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2023.06.08 21:38 Big-Following-8116 Trans-vaginal ultrasound advice/question

Today I (32f) had both an external and trans-vaginal ultrasounds. I wanted to make a post just to discuss my experience with anyone… I left feeling uncomfortable. I know that some physical discomfort is normal, but I left feeling like something wasn’t right or didn’t need to be that way. I would like to preface this by saying I have had this done once before when I was about 15.
I honestly don’t feel comfortable typing this out, I don’t know how or who to ask this question to so I hope someone can provide some insight.
I had the external ultrasound done first. It wasn’t bad, a little discomfort but no big deal.
During this part of the exam I was feeling anxious and was closing my eyes and trying not to talk just because I didn’t feel up to it. The tech asked me a few friendly questions and that was fine. I was a little uncomfortable when they started being overly friendly sharing personal details about their relationship with their mother and how her mother has such high expectations of her to be perfect and like her and continuing to just talk at me for the rest of time time. I assume she was just talking to be friendly but it was just more than I was expecting from a tech that I don’t know and just met two seconds ago. It was just, unpleasant for me. Likely reading too much into it but it’s a little relevant I guess.
I was then asked to go to the washroom to empty my bladder come back for the rest of the process.
She did another pass over the external when I came back from the washroom and then onto the rest.
I was made aware that I had the option to insert the wand myself, signed a form stating I was aware of this. When the time came the tech just told me what she was going to do and didn’t give me a chance or option to hold the wand. I guess it was on me to just speak up, which I didn’t and fine. It’s an uncomfortable situation to begin with, I just found that difficult.
My biggest question is when she inserted the wand, was what she did to me necessary? This is where I need to understand why I feel so gross. The wand was inserted, slowly and not overly painfully to me. Similar to what I recall the last one being like. Okay fine, moving on. At this point I expected her to start pushing the wand to the different areas that needed to be seen (this did eventually happen). But before that and upon first insertion she was moving the wand in a way that I can only describe as stimulating, sensual and intentional. It felt like it went on for 5 minutes, was probably more like 1/2. I felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin. It felt like something a partner would to to get you ready for penetration or something you would do when using a toy on yourself. I didn’t need to be “ready to go”. I felt like this was a completely unnecessary step and I am just questioning why this was done - no photos or clicking or what ever they do was being done at this point. Silent. I will note that the entire time during this part of the procedure she did not say a word to me.
The rest of the exam continued as I expected and recalled from the last time having this done. That first part though, not sure what that was…?
Once the exam was done she literally said “I’m taking it out now” pulled it out. Passed me one small piece of paper towel to clean up both areas. When I asked her for more tissue she said “I don’t have any I just brought this in, you’ll have to go to the washroom” then literally didn’t say anything else and just waited until I left. It was one of the most odd situations? I was surprised they wouldn’t have a box of tissue in the room when they are using this jelly all the damn time.
Waddled to the bathroom past a bunch of people with lube between my legs to go get cleaned up. Couldn’t even put my underwear back on to go from the room to the washroom because I was still covered in the shit. Just a little embarrassing uncomfortable and humiliating. Before I left I mentioned this to the front desk that they should maybe have something in the room for people to clean themselves up after this type of ultrasound. The girl seemed actually shocked that I wasn’t given more tissue when asked and asked which room I was in.
Ugh I feel like I’m making a big deal out of nothing but I honestly just need some peace of mind. If anyone can provide insight or anything just about the wand insertion initially and if the movements that were done were necessary?
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2023.06.08 21:38 krombopulosjohnson Unusable iPads

My boss was given a couple iPads (2, model A1709) from a friend who used to used them as POSs for her small business. I’m not sure how old they are, but I know she’s had them for years just sitting unused in her office. She’s never been able to use them b/c her friend never logged out of his iCloud & she never got the iCloud password from him.
She saw me drawing on my old cracked iPad the other day & gave them to me; said I can do what I want with them if I can get them unlocked.
Is there a way to reset an iPad that’s locked with someone else’s iCloud? I always thought this was impossible
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2023.06.08 21:38 1800-choke-that-hoe i need to know I’m not alone.(rant sorta)

I’ve never talked to anybody about my problem. I’m too scared. But today I decided I needed to get it off my chest before I do something i can’t take back, I told my supposed “best friend” today and showed her my arms and she said “they’re not even that bad” 🙂 It was so invalidating I just told my most shameful secret to a person that’s supposed to comfort me and be my number one. But she just told me something that I have been struggling with for so long was not that bad. I asked her why she would say that and she just shrugged then went back on her phone. I went home that night and relapsed after being clean for 2 weeks I felt like it wasn’t that big a deal and that I deserved it. It’s all I think about all day long and crave the familiar dragging feeling across my arms and I don’t know how to stop. Is there anything I can do instead that actually works?
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2023.06.08 21:37 nealhamiltonjr Security camera system suggestions for self hosted.

I'm looking for self hosted security camera solution that doesn't require cloud storage or for my cameras to be accessible only from their website. I want to capture, process and store everything locally and I want the cameras to be accessible locally via browser and hopefully a android app. Seems like the ones that offer a app for your phone require it to connect to their servers. I am hoping to find a solution that allows me to connect via the app for remote viewing without going through a vendor. Same with notifications..I am hoping to have remote notifications via the app I'd assume via push without relying on a vendor. Can a local system push notifications like this? A lot of times I'm away far enough from the house that I'd rely on mobile data or just out in general like work but I'd like to get notified of events and view them.

I'm planning on 8-12 cameras for monitoring and notifying of events that are important in rural areas such as people coming onto the property, monitoring a barn for wild animals getting in, monitoring outbuildings like a shop, sound events etc. Do any of you chaps live rural and can suggest what your using? I'd prefer opensource and free or at least cheap as in a one time sub. I really didn't want to get into a ongoing monthly fee. Something that's easy to setup and picks up the cameras without too much fuss. Face recognition would be nice so I only get alerts on motion by people not recognized and in the home it would be nice if it recognized dogs/cats so I don't get a lot of alerts for this. Also a home mode or whatever so I can tell it to turn off alerts when were home for zones located inside the house. I'm a newbie on this so I'm just spitballing what I might like if it's available. Anybody rural might understand.

I've been looking at the following:

  1. zoneminder *seems to be really antiquated.
  2. xprotect free *wish it had a few more cameras.
  3. frigate *seems to be missing a decent ui and app
  4. shinobi *seems promising but seems like it has a ongoing fee and no app yet.
  5. blueiris
  6. bluecherry
I'll be running this on a I5/7 and I generally use linux and linux containers but can use windows on proxmox...really hate windows. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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2023.06.08 21:37 Mundane_Sand_7665 Someone with good pc pls render animation for my friend.

Basically me and my friend don't have a good pc, nor a pc at all. We both have acer work laptops that apparently are going to take 2 months to render. If somebody good reply or tag me with a video as an AVI JPEG. here is the file link. thanks
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2023.06.08 21:37 WinLite10 7840HS / 2.8K, 16:10, 100% RGB 120Hz Display screen / 16 GB LPDDR5-6400Mhz / 1 TB SSD / 499 EUROS !!!!!!

7840HS / 2.8K, 16:10, 100% RGB 120Hz Display screen / 16 GB LPDDR5-6400Mhz / 1 TB SSD / 499 EUROS !!!!!!
OK, here there is the NOT OVERPRICED Zen 4 7040 4nm Laptops !
MECHREVO The Mechanical Revolution7840HS2.8K, 16:10, 100% RGB 120Hz Display screen with High Color Gamut16 GB LPDDR5-6400Mhz1 TB SSD
1.4 kg, Type-C usb3.2 ports 2 , usb3.1 ports 2 , M.2 ports 2 , webcam, microsd , wi-fi 6 , bluetooth 5.2 , battery 60Wh , 100W Type-C Adapter Charger
Promotion is: 3799 Yuan meaning 499 EUROS !!!!!!
Without Promotion is 549 EUROS !!!!!!
REMEMBER Apple M2 at promotion you can find it for 499 USD / 8GB +256 GB SSD.
It will be very UNWISE to pay for OVERPRICED Zen 4 7040 Laptops or MiniPC !
Anything with a price tag over 600 USD IS PURE OVERPRICED !
If You do think with Your wallet and You are addicted to overpriced junks then there is no cure for you !
But if you are a mind thinker and you are cool and calm and most important wise, then you will see that buying in hurry and overpriced is not for you !

ALSO check for official GLOBAL launch of
GMK 7940HS
GMK 7940HS Price tag will be UNDER 500 EUROS !
Starting price 407 EUROS !
Now distribute this post for others to NOT fall in manufacturers OVERPRICED TRAP and so to NOT buy Zen 4 7040 series at over 600 USD or 1000 USD or a lot more as some manufacturers do to scam you !
Care for others too !

EDiT 1:So any overpriced ryzen gen 4 7040 series MiniPC or Laptops, anything above 600 EUROS will stay in/on shelves and on inventory warehouse/non fire hazard pallets !
EDiT 2: The only person who can force the manufacturers to not overprice or extreme overprice stuff is You, and in order to do that You must unite and dismiss any trace of overpricing.
Exemple: Lenovo has made on Q1 2023 billions of usd in profit
And that is easy to do billions of USD in profit since Lenovo is selling an everything with add up to 200% !Or Zen 3+ series over and way over 1000 USD !
How can You stop manufacturers from scam You, it's easy as i am gonna give an example:Here You see i did create this post due of fact that i have friends who got scammed by super overpriced junks from Lenovo, ACER, ASUS, HP, DELL...Some of my friends had hurry fever, as buy fast now before someone else does.
How can You help, easy just send this post to manufacturers alike Lenovo, ACER, HP, DELL, RAZER, MSI and others and show them that a premium laptop with 7840HS / 2.8K, 16:10, 100% RGB 120Hz Display screen / 16 GB LPDDR5-6400Mhz / 1 TB SSD can truly cost way bellow 600 EUROS !
In this way if thousands of mails they get then they will become aware that they can't keep up pumped up priced by 70% or 170% anymore !
So You and Your family or friends will not have to bother anymore or worry about spending your last money for overpriced stuff !
Be aware and take action now, give a damn if You care and do care helping others too !
ps: for the tech sites that are reading here, you can help most if your post is not sponsored by manufacturers as to create a post (no need to link to this post on reddit here, just make you own post) saying look is possible for last gen laptops like 7040 series to NOT be overpriced ! Your post will help thousand of buyers and you site will gain respect from someone close by maybe a family member or a close friend too or even a completely stranger !
It is in your power to do so !
EDiT 3: Please be objective and try to think that Zen 4 Phoenix is very good at realistic price tag and next year if You want to see realistic price tag of Zen 5 Strix Point with 16 CU's up to 40 CU's and with 32 GB or more then You will be better send those mails from now as to make manufacturers aware to never again hard pumping their stuff !
As for now if You do ignore this and not take action then be sure that your belowed Laptop or MiniPC manufacturer like Lenovo or ACER or ASUS will release their variant of Zen 4 7040 Series at 500 EUROS too + 170% more overpricing bonus so it will be like 1350 EUROS, because they do care for Your wallet !
EDiT 4: ASUS Today 07-June 2023 released their "BEST" ryzen 7735H ASUS ExpertCenter PN53
Now compare ASUS price vs GMK 7940HS where ASUS 7735H will be overpriced with what % + % = 170% more ?!
And again ASUS releases
ASUS Chromebook 14 (CM3401) laptop is equipped with a 14-inch 1920 x 1200 resolution display (most probably TN screen aka Twisted Nematic, that will harm Your Eyes forever), AMD Ryzen 3 7320U chip, 8GB of memory, and 128GB storage everything at just 499 USD !!!!!!For You yeah because ASUS cares for You, ONLY 499 USD WITH ryzen 3 7320U !
Imagine just how many people will get scammed by ASUS ! Many parents with just enough money to pay the bills and to please their children's will get scammed by ASUS ! I do personally know friends and people who spent their last savings to buy an Celeron and they had to eat only tea and bread, and some use their laptops only once per week and they cover it with blanket against dust !
More old people grandparents i saw and heard going to sell in house things or make loans in order to buy an laptop for their grandchildren(s), imagine old people with small income pensions are doing anything to please their grandchildren(s). For them they youngsters joy in their eyes is everything and worth even their last income !
Don't You feel sad knowing that they are being scammed buying overpriced and with even a bad for health display and the youngsters will have over the years eyes health problems !
Yes many are poor and it's no shame in to be poor but it's a damn shame to be scammed by the big manufacturers with their Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 earnings of multi billions of USD dollars !
People this post is NOT about votes or to look good is about to open Your EYES and Mind and to SEE that You are being scammed by greedy corporations !
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2023.06.08 21:37 fciambriello1979 Get Gifts with the TEMU App! Share Your Codes and Spread the Joy!

Hey there, fellow TEMU users!
I wanted to start a thread to share our experiences and tips on getting amazing gifts through the TEMU app. TEMU has quickly become a popular platform for exchanging gifts and spreading joy, and I thought it would be great to create a space where we can share our referral codes and help each other unlock even more rewards.
For those who are new to TEMU, it's a fantastic app that allows you to discover and exchange gifts with people around the world. It's a unique concept where you send and receive real, physical gifts, making it a truly special experience.
Now, let's get to the exciting part! If you've been using TEMU for a while, you probably have a referral code. This code allows you to invite friends and family to join the app, and in return, you both receive awesome gifts. If you're enjoying TEMU and want to maximize your gifting experience, sharing your referral code can be a great way to do it!
So, let's use this thread to share our referral codes. If you're willing to participate, please follow these simple guidelines:
  1. Start your comment by introducing yourself and expressing your enthusiasm for TEMU.
  2. Share your referral code, making sure it's accurate and complete.
  3. Feel free to mention any amazing gifts you've received or heartwarming experiences you've had through TEMU.
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2023.06.08 21:37 newgirl113 Passport Lost Help

A friend lost their passport in their apartment. They are leaving on a trip on July 29th. Should they wait until 2 weeks before their departure or apply for expedited now? I should also add that they are going through CBX in San Diego and will be flying out of Tijuana. Not sure if that changes anything. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 21:36 justagirllevelingup How hard is it for men to get a first date with online dating?

So from a female perspective, online dating isn’t really challenging for me. I will get consistent matches (although some never even respond to me), and be asked on dates.
I’ve talked to two men so far about their dating experiences. One is my friend and the other is a guy I just went on a date with today. Both are pretty good looking guys, and are nice. They both told me that they can hardly even get matches, let alone first dates. This made me feel terrible for them, especially the guy I went on a date with today because he really was a sweet guy. I could tell he was nervous… when he said he has no luck and was surprised I even matched with him, it really made me think. Is it common for even cute guys to struggle to get dates?! It seems like the online dating world is depressing enough, but maybe it’s so much more difficult for men.
Thoughts from the guys? I’m interested in your perspectives about the challenges.
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2023.06.08 21:36 screaminggoat03 Accepting that someone doesn't care about your safety or wellbeing

My ex left myself and my daughter very abruptly. This happened 2 months ago and he has gone into some kind of mental hysteria and not come out of it. He left me, my daughter, our dogs, a cat, and a huge house and property for me to take care of. I work from home so I'm used to being home alone all day. And honestly, since he left I really wasn't nervous about safety. We live tucked in the woods next to a farm at the end of a road in a very nice area.
Two days ago - my dog was incessantly barking toward the woods outside of our fence. I joked with a friend about aliens or horror movies. Not really concerned, figured it was just an animal. This went on all day. Finally, around 5pm or so, he is again barking at the same spot and I hear a phone ring and quickly silenced from that spot he was barking at. My heart sank in fear as my daughter was home with me and its just us now. I called the police and they sent the sherif. He spent some time with me walking around and scoping things out. All the while saying "your husband seriously left you and your daughter alone in this house? Did you cheat on him?" "No officer I didn't cheat, he just left after he did something and I called him out on it actually" The officer was stunned and clearly felt terrible for the situation I am in.
I put up more cameras around the house and that gives me some solace. But I can't stop thinking about the fact that my husband could just turn off any care he had for us and never call my daughter or check in with me. He just abandoned us.
How does someone turn so suddenly cold and terrible to everyone they claimed to love? If you don't want to be with me anymore, I can deal. But you literally don't have a care in the world for any of us. I can't reconcile this after 11 years together. Lots of people (therapists and lawyers) saying they believe it's BPD. Seems to fit honestly. But everyone? My child? The pets? And even if you don't want to be with me how could you not care about our safety? Check in? Make sure we are ok?
He was never the man I wanted him to be. If I heard a noise while in bed he would freeze and I'd end up running out the door or having to nudge him begging him to check it out.
I guess I was always the one taking care of us here. I dont know why I'm surprised.
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2023.06.08 21:36 fire_burner_acct Weighing whether to RE at 15mm

I'm in my mid 30s, father of two very young children not yet in school.
My W2 is variable but has been averaging around 3mm/yr pre tax for the last several years. NW is around 15mm. My job is somewhat stressful and I come home tired every day. But the hours are okay (around 50h/wk), company culture is excellent, I've been here over a decade and I’m close with many coworkers, and I expect this to be my last job where I care about the compensation. (I may consider some passion project type work down the road but have no idea what that would look like yet).
My wife has not returned to work since the kids were born. She might be interested to do so at some point but likely not anytime soon and perhaps not at all.
We're in a VHCOL city, renting currently as we haven't settled on a long term plan yet. It would be great to decide on some plan by the end of this year (though plans may change it'd be great to have a tentative idea), but we're still wrestling with our options.
The main contenders are
(A). I work through the end of this year and move on from my current job. We would then move to a second tier cost of living city. We don't know many people there but do have a few close friends, and we have been considering moving there for a while. There are good public schools, great access to outdoors, good airport, etc. We would buy a home for perhaps around 2.5mm, leaving 12.5mm invested to support a spend of around 250k/yr.
(B). Buy a home in our current city, for perhaps around 6mm. I would continue at my current job for perhaps 5-8 more years, til around age 40 or early forties (and the kids would be halfway through elementary school), before moving on. Possibly our NW could be something like 25-30mm by then depending on investment returns and how long I actually stay at work; excluding primary residence perhaps this is around 20mm invested. Our annual spend may be around 350-500k here depending on some factors including where the kids go to school.
There are some other possibilities we haven’t ruled out yet, but above are the two most likely.
In case the numbers don’t quite “line up” how you expect, I’ll also mention.. Aside from spending on our family, we place a lot of value on charitable contributions. (I actually created this burner account to begin with to shamelessly plug a charity I like ). Years ago I set for myself a goal of donating as much or more in my lifetime as we spend on ourselves. I’m not sure if we’ll maintain that or not, but have donated several million so far, and hope that our modest spend as a % of net worth could allow us to make more progress on this in the years to come.
Overall I think we do like our current lifestyle in our current city more than if we moved, with the fact that our friends are here being a significant but not the only factor. But I would not be comfortable leaving my work given the cost of housing and our projected spending here. (Of course we could plan to spend less in our current city B, but if we were going to do that I would rather move to city A).
In other words, I think option A should be a great life and is compatible with me quitting right away, while option B could be an even slightly better life but I would feel the need to grind away at work another several years first. I do like my work -- probably more than I could imagine liking any other job I could realistically transition to -- but I am quite confident I would enjoy freedom more. So the decision feels very close.
Any thoughts on how to thoroughly make such a decision, stories from anyone who has considered similar in the past, or other questions or comments, welcome.
I may edit this later as a response to questions, though I’ll avoid sharing certain details of course.
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2023.06.08 21:36 tsunakas Me (19F) asking a guy (19M) out?

I had a crush on this guy since like March of this year (2023) and I've gotten over the peak of my crush on him (no longer obsessed, but still like him a lot), so I know it's not some temporary obsession. I've asked multiple friends (2 mutual friends, but they're both a lot closer to me than him) whether I should ask him out or not, and the majority of answers I get is that I should wait for him to initiate first. This is the issue.
First of all, I don't have his number (I know, it's bad). I knew him months before I formed my crush on him, and we always talked through discord (we met through a student club) since that was just natural, and I don't really have a good reason to ask for his number. A few weeks ago when I started liking him, I tried texting him about my day, his day etc. but I'm always the one to initiate any conversation over text, which makes me think he isn't interested at all. But whenever we run into each other on campus he'll always come up to me and say hi, he stayed back to talk to me for a bit before running to go catch up to his friends, so I don't think he hates me at least. We maintain good eye-contact and smile during our conversations, but they never go deep like they do with my friends (I enjoy deep conversations about life).
The school year is ending and finals are coming up but we're both going to stay on campus over the summer. I want to try hangout with him more but I have zero idea how to ask him, or whether he's interested at all. Are guys like this with everyone he texts (replies after 1~3 hours)?
The last thing I want is for things to be awkward between him and me (I'm fine with rejection) since we're in the same student club and we (as a club) are pretty close.
TLDR; Have huge crush on guy but he never initiates any conversation over dm. Should I ask him out anyways? Will this make things awkward between him and me?
Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please help!
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2023.06.08 21:36 lawyahz7 Am I (23f) wrong for ending a friendship with a friend (23f) after a trip abroad?

I went to korea with a good friend of mine from college. We were close because of our rocky relationship with our families. We made time for each other to hang out. I noticed things about her such as her not saying bye before leaving or getting edgy/ pissed out of nowhere if we walked too much or she was tired when hanging out. However we’d spend like 2 or 3 hours together at most so I never really noticed nor cared.
Anyways, we created an itinerary for korea and there was no real pressure to do everything. However, as this was a rare trip we did put time into it and plan out different days in the hopes of visiting many of the places. First city was great, she did get tired and id venture out on my own via uber taxi while she lazed in bed. Second place we stayed at was an island, we rented out a car and i was paying half of the costs. Yet, i foolishly didnt get an international permit and she would not let me drive as she did not want us to get in trouble, which i can understand. But basically shed get up when she wanted to and do like 1 or 2 of the thing we had added to the itinerary. Plus put on cringey songs and snap her fingers real loud. And sing along for attention. Id put my headphone in and pretend i didnt notice her.
I got annoyed of her pretty quickly. Because 1. We would go to the same place yet she’d walk like 1 street ahead of me. As in she wouldnt wait for me - she would just walk ahead and not look back. 2. I studied korean for almost 5 years but my korean is not good and i say as much to everyone. Yet SHE would flex after saying one word in korean and say she sounds like a native korean person but the weird demented accent that she did - did not sound natural at all. I just stayed quiet while she bragged. Then shed talk about how rich she is and her family too. One day we went shopping and i had to wear face masks to protect the merchandise from my makeup. The store lady asked her if she is wearing makeup and she looks at me and goes “no i dont need a mask. im a natural beauty.” When i vented about my acne from all the travel she goes its because of all the makeup. i wear makeup every day. And i never wear a lot yet i get acne now because of all the traveling. She wanted to tag along to meet my old friends and host family from korea and visit my old college but it didnt happen.
Once we arrived back in the states, she was flexing about how whatever she wants she gets and all about her rich family and i told her my family is well off too (because they are and thats nothing to flex abt) and she goes yeah but my family actually spends on me. Cool. But not enough to get her an uber home for $100. My parents told me to ask her if she needs a ride. I didnt want to i mean she’s rich right? But i asked. And she accepted my parents ride. Right after we dropped her off 30 mins away, she requested $180 from our trip which i will be sending. But i have cut all contact with her. I just dont value this friendship especially with her toxicity.
But my mom thinks i am overthinking things and its rude to just cut someone off that you have known for so long because she is the staycation type while i am more into experiences. I don’t think so.
What do you guys think? Am I overthinking/picky?
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2023.06.08 21:36 IvyRoney A Guide to supplementing your income in the UK

I posted a list like this on the sub a while ago and it seemed to be helpful to a lot of people, so what I've done is expanded on all the ways one can earn extra money in the UK, and also separated them by category.
As always, the best advice for someone who needs more income is probably to get a better paying job or to work towards a promotion in their career, however, these things can also take quite a long time to achieve.
This list is for people who are looking for ways to supplement their income right now, and who would benefit from having a little extra each month to tide them over until their situation improves.
Anyway, Here is the list:


(1) Usertesting:
With this site, you test out the usability of apps and websites and get paid for it. Many of the tests only take 10 minutes and pay around £8.50 per, which is really good. Of course, you won't qualify for every test you apply to, but even if you apply to 10 and only qualify for 1, you're still going to be earning around £8.50 for that half hour of your time, as it only takes a minute or two to apply for each test. There are also longer tests you can apply for, which pay much more.
Your work consists of interacting with 'prototype' or ‘in production’ websites or mobile apps while speaking out loud to share your thoughts, emotions, criticisms, and suggestions. For the longer tests, you will sometimes have to video call with someone while you are completing the user test, which may sound a little offputting at first, but you'll find that this actually makes the hour go much faster than if you were doing an hour of shorter tests.
(2) Userlytics:
Like with Usertesting, you are getting paid for your feedback as you test out the usability of apps and websites. Again, you will have to have your microphone (and sometimes video) enabled while you share your impressions of the video, website, prototype, app, etc. that you are testing.
This site also pays quite well for the time you need to put in per test. Typically, the shorter tests pay around £4-£8, while longer tests can pay up to around £70, though qualifying for these is not a common occurrence in my experience.
It's important to note, that with this site and all testing sites, different people will qualify for different tests based on the answers they give in the screeners, which determine if you are a suitable candidate for the test you're applying for. With this in mind, my advice is to stay determined and keep applying, because you never really know when you'll be the perfect candidate for a test, and sometimes the test you're a perfect fit for will be one of the highest paying.
(3) Intellizoom:
This site is very similar to the others in that you are being paid for your feedback.It contains "Think out Loud" studies which require you to talk as you complete various tasks. Like with the other testing sites, what you earn will depend on what studies you're a match for. This site doesn't have quite as high an earning potential as other testing sites, with studies that require you to record video and audio usually paying around £8.50, and standard studies paying around £1.50.
(4) Testingtime:
Again, with Testingtime, you're being compensated for testing apps, websites and other products. Your value as a tester comes from the fact that you're helping to influence the development of future products and services.
(5) Utest:
This isn't a site I see mentioned too often. It's essentially the same as the others in that you'll be matched with testing projects based on the information you've entered on your profile. The majority of projects involve functional testing, where testers use an app or website and look out for bugs and issues.

Projects & Tasks:

(1) Teemwork:
A crowd-sourcing site where you can complete various jobs and tasks. There is a great variety of jobs available, with tasks such as translation, evaluation, and video/audio collection showing up frequently. It would take a long time to list the all various tasks that appear on this site, as there really is a varied amount of work available on a daily basis.
This site pays very well for the time you put in, with many tasks paying £25-£30 for less than an hour of your time. When you first sign up, you may not see a huge amount of jobs available, but I would recommend checking back as often as you can, as some days there is a lot more available work than others. This site also pays out to Paypal.
(2) Appen:
This is a site where you can apply to work on various projects online, including social media evaluation, translation, data collection, surveys, paid conversation and many more. The rate of pay is very competitive, with some jobs paying up to £20 per hour. Most jobs pay around £11-£15 per hour (which is still great for online work) and I have not found it difficult to qualify for projects.
The potential earnings from this site over the course of a year can easily enter the £100s or even £1000s, so if it's not on your radar it really should be.
Apply for as many projects/tasks as you can, it's well worth taking the time to apply because even if you get one project, that can be hours of work at a great hourly rate.
(3) Clickworker:
Like others listed, Clickworker is a 'task for pay' site. Very similar to Neevo in that the tasks you perform are used to help train AI.
There's a decent variety of tasks available, my favourite being voice recordings of various sentences and phrases. There are also many tasks that revolve around taking photos of random things. The payment is fast and reliable and uses Paypal, never had any problems with these guys.
My advice is to get onto the UHRS section of the site to earn more money, there's a banner at the top of your jobs section which you can click to qualify for UHRS. You'll need to do a sort of exam to qualify, but it's mostly just a test of your English comprehension skills as far as I remember.
(4) Neevo:
Companies submit projects to Neevo to help improve their AI systems. When you’re a match for a project, you’ll be asked to complete a set of simple tasks, which could be in the form of text, audio, images or even video.
It's a straightforward 'task for pay' site. They payout through Paypal and the variety of jobs is good. I check this site every now and then, I know it's a smaller earner so I don't like to give it too much of my time. My advice would be to keep your eyes peeled for higher paying jobs that come along, Some of the lower paying tasks aren't really worth it for the time you need to put in.

Studies & Research:

(1) Prolific:
This is definitely one of the top paid study sites around. With Prolific you get paid cash for engaging in the research of Academics and Universities from around the world. There are Surveys and studies about scientific research, new products and public opinion. From minutes to hours, to multipart studies over longer periods, there's a respectable range of studies to participate in.
This site pays out to Paypal, it has a range of interesting surveys, and studies pay a minimum of £6.50 per hour. Each study or survey tells you the amount you'll be paid for completing the task and also gives you the hourly rate of said task, which is very useful.
If you compare Prolific to other Study/Research sites, like Respondent or User interviews, for example, you might at first notice that the pay per task is much lower. However, what sets Prolific apart from sites with higher paying studies is the frequency with which you'll receive tasks. I often leave the Prolific tab open while I'm working on something else, and it's not unusual to receive 5-6 short studies over a 2-3 hour time period. The advantage here is that you'll receive tasks based on the information you've entered on your profile, whereas on other paid research sites, you would be applying for higher paying tasks with screeners, but it may not be often that you get accepted for the studies you apply for.
(2) Respondent:
I'm sure some of you have heard about Respondent, It's a site where you get paid for taking part in various studies. The studies can be both remote and in-person but these days most of the available studies are remote.
It doesn't take long to apply to studies so even if you don't qualify, you haven't wasted too much time. Also, the pay is excellent when you do qualify, with studies generally paying between £10-£150, depending on the type of study and the amount of time it takes (Generally ranges from 15-90 minutes).
It's not really a site that you can depend on for frequent payouts, but even if you land a few studies that pay £60 or £70 each, you're doing very well for the time you put in, so I do think this one is worth checking every day if you have 5 minutes to spare.
(3) User Interviews:
User Interviews is a site where you get paid to take part in various studies. There are normally a lot of studies available to apply for and the screeners are usually short and sweet.
This one has a high earning potential, due to the vast variety of study topics offered on the site. If you check your homepage frequently enough, it won't be long before you find a study that is looking for an applicant with your background/interests. Studies can pay anywhere from around £8-£200.
(4) Grapevine Panel:
A market research site where you get paid for your input as you participate in group discussions and one-to-one interviews. You'll be notified by email when projects become available and it pays quite well for the time you put in.
(5) Dscout:
So with this site you are rewarded for helping with Market Research. The way this works is that you are given "missions" where you offer your opinions/feedback on various products or services in exchange for payment.
The Pay is good and the payout is received promptly through PayPal. I also like that you answer photo and video questions, it keeps me a bit more engaged.
Although the pay per task is reasonable, I wouldn't say that the frequency of available tasks is its strong point. Check as often as you can for available missions and apply for all of them. It may take a little bit of time to get your first mission but once you do, more and more will appear.
(6) Angelfish Opinions:
Another market research site where you get paid to take part in focus groups and surveys. Pays £1-£100 per task.
(7) People for Research:
Get paid to take part in market research. This site pays very well, with many projects offering £40-£80 per hour.
(8) Focus Force:
A research group that pays for your opinions and various products and services.
(9) Focus 4 People:
Get paid up to £150 for your participation in various research projects.


(1) Qmee:
A site/app where you get paid to help influence products and services by completing surveys.One of the stand-out advantages of Qmee is that you can cash out whenever you like, from as little as 1p, and it also pays out to Paypal.
There is usually a decent amount of surveys available, and for a paid survey site, the pay is relatively good.
(2) Attapoll:
An app where you get paid for answering surveys.
The surveys have a star rating so you can see which ones are most popular amongst users. The payout is fast and I find myself using this app more and more when I'm doing idle things like taking the train or on lunch break.
You can cash out to Paypal once you have earned £3. As with the majority of paid surveys, you're certainly not going to earn a fortune, but if work is scarce on some of the higher earning sites, then it's always good to have these types of tasks as a safety.
(3) Lifepoints:
Another reliable Survey site, You share your opinions on numerous products and brands and get paid for it.
There's a nice variety of surveys available every month and at certain points throughout the year larger surveys appear which pay quite well, it's just a matter of checking your jobs page often enough to catch these. Also Pays out through Paypal.
My advice would be to be patient. Some days it may seem that there are very few surveys available, but check back the next day and there could be much more after appearing.


(1) Rev:
With Rev, you'll be paid to transcribe speech in audio and video files. If you're unfamiliar with this type of work, all it is is converting speech into text, like creating subtitles for a video, for example.
As a Transcriptionist, you can earn around 20-90p per audio/video minute. As a Captioner, you can earn around 40-90p per audio/video minute. If you also know a foreign language, then you can earn even more. This site pays out to Paypal weekly.
(2) Way With Words:
This is another popular transcription site. You'll earn around 35p-£1.50 per audio minute, depending on the project, and you'll be paid into your bank account monthly.

Content Moderation:

(1) Modsquad:
This is a site where you get paid to moderate content and help manage various online communities. The upside of this type of work is that it's flexible and you can choose projects that align with your own interests and knowledge.
The amount you earn depends on what kind of project you're working on and what skills you have. If it sounds like something you might be interested in, then all you need to get started is a computer, an internet connection, and a phone.
(2) Crisp Thinking:
With Crisp Thinking, the type of work you're applying for is something known as a 'Risk Analyst Contractor'. I know, it sounds like a very niche type of job, but in fact, it is content moderation just like Mod squad.
Essentially your role is to identify risks in online content. You can apply for this project by joining the waiting list on Crisp Thinking, found at the bottom of the 'careers' page, reading: 'If you wish to apply for freelance moderation work, find out more here'
I have read that this work pays very well, which is why there is usually a waiting list, but if it sounds like something you could see yourself doing in your spare time, then you might as well apply and hope for the best.


(1) Fiverr:
Offer your services as a Freelancer and get paid. You can earn a lot from the "gigs" you post, but you'll need to have some kind of service you can offer that people will pay for. I'd recommend taking a look at what other people are posting and seeing if you could offer similar work.
You'll need to think of some kind of service that you can charge money for, but this can be just about anything. This also means that there's unlimited earning potential because you're creating your own work.
(2) Freelancer:
Another great site where you can offer your services as a Freelancer. You can post projects offering whatever category of skill you possess, be it ghostwriting, programming, data entry, or blogging. If you have a service to offer, then you can get paid for it on this site.
Like with Fiverr, I would recommend taking a look at the home page of the site to see what kind of services other users are offering. This will likely give you some ideas of the type of projects you could post, because even if you don't think you have a skill you could charge money for, you probably do.
(3) People Per Hour:
I like this one because you can send proposals to complete a certain task. For example, you might see a post where someone wants a person to write social media posts or proofread a piece of work.
There's always a good variety of jobs available, and the more you build up your profile, the more work you'll get.
(4) Guru:
Another popular freelancing site. Essentially the same as Fiverr or Freelancer.


(1) Vinted:
This is a great Site/App where you can sell your old clothes. Maybe it doesn’t sound like your thing or you don’t think you have anything fashionable enough to sell. Believe me, You can sell any item of clothing here.
I’ve sold clothes here in the past and have been pleasantly surprised with a nice few sales. The process of signing up and getting started selling is very easy, and the items of clothing you list will likely receive attention even if you aren’t a top seller.
(2) Facebook Marketplace:
Sell your old stuff. This one should honestly be mentioned in every thread where someone has asked how to make some extra cash in a hurry.
We all have stuff we don't use anymore lying around the house and as obvious as it may sound, the items that seem old and worthless to you will be new and exciting to someone else.I'm talking anything, literally anything: Old clothes, books, plant pots, gadgets you don't use anymore, furniture, homemade crafts etc.
Old Clothes seem to really sell fast, which isn't surprising because people get excited when they see something that's their style and really cheap. So clear out your wardrobe.
If you're into crafts, you could sell stuff you've made there too. The point is, You could easily make £50-£100 or more if you do a thorough sweep of your house for stuff you don't want/use anymore.
(3) Fat Llama:
This is a site where you can rent out pretty much anything. I first discovered it when I was trying to find a cheap place to rent some tools.
You can browse the site and see what kind of things other people are renting out, you'd be surprised by the number of items in your own home that you might not have use for but others would be happy to rent from you for the day.

Something Different:

(1) Rover:
This one is quite a great site where you can offer your services as a dog sittedog walker. You can have dogs dropped off at your home and get paid to look after them for a duration of time.It's ideal for people who miss having pets or who get a bit lonely working from home, etc. The pay is usually around £20 per day for dog sitting, maybe £6-£10 for dog walking. If you're at a loose end anyway or just feel like having a furry companion during your free time, This site is a nice way to earn a little money and make some canine friends.
You just make a profile and enter your address so people in your area can find you, Bonus points if you have a dog in your profile photo with you.
(2) My Tutor:
MyTutor is an online-tutoring site, I don’t see this site mentioned a whole lot but it really is a gem. This one is ideal for students and recent graduates, but if you have skills or knowledge in any teachable subject then you should check it out. You don’t need any previous experience as a tutor to work here.
You can earn up to £20 per hour and the work is rewarding and meaningful because you are helping others to learn. It’s also very “social” online work, which some people may see as a nice change.
Also, If you like the idea of tutoring but don't have knowledge in any of the teachable subjects listed on My Tutor, There is also the option of teaching ESL, which you can do a quick TEFL course on and may be worth the investment if you think you'd be interested in that type of work. It can be quite a good earner too. You can do these classes freelance or work for an online company such as Preply or Hallo.

Referral Offers:

The offers below will allow you to earn around £150. This is a handy list if you need to earn a decent amount of money in a short amount of time. For some of these offers, you can withdraw the money you earn back to your bank account on the same day, but for some of the offers on the list, it will take longer.
Important: In order to get the bonuses from the offers below, you will need to sign up to each app/site through a referral link. There is a subreddit called 'beermoneyuk' where you can find referral links for any of the below-mentioned offers by searching the subreddit for 'Monzo', 'Luno', 'Zilch' etc. and you'll find plenty of posts with referral links and more detailed steps on how to complete each of the offers below:
Monese (£5): Deposit and spend £1 to receive £5 to your account.
Monzo: (£5) Deposit and spend £1 to receive £5 to your account.
Zilch (£5): Sign up through a referral link, Verify your ID and you will see 500 points (worth £5) appear in your account.
Shares (£5): Sign up through a referral link and verify your ID. Deposit £1 and you will Instantly receive £5 which you can withdraw after 30 days.
Snoop (£5): Sign up and link a bank account. After 28 days you will receive an amazon voucher by email worth £5.
Luno (£10): No referral link needed for this one, Just download the Luno app, sign up & verify ID (5 mins) and enter a BP code into the 'rewards' section of the app. You will instantly be credited with £10 BTC. Absolutely free, No Deposit or Purchase necessary.
Cashapp (£10): Free £10 when you sign up through a referral link and send £5 to another Cashapp user (Someone you know who will send the £5 back to you).
Wombat (£10): Sign up and open a general investment account, you will receive £10 for free. Invest your £10 and hold it for 90 days.
Coinbase (£35): No deposit or purchase needed, just go to the site and earn ~£15 by learning about different cryptocurrencies. Earn an additional £20 by signing up to the site through Top Cashback and making a single transaction. There is no minimum amount for this transaction, simply buy the smallest amount of a cryptocurrency that you can on Coinbase and you will be eligible for the cashback.
Revolut (£12): Sign up to Revolut and go to the "learn" part of the crypto section of the app, you can earn around £12 for completing the cryptocurrency quizzes, which you can then convert to GBP and withdraw.
Go Henry (£20): Sign up, Deposit £20 and get £20 Free.
Tik Tok (£11): Sign up to Tik Tok through a referral link and receive £11 when you log in 7 days in a row.
Paypal (£20): Sign up through a referral link, link a bank account, and send £5 (to someone you know). You will receive £20 to your account.

Bank Switching:

Bank switching has become quite well known on the sub, but understandably a lot of people are hesitant to try it out because it seems like too much effort or because it may affect their credit score.
I have done a few bank switches in the past year, and was pleasantly surprised by how easy they were. It's essentially free money for what usually amounts to less than an hour of your time.
The only thing I would say is that if you're applying for a mortgage soon, it is probably best to give these a miss, as they may affect your credit score.
With that said, Bank switching is a great way to earn a decent amount of extra cash (Up to £850), and you can actually earn more from these switch offers if you sign up through cashback sites, so you should check if there is a cashback offer available on Topcashack, Quidco, etc. before completing each switch.
Note: Below are short summaries of the requirements for each bank switch, however, you should go to the wesbite of each bank mentioned below and read the full details of each switch before you complete it.

(1) First Direct Switch: £175
Switch an existing bank account to First Direct, Pay £1000 into the account within 3 months of switching, and Receive £175 to your account.
(2) Co-op Bank: £125
Switch to Co-op Bank through a refer a friend link, Set up 2 direct debits, Deposit £800, Make 5 card payments and register for online banking. Then complete an online form with your details ( name, switch date and account number) and you'll receive £125 to your account.
(3) Lloyds Bank: £150
Switch to a Lloyds Club account. You don't have to set up any direct debits or deposit any amount of money, but this account does have a £3 monthly fee, so you'll probably want to downgrade as soon as you receive the £150 bonus, which should be within 10 working days of your switch.
(4) HSBC: £200
You need to: Switch to HSBC, Be approved for an optional arranged overdraft, Set up two direct debits and Deposit £1500 within 60 days. You will then receive a £200 bonus to your account.
(5) RBS/ NatWest/ Ulster Bank: £200
You can only receive the £200 switching bonus from one of these 3. In order to get the bonus you must: Switch an existing account, Deposit £1250 within 60 days, and Log onto mobile banking within 60 days. You will then receive £200 to your account.

That's all that I can think of right now for this list. I hope this post is of help to some people and if you have any questions about anything I mentioned just ask and I'll do my best to answer.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.08 21:36 LeoScart 1v5 matchups & mmr deduction. Hear me out guys.

1v5 matchups & mmr deduction. Hear me out guys.
The above ss is my 6th lose streak. But this isn’t a rant but rather more an open discussion on what I think would be better and more fair overall for the game.
Here I picked joy as s1. For context I have 7000 mmr with joy and I got negative 33mmr for losing this match. But that’s not important. The issue is that mmr is supposed to reflect your mastery or command over that hero. Now In matches like these where it’s basically 1v5 it’s impossible to win (gaining mmr) even if you’re the best player in the world on that hero. But losing in such matches should not give negative mmr as this is illogical.
My opinion on such matches is -
  1. Yes, you should lose a star. A lose is a lose regardless of 1v5.
  2. Yes, your hero wr should go down
  3. No, your mmr should not be deducted.
Now what should be the eligibility to trigger this? (Mmr protection)
My solution is - If you’re mvp defeat with Atleast 2 (or 3) bronze in your team. Only being mvp defeat should not trigger this as that is unreasonable and can be abused.
This could potentially lead to more solo players entering 100 world rank on their heroes. Right now it’s extremely hard for solo players to get world rank which is largely due these type of matchups often seen in solo queue. If this gets implemented solo queue one tricks can give trio/5 men one tricks a serious run for their money when it comes to world rank.
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2023.06.08 21:35 Mac_Kymera Why am I (27M) overthinking hard about this girl (21F) who rejected me when she wanted me so badly?

So I (27M) asked a coworker (21F) out; yes bad call I know, but only because I heard from a friend that she liked me and hoped that I would ask her out a some point, so I did, plus I thought she was cute.
We went out and she didn’t really talk much. She told me that she found me attractive and wanted to spend some time with me. She wanted to know about my past relationships and I thought it was abit odd that she brought that up on a first date. She didn’t really give me any time to talk to her or ask her questions as she just wanted to play pool and then mini golf. This kinda made me feel uneasy and I went quiet as she didn’t want to talk about anything but I played it by ear.
She got abit tipsy, not drunk though. She kept touching me near the end of the date and wanted food. After we got food she teased me and said let’s go back to my place. All of this told me she just wanted sex, so I thought well might aswell shoot my shot and see what happens.
We go back to hers and then I made a move and she reciprocated. When I tried to take her top off she said no were coworkers and it’s not right we do this. I didn’t kick up a fuss, I just said I’m going to meet up with some friends so have a good weekend. I kinda feel abit led on by everything since founding out she liked me and what she’s been saying to me. Her actions are not matching her words.
Next night she texted me saying thank you for the date. I reciprocated. Now I felt like I should give it another go and give her another chance seeing as maybe she was just shy or not feeling well or not feeling herself. Plus getting tipsy too early in the date was abit silly from her.
I rung her two days later and said how about we do it again sometime and she said yes I would love to. I was taken aback but said when are you free and she said any day this week as I don’t really do much in the week. So I made the date for 4 days later. Come the day of the date she texted me saying I’m not well and will have to rain check. I thought well a rain check is good. I said no worries let me know and she said thanks for understanding. Then she proceeds to actively avoid me everywhere we go, keeping her head down, not saying anything etc. I texted her a week later saying my schedule is abit tied up next week so how about that rain check this week? She said somethings happened in my life and I cannot date you. I didn’t get perturbed and just wished her well. Said to her keep my number if you wish if you change your mind.
Funny enough I met a new girl the next day. But this coworker just actively avoids me every time we cross paths. She makes it awkward to be around. I always smile but that’s it to show I’m not bothered, plus she knows I’m seeing this other girl now so there is no reason to be spiteful or bitter to her. I just am confused as to why she is so awkward and distant.
How does a girl go from wow he’s attractive I hope he asks me out, to wanting sex and then declining him, then says yes to a second date only to then reject and ignore him? I really don’t get it or her.
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2023.06.08 21:35 Valstark Players Wanted! [Female Dungeon Master out of Chicago] running [Waterdeep Dragonheist] and [Storm King's Thunder] on Mondays and Wednesdays! Details Below!

Hey gamers! I have some groups coming together on both Monday and Wednesdays (12 noon CST, So 6 GMT). I'm running a super fun, role play heavy, homebrew heavy version of Waterdeep Dragon Heist and the magical and sometimes insane Storm King's Thunder! Things I provide: Owlbear 2.0 as virtual tabletop//zoom for communication (video not required)//discord channel for upkeep and communication outside and during game//D&D beyond for content sharing and character sheets! A bit about me: I am a long time nerd with a special place in my heart for Middle-Earth and Battlestar Galactica! I love table top gaming and the unique communal, world building experience it gives to players. It is pure indulgent escapism with a side of brain tease and I love it. In late 2019 I began running ttrpg campaigns and it has blossomed into a full time job. I have been working full time as a GM officially for just over three years. My game rooms are LGBTQ+ friendly as a must and overall I strive for safe spaces and will work to ensure that for each player. I thrive on immersive and detail oriented sessions filled with exploration, tactical and intense combat and role-play heavy scenarios. I tend to build the campaign around the players as I get to know them and their characters, filling in and expanding the universe with home-brewed stories and NPCs to enrich and grow their backstory. I adore a table of comedians, just as much as a table of cool, calculated players and love when there is a combination. I do encourage role-play at my table, but I take time in Session zero to fill out folks comfort levels, it is by no means required. About the games: Waterdeep Dragonheist is a thrill a minute with as much roll playing as there is role-playing. There is investigation and mystery and the urban setting of Waterdeep allows for player character to really sink their teeth into the campaign and get into the gritty city latching onto various factions, making a home for themselves, and chasing after villains. Storm King's Thunder is a northerly jaunt throughout Faerun in which the players get thrown into fate's way and swept up in an intense and epic breakdown of giant society. The campaign has constant combat but is also riddled with problem solving and calculated diplomacy at every corner. Additional Details Game info, times, link, pricing : Mondays and Wednesdays weekly at 12 Noon CST Price per session - 20$ Will start with up to three players, max out at 6 any questions, you can message me here, or reach out on discord to sadieinvalinor#4379 (@sadpigs on IG) I'm open to groups and open to trying a different campaign, even flexible on time, so please feel free to reach out and thank you so much!
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2023.06.08 21:35 juicyjessss First job I shooting myself in the foot?

Hi everyone,
I (21F) just graduated from my university ~3 weeks ago. I started my first official full-time office job 3 days after my graduation. I was an intern at this same company since September 2022, though, until they offered me the full-time position.
Anyways, the company I am working for is a small brewing company that is relatively new to the area I live in (2 years old). There has been a TON of turnover in the past 3 months - like 24-26 people, and we probably only have around 50 employees total when we're at full capacity. My old boss, the former marketing manager of the company who oversaw my tasks while I was interning, quit out of nowhere almost 2 months ago. We do not have a general manager, an HR person, or an accountant. The only executives in the office are the ownepresident, the brewmaster, the head chef, and myself. I haven't received an official title yet (red flag...?) (it would probably be something along the lines of marketing/analytics coordinator) but I'm wearing a lot of different hats right now.
I am worried that I am made a huge mistake by accepting this position. However, I'm pretty much invalidating all of my own feelings because I don't know how to feel - this is my first real full-time job right out of college, I have no idea what regular corporate culture is like, I have no idea what it is like to be taken advantage of in a corporate workplace, and I have no idea what I'm doing. When I actually receive a project/task, I really enjoy the work I do. The owner of the company is very kind and reasonable, the hours are really flexible (although they expect around 45-48 hours a week), we are encouraged to take time off, they try their best to create a "fun" work environment, etc.
Nevertheless, again, I am worried I'm making a mistake. I'm worried that by immediately taking a position at a small, local business, I may possibly stunt my own growth by being more of a mediocre jack-of-all-trades rather than focusing on a few specific skills to enhance. There is a huge lack of structure in my workplace, and my boss didn't give me any sort of job description or discuss the expectations of this role (whatever my role is supposed to be) with me when I started the position, so I come in every day with virtually no idea of what I'm supposed to be doing. I ask my boss how I can help her, as she always talks about how she's doing 4 people's jobs and she comes in to work every single day, and she kind of brushes me off and says she's not sure what I can do. I try my absolute hardest to come up with projects to do on my own, and they are very happy with the work I have presented to them so farm, but it is hard to constantly think up projects on my own when I have no idea what my job title even is and I receive almost no instruction from my boss. I am eager to help so I'm not sure why this is happening. :(
So I guess my questions are:
- Am I shooting myself in the foot by starting off with a very small company that is behaving in this way? Or is stuff like this just normal when you first start a new office job? Any advice for adjusting to your first job post-grad?
I've only had this particular position for 3 weeks so I don't want to immediately jump ship if I'm being dramatic. I've just never felt so lost and confused before and I'm trying so hard to navigate this situation myself but I just don't know what to do. Any advice at all is welcome and appreciated.
P.S. My family is now pretty good friends with the owners as they have attended many events my brewery has held during the time I have been working here and have gotten to know them, so that potentially adds another whole layer of BS.
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2023.06.08 21:35 BusyBoredom Dear Fidelity, here's how 2FA is supposed to work

Modern 2FA should take one of the following forms:

  1. Email 2FA
  2. TOTP (i.e. google authenticator, duo, Aegis, etc. it's an open standard)
  3. Security keys (e.g. Yubikey using FIDO2)
Symantec is a start, but it's the least convenient option available and has no security advantages at all over the open TOTP standard. I really do not understand why Fidelity chose to implement Symantec.

The following 2FA methods are not considered secure anymore:

  1. SMS 2FA. Sim swapping has been a problem for literally decades now, SMS 2FA should not be used.
  2. Voice authentication. No, your voice matching AI is not secure. It can barely detect gender let alone an individual's voice. You can test this yourself, just have a friend with the same gender as you call in and give your name as if it were their own. The voice authentication will let them right in.

When a user loses their 2nd factor, these backup methods should be available:

  1. Use a different 2nd factor. For example, a backup yubikey or TOTP. It should be possible to set up as many 2nd factors as a user desires.
  2. One-time backup codes. These backup codes should be provided to the user when they set up their 2FA.
  3. Live video authentication with photo ID. This is a last resort.

The following backup methods are not secure:

  1. Disable 2FA via phone call. As mentioned earlier, your voice detection system simply does not work.

Other comments

Do not, under any circumstances, disable 2FA on a user's account without their explicit consent. Disabling 2FA without notice creates a serious vulnerability for your clients. I know you guys do this whenever one of your 2FA systems falls over, and it's unacceptable. Implement proper backup methods and stop doing this.
Please don't give me the canned response of "we have many layers of security...". You do not have many layers of security, your security is just bad. I do this stuff for a living.
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2023.06.08 21:35 Healthy_Lynx3625 Story about how my Best friend almost got kidnapped

Now I am 28 Female (currently) and My name is Marilynn, the girl that almost got kidnapped is still my BFF to this day. So to respect my friend's privacy, we will call her Emily. Emily and I met in a daycare class when we were in pre-k and she ended up coming to my elementary school in 2nd grade, and we became bffs, Fast forward to 7th grade on March 22nd, 2008. Emily and I were having a sleepover at Her house, and our other friend who we will call Betsy was arriving around 3 hours after I got there, Around 2 hours into the sleepover a man in a blue F-150 pulled into Emily's driveway, he told us "Hey is ur mom here?" Emily said "No she is at the farmer's market picking up groceries", The pale bald man said "Great, now one of u is coming with me", he bolted for Emily's arm and started trying to pull her into the back seat of his truck, and this was a real saved by timing moment, Betsy and her dad pulled into the driveway to drop Betsy off, and her dad jumped out of the car yelled at the man for a good 30 minutes, and he drove away, I am still not sure if he ended up kidnapping a kid that day or not, the cops were alerted
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2023.06.08 21:35 pancake_buttons Am I a fool for having hope?

Will try and sum up briefly. 7 year relationship, love of my life and my best friend. We have a mortgage and pets. My (27M) partner had an EA (turned PA) earlier this year with someone at work. Totally out of the blue. All came out a few months ago via breadcrumbs (started as he had feelings for someone and was confused but eventually admitted he slept with her), the whole truth came out 1 month ago. During this he was still in contact with AP, I think he was/is in limerence. He ended things 2 weeks ago with me because he said he could only see a path alone. A few weeks prior, he said he knows I am what is true and wants to begin a new normal as long as I can see something in the future, which I can. He said he needs to do 'work on me before we can work on we'. Even as we broke up he said he hopes this isn't it. Not trying to paint a delusional picture, but for added context as there's a lot of conflict in his words and actions.
As much as I dont and didn't want it, I see that the break up had to happen so we could both have time away to process. He has moved back to his parents while I stay in the house. Other context is he has been struggling with his MH for a few years now, and has unresolved trauma from childhood that he has been exploring since starting therapy a few months ago. I genuinely believe he wants to get better and understand why and how this has happened, he has never blamed me for what he's done in any way. I don't blame myself but wish we'd have got to the root of the problem sooner, and without the infidelity. I know he loved me, because he told me, and I think there are so many factors and forces at play. It's like he's hit the self destruct button, and I think the MH issues are a big factor and something he can only work out alone. I guess this is why I have hope.
We had a loving, wonderful, special relationship. I know everyone says it, but it's true. Not in a million years did I ever think he would cheat. Nor did his family/friends, my family, totally out of character. This is why I think, if he did the work, I could be with him again. He has been kind, patient, loving, supportive, trustworthy. I am aware of the irony now!! He is an avoidant and I'm an anxious so we are coming at it from totally different spaces.
My hope is we do the work as individuals and find our way back together. I know you can't hang your life on the 'potential' of someone, so I am doing all the things (therapy, exercise, family and friend time, journaling) that keep me moving forward.
I agree with everything people say about taking time apart to heal yourself - no contact, therapy, learning to be alone - I guess I'm just looking for some advice/perspective on whether you can reconcile from a situation like mine.
TL;DR: depressed ex cheated, is there hope?
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2023.06.08 21:35 borgasie Husband (32) has broke my trust, how do I (32) get past it.

My husband and I are both in our early 30’s married for 2 years but together for 2 years before that.
About a week ago I woke up in the middle of the night and found my husband asleep on the couch with his phone open to a nude picture of a “friend” of his. His excuse is that they communicate exclusively on Snapchat and that they had exchanged photos years before we met and she had saved it in the conversation so he didn’t know how to delete it. I consider this cheating but he does not.
We are already in couples counseling so we started working through this issue with her. She basically said she understands that I am upset over this but my husband didn’t realize I would react as harshly as I have and I can not shut him out.
Last night we were out to dinner and he was taking dumb pictures of me so I grabbed his phone to look at them and he freaked out. He started fidgeting with his phone and handed it to me after deleting what he said was a nude picture of me getting ready for work that morning.
I guess I’m looking for perspective here. I realize at minimum he’s decided being secretive and hiding things is easier than having difficult conversations with me. Do I get divorced or continue counseling and how do we do all of these things with a new house and our three animals in the mix.
TLDR Husband has started displaying sketchy behavior and I don’t know what my next step should be.
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