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2021.11.25 02:00 Pultap 067MrBeast

067 From MrBeasts Squid Game

2014.10.12 22:40 oblivio69 Squad

Squad is a teamwork oriented tactical shooter being made by the Canadian-based Offworld Industries. It is the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed and highly successful Battlefield 2 mod called Project Reality.

2015.08.16 21:35 Callieism

All things Callie! Your hub for the pinker, sweeter, peppier half of the Squid Sisters! Praise be to our Genki Goddess!

2023.06.09 16:42 NeoAhhh I think i found a game about art that has lore

(they deleted my post from gaming so im posting it here)
The name is different strokes and its about art(like i said) and its weird sometimes.
if you go play it(recomend it) you might not think nothing at first and think im crazy but there are ghost you can talk to in the game and one ghost says something like "i got scared to death and ended up here",does it mean the gallery of the game is actually heaven or some sort of after life?
also another ghost dialog comfirms its saying "you wanna see what under the sheet? nothing silly im a ghost" or something like that,it might mean some sort of lore or im just crazy idk
it might also mean that the staff of the gallery are some sort of angel,since they are the only characters that arent ghosts,the player might be a ghost if thats the case or someone that has ascended from earth to after life
last thing i want to say is that the game is good i recomend you to play it if you like drawing (link to the steam page:https://store.steampowered.com/app/2102020/Different_Strokes/ and itch.io if you dont want to dowload it:https://swsteffes.itch.io/different-strokes)
anyways goodbye and have fun
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2023.06.09 16:42 OpeningTheoryBot [Random] 1. c3 (Saragossa Opening)

Opening line: 1. c3
Opening name: Saragossa Opening
Board image: https://i.imgur.com/c9UknjR.png
Lichess board: https://lichess.org/analysis/pgn/1.+c3++
Wikibooks page: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Chess_Opening_Theory/1._c3
Winning percenatages:
White: 85 (29.41%)
Black: 94 (32.53%)
Draws: 110 (38.06%)
1. c3 - Saragossa Opening
A rarely played move as it takes away the Knight's developing square c3. It is likely to transpose into a London System, Torre attack, Colle system, or Macleod Attack where the pawn structure is generally c3, d4, e3, or e5 depending on black's moves.
No known responses found
Engine Evaluation
Depth: 52
Score: 0.0
Best Move: Nf6
PV Line: 1. c3 Nf6 2. d4 d5 3. Nf3 Bf5 4. Qb3 Qc8 5. c4 dxc4 6. Qxc4
Puzzles based around 1. c3
Historical games for Saragossa Opening
Game Result Year
Carlsen, M.. (2847) vs Vachier Lagrave, M.. (2758) 1-0 2021
Carlsen, M. (2864) vs Shankland, S. (2718) 1-0 2022
Karjakin, Sergey (2773) vs Aronian, L. (2767) 1-0 2018
Andreikin, D. (2736) vs Harikrishna, P. (2766) 1/2-1/2 2017
Andreikin, Dmitry (2726) vs Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar (2770) 1/2-1/2 2020
Andreikin, Dmitry (2726) vs Gupta, Abhijeet (2603) 1-0 2020
Dreev, A. (2623) vs Anton Guijarro, D. (2694) 0-1 2022
So, W. (2778) vs Kosteniuk, A. (2516) 1-0 2022
Markovic, Miroslav (2558) vs Georgiev, Kiril (2661) 1/2-1/2 2000
Narayanan, SL. (2657) vs Mendonca, Leon Luke (2558) 1/2-1/2 2022
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2023.06.09 16:42 OpeningTheoryBot [Weekly: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 (King's Knight Opening)] 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bc4 (Four Knights Game)

This is part of this week's series on King's Knight Opening (1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6)
Opening line: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bc4
Opening name: Four Knights Game Italian Variation
Board image: https://i.imgur.com/idCOk9U.png
Lichess board: https://lichess.org/analysis/pgn/1.+e4+e5+2.+Nf3+Nc6+3.+Nc3+Nf6+4.+Bc4++
Wikibooks page: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Chess_Opening_Theory/1._e4/1...e5/2._Nf3/2...Nc6/3._Nc3/3...Nf6/4._Bc4
Winning percenatages:
White: 64 (18.39%)
Black: 114 (32.76%)
Draws: 170 (48.85%)
Four Knights Game
White's 4.Bc4 in here looks like a natural developing move, targeting f7 and getting ready to castle. There is however a tactical trick Black has (4...Nxe4!) which has made masters shun away from 4.Bc4. For some history, we might mention that Tarrasch played this against Lasker in the 1916 World Championship, and was crushed.
If Black wants to accept a normal game, there is nothing particularly wrong with a natural developing move like 4...Bc5, but 4...Nxe4! is the best move in the position, and White is then fighting for equality.
In fact, below the master level, this position crops up very often. One online chess database (365chess) says that 4.Bc4 is played in one out of every five games featuring the Four Knights, and since most amateur games never make it onto that database, the real figure is probably higher. Larry D. Evans (see references below) says that his students wind up in this line about once a tournament.
Since 4.Bc4 is played so often, learning the theory on 4...Nxe4 will let you get many good positions with Black after only a few moves. With best play, White should probably equalize (according to Pinski's book on the Four Knights), but has to work a bit for it.
Most popular responses
  • 4...Nxe4 (Four Knights Game) Black makes a temporary sacrifice of the knight, and if White plays 5.Nxe4, Black can play ...d5 with a fork which wins back the piece. This tactical trick does not win any material for Black, but knocking out the important White center pawn on e4 has secured Black a good foothold in the center. (Lichess analysis) (Wikibooks) (3388444 games)
Engine Evaluation
Depth: 55
Score: 0.0
Best Move: Nxe4
PV Line: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. Bc4 Nxe4 5. Nxe4 d5 6. Bd3 dxe4 7. Bxe4 Bd6 8. d4 exd4 9. Bxc6+
Puzzles based around Four Knights Game
Historical games for Four Knights Game Italian Variation
Game Result Year
So, W. (2780) vs Mamedyarov, S. (2801) 0-1 2018
Mamedyarov, S. (2767) vs So, W. (2767) 0-1 2019
Ivanchuk, Vassily (2739) vs Karjakin, Sergey (2723) 1/2-1/2 2009
Belozerov, A. (2528) vs Yu Yangyi (2764) 1/2-1/2 2018
Savchenko, B. (2610) vs Vallejo Pons, F. (2677) 0-1 2016
Kogan, Artur (2569) vs Eljanov, Pavel (2716) 1/2-1/2 2008
Koch, Jean Rene (2507) vs Adams, Michael (2746) 0-1 2001
Zhang, Pengxiang (2640) vs Koneru, Humpy (2612) 1/2-1/2 2008
Vlassov, Nikolai (2492) vs Adams, Michael (2740) 0-1 2004
Koch, Jean Rene (2485) vs Adams, Michael (2716) 1/2-1/2 1999
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2023.06.09 16:41 Nyetsama Being friends with someone ruined my sanity😭

(Ok so this is my first time doing one of these so bare with me)
So i was friends with a person named clove we didn’t have the best friendship they were cool for abit but kind of annoying tbh they’d do really stupid stuff I don’t agree with like sending “suggestive” pics to people who were minors (they were a minor too) but weird nonetheless but we would play games and stuff and everytime we would play they would be so annoying to me commenting on everything i did wrong or talk about themselves so much and eventually i just snapped at them and yelled at them they started crying and i felt bad so i apologized and everything was normal and randomly they ghost me and tell their friends bad things about me so i told their crush they liked them and clove leaks my phone number out and i see random people texting me and Harassing me over it than clove texts me and honestly at that point I really didn’t care for what they had to say.
1 day i was sick in my room and one of my friends told me clove said i was gonna sa one of their friends i tried to talk to them and they said “it’s obviously you and blocked me” so i was losing my cool at that point and I exposed one of their deepest secrets i wont say here for their privacy.
Tbh this happened like 2-3 years ago and i skimmed over alot of stuff that happened but honestly idk how to feel about everything that happened nor idk what to do to cope
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2023.06.09 16:40 AvvYaa Comparing RL and LLMs for Game Playing AI (A video)

Hey guys! I published a video on my YT highlighting the recent trends in game playing AI research with LLMs and how Reinforcement Learning could benefit or be affected by it.
I tried to explain recent papers like SPRING and Voyager which are straight-up LLM-based (GPT-4 and ChatGPT) methods that play open-world survival games like Minecraft and Crafter, through some really neat prompting and chain-of-thought techniques. I also cover LLM-assisted RL methods like ELLM, DESP, and Read and Reap Rewards that help train RL Agents efficiently by addressing many common issues with RL training, namely sparse rewards and sample efficiency.
I tried to stay at a level that most people interested in the topic could take something away from watching it. I’m a small Youtuber, so I appreciate any feedback I can get here!
Leaving a link here in case anyone is interested! https://youtu.be/cXfnNoMgCio
If the above doesn’t work, try:
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2023.06.09 16:40 KabooshWasTaken Improving Counter-Strike.

This is the type of self-important post that typically turns into an overlong video essay, but I thought it'd be better to consolidate my thoughts somewhat and post it here to see how Reddit's sharpest minds assess my takes. I started playing CS:GO again after a long break; seeing how it wanes in quality of life features made me think about this and seeing how they changed the buy menu spurred me to write it up. For reference, the buy menu change was pretty much exactly what I would've hoped for: I think it's fantastic.
Because people will bring it up, I have gotten good enough at CS:GO to be better than 90% of people (on Reddit, probably 99% IRL) and good enough to know I wasn't good at all. Then I played a lot of Valorant, and got similarly good there. Some of my suggestions will resemble aspects of Valorant. I ask you to disagree with them on their merits, not because they may resemble Valorant.
I will organize them on levels of disagreeability. There are things I find to be objective, then there are things that I think should be objective. I will start with the former.
  1. Server browser. This will be changed in CS2, but yeah, it sucks. Everyone knows it sucks. Moving on.
  2. Demos are buggy. I'm pretty sure this will be changed in CS2 as well, as the demo vieweserver browser are archaic in similar ways.
  3. Radar is a mess. If you look at radar in Valorant, it looks like they actually thought about its importance -- radar in CS:GO feels haphazard, like an afterthought of design, and it makes the game even harder on new players (I will come back to this a lot). It is not a good sign that throughout the game's lifespan there have been very popular mods directed toward decluttering the radar (BananaGaming radaSimple RadaGolden Radar), and it's worse that every esports organizer has now rejected the default radars. They are a mess, especially on Nuke and Vertigo, and adopting Blast/ESL/whoever's minimaps would improve the playing experience.
  4. CZ-75. Just give it $300 kill reward, what the fuck. The pocket AK is a distant memory at this point and honestly it probably needs more than buffed kill reward, but $100 is blatantly stupid.
  5. Remakes. I was shocked that, in my time away from the game, Valve did something about people leaving (giving you a timeout and eliminating the heinous bot system) without allowing you the ability to remake. I would call it one of the most universally beloved options in League and Valorant: even if it's frustrating to waste time, playing a 4v5 is a larger waste of time. If someone leaves on pistol round, skip the timeout and give people a remake vote. It's been figured out in other games. On this note, adjust the three round period before giving bonus money for the shorter games.
  6. Allow people to give feedback on team damage. For the love of god. This has been requested forever, and the only reason it hasn't been added is (I assume) because it has relatively niche application. But after someone is teamkilled, allow them to tell the game whether the teamkill was intentional. It is possible -- unlikely, but possible -- to rack up three accidental teamkills and be kicked, and it shouldn't be. The technology is there.
  7. Incorporate the workshop essentials. I don't know if Valve would have to pay ulletical or what, but having Recoil MasteCrosshair GeneratoAim Botz as part of the base game would be a massive boon. While I'm actually a massive fan of the community back-and-forth that stems from the workshop/pro-modding framework, I think ideally the endgoal for these mods is incorporation. Having these maps as part of the vanilla game would make it much easier on new players.
Now I will move onto changes that I think should be objective, yet ones that I anticipate will generate controversy. If anyone even reads this shit, lol.
  1. Visibility sucks. It does! It's been an issue forever and I remember Inferno being changed for its sake. I would have understood some trepidation over giving players outlines before, but now that agent skins are here to stay, then it's really fucking time to offer enemy and ally outlines. I don't care that it's "lowering the skill ceiling," frankly I can't believe there wasn't more outcry for this during the new Cache/agent skin visibility controversy. It's absolutely braindead that you can die because someone has purchased and equipped the best CT agent for playing Ancient: there is really no justification for this in a competitive game. I don't even care if general visibility is being improved in CS2: I think player outlines are a feature of practicality. Also, if you disagree with me, you hate the colorblind.
  2. Visibility sucks, again. This is much less disagreeable (I think), but it's on the topic of visibility so I attached it here: the fact that you need the 'right' graphics settings to see through molotovs and, correct me if I'm wrong, but these differ from the right graphics settings to see through HE grenades, is absurd. But I'm pretty sure this will be changed.
  3. Buy phase. Time to eliminate RNG and allow people to roam around CT/T spawn during a buy phase that lasts some extra time. Like Valorant barriers, but confined to the spawn area. It may not be a perfect solution, as I worry this will slow down games a bit, but random spawns really need to go. The fact that RNG has such apparent, frustrating significance is not good. If barriers + extended buy time is too slow, then limit the RNG by reducing the polarity of spawns: have them relatively grouped up, and make each person carry the same spawn throughout a half. At least that way you don't have to guess past pistol round.
  4. Zeus. The Zeus is underrated, in that people don't take it seriously when it actually does serve a purpose, but please give it a $200 kill reward and let it pay for itself. It's not like we're seeing a glut of usage right now.
  5. Map rotations. CS:GO has really fumbled here, as I envy the timeline that had a more proactive Valve less afraid to force maps down people's throats. They didn't even have to be fully gung-ho about it; just putting Canals into Active Duty would have done so much... alas, this is something that has to be rectified now. My ideal is a StarCraft-esque system where there are Valve-sponsored community mapmaking competitions. As these maps get judged, the cream of the crop get added to the game, and Valve is a little more snappy with adding and removing maps from Active Duty. I think they're taking the right steps, but further encouraging community mapmaking would be the best way to reduce staleness while flexing on Riot, who have shunned it.
  6. Droppable kits. If utility is droppable, let's take the natural next step while also buffing CT economy/retakes a little. Someone better than me/with team experience can tell me if this sounds off, but right now it seems like saving is still too prevalent and CT economy is still too undertuned, and being able to drop kits is hardly a drastic change.
  7. More proactive community moderation. This will never happen, I understand, but the current state leaves a lot to be desired. While Valve may be responsive over email, what new player is going to be aware of [email protected]? And what would it matter, since their trust factor is going to be shit anyway and so Valve will leave them to the lions? I will go further and say that Valve's de facto policy of "if someone is harassing you, just mute and move on" is currently inadequate, for better or worse. Personally I have little issue just blocking someone who's harassing me... but then again, I get harassed very little (very good trust factor + standard male American accented voice), and I imagine that process is far more exhausting if harassment is frequent. Again, for new players, you need to ensure their first steps are relatively pleasant and that if something goes awry a solution can be promised. If a woman starts playing CS:GO and immediately gets harassed in their first game, or if a black guy starts playing CS:GO and immediately sees a racist steam name/steam PFP, you can't in good faith promise them that their reports will go anywhere. That sucks. Obviously it'd be great if everyone had kevlar-thick skin, but if you want new people to get into CS:GO, you can't carry that expectation.
As for some asides, the M249 doesn't need adjustment. Balancing a LMG for a tacshooter is hell and I'm perfectly content to leave it as a BM gun. The SMGs are a mess, but the issue is that there are too many and that they in turn feel redundant: there is no universe where any SMG is eliminated, just for the sake of skins.
My largest omission is matchmaking, which is itself a million separate issues manifesting together, but commenting on it feels like beating a dead horse. Yes, trust factor is an atrocity. Yes, 64/128 tick division is a joke. Yes, having to pay a third party for a remotely competitive experience is stupid.
Anyhow, be mean to me in the comments, I'll gladly fight if I disagree. Be warned though, "I'm not reading all that shit" is lazy.
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2023.06.09 16:39 FatGLolo I had a dream about TrackManka

So, yeah, I just woke up from a nap with my 10-month old son, and I had a very distinct dream about TrackMania.
It is weird because I have never played this game in my life! I am a gamer, so i know what it is, I have seen a few random videos about it but I never played the game.
The dream was very specific. It was a woman named Stefanie attempting a world record on a track and missing a very easy jump right at the start (completely missed it and ended up outside the track). It was ridiculous because she was very experienced on this track, and the hard part was supposed to be later.
Then some dude tried the same track. Successfully passed that first jump but got very confused on the next part because he was expecting a very straightforward track, but he ended up on like an open field with lots of different options on where to go and did not know the optimal way to go.
Then I woke up.
That's it.
I don't know what it means but wanted to share with your community.
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2023.06.09 16:39 AvvYaa Comparing RL and GPT for Game Playing AI (A video)

Hey guys! I published a video on my YT highlighting the recent trends in game-playing AI research with LLMs and how Reinforcement Learning could benefit or be affected by it.
I tried to explain recent papers like SPRING and Voyager which are straight-up LLM-based (GPT-4 and ChatGPT) methods that play open-world survival games like Minecraft and Crafter, through some really neat prompting and chain-of-thought techniques. I also cover LLM-assisted RL methods like ELLM, DESP, and Read and Reap Rewards that help train RL Agents efficiently by addressing many common issues with RL training, namely sparse rewards and sample efficiency.
I tried to stay at a level that most people interested in the topic could take something away from watching it. I’m a small Youtuber, so I appreciate any feedback I can get here!
Leaving a link here in case anyone is interested! https://youtu.be/cXfnNoMgCio
If the above doesn’t work, try:
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2023.06.09 16:39 TreeWhaleFall Winner gets perkaholic for life

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2023.06.09 16:38 AvvYaa Comparing RL and LLMs for Game Playing AI (A video)

Hey guys! I published a video on my YT highlighting the recent trends in game playing AI research with LLMs and how Reinforcement Learning could benefit or be affected by it.
I tried to explain recent papers like SPRING and Voyager which are straight-up LLM-based (GPT-4 and ChatGPT) methods that play open-world survival games like Minecraft and Crafter, through some really neat prompting and chain-of-thought techniques. I also cover LLM-assisted RL methods like ELLM, DESP, and Read and Reap Rewards that help train RL Agents efficiently by addressing many common issues with RL training, namely sparse rewards and sample efficiency.
I tried to stay at a level that most people interested in the topic could take something away from watching it. I’m a small Youtuber, so I appreciate any feedback I can get here!
Leaving a link here in case anyone is interested! https://youtu.be/cXfnNoMgCio
If the above doesn’t work, try:
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2023.06.09 16:38 RQ_Gaming121 Drifting In My Mind... ( Game Name:Peakdrift ) https://youtu.be/7CZRye9b6eY

Drifting In My Mind... ( Game Name:Peakdrift ) https://youtu.be/7CZRye9b6eY submitted by RQ_Gaming121 to RobloxScenography [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:37 TormentedNights [F4A] serious and longterm only - Oc x canon. I can double

I am looking for Rp partner and new friends. Indeed, I am looking for partners for Rp on the long term only. Please don't ghost, if you're busy let me know. Just as I would for you. I am looking for people who are sympathetic, kind, and understanding of my handicap.
I'm looking for people who would accept to play canon characters for my Oc women. I can do double Rp without any problem. Please don't play the canon too OOC. I would also make efforts on my side. We will always find an arrangement 🙂
I am French so please be patient with my English.
Some of my scenarios require the person to play multiple canon characters, as some of my Oc's are polyamorous. But in very unic case I'll be ok for you to play just one.
Lot of my prompts are alternative universe and I don't follow the canon stories 100%.
I am only looking for people 18+ because I am an adult myself.
Please keep the canon characters not too OOC.
Here are the fandoms I'm looking for:
*****Video games *********
***Manga/Anime *********
*****Movies************ - TWD: I'm looking for Daryl Dixon
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2023.06.09 16:37 lukappaa Asking for tips on how to handle a cost issue

I'm creating a TCG based around RPG-like mechanics which has been in development for over a year by now, but recently I started asking myself a question about the battle system. I'll give you a brief explanation on how it works.
The basic idea, which had been already established since the very beginning and won't change, is having a pool of 8 diverse characters per player always battling 2 vs 2 (kinda like a competitive Pokémon game, but with separate turns). Before the game starts, your characters are separated from the "spell" cards (which I named "action cards" and must be 25 according to the current rules); while the action cards deck is shuffled and your hand will be drawn from there, you can choose the order of the cards in your character deck, which won't change during the game unless you switch out one or an effect allows you to do so (even if there's like 3 of them at maximum between more than 340 cards). Once the order is decided, both players set their 2 lead characters face-down and draw 4 cards, then they are revealed and the game starts with the first draw.
After a main phase where you can play cards from your hand or switch out characters from the deck, you are forced into a battle phase where characters can use a huge variety of damaging, healing or status moves (even if the starting player can't use damaging moves on their first turn), which I implemented with a pretty unique method (at least I haven't seen it done by anyone else) that I won't spoil until the game's release because I'm kinda proud of this idea and I don't really want it to be stolen. If a character gets damaged over their max HP threshold it's knocked out and sent into a KO zone with 2 slots, which eventually leads to them moving to the bottom of the character deck again (if you played Pokémon Duel you can have a good enough comparison in mind), and they are replaced by the character on the top of the deck. You might notice that this way a player will never run out of characters to send out (and the action cards, which are pretty much all hard once per turn, are put under your deck after being used too, there's no graveyard or discard pile), and this is intentional as the game actually has a points system. You start with 50 points and you will use them to activate action cards and use moves, but you can also lose them if one of your characters is knocked out and you can gain them if you knock out one of the opponent's characters (each character has a "cost", which, a bit counterintuitively, is actually the amount of points you gain/lose when they're defeated, or can be paid for switching out, not a toll you pay for letting them in), with the obvious loss if you run out. And here's what made me think.
Since all of the points costs are drawn from the same pool (which loses you the game if it runs out), there are really few ways to gain extra points other than by knocking out characters and they are generally very restricted, the character costs are pretty low and due to a big health buff I gave to each character (nearly doubling the healthpools, due to a miscalculation by me in early development where I didn't consider the option of double targeting a character), knocking out an opponent without losing more points than what you will gain from defeating them is nearly impossible even by exploiting type weaknesses, status conditions (there's 10 of them in this game) and damage buffs. This actually works in its own way as is for now, putting a soft time limit to each game and encouraging the player to manage carefully their move choice, but what I fear is this turning a future competitive scene into either a stall slugfest (another reason why I limited point gain so much), where the meta is stacking damage reduction effects while healing off all the damage dealt and waiting for the opponent to run out of points to knock them out (if you don't have enough points to attack with a character, that character skips the attack and you gain 1 point), or a total bloodshed where the life expectancy of each character is half a turn at best.
As such, I had the idea of introducing a separate pool of points for move selection only. This idea, even if not implemented yet, turned in my mind into a mechanic like SMT Liberation Dx2, where each character has 10 MP per turn and they recover 3 at the start of your turn, but shared between the active characters (you have a maximum amount of 10 points to attack with both characters, maybe with various amounts of points recovered depending on the character). The idea looked interesting to me despite
Since that would imply recreating the card layout and there's quite a lot of stuff to fit into each card already (name, cost, artwork, HP, stats, ability, signature moves, type interactions), as well as having to rewrite a lot of already existing effects, I'm asking: what would you do if you were to design this game with me?
  1. Keep the current system where move costs are drawn from the same pool as points lost/gained for KOs and action card costs, encouraging resource management but with the potential risk of polarizing the game.
  2. Move to a system where move costs are drawn from a separate pool, with or without a consistent recovery, but with the need to rework tons of existing cards and potential for unclear interactions.
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2023.06.09 16:36 CuntinentalBrekkie 29M UK/Anywhere [Chat] - Looking for someone with decent conversation and decent banter to hang out with.

Heyyy, thanks for taking the time to check out my post & I hope you find at least part of it interesting enough to send me a message. Anyway, without further ado...I'm coming at you live from the sunny UK (no joke, it's literally blistering this week for some reason and I AM SUFFERING).
As much as we can all appreciate a good bit of sunshine, it's nice in moderation but our houses are designed like little hotboxes, the heat stays in so i'm currently typing in shorts and a wife-beater whilst an industrial fan that I got cools me down - hot, right?
My sleeping pattern is just as inconsistent as Marvel Studios is with their quality. I'm usually up at all hours (I do work but it's flexible to a degree) so am happy to speak with anyone from anywhere. All I ask is that you're patient and understanding of timezones and...life in general. I've spoken with individuals in the past who have flew off the handle if you don't reply on their clock, so I appreciate someone who's horizontal levels of laid back please.
I like to travel and enjoy snowsports, both of which go hand in hand. As a result, I've been fortunate enough to travel all over Europe many times. Aside from travelling for that, I like to visit new places from Greece to the Czech Republic to Spain and so on. Also been to the US a few times but would really like to visit Japan or Norway one day, maybe Brazil but my pale self would probably incinerate over there. What's your dream destination?
Gaming is a big hobby of mine and I currently play on PS2/3/4/5, Switch & PC. I'd say what games I play but I hop between far too many at once, though I've been blasting Diablo IV and Street Fighter 6 recently. Phasmaphobia is always a good laugh and if you know of Hunt, you're an absolute champ. If you play, what are some of your favourite games?
When it comes to music, i'll listen to anything and everything, really, so feel free to be the DJ on any and all future road trips whilst I drive. Which brings me on to the next one - I love driving and going on the occasional road trip or spontaneous day/weekend out. Any song recommendations?
Movies too, anything and everything, though I do have a bit of a soft spot for horror despite the genre being completely dragged through the mud time and again. Fallen off of Marvel movies recently since they seem to have ZERO SENSE OF DIRECTION following Endgame, but I'll gladly re-watch SOME of them. The BIG BALLER Franchise is, and always will be...Star Wars (despite what Papa Disney did to the movies with VII-IX). Tell me your favourite movies!
I have a keen interest in the paranormal despite being mostly skeptic, I'd say more of an optimistic skeptic would best describe my outlook. Got any scary stories to share?
Also enjoy learning about animals and different periods in history. Conspiracy theories are always a good laugh too. What's the wildest one you've heard of?
I like to practice martial arts and watch the UFC and Boxing on occasion & as always, good olde WWE is never a dull time, can always stick it on for a little and have some degree of entertainment. Do you watch or play any sports?
Cats, dogs and nope ropes, I have all the pet pics for you. If you have any pets/fur companions, I would LOVE to see them.I also like to cook and experiment with food. I'll try anything twice and am an average food challenge enjoyer, though I'm not quite Man V Food levels of food challenge.
Please send me your name, age and location in your opening message. A photo would also be appreciated BUT I do understand that this is Reddit and some degree of apprehension/caution is understandable, so don't worry if you aren't comfortable right off the bat. Ideally if we get on well, I would like to move platform preferably to Discord.
If you actually read all of this, I appreciate you. Have a great morning/afternoon/evening & I hope to hear from you.
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2023.06.09 16:36 Icy-Actuator5524 Had posted this on r/nosleep but removed because of it not being complete.

>! Ive been working on this for a series called Internal Trials!<
Title: "Internal Trials: whispers of sleep"
Hi, my name is Ethan, and I don't know where to post this without sounding crazy. You see, I've been plagued by a relentless combination of sleep insomnia and sleep paralysis for what feels like an eternity. It's a living nightmare, and I'm reaching out, hoping that someone, somewhere, might understand or offer a glimmer of guidance.
At the age of 29, I find myself trapped in a never-ending cycle of exhaustion and torment. When I finally manage to drift off to sleep, I am abruptly jolted awake, my body paralyzed, and my mind teetering on the edge of reality. It's as if unseen forces hold me captive, their presence haunting my every sleep-deprived moment.
But there's something more to my story. It began when I stumbled upon a flyer, promoting a secret medical trial by an unspecified company. Desperate for a solution, I signed up, thinking it might hold the key to my liberation from this sleep-induced torment.
Little did I know the depths of darkness I was descending into. The trial took place in a secluded facility hidden deep within the forest. I was surrounded by others, each with their own sleep-related afflictions, all seeking relief. The researchers, shrouded in mystery, administered their experimental treatments, promising hope and respite.
However, as the days turned into weeks, it became clear that this trial was unlike anything I could have imagined. Instead of finding relief, I delved deeper into a nightmarish existence. The treatments triggered vivid hallucinations, nightmarish visions that bled into my waking hours. Shadows whispered secrets, and the lines between reality and illusion blurred beyond recognition.
In the dead of night, I would wake to find myself paralyzed, unable to move, while dark figures watched from the shadows. It was as if the trial had opened a gateway to a realm teeming with malevolent forces. Demons, with eyes like smoldering embers, clawed at the edges of my sanity. They whispered twisted promises, tempting me to surrender to their macabre dance.
Haunted by the realization that I had become a pawn in a sinister game, I yearned for escape. The forest surrounding the facility seemed to mirror the depths of my torment. Ancient trees whispered secrets of forgotten rituals and unspeakable horrors. I found myself drawn deeper into its twisted embrace, seeking answers, seeking a way out.
But the more I delved into the forest's secrets, the more I realized that my fate was intertwined with the very essence of the trial itself. The researchers, their intentions veiled in darkness, had awakened forces beyond their control. They had created a conduit, a gateway between realms, and I, along with my fellow participants, were caught in its grasp.
Now, as I share this tale with trembling hands, I am left with unanswered questions and a deep-seated fear. What lies beyond the veil of my sleep-induced torment? Will I ever break free from this relentless cycle? I can only hope that by sharing my story, someone out there might hold the key to understanding this nightmarish journey, this secret unknown medical trial that has plunged me into the depths of darkness.
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2023.06.09 16:35 Snailb0y Ley Lines in the Northern Wastes

Ley Lines in the Northern Wastes
Backstory: My group just finished Wakenreth. The book says that Dalamar finds ley lines, which leads him to figuring out where the City of Lost Names is located. I wanted to flesh it out a little, because it didn't really make sense that he all of a sudden knows the location. This has required me to move some of the locations slightly. It will also give me opportunity to put some interesting things on those ley lines as they explore the region. For instance, I'm thinking of using the hex between G and D as the place where the Red Dragon Army found the bronze dragon egg. It's no longer there, but tracks point towards the north to Camp Carrionclay, which no one knows about just yet.
In-Game Explanation: After studying Wakenreth, looking at maps, reading old Silvanesti texts, and consulting journals, he realizes that there are ley lines connecting Wakenreth to the Blue Phoenix Shrine and to the Sunward Fortress. He knows about the existence of Bluemaw Cave, Heart's Hollow, and Dread Wolf Cave, so he connects the dots and extrapolates that there might be ley lines connecting them too. Take it one step further, and they converge in the north at Point K. He bets that's where the City of Lost Names is located.
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2023.06.09 16:34 TheSmogmonsterZX Galactic Social Dynamic: Memoirs (GSD #100)

Galactic Social Dynamic: Memoirs (GSD #100)
After Emma's wedding and a few outliers of insanity there would be little that would shake the galaxy to its core for nearly a decade.
News reports would stream in about the war. The Alliance was winning, but all too easily. Alliance and the individual homeworld militaries were all convinced that the Scareek were laying a trap.
They were right, but it wouldn't show itself for some time and the loss of life would be catastrophic. The blow to humanity would drive them to a fevered madness. We would all get to see the beast that lurked under the skin. It was the same beast that lurks under all our skins, the one that prevents the Symphony from being heard.
But that is for another volume of tales and memories. These memoirs were made by gathering the bits and pieces of many points of view, as well as putting in my own. I'm not certain half will be allowed to be published, but these events occurred as did so many more. These were just the brightest times, before the Scareek showed their mettle and matched human ferocity. Before they took from every life in the galaxy. Before the Alliance stood up and drove them back to primordial waters where they now live, simple non-sapient lives.
They were the times that defined my life and though I am glad we mostly know peace, I fear what still waits out in the depths of space. The galaxy and hyperspace are still not completely explored and we have made a lot of noise.
Shoal looked at the last line. He shook his head, he was getting dramatic in his old age. He hopped off his writing stool and walked to his window. Cith lay before him, he was now the oldest leader of Ancin at almost four hundred years old, not that that meant anything, clans were now just families in all regards, just more formal than normal. He watched the children of his siblings as they watched their grandchildren.
He stretched and wandered back to his table and folded up the manuscript. So many pages, all written by hand. They had to be anything less would be an insult to the lives of his friends, to the lives of those the Scareek had taken and to his own innocence.
He laughed, he couldn't believe he thought he was worldly at a mere Seventy-five! How utterly foolish. Another laugh took him though as he saw the picture frame that Emma had given him the day after her wedding. The young woman Anna was in it with her father, he was certain their chapters would get eaten up by Alliance Intelligence or the publisher would think he was insane and refuse to print them. Either way he knew their existence was now penned down somewhere.
He then took the manuscript down several floors and to a large room that was ostensibly a large fabrication printer and scanner. Three hundred years on and no one had found better tech, they just made it work better and cheaper. He smirked and shook his head.
"Hello Dasha!" The happy voice of Driffi shouted as she picked up her father's cousin.
Shoal stared at the woman. Somehow losing nearly half the clan never destroyed her positive attitude. He loved that about her, but it was also an obstacle at the moment.
"Driffi, I need to send scans of this manuscript to some friends." Shoal sighed.
"Mr. Van and Hadley?" Driffi asked as she sat her clan leader down and immediately got to work setting up the central scanning pad.
"Add Rex and Ezekiel Dirge to that list." Shoal advised.
Driffi nodded. "I wonder if Mr. Dirge will join us for Cith-has this year."
"Unlikely, he can't stomach Civeet cuisine." Shoal laughed as he put the book on the scanner pad.
"Wow that's dense Dasha, you know we have an older model, could take a day to scan and send." Driffi sniffed the air.
Shoal nodded, then remembered something. "Oh! Send it to the Captain as well. It will want to read it all."
"Of course Dasha." Driffi smiled.
Shoal nodded and smiled, "I'm off to the garden."
"Give my love to my parents!" Driffi called out.
Shoal nodded and soon found himself in the clan garden, surrounded by statues of his ancestors, siblings and even his parents. He filled small dishes with water and left them at the bases of their statues.
He stayed for hours, meditating and focusing on the universe. The stars and their wondrous symphony were out of his reach, he had accepted that, but he could always try to recall that wondrous symphony.
He slowly became acutely aware of another presence. It was quiet and respectful, so he didn't respond until they made it clear they were here for a reason. An artificial clearing of the throat told him it was his old Captain.
"Hello, sir." Shoal smiled.
The Captain did not speak, but walked over to a statue of a non-civeet, the first one ever made in generations. Sekaz had made it in honor of the individual.
"They never have eyes." The Captain voiced his usual complaint. "Humans should always have their eyes depicted."
"I think Emma would be fine with it." Shoal said, not getting up from his sitting position.
"I was in the system. The Network got the manuscript first. We approve." The Captain said. "How will you continue?"
"I was hoping you would." Shoal grinned. "After all, you couldn't stay away from your precious Galactic Social Dynamic and you have the best understanding of what occurred during the retaliation." Shoal explained.
The Captain paused and looked at the kesta honoring Emma Brunte. The Captain nodded, she truly would have been happy to know she was remembered in a friend's family.
"For the truth of the matter?" The Captain asked, probing the civeets motives.
"To remember the fallen and live on for the living." Shoal smiled.
"The children out there are calling you 'Shifu'." The Captain said with a slightly robotic chuckle. "Why did you let them see such an ancient movie?"
Shoal snapped out of his meditation. "Because it is awesome!" He jumped to his feet.
The Captain's slightly robotic laugh echoed. "I will do this, old friend. We will till the Galaxy of all those that sacrificed and what was truly lost."
Shoal smiled. "Thank you. Did, uh, did we ever find out where Hadley went during their lost years?"
The Captain shook its head. "We all have our suspicions, but they remain unwilling or unable to speak of it."
Shoal nodded. Hadley had vanished at some point during the Scareek retaliation. It was devastating to Emma and their friends and then one day they were back and working as hard as ever, though their closest friend swore the Intelligence had become more paranoid.
"Eventually the truth comes into the open." Shoal nodded.
The Captain extended its hand and Shoal shook it. The two old friends took a few more minutes to honor the ancestors and allies of Clan Ancin.
////End Galactic Social Dynamic Volume 1////
Previous GSD!
Previous Zoo-nanigans
Volume 2 Awaits!
Zoo-nanigans will continue!
So a little over half way with the story I had the realization of how disorganized I was in writing it. All because I didn't expect it to take off and never made a physical outline. So I asked, why would this be like that in the world it takes place in.
Answer the memoirs of everyone's favorite civeet, mixed with other accounts he had gathered.
And volume 2 will mostly come from The Captain's point of view. Exploring the changes in its network and itself as an individual as well as its continuing awe and love of humanity.
So Volume 1 of Galactic Social Dynamic comes to a close, mostly. We still have some Zoo-nanigans to get through.
Peace and Love folks! I got a DND game to set up for!
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2023.06.09 16:33 shakeyjake Sending a SASE to companies to get things sent back.

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2023.06.09 16:31 mMounirM [Wasserman] Updated Strengths, Weaknesses for Projected Top 2023 NBA Draft Picks

NBA teams' scouting reports on the top prospects have been finalized for the 2023 NBA draft.
Many have changed since the start of the season. While the evaluation process goes back to high school, NBA teams now have an extra 20-40 games of film and new advanced numbers to assess.
We broke down the signature, translatable strengths for each of this year's high-profile names, as well as the areas they'll need to improve to maximize their pro potential. Even the projected top few picks have weaknesses worth digging into.
source: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10078496-updated-strengths-weaknesses-for-projected-top-2023-nba-draft-picks
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2023.06.09 16:30 FakeTherapist I finished One Piece(up to the timeskip)

So out of morbid curiosity, I decided to catch up to where One Piece was before the timeskip. Not just because it was on Toonami, but also because people seemed to be hinting the Mangaka had something very positive to say about (trans people?). While it took a couple months, I'm working a really shit job where I have to be there but basically don't do anything.
If I had to summarize One Piece, I'd actually change the title - Toxic Masculinity: The Manga. Now obviously, toxic masculinity is a charged phrase, but that's really what happens here. Lots of guys doing things because of honor, or being unwilling to change or work with others. One character literally jumps in front of a train, nearly killing himself, another seals his own death warrant by putting loyalty above his own life(and being warned by MULTIPLE people not to do it).
This isn't to say this is completely out of place, or a bad thing, and the toxic masculinity is explained. But as with in the real world, if some of these people sat down, said what they actually meant, and worked together, they'd probably be better for it.
Additionally, something else I noticed is that One Piece is a gag manga first, and that's okay. There are.....ALOT of gags. Most of them get to about 55% of the way of being funny, and some do actually shine. Generally, I find the stuff with Usopp works best just because that's generally where the mangaka puts his mischievous trickster energy and where gags fit most naturally. It is a bit of a shame in the fact that when Luffy isn't there, and they talk about the lore of the world, it does actually become compelling. This seems to be becoming a pattern where when the main character isn't there, and the other characters are given a chance to actually do something, it actually starts to become good, like I found with Seven Deadly Sins.
And this in itself isn't a bad thing. Viewing it in the lens of a gag manga first, I was able to sigh and roll my eyes at certain things and remind myself of that fact. I just wish the characters were more compelling overall to support that. For instance, Brook's gag(constantly making jokes about his state of un-aliveness) is actually pretty unique and close to funny, but then he's also a pervert, which is major minus points. This does come to ahead when some people think his desire for panties means he likes to just see people's underwear, period.
I was pleasantly surprised to see Koby show back up having gained some levels, but at the same time, we see the kids from Usopp's island at the same age as when he left, so it's inconsistent.
Also, I'm not sure why people haven't done a One Piece abridged, but it's pretty simple stuff: Luffy is very stupid, incredibly lucky(one time, he ate mushrooms that would've killed him if a woman who hates men didn't rescue him, think he was a girl, and fall in love with him), and has some good genes. He sets out to become the Pirate King, unknowingly given inspiration and help by powerful figures. But he's less of a pirate and more of a...walking manifestation of his ID(which he even admits hundreds of chapters in, in different words). Turns out his brother, father, grandfather are all very important figures who have serious pull in shaping what the world will become. He gains infamy and a crew, and fails to save his brother, bringing us to a time skip.
As for the mangaka's message, I'm not sure there is one. Maybe....have an open moral compass? So that you can form alliances even when you were enemies at one point. He seems to be, like Toriyama, very silly and nonchalant about what he's doing which shows through his writing. But in a sense, this was Undertale before there was Undertale, as determination is the name of the game.
Also, another thing I can say confidently is that no one can ever accuse him of plagiarizing his art - the style is so grotesque and the mangaka's fetish for teeth(no, seriously!) is present nearly always.
Lastly, people complain that the anime is badly paced, which I'm sure is true as they've been running from gas for around 20+ episodes, but part of that is that some of that is in the manga. I really don't care what random marines or pirates have to say. Yes, occasionally a jobber talks shit to Batman, or a police officer asks Morbius to put his hands up, but I really don't need a series of 4 panels with unnamed characters saying things that don't actually mean anything. It's like the media rule "Show, don't tell".
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2023.06.09 16:30 ogreatgames Shrek 2: Fun Multiplayer Platformer - PS2 Game

![video](iwzfet60mq591 " A must-have multiplayer video game. Visit https://ogreatgames.com/products/shrek-3 to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #adventure #multiplayer --
Shrek 2 For Sony PlayStation 2. Get the chance to play as the awesome character named Shrek. Plus, play through the exciting funny story of Shrek 2 with over 4+ playable characters such as Puss In Boots, Donkey, and Lil’ Red. Aim to use each of the character’s abilities to aid in your quest to progress through the story powerfully. Ask your friends to join you through this chaotic adventure in its local co-op mode with up to 4 players. Go through over 7+ electrifying levels. Fight against interesting enemies and enjoy the hilarious epic adventure of Shrek 2. --
Hey check out similar videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05uKspxQ89s&list=PLVduyMnVQjzNYPljUBqwgAXdMPQ9CEKWY
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2023.06.09 16:28 RedBlizzar 20M [friendship] anybody need a new friend?

Hey everyone
Here is a little about me,
My name is Marcus i am 20 and I come from the United Kingdom, I'm a pretty big gamer and I play on Xbox/pc I play a wide variety of games, MW2, Roblox, Minecraft, Fifa, Battlefield, DoS2 and a personal favourite Rocket League! (I'm awful at it) if any of these interests you please just hmu I'm more than happy to play with you!
I have quite a large array of hobbies some of my favourites are; Space, I love the mystery of it 🎇 Socialising, I love getting to know and meet new people! Driving the country and Highlands are some of my favourite to explore Travelling, I love an adventure Just ask and I'll be happy to share more hobbies!
I'm quite haply to share pictures of myself once we have spoken for awhile just let me know!
Tell me something interesting or a fun fact!
Anyone can message me I don't discriminate please just send me a message!
I hope we can speak soon!
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