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Calling all 4th amendment gurus, Seach and seizure question

2023.06.09 16:45 PreformativeJustice Calling all 4th amendment gurus, Seach and seizure question

Hi all, current police officer. I was recently accused by my police department for Neglect of Duty. This would result in a reprimand and no promotion for two years preventing quite a bit more money. I wont say the state to keep anonymity, it should deal more with the 4th amendment anyway. Here's what happened:
I responded to a 911 call. The call was a 911 call where the caller hung up/disconnected. It was assigned a "911 Hang-up" designation. I was advised there was a "disturbance" in the background. There is prior domestic history at this house. I knock on the door and a male and female answer, the male has a superficial wound on his head. The female is uninjured. Male is MASSIVE 6'8, 300 lbs muscular build, female is around 5'5. Both parties are calm and cooperative at the time, showing no signs of animosity towards police, or eachother. Male states he fell and hit his head. He wants to seek medical treatment at the hospital. Female states she was the caller and called because male had a medical issue (cut on head). Male starts to walk to the car to get a ride to the hospital. I ID the female based on the vehicle's plate. Female again states she was the caller and is going to drive male to the hospital for the head injury. Male refuses to be a complaining witness. He also refuses to ID himself. I am ok with not pushing this issue at the time because there is no victim, therefore no articulable crime based on both parties statements. Another officer arrives on scene, detains and ID's the male. Nobody is wanted. Male and female leave to go to the hospital without issue. Based on injuries the only possible "victim" of domestic assault (Shall make an arrest state) would be the large male with a head injury.
The back up officer then reported me for neglect of duty for "letting the male subject go," even though at no time did I ever say to either party they are free to go.
The male subject was the only injured party and has the right to not be a victim even if there had been a domestic assault and he was lying to me to prevent the female from being arrested. The only possible victim would have been the male.
I could not reasonably articulate pushing the detention of a male who is seeking medical treatment based on what I had at the time, which is why I didn't immediately detain parties on scene. The IA board stated I should have detained the male sooner and pushed him for ID instead of the other officer. End of the day there was no complaining witness, everyone on scene was identified, and no crime to be found.
Is there any case law or legal reasoning that would help support my reasoning for letting the male subject go?
I have a Lawyer for further grievance with the department. The lawyer doesn't come into play until they suspend me without pay which is why Im probing for info.
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2023.06.09 16:44 Strange_Cat_3305 Guilty Pleasure Reads

So, last night I was up until almost 3:00 AM reading smut. I had actually read chapter 1 of the book weeks ago and wasn't sure if I'd like it, so I didn't make a point to return to the book with any urgency. But then I was rearranging the widgets on my iPad Mini—which is what I use as an ereader even though it's probably terrible for my eyes, because I can have access to Apple Books, Kindle, and Nook all on the same book-sized device—and in doing so, I saw that I was still technically reading this book on Apple Books and decided to give it a second chance.
So I start reading, and realized that it is actually not quite as terrible as I remembered. I think because I don't read erotica often, if that's how this book can be labeled, it is always a major adjustment to get into the sexy talk. I end up rolling my eyes A LOT and otherwise feeling totally creeped out by the MMC's "sexy" behavior, which is why I stopped reading the book after the first chapter. I just don't think I was in the right frame of mind for it at first. I feel like I really have to suspend my belief when reading these books and try to appreciate them within the context of the story. Sometimes it is still too much for me (hello, Grey), but sometimes the author gets it just right. And I guess my brain felt differently about it last night considering I did not seem capable of putting the book down for hours and hours. On the one hand, I love that, because it reminds me of when I was a pre-teen and teen, and turning on my lamp after my parents went to bed so I could read waaayyy past my bedtime without fear of them waking up and finding me still awake. But on the other hand, I feel conflicted that it's the smutty book that kept me awake last night, and not, say, my paperback copy of The Girls by Emma Cline, which I'm also enjoying so far (though in a very different way).
I'm really liking The Girls, but I can spook pretty easily, so I think part of me is worried that the Manson-esque storyline will keep me awake afraid of cult murderers breaking down my door, as I am primarily a bedtime reader, which is just a very different thing than being kept awake by a sexy book. I might have to make The Girls a weekend read, so that I will have time to read it during the day, like in the morning, and then read the sexy book at night to take my mind off of Petaluma, CA and it's dizzying array of serial killers.
I've debated the whole time I've been writing this post whether or not I would name the sexy book, and I guess I will. It is Bared to You by Sylvia Day. OKAYBYE.
Actually, PS: What are your guilty pleasure reads? Do you actually think of anything you read as a "guilty" pleasure? I admit that enjoying this book has made me feel weird, because I know some people would totally shit on me for it, but at the same time we like what we like. I try not to be a book-shamer, writing as someone who used to be a little judgy and snobbish in her early-mid 20s (post-college) about what other people read. I was an English major and I definitely graduated with this heightened sense of importance and believing that literary works were the end-all, be-all. It's like what Roxane Gay said in a tweet or something once, and I paraphrase -- not all literary books are good books, a lot of them are bad, and there is a lot of genre fiction out there that is actually good. Now, I don't know what her thoughts would be on Bared to You (she may totally hate it and I couldn't even blame her), but the essence of that takeaway has stayed with me over the years. So I'm trying not to actually feel guilty about reading this, though I have yet to add it to my Currently Reading shelf on Goodreads. That is another debate I'm having with myself. To shelve it or not to shelve it?
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2023.06.09 16:30 The_Big_Freeze_11218 Question about Scriptnotes 403

Like many (most?) of you, I find Scriptnotes episode 403 to be one of the better craft lectures out there. But there's one thing Craig Mazin says on the podcast that continues to baffle me. He says (emphasis mine):
Screenplays without arguments feel empty and pointless. You will probably get some version of the following note: What is this about? ... Why should this movie exist? What is the point of all this? Now, it’s really important to note you probably don’t want to start with an argument. That’s a weird way to begin a script. Usually we think of an idea...
He defines "idea" as story idea or concept, e.g. "A fish has to find another fish who is somewhere in the ocean."
Anyway, I'm not in disagreement with this, I really just don't understand. Why is it weird to begin creating a screenplay with an argument as opposed to a story idea? Aren't story ideas naturally reliant on theme?
Anyway, if any of you nerds out there have thoughts, opinions, etc. about this, I'd be interested in hearing them.
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2023.06.09 16:26 KittenDealinMama AITA for forcing my daughter to share a birthday celebration with her twin brother?

Originally posted by Fresh-Tower-8803 in AmItheAsshole on April 20, '23 updated on April 27, '23.
April 20, '23
AITA for forcing my daughter to share a birthday celebration with her twin brother?
I have two kids, Paige (14/F) and Dylan (14/M). As twins most years they’ve wanted to have a joint birthday celebration, but there have been a couple of years where they’ve decided to have separate parties with different friend groups or at different locations. They tell me a few weeks before their birthday in May which thing they want to do that year.
So this year Paige told me that she and Dylan had decided they wanted to have their own parties, and she and her friends had already picked a whole theme and the activities that they wanted to do. I approved Paige’s plan, and then a day or so later I asked Dylan what he wanted to do for his birthday party.
At this point I learned that Dylan and Paige had not mutually decided that they were having separate celebrations this year, and me asking Dylan about it was the first he was hearing that he was expected to have his own party. His feelings were very hurt that Paige had cut him out without so much as talking to him about it.
So I spoke with Paige and she admitted that she and her friends had decided on their own to exclude Dylan because they felt that a boy would wreck the activities they had planned. I told Paige that it wasn’t okay for her to treat her brother that way and that the party I’d originally agreed to was now cancelled, and that I expected her and Dylan to plan a joint birthday celebration with activities that all of their friends could enjoy.
Dylan is much happier with this arrangement, but Paige is angry and keeps saying that I ruined her party. I’m worried that I might’ve made a misstep because normally I try very hard to treat my kids as individuals and not just as a pair of twins, and I’m worried that forcing Paige to share her birthday celebration with Dylan might send the wrong message on that front. So AITA?
EDIT: I've already realized that making Paige and Dylan share a birthday celebration is an unreasonable punishment (for various reasons) and won't be doing so, y'all can calm down now. Sheesh.
Judgment: Asshole
April 27, '23
I’ve had several DMs asking how the situation turned out and if I apologized to Paige so I figured I’d just make an update.
So I talked with both Paige and Dylan over the weekend and told them that I wouldn’t make them share their birthday party.
I told Paige I realized that forcing her to share a birthday party with Dylan was an unfair punishment, because I knew it was more important to treat her like an individual and not like one half of a matching set, and I apologized for forgetting that and told her I wouldn’t let it happen again. Paige asked if that meant that she could still have the birthday party that she and her friends had planned. I told her that I wasn’t sure because I still wasn’t happy with her for lying to me in the first place. Paige said that she was more way upset about having to tell her friends that her party was cancelled than about having to share a party with Dylan, and that she didn’t really get why I was apologizing for that instead. I asked Paige what she thought a more appropriate consequence for lying was instead of having her party cancelled, and she suggested getting grounded, so that’s what we’re going with. Lastly I told Paige that since I know she and Dylan are getting older now, I’ll just assume going forward that they want to have separate parties every year. Paige said that she only did this year because her friends decided they didn’t want any boys. I told her that was fine and I guessed we’d just talk about it again next year.
And then I told Dylan that I was letting Paige have her all-girls party with her friends, and that I realized I shouldn’t have used sharing a birthday party with him as a punishment because that wasn’t fair to either one of them. Dylan said it was okay and that if he was having a solo party after all, he knew what he wanted to do for it. I also told Dylan that since he and Paige are getting older now, I’d start assuming that they want separate parties unless they tell me otherwise. Dylan said he guessed that made sense.
So that’s pretty much it, Dylan and Paige are each having their own party. And at some point they talked it out between themselves as far as Dylan’s feelings being hurt that Paige hadn’t talked to him about what she wanted to do this year, I wasn’t involved in the conversation but they’ve been friends again since it happened.
OOP's account had since been suspended. Eta: not sure why it was suspended. It was still active when I saved the posts a few weeks ago. Really only included this info bc its the reason I didn't bother to include any comments. There were 2500 between the 2 posts and its a lot to sort through to look for more relevant info from the original poster.
Reminder, DO NOT comment on the original posts or contact the original poster. I am not the original poster. This is a repost.
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2023.06.09 16:14 LordBeneter1018 Negative FNAF theory opinions I'd like to share ngl:

  1. RealNightmares: Illusion discs slapped onto endoskeletons or actual existing robots, I don't really get the appeal of RealNightmares other than the fact that it's just adding another point that William Afton is biggest piece of shit in FNAF ever (as if the child murders and offscreen child abuse weren't enough for some people) and the theory making the whole theme of FNAF 4 being about someone's bad dreams making it pointless.
  2. Nightmare (and Shadow Freddy to an extent) being William Afton's evil: Literal or figurative evil (the former I'm more confused on, like how?), all the on-screen things he did without theory and book reliance I remember this guy doing are of the following: Chilling as an easter egg (FNAF 2), lead 4 robots to the safe room and created a domino effect on Springtrap's creation (FNAF 3), harassing a child or a teen in his dreams (FNAF 4), and fucking aiding whoever TOYSNHK is in William Afton torture (UCN). That's it. Also, why a bear? "Mr. Billy's Wickedness Come To Life." At least transform into Shadow Bonnie ffs.
  3. WilliamStuffed: This theory and PuppetStuffed make their respective characters look like fucking idiots, I kinda get the latter, since Charlie the Puppet is an angry ghost kid making dumb kid decisions and probably thinking this would be a good idea at the time, but William, you can be a wanted criminal if you shove corpses of supposed missing people into active for-kids'-entertainment robots in an active restaurant and you are highly reliant on the police being incompetent nincompoops and/or your fellow business partner(s) being (a) corporate sellout(s) (he was even lucky to get both). And even the whole "mmm yes, time to test out possession thing" WillStuffed believers use at times is rather weird, can't he just, shove the corpses into his own self-made robots (Since in SL, he's also a robotics nerd) or at least in decommissioned ones?
  4. StitchlineGames: Personally, I'll never vibe with this one, and FrightlineGames (essentially stories that aren't part of the Stitchwraith epilogues are canon to the games). Mainly due to the "ok agony demons exist and at one point William became a trash monster to die in the hands of the puppet." Also some extra weird oddities if the whole novels and its sequel series Tales of the PizzaPlex (like body snatching Freddy dolls, an acid trip in the form of a ballpit, assimilation-ing fish with Bonnie heads, Springtrap mpreg, etc. And those are just from Fazbear Frights)
  5. MikeBot and Gregbot: Was a former believer of MikeBot but now I kinda find both it and Gregbot iffy as hell to say the least. Fucking Charliebot legitimizing the existence of robots passing off as "totally humans trust me" not just, humanoid/human-like/human looking but not 100% human robots. Even before Charliebot I was a bit sus on my MikeBot beliefs.
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2023.06.09 15:59 Merlot1542 Sudden Mysterious Account Suspension

I have been using Lootup from about 6 months now without any issue. I don't do a lot of offers, but I try to stay active on the website each month. I have had a very good experience with the service up to this point, and never had any issue making withdrawals. After completing a mobile offer within the last couple of days, I checked to see if the points were pending as usual from the lootup mobile app for Android. Everything looked fine, and my points were pending as expected. However, when I attempted to sign in later via web browser (from the same WiFi network in my home), I received a notification saying that my account was suspended.
I filed a support ticket, but I really didn't know what to say other that what I have mentioned here. I don't have multiple accounts. I don't use a VPN for offers. I log in using my home WiFi, so there shouldn't be multiple IP addresses either. I don't have any referrals on my account, and I just don't understand what could have triggered this sort of suspension.
Does anyone have any experience with how to go about getting an account reinstated, aside from the support ticket? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.06.09 15:58 justathoughtfromme OOP's former school is using their current picture on the school website without permission.

Reminder, I am not OOP. This is a repost.
TW: Transphobia
Original Post from May 16, 2023 - [US] [TX] My former school is claiming my parent's permission slip allows them fair use of my current work photo.
I went to middle/high school in Texas over a decade ago and don't currently live in that state. For personal reasons I have avoided all contact with anyone from the school, alumni association, former teachers, etc.
Recently, I learned that the school's website, Instagram and Facebook pages had posted my middle and high school photos as a composite with a portrait off my employer's website sort of like a "look where they are now" thing. The composite is part of the alumni landing page on the school website.
My work photo is of me wearing a distinctive uniform and name badge and is not particularly easy to find online, but it is somewhere on my employer's web directory. I do not have the same name and look significantly different now as compared to school photos.
My employer states they were never contacted by the school. My work uses a photography service with their own media release which explicitly requires written permission for any third party use.
I sent a polite e-mail to the school requesting the photos be taken down. The reply I got was to the effect of, "we wish you well but permission has been granted for 'fair use' as per the documents attached". They had sent a scanned PDF of a media release permission slip signed by my parent about 15 years ago, with a highlighted section stating "I irrevocably authorize [school] to use the Photograph or any print or digital alterations thereof for current or future publication". The photo file itself was also attached (all 3 images mashed together as one file) except a white bar had been added on the bottom with "Date: [date of middle school photo]".
Needless to say, this is ridiculous. I haven't yet replied to that e-mail.
Ever since the photo was posted, I have been getting unsolicited FB requests and DMs from people which I all ignore. Worse, my employer has started getting phone calls asking if [former name] works there. I feel very uncomfortable that my current profession and personal details are being promoted for the school without my permission. I really don't want anyone else from my hometown to connect my current and former lives.
I am looking for some guidance on who could help me sort this out and if it might be worth going to civil court for. A lawyer acquaintance told me that I could prove no damages but I'm not sure.
First Update - May 24. 2023
This will probably be the only update as I'm considering my next steps but I appreciated all the good advice I got the last time. recommended I ask my employers' photography service to contact my school with a DMCA notice. I did not reach out to the school directly. Someone from the the school's IT department replied to my email and not the photography service the next day. Their email was basically with their claims as below [I am paraphrasing because I don't want to use the exact language].
  • The photograph is the property of the school and they can do what they please with it.
  • The file properties (link to the screen shot is here) [Editor's note: transcription of image - Created: Saturday, July 17, 2004, 11:41:26AM, Modified: Saturday, July 17, 2004, 11:41:26AM, Accessed: Monday, September 13, 2010, 11:06:18AM] prove that the composite photo was taken in 2004 and per my parents release form, I disclaim all rights to it.
  • The school has an interest in promoting diversity and it is sad as a Transgender individual I would not want to stand up to Greg Abbot.
The email was signed with a clear mocking of my current title (like "John Smith, Vice President for Information Security").
The part of this that annoys me the most is that I am not Transgender. I could see why someone might think that, but I changed my name, appearance and so on because of unsavory connections to my family. I certainly do feel bad for Trans people in Texas but this isn't my fight. I don't think it will be useful to try and communicate further with the school. I have read that if a website ignores a DMCA takedown, I could try and have their website domain suspended. Would that be the route to go? I don't trust Texas civil courts but if push comes to shove I will go the formal route.
​Thanks again.
Final Update - June 2, 2023
I'm providing an update because I think it's important to highlight all the excellent advice I received and I think honestly this should qualify for a bestoflegaladvice post. I had previously posted here and here (Note - removed links to previous posts) regarding a ridiculous situation in which my old school had used a middle school portrait, mashed together with my current work headshot, in a derogatory way on their website and social media.
Multiple commenters suggested that I engage my employer's photography service as well as my employer's legal department to help. They were very eager to do so. The photographers sent a DMCA complaint via social media forms and the offending posts were removed within 48 hrs! Unfortunately the school website is hosted by Cloudflare and they did not respond to the takedown request. However, my composite photo was moved off the main page and into a new section called "Diversity and Inclusion". This is where my employer's legal department was super helpful. They sent a communication to the school's legal division essentially saying that what I was experiencing is targeted harassments based on perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. Shockingly quickly we heard back with a profuse apology and promise for full investigation and possibly also disciplining the employee who was responsible for the photo, doctored file properties, website and email. On that topic, I found out that this person married into my family (who apparently thinks the reason I don't talk to them is because they think i am Trans) so that seems like their motive.

All in all, I think this is as good of an outcome as I could have hoped for. I don't think I will seek any damages but we'll see. I just want to thank everyone again. I was nervous posting this because it seems so silly, but I really am grateful.
Reminder, I am not OOP. This is a repost.
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2023.06.09 15:56 MCBigSwig Boost migration a disaster

Have been a boost mobile customer for over a decade. I received an email telling me that my account had been suspended. There was no warning that this was going to happen due to their new billing migration. I had been using auto pay with a credit card for several years. I could not log into my account, so I had to call them. They wanted a payment without the $5 auto pay discount, and then assured me that the $5 would be refunded on the next statement. Then I went back to the website and downloaded the new app, and I could still can't access my account. So I had to call technical support back, and they told me to check within the next 72 hours to see if I could log in again, and to give them a call back if I couldn't. How much more unprofessional can a company be? Is anyone else having the same issue?
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2023.06.09 15:46 Careful_Difference44 I encountered with a system issue when booking my fligh

Hey guys, I want to share what unbelievable thing just happened to me. I was automatically charged a higher fare without a notification by JetBlue. JerBlue charged fee from my credit card before I finish my payment process. I am very angry with JetBlue. I called the hotline and the representative attempted to not able to hear me!! I chatted with costumer service and they just reply by copying a useless standard message. So I am writing the whole experience here.
I searched the same flights with my friend, and the price shown was $457.8. We were happy about the fare and ready to book. I signed in the JetBlue official website and saw the flight was the same price as $457.8. Then I start booking, until the last step, payment, the issue happened. I was paying with my credit card, which my bank required me to input a verification code to finish the booking process. However, I didn’t get a chance to input the code to finish my payment, because a window, stated with a message like “sorry, there is a technical issue happens blablabla”, popped up, and then the website was dead. At the same time, my friend successfully booked it from her JerBlue APP, with the correct price $457.8. So I tried again to book my flight. Just at the time when I was paying the new booking (please note here I didn’t finish my paying), I received a booking confirmation email from JetBlue! It is unbelievable that my last booking was processed, and the price charged was $587.8, without any notification! If I knew the price is $130 more that the prices I saw, I would not book it!!! I contacted their customer service and they just told me they are using instant-payment. I didn’t receive any apologies and possible solutions. In short, I will not use JetBlue anymore and want to tell you how stupid and unstable their system is!!!
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2023.06.09 14:35 TheMidwestBest Got Suspended. Went 22-3-2 Unit Run. Story Inside.

Got Suspended. Went 22-3-2 Unit Run. Story Inside.
Got Suspended- 22-3-2 Unit Run
Made a post earlier this week about sharing picks here. Remembered I don’t have the password (logged in on phone) for this account and no email attached to change password (should be other methods). So, I messaged those who followed me here my new account that I actually had the password (u/J-MonBG).
Without warning, my account was suspended for initiating too many messages.
Anyway, while suspended. 22-3-2 MLB Unit run. UFC 289 Betting Preview coming later today.
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2023.06.09 14:31 missexsomeone I do not deserve a break

So context- I am a stay at home and default parent. My husband sometimes works 60 hours. Last school year I took our 2 year old to a sitters once a week while older child, 7 was at school so I could do house chores in peace, get shit done, go to my appts, etc.
The end of December I suffered respiratory failure because I’m asthmatic and caught the worst strain of the flu going around this past winter. Recovery was absolutely hell. Once husband went back to work (he was able to stay home with us and take care of me for ~2 weeks, which I am very grateful for), our toddler was between the sitter and my MIL for about 5 weeks. Every week I was able to slowly decrease the days he went as I gained back my strength, mobility, mental clarity, etc. I went back to taking him one day a week however because I was still quickly exhausted and had even more doctors appointments and just need to REST. Yesterday, I took our toddler to the sitter after having not for 3.5 weeks so my older son and I could have a day just us. He doesn’t get much individualized attention and I feel it’s only fair that he gets a day every once in awhile with just mommy because that was his life for 4.5 years before our toddler came along. We watched some shows and snuggled, built a couple of Lego sets, played Spider-Man (he loves costumes and playing pretend). I also got some laundry done and put away. We had such an amazing day together and I felt so good about it. Toddler was at the sitters for ~7 hours.
My husband was completely upset and pissed off because I’m a stay at home mom and shouldn’t be taking our son to a sitter. This upset me deeply because it makes me feel completely unappreciated and unseen. I do all of this by myself. He doesn’t help take care of the house or dogs (2), he does help with the kids. I am a fucking stress case because of issues going on between us. I am highly anxious to the point of throwing up almost every day. Even if it was to just take him to the sitters and fuck off all day (which I’ve never done; I’m always taking care of the house, catching up on chores, doctors appts, etc) am I undeserving of a break? Is everything that I do of so little value that I do not deserve some time to myself? Some quietness and stillness? I spend my days taking care of and worrying about every other god damn thing in this house and have always put myself last to the point of crippling depression in the past.
All I wanted was a day to focus on my oldest. I felt so great about the day we had and how I was able to be present with him, which admittedly lately has been very difficult. I have felt mine and my oldest connection slipping and I wanted to reconnect with him without the interruption of his little brother constantly needing me.
Please do not get me wrong, I am incredibly grateful that my husband works his ass of for us. He is very tired often because of the long hours he works. I appreciate that. I let him sleep nearly all day on his days off, if I ask him to do anything, it’s 1-2 small things like load the dishwasher or change the trash. He has made me feel unseen and unappreciated so much in the past and I thought it was better. He used to say he was so happy for me that I got some time for myself and it helped improve my mental health greatly. But now I feel like he’s back to disregarding everything I do, like it’s nothing and I don’t need and am not deserving of a break (which again my breaks are not true breaks). How did he go from happy for me that I was able to have and make some space for myself to make me feel like I’m a rotten person for taking my toddler to the sitter so I could have a day with my oldest?
I’m a stay at home mom so am I not deserving of that? Are only working moms deserving of a break? Is what I do not a 24/7 job?
I feel so damn worthless and defeated right now.
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2023.06.09 13:21 IzanagiTheGod KOTOR 1 Fan’s First Time With KOTOR 2 (Review)

The first game is one of my favorite games for the majority of my life. The first time I beat it I was so young that my dumbass ran in circles throwing grenades at Malak since spamming flurry level 1 wasn’t cutting it (I just really liked the whoosh noises).

I give it a playthrough every 2 years or so and always have a blast, and now that I saw it was on switch alongside the sequel, I decided to try KOTOR 2 after doing a force only run with like 8 strength in KOTOR 1.

For variety’s sake (and a fear of soft locking myself due to the first game’s difficulty at times) I went full meat-head-muscle-guy-hit-stuff guardian with 16 or so strength. The beginning of the game was quite slow and I understand why as a teenager I could never get further than Telos.

I love world building as much as the next nerd but my lord the amount of log recordings and depth perceptionally challenged mining droids I had to wack while wearing tight fallout cosplay was definitely getting old after a couple hours. The majority of it is spent uncovering a sabotage conspiracy involving evil droids and miners trying to sell a wizard to the mafia, which isn’t particularly relevant aside from a set up of everyone trying to kidnap you and that the red lightsaber fellas are back once again. Too long for what it accomplishes.

Finally off that space hell and we’re dropped into Telos. I enjoyed the character interactions with everyone trying to bribe you alongside relaxing in a cantina and doing the mini games. Czerka starts off with logic but (as I found most themes in this game) end up being absurdly mustache twirling while spouting about making space walmart great again. So unless you just really hate plants you side with the other boys and eventually get shot onto the actual planet and meet Bao, who’s a great wingman to have around despite me having to crank up my volume when he speaks.

At this point I’m really loving the combat, it had a good sense of challenge and my team had nice variety once Bao showed up to do more skill monkey actions, since my exile smashed everything they touched. Not much more to say except meeting Atris briefly, who’s main personality trait is attitude. After telling her I don’t really care I was exiled and that my more pressing matter is being shot at, she begrudgingly let me leave while longingly staring at my behind.

Here the game opens more and I’ll give my thoughts more broadly. Our new thong toting albino handmaiden joins mister manslaughter Atton and myself on Dantooine, a very enjoyable planet with good fights and fun side quests that don’t derail the main goal too much. The politics are simple and brief with both sides being the ol’ good and evil. Unfortunately we’re blessed with the douchebag Jedi who is impressively able to contradict his own values every time he opens his mouth. “You saved me from this cage you damn idiot now they’re going to attack the settlements all because of you. Me being in this cage would have saved the day! You should’ve known!”. Yeah sounds like a needlessly risky plan that involves leaving the defenders completely out of the loop and pretending to know what these murderers are thinking, let’s not do that. He’s the most comical example of “jedi bad I wanna sit and think” and the game isn’t particularly subtle about it.

Regardless we move on as I’m ambushed by a toothless submissive in my ship that I promptly one shot. She then falls in love with me. As one does.

With my harem of submissives at the ready I leave the wizard choker Atton in the cockpit for the rest of the game and move on to the planet of crime Nar Shadaar, and begin to become very distracted by how every female can’t stop talking about how hot I am. Even the damn assassins are down bad.

I find this planet to be the most fun part of the game for me with a good blend of politics, exploration, combat, and overall atmosphere. It felt very “star ears underworld” like I remember from the old EU novels. Mira joins the crew as a bad bitch no nonsense bounty hunter who makes god awful decisions, firmly securing her place in my party for the rest of the game despite her asmr voice forcing my tinnitus ass to read the subtitles.

It’s of note that I built my lightsaber after Dantooine and essentially one shot everything in the game with force speed and flurry, with Brianna also hitting like a truck while the third member buffs/shoots. I love that the guns are far more valid in this game and Mira felt great to use as the party leader due to her high skills and ignoring mines, while my other two members force jumped into battles. This lasted the entire game and made the combat far less engaging however, as it was a rinse and repeat of extremely fast battles, where I two shotted Sion on Korriban before Kreia told me to piss off.

I disliked Onderon and it brought the game down quite a bit for me, due to its politics undermining the writing focus of the game, which I’ll get into here to finish off my review.

This games writing is pretty damn good. The biggest thing that made me sad while playing was that I couldn’t bring all my party members with me at all times as I thought each one was super engaging. Unfortunately in a regular blind playthrough you miss A LOT due to the influence system blue balling some extremely well written dialogue. This hit the hardest with Kreia in my playthrough, which is a shame as I knew she was the one with the best acted/written lines. With the dialogue I did receive however, I can definitely see what they were going for but I don’t find it remotely as thought provoking as the game’s reputation would have you think. Kreia “teaches” you some conceptually interesting ideas, but they end up being hypocritical in their own sense and at the end of the day she really is just spiteful about her failures along with everyone else’s.

You gave that man 5 dollars, now you’ve effectively made him a target to others where he wouldn’t otherwise be one, making his life considerably worse due to your quick and simple act of kindness. This is certainly thought provoking, but for kind of idiotic reasons. Can an individual even rise up and better their lives without given the chance to do so? Should all be cast into poverty and homelessness without aid as they are too weak to fully pull themselves up in a selfish society? This is some metal gear rising senator armstrong “strong eat the weak” shit and here’s it’s being compared to the force.

She claims I’m only as strong as I am due to the unfortunate circumstances of being hunted, but I was born with a gift and kidnapped from birth to be a fighter, unlike this beggar in the slums. That lesson is essentially the “challenge breeds excellence” poster that was in your elementary school classroom and it cannot be applied to all situations/people accurately due to several varying circumstances. This is decent stuff honestly when not taken at face value, as it can be interpreted that Kreia is just wrong, so I disagreed with her but also told her that I saw value in what she was trying to teach me then. I suppose the main criticism I have with her writing is she’s VERY blatantly evil, which ended up being a distraction to me instead of being a fresh look at the force.

Then comes Onderon. Every dispute in this game is insanely obvious who the good/bad guys are, with the latter typically trying to murder babies to achieve their goals. Then I land on this planet and see desperate families begging on the street to be allowed to leave, a man being held in custody with no evidence about to be executed as the authorities are too lazy, and the sworn beast rider enemies of the city casually attempting to murder people inside its own walls due to some dumbass blood truce.

This queen sucks ass honestly, and this civil unrest and negligence wouldn’t last another 6 months. Then the other side shows up, a bunch of fascists going for a power grab when the republic is recovering from a war effort, claiming its due to war mongering when they’d obviously all be dead if they werent protected from the mandalorians. So they suck ass too. And I decide to not get too involved as the entire game has a “I don’t really care, I’m not a Jedi anymore and I’m trying to learn more about myself and defeat the Sith that hunt me” option for the vast majority of dialogue.

I decide to take Kreia’s lesson to heart and don’t decline Tobin’s offer in the cantina, as I wanted to see both sides of the conflict in full before making a decision instead of just the “good guy” option as that could have irresponsible consequences, as she said. It’s a shame that once I agreed to help them by saying I really only wanted to speak to the Jedi master, my exile suddenly gained a thirst for genocide and was commited to become a terrorist without giving me the option of informing the queen of the attack this dipshit just briefed me on.

And thus I spent the next hour or so being called a Sith as I helplessly murdered the entire queen’s army without a single moment that lets me say “I didn’t agree to be the damn general of your terrorist regime”. I’m forced to kill the Jedi master as all the options say “muwhaha my revenge at last”, and all the other Jedi at Dantooine I had pleasant conversations with in the past decide my trial of life has expired. Then Kreia, who called me a failure the entire game for not doing the selfish choices, then calls me a failure for selfishly taking revenge.

The worst part about this situation? I literally pulled the exact same tactic earlier in the SAME game. When the invaders at Dantooine asked me to help them, I agreed so they’d tell me their plan then immediately snitched to the settlers and set up a defense with this information. Brianne wasn’t happy with this method but tough, it’s called using your brain and saving little baby lives. But here it’s bafflingly not an option and it really hurt my overall experience of this game, changing my ending which all in all seems rushed/unfinished as well, which is truly a real shame once you learn of its forced early release.

Those of you who know the game very well may find this critique my own fault, and I’ll certainly take a degree of blame for it, but it left a bad taste overall. Despite that, the story in general was such a great time with realistic portrayals of rebuilding in post-war time, and ptsd affecting multiple people differently. I don’t regret playing it and while I do prefer the first game slightly I do look forward to a dark side playthrough one day in the future, as the vast majority of the game really improved on the overall flow that the first had established, despite some pacing issues here and there.
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2023.06.09 12:38 kiteehawk Looking to meet and make friends with other childfree women

I am looking to meet and become friends with childfree women who appreciate the importance of having friends who encourage positive growth.
About me
My main interests are
What I am looking for
What I am not looking for
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2023.06.09 12:35 itsLocky The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Why You Struggle To Make Progress

Self-improvement is kinda crazy.
One week you can feel on top of the world; you're being consistent with your habits, making progress in the gym, eating right, having unshakeable self-belief, etc.
It's just all going right.
Then within just a few days, you can go from sigma-male-nothing-can-stop-me-I'm-a-beast levels of enthusiasm to I'm-such-a-loser-all-I-do-is-lose levels of hate and frustration.
I'm sure you know this all too well. You've probably gone through multiple stages of both progression and regression that have made you doubt whether or not it is possible to stop slipping back into your old ways. I've been through the motions too many times to count, so I know: it sucks.
But have you ever wondered why you keep regressing to your old degenerate ways? Have you ever considered what causes it and when it happens?
Understanding this will be the first step towards achieving progress for longer and more often.
And don't worry! It's not because of some external force, genetic condition, or ingrained personality trait that is the cause of this. It's usually due to a lack of knowledge or certain misunderstandings.
Anybody can change with the correct awareness and beliefs. Truly. It just takes some time.
Here is my ultimate guide to why you keep regressing and struggling to progress. There are quite a few points, so let's not waste any more time.

Do You Deserve It?

Self-improvement is hard. If you don't find it difficult, you're probably doing something wrong.
Whether it is a business you're trying to build, a body you're trying to perfect, or just a simple habit you're trying to stick to, you will face resistance.
This resistance will manifest in countless ways: procrastination, fear, anxiety, doubt, perfectionism, avoidance, etc. How you react to and tolerate that resistance determines just how much you deserve to progress.
The reason for this is that it is the universe testing you to see if you deserve whatever desired result you're striving for. You ask the universe for a desired future, and in return, it challenges you to make sure you deserve it. These challenges from the universe will come as a form of resistance.
When you apply effort to something that you are resisting, you will get pain.
Effort x Resistance = Pain
However much pain you are willing to tolerate and persist with will predict how much success you will be given.

To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.” ~ Charlie Munger

Do you tolerate and persist with 80% of the pain you have felt? Then the universe will give you 80% of the desired outcome. If it is 40%, then you'll get 40%. You can also think of this in terms of momentum.
The universe is always watching and will know when you're deserving of something. It almost works like a transaction: you want a desired outcome, the universe asks for pain as currency to pay for this outcome, you accumulate this currency and pay when you meet resistance with effort, and then you get the amount you deserve.
So ask yourself: how do you react to resistance? Do you give up quickly? Do you give in to resistance and reduce all effort that is needed?
Now ask yourself: do you deserve to achieve your goals given how much pain you tolerate and how much effort you meet resistance with?

You Are At War With Yourself

On the topic of pain, there is a form of resistance you feel that you might never have noticed. A form of resistance that will peak when you have the most momentum.
What is this form of resistance?
The fear of improving. The fear of forming a different, better identity.
All living things have a sort of factory setting that ensures every action they take is geared towards a better chance of survival. Otherwise, organisms would die out. Duh.
When you improve, you are moving further and further away from your current identity; you are transcending into someone different - into someone capable of achieving your goals.
And your current sense of self hates that. What you are essentially doing is committing a form of psychological suicide.
And remember, things are geared to survive. Your current self will put up a fight to try and keep you from evolving and killing your current identity.
It fights by creating fear, doubt, anxiety, etc. It will fight the hardest when you are closest to killing it and transcending. This is when you are most likely to concede to the negative emotions it conjures up.
This is why you have a wave-like pattern of ups and downs. Your current self keeps fighting to pull you back, and it does so with formidable determination.
You must take note when you are gaining momentum and reaching a peak. These are the moments when pain and resistance must be tolerated most.
Also, remember: you know yourself best. So your current self will pit every weakness against you. It won't play nice and most certainly won't play fair. It's fighting to survive!

The Brick Wall Of Beliefs

Beliefs dictate how reality manifests to you. How you perceive the world, other people, and everything else is the result of your belief systems.
You could be getting pranked into a false sense of reality for your whole life.
For example, if you believe that bulls get provoked by the colour red, you will go through life adhering to that. So if you see a matador wave a red cape in front of a raging bull, you will think: "Oh, it's angry because of the red!". When in truth, bulls are red-green colour-blind. It is the motion of the cape that provokes them.
That was a trivial example, but imagine how many false or negative beliefs have a significant impact.
And once you believe something and receive feedback, the belief strengthens and solidifies. Then it becomes harder to break and has more emotion tied to it
Understand, however, that no belief is necessarily bad. If your beliefs are in accordance with nature and are conducive towards your goals, who is to say they are bad?
Unfortunately, most people will go through life without realising this and continue to have beliefs that work against and limit them.
Maybe you believe that:
If you believe these, they will likely become true due to feedback loops.
The most important belief is believing that you are capable of changing your beliefs. Neuroplasticity has proven that you can change the neural circuits in your brain. You are not fixed. You are malleable and are in control of rewiring your brain.
Use this information to your advantage: set yourself up for success by converting negative beliefs into good ones.
Your beliefs will determine what actions you take. If you want to change your actions, change your beliefs.
If you believe improving is difficult or takes forever, then it will present itself as so.
If you believe that you will always regress, then you will.
If you believe you can't do x, y, or z, you probably won't be able to.
Set yourself up for success. Adopt serving beliefs and act accordingly. Get positive results and let the feedback response do the rest.
Beliefs can make or break you. What would you prefer?

Diving Straight Into The Deep End

This is dedicated to my fellow perfectionists, over-achievers, and people who set way too high a standard for themselves.
Firstly, hey! Secondly: it sucks, doesn't it?
When I first decided to create a routine, it took me two days. Two. Days. How f*cking crazy is that? I reckon That's a record.
I over-perfected the shit out of that routine. I included: meditation, journalling, playing an instrument, learning a language, reading time, writing time, gym work, yoga, jogging, meditation again, studying, visualisation, deep work... and much more. Oh, and I also planned every single 30 minutes of the day.
Shit, I feel overwhelmed just reading that. Wtf was I thinking?
I jumped into a routine - that should take years to implement - within just a few seconds. And I had hardly ever done most of those habits before!
Do you think it was sustainable? Of course not. I stuck to it for about one week (if that).
My past self really did have his bruh moments.
It took me a few more (ok, many more) attempts to figure out how slowly I should take it.
So bro, chill with it a bit at first, y'know? Don't dive straight into the deep end. My journey started properly by underachieving. Only then I could build on it.
So, instead of doing a hundred things at once, go reaaaal low. Lower than you think you should. You've got to play limbo with this shit.
Otherwise, you'll burn out and overwhelm yourself.
Instead of setting a goal of 30 mins of meditation for 30 days, set a goal of 3 mins of meditation for five days. Once you've proven yourself capable, then add more to the discipline. You can also add new habits to complement it.
And if you struggle with that, go even lower. There is no shame in it - you don't need to be a sigma-male, nut-sack-grindset, wake-up-at-3:45 am-every-day, and meditate-57-hours-per-day nerd to "improve". There is no rush. Rushing into it is more likely to waste your time and cause you to default to old ways.

A super-cool quick tip: Instead of setting goals and putting them on a pedestal, create "messy experiments". If, like me, you have consistently been inconsistent with your disciplines, you will probably feel like you will fail before you start, creating undue tension and stress.
By creating experiments, you remove this mindset, giving it a less stressful appearance.
This has worked well for me. Experiments I don't tend to over-plan or perfect. Goals and stuff like that I do. Why don't you experiment (sorry) and see what works for you?

Are You Someone That You Want to Improve?

This point is of such significance that I created a separate Reddit post about it.
Are you sure that you are someone that you want the best for? Are you somebody that you want to care for and look after? Do you treat yourself more like a friend or a foe?
Has it ever occurred to you the possibility that you don't like yourself enough to be better?
Have you ever gone out of your way to thoroughly improve the quality of life for somebody you find insufferable?
I doubt it.
If you see yourself as insufferable, it will be near-impossible to progress. Your beliefs determine your actions, remember.
If you act out of alignment with your beliefs you will create incongruence. Act in a way that says: "I want to improve", but then think of yourself as someone who deserves the worst, and it just ain't gonna work, man.
You'll be able to make some progress, but you will fall back to default quickly. Self-sabotage will be way too rife.
If you believe this is the case, please try to focus on rekindling your relationship with yourself.

Don't Raise The Roof; Raise Your Standards

Would you tolerate going for one week without washing? What about one month?
How about your teeth; how long would you tolerate going without brushing them?
Now, take note of every time that you have broken this intolerance. Chances are, you haven't (at least I hope not, you dirty animal).
Instead of raising goals and reaching high into the sky, raise your standards instead. Standards you never breach, goals you rarely reach. It even has a nice lil rhyme!
Putting goals up high inflates their importance, making you think they're difficult to obtain. The more unobtainable something seems, the less reasonable it will seem to act towards. Thus, you won't act as you are required.
If, instead, you set goals as your new standard, you will work towards ensuring you never dip below them or breach them.
Think right now about the default habits and actions you keep returning to. Notice how you never go lower than that? It's because you won't tolerate it. Lowering yourself past that would disgust you or make you feel slightly sick.
When you notice yourself gaining momentum or starting to peak, be aware and make it a standard from now on. This will help prevent you from regressing.
You can do this for both short-term and long-term situations. Either way, it shifts your ass into gear if implemented correctly.
Remind yourself of this often. It can take some time to stick.

You're A Little Too Cozy

You are likely improving yourself to make your situation better. That's what you think.
The more likely reason is that you're trying to escape an undesirable situation. Instead of chasing something, you're running from something.
The more undesirable - or uncomfortable - your situation, the more drive you will have to free yourself from it.
So, if you're content with how things are, you have nothing to run from.
This creates less urgency and a less powerful call to action.
Lots of successful people (whose wealth isn't family derived) have track records of being in horrible situations.
If you're doing pretty solid right now, you might not be able to justify the effort needed to do the work required to improve.
I'm not saying that you need to make yourself seriously uncomfortable! That would be dumb.
However, some situational analysis could come in handy.
What would your dream position be in five years? Would you reach that dream situation, given how you currently behave? Give this some deep thought, not a barely-conscious read. This stuff is vital.
Compare who you are right now with who you need to be to achieve your dreams. Do they match? If not, what sort of future do you envision if you continue as you are?
Explore this more and see if it helps. Jordan Peterson has a course called "the self-authoring Program", which is all of this, but in detail. I've not personally bought it, but I've heard great things.

"You're a victim!"

The victim mentality is yet another one of the unfortunate cancers that society propagates as normality. Most of the time, it is promoted and endorsed.
Victim mentality is phenomenal... if you want to sacrifice your freedom to take control of your life.
Don't get me wrong - shit happens to people. Real bad things. And there will be circumstances that call for a time to say: "It's not my fault!". This is rare. And in any case, being indignant has never helped anybody.
As long as you offload blame for your current circumstance onto other people and external forces, you will remain unable to take control of your life. You will perpetually flee from responsibility.
It isn't anyone's fault.
It isn't some higher being's fault.
It isn't that one person who said that one thing that caused that one thing's fault.
Where you currently are is a result of every action you've ever taken. Sometimes things will happen to you that are out of your control. How you react and use these experiences is within your control, however.
The more control and excuses you attach to other people, the less power you have over your development.
Having the "f*ck everyone else, it's all their fault, capitalism is a scam, life's unfair, blah blah blah" mentality is such an easy way out. So firstly, how boring! Secondly, Nobody with sense will want to be around you. And thirdly, you will shut down avenues of improvement that will stunt your growth.
It isn't easy to suddenly feel responsible for so much in your life. It might feel quite daunting! But it is much better than living your life as a shell of what you could have been.
Hopefully, at the same time, it feels liberating. You can finally take back control.
Take responsibility, and the growth potential becomes infinite.

Direction, Direction, Direction.

Do you have clear goals? Do you know exactly who you need to become for these goals?
A vivid picture of the future should be painted in your mind. This is vital for many reasons:
  1. Trajectory prevents chaos and anxiety. Instead, it promotes order and a sense of direction.
  2. It allows the subconscious to justify work and give reason to your actions.
  3. He who is lost cannot be found.
If you do not have goals or an understanding of who you want to become - and I mean a really clear understanding - then you will go through life blind. You will stumble into who you become rather than intentionally choosing the best future for yourself.
If you do tasks for the sake of it - like meditation and journalling - and don't apply any reason or purpose behind them, you will struggle to maintain them.
You won't be able to justify doing them when resistance comes into play.

"He who has a why can bear almost any how" - Friedrich Nietzsche

Once you have an intense and clear image of the ideal future set out for yourself, you will naturally find aligning your actions for improvement easier. Your subconscious will no longer be working against you.
You'll be shooting in the dark if you're uncertain who you're becoming.
This will make your actions seem unimportant or futile.
As long as there is a lack of intention behind your actions, It will be hard to track any form of significant improvement.
Find your "what", and you will have a "why". This will empower every action you take.

You're Not Tracking Enough

If you do not track what you do:
  1. How will you be able to know if you do or do not make progress?
  2. You will not be able to identify patterns for your progression/regression.
Firstly: how certain are you that you are not making progress?
If you're not tracking your habits and what you're doing, you will struggle to evaluate your situation and how you're doing.
Use google sheets - or something similar - and note some important metrics:
Over time you will build a bank of understanding and, most importantly, a way to identify your highs and lows.

You need an objective way to identify what you're doing. It will allow you to identify any emerging patterns that either aid or hinder your progress.
Once you notice these patterns, you can learn to identify them as they happen, allowing you to rectify them. Understanding yourself and patterns of action that lead to regression is paramount to preventing it from happening.
The first step is always awareness.
Become your own lil data scientist. Seeing tangible data about yourself and using it to learn more about yourself to grow can be surprisingly fun.

Concluding Thoughts And Stuff

It's important not to beat yourself up when you have dips; it's all a part of the learning process. I know it's disheartening after all the work you've put in, but no experience is a bad experience.
Setbacks are necessary to grow: you need them to learn and develop.
So, be grateful for the setbacks. They are a test for you to prove your worth - to see how much you deserve to progress.
You should feel honoured that the universe has chosen you to rise to the occasion.

The purpose of the post was to give you insight into why progression can seem so challenging. I talked little about solutions, as that would make the post kinda chunky.
Although I touch on how to solve each issue slightly, there is much more depth to them that I want to describe separately.
Thus, I will make future posts with solutions dedicated to each separate issue and how I have personally dealt with them. That's the plan, at least!

There are probably a bunch more points to discuss, but these are the ones that have been most prevalent for me.
So lmk what you think! I'd love to hear anything you've learnt from experience.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.09 12:20 cocorentin1 where to go for an alcohol-free date?

Hello, first of all a little background: I'm 18 and I talk regularly by message with a girl who is 17, we are both very introverted (me more than her) but the current passes more than well. Recently in reaction to my insta story in which I shared my positive result on my B driving test, she replied and I quote: "wah super!" "So when are you going to take me out for a drink? 😂" and that's it, she's not the type to make sarcastic remarks like that and I'm 95% sure there's an implicit message behind this little inocent joke (plus she knows that my introversion means I never take social initiatives, so this would be a way of pushing me a little). You should know that I don't see myself taking her out for a drink at all, because I'm a former nerd who's not comfortable with going out and I don't like alcohol at all. So the combination of these two pieces of information means that I'm not at all comfortable with these places called "bars". (Yes, I know it's not all alcohol, you can go there without drinking alcohol, but even then I'm not comfortable at all). But then, after discussing it with a "slightly more normal" friend (who's comfortable with our cultural and social norms), she had the intelligence to point out to me that I didn't have to follow what she said to the letter that I could invite her to something other than "a drink" (yes, I hadn't thought of that (-‸ლ) ). So here's where I'm at, taking into account our ages and the fact that I don't intend to drink alcohol, do you have any ideas for places/things to do? (I think it's obvious, but I've never experienced love before) (for your curiosity, I simply replied "but now you need insurance and all 😭🤣") I hope I haven't forgotten any important information and that I've expressed myself correctly.

B driving test = french car driving licence (avaible at 18)
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2023.06.09 11:50 SpeakIndya96 Sanjeev Jeeva

Sanjeev Jeeva
Sanjeev Jeeva: 20 lakh betel nut found to kill Jeeva, connection with Nepal, shooter's sensational disclosure

Sanjeev Jeeva
The wires of Vijay Yadav, the shooter who gunned down the infamous Sanjeev Jeeva, are being linked to Nepal. He had gone to Nepal a few days back. Stayed in touch with a big mafia there. He told this to the police. It is said that a person had given him a contract to kill by showing Jeeva's photo. The deal was done for Rs 20 lakh. However, only five thousand rupees and a revolver were given.
According to information, the shooter Vijay, who gunned down Sanjeev Jeeva, is connecting with Nepal's mafia and Ashraf, a friend of the recently killed Atiq Ahmed. Vijay had gone to Nepal a few days back. There he met Ashraf.
Ashraf told him that his brother Atif was in Lucknow jail. There Jeeva disturbs him. He made a deal for 20 lakhs to get Jeeva out of the way. Before work, Vijay was given five thousand rupees and a revolver. On the other hand, on reaching Lucknow, Ashraf's henchman gave shelter to Vijay and got Reiki done. Vijay has told these things in the interrogation of the police. The police have started their investigation.
Six constables suspended in court shootout
On the other hand, four head constables and two constables were suspended on Thursday night in connection with the murder of gangster Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva in the courtroom. Their negligence has been claimed in the initial investigation. They had duty at different gates of the court premises. At the same time, only the head constable and the constable have been held responsible for such a big incident.
By not fixing the responsibility of the big responsible, they have been saved till now. Attacker Vijay Yadav easily reached the courtroom with the revolver breaking the security system of the court. The court is an important place, so senior officers are also responsible for the security arrangements. But the action was taken only on the soldiers. The question arises whether only these few soldiers were responsible for the security of the court.
it suspended
Head Constable Sunil Dubey, Mohd. Khalid, Anil Singh, Sunil Srivastava, and constables Nidhi Devi and Dharmendra. Departmental action will also be taken against them.
Jeeva could have been produced through discussion, video conferencing
After the murder of notorious criminal Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva in the courtroom, it is common to discuss that if he had been produced through video conferencing, this incident might not have happened. A video conferencing room has been set up next to the old District Judge Court to produce the accused, which is connected to the jail court at the time of the hearing.
A judicial officer sits in the video conferencing room built in the court and gives the date after hearing the cases of all the accused appearing from jail. It may be known that after increasing the number of accused being brought from jail to the court premises and after the incident of many accused running away from custody, the government had made arrangements in the court for hearing through video conferencing.
Those accused lodged in the jail are heard through video conferencing, against whom the police have not filed the charge sheet. There can be no evidence without the filing of the charge sheet. On the other hand, the personal appearance of the accused is necessary after the charge sheet is framed. But in the case of some dangerous accused, seeing the threat to life and property, the court orders the hearing through video conferencing.
On October 4, 2013, the then District Judge KK Sharma had ordered on October 4, 2013, that the serial killer brothers Salim, Rustum, and Sohrab, lodged in Tihar Jail, should be produced through video conferencing on the complaint of threatening businessmen of Lucknow. Similarly, in many cases, the hearing of the jailed Mukhtar Ansari case is also done through video conferencing only.
the murder of Jeeva in the courtroom
Let us tell you that the case of the murder of mafia Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf in police custody had not cooled down that Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva (50), a notorious criminal very close to Mukhtar Ansari, was murdered in Lucknow's SCST courtroom on Wednesday afternoon. The assailant, dressed as a lawyer, fired six rounds with a revolver in the courtroom itself.
During this, two policemen, a one-and-a-half-year-old girl, and her mother were also shot. The assailant fired at Jeeva from behind. After the incident, the lawyers ran and caught the attacker, beat him up, and handed him over to the police. The injured have been admitted to trauma.
After the incident, angry lawyers protested and pelted stones. In which ACP Chowk's head exploded. Many vehicles were also damaged. When the officers reached the spot with heavy police force, they could bring the situation under control.
Also Read: Jeeva Murder: Shooter shot 6 bullets to Jeeva in Lucknow court, postmortem report came, lawyers strike
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2023.06.09 11:41 CharismaEnigmaArt Sometimes someone just comes along and you know, "This person belongs in my life." That person is you and I wrote you a letter..

Hey there, future best friend!
I'm writing this letter to you, and I must confess, it's probably the cheesiest thing I'll ever write. But don't worry, I'm fully aware of how ridiculous it is to be writing to a ghost of a friend that I haven't met yet. I mean, let's be real, I'm just a guy, sitting in front of a computer, asking it to love him.
Anyway, I just want to put this out there, to the universe or whatever cosmic forces are out there, that one day we're going to be best friends. Right now we're strangers, but one day we'll be be inseparable and get through thick and thin, and sharing stories about our Halloween costumes through the years. We will live our lives without a care in the world. Something we didn't think we could ever do again. Dancing in the rain, piggy back rides on walks around the lake, just everything that brings us that spark of joy life has taken from us far too often.
I can't wait to get to know you, but for now, let me introduce myself. I'm a 33-year-old with three cats, way too many amazing life stories, and a lot of love to give. It's funny because we both are super quick to trust people and "fall too hard, too fast," but it's those traits that jumpstart this friendship.
We don't need small talk or any awkward stages. We just clicked. And it was amazing!
You will never stopped being amazed at just how many turns life has brought my way and just how I went from a minor league baseball prospect to going to school to possibly be a s*x therapist to getting a degree in business only to create art and become an artificial intelligence engineer.
I hope you're out there living your best life right now. Maybe you're on a camping trip with friends, or on a cute date with someone special. Or maybe you're just binge-watching Netflix in your pajamas, and that's totally fine too. I can't wait to hear all about your adventures, no matter how big or small.
And when we finally do meet, we're going to have so much fun together. We'll decorate our cute little houses with pumpkins in the fall and Christmas lights in the winter (but let's be real, we'll probably leave them up until February). We'll have deep conversations without devolving into arguments, and we'll always stand up for what we believe in.
So, if you're out there reading this, let's make a pact to become the best of friends. I promise to bring the humor and personality, and I hope you'll do the same. Can't wait to meet you!
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2023.06.09 11:17 highONdaisys666 My alcoholism snuck up on me

I am 31 years old and a single mother and recovering drug addict.
After my kid was born in 2017 I moved in with my family to get away, get clean and start trying to get my shit together. Things started to drastically improve in my life. I got a great job with great pay and benefits, my family and I all moved into a bigger house where I paid my share of bills/rent, I made a good friend that wasn't a addict that I enjoyed doing things with etc
Then I started drinking, a lot. Wasn't a drinker while in active addiction but after getting clean I started drinking and I liked the way it made me feel. At first it was a normal socially acceptable amount but then I was taking shots as soon as I woke up, during the day, and before I went to bed. I drank before work and after. It was a daily habit and I could function without people noticing.
While that was going on my family came into some money and decided they wanted to move to another state eight hours from the one we currently lived in and at the time I had a serious bf that I invisioned getting a place with and staying since I had a good job. At this point I had developed a serious alcohol problem and it was no secret to my family. They were actually fed up with my habit and were kind of relieved to move on without me. After all I was almost 30 and they did their part. They picked out a house packed their stuff and moved and I stayed at the house because the rent was paid and there was a whole month before i had to be out. I spiraled after they left and lost my job because I had too much to drink before my shift but went anyways and the alcohol hit me all at once there and my friend could tell I was drunk so I knew the others could to so I panicked and walked out called a ride and never went back. I didn't have a car at the time but taxes came and I bought one and two teenagers crashed into me while I was at a stop sign and totaled my car.
I got a little insurance money but the month was almost up and I had no car, no job and my bf wasnt making any moves to get us a place he drank as often as I did so I really started to panic. My bf could go back to his mom's but if I didn't find a place I was going to be homeless and i freaked out and begged my mom to let me come live with them at the new place. My mom was hesitant but worried that I would be homeless so against her better judgement she let me move in but she told me I can't drink there or shed kick me out.
Since I have moved here I have done nothing but fuck up. I kept drinking by mostly sneaking it and getting caught. Begging to not be kicked out and promises this and that. I got a good job and was fired because I got drunk and started fighting with my mom and went to jail for assault and battery. The charges were dropped but my job found out and fired me. So I'm unemployed for 6 months and I use my three credit cards to fund mine and my kids needs/wants, still no car, while I bounce back n forth between sobriety and I max them out. The payments are 3 months overdue and getting higher.
Taxes come back around and I buy a car. I started working at this terrible fast food place making 11$hr getting paid every other week because it is so hard to find a decent job in this county. I did start drinking less but I fucked up and just got arrested for a DUI and they took my license. It is likely to be suspended for a year but luckily my job is less than half a mile from my house. My car was impounded and my mom got it out for me.
I cannot describe the shame and guilt I feel. I feel like such a fucking loser and a piece of shit mom. I am so scared because I don't know what I'm going to do. With credit card bills piling, court costs and not making enough to get caught up. And I may end up doing time for the DUI and that'll drive my debt up more.
All this and my kids birthday is in less than a week and he keeps asking about it and I don't want to tell him I don't have the money to get him a toy and cake. Because whatever money I get I have to try and pull myself out of this hole I put us in.
All because I couldn't stop drinking. I haven't drank since my DUI arrest but it's only been a week. I got myself into a hole and I don't know if I can get myself out. I'm 31 years old this is my life and it's my fault. I'm so lost.
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2023.06.09 11:00 AutoModerator June 09, 2023 - Weekly FAQ and Beginner Q&A Thread If you are new to Neville, please post your questions here! How do I manifest X? What does Y mean?

Feel free to ask any type of question on this thread. More importantly, feel free to answer questions that have been asked!
Additionally, please refrain from posting multiple questions in the subreddit, and instead post the question in here. Moderators may remove or lock posts that are asking frequently asked questions.
If you believe you have a question that hasn't been answered, or would like to open a broader discussion that you feel it deserves its own thread, feel free to create an individual post! If you make an individual post, make sure to add as much context as possible, and be sure the question hasn't been answered elsewhere, or the post will be disapproved.
Old Scheduled Q&A Threads

New to Neville's teachings? Start here!

The below links contain essentially the entirety of Neville's teachings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I manifest xyz?

Yes, anything is possible.

How do I manifest xyz?

All manifestations use the same technique(s). To get good simply takes practice and imagination.
Neville's Basic Manifestation Techniques:

What scene should I choose?

Any scene which you believe you would encounter after your wish is fulfilled.

What should I start reading?

We recommend The Law and The Promise or The Power of Awareness first for beginners. This is because Neville includes several examples and success stories from students, in addition to being lighter on Bible references, which can be off-putting or confusing to beginners.
If you want a physical copy of his books, publishers continue publishing new copies of Neville's works. Please check your library, locally owned book store, or search online for Neville's works. If you purchase a new physical copy, we recommend The Power of Imagination: The Neville Goddard Treasury, as it contains all of Neville's books in one volume.
All of Neville’s books and lectures are in the public domain and can be searched online for free, and are included in the Wiki and Sidebar links mentioned previously.

What is an SP?

Specific Person. Usually in reference to a person’s romantic interest or crush. The term was popularized by so-called, self-professed online manifestation coaches and "experts". /NevilleGoddardSP is a dedicated, expert subreddit for that.

What is a Mental Diet?

Avoiding negative conversation and media, paying attention to positive conversation and media.

What is SATS?

State Akin To Sleep (SATS) refers to the deep state of consciousness during meditation or just before falling asleep. In SATS, the body is relaxed, but control over the mind is retained. It is used to create vivid visualizations in imagination for the purposes of manifesting.
After you have decided on the action which implies that your desire has been realized, then sit in your nice comfortable chair or lie flat on your back, close your eyes for the simple reason it helps to induce this state that borders on sleep. The minute you feel this lovely drowsy state, or the feeling of gathered togetherness, wherein you feel- I could move if I wanted to, but I do not want to, I could open my eyes if I wanted to, but I do not want to. When you get that feeling you can be quite sure that you are in the perfect state to pray successfully.
Neville Goddard, 1948 Lecture Series, Lesson 4

What is the Lullaby Method?

In SATS, instead of visualizing, repeat an affirmation to oneself again and again, building the feeling of it being true.

What is Revision?

Revision is revising in imagination events that have happened in the past as a way of mitigating their effects in the future.
See also: Revision: The Complete Guide

What is Door Slamming/You are in Barbados/Living in the End/State of the Wish Fulfilled?

Closing your mind to any other possibility besides your outcome. Assuming your desire is true and not questioning it.

Do we have Free Will?

Yes, and no. It’s complicated. See here.

What is "Everyone is You Pushed Out" (EIYPO)?

On a practical level, what you believe is what you get. The world only shows you your own beliefs. On a metaphysical level, we are all the same God interacting with Itself through an infinite number of different points.
The whole vast world is no more than man's imagining pushed out. I must qualify that by saying that the world outside of man is dead, but Man is a living soul, and it responds to man, yet man is sound asleep and does not know it. The Lord God placed man in a profound sleep, and as he sleeps the world responds as in a dream, for Man does not know he is asleep, and then he moves from a state of sleep where he is only a living soul to an awakened state where he is a life-giving Spirit. And now he can himself create, for everything is responding to an activity in man which is Imagination. "The eternal body of man is all imagination; that is God himself." (Blake)
Neville Goddard, The Law lecture

What if everything is going wrong? What if I am manifesting the opposite of my desire?

Failure is generally due to a lack of consistent faith or belief in the outcome, not feeling as though it had already happened. However, if the one has consistently been loyal to their faith, then we are reminded that all manifestations have their appointed hour (Hab 2:3). Neville writes about the causes of failure here.

What about (my sick mom, my crazy grandpa, the homeless, starving children, etc.)?

In Neville's view, there is one being that is God (who is pure imagination), and has split Itself into infinite smaller forms to undergo a series of good/bad experiences across lifetimes until these smaller pieces realize they are God and reintegrate. The less fortunate are to be helped, not looked down upon, but understanding it is necessary for God to realize Itself (to experience bad and good).

What happens after I die? What is The Promise?

Neville’s prophetic vision of an individual’s reintegration with God.

Can I manifest multiple things at once?

Yes. Here is Neville's answer regarding how to manifest multiple things from Lessons Q&A:
\5. Question: Is it possible to imagine several things at the same time, or should I confine my imagining to one desire?
Answer: Personally I like to confine my imaginal act to a single thought, but that does not mean I will stop there. During the course of a day I may imagine many things, but instead of imagining lots of small things, I would suggest that you imagine something so big it includes all the little things. Instead of imagining wealth, health and friends, imagine being ecstatic. You could not be ecstatic and be in pain. You could not be ecstatic and be threatened with a dispossession notice. You could not be ecstatic if you were not enjoying a full measure of friendship and love.
What would the feeling be like were you ecstatic without knowing what had happened to produce your ecstasy? Reduce the idea of ecstasy to the single sensation, "Isn't it wonderful!" Do not allow the conscious, reasoning mind to ask why, because if it does it will start to look for visible causes, and then the sensation will be lost. Rather, repeat over and over again, "Isn't it wonderful!" Suspend judgment as to what is wonderful. Catch the one sensation of the wonder of it all and things will happen to bear witness to the truth of this sensation. And I promise you, it will include all the little things.

What if I have another question?

Please use Reddit's search feature or post it here in the Q&A thread.
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2023.06.09 10:50 highONdaisys666 I have lost complete control of my life and I am terrified

I am 31 years old and a single mother and recovering drug addict.
After my kid was born in 2017 I moved in with my family to get away, get clean and start trying to get my shit together. Things started to drastically improve in my life. I got a great job with great pay and benefits, my family and I all moved into a bigger house where I paid my share of bills/rent, I made a good friend that wasn't a addict that I enjoyed doing things with etc
Then I started drinking, a lot. Wasn't a drinker while in active addiction but after getting clean I started drinking and I liked the way it made me feel. At first it was a normal socially acceptable amount but then I was taking shots as soon as I woke up, during the day, and before I went to bed. I drank before work and after. It was a daily habit and I could function without people noticing.
While that was going on my family came into some money and decided they wanted to move to another state eight hours from the one we currently lived in and at the time I had a serious bf that I invisioned getting a place with and staying since I had a good job. At this point I had developed a serious alcohol problem and it was no secret to my family. They were actually fed up with my habit and were kind of relieved to move on without me. After all I was almost 30 and they did their part. They picked out a house packed their stuff and moved and I stayed at the house because the rent was paid and there was a whole month before i had to be out. I spiraled after they left and lost my job because I had too much to drink before my shift but went anyways and the alcohol hit me all at once there and my friend could tell I was drunk so I knew the others could to so I panicked and walked out called a ride and never went back. I didn't have a car at the time but taxes came and I bought one and two teenagers crashed into me while I was at a stop sign and totaled my car.
I got a little insurance money but the month was almost up and I had no car, no job and my bf wasnt making any moves to get us a place he drank as often as I did so I really started to panic. My bf could go back to his mom's but if I didn't find a place I was going to be homeless and i freaked out and begged my mom to let me come live with them at the new place. My mom was hesitant but worried that I would be homeless so against her better judgement she let me move in but she told me I can't drink there or shed kick me out.
Since I have moved here I have done nothing but fuck up. I kept drinking by mostly sneaking it and getting caught. Begging to not be kicked out and promises this and that. I got a good job and was fired because I got drunk and started fighting with my mom and went to jail for assault and battery. The charges were dropped but my job found out and fired me. So I'm unemployed for 6 months and I use my three credit cards to fund mine and my kids needs/wants, still no car, while I bounce back n forth between sobriety and I max them out. The payments are 3 months overdue and getting higher.
Taxes come back around and I buy a car. I started working at this terrible fast food place making 11$hr getting paid every other week because it is so hard to find a decent job in this county. I did start drinking less but I fucked up and just got arrested for a DUI and they took my license. It is likely to be suspended for a year but luckily my job is less than half a mile from my house. My car was impounded and my mom got it out for me.
I cannot describe the shame and guilt I feel. I feel like such a fucking loser and a piece of shit mom. I am so scared because I don't know what I'm going to do. With credit card bills piling, court costs and not making enough to get caught up. And I may end up doing time for the DUI and that'll drive my debt up more.
All this and my kids birthday is in less than a week and he keeps asking about it and I don't want to tell him I don't have the money to get him a toy and cake. Because whatever money I get I have to try and pull myself out of this hole I put us in.
All because I couldn't stop drinking. I haven't drank since my DUI arrest but it's only been a week. I got myself into a hole and I don't know if I can get myself out. I'm 31 years old this is my life and it's my fault. I'm so lost.
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2023.06.09 10:50 maximusaemilius Empyrean Iris: 2-19: The prodigum (by Charlie Star)

FYI, this is a story COLLECTION. Lots of standalones technically. So, you can basically start to read at any chapter, no pre-read of the other chapters needed technically (other than maybe getting better descriptions of characters than: Adam Vir=human, Krill=antlike alien, Sunny=tall alien, Conn=telepathic alien). The numbers are (mostly) only for organization of posts and continuity.
OC Written by Charlie Stastarrfallknightrise,
Typed up and then posted here by me.
Proofreading and language check for some chapters by u/Finbar9800
Future Lore and fact check done by me.
Apparently, Krill did not check with law enforcement after the Rumors chapter…
Well shit…
Previous First [Next](link)
Want to find a specific one, see the whole list or check fanart?
Here is the link to the master-post.
The darkness around them was hot and stifling. Their breath had leached the freshness out of the crate hours ago, leaving them sitting in a stale muggy darkness. Sunny shifted in the near darkness, struggling to see with the single beam of meager light which filtered in from above.
Adam lay in her arms blacked out completely.
She let his upper body rest gently in her lower arms, while her upper arms searched through his blond hair –matted with dried blood– and across his scalp.
She swore she was going to kill the person who did this to him.
Didn't they know what a knock in the head could do to a human? Didn't they understand what a concussion meant?
He needed a doctor, he needed Krill, but the little physician wasn't with them now.
He was back on the Tesraki home planet with the ship.
And they were... well Sunny had no idea where they were.
It had all happened so fast, one moment they were walking through the streets, going through market vendor stalls and laughing about something stupid, and the next moment Adam was lying unconscious on the ground and her head was inside a bag.
She would have fought, but they threatened to hurt Adam if she did.
Perhaps if it had been some other person, she might have taken that chance, but she wasn't nearly willing enough to risk Adam for her own perceived vanity.
After the attack, they had quickly been carted off across the city and loaded into this crate. She had heard the sound of the docks and the roaring of engines. She had sat in here for hours as the ship passed in and then out of warp.
Wherever they were, they were miles away from home, with no one to come and same them.
And Adam was injured, likely concussed.
Worst of all is that she couldn't even see his eyes to check and make sure if he was ok or not. His breathing was relatively even, a slow expansion of his chest and ribs over and over and over again.
She adjusted herself, groaning softly as she attempted to stretch out her legs. Adam's body was dead weight in her hands as she moved him pulling him further onto her lap to where she could hold him with her right set of arms while examining his wound with the other two.
His head rested against her shoulder breath hot on her neck.
Good, she could make sure he was still alive that way.
The engine thrummed.
She had tried to break out of the box first thing of course, but that action had proven to be fruitless, as had screaming. The engine was much too loud. She had, of course, tried engineering her way out of the box, but without tools, space and with Adam's dead weight to work around, that had also been a fruitless option.
So, she sat in the dark and waited.
She was beginning to worry that Adam would never wake up when he finally began to stir.
Sunny sighed a deep sigh of relief.
"Adam. Adam, are you ok, can you hear me?"
For a horrible moment there was no answer, but then a groggy,
"Sunny... Where are we... Why can't I see?”
A hint of panic crept into his voice.
"Shh, you're ok we are just stuck in a crate, that's all."
"Oh that's good,"
He paused,
"Never thought I would say that about being stuck in a crate."
She sighed again in relief, glad to see that he was at least lucid and understood what was happening,
"Now hold on, what happened, and why do I have such a raging headache?”
She shifted slightly in her space as he adjusted himself.
The crate was small, so there wasn't really anywhere for him to go, so he just ended up resting more securely against her chest, head resting on her chest plate her lower arms wrapped around him to keep him in place.
"We were attacked, you were knocked out and I was threatened."
"And you didn't screw them up?"
"They were threatening to kill you. I only had so many options."
He grunted, and in the dark he sighed, turning his head so his cheek was brushing up against her,
"This has been a shit day."
That made her laugh. Leave it to Adam to make her laugh when their lives were in danger.
Nothing much they could do about the situation now, and they remained in darkness, curled up together under the roaring of the engine.
Both of them felt it when the ship came into atmosphere, growing more and more nervous as they felt their crate being shifted and moved. Their little sliver of light was completely gone now leaving them in complete darkness as they were jostled and jolted around inside the crate. Then there came voices, Tesraki, Drev, Burg, and another voice which was far less familiar to Sunny than any of the others.
She felt Adam go still in her arms.
He hissed, the sharp crack of the spat word hissing through the darkness.
Sunny didn't know much about that species. The only thing she knew for sure is that they had withdrawn from peace talks with the GA and were an outside entity. She knew they occasionally traded with the GA and that Adam had had some run-ins with them. Run-ins like human slave trade or… infant meat trade that gave him a serious hatred for their kind, which was uncharacteristic for his usual forgiving nature.
The crate jolted and rocked.
A distant thrumming filled the background, the lull of conversation, and then it went silent again.
The box jolted downwards.
"Here master, just as you requested."
"I assume you got a good specimen?"
Adam and Sunny leaned up against the walls of their crate trying to determine who or what was speaking.
"You will be most pleased with us master. Got you a real fine specimen we did, worth well over the asking prices. Will be the most exotic piece to your collection for sure."
There was a low sort of guttural rumble from the outside of the crate.
"I will be the judge of that. Open the crate."
There was some shuffling for a moment, a sharp snap and the sides of the box fell away. Sunny and Adam were forced to raise their hands against the light as bright purple and blue light assailed them from all directions. They blinked past the shade cast by their hands.
The room they stood in was strange.
They got the feeling that the open space was supposed to be some kind of meeting space or gathering room.
Perhaps even some sort of entertainment room with how large it was, two floors connected by wide arching ramps up either side of the wide room. The floor below them was a purplish sort of grey made even more so by the blue and purple lights from above.
Adam turned his head in a wide arc, his head raised towards the ceiling. Sunny followed his gaze, and was immediately horrified.
Overhead at least twenty cages had been suspended from the ceiling. Though most of them were either empty, three others were occupied.
Two sick, mournful looking humans and a bleached white skeleton.
"The fuck!?”
Adam turned his head, eyes narrowing towards the group that stood around them, and Sunny got her first good look at the Prodigum.
She was not pleased with what she saw.
It had to be the ugliest thing she ever saw, and that meant something with them knowing the Burg.
The creature was big, maybe a little taller than her.
It had a body sort of like a gorilla, if gorillas were absolutely hideous in every way.
Its back legs were short and stumpy, just one massive fleshy mass, holding up their incredible bulk. They had no neck to speak of, and their arms were absolutely massive, jutting ninety degrees from their shoulders and then ninety degrees again at the elbow. IF you were to have stretched out one of their arms it would almost have been one to two thirds’ times as tall as their own bodies.
Each arm was thicker than a man's waist, and instead of hands it had one long pointy spike.
When they walked, they walked on their wrists as if a human were to go to walk on their knuckles but have their wrist buckle leaving the spike to point back and up.
Its body was covered in an immense and pendulous collection of baggy folds which swung heavily from side to side as it moved.
There was no neck, and its large face was droopy, its horrific mouth a grotesque, sagging heap like a child was trying to melt a playdough smiley face in the microwave.
With two sets of eyes on either side of its grotesque head and the numbers spaghetti like protrusions, which dangled from its throat – writhing to and fro while also acting as the creature's hands – it was a grotesque and monstrous sight.
Sunny made a face. Adam grunted,
The aliens gnored them and kept speaking,
"And the Drev?"
"Consider her a bonus."
The big ugly creature grunted, expelling a burst of air from the two breathing tubes which sagged from either side of its neck, their ends opening and closing like the blowholes of a whale.
Adam shifted and stood unsteadily against Sunny's protests gripping the bars with white knuckled hands.
"You have no idea what you have just started, ugly!”
The Prodigum laughed, through it came out as wet gurgling snorts from its breathing tubes,
"Oh I know exactly what I have started… commander Vir."
Adam stepped back in shock, nearly tripping over Sunny in their tight confines.
The Prodigum leaned in close to the cage, the little spaghetti-like tentacles waving before the bars curling uncurling or wrapping themselves around cold steel.
Adam made a face.
"In fact, it was your presence which I requested personally."
He turned in his spot to look at the room around him, which Sunny was becoming to understand was far larger than she had originally assumed.
"I have many wealthy clients who don't settle for just anyone, commander. Your prestige will be a great selling point."
"What even is this place?"
"Many things, many things. It is a place of business, a place of frivolity, and a place where humans do what they are told."
His voice grew low and quiet. One of his large, spiked arms raised off the floor somewhat. The Spike brandished.
"And what exactly do you expect me to do for you?"
He asked, crossing his arms over his chest.
"Why, the only thing humans are good for… I want you to sing!”
This time both Adam and Sunny were dumbstruck,
"You want me to do what now?"
"Sing, commander. You do know what singing is, don't you?”
Adam shook his head,
"You have got to be fucking kidding me. That's it!? That's why you kidnapped one of the most –not to brag or anything– powerful men in the GA. The guy with the firepower of an entire human fleet behind him, and you brought me here to be your cage canary!? To sing you little songs!!??"
The Prodigum grunted,
"That is precisely what I expect you to do, commander."
Adam proceeded to laugh in his face,
"You have got to be kidding me. Not only is this possibly the stupidest thing I have ever heard of just in principle, but it is ALSO dumb because there are thousands of humans out there who can sing better than me. Sure, I can carry a tune, but I'm not Freddie mercury."
The Prodigum was not looking as bothered by the comments as he probably should have been. In fact, he almost seemed amused,
"This is not about your ABILITY to sing commander. Most nonhumans can't actually tell the difference between good and bad singing, they simply know it is something they cannot do. No, I didn't bring you here for your skill, I brought you here because of your importance. When my clients see you, they are going to understand what you represent... And that is my complete and total control, my absolute impunity when it comes to the law, and my ability to do whatever I want. You are a symbol of my power."
"Yeah, and you can suck a bag of dicks."
The Prodigum leaned closer,
"You will do what I want you to do."
A group of tentacles wriggled through the bars waving before their faces. Sunny saw it coming way before the Prodigum did, though he definitely should have seen it coming. The way the human's body tensed up, the way he grew still, the way his eyes drew to laser focus, the way that his knees bent and his hands curled at his sides.
And then he struck.
Like a cobra.
With one hand he reached out wrapping his fingers around a handful of the nasty wriggling tentacles before yanking hard.
The Prodigum screamed.
Sunny lunged forward to help all four of her arms shooting through the bars as Adam dug his fingers into the writhing tentacles.
There was an eruption of movement.
Adam craned his neck downwards, mouth open teeth poised to strike.
Everyone knew what a human bite meant.
And then there was an eruption of pain. Lightning coursed across her vision and Sunny found herself on the ground, legs twitching. She heard Adam yell, he was screaming through his teeth.
And then a dull thud.
The pain went away.
She looked over to find Adam sagging against the bars of the cage.
The Prodigum had retreated with his posse surrounding him…
He mewled with pain, a few of his face tentacles dripping blue onto the floor, others hanging limp and unusable.
The human began to laugh, despite the pain of the electric shock,
With anger in his expression, the Prodigum looked up,
"Secure the Drev."
Sunny struggled to her feet as both her and Adam realized what was happening.
Sunny yelled for Adam to duck, but he was too late, a loop slipped over his neck tightening and pulling him against the side of the cage.
He choked and gasped trying to force his fingers under the loop kicking and struggling as the door was thrown open and Sunny was electrocuted again, before a group of others piled atop her securing her arms and dragging her form the cage, which was then shut.
Adam was let go, staggering to his knees, hands clenched around his throat.
He choked and gasped.
"I am going to make this very clear for you human."
Sunny was hauled upwards by the back of her carapace and suspended in the air.
"Do what I wish, or the Drev dies.”
Sunny struggled against their arms, looking back towards the cage where Adam knelt.
She wished he would tell them to go to hell, but she could see almost immediately by the expression on his face and the pain in his single green eye that the Prodigum had done it.
He had found Adam's weakness.
He had found humanity's greatest trait and their greatest weakness.
Their lo…yalty.
And now they were in his power.
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We, the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of Divine Providence, in order to establish a Government that shall embody our ideals, promote the general welfare, conserve and develop the patrimony of our Nation, and secure to ourselves and our posterity the blessings of democracy under a regime of justice, peace, liberty, and equality, do ordain and promulgate this Constitution.
SECTION 1. The national territory comprises the Philippine archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein, and all the other territories belonging to the Philippines by historic right or legal title, including the territorial sea, the air space, the subsoil, the sea-bed, the insular shelves, and the other submarine areas over which the Philippines has sovereignty or jurisdiction. The waters around, between, and connecting the islands of the archipelago, irrespective of their breadth and dimensions, form part of the internal waters of the Philippines.
SECTION 1. The Philippines is a republican state. Sovereignty resides in the people and all governmental authority emanates from them.
SEC. 2. The defense of the State is a prime duty of the Government and the people, and in the fulfillment of this duty all citizens may be required by law to render personal military or civil service.
SEC. 3. The Philippines renounces war as an instrument of national policy, adopts the generally accepted principles of international law as part of the law of the land, and adheres to the policy of peace, equality, justice, freedom, cooperation, and amity with all nations.
SEC. 4. The State shall strengthen the family as a basic social institution. The natural right and duty of parents in the rearing of the youth for civic efficiency and the development of moral character shall receive the aid and support of the Government.
SEC. 5. The State recognizes the vital role of the youth in the nation-building and shall promote their physical, intellectual, and social well-being.
SEC. 6. The State shall promote social justice to ensure the dignity, welfare, and security of all the people. Towards this end, the State shall regulate the acquisition, ownership, use, enjoyment, and disposition of private property, and equitably diffuse property ownership and profits.
SEC. 7. The State shall establish, maintain, and ensure adequate social services in the field of education, health, housing, employment, welfare, and social security to guarantee the enjoyment by the people of a decent standard of living.
SEC. 8. Civilian authority is at all times supreme over the military.
SEC. 9. The State shall afford protection to labor, promote full employment and equality in employment, ensure equal work opportunities regardless of sex, race, or creed, and regulate the relations between workers and employers. The State shall assure the rights of workers to self-organization, collective bargaining, security of tenure, and just and humane conditions of work. The State may provide for compulsory arbitration.
SEC. 10. The State shall guarantee and promote the autonomy of local government units, especially the [barangays ], to ensure their fullest development as self-reliant communities.
SECTION 1. The following are citizens of the Philippines:
(1) Those who are citizens of the Philippines at the time of the adoption of this Constitution.
(2) Those whose fathers or mothers are citizens of the Philippines.
(3) Those who elect Philippine citizenship pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution of nineteen hundred and thirty-five.
(4) Those who are naturalized in accordance with law.
SEC. 2. A female citizen of the Philippines who marries an alien shall retain her Philippine citizenship, unless by her act or omission she is deemed, under the law, to have renounced her citizenship.
SEC. 3. Philippine citizenship may be lost or reacquired in the manner provided by law.
SEC. 4. A natural-born citizen is one who is a citizen of the Philippines from birth without having to perform any act to acquire or perfect his Philippine citizenship.
SECTION 1. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.
SEC. 2. Private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation.
SEC. 3. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures of whatever nature and for any purpose shall not be violated, and no search warrant or warrant of arrest shall issue except upon probable cause to be determined by the judge, or such other responsible officer as may be authorized by law, after examination under oath or affirmation of the complainant and the witnesses he may produce, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
SEC. 4. (1) The privacy of communication and correspondence shall be inviolable except upon lawful order of the court, or when public safety and order require otherwise.
(2) Any evidence obtained in violation of this or the preceding section shall be inadmissible for any purpose in any proceeding.
SEC. 5. The liberty of abode and of travel shall not, be impaired except upon lawful order of the court, or when necessary in the interest of national security, public safety, or public health.
SEC. 6. The right of the people to information on matters of public concern shall be recognized. Access to official records, and to documents and papers pertaining to official acts, transactions, or decisions, shall be afforded the citizen subject to such limitations as may be provided by law.
SEC. 7. The right to form associations or societies for purposes not contrary to law shall not be abridged.
SEC. 8. No law shall be made respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall forever be allowed. No religious test shall be required for the exercise of civil or political rights.
SEC. 9. No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the Government for redress of grievances.
SEC. 10. No law granting a title of royalty or nobility shall be enacted.
SEC. 11. No law impairing the obligation of contracts shall be passed.
SEC. 12. No ex post facto law or bill of attainder shall be enacted.
SEC. 13. No person shall be imprisoned for debt or non-payment of a poll tax.
SEC. 14. No involuntary servitude in any form shall exist except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duty convicted.
SEC. 15. The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended except in cases of invasion, insurrection, rebellion, or imminent danger thereof, when the public safety requires it.
SEC. 16. All persons shall have the right to a speedy disposition of their cases before all judicial, quasi-judicial, or administrative bodies.
SEC. 17. No person shall be held to answer for a criminal offense without due process of law.
SEC. 18. All persons, except those charged with capital offenses when evidence of guilt is strong, shall, before conviction, be bailable by sufficient sureties. Excessive bail shall not be required.
SEC. 19. In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall be presumed innocent until the contrary is proved, and shall enjoy the right to be heard by himself and counsel, to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation against him, to have a speedy, impartial, and public trial, to meet the witnesses face to face, and to have compulsory process to secure the attendance of witnesses and the production of evidence in his behalf. However, after arraignment, trial may proceed notwithstanding the absence of the accused provided that he has been duly notified and his failure to appear is unjustified.
SEC. 20. No person shall be compelled to be a witness against himself. Any person under investigation for the commission of an offense shall have the right to remain silent and to counsel, and to be informed of such right. No force, violence, threat, intimidation, or any other means which vitiate the free will shall be used against him. Any confession obtained in violation of this section shall be inadmissible in evidence.
SEC. 21. Excessive fines shall not be imposed, nor cruel or unusual punishment inflicted.
SEC. 22. No person shall be twice put in jeopardy of punishment for the same offense. If an act is punished by a law and an ordinance, conviction or acquittal under either shall constitute a bar to another prosecution for the same act.
SEC. 23. Free access to the courts shall not be denied to any person by reason of poverty.
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