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the funniest dank memes from Le Reddit (donald trump Pepe Frog ) <-- he trolled libtard, like an Boss.

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Weird news and humor for heathens.

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Post the first thing that comes into your mind and all comments should be evy singing song lyrics

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2023.06.05 09:14 Firm-Photograph1708 Ranking every gen 2 song because I'm board

12.[Damn I'm ugly] Here's the link for my opinion
11.[Everyone clapped] The concept is just f**king stupid. The third verse just sucks, not even Benatar could save it, and what's with these gen 2 songs with theoretical situations? What if I got verified? What if I could flip any situation around? What if I was rich? Oh I'm a f**king hero, you got to believe me.
10.[Orphan tears 3] Its decent ig. I don't like the chorus at all, well I like Stevi's "sip sipin on, sip sipin on, sip sipin on orphan tears. Wax's rhyming is good, probably Wax's best performance of gen 2. I like the "we set the children free, free from the predator, before we left we took the cash out the register".
9.[Eff this job] Its just a worse version of Take over the world (which was already overrated) Wax is probably at his worse here, I hate when he sings the chorus. Also wtf are Puff and Wax doing in the chorus?
TF is that dance? A forced Doin your mom reference, has the same ending as TOTW. Your telling me you couldn't get Jessie Cale to sing "YEAH" in the song? Has a good instrumental, reminds me of 90s music.
8.[Gentlemen's balled] Kind of a boring song. The chorus gets repetitive. Dee Jay's part was funny. I don't have anything else to say. I hate Tig in gen 2, she's such a b**ch
7.[This is why I'm single] Good song. Puff and Shuba had good parts. Dee Jay's part was good(not as good as GB) this would be a lot higher if it weren't for F**KING WAX, BRO EFF OFF(except for Damn I'm ugly, he would have saved that f**king song).
6.[Rich people $hit] Good chorus doesn't get too annoying. Same for the verses. Overhated tbh. Also this is my first YFM song.
5.[Uno reverse card] Very nice chorus, more Puff then Wax, I don't like Wax's part. This should had been a Fat damon or Upside downs song when the meme was popular. Also I don't here Benatar at all in the chorus. You could get Jessie to sing "BAM UNO REVERSE CARD... IF YOU LAY THIS CARD DOWN, YOU COULD FLIP ANY SITUATION AROUND.....SORRY MAURY THE KIDS YOURS, GOOD LUCK PAYING THAT CHILD SUPPORT" But not "IM A HO, HO HO, A HOOOOOOOOOO, BUT NOW THAT IM WITH YOU, I'LL PROMISE I'LL LET IT GO". But FR does anyone even here jessie in the chorus?
4.[Orphan tears 2] It's good, Its not long enough(that's what she said) Wax's part was good for once, I like that extra sound that plays with the regular tear drop sound, idk how to explain it. Why tf doesn't Dee Jay sing? I mean there wasn't a voice actor for Dee Jay at the time, but Ray or Wax couldn't make their voices deep? Also why tf does Wax and Puff already look drunk when they enter the local dance spot?
3.[Verified] Very close to gen 1 yfm, a little bit overrated. NO WAX. Also what's the song about? He got verified and now he's royalty? And HOW did he get verified? He seems to be hated by everyone. IK it's a dream but the song makes 0 sense.
2.[Brain rave] The beat..... SO F**KING GOOD, AMAZING CHORUS. I don't care for the OT reference. A lot of Easter eggs. I don't the dreams part. The dreams come along and eat the rave party? The video is kind of confusing.
1.[Date myself] First off NO WAX THANKFULLY. Good beat, good chorus, It sounds like Benatar sings the chorus or is it just me? A lot of Easter eggs, I got them on the first listen. Oh and THEY BROUGHT BACK GEN 1 LADYBUG PUFF. Its kind of gay but not really, not like The Smithers f*6 song. New thumbnail sucks, they used the old gen 1 puff from 2011 and not the new gen 1 puff tf.
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2023.06.05 08:48 Relative_Fail_2192 Wrote this essay for a scholarship about a body builder in 7th grader. I only see mistakes in grammar but otherwise than that what could be improved?

prompt- Write a 500-word essay about someone who has impacted your life.

Most people don't know who Aziz Shavershain is, but of course they wouldn't since he is commonly known as the Legend Of Zyzz, or the greatest Russian Australian bodybuilder who ever lived. You may be asking why a bodybuilder matters so much to such a young girl. The Legend of Zyzz has inspired many people to be successful in life by posting inspirational videos for people who need the motivation to hit the gym or get up and do something proactive. He is not only known for that, he is also known for being a funny bodybuilder and even creating memes! I was sitting on my bed scrolling through YouTube, and suddenly I came across a video titled "The Memorial of Zyzz" Nothing was entertaining and the front cover of the video looked bracing; a guy was flexing his muscles, and the video was 38 seconds long. I clicked on the video just to be welcomed to an opening of an old recording video of Zyzz saying a proverb "Get up and workout. Hit those weights! You shouldn't be worried about what people think about you at the gym. Everyone is working on themselves and trying to become the better version of themselves. Think about it, 7 billion people in the world; there are about 45 people per gym." At this time, I was sluggish, I didn't have the motivation to work out but after watching the video it gave me the motivation to work out and not make excuses. I've always planned to work out but I never stuck to it. I got up from my bed and sprinted to grab my dumbbells and started to work out on my quads and biceps. I also grabbed my journal and even started my own little bulking story called " That one kid bulking up. " I kept watching his videos and his journey of how he went from being a skeleton to a bull. He didn't just inspire me to become a better version of myself. He taught me I HAD NO excuses to work out, no limitations, and that he taught me how to be myself and feel comfortable in my own body at the gym or when I go out. 5Zyzz was diagnosed with a heart condition called "Cardiac arrest" at a very young age. He knew that lifting weights would kill him, but did he stop? No, he did not. He kept going. He had a very good reason to not work out because it would cost him his life, but he still decided to work out and inspire people. I know if I was in his shoes, I would've stopped doing weightlifting knowing it was going to cause death upon me. There was this one sentence that Zyzz said that made me realize something "Why should you care about what other people think about you when you know you working on yourself?" Zyzz was always known as the wise man with motivating words. When Zyzz passed sadly passed away on August 5, 2011, it left the internet in shock. A year after his death, a user of YouTube under the name of Ruskimelb posted an 18:59-minute memorial video named "Zyzz-The Legacy" that blew up on YouTube. Ever since this video was posted, the internet started to bring back the legacy of Zyzz and that led people to edit Zyzz and bring him back alive. Nowadays if you look up Zyzz, you'll be able to see people recreating his aesthetic poses or motivational edits of Zyzz.
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2023.06.05 08:17 LordDurand Just found out my ex moved in with the guy she had a huge crush on

I want to close my eyes and, in an instant, be free of all feeling and never have to open them again.
She broke up with me at the beginning of the year. We had a long talk, and we both cried, but in the end she still left. A lot of things were said, and I don't know if she meant for them to be hurtful or not. She said I wasn't enough, that she needed someone who was masculine and dominant. But you knew what I was when you met me, didn't you? I get confused for a girl about 70% of the time, you knew that, right? And I always told you, from the very beginning, that I liked being the little spoon. That I wanted to be soft, to not have to live up to any of society's expectations of men, that I just wanted to feel safe and secure and protected with someone. That I wanted to feel like I, just by myself, with all my imperfections, with all the feminine parts of me that everyone is repulsed by, with everything I've always felt wasn't what a man should look like-- that I was still enough for someone. You knew all that. Why'd you stay for as long as you did if you hated all of it?
When we were dating, she told me she had a big crush on one of her guy-friends. I was always insecure about it because he was a lot more conventionally attractive, always had girls hitting on him, and was always single. But she assured me that she wasn't interested in him anymore. I guess I never could fully believe it.
Today I opened Venmo to transfer some money, and I saw that he'd been paying rent to her landlord, and that he was also sending her money for the wifi bill. I don't know for sure how long they've been living together now, at least a month. It's her life, she can do whatever she wants and be with whoever she wants, and I've tried to come to terms with that. But it just feels so unfair. That she gets to just move on like that and have someone else with her. And I'm still here, on my own, same as I've always been.
I've been trying to work on myself. I started doing Jiu-Jitsu to complement my kickboxing training, I started learning guitar and practicing every day, I picked up reading again, I got my motorcycle license, I got promoted. I feel like in just a few months, I've come so far. But I'm still stuck. Swiping on dating apps, getting maybe one match maybe every few months if I'm lucky, that usually turns up to be nothing. There was one girl I went on a few dates on, but she ghosted me.
And I just don't know what to do. My entire life, I've just wanted someone to feel at home with. Someone I can always go to, someone I can be totally, completely myself with, without having to put on any kind of face, without having to put on any kind of armor to face the harshness of the world. I don't want any of what I've done. I don't want to feel like I have to learn to fight, or to pick up random skills or hobbies, or ride on a dangerous two-wheeled machine, or have the position I do. I just want to be with someone. I want to love and to be loved, and that's it, that's always been it.
It's my birthday today. I'm 24 now. 24 more years than I needed or wanted. I remember all the times I was at a firing range with a gun in my hands, thinking about how in a single flash, I could be done with it all. And I regret that I'm still here. It feels like nothing will ever get better. It's like I'm trapped in an old shack in the midst of a harsh, never-ending blizzard. I can decorate the inside as much as I like, make it all pretty and inviting. But nobody's ever going to show up. In the end, it's still an old shack; the snowstorm outside is one that knows no lifting, and things will always be like this.
I have tried all that I can think of. This broke me completely. I don't know how I can keep going on like this. Every morning, I wake up and have nothing to be excited about. I can't imagine a girl ever being excited about me, wanting to talk to me and get to know me in every way she can.
I'm 24 now, but I still feel like the same stupid kid I was in high school. I still fall asleep in the same empty bed, staring at the same sparse ceiling with the fan I'm afraid to turn on because of how much it shakes and threatens to fall right off. And then all the same insecurities come flooding back, everything I thought I moved past. Where I once thought I'm okay being mistaken as a girl, that it's cool how androgynous I am, I realize how much it sets me back, how hard it is to find someone attracted to me. I come to resent my face, my eyes, my height, my hair, my body, my voice. Everything everyone else can perceive feels like a reason for them to steer clear, or just treat me like a little brother even if I'm years older than them.
When I was in middle school, where there was this clique of the popular boys, the cool jocks or whatever, I always wished I was one of them. Not in the sense of wishing I could be in that crowd, but that I was literally living in the body of one of them. I'd sing stupid mournful songs about it in the shower, I'd think about it as I fell asleep.
And today, it's not that different. Every night I go to bed, wishing I could wake up in a different body. Being rebellious, or an iconoclast, or something contrary to society's standards is a cool thing to talk about. Until it's forced upon you, until you can't match what society wants no matter how hard you try, until you can't fit in and you can't attract people to you.
When I was going to therapy, my therapist said something along the lines of how I'm more interesting than the typical "Abercrombie and Fitch white guy," and it was funny and made me feel a little better at the time. But I think I'd rather just conform. I'd rather just be conventionally attractive and fit right in and have my pick of whoever I wanted than be unique.
What's the point of having a unique life experience if there's no one to share it with?
I feel like I'm at the end of my line.
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2023.06.05 08:11 LilbittyMGR to the customer that made a joke about our door

Yes, our door is now broken. That is because someone got upset, and broke it. Your joke about trade value was not taken lightly. That is because the incident included threats of violence to the people working. Sure, HaHa, the memes are great. But look at this, the way it happens... do you want you're life threatened? No. None of this is funny.
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2023.06.05 07:43 Polaris328 Queen and Prince All Your Heart

The Northstar, Titan's Orbit
Polaris, in the middle of a much-needed nap at his desk, looked up in a daze as his computer beeped, alerting him of an incoming call. He shook himself awake before answering. "Hello?" he said groggily.
"Hey, Old Light. Sounds like I woke you up," Crow's voice replied Polaris could practically hear his protege's smirk. "Everything alright?"
"Just peachy." Polaris rubbed his eyes. "What's up, Crow?"
"Not much. I was at the Farm this morning and Queen Mara asked for you. I've been trying to reach you all day."
"Yeah, I've been, uh..." Polaris recalled everything he'd done in the past twelve hours: sleeping, eating ice cream, crying, trying to get some overdue mission reports done, then getting bored and sleeping again. "Very busy."
Crow chuckled. "I'm sure. Well, whenever you're free, drop by the Farm. Mara's waiting."
"I'll be right there. Seeya around, kiddo." Polaris ended the call and yawned loudly before getting up and changing into his typically pristine armor, though it found itself in a sorry state tonight. He pushed the button on his intercom and relayed his instructions to the vessel's pilot: "Set a course for the EDZ on Earth. Got business at the Farm."
"Expecting a fight?" Daedalus asked, orbiting his Guardian curiously. "Farm's pretty safe."
"No, but can't be too careful with Mara. She might have some kind of special assignment for me or something. There's always another one, no matter how many I have stacked up," Polaris grumbled, adjusting his cloak as the Northstar descended toward the Farm. It was as quiet as it had been ever since the team's mission of retribution against the Shadow Legion following Amanda Holliday's death. Some civilians of various species going about their business here and there, but no notable operations anymore.
Queen Mara Sov, sitting alone aside from one horse in the Farm's stables, glanced skyward as she heard the approaching roar of the Northstar's engines. Before long, Polaris made his way to her location. "It's been some time, Young Wolf," she said, stroking the horse's mane.
Polaris's face immediately scrunched up. "Still hate that name. I see you've met Gorilla."
Mara frowned. "...Gorilla?"
"The horse. His name's Gorilla. He's a hero, y'know."
"What exactly did... Gorilla do that was so heroic?"
Polaris chuckled. "Back in the Red War, during the mission to retake the Last City, the assault teams had to approach the City in a way that the Cabal wouldn't notice. So their ships dropped them out near Twilight Gap, and they made the rest of the journey on foot. But to make sure everything was clear along the way, they had a trio of scouts go ahead on horseback. Gorilla was one of those horses- along with his brothers, Elmer and Krazy, may they rest in peace. Without him, the assault team may have been ambushed along the walk to the City by Cabal forces. But thankfully Gorilla and his brothers were there to help." He walked over to Gorilla and scratched behind his ear. "He's been living here ever since."
"And what of his brothers? Elmer and Crazy?" Mara asked. "From what you've said, I assume they are dead."
"Krazy. With a K. But yeah. Krazy was killed by a Cabal sniper near the City's outer walls. He and his rider happened to be spotted while they were scouting ahead, and, well... a horse is a bigger target than a Guardian. As for Elmer, he was caught in an explosion during the battle. He survived it, but his injuries were severe enough that he had to be put to sleep, rather than letting him suffer for his natural lifespan. So Gorilla's the only one left. But he's been handling it well. Haven't you, boy?" Polaris smiled up at the horse, who gave a happy neigh in response. "So. What did you need? Crow said you wanted to talk to me."
Mara nodded, sitting down on a wooden bench. "I did. But I do not have a mission for you if that is what you expected."
Polaris took a seat next to the Queen. "Then what's up?"
"I simply wished to speak with you."
Polaris narrowed his eyes. "To what end? You don't do anything without a purpose."
Mara looked away from the Guardian. "Amanda Holliday's death has weighed heavy on all who knew her. As I said then, I have lived for eons. I have seen countless deaths. They still hurt, but it has become... easier for me, than for most. But it will never be easier to stomach how it affects those I care for."
Polaris swallowed a retort that probably wouldn't have gone over well, instead choosing to stare at the stable floor.
"That includes you, Polaris." Mara looked back at him. "So, if you insist that I must have a purpose, then my only purpose is this: I am concerned for you. Your shoulders have borne more weight than any of your peers in much less time than most. I can see it in your face- you are beyond exhausted. I know you do not see me as a friend, but if you have anything you wish to speak of, I will be here to listen."
Polaris covered his face with his hands for a brief moment. "Where do I even start?" He met Mara's eyes.
"Wherever you wish." Mara reached over and took hold of Polaris's hand. "I was speaking with Elisabeth Bray once when she said something similar to me. Then she remembered something. A wise Hunter once told her, 'The beginning is usually a pretty good place.'"
Polaris's slack fingers closed around Mara's hand as a hint of a smile crept onto his lips. He shifted to be a little closer to her. "Using my own words against me. Devious, Your Grace. Very devious. Well. As you might remember, my friend Hecate went Dark a while back. She was a fugitive for a long time. Then, right after the Traveler ascended, she came to find me. She told me she wanted to come back to the City. Rejoin the Vanguard. I was all for it. She's doing great, but I can see the pain in her eyes whenever I see her. And I just don't know how to help. On top of that, Aunor and I... we're done. Again. For good this time."
"How did it happen?" Mara asked. "Another fight?"
"No. It was much more peaceful. We've barely seen each other recently. Been so busy with our own work that we... don't have time for each other anymore. But right before Titan reappeared, she and I finally got to be with each other again. First time we've been face to face in months. In the morning, she said we needed to talk. She basically told me we were too big of a distraction for each other. Even when we're apart, if we're involved with each other, we'd only be dividing our focus away from... 'what really matters,' in her words. Can't say I'm surprised- she's always put duty first- but to hear it spelled out like that didn't feel amazing. But I gotta admit... she's got a point."
Mara nodded slowly. "People like ourselves... we must always put the mission before our personal desires." She watched as Polaris's already somber expression saddened. "But that does not mean we must stifle our love for those around us. Amanda knew this, and she loved with all her heart."
"Cayde knew it too. But I guess it's a lesson some of us still have to learn, huh?" Polaris looked back at the Queen with a small smirk. "Not naming names, though."
A brief chuckle escaped from Mara before she caught herself. "Yes. I suppose we do. Although before we can express our love to those around us, perhaps we must first embrace and express our love for ourselves."
"It's always funny hearing you talk like that."
"What do you mean?"
"Like you don't want to be understood. And you want whoever you're talking with to understand that they don't understand." Polaris froze, panic setting in as he saw something change in Mara's expression. "Shit. I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"
"No. It's fine, Polaris." Mara chuckled again, more openly this time. "The first Queen's Wrath, Sjur Eido, once said nearly the exact same thing to me. You do remind me of her sometimes, though she was perhaps more... straightforward. There were fewer dimensions to her than yourself, though at your core, you're similar to her." She stared into Polaris's eyes. Today, they were electric blue, as bright and as powerful as a bolt of Arc lightning.
"How so?" the Hunter asked.
"You and Sjur are endlessly passionate. Powerful. Charming. Problem solvers, though in different ways. Always determined to follow your chosen path, no matter what might draw you away from it. In a sea of the exceptional, you both stand above your peers."
Polaris was suddenly very aware of the fact that Mara still hadn't let go of his hand, even though his own had gone lax a few moments ago- and that her tone had changed a little. And had she gotten closer? Or had he shifted closer to her? He couldn't be quite sure. "High, uh... high praise from you, Your Grace."
Mara paused before letting go of Polaris's hand and standing up. "And I mean every word. But... I suppose that is all I wished to say to you. You are free to go."
Polaris also stood. "Yeah. I'll do that. Got some things to do. But... thanks, Mara. And the same offer you extended to me goes back to you. Anything you need to talk about, I'll be here." He could practically feel that Mara wanted to say more, and so did he, but now was not the time. And this was certainly not the place. "Well. Uh. Oh, screw it." He pulled Mara into a tight hug.
Mara's eyes widened for a moment as she was taken aback by the gesture, but she instinctively returned it, closing her eyes.
"You said earlier that you didn't think I saw you as a friend. You were wrong. You are my friend, Mara. One of my best."
Mara felt Polaris's breathing synchronize with her own. The Prince of the Sky and the Queen of the Awoken silently stood in each other's embrace for a moment before she spoke again. "You must never forget to love with all your heart, Polaris. As must I. We do not know who will walk away from this battle with us and who will be lost along the way."
"I promise." Polaris stepped away from Mara. "See you around, my lady." He bowed to the Queen, only partially in a joking manner, then transmatted back to his Ketch.
Mara took a deep breath before looking back at Gorilla, who was staring at her. "What?" she bluntly asked the horse. Then she noticed it seemed to be looking just over her shoulder instead of directly at her. She turned just in time to see Crow drop his invisibility.
The young Hunter had an amused smirk on his face. "Haven't seen you like that since... well, you know. Are you thinking of...?"
Mara put a hand on her hip. "It is as I said. The mission, the plan... ending the Witness comes first. Why were you spying on us?"
"Couldn't help myself." Crow shrugged. "Truth be told, I've been concerned about him too. I was worried that you'd say or do something, or send him on some exhausting mission that would push him past the breaking point... but I was pleasantly surprised. I think talking to you did him some good. He seemed a little... I don't know. Lighter, when he left."
"If I have been able to provide some relief to him, then I am satisfied. Even if it is only a little. Don't you have work to be doing?"
"Heh. Suppose I do. And so do you. Bye, Mara." Crow nodded to his sister as he transmatted away.
"Goodbye, Crow." Mara walked out of the stable, breathing in the cool midnight air. She felt a little lighter as well.
hi. sorry for disappearing (again). i, uh... i don't really know if i want to go anywhere with this particular relationship. i like the concept, but pursuing it actively would probably interfere with canon too much. we'll see, though. anyway. got a little bit depressing tonight, which might reflect my life in general (my stories often do). but there's a little glimmer of hope in there too. i'm not super proud of this particular entry, but it will have to do. hope you enjoyed
~ P.
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2023.06.05 07:31 mooomoomaamaa Funny kpop videos that I am obsessed with

Since it's Monday for many of us and will be Monday for many of you soon, let's share something fun.
What are some kpop memes or funny videos that you are Absolutely obsessed with. The ones that live in your mind rent free, the ones you can't help but watch 20 times every time you see it, the ones that keep you up all night laughing.
Here are my top Picks
Kard BM and Somin - punch you in the face : I actually am unable to say " let's go" without repeating this entire interaction.
LSF Yunjin's Yeorobun : This is soooo funny I cannot escape it.
I have to watch it atleast 5 times everyday.
BTS Jin : Falling on the beach while saying waaa padada.
He's just a silly bean
Lay : A cat named cat
What are your favorites? Tell me so I can laugh at them too!
p.s. please no "cringe shaming" . Everyone's humor is different 🌸
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2023.06.05 07:13 Q_isnt_Anonymous How do you know if they're really a part of Q?

A little background. This is about my younger brother (30). He has always been gullible and isn't quite intelligent (yesterday he got into an argument with me that 1.5 hours means 1 hour and 50 minutes, and an hour and half is actually 1.3 hours etc...) and has always been very gullible. He was made fun of a lot in school. In college he found this identity as an online troll. However, he didn't believe the nonsense he said back then. It was just entertaining to him getting a rise out of others. Immature? Yes. But nothing concerning so far.
Around the 2016 election, he stopped his usual trolling and became Donald Trumps biggest fan. I mean every day he posted about Trump. He shared pro Trump memes multiple times a day. I thought he was trolling at first. The nature of the stuff he posted was so over the top ... like Hillary Clinton face photos hopped as a prisoner behind bars. A train with Donald Trumps face on it saying "You can't stop the Trump train" etc.. like I couldn't take him seriously... it was like a parody of a Trump supporter. He had no coherent debate points.
Around 2019 to 2020 a friend calls me up saying he is saying some real hateful stuff and inciting violence on social media. He kept getting his social media accounts suspended. Everyone we grew up with got rid of him on social media and started to think poorly of me too because of my relationship to him. I told him he really needs to calm down on the trolling. He told me he really believes the stuff he says. I didn't know if he was trolling me or he was serious. Like Jewish people being behind BLM?? Wtf??
As Trump lost the election, he sweared he didn't and the democrats stole the election. He believed some sort of firefight happened in Germany with the Army and the CIA over hidden votes in a computer? This is about the time he became an antivaxxer. Out of nowhere he had an extreme hatred for electric vehicles. At this point he has like thousands upon thousands of far right followers echoing his posts. He eventually got completely banned from a very popular social media site for attempting to sell people fake COVID19 vaccination cards.
Nowdays he is obsessed with Putin and Russia, claiming every day Russia is winning and Putin is a hero. He can never provide sources or proof for any of his crazy vaccination or war in Ukraine claims. He claims he is in some secret email or chat group that he signed a non disclosure agreement (I know, I laughed in his face when he told me this) so he can't provide sources...
It's hard being related to him. He used to be a coach/teacher but lost his job after going on a political rant to kids. Which is exactly what I told him would happen... he is still coaching and I don't know how he hasn't lost that job... he literally uses a picture of Hillary Clinton on the sideline to signal his offense they will run a slant (the cringe meaning slants are crooked as is Hillary Clinton) and other weird/cringe stuff like this...
You can't have any conversations with him about current events...
Anyways I'm sorry I went on and on. I don't have anyone to get this all out with... anyways to the point at hand... he swears he isn't in Qanon but he believes in pretty much everything they say ... pro putin, pro Trump, anti vaxx, pro Russia, anti LGBT, anti environment, anti BLM etc .... however he doesn't believe in adrenochrome, pedophile cabal etc ... but he really hates democrats and talks about "them" the way I imagine hitler talked about Jews.... he truly believes every problem society has ever faced since the beginning of time is somehow the fault of liberals... I'm exaggerating a bit but yeah.. he also denies being in Qanon or knowing much about it. Its been our (we share some of a social circle) joke to annoy him but calling all his beliefs qanon. As a joke I got him a Qanon T shirt and he was very upset. It was funny ... but the level of upset he got I didn't anticipate .... he started a huge scene in public which is something he has never done before.
How can you start to try and help your Q when they won't even admit they're a Q?
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2023.06.05 07:10 mooomoomaamaa Kpop memes & Funny videos that I am obsessed with!

Since it's Monday for many of us and will be Monday for many of you soon, let's share something fun.
What are some kpop memes or funny videos that you are Absolutely obsessed with. The ones that live in your mind rent free, the ones you can't help but watch 20 times every time you see it, the ones that keep you up all night laughing.
Here are my top Picks
  1. Kard BM and Somin - punch you in the face :
I actually am unable to say " let's go" without repeating this entire interaction.
  1. LSF Yunjin's Yeorobun : This is soooo funny I cannot escape it.
    I have to watch it atleast 5 times everyday.
  2. BTS Jin : Falling on the beach while saying waaa padada.
He's just a silly bean
  1. EXO Lay : A cat named cat
What are your favorites? Tell me so I can laugh at them too!
p.s. please no "cringe shaming" . Everyone's humor is different 🌸
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2023.06.05 06:44 Javel-levaj It would've been nice

Last weekend I had a nice heart to heart chat with a friend at a party. Shortly after that we went to sleep, same room but separate beds. I woke up at night and got this need to just go cuddle and hug with him, but I dismissed it as a tired drunken thought. I even saw dreams about it.
Next morning I told him about it, stating it was kinda funny because I had no idea where it came from. He replied: "I don't think it would've been nice for either of us since my nose was really stuffy all night. But otherwise we could've pushed our beds together." He seemed accepting of it and it made me feel good, but now I just can't get it out of my head.
I'm not used to talking about my feelings at all, so at the same time I'm happy I did and that he accepted it, but at the same time I'm afraid I overstepped a boundary of sorts. And the truth is I actually think it would've been nice, I still want to cuddle him.
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2023.06.05 06:36 philosophic_insight Northgod Style,

Northgod Style,
I don't know if this meme has been posted here even so still funny and accurate.
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2023.06.05 06:34 Proof-King-6211 Music Planted the Seed

There was many things which woke me up from the CultOrg but i had to share something which only come to mind when looking back at what really woke me up ..MUSIC live music 1986 in Manchester United Kingdom 16 year old in sweaty clubs in Manchester watching loud Indie/Punk/Alternative music ,jumping around like a head less chicken watching some of the top bands which are now very famous from years back ,
it was a moment of clarity in my life as a jehovahs witness that i had an avenue to let of steam be who i want enjoy something which i was told was worldly ,demonic ,listening to debased music as i was told was damaging to my spirituality,funny really as i would go out on a Saturday night and the next morning at the kingdom hall my ears ringing from the night before ,i say the only thing it was damaging was my ear drums LOL.
So the point is!!...I was looking for an escape even at 16 year old or a right to freedom of expression ,it was all so controlled way back then what you listen to how you dance what you sing,what you write ect and a bunch of guys controlled it ,its not until your out of it do you see how damaging this CultOrg is ,the issue of playing records backwards,A record was a round plastic disc you played with a needle for those who don't no LOL LOL,.
.Every one went paranoid and started to play the record collection backwards because a bunch of twat heads in Brooklyn at the time said so ..Now this is turning into a rant but MUSIC was my seed planted for future things to come to get out of this controlling set up but not with out pain or anger ...MUSIC is Funny,emotional,sad, healing,makes you cry makes you sing makes you dance..Makes you want to jump around like a headless chicken...No one should take that away from you ..... DEAN Xxxx
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2023.06.05 06:30 No-Palpitation1201 Awww this made me emotional, RIP Whitey

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2023.06.05 06:21 Maskett In case I die, or disappear from your life

I honestly don't know how to start this, I have too many things to say and very few words to express them. If you are reading this it is because I am dead, because I disappeared from your life or because I entrusted this to you, leaving it up to you whether to read it or not.
Many times, speaking of serious stuff, I told you not to feel obliged to read, that you could skip the conversation and that it was fine. Not this time, I ask you to read all of it, I ask that you only read it and not share what is in these letters. Although obviously you are within your rights to do so.
Of all the people in my life, you will probably be the one who will receive my longest death letter. I have too much to write to you. So I'm afraid this letter will end up being too short because it would mean that the biggest and my favorite connection I've ever made with another human being can be summed up in less than an hour of reading.
It seems strange to me to think that you could be reading this in a very distant future where we are no longer a part of each other's lives. One where you might even have forgotten who I am.
Well, getting to the point, in case you are somewhat like me in that maybe you are not convinced of something nice no matter how many people tell you, I want to make it clear to you. At the time I write this we have known each other for 7 years, and for 5 years I have considered you the best friendship I ever had in my life. I very much doubt that anything will change this and if in 10, 15 or more years I can continue seeing you often, talking about things that happened to us and laughing about a show we like, it would make me very happy.
When I met you, you didn't really stand out to me much, I don't think I would have ever imagined how much our relationship could develop. You were just one of the group of those who got into technical school late. I remember that with T we called you rocket girl because your hair was green like a Tristana skin :p.
Over time you formed a group with T and Tr while I wandered around the classroom looking for a place where I could sit. I was never afraid to join your group, even if they said you were toxic and whatnot. You never gave me that impression.
I think it was the first time in my life that I felt so accepted by those I decided to call friends. You, more than anything, I can't describe the sense of the peace that you made me feel after those years where, one after the other, those who were my so-called friends ended up making me hate myself. I really liked being your friend and I would repeat the experience as many times as possible. I enjoyed every moment you let me come over to your house for lunch, growing up sitting together on a school desk day after day. It makes me feel happy to know that during all those years we spent talking about anything that could entertain us or about some hypothetical moral conflict, you saw me as a true friend. I always had that voice in my head that repeated to me that, deep down, you didn't like me or you'd just get tired of me.
I'm glad I can look back and know now how much you trusted me, always opening up and letting me paint my words, advice, comfort and affection in your mind. I smile every time I remember the difference of how I felt being your friend to what I lived since elementary school.
Words are not enough to express how much I appreciate you and how much I treasure all the mornings, afternoons and nights that we've spent together laughing, complaining, talking, studying, growing, living.
I was thinking of giving you this for your birthday, but I think it would be too much. Despite how long we've known each other and how close we ended up being, I don't remember ever giving you a gift. If I tell you the truth, sometimes I feel like it's because I don't think I can give you something you deserve, something that can make you happy for at least a few minutes, and it scares me to think that you might end up hating something that I give you.
You are an important part in most of my best memories. Playing and talking on the patio of your house, caressing Dana or laughing with your brothers. Walking through the corridors of the school and using recess to take advantage of the tranquility of the library. The conversations that could last for hours, at your house or mine, sitting in class or on the way out, by call or message. Sometimes I miss that feeling when I saw you arrive and decided to sit with me, because it meant that you enjoyed spending time with me, in the same way that I enjoyed spending time with you.
"Thank you for putting up with me" you wrote in a note that you left in my letter for the future from fourth year, as if it were something difficult, as if your presence was not something nice that made my days happy. I should thank you for everything. Thank YOU for putting up with ME, for being my friend, for paying attention to the bullshit I say and for letting it occupy so much of your life. Thanks A.
🐞Para A🐞 If you're reading this shortly after I wrote it, I guess you already noticed, but I haven't stopped liking you for a day since the end of third year. You are the person I liked the most, although you already know that.
It's wrong that I feel like this, I really feel that there is something wrong for me to continue thinking like this after knowing that my feelings lead to nothing. I wish I could try to stop liking you by force, but after knowing that you used to like me and after kissing you, I see it as impossible. Twice I tried and failed.
When the pandemic began I assumed that when we returned to regularity I would not feel the same, and I assumed wrong. When seventh year began, I felt guilty for not having been able to "get over you" and I was afraid that I would make you uncomfortable or that you would find out and think that I didn't value you just as my friend.
When you got with J I thought that might be it, but no. And I blamed myself for feeling that way about you when you were in a relationship.
It's stupid and pathetic, but having had to spend every day next to you two hurt me. I never hated your relationship, but out of my selfishness I distanced myself from the group. I tried everything to distract myself and accept that I would never be able to be with you.
2022 When I started uni I thought that maybe I would meet someone who would make me forget how I felt. For a while I tried to convince myself that I liked Dia. It was logical, right? If we got along so well and I saw her daily. I love her a lot, but I didn't get to see her like this. There was a time in my life where I questioned if I really liked women or the idea of ​​romance with a person just because I had no interest in anyone other than you. But that wasn't right, was it? If you were someone I was going to like for a while, a few months at the most. Sometimes I think that everything would be easier if I'd never had these emotions tied to your existence.
Around September we started talking again like before, and we hung out often and I hated not being able to just be your friend, wanting something more. I felt that I was betraying you, and I couldn't try to "get away and stop talking to you" because I didn't want to, I don't want to and I won't ever want that. I don't like to think of a future where the years go by and you are no longer part of my life.
When you told me that you still remembered when I told you that I liked you, I felt like I was going to die until you said that you remembered it as something nice. I imagined many reactions to that, but never that one. I used to feel guilty for a while. I really believed that since that day I had started to bother you every time we hugged or when we hung out. I was glad to know that all along it was all in my head and that you were not disgusted or annoyed by it.
The day you told me you used to like me I had to stop everything I was doing and sit down. I started to look at some trees and I was on the verge of crying. You had filled my head with so many thoughts at the same time that they seemed to form a kind of white noise that pretended to be silence for the minutes that I was immobile.
Once I calmed down, I was able to allow myself to feel and think about different things, but if I didn't feel something, it was hope, because you were with J and I knew it was a very nice relationship and you loved each other. I think if I had felt that way I would have completely hated myself.
I spent entire days insulting myself in my head "I'm an idiot", "how come I didn't realize it?", "why the hell did I reject a kiss from you?! If all that time it was what I wanted the most". I think I had gotten so used to not having experience in loving and being loved in this way that I had resigned myself to being like this for the rest of my life. You yourself repeated to me several times that I lacked love and yoeyweren't wrong haha, I just wish you were the one who could give it to me. I have blinded myself my entire life in a cloak of hate, convincing myself that I am unworthy of love, that there is no way anyone would like me or see me as cute or be attracted to me. Because I'm obviously boring, I have no personality, my voice is ugly, my face and body are disgusting, and so on. By closing my eyes all my life I lost the opportunity to have the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me. I wish I hadn't blinded myself.
And your messages did nothing more than open my eyes.
"I wonder why I liked you then if you're just funny, kind, understanding, attentive and sweet"
I would never have described myself like that, for as long as I can remember I haven't had a good image of myself. Seeing that from your eyes, I was that, made me very happy. Knowing not only that someone could see me that way but also that that someone was you, that made it more special for me.
"I wish I could have been with you to erase those thoughts with kisses"
I read the latter in a notification while in class. I couldn't concentrate and I think if someone had seen me I would have been red faced. I think those weeks I used the library more to read your messages over and over again than to study.
The point is that your messages erased many of my negative thoughts. With two days of your kisses and almost a month of your affection, you have erased a lot. If I could have been with you, I know that I would be the happiest person in the world.
Diciembre 2022
I got really confused in December. When you broke up with J at no time did I feel hopeful or anything like that. On the contrary, I didn't understand how you had come to that solution after everything I'd told you. You had just gotten out of a year-long relationship and obviously you were going to be damaged and confused. I didn't want to "take advantage" of you, so I just lived day to day with doubts.
At one point I tried to calm you down while you said that no one else was ever going to love you. My throat burned wanting to tell you "what about me?", "I want to love you" but the idea was to help you and not think about myself.
Maybe if I had made more selfish decisions I would be where I want to be with you, but I don't know if I would be happy with how I got there.
I remember that years ago I stayed to sleep at your house, before going to the attractions park, and you woke me up seeing me with such a slight but genuine smile. That day I wasn't sure what I had felt and I wasn't going to be able to understand it until recently.
We hung out more often in December, sleeping together, separated by a pillow, until one day I fell asleep while we were watching Howl. I woke up early while you were still asleep and saw your face glued to mine. Half asleep, I didn't even think about it, but I knew what I wanted the most at that moment, and I hugged you before going back to sleep almost instantly. That's when I felt again what I felt a few years ago, the happiness of seeing your face when waking up. And then you woke me up by pulling me closer, hugging me and using my chest as a pillow. You made me feel wanted.
Being able to sleep holding you felt like something that was missing from my life but I had no way of knowing what it was until then. The warm breeze of your breath on my face or chest, your arms squeezing my body and our embraced legs, the little jumps you hit in your sleep from time to time and the smell of your hair. It feels weird to describe it, it might even make you a little disgusted, but it was something that made it feel like I had rested for twelve hours even though we slept for one.
The day of the World Cup final I left your house after celebrating and you told me what you told me, and we talked about it the next day in the park. I was paralyzed.
Despite the times that I repeated the same thoughts in my head, I couldn't convince myself that surely that only happened because you missed him, that it was childish to get excited and think that you felt that way just because it was me. I guess I was a little stupid, but I was tired of living up to this miserable point in my life, never even having kissed anyone. And having the opportunity to be the person with whom I most wanted to experience everything for the first time (and if life went my way, the last) filled me with joy.
Noche buena
On the 23rd I went to your house having discussed what we had discussed, knowing that I could tell you that I wanted to kiss you, that what I wanted most since fourth year was to kiss you and only you. And... You beat me to it hahaha. You asked me if I would mind if you kissed me, in my mind I laughed knowing that I wouldn't mind at all. That I would like a kiss from you every day until I die. Accepting felt like making up for my mistake of turning you down in fifth year.
The following afternoon what happened happened and I don't know how to describe it, I felt somewhat privileged. I remember once telling you, when you were criticizing your legs and your body, that "I only saw 70% of your body, but I'm sure it's very pretty", and obviously it's okay that you have insecurities but for two days I was able to see you almost completely. and I realized that all the little things that gave you insecurity were beautiful. I don't understand how you hate things that I loved from the very moment I saw.
I think you are a beautiful being, in every millimeter of you, in every gram of your soul and in every second that I shared with you. And you may be beautiful but I don't like you just for that nor did I start to like you just because of how you look. There is something in you and I don't know what it is, but when we talk I want to keep talking to you more and more. Your voice is very beautiful; your expressions and your way of speaking; your laughter. God your laugh, the happiness it gives me to see you and hear you laugh is incredible. I know it doesn't make sense, but sometimes I feel like I love everything about you. I love your humor and the natural way we talk to each other, how affectionate you are, the way you balance between being someone calm and releasing a lot of energy that you had accumulated. I love your tastes in what you decide to see or read, because, although they do not always coincide with mine, they make you someone who interests me a lot. All without mentioning the little things that make you you, like your habits with food, how you spend your time, the difference between the music we listen to. I love when you react with a sticker or you're speechless to something nice that escaped my mouth and I ended up telling you. I love how candid you are about how you see the world and how you convey it. The tone of your voice and the noises you make when explaining something. How you close your eyes a little when I annoy you jokingly and your sarcasm when you annoy me. Sometimes a while goes by that we don't see each other or talk and when I hear your voice again it's as if I had forgotten it and fell in love with it again.
I don't have many photos of you, at most a couple of the ones you sent me and most of them don't show your face. But I treasure them because I can see even if it's your hair for a while and remember when I could caress it while you lay on my chest. When I see you again in person I am surprised again by how beautiful you are. By your smile and your way of being.
If there is something I want more than anything in the world, it is to be able to be yours, to be able to spend my life day by day knowing that I can kiss you and that I can admire you carefully without shame until you realize it. Knowing that you love me and that I love you, being able to sleep in each other's arms and being able to say with a smile that we are a couple. But I can not. And it would be so easy to cut you out of my life to stop feeling that way, get myself a new set of friends, and like someone I don't feel that way about. But I love being your friend, and I can't bear the thought of losing the greatest friendship of my life just to forget that I liked you for so long. If I disappeared from your life... What would you do? Or rather, what would you feel? If you knew that I exist and that I'm still alive where I always was, but we didn't talk or see each other anymore, what would you think of me? I just hope you understand that if I do something like this it's because I can't stand being in love with you anymore without having any conclusion.
It hurts so much to know that you don't feel the same way I feel about you. If you read this while I'm still alive, it may make you uncomfortable from now on, as well as you may not feel anything reading all this, which would be worse. I think that if something would destroy me it would be to be invisible to you, that these nights writing with tears in my eyes are just a piece of paper that doesn't cause you the slightest feeling.
When you told me you were back together with J I cried for the first time in a long time. And it wasn't enough because I continued like this without sleeping for several nights on the coast. I feel a little bad about that, it's not right to feel bad because two people make up and love each other. Since we're never going to be together, all I have to do is focus on stopping feeling that way about you.
It must be very strange for you to read all of this and I apologize, especially if it's a few years in the future. I just wanted to make sure you really know how I felt, to die with no regrets. Although if I had one left, it would be dying without being able to be with you.
If the day comes when we don't talk to each other anymore and the days go by and you forget my existence, or I'm no longer alive, I want you to know that almost since I met you you were my favorite person. Just seeing you made my days happy, hearing you talk, laugh or send me a video or photo about anything you do, gave me life. You never bothered me, I never hated you or got tired of you. Every memory that I have by your side I keep as a treasure and I hate the idea of ​​losing your presence in my life. If when I am old I suffer from dementia I pray so that the last thing I forget is you. If I'm grateful for anything in this life, it's for having met you.
I saw someone say that we should choose those who choose us, and I started to wonder if you would choose me. If you could only spend time with someone again and never see anyone in the world again would you choose me? I assume not, and I accept that. But I know that I wouldn't hesitate for a second to choose you, I would spend every second of my life with you. If my vision is taken away and I could only see one thing, I would choose you. If I found out that I only have one day to live, I would spend it with you, and when I close my eyes for the last time, when I take my last breath, if only I were by your side, I would die in peace.
Dia says that I don't like you, that I'm in love. At first it made me laugh because it sounds so stupid and sweet but I don't know, every day that passes I feel like it's the best I have to describe it. Sometimes I think that I have no right to have these immature feelings. But I guess it's normal not to be able to let you go if at nineteen I experienced for the first time what a normal person does at fourteen. Someone not so pathetic and desperate for love, your love, like me. Someone who at this stage of my life has already learned that you have to let go of those who can't love you. But I don't want to stop loving you, in my grave I'll keep thinking about you.
You once told me that the only person whose absence you wouldn't get used to if they left your life was me. I don't know why you thought I deserved to hear something so nice. And before reading that message I never wanted so much to repeat your own words to you.
It was recently the first time that I was able to tell you that I love you, and you me. It was only by text when you said hello to me on my birthday, but no matter the context I appreciate it for the power I give to that word. I feel that even though we have said the same thing, they did not have the same weight behind them. I know you never loved me nor will you love me the way I wanted to, but really, thank you very much for loving me all these years. Since I met you, you filled my days with a warm light that could turn a bad day into one of the best.
I find it curious that at this point in my life I consider you my best friend, the person closest to me and one of the most important people for my existence, you are almost like a pillar in my life. And yet, as much as I know about you, from time to time I feel like a stranger, as if I have only scratched the surface of who you are. And that only makes me want to meet you and discover you completely day by day, having spent 60 years with you and still being able to discover a crumb of your being, but smile every time I get to know you more.
Someday I wish I could be in the position and time to ask you if you still want to know what would have happened if we hadn't been so clumsy and ended up together, because there isn't a single day where I don't want to know.
It's so hard for me to accept that surely you'll never want to be with me again. That you don't see me the same way anymore, because it would mean that you never came to want me the same way that I want you. It's been more than five years since you entered my head and never left it, my heart flutters with shame or emotion just thinking about you.
Thanks for everything. Thank you for being my friend, for putting up with me, for not being disgusted by me and hugging me and telling me you loved me. Thank you for making me realize that beautiful things can happen to me, like being able to spend time with you, hugging and kissing you, being able to witness and share your existence.
It's weird because it feels unfair to think that I can go into a relationship knowing that I can only imagine myself wanting to be with you. That's why unconsciously I think I'm not looking for one, and I'm waiting for you. As much as it hurts me, I wait for you and I could wait for you for months, years, decades and I would still think of you. Because you are the person I want to hear laugh every day, you are the person with whom I want to share both our joy and our pain. I want you to be part of my soul and leave a mark of mine in yours. I want you to be happy and part of growing up is accepting that it doesn't have to be me and that I should be glad you find that in someone else but please God why can't it be me? I don't know if I'll be enough or if I'll be what you're looking for, but I'd love to try to be.
How many times have I told you that I really liked Hime's playlist. It's because most of the songs are about love and although I don't know what that feels like, they all reminded me of you. Every time someone talked about couples or something similar I could only imagine you.
You showed me a song, "amigo triste", which according to you reminded you of me. God knows how long I had it on loop because it was one of the few things I had to give me an idea of ​​who I am from your eyes.
I imagine that with time I'm going to mature and I'm going to truly accept that I can't want you if it doesn't lead to anything. But I would like you to know that in another life you are the best thing that happened to me. In another life, I would be more than happy just knowing that at the end of the day I can spend my time with you, that I live my life with you in its most mundane parts and in its most interesting parts.
In the meantime, I hope you are as happy as possible in this life. And if you don't mind… I love you
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2023.06.05 06:19 goodbye_kitty8 slightly funny memes that will hopefully make your day a little better

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2023.06.05 06:16 SoupRonin 31 [M4F] Washington state/Online/Anywhere?/Gamer friend?/Same timeline?/Idk where I'm going with this - Ravioli ravioli, give me a gamer frienduoli. Good title. 🤡 👍

Hello, I am a 5"11, chonky, bearded, long curly-headed, hoody-loving, pale-looking, avoider of the sun, loser doofus type guy. Just looking for like-minded people to hang out with. Stuff like gaming or watching movies/tv shows. Maybe even form a long-lasting connection if I'm lucky lol. Sorry if my post is long and confusing. I am not very good at this. Please don't hurt me, I am fragile. 😤
Pros and interests:
Annnnnnd onto the cons *clears throat and shifts glasses*
There aren't a lot of things people can do over the internet, so please be somewhat interested in gaming or watching stuff online? I've been playing a lot of random roguelike games such as Gunfire Reborn and Dead Estate. Some of my favorites are The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Skul: The Hero Slayer. My go-to chill game of course is Stardew Valley cause that game is well... chill lol. I don't play FFXIV, Valorant, DbD, or Minecraft. Sorry, just never got into those games. I have PLENTY of other games of course. Or we could watch movies or binge some shows/anime. Really lacking in anime watching lately so I need to get cracking on that lol. I don't mind if you are clingy. Punch me in the face and call me crazy I guess. You probably should have a sense of humor cause I'll say dumb shit that I think is funny. You probably should like memes and be ok with awkward quiet moments. I'll also say random shit to break the ice. Be ready. e_e
I'm not saying all that stuff is the be-all-end-all for me, but lately, I find that most people that message me end up not having similar interests at all. Which is kind of a bummer.
I'm also trying to work on myself. And that can be a drag lol.
Despite sounding like a REAL MONSTROSITY OF A PERSON... I'm actually not that bad. I'd like to think I can make people laugh if you get me talking. Send a PM if none of this has scared you away lol. Please write something more than "hi". I most likely won't respond if you don't give me something to work with lol. Just give me a small basic rundown of yourself, please. No pressure!
"This would look good if it didn't look so awful." me looking at myself in the mirror.
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2023.06.05 06:14 Secret_Average_5628 This account for funny viral memes

Memes Funny Comedy videos
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2023.06.05 06:07 Personal_Student_836 Help! I am overwhelmed

I have a 3 yr old son. He is absolutely precious, funny, sensitive and cute as a button. He was fine the first 3 months but slowly his appetite reduced to where he would not have any milk at all. This was the start of a very difficult period of his eating disorder. He would go days without having a proper meal. He would not try new thing’s easily so i am not sure if there are foods he might like had he tried them. The food has to be visually appealing as well (to him) Or he won’t eat. I have struggled for the last 3 years every single day with him, every meal, every snack. He has not been able to goto daycare partly because he won’t eat, would get terribly exhausted at the end of the day and then have nervous breakdowns every morning. My mother has moved in with us to take care of him as I had to go back to work after my mat leave ended. She is great but if she doesn’t like anything (something as simple as I went to bed without saying goodnight, or my response to one of her ‘stories’ was not as enthusiastic as she had expected) she throws a fit. I have tried confronting her about BS but she is very quick to threaten to leave. My husband works very long hours and is exhausted when he returns from work. He tries as much as he can but i am beyond loosing it. I have another child and the pressure of it all is getting to me. I don’t want to live this life and lately i find myself hating everything and everyone. My son, my family…. Which hurts me even more. I have been secretly wishing i die soon of a terminal illness or perhaps take matters into my own hands. No matter what i do, my family judges me. My brother recently called me a looser who gives up on everything too easily. I don’t think i give up too easily, i am still here. The last decade has been very tough, we almost lost our home and were involved in 3 different law suits. I am barely hanging on, any advice?
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