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Baby Bumpers November 2019

2019.02.17 21:06 nottaclevername Baby Bumpers November 2019

A place for all November 2019 parents! October and December fence sitters welcome! This is the November branch of the Baby Bumps community.

2014.08.19 01:29 LetterBoxx Crushing it with reddit karma

This is a group for laughing at and mocking the awkward, ridiculous, and sometimes painful things we endure while trying for a baby. Trollingforababy is for people who are trying to conceive, and are not currently pregnant. Please look at our complete list of rules before participating.

2016.09.16 23:23 dranedry Unsuccessful Peoples' Club: a judgement-free place for useless people

This is a forum for anyone who has been considered unsuccessful, a loser, NEET, basement-dweller, a failure, or anything along those lines. We won't judge your circumstances or make you feel pathetic. We're here to support each other and befriend each other when nobody else is willing to. No job? Can't drive? No talent? Socially awkward? No diploma? That's all fine here.

2023.05.30 01:02 acidic_moss Been on antidepressants for a year. Suicidal thoughts coming back.

I have been diagnosed with depression for a little over a year. I have never been afraid of death, and in fact I welcome the idea of dying young-I genuinely cannot see myself living past 50yrs. Lately my life has been so busy and stressful that I feel the urge to unalive myself, simply to make all my burdens stop. There are people out there that care about me, and I care about them, but I just don’t want to have to deal with all the thoughts I have all the time. I know if I self medicate (drugs, etc) the effects would be worse than just ending it so I don’t know what to do.
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2023.05.30 01:00 salmoapp Is Soy Sauce Keto-Friendly?

Soy sauce is a staple in many kitchens, especially those that enjoy Asian cuisine. But for those following a ketogenic diet, it's important to know whether soy sauce is keto-friendly or not.
The good news is that soy sauce can be included in a keto diet, but it's important to choose the right kind. Traditional soy sauce contains wheat and sugar, which can quickly add up in carbs. Instead, opt for tamari, a type of soy sauce that is gluten-free and has little to no sugar.
One tablespoon of tamari contains about 1 gram of net carbs, making it a great option for adding flavor to your dishes without throwing off your macros.
It's worth noting that some store-bought brands of tamari may still contain some wheat, so be sure to read the label carefully before purchasing.
If you're worried about the sodium content of soy sauce, try to use it in moderation and balance it with other low-sodium ingredients in your meals.
Do you use soy sauce in your keto meals? What are your favorite dishes to make with it? Share your thoughts and recipes in the comments below!
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2023.05.30 00:59 TrickyWidget Yet another breed suggestion request :)

1) Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs?
2) Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a reputable breeder?
3) Describe your ideal dog.
4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why?
5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do?
6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport?
Care Commitments
7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day?
8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park?
9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly?
Personal Preferences
10) What size dog are you looking for?
11) How much shedding, barking, and slobber can you handle?
12) How important is being able to let your dog off-leash in an unfenced area?
Dog Personality and Behavior
13) Do you want a snuggly dog or one that prefers some personal space?
14) Would you prefer a dog that wants to do its own thing or one that’s more eager-to-please?
15) How would you prefer your dog to respond to someone knocking on the door or entering your yard? How would you prefer your dog to greet strangers or visitors?
16) Are you willing to manage a dog that is aggressive to other dogs?
17) Are there any other behaviors you can’t deal with or want to avoid?
18) How often and how long will the dog be left alone?
19) What are the dog-related preferences of other people in the house and what will be their involvement in caring for the dog?
20) Do you have other pets or are you planning on having other pets? What breed or type of animal are they?
21) Will the dog be interacting with children regularly?
22) Do you rent or plan to rent in the future? If applicable, what breed or weight restrictions are on your current lease?
23) What city or country do you live in and are you aware of any laws banning certain breeds?
24) What is the average temperature of a typical summer and winter day where you live?
Additional Information and Questions
25) Please provide any additional information you feel may be relevant.
26) Feel free to ask any questions below.
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2023.05.30 00:59 fusiondaddy 43 [M4F] #Nj young little slut to mold

You are a young little slut that’s looking to fill those desires. Be used, abused and taken with no care. Freeuse, degradation, humiliation and on and on exactly what you have always wanted and desired. Don’t be shy just message, but make sure you are really up for being a young little slut ;) and the younger the better ;)
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2023.05.30 00:58 beavinatorswife One of our favorite little hens, Halsey, laid her first egg today! My husband was beyond excited and wanted me to show it off 🤍

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2023.05.30 00:58 wecanhaveallthree [a very, very short story] In which our Luddic hero has a nap, appreciates the dangers of space travel, and witnesses a brief theological dispute.

Starsector is fun. Here's some very brief Starsector fiction for your perusal, which is hopefully also fun.
Trapped in crushing darkness.
Cole’s arms shot out as soon as his brain registered that his eyes were open, but seeing nothing. He flailed like a man drowning, cold, hard metal mapping out the narrowness of his coffin in swelling bruises on his skin. The isolation choked him, stole his screams, and took the very breath from his lungs in a mad panic. Great Prophet, no! A mine collapse!
He couldn’t remember which shaft he’d been working. He couldn’t remember which shift, or the run-boss, or the warnings he and all the rest had ignored every time they’d picked at Asher’s dry bones. Cole had heard them more than he’d heard the sermons, heard them so many times from so many mouths that they’d simply become the background of his penitent toil. Now his ignorance had buried him - the weight of compounded sin, as real and terrible as the great mass of collapsed rock and steel above.
His fists beat a desperate message, though only the Prophet Himself could hear it now-
An answering knock. A short, sharp staccato of raps. Mine-morse. Tunnel-signal. CALM. Again. SAFE.
A rasp, a hiss, a grinding of ancient, devilish machinery - and there was light.
An impish, wrinkled face peered into the makeshift sleep-chamber - no more than an ad hoc welding of emptied supply crates barely fit for an adult human - and smiled. ‘Bad dreams, Asherite?’
Cole gulped in a lungful of stale, recycled air. Even that tasted strange, absent the ever-present grit he’d grown up with - like it was lacking something substantial and had replaced it with ethereal trickery. He barely trusted himself to nod, and was more surprised to blurt out in a strangled gasp: ‘Am I really here?’
A great smile creased his rescuer’s face. ‘Ludd, yes! The great void, Asherite, the black between stars, the realm of Moloch and Mammon!’ A sly wink. ‘Hyperspace, lad. The captain wastes no time on this route, we went interstellar as soon as you pilgrims were stowed.’
‘I thought… I dreamed…’ Cole shook his head, and swung from the makeshift berth’s rack and unsteadily to his feet, smoothing out his faded green robe. It had belonged to his father - sewn by his mother, dyed in the orbital vats by a work-crew acquaintance - and worn only rarely, for there was little cause for celebration on murky, misbegotten Asher and no formal event but Ascension Eve. It had been the most precious thing that the family owned. ‘It doesn’t matter.’
‘Hm.’ The rescuer didn’t even reach Cole’s shoulder; he looked up into the youth’s eyes. ‘No, probably not. You Asherites never deal with the pods well. I learned the knock-language just so I wouldn’t have to wrestle any more young devils who spring up like Mammon has their soul halfway out.’
Cole paled, half-turned to the enclosed cradle that had so recently seemed his grave. He noticed more than a few others looking equally wan, and it wasn’t just the cramped quarters. The Domain had called it space-shock when they ruled the stars - Cole had read that in the pamphlet dutifully recording all the dangers of interstellar travel. They were issued, by law, to any seeking leave to travel the Pilgrim’s Path. A collection of sermons and screeds that warned of all the direful fates that could - and did - regularly befall spacers even in the local, civilized space of Pre-Collapse times. In the oft-lawless fringes of the Persean Sector, the risks were multiplied tenfold.
Perhaps it was the secret cynic, the closeted heretic, the little sinner in the back of his mind - but Cole couldn’t help but wonder. If death was so certain, why did the same ships run the same routes, carry the same cargo for so long? The independent vessels who carried pilgrims from Asher ran almost like clockwork, and some of them had been working the route for a decade or more. Their timetables - as well as their prices - were well-known, and competition for deck space was fierce, though Cole had to admit, mostly fair.
It had cost him a year’s scrip and duty-tokens to book passage, one adult male, one tough leather carryall that held a well-thumbed Teachings of the Great Prophet and his best work coverall - all his worldly possessions, in fact.
He could remember walking unsteadily through Asher’s orbital, the mercifully brief ride up from the surface in a lifter, being escorted into a carefully-shielded hanger bay to board. All the newness, all the strangeness - and when the Mudskipper’s shutters had come down, when the vast nothingness of space had first been revealed to the pilgrims, many had done exactly as Cole had. Dazed, sick with space-shock, they had retired to their own pods. More than half the doors were closed, still, even with the transport’s shutters once again down against the truly strange vistas of hyperspace.
Some things could be too much to take in at once, and the joke about holding back space-mad pilgrims had more than an edge of truth to it.
Certainly, the man who had woken Cole looked capable. Short, yes, further withered by age, but built like a compact reactor and with the grip strength of a chain hoist. Cole knew the kind, had sweated side-by-side with them in the deep pits: the run-bosses, the sergeants, the anchors and anchorites on whom every endeavour came to depend.
‘You pilgrims?’ Cole asked. Somewhere towards the ship’s fore, a voice was rising in fervent prayer. ‘You’re not of the Church?’
‘Plenty of secular ships in the trade.’ The rescuer glanced in the same direction as Cole had, and his eyes narrowed. Trouble, perhaps. ‘That surprise you?’
‘Maybe. I don’t know.’ Cole blinked. The voice grew louder, and others were joining the call. ‘I know the Church is widely accepted, but…’ He waved a hand, prevaricating, helpless to explain his meaning without harm. ‘...I’m sorry, but I know nothing of spacers.’
‘Well, we’re still human, with all the wonderful differences of opinion that come with being such.’ Now words were drifting down to them: obscenity, profanity, denunciation of evil technologies and the evocation of hellish fiends. ‘Like yonder. I don’t judge the Church by those who tempt fate by decrying the tech that keeps them from breathing vacuum. Some, like you, have nightmares when they wake. Others, well, they feel like they need to reaffirm their faith. Think if they yell enough, Ludd will hear and forgive them, eh?’ The old eyes narrowed. The smile vanished. ‘You got anything you need to be forgiven for, lad?’
Cole hesitated a moment. He’d seen the glossy matte-black object holstered on the spacer’s hip beneath their loose shipper’s tunic. You didn’t need to read a pamphlet to know what happened to troublesome passengers in hyperspace. Would the galaxy miss one more Asherite?
Again, despite himself, he answered. ‘Yes.’
The old man’s eyes searched him for what seemed an eternity against the background of raised voices, a chorus of sinners denying their weakness. Then he nodded and clapped Cole on the arm. ‘The Knights will like you, lad. You stand up straight like that, they’ll take you, no question.’
Cole started. ‘How did you-’
‘Maybe Ludd told me, eh?’
And the old man was off, smile back, heading towards the gathering commotion. What he whistled sounded almost familiar - a strange kind of music - even as the ship’s bruisers began to restore some kind of peaceable order amongst the rowdier pilgrims. A baptism of clubs to welcome the dirtsiders into this new domain, and remind them whose sufferance they travelled under.
Cole almost felt sorry for them. But they were probably happy, he reflected: sufferers calling down their suffering. Modern-day flagellants. They knew what they were doing. He assumed.
Clear of mind and conscience, he headed towards the aft quarters and the promising smell of tea.
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2023.05.30 00:58 Bloodylucky_yt CHAPTER 1

Smoke… fire… running… “Help!!!'' Elizabeth hears her mom and brother yell from the house her father is carrying her from… from her house! Their house! The house she's lived in since she was a baby. Her father puts her down. “DON'T move!” He runs back into the house. Her eyes remain dry as the heat evaporates her tears almost instantly, she stares at the fire. She sees a blue flash. Her father does not return. Kobolds and goblins, they sack the town around her as she stares into the fire that consumes her house, her family and the town around them all … Elizabeth just stares in disbelief, meanwhile, a gnome roasts marshmallows in the ash of what is left of everything she's ever loved.
2 weeks later
She didn't leave what was once her home town with much, only a bag of coins; a little melted, and a stuffed animal, oddly and completely unsinged. Elizabeth was 10, she had walked here with a group of newly orphaned kids to this treacherous place and met strange people far removed from her old town.
After only a few days there, you could say she was having quite a culture shock. She soon realized she couldn't make it on her own so… she surrendered and reluctantly went to the orphanage with a few of the others. She didn't blend with them very well, but that didn't matter much, for long. A nobleman soon came to do charity work and scensed magic and potential in her during his charity drive and made sure all other aspiring parents stayed away from her. At the end almost all orphans were adopted except her and before he left he offered her the opportunity to be his apprentice for he was primarily a wizard .
At first she hated even the thought of this because of her bad experiences with magic and it’s creatures as well as her parents warnings against interfering and using magic. But he gave her three days to mull it over and eventually she decided it was the best thing for her to do. She considered that she would be well cared for, and magic couldn't really be that bad. Only the creatures and people who used it. Only good people should have magic.
So she learned slowly with his training, starting with the very basics of collecting materials. “Where are we going, Sir?” she asked, while eating her buttered muffin and soup presented to her by one of the few servants the powerful wizard had. Nepotism kept him from the very top but his prowess in not only magic but speeches in court had gotten many magic schools more funding. “We must go to the shroom forest for the ingredients I need for my next potion” he used as his reply, which left his lips almost before she finished her question.
So they finished breakfast and traveled to the forest early, for it takes a long time, about 9 hours by carriage to get from the capital to the forest. The wizard, Vincent, continued to teach her her first spell for most of the trip which he just called, “Dancing lights”, and she was able to make 7 bursts of dancing lights by the time they’d arrived. “IS that really all you can do?” Vincent said disappointedly. “This is a simple spell, even the least of creatures could learn it! Ugh I’ll expect more when we train again, now, let's gather my ingredients before the sun disappears from the sky!!!”
His outburst was uncalled for and her pride was hurt. She managed to conceal it and just nodded. Then once she had stepped out of ear-shot of him, she muttered “What an unpleasant curmudgeon,I thought I was doing a good job!”
Out of sight of Vincent and where they couldn’t hear each other she was greeted by butterflies who were attracted to the burst of light she’d been creating. They flew around her, their wings creating a soft, melodic hum. Elizabeth couldn't help but smile at their beauty and she reached out to touch one of them. As soon as she did, she felt a jolt of electricity run through her body and then the butterfly disappeared.
Vincent quickly reappeared, as if from the air itself, violently shooing the butterflies away. He turned to Elizabeth, a stern look on his face. "Never touch those, Elizabeth!" He hissed, through clenched teeth. "They may look harmless, but they are powerful creatures!"
Stunned, she had never seen him so genuinely angry, and yet worried. It was unnerving to say the least.
As they walked along in the woods the air slowly became humid and heavy. Soon, the trees started appearing to be shroomish and suddenly they were in a swampy marshland and the path became one of coble instead of dirt. They walked towards a village of mushroom people. They didn't look much like mushrooms, just the top of their heads, where a cap grew like a hat, making them look mushroom-ish. These are the myceli-ites," Vincent said, as they approached the village. "They are the race that live parallel with the mushrooms."
Elizabeth was fascinated as she watched the myceli-ites tend to the mushrooms, a seemingly older mushroom came up to Vincent, “Lord Chancellor Vincent, for what do I owe this honor?”
“Miss Shroomen'', he replied “Worry not, for I am in fact just here for ingredients. Do you still have your blue and black mushrooms?”
Her eyebrows shot up, for just a quick moment that it almost made Elizabeth doubt that she even saw the change in her expression, but, YES! It was there!
“W-why yes we do, just follow me.”
“Stay here Elizabeth!” Vincent said firmly.
Elizabeth nodded obediently and stayed behind as Vincent followed the myceli-ite deeper into the village.
She watched as the mushroom people went about their daily tasks. She felt a sense of curiosity and slight disgust. She didn't care how little these creatures were related to the kobolds and goblins that burned her village or that stupid gnome who almost taunted her. She held a grudge against magical creatures and would certainly never trust them fully again.
As she looked around, she noticed a young myceli-ite girl watching her with interest. The girl had bright blue eyes and a miscellaneous smile. Elizabeth smiles back at her, and the girl ran over to her.
"Hi there!" The girl says excitedly. "I'm Char. and you?”
“Elizabeth” she said, a little startled, after she remembered where she’d been only a little less than a month ago.
“I'm sorry did I startle you” asked Char.
“Yes, but it’s quite alright''.
Char looked up at her with a curious expression.
"You're not from around here, are you?"
Elizabeth shook her head, "No, no I’m not. I'm actually from a different town far away. Well, actually now I live in the capital."
Char's eyes lit up. "Wow, that sounds so cool! I've never been anywhere outside of this forest before."
Elizabeth Ignored a pang of sadness in her chest as she remembered her own home, then giggled “ yeah it's pretty cool they just built a big tower that has something new in it,... I think it's called a clock. I just know it's expensive but Vincent says they are making cheaper ones.
“Who's Vincent?” Char asked.
“Oh well he's my…'' Elizabeth paused, who were they to each other? Is he a friend, a mentor, or was she simply his servant? No, she was no servant and he didn't treat her as kindly as a friend. “He's my mentor,” she firmly stated.
“Oh, okay” Char responded.
As if on cue, Vincent returned with a small pouch. He handed it to Elizabeth and informed her it was time to go. Elizabeth nodded goodbye to Char and swiftly followed Vincent out of the village.
They turned back onto the cobblestone path. “I thought you said we would be collecting ingredients, not trading.”
“I didn't trade” Vincent replied coldly, “Come on, no more questions, we must continue your studies.''
Vincent and Elizabeth headed back to the carriage and started back to the capital.
On the way Vincent and Elizabeth improved her dancing lights trick as it was part of teaching her the basics of charming people.
“Very good, you will need that one around court a lot.” Vincent said smugly.
“W-wait, I get to go to court?” Elizabeth excitedly asks.
“Calm down, tis not nearly as glamorous as you would think.” Vincent flatly responds. “If it was, I wouldn't only be a Chancellor… I’d be more!”
Elizabeth got worried as she saw rage building in his eyes
“It's no party!” Gritting his teeth, he looked at Elizabeth and her fearful expression and his look instantly shifted, “Tomorrow you must be fitted for your court garments, mostly dresses.” He said this with a small smirk. “After you can play dress up.”
This exchange bothered Elizabeth, was he making fun of her?
They rode back to the capitol in silence. She studied for many hours but in the end she drifted off to sleep and Vincent, though willing to continue working with her, saw no point in stressing her powers any further and allowed her to sleep.
Upon arrival he carried her to her bed, “You don't know it yet but you will be the most powerful witch this continent has ever seen.” He smiled as he tucked her in and left to go sleep himself.
not done just seeing how yall like it.
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2023.05.30 00:57 thebigkahuna128 Why does Nietzsche think slave morality came from a slave-master relationship and not natural selection?

From my understanding, Nietzsche thought slave morality, ideas of empathy, altruism, kindness, etc. came from resentment of and opposition to the morals that masters thought were good such as power, strength, control, etc. However, wouldn’t it make more sense to assume that empathy, altruism, and kindness all developed due to them being beneficial to us as a species? If no one shares, cares for the young of other humans, and displays little kindness, then we would have gone extinct a long time ago since we are such social creatures. Therefore, doesn’t it make more sense to assume that slave morality is actually the result of natural selection?
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2023.05.30 00:55 Ruddaga About to put my order in on the i30N Sedan. Manual or Auto

Hey gang,

After much fluffing about with tossing up between the BRZ, Stinger, Mustang etc etc etc... I have finally landed on the I30N Sedan 2024 model (was about to order the 23 model but the new front won me over).
I'm about to put my order in for a Cyber Grey and had my heart originally set on a manual transmission as I've been driving manual for over 10 years now but the one that I test drove was auto and now I'm torn.
From people that have one or the other, care to weigh in on which way I should go. I originally thought it was 100% going to be the manual option, but the auto with that little N button is niggling at my core.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.30 00:54 RonDaMon__ Weapon names I’m proud of

2287 insect repellent (exterminators flamer)
BSMD, AKA Blood sucking meat devourer (wounding combat shotgun, real ones know the reference)
DROP THE WEAPON SIR (duelists baton)
HEY FREEZE (freezing baton)
Hospitalizer (crippling missile launcher)
Lieutenant goo (kneecappers plasma thrower, in far harbor there’s a flamer with the same legendary effect named sergeant goo, you see the correlation)
MERICA FUCK YEAH (explosive assault rifle)
No Taxation (two shot laser musket)
Pew pew pew (two shot laser rifle, this ones name is really just there to set up the next one)
Pew pew Part 2 (two shot institute rifle, my favorite)
Say hello to my lil friend (rapid submachine gun, i would do “little” instead if “lil” but i ran out of space)
Thar she blows (explosive harpoon gun)
Darn Twotin’ (two shot western revolver, my second favorite because like darin tootin’ but twotin’ because its two shot)
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2023.05.30 00:54 objabvigo I cut this b off 4 years ago and she still manages to control my life

This b is my relative. She is my mom’s half sister. Lets call her Katie. Katie should have never been born. Katie’s mom had an affair with a guy from abroad when she was in her 40s and got pregnant on purpose at 41 so that this foreign guy would marry her. And you know what that guy did? He left her and refused to acknowledge paternity for Katie. As a result, Katie grew up without a dad and a snotty mother and 2 half siblings (my mom and brother).
As a result of this, Katie is a very complicated and mentally unstable person. She is a really mean person and in the past she would butt her head in my business way too much. For example she would tell me to study medicine and that I should be a doctor even thought I hated medicine! I almost chose to study medicine simply bc of her and bc I was scared she would get angry if I picked something else.. the way she told me what to study was terrifying and threatening. She would also comment on my weight, calling me fat, telling me I should lose weight, I shouldn’t eat this or that etc. she was not financially stable. She didnt have where to live bc her mother barely had any money to provide for her 2 kids and when she had Katie she hoped the foreigner would help her but he ended up leaving. Katie stayed with her brother and their mother but he brought his wife and had kids and the small apartment became overcrowded for them so she found a man and after a little over a year they were engaged. She instantly moved into his apartment and became his maid. According to Katie he talked to other women on social media. I dont think her fiance (now husband) loved Katie. They were both desperate people who were unsuccessful in love and wanted to get married, no matter what. They didn’t have kids for years and this made them very bitter towards other people. They tried for a baby through IVF around the time when I should have started college.. and that is when Katie pressured me to study something I hated. I was alone and vulnerable. I didnt have any friends, I reached probably one of the lowest points I could reach. My parents wanted me to go out and I didnt have friends, I only had Katie and my cousins so I would spend a lot of time with her and that is when she would do these things. She would even tell other people that I am stupid for not having a boyfriend and rarely going out. I ALMOST CHOSE MEDICINE ALMOST BECAUSE OF HER! BECAUSE I WAS SCARED HOW SHE AND HER FIANCE AT THE TIME WOULD REACT TO A DECISION ABOUT MY LIFE! AND WHEN I TOLD THEM WHAT I CHOSE THEY GOT MAD, ESPECIALLY HER HUSBAND AND HE EVEN EMBARRASSED ME IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE! A DECISION ABOUT MY LIFE! MY LIFEEEEEEE!!!!!
And 4 years ago ( in March 2019) I cut them off but they still manage to control my life. Katie is now married to her then fiance (now husband) and they are expecting a baby! And they still manage to control my life! I wanted to get a job but I didnt bc Katie didnt approve of it and my parents are cowards, they dont take my side! I saw her and her husband few days ago and she called out to me and I couldnt ignore her and she instantly inspected my body with her to see if I have gained weight or not! Stupid b! I cant believe she still manages control my life.. I mean, I cut her off but she hasn’t cut me off.. and once she has the baby she wants me and my mother to go to her house and help with taking care of the baby because she has no one to help her (she has no mother in law) and her mother is old.
Once she goes back to work she wants me or my mom, especially me since I am unemployed, to go take care of her child because she doesn’t want to pay for child care or kindergarten! I am raging! She expects us to be her slaves just bc we are related! I dont consider her a real family since she isnt fully my mother’s sister and she can f off! I will not do anything she says! I will not let her control my life even though I still allow.. but I definitely wont let her use me as a baby sitter! And she is 43 years old! I am in my early 20s and she is like ‘you are young enough to deal with young children’ ! IF I WANTED MY KIDS I WOULD HAVE THEM! I DONT WANT TO BE A PARENT TO A CHILD THAT IS NOT MINE!
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2023.05.30 00:53 throwrakkuma AITA for charging my brothers gf?

i (24f) live with my family; parents and younger (22) brother and sister (17). we all pay the same amount in bills (my parents cover my sister), but my brother pays a little bit more because he has his own room and the rest of us share a room.
my brothers gf (21), who we have never met, got kicked out of her house because my brother snuck in their house and they got caught. my brother asked my mom if she can start living with us, that he eventually wants to move out with her and wants to save. my parents agreed, without really running it by my sister and i first. we didn’t want her here because she is a complete stranger and how we go around and about our home is going to be uncomfortable now. in the end it was up to me. i love my brother and i will do what i can to help him out even if he f*cked up, so i agreed, with the condition of her putting in her part for the bills. my brother said okay, so the night she moved in was the first time we met her.
a few days after, i redid the math and split every bill 6 ways instead of our normal 5. i sent it to my brother and he responded that our mom told him his gf didn’t have to starting paying right away. i don’t understand why; she was able to get a job transfer and my brother makes good money to cover them both. i said that they both made certain decisions and this is the reality of the consequences so no, it’s not fair we have to cover for her. my mom and brother are pretty much calling me an AH because of her circumstance, that her family completely blocked her from any communication and don’t care where she’s at or who she’s with.
AITA for saying feeling bad for this girl isn’t going to pay our bills?
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2023.05.30 00:52 Proletlariet Nagoriyuki

Respect Nagoriyuki

"While you may be my enemy, you have my admiration."

Themes: -STRIVE- -STRIVE- Boss Theme
Nagoriyuki is a Nightless samurai and the retainer of a man named Kazusanosuke. During the Crusades, he encountered Happy Chaos, who used his powers to force Nagoriyuki to do his bidding. At some point after these events, Nagoriyuki paid a vast sum to rent out the basement level of a luxurious high-rise in Illyria, where he spent the next several decades in meditative hibernation.
Nagoriyuki is a noble samurai who thinks highly of honor and often provides advice to his opponents as he fights them. He has no ill will for his foes and harbors little hate, but saves what he has for Happy Chaos, who he deeply despises and would try to kill were he not enslaved by their power. Despite his sense of honor, typically being willing to admit when he's beaten and lie down, Happy Chaos' compulsion pushes him to fight when he would not, attacking opponents who are injured and getting back up to strike enemies who have shown him mercy in his defeat.
Still, his honor wins out. Even when he could, he does not tell Sol Happy Chaos' weakness because he needed to be defeated in battle to divulge it. Additionally, when he realizes Sol can eventually defeat him, he felt comfortable fighting Happy Chaos' power just enough to let his defenses slip and speed up the process, since he knew that Sol would win in a fair fight. Once defeated, he had no moral issues helping Sol after that point.
Signature Moves
Special Moves
  • Zarameyuki - Nagoriyuki sends forward a clone of himself to strike ahead of his attacks.
  • Kamuriyuki - Nagoriyuki lunges forward in a spinning low strike.
  • Shizuriyuki - Nagoriyuki attacks with a powerful upward swing.
  • Bloodsucking Universe - Nagoriyuki bites his foe, draining blood from them to heal himself.
  • Fukyo - Nagoriyuki darts forward or backward with enough speed to vanish from view for a brief moment.
  • Blood Rage - In game, if Nagoriyuki uses too many special moves too rapidly, he goes into blood rage, where some of his attacks are stronger, but others are locked out and he steadily loses half of his health until he returns to normal.
  • Wasureyuki - Nagoriyuki launches his opponent upward, traveling with them and unleashing a barrage of relentless strikes.
  • Zansetsu - Empowered by his blood rage, Nagoriyuki swings in a massive arc, doing tremendous damage to anyone struck by his attack.
As Nagoriyuki is a new character, all feats are from Guilty Gear -STRIVE-.
Nightless Abilities
Noteworthy Scaling

"Your fundamentals are flawed. Strong emotions or motivations may only lend you immense strength for a time. But those with unfaltering foundations are able to respond to such momentary, explosive power with ease. Furthermore, what keeps such foundations solidly intact is food. This? This is an onigiri, a nutritious food that has been eaten in the far East since ancient times. I can tell you more about onigiri when we have a free moment.

A single serving of onigiri provides energy, carbohydrates, protein, fat, calcium, vitamin b1, vitamin b2, iron, zinc, and fiber. One can add fillings to include additional sources of nutrients to their liking. In addition to energy sources that fuel the brain and body. It also includes nutrients to help maintain them and build muscle.

The great thing about onigiri is that they are highly portable and have a long shelf life, one does not need to be concerned about when and where to eat them, and they require no dishware to serve. Consuming one raises one's muscle glycogen levels, essential for a warrior heading to battle. They are also equipped to satisfy an empty stomach, this is because as the rice cools down, the starch grows resistant, making it harder to absorb into the body. In other words, it's an easy snack to avoid overeating, it's tasty too."

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2023.05.30 00:51 loudvoicesinsideme my mom is against me (19F) and my bf (24M) relationship

a little background: im catholic-filipino while my bf is muslim-pakistani.
my mother has issues with my boyfriends ethnicity and religion.
i only have three standards for a man: maturity, independency and respect. if a man dont have all three, i stop the conversation. my bf showed me all three and other more that made me wanna introduce him to my parents.
i am the only daughter and i get their concerns. my boyfriend is my first and hes older. however i dont think i would date someone older than him or would even date someone my age. hes a sweet person with a kind heart. hes wise and very caring. but i was the one who taught myself to be independent thats why its always funny seeing my boyfriend treat me like a princess when i insist that i can do it myself. we always runs to the car door on whos gonna open it, we always try to pay for each others food.
he has a job and loves his family dearly. he has friends whos been with him for 7+ years (thats a green flag to me. hes loyal and understanding. conflicts and fights happen in a friendship yet him being friends with them for 7+ years shows me that hes a good person). he has ADHD but he makes an effort to make our relationship stable and not let his ADHD affect us. hes respectful. he would listen to my concerns and respect it.
i get it that some people might think our relationship is haram or it wont work. but ive asked some muslim friends and they said unless its counted towards marriage or like there is a marriage talk. we do, we did have a marriage talk. we both date to marry.
here are my moms concerns. - he might be forced by his parents to get married to someone else because of his age. - he will treat me unequal (ill be forced to stay at home. mom knew i dont want that) - hes grooming me
i explained it to him (my bf) my moms concern, he said he talked to his parents already that he will never marry someone by force. he also said that he is wiling to introduce himself to my mom so she can have a peace of mind about him.
when i told my mom to give him a chance to introduce himself, she got mad and told me not to push her limits. a no is a no to her.
people might agree that hes grooming me. hes not, infact hes respectful. i am not gonna date someone my age. most 19 year olds wants to have fun, I wanna settle. ive talked to many guys (at the age range from 19-28) but theres no one like him. they could be older, same age or whatever but my bf is different. i can see how great, loving and matured he is. we never fought, though we had major problems but we both make sure to fix it.
the guys my age just wanted to explore, i dont wanna explore. i dont wanna do "error and trial" for love. i just want one man to cherish my whole life. i had crushes before but i never dream of marrying them the way i dream of my bf.
we meet behind our parents back but were both frustrated that we cant go out whenever we want to or spend time together like a normal couple do. we never even have a formal date or just a date.
ive been stuck in the middle, respecting my moms decision of me to end my relationship with him because shes my mom vs staying with my bf because he didnt do anything wrong and doesnt deserve to be pushed away because of his background.
is there anything we can do?
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2023.05.30 00:51 jackienwillson Just a really really long ramble abt Fuches, John, and Barry, and why they all ended up there

Idk if anyone else has put this forward yet, but I keep seeing people say that Fuches wanted John so bad because he wanted to protect him, or because he wanted to just really hurt Barry, or he wanted to be the one to give John back to Barry.
I think all of those are great, and Fuches is so wonderfully mercurial that I believe all of them at different moments, but I was convinced that Fuches initially agreed to meet Hank and John because he wanted to have a do-over kid that he could basically pretend was Barry 2.0. He says he wants to kill Barry earlier in the season, but he's so dispassionate and almost bored by it. Fuches as "The Raven" has never really gotten over Barry's betrayal; instead, he's accepted his attachment to Barry and the grief it causes him, but is actively seeking out other connections to replace it. It's important to note that he's still terrible about it so I wouldn't call it progress or really positive growth, but it is the most change we've seen happen for anyone in the show.
He's still Fuches, he has a woman and a kid again and a whole bunch of friends, and these people all are witness to the violence and don't super care at the end of the day, making them seem pretty perfect for his needs. But they're ultimately placeholders. He's bored and detached and (for Fuches) almost too emotionally stable to give the impression that he cares. We know he's changed, but he hasn't changed much- it's like he's just finally committing to trying something different.
When he finds out that Barry's back, he's interested, but guarded- I think he was absolutely still planning on killing Barry, and that this time he could have potentially done it, had it not been that he immediately found out in the same breath that Barry had a son. And just like Gene, one little opportunity to get something he wants is all it takes for Fuches to ditch his character growth detour, and he leaves his little weird family and hauls his small army over to Hank's, seemingly not even really concerned about Barry, because he's there to take John with him and do it right this time as a guardian. Fuches is absolutely justifying it to himself on some level as wanting to protect the kid, because he desperately wants to see himself that way, and I don't know that he'd really call himself a parent, either. But it's clear that he continues to harbor guilt and anger over Barry, and taking care of John is the closest Fuches will ever get to being able to undo it. He planned on taking John with him permanently, for selfish reasons, even if he wanted to believe he was noble for it.
It helps build the parallels between Fuches and Barry, too- they both see John as a chance for redemption, they both lie about their pasts and how they use violence, and they're both desperate to keep him going forward, because on some level they seem to both see being a father as innately redeeming, no matter how bad you are at it. Barry is right back to thinking of himself as redeemed until he loses John again. Fuches lets the change we've seen happen off screen stick, and he willingly lets John go, knowing that he will not be redeemed by starting over. It's a rejection of the "starting now" moment and it almost acts as a guide for Barry later, even if he fucks it up. Just such a good show the whole way through :)
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2023.05.30 00:51 lostmyducks_ Talking to my family again?

So this story begins 10 years ago.
I (30 F) was 20 at the time and was working at a restaurant as a waitress. I was from a very redneck family and drove a jacked up truck with mud tires. I know very cliche. Anyway a new guy started as a line cook. We will call him A (M 33). He drove a jacked up car with spinner rims. Also cliche I'm aware.
We flirted a lot and one day I talked him into letting me drive his car and he could drive my truck. That was really the beginning of our relationship. We stayed out until about 3 am and spent every waking moment together after that. We ended up moving in together a few months later.
I was fully aware my family wouldn't like him but I liked him so I didn't care.
After 2 years of us dating we found out we were expecting a child. That's where everything kind of blew up. My dad spent an hour yelling at me and my mom tried to convince me to abort. I chose not to and they told me not to come back. So I went to our apartment and just cried for a while and then we decided to just go with it and it was probably for the best that my family didn't have anything to do with our child.
Ffwd to now we married at the courthouse right around the time I was 6 months pregnant with our first child and now have 3 children. We moved a couple of hours away and both got better jobs. It's been nice.
This weekend we were invited to my husband's family BBQ so we went. I ran to the store to get some stuff and saw my mom. She decided to strike up a conversation with me. She asked how I was doing and asked about my child. I told her we had married and have 3 children. She asked if she could see them and I showed her a picture. Then she got upset and hugged me and asked if she could contact me and maybe meet them. I told her I'd ask my husband his opinion and get back to her.
Anyway my mom and I have never gotten along even before A so I'm not sure if I really want her in my life but she looked like she genuinely wanted to meet them and was happy to see me.
A said he would do whatever I want to do but I really don't know what I should do.
Tdlr- my parents pretty much disowned me 8 years ago because they didn't like my choice of a partner and because I had gotten pregnant by him. I haven't spoken to them since then until the other day when I saw my mom.
My mom wants to meet my children but I'm not sure because she and I have never been close and I'm still a little bitter about how they treated us at the end. I'm not sure what to do.
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2023.05.30 00:51 ArmorRouge I will be taking care of our egg

I thought that as a Fire type this would be better for incubating jt. You probably won't see me for the next few days
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2023.05.30 00:47 crazy2337 Drinking with ice bath ….

I usually take my ice baths about 3pm daily, but on the weekends I have found myself having a drink or two prior to my dip. No where near intoxicated as I avoid that state, but a little buzzed for sure. Today is a good example as we went out for early dinner (we get up daily at 3:30am for work). I had 2 drinks and then came home and did my ice bath. Anyone else care to confess? All good.
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2023.05.30 00:45 marzlichto Messed up shoulder folding laundry May 16 (hEDS)

I have hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and a number of other chronic pain and chronic health conditions. On May 16th I was folding laundry and reached across my body with my right arm to set a shirt on the correct pile. There was a loud pop, I felt my shoulder move, followed by severe pain and instant tingling from above my elbow to my finger tips. When I woke up the next day, the pain was bearable and the tingling was only in the tip of my pinkie. By afternoon, the pain was getting worse in my shoulder, neck, and back; and the tingling had spread back up to my elbow, plus nerve pain. Concerned about the tingling and nerve involvement, I made an urgent care appt. As I was also entering an endometriosis flare and the pain in my shoulder continued to get worse, I went to the ER instead.
X-rays were normal. They gave me a sling and a shot of toradol and sent me home. Physical therapist on the 19th advised me to keep wearing the sling until I saw Ortho, but my appointment with them isn't until June 5th. I went to a walk in clinic last week due to increasing pain. They just advised me to see Ortho. If I stop wearing the sling, the pain gets worse. I can't lift my arm more than 60⁰ or so without pain. My range of motion has gotten better, but the pain continues to get worse when it is triggered. I can barely even push a soap pump with my right hand. Numbness and tingling is frequent in my last two fingers and my palm. Nerve pain is more frequent from mid forearm down.
Toradol and tramadol have never given me any sort of pain relief. I've been taking ibuprofen (600mg doses) and Tylenol (1300-1950mg doses) daily since it happened but they're barely helping. Any weight on my actual shoulder triggers severe pain and nerve shocks down my arm. I've been using ice packs in my armpit, heating pads on shoulder, neck, and back, and using a TENS unit as well with contact points on front shoulder, back shoulder, back of neck, and mid back. My mom has also been using KT tape to tape my shoulder for hypermobility, which does help. Wearing the sling triggers nerve pain and tingling in my forearm, wrist, and hand, but not wearing it results in overusing my shoulder. The pain worsens throughout the day regardless.
I can add my meds and diagnoses if they are a necessary addition. F28, 200 lbs, 5'4"
The shoulder pain is triggering back pain and neck pain and headaches, and the headaches trigger Trigeminal Neuralgia pain.
I rolled over to get up and go to the bathroom and there was a white hot searing flash of pain in my shoulder and now I'm still super nauseous, shaky, and feeling sick over an hour later
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2023.05.30 00:45 CommonKilljoy Filthy (new) tank

Filthy (new) tank
Pictures aren’t doing it justice. My tank has had the eggs for four days. I saw one swimming yesterday but don’t see it today and have checked for a good 10+ minutes. I have noticed practically since the days after the second packet was put in, my tank is filthy. It looks like algae but I know it didn’t set that fast. There’s particles suspended in the water (they aren’t moving on their own) and it’s coating the bottom. It is greenish in color and won’t mix into the water. Any attempts to blend or bubble it just sends it up into the tank. Do I need to try to suction it out? Do I have a very quick forming algae bloom? It’s only increased over the past couple of days so of course my concern is growing especially since my only little critter has gone missing
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2023.05.30 00:45 LavishnessBig368 New player looking for advice (ESO transplant)

So I am downloading the game now, looking to surprise someone I care about with learning the game. I've tried a few different mmo's in my day but mostly I have to admit I have a lot of hours logged on Elder Scrolls Online, particularly on Magicka Dragonknight DPS. I was just wondering if anyone had some good starter suggestions. I am starting from just about nothing but I know I really like the art style of the game and hear the lore is pretty dope so anyone with suggestions would be appreciated. Particularly I'm looking for maybe some youtubers I could binge a little (preferably with a nice calm voice so I can listen to them as I half doze off) or any suggestions as to characters that would fit the playstyle I know and love (lots of Dots and aoe, medium range, preferably fire or dragon themed) or just general tips especially from people who've played both games before. Thank you very much :)
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2023.05.30 00:44 NughtDread First time grower

Hey guys, I've been trying to grow bud for the first time because I was highly adviced against consuming hash alongside my ADHD meds. My spendings for the grow are currently around 80€ for soil,seeds two really bad lights which I now intend to swap, nutrients, watering system, trimmers and extensions etc. I got an offer to buy an mars hydro tls2000 with little use (6 months at 50% and 1 at 100%) with it's adjacent tent for 200€. I would still need a carbon filter and a cheap USB fan but it looks like everything would cost around 300/350. Is that too much for someone who's trying their first time around auto flowers or would this equipment sustain it's value if taken proper care of/ is this a worthy investment for a potential long term setup, note I'm moving somewhere next year so there can't be any live material. Thanks guys in advance
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