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Meta Week is back! This week’s set of questions will be very loosely linked to college football. Scores this week will not count toward the upcoming season, so no need to worry about getting some wrong.
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As is usually the case with the Final, no user got a perfect score of 11 points. However, treylyle pulled off a remarkable feat of getting all ten questions right! What a performance.
Three other users got 10 points, but that was with nine correct questions and the bonus point: PM_ME_UR_SOCKED_FEET, pixarfan9510, and Mvetter999.


PM_ME_UR_SOCKED_FEET is the Spring 2023 Trivia Tuesday Individual Champion! This is their first Trivia Tuesday championship. Their margin of victory was just twelve seconds as second place pixarfan9510 also got 10 points.
nburt13 came in third in the Final.
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Some extra notes:

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Georgia reigns supreme again: the Dawgs are the Spring 2023 Premier Tier Champion! This is their second Premier Tier championship. Leading the pack for Georgia were hillbilly_dawg, IceColdDrPepper_Here, tbia, TapThemOut, and P44_Haynes.
Rounding out the finalists are Oklahoma, Oregon, and LSU.
Georgia’s win continues an amazing trend that has gone under the radar: all but one of the Premier Tier champions have come from the Big 10 or SEC. The only outlier was Stanford in the Winter 2016 season way back in late 2016–early 2017. So that is 28/29 champions from those conferences, and a streak of 24-straight seasons dating back over six years. Unreal.
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Duke is the Spring 2023 Cradle of Champions Championship Tier! This is the Blue Devils’ first Trivia Tuesday championship in either division. Heading up the victory were Drasocon, AnotherUnfunnyName, alecmc20, stormstopper, and CarnivorousShrimp.
Fresno State, Washington State, and Indiana finished behind Duke in the Final in that order.
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2023.05.21 07:35 thegarmeyo69420 Jarrel tornado outbreak

1997 Central Texas tornado outbreak Tornado outbreak in Texas
A deadly tornado outbreak occurred in Central Texas during the afternoon and evening of May 27, 1997, in conjunction with a southwestward-moving cluster of supercell thunderstorms. These storms produced 20 tornadoes, mainly along the Interstate 35 corridor from northeast of Waco to north of San Antonio. The strongest tornado was an F5 tornado that leveled parts of Jarrell, killing 27 people and injuring 12 others. Overall, 30 people were killed and 33 others were hospitalized by the severe weather.
Quick Facts Type, Duration ... Although the atmospheric conditions enabling the event were forecast to be conducive for strong winds and large hail, forecasters did not initially anticipate as much of a risk of strong tornadoes due to the lack of substantial wind shear over the region. Instead, the coalescence of several weather features—including a cold front, a dry line, and a gravity wave—provided locally favorable conditions for rotating thunderstorms and the formation of tornadoes. This peculiar evolution led to the unusual southwestward motion of the storms and the tornadoes they produced.
A tornado watch was first issued at 12:54 p.m. on May 27 for portions of East Texas and western Louisiana; the first tornado touched down at 1:21 p.m. in McLennan County while the final tornado lifted at 8:23 p.m. later that day in Frio County. The 20 tornadoes collectively inflicted at least $126.6 million in damage. The F5 Jarrell tornado was the outbreak's most powerful and deadliest tornado. It destroyed most of the 38-home Double Creek Estates subdivision west of Jarrell where the most extreme damage occurred. Residences were completely dismantled, swept away, and reduced to a concrete slab, while trees in the area were completely shredded and debarked. Fields were scoured to a depth of 18 in (460 mm) and asphalt was torn from roads. Due to the tornado's intensity, the debris was often small in size and beyond recognition. There were four other tornadoes rated F3 or higher. One F3 tornado moved across Cedar Park, damaging parts of the business district and numerous homes in nearby neighborhoods. An F4 tornado struck areas near Lake Travis and caused one fatality. In addition to the tornadoes, the storms also produced large hail and strong straight-line winds; Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio recorded a 122 mph (196 km/h) wind gust.
Meteorological synopsis Atmospheric setup A surface weather analysis of Texas at 2:00 p.m. on May 27 showing the cold front (solid line with pennants), dry line (dashed line with semicircles), gravity wave (solid line), and low-pressure area (L symbol). The alignment of these features produced the local environmental conditions enabling the tornado outbreak. The severity of the 1997 Central Texas tornado outbreak was predicated on an unusual spatial and temporal alignment of weather features at highly localized scales. The broader environment was not particularly anomalous for the late springtime over Central and East Texas. Unlike conventional tornado outbreaks in Texas, the 1997 outbreak was not associated with a strong trough of low pressure and strong density gradients in the lower troposphere. Instead, the most prominent weather system over the central U.S. at the time was a distant upper-level low centered over Nebraska imparting little influence on atmospheric conditions over Texas.
Consequently, winds in the mid-levels of the troposphere over Texas on May 27 were weak and westerly, ranging from 30 kn (35 mph; 56 km/h) over North Texas to below 15 kn (17 mph; 28 km/h) over Central and South Texas. Winds closer to the surface were also quiescent; the average storm-relative winds within the lowest 6 km (3.7 mi) of the atmosphere as measured in Del Rio, Texas, prior to the onset of storm development was only 6 kn (6.9 mph; 11 km/h). Further aloft at the level of the jet stream, there were two nearby wind speed maxima over northern Mexico and the central Mississippi Valley; this led to strong divergence of air over Texas. Wind shear was negligible within the lowest 6 km (3.7 mi) of the atmosphere contrary to typical tornado outbreaks.
Despite generally meager winds, the atmosphere was nonetheless thermally energetic. The combination of several days of onshore wind flow from the Gulf of Mexico and the persistence of a capping inversion aloft led to an accumulation of moist air over the state. Dew points soon exceeded 70 °F (21 °C) within the boundary layer, representing ample moisture in the lower levels of the troposphere. Radiosondes launched from Corpus Christi and Fort Worth on the morning of May 27 detected the presence of a robust "elevated mixed layer" of air aloft characterized by steep lapse rates—the change of temperature with height—near the dry adiabatic lapse rate. This contributed to high convective available potential energy (CAPE) exceeding 5,500 J/kg across most of Central and East Texas, denoting a highly unstable atmosphere. In some cases CAPE was as high as 6,500 J/kg. The lack of fronts moving across Texas in the 36 hours before the tornado outbreak allowed this instability to remain and spread across much of the state.
Although these conditions were regionally conducive to the development of thunderstorms capable of producing large hail and strong winds, the potential for supercell and tornado development was not initially clear given the lack of wind shear.: 4–5 Other metrics and indices used to diagnose tornado potential, such as the Energy Helicity Index, storm-relative helicity, supercell composite parameter, and the significant tornado parameter, were also lower than historically observed environments featuring tornadoes. For instance, the amount of storm-relative helicity within the lowest 3 km (1.9 mi) of the atmosphere—a common measure quantifying the amount of wind shear—was measured as 70 m2/s2 at Corpus Christi and reached 117 m2/s2 according to data from the Rapid Update Cycle computer model; values below 300 m2/s2 are correlated with weak tornadoes. A study published in Monthly Weather Review in 2007 described the environment as being "marginally favorable for supercells and unfavorable for significant, supercellular tornadoes."
Instead, the factors that enabled the eventual tornado outbreak may have transpired at a mesoscale involving several features becoming juxtaposed over Texas. The dry line delineating the boundary between the moist maritime airmass over East Texas and the drier continental airmass farther west remained nearly stationary in the region through the morning of May 27. On the preceding evening, a mesoscale convective system developing along this dry line over eastern Oklahoma and Arkansas generated a well-defined gravity wave that traveled southwest across East Texas on the morning of May 27. Its progression was evidenced on satellite imagery as an advancing band of mid-level cumuli. A weak low-pressure area also developed along the dry line near Dallas and tracked southwest along the boundary. In the two days before May 27, a cold front associated with the upper-level low over Nebraska had swept slowly southeast across the central U.S. Prior to dawn on May 27, the front progressed across West Texas; by 7:00 a.m. on May 27, the front spanned from southeastern Oklahoma through the northwestern portion of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex southwestwards to near the Big Bend of Texas. This placed the cold front parallel and just to the west of the dry line along a northeast to southwest orientation. A swath of clear skies emerged between the two boundaries, maximizing surface heating during the daytime and contributing to the weak low-pressure area's southwestward movement through Central Texas.
Development of storms Animation of storms developing over Texas on May 27. The animation alternates between progressing forwards and backwards in time. At around 12:30 p.m., the gravity wave, cold front, dry line, and low-pressure area overlapped near Waco, Texas, with the faster cold front overtaking and merging with the nearly stationary dry line. The cold front and dry line were brought together in a northeast to southwest fashion resembling a zipper. Thunderstorms formed near Waco in tandem with this juxtaposition of features and within a local maximum of surface heating and convergence of moist air. While some storms had spawned along the cold front, the gravity wave's passage in the early afternoon hours coincided with a rapid intensification of the first thunderstorms. The arrival of the gravity wave and its perpendicular alignment relative to the orientation of the cold front and dry line may have enhanced wind shear locally despite weak wind shear at a broader, synoptic scale. This allowed the thunderstorms to rotate and become supercells.
However, the degree to which the wave contributed to the formation of supercells and eventually tornadoes remains a subject of disagreement among meteorologists. The development of new discrete supercells followed the advancing intersection of the cold front and dry line and the gravity wave as they continued southwest, though each individual storm was nearly stationary. Due to the westerly winds in the mid-levels of the troposphere, the outflow from each developing storm was directed east, allowing each new thunderstorm to develop and rotate without interference from the initial storms. The direction of the storms' expansion towards the southwest deviated over 100 degrees away from these westerly winds, representing an extreme and highly unusual motion. The southwestward generation of storms brought them towards increasingly unstable air with higher CAPE, allowing the storms to acquire strong inflow and the requisite rotation to produce tornadoes.
There were at least three families of thunderstorms that developed as part of the initial southwestward-moving complex of storms, composed of at least 16 distinct supercells; six of the cells formed along the cold front, five formed along the dry line, and five formed along the gust front imparted by previous storms. The gust fronts pushed outwards by the downdrafts of the thunderstorms served as foci for tornadogenesis; boundaries like gust fronts can provide low-level vorticity and rising air necessary for the formation of tornadoes. Some of the day's tornadoes were spun up by the gust front itself while others spawned from thunderstorms with preexisting mesocyclones aloft enhanced by the gust front underneath.
The day's first thunderstorm near Waco in McLennan County strengthened quickly in response to the highly unstable atmosphere. A severe thunderstorm warning—the first of the day—was issued for the county at 12:50 p.m. Weather radars showed increasing rotation within the storm, prompting the issuance of a tornado warning at 1:21 p.m. This storm produced the outbreak's first tornado 5 mi (8.0 km) of southwest of Hewitt near Lorena. The same storm produced a second brief tornado near Bruceville followed by a third, intense F3 tornado in southwestern McLennan County that lasted for 20 minutes. A new thunderstorm developed along the flanking line associated with the first storm. This second storm spawned several tornadoes as it expanded towards the southwest, including an F3 tornado near Lake Belton beginning at 2:25 p.m. and the F5 Jarrell tornado beginning at 3:25 p.m. The NEXRAD radar in Granger used to monitor this storm suffered a power failure and went out of commission at 3:38 p.m. A control switch left in an improper position on a prior maintenance visit prevented its emergency power supply from activating. Thunderstorms developing to the southwest later in the afternoon and evening produced additional tornadoes, including the F3 tornado that struck Cedar Park and the F4 tornado that struck Lakeway. The Lakeway tornado was the first instance of an F4 tornado striking Travis County on record. The final tornado of the day touched down in Frio County and lifted at 7:23 p.m.: 2 : 214
Farther south away from the southwestward-moving storm cluster, the cold front and dry line curved west, making them parallel to the advancing gravity wave; this triggered the development of numerous and intense storms between Austin and the Big Bend after 3:00 p.m. when the gravity wave intersected the front. The parallel orientations of the wave and the other boundaries precluded these storms' rotation. They tracked east and eventually merged with the southwestward-propagating complex of tornadic storms along the Pedernales River. This coalescence produced a south- and southeastward-moving squall line and ended the strong tornado activity. Nonetheless, strong and damaging winds were produced by the squall line for several hours. Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio documented a wind gust of 106 kn (122 mph; 196 km/h), marking a record high wind velocity for the site.
Warnings and preparedness The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) forecasted a moderate risk for severe thunderstorms over parts of East Texas in its severe weather outlook issued at 1:03 a.m. on May 27. The moderate risk region included Waco, the Killeen–Temple–Fort Hood metropolitan area, and extended east towards Shreveport, Louisiana, and Fort Polk, Louisiana. Austin was located at the boundary between the moderate risk region and the slight risk region that encompassed most of East and South Texas, including the Hill Country. The SPC predicted that the gravity wave would be a focal point for storms capable of producing large hail and damaging winds given the unstable atmosphere. A subsequent outlook issued by the SPC at 10:16 a.m. continued to indicate a moderate risk for severe weather and mentioned the possibility of isolated and brief tornadoes. A tornado watch was later issued by the SPC at 12:54 p.m. for parts of eastern Texas and western Louisiana, citing the unstable airmass in place over the region. The Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin/San Antonio National Weather Service forecast offices also issued bulletins on the morning of May 27 noting the potential for severe weather. However, these early outlooks focused more on the threat of wind and hail rather than tornadoes due to the low wind shear present over the region.
The Dallas/Fort Worth National Weather Service forecast office ultimately issued 10 tornado warnings and 5 severe thunderstorm warnings between 1 and 5 p.m. on May 27. The Austin/San Antonio office issued 8 tornado warnings, 24 severe thunderstorm warnings, and 10 flash flood warnings during the afternoon and evening of May 27, with 80 percent of their issued products occurring after 5 p.m. in connection with the widespread storms that developed later in the day separate from the initial tornadic storms. In one case, a media outlet's decision to manually activate the Emergency Alert System rather than allow weather warnings to automatically trigger it resulted in a 25–30 minute delay in the dissemination of a warning. Interviews conducted by a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration service assessment team found that many watched the approach of tornadoes prior to taking shelter due to their slow movement and high visibility. In the case of the F5 Jarrell tornado, some fled while others took shelter. Due to the strength of the tornado, some who stayed behind were killed despite taking appropriate safety measures.
Confirmed tornadoes More information FU, F0 ... More information F#, Location ... Jarrell, Texas Quick Facts F5 tornado, Duration ... Parts of Jarrell, Texas, were struck by an extremely powerful F5 tornado on the afternoon of May 27. The tornado destroyed approximately 10 percent of the homes in Jarrell;: A1 at the time, the city had a population of about 450 people and had been previously struck by tornadoes in 1987 and 1989.: A1 : A10 Hardest-hit was the Double Creek Estates subdivision west of downtown Jarrell.: 6 : A19 The 1997 Jarrell tornado was the first and only known occurrence of an F5 tornado in Williamson County. It was also the deadliest tornado in Texas since the 1987 Saragosa tornado. The thunderstorm that spawned the Jarrell tornado began west of Temple along the flanking line of another thunderstorm earlier in the afternoon of May 27. The storm produced several tornadoes in Bell County, including the F3 tornado that impacted communities along Lake Belton. Weather radar observed a strengthening mesocyclone within the thunderstorm, with the speed of rotation rising above 40 kn (46 mph; 74 km/h). As the storm moved into Williamson County, it produced two short-lived F2 tornadoes north of Jarrell at 3:25 p.m. and 3:35 p.m.; the latter of the two was a multiple-vortex tornado and lifted at 3:39 p.m.: 5 The Austin/San Antonio National Weather Service forecast office issued a tornado warning for Williamson County at 3:30 p.m. in response to the storm's approach; the warning was put into effect for one hour. This was the first tornado warning of the day issued for the office's warning area and warned that "the city of Jarrell is in the path of this storm." Local warning sirens went off about 10–12 minutes before the tornado struck.
The precise start of the Jarrell tornado was difficult to pinpoint. The most prominent and destructive part of the tornado's evolution was preceded by the apparition of short-lived, small, and rope-like funnel clouds. These may have been separate tornadoes or simply an earlier part of the Jarrell tornado's evolution.: C3 An aerial survey conducted by the Birmingham, Alabama, office of the National Weather Service included the damage caused by the earlier F2 tornadoes—mostly to trees and roads—as part of the overall Jarrell tornado path.: C3 Some reports also include the F1 tornado near Prairie Dell as an earlier continuation of the Jarrell tornado. The final, unambiguous apparition of the Jarrell tornado began as a narrow and rope-shaped funnel when it touched down at 3:40 p.m. just within the Williamson County line 3 miles (4.8 km) north of Jarrell.: 6 Like the two F3 tornadoes earlier in the day, it developed along the gust front produced by its parent thunderstorm. This mechanism is typical of tornadogenesis not associated with supercell thunderstorms. Traffic along Interstate 35 came to a stop as the tornado descended nearby.: A1 The Texas Highway Patrol also stopped traffic on both sides of the interstate under the expectation that the tornado would cross the highway; it ultimately moved parallel to Interstate 35. Tracking south-southwest, the tornado quickly intensified and grew to a 1⁄2 mile (0.80 km) in width, changing from its initial thin and white appearance to a blue and black color.: 6 : A1 F5 tornado damage was identified early in the tornado's path.: C3 Its intense winds scoured the ground and stripped pavement from roads.: 3 The tornado tore 525 feet (160 m) of asphalt as it crossed County Roads 308, 305, and 307;: 6 the thickness of the asphalt pavement was roughly 0.8 inches (20 mm). A culvert plant at the corner of Country Roads 305 and 307 collapsed. Nearby, a similar plant and a mobile home sustained some damage, with the latter struck by a 2×4 piece of lumber. The occupants of a mobile home 500 feet (150 m) north-northwest of the culvert plant fled to a frame house that the tornado later struck; the evacuees were killed while the mobile home sustained only minor damage.: A21 Some of the most extreme damage at this location was inflicted to a small metal-framed recycling plant that was obliterated, with little left of the structure besides a few twisted structural beams.
The Double Creek Estates subdivision was pulverized by the tornado, with many homes swept off their foundations and disintegrated. This photograph shows one remaining foundation with plumbing pulled out of the concrete. The tornado then slowly entered the Double Creek Estates subdivision where it exacted its most catastrophic impacts. Concurrently, the tornado expanded further to its maximum width of 3⁄4 mile (1.2 km).: 6 Eyewitnesses indicated that the tornado's movement slowed to around 5–10 mph (8.0–16.1 km/h) as it entered the neighborhood; this may have contributed to the resulting extreme destruction.: 7 The tornado destroyed the first home it encountered at the northwestern corner of the subdivision; a clock recovered from the remaining debris was stopped at 3:48 p.m., presumably marking the time the tornado entered the community.: 6 Much of the neighborhood was completely swept away with little debris remaining, with what was left being reducing to small and unrecognizable fragments that were dispersed over a wide area. The lack of large items that were recovered, and the granularity of the debris was indicative of the sheer strength of the tornado.: 7 Due to the tornado's slow movement, homes near the center of its path experienced tornadic winds for approximately three minutes. The mostly wooden-framed residences, some well-built and anchored, were completely obliterated and swept away, leaving behind concrete slab foundations swept clean of all debris.: 6 In some cases, parts of outbuilding and house foundations themselves in the subdivision were scoured away, and several were found missing all of their sill plates that connected the wood-frame homes to the foundations. Pieces of debris were found deposited in fields miles away from the subdivision, and extreme ground scouring occurred, reducing grassy fields into wide expanses of mud in the most severely affected areas.: 6 : A10 In some cases the ground was scoured out to a depth of 18 inches (46 cm). Vehicles in the neighborhood were tossed and mangled beyond recognition; at least six were found flattened in open areas and coated with mud and grass.: 7 : 5 Some were thrown as far as a 1⁄2 mile (0.80 km) away, and others were torn into multiple pieces of unrecognizable metal. Trees in the neighborhood were completely denuded and stripped entirely clean of all bark as well, including one that was found with an electrical cord impaled through the trunk.: 7 : 5
All 27 fatalities associated with the Jarrell tornado occurred at Double Creek Estates,: 7 which at the time consisted of 131 residents living in 38 single-family homes and several mobile homes.: A20 Entire families were killed at Double Creek, including all five members of the Igo Family, all four members of the Moehring family, and all three members of the Smith family. Bodily remains were later found at 30 locations, and the physical trauma inflicted to some of the tornado victims was so extreme, that first responders reportedly had difficulty distinguishing human remains from the remains of animals at the site. Most of the deaths were attributed in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report to multiple trauma, though one death was attributed to asphyxia. The high intensity of the Jarrell tornado left those in its path with little recourse; most homes in Double Creek Estates were built on cement slab foundations and few had a basement or any form of storm shelter;: 6 nineteen people sought refuge in a single storm cellar.: A21 Some residents who followed prescribed safety measures nonetheless perished. One survivor holed up in a bathtub and was flung several hundred feet from her house onto a road.: A21 The walls of some homes along the periphery of the tornado path remained intact, protecting some of those who survived the tornado. Others chose to evacuate ahead of the approaching tornado. Forty structures were obliterated in Double Creek Estates.: 7 Three businesses adjacent to Double Creek Estates were also destroyed. In total, the tornado dealt $10–20 million in damage to the neighborhood.: A20 Around 300 cattle grazing in a nearby pasture were killed and some were found 0.25 miles (0.40 km) away.: 7 : 5 Hundreds of cattle were also dismembered and a few cows were also skinned by the tornado.: A19
The tornado turned slightly towards the south-southwest after traversing Double Creek Estates.: 7 The damage in these outlying areas was somewhat scattershot; in one case, a mobile home suffered only minor damage while an adjacent house lost half of its roof. Metal buildings were unroofed along County Road 305 south of Jarrell. The road's guardrail was impaled by wooden planks thrown by the strong winds.: A12 The tornado then again crossed County Road 305 and entered a forest of cedar trees. Some of the damage to the trees suggested that the tornado may have been a multiple-vortex tornado, which was documented by storm chasers, receiving a nickname as a “dead man walking”. The path of damage left behind by the tornado ended abruptly shortly after entering this forested area, with the National Centers for Environmental Information indicating that it lifted at 3:53 p.m. after remaining on the ground for 13 minutes and 5.1 miles (8.2 km).: 7 Other government accounts of the tornado list a total path length of 7.6 miles (12.2 km) after incorporating the preceding tornadoes north of Jarrell and near Prairie Dell.: C3 Between May 29 and June 1, the Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research carried out aerial and ground surveys of the tornadic damage in Texas in coordination with the Texas Wing Civil Air Patrol. The Jarrell tornado damage was classified as F5 severity throughout most of the tornado's path.: C3 However, a critique of the Fujita scale published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology suggested that winds between 158–206 mph (254–332 km/h), corresponding to an F3 rating on the scale, were sufficient to explain the damage wrought by the Jarrell tornado. The critique noted that some of the homes at Double Creek Estates, although built within the preceding 15 years, exhibited structural weaknesses in their design such as the lack of anchor bolts and steel straps in their foundations. Approximately $40 million in damage was inflicted upon property with another $100,000 inflicted upon crops. Twelve people were injured by the storm in addition to the twenty-seven killed.
Due to the unusual southwestward motion of the thunderstorm that caused the tornado, the sequence of weather events experienced by those affected was in the opposite order of typical tornadic events: the tornado arrived first, followed by the hail, wind, and rain of the parent thunderstorm.: 7 Despite the violence of the tornado and the presence of its associated mesocyclone aloft, the thunderstorm did not exhibit a distinct hook echo on weather radar typically associated with such tornadoes. This may have also been caused by the unusual southwestward motion of the thunderstorm, resulting in the tornado's placement in an atypical position relative to the thunderstorm's motion.
Non-tornadic effects In addition to the tornadoes, there were 12 reports of large hail in Central Texas received by the National Weather Service during the late afternoon and evening. The largest hail—measuring nearly 4 in (100 mm) in diameter—was recorded in Cedar Park in conjunction with the F3 tornado that hit the city. Damaging hail was also reported in Georgetown beginning at 3:55 p.m. Severe thunderstorms also generated damaging straight-line winds across the Hill Country and South-Central Texas.: 3 Much of these winds were associated with the eventual, non-tornadic line of storms that resulted from the coalescence of the day's earlier storms. Wind gusts ranging between 58–71 mph (93–114 km/h) were recorded in Austin, with the peak 71 mph (114 km/h) wind gust occurring at Robert Mueller Municipal Airport at 4:20 p.m.: 3 There were also unofficial reports of winds reaching as high as 90 mph (140 km/h) to the west of Austin near Lake Travis. Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio registered a gust of 122 mph (196 km/h) at 8:03 p.m. Gusts reached 61 mph (98 km/h) in Del Rio and overturned a plane at an airport near Seguin.: 3 The storms knocked out power to 60,000 electricity customers in Austin and as many as 21,000 electricity customers serviced by Texas Utilities.: A10 Telephone service for more than 3,000 residents in the Pedernales Valley was disrupted.: A11 The thunderstorms also produced heavy rain that triggered floods in Blanco, Gonzales, Karnes, and Travis counties.: 3 An official rainfall total of 1.44 in (37 mm) was documented in Austin, though 2.5 in (64 mm) of rain fell in nearby Round Rock. The rains caused Brushy Creek to flood beyond its banks as far east as Thorndale. One person drowned in floodwaters along Shoal Creek in Austin. Another person died in Cedar Park of cardiac arrest likely induced by storm-related stress. The Southwestern Insurance Information Service estimated that the totality of the storms' effects inflicted $25–40 million in insured losses; most insured claims originated from Cedar Park.
Aftermath The memorial at Jarrell Memorial Park naming the victims of the 1989 and 1997 Jarrell tornadoes Law enforcement officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety, four municipal police departments, and two county sheriff's offices aided search-and-rescue efforts in the aftermath of the Jarrell tornado.: A10 The Texas National Guard and other volunteers from around Central Texas joined in the search.: A21 The Scott & White Blood Center facilitated blood donations.: A21 A temporary shelter was established by the American Red Cross at Jarrell High School for those displaced by the tornado,: A10 providing food and accepting clothes donations.: A21 The agency's relief operations, covering residents of 211 homes, cost an estimated $250,000; community donations covered at least $200,000 of the expenses. The Jarrell Volunteer Fire Department organized a temporary morgue;: A10 the deceased were later brought to the Travis County Forensic Center for identification. Although a death toll of 30 people was initially reported, that figure was later revised to 27; the inflated count was attributed to the dispersion of remains that led some fatalities to be tallied twice.: A21 Carcasses of livestock were buried at Double Creek Estates.
Texas Governor George W. Bush declared Williamson County a disaster area; Bush visited Jarrell on May 28 and described the tornadic damage as the worst he had ever witnessed.: A21 U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison also visited Jarrell and Cedar Park. Bush later requested federal aid for Williamson and Bell counties with support from Hutchinson. The Federal Emergency Management Agency elected not to provide federal aid, citing the contributions from private and state sources.: A8 Instead, the Small Business Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture made available loans for the rebuilding of homes, farms, and ranches. The U.S. Congress approved a relief bill allocating $5.4 billion for 35 states affected by natural disasters, including Texas. However, the bill also included other provisions that led President Bill Clinton to veto the bill. A drive-through donation line was established at Auditorium Shores in Austin.: A1 Local musicians organized and performed at a benefit concert at Austin Music Hall, attracting an audience of 2,800 and raising about $94,000. Businesses also donated to the relief efforts.: A7
First responders representing Cedar Park, Austin, Leander, Round Rock, and Williamson and Travis counties arrived in Cear Park shortly after the city was hit by a tornado. Texas A&M University supplied equipment for search-and-rescue operations in the aftermath of the Cedar Park tornado.: A10 These operations were the first test of the 186-member Texas Urban Search and Rescue Team, which was created following the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Vouchers were distributed by the American Red Cross to storm victims in the Buttercup Creek subdivision for clothing, food, and other supplies. Texas State Troopers blocked areas of Buttercup Creek to prevent looting.: A10
A memorial was erected in downtown Jarrell bearing the names of the 27 people killed by the Jarrell tornado. The Jarrell Memorial Park was established near Double Creek Estates on the land of the former Igo family, who perished in the tornado. The park contains 27 trees planted in honor of the victims. In 2019, the memorial was relocated to the park along with the city's historical marker. The events and survivor accounts of the tornado were profiled in television documentaries such as the 1999 episode of HBO's America Undercover series titled "Fatal Twisters: A Season of Fury", the 1999 BBC television series titled Twister Week (also known as Tornado Diary in the United States) in an episode titled "Tornado Alley", the seventh episode of the Discovery Channel program Storm Warning, produced by GRB Entertainment, and the 2006 documentary Ultimate Disaster (also known as Mega Disaster) on National Geographic Channel.
See also icon Weather portal List of North American tornadoes and tornado outbreaks 1922 Austin twin tornadoes – also featured southwestward-tracking tornadoes that struck the Austin, Texas, area Tornado outbreak of April 6–9, 1998 – produced the official first F5 tornado after the Jarrell tornado 1953 Waco tornado – the deadliest tornado in Texas history Notes All times in Central Daylight Time (UTC-5:00) unless otherwise noted. The Jarrell tornado was rated as an F5 tornado on the Fujita scale, corresponding to peak gusts of 261–318 mph (420–512 km/h). These winds were estimated from the damage and not directly measured. All damage totals are in 1997 USD unless otherwise noted. The divergence of air at the upper-levels of the troposphere promotes upward motion and aids thunderstorm development. Wind shear—a change of wind velocities with height—is necessary to produce rotating thunderstorms, making it a key physical condition for the development of tornadoes. Environments with thunderstorms often exhibit CAPE exceeding 1,000 J/kg, with extreme cases exhibiting CAPE greater than 5,000 J/kg. All dates are based on Central Daylight Time (UTC-05:00); however, all times are in Coordinated Universal Time for consistency. These winds would correspond to an EF3–EF5 tornado on the modern Enhanced Fujita Scale. The critique noted that the winds corresponding to an F3 tornado in the Fujita scale would completely destroy most homes.
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2023.05.17 18:02 London-Roma-1980 NON-CONFERENCE MATCHDAY 5 RESULTS

And then everything went haywire. In the first four games, only once did the Top 25 team lose to a non-top-25 Team. By all accounts, this was expected to continue, especially since most of the top 25 squads were facing each other and thus far we hadn't seen much competition from those on the outside. In fact, the only outsider to beat a top 25 team, San Francisco, was now in the club.
But today, with five Top 25 matchups already in the can, things went utterly haywire as four other Top 25 teams found themselves on the wrong end of an upset. It's true that one of them had it coming with suspensions to two players, but the others were harder to see coming. With the results, there are three teams with major scalps that will be able to carry the confidence to the conference season -- especially since, in one case, they're a huge underdog.
Brace yourselves. Lots happened.
Colorado 73, #25 Wake Forest 70. At the beginning of the season, the Buffaloes were picked 11th in the Pac-12 on media day. That number may need to be revised before conference play starts.
Chauncey Billups led the team with 17 points and Burdette Haldorson, pressed into starting duty by injury, made the critical defensive stop as the Buffaloes (5-0) upset the Demon Deacons (4-1) before a stunned Wake Forest Court crowd.
Haldorson, starting because of an ankle sprain to Scott Wedman, played 33 minutes and was mostly used to guard Rodney Rogers and Josh Howard. The two were stymied, combining to shoot 4-15 when guarded by the former AAU great. While Chris Paul (15 pts, 6 ast) and Tim Duncan (18 pts, 11 rebs) still got their numbers, they were troubled by the defensive gameplan, which led to fast break opportunities the other way.
"We knew we had to stick to the game plan if we were gonna have a chance," forward Matt Bullard (14 points) said after their win. "We came in here, we backed each other up, Chauncey had a heck of a game, Birdy [Haldorson] had a heck of a game, it all worked out."
On the final play, down 71-70, the Deacons attempted to hold for the final shot. Duncan was double-teamed and looked to pass it out to Jeff Teague, but Haldorson broke on the pass and knocked it aside. Billups dove onto the ball, calling timeout before turning it over, and the upset was imminent.
#1 UCLA 87, #9 Connecticut 57. Fatigue can be a factor in the Swiss system. After beating LSU and escaping Maryland, it's possible it caught up to Connecticut at exactly the wrong time.
Bill Walton, moved into the starting lineup for a "twin tower" effect, responded with 16 points and 7 rebounds to back up Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's 21 points and 13 rebounds, and the Bruins (5-0) pushed their win streak to 42 by demolishing the Huskies (4-1) in front of their home crowd.
"We didn't have an answer," Jim Calhoun regretfully told the postgame press conference. "Those are two of the best offensive players out there. UCLA is an incredible team, and if we're going to compete we gotta figure out what to do. It's gonna be tough."
Ray Allen led the Huskies with 14 points.
#15 Illinois 80, #13 UNLV 77. Both teams had a bevy of shooters, but it took a pass-first guard to make the difference.
Deron Williams' three-point play with 8.8 seconds to go set the lead, and Ricky Sobers' game-tying shot clanged off the rim, as the Illini (5-0) spoiled the Runnin' Rebels (4-1) attempt to collect consecutive Power 6 school scalps.
Meyers Leonard led all scorers with 20 points, while Shawn Marion led the Rebels with 18 points but was covered by Eddie Johnson on the final play, forcing Sobers to call his own number.
"What a win," coach Lou Henson could only say while laughing to himself. "We got a great one today."
#8 Kansas 76, #6 Indiana 49. Hoosiers coach Bobby Knight was ejected just before halftime. He probably was thankful he didn't have to see the rest of the game.
Joel Embiid was one block shy of a triple-double (20 points, 14 rebounds, 9 blocks) and Kansas outrebounded their opponents by 20 as the Jayhawks (5-0) mugged the Hoosiers (4-1) to signal their title intent.
"This team can win it all," coach Phog Allen told reporters. "I have no doubt in my mind. You just saw us beat Ohio State and Indiana, back to back. It doesn't matter who we square off with next, we can beat anyone."
Wilt Chamberlain added 16 points in limited action, sitting out the remainder of the game after getting his third foul early in the second half with the Jayhawks already up 51-29.
"Bring on UCLA," Chamberlain boasted. "Bring on Duke, Carolina, bring 'em all on. We showed how great we are today! We can beat anyone.
Walt Bellamy led the Hoosiers with 11 points.
#4 Kentucky 86, #16 DePaul 57. In the prior round, DePaul had an answer for one star big man. They couldn't handle four being rotated in and out.
Dan Issel, Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, and Karl-Anthony Towns all took turns scoring in the post as George Mikan was in foul trouble all day. The result was the Wildcats (5-0) demolishing the Blue Demons (4-1), making an emphatic statement during Statement Week.
"Coach [Adolph] Rupp got us working hard against each other all week," Davis told reporters. "It doesn't matter who we send out there. We're an all-star team. We're not afraid of anyone. We know how good we are. It's just a matter of execution."
All four big men were in double-figures as the Wildcats kept calling plays inside. Issel had 17, Davis had 15, Cousins had 10, and Towns had 11. Devin Booker joined them in double-figures, putting up 12 points on 4-6 three-point shooting.
Mark Aguirre led DePaul with 13 points. Mikan had only 7 points and was limited to 21 minutes due to foul trouble.
#11 Michigan 74, #14 Houston 68. There may only be 3 instead of the 5, but the Fabs are still the signature crew in Michigan basketball history. They showed it tonight, but they also showed that the bench will help them make it all the way.
Chris Webber had 23 points and Juwan Howard blocked Bo Outlaw's back-to-back shots late as the Wolverines (5-0) took out the Cougars (4-1) in spectacular fashion. Beyond them, however, was sixth man Cazzie Russell, who put up 16 points off the bench to key a Michigan comeback.
"Caz was the man today," Webber said at the postgame conference. "He came in when our backs were against the wall and he took us home. He's a tough guy, he showed it tonight. Hell of a show."
Houston was up 36-31 at the half when coach John Beilein swapped Russell in for the misfiring Jamal Crawford. The decision paid off, as Russell was able to shoot over Outlaw and Clyde Drexler and bring Michigan back into the contest.
"We did our best," a somber Drexler said in the locker room. "We just ran into a hot hand."
Elvin Hayes led the Cougars with 18 points and 7 rebounds.
Alabama 78, #5 Michigan State 72, OT. With both Zach Randolph and Draymond Green suspended, Michigan State was vulnerable. Alabama took advantage.
Derrick McKey had 16 points and Latrell Sprewell hit the critical three-point shot with 45 seconds left in the extra session as the Crimson Tide (5-0) upset the #5 Spartans (4-1) to set off a court storming at Alabama Court.
"You live for days like this," coach Wimp Sanderson said in the post-game interview while being cheered on by fans. "We're not going to apologize for beating a short-handed team; we just took one of the best squads in the country down. We're going to celebrate this before we get back to work. This is a hell of a win."
The Spartans, whose players were forced to sit out one game due to their role in a fight against Notre Dame, were forced to rely on Kevin Willis and Jaren Jackson Jr underneath. While both men put up a valiant effort, they were neutralized by Gerald Wallace and Antonio McDyess, who each had 13 rebounds in the upset.
"I hope my kids learned their lesson seeing this game," coach Tom Izzo said.
Oklahoma 99, #23 Arizona State 94. There were some eyebrows raised when the Sun Devils appeared in the Top 25. They won't be there long now.
Buddy Hield had 31 points and Mookie Blaylock had 17 points and 7 steals as the Sooners (5-0) used their up-tempo style to thwart the Sun Devils (4-1) on the road.
"We can run with anybody," coach Billy Tubbs said. "I've never had a group of athletes like this all at once. I figured we might as well take advantage of it, and you saw that on display tonight. These guys deserve to be on the national radar."
It appeared at first that Arizona State could keep pull a surprise win as they kept up with the speed of the "Schooner Offense". James Harden led all scorers in the game with 35 points, and Joe Caldwell wasn't far behind with 28. However, the rest of the team -- in particular Alton Lister (1-8 FG, 4 points) -- struggled to match the intensity, especially late when stamina became a factor.
"We ran out of gas," Harden admitted. "We gotta do better."
Iowa 73, #18 Georgetown 72, 2OT. In a physical battle which saw fouls being called generously and three players for each team foul out, it took the reserves to step up and make the difference. A Hawkeye hero came through in the clutch.
Chris Street's jumper as time expired went through the basket and cued a raucous celebration as the Hawkeyes (4-1) became the second team to stun the Hoyas (3-2) from the unranked in this young season.
"It's a dream come true, wearing the black and gold and lifting them up to a big win," Street said while being hugged by family and friends. "We had trouble underneath, they asked me to step up, and God helped me deliver. What a feeling."
With foul trouble causing a choppy game at the best of times, attrition quickly became the game's story. By the end, Iowa had lost Fred Brown, Don Nelson, and Kevin Kunnert to the five-foul disqualification, while Georgetown was down Jeff Green, Patrick Ewing Sr, and reserve Greg Monroe. As if that weren't enough, guard Ricky Davis was given a technical in the second overtime for shoving Sleepy Floyd, allowing Floyd the chance to hit one of two shots and give the Hoyas the lead.
Hawkeyes coach Bucky O'Connor admitted he had drawn the play up for Connie Hawkins in the huddle, but the team improvised. "Connie did his best, and what he saw was that he drew the double-team," O'Connor explained. "The kid's got great court vision, and he found Chris open as a result. Everyone on this team matters, and we showed it here."
  1. UCLA 87, 9. Connecticut 57
  2. North Carolina 95, Missouri 69
  3. Duke 123, Marshall 72
  4. Kentucky 86, 16. DePaul 57
  5. Michigan State 72, Alabama 78 (OT)
  6. Indiana 49, 8. Kansas 76
  7. Ohio State 83, Jacksonville 56
  8. Kansas 76, 6. Indiana 49
  9. Connecticut 57, UCLA 87
  10. Louisville 59, Kansas State 57
  11. Michigan 74, 14. Houston 68
  12. Arizona 105, Ball State 49
  13. UNLV 77, 15. Illinois 80
  14. Houston 68, 11. Michigan 74
  15. Illinois 80, 13. UNLV 77
  16. DePaul 57, 4. Kentucky 86
  17. N.C. State 79, Mississippi State 75
  18. Georgetown 72, Iowa 73 (2OT)
  19. Syracuse 82, Florida 70
  20. Maryland 115, TCU 57
  21. Auburn 96, Long Beach State 61
  22. San Francisco 91, Wright State 56
  23. Arizona State 94, Oklahoma 99
  24. Notre Dame 72, Wichita State 68
  25. Wake Forest 70, Colorado 73
And now, a special bonus write-up because as soon as I saw the final score, I knew history had to be made.
Texas 141, Loyola Marymount 93. Loyola Marymount is famous for playing at a faster pace than anyone else. It helped them make a WCC Tournament final run last season. That result, however, may be difficult to repeat if they run into players like Kevin Durant, who did something not seen on the island in over a decade.
Durant's 70 points were the most scored in an NIBL game since 2010, and it helped key the Longhorns (4-1) to a blowout win over the Lions (3-2) in front of a Texas Court crowd that chanted MVP all night for their star player.
"Unbelievable," coach Rick Barnes said of the performance. "He went out there, he had his motor on all night, and he didn't want to come out. When he got to 60, I said to [LMU Coach] Paul [Westhead] that we wanna see how high he can fly. We found out it's pretty damn high tonight."
While LMU's stars made the most out of their speed of play -- Hank Gathers led the Lions with 38 -- there was no answer for Durant. He shot an incredible 25-41 from the field, including 8-15 from behind the arc. Throw in a 12-14 performance from the line, 8 rebounds, and 2 blocks, and Durant had an incredible day.
Kansas' Wilt Chamberlain still holds the NIBL record for points in a game from 2001. He scored 88 points as the Jayhawks beat Morris Brown 151-47. Before Durant, the last person to score 70+ in a game was Elgin Baylor, when he put up 71 as Seattle beat LMU 125-108 in 2010.
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2023.05.12 04:05 Breath_Background Mesocyclone Hand-Off

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2023.05.12 03:52 Breath_Background Goldsby, OK 8:51 CST 5/11

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2023.05.12 02:14 Breath_Background Tornado Warning including Moore OK, Newcastle OK and Bridge Creek OK until 7:45 PM CDT

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2023.05.06 13:50 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Ginni And Juice by Julia Claire & Crooked Media (05/05/23)

"During the President Trump investigations... What did they find out? They found out that he makes a lot of money and he does a really good job at it." - Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) glossing over a few other things authorities found out

Money Order In The Court

I guess we’re gonna just keep this judicial corruption train a-rollin’.
All of this judicial horror once again asks the question: IS ANYONE GOING TO DO ANYTHING?
The foundation of the United States government is supposed to be one of “checks and balances,” not secret loopholes that allow Republicans to win every fight. The judicial branch of 2023 makes it pretty clear that the founders weren’t corrupt enough to contemplate an entity like the modern GOP.

Under The Radar

Get a load of this fucking fascist. The Florida state legislature passed a horrifying bill on Thursday that would allow the state to take transgender minors away from their families if they are found to be receiving gender-affirming care. The bill passed in the state-Senate 26-13, and the House shortly thereafter by a wide margin of 83-28. Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has previously expressed support for the bill and will almost certainly sign it. A reporter asked DeSantis about his anti-trans legislation during a press conference on Friday and DeSantis responded by aggressively cutting him off and ranting about how this issue is “manufactured” and “dressed-up” and that he believes it’s really about cutting off “the private parts of a 14 or 15 year old,” which evoked applause from supporters. To be clear, gender-affirming surgeries are almost never performed on trans minors, and the only one manufacturing an issue here is DeSantis. The Endocrine Society and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health both recommend that genital reassignment surgery should not be performed on patients under 18 years of age.

What Else?

The World Health Organization announced on Friday that it no longer classifies the coronavirus pandemic as a global public-health emergency.
Fox News sent a cease and desist to Media Matters for America, insisting it stop airing behind-the-scenes videos of Tucker Carlson. Lol, ok, sure, again.
The Russian military’s main mercenary group announced plans on Friday to pull out of Bakhmut, the eastern Ukrainian city Russia has been trying to overtake.
The White House has announced that Neera Tanden will be the next domestic-policy adviser. Oof.
Job growth in the United States accelerated in April despite the Fed’s continued interest-rate hikes.
National test scores released on Wednesday shows that American students’ grasp of U.S. history has taken a huge hit, and their knowledge of civics isn’t much better. That is…an ominous signal for the next generation of voters! Justice for the Humanities!
During a gathering of Black Sea nations, a Ukrainian delegate punched a Russian delegate in the face after the Russian delegate snatched his Ukrainian flag to stop him from photobombing his interview.
Jurors on Thursday viewed a taped deposition of disgraced former president Donald Trump in which he mistook a photo of E. Jean Carroll, who has accused him of rape, for one of his ex-wife Marla Maples.
After meeting with the CEOs of Alphabet, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Anthropic, Vice President Kamala Harris said that the Biden administration will support new regulations and/or legislation to mitigate the risk of A.I. technology.

What In The World?

U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his Conservative party suffered heavy losses in local elections on Friday, giving the opposition Labour Party a much-needed boost going into national elections last year. Sunak came to 10 Downing Street in October after a tumultuous string of Conservative Prime Ministers (Liz Truss, Boris Johnson, and Theresa May) fell like dominoes, and has pushed the Conservative Party’s austerity measures further, offering almost no relief as the nation continues to experience a crippling cost-of-living crisis. Spokespeople for the Labour Party say that they are now on track to win big in the next general election, which is corroborated by projections from Sky News and the BBC, but with the caveat that the Scottish National Party may throw a wrench in Labour’s plans depending on how it fares at the ballot box. A multi-party system, can you imagine?

What A Sponsor

Moms deserve only the best, including the best night's sleep. So, this Mother's Day, give her luxury bedding, loungewear or pajamas from Cozy Earth -- the brand that made Oprah’s Favorite Things Five Years in a Row.
Your mom will love their luxury bedding. It’s the softest, most luxurious, and ethically sourced bedding on the planet. Nothing comes even close! Cozy Earth bedding is made using premium viscose from highly sustainable bamboo. As a result, it’s NOT ONLY remarkably SOFT, but naturally temperature-regulating too -- so your mom will sleep more comfortably year-round.
Whether it's their luxury bedding, comfy loungewear, ultrasoft pajamas or new bath towel collection -- make Mother's Day extra special at Cozy Earth. All Cozy Earth products are backed by their 100-Night Trial as well as a 10-year warranty. And right NOW, SAVE up to 35% at Cozy Earth! Hurry, this Mother's Day Offer ends soon! Go to https://CozyEarth.com/CROOKED.

Light At The End Of The Email

The Supreme Court granted a stay of execution to Oklahoma death row inmate Richard Glossip after the state’s Republican Attorney General Gentner Drummond told the justices he believed that Glossip’s execution should be suspended and he should be given a new trial.
Gov. Tim Walz (D-MN) signed voting accessibility and protections into law on Friday including automatic voter registration.


Janel Comeau on Twitter: "op-eds in 2020: what if this pandemic is the thing that finally brings everyone together?; op-eds in 2023: it is fine, actually, to hunt people you don’t like for sport"
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2023.05.04 19:56 arazno University of Oklahoma professor receives Top Early Career Award for Radar Science

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2023.05.04 19:34 arazno University of Oklahoma professor receives Top Early Career Award for Radar Science

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2023.05.03 16:27 QC_knight1824 ELI5 - Precipitation Model Parameters

ELI5 - Precipitation Model Parameters
Crossposted from meteorology for more insight!
Getting into reading weather models in my free time as I'm an avid golfer and the hobbies seem to go perfectly hand-in-hand and I'm having trouble understanding the ECMWF (9km) precipitation parameters that i'm looking at. Can someone help?
The specific parameters are :
  • Precipitation Total, 1h
  • Precipitation Total 3h (and 6h as well)
  • Accumulated total precipitation
Some help deciphering the difference between these would be greatly appreciated, and any suggestions on reading material regarding these models and their various parameters would also be of interest...thanks!
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2023.05.01 15:35 stonescoldtakes NFL Update and Draft Grades: 04/24/2023 - 04/30/2023

— Individual Team News + Draft Grades + Stone’s Cold Takes
— Miscellaneous/Other NFL News
— Restaurant of the Week - Cleveland
Arizona Cardinals: DRAFT GRADE - A
The Cardinals this draft needed to load up on good quality picks to allow them to build a team in wake of their recent departures, future departures, and just holes in general they had to fill. With that said I feel that they did a pretty dang good job. Paris Johnson will be a significant addition and Clayton Tune was a sneaky good quarterback pick who may end up needing to start for the first half of the season while Kyler Murray rehabs from injury. This was a very well rounded draft for the Cardinals and should set them up well again for next years draft so they have a better chance to compete in the 2024 NFL season.
Atlanta Falcons: DRAFT GRADE - B+
Definitely made things exciting when taking RB Bijan Robinson. I like the pick because it is fun but am skeptical about a running back going off the board so early. I feel like they should have gone Jalen Carter since he was still available. Either way it was a solid draft for the Falcons and they should get some good production out of these rookies. I loved that they used one of their early round picks on Matthew Bergeron, I think the key thing to note here is that they are doing everything they can to make Desmond Ridder’s life as easy as possible and if he can’t get it done with what is around him this year then it will be easy for them to move on next year.
Baltimore Ravens: DRAFT GRADE - B+
The draft kind of felt like an afterthought because of the extension Lamar Jackson signed. Great job to the Ravens and Lamar for getting the deal done. It also shifted the focus of the draft and made everyone want to watch and see what they got done for Jackson. Drafting WR Zay Flowers was something that probably made him very happy and then getting the two offensive lineman for their last two picks was a great move, especially Andrew Vorhees who dropped because of his injury but should make a fully recovery before the season and was ranked one of the top at his position prior to injury. I gave them a B+ though for their middle of the pack picks they used on the defensive side of the ball. Feel like they could have been a little smarter with those and gotten an edge defender.
Buffalo Bills: DRAFT GRADE - A
I loved their first pick. Dalton Kincaid is listed as a tight end but really probably can be considered more of a big slot receiver. He has to work on his blocking more but is a great weapon for Josh Allen because he was great at Utah in finding the holes in the defense. He was definitely the best pass-catching tight end in this years draft! Other picks by the Bills that I appreciated were the two along the offensive line. This team needed to get deeper and more there. Justin Shorter could be a fun pick to watch as well as he offers another big target that can make plays. Overall great draft for the Bills but makes me feel like they are going to be the ones who end up landing DeAndre Hopkins.
Carolina Panthers: DRAFT GRADE - A
They made the smart choice with the first overall pick and in the second round got the best wide receiver in the draft in my mind. Jonathan Mingo stood out on Ole Miss last year even while playing with erratic QB play from Jaxson Dart. He will go a long way in helping Bryce Young settle in and feel more comfortable. DJ Johnson was also a great pick and should develop nicely getting to work with some of the veterans on defense.
Chicago Bears: DRAFT GRADE - B
Underwhelming last fews days for the Bears. I feel like everyone was so excited for them in free agency and I don’t feel like they got that much better and then in the draft everyone was so excited for them because they had so many picks but definitely feel like they missed on a few picks. Only time will tell but their first pick was one I really liked with OT Darnell Wright because they need to do what they can to keep Fields from having to bail out of the pocket every time he snaps the ball. If they can help him to have a clean pocket it would show them whether he will be able to become a pocket passer or not. Noah Sewell was a great late round addition and it will be fun for him to get to play his brother twice a year. Other than that, a lot of draft picks and hopefully they make the team better this year.
Cincinnati Bengals: DRAFT GRADE - B+
Loved the early round focus here on defense after bolstering the o-line a bit in free agency. Their defense was key in keeping the Bills down in the playoffs and could be a difference maker for them in the long run. I also thought they were able to get some good value offensive picks later in the draft. It will be interesting to see what Chase Brown’s role end ups looking like depending on what happens with the Joe Mixon situation.
Cleveland Browns: DRAFT GRADE - C
Overall this was a fine draft for them but not great. I liked the pick of Dawand Jones though and getting him in round 4 was great value. Just based on size alone he was worth the pick and should prove to be an anchor if he develops properly. I know some folks are high on Cedric Tillman too out of Tennessee so hopefully he can find his way back after an injury shortened season that allowed for WR Jalin Hyatt to emerge. Feel like a tight end would have been a nice addition to have in this draft and a little more o-line help early in the draft.
Dallas Cowboys: DRAFT GRADE - A-
This was a tough team to grade because their rival probably had the best draft out of everybody. However, when I was looking back through my notes I always had Mazi Smith higher than most and think he has a never quit motor that will fit in well on the defense. Schoonmaker is a good addition at tight end even though I think a lot of Cowboys fans may have been hoping they could get Kincaid, I think Schoonmaker will fit the run heavy offensive because he is a better blocker. It was a great moment getting to see Deuce Vaughn’s dad give him the call to tell him they were going to draft him and I am excited to see Viliami Fehoko when he gets to rotate in on the Cowboys defense. These guys will be fun to see in the offseason and how things all shake out for them.
Denver Broncos: DRAFT GRADE - D+
I didn’t love what they did in free agency and was not a fan of their draft. I think that Marvin Mims was overrated and no one really jumped out to me as a great pick. Also, they still have work to do along the offensive and defensive lines and they did not spend a pick until their last one on either one of those. I am excited for Sean Payton to take over this team but haven’t been thrilled with the moves made thus far.
Detroit Lions: DRAFT GRADE - C-
I liked the Lions draft a lot less before they traded De’Andre Swift. After doing that it felt a little better to me but I still believe drafted Jahmyr Gibbs way too early. I am not saying he won’t be great but he would have been available later in the draft. I feel like there were better value picks than Jack Campbell as well but I understand that linebacker may have been their biggest need in the draft. I would have loved to see them get Van Ness at 12 and then maybe still take Campbell where they did. Then they could have taken Gibbs in the early second round or traded up to get him late in the first round and taken a tight end later in the 2nd round. Overall though I imagine the Lions will go on to prove me wrong and that they made all the right choices. I hope they do because I am a big fan of HC Dan Campbell.
Green Bay Packers: DRAFT GRADE - B-
A lot of expectations for this team after trading away long time starter QB Aaron Rodgers. A lot of rumors floating around that they would take a first round wide receiver for the first time because it was the draft right after Rodgers left. They did not and made a better move in getting Van Ness. Other than that though nothing jumped off the page to me with their draft but was definitely good in the sense that they had a lot of picks and spread them out across different needs. Time will tell though if the players drafted will actually help them meet those needs or not.
Houston Texans: DRAFT GRADE - C+
I liked the excitement draft night but it felt like a lot for them to give up to be able to have the #3 pick as well. Great first 2 picks if you ask anyone besides me but then after that I feel like things were a bit lackluster. I am still thinking that QB Davis Mills is likely every bit as good as CJ Stroud and prefer that they would have drafted and built around him which means they wouldn’t have had to trade up to #3 and could have just drafted Anderson. The other thing that I think could have helped them more was to trade back and get some more picks because they need weapons on offense and they only drafted one. There is a big hole after Brandin Cooks left and outside of him a quarterback did not really have much else last year. I imagine this team will be towards the bottom of the league again this year.
Indianapolis Colts: DRAFT GRADE - A
The Colts are going to be exciting again this offseason. I am all for the Anthony Richardson pick and I think if any coach is going to help him hit his ceiling it is going to be Shane Steichen. Also, I loved the Josh Downs pick and they got him later than I thought he would be available. I think he was a top 3 receiver in this draft and is going to be a solid day one contributor. On the this offense he will have to be with the limited number of options they have in the passing game. Blake Freeland was another great pick and should get the help he needs to develop from the current guys on the o-line in Indy. Overall great draft by the Colts and expect some excitement from this team if Anthony Richardson can catch on sooner rather than later.
Jacksonville Jaguars: DRAFT GRADE - B
Loved the Anton Harrison pick and getting another running back in Tank Bigsby. I think he is better than a lot of people had him because he played on a bad team and didn’t get the attention he deserved. Overall though this draft was one for them to load up on talent on both sides of the ball and that is what they did. Will be fun to watch things shake out this offseason and how Trevor Lawrence gels with some of the new guys on offense.
Kansas City Chiefs: DRAFT GRADE - B
Usually I feel like the Chiefs have the best draft and just make me feel terrible because they just keep getting richer. However, I have to say with this draft I felt a lot better about my team’s chances this season. They did not draft one of the big name receivers and I don’t really know how good I feel about their first pick. Wanya Morris though made a lot of sense and the rest of their draft overall made sense but didn’t make me scared like in years past. I imagine though come the start of the season I will be back to worrying for the rest of the league because of how good this team is going to be.
Las Vegas Raiders: DRAFT GRADE - A-
Feels like for the past several years the Raiders did not do well in the draft but I thought did pretty dang good this year. They have an uphill battle this season with the teams in their division but having Crosby and first round draft pick Wilson on the outside of the line should help bring some of those quarterbacks back down to Garoppolo’s level. Michael Mayer is a great pick and someone that will fit in with an offense well that is built more for Jimmy’s strengths. I also liked the Aidan O’Connell pick quite a bit and getting him late in the draft rather than the Raiders trying to get one of the top quarterbacks early. If they need a top quarterback they can try and reach next year but it was smart of them to hang back and see if they could find someone late that can be a producer.
Los Angeles Chargers: DRAFT GRADE - B
Great first pick here to give Herbert a young big bodied target to complement the older guys on the roster. The rest of the draft was not all that exciting but was not bad either. Hence the reason for the B grade. QB Max Duggan was a bit of a head scratcher for me because they have Easton Stick who appears to be a solid backup. Maybe they can use him in more of Taysom Hill type role.
Los Angeles Rams: DRAFT GRADE - A
Great draft overall by the Rams despite the lack of top picks. I don’t know if anyone necessarily stands out over everyone else because I feel like their task was to get as many potential players on both sides of the ball as possible. The Stetson Bennett pick was exciting because he won the national championship in LA, Stafford was also a Bulldog QB, and he provides them with a backup option and potentially someone to transition to after Stafford finishes his career. I think Puka Nacua could be a great value pick for them and complement the offense well. It will be great for him getting to work with Cooper Kupp.
Miami Dolphins: DRAFT GRADE - B
Nothing too crazy stood out here. It sounds like they are still poking around about RB Dalvin Cook but did a good job insulating themselves in case that doesn’t happen. Liked the Elijah Higgins pick as well but don’t feel like the Dolphins really had that many holes to fill going into the draft.
Minnesota Vikings: DRAFT GRADE - B+
Overall solid draft here. I liked that they didn’t try and get a QB too early and think Jaren Hall was the perfect pick because he is someone late in the draft who can develop behind Kirk Cousins without attracting all of the media coverage. Jordan Addison while not my favorite receiver this draft makes sense in this offense and will benefit from being opposite Justin Jefferson. I really like that they focused on defense with their 2nd thru 4th picks in the draft because that was the main area of need for them. It will be exciting to see how those guys drafted and the rest of the defense respond to Brian Flores.
New England Patriots: DRAFT GRADE - A
Great pick to start the draft for them in getting Christian Gonzalez. It seems like they always find a way to get or have really good corners. I love the Marte Mapu pick as well and think he is one of those guys who’s engine just never stops running at full speed. Keion White could have a big impact and should get coached up well this offseason. Overall I thought this was a great draft and the only thing I may have done differently but don’t disagree with what they did was maybe try and draft a receiver a little earlier to help out either of the young quarterbacks more.
New Orleans Saints: DRAFT GRADE - B+
I really liked Kendre Miller and think he is a great get for them especially since Alvin Kamara has had his issues legally. Otherwise, Jake Haener was a great pick and someone that was compared to Drew Brees during the draft day coverage. He will benefit a lot from playing behind Carr. This team needed to go defense early and did just that so can’t complain there. Excited to see what the offense will look like now with Carr.
New York Giants: DRAFT GRADE - B-
Great value picks for the Giants in getting Jalin Hyatt and Eric Gray. The Giants have a lot of options on offense now but none that necessarily can do it all as a wide receiver. Hyatt is someone who has a limited route tree but is very smooth and could develop nicely into a complete WR. Eric Gray depending on how things continue to progress with Barkley could slot in well with the team and allow them to have a young and healthy spark there. Wish they would have gone with a big tight end in the draft to complement Waller but overall can’t complain too much with the Giants and the draft.
New York Jets: DRAFT GRADE - B
Draft didn’t feel like all that big of a deal after getting Aaron Rodgers similar to how it felt in Baltimore. However, I thought it was smart of them to start with defense and then get Aaron Rodgers a couple more pieces on the offensive line as he continues to get older and become less mobile. I thought this was a solid draft but that after getting Rodgers there wasn’t much of a need for other positions in this draft for them.
Philadelphia Eagles: DRAFT GRADE - A+
This team won the draft and did so relying on the the national champion Georgia Bulldogs again this year. Both of their first two picks should not have been available when they got them but perfectly replace folks they lost on defense. Jalen Carter has the potential to be a top player on the d-line and Nolan Smith with his speed and athleticism has shown he can be impactful in both the run and pass game. Kelee Ringo has major upside when it comes to just refining his craft and Tyler Steen should help out along the o-line. Fantastically executed draft by Howie Roseman and co. Eagles just got scarier!
Pittsburgh Steelers: DRAFT GRADE - A
Steelers were the other team that I thought challenged the Eagles for the best draft. They did a great job early shoring up holes they had on both sides of the ball and then got Kenny Pickett a great target in TE Darnell Washington. I know that he was overshadowed last year by Brock Bowers but has the ability to be a difference maker especially since he is basically always open with the height advantage he has. The Steelers are going to be a hard nose football team again this year and should benefit from Pickett having a full year under his belt now.
San Francisco 49ers: DRAFT GRADE - C
It kind of feels like this organization is a mess all the time but still manage to win consistently. If you read the media headlines you never know who the starting quarterback is, never know who is actually happy to be on this team, and a whole lot more but somehow ownership and the coaches seem to figure it out to give the team a deep playoff run each year. I liked the Ji’Ayir Brown and Darrell Luter picks. Other than that I thought they may have been reaching a bit with Jake Moody and Cameron Latu. Can’t complain though too much about the Moody pick because they needed a kicker and probably got the best one to come out of college in the last few years. Also, Robert Beal could be sneaky good for the Niners but a lot of unknowns.
Seattle Seahawks: DRAFT GRADE - A
Pete Carroll is a great head coach and knows how to draft. It feels like every year the Seahawks do a good job with the draft. Devon Witherspoon is a stud and while I don’t think many were expecting them to take Smith-Njigba he makes perfect sense in this offense and gives Geno Smith another great weapon to attack defenses with. RB Charbonnet was a great pick and can be a great second option behind Kenneth Walker. I could go down the whole list of these guys and just be happy with where and when they got all of them. The Seahawks are definitely emerging more and more as the likely top competition for the Niners this season.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DRAFT GRADE - A
The Buccaneers did a great job of getting big and strong football players. The first 5 guys they got should all be able to go toe to toe with anyone they have to line up against. With their final three picks I liked it because I feel like they got some more high upside guys that need a bit of refinement but kind of flew under the radar last year due to their teams having pieces elsewhere or just not being that great. Payne Durham is going to be an interesting one to watch because I could see him really fitting in well if Mayfield ends up winning the job as most expect.
Tennessee Titans: DRAFT GRADE - A
Great draft by the Titans after an offseason that had a lot of turmoil and rumors. Peter Skoronski was the perfect pick for them early and the fact that they were still able to get Levis in the second round has to make them very very happy. It was an all offense draft which I did not expect from a Mike Vrabel led team and with a GM who just came over from the Niners but it appears they know what they are doing. It will be fun to watch how far Levis moves up that depth chart this offseason since he is starting out as QB3.
Washington Commanders: DRAFT GRADE - B
I know the Commander pride themselves on having a good defense but I thought this might have been the year to go offensive line and tight end with your top 2-3 picks to support a young quarterback. They did end up getting a couple offensive lineman and got a sleeper in my mind in RB Chris Rodriguez. He can be a game changer and is going to be a great complement to Brian Robinson and Antonio Gibson.
Miscellaneous/Other NFL News:
Restaurant of the Week: (Cleveland - Danny's Deli and Restaurant)
Not going to lie this week was one that I had to think about because it had been a while since I had visited Cleveland. Was actually there a while back to watch Lebron play during his second stint with the Cavs. This Deli though is a must visit. They are known for their Corned Beef and have both breakfast and lunch options but close at 2pm so don’t expect to go there for dinner. Here it is best to go with the Hot Corned Beef and a side of fries. The nice thing too is that this is only about a mile away from the stadium so you will have easy access on game day.
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2023.04.26 19:58 RBnumberTwenty RB#20's 2023 NFL Mock Draft v2.0. (Final)

**1.01. CAR - Bryce Young, QB, Alabama.** I know that a lot of people have mentioned Josh McCown’s scouting work of C.J. Stroud and what not but keep in mind he also said that there’s no one in this draft class that can do what Bryce Young can do. When I look at the staff that has been assembled, the history of individuals that have played QB and have taught the position, the more it screams to me that this offense is going to be hand-crafted for Bryce Young more than anyone else. Bryce is the most accurate passer in this entire class in short and intermediate routes. This echoes the strength of WCO. They have a high pick in the 2nd Round to get him another target that he can develop a strong connection with, whether it be a WR or one of the many great TE prospects in this class, should they choose to go that route. Bryce is their guy.
**1.02. HOU - Will Anderson, Jr., EDGE, Alabama.** In v1.0, I had Houston drafting Bryce Young as I didn’t really want to predict any Chicago tradedown events as I knew it was inevitable and wanted to project who I thought Chicago would take if they kept the pick. What I said then, is that if Will Anderson and Bryce Young were both available, then it would be a real debate. BY is gone, it’s no longer a debate. I think passing on C.J. Stroud for Will Anderson is a legitimate conversation but I don’t think passing on either player for Tyree Wilson really makes much sense at all. The organizations that DeMeco Ryans has been a part of as a player and as a coach have the same recurring theme- build a culture, build up a team, find your QB. In that order. Houston has too many needs, about 30 players entering free agency next year, and no defined culture at this time. Anderson provides to Houston everything that it’s been missing since the departure of JJ Watt. If they aren’t sold on a QB at 2 overall, I don’t think they are going to force the issue. They’ll just sit tight and take the best player in the draft and rebuild the culture of the team.
**1.03. IND via ARI - C.J. Stroud, QB, OSU.** (IND Receives: 1.03; ARI Receives: 1.04, 3.79, 4.106.) The Colts overpay here to move up. Arizona could trade back with Detroit, Seattle, or the Raiders and the Colts can’t afford to risk that. Indy finally drafts a QB in the first to develop and at last has something secure there for the first time since Andrew Luck. CJ can run the offense just fine, has a veteran mentor in Minshew to show him the ropes and a genius coaching staff that can teach him to read NFL defenses.
**1.04. ARI via IND - Paris Johnson, Jr., OT, OSU.** After all the things that Kelvin Beachum said about Kyler Murray this off-season, I don’t really see him being much more than a depth piece. After the Cards move down, they secure one of the best OT talents in the draft and someone I see as having Trent Williams upside and could very well become the best overall player from his class. DJ Humphries is a good player, but I think PJJ would start at LT his first season and kick DJ to RT. Paris is capable of playing 4 OL spots though, so even if he steps into the RT role, he will just become one of the best RT’s in football anyway.
**1.05. SEA - Jalen Carter, DT, UGA.** BPA, blue chip talent, whatever you want to call it that’s what this pick is. Jalen falling out of the Top 10 is laughable. Between Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago and Philly, those are a lot of checkpoints to get through in order to land outside of the Top 10 even given the horrific draft process he’s had. If that happens then something **more** would have to be brought to light and if that’s the case then just remove him from your draft boards because no one is taking him. The reports that no one seems to be able to motivate Carter is rather funny as well and saying that Seattle “is out” on him is a very poor take. They have dealt with DL’s that were difficult to motivate previously, hell they have that player right now on their team in Jarran Reed and were able to get the best years out of him too. To make the argument for any player here is fine, but to eliminate Jalen Carter to Seattle for reasons other than football performance doesn’t make any sense to me.
**1.06. PHI via DET - Tyree Wilson, EDGE, Texas Tech.** (PHI Receives: 1.06, 2.48; DET Receives: 1.10, 1.30, 3.94.) When I look at some of the old scouting reports of Derek Barnett that are still floating around, some of the same things mentioned are what stick with Tyree Wilson but I would argue that Wilson is a more polished version of Derek Barnett and I loved Barnett as a prospect. Tons of power and the production to match, natural fit as a 4-3 DE or a 3-4 DE. I think that he would even see some snaps as a rushing OLB for the Eagles too.
**1.07. LV - Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois.** With free agency wrapped up, CB remains a future need for LV. They have a few that should be departing next season. I stick with CB, but I’ve moved Witherspoon up to this spot in place of Joey Porter. Witherspoon’s athletic profile seems to coincide with the CB’s on the roster already. One of the OT’s could also be in play, however, I will remain leaning towards more work on the defensive side.
**1.08. PIT via ATL - Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon.** (PIT Receives: 1.08; ATL Receives: 1.17, 2.49.) Gonzalez has received some of the rave reviews similar to Jaycee Horn and Patrick Surtain II in recent years so it won’t be a surprise to me if he’s the first CB off the board or even if he’s selected within the Top 5. Gonzo has length and is scheme friendly. Has everything that talent evaluators love at the next level. RAS is very similar to Jalen Ramsey. Pittsburgh makes the move up, surrendering one of their 2nd’s which more than likely would be used on CB anyway, to get one of the elite talents at the position which is a need for them.
**1.09. CHI - Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee.** Darnell Wright is a savage and it pains me to mock him to the Bears but with a gaping hole at RT, him being the best RT prospect in the draft, it just makes sense. Wright will uplift the ground game, and will also provide Justin Fields more time to get the ball downfield to his receivers. They would have probably loved PJJ here, but Wright is more than just a consolation prize. One of the elite OT’s in this class.
**1.10. DET via PHI - Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas.** Detroit is one of the teams heavily linked to Bijan Robinson and of all the teams that are, I think they make the most sense along with Philly. Bijan can seriously take the load off of Jared Goff with the 6 games that Jameson Williams is going to miss but also, I don’t foresee DeAndre Swift returning next season. Detroit’s mantra is acquiring blue chip talent in Round 1 and Bijan fits that perfectly. If they remain at 6 I would have them selecting Christian Gonzalez, which would remain the same as my first mock.
**1.11. TEN - Peter Skoronski, OT, Northwestern.** No more Triple Trade Down Event. :( Tennessee stays put and secures possibly the best overall OL in the draft. Skoronski would step in at LG for the Titans and could very well be an All Pro in his first season for them. Completes the overhaul of their offensive line.
**1.12. MIN via HOU - Will Levis, QB, Kentucky.** (MIN Receives: 1.12; HOU Receives: 1.23, 3.87, 2024 1st Round Selection.) I didn’t have the Texans passing up QB at 2 overall just to mock them taking Will Levis at 12. If they weren’t sold on him then, and I don’t have them projected to move back into the Top 10 for him, then I don’t think they are going to want him here. Now armed with 3 first round picks next year, they are in better position to find their signal caller in the 2024 draft, although, Will Levis can run their offense as it will be virtually identical to the one Kentucky ran in 2021. Minnesota has Kirk Cousins for essentially only this season. I don’t think he will be back and Minnesota still has enough talent on the roster to compete this year and next year. Will Levis can redshirt this season and replace Cousins while the team tries to allocate resources to re-sign TJ Hockenson and acquire talent in the 2024 off-season to build around Levis.
**1.13. GB - Myles Murphy, EDGE, Clemson.** Myles is one of the best athletes in this class. We hear about how he needs some time to cook, but it’s important to remember how disturbing this guy’s first step is- it’s elite. The explosiveness, length, and ability to fit any scheme trump any of his flaws. Athletic profile is a match for Gute.
**1.14. DET via NE - Brian Branch, S/CB, Alabama.** (DET Receives: 1.14; NE Receives: 1.18, 5.152, 2024 3rd Round Selection.) New England will charge future compensation for moving out of this one, which works well for Detroit, as they have 2 3rd Round picks next year. New England also has tons of draft capital already. Brian Branch is someone the Lions have shown a ton of interest in. He’s a younger CJGJ, a player that most likely will only be on a one-year rental but has history with Aaron Glenn. Having the two in the same backfield together is going to create a lot of versatility and will allow him to uplift the defense tremendously.
**1.15. NYJ - Cody Mauch, OT, NDSU.** As I had the Packers and Jets swapping picks in my first mock, there really isn’t much for me to think about here. No changes from v1.0, Cody is a 1st Round Talent, and should be drafted higher than people are projecting. Only now, I project him to play OT for the Jets whether it be LT or RT.
**1.16. NYG via WAS - Joey Porter, Jr., CB, PSU. (NYG Receives: 1.16; WAS Receives: 1.25, 3.89, 6.209.) Joey Porter is a value here, has the length and athleticism to play as a boundary CB. The Giants move up for him, they have some players hitting FA next season and he fits the profile of what I think they may want on the outside. They have done a lot of homework on him and brought him in for a late Top 30 visit, which typically translates to this player being pretty high at the top of a team’s list of players to draft early.
**1.17. ATL via PIT - Nolan Smith, EDGE, UGA.** Atlanta has quietly had one of the best off-seasons and is poised to make a big turn-around this season. They have addressed all of their immediate needs and now can look to make upgrades to areas where their game has leaks and address future needs. With the approach to free agency and how they have brought in more veteran leadership on the DL, it would seem that they are already prepared to do more work on that side of the ball and look for impact players while having capable starters on the roster. Nolan Smith is a good fit for them, can rush the passer from multiple positions and doesn’t need to be an immediate starter in his first year which should be better for him. Atlanta is going to be a team that I expect not only to compete for the playoffs this season, but for the division as well, and that is if Desmond Ridder is ready to have a breakout sophomore season.
**1.18. NE via DET - Keion White, EDGE, Georgia Tech.** Tremendous Senior Bowl, was consistent and carried himself well. Keion White also has the capabilities to rush inside, and can thrive in a Multiple Defensive Front. Leadership, character, production, versatility, fits the Patriots identity.
**1.19. CIN via TB - Michael Mayer, TE, Notre Dame.** (CIN Receives: 1.19, 6.196; TB Receives: OT Jonah Williams, 1.28, 5.163.) No changes from v1.0, just a different way of how they acquire the most complete TE in the draft. I don’t think Jonah Williams would be opposed to playing RT elsewhere, it just seems he was blindsided by Cincy’s decision to bring in Orlando Brown. I think, however, he would play LT in Tampa and Tristan Wirfs would remain as one of the top RT’s in the league. Refer to the write-up in v1.0 regarding Cincy and Mayer.
**1.20. NO via SEA - Lukas Van Ness, EDGE, Iowa.** (NO Receives: 1.20; SEA Receives: 1.29, 4.115, 2024 4th Round Selection.) The Saints trade-up to draft an EDGE that has everything they look for in the position. Seattle moves down for a 4th Round pick this year and a 4th next year, Day 3 has been kind to Seattle over the years. The upside that LVN has, the athleticism and traits should translate to early success. Both Cameron Jordan and Carl Granderson are free agents next season so there is a future need to address as Payton Turner hasn’t panned out as anticipated.
**1.21. LAC - Zay Flowers, WR, Boston College.** I think this pick has all but been announced as being used for offense. When I look at the remaining players available, Tom Telesco has been trying to land a speedy receiver to uplift the Chargers Offense for years now, only the value has not matched with the draft position. As it happens now, the value matches the draft position. I think the Bolts are going to want to run more 4 WR sets, and need someone to help take some pressure off of the other WR’s on the roster while also being able to unleash Justin Herbert’s arm to its max potential. Flowers accomplishes all of the above.
**1.22. ARI via BAL - Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR, OSU.** (ARI Receives: 1.22; BAL Receives: WR DeAndre Hopkins, 3.66.) JSN is my WR1 and that has not changed at all during this time. He gets open and extends drives. I think he proved that he was healthy, ran even better than was expected and I don’t think he’s someone to be pigeonholed as just a Slot. He can do it all, inside out, outside in, is a hell of a run-blocker. Baltimore gets Deandre and OBJ, which makes Lamar happy, and Kyler gets another weapon on offense which makes him happy. Win-win for both teams.
**1.23. HOU via MIN - Steve Avila, G/C, TCU.** Steve Avila is a Day 1 starter and has strong production after allowing no sacks in over 500 snaps. Probably haven’t seen him in the first round of many mock drafts, but elite production, a decent RAS, flexibility to play Guard or Center and a strong draft process could have him hearing his name called early. I would expect him to slide into Center for Houston and upgrade the position significantly. A team leader during his time with the Frogs.
**1.24. JAC - Deonte Banks, CB, Maryland.** Much like Darnell Wright keeping Will Anderson in check and O’Cyrus Torrence keeping Jalen Carter in check, being able to keep Marvin Harrison, Jr. in check should get you a trip to the 1st round. Banks is physical but needs to clean up some of the penalties when he gets to the NFL. Can be sloppy at times, but the traits, upside and production are there. I had this pick for the Jags pretty much between RT and CB, but Darnell Wright would only seem possible via a trade-up now. Banks is a player I had linked to the Jags in much of my offline work, had them taking him briefly in the 2nd but he’s just not going to be there. Good fit and athletic traits are highly important to this staff.
**1.25. WAS via NYG - DJ Turner II, CB, Michigan.** The Commanders have to somehow re-sign a large number of their defensive talent that is bound to hit free agency within the next two off-seasons and yet they have no cap space. They may need to make some cuts after the draft and Kendall Fuller may be a likely candidate as it would generate a net cap savings of $8.5MM. Turner is a fast and smooth CB, capable of being a starter right away and worthy of a first round selection. Can play inside or outside, or possibly move to Safety should the Commanders elect not to re-sign Kam Curl. This is also a selection I could see them comfortably making at 1.16.
**1.26. DET via DAL - Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida.** (DET Receives: 1.26, 4.129; DAL Receives: RB DeAndre Swift, 1.30.) I didn’t have Anthony Richardson in v1.0 of my first mock, I had him in Round 2 selected by the Raiders in my offline work for a long time. Richardson is a player I have on par with Jordan Love as a prospect but my comp for Richardson would be Ryan Tannehill raised to the extreme with a much better arm. He’s going to need some time to develop, perhaps 2 years or more, but having the highest RAS in NFL History at the QB position should see his stock rise slightly. I don’t think he’s elevated to Top 5 levels but the tailend of the 1st Round seems reasonable. Jared Goff is the commanding leader of the team, and while he had a Top 10 season for a QB, I don’t think they will re-sign him long-term and he provides great value for a team via trade or free agency at some point over the next 2 seasons or so. The Lions researched Richardson more than any other QB since Brad Holmes has been the Lions GM and the team is not afraid to redshirt a first round pick as evidenced with Jameson Williams this past season.
**1.27. HOU via BUF - Jalin Hyatt, WR, Tennessee.** (HOU Receives: 1.27, 4.130; BUF Receives: 2.33, 4.104, 6.203.) Houston still trades up for Jalin in this mock, only at a MUCH better value and range. Houston needs to build up their offense a bit, the WR room leaves much to be desired.
**1.28. TB via CIN - O’Cyrus Torrence, G, Florida.** There were rumors of O’Cyrus Torrence’s weight and work ethic being the subject of conversation until he shut that talk down with an amazing performance in Mobile. Not only did he dominate, he has cemented his status as being able to play either Guard spot in the NFL– at an elite level in both spots. This is someone who dominated at every phase of his career and has yet to give up a QB Sack. Ever. In 3,065 snaps! We all know that he held his own with Jalen Carter as well. It’s an easy piece of scouting material to watch and outlines how while Carter got some nice pressures, he truly didn’t start blowing things up until they moved Carter away from Torrence to attack the left side of the OL. Torrence is an absolute beast and lets not forget that he only transferred to Florida so that he could challenge himself against better competition. I have him sliding a bit in this mock, through no fault of his own, just that free agency provided a lot of clarity to teams needs. Immediate starter at RG, the Bucs complete the process of their OL revamp. LG would be an open competition between Luke Geodeke and Nick Leverett.
**1.29. SEA via NO - Byron Young, EDGE, Tennessee.** Every year there is a “WTF?!” draft pick, someone who you would expect to be available in the 3rd Round, being drafted in the 1st. My candidate this year would be Byron Young out of Tennessee. Can play as a 3-4 OLB, with weight can offer some value as a 4-3 DE. His upside and athletic profile is about as high as any though and I think given the track record of Seattle at the end of the first round, this seems like this would make sense. I had to realllllyyy dig deep on this one to see what the best match would be for the Hawks as it relates to available EDGE talent that they could choose from. I think Young checks all the boxes for them even though he’s not my highest rated available to choose from. I don’t think he will survive the next few picks, though I could be wrong, I just don’t think his athleticism can be ignored. His testing is just… off the walls. Check them out while you have a chance across all positions. You’ll find that he grades out as one of the most athletic **Cornerbacks** in this draft too LOL. Crazy stuff.
**1.30. DAL via DET via PHI - Darnell Washington, TE, UGA.** Dallas has been including Dak in a lot of their work on the offensive weapons in this class, which should translate to them fixing things early. Darnell Washington’s upside should see him going within this range. 6th OL, but a reliable pass-catcher, I think Georgia just didn’t use him to the best of his ability.
**1.31. KC - Broderick Jones, OT, UGA.** I realize Broderick is being mocked a bit higher than this but I think it’s a case of the media valuing him more than the NFL might. He’s a bit rawer than the other OT’s that went before him, but his athletic profile should match what Andy Reid is looking for at LT and if anyone can iron out the kinks and get the most out of him it would be the Chiefs coaching staff.
**2.32. PIT - Jordan Addison, WR, USC.** Kenny Pickett gets his guy and one of his go-to targets in college. Addy projects as a Slot, but that’s fine since he would be the best to start there for the Steelers. They don’t have anything concrete at that position and this may also allow them to run more 4 and 5 WR sets especially if Calvin Austin comes back strong and healthy.
**2.33. BUF via HOU - Derrick Hall, EDGE, Auburn.** Some Bills fans probably won’t like seeing an EDGE mocked here but I really don’t care. With Sean McD taking over the defensive play-calling, I see the draft relying on that side of the ball and getting back to what made his defenses great in Carolina- strong passrush and a lot of depth in the front 4.
**2.34. ARI - Will McDonald IV, EDGE, Iowa State.** Arizona passes on defense twice in the 1st round, in large part due to the exceptional depth of talent at EDGE on Day 2. Will McDonald is a player they have shown high interest in and fits their passrushing attack. I like the value better for them here than Tyree Wilson in the Top 5.
**2.35. IND - Quentin Johnston, WR, TCU.** Quentin Johnston at one point was being mocked in the Top 4 and here he is sliding into the 2nd. He is someone who fell down to earth fast. People were expecting Julio Jones and instead they got Alshon Jeffery. He still makes a decent WR2 option with WR1 upside, especially if Indy moves on from Michael Pittman next year and C.J. Stroud is going to need more weapons on offense around him regardless.
**2.36. LAR - Kelee Ringo, CB, UGA.** The Rams have a ton of needs so really this pick could go anywhere but CB is one of the deepest needs on the team. I’ve gone back and forth with where to place Kelee, had him towards the end of the 2nd, he slipped into the first as well briefly, his upside is rather high. His length and production would suggest that this is a Top 5 draft pick in almost any given year, but his inconsistency and at times lack of effort that shows up sees him fall.
**2.37. SEA - John Michael Schmitz, C, Minnesota.** Seattle lands arguably the best IOL prospect on Day 2. A stalwart at Center but can play either Guard spot if things don’t pan out plus Evan Brown is reliable at the position too. It’s a good problem to have a lot of depth at the interior of the OL.
**2.38. LV - Luke Musgrave, TE, Oregon State.** OJ Howard and the other guy they signed aren’t really going to stop the Raiders from upgrading at TE. Musgrave would be a first round talent if not for some of the injury concerns. Still, his value is too good to be ignored here. A weapon for Jimmy G that can do it all.
**2.39. CAR - Jack Campbell, LB, Iowa.** It’s not too often that I don’t match a QB taken 1 overall with offensive talent on Day 2 but Jack Campbell’s value is too good to pass up on. Certainly, a Top 40 selection, arguably the most complete traditional LB prospect in this class. Campbell could easily slip into Round 1 as well.
**2.40. NO - Drew Sanders, LB/EDGE, Arkansas.** Drew Sanders can do a lot of what Kaden Ellis did for them, only with a much higher ceiling. I think Kaden is a really good player too so this speaks volumes to where I have Sanders as a prospect. Can play in any LB situation and offers EDGE value.
**2.41. TEN - Jahmyr Gibbs, RB, Alabama.** Gibbs is an electric playmaker, every bit the elusive and shifty back that Shady McCoy was back in the day. This offers a succession plan and compliment to Derrick Henry. Tennessee is going to want to continue to thrive on the ground and this fits their off-season approach and identity.
**2.42. GB - Mazi Smith, DT, Michigan.** Mazi Smith is undervalued and inaccurately scouted. He is not just a Nose. He can play from 0-5. He does his most damage in passrushing situations between the 3-5 while being able to stop the run from virtually anywhere. He’s a game-wrecker. He’s every bit of an athletic freak as Jordan Davis and his strength is surprisingly close to that of Aaron Donald. The Packers are rather thin on the DL and Mazi would resolve that.
**2.43. SEA via NYJ - Tyler Scott, WR, Cincinnati.** (SEA Receives: 2.43; NYJ Receives: 2.52, 3.83, 5.154.) These two teams just love trading, don’t they? Tyler Scott is being slept on, but his skill set typically translates to an early round pick, not Day 3. He’s a YAC Merchant, can excel as a Returner and has great top-end speed. A bit of an upgraded Kadarius Toney. I should say quite a bit as he is already ahead of where Toney was at seeing as his hands are much better and he seems to have the game down better as a Junior than Toney did as a Senior. Had the Chargers trading up for him in v1.0 but now he finds himself being Geno Smith’s weapon in the Slot on Day 2.
**2.44. ATL - Tank Dell, WR, Houston.** Let’s talk about why Tank Dell goes here. Elite Slot WR presence, great route runner, speed and acceleration. Reliable on third down, reliable on converting third downs to first downs. Reliable target in general. Can give you some reps outside as he’s shifty enough to create some issues for Boundary CB’s. One of the few times where you don’t need to be concerned with the size because he takes care of his body. Arguably the best Returner in this class that translates to the NFL. A steady weapon for Desmond Ridder, a do-it-all football player that addresses some future needs too.
**2.45. CHI via GB - Dalton Kincaid, TE, Utah.** (CHI Receives: 2.45; GB Receives: 2.53, 3.64.) Chicago has a good TE group, but none of those guys are really long-term answers and the contracts of both Cole Kmet and Robert Tonyan expire next year. Kincaid provides a much-needed long-term answer for them. Another weapon for Justin Fields.
**2.46. NE - Noah Sewell, LB, Oregon.** So… this is quite a bit of a reach and while I wouldn’t normally have someone like Noah Sewell going this high, I understand that he has everything that Bill Belichick looks for in an LB prospect. It’s a system fit, that’s pretty much all there is to say. I wouldn’t have Noah mocked to any other team in the 2nd Round but them.
**2.47. WAS - Josh Downs, WR, UNC.** The Commanders can pretty much go anywhere with this pick, but I have them addressing offense. Again, they must generate some cap space and by trading or cutting Curtis Samuel post June 1 they will generate over $10MM in cap space while also having his replacement ready to go in the Slot.
**2.48. PHI via DET - Anthony Johnson, Jr., S, Iowa State.** Anthony Johnson is one of the better Safety prospects and as it happens, many have him among the best if not the best in class. Can replace what the Eagles lost in CJGJ.
**2.49. ATL via PIT - Nick Saldivieri, OL, Old Dominion.** Nick Saldivieri can play just about every position and fits every scheme. Whether at LG or C for the Falcons, I would project him to be an immediate starter. High football IQ, versatility and production.
**2.50. TB - Cedric Tillman, WR, Tennessee.** We may witness the final season of Mike Evans as a Buc. Tillman can be a compliment as a boundary WR for them and offer them a succession plan should they not bring back Evans next season.
**2.51. MIA - Israel Abanikanda, RB, Pittsburgh.** Low usage, solid production, amazing RAS. Izzy possesses the traits to be an everydown back in the NFL. Miami has a huge committee, but Izzy is better than arguably all of the backs on the roster. Grades very similarly to Breece Hall from an athletic standpoint.
**2.52. NYJ via SEA - Calijah Kancey, DT, Pittsburgh.** I had Kancey to the Jets in the 3rd Round in my offline work after this very same trade back until today. DT is a quiet need for them, he projects to play inside, and outside which is kind of what they currently have in Solomon Thomas, so I decided to elevate him to Round 2 via a trade back even though I think this is slightly high for him.
**2.53. GB via CHI - Jonathan Mingo, WR, Ole Miss.** Can play in the slot, can play as a Z, Mingo is explosive, has an elite athletic profile and is similar to other WR’s that GB has drafted. I think Mingo is more of what people think Quinten Johnston is than what Quinten Johnston actually is so needless to say this is an exceptional value pick.
**2.54. LAC - Antonio Johnson, S, Texas A&M.** Antonio Johnson + Derwin James doesn’t really seem fair. Johnson is someone most thought could be a 1st Round pick. Solid Safety prospect that also has some value to play the role of a Big Nickel if needed.
**2.55. DET - Tuli Tuipulotu, EDGE, USC.** Tuli is someone that could be the Lions pick at 1.18, if they were to keep it. Offers a ton of flexibility as he can play inside or outside in any defensive front. Has power for days which is something Detroit could use upfront. He coincides with the youth movement in Detroit as he’s only 20 years old so there’s plenty of room for growth there. I like him as a 3T, as a Weakside DE, as a 4i or a 5, just can do whatever is needed for Detroit and has an endless motor.
**2.56. JAC - B.J. Ojulari, EDGE, UGA.** The Jags are rebuilding the Georgia defense. Josh Allen may not be in the long-term plans of Jacksonville and they could opt to find his successor in the draft as this is a very deep class. BJ is very good in run-defense and also a deadly pass-rusher. Similar to Nik Bonitto last year but offers more against the run so he’s not just relegated to just a pure DPR.
**2.57. NYG - Olu Oluwatimi, C, Michigan.** The Giants currently don’t have a capable starting Center on their roster, Olu fixes that. Should be a Day 1 Starter, good production, good teammate, high character. One of the potential under-the-radar Round 2 prospects.
**2.58. DAL - Felix Anudike-Uzomah, EDGE, KSU.** FAU is probably not someone that I would have sliding this far in reality, as I think that the Cowboys will probably look to trade-up for Derick Hall but having a hard time figuring out a trade partner and of the two, I think FAU would go after Hall. Needless to say, this is a great value/BPA pick for them.
**2.59. DEN via BUF - Jason Brownlee, WR, Southern Miss.** (DEN Receives: 2.59; BUF Receives: 3.67, 5.139.) This surprisingly works out exactly even in value on the Rich Hill Chart which I was not at all intending, but I’m going to leave it here. It works out for Denver since they are likely to trade away Courtland Sutton at some point. Brownlee has NFL size and can play outside and offers value on Special Teams.
**2.60. CIN - Zach Charbonnet, RB, UCLA.** ZC is a toned-down version of Kenneth Walker from last year’s draft. He has consistent, high production and can take on a high-volume workload if the Bengals trade Joe Mixon, which I think they will.
**2.61. CHI - Jalen Redmond, DT, Oklahoma.** Jalen is a true 4-3 DT, can play in any interior assignment needed, gets push and is a very strong run-defender as well given his size. Possibly an immediate starter for Chicago.
**2.62. SF via PHI - Cam Smith, CB, South Carolina.** (SF Receives: 2.62; PHI Receives: 3.99, 3.101, 5.155.) Cam is a feisty CB capable of playing inside or outside, perhaps even at Safety, which seems to be the case with many of the Corners in this class which is a good thing as the NFL is moving towards this type of versatile DB. I can’t think of 11 Needs on the 49ers so I don’t think they would keep 11 picks, but the Eagles may want to accumulate more as the value at the end of the 3rd may appeal to them much more than the value at the end of the 2nd. Having that added pick on Day 3 won’t hurt either.
**2.63. KC - Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson.** KC would probably like to replace the passrushing ability that was lost when they released Frank Clark, who, mind you, could return to the team after the draft but that shouldn’t influence this pick either way as the Chiefs defense can just keep rotating a steady attack. I have them resolving that in a different way, as Bryan Bresee is still available. It seems a bit split right now with how Bresee should be utilized. Could form a strong partnership with Chris Jones.
**3.64. GB via CHI - Gervarrius Owens, S, Houston.**
**3.65. HOU - Hendon Hooker, QB, Tennessee.**
**3.66. BAL via ARI - Julius Brents, CB, KSU.**
**3.67. BUF via DEN - Marvin Mims, Jr., WR, Oklahoma.**
**3.68. DEN - Sydney Brown, S, Illinois.**
**3.69. LAR - Ji’Ayir Brown, S, PSU.**
**3.70. LV - Anton Harrison, OT, Oklahoma.**
**3.71. NO - Jalen Moreno-Cropper, WR, Fresno State.**
**3.72. TEN - Isaiah Foskey, EDGE, Notre Dame.**
**3.73. HOU - Jay Ward, CB, LSU.**
**3.74. CLE - Ricky Stromberg, C, Arkansas.**
**3.75. ATL - Jammie Robinson, S, FSU.**
**3.76. NE - A.T. Perry, WR, Wake Forest.**
**3.77. LAR - Keeanu Benton, DT, Wisconsin.**
**3.78. GB - Tucker Kraft, TE, SDSU.**
**3.79. ARI via IND - Emmanuel Forbes, CB, Miss. State.**
**3.80. PIT - Tavius Robinson, EDGE, Ole Miss.**
**3.81. DET - Terrell Smith, CB, Minnesota.**
**3.82. TB - Tyrique Stevenson, CB, Miami.**
**3.83. NYJ via SEA - Joe Tippmann, C, Wisconsin.**
**3.84. MIA - Asim Richards, T/G, UNC.**
**3.85. LAC - Yasir Abdullah, LB/DPR, Louisville.**
**3.86. BAL - Anthony Bradford, G, LSU.**
**3.87. HOU via MIN - Gervon Dexter, DT, Florida.**
**3.88. JAC - Matthew Bergeron, RT, Syracuse.**
**3.89. WAS via NYG - Dorian Williams, LB, Tulane.**
**3.90. DAL - Darius Rush, CB, South Carolina.**
**3.91. BUF - Trenton Simpson, LB, Clemson.**
**3.92. CIN - Kyu Blu Kelly, CB, Stanford.**
**3.93. CAR - Rashee Rice, WR, SMU.**
**3.94. DET via PHI - Sam LaPorta, TE, Iowa.**
**3.95. KC - Michael Wilson, WR, Stanford.**
**3.96. ARI - Luke Wypler, C, OSU.**
**3.97. WAS - Clark Phillips III, CB, Utah.**
**3.98. CLE - Tank Bigsby, RB, Auburn.**
**3.99. PHI via SF - Rochon Johnson, RB, Texas.**
**3.100. LV - Dylan Horton, EDGE, TCU.**
**3.101. PHI via SF - Ivan Pace, Jr., LB/DPR, Cincinnati.**
**3.102. SF - Connor Galvin, OT, Baylor.**
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2023.04.26 00:11 doctaliz First time making socks! My son calls them Oklahoma socks because they look like a weather radar map😸

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2023.04.22 23:50 Redbull89123 Radar approves of his La-Z-Boy. Down to $99.99 at our Costco (Oklahoma City, OK)

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2023.04.22 06:16 Ann_Wolf I don't have much to post for the rule, here is a radar frame of an EF2 tornado near Etowah, Oklahoma on April 19, 2023.

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2023.04.22 02:32 ID10-T Fa through M Test

Getting Rid of Most of My Flavors, Part 43
PREVIOUS > Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22 - Part 23 - Part 24 - Part 25 - Part 26 - Part 27 - Part 28 - Part 29 - Part 30 - Part 31 - Part 32 - Part 33 - Part 34 - Part 35 - Part 36 - Part 37 - Part 38 - Part 39 - Part 40 - Part 41 - Part 42
Starting flavor count: 2,461 (down from 2,972)
TASK OR TRASH - Each flavor gets assigned at least one task or it goes in the trash.


Update. My main reasons for keeping CAP Gingerbread are Mjuk Pepparakaka and Titanic. Although I must admit, when I mixed Titanic again recently, I wasn’t as impressed with my creation as I was the last time I had some. Anyway, went looking for another use for CAP Gingerbread. I started with Pumpkin Cookies by Developed. It’s a very tasty recipe, but not one I feel I need to make again, or at least, not as written. I really didn't expect HS Pumpkin Pie to bring much to the table at 2% other than perhaps some silky volume, but it does somehow kinda taste like a cream cheese-frosted cookie with pumpkin in the dough, which is something I'm familiar with because I make pumpkin snickerdoodles every fall. Seems an essential aspect of pumpkin cookie-ness is missing though, what this could really use is a bit of FLV Pumpkin Spice instead of relying just on CAP Gingerbread for only a hint of spice.. I might mix it again with 0.7% FLV Pumpkin Spice and 0.2% FLV Rich Cinnamon added to see if I can get close to those pumpkin doodle cookies, but the cookie is fairly soft and I’m afraid it’ll get just buried in spice, probably better to attack that project from the ground up, though I definitely learned from this mix to keep HS Pumpkin Pie on my radar for that.
In the meantime, a couple more recipes that might turn out to be additional reasons for keeping CAP Gingerbread.
Kitty Claws. I don’t know that FLV Caramel 0.5% is going to be sufficient darkening for CAP Gingerbread to really be a gingerbread cookie, but I still think all these ingredients look delicious together. TASK 1
Winter Warmth, just four ingredients - CAP Gingerbread, INW Custard, TFA Kentucky Bourbon, TFA Toasted Marshmallow but looks like it probably lives up to its name. That Kentucky Bourbon + Toasted Marshmallow combo is old but still sexy, just like me. TASK 2
Golden Pineapple
Update. I said I couldn’t get rid of Golden Pineapple until I knew for sure I could make a great Mango Colada without it. So I mixed this:
New Mango Colada V1
Co. Flavor %
CAP Fresh Pineapple 2
FA Coconut 1
WF Coconut Custard 1.25
FA Jamaican Rum 1
FLV Mango 1.5
FLV Sweet Mango 1.5
The result is very tasty! But still not where I want it to be (if it was, I’d share the recipe on ATF and in the monthly recipe thread). FLV Mango and FLV Sweet Mango at 1.5% each is a delightful mango combo. The mango part is PERFECT. And I get pineapple, coconut, and a rum finish, without any off-notes. It’s as good as the original recipe, with two fewer ingredients thanks to CAP Fresh Pineapple not needing the help CAP Golden Pineapple and WF Coconut Custard eliminating the need for an added cream flavor. The only problem is balance. It’s very mango-centric, which is fine as far as being tasty, but leaves me wanting just a little more from all the other components. I would also like it to be sweeter, preferably without adding sweetener. I’m going to try again, changing just one ingredient in hope of a sweeter vape overall and a more satisfying coconut cream, and adjusting some concentrations for balance.
New Mango Colada V2 TASK 3
Co. Flavor %
CAP Fresh Pineapple 2.5
TFA Coconut Candy 1.0
WF Coconut Custard 1.75
FA Jamaican Rum 1.5
FLV Mango 1.5
FLV Sweet Mango 1.5
Even if that gets it done, I’ll want to do some additional tests adding WS-23 for a frozen drink and, separately, VT Light Rum for a boozier version, but this should be a big step in the right direction.


Ice Cream Italian Special
More like gelato than ice cream (no egg, less buttery fat), milky, with a darker vanilla. It’s not my preferred style of ice cream. I like em custardy, like Braum’s ice cream if you’re within a 300-mile radius of Tuttle, Oklahoma, but don’t tell anyone I said that or they’ll take off my Texas tattoo with a bench grinder for liking Braum’s more than Blue Bell. Still, FA’s Ice Cream is certainly not bad by any means. But do I really need another vanilla cream flavor? I’ve got DOZENS, still, even after getting rid of like 500 flavors. Well, that depends on the recipes. And since I already plan to mix Honey Butter Ice Cream. Looking to see if I could find anything else irresistible:
Pineapple Cream Soda Float. I love a good pineapple cream and that looks like it might be one. TASK 4
mlNikon’s Reeses Sundae. WF Chocolate Chunks might be a little dark for Reeses (unless we’re talking the dark chocolate Reeses cups) but VT Toffee Ice Cream might be doing some voodoo in there and regardless, it looks delicious. TASK 5
Indian Mango
Such a nice flavor that I immediately bought some more as soon as I tried it. It’s peel-free and has a very sweet, almost honeyed finish. Not juicy, but not terribly dry either. Nice slightly tart brighter dop note. Missing quite a bit of that funky tropical ripeness I’m looking for in a mango, but still tastes like mango. It lacks the complexity I’m looking for in both the high and low notes, which makes it taste a little more like a candy mango than a natural one, but that’s not a bad thing, mango-flavored candy is usually fuckin awesome, right? Because of the things it’s missing, I think it might be THE mango for people who think they don’t like mango. I think you could also add some other mango flavors to it and make it fill out the body of a more realistic mango and lend it that lovely finish very easily.
Of course I’m not throwing out FA Indian Mango. I need it for half a dozen recipes by others that I plan to mix, and another half-dozen ideas for recipes of my own. And here’s other half-dozen I’m happy to add:
Mango Marshmallow. It’s just two flavors, but what a great-looking two flavors to combine. TASK 6
Island Glow. Same two flavors, plus CAP Cantaloupe and a touch of TFA Coconut Candy. TASK 7
Peach Mango Gummy Candy. That’s my type. Or one of them, anyway. TASK 8
Pineapple Mango. Dude says the purpose of the recipe is to show how good FA Indian Mango is, and from the looks of it, I believe him. TASK 9
Pango Smoothie. Another pineapple-mango recipe, this one combines VT Shisha Mango and FA Indian Special and I’m really interested in finding out how those work together. TASK 10
Melon Mania III. Papaya, melons, and mango. Classic combo, fresh ingredients. TASK 11
Irish Cream
It’s got woody and boozy top notes on a soft, sweet, marshmallow-like cream base with slight vanilla and a touch of mocha coffee right in the middle. So they’ve put the Irish cream in the coffee for us for whatever reason, sort of, it’s only a little touch of mocha coffee and it might even be more accurate to just say it’s a slightly bitter dark chocolate note. The main difference between 1.5% and 3% is that the top notes at 3% are dry and harsh and more like smoked wood chips that had been soaked in whiskey rather than a light touch of booze, complete with splinters, and the mocha is chalky and a little skunky. It does not get creamer than 1.5%. I’ve enjoyed it in a few recipes before, but not enough to keep it to make them again, and I don’t see anything new I want to mix with it. TRASH 1
Jacote Plum
So you have to go into it knowing that Jacote plum doesn’t taste like a regular plum and isn’t supposed to. Apparently jacote plum or Spanish plum is a Central America/Costa Rica/Carribean fruit that has been described as tasting like a cross between a plum and a mango. This tastes like a cross between a plum and a mango. It’s very unique and a little hard to describe. FA Jacote Plum is very sweet throughout but doesn’t taste candied. At 1.5%-2% right up front it’s a little peachy, in the same way that a mango is peachy. It’s also quite a bit tart, like a plum or grape skin note that sticks out in the middle, and kind of citrusy. This all makes FA Jacote plum a really sweet and sour flavor. It tastes a lot like a mango, with just a little of that funky mango depth, but none of the pine-like flavor. Instead there’s this dark red fruit juicy sugary sweet depth to it underneath, like red plum wine, almost fermented. It’s weird enough that I can easily imagine some people hating, but I love it. I do get a tineey bit of thoat hit with it, but not enough to make me want to avoid it, just enough that it’s something you might want to be aware of. It’s like a typical peach flavor throat hit, on par with something like TFA Nectarine.
ATF currently has only one public recipe that uses it, Plum Vision, and while I’d prefer something tropical with it, I’ll try that. TASK 12
Maybe later there will be more recipes, or I’ll create my own.
Jamaican Rum
It tastes like dark but unspiced rum. It’s a solid flavor but has one major shortcoming - it’s not very boozy. Trying to turn up the percentage to get more booze doesn’t work because that very dark brown sugar molasses-type taste ramps up faster than the booze does. It’s also a little too sweet. It’s almost like dumping extra dark brown sugar into rum. Also worth noting that while alcohol flavors can get a little throaty, as they should if you’re going for realistic liquor, this one is buttery smooth to me. I love the way it finishes a recipe with rum taste.
Obviously not getting rid of this, I need it for my pina colada and mango colada vapes, and various other things I plan to try.
Also, Peanut Butter Rum Ballz looks simple with just four ingredients but probably tastes exquisite. I’m intrigued by the combination of peanut butter and rum. TASK 13
And Drunken Pudding Remix. There’s a ton of ingredients to dig out, and combining Rum and Bourbon in the same recipe seems like a bit of alcoholic overkill, but this has become a pretty popular recipe in a relatively short amount of time and I wanna see what all the fuss is about. TASK 14
100% tastes like jasmine, or before someone asks why I’m eating jasmine, tastes the way jasmine smells, but at a good useable concentration, like 1%, it’s a fairly subtle flavor. Unfortunately, trying to push it higher in concentration gets too grassy-tasting and too dry.
I need it to make Terrorhawk, where, contrary to what I just said, it does not come across as overtly grassy or make the recipe too dry. But it does pack some throat hit, so be aware of that.
Can’t wait to try Flogua, a recipe that combines FA Jasmine with CAP Sweet Guava, INW Dragonfruit, and INW Cactus. TASK 15
Kind of tastes like you spilled Coors light on the floor, waited until the next day, anointed the puddle with just a few drops of vegetable oil, gave it a gentle dusting of powdered sugar, and then tried to lick all of that up. Kind of yeasty, aggressively yeasty but more, more like a stale, cheap beer-ish yeastiness. Sweet, like something lightly covered in powdered sugar. A little oily, but not super forward with the oiliness. And not particularly joyous to vape. There was a time, back in the day, when there were things we just could not get closer to, profile-wise, without using FA Joy. We have better flavors for that now. TRASH 2
Juicy Strawberry
Not actually juicy. I would even call it a little dry. But it’s a well-rounded flavor with notes that imply both real and candy strawberry, with an earthy touch like a real strawberry, but very sweet and bright like over-saturated candy strawberry, with a strong candy-like tartness to it. It tastes a whole lot like the ancient combination of TFA Strawberry Ripe and CAP Sweet Strawberry, but it’s more than twice as potent as those two, and a little bolder than can be achieved without tasting off with those two. If I wanted something that tastes like TFA Strawberry Ripe and CAP Sweet Strawberry mixed together at like 8% Ripe and 4% CAP Sweet Strawberry, I’d use 3 or 4% Juicy Strawberry instead. Hopefully that would have fewer fading and muting issues as well? Tastes like it might.
Already planning to use it to mix a few people’s recipes. Looking for more, I couldn’t figure out from looking at them which strawberry cheesecake recipe that uses it would be the best, so I’ll try the ones that appear to me to be the top two.
My Strawberry Cheesecake is Bomb V2 I’m a little worried that it will be over-flavored, but intrigued by the combination of strawberry flavors in it. TASK 16
The Best Strawberry Cheesecake Ever Til Now. Mostly for the OoO Strawberry Jam. TASK 17
Best all-around kiwi, I think. Not perfect. Leans natural but tastes a little oversimplified, like candy. It’s got a nice little tartness upfront with just a little bit of a rindy note, like a kiwi that wasn’t fully peeled. Definitely missing some of the ripe melony depth like the center of the kiwi. Not to mention the absent juiciness. But nothing I would call an off note apart from that bit of rind, and it tastes very clearly like kiwi overall.
Of course I’m not getting rid of FA Kiwi, not while I need it to make Coop’s Kiwi Bourbon TASK 18 and Green Bastard. TASK 19
And the 8 or so recipes I plan to mix so far that use it. I’ll just add one more: Sunlit Wave. That looks like it tastes like a trip to the beach. TASK 20
A thick fluffy vanilla cake partially buried in syrupy sweetness and a strange, cooked berry-ish flavor that tastes a little like stewed prunes in a compote with apples and sometime of berry, not really clear what berry, as well as discernible notes of lemon and anise. Very busy with lots going on here. Not disgusting, but I don’t have a clue what to do with it or any desire to do anything with it. TRASH 3
Yep, that tastes like lavender. And that can be very pleasant. But you have to be very careful with the concentration, because just a little too much gets laundry soap very easily.
I need it to make Galadriel’s Light, fuckin love that stuff. And because I plan to try the original Jazz Hands before I run out of Holy Vanilla.
I’ll also take Peyote out for spin. TASK 21
Lemon Sicily
This stuff. I know it’s in like, 10,000 recipes, but I don’t even know why you’d ever use this where there are so many better lemons out there. It fades. It doesn’t mix well with bakeries and creams. It’s a little dry and a little harsh - too harsh to ever be the main ingredient in a recipe. But I get it, it does have a nice, mostly realistic slightly sweet lemon flavor that works very well to add some tartness to sweeter, less realistic lemons in all-fruit, short-steep recipes, and although so much of the lemon flavor itself fades over time that it’s silly.
I’m thinking about tossing it, but I already plan to mix Blog Day.
And if that one doesn’t give me a reason to keep it, one of these might:
Lemondowskii - it’s a vanilla & lemon custard and I’m really interested in how VT Sour Lemon and VT FIzzy Sherbet work in there . TASK 22
Lemon Meringue Pie - the best yet It’s the WF Flapper Pie + VT Lemon Meringue Tart + VT Pudding Base combo for me. I’ll sub JF Cookie for the FA Cookie. TASK 23
Another Lemon Pie uses both CAP Lemon Meringue Pie and VT Lemon Meringue Tart, along with FA Meringue, but I really want to see what’s up with that 0.5% FA Soho in there. TASK 24
Lime Tahity Cold Pressed
Unsweetened, straight up lime juice. I think it might actually be made out of lime juice, it’s even a little green-colored. Has a very nice, realistic depth but it is a bit harsh, quickly goes from overpowering to faded out badly. Also serves as a great reminder to shake your concentrates before using them. It visibly separates in the bottle and gets these little floaties in there.
For most things, I think there are better lime options now, but I need it for Zenitsu. And it’s in a few recipes that still look good enough that I’ve planned to try them, and now I’ve got a few more:
Stormy Seas: GingerRumPineLime. How do you not mix a rum drink by RumPirate? TASK 25
Merengado di Albiocca. Apricot-Lime.. Meringue? Ok, that looks too interesting to ignore. TASK 26
Jack My Papaya. Such an interesting combination, jackfruit, papaya, and lime with vanilla. TASK 27
Lime Tahity Distilled
Lime zest with a thin soda base. It’s sort of fizzy - doesn’t quite measure up to VT Fizzy Sherbet, has a similar though less pronounced effect. Little bit harsh, thin, and kind of metallic tasting, but I’ve had it work well in several things. Doesn’t fade.
Again, I think it was a good option in the past, but there are better lime flavors now. I made some recipes with it ages ago but those really need to be rebuilt entirely. I would like to try Xenomorph while I’ve still got FA Distilled, though. TASK 28
Liquid Amber
It tastes like what I imagine it would taste like if you mixed a triple shot of warm brandy with spoonful of sweet-and-sour sauce off the Chinese buffet. You know, the bright red stuff. Once a valuable tool for use in small amounts to make fruits taste cooked or slightly fermented (like turning an apple flavor into something more like apple pie filling or apple cider), this one is needed less now that there are more fruit flavors that already taste cooked.
I need it to mix Flawed Vacations in Spain, love that recipe. TASK 29
And I already plan to try this this very intriguing autumnal concoction, Sunrise Orchards. Looking for other reasons to keep it and looking ahead to fall, I’ll also try this Spiked Apple Bourbon 1-2-3 TASK 30
And I’m sure it will turn up in some other things I wind up wanting to mix, but that’ll do for now.
Longan Fresh
I’m not entirely sure what Longan is supposed to taste like, never tired one, but this is like a bad lychee flavor. Kinda peachy white grapey thing, moderately sweet but just covered with a rosy floral that’s very grandma’s perfume-tasting. TRASH 4
Apparently it’s some sort of South American fruit that’s popular in Columbia and looks like an orange. Anyway FA Lulo pretty much tastes like passionfruit to me. Very tart, fresh, juicy, citrusy, a little funky. It doesn’t taste exactly like passionfruit but I think if you put it in a mix and said it’s there for the passionfruit flavor it would work just fine. And it’s not throat razors like FA Passionfruit, it’s actually pretty smooth for something so acidic tasting.
IBIZA is already on the list.
Isla Bebida Tropical will get mixed, too. I’m fascinated by this combination of flavors. TASK 31
So will Frutas Tropicales. Same mixer. Guava, papaya, lulo, and bergamot. TASK 32
I’ve had a recipe where 0.25% of this reinforced another lychee and it was fine, but by itself at just slightly higher concentrations this is stupid floral, pushing up on dryer sheets. And also a bit thin and dry. It’s barely recognizable as a lychee in my experience, which admittedly is limited to canned lychee and lychee-flavored candy. Maybe this is what real fresh lychee tastes like? I hope not though. If you told me it was a rose flavor I might believe you. The floral is rough and the base note that should taste like white grapes with maybe hits of grapefruit and pear, tastes more like grape skins without the sweeter, more mellow, juicier body, and there’s a weird chemical off note here, and it’s a little harsh. I’m going to toss it. My lychee needs - yes, I have lychee needs - are better served by other lychee flavors that are tastier and easier to work with. TRASH 5
I've not done a great job of getting rid of flavors this week, but that's just how it goes sometimes.
New Flavor Count: 2,456
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2023.04.21 18:42 bostonglobe New England needs some rain and just might get some this weekend

By Dave Epstein
A weak weather system brought some clouds and even a few sprinkles to start the day but sunshine is is dominating now and will last the rest of the day.
Speaking of daylight, we are just under a month away from 8 p.m. sunsets, which will begin on May 17. These last throughout much of the summer.
You may have heard about deadly tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma yesterday and that weather system will impact New England over the weekend, although not with that level of severity.
A frontal system will continue to march east over the next 24 hours — you can see on the radar loop below a line of showers and embedded thunderstorms. As this pushes toward New England it will increase cloud cover and I expect showers to arrive Saturday evening.
For planning purposes it will be dry on Saturday but quite chilly, as temperatures struggle into the 50s and sit alongside cloud cover. Sunday is the most-impacted day with numerous showers as well as cool temperatures.
Full forecast: https://www.bostonglobe.com/2023/04/21/metro/new-england-needs-some-rain-just-might-get-some-this-weekend/
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2023.04.20 22:09 inquisitor1965 I'm looking at you, Midwest...

I'm looking at you, Midwest... submitted by inquisitor1965 to dankmemes [link] [comments]

2023.04.20 18:42 AlabasterNutSack David Payne- Oklahoma Tornado Coverage.

With all the cute local news segments LWT captures, I’m surprised they haven’t picked up David Payne’s commentary.
Every time there is a substantial severe weather threat, the local news stations in Oklahoma City pre-empt programming to review the radar to spot tornado locations and direct field storm chasers. Live TV. Liver than regular live tv and a goofy goober of a super hero weather man.
Here is but a sample from last night.
Pointing to a beautiful mezzo-cyclone on screen: “Grandma is makin pancakes.”
As a very large tornado approaches Cole, OK. “If I’m in Cole, I’m in a hole!”
“I’d be down in my storm shelter, Jesus would have been down there 10 minutes ago!”
“Some of that debris could be silverware. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the wind, but I’m low on spoons, ya’ll.”
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2023.04.20 15:17 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Debt Roulette by Julia Claire & Crooked Media (04/19/23)

"President Biden and Senator Schumer have no right to play politics with the debt calling." - House Speaker Kevin McCarthy employing the very sophisticated rhetorical device of “I know you are, but what am I?”

De-Struction 2024

Ron DeSantis continues his reign of terror in Florida while also expanding the reach of his shadow presidential campaign.
So, how are DeSantis’s presidential prospects shaping up?
Republican supermajorities in the Florida legislature have allowed DeSantis to emerge as a kind of highly-successful, ultraconservative, shamelessly authoritarian governor that has been extinct in America for some time. His legislative victories have inspired copycats all over the country, and he’s made no secret that he wants to make over the United States in Florida’s image. Even if he flames out in this presidential election, as it seems he will, this isn’t Florida’s Ron DeSantis problem, it’s America’s.

Look No Further Than Crooked Media

If you haven’t already, pre-order your copy of Crooked Media Reads’ first book Mobility by Lydia Kiesling so you can be the first to read when it’s released on August 1!
Moving between Houston, Athens, and Baku, Mobility explores themes of class, power, politics, and desire through the life of one unforgettable character, Bunny Glenn. Both an entertaining coming-of-age story and an indictment of capitalism, Mobility uses fiction’s power to illuminate the way a life is shaped by its context.
Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks called it “a masterpiece of misdirection and a cautionary tale for our times,” and they don’t give you Pulitzer Prizes for having bad taste!
Pre Order Mobility Now!

Under The Radar

As we hurtle towards economic disaster because Congressional Republicans are too craven to lift the debt ceiling under a Democratic president, things are heating up between GOP leadership and the White House. Pencil-necked House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had failed to unify his caucus around a budget proposal, but has now unveiled a plan to lift the debt limit by $1.5 trillion only on the condition of major spending cuts. It’s not even clear if McCarthy has 218 Republican votes for this package, which has zero chance of passing the Senate. Another job well done, Kevin. His doomed plan suggests repealing parts of the Inflation Reduction Act related to green energy incentives, boosting domestic oil and gas production, and completely eliminating Biden’s student loan forgiveness initiative. It would also cancel the IRS’s recent budget increase, which allowed the agency to provide vital taxpayer support to millions more Americans than in previous years, and would give Congress even greater authority to block regulations made by the Biden administration as well. In short, it’s a lot of the same old GOP bullshit. Republicans have no problem running up the deficit through tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy, and they’re always happy to wave through debt ceiling increases when a Republican heads the Executive Branch, so their calls for “fiscal responsibility” are even more transparent than usual. As expected, President Biden rejected this plan and criticized Republican lawmakers for their “wacko” notions, so you know he’s mad.

What Else?

The Supreme Court extended its stay on two lower-court rulings banning abortifacient drug mifepristone until this Friday, April 21, making the drug accessible and legal for a few additional days until the final ruling is handed down.
In the third such incident to attract national attention this week, two teenage cheerleaders in Texas were shot after getting into the wrong car by mistake in a supermarket parking lot. Authorities arrested the man suspected of the shooting and took him into custody on Tuesday morning.
The United States announced it will be sending an additional $325 million in military aid to Ukraine, as the war-torn country continues its spring counteroffensive against the Russian invasion.
Fallout from the leaked Pentagon documents continues: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau privately told NATO officials that Canada will never meet the alliance’s defense spending target, according to documents from the leak.
The family of Tyre Nichols filed a lawsuit against the city of Memphis, its police department, the police chief, and five officers who brutally beat Nichols during a traffic stop in January. Nichols, 29, died from his injuries three days later.
Twitter quietly removed its policy against deadnaming and intentionally misgendering transgender people as the platform under CEO Elon Musk continues doubling down on allowing harassment of marginalized groups and individuals.
Twitter also permanently suspended reporter Dell Cameron from the site after Cameron published a story on Wednesday based on an interview with the hacker who took over far-right blogger Matt Walsh’s account on Tuesday evening. The company cited its policy prohibiting the spread of material obtained through hacking, also the justification for its suppression of the Hunter Biden story, which CEO Elon Musk characterized, in his goofy “Twitter Files” exposés fed to Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss, as a major breach of the principle of free speech.
McCurtain County, OK Commissioner Mark Jennings has resigned after an audio recording captured him talking about killing reporters and lynching Black people.

What In The World?

The United Kingdom currently finds itself as the only major, advanced economy to have double-digit inflation, according to new reports. Analysts say that Britain has suffered higher inflation for longer periods of time than nations of similar size due to its economic reliance on natural gas for heating and electricity and the structure of state subsidies. As a consequence of those factors, Britons have seen the highest increase in energy prices in Western Europe. The country’s continued cost-of-living crisis continues to be felt far and wide, as already-insufficient wages have led to major strikes across the country, including unions of teachers, rail workers, healthcare workers, and others. Trade and job market problems caused by Brexit combined with a reduction in the labor force from Covid (i.e. a lot of people died!) have proven devastating for the U.K. economy, to say nothing of the impact the war in Ukraine has had on energy prices. Last week, the International Monetary Fund forecasted an annual average inflation of 6.8 percent in 2023, which would be the highest rate of any of its European peers.

What A Sponsor

Today's newsletter is brought to you by CARIUMA.
Spring has officially sprung, and we're trading out the boots and cold weather kicks for something a little lighter and brighter. Crafted with organic cotton canvas and spring shades like rose, off white, and green, our best seller OCA Low is sure to become your staple shoe of the season, and lucky for you, they just cleared a 77k person waitlist. With 10+ colorways, bold prints, and collaborations with brands like Avatar, Pantone, and The Peanuts, there’s a pair for every personality.
Celebrate Earth Month in style this season with the IBI, one of the lowest carbon footprint sneakers ever made. This feather light design is made with a bamboo knit for ultimate comfort and fit so good, you’ll barely know they’re there. Made with all vegan and sustainably sourced materials, these sneakers come in a variety of shades sure to become your new staple shoe of the season.
CARIUMA is a B-Corp certified sustainable sneaker company. They are known for their reforestation efforts in the Brazilian Rainforest. Their co-founders, David and Fernando, both grew up in Brazil, so this project is especially close to home. For every pair of sneakers sold, CARIUMA plants two trees, and they’ve already planted over two million to date!
CARIUMA ships all their sneakers free & fast in the USA and offers worldwide shipping & 60 day FREE returns. They deliver right to your front door, using single-box, recycled packaging.
AND - for a limited time, WAD readers can get an exclusive 15% off your pair of Cariuma sneakers with code WAD.

Light At The End Of The Email

President Biden will host the “Tennessee Three” at the White House.
A toddler became one of the youngest-ever White House intruders after he squeezed through the metal fencing before being scooped up by the Secret Service.
A proposed change to Montana’s Senate primary that would have hurt Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) in his reelection bid is likely dead on arrival after a state legislative committee shelved it indefinitely on Wednesday.


pj on Twitter: "Venmo is my favorite social media site. I love to see my boy Derek charge his wife for martinis"
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2023.04.20 05:40 Breath_Background It's recycled... again. Tornado Warning including Prague OK until 11:30 PM CDT

It's recycled... again. Tornado Warning including Prague OK until 11:30 PM CDT submitted by Breath_Background to TornadoWX [link] [comments]