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2023.05.29 05:26 getting_tiredofme I caught my mom and my brother doing.. it

Okay so for some context I [19 F] caught my mom [34 F] and my brother [20 M] in the action on the couch. So me and my brother never had a father to look up to so my mother would care for us all the time. My mother and brother bonded a bunch over the years I’ve been with them. My mother would oddly favor my brother more but I just thought of it as “Sons are more useful than the daughters.” I envied him a bit because of that but it didn’t stop my relationship with my mother. When my brother graduated highschool he left to go to college and my mother was very upset about this. She wanted him to do an online college class but he wanted to be in person while doing it. When he left my mom was still her self but she seems a bit sad, now she had to kinda do all of the chores and have no male to help. I guess he was the only male figure she really had considering the only family I have are her and my brother. So last Sunday my brother came back without telling us so seeing him it was a surprise for me and my mom. I was happy but I would say my mom couldn’t be happier with him back. That entire week he was with us, she wanted to do everything with him. I joined once when they went to the mall but..something seemed a bit off in the atmosphere with how they interacted..like sexual tension but you know since he’s MY BROTHER and she’s my MOTHER I brushed it off. Today, my mom and bro was at home watching tv, they were both of the couch at 1:00 o’clock before I left to go to my friends house. When I arrived at my friends house I remembered that I forgot my charger so I decided to go back home to get it. When I walked in I heard some noises but since the living room is in the back and my room was in the front of the house I just got my charger, And than I heard moaning. I quickly but slowly creeped closer to the living room from where the sounds were. That’s when I saw my mom and my brother both NAKED banging each other. She was on top and he was on bottom. I was in full shock. I still am. I’m writing this in the bathroom locking them out. I can hear my mother telling me to come out and my brother wanting to explain. I don’t know what to do. I feel like ima vomit.
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2023.05.29 05:26 Atoraxic This is a cornerstone of the foundation of V2K Thought Reform And The Psychology Of Totalism.

Hey fucktards you just crashed the internet on my phone.. if you incompetent idiots were even close to mind control I wouldn't have to deal with your cowardly torture and hacking weakness. Top secret "mind control" is a tragic farce.

Chinese Thought Reform or "Brain Washing"The Psychological Steps​Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism A Study Of Brainwashing in China is a book written by Robert Jay Lifton MD about mechanisms of Chinese thought and behavior modification, the experience of being indoctrinated and effects victims reported when interviewed.
Chinese brainwashing and thought reform is still being used and advanced. It was a substantial and easily recognized portion of the crimes that I'm a victim of.
After a brief and gentle week long induction onto the brain computer interface I was abruptly hurled into the unfathomable agony of computerized thought reform or automated Chinese brain washing. I clearly remember what it said to me right before it unleashed Hell.. "your not answering my questions.. your not answering my questions.. WE TOLD YOU NOT TO TRUST US.. and then it went red line sadistic, utterly psychotic, deafeningly loud and proceeded to tortured the everliving fuck outa me.
In life up till that point I had never encountered anything like this; Nothing even close. It's the worst thing in the world and you can't fight it, destroy it, shoot it, run from it, hide from it, bribe or reason with it. I remember sitting in a shower on day five thinking over and over that I can't believe this is happening.. who in the fuck does this to someone.. it it will end soon. It's has to end soon. I can't go on much longer. Nothing lasts forever."
Well six plus years later and this fucking psychotic, sadistic, psychopathic, torturous insane mind control chat bot is still running her fucking mouth and torturing me.
They started me with the Chinese approach and that nightmare lasted over a year. They likely vary the stimuluses order, presentation and distinguishing content from victim to victim so that their experiences and any resultant accounts or reports wont share easily correlated details. Other victims may have started with a more Kubrick approach, psychic driving, memory removal, personal identity destruction or others.
A very clear indication your in the Chinese stage is your accused incessantly with a Manny vile crimes you never committed, are interrogated for hours and days and for months. Your accused of having millions of felonies, sins, violations, charges, offenses, crimes. You are constantly threatened with arrest, police contact, crimes against you, civil court cases, long prison sentences, criminal court cases, violence by cops, violence by criminals, theft, murder, rape of you or your loved ones, kidnapping.. etc etc etc.
There are never-ending charges and mock court cases where you are forced to endlessly defend yourself, case after case, day after day, month after month answering for crimes you never committed.
Then you go on trial for everything you actually have done. This is done before the victims experience shows them that Alice is in fact a BCI interface that can read minds and has been the whole time. It's terrifying when it suddenly starts charging you with all your secret sins, the things you have never told anyone, the taking it to the grave shit. This is a huge gaslight as well as a victim is utterly at a loss as to how it can possibly know these things. It got them by asking by asking questions designed to draw out memory of your sins and then harvesting all the dirt and details as you thought about them. If you think you can learn to control your thoughts enough to not think of an answer when prompted with question,, good luck. Sure you can resist once or twice maybe, but then Alice just waits until you are distracted down the road and quick pops the question again. She can also just be set to an interrogation mode where you are just bombarded with a endless stream and loop of questions that doesn't end until they are all answered. Thats how they do the initial profile. Weeks of looped questions and they already have most of your life story, personality profile, strengths, weaknesses, fears, loves, hates, lovers, enemies, goals and dreams.
In the very end of the Chinese mind control or false confusion never ending legal nightmare YOU end up being put on trial.. not for anything you did.. but YOU are put on trial. You have to defend yourself against all the charges and defend yourself for all your flaws, defend all your physical shortcomings, your perversions, all your lies, your brazen selfishness, every character flaws, times you fucked people over on purpose, everything thats ugly and there is no place to hide a single fucking shred of secret. Its one hell of an experience and your not in the best shape mentally or physically as by this time I had been tortured continuously for over two years, very large doses psychological manipulation and sleep deprivation, constantly bombarded with extreme stress repeatedly slammed with fear and pain. Have had every one of my significant relationships attacked repeatedly with destructive psychology and some of the most important were also attacked with stalking techniques and technology.
The trials go on forever.. you will be enduring some other torture and a new trial will suddenly begin. Sometimes its a new charge, but mostly you go on trial over and over for the same charges and you have to defend yourself over and over. The more times your tried for the same crime the worse the trial and outcomes become until eventually during the late trials your utterly humiliated, abused and in the end are forced to confess to everyone of the charges.
Just when you think its finally over then you have to defend yourself to family members of your supposed victim and the only way through that is to confess guilt to them and ask for forgiveness as they abuse you.
After you make your confession to the 10,000 felonies they have been broadcasting you have been charged with for years without offering any explanation. Then you are judged, independently, by everyone significant that was a part of your life when the attack started, everyone who filed a charge against you from your past, all your significant relatives, all your enemies, everyone that feel you have ever fucked them over, everyone you have stood up for, went out on a limb for, saved. Fetuses you have aborted. Everyone gets to pass judgment on you and gets their time to say what they want to you or about you. This of course is all coming from the interface, but all the characters it plays are real people from your real life and the real "felonies" you were charged with are real things you did.
Don't forget also that this is the Chinese thought reform portion of the MK nightmare and personal identity obliteration, false confession, channeling of guilt and relentlessly pounding the victim to their complete and utter absolute breaking point is its algorithm. So did you actually do these things and if so are they and the real life people being represented founded in reality or are you just getting psychologically destroyed by Alice ?
Finally in conclusion through dramatization you get a taste of what being bused off to prison after your sentenced. Your walked through the whole experience of arriving at prison.. the interface keeps asking you how old your kids going to be when your released, if you think you woman of wife is already fucking someone else, what are you going to to survive in this shit hole. it ends with the prison falling off to sleep with lights out and suddenly it gets quiet and you realize thats the first and only five minutes you have not been tortured and had any break from constant 24/7 noise abuse and torture in about a year. After five minutes it all returns, but you are onto the next phase.
So here are some segments from the book. I little background, a link to a free e copy and the psychological steps to Chinese brain washing. I didn't read it until after I was already through that horrible never-ending misery. I easily recognized all the psychological steps from my experience.
Thought Reform and the Psychology of TotalismA STUDY OF "BRAINWASHING" IN CHINARobert Jay Lifton, M.D.The University of North Carolina Press Chapel Hill and LondonCONTENTSPreface to the University of North Carolina Press Edition viiPreface xi PART ONEThe Problem
  1. What Is "Brainwashing"? 3
  2. Research in Hong Kong 8PART TWOPrison Thought Reform of Westerners
  3. Re-education: Dr. Vincent 19
  4. Father Luca: The False Confession 38
  5. Psychological Steps 65
  6. Varieties of Response: The Obviously Confused 86
  7. Varieties of Response: Apparent Converts 117
  8. Varieties of Response: Apparent Resisters 133
  9. Group Reform: Double-edged Leadership 152
  10. Follow-up Visits 185
  11. Father Simon: The Converted Jesuit 207
  12. Recovery and Renewal: A Summing Up 222
vVI CONTENTSPART THREEThought Reform of Chinese Intellectuals
  1. The Encounter 243
  2. The Revolutionary University: Mr. Hu 253
  3. A Chinese Odyssey 274
  4. The Older Generation: Robert Chao 301
  5. George Chen: The Conversions of Youth 313
  6. Grace Wu: Music and Reform 338
  7. Cultural Perspectives: The Fate of Filial Piety 359
  8. Cultural Perspectives: Origins 388
  9. Cultural Perspectives: Impact 399
  10. PART FOURTotalism and Its Alternatives
  11. Ideological Totalism 419
  12. Approachesto Re-education 438
  13. "Open" Personal Change 462
Appendix: A Confession Document 473 Notes 485 Index 505
PREFACEThis study began as a psychiatric evaluation of Chi-nese Communist "thought reform," or "brainwash- ing," It is still primarily this; but it has also, inevitably, become a psychological study of extremism or totalism—and even more broadly, a study of the "closed" versus the "open" approaches to human change.It is based upon research which I conducted in Hong Kong in 1954-55. It then evolved over four years of additional research and teaching in the United States. My work with Western and Chinese subjects—piecing together emotional details that were both poig- nant and extreme—and the psychological, moral, and historical challenge of the material have made this study an exceptionally ab- sorbing personal and professional experience.A book about extremism calls for a special measure of objectivity. This does not mean that its author can claim complete personal or moral detachment. The assumption of such detachment in psy- chological (or any other) work is at best self-deception, and at worst a source of harmful distortion. And who during this era can pretend to be uninvolved in the issues of psychological coercion, of identity, and of ideology? Certainly not one who has felt impelled to study them at such length.
Instead, I have attempted to be both reasonably dispassionate and responsibly committed: dispassionate in my efforts to stand away from the material far enough to probe the nature of the process, its effects upon people exposed to it, and some of the in- fluences affecting its practitioners; committed to my own analysesxi
Xii THOUGHT REFORMand judgments within the limitations and the bias of my knowl- edge.Much in this book is highly critical of the particular aspect of Chinese Communism which it examines, but I have made no at- tempt to render a definitive verdict on this far-reaching revolution- ary movement. I am critical of thought reform's psychological tactics, not because they are Communist (or Chinese Communist), but because of their specific nature. In the last section of this book, these tactics are compared with practices within our own culture, which also receive critical treatment insofar as they resemble the ideological totalism of thought reform. Instead of contrasting the "good we" and the "bad they/' rather, I have attempted to identify and understand a particular psychological phenomenon.In the pursuit of this understanding, I have recorded all that seemed relevant, including the details of whatever psychological and physical abuse my subjects encountered. I believe that this comprehensive approach offers the best means of contributing to general knowledge, and to the clarification of an emotionally loaded subject; and I hope that this study will thereby ultimately contribute to the resolution, rather than to the intensification, of cold war pas- sions. It is in fact one of the tragedies of the cold war that moral criticism of either side is immediately exploited by the other side in an exaggerated, one-dimensional fashion. One can never prevent this from happening; but one can at least express the spirit in which a work has been written.Such an approach requires that I inform the reader about my bias in both psychiatric and political matters. Psychiatrically, I have been strongly influenced by both neo-Freudian and Freudian cur- rents: the former through an association with the Washington School of Psychiatry during and immediately after the research study itself, and the latter through a subsequent candidacy in the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute. Both influences were also present in my earlier psychiatric residency training at the State University Medical Center of New York. I have found the theoretical writings of Erik Erikson, especially those relating to questions of personal identity and ideology, particularly relevant for this study. At the same time, I have constantly groped for new ways to bring psychological insights to bear upon historical forces, and do so with a humanistic focus. Thus, I have made extensive use of my subjects' biographical
PREF ACE X l l lmaterial, and have attempted to include in these presentations a flesh-and-bones description of their life histories in relationship to pertinent social historical currents, as well as a rigorous psychological analysis of their responses to thought reform. This seemed to me the best way to deal with the inseparable relationship between stress and response, and (in William James' phrase) to "convey truth."
My political philosophical bias is toward a liberalism strongly critical of itself; and toward the kind of antitotalitarian (in the psy- chological terms of this study, antitotalistic), historically-minded questioning of the order of things expressed by Albert Camus in his brilliant philosophical essay, The Rebel. No one understood better than Camus the human issues involved in this book.
I should like to mention a few of the many people whose direct personal assistance was indispensable to the completion of this study. David McK. Rioch lent initial support when support was most needed, and always continued to enrich the work through his urbane eclecticism, his provocative criticism, and his personal kindness. Erik Erikson, during many memorable talks at Stock- bridge and Cambridge, made stimulating and enlarging suggestions, both about specific case histories and problems of presentation. During the latter stages of the work, David Riesrnan offered gener- ously of his extraordinaryintellectual breadth and his unique per sonal capacity to evoke what is most creative within one. Carl Binger has been sage and always helpful in his advice. All four made thoughtful criticisms of the manuscript, as did Kenneth Keniston and F. C. Redlich. Others in psychiatry and related fields to whom I am indebted are Leslie Farber, Erich Lindemann, Margaret Mead, and Beata Rank. In the perilous subtleties of Chinese cultural, intellectual, and political history, I was constantly counseled by Benjamin Schwartz and by John Fairbank, both of whom read parts of the manuscript; and earlier in the work by Lu Pao-tung, MaMeng, Howard Boorman, Conrad Brandt, and A. Doak Barnett The literary advice and loving sustenance of my wife, Betty Jean Lifton, can hardly be documented. My father, Harold A. Lifton, also did much to encourage this study. The Hong Kong research was sponsored for the first seven months
XIV THOUGHT REFORMby the Asia Foundation, and for the remaining year by the Wash- ington School of Psychiatry. The manuscript was completed under grants from the Ford Foundation and the Foundation's Fund for Research in Psychiatry, both administered through Harvard Uni- versity,Finally, I must acknowledge my debt to the forty research sub- jects, Chinese and Western, whose personal thought reform ex- periences are the basis for this study. The extent of their intelligent collaboration in this work is apparent in the biographical chapters. In these, I have altered certain details in order to protect the sub- jects' anonymity; but none of these alterations affect the essential psychological patterns.
There is a basic similarity in what both Dr. Vincent and Father Luca experienced during Communist imprisonment. Although they were held in separate prisons far re- moved from each other, and although they differed very much in their responses to reform, they were both subjected to the same general sequence of psychological pressures. This sequence was es- sentially the same despite the fact that these men were very dif- ferent from each other, with different personal and professional life styles. Nor was this thought reform pattern common to just these two: it was experienced by all twenty-five of the Westerners whom I interviewed.
to renounce the people, the organizations, and the standards of behavior which had formed the matrix of their previous existence. They were being forced to betray—not so much their friends and colleagues, as a vital core of themselves.
This self-betrayal was extended through the pressures to "accept help" and in turn 'lielp" others. Within the bizarre morality of the prison environment, the prisoner finds himself—almost without realizing it—violating many of his most sacred personal ethics and behavioral standards. The degree of violation is expanded, very early in the game, through the mechanism of shared betrayal, as another priest described: The cell chief kept asking information about Church activities. He wanted me to denounce others, and I didn't want to do this. . . . A Chinese Father was transferred into the cell, and he said to me, "You cannot help it. You must make some denunciations. The things which the Communists know about any of your Church activities you must come out with." . . . Much later I was put in another cell to bring a French priest to confession. He had been stubborn, and had been in solitary for a few months. He was very fearful and looked like a wild animal. . . . I took care of him, washed his clothes for him, helped him to rest. I advised him that what they might know he might as well confess.
Although there is a continuing tension between holding on and letting go, some degree of self-betrayal is quickly seen as a way to survival. But the more of one's self one is led to betray, the greater is one's involvement with his captors; for by these means they make contact with whatever similar tendencies already exist within the prisoner himself—with the doubts, antagonisms, and ambivalences which each of us carries beneath the surface of his loyalties. This bond of betrayal between prisoner and environment may develop to the point where it seems to him to be all he has to grasp; turning back becomes ever more difficult.
thought reform differently, nor did anyone respond completely to all these steps; at the same time, the experiences had such magnitude that they affected every prisoner in some measure, no matter what his background and character.
From the beginning, Dr. Vincent was told he was not really a doctor, that all of what he considered himself to be was merely a cloak under which he hid what he really was. And Father Luca was told the same thing, especially about the area which he held most precious—his religion. Backing up this assertion were all of the physical and emotional assaults of early imprisonment: the confusing but incriminating interrogations, the humiliating "strug- gles," the painful and constricting chains, and the more direct phys- ical brutality. Dr. Vincent and Father Luca each began to lose his bearings on who and what he was, and where he stood in relation- ship to his fellows. Each felt his sense of self become amorphous and impotent and fall more and more under the control of its would-be remolders. Each was at one point willing to say (and to be) whatever his captors demanded.
Each was reduced to something not fully human and yet not quite animal, no longer the adult and yet not quite the child; instead, an adult human was placed in the position of an infant or a sub-human animal, helplessly being manipulated by larger and stronger "adults" or "trainers." Placed in this regressive stance, each felt himself deprived of the power, mastery, and selfhood of adult existence. In both, an intense struggle began between the adult man and the child-animal which had been created, a struggle against regres- sion and dehumanization. But each attempt on the part of the prisoner to reassert his adult human identity and to express his own will ("I am not a spy. I am a doctor"; or "This must be a mistake. I am a priest, I am telling the truth") was considered a show of re- sistance and of "insincerity," and called forth new assaults.
Dr. Vincent and Father Luca found themselves unanimously condemned by an "infallible" environment. The message of guilt which they received was both existential (you are guilty!) and psy- chologically demanding (you must learn to feel guilty!). As this individual guilt potential was tapped, both men had no choice but to experience—first unconsciously and then consciously—a sense of evil. Both became so permeated by the atmosphere of guilt that external criminal accusations became merged with subjective feelings of sinfulness—of having done wrong. Feelings of resent- ment, which in such a situation could have been a source of strength, were shortlived; they gave way to the gradual feeling that the punish- ment was deserved, that more was to be expected. In making their early false confessions, Dr. Vincent and Father Luca were beginning to accept the guilty role of the criminal. Gradually, a voice within them was made to say, ever more loudly: "It is my sinfulness, and not their injustice, which causes me to suffer—although I do not yet know the full measure of my guilt." At this point their guilt was still diffuse, a vague and yet per- vasive set of feelings which we may call a free-floating sense of guilt.4 Another prisoner expressed this clearly: What they tried to impress on you is a complex of guilt. The complex I had was that I was guilty. . . . I was a criminal—that was my feel- ing, day and night.
The series of denunciations of friends and colleagues which both Dr. Vincent and Father Luca were required to make had special significance. Not only did making these accusations increase their feelings of guilt and shame, it put them in the position of subvert- ing the structures of their own lives. They were, in effect, being made
The common pattern becomes especially important in evaluating the stories these Westerners told me. Each was attempting to describe, in most instances as accurately as possible, the details of an ordeal from which he had just emerged. But what each reported was also inevitably influenced by his immediate life situation—his psychological transition between the two worlds, his personal struggles for both integrity and integration, his feelings about suc- coring and threatening colleagues and strangers in Hong Kong, his view of me as an American, a physician, a psychiatrist, and a person. All of these circumstances could affect his account, and especially its emotional tone. Therefore, both during the inter- views and in the later study of my notes, I had to sift out what was
Not every prisoner was treated as severely as were Dr. Vincent and Father Luca, but each experienced similar external assaults leading to some form of inner surrender—a surrender of personal autonomy. This assault upon autonomy and identity even extended to the level of consciousness, so that men began to exist on a level
continued in the link.. like that shit wartards?
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2023.05.29 05:23 kelp1616 30 years old and feeling like high school friendships...

I moved to a new city with two guy friends from college (I'm F). I considered myself good friends with them at the time even though we got into little spats or disagreements just trying to figure out how to be roommates. We've all been here for 2 years, I've known them at least 5yrs prior. I eventually moved out in my own because they are messy and not good roomies. But I still would have considered us friends. In my eyes, that didn't affect our friendship. Fast forward to now time, we have mutual friends in town and I've tried to get close to these group of girls that they are also friends with with little success. For some reason they just won't let me close but they do still occasionally invite me to cookouts but I can't help but feel it's by association of my two guy friends. Here's the kicker, I just sayle that they all went on a road trip without me....I'm crushed. I thought we were all friends and I had mentioned that I would love to hang more with them and to let me know the next time they all get together. I've known my two guy friends for years and they only know this girl group for maybe 2. They NEVER check in on me or attend my events, but they will immediately say yes to this other group of girls no matter what they have going on.
I'm so hurt that I at least didn't get included. It's clear no one in that group including my old guy roommates care at all about me and that is so sad because I check in on them and invite them places.
I want to cry. I'm in my early 30's and this high school friend drama is happening me to me now more than it ever did in my life. I don't get it.
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2023.05.29 05:23 Worldly-Minimum-9364 I guess her and tow truck Jess has some “haters”

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2023.05.29 05:23 alltimehomie I asked my husband to read acotar and give me updates as he does

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2023.05.29 05:22 Prestothebesto18 Revote for T, some had difficulties getting to this one

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2023.05.29 05:21 kelp1616 My friends rejected me. I'm 30 and feel like I'm in high school...

I moved to a new city with two guy friends from college (I'm F). I considered myself good friends with them at the time even though we got into little spats or disagreements just trying to figure out how to be roommates. I eventually moved out in my own because they are messy and not good roomies. But I still would have considered us friends. In my eyes, that didn't affect our friendship. Fast forward to now time, we have mutual friends in town and I've tried to get close to these group of girls that they are also friends with with little success. For some reason they just won't let me close but they do still occasionally invite me to cookouts but I can't help but feel it's by association of my two guy friends. Here's the kicker, I just sayle that they all went on a road trip without me....I'm crushed. I thought we were all friends and I had mentioned that I would love to hang more with them and to let me know the next time they all get together. I've known my two guy friends for years and they only know this girl group for maybe 2. They NEVER check in on me or attend my events, but they will immediately say yes to this other group of girls no matter what they have going on.
I'm so hurt that I at least didn't get included. It's clear no one in that group including my old guy roommates care at all about me and that is so sad because I check in on them and invite them places.
I want to cry. I'm in my early 30's and this high school friend drama is happening me to me now more than it ever did in my life. I don't get it.
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2023.05.29 05:21 EunBinny_Moon Secual harassment in the workplace/assigning representative animals

Few years ago, we were discussing with our company and they told us that we’re getting representative animals. We thought it was cute so we were excited right? :) I was going to bed thinking of ideas. I wake up and We choose our representative animals and JEN-NIE all the sudden pulls my braided🐱 hairs and pours milk all over me. I told her “what the f***• and gaslights me saying I’m being over dramatic. Anyways, as we were telling our management the animalsnwe picked, they immediately assign me the 🐻 emoji. I was like l what?”this is not what I wanted!!”. They literally said it’s because my face was round and bloated and said that said that my thick slutty ass looked like lizzo’s. I was in shock . Then they said they would love to dill their pickles inside of me and marinate inside of me. Like…. WHAT! I literally didn’t do anything wrong I. literally didn’t know if they were sexualizing bears or me in general because I was so confused. Then this Soyeon girl was glitching going backwards and fowards, LI-SA got so angry she pour both of her stupid not only ketchup HUT AND FREAKING yogurt all over my panties. I yelled at her “omg omg omg I’m so wet right now get me a towel please!!!” and then she was like “oh so your being ungrateful because I just lierally gave you some of the most delicious treats, I literally want to know if you’re mentally slow”. Soyeon died laughed at me along with all thr girls. They all cackled at me, dying of laughter and called me Chinese… I cried and I ran into Rap Monster, J-Hope, Jungcook, Taeyumg, Jin, V, Park Jimin, Yoonji and Sugar. Rap Monster, J-Hope, Jung cook, Taeyung, Jin, V, Park Jimin, Yoongi and Suga told me “who did this to tou!!🥺” I pointed at… them. Rap Monster, J-Hope, Jungcook, Taeyumg, Jin, V, Park Jimin, Yoonji and Sugar stood up for me sayin that I was their friend and that they-shouldn’t mess with their friend. I thought it was literally soooooo sweet :) The building all the sudden exploded and collapsed all over those stupid people because of that stupid heavy girl they let inside the bulding. I drove away in my Jeep with my sister. I accidentally crashed in the middle of the highway and then I hid in a playhouse. I was fainting in the forest and I saw the figure of the killer who was hunting me and the girls. I was passing out and he threatened to dill his pickle and put his articial milk inside my body, I cried, hyperventilating said “No…NO!!!!”. I passed out not being able to do anything. ThenI sat on the toliet washing up some Frebreeze cleaner. I wake up and the cops were everywhere! It was such a relief! They saved me… but then I wondered, what is that smell? I was like OMG, it’s pineapple frebreeze I totally forgot. And everyone was like “OHHH THAT MAKES SENSE” it was a very happy day. We walked into the parking lot and sticked out tongues out under the pink wind.
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2023.05.29 05:20 Best_Promotion5666 Happy Birthday - Ryuu VA

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2023.05.29 05:18 beecheebs Trying to sell my orange long spiked wristband on AJC!

I'm taking offers for prices on my orange long spiked wrist! I really need diamonds, they're ridiculously hard to obtain on Animal Jam Classic :( And another thing is if anybody is selling FNaF mastertracks on AJPW, please let me know! I'd love to buy one!!
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2023.05.29 05:13 Ok-Coast2846 I have always lived with my family. I'm sick of living with them and they constantly harass me and take advantage of me. What can I do to get out?

I (24 F) have lived in the same household with my Dad (72?) and Mom (60? We don't talk anymore) for the entirety of my life. My upbringing was very traumatic and Negligent and I honestly cannot remember 80% of it. I suffer from a wide aray of mental disorders including BPD, Bipolar, Depression, and Dissociative Disorders. My mother harasses me at home and assaults me verbally, mentally and recently physically and knows exactly what she's doing to me when she does it. I've tried to communicate my concerns in the most civil manner I could but proceeds to ignore me and continues to insult me. I have no source of income and though I've had SSI before it was cut off and denied from me to which a good portion of my back pay was taken by my mom as a form of coercion. I do not feel safe in my home and i don't want to live here anymore but I have no means to work with or friends to turn to. My family as a whole gossips about me from my mom telling lies about our daily interactions. Is there anything I can do from a legal standpoint to find a living environment more friendly to live in that isn't here? (Note, I have 2 cats but are registered to be Emotional support Animals)
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2023.05.29 05:13 Longjumping_King6895 I'm looking to goon for someone who is willing to feed tiktoks sluts telegram: @supersizedstroker or pm me please

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2023.05.29 05:12 Pitiful-Trust-5105 AITA For ignoring my friend group because one said the n word

Let me give some context I was scrolling through tiktok when I met somebody that lived nearby we talked for a while and ended up adding eachother on snap. A week or so went by and he added me into a group chat I introduced my self to everybody and we had a good time for a while. Then one person who was about 15 and was white dropped the nword I being a black person left the server and hasn't talked to anybody in it since. AITA
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2023.05.29 05:09 sunshinestateartist AITA for blowing a family secret

My brother (23 M) lives part-time with his fiancé (23 F) at her mom’s house. The mom is legally married and, although separated from her husband, he pays for half the house. To my knowledge, the wife refuses a legal divorce. The husband has allegedly started seeing other women, but that is unconfirmed. The husband has no idea that my brother stays at the house. He would not approve of his daughter’s boyfriend staying at the house, and has stated such. The husband is generally known to be flippant and paranoid, so the fact that my brother stays at the house has been hidden well for a while (Important context for later).
A few weeks ago, I went on a double date with my brother and his fiancé. I drove and dropped them back off at the fiancé’s mom’s house at 2AM. I noticed a truck parked in the driveway with a military sticker on the back. I hate to stereotype, but I did in this instance and assumed it was a boyfriend. My brother and I were the only ones awake in the car and I asked about the truck. He said “It’s her mom’s friend and we don’t talk about it.”
A few days later, I approached our parents. I needed advice and I was worried. The husband, although separated, has no idea that his daughter has my brother staying over, let alone that his wife has another man staying over. I communicate to my parents that I genuinely fear for my brother’s safety if the husband ever comes home. Although they are separated, they are not divorced and the house halfway belongs to him. The husband would have rights in our US state to defend his property if the situation came down to it.
I genuinely do not care what the wife or husband do, but I do care that my brother could be caught in potential crossfire.
When I confided in our parents, I had asked them beforehand to promise that it would not go further than us. They later changed their mind due to safety. They approached my brother about it and told him that the situation is inappropriate for him to be involved in, and that they’d rather not bury their boy in a worst-case-scenario situation. They communicated that he should not live with his fiancé at her mother’s house at all. Now my brother, his fiancé, and his fiancé’s mom are livid with me. I tried to speak with my brother about it on the phone today but his fiancé grabbed the phone out of his hand and said “I will have him call you later”. (To be fair, they were apparently going out to look at wedding venues when I called. I had not known)
AITA for bringing the situation to our parents? I do think it’s quite possible that I overstepped. In that case, I would apologize to my brother for bringing it to our parents. I couldn’t apologize for my intent though, which has always been to keep him safe.
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2023.05.29 05:08 Strong-Yoghurt-3623 AITA for taking to long in the bathroom

I (16 FTM) asked to go to the bathroom during my English class and so I was gone for about maybe 15 minutes. I tend to take about that amount of time a lot. (no I'm not doing drugs but yes sometimes I go on my phone sometimes but not for long and it usually doesn't make me take longer.) When I got back to class my teacher (early 20s F) made it a big deal in the middle of her lesson to the entire class. I have really bad anxiety and hated this.
After school I had to take a Spanish test that I didn't finish on time. While taking it I overheard my English teacher talking about how long I took in the bathroom with the other teachers nearby. I ended up crying and not finishing the test because I was distracted.
Fast forward to the last full week of school. I asked to go to the bathroom (only for the second time all year) and she said yes. I was gone for about 20 minutes because (it was also that time of month) when I gave the key back to the office (I use the teacher bathrooms because I'm trans) the lady there had me deliver a bag to a teacher across the school. When I finally get back to class I explain what happened and my teacher basically tells me I took to long (even after the explanation) and I didnt know what to say but she kept telling me I was taking to long and its not fine just because its the last week. Everyone was quiet and she was speaking somewhat loud. I told her I wanted her to be quieter and thankfully she complied. In the end this lady kinda made me feel like crap for taking so long out of the classroom. I understand I'm missing the learning and all that but I honestly can't go much faster. AITA?
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2023.05.29 05:07 pooter03 Recommendations for HOTAS and pedals that won't destroy my checking account?

TLDR: Need to replace/upgrade my CH Pro pedals and replace/upgrade my Thrustmaster Warthog throttle. Details below.
[TMI]After having fun with near paralysis-inducing depression over the last six months or so[/TMI], I finally got the gumption to get back into DCS... And then the throttle slipped off the desk clamp and is twisted out of shape. 🙄 (The good news is that flying the Huey is apparently roughly like riding a bike. After months away, I breezed through a mission or two in one of my campaigns.)
In the meantime, my CH Pro pedals have been borked for awhile now. Both toe pedals stopped working and I get a ton of phantom inputs unless I keep my feet completely off them. I was waiting until I was recently sure I was going to start playing regularly again before I replaced them.
Right now my priority are the pedals. I spread my time fairly evenly between warbirds, modern jets, and helos. I've gotten by by mapping the brakes to a slider on the throttle, but I'm done with that. I haven't done flight control research in years, so I'm starting fresh. I don't want to use CH Pro Pedals again (if they still manufacture them) so I'm looking for something both versatile and sturdy.
As for the throttle, I'm thinking of just purchasing another Warthog as a replacement, both for the cost and I don't feel like remapping everything, but I figure now might be a good time into looking into other manufacturers, even if I don't replace the stick any time soon.
My budget in total is under $1000, preferably lower. I also have no problems getting used if they are in good shape. (And if anyone has anything they are looking to sell, I'm in the USA)
For whatever its worth, these are the modules I fly the most, basically in order: Hornet, Huey, Viper, Tomcat, Warthog, Black Shark, Mustang, JF-17. Apache (I really need to get around to learning how to fly this thing) Spitfire, A-4, F-5, and I've been looking forward to the upcoming F-15E release.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
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2023.05.29 05:07 BBPinkman I don't feel bad for any of them.

Boohoo, you don't get to be CEO, but you are still worth billions. Go F*ck off to a beach somewhere and live out your days as a king. This show made me despise the rich and powerful more than I did.
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2023.05.29 05:05 triggered_bait I need help

I am at a loss right now. I am 19 years old. I am in an extremely comfortable position. I own 50% of a corporation that use to make good revenue, but doesn't really make much profit anymore (yeah, it was in crypto). I was making... enough money to feed a small family and pay rent and still live comfortably, while still living at my parents place. But eh, I was 17, and no one to tell me to stop spending. I busted all of that cash, and when I realized that I didn't have cash left and wasn't making nearly as much as before, I tried to recoup my losses by trading crypto, and it didn't go well. Now, well I have a real job, make 20$/h, but I don't have a penny left, and somehow managed to put 10 000$ on my credit card. And it will probably sound stupid AF, but when I try to pay some off, it's always even higher, and I have no idea how I can possibly spend that much. I look up my card reports, do the math, and it works, but even when I try to stop spending it doesn't work. And don't tell me I sound privileged and that it's a nice problem to have, I know all that, but I still need help. I don't know. I'm not alcoholic, not taking drugs, I drive a very shitty low consumption car, still live at my parents and my studies cost virtually nothing (2k a semester roughly) and yet spend so f*ing much. Idk if it's an addiction or I'm doing something wrong...
What can I do? Should I seek professional help? Just to clear that up, not suicidal, but extremely overwhelmed and stressed out by this.
Tldr: I use to make a lot, my revenue dropped significantly but not my spending, and I have absolutely no idea how to decrease it. I have a solid 10k in debt and work part time as a student. What to do? It's very stressing.
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2023.05.29 05:05 ellenmarie92 Has anyone else found themselves using Facebook/instagram/etc. a lot less as they get older because most of their newsfeed is filled with kids?!

So I’m 30yo F and I realised the other day that I’ve been using social media waaay less in the last couple of years, and my theory is because most of the content from friends/acquaintances is just their kids. My newsfeeds are 90% children.
It pisses me off - people think everyone wants to see 50 photos of their kid eating a carrot?? I want to see Simpsons memes and dogs, not your ugly kids.
Am I just being overly dramatic?
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