Why did kay adams leave

Why did you leave me, Karen?

2019.07.02 01:35 MikeModder007 Why did you leave me, Karen?

Why, Karen, why???

2019.05.03 21:34 Nightfurywitch Why did my dad leave me

Why does everyone hate me

2019.03.28 22:57 eehop Im14AndThisIsMetal

Why Did God Leave?

2023.06.05 04:46 tubeshade Group hug?

40 year old woman with two boys on the spectrum, the worlds laziest husband, three terminal illnesses, & a ridiculous number of health problems. I have endured one traumatic, horrific situation after another since 2017, and I’m just exhausted. For three years I’ve begged my husband for support and to help me out around the house and getting healthier. He’s a nurse I want to point out. So when I originally got sick he quit his job to care for me. He did wonderful for about six months and then he just stopped giving me my meds, cooking my meals, or helping me in any way. I was so sick I almost died. I was bedridden at the time so what he did to me was beyond cruel. Then he decided to go back to work to care for others and leave me to fend for Myself. I was so sick and weak that I just focused on survival: it wasn’t until later that I realized the severity of what happened. I’m too sick to leave but I know I can never heal in this environment. He controls me by not giving me access to a vehicle so I’m pretty much a prisoner in my home. There are no resources for victims of narcisstic abuse. I can’t go to my family because they are equally abusive and honestly don’t care about my life. They are too busy living theirs. I’m so scared if something doesn’t change I won’t survive. And I have felt so invisible since I got sick, life can feel so hopeless. I just want a real chance at living. The way I have been treated and what i’ve endured is mind blowing. I truly believe nobody cares about me anymore. And i’m here I guess, in hopes that maybe somebody will care and get mad about this horrific set of circumstances with me. And it really think I need that right now. Xoxo
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2023.06.05 04:46 sillychemistri Debating on leaving my current serving position

Okay so I started working at this local pizza restaurant about a month ago, and there have been a lot of questionable things about this place. It's my first job working as a server, so I wanted some advice from other servers.
The first thing Id like to mention is that it is a family owned business, which was something that I liked in the beginning. The management here, however, is very disorganized and there are two main managers that are constantly fighting with each other. The managers are also constantly getting after the servers about everything, and they don't stand behind their servers when there is a problem. For example, on my second day working there, I had a lady at a table tell me she wanted a salad, but then went up to my manager and told her she wanted a lasagna. My manager did not apologize to her, but instead said something along the lines of "yeah she's new but i don't know what is wrong with her," referring to me. I was too busy at the time to realize how messed up this was but this rubbed me the wrong way.
The next incident happened with a lady that came in with her mom to dine in, and did not pay her entire bill before leaving. When my manager saw the bill, he said that I should have seen that she didn't pay before leaving (however she left after I told her she still owed a certain amount). My manager ended up taking the money out of my tips for the day, because he had no other way to close the check or something along those lines. The lady ended up coming back and I ended up getting the money, but it took a few times of her coming into the restaurant for them to get the money to me.
Additionally, one of my managers is incredibly cheap with everything. If someone were to have extra pizza left over, he wants us to give them smaller boxes because the larger cardboard boxes are more expensive. Any chance he gets to upcharge somebody, he will, and he will get after the servers if we don't charge for absolutely everything (like extra dressing, sauce, etc). I understand this mostly because things are expensive nowadays, but not giving customers a pizza box is a little crazy.
I've also spent my last two sunday shifts doing nothing but cleaning. My previous Sunday shift my manager had me cleaning everything in the restaurant while also serving tables. She was also cleaning ceiling fans while guests were eating. My most recent Sunday shift I made only $8 in tips in 4 hours. I only had two tables all day. I am only working on the weekends, so this was really disappointing. On the other two days, I make okay tips, maybe $80 for five hours of work. From what I've seen from other people my tips seem pretty low. This place specifically charges a lot for their dishes, but the tips are super low. This weekend I did pretty good besides Sunday, however it is just not enough for me.
There are also just a bunch of tiny things that happen with mismanagement in general. There is not much communication and I was still holding out hope that things would get better soon. Some people I have talked to so far have said I have more than enough reason to quit, but I've been hesitant about it because I have become so familiar with the menu already (it has over like 50 items). So I wanted to get some advice on whether or not I should just leave and find a new place, or try to stick it out here until I go back to school in the fall.
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2023.06.05 04:46 HollowFishbone66 Vin Jin "Monster"

Just wanted to share my opinion on what of lookism's goats.
Vin Jin has pretty mixed opinions in the lookism community, lot of people hate him, lot of people don't care about him and a lot of people hype him up to annoying amounts. Overall though he's a greatly written character.
Early days of Vin Jin, before God Dog I think it's safe to say almost no one liked him, except for his great comedy pairings with Vin Jin. Here, he's just a douche bag who bullies our beloved Duke for his appearance and family status for no apparent reason. However, he intrigued a lot of us with his sun glasses and talk of his middle school days. I think a lot of people were curious, myself included on who the mysterious jackass is and why he is the way he is. Really though, he was just an asshole who provided comedic relief with Logan for the first while. We did get some minor development though, he appears to stop bullying Duke as much and we find out he loves his music.
God Dog-Hostel. For me, this is prime Vin Jin in the series. We see him in this grey area of the story and his morals. God dog arc we find out there's something traumatic about his eyes that he's trying to hide and we see him give an absolutely ruthless beat down to the god dog wrestler and see him be unhinged. He's somewhat on the team of J-high at the end of God dog, we get a great comedic scene with him and Logan that still makes me smile. Then we get into the Hostel arcs, we see during the one night (1) arc bits of backstory with a newly introduced Cheonliang gang hunting him and some development between him and Mary adding more to his mystique. In the full on Hostel arc, he's an absolute menace and a favourite of mine. We get to see him hunt down hostel for Mary, really cementing their relationship and we get a god tier fight between him and Vasco. That fight was incredible, ruthless, visceral and you could really feel the impact with those panels, and we once again see an insight into how hardcore his backstory must be. After this he unfortunately gets side lined again.
2A arc bring the return of Vin Jin and it was hype af. That ripping trees out and the back panel (not to mention the mary panels you idiots thirsted over) was awesome, as well as finding out that he killed someone was a huge reveal. Claiming to be back in his prime we see him absolutely shred in 2a, neg diffing Akira and low diffing Kazuma. then of course the eye reveal and bits of backstory were great, we get an insight into how his mind works and a bit into why he bullies based on appearance. 2A wasn't the best arc but the Vin Jin chapters were great and the hype for his backstory was at an all time high (still waiting for that PTJ)
Current, Vin Jin hasn't done anything major as of yet but it's fun seeing him return and immediately proclaiming himself as the #2 of allied. Another few crumbs of back story in the last few chapters with him facing up against someone from his past and I'm sure we're all looking forward to seeing that fight.
He's had some interesting development over the story and has stayed consistent comic relief as well providing awesome fights with his unique methods. His upcoming fight against Taejin I'm sure is going to be forever goated and HOPEFULLY his backstory arc is next after 1A.
Thanks for reading this if you made it this far, should I do this again? and what are your thoughts on the tp collector?
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2023.06.05 04:45 Fragrant-Industry288 Title of movie?

OH MY GOSH. I literally am trying to find the name of this movie but I cannot remember the name of it and i’ve tried looking it up..nothing! I remember the end of the movie because it was so good. It is a scary movie and the woman had just like won or whatever and she was going to walk out of the house..BUT she turned around and went back inside of the house. I remember I had looked up why she did that after I watched it because she literally had just figured out how the house worked and everything. Google had said the lady walked back into the house to continue the cycle because like all her family was gone or the friends she came with and the house kept her healed or whatever I think (whoever the house belonged to it protected i think) or the demon in the house fed off of the souls from the other people that got drawn into the house. So I think the demon in the basement of the house fed off of the travelers or whatever ppl were staying there and kept the owner of the house from dying or something like tht only if the owner like kept bringing people for it to eat or whatever. So sorry i can’t keep my story straight
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2023.06.05 04:45 AffectionateSpeaker4 Leaking from disconnected supply hose even with valve turned off

Hi there. Short term lurker, first time poster, long time home improvement obsessive.
I thought I would upgrade the dishwasher in my kitchen. I bought a nice looking stainless steel one off of Facebook. It turned out to be a lemon. I stopped trying to have it fixed and I am planning to put it out for parts. Anyway, when the technician left, he did not reconnect the water supply line, I guess because why would he. He turned off the valve at the wall under the sink and just pushed the dishwasher back into the original space.
This morning, I discovered that the water supply hose has been leaking for several days now. Water has seeped into the carpet in the area, warped the cabinet near the floor, and basically destroyed the particleboard. It’s a mess.
I don’t understand why water would be seeping out of the supply line when the valve itself is turned off. Is this a plumbing issue that I need to call somebody out to take a look at? Would appreciate any suggestions.
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2023.06.05 04:45 dgnapoli I can’t be the only one that hates the new feeds experience

Why the hell did they change it to this tik tok experience. I want to be able to scroll through my feeds and pick sounds out, just like I can do on Spotify.
Is there away I change it back on the app?
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2023.06.05 04:45 dontreallyknoww2341 Brans character had so much potential that they just threw down the drain

Obviously bran became the most useless and boring character when he came back from beyond the wall but the most annoying part was that his storyline and character development could have been super interesting. The idea of a young boy who all of a sudden has access to literally all information in the entire world has so much potential. I would’ve loved to see him struggle to figure out what to do with all the info, what to tell and what to keep secret, what is useful and what is useless, what is possibly an abuse of his powers and where should he draw the line on what he can and can’t do, struggle to actually convince ppl that he isn’t just making this all up, and realising that knowledge is unless you know what to do with it. Showing him as a young boy who’s is completely overwhelmed by all this info would have been so much more interesting than whatever tf they turned him into. It also didn’t make sense because knowing things doesn’t necessarily make you wise, so why did he all of sudden become a genius.
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2023.06.05 04:45 harmonica2 Question about the plot to The Postman Always Rings Twice. SPOILER

I saw the movie and do not understand part of the plot. So in the movie, the main characters hire a lawyer and they have a privileged conversation with the lawyer in which they confess their crime to the lawyer because it's privileged.
Later the lawyer blackmails them and threatens to turn the conversation over to the authorities unless they do what he wants. However, since the conversation is privileged, legally the lawyer has no power. It's inadmissible, so why did the main characters give into the threat?
Why not just tell the lawyer, "it's a privileged conversation, so fine turn it over, it's inadmissible". Unless I missed something?
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2023.06.05 04:45 Accomplished_Pie_929 I don’t understand why guys think it’s acceptable to insist on getting a blow job, then finish during the blow job, and then leave.

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2023.06.05 04:45 Ilovecoloring122 court date in 3 days to get more time with my kids after fighting for nearly 4 years

So this all started back in 2019 before covid, me and the ex started the process for divorce. Now when we initially split up she decided on this very restrictive schedule for me to spend time with my kids, i didn't have a lawyer at the time and i was so fragile and distraught from the entire ordeal, finding out she cheated on me, kicking me out of the apartment etc. So i just agreed because i didn't know any better and was emotionally a mess. The schedule i had was (looking back on it) an absolute joke it was Week 1. 5pm-7pm Wednesdays Week 2 Friday 5pm-sunday 5pm
That's it, after several months of this and therapy on my side, i got the strength and money to get a lawyer, and we fought for a more fair schedule, we managed to get me an extra day, so week 1 we added overnights on Thursday, not the best but it was something. I am not going to go into all the other details of the divorce but essentially at this point i had finally moved to my own apartment (2bedroom so the kids could have their own room) and i was getting my mental health in a much better spot as time went on so i started to fight her more for more time. We had to attend mediation which we did not agree to anything, then i requested a GAL to get involved. The court initially refused my request for more time since we had been on the current schedule for a while. So per my request the GAL got involved, did home visits and established that my place is fine, the kids love me, i love the kids, there bonded to me, and i provide a good/safe/healthy environment. So she put in a recommendation that i get more time. so the schedule i got, and have been on for nearly 2 years now is
Week 1 Wed 5pm-friday 9am Week 2 Thursday 5pm-sunday 5pm +vacation and birthday/holiday schedules
Which is a lot better, but its still not really what i wanted but i had to accept it and just move on. over the past 18 months i have been taking every opportunity for more time with the kids that come up, sometimes she will ask me if i can watch them an extra day for w/e reason, sometimes its a logistics reason to make life easier etc, i tracked this data until..well even now, i did this so i could prove to the court that there is no issues with me having time, and i actively seek time out. There is no safety issues or concerns from her, otherwise why would she be agreeing so much to give me random days here and there. Now we lived in the same city so logistics were not to bad, but then early last year she moved about 45 min away, so now the kids had to go to school 45 min away from me when they were with me. Since she is listed as "primary" cause there needs to be 1 i had to adjust things to include 45 min to school in the morning, 45 min home to get to work, then 45 min to pick them up, and 45 min home. i had to do this only 2.5 times every 2 week cycle (since she would pick them up on week 1 Fridays)... so needless to say this was very hard.
i decided to save up and move closer to the kids, i found a house and moved so im only 10 min (with traffic) from my kids so the schedule is alot easier to maintain logistics, as well as nearly doubling my living space and having 3 bedrooms so each kids gets their own room + a play room, and a basement.
So in feb of this year i pulled the trigger on taking us back to court so i could get more time with the kids, i want an even 50/50 and there is no reason why i shouldn't be able. The fact that i have been seeking extra time and getting it by her either asking me directly, or me asking her and she agrees, as well as me moving 40 min away to be closer to them, +upgrading my place for the 2nd time to make sure they have enough room was enough to get it started. Now we had to go through mediation (again) of which i knew we would not agree but its a necessary stage to get to the court date, which is on tuesday. I am seeking a true 5050, which equals out to 1 more overnight/week. She did counter offer my request with more time with the kids, but its not consistent, its 1 more week of summer vaca/extra days here and there when the kids dont have school the next day for some reason, it averages out to half of what im asking so if this fails at the very least i should be able to get that as back up, but there really is no reason why i shouldn't be able to get more time with my kids, hopefully this is the last time i need to go through the court systems for stuff like this, but i will continue to fight the good fight in order to spend more time with my kids.
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2023.06.05 04:44 DLP1194 Very sad looking raspberry needs some TLC

Very sad looking raspberry needs some TLC
So I got a small raspberry plant from bunnings about 3 months ago. Popped it in the garden, and it seemed to be happy. Then it looked like it could do with repotting so we did that. And after that it just got sadder, slowly loosing its leaves. So last week I brought it in the house, and I popped some berry feed on it yesterday. But it just seems very sad and like I might now be able to save it. I’m an immigrant here, from the uk. With the similar climates (albeit lack of frost where I am in BOP) I assumed I wouldn’t have to do much different then give it some water. Am I doing something wrong? Advice for keeping the plant alive and getting it back to good condition would be appreciated.
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2023.06.05 04:44 RevolutionaryScar995 What's the most memorable moment of your childhood?

What is the most off-the-wall prank you've ever pulled and why did you choose to do it?
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2023.06.05 04:44 Top_Coconut1168 Might check myself in if my out call doctor does not call back I can't anymore 😭😭😭😭

I understand I had a echogram stress test 7 months ago. Normal. Had no pvcs. Ekgs normal. Troponin 5 weeks ago normal. ,1 month monitor less then 1 percent burden 7 weeks ago. Now I had a 7 day monitor and showed 2 percent. Does that mean it's climbing up. I had a exercise stress test. I did 18min showed pvcs. Like why is today bad. Why is it I couldn't run today. Is something hing happening bad now? Idk if I can anymore I'm new to this I just don't understand how it can go from less then 1 percent to 2 percent in a month. 😭😭😭 I can't do it in scared now I'm really scared
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2023.06.05 04:44 throwRAsummerseas [35F] [40M] Safe to assume this guy was never attracted to me?

I was taking to this guy and we went out on a date. He admitted on the date that he got offered a job and was leaving most likely (he did). We kind of kept talking after he left and the idea of casual came up. Months later I was going to be in town and we talked about meeting up.. come to find out after dragging it out of him he was trying to get over a “brief” relationship as he had put it.
I struggle with my self esteem because I have never had a relationship and he was the first guy that’s ever asked me out (who I was attracted to). I already know I’m going to be single forever because I’m attracted to guys who are attractive… that’s unfortunate lol. He messaged me telling me this “ no, I’m sorry I should lead you on if I’m not in it”. That was after we tried to meet up for just casual.
Safe to assume this guy was never attracted to me?
The sad thing is I literally just had a dream about him and he reached out/messaged me telling me that he was going to be in town for his birthday (oddly specific details). I know it’s a dream and nothing more😂. The last time that happened it actually turned out to be true but he’s got no reason to reach out to me.
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2023.06.05 04:44 MtnDream The Hub, Richmond

So this guy tried to trip me because I walked passed hom on an escalator. Confronted him, he denied it, walked away, told him I saw his foot, he admitted he did it, cause I "deserved it", why, maybe because I knew where I was going and he was lost due to his mental disability.
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2023.06.05 04:44 ThrowRAwasteofspace Wondering if I'm (M25) ready for marriage to the mother (F23) of 2 of my children(3 & newborn), or if we should (for the best) go our separate ways in the future.

Throwaway account, as i don't want this connected to my other accounts.
My thoughts are erratic, forgive me for bouncing all over the point but I'm trying to include everything I've been thinking and feeling with my reasoning so please bear with me. Gonna be a long one. If you take the time to read all this and provide genuine, thoughtful feedback, know that I'm beyond appreciative.
I had my first child at 19, and his mother and I didn't stay together. He was given a hyphenated combination of our last names, and now all these years later his mother is engaged to another man with their own newborn, and my son calls said man "his other daddy". I understand that as even though i am active in my son's life, my own dad wasn't around and i ended up calling my temporary step-dad "daddy" for a period of time. My son's mom and her fiancé of course have been living together for a while so i don't see anything wrong with that, nor am i bothered by it as long as my son and Mr. Fiancé don't forget who his actual father is.
All that to say that this has led to me being unwilling to have my other children calling another man "daddy", which is one of a few reasons making me feel like i have to stay in my current relationship and eventually tie the knot with my girlfriend - even if i am currently unhappy more often than not and feel as if marriage would be dooming myself to a life of tolerance rather than contentment.
I feel like my current girlfriend is a great person, friend and mother, but many of her tendencies and thought processes tend to irk/frustrate me. I know no one is perfect and any relationship requires work and effort, but I can't help but feel as if there would be someone out there better suited for myself, or if I would just be better off alone.
Before I talk (or complain) about everything I'm unhappy about, I'd like to make it known that I've been 10 relationships before my current one, and i ended 8 of them with 2 of them ended by the girl- much to my chagrin. Those 2 had a pretty big impact on me but not as much as 2 that i ended due to being cheated on. The rest I ended i guess out of boredom? This made me feel as if I wasn't cut out for relationships and I should be alone, but then I end up lonely wanting a relationship. I ended one relationship with a cheater right before the relationship that gave me my firstborn. I never took the time to heal from that and I wasn't ready for a child at the time, so even though i love my son and have always been active in his life, i never thought his mother and I would have a longstanding relationship.
We separated and then i met and began a relationship with the second cheater. At the time I was 21 and she was 33, but i could've swore she was the best thing to ever happen to me. Thing was, she was still living with her ex and I'm sure you can imagine how that went. That whole relationship left me feeling emasculated.
I left that relationship and began a relationship with my current girlfriend not even 3 months later. Needless to say I did no healing, took no time for myself. To make things worse we moved in together within another 3 months, and she found out she was pregnant by the end of the year.
I was actually perfectly content with my only child and had no desire to sire another child at this point in time, but my girlfriend had gotten pregnant in her previous relationship and ended up losing the baby, so her baby fever was at an all time high and she would get depressed whenever we would have sex and I'd cum anywhere other than inside of her. She'd roll over and put her back to me and sulk about it until she went to sleep, sometimes even crying about it. This made me feel Tee-totally terrible so I eventually just 🤷🏾‍♂️ and started finishing inside her to give her the child she wanted. This pregnancy gave me my daughter and I love her to death, she's amazing. We were staying in an apartment complex with roommates, but after finding out she was pregnant we went to stay with her mom. I broke up with her after welcoming the baby due to feelings of discontentment, although we got together again a few months later.
We got our own place and stayed there about a year and a half before I broke up with her again because i felt like i just wasn't the man for her. I told her i didn't want to marry and i don't want anymore kids, mainly just to drive the point as these are things she wants. We separated for 3 or 4 months this time, in which period of time I had sex once with an ex and she had sex once with a coworker. Despite that, we got back together because i had "thought about it" and decided that i didn't mind marrying and having more children. Fast forward a year and we moved to a better home and welcomed our second child together, my 3rd child and 2nd son.
I've thought about and pretty much accepted the concept/fate of marrying my girlfriend. She's been insistent bordering on impatient which I understand. This last time we got back together I told her we'd be wed before our son got here, which was rash on my part. I rush a lot of things but marriage isn't one of them.
I don't know if it's because my girlfriend is the partner in question, but marriage just feels like a huge shackle to me and divorce is a hassle from what I've heard. I don't want to marry just for it to be unhappy and end up in divorce.
Back to: I feel like my current girlfriend is a great person, friend and mother, but many of her tendencies and thought processes tend to irk/frustrate me. I know no one is perfect and any relationship requires work and effort, but I can't help but feel as if there would be someone out there better suited for myself, or if I would just be better off alone.
Here comes the complaining.
I'm an introvert, through and through. I like reading books, i like quiet time, i enjoy having time to myself, I enjoy doing/accomplishing things alone.
My girlfriend has to be the antithesis. She can talk on and on and on for hours on end without nary a breath in between. This isn't as much of an issue as the subject of her conversation- most of the time, there isn't one. It's like 95% of her thoughts come out of her mouth and she expects me to reply and vividly react to it all. It's really kind of draining. I get that as the man i should be glad that I'm the one she's talking to, but sometimes I'd rather enjoy the song that's playing or just have time alone with my thoughts. So most of her dialogue has no real meaning to me, and she often talks/asks questions about things that would be clear to her with just a little observation on her end. A little thought. She's so busy spitting out that 95% thought that she can't use the remaining 5 to come to her own conclusions.
For example, we're riding in the car. It's sunny outside, yet starts to rain. She says, "The devil must be beating his wife". I just look at her like 😐 while internally doing the wtf Jackie Chan face because what kind of sense does that make? She says, "What you've never heard that?" No, because it doesn't make sense. The devil is in theory beneath us so even if he did have a wife and beat her, why would these tears be coming from the sky? Perhaps I'm just a dull rock and too analytical but i feel like we could've both saved our breath on that whole exchange.
Another example. We went to eat, i got a coke to go. It was riding in the front cup holder until i finished it, and threw the empty cup into the trash. A whole ten, fifteen minutes later she asks, "Did you finish your coke?" I just look at her like 😐 while internally doing the wtf Jackie Chan face because are you telling me you didn't see me throw it away while you're right beside me? Do you not see the empty cup holder? I say yea, to which she asks me to hand her her water bottle. I just feel as if she could've taken the time to do some looking and thinking on her own, and just ask me for her water.
We're driving with a gps, she says that she needs me to help her because she doesn't know if it's this exit or the next one. 😐 idk if i can do this for the rest of my life. The route is highlighted on the screen, instead of oh so many feet, the distance is point something miles, and the exit number is on the screen. I tell her to think about it. She takes the wrong exit and gets mad at me.
Other times she is literally just voicing her inner dialogue like "I want a coke", "I'm hot, need to turn on the air", "My head is itching" and she just looks at me waiting for me to say something when I feel like none of this really warrants a reply. I hate small talk but maybe I'm just a stick in the mud.
She asks for help ridiculously often when she doesn't really need any. She could do things on her own most of the time just by freeing up one of her hands or literally thinking about the issue more. She probably tells me "hold this" 15 to 93 times a day. Just put it down? We were eating chinese takeout one night, and with a table right in front of her, she tells me to hold her plate. You know they give you enough food to feed a small village in those flimsy ass trays so the styrofoam bends and she drops her plate on my legs and in the floor before i can get a hold of it. I can't tell you how many times she's asked me for help with something that literally has instructions on it; she just didn't take the time to read it. I point it out and she's like "Oh 😜". It's gotten to the point where other than "think about it", when she asks for help i ask "do you really" and when i feel like she doesn't i resort to a childhood saying of my mother: "USE YOUR NOODLE! And when you're done with your noodle, put it back in your soup and finish your dinner".
To sum these points up, my pride doesn't want my kids acknowledging yet another dad, my girlfriend spits faster than Eminem when I'm a quiet guy, and her problem solving skills are near nonexistent when I'm a self-dependent, figure it out type of guy. I guess these personality differences might stem from our upbringing, as she was raised in a volatile home with her brother, bouncing between her mother and grandmother who both talk just as much as she, while i was raised alone with my mother who also enjoyed quiet time and liked reading and such. BUT-
In addition to this, I don't feel like my girlfriend and I are as sexually compatible as we could be. Our preferences and things we want aren't that different, but i have a much broader taste than she does and I don't ever think I'll achieve sexual freedom with her. I know that some of my fantasies are off the table for her, and others I'm too ashamed to even open up about due to what she's made clear of her stance. She doesn't like the lights on during, she doesn't like eye contact, she isn't very vocal. I wanna see her, look her in the eye, when i talk to her she doesn't talk back and doesn't mention it till we're done. These differences probably come from our experience and lack of with porn and sexual partners. I think I'm her third or fourth relationship. The guy before me she was with for 5 years. I started watching porn at 12 or 13, was running a NSFW tumblr page before tumblr stopped being cool, regularly masturbated. I don't think my girlfriend ever really touched herself before me, and the only time i know of her masturbating was to send me a video like 2 years ago. I want more from out sex life but trying to bring it up is met with mild disgust before rejection. Ideally I want my partner to want to masturbate sometimes, for us both to have toys, for us to explore with ourselves and other people and explore our fantasies. My girlfriend doesn't even have any. This makes me reluctant to marry because I don't wanna give up on all of this without having experienced it.
On top of this is her style of living. Bathroom sink and tub full of hair. Throwing something away- KOBE! -she misses and doesn't pick it up. Preparing food and leaving the scraps and trash on the counter for roaches, rats and ants, i can't stand it. Her side of the bed looks like the empty water bottle monster threw up and she loves to eat before bed but rarely takes her dishes to the kitchen before sleeping, and just throws her trash in the general direction of the can without bothering to just lean over and place it in or at least see if she made it. I'll say something and she'll do better for 2 days and a half, then i feel like i wasted my words. 8 used wash rags left in the shower, not flushing the toilet, she just really kinda sucks at cleaning up after herself until the stars align or mercury is in retrograde or some divine intervention where she wants to do everything in a day. She's a manager at McD's now so she's working a bit more, but she used to be a server with multiple off days through the week while I've had the same job for 6 years working 6 days out the week from 7a-3p, sometimes working 3-3 or 7-7 and it's frustrating to come home with her having laid on the couch all day amidst a house that a torndado ran through. Then when I get home she wants us to clean together, nah I'm tryna sit down somewhere. I still help pickup but why could you not do this in the 10, 12 hours i was gone? At least start on it and i can come in with the assist like an alley-oop.
To top it off is her style of parenting/communication. Her dad is a loud man and he's to thank for the genes I guess, but she's quick to resort to yelling whenever things bother her or the kids don't listen, as if the louder you are the easier it is to understand. Like I said I'm a quiet guy and i consider myself rational so i like to slow down and calmly talk about things, talk to kids with a level head and tone when they're wrong and talk to her in a calm tone whenever we have any altercations. She normally beats me to the punch with child reprimands since those thoughts have been bubbling in her mouth, and i don't like the yelling at all. After she gets done yelling I'll usually come behind to tell the kids what went wrong and why it was/why they shouldn't do that. But due to my level-headedness she sees that as me not caring, and when i ask her to calm her tone she says it's just how she reacts when upset. The kids act drastically different when they're alone with me versus alone with her, going from minding to whiny/crying whenever she gets to yelling.
Besides the yelling and too high expectations for small children, i do think she's a good mom, i just wish she'd handle things differently sometimes.
To sum these points up, I'm worried about sexual fulfillment, cleanliness (having to pick up after 3 kids and an adult), and temperament/attitude once married.
I know these things take effort but I feel like she just isn't as conscious about it as I am, and when i try to explain why i think she could/should do things differently/more efficiently, she takes it as me criticizing her and belittling her. It feels like I'm in a relationship with a child sometimes as far as her tendencies go.
Is marriage really the best option? Should we spend some time apart or end things for good?
Despite all of this we don't have a bad 1 on 1 relationship, when it's good it's great but when it's bad i can't help but wonder. I get pensive. Is marriage the best course of action for my life, for her life, for our kids? Would we all be able to grow and develop better with mom and dad separated? Is there someone better for me, someone better for her out there?
I've already gotten the supplies I had in mind ready to propose to her in a way she would love and i am happy with, i just have yet to buy a ring. It's a huge commitment that i don't want to end in disaster and resentment.
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2023.06.05 04:43 i_make_it_look_easy Area 51 and Roswell - A Soviet Hoax?

Background article: https://www.npr.org/2011/05/17/136356848/area-51-uncensored-was-it-ufos-or-the-ussr
At the very end of Annie Jacobsen's book "Area 51: an uncensored history" she makes a wild, unsubstantiated claim of an interview with an ex-military member who witnessed the Roswell wreckage and worked with the wreckage and recovered bodies. He claimed they were human children surgically modified to look like aliens in order to create a social panic like what happened with the "War of the Worlds" broadcast in 1938.
I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this, and if you have not read the book I linked an article above that talks about it.
My problems with this claim are:
  1. If Kruschev wanted to create a panic, why crash the thing in the middle of nowhere instead of somewhere densely populated?
  2. If this military guy was going to give away secrets, why did he tell Jacobsen there was much more information he didn't want to say because it was so terrible?
  3. If it was a Soviet hoax, why didn't we show the country and world the fucked up crap the Soviets were doing?
This weird addition at the end of the book (to me) seems to call into question every other claim made in the book and I know she's a highly credentialed and trusted journalist. I just cant wrap my head around this. I'd love to hear thoughts or perspectives from you all.
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2023.06.05 04:43 McGrathistan AITA for breaking up with my girlfriend over her past

Throwaway account for obvious reasons.
I just broke up with my girlfriend. I’m trying to be as generous as I can to her upfront because honestly, I feel like it’s more fair to her to do that before I explain why we broke up. We’ve been dating for a little less than a year now, and on her end she felt like everything was going great. I was the first boyfriend she introduced her parents to, we talked about a future together, I was the second boyfriend she ever told she loves, and I was the first boyfriend she took an extended vacation with. In short, I completely blindsided her. I did. enjoy spending time with her, but there were two parts of her past I just couldn’t come to terms with:
Personally, problems started pretty early on. My two girlfriends before her had serious issues, one sexually assaulted me and the other coerced me into having sex when I didn’t want to. That’s made the issue of sex something I’m incredibly sensitive to. That is also something I made clear very early on (second or third date?), it’s something I’m open about because I’ve come to terms with it. I didn’t think it was possible to mess up a response to someone opening up about such a scarring experience, but she found a way. She basically said that it was really messed up, because anyone would know that’s wrong. She said she forced men to have sex with her in the past and it felt wrong at the time. I figured, “well she’s clearly changed” and moved on. But I can’t lie in saying that learning that has made me more apprehensive about continuing our relationship.
Because of my past experiences, it should be obvious that I don’t have much experience. She’s had a more promiscuous past than I have, and to be honest she has talked about it so extensively and intimately (unprompted), that it honestly has begun to make me feel inadequate. I’ve communicated this to her, and she’s toned down the frequency (I timed it at a certain point, she couldn’t go two days without talking about something in detail). But she hasn’t stopped, either. To be fair to her, I may have done a poor job of communicating it because I always communicated this timidly in fear of it coming across that I’m upset that she has more experience. But I also can’t help but to feel that sharing every detail of your past with your partner when you’ve been explicitly told that they don’t want to hear it is especially weird. Knowledge of my past trauma (I really hate using that word, I do feel that ifs overused but I don’t know how else to describe it) only makes it worse in my honest opinion.
I’d be dishonest if I said that her past, as listed above, wasn’t the main reason I broke up with her. But there are also relatively minor things she did that still have made me lose whatever I felt for her. She severely looked down on older colleagues of hers at work who were older than her but also “below” her, and she has a massive superiority complex. This has never been applied to me, but seeing the way she thinks about others behind their backs really has put me off.
We were going to celebrate our one year anniversary in one month’s time. She thought we were going steady and I feel really guilty about doing this right now, but I honestly just couldn’t take it anymore.
I wrote this on my Android. Sorry in advance for typos or grammatical errors.
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2023.06.05 04:43 WU4M I'm drunk and just thinking too deep

Trigger warning now, I'm talking about suicide and soemthing really close and personal to me. sorry if i make any typos or if any of this doesnt make sense, I'm drunk and high and going through the darkest parts of my brain trying to remind myself why I should live.
I wanted to die for so long, after my father died when I was 9 i didnt really see a point of living. I went through phases and waves of this battle with my depression and suicidal idealations. It grew, it manifested, I healed it, I treated it, I let it settle, I let it take over me. I dont know who needs to hear this, I dont know if anyone wants to hear this. But this is the only thing rn thats keeping me here, keeping me to fight another day, and again It's dark and its fucked up.
Last year, and the years leading up to last year, were some of the hardest years when it comes to dealing with my mental illness. I suffer from ptsd, and psychotic depression (just a facy way of saying I am extremly depressed and it makes me halluctinate but I'm not quite schizophrenic ig.) I also sugger from a nice cocktail of other things. I started goin 3 - 6 days without sleep every month, routinely. During this time I was extremly suiciudal, depressed, no motivation, and hallucinating shadow demons, bugs crawling on me, ghost trying to touch me, voices trying to convinced me nothing was woth anything. The sleep I was getting was filled with nightmares or sleep paralysis. I coulnt get to work on time, I couldnt actually prefrom my job, I felt unsafe driving myself to work. Any communation with friends, family, or my signifcant other felt strained and complicated. It was wearing my down and I felt myself isolating. I had a dream that I killed myself one night, then woke up late for work, with the pills that were supposed to help me fix my mental state now gone. I pretty much tried to kill myself while i was asleep, thinking I was just dreaming, and then failed to do it. Every day was a fight to stay alive, and it still is, god I still want nothing more than to just disapear.
But I dont think I can do it anymore, atleast not rn. Because the end of last year, ended with my best friend and my roomate, and my sisters boyfriend, it ended with his brains on the wall. I took a week off of work without pay, not even explaining to my suprivisor what happened, why i couldnt come in just that I couldnt. I spent that whole week hoping that my sister, hoped I wouldnt find her in that situation too. And god I didnt want her to find me like that. And I spent the next 4 months cleaning the blood out of his room and trying to get the will power and the mental strength to throw away his bloody matress. Because I didnt know that in an invent like this, the police dont just clean up alll the blood stains for you to make sure yo dont have anym more mental truma than you already have. You have to clean it up, or the people that were closest to you. in 72 hours it is deemed toxic and the failure to clean the carpet and walls makes it to where yoru landlord csn threaten to kick you out of your own home. But i got it all cleaned up, I did it so my sister wouldnt have to. But i tried to hied the matress before i knew what to do with it, and i never thought that I could be as scared of the word matress as I am now. Because I didnt know what to do with it, and the longer i held onto it and the longer i tried to hide it the harder and more suspicious it got with trying to just simply throw it away.
So today, i'm drunk, i'm high, i'm depressed, i still have insomnia, I still want to die. .But i can't, because I refuse to put anyone else through that. I dont want my sister to have to see another dead body, I dont want to leave her the literal last person in our family alive. I dont want anyone to stare at my bloody walls and mattress and wonder how theyll clean it up. and man, I always thought, and I still kind of do, wonder if anyone would actually care if I just disapeared tomorrow, but everytime I do, I wonder if he thought the same thing before he put the gun in his mouth. And then I think how I still go to sleep everynight to the sound of my sister crying in the next room, and then dream about finding him in his room. If he really knew how many people miss him, and wouldgive anything to have him back here to see him, if he would have still done that. Could I still do that. FUck
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2023.06.05 04:43 kaitly_n should i do a 9 1/2 or 9 3/4 for 260mm boots (ice flies)? currently have 9 1/2 and am 182cm tall (have to replace blades sooner than expected as sharpener did them like hockey blades...even took off some drag pick lmfao)

current blade: coronation ace lite at 9 1/2

current boots: 260mm

left foot: exactly 260mm, right foot: idk 256mm?

for some reason even though the butterfly stretch is super easy for me i have really, really bad turnout (ballet instructor said it meant it was a strength thing but i can't even pancake) and so my T stops have always been bad. for this reason i wanted to stay with 9 1/2 but i've always wondered if 9 3/4 would feel better. 9 1/2 has always felt "small" but that could just be the feeling of 7ft rocker, the only other blades i had were too large (jackson mk2) so i don't have a comparison

i was going to try to get to everglides but it's such a long journey and i can't get details sorted. there's a skate shop in canada that would be good (Moir's) but the blades i think i'm going to get are cheaper here in england by a good amount. i'm scared to go to pattern 99s because i heard they don't help your spins unless you already have good spins so i was going to go with (rev) phantoms. i was going to do revs because of my height (and covid, what up) adding extra weight and because of a R knee injury, and so i don't have to adjust to different catch foots since i already use coro ace lites

i don't know who did this to my blades- coronation aces already have a small rocker profile i believe but the tail end of my skates are just gone and the rocker is diminished... and yeah some of my drag pick on both sides was taken off... why would they massacre my sweet boys lol
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2023.06.05 04:43 dorkweed576 Finally

I finally got these two done. Also did touch up on Roxy and Mangle because I realized I forgot their ears. I am guilty of being focused on one thing to much, thay I forget about other details. That's why I sometimes forget to change skin color and pigmentation. But I am done with what I wanted to nail down. I might take up spmeone's suggestions of doing the shadow animatronics and Golden Freddy, but that is it; I ain't messing with Nightmares, or Withered, or Twisted. I know im.missing a few other key players, but i only have so much space, and i wanna do the Toppin's..
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2023.06.05 04:43 Fabulous-Letter-5649 Engineer retires, and is replaced with a Human.

Thank you to u/SabbyofSableWine for the inspiration to make this, that's why I tagged it as Writing Prompt and not Original Story since I do borrow one or two ideas (they're very good ideas.)
First time posting on this sub so if I screwed anything up please lmk in the comments and happy reading!
Part 1:
It was a bittersweet day on the ship, Xoll had taken an early retirement to go home and take care of their sick parents, I knew I wouldn't be seeing much of them anymore, which devastated me as over our 3 Stellar Periods working together we had become quite close friends. Xoll was a friend to us all, that's the Om for you. After giving them a proper send off we anxiously clamored just outside the airlock to hanger bay 2 to see who the federation send to replace them.
The shuttle docked making a loud mechanical THUNK that reverberated through the metal corridor and the airlock hissed as it sprung into action, we all cleared the door. It spun to life, gears turning and lights flashing as the doors prepared to open, and out stepped of all things, a Human.
We all gasped in shock, we had all learned of stories about their brutal engagements in battle, engagements that rarely left survivors, and only as to serve as a messenger to the rest of the fleets. We had all heard of rumors about how they eat and drink some of the most volatile poisons known to the universe like it's nothing. I wouldn't be lying if I said we were all terrified deep down that this human would bring nothing but trouble.
"What you all standing around murmuring, this can't possibly be your first time meeting a human."
The crowd pushed me to the front, and I thought to myself Oh come on, you're really just gonna make me have to talk to him.
"Hello" I said sheepishly.
"Oh, I take it you've all heard the stories." He said making a weird sound I later came to learn as chuckling.
My eyes darted to the floor, so did everyone else's.
"Well, my name is Dr. William Schneider, but you can just call me William, I'm your new engineer, I was in fact born on Earth and I graduated top of my class and Terra Polytechnic and I just got assigned to your lovely ship. I look forward to getting to know you all."
He stuck out one of his hands, such peculiar things, all boney and rigid with these weird round lumps all over the 5 protrusions. I had no clue what to do with it, do I touch it, do I hit it?
"I take it your not familiar with the hand shake, it's a human custom, we grab each other's extended hand and shake it up and down"
How strange I thought, extending one of mine to join him in this strange custom. I shook his hand up and down, side to side and all around.
"Woah they're slow down you're gonna break it off! Just up and down, not too aggressively."
Don't hear about a human saying that very often now do you.
"Okay look it's probably wise to just resume whatever you're supposed to be doing, I'll say hi whenever I run into you"
"Why would you be running into us!?" Said Hlxop quite startled, he was of Avian classification and had quite fragile bones.
"Figure of speech, just means whenever I see you, no need to be concerned" William answered.
We all returned to out stations, being and navigator I went to the ships bridge along with a dozen or so others, William oddly enough though had disappears off to stars know where in the ship.
"Hey, does anyone know where William went?" I asked the group, William was a relatively mid rank officer and was required to be at the bridge for his introductory tour.
"Wait" said the Captain Reloxyn, turning around to look for him, letting out a deep exhale she said "Looks like we'll just have to make a few calls when we get to to the bridge, lets just hope this isn't some weird human thing that he'll keep doing, planets know it's already getting on my nerves." she said, with her hair undulating purple, indicating stress.
After getting to the bridge, we made a few calls before Hyldron (who sits next to me) tracked him down in the reactor, and of course they sent me to fetch him since he was being incredibly stubborn about insisting on meeting all the other engineers first.
After having had to march myself down to the reactor to find him mid conversation yammering on with the head of reactor ops about possible improvements to the Tritium harvester or something like that.
“What are you thinking you need to have your orientation tour 20 minutes ago!” I was borderline shrieking. “The captain’s hair has been undulating deep purple since I left!”
“If you insist." the human - I mean - William said quite begrudgingly.
After arriving at the bridge the captain, in a furious conversation demanded answers as the quote, "What in the goldilocks zone were you thinking just disappearing like that!?"
To which he replied with a "I figured that getting to know what the ship is like from the perspective of the other engineers instead of the captain and some fancy tour would make my presence here a bit less jarring, I know what your preconceived notions about Humans are and I know just how much you all revered Xoll." Admittedly I was on his side after hearing him talk, he seemed quite nice, and I wanted to get to know him better.
After eventually capitulating the Captain (though in protest I must admit) let him continue with his unusual methods William turned to me and said "Shit, I totally forgot to let you introduce yourself to me at the airlock, what's your name?" Shit was a uniquely human word, we didn't have a good translation into any other language, primarily due to it having a plethora of different meanings.
"Oh!" I said, almost jumping out of my seat. "My name is Tromō, Im a navigator here on the bridge, and I specialize in surveying pre-FTL worlds."
"Wonderful" he replied, "Nice to meet you” he said with this beaming smile that could just light up a room adorned across his face.
Pt 2 coming tomorrow!
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