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2023.06.10 20:32 Haru_Shizuku Hotels with secure parking?

Hello Bay Area dwellers!
I am planning to visit SF with my wife for the first time. We are from LA and one of my biggest concerns is the smash and grab crime in the city. I drive a tesla so I'm assuming it will stand out as a target for thieves. I know to not keep valuables in cars but I also understand that thieves don't care and will still break your windows.
I want to know what hotels in the area have a secure parking lot or garage? Preferably close to city center as we want to do tourist stuff. We will be taking public transport while we are staying there to limit the risk of my car getting broken into. I want to be double sure that my car will come out of SF unscathed.
Please let me know! Thank you!
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2023.06.10 20:30 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (Here)

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2023.06.10 20:27 t1nyb4bym0us3 Going rates for cat / dog sitters?

Curious as to what others in the Bellevue/Kirkland area pay individuals to pet sit. Not necessarily official businesses but what you would give a college kid, neighbor, family friend etc.
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2023.06.10 20:27 ilikeassGD Advice for part-time work and moving to Switzerland

Hello all you gorgeous people! So basically, I've got a 12hwk job in a school that pays pretty well, but it's still only 12 hours a week - I'm thinking about taking on a second job, but I don't really know where to start... I'm irish, so english is my first language but I speak pretty solid German (B2/C1), I have a language & business degree, but my schedule at this new job would stop me from working during school hours. I'm not averse to taking a "low-level" job in a supermarket or bar or something like that, because I'm really trying hard to save at the minute and wages in Switzerland are much higher than at home, but obviously something that used my degree would presumably pay better (I think lol) - do you have any ideas where might be a good place to look for work? And maybe a rough salary expectation?
On an unrelated note, anything I should be aware of when looking for accomodation too? Or general tips on living in/moving to Switzerland on the cheap? I'm thinking of Basel because it's not far from my new job, but I'm open to other cities too!
Thank you my darlings - adore you all! Lots of love xoxo
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2023.06.10 20:25 girafficles Is there a Japanese toy shop?

I have found a couple Google listings for shops that are more geared toward art and books, but does anyone in the greater Metro area (incl Vancouver) sell modern Japanese toys? My son and I are looking for TT Beyblades (among other toys and merch) and are bored of browsing eBay. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 20:20 Grand-Earth2594 does google have artificial intelligence?

Introduction: Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic concept, but a reality that is slowly becoming part of our daily lives. With the rise of big data and machine learning, AI has found its way into various industries, including the tech industry. One of the companies that have embraced AI as part of its operations is Google. Google has long been associated with search engines, but how does it use AI to improve its services? In this article, we will explore whether Google has artificial intelligence.
Google's AI: Google has integrated AI into various aspects of its business model. One of the most noticeable applications of AI on Google is in its search engine algorithms. Google uses machine learning to improve the accuracy and relevance of its search results. Over the years, the search giant has used AI to analyze search queries and understand the intent behind them. With this understanding, Google can deliver results that are more relevant to the user's search terms. This has made Google the go-to search engine for millions of people worldwide.
Another area where Google uses AI is in its voice-controlled assistant, Google Assistant. Google Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant that uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand and respond to voice commands. Google Assistant can perform a variety of tasks, including setting alarms, sending messages, and even playing music. Google's AI-powered assistant is available on various devices, including smartphones, smart speakers, and smart displays. Google Assistant has made life easier for many people by giving them a hands-free way to interact with technology.
Google's AI Ethics: While AI has improved various aspects of our lives, there are concerns about its ethical implications. Google has been at the forefront of addressing these concerns. In 2018, Google created an ethical AI team to ensure that its use of AI conforms to ethical standards. The team is responsible for reviewing the company's AI applications to ensure that they are fair, transparent, and accountable. Google also released a set of AI principles that guide the use of AI in its operations. These principles are centered on three key areas: avoiding harm, being socially beneficial, and being accountable.
Conclusion: Google has embraced AI as a part of its business model, and it has done so in a way that prioritizes ethical behavior. From improving search results to creating a personal assistant, AI has become an integral part of Google's services. However, as AI continues to evolve, so will concerns about its ethical implications. Google's ethical AI team and principles are a positive step towards ensuring that AI is used responsibly and benefits society.
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2023.06.10 20:20 linypm 47 [M4F] #NY - Sapiosexual Seeking An Intelligent Business Woman Who Travels To NY For Work 🙋‍♂️

Hello. I'm seeking a fun intelligent business woman who travels to NYC/Long Island for work and desires a safe naughty escape while here on business.
Ideally, I am looking for a woman who travels to the NYC area frequently and stays in a hotel. A woman who is educated, sexy and respectful with the time and flexibility to meet and host. Let's be each other's reason to smile.
I'm a gentleman who very career oriented, successful, funny, creative and passionate. I am a hopeless romantic who is kind and compassionate. I enjoy cooking, traveling and listening to all types of music. Overall, I am a very good-hearted person with only the best intentions. I'm addictive and devilish with a great mind and an active imagination.
I desire a sexually open-minded woman to open our experiences together. Ideally, a real connection on many levels for something special where we can experiment safely. I desire a woman who has the same values as I have. I believe in quality over quantity!
So if you think we're compatible then message me. Please tell me all about yourself, your experience and send a picture if you feel comfortable. Hi is a nice start, but I really want to get to know you and what you are looking for.
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2023.06.10 20:18 zahranilink Poverty

One way to reduce #poverty is to increase access to #education. Education helps equip people with the skills they need to get better jobs and increase their earning potential. Governments can also provide targeted social assistance programs to help those in need. These programs can provide food, housing, healthcare, and other resources to those who are struggling. Additionally, governments can provide incentives for businesses to create more jobs in areas with high poverty levels. All of these measures can help reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for those affected.
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2023.06.10 20:18 mbathrowaway20232233 Profile Review: 3.8 GPA/750 GMAT, 28 White Male Engineer, Aspiring Manufacturing Industry CIO/CTO

5 years WE: 2 years software business analyst -> 2 years internal IT consultant -> 1 year project manager (2 at matriculation). All at the same F500 manufacturing firm.
Extra curriculars: Not a lot here tbh, I've done some volunteering work with a few local organizations (food bank, community garden, stuff like that), but it's pretty sporadic. I'm also involved in the leadership of my church and other religious related activities. That's about it really.
School: BS Engineering from a mediocre state school (non Vandy SEC :) )
Other education: CAPM certification (not enough PjM work experience for the PMP yet)
Demographic info: 28 Heteronormative Cisgender Male, first generation college graduate from a low income family in a rural area of the deep south
GPA: 3.8, GMAT: 750
Career Goals:
short term: Consulting with a focus on IT strategy
long term: F500 manufacturing CIO/CTO
I'm passionate about the manufacturing industry. Both of my parents were factory workers in a manufacturing facility in my hometown, and from an early age I saw how it acted as a linchpin employer for the town. I'm excited to be part of an industry capable of providing work opportunities for people in rural areas that are otherwise undeveloped, and I hope to be able to spend my career facilitating those types of opportunities.
I'm also passionate about technology. I was first inspired to study engineering when, while participating in a robotics program at my high school, I entered and won a local autonomous robotics programming competition. I hope to be able to combine these two passions by spending my career as a technical leader in the manufacturing industry.
To that end, I've spent my time since undergrad in technical roles at a F500 manufacturing firm. As my career has advanced to my current role as a project manager, I've found I also have a passion for leading others in this field. However, while I have the technical background necessary for my goals, I lack the general business background I will need to lean on as I grow as a leader. In addition, since I have only worked for one firm since college, I believe I also lack a broader understanding of the industry as a whole.
That's why I want an MBA. I believe it will give me the opportunity to fill the general business education gap I have in my background as well as the opportunity to transition to the consulting industry which will broaden my exposure to manufacturing industry as a whole.
Long term, I anticipate returning to the manufacturing industry in a leadership capacity.
Reach: Stanford, Harvard
Target: MIT, Yale
Safety: Duke, Cornell
Any other suggestions?
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2023.06.10 20:15 CowardVenus15 [FS][US-CA] Supermicro 2U Server, NavePoint Cabinet, 3TB WD Red Drives, RAM, CPU, PCIe Cards, Apple devices and other goodies. -- FREE SHIPPING!

Doing a bit of a lab cleanup.
I'm doing my best to keep prices under the lowest on eBay. Everything is Free Shipping.
Local area is Monterey, CA. Will discuss major discounts for local pickup.
For Sale:

Item Description Timestamp Price
Supermicro SuperServer 6028U-TR4T+ With Rails and mounting Hardware Dual Intel Xeon e5-2650v4 CPUs, 64GB DDR4 ECC RAM, Dual 1000W 80+ Platinum PSUs, 12 SAS / SATA Hot-Swap 3.5" bays, IPMI, X10DRU-i+ motherboard, Riser card includes a NIC with four 10G RJ45 connectors. $1200
Navepoint 15U Wall Mount Cabinet - Consumer Series New in box, Never Used $140
WD Red 3TB SATA NAS 3.5" HDD model wd30erfx No pending or relocated sectors $20 / ea. (10 available)
Mellanox ConnectX 40G QFSP+ Half-Height NIC Currently using one of there in my new sever. Great little card $24
Intel Xeon E5-2608Lv4 CPU LGA2011-3 1.7GHz. Sort of odd cpu. I am pretty sure I have the only submission to passmark on this chip. Lowest TDP for the socket (50w). Only one listing on eBay right now hard to know the worth $30
Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 PCIe 4x SAS 1.0 HBA half-height SAS Version 1.0 HBA Supports 8 SAS devices. $15
Supermicro AOC-SLG3-2M2 Dual NVMe PCIe x8 adapter. Comes with full-height and half-height bracket Great way to add NVMe to a server. I used this with the Supermicro Server to add an NVMe boot drive and a bit of flash storage. $30
32Gb (2x16G) DDR4 2666 ECC RAM Kingston KSM26ED8/16ME New on Amazon this retails for about $170 $50 / module, $100 total
Beaglebone Black SBCs for prototyping or Raspberry Pi replacement. $20 / ea. (2 available)
Apple Devices I used to refurbish iPhones and iPads and this is just leftovers from that. Some work perfectly fine some need repair feel free to message me for details. 1 5s, 2 6, 1 6 Plus, 3 6s, 3 X, iPad Air 2, iPad 4th gen, iPad 7th gen. I would like to sell this all together. Just kinda want it gone. $250 OBO
Notes about the Supermicro server:
One of the latches that holds down a pcie riser card is damaged as shown in the timestamp. It still works as intended however. I am including two sets of SAS cables to use with the backplane, One with SFF 8087 on the end and the other with SFF 8613. The motherboard has SFF 8087 connectors on it but I believe that they only support up to 8 devices. to use all 12 bays you will need a SAS HBA. Also included is a GPU power cable for if you want to use a GPU with this machine. I used it with a Quadro for some time. I al also including screws for the HDD caddies.
Freebies! Free with any other purchase:
SFF 8087 to 4x SATA breakout cable Free with other purchase
Raspberry Pi 4 Case from CanaKit. Comes with a fan Free with other purchase
Fiber LC Keystone Free with other purchase
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2023.06.10 20:15 tumulte Should I take a paycut to move to a lower cost of living area?

I live in Orlando, and cost of living here has gone up a lot in the last few years. We moved here at almost the height of the housing market so we haven’t purchased yet. I make about 140yr. I have been offered a job making about 100 in the Indianapolis area.
While it’s a significant pay cut, the cost of living is much less. Houses are cheaper, property tax is cheaper, and insurance is cheaper. I’d also have a better schedule and probably quality of life.
Last consideration is retirement. If I stay here, by the time I retire I’ll probably be making around 170-190 give or take, and my pension will be roughly 45% of that. With the new job, I’ll be at the top of the pay scale and will only make federal raises for the remainder, so my pension would be significantly less. I’m guessing my salary would be around 135ish at retirement.
I know I have to decide myself on the happiness scale of things, but is it a terrible financial decision?
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2023.06.10 20:14 Plinthastic Wife and I are looking for a sailing club in central(ish) NJ with small boats

We sailed J24s a long (long!) time ago for a year or two in the SF bay area and loved it. We have recently got our ASA 100 but really want to just play around in little boats, but don't necessarily want to race. We are looking for a club where we can reserve a boat and sail around on the lake, reservoir, protected bay, whatever. Anything from sunfishes up. Social scene is not important but nice. We just want to go have fun. Looking at Hunterdon Sailing Club and others.
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2023.06.10 20:13 Faded_Sun_9358 Down the Colorado River

The past weekend I went with some friends to stay over at the river for a few days.
First time exploring an almost camp like vibe, sitting outside chatting, bugs, using a sleeping bag and spending hours on the water.
I was worried about the temperature due to it reaching 105 degrees F. after leaving a 65 degree weather area. What a difference, but in the water it felt pretty cooling and kept the feeling of over heating at bay.
The last day on the river we spent having the current float us down. It was empty and the WHOLE river for 5 miles was all ours to play with. I lost my sunglasses and I lost my umbrella from that moment, but it was worth the trade of memories singing loudly childhood songs with all of our lung capacity. I did not rest from the float tho, becuz I haven't been in water for almost 2 years now I felt like if I let go of the floaty I would drown, even after years of knowing how to swim! I stayed pretty still staying very tensed. STILL FUN!
As our time there, I feel like I bonded with my friends so much more... Almost like a friendship I wish I've always had. Like I said before I struggle with making friends, just from the sake that I'm shy, and don't open up easily. Which there's nothing wrong with that... I believe people have their own pace and shouldn't be ashamed of it. With this friend group I felt safe and taken care of emotionally. They have taken the time to understand me, and visa versa.
It's a VERY small friend group, but I treasure it all so much.
Once in a while I still feel lonely longing for a intimate relationship, but one thing at a time you know?
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2023.06.10 20:13 PM_SOME_TITTAYS Buying a house with my parents. Is this a good idea?

My fiancée and I are currently renting in the greater Vancouver area. Buying a house here seems like a pipe dream on our incomes, with most townhouses being $1MM+. Her father passed away last year and left us with about $150K. We have no other meaningful assets and about $10K in student debts. My fiancée is a full-time student and will be working part-time for the next few years. I make $75K as an apprentice and will be a hair under $100K when I get my journeyman ticket in two years.
My parents' business has officially gone under and taken all of their savings with it. They owe about $300K on their $800K condo. They have no other meaningful debts or assets. They plan to rejoin the workforce for a few more years before retirement but likely would never be able to pay off that $300K.
They have suggested selling their condo and putting their $500K into a townhouse with us. The idea is that we would get something with a suite for them to live in, and we would mortgage our half (minus the $150K). On the surface this sounds like a great idea, and a way for us to stay living in the same area as our families and friends. Are we missing anything? Is there anything to look out for?
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2023.06.10 20:12 Few-Pepper8381 Advice for seeking a Research and Development Position? (Biotech)

Having some major difficulties getting an industry job that I actually want to work (namely, getting into a PhD level position in RnD where I can flex my scientific background). This is going to be part rant.My background: I would like to believe that I am a competitive candidate. Graduated from a competitive program with a PhD. 6 publications (some co-authors). Worked at the NIH prior to graduate school (post-bac IRTA program). Had the option to return to the NIH as a postdoc, but Bethesda area is quite expensive these days for a postdoc salary. Following graduation, I had an excellent postdoctoral position set up at RIKEN in Japan. Received 3 years of highly competitive postdoctoral funding (5-page written research proposal with a funding rate of less than 10%). Pandemic happened. Japan closed its borders before I was able to get my visa. Locked out of the country for 2.5 years. Forced to jump from one CRO to CDMO because I needed a job immediately and to increase salary.
Right now I have 3 years of industry experience and currently work for a real shitty CDMO that is a complete trainwreck that I desperately want to leave (immensely disorganized and mismanaged. Management places significant hurdles and roadblocks that prevent employees from developing beyond their role). I am a workaholic and my boss actually restricts me from doing too much on the job despite being a high performer and efficient. The trade off is that I have gotten to the point that I work a solid 5-6 hour day and simply leave when I'm finished with my assigned work. I gave up asking to do more work, because my requests are always ignored. Now I go home early and study programming instead (certificate program at local University). My current role is well compensated but I am bored to death. It's in quality control with a sprinkling of method validation/qualification work. However, my prior experience in a CRO was pure method validation work but the job was just too easy and not stimulating enough.
Consequently, I am trying to transition away from CRO/CDMOs and work in something that is more RnD/product development focused where I feel like I would get the opportunity to work on more challenging and exciting work.I recently applied for some RnD positions locally. Got an HR screen at one but ghosted after that. In hindsight, I could have been better prepared. I was taken aback that there was such little focus on my academic research background that matched nicely with the job requirements and all they seemed to care about was my recent experience that was rather unrelated in scope. Now I know what to expect in future HR screens. In the interview I still thought I made valuable connections between my academic work and the job posting, but I guess not enough. Nothing from the other positions.
Question for those here that have found themselves in a similar position (CRO/CDMO to RnD). How easy is it to make this transition? How wide of a net do you have to cast? I'm applying locally and with 3 years of experience in industry, I would have hoped that would make me more competitive than when I started looking for jobs when I had 0 experience. But with a tight market, I'm realizing that I'm likely not going to find a local position here. I generally write a brief cover letter of my background and how it relates to the job description. But is the cover letter necessary? My resume has gone through many edits over the past few years and is always tailored to the job I'm applying to (keyword matching). It's well polished and 2 pages. It's possible I'm making some errors here but it's brief and to the point. Skills/expertise presented right at the top of the first page. I'm probably acting a bit entitled and I need to do away with that attitude. It's like, hey, I'm good enough to work at some of the best research institutes in the world but I'm not good enough for your shitty little company? It's frustrating. Advice? Possibly adding connections on LinkedIn to companies I might want to work for in other areas of the country? Expand LinkedIn network in general for more networking opportunities?
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2023.06.10 20:11 riana_01 I just wanted to share this to someone who don't know me personally. I've heard that it helps.

One thing I learnt from my parents was how not to live my life. I'm not really "living the life" either it's mostly pathetic and I'm aware of that no shame. But I definitely know what not to do after I do get my life back on track. And my parents also gave me the best relationship advice anyone can get. You know you hear these people and read comments giving advice when to leave when there's a toxic relationship or what are the red flags. They only tell you and you read words you don't really get it first hand. But I had the blessing to get those first hand by watching not by reading or listening.
I got a brother he's the sanest person in my family. He raised me literally. My brother as my father figure. You think this is sad but let me tell you he's the best father there can be. He doesn't have a kid yet but I know he'll be the best dad ever. Atleast he was for me, it's as if God said "oops i forgot to give you a proper dad. Here I hope this helps." Raised by an elder sibling my whole life lmao. When he left home after he graduated I was devastated but also happy for him. Now my mom was there for me. Like she's the best of the two partners here. She gave up her dignity and respect for us. Now I know she tried to set an example as to how to maintain the marriage but honestly I really don't see it. Tbh she's really naive her whole life she has been like that. She endured. My entire dad's family gave shit to her and she endured because of us. She sacrificed but I honestly don't know if it was good or bad. I can't judge here since for me she has been my superhero the savior in my family. My mom comes first always and then bro. If my mom couldn't handle something she used to pass it bro and somehow I always listened to him. Now when it comes to my dad. Tbh I never really knew him until he retired from office. I used to be very oblivious to what was going in the house. Maybe my bro kept me distracted cuz after he left I always used to hear fights and bullshit drama and screaming. It's as if I was in an entirely different household. I asked my bro and he said well it always has been like that. You never noticed?
Anyway I plan on doing many things after I get my first salary. First would be to get my mom a ticket to her hometown where she can be with her mom and probably buy her things she never got from her husband. For example, a lipstick.
Now this post my seem like I'm villainising my dad which I don't really intend to. It's just some of the truth i faced in my life because these are the memories i have and these were the things I saw and heard in my household. But I love my dad regardless. Maybe it's just he doesn't love us back the same way but he's my dad how can I not? He worries about me and yk taught me things like a dad would. He just never loved or cared enough to show i guess. That's why my bro always came first because he was there for me more than my dad he taught me more things and he showed me how much he loved me. Even in school parents teachers meet it always used to be my mom who showed up never my dad. My dad never kept any info about my academics. Always my mom. The one time maybe in 8th grade my mom couldn't come so my bro came to meet the teachers.
My bro has been there but also my dad on certain occasions. But it used to be mostly my bro so thats why I consider him more as my father figure. But that doesn't make my dad any less of a dad.
I request you all if you want to comment don't say anything bad about him. He has his own ways and I know him more than any of you guys. That's how he was raised by my grandma and he lives like that so nothing wrong. There's no bad or evil person in this rant just a morally gray area for me. I just wanted to share this to feel lighter. I can't share or talk about this to anyone i know personally so here it is.
If bad English please ignore since I wrote this on the spot.
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2023.06.10 20:11 ventaltaccount need advice on divorce for my dad (63M)

Posting for my dad since he doesn't know how to use reddit. I apologise if I don't include enough details; I'm not exactly sure how to post this.
We live in the GTA. My(18M) mom(48F) has been threatening divorce for a while but things finally came to a point a few days ago. They had a huge argument and now they're actually getting a divorce. My mom wants us to sell the house and a condo we have downtown so she can take the money and split but my dad doesn't want to do that as I have two younger siblings (15F and 11M) who would have to have their lives uprooted if we moved. My mom doesn't want custody of the kids. As far as she's concerned, she's mostly upset that my dad is interfering with her trips to go to asia this summer. If the divorce proceeds as planned, my mom will take the money then go back to her home country, China.
My dad wants advice on how to go through with this divorce. We're in a lot of debt at the moment (I think at least 400k) but it's debt that's related to the house and condo as well as a few loans my mom wanted taken out in order to go on past family summer adventures. Does anyone know any good divorce lawyers? My dad is so tired and I wish I could just take all of this off of his shoulders but I don't know anything about divorce.
TLDR: mom (48F) and dad (63M) are getting a divorce. three kids (18M, 15F, 11M) but my mom wants nothing to do with them after the divorce. one house, one condo, three cars, 400k of debt. dad is a full time bus driver and mom has her own small business. need divorce lawyers in the gta (markham, york region, richmond hill, vaughan area), preferably not very expensive ones as I'm unsure as to whether or not we can afford it
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