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The Umbrella Academy, now available on Netflix, is about a dysfunctional family of superheroes — The Monocle, Spaceboy, The Kraken, The Rumor, The Séance, Number Five, The Horror, and The White Violin — who work together to solve their father’s mysterious death. Based on the Dark Horse comic series by My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way, this subreddit is for discussions, pictures, drawings, cosplays, news and anything else to do with the Umbrella Academy.

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Netflix TV series 'Ozark', starring Jason Bateman & Laura Linney

2023.06.05 08:24 BruteSentiment Daily Minors Quick-Notes 6/4/23 - Grant McCray wins a bad offensive day

Daily Minors Quick-Notes 6/4/23 - Grant McCray wins a bad offensive day
I won’t lie…today sucked if you liked offense in the Giants farm system, but Grant McCray had a nice day with a triple and a home run. But there are some encouraging pitching performances and one free agent debut to check out, at least. So read? Please?

AAA: Tacoma 4, Sacramento 1

Sacramento Notes:
  • A weak offensive day led to a Sacramento loss. Sacramento and Tacoma traded runs in the first inning, but the River Cats only managed a total of three hits. In the 5th, Tacoma got the big hit: a 3-run home run that broke the tie and gave Tacoma the win.
  • Rehabbing Joey Bart had one of the team’s three hits, playing seven innings behind the plate while going 1-for-3 with two strikeouts. Bart has played three games on this rehab stint, and has gone 2-for-11 (.182) with five strikeouts.
  • Luis Matos was 1-for-4 with a single. With 17 games under his belt at Triple-A, with a batting line of .297/.434/.551 with five doubles, two triples, and one home run. He has six strikeouts to five walks.
  • Starting pitcher Keaton Winn had four strong innings, giving up just one unearned run on two hits and two walks, with six strikeouts, and also committed an error with a bad pickoff throw. Winn shaved his ERA to 4.35, and now has 51 strikeouts to 21 walks in 41.1 innings.
  • Erik Miller faced seven batters, walking two of them and striking out the rest in 1.2 innings. The five strikeouts are a season-high, and he now has 21 strikeouts to 10 walks in 15.2 innings, and his ERA is now 2.30.

AA: Erie 6, Richmond 1

Richmond Notes:
  • In Double-A, it was another weak offensive output. Richmond managed just two hits, although they did manage to get a run, as both hits were doubles and the run scored on a sacrifice fly. Meanwhile, Ryan Murphy had his best start in a while, but ultimate Richmond gave up six runs for a relatively easy win for Erie.
  • Jimmy Glowenke had one of the only hits of the day, going 1-for-3 with his first double at Double-A. In five games with Richmond, Glowenke is now 5-for-18 (.278) with the double as his first extra-base hit of any kind with his new team. He also has a walk and four strikeouts.
  • The other hit was from catcher Andy Thomas, who was 1-for-4 with his sixth double of the season. The turn of the calendar to June has been good for Thomas, who is now 4-for-12 (.333) with a double and a home run, though with no walks and four strikeouts. Overall, he’s batting .215 with six doubles and five home runs.
  • It was a good start for Ryan Murphy, who gave up only one run on four hits and no walks, with three strikeouts. It was a good bounceback for Murphy after he gave up six runs in his last start. It was Murphy’s first appearance of the season without a walk, and in his five May starts, Murphy had walked 14 in 16.0 combined innings.

High-A: Vancouver 7, Eugene 3

Eugene Notes:
  • The Emeralds managed five hits, with Grant McCray providing the power, but that and Eugene’s three runs paled in comparison to Vancouver, scoring seven runs on 13 hits. Vancouver scored four runs in the first inning, highlighted by a triple and a home run, and never looked back.
  • Grant McCray led the team by going 2-for-4 with a triple and a home run. That gives McCray three triples and eight home runs to go with seven doubles in 49 games. McCray has a batting line of .236/.345/.426 with 29 walks to 68 strikeouts.
  • Carter Howell was 2-for-3 with a walk. In a very successful six games after his High-A callup, Howell now has a .458/.500/.583 batting line with a double and triple. That’s after he had a .337/.398/.500 in 39 games at San Jose.
  • The only other hit by Eugene was Aeverson Arteaga, who went 1-for-4 with three strikeouts. In 47 games, Arteaga has 24 walks to 54 strikeouts, with a .209/.307/.390 batting line for Eugene.
  • Starter Matt Mikulski had a really fough game, giving up six runs, four earned, in 3.1 innings on six hits and three walks, while striking out only one. Mikulski’s ERA bumped up to 7.89 on the season with the game. He’s given up 40 hits in 29.2 innings, allowing a .331 batting average. He’s struck out 32 against 22 walks.
  • Reliever Seth Lonsway had a good game, with 2.2 scoreless innings, allowing two hits and two walks while striking out five. But it’s his first game out of 11 on the season in which he did not allow a run. He has a 6.82 ERA with 33 strikeouts to 19 walks in 34.1 innings.

Low-A: Fresno 7, San Jose 2

San Jose Notes:
  • Hey! San Jose had solid offense, scoring two runs on seven hits, but their defense led something to be lacked. Five errors led to four unearned runs for Fresno as the Grizzlies took the finale of the series.
  • Reggie Crawford picked up his first hit of the season (in his second game as a hitter), going 1-for-4 with a double, the only San Jose extra-base hit. He’s now 1-for-7, with his last game as a hitter back on May 24th.
  • Right fielder Turner Hill went 2-for-4 with a walk and a steal. In four games with the Giants since he signed, Hill is 6-for-17 (.353) with a double, and has a walk to two strikeouts, with two steals in as many attempts.
  • Third baseman Andrew Kachel was 1-for-3 with a walk, but also had two errors in the horrible defensive game. Kachel has a .299/.382/.460 with 19 walks to 41 strikeouts, and has 13 doubles to three home runs. Kachel, who has played games across three positions this season, now has three errors in 13 games at first, two errors in five games, and four errors in 13 games at third.
  • Starter Hayden Wynja had a bit of a mixed start, giving up five runs in 4.0 innings, but just one earned run, on three hits and no walks, with three strikeouts. Wynja now has a 4.20 ERA, the lowest it’s been since mid-April. Wynja now has 40 strikeouts to 11 walks in 30.0 innings.
  • Sean Newcomb made his season debut at Low-A, striking out two without allowing any baserunners in a single inning of work. The 29-year old signed as a minor league free agent in the offseason. Newcomb has spent parts of six seasons in the Majors, mostly with Atlanta, but with both the Braves and Cubs in 2022, with a career MLB ERA of 4.52, but a 2022 MLB ERA of 8.78.
One final note…come back for the Daily Minors Quick Notes tomorrow! That’s right, we will have Monday baseball, as the Arizona Complex League and Dominican Summer League begin play. 8 minor league teams! Notes for those teams will be significantly shorter, as there’s less notable prospects at that level, and I won’t do game recap paragraphs unless there’s something really notable. Gotta save time after all!
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2023.06.05 08:24 JoyIsDumb The episodes may be 22-23min long but they still only have 15-16 minutes of content. Heck, even some Pixar spark shorts are longer than some Demon Slayer "episodes"

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2023.06.05 08:24 Steve_131 Help me I can't watch

So I've wanted to see Episode 47 Season 5 where Ash's Lapras returns, but no matter how hard I try I can't watch it can yall give me tips?
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2023.06.05 08:21 drmuffin1080 What is everyone’s favorite episode/season and why?

My favorite episode is Face Off, but my favorite season is season 5. How does the rest of the sub feel?
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2023.06.05 08:20 personAAA Building High level fighters with UA feats

Fighters get 7 feats as before between levels 4 and 19.
With the UA feats that require level 4, all of those grant an ability point increase as well aka half feats.
Using point buy, a fighter typically wants 15 in STR / DEX and 15 CON.
Then the background increase one by +1 and another by +2.
With 7 half-feats, a fighter can max both STR (or DEX) and CON.
4 half feats giving +1 to one stat and 3 half feats giving +1 to the other. The background increase of +2/+1 has to be planned based on which feats taken to avoid wasted stat increase.
From just looking through the document of new feats, I strongly recommend putting the +2 background in CON. There is a small number of feats that increase CON and some are not worth taking.
I only count 5 feats that increase CON one of which heavily armored [heavy armor training] is completely worthless for fighters. Additionally, you already have proficiency in saves for CON, so another option is eliminated.
So, the only 4 worth taking: Athlete, Durable, Heavy Armor Master, Speedster.
However, the new Speedster speed increase does not apply if you wear heavy armor. You do get the dash improvement regardless of heavy armor. Still, it turns the choice of CON feats probably into a binary either Heavy Armor Master or Speedster.
So, if you want all half-feats. A fighter is left with Athlete, Durable and either Heavy Armor Master or Speedster. Just 3 feats. Thus, I strongly recommend putting the +2 background in CON for starting CON of 17.
For feats increasing either STR or DEX there are many more choices.
I group the feats that increase either of those into 2 main buckets: "Attack Style" and "Utility".
Charger, Mage Slayer, Sentinel, and Mounted Combat all increase either stat and offer a vary of benefits in my "Utility bucket". Mounted Combat only works while mounted, so it is the most situational of the 4. The other 3 can be used on many fighter builds.
The "attack style" bucket has a mix of feats that increase STR or DEX and sometimes limit choice to only STR or only DEX. Crossbow Expert, Defensive Duelist, Sharpshooter are DEX only. Shield Master and Polearm Master are STR only. Dual Wielder and Grappler increase either.
As explain above I recommend 4 of these feats for any fighter. Your primary attack stat will be maxed out via these feats and you get their benefits.
A melee fighter can take 3 "utility" feats and one "attack style" feat quite easily.
Sentinel, Mage Slayer, Charger with Great Weapon Master all on STR plus Durable, Athlete, Heavy Armor Master on CON. With right background step up that is 20 STR and 20 CON.
Same exact build can be done with Shield Master instead of Great Weapon Master. However, with Shield Master you want to be making DEX saves more often. Taking Resilient DEX would be really nice. One way to do that would be take an ASI for +2 CON and eliminate the feats of Athlete and Durable.
New Shield Master does not restrict itself to creatures just one size larger than you.
Athlete and Durable are not exactly super strong. Most important part of Athlete in IMHO is standing up for only 5 feet of movement. The rest of Athlete is situational. Durable only matters if healing is rare.
Trying to get two "Attack Style" feats with three "utility" feats is kinda of a pain. One of the ability increases will have to go to DEX provide that you already had 16 STR. Not the worse thing in the world by far, but noticeable.
As you probably can tell I am bullish on Sentinel, Mage Slayer, and Charger.
Sentinel is famously strong. Charger is a damage boost. The new Mage Slayer provides a way to unfail one INT, WIS, or CHA save once per long rest.
Combine that with the new Unconquerable boost to Indomitable, you have 6 usages of near legendary resistance per long rest.

For ranged fighters, two of my "utility" feats are not worth anything. Instead there is another feat that only increase DEX available Skulker.
For an all feats build: Sharpshooter, Crossbow Expert, Skulker, Mage Slayer each for +1 DEX and then Durable, Athlete, Speedster for each +1 CON. Yielding with right background setup 20 DEX and 20 CON.
That would be a more stealthy medium armor build.
New Mage Slayer does not require to be close to impose disadvantage on enemy casters maintaining concentration. Melee or range can do it.

I am not considering the Epic boons in these builds because they feel like they are still in early development.

Overall, I find it amusing that half feats let you max out both damage stat and CON on fighters. The overall power level and/or complexity of fighters for campaigns going all the way to level 19 might be higher than people think.
A level 19 fighter with the shield master build from above has:
Damage boosts and modifiers from: fighting style dueling, weapon masteries [topple and slow], 4 attacks, Charger, Sentinel, Shield Master. The ability to knock prone is really good here. Each attack if it hits gets a chance with topple. Then one hitting attack gets shield bash. Topple is against CON save and bash is against STR save so variety of saves. Then you pin them down with Sentient. On later turns you can retreat 10 feet and then engage triggering charger bonus damage.
Defense: 6 near legendary resistances; Heavy Amour Master reducing all physical damage by 6; DEX save proficiency and Shield Master to use reaction to cut one half damage to zero damage
Plus 2 uses of action surge
This is all before any subclasses added.
Stats with point buy would be 20 STR; 16 DEX; 20 CON; 8 INT; 8 WIS; 8 CHA with the idea of rely on near legendary resistances to deal with spells and other effects that target INT, WIS, or CHA
The aggressive point buy is possible if starting at level 17+

Just building around with the content.
What other high level fighters builds do you see? What feats do you take?
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2023.06.05 08:12 Rohit4640 I see many people doing this lol

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2023.06.05 08:11 WhoAmIEven2 Am I having a fever dream? Is warrior finally a good class?

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2023.06.05 08:11 diito Dual pondless waterfall feature, one side is not getting water?

I bought a house with a dual waterfall on hill in my backyard 4 years ago. For the first couple of years it worked fine. I pulled the pump in the winter and in removed all the leaves and debris, powerwashed the whole thing, reinstalled the pump and then rinsed/replace water until the whole thing ran clear.
Last year I did that and I discovered the pipe on one side of waterfall was cracked and was leaking water so the whole system didn't work. I had someone out and they replaced a section of pipe so that side didn't leak. I was not home when they came out and did the work. When I turned the system on to test it was immediately apparent that while they did fix the side that they came out to the other side was having an issue now too. The volume of water was much lower and just a trickle. I called the same company to come back and long story short they did and did something but essentially said they didn't build the system and didn't know what was wrong with the other side but that there was probably a rock stuck somewhere (which I don't see how as there is no way one could make it in there, and it would be an additional charge to fix it. I said yes and they clearly didn't want to do the work so never came out again as they said they would. These guys had a ton of 5 star ratings. I didn't find someone else as it was already near the end of the season at that point.
This season I'd like to get it fixed or fix it myself. The working side is higher up the hill and has a ~3" line with a ball valve in the middle that seems to control the flow on that side only, presumably to be able to match the volume to the other side. The non-working side has a ~2" line. Water is VERY slowly filling the spill box and out in a trickle so some water is getting up there. There are no indications of a leak anywhere I can see. Does anyone have an idea what it might be? I will call another pond company but I'm wondering if would be a good idea to call a plumber and have them scope it from the spill box?
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2023.06.05 08:11 Safe_Guide_6593 Mobile Suit Gundam: Suisei no Majo Season 2 • Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury Season 2 - Episode 8 discussion

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2023.06.05 08:11 Connorwithanoyup Ngl, this is not where I expected the season to go!

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2023.06.05 08:09 Polymath_V I had a nightmare about LSD that viciously reminded me why you should never trip near ledges or cliffs.

In my dream I met up with two childhood friends I haven't seen in years; Carlos and Shakare. We are all equally friends (one of those really fun trios) and I told them that we should all trip together. Carlos has anxiety in real life that is so bad he can't even handle THC and for some reason that is beyond me I persuaded him to try LSD in the dream. Note that in real life I am aware that LSD and psychedelics in general are not for everyone, and I would never push LSD upon someone, ESPECIALLY not someone who has any underlying psychological issues. But this was a nightmare so I guess my brain needed to thrown in some nightmare fuel.
Carlos eventually decided to try it with Shakare and I, so we made our way up the steps of an abandoned parking garage, and by the time we made it to the tenth level the acid was kicking in HARD. I have no idea how I can have dreams of tripping on acid that feel like the actual thing, but my brain does an amazing job at simulating both good and bad trips, even though I have never had a bad trip in real life.
Shakare was having the time of his life, riding the wave of the beginning of the trip and watching the sunset. Carlos was beginning to feel anxious, and so was I. Not only because Carlos was most likely going to have a bad trip, but because Shakare was sitting on the very edge of the concrete platform we were standing on. His feet were just freely dangling over this edge. There were zero fucking guard rails. He sat there for a while, smiling, moving his hands as a hippie would, just feeling the euphoria of oneness with the universe, and for a moment my fear subsided at the sight of him. It was heartwarming to watch, and then he leaned forward a little too much, and lost balance, and before he realized he had leaned past the point of being able to save himself, it was too late. My heart dropped right before he fell, and I knew without a doubt he was dead. Carlos witnessed it too, and I immediately started sobbing uncontrollably, wondering why the fuck I had the brilliant idea of bringing up LSD to begin with, and being responsible for not only the death of a close friend, but the shared trauma between Carlos and I. The dream was extremely vivid but the pain and horror of losing a friend so suddenly after what felt like such a heartwarming and somewhat peaceful moment was so jarring I woke up gasping for air. I was so happy it was just a dream, and it took me a few seconds to calm myself down. It was like that feeling you get when you almost get into a high speed car crash but dip out of the way at the last second.
Moral of the story: Don't trip on top of high places. Even if you are comfortable with the location, accidents happen, and psychedelics have an extremely fun way of being unpredictable even for veterans like myself.
My golden rules for tripping have always been:
  1. Never trip with someone you wouldn't take a bullet for.
  2. Never trip in public unless you are within walking distance of your home or a safe place.
  3. Never mix too many drugs together.
  4. Never peer pressure someone into doing psychedelics. Let only curious people try them.
  5. Never introduce someone to LSD on a large dosage. That is like chugging an entire bottle of whiskey as your first time drinking alcohol. Start with introducing them to microdosing in a SAFE place or a place that they are extremely familiar with.
Break any of those rules and you could face a lovely panic attack, jail time, psychotic episodes, trauma, and/or broken friendships.
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2023.06.05 08:09 careernaksha1 Introducing Our New Online Career Counsellors: Navigate Your Professional Journey with

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2023.06.05 08:07 Leonidus6969 Need help (GS skelebomb deck)

I currently run this deck and just reached 6k with it. All my other cards are pretty low level (except log, hog, monk, bomber and guards which are decent). I struggle against log bait and hog cycle is probably 50-50 for me. The biggest problem is not having a fireball kind of spell I feel. But clone really clutches with GS and skelebombs. Any tips? I might even gp for a total rehaul if needed since this deck's probably weak higher up
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2023.06.05 08:05 Competitive-Network3 [US][SELLING] SELLING ENTIRE COLLECTION! Part 1

Broke College Student need cash quick and am willing to bundle everything and anything for a hefty discount
resellers are welcome here lol
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Paypal gs shipped through usps media mail, shipping for figures will be more
Will ship the day payment is received.

Condition varies a lot, all are used mostly G3, some slightly better, some slightly worse

Tu Love Ru Mikan Yuki Yukata ver. 1/8 scale FREEing (Open box) $35
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2023.06.05 08:03 AutoModerator [Download Course] Bill Walsh – The Objection Box Family (

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2023.06.05 08:01 PokemonMastersBot Weekly General Questions Megathread

You can now insert images as comments when you seek for in-game help in Megathreads! Check out this mod post HERE for more information.

Use this Megathread if you have general questions or need advice! e.g. asking for EX / Candy recommendation, gems usage, "Should I pull this banner?", "How do I build a team on this stage?", etc.
If you need team building help specifically for Champion Stadium, you may use the Champion Stadium Megathread to receive a quicker response.

Installing Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters is available worldwide except for Belgium and The Netherlands due to bans on loot boxes.
We will go over the two main platforms on installing the game, IOS and Android.
According to the official site, the game is most compatible in these devices:
iOS: 11 or higher / 64 bit / at least 2 GB of RAM
Android: OS 7.0 or higher / 64 bit / at least 2 GB of RAM
  1. Via Apple Store: HERE
  1. Via Google Play Store: HERE
  2. Others
If the game is unavailable in your country or shows as not available for your device, you can download the APK directly from APKPure or QooApp.
You can also use VPN to download it from the application store, but it requires longer downloading time compared to the above recommended methods.

Reroll Guide

Reroll means that you make a new account and look at what you got from your scout. If you don't like your first few multi-pulls, you delete the account and create a new one again and so on until you are satisfied.

Why reroll?

How to Reroll?
If you're an existing player, delete your local data or cache first. Otherwise, do not link your account to Nintendo. Doing so will bind your Pokémon Masters account to your Nintendo profile permanently and can no longer be removed.
As of now, if you progress up to the point when co-op mode is unlocked, you can get at least 21.000 gems, the equivalent of 7 multis, earning at least 231/400 scout points (33 scout points per multi scout), allowing you to scout at least 77 Sync Pairs. Completing the following checkpoints will let you receive gems as completion rewards:
Gems Notable Rewards Additional Notes*
Starting the game (Part 1) Finish Champion Stadium: Kanto Challenge (Normal)
150 MC & Pikachu, Misty & Starmie, Brock & Onix You can reuse the same Sync Pairs after each round.
Starting the game (Part 2) Special Completion Rewards: Champion Stadium (Normal)
500 Egg (BulbasauCharmandeSquirtle). Clear 5 quests to hatch it.
Blue & Pidgeot Guaranteed Scout Finish Champion Stadium: Victory Road
5000 Blue & Pidgeot, your first 5★ Sync Pair
Choosable 4★ Sync Pair Pick anyone.
Finish Chapter 1 (Normal) 90 Rosa & Serperior
Finish Chapter 2 (Normal) 200 Barry & Empoleon. Professor Oak and Legendary Arena unlocked.
Finish Chapter 3 (Normal) 150
Finish Chapter 4 (Normal) 170 Erika & Vileplume
Finish Chapter 5 (Normal) 160 Skyla & Swanna
Finish Chapter 6 (Normal) 200 Korrina & Lucario
Finish Chapter 7 (Normal) 250 Norman & Slaking
Finish Chapter 8 (Normal) 170 Pryce & Seel
Finish Chapter 9 (Normal) 240 Iris & Haxorus
Finish Chapter 10 (Normal) 250 SS Brock & Tyranitar
Finish Interlude 1 (Normal) 60
Finish Chapter 1 (Hard) 100
Finish Chapter 2 (Hard) 200
Finish Chapter 3 (Hard) 100
Finish Chapter 4 (Hard) 200
Finish Chapter 5 (Hard) 100
Finish Chapter 6 (Hard) 200
Finish Chapter 7 (Hard) 300
Finish Chapter 8 (Hard) 200
Finish Chapter 9 (Hard) 300
Finish Chapter 10 (Hard) 300
Finish Interlude 1 (Hard) 100
EX Plaza: Special Training: Battle Techniques 60
These missions are completed progressively as you play the game, so they are not listed in numerical order.
These missions can be completed multiple times as the player reaches new checkpoints.
Checkpoint (Missions) Notable Rewards per level
Mission 1: Log in to the game 10 Gems
Mission 21: Raise team strength 10 Gems
Mission 3: Obtain Pearl 10 Gems
Mission 4: Obtain Big Pearl 10 Gems
Mission 5: Obtain 1★ Level-Up Manual 10 Gems
Mission 6: Obtain 2★ Level-Up Manual 10 Gems
Mission 7: Obtain 3★ Level-Up Manual 10 Gems
Mission 62: Evolve a Pokemon 10 Gems
Mission 91: Obtain a Lucky Cookie 10 Gems
Mission 125: Raise your player rank 10 Gems
Mission 262: Have a number of interaction(s) in Trainer Lodge 100 Gems
Mission 263: Reach friendship level 100 with a number of guests 100 Gems
Mission 264: Reach a certain friendship level with any guest 100 Gems
These missions can only be completed once but give a high amount of gems.
Checkpoint (Missions) Notable Rewards per level
Mission 82: Link to your Nintendo account 600 Gems
Mission 89: Participate in the Battle Villa 1000 Gems

If you are not satisfied with your pulls, click on the Poryphone at the right-bottom corner in the Pokémon Center -> Account -> Delete Save Data. Repeat the above steps until you pulled the Sync Pair you want.
Now that you're ready to go on an adventure, link your account through Poryphone Menu by tapping "Account", then "Link a Nintendo Account" to save your progress. After that, try to get any free Sync Pairs as you progress:

EX Gear Type Chart

Note that these co-op stages only drop 2★ Gear as the highest rarity for their corresponding Gear Type. 3★ Gear is restricted to Type Gear Events and Pokémon Masters Day every month, and they can be exchanged in the time-limited event shop and in the General tab for 3★ gear material co-op stage drops.
Stage Gear Type
EX Brock Grass/Steel/Rock
EX Misty Flying/Fairy/Steel
EX Barry Grass/Dragon/Water
EX Flannery Bug/WateGhost
EX Erika Fire/Poison/Ground
EX Skyla Rock/Normal/Flying
EX Korrina Fire/Fighting/Psychic
EX Pryce Electric/Ice/Bug
EX Marshal Psychic/Dark/Ice
EX Hau Ground/Electric/Fairy
EX Clair Dragon/Dark/Fighting
EX Janine Poison/Normal/Ghost

In-Game FAQ

1. When is anniversary coming?

Half-year 28 February 6AM UTC
Full-year 28 August 6AM UTC
2 Why hasn't my Pokemon evolved? It's at Level [X]!
Evolution requires an evolution item available in the Training Area (Evolution Material Area). Upon earning the Evolution Materials, you need to go to the Sync Pair Stories to trigger the Evolution Story.
3. Should I save to do 11 multi-scouts instead of single scouts?
You can now get x11 units instead of 10, so yes, but we strongly recommend you to save gems for Poké Fair or Master Fair banners (which has a higher rate for 5★ characters).
4. How many gems are required to receive a Sync Pair of my choice?
36.600 non-paid gems (or 36.300 gems + 100 paid gems for a daily single pull), which is the equivalent of 400 scout points. Scout points do not carry over between banners.
5. What does [X]/5, [Y]/20, etc mean?
When you obtain a Sync Pair, they're at 1/5 Sync Move level. Rolling a dupe of that Sync Pair, or using a Move Candy will increase it by 1 level. 3/5 is the minimum for most sync pairs to complete their Sync Grid, but some Poké Fairs have grid expansions that require their Sync Move to be completely maxed out at 5/5 for their full Sync Grid.
At the same time, Sync Pairs are at 0/20 Potential when they're just obtained. Giving Sync Pairs Powerups will raise their Potential and stats. When a Sync Pair is given 20 powerups, their star level will be increased. Getting a unit to 5★ 20/20 is mandatory for it to further upgrade to 6★ EX (if it has one).
6. How do I Unlock The Level cap of my units?
Training Area (Cap Unlock Area), (Cap Unlock Area 2), Exchange in the shop, Events.
7. Where do I get the manuals to level up my sync pairs?
Training Area (Level up Area), Exchange in the shop, Events, random drops in Trainer Lodge.
8. How do I get Sync orbs?
Training Area (Sync orb Area), Exchange in the shop, Events, Champion Stadium Master Mode (6K & 7.5K), random drops in Trainer Lodge.
9. What are Theme Skill and how do I get items to power them up?
Theme Skill is a new ability that raises the stats of your Sync Pairs if any of them has a common position, type, region, trainer group, or other features with another pair (or pairs) in the same team. Skill Spheres, which can be obtained in Theme Skill area and Champion Stadium Master Mode, are required to upgrade them.
10. What Lucky Skill should I roll for [X]? How do I get Lucky Cookies and Scrolls to unlock a Sync Pair's Lucky Skill?
Refer to Sync Grid Builds & Lucky Skills (by u/MomoSpark) for more details.
In general, the choices of Lucky Skills follow the roles of Sync Pairs:
There are exceptions to some Sync Pairs. For example,
Lucky Cookies and Lucky Scrolls can all be obtained in Battle Villa (Single Player & Co-op), Blissful Bonanza, and Legendary Gauntlet. Legendary Gauntlet can provide unlimited 3★ Lucky Cookies as well as Deluxe Cookies exclusive to that mode after each successful stage clear, and their drop chance increases with longer win streaks.
11. What are the Sync Move effects of 6★ EX Sync Pairs of different roles? Who should I promote to 6★ EX first?
Each role gives different effects to Sync Moves when upgraded to 6★ EX.
Support is usually prioritized for promotion to 6★ EX because its EX effect effectively doubles the damage of all allied sync pairs after first sync and is more widely applicable across most game modes, and the increased stats from raising the support's Potential greatly enhances its bulk to tank stages.
For Strikers, if their kit has a very high DPS (e.g. SS Red & Charizard, Diantha & Gardevoir, etc.), or includes a powerful Sync multiplier (e.g. Steven & Metagross's Haymaker, Barry & Empoleon's Inertia, etc.), you are highly recommended to upgrade them to 6★ EX to apply the damage to all opponents. This applies to Tech, but only if the unit is a Sync nuker (e.g. Marnie & Morpeko, May & Swampert, etc.).
Promoting Support-type units to 6★ EX is not a must, but it's always an added bonus, especially if their Sync Move can provide any additional effects via passive or grid skills.
Always remember to upgrade Rosa to 6★ EX because the materials are obtainable for free.
12. Which Sync Pair should I use my candy on?
Refer to Which Sync Pair Should You Give Your Candy To? (Infographic) (by u/MuddyDummy) for more details.
Always save your candies unless the Sync Pair is exclusive to Seasonals, Poké Fairs or Master Fairs. Most Sync Pairs are usable at 1/5. You can always "accidentally" pull the unit you've been looking for from the normal pool, but you never know when limited Sync Pairs will rerun again. This may not apply to Sync Pairs that are your favorite.

Common Technical Questions/Errors

Below lists all common technical errors you may encounter during the game, as well as how you can fix it. You are strongly encouraged to contact DeNA with any problems at [[email protected]](/) if any of these advice do not help.
  1. Error 20103 — Please check your connection and try again: Usually caused due to lack of connection or sudden disconnection. Try playing the game in a place with more stable connection.
  2. Error 10102 — An error has occurred. Restarting the game: This error is often triggered because it detects your phone is rooted, or that you are using external applications which allows opening multiple accounts on the same device. For rooted phone users, make sure you hide your rooted status.
  3. Game crashed mid-battle: Restart the app and clear your cache. This option is available in the bottom-left corner of the title screen.
  4. Does Pokémon Masters work on emulators? No. As of now, PM is not compatible with any of the emulators (including Bluestacks, Nox, etc.) However, playing two accounts on the same device is possible on Android by cloning with Island.



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2023.06.05 07:58 LooseLipsSinkShips21 LIP SYNC: Drag Race - REVERSED: Season 1: Episode 5 - Drag School Of Charm

LIP SYNC: Drag Race - REVERSED: Season 1: Episode 5 - Drag School Of Charm
"Ladies...based on your makeovers this week, I have made the following decisions..
Mistress Isabelle Brooks. You are SAFE.
Robin Fierce. Sasha Colby. You both gave your makeover partners a glow up. But one of you, realy shone the brightest.....
Sasha Colby. Condragulations. You are the winner of this week challenge and won gift baskets from Curlisto worth $1,000 .
Robin Fierce. You are SAFE. Great job.
Which means, Loosey LaDuca. Salina Estitties. I'm sorry my dears, but you are up for ELIMINATION"
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2023.06.05 07:54 sKeTooTs Am I stuck?

Am I stuck?
Noobie question: Do I have to buy the pass to advance? It looks like that I'm gonna be stuck in GL5. 😅😏🥺
Or is there another way?
Thank you. ❤️
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2023.06.05 07:48 A2HV3RSE This season felt like 3 seasons

Finished the final season, cried in it, and I liked the ending, but the second half of the season felt badly paced, and a tiny bit rushed, not very rushed but noticeable enough. Now I know it was cancelled and given 1 last season by Netflix, but let’s say it had been given those additional 3 seasons Jeff wanted, how would’ve panned out for a minute.
-Season 4 part one is basically the same, so there’s no need to change anything.
-Season 5 is the first 5ish episodes of part 2, but extended to 13, as there was a lot of good stuff in this part, like Angelina being able to project as someone to the characters, the whole 828 facilitates, and also just Angelina plot line, ending when the government locks up the passengers along with Eden and Angelina getting a group.
-Season 6 will be the last 4-5 episodes minus the finale, extended to 16, for the 8 months we whizzed past, showing the development of the Ben and Michaela, the relationship growth of Saanvi and the random doctor, and Angelina and her flock and kinda feeling like the final season, cuz it only felt like the final 3 seasons in the last 3 episodes, and have the finale be the same but when Olive, Eden, Vazquez, and Drea leave and have them understand they might never see them again and accept that because it just felt like Ben and Michaela forgot about them.
But other than that the finale was really good, and I loved, and I liked the final season a lot and thought Jeff and the writing team did the best they could with the 20 episodes they were handed and thank them for the 5 years of mystery, God, and fun they have given from ages 11-16, and I hope they make other great projects in the futures.
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2023.06.05 07:47 Strict_Entrance_5689 Can I rent a private tour bus for a single day or do I need to book it for a specific period?

In many cases, you can rent a private tour bus for a single day or for a specific period, depending on your needs and the rental company's policies. Here are a few things to consider:
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  2. Minimum Rental Period: Keep in mind that some rental companies may have a minimum rental duration requirement. For example, they may require a minimum of four or eight hours for each rental. Be sure to inquire about any such restrictions when making your booking.
  3. Extended Rental: If you need the private tour bus for longer than a day, it's important to check the availability and pricing for extended rental periods. Some rental companies may offer discounted rates or packages for multi-day rentals.
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When contacting the rental company, provide them with your specific requirements, including the date, duration, and purpose of your rental. They will be able to guide you on the availability and any applicable terms or restrictions for renting a private tour bus for a single day or for a specific period.
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