Almost like a tumor but vets said it was just swelling and infection. Hardly any help. We finally found one vet who genuinely cared about helping our situation, our options were to remove Papito's outer two toes (to prevent any spread of whatever this was) or amputate his paw either route costing around $3k. We decided to get his outer toes removed and he's recovered quickly and has been as chipper as ever no issues at all.
This swelling/infection/inflammation is showing up AGAIN on the same paw on his middle toe. My mom claimed to noticed it a couple weeks ago and never told me (she is home most often since I work out of the house, otherwise I could've noticed sooner.) To my knowledge it has not been accidentally stepped on or squished so most likely it is a spread of something. We do not have the money to remove or amputate another toe, or a paw or his whole leg. I really don't want to put Papito down. But I simply do not know what to do. Ive googled and searched over the internet but it seems nothing look or relates to what he has on his foot, im seriously lost.
Has anyone experienced this with their cat before? Any advice? We stay up to date with his shots and occasional check ups. I have a check up on his paw scheduled. I just need someone to relate to or get clarity on this!
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2023.05.29 04:25 Uterine_Derangement AITA for wanting to continue co-parenting my dog?

In 2016, my then-boyfriend (we’ll call him Michael) and I got our dog, Larry. Importantly, Larry was adopted in my ex’s name, NOT because Michael wanted him more or was ever intended to be the sole guardian, at least as far as I was aware. We've always shared all of his medical, food and toy expenses. I’ve continually had a flexible work schedule, while Michael worked 9-5. I’ve worked from home, had the ability to bring Larry to work, meaning I am free during the day. I'm always free and active with the dogs during the day. I love Larry, he is my dog. Michael and I broke up at the end of 2021. It is important to acknowledge that I was unfaithful. I’ve spent every day since feeling remorseful and horrible about my drunken, selfish actions. Michael absolutely did not deserve that, and I know I hurt him badly. Up until now, we have been co-parenting Larry, informally dropping him off with one another regularly, taking him while the other goes on trips, etc.
Admittedly, I have three other dogs. One is a dog we got together when we were still together, whom Michael didn’t want anything to do with after we separated. The other two I’ve adopted after our split. Larry can be and always has been territorial (re: food and toys) with other dogs, while he thoroughly enjoys the company of other dogs. He and all my other dogs get along, BUT HAVE scuffled in the past.
Last week, I texted Michael about picking Larry up and we set up a time and place to meet. Out of nowhere for me, Michael declared that he thought it was best that Larry stays “with one of us permanently”. I’m sure you can guess which “one of us” he was reasoning: himself. He argued that he’s in a new relationship, wants stability, and feels deeply emotionally connected to Larry. He keeps saying that he’s “open to talking about it”, and that I’ll still be “allowed” to see him, but doesn’t want to share custody anymore.
I refused. Larry is my dog too, and I deserve to spend half the time with him. I live in a 5,000 square foot house with a huge yard and access to hiking trails in my backyard. I have the daytime free. Larry loves me and my other dogs. Michael tells me that I’m railroading him, and not taking his feelings into account. But Larry is just as much my dog as he is Michael’s.
I cannot understand his logic in unilaterially deciding that Larry is his dog, and that their connection is more sacred than mine and Larry’s. I understand wanting to move on and cut ties, but I can’t give Larry up. I would NEVER even dream about asking Michael to do this.
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2023.05.29 04:25 LolliRox12 Has anyone done Master World and No Gi Jiu jitsu con?

I’m considering doing both, but I wonder if the schedules would work out. Has anyone done this before? Did the schedule work out for you or did you just do Master World and focus purely on that? I just want to compete as much as possible and enjoy competing, so thought it would be fun to do both.
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2023.05.29 04:25 Drfffte Summer classes

Summer classes
Is this course load manageable? I have a work study job where I practically do nothing but sit all day since it’s summer and nobody is on campus so I have 20 free hours in my week. Just want some thoughts from people who have taken summer classes before and or people who have taken a similar schedule
Ive signed for 14 credits in the summer. intro to psychology (falls between 6/12- 8/3, 4 credit class).
Interpersonal communications (5/30-6/30, 3 credit class)
public speaking (7/5-8/4, 3 credits)
History of world civilizations (5/30-6/30)
All these classes are online. According to rate my rate my professor, 80%+ of people get As and all professors are 4.8 rating or above.
Taking these at a community college
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2023.05.29 04:24 LCBrianC Practicing with a permit as an adult

Embarrassing question. I’ve been an adult for a long time but just recently got a permit and some driving lessons. My instructor asked me if I got a car yet. I knew I could buy a car without a license but thought I couldn’t get insurance in my own name so I was going to hold off, but apparently I can get insurance (looking into this).
He said I should get a car so I can practice. Problem for me is I’m new to this city and don’t really know anyone, at least not well enough to ask them to take time out of their day to help me practice. Driving lessons are expensive and only work with my schedule once or twice a week.
Any suggestions on how I can get more practice in?
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2023.05.29 04:24 XdrmarioX Advice on OMAD eating before a trip.

I eat one very healthy low carb meal a day (2-3 hours after waking), that works perfect for me, And I love very much.. So that means I eat a lot of calories in one meal. It consists of, a serving of 7 mushroom powder, an omega 3 fish oil pill, several different types of veggies (spinach, broccoli, peeled orange/yellow peppers, red onion), 3 ounces of chicken, a serving of bone broth, 1 tbsp. nutritional yeast, 4 ounces of several cheeses, sharp cheddar, mild colby, mozzarella, and muenster, a handful each of pecans, dry roasted hazelnuts, and pistachios, and 2 big mouthfuls of extra virgin olive oil.
I would def. wait 3 hours after eating to drop (a not strong 100ug blotter).
I would just not eat the whole day (which i always do) if it was a stronger gel tab because it takes care of everything and i dont feel any need to eat, but i have decided to take the blotter, and last time i had one it was weak and didnt last long and i ate on the comedown (it was odd because i took 2 month break from bi-weekly gel tab schedule, so maybe not 100ug, idk, but my tolerance was high for a long time.).. So i dont know if skipping the meal will bother me, and im planning on staying on my OMAD schedule so i dnt want to eat after.
I haven't tripped in 10 months so im taking the opportunity to test the blotter potency. Does eating/eating certain foods or amounts affect potency or absorbtion? (Planning on swallowing the tab, i dont do under tongue).
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2023.05.29 04:24 Drfffte Summer classes

Summer classes
Is this course load manageable? I have a work study job where I practically do nothing but sit all day since it’s summer and nobody is on campus so I have 20 free hours in my week. Just want some thoughts from people who have taken summer classes before and or people who have taken a similar schedule
Ive signed for 14 credits in the summer. intro to psychology (falls between 6/12- 8/3, 4 credit class).
Interpersonal communications (5/30-6/30, 3 credit class)
public speaking (7/5-8/4, 3 credits)
History of world civilizations (5/30-6/30)
All these classes are online. According to rate my rate my professor, 80%+ of people get As and all professors are 4.8 rating or above.
Taking these at a community college
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2023.05.29 04:24 tchnmusic Sleep schedule thrown off, do I let her sleep or wake her up at the normal time?

This weekend my wife and I took my 14 month old to grandma and grandpas lake house. She had a great time playing with her cousins and around family. We timed leaving with her bed time, hoping she would sleep the 3 hours home, and we could easily get her in her crib. We’ll, she was up for the last two hours of the ride. We did our tried and true method of getting her down, and it seemed to work, but now she’s rolling around and playing in her crib. We’ve seen this before, and she’ll eventually conk out, but I don’t know if we should wake her at the normal time to keep her on a schedule, or let her sleep in so she gets enough rest.
Any advice/personal experiences?
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2023.05.29 04:23 Cradenz Weird question regarding the scheduler

does the intel thread directowindows 11 schedule work together with HAGS? or does HAGS take over since the gpu gets the priority workloads? how does this affect 13th gen scheduling if it does
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2023.05.29 04:22 Normal_Delivery8217 Constant Pain In My Chest

For the last two weeks my anxiety symptoms have gotten worse and have come to a peak these past few weeks. At first it would be just trouble breathing, feeling like i was having a asthma attack. Soon it turned into chest pains and then high heart rate. I went to the ER because i thought i was going into cardiac arrest.
The whole thing has made me very depressed and i can be anxious but i try to handle it very well. I will admit i am stressed about a lot of things. Work. Finance. Home. Health. I have no friends or family I'm close with. Just one friend but they live a busy life and have their own emotional burdens. I do journal and enjoy nature and people when I can. Most times I am just resting.
I have thought about getting counseling before and when this started happening but I've taken two weeks off of work and already owe medical bills for my health. I've been waking up now in the middle of night with my chest thumping, hands sweating and I can't breathe. I feel like my heart might thump outside my chest or I'll disappear if it thumps too hard. It can last half an hour or so. I'll try to hold it back when i notice. I breathe slow. Count to ten. Try to think of things I see. It can be like that for hours or come to a peak where i can't handle it but usually it will go away. Not recently though.
Im explaining all these symptoms just because i really am anxious lol. When it peaked I was running off of 3 hours of sleep l, just crying because my heart felt like it's hurting and my hearts going so fast and then I can't breathe. I drove to the ER they saw me immediately and by then end I had calmed down a lot.
I'm very healthy lol! They asked me a lot of questions and said I probably have anxiety and the nurse said she used to have it and recommended me a medication. I'm waiting to see or schedule an appointment with my doctor tomorrow with all the paper work the nurses and doctors gave me about my lab work.
I'm 22 F and have never struggled with something like this. To those who struggle from things like this as well does this sound like sudden panic disorder?
I also have digestive issues and the nurse said anxiety may be why i've developed them.
Please let me know your experience down below and what you do that can help.
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2023.05.29 04:22 Puzzleheaded-Map2152 SSI for Baby

I apologize in advance for the length of this post. I am completely unfamiliar with SSI and could really use some advice/experience/help. I’m considering applying for my 7 month old daughter, but I am so clueless about the process or if my daughter would even qualify.
My daughter is not profoundly disabled, but has enough going on that I can’t go back to work FT as planned and we are struggling financially. We are about $7k over the income limit for EBT/WIC/public assistance/etc. so we have no help besides food banks which I do utilize.
My daughter was born full term and they immediately heard a heart murmur. She began seeing a cardiologist and was diagnosed with moderate pulmonary arterial stenosis. She began being monitored bi-weekly and when the stenosis became severe, they opted to do cardiac catheterization. Her case was too severe for the procedure and they instead had to do open-heart surgery at 3 months. Her surgery went well and she’s doing a lot better. We are very lucky and so grateful.
The severity of her pulmonary stenosis made the Cath lab decide to test for a genetic disorder called Noonan’s Syndrome, for which my daughter is positive. So now in addition to cardiology, she sees a geneticist. She has ptosis (a weak eyelid muscle) which is monitored by an ophthalmologist. They will likely choose to repair the problem with surgery within the next 6 months. My daughter is a peanut, in the 5th percentile and being down and out from her surgery has set her back on milestones by about 6 weeks. She was referred to and accepted into EI for PT/OT and feeding difficulties. She requires home PT/OT with us every day to help her progress in her therapies.
We initially planned for my mom to babysit her while I worked FT or daycare, but my mom doesn’t feel comfortable doing her daily therapies and feeding routines and I get it. It’s a lot and it’s scary when it’s not your baby to be responsible for so much. Daycare is not option for 1. The cost would make it pointless, and also I don’t think they’d be able to give her all of the care she needs with her PT/OT and feeding needs.
My daughter is strong, so intelligent and always determined to do things herself. She holds her own bottle and figured out how to roll all over the place to get where she wants to go. And then there are areas with fine and gross motor skills where she really struggles, and she can’t hold down food, only formula. She vomits every bit of baby food up about 15 mins after digesting. She is going to see a GI specialist to rule out anything GI related. All of the areas she’s delayed in are all related to Noonan’s Syndrome so it all makes sense and we are confident that as long as we continue being advocates for her, making sure we get to every appointment, do her therapies every day, and give her love, support, patience and understanding, that she will thrive when she’s a little older.
But for now, it’s a lot. Appointments can last 30 mins to 2 hours depending on who she needs to see and if they’re behind. We have to leave an hour early to find parking, get her situated, figure out where we are going, and hope there isn’t a huge delay in the doc’s schedule. This week, she has a home visit with a parenting support program that we do every week, pediatrician Tues, a sonogram on her kidneys (for monitoring due to Noonan’s Syndrome) blood work for Noonan’s Syndrome, PT, OT and her daily home PT/OT exercises. Some weeks are less hectic, but every day is PT/OT exercises, and we also have to keep her upright after bottles to keep her from throwing up. We love our daughter dearly and I am so blessed to have the support of a devoted husband, doctors, specialists and therapists who genuinely love and care for our daughter. And I am fortunate to have the patience and ability to stay home. But we are struggling so much financially. Between mortgage, car insurance, utilities, bills, food, formula, household essentials, car repairs and upkeep, etc. we are always barely scraping by. It’s so hard and the mental load feels unbearable sometimes. I have anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD and Binge-Eating disorder, though with psychiatry, counseling, meds, a supportive partner, and my own determination, I’m managing well. I am also enrolled in college PT trying to earn a degree so I can work from home doing writing jobs like grant writing and writing books and other gigs like editing or ghost writing, etc. But that’s going to take time.
I guess I am asking, in anyone’s experience, does our situation sound like we should apply for SSI? I feel like they’re going to tell us we are on our own and that scares me. I’m afraid of losing our home, of the financial burdens impacting an otherwise very healthy and happy marriage and the risk all the stress puts on me and my husband and both our mental health.
Can anyone offer some advice or opinions or experiences that might be helpful?
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2023.05.29 04:21 Throwaway24689017 Am I (F23) being sensitive or does my dad (M61) like me less than my brother?

I've been feeling really depressed and hopeless because of this. I feel like I need to figure out what to do so this doesn't keep carrying on and torturing me.
Me and my dad used to be on pretty good terms. In fact, my brother used to be the problem child because he would act out violently and get angry at people a lot. Over the years hes mellowed out. In the past year or so, I've noticed my dad has been growing closer to my brother, but it feels like he is shifting away from me. It almost feels like hes angry at me more. He gets triggered by things I say more. And sometimes it feels like he thinks I'm stupider than my brother. Hes always praising my brother as well, for saying smart things, for doing chores, on his appearance, for doing well in school, etc. That would be fine I guess, but he never does these things for me. He always tells my brother to take breaks, but never says that to me. He tells me things about myself that arent true, like I'm ungrateful. My dad will have long conversations about things with my brother, I feel like he used to do that more with me but now he doesnt. It feels like he thinks I have nothing valuable to say. Because my dad is always lifting my brother up and not me, its making feel really worthless.
I remember a year ago I went to my dad and asked him very honestly if he didn't like me as much anymore. It seems like he gave a sincere answer, that I should never doubt that he likes me less or loves me less. I remember in a different conversation I asked him if my brother was his favorite child, and he said that if anything, I was because I was nicer and cause less trouble. But that was a year ago.
I'm worried that some of this is maybe my fault in his eyes. My dad isn't always the nicest person, and was strict with us growing up. Because of that once I started realizing things about my past over the years, I'm worried I might be harboring internalized anger towards him and its accidentally showing. Maybe he picks up on that.
There are some things that he wants me to accomplish too that he thinks I'm not really working on. I wonder if maybe he feels like giving up on me because I'm not doing enough in his eyes.
Its making me really sad because I miss my dad. I miss having him be there for me, and having nice conversations with him. I just want things to go back to normal. I'm not sure I should talk to him again though because hes not one for emotional discussions. In fact the first time I did it I was lucky.
I'm also a little too perceptive to how people treat me. I'll notice any subtle changes in a persons behavior towards me. My dad even told me that I shouldn't be jealous so often and that I shouldn't take it personally. So maybe I shouldn't put it on him and I'm overreacting. Regardless though, its really tearing me apart inside and I need to figure out how to deal with this before I sink myself further into a depression.
Tl;dr: My dad in my eyes has been favoring my brother over me for the past year, and its been making me depressed. Not sure if I'm overreacting, and I'm not sure what to do about it when I've already talked to me dad about it.
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2023.05.29 04:21 idyllic_optimism [Online][Flexible][25+][Fem] Looking for fellow female players to try different games (GMless/solo and more) together

Hello, lately I've been interested in GMless games, solo games and procedurally generating adventures using various helpers like GM emulators, random tables and trying / testing various tools that enable such endeavors (partly because finding a group to play that matches the times I can play proved to be a quest in itself and still working on it). I must say I fail at the solo part of the games by myself ironically and I'd like to find a buddy / buddies who would like to test things out together. It's gonna be like buddy reading, but for TTRPG games. I'm looking for other fellow female players because in many games I've joined, I so rarely met other female players and I know there are many out there and I'd love to meet new friends.
This will be a very flexible schedule, discussions by text or voice, experimental sessions by voice chat and /or play-by-post. Really any method we feel comfortable is fine.
Depending on the interest, focus doesn't have to be a strictly solo/GMless. If we have an interested group and willing GM, I'd be more than happy to have one-shots, short or long campaigns.
What I'm looking for the most is discussing, chatting about various TTRPGs, sharing favorite tools and methods to make meaningful (shared) stories out of seemingly random prompts, against most random twists in a relaxed, friendly environment, and ultimately have fun doing all that together.
If you find any of these things interesting, feel free to dm me!
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2023.05.29 04:18 cardamomomomom Done with my boss and his wife.

Today was the final straw working for my boss of 3 years. I've done everything from translate legal stuff to helping with kids health insurance. I've worked just about every position from hostess, cashier and waitress, I know the floor, routine and staff like the back of my hand.... so it's been a while coming. The boss's family immigrated from China, great I speak some Chinese. He's had an odd policy of not letting the white workers eat from the buffet as he believes they take advantage of it, but will allow me to eat for free if I can do so discreetly. (I have fainted on the job before due to my poor health) today is wife told me I need to pay to eat. She gave me the cold shoulder most of the day, either because I came in late due to her scheduling error or I called out earlier in the week, I'm unsure. I've consistently asked that she give me my schedule at least the night before, but it's like she expects me to sit and wait for any shift. She knows I am in college, and has been giving her sons (14 & 16) the most profitable shifts despite my efforts to schedule myself in. I picked up some extra shifts as I am having issues paying for rent and school, which I explained, so they bumped my pay from 2.13 to 3.13. All the years and extra services I've been provided, and they can't manage common decency some days. I'm done, thanks for reading my rant.
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2023.05.29 04:16 Drfffte Summer classes

Is this course load manageable? I have a work study job where I practically do nothing but sit all day since it’s summer and nobody is on campus so I have 20 free hours in my week. Just want some thoughts from people who have taken summer classes before and or people who have taken a similar schedule
Ive signed for 14 credits in the summer. intro to psychology (falls between 6/12- 8/3, 4 credit class).
Interpersonal communications (5/30-6/30, 3 credit class)
public speaking (7/5-8/4, 3 credits)
History of world civilizations (5/30-6/30)
All these classes are online. According to rate my rate my professor, 80%+ of people get As and all professors are 4.8 rating or above.
Taking these at a community college
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2023.05.29 04:16 ks_rny_journey Anxiety creeping up the closer I get

My surgery is scheduled 06/06 and it’s hitting me that I’m only a little more than a week out. My anxiety has been horrible the last few days. Just thinking about starting my pre-op diet on Tuesday id making it all real and making me second guess doing this. I’ve waited 7 months and put a ton of work in and I know I’d regret it if I backed out. Did anyone else have crippling anxiety leading up to their surgery?
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2023.05.29 04:15 d1r1g0 Post Your Day Job

We all need to work a gig other than acting to survive. I’m endlessly wondering what other actors do to stay afloat while making the career pan out.
What’s your day job? Post your job title and a brief description of how it makes acting possible for you.
Me: Los Angeles SAG-AFTRA member WaiteTemp Agent/BG
All of these gigs allow for a flexible schedule but pay decently and allow me to save and pay my bills. I don’t buy much and live frugally. I can self-tape or attend in person auditions.
Hot tip: DPSS doesn’t consider acting work as part of my income because it is by nature inconsistent. Therefore, I qualify for benefits with only my day job income considered. Food for thought. #EBT
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2023.05.29 04:15 Jy218778397 Windfall Life of a Politician S2 Age 53

Windfall Life of a Politician S2 Age 53
The initial support for your campaign was granted by none other than the illustrious Women's Christian Temperance Union, following your eloquently crafted letter highlighting the importance of temperance being left to individual states. Regrettably, the Anti Saloon League has refrained from providing their endorsement, though it must be noted that they have not extended their support to any of the other three contenders either. However, their stance is of little consequence, given the plethora of endorsements garnered from influential Union leaders hailing from diverse regions of the nation. This is, in no small measure, attributed to the Socialist faction of the party, which made concerted efforts to solicit their backing. Among these endorsements, one may cite the names of Peter J. McGuire of the UBC and John McBride of the AFL, to name a few.
To the astonishment of many, the endorsement from an individual outside of Union leadership, emerged as the most striking. The enigmatic and controversial Governor of Illinois, John P. Altgeld, known for his populist ideologies and fervent advocacy for Unions during the labor wars, has remarkably severed ties with his party to endorse you for the presidency. This surprise announcement is particularly noteworthy, as Altgeld is currently running for re-election, thus indicating the gravity of his conviction in endorsing you. This unexpected turn of events not only opens up the state of Illinois for you but also provides an opportunity to compete in the Northern regions, thereby- your thoughts are quickly interrupted by the sudden appearance of your brother Edwin bursting into the room, his panicked expression betraying his concerns. In his hand, he clutches a newspaper with a headline that immediately sends a chill down your spine. The situation has suddenly become a lot more complicated, as the article announces the return of Theodore Roosevelt to the campaign trail, fully recovered from his wounds.
The Palmer House
As you disembarked from the train, the locomotive hissed and huffed, halting at the station with a metallic clang. A sense of nostalgia washed over you as you realized that it had been eons since you had last set foot in this city. And yet, as you gazed around, you couldn't help but notice that the place seemed to be frozen in time, unchanged since your last visit. Chicago, a metropolis teeming with squalor, corruption, and destitution - reminiscent of New Orleans in many ways. You meandered through the streets, your hat pulled low over your forehead, a cloak of anonymity to evade detection.
After a while, you arrived at your destination, the prestigious Palmer House. This exquisite hotel served as the hub of political activity in the city, where councilors, aldermen, journalists, and other influential personalities converged to shape the future of the region. It was here that you were scheduled to rendezvous with the man who held the key to delivering the state into your hands. The illustrious gentleman who has taken it upon himself to further your cause is none other than the venerable Mayor Carter Harrison Jr, scion of the esteemed Carter Harrison Sr. Following the tragic assassination of his father in 1892, Harrison Jr felt compelled to carry forward his father's legacy, especially during the peak of the labor wars, and therefore made the momentous decision to run for mayor in 1893. With a landslide victory, he ascended to the highest office in the city and has since been ardently dedicated his belief that Chicagoans had two major desires, to make money and spend it.
Mayor Carter Harrison Jr is aware of the close bond that you share with the Harrison family, by way of your association with Benjamin Harrison and his son ,your current running mate, Russell Harrison. In fact, it is Russell's persuasive appeal in a letter sent from his duties in Cuba that catalyzed the scheduling of this crucial meeting between yourself and the venerable Mayor. The strong familial ties that bind you have paved the way for an auspicious alliance. He promises that he will do everything in his power to make the city vote for you. He spoke of leveraging his vast network of contacts, leveraging his standing in the community, and marshaling all the resources at his disposal to ensure that your message resonated deeply with the citizenry. The Mayor's pledge to leave no stone unturned in his quest to rally the city behind you is impressive to say the least and you are extremely thankful to him as he could be the key to winning this election.

Mayor Carter Harrison Jr the key to victory for your campaign
Foreign Policy
It has been a week since Roosevelt has recovered and the man has already embarked on a journey around the country touting his ideas. Not only has his return been an issue but Allison and his goons are draining support away from your campaign particularly in the border states and West where you are most vulnerable. Russell and his populists have also been making moves taking a third of the Unions under his control including the powerful United Mineworkers of America (UMWA). Not only that he was last seen in New York City alongside Joseph G Pulitzer which is a bad sign.
As you recline in your hotel room, weary from a day filled with spirited campaigning in the vibrant city of Chicago, you allow your gaze to wander upon the words of the daily paper that rests in your hands. Amidst the plethora of news, an intriguing article captures your attention, weaving tales of a potential armed uprising in the Philippines against the Japanese Empire. If the rumors hold true, the timing seems ripe for such a rebellion, considering Japan's ongoing conflict with the Russian Empire.
Setting the paper aside, your thoughts wander to the profound transformations that have swept across the world since your formative years. Gone are the days when your concerns revolved solely around the struggles between immigrants and nativists within your own country. The world now stands at the precipice of uncertainty and upheaval, with myriad conflicts and tensions engulfing nations far and wide. It is a disconcerting reality that leaves you contemplating the future and questioning the role your country should play on the world stage.
Reflecting upon these ponderings, the question arises: What should be your general stance on foreign policy?
Interventionism: This is a foreign policy approach that would have the United States actively intervenes in support of democratic values, human rights, and national interests abroad. You would advocate for the proactive use of power to shape international affairs and advance our principles on the global stage. Interventionism aims to actively engage in the world to defend our values and secure our nation's well-being. The current government supports this to a degree as the War In Cuba began over human rights concerns and invocation of the Monroe Doctrine.
Open Trade: This would have you advocate for the reduction of tariffs and barriers to international trade, promoting fair and reciprocal trade agreements to stimulate economic growth. This is an unusual position for a former Republican and would alienate protectionists within your new party.
Strategic Alliances: This would have you support working towards strategic alliances and partnerships with other nations to protect and advance national interests, including territorial integrity, security, and economic prosperity. There would be a emphasis on maintaining a balance of foreign concerns and safeguarding core national interests. At the moment this would be the least popular choice but it could work if only reserved to countries in the Americas.
Neutrality and Non-Entanglement: This would have you maintain a policy of neutrality in conflicts between other nations, focusing on preserving national interests rather than getting entangled in foreign disputes. This is currently the view point shared by many Americans who believe In isolationism. Things have changed ever since the start of the War but many believe this is a special case and not getting involved in world affairs is still the wisest move.
Which foreign policy stance will you you follow?

Current Traits: Bold, Frugal, Compassionate, Traumatized, Vengeful
Relations: Edwin Hays (Brother): 7/10 Isabella Hays (Sister): 6/10 Alexandria Hays (Wife): 9/10 Elijah Hays (Son): 8/10
Current Predictions for the Election of 1896:

View Poll
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2023.05.29 04:13 star_gazing_girl How to ask for better communication when I'm more comfortable asking for nothing?

I’ve been in a LDR with a wonderful man since January. Three times he’s “stood me up” by not showing up for pre-scheduled dates, and twice not been in touch when we had general weekend plans. I absolutely don’t mind him not being able to speak, the hard part is the not knowing. I want to ask him to please send me a thumbs down emoji, or a sad face emoji, or even just a period or an x, and I’ll know he can’t talk, no questions asked. My friends say this is reasonable, my therapist says this is reasonable, especially as he would call into work if he couldn’t go. My therapist has also assured me my feelings are totally valid. My wonderful man has said I can ask for things, and wants me to ask for things. But in my previous relationships, few though they were, I learned to not ask for things to keep the relationship going.
To be clear, I’m 99% sure he’ll be open to this. He’s been incredibly sweet and understanding and direct. But I finally get to see him this summer (liked him since 2014) and I’m irrationally scared of wrecking this before I can be with him, and I’m also afraid of asking for something so small that he won’t be able to do, and I don’t want to feel like I’m setting him up to fail.
The question - those of you in similar situations, how have you improved “asking for things”? Thank you!
PS I’m also totally fine with him reacting to my messages (like, "can't wait to talk later!") with a sad face or thumbs down, etc. Just something so I’m not waiting for hours with my hopes up, then finally going on about my day in disappointment.
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