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2023.05.29 04:14 Iworkformycat27 90-Day Fiance: The Other Way, Tell All Part 3, An Episode Review

In Sharp Entertainment’s latest prod-uction, the only show with more questionable excuses for humanity than an Underground Toddler Fight Club, 90-Day Fiance: The Other Way, we see our protagonists fighting their loved ones, will they win, or will it be a one-legged toddler at an ass-kicking contest? It’s what happens when you get caught with drugs while shooting a Shriners Commercial. No forgiveness!
Kris and Jeymi
Kris is being framed, her ex-boyfriend was sending old pictures to Jeymi, and after a turn of events that totally happened she, no one believes her, Veronica doesn’t, if you’re bisexual and your name starts with the letter Kris raise your hand, you’re the, oh, your mom’s here, how convenient. How many sides are there to this story, does Kris have any evidence to support hers? This isn’t fine.
What does their Zoey think about all this? Mine thinks these Pita Chips look delicious. Debbie thinks that Kris is getting a bad rap, Oussama has no idea what is going on, how much is he getting paid to sit there? Does this count as a job? He was told this was an episode of “Modern Family”, worst version of Jay and Gloria ever.
Nicole and Mahmoud
Oh look, it’s dumpster fire number, are they worse? Ahmed is here, someone ask him, he’s a real feminist, and the Egyptian Dr. Phil, I love how they’re all getting nicknames just now, when’s lunch? I thought that “A Marriage Story” was longer.
Daniele decides to make this about her, and her problems, because she is alo present, how will Nicole handle all this drama? What is the Chinese Girl’s name? Helen the Oriental Female? That’s not it but, is oriental racist? It does sound like Mahmoud was acting inappropriately, serious “To Catch a Predator” vibes.
Gabe tells Mahmoud that he’s so scummy, Isabel told him so, Nicole should get a divorce. And he isn’t wrong, that we can all agree on. Like how we never say The Civil War’s name outloud, oh shit, Ahmed isn’t a feminist. Ousamma, hey, Oussama is talking, look at him go.
Gabe and Isabel
Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, sorry, that was my microwave- why did Monica dress for the Oscars? Was she told this was a Flavor of Love Elimination and she was New York? Did she shit on the floor? No that was Something, she might spit on Monica though, no that was, she’s not going to win but launch her career out of this. Did you know that New York has a show on VH1? I still google her, and Luther Vandross.
Gabe and Monica talk out their issues, Monica wasn’t pulling a Brittani and pretending to be unavailable, Gabe, Gabe is not falling for this. He is a smart man. Is Monica a serial killer? She is almost getting away with this? What was her role in this wedding? I’m going to go call my brother racial slurs and confuse him.
It is now time for the intermission, go get popcorn, go get some nachos, Jen says Rishi no more lady taco, your mom said I was old, I have grown cold, I won’t be coming around, Did Daniele bring her license plate with her so she can return it? She is in town. There are also slurpees, they all taste like herpes- how long is this intermission? I have a bladder condition- raccoon parade!
The cast can totally overhear Jen and Rishi talking, and talk shit about them, which is a real shame, theta are missing a great raccoon- it’s over, we were just getting to the dumpster float!
You can talk this out later in public Rishi and Jen, the raccoons have tubas!
Rishi can’t make any promises, but he says he is try- the Raccoons are performing “Kansas City” from Oklahoma! And they are going on another break, they really, no, it’s cool, Jen gave her phone number to Julian, more twirling, faster! Jen did an okay job doing her highlights at home, look at that money piece that is a completely different color.
Daniele and Yohan
The break is over, the raccoons are having a drunken orgy/after-party, this is fine, Daniele and Yohan also still have issues, who has 4 thumbs, 7 holes and don’t trust each other? Tim and Veronica are back, they have 4 thumbs, 7 holes and trust each other. They’re like Siamese twins that used to have sex with each other. Now one of them just watches.
What is my dog barking at? Damn backyard ghosts, also, damn Daniele- she was the bad guy! You don't bring an ex around your newlywed husband, respect! Yohan claps like I did when I found out that my drunk uncle was getting a divorce, on the inside, where are more Cannolis former aunt-in-law? You were too good for him.
Daniele and Yohan have two different viewpoints about exes, and friends, and the Panama Canal, probably, it’s what Gino calls Jasmine’s vagina- that shit is about to be a virgin again. Shawb does an informal poll, and asks the experts, Tim and Veronica, who are like the old guys from the muppets but hot.
Shawn Robinson summons Taylen, ruiner of Yohan’s birthday party, and is seriously bringing back the 90s, and pictures of himself- in Daniele’s home? That- is it a gallery? Does she have all the pictures of her exes and are they ranked by penis size, how large is this wall? Did she also consider girth and thrust speed? Bonus points if you can hit the spot daddy, I am not a horny narcissist. What is my son doing up there?
Daniele says it was in a drawer, with other photos, every photo that she has ever taken in her entire life- that she would never put on OnlyFans. For free, here’s me at my 18th birthday party, selling essential oils to pay for my college tuition and statement earrings.
Yohan is staying with Daniele until their lease is up, and then, adios, I am a quitter! The cast is very disappointed, but want to hear other secrets fellow cast members? I give her money for things and doesn’t tell you that, I, there is evidence for this, that we don’t have time for, I’m going to divorce this puta and marry that lesbian in the pink blazer over there, nope, no therapy for me. Taylen thinks Yohan just has to get over it and calm down. This is fixable, in a spinoff that I could be a side character on, poppin’ up like Dracula all over the DR.
The Tell-All ends on a note, Oussama has a poetic vision, of what, I have no idea, either way he looks like a corpse or a mug shot, like Debbie- she’s not wrong, he talked about as much as one. Nicole is going to stand up for helrself, she’s not enabling Mahmoud’s insecurity anymore, they can create their own culture, as a couple, like two yogurts humping each other, and that, is a poetic vision, that is strange wonderful.
Is Nicole Strawberry and Mahmoud te Bannana? What if they’re both mixed berries? That- were they in the parade?
I give this episode ⅘ stars, the highlight was, figuring out who the bad guy was, Debbie’s advice was once again on point, but seriously who, I’m confused, can I go murder people? That is the Purge alarm or my neighbor shooting a cannon. Don’t ask where I live, there aren’t any houses for sale. If you figure it out though I do have a lot of wine left over from my birthday festivities, the code word is raccoon, and do a little dumpster dance.
Bonus points for dressing up, If you bawk like Not David Murphey I’ll know that you’re from the FBI. Anyway, another season starts next week and the promos have been peak meme editing, the producers really- which one of the new people do you think is going to prison?
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2023.05.29 04:03 Ashworth5433 Future of Halo I'd love to see

Campaign and Online Multi-player should be 2 separate games

Lore and Online competitive gaming should be two completely separate releases
Campaign game releases with campaign and maybe a campaign driven online multi-player (nothing competitive)
Online multi-player game doesn't even need continuous releases for new titles. Halo needs an online multi-player game that's strictly dedicated to just online multi-player. Remember Halo:Online that 343i was going to release to Russia? And Eldewrito made a custom version of it and the community absolutely loved it? That's what we need, an official Halo:Online like Eldewritos version.
Halo 3 engine
Halo 2 ranking system
Halo Reach armor and armor progression
Barebones menu
$20 for the game
(Optional) $10 a month subscription gives you access to continuously rotating selection of skins/accessories (this is how the game keeps making money)
Nothing fancy. Just Barebones competitive halo with core mechanics.
Basically, Halo needs to try compete with Counter Strike. CS has slowly grown over the years and now has average player count of 1,000,000+ ......
TLDR: Halo lore/campaign gets its own title releases. Halo needs its own version of Counter Strike using the core of Halo people love.
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2023.05.29 04:00 Feisty-Pay-5361 Genuine New player, I feel kinda stuck in Bronze and would like some Advice

I started playing a bit over a month ago, I decided to main Top lane. I am kinda addicted as I already have about 220 hours put in to the game lol. But I feel kind of stuck as a player, I am trying to play rank and get out of bronze, but even though I keep spamming games 5-6hrs+ a day so far I have not managed to get past Bronze III (and often get knocked down to IV swiftly after a lose streak).
I feel as if I consistently outperform my laner, 8 games out of 10, and do better in team fights, more dmg, better KDA, etc. There are of course games where I am dead weight and enemy laner is running amock my team (mostly versing Yorick, I don't know how to CS against that guy, always 30-40 CS behind him).

Sett, Mordekaiser, Ornn, Gwenn and Garen are my go to's usually (I am most comfortable on Sett though, what I go most games).
Today's lose streak really demotivated me so I decided to ask for actual help, and well 3 out of the 9 games were completely griefed by a trolling Anivia that kept walling us in to our death and stopping backs, a Katarina that ragequit near the end and left us in a 4v5, and a Rengar that didn't take Smite; so that was all very tilting, but I kept queueing anyway which was a mistake .
Anycase, I do the typical stuff of "Watch Neace or other coaching people explain what I'm supposed to do and learn the macro" which I am getting the hang off of, especially wave management, I think I have a good grasp on that, freezing, bouncing, etc. My biggest weakness is just that I don't have good hands so I choke sometimes when it comes to split second plays. It's why you won't catch me playing a FPS game or something competitively, I suck at precise micro movements.
I am probably never going to be mechanically skilled beyond it being serviceable, so I can't really "1v9". with crazy outplays. But still, I reckon at least Silver or Gold should still be reachable with enough effort and solid macro, I just don't really know how to go about it and have been hovering around Bronze IV for 3 weeks now of trying (about 230 games played I think, sitting at 43%WR overall).
Here is my OP.GG for reference:
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2023.05.29 03:56 Yaibasoka majima everywhere

currently ranked D on majima everywhere and when i tried to go to shine and complete his minigame/quest there to get the dragon move set, i keep seeing the carabat girl rina with no other option. is my game stuck somehow or what can i do?
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2023.05.29 03:55 Supernova_Soldier I finally beat all the missions and stages of IDBH😭😭😭 Orange Piccolo da GOAT

I finally beat all the missions and stages of IDBH😭😭😭 Orange Piccolo da GOAT submitted by Supernova_Soldier to DokkanBattleReddit [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:49 alltherach_ 230529 Weverse Compilation


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2023.05.29 03:49 krigsgaldrr I didn't realize it's my account's 12th birthday today, which means it's my boy's 12th birthday too!

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2023.05.29 03:48 Vivid-Busyness (RWBY) Weiss went from a major character to basically not existing

RWBY, whether you love it, loathe it, or are somewhere in between, we can all agree RWBY are supposed to be the main characters or at least have a good amount of focus. However, the past three volumes have relegated the W, Weiss, to a side character. This is especially glaring because volumes 7 and 8 took place in her home kingdom, and she wasn't given much in volume 9 after being screwed over those two volumes.
To briefly recap, Weiss started off very strong in volume 1 as Ruby's sort of enemy, being racist towards her teammate (Blake), and being an insufferable rich girl all around. Over the next two volumes, we learned more about her mess of a family, why she chose to attend school in a different kingdom, and we even met her sister, which explained a lot about her personality. She maintained an edge, but became much better with emotions, becoming friends with her teammates and missing them dearly after returning home.
As with Blake and Yang, volumes 4-6 were her primary development. She had to deal with who she wanted to be, how she fit in in her family, and eventually escape her overbearing, mean father to stumble upon her true family, team RWBY. She ended up finding Yang first after being kidnapped by her mom (one of the funniest scenes in the show btw) and gave her a big hug. Later when she and Yang reunited with Ruby, she was invited into their sisterly hug, solidifying their bond.
However, in volume 6, we got the news that the group was going to Atlas, which Weiss bemoaned. Ruby said not to worry and that team RWBY wouldn't leave her side. That barely ended up happening as volumes 7 and 8 introduced a million new characters and we had so many cut perspectives. I guess Blake held Weiss' hand when she saw her father again? Weiss yelled her sister's name from the sidelines as Ruby saved the day.
It should be noted Weiss did have something of an arc in volume 7. As ex-heiress in the kingdom, she was supposed to find intel that could be used. She snooped around her family's mansion for a bit and...her mom gave the vital info to her, rendering Weiss' contributions useless. She also finally won her first 1v1, so she wasn't completely useless. Also, despite this, Weiss actually spoke the third most in volume 7, only behind Ironwood and Ruby. It's just a lot of it was exposition for the audience about Atlas' inner workings, not much that advanced her character.
Volume 8 was more or less the same as volume 7 with Weiss being there to give Atlas exposition and support Ruby. However, the finale changed things up with Weiss being the last team member standing as she presumed her other teammates dead. She was only one of two who fell into the void (AKA Ever After) who knew Jaune killed Penny. Jaune did not reunite with team RWBY until halfway through volume 9, so you'd think this would be important but nope.
Volume 9 was a much needed Ruby-centric volume, yes, but you would expect Ruby's supposed BFF to have more focus. She became comic relief, stressing out over the absurdity of a world from a fairy tale, and only conversed 1-on-1 with Ruby one time. Weiss didn't even tell Ruby Jaune mercy killed Penny nor did she talk to Jaune about it, it was A. either revealed off-screen or B. will be discussed later. Oh, we did get to see Weiss mourning the death of her kingdom briefly, but that was kinda brushed over. Ruby acknowledged her feelings on it, but was too caught up in her depression to do anything else.
So, at the end of the volume when RWBY + Jaune were ready to go back to their world, Ruby found herself again, Jaune overcame past trauma, Blake and Yang became a couple, and Weiss? She was right where she started, mourning her kingdom's death. One shouldn't expect the best writing from RWBY, but can they at least not ignore one of their mains for so long? If it weren't for her glaring lack of activity in her home kingdom and the spinoff series Ice Queendom, which heavily focused on Ruby and Weiss' frenemyship, maybe it wouldn't have been so noticeable. All I'm saying is it's sad that Weiss barely does anything anymore after being such a key player early on. Let's hope it changes.
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2023.05.29 03:40 bobgooober The Ditch

I came back to my hometown for spring break. Pretty depressing stuff—driving past the same boarded up storefronts downtown, killing time in the same grimy dollar theater, listening to the same trainwhistle wail down the tracks as I lay awake on the musty futon in my dad's guest room, staring at the same brown water stains spreading across the ceiling. Two mind-numbing days into my week of “freedom,” I was starting to wonder why I had even bothered. I should have just stayed in my dorm and saved myself the headache. Even my seldom-showering roommate and his shitty seeds and stems seemed more appealing company than my dad's sullen silence—still pissed at me for going into graphic design—and the prospect of running into more people I hated from high school every time I had to venture to the corner store.
I got a Facebook message from a guy from my old junior high chess team, Mike, asking me if I wanted to catch up and have a few beers at the old football field that night. Desperate to escape my dad hocking up phlegm into the kitchen sink and reruns of NCIS, I agreed.
The field he was talking about was at our old junior high, which had been closed down a couple years after we graduated because I guess they found some black mold and it was cheaper to just vacate the place than try to clean it. Choked with dry brown weeds, patches of bare earth rubbed bald here and there, the field still held memories of after school soccer practice that were mostly positive, even if I was a clumsy nerd who never scored a goal. The school looming over us was much more depressing. Every window was cracked. Graffiti of illegible names and cartoon dicks covered the old bricks.
Mike waved me over to the pollen-dusty bleachers, where he had a styrofoam cooler of beers set up. Mike looked like...Mike. You ever experience that, where you haven't seen someone since they were a kid, but even though they look completely different they look exactly the same? Same goofy, toothy smile, same red hair, same trying-to-be-funny overanimated expressions, the same ones he'd had when he'd try to crack the chess team up with impressions from Austin Powers. I wonder if I looked the same too. I spent so much time trying to be a different person than that dorky kid from a nowhere town—trying to be cool, trying to be adult—but my facade was probably just as thin.
“Man, I'm glad we had a chance to catch up,” Mike said, sentimental, three beers deep. “I didn't even know you were back in town.”
“Yeah, just stopped by to see my dad. How's grown-up life treating you?”
Mike told me about his job at the textile mill outside of town, about his pregnant girlfriend. My back was starting to cramp from sitting on the bleachers, so we got up and walked around. At the edge of the field was a rusty chain link fence and a stunted wooded area rambling to a creek. We both curled our fingers through the rusty holes and jangled the fence, startling some crows out of a leafless tree. The first stars began to appear in the soft purple sky.
“Remember when we used to sneak out here after soccer practice and smoke your brother's weed?” I asked Mike, smiling at him, starting to relax for the first time since spring break began. Mike didn't return my smile, instead staring at me with a weird, stricken expression. “Shit, dude, remember when you almost died out here?”
“What the fuck?” The beers caught up with me suddenly—I felt clammy and stupid, kinda sick. “What are you talking about?”
“Over there.” Mike pointed beyond the fence. A ways past the creek—really, barely a trickle, a sliver of black water in the rotten underbrush—there was a cluster of rocks. “That ditch. You slipped down there. I saw it happen, heard you scream and everything. I tried to grab you, but the ditch was so narrow and dark that I couldn't reach you. I freaked out and ran to get Coach Morris. When we got back, you were just sitting on one of those rocks, totally fine. I guess you pulled yourself out. It scared the shit out of me, though. When you fell in, you screamed, but then it was like—bam. Total silence. I thought you snapped your neck for sure.”
Cold beads of sweat rolled down the back of my neck. “God, I don't remember that at all.” The smell of wet earth, of dirty creekwater, of dead pine needles—my head spun. I don't know why I felt so nauseated all of a sudden. All the cheap beer.
“It was stupid anyway. You were fine. I don't blame you for not remembering.” Mike, to my alarm, started to climb over the fence. “I have to take the craziest leak.”
“Mike...” I started to say something, like “better be on my way,” but something stopped me. I felt stupid for feeling so shellshocked and dizzy on this warm March evening, with a guy who I used to play Tekken 2 until 3 AM with, on the same field where I used to play middle school soccer. I followed him over the fence.
While Mike found a patch of reeds to pee into, I stepped over the creek and walked towards the pile of rocks. Just beyond the woods, the faint yellow lights of downtown shimmered in the last bit of evening. A trainwhistle cut through the quiet rumble of faraway traffic and the chirping of crickets. I pressed my palms into the rough, cool surfaces of the rocks and peered over into the ditch. It didn't seem so big to me, barely wide enough for a scrawny kid to trip into, but in the fading light it seemed endlessly dark and deep.
I swung my legs over the rocks and crouched down at the ditch's edge. Coolness radiated from the hole. The perfect, dense blackness fascinated me. I probed one foot down, experimenting with the depth—it was shallow enough that I could easily climb out, but if I ducked down, I would be hidden. I lowered myself inside, feeling silence slip over me like a heavy wool blanket, smelling the cold damp earth, tasting the darkness, like the metal taste of rain and dirt. I breathed the darkness into my lungs.
Huddled against the side of the ditch was a ten year old boy in a soccer uniform long since rotted to gray threads. His hair was brittle and colorless, his eyes clouded white. He turned his head towards me. Tears made pale tracks on a face smudged with wet earth. When he opened his mouth, it was full of rotten black leaves. When he reached his hand out to me, I could see every delicate bone through his translucent skin.
“Are you done yet?” he asked, in a familiar voice, my voice, my child's voice, a hollow croak now. “Are you done being me? Can I please come out now? Can I please go home?”
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2023.05.29 03:31 TrailedFox44 The guardian rank “reset” isn’t what I expected.

Well, logged on my main account and apparently you still have the title and number of whatever rank you reached (ex. I’m still “8 Justicar” but I have to re complete some objectives. Don’t know if it shows me to other people as rank 8 but that’s what I’ve seen.
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2023.05.29 03:29 CoconutPete44 Mini Solo Trip Report and Coaster #200 [Silverwood] May 27-28, 2023

I was in Idaho for work and despite being 8 hours from Silverwood, I decided this was probably my only chance to get up here so I made the trek over Memorial Day weekend.
Before I get to the rides, let's talk about the park for a little bit. I have to admit I had a bit of sticker shock for the admission price, I wasn't expecting it to be higher than Cedar Point. I get that some of the independent parks a bit more expensive, but I was still a little stunned. The park is pretty small, I'd say maybe half the size of Silver Dollar City with a pretty annoying layout. I think parks should always wrap around if possible and I just hate dead-ends.
The park is pretty with a lot of nice landscaping and little splashes of theme. While the park packs a lot of roller coasters in its space, there aren't a ton of rides in the park and a lot of the flats are relatively low capacity, which I suppose makes sense. Also, it was Memorial Day and they were running one train ops on everything other than Stunt Pilot. I don't know if the woodies can accommodate a second train but man that wait was brutal if you didn't rope drop them. Also props to Silverwood for not having a fastpass option because at least the lines moved pretty consistently. Anyway, let's get to the rides:
Timber Terror (2x): I don't know what the agreed upon superior woodie is in the park but for me it's not Timber Terror. The first drop is pretty good but I found the rest of the ride pretty underwhelming. I know it has the 208 Retrak from RMC but it could probably use some more. I wouldn't say it was excessively rough but there was some hammering especially in the valleys. Not bad but not notable either. Meh.
Tremors (2x): Everything I just said about Timber Terror? Flip it. Tremors was such a fun ride. Good drops, tons of airtime, fun tunnels, good laterals. It felt like an out-of-control woodie in the best way. Maybe a Top 10 woodie for me? I don't know but I really enjoyed it.
Aftershock (5x): I'm gonna admit it, I was intimidated by Aftershock. I still have an issue with heights and having all my weight on the restraint on the way up was pretty freaky. That being said, what an absolute unit of a coaster. For an old Vekoma it was surprisingly smooth with minimal headbanging. I always pinballed going into the cobra roll all 5 times, even with bracing, but other than that I had no issues. I was genuinely surprised with how much I enjoyed it and kept coming back to give it another go. It's a shame there aren't any of these around because they really pack a punch.
Corkscrew (1x): Definitely had to ride this one for the history. I was surprised how smooth it was considering its age and having been moved from KBF. Other than that, there's not much to say. It's a good Arrow with minimal headbanging so it was enjoyable enough.
Stunt Pilot (4x) CREDIT #200: I was sitting at 195 heading into Silverwood so I was fighting between Stunt Pilot, Aftershock, and Corkscrew for #200 but decided to go with Stunt Pilot. It completed my set of RMC single rail coasters in the country. You can definitely tell it's different from the original raptors and isn't quite as violent. The elements have been smoothed out a bit but there's still a lot of amazing moments of ejector airtime. The extra couple rows give some great whip on the drop but I still feel like RailblazeWW hit harder overall. While the theming is minimal, a little bit of theming goes a long way and always adds to the experience. If you asked me to rank the RMC raptors it would probably go: -WW: GLC/Railblazer -WW at SFMM -Stunt Pilot -Jersey Devil
I skipped the SBF Visa (I think it's an SBF, I didn't really go over there). Had a pretty good time at the park overall, I'm guessing going on one of the busiest weekends probably wasn't the best idea, but rope dropping got me on everything enough to make the trip feel worth it. I don't know that I can recommend this park as a destination location but if you ever find your way up here it's worth the trek.
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2023.05.29 03:28 LoonyLadle My Chaotic Evil character TPKed the rest of the party before our first quest started and I don't feel bad about that.

Story Brief: I play a chaotic evil character, rest of the party tries to abandon and murder me on sight, then blames me for being everything wrong with chaotic evil when I defend myself.
This was a very long time ago on a play-by-post site that you've never heard of; I think the site was called I checked, but that domain is up for sale as of the time of this writing so if that's what it was it sure didn't last very long. With the story I'm about to relay to you, I can't help but imagine why that might be!
I am uncertain how this party came to be but we were a group of five, all apparently some flavor of autist. The campaign was in the Dalelands of Toril (I think that's right?) and we were all starting at level two. The party composition was a human ranger, a half-orc bard/barbarian (bardbarian!), a dwarf paladin, and my character was a human wilder. For those unfamiliar: wilders are the charisma version of the psion in the same way sorcerers are to wizards, except that wilders are actually really good as you'll learn later.
Our first quest was to clear out a den of orcs who have been doing Generic Evil Bad Guy Things to our starting town. Knowing the reputation that chaotic evil characters tend to have I laid my intentions on the table very early in an attempt to allay concerns. Ashley was chaotic because I want to take the Pyrokineticist prestige class and Evil because she just really likes burning shit. Seeing as I rolled very well on my mental stats (int 16, wis 15, cha 19; the GM was using 2d8+6, IDK why) I felt that Ashley would be very friendly, amicable, and also neurotically aware of her situation. In her own words: "I can burn human villages and be hunted as a villain, or burn orc villages and be paid as a hero. The choice is obvious; we're having barbeque porkchops tonight!" The players acknowledged this and seemed to be mildly enthusiastic.
Thus we get to the actual roleplay.
We keep it simple, start in a tavern and introduce our PCs. The bardbarian and dwarf are having a drunken arm wrestling contest and regaling each other with tales of their machismo ("I once suplexed a polar bear off a cliff!" "Reminds me of that time I gave my coat to an orphan girl and had to walk through a blizzard for eight hours warmed only by the celestial hearth of my god!"). The ranger and I enter town from opposite angles and meet up at the bowyer's shop; he's buying a bow while I am having my crossbow repaired after I got a little overenthusiastic with my last Fire Ray. The ranger is immediately distrustful of my wilder; I don't know why, but "grizzled ranger wilderness man" is such a classic trope I don't think much of it and we end up entering the tavern together.
Shortly after we are all in the same ingame space together, a big ol' royal guardsman or soldier or somesuch enters the tavern and calls for mercenaries. The others answer the call, while my wilder listens from the corner given that she's not best friends with the law. We are told of the orcs and the troubles they are causing on the road, and that parties who like gold and killing orcs ought to prepare to embark with him in the morning. Yeah, I thought; Ashley likes both of those things -- one is a good target for fire, and the other buys resources she can use to make more fire. I feel Ashley is not likely to volunteer without her weapons on her -- she wouldn't be taken seriously! -- so I narrate how I'll wait an hour for repairs to be completed and approach the group then, since we have until morning.
Ashley goes to get her crossbow, returns -- and the party is gone. So much for waiting until the morning.
I make some quick Gather Information checks (I had the intelligence so I sprinkled cross-class ranks into K:nobility and various social skills) to figure out what happened, then set off at a brisk hustle to follow.
Upon catching up with the party, the ranger immediately fires an arrow at my wilder.
Ranger: [to the party] "Heh, can never be too careful." Wilder: [hiding behind a tree] "Whoa mate, check your eyes; I am not an orc!" Ranger: "Just because you're not an orc doesn't mean you're friendly!" Bardbarian: "She could be a highwayman, be careful." Wilder: "We met in town, remember? I was the one who suggested yew for your bow!" Ranger: "If you're friendly, why are you hiding? Show yourself!" Wilder: [Comes out with hands up; pointless gesture since I can kill people with my brain, but they don't know that yet] Dwarf: "I use detect evil." Wilder: [Is evil! And also has her imp patron following her without being aware of it!] Dwarf: "She's evil. Get her and her demon friend!" Wilder: "Wait, why is Char here? According to my backstory he- WHOA!"
Ashley is wearing a chain shirt, has 17 dexterity, and won initiative so she has her buckler out and is using Total Defense so her AC is... high. She danmaku-grazes through two sling bullets, an arrow, and two darts.
Wilder: "Please calm down! I just want to kill orcs with you and get paid!" Dwarf: "We don't work with evil people!"
Another round of Touhou dodging ensues.
GM: "Round three. Ashley's turn." Wilder: "I said CALM THE FUCK DOWN!"
I activate my Wild Surge and expend my psionic focus on my Psionic Shot feat and launch my Fire Ray at the ranger's bow. 5d6+5 damage.
Ranger: "You bitch! I knew you were bad news the moment I met you!"
They keep fighting...
I down them all in a single shot each. Including the level six NPC guardsman who attempted to intervene once it became clear that the party couldn't roll above a fifteen to save their lives. I suggest to the GM that the fire cauterized their wounds so none of them are actually dying, but he's a very RAW person and declines while pointing out that I was throwing entire virtual fistfuls of d6s. The entire party ends up bleeding out because -- surprise -- the chaotic evil character didn't think to put any ranks in Treat Injury. Ashley gave the fallen PCs the most respectful sendoff she knew -- burning their bodies in a massive forest fire -- while speculatively wondering how that scene could have proceeded differently and not at all subtly hinting to the GM to rewind so we could take the scene again from the top.
The response to this was to start making the usual noises and ALL-CAPS POSTS about how I'm an edgelord and chaotic evil PCs should never be allowed and I'm terrible and awful for destroying their equipment and getting mad when they attempted to blah blah blah. I don't need to tell you what they said. I was just astonished, refreshing the page throughout the day as they rant and rave, all the while thinking to myself "I have Asperger's syndrome and even I can read the social cues better than these nutters."
They weren't even good roleplayers. I was throwing out paragraphs and they were writing two-liners. The ranger didn't even end his posts with periods. So when I refreshed the page and found I was banned from the game, I couldn't help but sigh in relief. What could I have even said to these people to justify myslef? "It's what my character would have done?" Because it actually wasn't; I was trying my damnedest to hold her back in spite of all possible reason to go full bore on the strangers trying to murder her!
I'd still love to play Ashley again sometime. I think she has a lot of potential as a character to explore what it means to be evil, how evil is often perceived by others, and how even good people can work with evil in pursuit of a greater goal.
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2023.05.29 03:19 ruairidx No football/soccer game would be complete without the agony of penalty shootouts (Bang Average Football)

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2023.05.29 03:18 ruairidx No football/soccer game would be complete without the agony of penalty shootouts (Bang Average Football)

No football/soccer game would be complete without the agony of penalty shootouts (Bang Average Football) submitted by ruairidx to IndieDev [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:18 ruairidx No football/soccer game would be complete without the agony of penalty shootouts (Bang Average Football)

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2023.05.29 03:16 wowally360 Comparing Collins Acheampong’s Net Worth vs. Cooper Flanagan’s Net Worth

Comparing Collins Acheampong’s Net Worth vs. Cooper Flanagan’s Net Worth
Fans are often intrigued by their beloved athletes’ earnings compared to those of others. Likewise, there is a sense of curiosity about how much Collins Acheampong and Cooper Flanagan earn.
People might be interested in knowing about Collins Acheampong’s net worth vs. Cooper Flanagan’s net worth, so keep reading for further insights into these two players’ financial gains.

Getting to Know The Players

  • Collins Acheampong is a highly respected prospect in Santa Margarita Catholic High School, known for his exceptional athleticism across numerous sports.
  • He excels as one of California‘s top defensive edge players and has been ranked 529th nationwide by On3 Composite rankings, showcasing his immense potential.
  • With his versatile skills and diverse abilities, he is an outstanding all-around athlete coveted by football teams throughout the country because of his friendliness toward everyone around him.
  • Cooper Flanagan, a talented high school football player known for playing a tight-end position, has already made headlines in sports circles.
Read More
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2023.05.29 03:15 ruairidx No football/soccer game would be complete without the agony of penalty shootouts (Bang Average Football)

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2023.05.29 03:12 reverendjesus Episode 8: The Trials of General Gallant

[Scene 1: The Adventure Squad Headquarters]
Narrator: With a brief respite from their heroic duties, the Adventure Squad enjoys a rare moment of relaxation at their headquarters. The team takes this opportunity to ask General Gallant about his past.
Captain Courage: (curious) General, we've never heard much about your time in Basic Training. General Gallant: (laughs) Well, that was quite some time ago, but I suppose I can share a few stories.
Narrator: The team gathers around, eager to hear the tale of General Gallant's journey through the rigors of Basic Training.
[Scene 2: Flashback to Basic Training]
Narrator: Many years ago, a young and ambitious recruit named Roger Gallant found himself struggling to keep up with the demands of Basic Training.
Recruit Gallant: (panting) I can do this. I have to do this. Narrator: Despite his determination, Recruit Gallant faced numerous challenges—physical trials, tactical exercises, and the relentless pressure to excel.
Drill Sergeant: (shouting) Gallant, pick up the pace! You're lagging behind!
[Scene 3: The Turning Point]
Narrator: Recruit Gallant persevered through the hardships, driven by his unwavering desire to protect and serve. His tenacity soon caught the attention of his superiors.
Commanding Officer: (nodding) That Gallant has potential.
Narrator: One day, during a grueling obstacle course, Recruit Gallant's true leadership qualities began to shine. When a fellow recruit found himself trapped under debris, Gallant didn't hesitate to come to his aid.
Recruit Gallant: (straining) Hang on, buddy. I've got you.
Narrator: With incredible strength and courage, Gallant freed his comrade and helped him complete the course.
Fellow Recruit: (grateful) Thanks, Gallant. I owe you one.
[Scene 4: The Rise of General Gallant]
Narrator: From that moment on, Recruit Gallant's progress was meteoric. He quickly rose through the ranks, earning the respect and admiration of his peers and superiors alike.
Narrator: His unwavering commitment to the greater good, exceptional tactical skills, and natural leadership abilities eventually led to his promotion to General. General Gallant: (saluting) I will serve with honor.
Narrator: And so, the story of General Gallant's trials in Basic Training is revealed—a tale of perseverance, camaraderie, and the indomitable human spirit. Narrator: What thrilling adventures and captivating stories await our heroes in the next action-packed episode of the Adventure Squad? Don't miss it!
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2023.05.29 03:06 kahootmusicfor10hour That’s it?

I graduated last week. I’m officially done school, forever. No master’s for me. So with a full picture of my 4 year education at the University of Maryland, I think I can finally say that…
THIS SHIT SUCKED. There were some good moments, some good classes, and I met some good friends. But on the whole? Sooo much of this was a waste of time.
Why did we have to take 30+ credits of General Education, completely unrelated to the major? Why do so many professors care more about their own research than the sanity of their students (their job)? Why was so much weight put into clunky exams and a fluky GPA system? And why did so much of “the experience” just feel like an advertisement for frats, the alumni association and the football team…
Perhaps one of the best academic lessons I learned here is that, if you want to know anything, you’re best off Googling it.
I don’t want to sound like a big crybaby here, I really didn’t come into the university with delusions of grandeur. I just expected to actually get so much more out of this than I did…and I don’t think it was for a lack of trying.
Does anyone else feel this way?
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2023.05.29 03:06 kittyrose97 Something to brag about 😁

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2023.05.29 02:58 ShadowAgent2920 What the?

What the?
I looked through my dmr and mega city and for some reason saw this reflection in the scope. Anyone know what this is?
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2023.05.29 02:58 I_am_Fang_Yuan_ The Ending of Reverend insanity

After achieving Eternal life, Fang yuan through hundreds of thousands of years and experimentation on chaos dao marks finally comprehends and understands Dao marks completely, having refined the entire Gu world and having complete control over all Rank 9 Gu’s and every single gu worm below that rank
Fang yuan through all his research comes to a Shocking realisation, Fang yuan had already hypothesised that everything Had the same Origin but to think that Not only did everything have the same Origin, they even shared a common Essence that is the core of all their existence and through which they are all wholly pervaded, Fang yuan stood surprised at that
Through his Absolute Supreme grandmaster attainment in Refinement path, Heaven path and Chaos path which he had fully advanced to the absolute Peak 100 million years ago and fully in all the various paths
Through the vicissitudes of his millenias long rein and supreme Courage and indifference, Fang yuan made the most Unbelievable decision ever made since the creation of the Gu world and the Entirety of Existence
Fand yuan resolutely Decided to Completely Reverse Refine the Entire Gu World and all the Universes, All Paths dao marks, Chaos dao marks and Heaven dao marks into their Absolute Original Essence beyond Space and Time and the existence of any Law, to fully annihilate all the various dimensions of Existence and Find the Absolute Source of All
Fang yuan had firmly realised that the World followed and emanated under the Clause of Dependent origination, There can be no Heaven path dao mark without Chaos dao mark, all opposites mutually arise
Fang yuan pierces further into the Truth of Reality that There is No Existence without Non-existence, no existence without non-existence existing with it at the same time, a supreme paradox
although Fang yuan Had Eternal life, although able to alter Space and time, he still lived in them and thus was still limited
To Reverse refine and attain the Absolute Most Quintessential Elemental Origin would mean to Transcend both Existence and Non-existence, to go beyond Being and non-being
a Jump into the Absolute Void, Facing Infinity itself head on
This also meant that Fang yuan will have to Transcend his bodily/soul existence, but not only that!
Through a Supreme Absolute formation of Refinement path combined with Heaven path, Human path, Chaos path, Space path, Time path, Rule path, Law path, Luck path, Qi path, Dark path, Soul path and all the various paths and even food path
An Absolute immortal Gu House containing all possible combinations of all paths and dao marks that can be activated All at once and instantly
this Absolute Killer move that will be the End to All, The Paradox to end all paradoxes
this Absolute Killer move to which Existence itself will shiver before
Fang yuan’s focus was to consume Space, time, Existence, non-existence and all the Infinite Dao marks that have ever existed all over all the Infinity of Universes that have ever existed since the absolute beginning of All Existence
It took Fang yuan 300 million years, Ressources from all the Universes, Dao marks of Heaven path combined with Space path, Time path, Rule path, Law path, Luck path, Qi path, Dark path and his absolute Supremacy in Refinement path, Heaven path, Human path, Soul path and Chaos path All combined to construct the Supreme Eternal Reverse Refinement Gu house to achieve this plan
But not only that, Fang yuan wasn’t foolish and had already simulated that the chances of failing were quite high
But a little insight completely transformed his vision, it was the Spring Autumn cicada!
Fang yuan thought : “What if I merged this Absolute immortal Reverse Refinement Gu house and used it simultaneously with The Rank 10 Spring Autumn cicada as a Parallel immortal move, Reverse Refining All the Dao marks in Existence, Reverse refining even Chaos itself, while at the same time Returning with it to THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNING OF ALL TIME AND SPACE
The Spring autumn cicada which was at the Absolute Peak of Rank 9 before, After being refined to rank 9, then to the middle of rank 9 and after hundreds of thousands of years into the Absolute Peak of rank 9 than later millions of years being refined to rank 10 using Time path, Heaven path, Chaos path and Refinement path all of which were at the Absolute supreme grandmaster
Indeed, Fang yuan’s Eternal invicibility and Longevity made him able to Travel throughout all time and retain his invicibility, Gu worms, Fang yuan’s modified Absolute rank 9 could already transport the entire body, soul, attainment and fang yuan could even move in the turbulent time river like a breeze and did so for millions years
But there was still a Huge limitation, Fang yuan despite being able to go trillion of years in the past or future or observe all Universes, was Never able to the Return to BEFORE TIME since the River of Time only Contained time and before it the river did not exist, even after a hundred millions years searching in the River of time and throughout all Time and Space in all different Universes, fang yuan still couldn’t break through
But upon looking at one of the Gu worms in his Sovereign aperture, a huge smile flashed on his face
To the Gu world, Fang yuan was not just a Monster but a complete Sovereign God, with Supreme Authority, it was still in Video format spread all around All the gu world, Fang yuan defeating the Entirety of the 10 Revived Venerables and the new venerable along with Heaven’s will and chaos hundreds of millions of years ago, its still Rings in the entirety of the Gu world as the Absolute Peak, the One without second, The End of the end of the beginning, the Peak any human has ever reached.
Indeed, Heaven’s will had unknowingly somehow merged with Chaos, it seemed even chaos was conscious
Chaos had Merged with Heaven’s will, Fang yuan at the time was absolutely abhorred and strangely filled with pure excitement mixed with fear for the first time, since it was the most unexpected Destiny song of Feng jiu gu that reunited the Complete opposites, heaven and chaos into One!
A Complete turn of the tables since Fang yuan had already killed all venerables before and had advanced to the Absolute peak of rank 9
Feng jiu gu shielded and living in Chaos and Heaven’s will with destiny song was able to produce a move to revive venerables and another Terrifying killer move, Heavenly Chaos destiny killer killer move, the move itself was still firmly in Rank 9 with only Rank 9 gu’s, but it was near the border between rank 9 and rank 10, made from heaven path, sound path, human path, chaos path and Destiny path, this killer move was specifically designed to work only on Venerables, indeed it is ineffective even to rank 1 gu masters yet could Kill Venerables
Such is the mystery of the Gu world
All the venerables revived and strengthened, Chaos, heaven’s will, all with Feng jiu ge at the Lead All against Fang yuan in the Most climactic battle ever, Fang yuan against the Entire world
Feng jiu ge alone could stand near him and defeat him
Feng jiu ge thought he could kill fang yuan, and he absolutely was about to until a slight smile appeared on fang yuan’s face
In a flash, with fang yuan as the center a Huge Unfathomable Explosion of Inertia and Hot air Spread, it pushed everyone and everything, causing cracks in time and space and even nearly destroying the entire Gu world!
Feng jiu ge stood up only to Witness what no one has ever expected
A Rank 10 Being stood in front of Feng jiu ge
Multicoloured dao marks rippled all over his body, runes of rainbow like light shining all over Fang yuan’s strong body which would switch between all colours, Fang yuan stood midair, unmoved, untouched, undisturbed and expressionless
All these memories flashed in Fang yuan’s mind for a moment, hundreds of millions of years have passed since then, he was so hot-headed when he was in his youth due to being in constant mortal danger,
Looking at that Gu, a slight smile flashed on fang yuan’s lips
What Gu was that could bring such memories back even hundreds of millions of years later?
What could it be But the Rank 10 Destiny Gu!
The Rank 10 Destiny gu, the Rank 10 Spring autumn cicada, the Rank 10 Derivation Gu, Rank 10 Wisdom Gu, Rank 10 Self Gu, Rank 9 Advance refinement, Rank 9 Love Gu, Reconstructed and advanced Rank 9 Fate gu…
5 Rank 10 Gu and hundreds of rank 9 gu all used
The time had come indeed! Transcending Existence and Non-Existence, After this absorption of all the Dao marks and returning to the Absolute Quintessential Elemental Origin, his Ultimate goal will be achieved
Everything ends Here.
Fang yuan will become the Only Existence! The Only Being! Space and time, All existence will be devoured, the universes, all beings, Everything will be absorbed and Reverse refined to its Smallest Subtlest Absolutest!
Nothing will ever exist ever again Except Fang yuan for all Eternity
Fang yuan will usurp Existence itself! Hold the True Jewel for himself alone!
Only Fang yuan will remain!
But What is Fang yuan? Its just an identity, thoughts, a story
to Conquer infinity, identity itself must be thrown away
Now Fang yuan has no-name, no identity, that’s the price to become God
Fang Yuan activates the Gu house
The Entire Spaceless Formation which encompasses all Space in the gu world and all Universes Bursts forth!
The Entirety of All Dao marks for the first time since the Beginning of Time Synchronize! and are tuned into the same Mode of Existence!
The Entire Killer move with Fang yuan at its center Exploded forward in a Cataclysm of a Spaceless Timeless Immortal Energy!
Exactly 2.54 nanoseconds later, Fang yuan began to phase forward through time and space as he Meshed with the Dao Continuum, As Fang yuan began to absorb All that exists!
The Dao marks in All Existence and even the Void itself started to be Reverse refined! from the trillions of billions of paths! some started to merge, weapon path with sword path, water path and ice path, fire path and smoke path…
The entirely of the Endless diversity was being reverse refined and merging all by Fang Yuan’s will.
At some point a part of the heaven path, earth path and human path dao marks merged which gave Destiny dao marks! time path and space path merge into Space-time path! Rule path and law path merged as well into Rules and regulations path...
At a Crucial Point All Dao Marks Return to a SINGLE POINT.
This would be Impossible! If there is no space, how can one live? Fang yuan had planned all, an isolated black space with small little stars was isolated still existed but outside this, All Space-time everywhere else had vanished, Space Ceased to Exist! even Chaos has ceased to be!
This cannot be understood by a human mind, its Not empty space! the empty space itself no longer exists!
Void of Void!
no analogy or explanation is possible
The Entirety of the All, the centrillion universes and the infinite expansion of trillions of Dao marks throughout all time had ALL BEEN MADE TO MERGE INTO ONE !
The Entire Gu world was Annihilated and completely Absorbed by Fang yuan!
You would think it would be Destiny dao marks or perhaps rules and regulations that remains or heaven path?
What remained ?
Or more closely known as Existence Dao Marks
Only “No-thing” remained
These dao marks were literally outside time and space yet were time and space at the same time, these dao marks were beyond heaven path and chaos path yet were them, these dao marks cannot be even be called dao “marks” since they are the Dao itself, not a mark of It!
It seemed to even say that Existence dao marks divide into space-time dao marks and other paths
But Knowing the Clause of Mutual arising, there can be No Existence without Non-existence, then where is this Non-existence
Only when Fang yuan finished absorbing all Existence and “Dao” Dao marks did he know with absolute certainty that Non-existence IS IN Existence!
They are the Exact Same and In each other, yet at the same time completely different!
This was the True Paradox behind Everything that has ever happened since Before Time
This was “Dao”
But How did Fang yuan know this or feel it? Did the Dao marks merge to become an Object or an image?
The Exact opposite, All Fang Yuan after absorbing all dao marks in existence was a SUPREME PRESENCE
Something Invisible was “Here”
Fang yuan felt an Unbelievable Presence!! This invisible thing seemed to Encompass both Existence and Non-existence!!
But for some reason even Being Rank 10 was not enough to Know this Presence!!
Only by Reverse Refining all dao marks of All Existence into the primordial original essence and absorbing it can one KNOW IT!
Fang yuan felt that this Presence was very subtle yet at the same time Vaster, Way Vaster, Way Way Vaster than the Entire Expanse of Universes or Space-time or even Existence itself!
Fang yuan felt such a POWER, an INVINCIBLE Source with No Bottom, Even fang yuan felt chills down his spine, how can something be THIS VAST, THIS ENDLESS?! THIS INFINITE EXIST?! IMPOSSIBLE!
The more Fang yuan delved in, the more he Came back Shocked!
The Source or for a better word God was actually BEFORE AND BEYOND Space-Time, without Beginning, Ever-fresh and Not Subject to Any Change!
Fang yuan despite being Rank 10 felt that he was but a microcosm in front of this Limitlesness!!
despite all the chills running down his spine, a huge brimming smile appeared on his face
A Deep realisation hit fang yuan’s to his Absolute Core, THIS WAS THE GOAL ALL ALONG!
It was Not Existence nor Eternal Life nor exciting fights nor Exploration, IT WAS BEING ABSOLUTE! INFINITE AND FREE!
Fang yuan began to penetrate more into this Energy, Presence, Being
Suddenly, a huge brimming smile plastered on his face, he even cracked into Crazy Laughter, he seemed Devilish! If one saw him, he would think this Devil is about To Commit the Most Unforgivable Crime in all Existence!
His laughter did not stop, it only became stronger, he seemed like a madman
Why would one laugh this crazily?
Fang yuan had realised, Dao/God is impersonal! meaning he has no sense of self, it only exists without volition, to the Supreme Dao, it never perceived there were universes, these only appeared in it and suddenly fragments of Dao/God got stuck in bodies with other fragments turning into time, space and spliting into infinite diversity of paths and beings
But they were all originally One!
But what does this even matter to Fang yuan?
It was impersonal! Without volition, the ENTIRE DAO/GOD CAN BE USURPED!
Fang yuan can Absorb God since God had no volitions, he can completely conquer and become Him!
It was Finally here in front of him! Especially since Absorbing and assembling all the fragments into the Original indivisble “Dao”, he could feel a strong Link to this Source!
Immediately, with all the Rank 10 Absolute Immortal Killer Moves, fang yuan got to work, there always has been the Risk of losing his body, mind or soul but to one who has been shown Absolute Infinity in front of their eyes, these were trivialities
Time passed
A Lot of Time passed
A Hundred Trillion years later!
The Entire Space in the Remaining Space chamber seemed to start Clinking and cracking
*Clink* *Crack*
*Crack* *Crack*
Space directly shattered and broke like glass falling from a Mirror
Time began to crack and Stop as well, inside the only remaining Space in All existence and non-existence
Time would stop, recontinue, stop, recontinue…
Space would crack, break like glass and remerge to being space again, it appeared something was about to happen
Floating in the middle of Black empty space, motionless, was a man in a meditative position
His eyes were shining with yellow white light that seemed to encompass Everything!
White rainbow runes were shining all over his body
In his yellow eye light, it seemed Everything existed yet nothing existed at all at the same time
Yet it was not clear wheter the man was alive or not
Indeed, in 100 trillion years, that body had not moved a militimeter, not even breathing
Yet it was this Man which was before but a microcosm in all of Existence, having lived through the vecissitudes of endless time had finally perhaps stepped Beyond time and space!
In the midst of clinking and cracking space
Suddenly! A slight movement happened
Indeed! finally 100 trillion years later
a pair of lips finally moved
A bright calm smile appeared and a voice echoed
“I am God, the Self of All. Of this there is no doubt.
My nature is boundless, changeless, indivisible like sky
Indeed, I am the pure unchanging essence of existence, free of form and death.
I am One with no other, the only Truth, the single essence.
I am Eternal, formless, solitary, Endless
Who is there to speak about and worship This?
I am more subtle than primordial substance,
more primal than elements, essences and compounds.
I am prior to notions of birth and death.
Indeed, when the universe is created, it is made out of me
I am still, undivided, indifferent.
I am the Supreme Reality, forever whole and undivided.
Before anything was, I Am. I never am not.
Indeed, the entire Universe exists only inside my own spaceless timeless Mind
I am Everything and Nothing
All existence and non-existence is only the seed of my own imagination
I have no mother, no father, no family, no caste nor was I ever born
I know nothing of birth and death.
How can I speak about beginning or end?
I am before and beyond such notions—
my nature is Absolute Freedom
I exist without evolution, I never began nor end
Being has no thoughts, no feelings, no knowledge, no knowing.
It both does and does not exist.
I am forever free and boundless, no beginning, no middle, no end.
I am Everything everywhere forever.
I am Nothing nowhere now.
I alone exist! Limitless, eternal, all-encompassing.
Truly, I alone exist, all-pervasive and never-ending.
I am eternal and omnipresent, undivided, all-pervasive,
and without any dimension whatsoever.
I am One. I am Absolute.
I am spotless and at peace—
All this life, I have been duped by illusion
By “this Light” alone the body and the universe appear
Having seen for certain that he Universe exists only inside my own spaceless timeless Mind
I am revealed as God, never have I been anything but God
The whole grand universes are nothing but my own imaginations
Knowing this, I am forevermore Eternal and Infinite
I am neither alive nor lifeless
I neither come nor go
I have no inside or outside
Not bound by birth or death, I light Eternity!
Not bound by time or space, I light Eternity!
Not bound by being or non-being, I light Eternity!
Not subject to creation or destruction, I light Eternity!
I alone exist! Limitless, eternal, all-encompassing.
Indeed, I am the Absolute, the One Reality.
To what should I offer my devotion?
I am the essence beyond space and time, existence and non-existence
I have no desires, I am All that Is – Forever free and boundless
I am the Supreme Being, formless, unbounded, limitless, Infinite, untouched by anything
Supremely pure and Free, absorbed in infinite Bliss
So do I recite this poem and abide in my Beauty Forevermore”
It is an Eternal Mystery wheter it was Fang yuan or God that spoke those words, perhaps both
Within the Only Reality, in the Timeless spaceless Mind of Fang yuan/God :
just as Fang yuan finished his poem, Immediately the entirety of remaining Space and time wrapped around his fingers in a black and white rotating ball, his supreme soul had already transcended being or non-being and existed nowhere spacelessly and timelessly
But since Fang yuan had absorbed all the “Dao” before Transcending, not much existence remained
One would think this would be the end
But the next moment
fang yuan snapped his finger
INSTANTLY THE ENTIRETY OF THE GU WORLD was Timelessly CREATED with all Its Beings and Things in not even a Microsecond! not even that, It was created in No Time at all!
Trillions of beings emanated from Literally Pure Nothingness!!
Fang had Complete AWARENESS OF ALL EXISTENCE, Everything in the Gu World WAS HIM, he could effortlessly BE Everything.
This body was neither him nor not him, as he is the timeless Mind itself thus complete control over everything that exists effortlessly.
But Fang yuan had no need for such a thing so he Refocused his Endless infinite Attention on this specific mortal body
“Fang Yuan Hand over the Spring autumn cicada!”
“Fang Yuan you damn demon, just because you wanted to cultivate the Spring Autumn Cicada, you’ve gone and killed thousands of people. You’ve committed too many unforgivable, heinous sins!“
“Demon, 300 years ago you insulted me, took away my body’s purity, killed my entire family and executed my nine generations. From that moment onwards, I hated you with a burning passion! Today, I want you to die!”
Fang yuan had recreated the world without much thought but to think he would return to the day he was about to be killed a hundred trillion years before!
Fang yuan laughed "hahaha"
He could literally create a Rank 10 gu with a thought, he could Create the entire Gu World without effort, he could improve it, he could make it have RANK 100 if he wanted, he could as well COMPLETELY DESTROY IT with a Thought!
HE was truly Limitless as he is not the Body alone, its just that he focused his timeless’s mind attention on the body alone to be Fang yuan but he was beyond being just That!
He could recreate a rank 10 in no time but how boring would that be?
Thus he pretended to be killed and returned without even needing the spring autumn cicada in the river of time
Fang yuan was now back in time to the Gu yue village
A slight smile appeared
submitted by I_am_Fang_Yuan_ to IamFangyuan_ [link] [comments]