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A space where John Mayer fans can come together.

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For all the fans of Jennifer Lopez - an American singer, actress, dancer and producer.

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A subreddit for all your before/after pictures of your KETO Progress. We think these type of photos can really inspire people as to what’s possible… Note: This community is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Consult with your MD/DO prior to stopping or changing medications. When Keto is done properly, lives can change for the better. The owner and mods of this forum are not responsible for health outcomes.

2023.06.10 20:02 MinorThrett Franchise Companion v0.1

Hi folks! For managers who are interested, here's an EARLY version of my SMB 4 Franchise Companion (formerly SMB 3 Franchise Tool).
Right now it is comprised of:
I should have the batting, secondary position and pitch value included in the next few days. Traits may take a little longer. After that, I'll tighten up the formulas a bit to increase accuracy and begin expanding the tools and features included.
I appreciate any suggestions, requests or feedback!
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2023.06.10 20:01 Stiny_Whizzleteats1 Help

So I'm trynna make ai SpongeBob sing You Make My Dreams (Come True) by Darryl Hall and John Oates, but damn it I can't get Musicify lol to work. It won't let me upload audio files to the site, so I can't do nothing. Anyone have any alternative websites?
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2023.06.10 20:01 AdvertisingTasty3615 Fear of Gastric Lymphoma (DLBCL) recurrence

Hello. I hope you're doing fine and thanks you in advance for your precious help. I am sorry if my english isn't very fluent.
I am posting about my mom (62 F - height: 161cm- weight: 68kgs - Moroccan). She is in remission from a dlbcl since 4 years (July 2019). At diagnosis, she underwent a big surgery where a part of her stomach+spine+ part of kidney/pancreas ... Were removed (she was misdiagnosed then the biopsy showed it was lymphoma- she lives in a country where there's no mandatory protocol). Since then she is taking medications daily as Aspegic ( non steroidal anti inflammatory drug).
After the surgery she underwent 6 rounds of rchop ( standard chemo regimen for DLBCL)+ 2 methotrexate rounds ( to prevent CNS involvment since her kidney was affectés). She had ( understandably) since then been suffering from a lot of acid reflux/burping when she eats '' in big quantities'', her doc always said it was normal due to the surgery. Last year she moved to another city and changed her hematologist, the new one after some tests gave her a treatment for h.pylori which made her feel better for a period of time.
Her blood work results in March 2023 were normal apart from lymphocytes that were high (5000) and compared to her last blood work from september 2020 her hemoglobin/red blood count went from 13.5- 4.28 to 13-4.23.
Her doc asked her to redo the blood tests in May and her lymphocites have come down (4000) but hemoglobilin and rbc were still going down 12.7-4.2
Plus, she suffered more from acid reflux/ burping for some days, so she went to see a gastroenterologist who gave her a Pill that works wonderfully for her since she doesn't suffer from anything since she took it. The doctor suggested an endoscopy and the results ( we're still waiting for the biopsy results): erythematous and erosive antrofundic gastritis.
The gastroenterologist said it was nothing bad ( just inflammation) but when I looked in the internet it says that it could be her DLBCL that manifests that way. I am scarred to death and looking for opinions from other professionnals please : what are the real odds that lymphoma manifests as gastritis instead of tumors/ nodules etc.?
I hope this is not a very stupid question. My mom says she feels really good since taking the pill. Thank you a lot for your answers.
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2023.06.10 20:01 carvedfromjade Grain suggestions for hard keeper mare!

Grain suggestions for hard keeper mare!
Currently I have my 7yo ottb on: - 1 scoop Timothy pellets - 1 scoop shredded beetpulp without molasses - 2 portions of omniety from madbarn - 1 portion flax - 2tbs salt - 1 portion msm - 2 pumps w3 oil
She also gets about a bale and a half of hay per day (about 20lbs+) and is on grass.
Also note she has arthritis, hence the msm and the oil.
She was out of work all winter because I don’t have an arena, and she lost soooo much weight. I recently dewormed her and had her vaccines done and she has gained some weight but is still ribby and under muscled. She’s been in more consistent work for about two months now.
I was thinking about putting her on grain again, but I’m worried the sugar will be too much for her, especially with her arthritis.
I’m looking for some help about her nutrition. I was thinking of putting her on a feed from Purina, but all these grains are so complicated!
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2023.06.10 20:00 mostlylazy Random idle creep

Okay, question time. Bought an 01 this past winter and brought it back to life. It had been put up wet and sat for years. I cleaned the carb, fresh oil and gas and several hours and a mangled shin later… she lives!!! I’ve since had the carb off a couple times to set float height and clean deeper. I’ve replaced the air cutoff valve diaphragm and spring. U-ring is installed correctly. I’ve mastered “the dance” of starting. Bike starts, idles and runs great. Problem is when I roll off to no throttle, it’s about 50/50 whether idle will drop back down to 1400-1500 or run about 2200. If it’s high, a few blips will usually bring it back down. Idle doesn’t change when I go lock to lock on the steering or when I manually move the cables around, so I don’t think it’s a linkage/routing/cable issue. I’ve read that maybe the small holes in the pilot could be partially blocked even though they look clean. Pilot 68s, main 172, needle second position, air screw 2-2/12 out, 1600’ elevation. Any ideas? Looking forward to you guys giving me reasons to be in the shop.
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2023.06.10 20:00 no_not_luke So just how much of a cougar is the Gwen Stacy of the Spider-Verse films? [ATSV SPOILERS]

In Across the Spider-Verse, Miles is a sophomore. Rio - sorry, Mrs. Morales - says from afar that Gwen looks old enough to vote. Is that just a mom's protective instinct working overtime, or is Miles really punching above his weight?
Let's lay down some timeline groundwork (source in parentheses).
Pre-ITSV (before Dec 2018)
ITSV (Dec 2018)
ITSV-ATSV (Dec 2018-April 2020)
ATSV (April 2020)
Since we do have limited perspective, we're gonna have to make assumptions that the following things aren't different on Earth-65: prom is only for seniors - and sometimes juniors - as well as their date. (And that voting age is about the same for Earth-1610 as it is for us.) We'll just say Peter died at the prom of May 2018, making Gwen the most likely to be old enough to attend a prom in the first place.
OK, so what if Gwen's the same year as Miles? That means she was a freshman in ITSV and attended high school prom eighth-grader. NO GO.
And if Gwen is a year ahead of Miles? She was a sophomore in ITSV and attended prom as a freshman. Possible, but it would mean Peter was a full two years older than her in order to be able to bring her as his date. Not impossible, but not very likely in a high school environment.
Now, if Gwen is two years ahead of Miles? Junior in ITSV, and attended prom as a sophomore - still needing to be asked by junior-year Peter, but this is much more plausible. Plus, this makes her a senior in ATSV - which if it isn't voting age, is on the cusp of it!
And the out-there possibility that still fits: Gwen has already graduated by the time we see her in Across the Spider-Verse LMAO. She drums in the school auditorium imply because they have access (maybe bandmates still attend HS? Maybe this isn't a HS auditorium at all, but a college one?), and lives at home while either not continuing with school or going to college nearby. This makes her a junior at the prom, which totally fits, and a senior when she starts sharing little looks with freshman Miles in ITSV.
Conclusion: Gwen Stacy is two to three grades ahead of Miles Morales, and depending on when their birthdays fall in the year, one to four years older than him. My boy Miles is pulling a senior, and maaaaaaaaybe a freshman college student, as a SOPHOMORE! 17-18, possibly 19-year-old Gwen is dropping mad hints at 15-16 year-old Miles! She's left clothes in his bedroom! She's met the parents! On the scale of high school relationships, she's a cross-dimensional cougar and her eyes are set on young meat!
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2023.06.10 20:00 therealshunkaido Advice on losing weight in a household where mostly junk food is being eaten and advice on cheap low calorie food options

I think my confidence reached its all time low, I can’t look myself in the mirror anymore considering how insecure I’ve become. For clarification I’m 16 male, 184 cm/6 foot, and weigh around 84kg/185lbs - 88kg/194lbs.
Unfortunately it’s easier and cheaper for my family to buy a lot of junk food at once so I am eating a lot of sugar and processed food. We rarely have fruits and vegetables, especially in this economy where eveything seems to be getting more expensive. I used to be bigger but I’ve lost some weight with dancing. For the last weeks I’ve been sick on and off and I gained weight and I’m disgusted by myself. Whenever I try to lose weight I can’t because I have nothing healthy to eat at home so I try with only eating once a day but I have to study a lot and it takes so much energy because I usually would just sleep and forget to eat but that doesn’t work anymore. School comes first.
I was thinking for a 1200 calorie deficit and we have a stationary bike that has never been used but idk If I’m going to loose much weight with it, in my area gym is VERY expensive so that’s not an option and due to my social anxiety I absolutely refuse to go to our cheap school gym with fairly new equipment. I swear they make fun of everyone in there and record secretly:(
Idk what to do.
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2023.06.10 20:00 xzt94 Can anyone help me read this report please. Chest pain with shortness of breath, fatigue etc male 28, 5ft 10 153ibs

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2023.06.10 20:00 JamieM2007 John Cena is in Liverpool - and I Met him!

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2023.06.10 19:59 shave31 Body Smart Scale - no BMR?

Got the Body Smart today, running latest version 881. One the key selling points of this scale Withings promised was the ability to calculate Basal Metabolic Rate (and metabolic age) starting May 2023. It is now June, and it seems this feature is still not out unless I am missing it.
Can anyone please help me understand if there's a way to check or calculate BMR that I may be missing?
Also, unrelated, the Withings app v1506 does not give any weight based awards to me. For example, I took 5 weight measurements, but I still don't have the "First Weight-in Award." Seems like a bug. Can anyone please confirm?
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2023.06.10 19:59 Guinnessbreath82 Elton John halts Birmingham gig and tells crowd 'That's the last of England'

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2023.06.10 19:59 EmployerLanky9188 What makes Liposonix an innovative treatment for fat reduction?

What makes Liposonix an innovative treatment for fat reduction?
The search for effective, non-invasive methods to reduce body fat has led to the development of Liposonix, a revolutionary treatment that is changing the way we approach weight loss. Liposonix stands out as an innovative and safe option for those who want to get rid of unwanted fat deposits precisely and without surgery.
Descubre la Innovadora Solución de Liposonix para Reducir la Grasa
The key behind Liposonix's effectiveness lies in its High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology. This advanced system uses ultrasound energy to selectively penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and destroy fat cells, without damaging surrounding tissues. In addition, HIFU stimulates collagen production, resulting in an improved skin appearance.
One of the main advantages of Liposonix is its ability to treat specific areas of the body where fat is most stubborn, such as the abdomen, thighs and hips. The treatment is quick and virtually painless, with visible results in just a few weeks. Unlike other invasive methods, Liposonix requires no significant downtime and allows patients to resume their daily activities immediately.
In addition to its proven efficacy, Liposonix is scientifically backed and approved by recognized regulatory agencies. Patient safety and satisfaction are paramount, making Liposonix a trusted choice endorsed by the medical community.
In summary, Liposonix stands out as an innovative fat reduction treatment because of its non-invasive approach, high-intensity focused ultrasound technology and visible results. If you are looking for an effective solution to eliminate stubborn fat deposits, Liposonix offers a safe and reliable option. Find out today how Liposonix can help you achieve your body contouring goals.
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2023.06.10 19:59 SageParadoxFGC Ersatz Zodiac I: Amy

Base Art: A woman in her early thirties with dark brown hair sits at her desk in the middle of a white room. She pores over piles of paperwork, her glasses framing the stern, austere expression on her face and matching the pristine Hana Association uniform she wears. Beside her lie a pair of scales, the weights perfectly even.
Uptied Art: The same woman stands in a dark alleyway. Absentmindedly, a jagged black spear of the standard Hana make cleaves through the head of a fleeing victim. A kinder fate than the subject of her attention, a pitiful figure who is being hoisted by the neck with one hand whilst their head is forced to face the glare of Hana's Inquisitor. In the background, blood forms the shape of an uneven scale on the wall behind them.
Base Stats:
154 Max HP, 3-6 Speed, 35 Defence. Resistances: Slash (Ineffective), Piercing (Fatal), Blunt(Normal).
When clashing, Amy has her spear out to the side and behind her. She wins clashes through upward and downward sweeps of her weapon, and loses them with it crossed over her body as she grimaces.
Skill One: Celestial Spear (Gloom)
Attack Type: Piercing. Skill Power: 3. No. of Coins: 1. Coin Power: +8. Offense Level: 32. Growth: 0.7.
  1. On Hit: Inflict 3 Rupture. Heads Hit: Reuse this Coin.
Amy lances forward with her spear. If she triggers the Heads Hit effect, she then rips the spear upward and out of the target.
Skill Two: Unyielding Strike (Envy)
Attack Type: Blunt. Skill Power: 5 No. of Coins: 3. Coin Power: +3. Offense Level: 32. Growth: 0.7.
  1. Inflict 1 Scrutinized next turn.
  2. On Hit: Inflict 2 Rupture.
  3. On Hit: Inflict 2 Rupture. Heads Hit: Inflict +1 Rupture Count.
Amy thrusts her unarmed fist forward, jagged black energy radiating from it and knocking the target back. She then sweeps her blade from side to side twice across her body.
Skill Three: Castigate (Pride)
Attack Type: Blunt. Skill Power: 4 No. of Coins: 4. Coin Power: +2. Offense Level: 32. Growth: 0.7.
  1. On Hit: Inflict 1 Rupture.
  2. On Hit: Inflict 1 Rupture.
  3. On Hit: Inflict 1 Rupture.
  4. If target is Scrutinized, this coin triggers Rupture twice. On Hit: Reduce all Rupture to 0.
Amy swings a doublehanded overhead blow with her spear. She then grabs the target with her off-hand, choking them, and then runs them through with her forehand. Finally, her leg blackened by Hana's technologies, she kicks the target off of her spear.
Skill Four: Evade
Attack Type: - Skill Power: 4. No. of Coins: 1. Coin Power: 10. Offense Level: 34. Growth: 0.63.
(Scrutinized is an effect that increases the damage of Rupture by 50%. It ticks down every turn.)
Thorough Audit(x5 Pride Owned): If an opponent with Rupture loses a Clash, inflict 1 Defence Level Down.
Hana For All(x4 Pride Owned): The ally with the highest SP inflicts +1 Rupture Count.
Scales of Themis(Pride, Awakening):
Attack Type: Blunt. Skill Power: 12. No. of Coins: 1. Coin Power: 15. Offense Level: 32. Growth: 0.7.
  1. Heads Hit: Apply 9 Rupture. On Hit: Apply 3 Rupture.
Cost: 3x Pride, 2x Wrath
A picture of Amy lying down on a bed, torn books strewn around her and her arm over her anguished face flashes before shattering. Amy then bangs a black gavel upon a wooden desk, before pointing the gavel at the target. "Guilty, guilty, guilty... always the same verdict." A shadow appears over the target, before the shot pans out to reveal a gigantic pair of scales, with one of the weights hanging over the target. The scale tips, and the target is crushed.
EGO Passive:
Themistopóloi: When an ally attack triggers Rupture, self-apply 1 Attack Up next turn. If no allied attacks trigger Rupture, self-apply 1 Fragile for each ally remaining.
Acquisition: Hello, this is the Hana Association's Western Branch. I'm Amy, Director of Section 2. How can I help you?
Morning Greeting: I've always been a bit of an early bird. Are you the same?
Afternoon Greeting: A quiet lunch sorting my paperwork is a personal joy.
Evening Greeting: We should finish work, get some sleep, and come back refreshed in the morning. It is poor form to enter work fatigued - or, heavens forbid, tardy.
Chatter #1: Make sure to read the manuals provided to you and properly follow the procedures provided. I would hate to have to... reprimand you.
Chatter #2: Do you think a corrupt, selfish individual can truly serve any purpose in a civilised society? No, I thought not.
Chatter #3: No, there's no such rule. I would kn- oh, that was a joke? My apologies. No, I'm not humourless. You're just not funny.
Post-Uptie Chat #1: You know, it's a little unsettling, to have someone who understands. I wouldn't change it, though.
Post-Uptie Chat #2: Sometimes, I wonder whether this idea of good I have is real. But then I look up at the night sky, and it tells me that my path is just.
Idle: Is there something you wanted? My patience isn't unlimited, you know.
Uptying: Perhaps... I can trust you. Please, work with me to find a better outcome.
Deployment: This is Section 2's Director, Amy. Let's get this done.
Stage Entry: Haaah... We should prevail.
Viewed In Battle: I assume there is a reason you are checking in on me?
Commencing Attack: Very well.
Enemy Stagger: Thus always to the unjust.
Staggered: Ggh!
Enemy Killed: An unfortunate necessity.
Ally Death: You'll... be commemorated. I'm sorry.
Check Passed: Yes, just as protocol suggested.
Check Failed: Damn. My mistake. I was clearly not up to the task.
Victory Cry: It's only fair.
Extra Conditions Fulfilled: My contributions to this endeavour cannot be denied. Perhaps now my Section will stop cracking jokes behind my back.
Defeat Wail: Is justice... really just a word?
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2023.06.10 19:59 AutoModerator [] [Get] ✔️ Kyle Milligan – $20 Million Copy Vault ✔️ Full Course Download

[] [Get] ✔️ Kyle Milligan – $20 Million Copy Vault ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] [Get] ✔️ Kyle Milligan – $20 Million Copy Vault ✔️ Full Course Download

What You Get:

Kyle Milligan’s

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This is every MILLION dollar promo I broke down in 2021. Including Oxford Club’s Win Both Ways Promo… Jeff Brown’s SAV Promo… Banyan Hill’s Digitarium… And much, much more! Many of these promos are no longer running and therefore cannot be found in the wild. You can only get access to each one – plus, over 9+ hours of video where I go over every lesson and insight each one taught me – when you fill out the form on the next page and open the vault.

Kyle’s Secret Formula

The “Beats of a Sales Letter”

The million-dollar sales structure (that every single control beating promo follows) will emerge right before your eyes. You’ll see exactly when to tease the “Mechanism.” What’s so important about having a “Force of Nature.” Why you’re leaving money on the table without a “Winter is Coming” section. How to think about the “Catalyst.” And so much more… This is the first time this structure has ever been made available to the public.


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And in addition to insights and secrets and 9+ hours of recordings you get from the $20 Million Copy Vault, you’ll also receive two FREE bonus lessons!
The first is a 48 minute video guide with me and Justin Blackman from Pretty Fly Copywriting (AKA The 10,000 Headlines Guy) showing you exactly how to generate countless amazing headlines on command. You’ll never wonder what to put at the top of your promo ever again!
And the second is and in-depth Email Training series with John Rhodes that reveals the 3 ways to make money with email, how to sell a “buying frenzy,” his secret email set-ups, how to pocket hundreds of dollars per hour writing emails, 4 email swipe formulas, and much more!
Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
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2023.06.10 19:59 theryman New height limit on beetle bugs (aka the whip)

A little bummed out about the new height limit of 36 inches on this ride, but I definitely understand. My family loved putting kids on it and seeing a mix of terror and joy in their faces. A good way to give them nerves of steel and make sure they're ready for the coasters as they hit those height limits. My 1 year old is so pissed watching the other kids ride. Maybe by the end of the year!
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2023.06.10 19:58 icepancake72 Bonnaroo Saved My Life

TW: Depression, Discussions of S****dal Thoughts
This is not a joke post, this is as serious as it gets.
One year ago today, I was at my absolute lowest. I’d been silently battling depression and anxiety since high school, affecting my performance greatly. I was also deep in the closet, and for most of my high school career, I really tried to suppress my sexuality to everybody, including myself. I spent countless nights crying myself to sleep over it.
I barely graduated high school on time, and, aside from a few pockets in which I was happy (vacations, etc.), I was absolutely miserable. I couldn’t even get out of bed some days to even go to my classes at the local community college, and while my grades remained stable, I still had no vision for my future, which brought me down even more. Admittedly, suicidal thoughts had popped up in my head multiple times, and I really thought that there was no hope for me, and, with the state of the US and the rest of the world, the world as well. I was incredibly reluctant to talk to anyone other than a few close friends about it. I was also incredibly reluctant to seek treatment, due to the stigma surrounding depression that I had seen online, from tv shoes and films, and in general, the fear of needing to reach out for help.
A week later, I somehow gathered up enough strength to go to Bonnaroo, which was planned months prior with friends and, admittedly, my mood was very uneasy the entire 6 hr car drive down. However, once we got into The Farm and set up our campsite and we’re immediately greeted by our neighbors, a switch completely flipped in my mood, and we conversed a lot over the entire weekend. This was new for me, as I usually looked like a deer in headlights when I first met somebody new. Once we got into Centeroo, I was taken aback on the positivity, the vibes, and how beautiful everything was, despite the heat.
Over the weekend, I came to realize that no matter how shitty the world can get, moments like this remind you that everything will be ok, even if just for that short amount of time. Bonnaroo was the serotonin boost I needed to essentially talk myself off the ledge. So, when I got home, I came out to my parents and siblings, and was able to receive the treatment that I needed. This unleashed a massive weight off my shoulders, and I felt like I was finally able to be myself for the first time in forever.
Today, I am the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m 1000x more extroverted than I’ve been in my entire life. I’ve taken on the responsibility of managing my mental health and my life in general with ease. I was incredibly excited to celebrate my 20th birthday, spending that night celebrating and looking at the next decade of my life. My sweet and loving boyfriend is joining me this year, and we will be celebrating 6 months together on the farm. Most importantly, I finally believed in myself to follow what I thought was right and what I desired, no matter what I thought the outcome would be. This resulted in me being able to finish my last two years of college at The Ohio State University, my dream school, and a school that I didn’t think I would have the academic capability to attend even 7 months ago. The way I see it, Bonnaroo saved my life.
Finally, I’m not writing this post for attention. I want it to find somebody who currently feels how I did one year ago. If that person is reading this, I promise you, you are not alone. Asking for help is not a weakness in anyway whatsoever, even if I felt that way for years.
Thanks for coming to my TedTalk. See y’all on the farm!
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2023.06.10 19:58 Return_Kitten Hi.

I’m teetering on the edge of becoming drunkorecxic
I’ve gained 60lbs since I became an alcoholic in the overweight/obese category and I can not seem lose this weight no matter what I do
But I have to, I can’t keep living being this weight I feel unworthy of love and it’s stopped me from dating and spending time with friends
I’ve been Tracking calories not gaining anymore but can not lose, so in order to lose and keep drinking I’m figuring I’m going to have to go pretty low with the food calories
I’m just as miserable as some of you but I doubt none of you are as big as I am
Don’t feel like you need to give me tips or advice or anything if you don’t want to
I just have a question
Is it actually possible to lose weight while still being an alcoholic?
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2023.06.10 19:57 Glum-Ad7527 Kayla Kisor Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Instagram, Biography

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2023.06.10 19:57 Glass_Leg8789 Kayla Kisor Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Instagram, Biography

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2023.06.10 19:57 commulr Quick Weightloss Advice

Hey, I don't need lectures or advice on how quick weightloss isn't healthy/"you'll gain the weight back twice as fast"... I'm a reasonably active 23M and I'm well aware of the issues and healthy enough to make a risk/reward assessment myself. I'm going on holiday in a couple weeks and I just want to know the most effective weight loss strategies that you have tried. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 19:57 ThePhotographyLife Nopon Fan-made Race Stat Block based on the species from Xenoblade Chronicles [C. Version]

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2023.06.10 19:57 docrobert9 Ironroot releases (scroll pics)

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