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2023.05.29 23:21 CherimolaGrape Can someone comment if any of these memories are red flags or me just being crazy?

I'm currently processing the recent end of my relationship. For most of it, it felt like a dream come true. She was validating and emotionally supportive for the most part. She ended the relationship because she said that I got too neurotic and clingy. My barometer for what is 'normal' is so broken, I have no idea if some of the things I remember from the relationship were actually unhealthy on her part. I'm having a hard time not blaming myself for this outcome.
Can someone comment if any of these memories are red flags?
Example: We often shared clothes. One day she couldn't find a specific top she wanted to wear. She got annoyed and told me that she would prefer if I didn't wear those tops at all because she could never find them when she needed them. I felt this was a little extreme as we had several of them. I tried to counter her request by asking if I could buy a few more to ensure we could both wear them, or that she could have first dibs on a top if I was wearing it and she wanted it. She said this made her feel like I was being defensive and not listening to her request.
Am I actually a crazy person? Or were her behaviors abusive?
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2023.05.29 23:20 Mayo_enjoyer Revenge last part

As the smoke clears it's revealed that both micheal and wagog are still standing, micheal is panting while wagog isn't visibly hurt and looks somewhat calm.
Micheal:shit this drained a lot of mana from me, I can't believe we are still standing.
Wagog:so can you tell me what you are.
Micheal:I'm a mage, mages are a secret species of humans who thanks to their biology can use magic, they are sometimes born with unnatural hair or eye colors.
Wagog:I'm going to be completely honest with you, your revenge plan sucks ass.
Micheal:now I think about it your right, I acted with my emotions instead of my brain, I made mindless impulsive decisions and I apologize for trying to have revenge in this strange way, let's call this a tie and go our separate ways.
Micheal then offer wagog a hand before wagog kicks him hard enough that he crashes into a building, as micheal gets up he sees wagog slowly approaching him.
Micheal:I offer you my friendship and you throw it in the dirt, well then die in your dirt, this is my last and most destructive spell.
Micheal shoots a beam of magic at wagog at light speed but wagog just eats it, no he literally just eats the beam, he walks with his mouth open as the beam enters his body like if it was curry, Micheal is shock but wagog finally closes the distance between them.
Wagog:I gotta say, your magic was pretty tasty, I think it even gave me a power boost, just look at this.
Wagog then karates chops Micheal's right shoulder off causing micheal to yell in pain before wagog punches him breaking his jaw, as micheal tries to cast a healing spell with his left arm it gets grabbed by wagog and then twisted before getting ripped out, micheal is screaming in pain before wagog cuts off his legs with a leg sweep.
Micheal is laying there limbless while screaming and crying in pain before wagog picks him up by his hoodie and brings him closer.
Wagog:well your magic started to annoy me it's definitely top 2 on my list of things that annoy me, also thanks for the snack.
Wagog then bites off Micheal's head off and throws his body away as it then starts to rain, wagog swallows the head and as he turns around he sees a mecha ninja.
Splitter:my name is splitter and I have come there for your bounty, I have watched your little fight with him and he also had a bounty on his head, well itya waste you killed him I was planning to swoop in when both of you were weakened, I'm not weak or cowardly it's just that some things you should let happen.
Then footsteps are heard and as splitter turns around it's the rest of the bang and Lord evil pushes him out of the way.
Lord evil:move robo bitch, go back to matrix.
Lord evil then walks up to wagog and looks him in the eyes.
Lord evil:listen here, next time some dingus breaks into our home you don't waste time toying with him, do you know how many villains lost because they didn't take their opponents seriously, you don't want to be in that group.
Splitter:well I'm going to go because I wasn't planning on fighting the whole bang at once but I will be back for the heads of all of you.
Splitter then walks away and as firewood throws a fireball at him he just slices through it and keeps walking.
In hell.
Michael was laying covered in hell ash as the demon sakata crouches.
Sakata:you have failed me vessel, our contract got broken, your body is not usable for me anymore so I will be taking my powers back and I still own your soul so you better behave.
Sakata then gets up and stomps on his Michael's face before spitting on it and walking away.
Sakata:worthless human trash.
After sakata walked away, Michael laid there for a while before a demon walked up to him and poked him with a stick.
Demon:you good?.
Michael:no, I had my trust betrayed and I have been killed, I don't even have my own soul, come closer there.
The demon squats down next to Michel before Michael grabs the demon be the neck and gets up as he chokes the demon until he takes the stick of the demon and he starts to bash the demon's head with it until it stopped moving.
Michael:well looks like I will have to get out of hell, it's a good thing I played doom.
Michael then looks around before he starts walking to fight for his freedom and get his soul back
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2023.05.29 23:20 DarkLordJurasus USAgent and the USAvengers #18- Passover Special

USAgent and the USAvengers

Volume 4: Healing
Passover Special
Written by: u/DarkLordJurasus
Edited by: u/PresidentWerewolf

I look out at the highway, the sound of the radio blending into the noise of cars on asphalt. Up ahead is a sign for a rest stop in half a mile. For a moment, I debate not saying anything, merely shifting my aching leg to try letting it straighten and allow the car to continue forward. Walter is stressed enough as is; being trapped in New Jersey traffic will only make it worse.
I grab ahold of the front seat passenger chair, and attempt to shift my body to a more leaning position. I get one leg up before letting out a moan. Pain blossoms through my oblique muscles as I stop.
Hearing me, Walter asks, “Are you okay?”
Shifting back into the sitting position, I wave him off, “Yea, yea. I’m fine. Healing just sucks. Can we possibly stop soon? I need to stand up and walk off my soreness.”
Doug gives a curt nod, quickly putting on his right blinker to change lanes. Walter doesn’t immediately respond. For a moment, he is quiet, and then he says, “Listen, if you aren’t feeling up to the trip, it's okay. There is a Passover Seder hosted by a synagogue near our base, I can go there for the holidays.”
I quickly reply, “No, I’m fine. We calculated the time for a lot of stops and the doctor said as long as I walk around every hour to hour and a half, I should be fine.”
Trying to lighten the mood, Doug added on, “Yea. I was promised a chance to try your mom’s homemade macaroons. You aren’t taking that away from me.”
All Walter replied with was a hesitant, “Okay.”
It’s strange, Walter’s response. Well, his hesitation in general is weird. Is he worried to see his parents again? It would be the first time he saw them since becoming Stingray, but that isn’t it. His hesitation mostly comes around Doug and me coming. It can’t be him trying to keep us away from his Jewish identity. He’s the one who invited us, and he had never been shy about discussing his beliefs before.
I try to brush the thought from my mind. I don’t want to push Walter. If he is feeling so uncomfortable now, any attempt to figure out what he is thinking will only lead to him getting defensive. Instead, I just let it go, pretending I haven’t noticed his weird behavior, and listen to the news.
In business news, earlier today Tinkerer Technologies announced their initiative to begin making technology that will help protect private citizens from superhuman threats. This corresponded with a press statement by company founder Phineas Mason.
In the statement, Phineas wrote, “Tinkerer Technologies is not trying to disparage the technology being created on behest of the US government in regards to the danger superhumans may pose. It must be remembered that Tinkerer Technologies were the main industry working with the government on the USAvengers project and had a direct hand in both the Detroit Steel armor and the Modern American Initiative. The problem is, Sentinels and the USAvengers can only be part of the solution. A situation with a superhuman can turn volatile in a moment. We’ve seen this with both dangerous, violent criminals and innocents who lost control of their powers. As such, it is imperative that the average citizen has the tools to neutralize deadly situations as they wait for the police, a Sentinel, or the USAvengers to arrive.”
Walter turns off the radio at this, his back straight as a pencil. At the same time, he begins to pull into the parking lot of the rest stop. He parks the car in silence, the fact he turned off the radio not mentioned by anyone in the car. We all know why. The wording was polite, but the message behind Phineas’ words are clear: mutants are dangerous and should be feared.
As the car stops, Doug clears his throat and says, “I’m going inside to the bathroom and to grab an Iced Tea for the road. Anyone want anything?”
Walter responds, “I’m good.”
Doug merely looks at Walter for a moment, I can’t see his eyes, but I can only guess he was looking him over, worried about Walter’s behavior. After a moment, Doug nods and turns back to me, “You want anything?”
“Sure,” I reply, “Grab me a coffee.”
Getting out of the car, Doug double checks, “Two milk, one Splenda?”
I hum in the affirmative. Doug closes the door to the car and begins to walk towards the rest stop.
I move to leave the car myself, my hand unclasping the seatbelt from its holder. Taking a deep breath, Walter says, “Wait…I…we need to talk before you get out.”
I’m silent, unsure what to say or do in this situation. I’m worried, what’s going on? Why is Walter so nervous?
Walter’s hands drift from the steering wheel to his side, limp. “Two days ago my mom called me. Originally we thought my grandpa wasn’t coming to Passover. For as long as I knew him, he always flew to Israel for Passover specifically and celebrated the holiday with his sister’s family. Earlier last week his sister’s daughter called him to cancel. It seems that one of my cousins just had a preemie and Passover took a backseat as they are dealing with the surprise of having the child early.”
“Why is this a bad thing?” I ask.
Walter sighs, “It’s not, I love my grandpa, he’s great, he’s just, well he is so far liberal that we used to joke Bernie Sanders went to him for policy ideas. When I told him I wanted to go to a military college, he spent over a year trying to convince me otherwise. He even offered to pay for all 4 years of my college out of his own pocket just to stop me.”
Understanding sinks in; his grandfather is not going to like me, not in the slightest. The only thing I can say in response is, “Oh.”
Walter looks down, “Yea. He is probably going to challenge you. Mom said he promised to not make a scene, but to him, anything short of not punching you like he is Captain America punching Hitler is not making a scene.”
“Do you not want me to go?” I ask, trying to keep the nervousness out of my voice. I know Walter is still wary of me due to my usage of the M-slur, not that I could blame him. If I was him, I would have dropped me as a friend as soon as I got out of a coma. I don’t want to cause conflict, and I would understand if Walter doesn’t feel comfortable with me there, all things considered, but it would still hurt. I can currently only count three people as my friends, and with how badly I screwed up my friendship with Lemar, I hate the idea that my friendship with Walter is also irreparable.
“No.” Doug says quickly, almost too quickly, “It’s not like that. It’s just, I know you are planning to go to group therapy with Lemar to work out your issues, and I don’t want you to be placed into a situation where a stranger confronts you over your actions before you're ready for it. If you don’t feel up to being interrogated, then I can easily turn this car around and we can claim the flu or some other bullshit.”
I think about what Walter said. He’s not entirely wrong. While I know what I said is wrong, and I know that it was derogatory and discriminatory, I also know that I haven’t done enough to fix the issue. I’ve thought about that day often, my mind replaying the events over and over, but I haven’t verbalized much of it to others. I can play out the words I will say when questioned on it, but that means nothing when emotions run high. Wasn’t it during high emotions that I showed my true colors in the first place?
My hand is shaking, from my emotions or from the lack of movement, I’m not quite sure. I don’t think I can do this, I barely was coherent enough to discuss it with my friends, how can I try speaking about it in front of others? Would I try explaining it after I apologize, to further go into how I am trying to work harder in the future to change, or would that be considered justifying the behavior? For a moment, the thought of turning the car around sounds like the right choice. Walter is right, I’m not ready for a confrontation, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready.
And yet, I also know turning the car around is impossible. Ignoring how selfish it would be to Walter, the fact of the matter is that I can’t keep running from the backlash. I can’t keep pretending that the real world consequences to my actions will avoid me. I have to face the music.
“I want to go.” I manage to gasp out in a whisper. Instantly, I feel better and I feel worse. It feels like a weight has been lifted, like I’m no longer testing fate or Odin or anyone else who might exist, but at the same time, a new tension builds anticipation. This is not going to be fun, but it’s something I need to do.
Two days later, the three of us arrive at Walter’s parents’ house dressed up. Even from the other side of the door, I can easily hear the noises of children yelling and oven alarms going off. On my head is a yarmulke, a small brown cap. Walter did tell Doug and me that it was okay for us not to wear it, but if I’m being invited to celebrate someone’s culture and religion, I want to be as respectful as possible while doing so.
Walter knocks on the door and a young woman comes to the door. She looks younger than Walter, maybe in her mid to late thirties. She wears a dark blue dress with a silver Star of David necklace. Seeing David, she hugs him. “It’s good to see you. Mom was terrified when you disappeared and then showed up as a superhero.”
Blushing a bit, Walter responds, “You know I would have told you guys if I could.”
The girl smiles softly. “I know that, but try telling that to mom.”
Walter stops for a moment, his body freezing. “Fuck,” he says before running inside, calling for his mother.
Seeing Doug’s and my confusion, the girl explains, “There’s no more powerful force than a Jewish mother’s guilt, and for the stunt you guys pulled, well Walter is going to be reminded of that fact.”
Awkwardly I nod, my hands almost trapped at my side. It’s hard enough for me to lie to Lemar about why I disappeared for months on end; I didn’t even think of how hard it was for Walter to lie to his family.
Doug, either recovering from the awkwardness first or not having felt it in the first place, holds out his hand, “Hi, I’m Doug.”
Shaking his hand, the woman replies, “Detroit Steel right?” Not waiting for a response, she continues, “I’m Alli.”
My mind instantly clicks. This is Walter’s younger sister, the one who is a Social Studies teacher in Pennsylvania. Holding out my own hand, I say, “I’m John.”
Alli’s smile gets slightly tighter, her lips paling from tension, “Welcome to our house.” She turns around and quickly gestures for us to get inside. The fact she didn’t shake my hand isn’t lost on me, but if passive-aggressiveness is the worst of my treatment tonight, well, it would be more than I deserve.
Walking inside, we are on a small wooden platform, a single step to the left required to get to the downstairs, a staircase in front of us exiting into the living room. A young kid runs by and runs over my foot. I let out a small gasp as pain reverberates up my leg. I lean harder on my cane.
“Baruch Lavie Melamed! Apologize this instant.”
The young boy stops and stares at me. I feel tears welling in my eyes from the pain, but I try my best to keep my face clean. “Sorry for running over your foot.”
Trying to keep the pain from bleeding into my voice, I respond, “It’s fine.”
My voice must not have been as nonchalant as I hoped as both Alli and Baruch stay still for a moment before Alli nods and says, “Go back to playing.”
The kid's mouth splits in half with a smile and he runs off. Alli turns to me, her expression changed to one much softer, “Are you okay?”
I close my eyes for a minute, my leg pulsating. Opening them again, I wave her off, “Yea, barely even felt it.”
It’s obvious she does not believe me, her eyes frozen on my hunched over form. I mentally hold my breath; I don’t want her to come and help. I don’t need the pity, I can’t handle the pity. I’m goddamn USAgent, if she has to pity someone, I can show her hundreds of people who need it more. I’d rather she treat me with the disdained indifference of before, it's what I deserve after all.
Doug comes to my rescue, grabbing ahold of my elbow and saying, “It’s fine, I’m used to carrying his dead weight.” He says it with a slight chuckle, one that is so forced, it almost sounded like a cough.
Alli nods and begins to walk up the stairs. I go to follow, but Doug doesn’t move. In my ear, he whispers, “Listen, if you can’t handle this, we can go. I’ll drive you back to the hotel and pick up Walter later.”
I whisper back, “I’m good.”
Doug nods and begins to help me up the stairs, “Please don’t push yourself. The last thing we need is for you to backtrack.”
I give my own nod, wondering if Doug meant physically or mentally backtracking.
An hour later, we are all gathered around a large table, prayer books in hand, as Walter and his family chant Hebrew and English. My book is open, and I attempt to make the same sounds coming out of everyone else’s mouths, but my heart isn’t in it. I’m too busy looking at the table through the corner of my eyes.
Once again, I have to wonder: how selfish am I truly? I knew Walter had a big family, unlike Doug and myself, but I never truly thought of how much he had to give up for the USAvengers. Sure, being in the military requires sacrifices, but the USAvengers is more. How many secrets has he had to keep from his loved ones? How does he feel knowing they can be at risk due to his role as government hero?
Glancing around the table, my eyes freeze at an older man. He wears a full black suit with a dark blue yarmulke and a white scarf like object that Alli told me earlier was a tallit. His eyes meet mine, the dark brown pupils dilating, the same glare he has been giving me all night reappearing.
I learned that he is the grandpa, Benjamin Newell, and while silent towards me, his disgust is extremely evident. I don’t fault him though. Walter explained to me last night that his brother and parents died in the Holocaust, and that since then, his grandfather has fought against injustice and bigotry.
I attempt to stare down at the book, but it is too late as Benjamin clears his throat, his eyes never leaving mine.
The prayer, I believe it is called the Four Questions, is stopped as everyone turns to look at him. He closes his book and puts it down, his movement demanding a presence.
“Well,” he says slowly, spit pooling in the corners of the mouth, “I’m done ignoring the elephant in the room.”
Walter’s mom, Leia Newell, is quick to admonish her father, but he cuts her off, “No. If one breaks bread with a Nazi, they are a Nazi. I’m not breaking matzah with a bigot, especially not during a sacred holiday.”
I nod my head, “I understand that.” All the desire I had to explain or justify myself disappears immediately as I realize how wrong it would be to do so here. This isn’t a family dinner, this is a holiday, and I, an outsider, am harming it by making others uncomfortable. There are times and places to make a stand, but today is not one of them.
I turn to Leia and say, “Thank you for inviting me.”
I grab my cane and Doug gets up, supporting me by my elbow. Benjamin scoffs, “Look at him, another bigot who can’t deal with conflict. Go back to hurting the innocent.”
Walter gets up also, his chair scratching against the wooden floor, “I knew this was a bad idea. I knew that you wouldn’t give John a chance to show that he is working to be better. I just thought you would do it before or after we eat, not ruin dinner in the process.”
Benjamin laughs, “I’m sorry Walter, I know he is your friend, and I respect that, but cut the crap about him trying to be better. If he was trying, he would stop sullying the legacy of Captain America and quit. Captain America was a man who had the first segregated battalion. Captain America came and prayed at synagogues all throughout the country in protest when America forced Jewish refugees back to Germany. Your friend runs when someone points out his bigotry.”
I stop walking and turn around, the movement so fast that my cane hits my leg in the process. I’m tired of being compared to Steve fucking Rogers, the man with the goddamn plan. I’m tired of seeing him in my dreams, admonishing me, I’m tired of living in his shadows.
“You’re right.” I say, my eyes meeting his, “I’m not Captain America, there will never be another Captain America. I’m not the perfect representation of the dream of an united America, I’m a flawed human being.”
“So quit.” Benjamin replies.
This time I laugh, a bitter taste on my tongue, “You think that will fix anything? The USAvengers project is too expensive to fail, and I can assure you, the next guy will be much worse to supers than I can ever dream of being. Kelly’s support and power has only grown since the Power Broker appeared, and there is no chance in hell that he won’t be picking the next USAgent. At least I’m trying to get past my biases and prejudices, I can assure you the next guy won’t put in the same effort.”
“If you are trying to be better, why run with your tail behind your legs? Explain that, talk to us, running is for cowards who can’t take living in the real world.”
Looking down, I say, “I was trying to not ruin your dinner.”
Benjamin responds, “Well, according to this one,” he points his finger at Walter, “I already did so, so you might as well explain yourself.”
I nod and say, “I’m scared. Mutants, superhumans, they can do things no one else can, and I wouldn’t be able to stop them. I’d be defenseless, and that terrifies me. I know logically it is unfair, that very few superhumans are powerful enough to kill others with no effort, and out of that small population, even fewer are violent, but the heart often doesn’t listen to the mind. I was at ground zero for Ultron, and I saw the strength and brutality of both superhumans, and the foes they fight, and despite my military training, I was unable to do anything.”
Benjamin opens his mouth to respond, but I continue, “Me saying a slur, it was a long time coming, I just refused to see it. I hid my fear of supers, refusing to talk about the Avengers or vigilantes like Spider-Man before I became USAgent. I told myself this was due to my anger at not being helped during the Ultron Incident, and that was definitely part of it, but that fear was there all along. Then I became USAgent, I thought my fear would disappear, I would be able to defend myself and others, but then the dinosaurs attacked New York. I almost died on three occasions, and yet I saw the supers I fought with kill and slaughter the dinosaurs like they were tissue paper. I was already close to a panic attack upon realizing my friends were probably turned into dinosaurs, but the realization, that despite everything, I’m still too weak to protect myself and those I care about, well it broke me, and a disgusting and dark part of myself, a part of myself I hope I never see again, came out.”
Benjamin eyes me up and down before saying, “Fear does not justify bigotry.”
“I know.” I respond softly.
He continues, “What you did is despicable.”
“I agree.” I say.
He leans forward, “Most people don’t get second chances, and very few deserve a third chance. Do you understand that?”
I shake my head, “I do. I won’t let you, or my friends down.”
Sitting back in his seat, he smiles, “Well then, sit down, the soup is getting cold and I want to eat before midnight.”
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2023.05.29 23:19 Browzack Market closed forever lol

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2023.05.29 23:19 lochnespmonster I’m thinking of walking the 16th Street Mall from one end to the other…

Has this been done before? I’m a careless person and I walk everywhere and I heard the 16th Street Mall is great for Native locals so I thought it would be cool to walk it from end to end in a day.
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2023.05.29 23:19 spacepharmacy chronic fatigue, help!

hi all! i’m 21F, 130 lbs, 4’10”, with confirmed diagnoses of anxiety, depression, C-PTSD, and i’m 95% sure i have ADHD as well. i’m currently taking 50 mg zoloft (1x/day), 200 mg wellbutrin SR (2x/day), 0.10-0.02 mg sronyx (birth control, 1x/day), 1000 mcg vitamin B12 (1x/day), 50 mcg vitamin D3 (1x/day), 50 mg zinc (1x/day), 250 mg vitamin C (1x/day), 10 mg propranolol (2x/day), and 200 mg magnesium glycinate (1x/day, but i might stop taking it because i haven’t had a solid poop in about a week). i feel like a walking pharmacy.
i’ve been under a lot of stress for the past 4-5 years (college, work, life, etc), and i genuinely can’t remember the last time i felt awake and refreshed. there’s always been some kind of stress in my life, whether it’s family issues, relationship issues, money issues, or anything else. no matter how much sleep i get, i’m still tired in the mornings. coffee and coke zero became my best friends, and when i mentioned this to my therapist she said it sounded like unmedicated ADHD. my psychiatrist didn’t want to immediately start me on ADHD meds (which is fair), hence the wellbutrin.
fall 2022 i took 20 credits to get more credits towards two degrees, and did not take care of myself nearly as much as i should’ve, both mentally and physically. december 2022 everything boiled over and i had a massive panic attack on the pavement in front of one of the dining halls at my university; it was to the point where i felt pins and needles in my limbs. i didn’t leave bed for two weeks after that one, and found out that i was going through derealization/depersonalization afterwards. it doesn’t happen as often these days thankfully, but my nervous system is very dysregulated.
after this i was put on zoloft, and was also put on wellbutrin shortly after. the weird thing is that the wellbutrin worked for three days and then just…stopped working. even with the upped dose (i started at 100) nothing feels different.
i just graduated this past weekend. i made it. that being said, the fatigue is still there. i can function pretty well, but the brain fog is horrendous and sometimes it just feels like i could pass out right there. it comes and goes. afternoons are horrible for some reason, but mornings and evenings are perfectly fine. i’m sitting here typing this feeling perfectly fine while an hour ago i felt drained. i know i don’t have addison’s disease or something similar because there would be a lot more symptoms (and i would’ve had a crisis at some point).
i don’t know what’s happening or why it’s happening but it makes me want to cry constantly. mentally i’m okay, but i could be much better (i’m not a suicide risk at all, please don’t worry). i’m grateful to be in a stable household and a stable relationship right now, which helps. my memory is shit and i have to write most things down or i will forget about them. what worries me is that this might begin impacting my ability to have a job, and if that’s the case then i don’t know what i’d do.
please, any help is appreciated. i’m planning on getting a blood test later this week because today’s afternoon episode was bad.
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2023.05.29 23:19 frankchester Are extending leads really that bad?

So when I was researching all things puppy I read that extendable leads were a no go, teach poor lead manners and are just generally not recommended.
However, I’m considering buying one. I have a 4 month old Sheltie, and he’s a bit of a nervous walker. I don’t have an issue with pulling at all. He sticks mostly by my side. He only really pulls when he really wants to sniff something.
Anyway, I normally end up having to encourage him to range out and explore. He’s getting better, but doing so means I often end up dragging myself into bushes too.
I took pup for a walk in one of our favourite areas which is very quiet, wide open paths and loads to sniff. I decided to swap him out to the training lead and he LOVED it. He was so much happier being able to sniff everything and then rebound back to me for safety. It felt like he was gaining confidence in moving away from me. But the worst thing was constantly getting wrapped up in the long lead, getting caught on twigs and whatnot, and cutting up my partner by running in front of him and then behind him. Nightmare!
I am wondering if anyone has tried an extending lead and found it worked well? I would always use my standard 1m lead for walking roads and paths, and then swap out when we’re in a safe area. Thoughts?
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2023.05.29 23:19 RedRockRun Chroma Rush (weathered)

32 days after:
Veresa found herself in front of the makeshift memorial to Amanda Holliday sometime in the mid-afternoon. She looked to the left and right of the candles and flowers, raising her eyes to move past the austere, white statue to the black, industrial nothingness of the hanger. The warlock had walked the ascendant plane and waded knee-deep through Hive, and yet a small length of petal-dusted red cloth was suddenly a bridge too far. Maybe this was avoidant grief. Indeed, for as many guardians, militia, Tower personnel, and citizenry who had come to pay their respects, just as many seemed to have made a point to avoid it all.
"Everyone grieves differently."
It was something she remembered Holliday saying once in passing.
"Some folks grieve by not grieving."
Who had just died back then? Was it last year or the year before? Perhaps Veresa became aware of the fact that her eyes seemed repulsed from the display like the negative poles on a pair of magnets. And maybe such a thought bored deep enough past the emotional walls to warrant a bit of self-reflection on the matter too. Because for one reason or another, she promptly made a beeline to the hanger's edge whereupon she called her ship and flung herself up and out of sight like a slug impelled through the superconductive rails of an overclocked arbalest.
37 days after:
Veresa was patrolling ruined Eventide. Eramis had been on Earth, hadn't she? There was a lot of chatter, not all to be believed of course, but some things are too ridiculous to not be true. Glimmer miners from what was left of House Salvation still poked around from time to time - little more than desperate bandits now. Their skiffs used to enter the atmosphere on nice, friendly trajectories - still fast enough though to stop your heart for a second if you'd found yourself out in the open. Now they redlined in at jagged, breakneck angles in fevered attempts to avoid detection. Only the most desperate of them would actually attempt a glimmer mining stunt like what Veresa had just come upon.
This far out, they'd be hurting no one, scrounging up what they could. There was no reason to go out of one's way to engage this group. If anything, it was a waste of resources, what with Titan back and Neptune still smoking. Veresa tossed an arcbolt grenade into the center of the team as they set up their equipment.
Back on Earth, if you really wanted, you could remove your helmet to really take in that acrid stench of ozone and ether. This was okay too. Tiny filaments of arc light danced over the snow. A few found their way back up the guardian's leg like chicks returning to their mother, kissing at the plasteel alloy to return a bit of what had been lost. Muscles tensed at the warm prickling that skipped across her central nervous system, armor modifications reclaiming what they could. In a moment the jolt of the kickback had subsided, and with casual, drilled-in motions, began to open fire.
This one was a weathered, old piece: poorly balanced and incapable of holding a zero for more than a single engagement, and yet firing it into this crowd of emaciated insects made the warlock feel oddly nostalgic.
"Pssh," she silently cursed as she plugged one at the top of the spine. It was always so hard to score head shots on the scuttling, little pests as they ran away from you. If you could really dome one good and square you'd be treated to a satisfying pop and dual-tone hiss of rapidly-expelling ether that almost looked like a spirit leaving the body.
Veresa lazily emptied the rest of her second magazine into the transmat emitter and, seeing how it was still semi-functional, pushed it onto its side with her foot and took a seat. It cast a blue, flickering glow on the snowbank opposite where most of the bodies happened to fall. The snow was already covering them up - yet another pile of garbage littering the surface of this miserable moon, and yet she had become unexpectedly fixated. The transmat light illuminated one of the bodies, its head poking out with all four eyes open.
"I wonder what your name was." she said as if daydreaming. The emitter's light blinked a few times before going out only to come back to life a few moments later.
"Would you friends light candles for you?"
It took a little over two minutes to gun down, electrocute, and atomize 23 Eliksni with a poorly-maintained, antiquated auto rifle and a novice's understanding of the Light.
"I guess you're not important enough, huh?" Her voice carried a tinge of derision but not to the felled Eliksni.
Her ghost gave a nervous little quarter twist. "Veresa, maybe we should-"
"It's okay, Red. She- er... he? Not everyone's lucky enough to get a statue."
The emitter blinked out again but for good this time. Dead ol' Eventide just got a bit more dead. The snow fell just like it always did to gently scour all pain and tribulation from the world. Europa tilted lazily on its axis into long night. You could barely spot Riis-Reborn from orbit, and in a few minutes, you could even glide over this spot on a sparrow, and it would be like 23 Eliksni were never here.
And so Veresa decided to sit a bit longer.
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2023.05.29 23:19 ferocious_puppy Eulogy to my Father

My father passed away last month at the age of 60. Although he had a number of illnesses, with one being from a young age, his death was unexpected. This is incredibly hard to come to terms with as I expect anyone on this subreddit would appreciate. Reading posts of some people on here who have lost loved ones at a young age or in terrible circumstances puts my loss in perspective but its still no less raw or devastating. I read a eulogy at my fathers funeral which I'm going to add below. It's long and most people won't read it but I just want to tell as many people as possible how amazing my father was. I have omitted any names from the eulogy and replaced with NAME. I will say though my dads name was Mark and I hope anyone who reads this sees how incredible he was.
Thank you all for coming.
My Dad was the person I looked up to the most, especially the older I got where I grew to appreciate the incredible man he was and how he lived his life. He had things very hard from a young age with multiple conditions, but he never let that define him. He appreciated the good things in his life, and not once did I ever hear him dwell on the bad that happened to him, his attitude was always to enjoy what he could surrounded by the people he loved for as long as he could no matter what was thrown his way. My dad possessed many qualities which include being kind, thoughtful, funny, loving and he is the strongest person mentally I’ve ever met and I’m proud and fortunate that he was my dad. The challenge to show those qualities became harder especially in the last few years but he never stopped living and being the man he always was, laughing, joking, and enjoying himself around his family.
His sense of humour was witty and dark, and he loved to wind people up, especially my mum. Even in his final hours he had his sense of humour. He was lying in bed that morning and he had a remote to move the bed into different positions. My mum heard him call her, so she went in and the remote was on the floor. My dad said sorry NAME can you pick it up, so she did. 10 minutes later she heard my dad call her again, so she went back in, the remote was on the floor again this time my dad had a grin on his face, my mum picked it up and gave it to him and warned him not to drop it again. He did of course drop it again and my mum saw a big smile on his face like he always had as she came back in. She knew he was winding her up and was smiling as well and I’m sure my dad thought about doing it again, but he knew one more time and it would be wrapped around his neck.
Two of my oldest memories I have of my dad are of stories he liked to tell because he found them funny to talk about over the years and I know he would like me to mention them. I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence they both involve alcohol, but he was a SURNAME so of course he enjoyed a drink.
The first is when I was around 5 and my dad and I were watching tv and he was enjoying a glass of whiskey. He went out to go to the bathroom and I seized my opportunity, grabbed the whiskey, and had a swig. My Dad came back into the room with me screaming it burns it burns pointing at the glass. My dad knew what needed to be done and rushed into action grabbing a can of lager and having me drink some to get rid of the whiskey taste. It did work to be fair and when I was older, I hated whiskey and enjoyed lager, which explains a lot.
The second story I want to share is another from when I was young. My dad would always go out drinking with his brothers NAME and NAME on boxing day. It was usually a nice casual drink and a chance for them to spend time together. However, on this occasion my dad got very drunk. So drunk his brothers had to carry him home which was an incredible feat by itself as he was not a small man. What was even more impressive is they managed to get him home but avoid my mum. They achieved this by leaving him sitting by the bins outside and knocking the door and running off. I don’t blame them, and I think it was a very smart move. However, what they didn’t expect was my dad to get up and manage to fall inside the bin. That was the sight that greeted my mum.
My dad was a great father to me and my sister NAME. He was limited physically in some of the things he could do with us but he more than made up for it in other ways and he was always there for us when we needed him. The only thing my father got wrong when NAME and I were growing up in my opinion is he should have been a bit harsher on NAME. She was always terrorizing me, and I was always calm and never did anything to instigate things, but she couldn’t be stopped. I think my father showed a bit of favouritism there.
At Christmas and other occasions, he enjoyed having everyone around and eating, drinking, playing games and having fun. Trivial pursuit was something he always wanted to play, probably because he would often win. He would always play as the blue counter, his favourite colour and if my nan was there which she usually was she would go on his team as she knew he would get everything right and she could sit back and sip her dissarano. I’m sorry nan but I really don’t think your going to win many games in future.
A memory of Christmas that sticks out is when we were playing a golf game on the Nintendo wii and it was my dads go. He was very competitive and put a lot of effort into his swing as he had to make up for the fact, he was playing sitting down. On this occasion he tried a bit too hard and also forgot to tighten the strap causing the wii remote to go flying off his wrist and straight into the tv destroying the screen. I will never forget the look on his face, a combination of shock and disbelief.
My dad also enjoyed playing real golf, many times with me and his son in law NAME but always with his mum. He caught the golf bug later in life but would play almost every week, sometimes twice a week for the part of the year they could use a buggy on the course. His father also used to go with them to drive the buggy and the sight of it all on the course was terrifying for others playing. A typical sight would be his father with his sunglasses on no matter the weather, driving the buggy with my dad in front and my nan sitting at the back trying to hold on as his father drove way to fast hitting every bump he could find and just about staying upright. He would then drop them off next to their drive which had gone maybe 50 yards at most, which considering their limitations wasn’t bad. They would play their shots with his father laughing hysterically and taunting them from the buggy as their balls went another 50 yards. To just be on the golf course playing with the pain my father was in and the limitations he had was an inspiration to me. He didn’t care what anyone else thought as he was doing what he enjoyed.
There are many more memories I could talk about and many more things he enjoyed doing but we’ll be here hours if I go into everything, and nobody wants that including me. NAME will go into more of my dad’s hobbies and life later, but I hope what the memories I’ve talked about show is how my dad loved being around his family and always lived life to the fullest. I wish we had more years with him, but I can say with confidence that he was happy and content that he had an excellent life.
There are a few milestones I want to talk about that I know would be important to my dad.
My Mum and Dad met working in a bakery. The day he got married to my mum I know he would have felt so lucky to have found someone he loved and could spend his life with or as my nan put it when preparing for today, he married the best tart in the bakery. They were always there for each other, and I know my dad would have very much appreciated the emotional support she gave him especially the last few years. It wasn’t easy for her either dealing with my dad’s illness but I’m so proud of my mum and dad for how they dealt with everything. Susan and I could not have wished for better parents.
The day my sister NAME and I were both born but especially me were big moments for my dad and changed his life forever, hopefully for the better but maybe not always. Also, important moments were when his Grandchildren NAME and NAME were born who may not know how lucky they are to have had my dad around for the time they did but they will when they are older as they look back to Grampys example and guidance.
My dad was so happy that NAME and I had both found what he had with my mum. For NAME it was NAME and for me it was NAME. NAME and I have chosen the easier option of having dogs rather than children which my dad, despite saying he never wanted a dog around or had any interest in them ended up loving having both NAME and NAME around. He would play with them despite it being hard for him and enjoyed taunting them with toys and chews and they would taunt him back by leaving things just out of reach for him.
The day my sister NAME and NAME got married was an emotional and wonderful day for my dad. Getting to walk his daughter down the aisle was a happy and proud moment for him. we didn’t know if he’d be able to do it beforehand, but he wasn’t going to miss the chance, so he got through it as he always did. My dad was not known for speaking in large crowds or being confident at it, in fact it was the opposite. However, the speech he gave at NAME wedding was incredible, funny, emotional, and memorable. He spoke from the heart without anything prepared and I am so proud he not only got through it but delivered an unforgettable speech.
There was never any pressure put on me or NAME. The only thing he wanted for us was to be happy and if we were happy that was ok for him.
I want to finish by sharing what some of his closest family wanted me to say on their behalf. This is their words read out by me.
His Wife NAME says, Mark was the love of my life, my soulmate with so many happy years together. Those years were rich with happy memories with our family. No more pain and suffering now my darling, rest now. My everlasting love always.
His daughter NAME says, I could not have asked for a better dad. You were always supportive and patient in everything I did. Your Grandchildren NAME and NAME will remember you as wise and funny, you always took an interest in what they liked. I will miss you incredibly, but you will forever be in my heart.
His Mother NAME says, Words cannot say how much I will miss you. I get comfort that you are not in any pain now. Sleep my darling until we are together again.
His brother NAME says, I will love and miss you always, brother.
His Brother NAME says, Dear Brother I will start by saying at least you are now at peace and pain free. You will be deeply missed by us all, after all you were the diplomatic one of the family. Mark was the most patient and calm member of us all and nothing was any bother for him to do. Love you Mark God bless you and thank you for being my brother, Love NAME.
His Son in law NAME says, thank you for welcoming me into your family with nothing but love and kindness. We shared a love for formula 1 and I’ll think of you whenever I’m watching a race.
His Niece NAME says, Uncle Mark was always kind and caring to me and you could tell how much he loved his family. Whenever I visited and complained about something he always found a way to spin it in a positive light and give me a new perspective. My last memory is of him in his chair putting his jumper on which got stuck after his arms were through. He made me jump because I thought he was headless and gave us all a good laugh. I feel lucky to have had him as an uncle.
Finally, for me he was my hero. I owe him everything. I couldn’t have wished for a better man to look up to and learn from. My respect for how he lived his life despite the challenges he faced is immeasurable. He never complained, never worried, never gave up, he lived his life to the maximum he could, doing the things he enjoyed around the people he loved right until the very end.
Dad I’m going to miss you beyond words and its going to be hard, but I will draw from what you taught me and live my life the best I can. It is said that a person is never truly gone as long as they are still talked about. Well, the impact You had on those around you means stories of you will be passed down for generations. The memories I have of you will stay in my head and the love and respect I have for you will remain in my heart forever.
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2023.05.29 23:19 weewilde queer fiction with catholic vibes/imagery?

i’ve recently read the locked tomb series and i am foaming at the mouth for more queer fiction with similar catholic allusion in them (whether it’s imagery, biblical quotes, literally having god and/or saints as characters, anything is fab) because the tornado my ex-catholic-and-up-until-recently-closeted-lesbian brain has been going through with this series requires further sustenance - any fiction is welcome, but especially if you have fantasy, specfic, sci-fi, or any kind of body horropsychological stories!! thank you in advance!!!!!
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2023.05.29 23:19 catnatomy [Thank You] Birthday Thank Yous Round 1

It's not even my birthday yet, but I am blown away by the number of cards I have already received. My mailbox was filled multiple days in a row! I'm especially touched by people who just had my address on hand still and thought to send me a card. It's gonna take me a little while to get to all the thank yous. Thank you so much :)
u/riverfaerie918 Thank you for the cat cocktail card! It's very cute. I'd love to be a cat sitting in a giant cocktail glass about now. I love your faerie stamp
u/rennbrig Thank you for your birthday note on the tiger and leaf stationary! I love the colors and the design. I have a few ideas for how I'm going to celebrate and most of them involve food. Thank you for the little sunshine potion sticker; it's super cute
u/knightinthesky Thank you for the card with the star made out of human and animal footprints and for the bonus Halloween postcard! I have a few events to get me outside a few times in the coming weeks so I will do my best to enjoy the nice weather
u/thecaledonianrose Thank you for the card with colorful flowers on it, the tea, and the beautiful flower stickers. Everything is so cheerful! I loved the cat paws washi you used on your envelope
u/DoraDoodle Thank you for the anthropomorphic cat lady "cattitude" card! I love the layered elements. Thank you also for the very cute cat stickers. I like the cat washi on the envelope
u/feellikebeingajerk Thank you for the card with the amazing horned man jaguar creature. Lol. It reminds me of illustrations in medieval manuscripts by people who didn't know what animals looked like. It's perfect. I love the black and white color scheme, too. Thank you also for the plethora of cat and spooky stickers; I love the skull ones especially!
u/relax455 Thank you for the watercolor cat card and the matching cat stickers! I love the way you wrote "happy birthday" in big, fancy letters. I am having a very good time imagining a cat bossing around 6 large dogs :)
u/littlemermaidxx Thank you for the postcard of the green bengal with pink highlights. The color combo is so unusual; I love it. I also like how you decorated the postcard with kitty stickers!
u/GreetingCardShark Thank you for the postcard with the skeleton walking its dinosaur in a field behind some donkeys. This is so weird; I love it. I also like the different colored pens you used around the "Happy Birthday" message :)
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2023.05.29 23:19 ThrowRA-Wild385 I (20F) want to move with my boyfriend (22M) but my parents don’t agree.

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years and we live in California, but he is moving to Texas when he gets out of the marine corps in July. I am currently attending a university in California and have completed my first two years there. I am in a nursing program already at my university, but I want to transfer and move with my boyfriend to Texas. My parents pay for my school and all of my bills right now, but if I move then all expenses will be on me including school, which I am willing to do. I want to go not only for my boyfriend, but mainly for myself. I don’t like living in California in my parents house because I feel trapped and suffocated, so I want to move and be an independent adult. My parents think I am going to ruin my life if I move away, and they don’t understand as much as I tell them the reasons why. I love my family so much and don’t want to hurt them, but I want to do this for myself. They think it’s stupid to move away and take out student loans to pay for school while I can just stay here and get my school paid for by them and then move in three years when I’m done with my program. I understand what they’re saying, but I want to move for my own happiness, so I already have my mind made up. Any advice on how I should handle the situation with my parents so I don’t ruin my relationship with them?
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2023.05.29 23:18 CamelDazzling How to get over fear of being brutally honest?

This is a dilemma that I’ve faced as long as I’ve been journaling but I feel like it’s ruining my journaling experience so I want to learn to get over this.
I feel like even in my journals, the one place where I should be honest, I have a filter. It’s almost like I can’t help but imagine the supposed “readers” flipping through the pages and so I end up writing for them instead of myself. I’m afraid of being brutally honest because it kind of feels like I’m embracing a very monstrous and dark side of myself. But then, I know that this side of myself is still there, so then it’s still bottled up inside of me and I’m not any happier because I know that it’s still brewing in my mind.
I think that a lot of this comes from the fear that someone will read my journals someday. Luckily I live alone in my own place right now so there’s not a big risk of snooping, but what if I die someday and all that dark shit is just sitting in my closet waiting to be read? So that’s my legacy? Or what if someone I’m close to does flip through my journals someday?
But, even though I know that the idea of anyone finding my journal and reading it anytime soon is very slim… I think another part of me is just truly terrified of being honest with myself. Of embracing that darkness, so to speak.
The other aspect of this is that I still want to write freely in my physical journals. So I’m not really looking for advice like: - Journal digitally (journaling digitally isn’t nearly as enjoyable for me and doesn’t seem to have the same effect on me and it’s not as therapeutic) - Write in encrypted code (tried this but it would slow down my writing and I think I just spent more time encrypting than I did writing authentically) - Keep a separate notebook just for darker thoughts (I tried this, but I ended up getting really stressed because I would have trouble deciding what counts as a shameful thought (for the secret journal) and a good thought (for the “main journal”)
So I’m more so just looking for advice on how do I get over the fear of just being brutally honest in my physical journals, warts and all? And is there any benefits to keeping these brutal journals or should I really just start tossing them after I’m finished to free myself of them?
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2023.05.29 23:18 ImportanceNo9871 RRECS disputes

Hey I had a aux route up until July of 2022 when it was converted and I became regular in September. So my question is how do I word in my dispute that this can not be adequate results for my route? I was a 42k and dropped 2 hours to a 40k which I know isn’t a lot to some but how could my route go down when I was added over 250-275 more boxes with heavy volumes and a CBU. Not to mention last week I just got another CBU. Thank you for any help.
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2023.05.29 23:18 SchorpionJ 33M Netherlands, chatty people from the Netherlands in here?

Heeya stranger
I have met some nice people on here in the last few months, not all chats were longtime sadly. But heey that doesnt mean it hasnt been fun.
I once again try my luck with meeting new people on here, at first for a chat(doesnt need to be daily, if you dont want) and if we hit it off. We might be able to meet up at some point and start a real friendship, who knows
But first a few things about me:
I am a man from the Netherlands(southern part, Limburg) and im 33. I have 2 cats that i love and hate at the same time(cat people will understand this haha). I work in healthcare and love my job. I like to play videogames(xbox) and listen to music. I recently started going to the gym again, cause i have some goals set for this year. Some goals i have achieved already and some are a longterm project. I watch some movies/series from time to time and im waiting for the good weather to come, so i can start doing my night walks again.
I am open to voice calling, i use discord, whatsapp and snapchat. We can talk on reddit ofcourse, but the reddit chat sucks.
Feel free to send me a DM if you wanna talk and lets see where it goes from there.
PS: yes i have pictures of my cats that i can show you haha
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2023.05.29 23:18 The_Remnant84 Canada Vacation

We are looking to go on a #Canada trip to #Tadoussac for whale watching and exploring. We are a family of 3 looking to camp through 10 days in July of 2024. Any help would be amazing! We are from Michigan and excited for this trip.
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2023.05.29 23:17 notchochang22 Travelling around in Ibiza

My partner and I are staying in Santa Eulalia in July and I was wondering how easy it was to get from Santa Eulalia to Ibiza Town? I can’t quite get a read on what transport is like between the two towns, some say buses are unreliable/take a long time, some say it will take 20-25 mins tops. Would rather get there by bus than taxi as it’s cheaper (unless we’re going to an event). If anyone can shed some light that on bus/taxi prices that would be really helpful!
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2023.05.29 23:17 Professional-Duck964 Gait vent/question

MS really weakened my left knee and left hamstring.
It’s very subtle, but when I take a step forward with my left foot, I kind of lean back on my right foot and swing my left foot forward with my hip.
Honestly I can get around in my day to day life fine and I can even go for long bicycle rides, but going hiking or on long walks really wears out my right hip. It hurts.
Can anyone relate to this? Any advice?
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2023.05.29 23:17 SchorpionJ 33M Netherlands, chatty people from the Netherlands in here?

Heeya stranger
I have met some nice people on here in the last few months, not all chats were longtime sadly. But heey that doesnt mean it hasnt been fun.
I once again try my luck with meeting new people on here, at first for a chat(doesnt need to be daily, if you dont want) and if we hit it off. We might be able to meet up at some point and start a real friendship, who knows
But first a few things about me:
I am a man from the Netherlands(southern part, Limburg) and im 33. I have 2 cats that i love and hate at the same time(cat people will understand this haha). I work in healthcare and love my job. I like to play videogames(xbox) and listen to music. I recently started going to the gym again, cause i have some goals set for this year. Some goals i have achieved already and some are a longterm project. I watch some movies/series from time to time and im waiting for the good weather to come, so i can start doing my night walks again.
I am open to voice calling, i use discord, whatsapp and snapchat. We can talk on reddit ofcourse, but the reddit chat sucks.
Feel free to send me a DM if you wanna talk and lets see where it goes from there.
PS: yes i have pictures of my cats that i can show you haha
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2023.05.29 23:17 vancity1101 Difficult younger co-worker, not sure what to do?

Hello ladies. So I'm in my 30's. But because I'm in university and require a part time job, the place I work is mostly young people in their early 20's. I've been there nearly a year and have been lucky enough to get along with all of them.
A couple months ago they hired a 19 year old. Initially we got along fine, but as time went on it's become clear we aren't going to be work buddies. This is fine, at my age I don't have a need to be liked.
This person has shared that they have insomnia, anxiety, depression, sensory issues, dyslexia and contact dermatitis on their hands which makes their hands bleed on occasion. Their first few weeks there they would frequently project all these conditions onto the rest of the staff. If we liked things a certain way or did something they would say "oh that's a symptom of ADHD" or "oh, that's a symptom of dyslexia". Even if it is, that's not for a 19 year old stranger to diagnose.
That being said, we still have to work together and I was just hoping to be amicable at work. The entire department works as a team and we rely on being able to communicate with each other.
The past couple weeks they've begun to ignore me, give me a wide berth when I walk by (to put as much distance between us), they barely talk to me, and one time I tried to help they snapped at me and said I was just confusing them.
But the one thing they started doing that bothers me is that they will flinch when I'm too close. I was maybe about 2 feet from them to get something on the counter and the flinch and hunch over, turning their body away from me. Much like a child does when someone is going to beat them and they're afraid. This is not something they do with any of my coworkers. Just me. And it makes no sense. I have never been angry with them, and I have never touched them, not even for a handshake or brushed against them when walking by.
Is it something I should bring up with management? I don't want it to reflect badly on me. I would talk to them directly, but I don't think any attempt at conversation would be well received on their part. And I don't know that I would feel comfortable without a third person to witness the conversation.
In a few weeks I will be leaving for 6 weeks so ignoring it until I get back is also an option. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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2023.05.29 23:17 VauIt-Tec Had my first inspection today. I was left with some questions.

Been driving for about 7 months. I was pulled over at a roadside inspection checkpoint by DOT. Paper said level 3 and he asked for my ID and to check all the lights. Then preformed a walk around.
Question: he gave me a paper basically with all my info and what was done. Why? What am I suppose to do with this?
Question 2: Are these check points targeting specific things or just whatever DOT wants? He was in a truck with a sign that said all trucks stop.
Question 3: Do other DOT or scale house see that this inspection was done?
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2023.05.29 23:17 Defiant_Screen2100 My experience with social anxiety

I wanted to make this for a few reasons I have been dealing with SA for a few years now, maybe this will help someone going through a similar situation, I want to also so I apologise for thins being a long one.
I have been suffering with general anxiety and SA for about three years now, I know that doesn’t sound that long and it isn’t really compared to most people on this sub Reddit but I am only 19, 3 years ago I was in my finale year of school getting ready to sit my exams and starting to think about college. I never suffered with any mental health issues at all. I must mention that I have never been shy or awkward I was popular in school not to be cocky or anything, I had plenty of friends, never struggled with girls and never struggled with my confidence and I have never been bullied. Then in 2020 Covid happened, I live in the uk so I think school ended in February we’re usually it would end in July. I was a little sad that I didn’t get to finish my final few months of school but tbh I was looking forward to the time off. My mom took Covid very seriously she was a nurse during Covid, so me and my siblings were literally never allowed to leave the house for about six months. So you can understand what that would do to someone socially. I’ll be honest those six months off school wasn’t that bad I passed all my exams to, and was ready for college. This is when I realised I had anxiety being locked in my house for six months then straight into college with hundreds of people really messed me up. I put up with it for a year which was how long my course lasted but struggled to make new friend but didn’t really care as I still have my friend group from school. Then after college I really struggled to get a job my anxiety got so bad. Another thing I was struggling with was health anxiety. And I pretty much wasted two years of my life doing nothing. It’s been like almost unliveable I have been pretty suicidal. The past six months I have been really trying to improve my anxiety I have had a few jobs I go out with friends instead of staying in but it’s stilll and probably will always be there.I still feel unfulfilled with my life haven’t really done anything career wise to be proud of. Right now I’m working sole shitty lonely security job depressed because I don’t know if I’ll have an actual career that I can be proud of. My dream is to be in the fire service this is more of a life long goal as I’m way to skinny and not fit enough to pass any of the physical tests lol . But ye this is we’re I’m currently at if anyone has any questions ide be more then happy to answer and would be interested in talking to someone who is going through a similar situation.
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