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----- *"For fans, watching in bars fulfills their desire to share the love of a game that many watched at home alone before. Fans organize so-called Barcraft events, taking over pubs and bistros from Honolulu to Florida and switching big-screen TV sets to Internet broadcasts of professional game matches happening often thousands of miles away."* - [The Wall Street Journal]( ----

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Letterkenny consists of hicks, skids, hockey players and Christians. These are their problems. Canadian TV series. CHECK THE STICKIED POSTS FOR IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS.

2023.06.08 20:02 Nouf_AlSabah Bookshelf design when you have a lot of books

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2023.06.08 20:00 SignificanceThin3923 [Store] diretide collector’s cache 1 and 2 ti 11

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2023.06.08 20:00 laurenskz Sleeping bag/quilt recommendations for mixed temperatures that deliver quickly

Im currently in Italy on a bicycle holiday. I want to go in the direction of China(lets see how far we get :)). I took my old down sleeping bag at the start of my adventure in the Netherlands (it was 0 degree). However, its been used for 200 nights and all the down in the top is gone. Im unable to sleep comfortably when temperatures get below 10( have to put on all my clothing and down jacket and still dont sleep great)). I am now in the unfortunate situation of having to buy a new one in Italy. Im near Venice and will be going to Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro then Bulgary and Turkey. I would love to go all the way to Mongolia. Eventually I would require a warmer sleeping bag. Im looking at a therm a rest corus 20 quilt. I should be able to pick this up on the go.
I am however worried that it will be too hot on some coming parts of the journey. As it can be super warm at the coast of the Mediterranean sea in July.
I do however immediately require a new option that gets me comfortable until 5 degrees for when im in mountains in the coming months. I have thermo underwear a fleece and down for the night. Im thinking of buying a cheap sleeping bag for either 10 or 5 degrees at Decathlon as a temporary solution. Which should be better suited for warm nights (albeit heavier than the corus)
I also thought of getting a therm a rest stellar blanket which would be ideal for warm nights but might not be able to conquer 5 degree nights in the mountains even with all my clothes on.
I have access to amazon italy and other sites that deliver to italy but unfortunately dont have the luxury to wait for weeks.
All advice is appreciated and any other suggestions are welcome!
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2023.06.08 20:00 Cautious_Baker_8329 Donor conception vs natural conception

My greatest blessing is my beautiful son, I would say 80% of me is so happy with being one and done. I never in a million years would have thought I would feel this way but circumstances always change and mentally I struggle with having a similar experience that caused a depressive episode I had when my son was 18 to about 29 months. My son is autistic but I didn’t really realize this until he was about 18 months and completely stopped talking, eating, responding to his name, etc. he had a very drastic regression that was a difficult experience for all of us. I felt like he was scared, confused, unhappy for an entire year almost. Everything seemed to change overnight! He was never unhappy and always engaging but he seemed to slip away. Today he is growing and happy and different but we really are in a wonderful place of acceptance, care, and joy. At the time of regression I was experiencing my second and very dramatic miscarriages in a matter of months that left me being monitored for nearly a half a year for tumor growth. I felt like I was dealing with so much heartbreak and fear and found therapy and anti-depressants to be very helpful in making me present in the moment. Things have been going so well recently but the fear of regression looms over me. I legitimately do not know if I would survive a regression so great again. This is why the idea of a second child is something I have put off the table. My son absolutely loves other children. I feel like I am robbing him of an experience. I enjoyed so much because of my trauma. We assume my son’s autism is genetic and comes from my husband’s side of the family. I cannot stress enough that my son’s autism has no weight in this decision. Well, some days are hard I wouldn’t change a single thing about my son. But I have to acknowledge my crippling depression during a regressive episode that several autistic individuals do go through a similar age. I read that about 40% of autistic individuals go through our aggression around the time my son did. I’m rambling. I hope I am making my point clear. My guilt for not providing a sibling is so great that my husband and I have considered some thing we never thought we would. Having a donor Conceived child. No morally I don’t know if I have issues with this. I don’t want my amazing son to think I don’t love an accept him fully, this has nothing to do with him but more my ability to experience some thing so traumatic twice would quite possibly break me. I would be completely happy just the three of us for the rest of our lives but then I feel like previously stated I would be robbing him of something that would make him so happy, he is the most amazing little boy. Is that a good enough reason to have another child? in addition of this, I’ve been trying to listen to the donor Conceived Community. A lot of these experiences can be negative. I don’t go into decisions like these quickly or without doing immense research. The more I research the more conflicted I become I feel like I will always be letting someone down or hurting someone. Please if you have experience to share, I would love to learn from you.
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2023.06.08 20:00 carterscopy Do I have something here?

Do I have something here?
I apologize in advance if this is not something that should be posted here. I don't use Reddit very often, but don't know where else to go for this kind of information.
I just found this poster at a thrift store near my house. It was framed, and has crease marks from being folded, very similar to other original posters for The Who during this time period. It seems odd that someone would take a non-official poster, and bother to frame it, especially after it being folded and having obvious crease marks. So this makes me think it might be an original poster from something.
However, I can't find this exact poster anywhere online. All comparable posters have variations in text on the bottom left corner. Can anyone identify if this is an original poster of any sort? Or find the same poster anywhere online and direct me to where it would've come from?
Thank you in advance :)
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2023.06.08 19:59 EntitysGameTime Hit 100 - Things That Need to Change

Hit 100 - Things That Need to Change

Hey everyone!

Entity here - I just finished leveling to 100 about a day and a half ago and then got some much needed sleep. Let me first start by saying overall I enjoyed the game. The story was phenomenal and I'm excited for everyone to get to enjoy it. That being said - there are a few things that need to change.

Leveling and Scaling

On the way to 100 I noticed that most of the time leveling feels great and the scaling works relatively well... but once nearing the end of a World Tier it feels like you're just getting noticeably weaker. This was slightly noticeable in World Tier 3, but much more noticeable in World Tier 4. Around 75-80 is when I had most of my gear set up quite well with at least 3/4 BIS stats and a few 4/4 as well. However, around 85 and up is where I started noticing a slow but gradual increase in monster difficulty that wasn't really offset by either a singular gear upgrade, or 1 or 2 paragon passives. I did play with people most of the time and also noticed that the more levels I got, the weaker I felt comparatively when they could just blast at the speeds I did at their level and now I'm a bit slower.
I'm not sure really what the solution is to this. I'm not sure if monster hp scaling needs to be reduced/removed at certain levels or if the entire scaling system needs a slight adjustment, but I do feel like this is something that needs to be changed because it didn't quite feel good.

Gear Level Requirements

As you level you may have noticed that every piece of gear you get (outside of a few exceptions when killing monsters higher level than you) will drop with a level requirement of whatever your level is. So now that I'm 100 if I wanted to try to trade and/or sell gear pieces then the other player would also have to be level 100 to even use it. This also hinders creating alts. If you find a helmet that you'd like to put on a barb (I did, it was pretty amazing with 10% CDR pre-upgrade, strength, health, and another roll that I could have re-rolled) then you need to level that character all the way up to your main characters level to be able to use it. This feels incredibly bad as you can't really participate in trading or farming gear for alts at this point.
My proposed solution to this would be set all Ancestral gear at a specific level requirement such as 60 as that's the level that they can begin dropping, or 70 as that's the level recommended to beat the World Tier 3 Capstone dungeon. Then do something similar for Sacred gear as well.

Party Play

Party play is very broken in any dungeon that has 2 or more paths. Prime example being the Champion's Demise that has 3 separate paths where 3 people can simply split farm and essentially triple their experience rate. This is what I, and most others who have hit 100, have done and it works extremely well.
Note: This is my personal opinion and does not mean that it needs to change but just what I personally would like to see.
However, I personally feel this is counter-intuitive to group play as you're not really playing as a group. I think that the experience range should be altered to not be zone-wide to encourage group play to actually play as groups, or for splitting to be an actual decision instead of nearly feeling required. Potentially they could just make the party play experience buff multiplicative and slightly higher or something to sort of offset the idea of split farming one dungeon.


Sigils are really fun and I honestly quite enjoy doing them as it gives variety and lets you level up your glyphs but outside of the control that you have on monster level there's no real benefit in terms of experience in doing a higher level Sigil. For example: 1 Champions Demise with the 3 person split farm would give nearly triple the experience I would obtain in a 50+ Sigil.
I believe Sigils either need to have an experience reward added to the end or have an increased experience received based off the level of Sigil you run or something to that effect to increase the viability of running Sigils as they do require you to travel quite often.

Tree of Whispers

My only true complaint with Tree of Whispers is that the experience reward feels increasingly low for completing what you did. Of course you get a bit of extra loot and a tiny amount of exp ALONG WITH the experience and loot you get from the dungeons but it's still just much better for both gear and experience to just run a dungeon over and over.
Maybe they could have exclusive drops from the Tree or have it give a higher chance for higher item level or something along those lines, I'm not too certain what all needs to be done to improve the Tree but it is definitely in need of some improvement in my opinion.


Helltides are a near mandatory part of the game as they are the only way to obtain Forgotten Souls, but for some reason it still feels lacking. I'm not sure if it just needs a lot more mob density, or if they should enable the dungeons to also work for Helltides or Cellars or something, but it definitely feels like it's missing something - that and the boss in Helltides does not feel anywhere near as rewarding as he should.
My personal experience is that Helltides don't feel bad but they don't feel good either. I honestly think that just increased mob density would make it much better, or make it where there are more elites that spawn across the area that drop more Cinders - something along those lines and potentially have more bosses than just the one rolling around as that could be a cool scenario to run across a Lesser Evil or someone out and about.


Honestly overall though I feel like the game released in a pretty solid state and it is a phenomenal foundation to build upon. If they do things similar to the way PoE did things where seasonal content adds content to the core game as well over time I can see this actually becoming the best ARPG for an overall reach which is usually what Blizzard does best as it's not extremely complicated, but it's not too easy either. They've reached a nice balance that makes most of my friends who aren't extremely experienced veterans of ARPGs feel like they can actually give it a shot and make things work, and it's nice being able to play with some of my friends who aren't PC gamers like myself. I hope to see some changes made to make the gameplay loop a bit nicer for alts and trading and I'm sure we'll see further improvement in time as well.

Thanks for reading and go slay some demons!

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2023.06.08 19:59 Forsaken-Pride8711 This bugs me
Listen what bugs me about this is the people who work for these businesses like Me & Billies cannot get disaster relief funds cause they didn't live in the building but they are out of a job for now. These are servers who depend on daily tips to make their bills. They are going on 2 weeks without work and they need help. I don't know I just worry about the hard working people who had a job near this disaster being affected to. I just hope there's some way to help them or if not if there can be a way. (Other than unemployment as that can take weeks.)
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2023.06.08 19:59 BraveAdagio7868 [WTS] ROLEX AIR KING 116900 Oyster Steel 40mm 2018 good condition ( will add original photos on request … out of town right now, and do not have watch with me) 7250 obo

[WTS] ROLEX AIR KING 116900 Oyster Steel 40mm 2018 good condition ( will add original photos on request … out of town right now, and do not have watch with me) 7250 obo submitted by BraveAdagio7868 to Watchexchange [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 19:59 jake04-20 At my wit's end with crossfire

I bought crossfire two years ago and to this day I'm still not sold on it. I originally bought crossfire because of a few devastating FrSky failsafes that broke equipment, cost me money, and prevented me from flying for weeks while waiting for parts during the nicest weather of the year.
Simply put, as it stands right now, I don't trust it as a radio link. All I ever heard on youtube videos and reddit comments was how crossfire was basically "just buy crossfire and you'll never outfly your video again" which even on my analog days wasn't true in my experience. I have multiple examples of me flying analog video, where yes, I had some breakup but no where near total video loss and I failsafe and have to do the walk of shame like a fucking asshole to go get my quad. This is on 1W power btw.
At first I thought it was a fw issue, but across multiple fw versions, multipile rx, multiple quads, multple mounting strategies, etc. I still get the random fail safe that just ruins my fucking day and gets in my head. Lately I've spent more time eyeing my damn link quality in the OSD than just flying and having fun, and it just sucks the joy right out of it. Yesterday I failsafed maybe 50ft away from me, clear LOS, 1W power, practically a brand new quad build and new rx. I've had moments of greatness with crossfire, I've seen it's full potential and flown it tremendously far away, and with good obstacle penetration, but it's these flukes that have me second guessing my gear and ruins it for me.
Is it a me problem or is it a faulty module or what? I'm thinking of scrapping crossfire altogether but at this point I'm invested multiple quads into it, spare rx, etc. It would suck to have to turn my back, but I'm so damn tired of crashing because of equipment malfunctions...
Should I be locking to 150 or 50 MHz? Should I be locking power? How should my antennas be oriented on my quad? What about on the TX? What is the best fw to be flying on crossfire right now? Is there anything in betaflight I have to do for optimal performance? What about in OpenTX? WTF can I do to fix this so I can go back to having fun? I get that crashing is a part of FPV. I don't mind crashing if it means trying to hone your skills, but crashing into asphalt 50ft away from yourself while going 50 mph, delaminating your arms, ruining a camera lens, fucking up your antenna mount, props, whatever else all because my UPGRADED radio link is failing me is just the stupidest and most frustrating shit in the world.
/end rant
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2023.06.08 19:57 Slight_Bumblebee_940 [USA-CA] [H] GPX Superlight, White Orochi V2, Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4, Cooler Master MM720, Tofu 84 75% Hotswap Mech Keyboard, Cherry MX10 Low Profile Keyboard [W] Paypal, Cash

Hello! I am trying to clean out few things that I no longer need. Paypal G&S Shipping to CONUS only. Local in the bay area. Price OBO
Everthing in excellent conditon. See photos for details. Pleas ask me if you have any questions.
Mechanical Keyboards:
Item Price Photo
KBDFANS Tofu84 Hot-swap RGB 75% Mechanical keyboard in black, Aluminum Plate, gateron oil king switches lubed w/ Krytox 205, Case and PCB foams, KBDFANS Switch Poron Pads, Black Wenge Wooden Wrist Rest, KBDFANS WoB Simple Base PBT Keycaps $210 Shipped ($180 Local) Timestamps
Cherry MX 10.0 RGB Mechanical Keyboard MX Low Profile Red Switches (This model comes with the all aluminum carry case which is more expensive than the Cherry MX 10.0N North America variant.) $110 Shipped ($85 Local) Timestamps
Mice: (No original boxes for any of the mouse items unfortunity. But will pack them good for shipping.)
Item Price Photo
Logitech G Pro X Superlight, with Tiger ICE Mouse Feet $75 Shipped ($65 Local) Timestamps
Razer Orochi V2 $30 Shipped ($25 Local) Timestamps
Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 Small Wireless - Right Hand $50 Shipped ($40 Local) Timestamps
Cooler Master MM720 Black Matte Lightweight Gaming Mouse with Ultraweave Cable $20 Shipped ($10 Local) or free with any purchase of more than 1 item Timestamps
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2023.06.08 19:57 Prize-Working8508 Honest question about dating apps

Bisexual guys (and a few gay guys to some extent) have an app called Sniffies. Why isn't there a bisexual or lesbian women's app for anonymous sex?
I have a friend who is a dl sorority sis who just wants to hook up with girls, and not date them. She saw me on Sniffies and was a bit jealous. She said it would be great to have an app (maybe call it "Fish"), where she could get eaten out NSA in a Macy's bathroom (there are lots of department stores near me).
She's honestly looking to just drop a squirt and go to work some days. Anyone know why this is?
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2023.06.08 19:57 Kinktucky That dang Coach sale nearly got me! Then Etsy made my dreams come true.

That dang Coach sale nearly got me! Then Etsy made my dreams come true.
Last night, I was seconds away from pulling the impulsive trigger on the Coach Reserve offering of the Dinky 18 in jacquard. I resisted and decided to sleep on it. Woke up this morning and opted to renew my search for a great-condition Station instead. I have loved this bag since I was 15 and envisioned myself as a cross between Jo March and Indiana Jones -- classic adventure without overwhelming volume.
Look at her! The right shade of tan, original hang tag, just enough room for my minimalist needs. And that perfectly shaped bottom! The price was a no-brainer since I just can't bring myself to spend the $400 for bottle green (my dream within a dream) while im supposed to be on a buy-ban.
Cannot wait for her to get here.
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2023.06.08 19:56 ConsistentEnd8286 I'm scared I lost my family and everything will fall with.

I've read historical reddit posts on divorce that say, "leave them!", "Get out now!!", and I'm probably that person they're talking about.
I am beyond humiliated at this point to admit, but I am very likely to be divorced in the near future. I am at fault for this (alcoholism and attitude)...I am trying to make those changes, but results are everything and my partner isn't getting any. As with parenting an ND (autistic) toddler, time and support is stretched so thin we've basically had 0 time to focus on our marriage, so without much foundation + my problems...I think she's going to, even if I changed.
So. I am still continuing my journey to be sober...but can anyone provide me some advice? Surely, SO will want (and get) 100% custody of my ND child because of my issues -- even if I fixed 'em, right??? I am the sole household income and SO is SAHM. I'm trying to improve but in the midst of it all my behavior has probably cost me my partner.
Sorry, I'm really panicky and don't know what to do. What can I do??????????? (yes, I am working on my alcoholism...). I see a therapist monthly. My job is stressful, but pays well.
We have a great family but, yeah. It's all my fault. I just want to prepare for the worst as rock bottom seems to be fast approaching. Losing the other stuff is temporary, I guess...but yeah...I've fucked up my family. TIA for your help.
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2023.06.08 19:56 Ok-Helicopter3635 My Boyfriend isn't happy with me anymore

My (F19) boyfriend(M19) told me yesteday that he still loves me, still sees me as his comfrot person but that he is not always happy with me. Not like when he is experienceing other emotions, but that there are times that he is just not happy to be around me and I dont know what to do. We talked about breaking up or taking a break but neither of us want that, we have been dating strong for nearly a year and a half but I don't know that I can continue being okay knowing that I don't make him happy. He said that it was only happening some of the time (like 40/60) and that he still wants to hang out together and do all that. It has only been like this for about a week and we don't know if it will continue. I went through something similar when I felt like our honeymoon phase ended (for me) but that didn't end up having much of an effect on my happiness after a while. He says that sometimes our relationship feels like a burden to him, which I can understand since it is a commitment. I don't know if I can continue being in a relationship where he doesn't find happiness in me anymore, but I also don't want to leave him. What do I do?
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2023.06.08 19:56 Short_Barnacle_4090 On-site Face & Eye Tracking Testing [USA]

Hello everyone,
My name is Saranya, I work as a Community Engineer at uTest by Applause.
Welcome to uTest, by Applause. We are a company that helps businesses test the accuracy and usability of their websites, applications, and hardware through freelance software testing and feedback. You can get paid to help us shape the digital landscape!
We are looking for participants and minors aged (13- 17) located in or near New York City to participate in on-site testing in Manhattan, Specifically two blocks from the Grand Central Terminal.
For this testing, participants will be wearing a headset and following instructions from a moderator. The goal of this is to track the participants' face and eye movements.
Qualified participants must speak one of the following languages:
- Spanish
- Italian
- French
- Japanese
* Must be fluent in one of these languages and must be able to speak, understand and read English.
Project Details:
Start Date: Testing in progress and ongoing
Location: New York City
Payout: $75 for adults and $100 for minors aged (13-17 years old)
* It is mandatory that minors aged (13-16) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of testing. Parent/guardian must also bring a document that verifies minor's DOB (i.e. birth certificate, license, form of ID, etc.).
* Minors aged 17 years old may attend on their own if parents sign consent forms in advance.
Referral Bonus: We are offering $25 if you can refer someone that has never been a member of uTest and completes the testing required.
Apply here:
You can leave a comment, send me a direct message, or go to our official uTest subreddit at UTEST and contact the moderators if you have any questions regarding the project. You can also watch this video to learn how uTest works
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2023.06.08 19:55 ConfidentFrosting458 I’m sick and tired of all the anger and resentment I have towards my father + mini update

I made this post on another sub but many have told me to post if here because it got deleted in the other sub.
As the title says….
My parents divorced when I was 12 due to my father having an affair. The two remained in separate homes for a couple of months until their divorce finalised and my father moved back to the states with my now stepmother. The first time I visited him out there I remember feeling very angry and I resented my father a LOT, here he was living the perfect suburban American dream with his new girlfriend and replacement step daughter, whilst my mother cried herself to sleep nearly every day….it sucked!
My fathers and I relationship strained dramatically he was the one to travel to me alone, even those visits were often awkward and tense. As I grew up it became easier ignore the resentment because I saw my father less and often ignored his calls and messages. A few weeks ago my mother and uncle died in a car accident they were my only family, my father came back to be with me for the funerals then a few days after he sat me down & explained that with no other family, I had to move with him to the states. My mother had stated in her will that the house should be sold (it was kinda old) to fund whatever future I desire. I’ve been here for a week now most of my time is spent alone with my uncles dog, with resentment I’ve held down all these years is bubbling up.
I overheard my father vent to my stepmother (SM) about, how regretful he was about the start of their relationship, how he hated how strained we became & how he wished my mother encouraged me more in my to maintain a relationship with him. I busted in after hearing that screaming that everything he was complaining about was his fault along with SM, after a few insults I ended it by wishing he was the one in the car & not my mother & uncle, (I know a shitty move but I was literally blinded by my rage), by then he was in tears as SM held him protectively but the two remained silent allowing my word vomit to spill out. I then stormed off to my room.
I talked to my friend from back home, she knows about the entire situation. She was supportive of me until I told her about the recent incident, she said he was allowed to vent without me screaming at him, that the resentment I feel towards him isn’t healthy (I know) & will always result in me being the AH to him.
Mini update:
After spending the entire day yesterday asleep and the night wide awake, I called my grandparents (my fathers parents) early this morning. The conversation started a little awkward on my part, just like my father I had ignored many of their messages and calls over the years, yet they never gave up on me, always sending gifts for every holiday/birthday, sending hand written letters, even sending congratulatory presents for every milestone or achievement I’ve ever had, they did more as grandparents than my father ever did as a dad.
My grandmother understood my awkwardness but kept encouraging me at every turn. I explained the entire situation to her, how my anger is seemingly effecting my fathers family and how I don’t want to be here as I feel like I’m not truly dealing with my grief and my attention is focused on the anger I have for my father. Surprisingly, she understood completely and agreed with me, apparently she had even suggested to my father that I stay with them instead, but he was adamant on rebuilding our relationship. Which angered me that little more, at my time of grief here he was thinking of it as a way to benefit him…
Anyway after a long and tearful phone call with my grandmother she and my grandfather agreed to come and speak to my father, luckily they only live two hours away from us and they left the house twenty minutes ago.
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2023.06.08 19:55 Ghisarivw MMA gyms in North Houston / Woodlands area

MMA gyms in North Houston / Woodlands area
Ive been trying to find one near me. Rayford sawdust area. I work from 9-6 everyday. Looking for something less than $100 a month. Anyone know of any?
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2023.06.08 19:54 bl80 Encounter in Oregon in 1981 by a very close friend of my family that overwhelmed his life...

I looked to see if this was ever brought up here and cannot find anything. The main author of the online documents was a very close family friend. He and my father grew up together. My mom and Larry's wife are still to this day very close. His son (born 1 day shy of one year before me) and I were inseparable for years until our teenage lives moved us apart.
I recall exactly where I was, as a 10 year old boy that loved everything about sci-fi and aliens, when I was told first hand this story.
This was just a week or two after they had the initial encounter and Larry was visibly shaken by the experience. Everything in this online doc is nearly identical to the story I was told and heard over and over again for many years.
I cannot describe how this absolutely changed Larry and his friend Mike that was there with him. They went kinda 'crazy' --- not unlike the people in the Close Encounters movie focusing solely on the shape of Devils Tower -- Both were locked in fully to "find out how this thing might work" and were truly certain they would get this patented and recreate this object.
Within a short while his marriage was ruined and Larry and Mike sort of faded from our main circle of people that were always around. When I would hang out with his son it was always more about how much money they would soon have and "just waiting on the patent to clear and get that first big check" etc.
It was a weird time and the subsequent stories I would hear about more encounters (the Mothership noted as the "second sighting" in the story) made me question the entire thing about how every time he would drive to the store he would see another object or something. I went from me being in total AWE of all of it to mostly Ho-Hum and unsure if any was true.
What I know is true is that Larry and Mike dropped EVERYTHING in their life to focus on this. By the end of his life I think he was fully alone.. I have not directly talked to his son in decades so I dont know where they stood before he died.
I have clear recall of being told about the teardrop/ice-cream cone shaped object with the 3 primary colors on its front pane. I recall being told that there was "some way to leverage the colors to bond the object to light and be pulled rather than propelled" or something like that. I grew up from a 10year to about 15 thinking that my friend was going to rich as his dad was making a real-life UFO for the government.
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2023.06.08 19:54 bondservice Bails Bonds Agents Near Me - Roseville Bail Bonds

Bails Bonds Agents Near Me - Roseville Bail Bonds
Finding reliable bail bond agents becomes essential when you require bail bonds. Agents for Roseville Bail Bonds are experts who focus on helping those who have been arrested and require bail to secure their release. Our main responsibility is to streamline the bail procedure and offer financial support to those who are unable to pay the full bond amount ordered by the court. You can find dependable local experts who can assist you with the bail process by searching for "Bails Bonds Agents Near Me." Our agents can manage the intricate documentation and processes necessary to get a bail bond on your behalf since they have a thorough understanding of the legal system.
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2023.06.08 19:53 Fancy_Ad8937 Missing cat on Wheatgrass Dr, near West McCarran and Plumb. Please dm me if you spot her

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2023.06.08 19:53 AveryMannequin Share your Audible Sales Picks

Before the sale started, I got a Premium Plus suscription with two credits. And another book on my wishlist went from 30 dollars to 5 for a limited time.
Then the sale started. I have less than 60 books on my wishlist so far and a very small quantity of money on my account, so I set my budget at 35$. There were a lot of great discounts but I had to pick my priorities.
These were my picks with information about each of them in case anyone's interested. I would love to hear about any cool or unique picks!
Life and Adventures of Jack Engle (Walt Whitman, narrated by Jon Hamm)- "Mad Men"'s Dick Whitman narrates Walt Whitman's only novel. I picked it because of Hamm(he has one of those "I could listen to him read the phonebook" voices and skill), but what I listened to it so far showed promise. Premium Credit.
This Will All Be Over Soon (Cecily Strong, narrated by the author)- A memoir by my favorite ever SNL player. Raw, moving and tender, one of my favorite. Premium Credit.
My Life As A Rat (Joyce Carol Oates, narrated by Sadie Alexandru)- Oates is one of my favorite authors and this is one of two of her novels narrated by Alexandru, an actress I've seen in a few things (including "Mad Men", she plays a secretary). The other novel is "Marya: A Life", but this one interested me more and the price is lower, even during the sale. Discount.
The Things They Carried (Tim O'Brien, narrated by Bryan Cranston)- I had an interest in O'Brien's collection of Vietnam stories, but Cranston was the selling point for me. Like Hamm, he's one of my "phonebook" actors. I read his memoir "A Life In Parts" and would like the audiobook in the near future, but this might display his voice prowess more
Uproar! (Alice Loxton, narrared by the author)- Loxton is a terrific historian whose Instagram and YouTube page (and her work in History Hit channel as well) are a must for history geeks like myself. Part of what makes her presentation great is her voice: it's really pleasant to listen to and her enunciation is impeccable. In this, her first book, she tells the story of the great print satirists of the Georgian era.
El libro de Filipo (Pedro Alonso O'choro, narrated by the author and Tatiana Djordjevic)- The first book by the Spanish actor best known for his role as the charismatic, yet dangerous thief Berlin in "La casa de papel". It is a historical novel set in Roman occupied Judea. Past lives and philosophy are involved. My only audiobook I purchased in Spanish. Alonso is another one of my "phonebook" actors.
Musashi (Eiji Yoshikawa, translated by Charles S. Terry and narrated Brian Nishii)- A massive, epic historical novel of the legendary samurai and master swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. This novel was the partial basis for a trilogy of films starring Toshiro Mifune. I bought the book for 10 dollars at my favorite used bookstore. That was a steal, but the audiobook was an even bigger steal: with an 85 percent discount, the price if this 53 hour long book went from 45 dollars to 6.85
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2023.06.08 19:53 Chiweenies2 My Uncle Finally Assaulted Me!

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