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Welcome to Los Angles very own foodie community! Focusing on the LA food scene, this is a place to share your favorite places to grab a bite to eat, share your dining experiences, show off your culinary prowess, or maybe find a business partner to start that grilled cheese truck you always dreamed about!

2018.04.21 06:04 -MakinBacon- Chefmemes - Up all night cookin'

Memes of Jon Favreau's 2014 film Chef as well as the 2017 remake of the same name.

2023.06.08 20:15 Eli_isnt_here_ Good food places in the Layton And Kaysville

This can include food trucks that stop by like elsammy’s or restaurant’s thank you
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2023.06.08 19:36 alicia98981 AITA Because I didn’t wash the dishes faster than my mom would have preferred?

Some background: I’m staying with my parents while I attend some schooling for a month. My dad is a truck driver so he’s only home on the weekends. My mom works from home, so her daily routine is to start the day from 6 AM on her work computer. After she finishes work, she has a women’s prayer group she meets with daily, that she spend the rest of her time with or doing things related to that that. So basically all day and most of the night, usually until about 10 pm or so and prayer group does a meeting again at 4 AM. So essentially she spends all day on her computer literally. To say that it has been a point of contention for my family is an understatement because my mom has used her computer activities to justify not leaving home to do basic tasks when someone else is home, even going so far as not to cook, but expects my dad when he’s home or me to go and buy meals or cook instead. My mom also has gotten so she expects for us to come running when she calls to do menial tasks so she doesn’t have to leave her computer.
I often cook at home. The general rule is if you cook, dishes get done the same night. Here’s the problem. I knew we were running low on dish liquid so I made a mental note to pick up some from the store. Long story short, between my commitments between school, watching my sister’s newborn baby, picking my sister up from one job and dropping her off at another - because she doesn’t have a car and lives 45 minutes away from both jobs, and still finding time to go the gym on top of studying in the evening for class, I forgot to get some, so one night, the dishes didn’t get washed. My mom tells me the next day that she has a new bottle stored in a different place we previously kept it and I get it. Another day goes by and dishes aren’t washed, but used. I should have washed the dishes, but I chose to use the free time I finally had once I completed all my tasks - to include going to get dinner for my mom because she didn’t want to eat the food I cooked, for the day to study at around 10 pm. This morning I tell my mom I’ll do the dishes when I return from class since I’ll have more free time than normal. She says ok. I come home, and the dishes are done. She goes into a fit that she didn’t like that the kitchen was left dirty (the dishes not being done meant the kitchen was dirty), and dishes sat for 2 days undone. I pointed out to her we have a brand new dishwasher, but she refuses to let anyone use it because, “it’s for decoration.” I also told her that I had told her I’d take care of them when I got home around noon, a mere 3 hours earlier. She stated she had to stop work to take care of her kitchen because she felt like she had waited long enough. We ended up in this back and forth and now we’re both mad. I’m not mad she did the dishes, I’m irritated she picked a fight about it after I told her I would take care of it at a specific time and then accused me of being lazy.
AITA for waiting longer to do the dishes and being annoyed she picked a fight with me?
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2023.06.08 19:36 EunJoung369 Do I have ibs?

TLDR; I think I caught a stomach bug and have been going diarrhea for the last 9 days.
During Memorial Day weekend I had indulged in a lot of food. But several hours after eating a fish taco from a food truck I had to diarrhea (no other symptoms).
Since then I have had very loose stool (type 6 and 7 diarrhea) and roughly 4-5 bowel movements a day. If I eat anything it’ll send me to the toilet!
My life has been miserable. I’ve cancelled events with friends and can’t even enjoy a meal.
Is this IBS?
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2023.06.08 19:35 intriguedmaverick Living in Brazil from a gringo's perspective

A small caveat: I am new to this sub, and these have been my personal experiences and impressions while living in Brazil; but they may not be indicative of others who live or have lived here.
This month marks the two-year point that I’ve been living in the country with my Brazilian wife. Currently, I’m living in the interior of the state of São Paulo and I LOVE it here. The interior of São Paulo has very little crime, the people are incredible, and the infrastructure is very good. We get invited to churrascos and pizza night every week. I could write a book about all the good experiences that we had in São Paulo.
However, I used to live in the south of Brazil in the state of Santa Catarina in a city called Joinville. Vou falar sem rodeios: It was a literal hell on earth for my wife and I. During my first month in Joinville, I was by myself, got lost and I asked a local for directions and he said something along the lines of “vai se ferrar!” (translated as “go screw yourself!”) I asked a second guy and he completely ignored me. People from Joinville are notorious for being rude and cold, but I also met a handful of joinvilenses who were nice and friendly. When I walked in the street, I always said oi, opa, or bom dia to everyone, but you will get ignored most of the time. It is also incredibly difficult to make friends there; my wife and I had the goal of inviting people to our house every week to play games and to eat, but only the Venezuelans, Haitians, Americans and Brazilians (outside of the south of Brazil) accepted. My wife is from Macapá and she faced A TON of racism even as a native Brazilian, and a few times natives of Joinville told me to go back to Argentina even though I’m not from there LOL. My wife and I had the same reception in Porto Alegre and in Curitiba. However, the north, northeastern, and rural areas of Brazil blew me away with their warm hospitality. I taught at a local high school in Santa Catarina, and the kids from Joinville bullied the Haitians and Venezuelan students. I don’t recommend the south of Brazil if you’re learning Portuguese; the people aren’t generally too patient. São Paulo was such a stark contrast; the people aren't xenophobic, they were helpful and friendly, and they were happy with anyone that tried to learn their language. For me, this just goes to show that one cannot judge a country by just one city or region. There are friendly and rude enclaves in every country.
Here are the amazing benefits of living in Brazil:
Health: Brazilian healthcare is actually REALLY good. Calling an ambulance is free, you can go to any PA (pronto atendimento) for free, and their private hospitals have incredible doctors.
Nature: Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in this world, and there is such a huge array of places to travel and places to see.
People: Generally, Brazilians are eager to help, friendly, and will go out of their way to make sure that you have a good experience.
Food: Brazil has such a vast a delicious variety of exotic fruits, foods, and barbecue. This deserves an extensive post in itself.
Infrastructure: The country is very modernized, the public transportation works very well, and I’ve had very few internet issues. The public transportation is way better in Brazil compared to the US.
Affordable: Living in Brazil is very affordable. My wife and I pay about $10 per month for our electricity bill and $300 for rent in São Paulo (although we rented for $120 per month in Joinville). Overall, we spend about $700 (≈3500 reais) per month for all of our expenses combined. Just be warned that technology (cell phones, computers, TVs) is CRAZY expensive in Brazil.
Here are the downsides to living in Brazil:
Safety: I’m not going to sugar-coat it; Brazil is a dangerous country. I’ve stared down the barrel of an assault rifle, and my wife and I have been followed at night on a couple of occasions. This isn’t to say that every city in Brazil is dangerous, but you have to keep your eyes peeled when you’re going out. Although many say that the south of Brazil is safe, it’s not exactly true. Porto Alegre has a murder rate of 34 per 100,000 inhabitants, Curitiba has a murder rate of 41 whereas Rio de Janeiro has a murder rate of 13 (1). The safest cities in Brazil are usually found in the interior of the state of São Paulo and parts of Santa Catarina (2). Lastly, if you’re concerned about safety, it’s better to live in a large apartment complex because the security is much better than renting a house.
Police: I’m sure there’s some good cops trying to keep law in order, but overall, the Brazilian police suck. We knew some neighbors that got burglarized in Joinville. It took three hours for the police to arrive, and the thieves left clear fingerprints on all the windows. My friends asked the police, “Aren’t you going to take samples of the fingerprints?” The police said “who do you think we are? CSI Miami?” Lastly, the police didn’t do anything when my wife was sexually assaulted in a beauty parlor. So.... yeah, they are a waste of space and tax dollars in my opinion.
Corruption: If you live in Brazil, corruption is going to affect you in some way. Don’t worry about getting mugged in Brazil; be more worried about the big Brazilian corporations like the internet companies, the Brazilian banks, the electricity companies, etc. I’ve been robbed on the street just two times from Uber drivers, but I’ve been robbed by big Brazilian businesses on COUNTLESS occasions. Whatever you do, DO NOT GET VIVO INTERNET SERVICES. Lastly, save yourself dozens of headaches, and get yourself a good, local Brazilian lawyer.
Noise: If you’re someone that loves peace and quiet but hates a lot of noise, Brazil is not the country for you, my friend. You’ll hear dogs barking all night, fireworks, the neighbors arguing, soccer matches, the couple next door making passionate love, the churros truck, the gas truck, the Atacadão deals truck, the egg car, late-night parties, and motorcycle fanatics so loud that cause even the deaf to hear. If you don’t like noise, be sure to bring a few pairs of ear plugs or shotgun earmuffs (or both).
Overall, I love living in Brazil, and I will be so sad when I leave at the end of this year. I hope that someone finds this post useful.
  1. http://www2.portoalegre.rs.gov.bobservatorio/default.php?reg=181&p_secao=17
  2. https://www.maioresemelhores.com/cidades-seguras-do-brasil-atlas-da-violencia/
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2023.06.08 19:26 GameCentralStation Gaming Convention in Northeast Georgia

Gaming Convention in Northeast Georgia
If you're local or Northeast Georgia you feel like attending the video game convention this weekend, we have over 40 vendor tables a free play area Smash Brothers tournament on Saturday cosplay contest on Sunday and local food trucks!
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2023.06.08 19:25 Fuhdawin Family of man killed by stolen Amazon truck in South Los Angeles sues online retailer

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2023.06.08 19:22 links_for_the_poor 33 [m4r] Boston/Online/Anywhere -- Paprika-loving, Civilization-crushing PhD seeks partner for conversation and potentially world domination.

Hey there all you beautiful people on /r4r!
My name is Kyle and I'm a 33-year-old PhD based in the Boston area. I'm looking for someone who's up for some virtual fun—whether it be chatting about shared interests, embarrassing moments, favorite music—let’s develop some good banter! Work keeps me busy most of the time, but I always find time to kick back and enjoy life.
To give you an image of me, I'm a pretty tall dude with blue eyes, dark brown hair, my time researching keeps my skin a vibrant shade of alabaster, but I like to think it makes me “radiant”. Some people say I clean up pretty well, but let's be real, I'm still a nerd at heart and in dress. I'm always looking for the next interesting book to read or video game to play, even if it means sacrificing what little I have left of my sleep time. But hey, you only live once, right? (Unless I’m playing Elden Ring. Then I live 1…2..3…4….5..6…7…)
Speaking of movies and video games, have you seen Paprika? It's like Inception, but on acid. And don't even get me started on Whiplash—I could go on for hours about my mancrush on JK Simons. And as for video games, I'm a huge fan of Civilization. I mean, who doesn't love spending hours building an empire and crushing your enemies? I also love RPGs like Fire Emblem and Cyberpunk. So if you want to chat about digital death spirals hit me up.
When I'm not being a total nerd carefully reviewing movies and games, I like to keep active and explore the city. I'm always up for trying new foods, whether it's a fancy restaurant or a hidden gem food truck. And of course, I like spend time stalking the latest art exhibit too. But don't worry, I won't judge if you're more into Netflix and chill than “Pet at the Met.”
What I'm looking for is someone who's curious and willing to indulge in some mutual curiosity. Someone who’s looking for some online companionship and maybe some virtual fun and games. It’s always a bonus if you’re open-minded and not afraid to take risks. Also, I don’t take myself seriously at all and it’d be cool if you didn’t take yourself to serious because let's be honest, life's too short to be boring.
So, if you're interested in connecting with a fun-loving, nerdy PhD who's always up for a good time, then hit me up! Let's get to know each other better and see where our interests take us. Who knows, we might just build an empire together ;)
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2023.06.08 18:55 DiscoverDurham Things to Do in Durham this Weekend (June 8-11)

Check out our full Durham events calendar.
If you'd like to add an event to our calendar, submit an event here. Please check with the event organizers to see if events change due to weather. Have a great weekend!

American Dance Festival

BODYTRAFFIC at Reynolds Industries Theater
2023 ADF Fête at Parizäde
Rennie Harris Puremovement American Street Dance Theater at Page Auditorium

Multi-Day Event

Triangle Restaurant Week

Venue Weekend Schedules

Events at DPAC
Events at The Carolina Theatre
Events at The Pinhook
Events at Motorco Music hall
Events at The Fruit
Live Music at Blue Note Grill
Events at Moon Dog Meadery
Live Music at Sharp 9 Gallery
Events at Arcana
Events at Rubies on Five Points
Events at Durty Bull Brewing Company
Live Comedy at Mettlesome
Events at Glass Jug Beer Lab in RTP
Events at Glass Jug Beer Lab in Downtown Durham

Thursday, Jun 8

Thirsty Thursdays at Dashi
Vinyl Night with DJ Deckades at Gizmo Brew Works
Boulders & Brews Meetup at Triangle Rock Club - Durham
Trivia Night w/Big Slow Tom at Clouds Brewing Brightleaf Square

Friday, Jun 9

Tasting at Ten at Counter Culture Coffee

Saturday, Jun 10

Durham Farmers’ Market at Durham Central Park
South Durham Farmers' Market at Greenwood Commons Shopping Center
parkrun Durham at Southern Boundaries Park
Crafternoons at Gizmo Brew Works

Sunday, Jun 11

Al Strong Presents Jazz Brunch at Alley Twenty Six
Food Truck Rodeo at Durham Central Park
Public Tour at Duke Chapel
Trivia at Navigator Beverage Co.

Running Art Exhibits

upstART Gallery: A Jim Lee Project at Pop Box Gallery
Exhibit at 21c Museum Hotel
“Extra-Spectral” at the Durham Art Guild Truist Gallery
Donna Stubbs, Featured Artist at 5 Points Gallery
Chieko Murasugi & Renzo Ortega at Craven Allen Gallery
Spirit in the Land at the Nasher
Andy Warhol: You Look Good in Pictures at the Nasher
Art of Peru at the Nasher
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2023.06.08 18:49 Sharkfightxl Cultivate Festival announced for August 25-27 in Chicago

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2023.06.08 18:49 Professional-Tea7358 My abusive mother has me in a conservatorship to control me - at 27 years old????

The narc has been telling me she's withholding my bank info because she hates that I tried to go no contact.
My family is controlling me - the more they control me, the more I try to leave. The more I try to leave, the more they say "Stop focusing on leaving. You need to focus on working. Stop escaping and deal with your problems!" - which only makes me resent them more.
And the narc has never taught me life skills, so I taught myself.
I cook my own food, I do laundry (every time the narc asks) - I feel myself resenting her more and more, and I need support.
I can't leave on my own.
And the narc has me in a conservatorship & on Social Security - at 27.
Her boyfriend (her flying monkey) literally lied to me by saying, "I have relatives in Los Angeles who can help you. But I need you to listen."
I'm isolated.
I feel so alone (even at 27), I've cried and cried because I feel so powerless (and cried more), I have no money, the narc's abuse is getting worse, and I'm in a relationship that's not progressing fast enough.
What resources can I use to take my power back?
I feel very impatient - I had a flight and AirBnB paid for, and all that I'd hoped for is gone.
I feel my whole world is sinking - what can I do?
People tell me, "Don't give up", but I need people who can support me locally, since I only have long distance friendships & relationships.
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2023.06.08 18:45 Slavocados Bare minimum checklist

I drove up from socal last year so had the convenience of overpacking my truck. Thinking about flying up this year and looking for advice on a bare bones packing list so I don’t have to bring too much on the plane.
Wanting to rent gear from REI and pick up in Seattle when I land they had:
Tent Sleeping pad Sleeping bag Camp chair
Available last I checked. Other than those items I would pack:
Clothes Toiletries Party favors Positive vibes
Plan on buying food at the gorge (probably only eat like one big meal a day)
Is there anything I’m forgetting?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.08 18:13 Stunning_Fee3600 Captain of Industry is working with Game Port Toolkit! 30-60FPS depending on quality settings. M2 Pro

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2023.06.08 18:04 WaltzBeneficial3029 Help Return stolen dog.

Help Return stolen dog.
Whole foods in WeHo.
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2023.06.08 18:03 WaltzBeneficial3029 Help Return stolen dog.

Help Return stolen dog.
Please help and share
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2023.06.08 18:01 WaltzBeneficial3029 Help Return stolen dog

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2023.06.08 18:01 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in KS Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Cargill Electro Mechanic Technician Kansas City
City Of Leawood Kansas Experienced Facility Technician Leawood
T.O. Haas Tire & Auto Service Advisor Medicine Lodge
Overland Park Regional Medical Center Unit Nurse Overland Park
Overland Park Regional Medical Center Cardiac Nurse Overland Park
Clearwave Fiber LLC Account Executive I, Commercial Sales Salina
Clearwave Fiber LLC Installation & Repair Technician Salina
Tyson Foods Machine Operator - Full Time - South Hutchinson, KS 67505 South Hutchinson
Wesley Woodlawn Hospital & ER Cardiac Nurse Wichita
UniFirst Maintenance Utility Worker - UniFirst Wichita
BG Products, Inc Technical Service Advisor Derby
Integrated Psychiatric Consultants Primary Care Doctor Kansas City
Empowerme Wellness Clinic Director - Physical Therapist (PT) *$2,000 Sign on Bonus Leawood
Overland Park Regional Medical Center Registered Nurse Neuro Trauma Overland Park
BayMark Health Services Part Time Addiction Counselor Tecumseh
BayMark Health Services Part Time Addiction Counselor Topeka
BayMark Health Services Addiction Counselor Topeka
BayMark Health Services A&D Therapist Topeka
BG Products, Inc Service Technician WICHITA
CrossCountry Freight Solutions Class B CDL Truck DriveDock Worker (5am Start Time) Abilene
Russell Stover Chocolates 1st Shift Forklift Operator Abilene
Russell Stover Chocolates 2nd shift Utility - Forklift Driver Abilene
Abilene Machine LLC Warehouse Associate Abilene
Agco Truck Loader Beloit
Volt Shipping Clerk Coffeyville
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ks. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 17:54 Stunning_Fee3600 Captain of Industry runs on Mac with Game Porting Toolkit!

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2023.06.08 17:54 Thick-Illustrator816 Finally over 100 volumes and someone decided photo bomb

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2023.06.08 17:36 Individual_Mess3929 Metal Gear Remake Concepts Part 1

hese are concepts ideas I had for an Metal Gear (1987) remake which I would dub as Metal Gear Solid 6: Outer Haven. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (1990) would be called Metal Gear Solid 7: Zanzibarland. Both games would be long and give a lot of depth on Solid Snake's past and his relationship with Big Boss, Campbell and Gray Fox. Another game I would push for is Metal Gear Solid: The Philanthropy Chronicles.It would allow players to play as Solid Snake and his supporting cast after the events of Metal Gear Solid 2. Snake’s mission to continue taking out metal gears and track down the Patriots along with Revolver Ocelot. It would lead up to the events of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. I will be working on Metal Gear Solid 7: Zanzibarland concepts soon.
The concept for a Metal Gear Solid 6: Outer Haven (MGS6: OH):
I know its long as Metal Gear (1987) would have to be a game that is remade from the bottom up. A remake of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake would be easier since it was a rock solid game. One wouldn't have to change much from it just expand on the story, elements and characterization it has already. I would love to get feed back from fans here.
The storytelling aspect is inspired by how MGS (1998) told its story. The game would start with Otacon, a ghost writer that wrote the novel of Snake’s exploits and those that work with Snake during Operation Intrude N313 telling the events of Metal Gear Solid 6: Outer Heaven to journalist they trust. We learn that Snake is paradon for his crimes and is buried as a war hero next to the grave of Big Boss. Given a Medal of Honor award and other awards from other countries for saving the world several times. The world is now knowing about his story and thus even more interested to learn of Snakes exploits during his youth. David Hayter voice being used as a recorded message from a dying Solid Snake giving accounts on what happened in Metal Gear Solid 6 and 7 along with most of his life. Snake hopes that his message and story will inspire others to be better and fight for what is right.
David Hayter wouldn’t voice a young Solid Snake as I feel a voice actor that is younger but can emulate David Hayter mannerism and his voice should do it. A young Solid Snake having a hint of innocence, nativity, vulnerability and self doubt at times.
David Hayter would voice Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 7: Zanzibarland since Snake is supposed to be older and wiser. David would be able to give us this voice range and kick it out of the park including the duel against the real Big Boss.
The year is 1995, the Soviet Union has collapsed and the Cold War is now over. The threat of nuclear war is gone and the world embraces this newfound peace. However, this peace is short-lived as there are those that don’t want it. The world is engulfed with the threat of terrorism and rogue states that want to get their hands on nuclear weapons. The free world is now being threatened once again. The US Government works to combat this threat with its covert U.S. Army unit known as Fox-Hound under the leadership of the legendary war hero known as Big Boss. However, when a government agent goes missing during a mission…The agent last reports a weapon that can shake the foundations of the world known as “Metal Gear”. Big Boss sends in a rookie but talented Fox-Hound agent known as Solid Snake to learn of this new weapon. Will Snake learn the truth about this new weapon or will the world find out what Metal Gear will do if it's unleashed?
Like MGS3 there would be a Virtuous Mission in MGS6:OH.
Main Mission:
This is where Snake goes to South Africa and has to get to Outer Haven which is a vastly HUGE heavily defended base. Potentially the best soldiers and mercenaries in the world work and defend the base. It is an official mission sponsored by Fox-Hound, NATO, CIA, NSA, UN and top members of the US Government. This means Solid Snake gets a load of equipment, gadgets and weapons for the mission.
Gameplay would be a mix between MSG 3 and MSG 4 and MSG 5. It takes influence from other games like Red Dead Redemption, Splinter Cell and Grand Theft Auto video games along with new mechanics. The concept is to give the game a war survival horror like vibe if you’re spotted by the enemy or having trouble surviving in the wilderness.
MSG3 gameplay elements
MGS4 Gameplay elements-
MGS 5-
Splinter cell element-
Grand Theft Auto elements-
New Gaming mechanics -
Snake’s Gadgets/Tools for the main mission where he gets official support
Movie Influence:
Game Music:
Venom Snake/Big Boss:
Supporting Characters
Kyle Schneider
Jennifer Schneider
Drago Pettrovich Madnar
Ellen Madnar
Tech (Original)
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2023.06.08 17:36 Pristine_Present_260 24 [F4M] Brisbane, Australia - Looking for a permanent, stable relationship

I'm looking for a guy within 18-24 (no exceptions), who's ambitious, young with an old soul, who is emotionally available and is also looking for a long-lasting relationship. I'm alcohol friendly with moderation (obv drinking problems are a dealbreaker). As for preferences, I lean strongly to buff/lean, muscular Caucasian guys. I am not into neckbeards as I've gotten plenty of messages from guys who don't fit what I'm looking for. So if you're not the type of guy Im describing above, please dont waste my time trying to weazel your way in.
Personality wise, I would like someone who is empathetic, kind, who I feel can understand me, and is cognizant in the cruelty of the world since my life is best described as that of a 'tragic tale of a tragic character''
About me: Asian, 6'1", I'm doing a masters in International relations, with plans to go into government. Ideally, I'd like to work in D.C. politics with wanting to work in the Pentagon or DoD to do some consulting work. However, depending if I meet a fellow Aussie, I'm more than willing to stay within the country if I feel we are mutually compatible.
I alao write opinion pieces for my uni newspaper and am potentially looking to do interviews with people for future opinion pieces.
I like to game: Dying Light, Cities Skylines, GTA IV, American Truck Sim. I also like to learn vegan recipes even not being a vegan myself.
I'm a big foodie, whether that'd be Mediterranean food, Middle Eastern, Indian (i love curries also), seafood, or spicy food. I've also taken a liking to Azerbaijani food as well as Eastern European.
I'm also an aspiring runner for which I joined my uni's social running club
The big obstacle.... I'm a pre-op transgirl. I'm looking for a guy who's secure in his masculinity, not fazed by any insecure notions of fragile masculinity. However, I'd like to hope (however fruitless or not) that the younger generation, like Gen Z'ers are more LGBTQ+ accepting. For any older guys, I'm sorry but I want a relationship where I'm not subject to being emotionally abused (personal experience... not great) nor feel like I'm missing out more in life by settling into a post 30+ year old life.
I'd like to live my youth still whatever I have left, and enjoy those moments with someone in similar life stages of being in college also or who's entering college. I also do not desire children ever.
After having numerous LDR's fizzle out, I would like to have a stable relationship. Due to me still being in college and doing a Masters, I can't travel abroad right now unfortunately.
Will only reply to well written responses so short messages will get ignored.
Pls be in Australia/NZ or N. America pref I'd like someone local but not holding much hope.
Do not waste my time if youre just looking to chat or are just bored, since thats been 90% of the replies I get.
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2023.06.08 17:12 Elef-ant Foodtrucks for Hire

Could anyone reccomend food trucks/mobile caterers that do private events?
Tried a few vendors but they seem to be reluctant to come all the way to Limerick (a lot of them based in or near Dublin). I also would much prefer to give the business to a local vendor.
Note: not looking for the likes of Hook & Ladder, but a food truck to park outside and serve food on the spot.
Thanks a mil!
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2023.06.08 17:04 dudeistpriest710 Delicious Lao food

Delicious Lao food
Go check out the Lao food truck off Kiwanis. Delicious everything. Sticky rice and egg rolls are amazing.
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