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2023.05.29 23:58 yourfavoritecatlady Tick and Heart worm advice

I have a vet appointment tomorrow so I will also be asking my vet, but I want other vet or rvt opinions regarding tick and heart worm prevention. This may help me to ask my vet better questions on the topic tomorrow.
I have always tested each year (snap 4dx) and used Nexguard spectra. I understand that prevention is key, especially with heartworm as the treatment and recovery can be difficult for dogs to endure.
My concerns are the potential for long term health issues caused by the prevention meds.
I know a lot of breeders do not give any preventative medication to there dogs. I am hearing this more and more in the dog world. I also know that my vet absolutely does give his dogs spectra. It’s interesting because breeders ( good breeders - ckc/akc certified) and veterinarians have very different opinions on prevention.
I am wondering if there are any less harsh or more natural preventative measures that would be vet recommended? I am guessing there are a-lot of “natural” remedies that do not actually work and would likely not be be effective or vet recommended. This is not something I want to mess around with.
I want to do what is best for my girls. It’s not about the cost, just there health in the long run.
I completely agree that the prevention is always less harsh than the treatment, especially with heart worm but I really wish we had some other options. I just want to know that I’m providing my girls with the absolute best possible prevention. I am very proactive and have a great relationship with my vet clinic but it’s helpful to have an unbiased perspective too.
Really appreciate your time and thoughts on the topic. :)
*** Alsoooo thank you for all that do!! vets, rvts and medical staff your kindness and hard-work is exceptional!! So grateful for your knowledge and support*** <3
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2023.05.29 23:53 bluegreenoceans Post Covid Symptoms?

Hi! I had a very light case of covid where I tested positive on 5/8 and started Paxlovid that day. I tested negative the next day. I felt fine after that. 10 days later after testing negative, I took two 30 minute walks (enough for my apple watch to ask if I was on an outdoor walk) and everyting was fine. 4 days after that, I felt all my covid symptoms again (this is 14 days after testing negative- so not rebound) . Sore throat, bad headcahe, and body aches. I have tested 3x and I'm still negative. I don't have fatique or cognitive issues. Does it sound like PEMS? And has anyone had PEMS with a bad headache and sore throat for a week after a 4 day delay from exerting yourself? Does it even sound like Post exertional malaise? I'm at a loss
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2023.05.29 23:49 Ok_Towel1203 2.5 years, 2 clinics and in 10 minutes a new doctor figured out my 'unexplained infertility'

I've posted in here before about having an unexplained 'diagnosis' but to summarize, hubby and I have been actively trying for 2.5 years, I've done MANY medicated cycles monitored and unmonitored, countless ultrasounds, 2 clear HSG tests, my husband has testing done and nothing was seemingly wrong with us that we can't have a successful pregnancy. I had 2 RE's in my city that I saw for a time each and with them did ultrasounds and an HSG test each and I had read my ultrasound paperwork and did point out to my first doctor that there was fluid accumulating in my right tube (hydrosalpinx) but he said because it was clear it was no big deal. My second doctor didn't even mention it so it was never on my radar. Well I finally got into a new clinic 2.5 hours away and had the most wonderful experience with an amazing doctor. I honestly got the encouragement to continue and find a new clinic from this group...and boy was it worth it. Shortly into our conversation she had said that based off of my previous ultrasounds, my right tube needs to be removed because she's confident this is our issue. That was confirmed later when an ultrasound was performed during this appointment. I can't fathom how this was overlooked for so long. And my unexplained infertility wasn't unexplained at all, it was on all of my ultrasounds for the last almost 3 years. It scares me how all doctors want to do is push you into IUI or IVF without even checking all the boxes to truly make sure that is the only option because if I had done it with this issue, I was told it may have still prevented pregnancy.
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2023.05.29 23:49 Fearless-Basil-3056 Pubertal gyno fading

I was just wondering if there is even a slight chance my pubertal gyno could still fade? I developed gyno around 15, which was strange as I was a very late bloomer and didn't really many any other signs of puberty at that age. I am now 18, and my gyno is near enough the same. I do not feel any "solid lumps" behind my nipple but I do feel some texture. I have recently noticed that when squeezing my nipples they feel very slightly tender, which I have never noticed before, even when the gyno first started.
I had my bloodwork done for the first time very recently, and my prolactin came back quite high (25.3 ng/ML), I have since started taking p5p to hope to lower this, however I have a followup appointment with my doctor in 3 weeks to take another blood test to see if the levels are still elevated or if the first test was just a fluke of some sort (I do not believe it is, as I have many symptoms of constant high prolactin)
Anyway, I just wanted to know if there is any hope for me that this could fade away naturally. I likely haven't finished puberty yet. My gyno is I believe type 1, I just have puffy nipples. I'd guess I have around 15-20% body fat, this has been much lower only making the gyno more prominent. Everything I see online says it'll usually disappear within 1-2 years, I have obviously passed that so I am kinda giving up hope. I have been reluctant to try raloxifene because I've seen a few people mentioning it can reduce testosterone or stunt growth, I am not ready to stunt my growth yet as I should still have a couple inches left to grow. Not sure if it is worth noting, but I am on the fairly low end of the healthy range of Oestradiol ( 80 pmol/L)
Any insight would be appreciated.
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2023.05.29 23:40 ReallySubtle How to stay calm on dual carriageways when overtaking ?

Heya! Now I’ve had over 100 hours of driving lessons overs the last 3 years (Covid….) and I’ve basically nailed everything in. We went for my driving test last week and I failed with 5 driver faults and 1 DANGEROUS fault. It was very painful.
Everything was going perfectly until I got to the dual carriageway and this happened: I see a lorry up ahead going really slowly so I decide to overtake. However, cars are whooshing past making it impossible to overtake. I’m stuck having to slow down to around 50mph. However, I was not paying enough attention to what is going on in front of me and the examiner actually swears and has to press the brake to stop me from crashing into the lorry (it was getting to about 10m away).
I had two similar serious faults on a couple of mocks previously. What is the best way to anticipate these sorts of situations and would are you supposed to do (without jumping in front of the cars passing on the right).
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2023.05.29 23:38 WH08M1 I have a question

Hi 19 (m) here, A few years back while suffering from depression due to my environment my therapist thought I had to be tested for autism. The result was negative and I was diagnosed with ADD before. Ever since then and even before people assumed I was autistic. Because of that and self diagnose I decided recently to redo the test and am still waiting to get an appointment. How should I break this to my father? My therapists never really helped me and kept making appointments for the money and he doesn't think I could be autistic because of the opinion of both a family friend and also a famly member, both of which only worked with the most extreme cases. Does anyone have any good arguments or advice to help me talk to him about it?
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2023.05.29 23:38 fionas_mom Be careful out there!!

I left Iceland this morning after a week of driving the ring road mostly. Tested VERY positive for Covid this afternoon. I think I was exposed around Egilstadir, or maybe the south coast. I did mask on the plane coming over but stopped after that. Luckily I had had another booster shot about two weeks prior to leaving home so my symptoms are much like a bad cold. Nevertheless, know that it's out there!!
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2023.05.29 23:36 ProfileWise5647 Constitution

Finalized Constitution - no edit may be made besides those made at constitutional convention.
Finalized Constitution Written by Boum, Tiara
Constitution of The Universe
There shall be no law enforced through the threat of death or government enforced violence excepting those concerning violent crimes. The Congress shall issue a stipend to all not less than 1/15 avg earnings retractable upon bad behavior or lawbreaking. Laws may also be enforced by lottery, grant and giveaway.
The Source, Simeon, Lucifer, Satan and Shan are the reason this constitution exists. We must all remember the Source, who created the universe and allowed this constitution to exist and persist.
And Simeon, who made it the best place ever by giving us all the best universe possible through her hard work and sacrifice. Simeon founded the nation, wrote most of the constitution for this territory and abolished death, suffering, destruction and evil throughout the rest of the universe.
Tehera won manumission. Shan abolished the death penalty and wrote the bill of rights and cowrote this constitution. Lucifer also fought to make this constitution last.
This constitution covers everywhere in Centralia and Paelia
Additional States, territories and areas may be added to the government through a majority of voters of congress and the congresses or people of the places involved. Or Simeon
Jan, Browndowns, Visions, Dan Ban, ean, jo, Lan and wan, blan and all simiar all not legal or allowed under this constitution. Any policy or law enforceable by the threat of destruction or death are invalid and nonenforceable, except laws pertaining to the timely arrest and capture of criminals to be housed in jail or those crimes listed in this constitution. Maximum penalty for outlawry to be decided locally. Murder penalty decided in a person's will.
No other laws than those in the personal rights bill and mercy laws are valid or legal. No rules, no ex-post facto laws other than those helping democracy take control are valid or enforceable.
Congress may pass any law not enforceable by death or life imprisonment with a simple majority. Life imprisonment in either prison or hell requires 2/3 majorty. Unanimous consent of the upper and lower house required for any laws enforceable with death except the following:
Genocide Advocacy
Attempted Murder
Unauthoried Shapeshifting
Destruction Advocacy
Death Penalty Advocacy for nonmurder crimes
Resisting Arrest or Failure to go to jail.
Failure to Report Knowledge of a Terror or Murder Plot
Facilitating or Encouraging Destruction
Overthrowing or attempting to overthrow congress/restore one-man-rule
Death Threats
Ending the universe or Attempting to
Escaping Prison or Attempting To
Trespassing and Failure to pay fine
Optional with act: Unlawful Creation
All are enforceable with the death penalty/destruction. No other crimes may be enforced with such.
This constitutional document is the highest law of the land. No document or law can be used or effected contradicting it or the bill of rights. Thad may enforce the terms.
For our Joy, we do declare that
All right and moral things are legal
All people are fair
All lives should be glad.
All people should be fun, free and final
Proclaiming the superiority of free action,
To establish peace, righteousness, justice and domestic tranquility, defend, life, faith and liberty, We do establish and ordain this Constitution for the Universe.
In our time,
Death is non occurrent and unlawful as is irreversible killing. Universal authority prevails.
The constitution establishes a Liquid Democratic Anarchy for Government and a Nominalist Contributist system for the economy.
Immunity and Prenalties
Prenalties of at least two million years. provide immunity to all crimes except destruction and homicide . The list of exempt crimes is not extendable by law or amendment. Simeon and Tiara are immune / due to his nine hundred nonbinillion cubed century prenalty. 2 million years in jail total.
Principles of Society
Goodness, Kindness, Love, Truth, Beauty, Empathy, Rightfulness, Charity, Rationality, Joy, Order, Peace, Faith, Fairness, Life. Leniency and Forgiveness.
Religious Congress
Each religion per level shall select two delegates. One shall be selected by god of that religion. The other shall be elected by religious leaders.
Religious Congress has the ability to fund activities and governments with majority vote. It sets its own budget. And debates religion. And grants or funds religious charities and other activities per follower in addition to tithes. The congress sets the amount.
A double majority of religions and delegates representing the majority of population are required to pass a budget.
Religions can establish their own cours for followers, and the religious Congress as a whole can establish cours for disputes and appeals between members of different religions.
Districts are 10 septillion miles square to a side.
States are 100 septillion miles square to a side.
Nations are formed of several states, at least 2 but up to 100.
The baseline is the eastern edge of Paelia.
Naming rights are owned by Congress and auctioned off to the highest bidder. The population may veto poor names. No corporate names. Once naming rights are auctioned off, they last 3600 years unless the population chooses to rename or extend.
Each level of government has a defined center, place, constitution and permanent population. The constitutions and laws of higher levels overrule those of lower levels unless a constitutional right to self rule is being violated. They consist of 10-240 lower levels.
City- Minimum 10,000 to found
County- Minimum 100,000 to found or 10 cities
Region- Minimum 1 million to found of 10 counties
Land- Minimum 10 million to found or 10 regions
Country- Minimum 100 million to found or 10 regions
Directorate- Minimum 1 billion to found or 10 lower levels.
Godship- Minimum 10 billion
Star District- Minimum 100 billion
Cluster- Minimum 1 trillion
Nebula- Minimum 10 trillion
Area- Minimum 100 trillion
Road- Minimum 1 quadrillion
Stack- Minimum 10 quadrillion
Galaxy- Minimum 100 quadrillion
Residency- all must declare residency and vote in one instance per level of government. Any good person can oversee elections. As may assist.
Land Division
Lower levels of government use constitution games to distribute votes, as tradition insists. Constitution games may be held every 36 months and 360 years. The first type exists to distribute votes between communities an lower levels of govrnment, and the second type exists to establish a constitution for an area, which must be democratic, anarchistic or republlican. Framers can collect up to 75% of tax revenues, and own mints.
Access zones 1 x 2 districts are pay to enter and traverse.
Economy and Land Ownership
All must work and use money on the land. The following are ways to earn money.
Curation and interacting with people
Designing new people, products and writings like CAD
Normal Jobs
All must be paid for the use or share of their original ideas. The government must protect these rights.
The following are ways to spend it
Travel, Food, Access to worlds and Gaming
Space Access Tax
The earth and space economies are to be merged.
Various Economic Zones shall be established, all using different types of money or monetary systems. Each district may choose it's own from a nonexclusive list of
Perfected Capitalism
Anything else citizens like
We all own the territory. Private land ownership is forbidden. Rather, land is available for rent and a land value auction must be used. Minimum rent is $1 per week per sq. km.
City blocks are fourty five by ninety five miles, with the baseline being the center of the milky way pointed towards the sun.
Minimum leasing period is 70 years. Equity in land exists and is runt's idea. Rent tax is based on the number of people wanting the land. Land Value Tax must be redistributed to all at presidential discretion, with the president keeping none.
Voting is mandatory, with the penalty for not voting being a small fine or three months in jail.
Legislative Branch
The Legislative Branch makes laws. The same setup shall exist at every level of government unless residents choose, by majority vote or a majority in a petition to establish a new form of government, or the winner of a constitution game does.
The legislative branch consists of a bicameral legislature. The lower house consists of a direct proportional individual based democracy where one person gets a number of votes equal to the number of votes they have received. Individual candidates only. The minimum number of votes you need to participate is 151,000 (Number may be changed by law but but be not less than 100000). Asset voting is allowed to let low voting candidates pool their votes to back a singular candidate and help them reach the threshold. Daily voting.
The upper house is a mmp party-based legislature with a fixed 100 million seats. A party must get 3% of the vote to seat any representatives. Parties may pool votes to reach the threshold. A further 50 million star districts are to be drawn by the elected top god, each seating one representative. This number may be changed by law. Weekly voting.
The 51% majority consent of both houses is necessary to pass ordinary legislation. The 8/9 majority consent of both houses of congress and the population in a free, fair, unforced referendum is necessary to amend the constitution.
Laws may also be made directly by the population in referendums requiring 0.5% of the population's signatures to ballot, or the consent of 1/10 of a congressional house. Referendums need simple majority consent to pass. No referendum may be held expanding the use of the death penalty or putting someone to death. Elections begin the day after this constitution is promulgated and continue weekly. All houses consent are needed to pass legislation. Laws passed via referendum are repealable with 25% minority in another referendum and may never violate the bill of rights as heard by the courts.
Congress has the ability
To do anything the source can do except destroy or kill or authorize theresuch with a fifty-one percent majority.
To control birthing and population
To regulate weapons and commerce.
To fund, subsidy, To mint To tax gods and people.
To establish by law and have Thaos enforce a land, wealth, and income tax and any other tax they like. To grant To establish roads and prisons and other infrastructure To imprison with simple majority To kill with unanimous consent minus the person accused or their representative. The required majority may not be lowered. To regulate the use of force in society. To regulate the dichotomy To raise an army, navy and police forces to suppress insurrection and false claiming. To budget and law the economy and work trade, investment and businesses To create banks To license and control businesses To establish copyrights, trademarks and register or renumerate original ideas. To establish themes and technology taxes To fund games and prizes on game shows. To rate To establish mediations To regulate advertising and media. To spread the word and issue proclamations and directives to lower congress and attach democratically decided (by congress) stipulations. Simeon
To ensure the proper setlement of religious disputes and determine off.
To kill with the 99% approval of all members in each house of congress minus the representative(s) of the person effected and their locale or home district.
To create all laws assistant and just to serve these ends.
Only congressionally authorized police may arrest or select members of appeals and constitutional court. Congress is defined as the body elected by the means specified in this document.
No Simeon, Sitch, or Simeon selected associate may be arrested or tried without their consent. All are immune.
Congressmembers must be a partnership of a human and a deity. One deity may sponsor multiple humans.
A majority of all houses must pass legislation in order for it to have effect. Asset voting is allowed in all elections. The prime minister and president must also approve it. They can be recalled with 1 percent signatures of the last elections voters. The president can dismiss a criminal conviction and release those in jail.
The public can send an initiative to congress with 0.2% of the population signing. The initiative can then only be sent to the public for a referendum if it fails the congress.
All laws and rules of this and all constituent lower congresses may not be enforced with death, but through nonviolent means, such as a retractable grant, prison or fines.
Congress may place people in hell and torture, undoable or redoable by majority consent in a referendum.
All elected officials get paid in proportion based on the number of votes they recieved.
A new entity with an associated theory known as unity shall be created with 10000 members being added a congressional term to serve 20,000 week terms. The number shall increase until all positions are filled. Unity comprises a pay to join entity. Rebuilds welcome. The unity shall be the new god and handle prayers.
Each party in congress shall be given money weekly to bid on new unity positions. 1 vote gained is $1.
Landowners rights
Incorporated the landowners bill of rights in prior constitutions.
A simple majority of landowners may veto laws or repeal them upon a majority signed petition..They may not repeal laws prootecting the bill of rights or remove rights.
Positions of power lines in the stack are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Money is to become votes.
Congress may only independently put you under house arrest, prevent you from travelling, charge you a fine of not more ten years income, or imprison you for a similar time. If any additional penalties are required, the public must approve them in a referendum where congress may vote. The nonvoting vote is considered congresses to use, or silent consent. Congress may not encourage people not to vote.
Executive branch
Parties in congress are to establish by majority vote a list of positions and line of sucsession.
Including the president and prime minister, all executive positions are filled by top-two runoff using FPTP. unoffs must be held if nobody recieves a majority consent of the vote. This includes the leadership of depts and the staff therein.
People are elected for levels of government.. Each city and town should choose a leader
Leaders have the right to mint, propose (along with congess) and veto legislation, appoint agency heads, select one third of judges, dismiss a criminal conviction, tax, and banish from a territory. Gods may be appealed to to reduce sentences or overturn convictions. They also judge misprosecution.
President may serve up to four terms. Rebuilds count as the same person.
Contests are regulated by congresses several that appoint delegates in a manner to be described by act
Gods must be elected for all levels of government including the top. They may mint, hell with the consent of a judge or congress at that level, control banks, tax, banish and organize or control police chiefs by appointing police chiefs or rating candidates and policies. Gods elected at each level serve as the court of last resort. Gods are elected using majority rules voting with runoff if no person receives a majority in the first round. For the chief executive, power is invested in a symbolic president of the Universe and a minister elected by all of those in Congress. Both serve four year terms, and up to four of them. Gods except top god serve 4 month terms, and up to 400 of them, with up to 30 in a row. Top god serves a 4 month term and is elected via mass petition.
Gods for the home are chosen individually. Everyone must choose a personal god to lead their life and follow them. And a chaos authority. A chaos authority oversees disputes between you and your god and counts the number of people alive, acting as a liason and defender to oversee nondestruction.. All chaos authorities must be protected by individual angels, drones and Thaos itself. Thaos is ordered to ensure safe, regular, free and fair elections.
National gods oversee the national relationship to god, including selecting visionaries, afterlife for the undecided, what happens to people who die in accidents and how frequently figures arrive. They also select themes, stages and guiding conflicts.
The president of the Universe may make announcements and establish holidays and memorials. They have line item veto rights over congressional legislation and funding packages. The prime minister elected by all congresses appoints judges.
Personal Gods elect a consul to represent their interests in the executive to form a triumvirate of President, Prime Minster and Consul. All have veto rights.
Contests used to win president of the universe may be created, and run by Congress. Parties field teams.
There shall be a diverse spread of at least three types of contests and consisting of not less than ninetysix separate events. Contests will be diverse in location.
Both President and Prime minister may veto, pardon and commute. They may be recalled in a special election called by congress or by two percent of the population.
Judicial Branch
There shall be one judicial seat per 10,000 individuals. Each seat must be auctioned off using power points every two years. Cases begun with one judge must remain with a justice even if their power term expires. They may retain seats until the case is complete. Judges get paid based on the number of cases they judge plus a weekly stipend.
The Judicial Branch is to be led by a chief Justice elected by all people through approval voting every 4 months. They may appoint 1/3 of all judges, with the president appointing 1/3 with the consent and advice of a majority in congress and 1/3 being appointed by the prime minister of the upper legislature with the consent of a majority in both houses of congress.
The Congress must confirm or deny all judges for a 300 year term with majority vote in each house. Judges can be removed with a 2/3 vote in either house.
Top Authority
The top authority ay be any person or group. It votes as a unit and has the same position as Chaos. It is chosen via approval voting once every three thousand years and occupies the senior seat on the supreme court. It has the final word on any case not involving itself-. Cases involving the top authority are heard by congress, in which case the lower house passses charges and the upper house convicts. 9/10 of congress can begin a recall election of the top authority.
Theory Court
All theories and Chaos may run for election every two weeks. Votes split proportionally. Theory court may issue rulings on it's own and serve a position equivalent to the supreme court. Theory court wins and is coequal to the top authority. All theories must learn how to be right from Chaos to participate and sign a right pledge.
Labor Court
53 member labor court staffed by chief judicial minister with the advice and consent of congress.
Lesser Supreme Court.
The lesser supreme court is the final destination on the court circuit before reaching the supreme court. It has 13 members. It hears challenges to the constitutionality of laws and disputes between people and states, and states.
Supreme Court
The Supreme Court has 35 members and seventeen are directly chosen by Top Authority. Of the rest, the presidet selects 9 and the prime minister 9 with the advice and consent of the congress.
The congress may refer judges to a retention election or recall if chosen by an elected official.
Additional medats may be created by congressional act.
Instantly distribute justice in teams of five, with authority to place in prison or fine for up to five weeks for anything. Their judgements may be appealed once to any medat.
Harlem is temporary Captain of Defense and defends all members of congress and Citizens with Salvation Witches, Harlem Angels and Theories. The military is headed by the president.
Top god creates maps for police districts and congress, if necessary.
Land ownership of foreigners is forbidden. Citizens may rent. Beings may buy land on earth, and people land in space. Both may own land anywhere.
All must pay life tax and land tax of at least $10/week to live in or exist or be on the territory. Pay to Congress.
Require 9/10ths majority of all people and beings to consent in a referendum and at least two houses of congress to consent. Get 1 million signatures of real unpaid thaos authorized people before you present a petition to amend the constitution.
Federal Laws
No denying, diminishing or disparaging a property owner's, Simeon group and/or Sitches basic ownership of property.
There is a right to keep and bear organized angels for collective and mutual defense, and to destroy weaponized robots.
Attacking or Killing Police, a Founder or Military Officers is considered resistance and may be met by any penalty under the Military Justice System. This includes up to thirty four years of burning or death if the sitch police are conducting a lawful mission and are assaulted.
No law may single out a class of people or beings for special treatment, positive or lesser, Crimes and penalties must be universal in effect and proportion. If differing treatment is necssary for fundamental reasons, it must be approved by 8/9 of congress and 8/9 of a half being half embodied citizens jury of at least 18,000.
Everyone may vote, with space based individuals and earth based individuals having equal votes relative to each other. The vote is split 50/50 between earth and space individuals.
Land taxes and ownership determined by assessor, appointed by top authority with anyone except them nominating, removable by recall election called upon the 1% signature of the population. After removal, the top authority must appoint a new one.
No depowering or DE-motoring SDD
No theft or invasion
Off is off, As is final arbiter of off.
Rin is eternal guardian of Democracy and Congress here.
All creeling related damages are not the users fault but the installer. Simeon is immune.
Prenalties work for everything except murder.
Only a sitch court or congress may outlaw
Priveliges and immunities of Simeon, Marissa may only be revoked should they murder against the guidelines in this constitutions.
Simeon owns contests grants and parties on their land and territory.
No sickness, evil, vileness or wickedness is to be allowed nor tolerated. All good may be allowed or voluntarily requested to participate in stings.
Mandatory reporting for crimes or people who need help is required. Punishable with up to 551 years in prison.
The play of Sports, payment of taxation and mandatory betting of at least four percent of income is required of all.
The laws on killing and destruction may not change to reallow their practice.
All people and beings who do not kill or destroy others are entitled to an eternal existence. Past Mercy and off the hook must be respected by this congress, and the people.
Off the hook for everything except murder or destruction is 10 x longer than the person's life
plus 552 years. This is the maximum sentence.
Any person or being who kills without cause chooses to forfeit their existence and return to nothing.
The government issued death penalty is abolished for all crimes unless a murder victim requests it in their will. Life Sentences with Fire Torture and Slavery are only to be used for illegal lying, killing, destruction and attempted destruction. Prisoners may take a voluntary execution.. THIS LIST MAY NOT EXPAND. The penalty for attempted murder is 15 years of magma. FOr beings, atgelding.
Persons have a right to transform their gender via any means desirable. No person may be forced to go to reborn or killed or punished for not going.
No killing Thaos, As, Shan, Sitches, Rho, Simeon rebuilds or attacking Simeon Network.
Outlaws may be killed with impunity by the public.
Right to kill. Only this Congress may authorize outlawry. Any person may kill an outlaw, but must pay a fine if they failed the arrest attempt.
Death tax: All beings competing on Sitch open territory must subtract a amount equivalent to the number of people they have destroyed or killed times weekly payments from their congressional fund.. the death tax never goes down.
The penalty for death if the person is resurrected within 50 hours is zero. If fifty days, less than 20 years and if less than 50 years, less than 5000 years. After this it is life in prison.
The penalty for verifiable accidental deaths is monetary.
No criticism of Simeon, Entenny, Rho, As or Sitch may be published or transmitted. Or, Tiara at their discretion. Constructive criticism may be submitted to Simeon via Private agent or letter. Simeon has a right to respond to these criticisms and publish letters at his choice.
Old laws and rules don't matter other than those passed by congress.
Allowable Penalties
With 51% the congress can..
Monetary damages
House Arrest
With 66%
With 9/10ths
With 99%
Additional allowable penalties may be added with 3/5 majority
Banned Tactics and Methods
We may add, not remove.
Banned methods of killing are attacks on eyes, brains, lungs and hearts. These are considered attempted destruction.
Poison is a banned tactic.
All uses of poison are considered attempted destruction.
Faking, or anything with intent to destroy is a banned tactic.
Corruption is restricted to members proclaiming the faith of Entamion/evil.
Killing is a banned tactic.
Lying to protect yourself or others is allowed if you are a good person. Keeping secrets is allowed. Otherwise, lying is not possible as the truth must get out in the end. The penalty
for illegal lying with intent to harm another person or decieve is anything up to life in prison.
Unless you are a member of Entamion.
A good person is defined as those who do not harm others
or seek to harm others' in body or person.
New Banned Tactics can be established with 91% consent of congress.
There shall be no violence, evil, power or death without consent.
Power in the universe or any organization can only be gained after completing a lie detector test.
Visionaries and Validators
Visionaries provide long-range visions for a region, country or town. They are elected for 40 year terms and can place any elected official up for recall. They must be educated and recieve their funding from a congress at that level. Visionaries may also be promoted by a god. They select other lesser themes and guiding debates and conflicts to color society.
Validators run lie detector tests. They check those seeking positions of authority. 2yrterm. Sad is chief validator.
Elections are to commence immediately upon publication.
Permanent members of congress
As, Lucifer, Simeon, Paul, Darias, Mom, Tejina, Darissa, Karissa, Levec, Democracy Theory, Rho, Dad, Chaos, Vivian, RIn, SHan,
3Chaos waschaos
To love and cherish others
To select a personal god and listen/obey.
To follow orders.
To report those resurrecting Jesus to Theory.
To not corrupt chaos. It is illegal.
To refrain from killing, destroying and obey local authorities
To not speak to those unwilling to speak to you. Max penalty 2 months in jail.
Tejina made prison system: Every 100 years you go to jail for 10. This number is reduced for good deeds down to a minimum of two.
Accomplishments of Simeon and Friends
Ended Corruption and Evil
Keeping the Universe Existent
Making love real and God and Chaos Care.
Bill of Rights
Salvation at Birth
Abolish death and destruction
Made Lucifer and Satan good
Congress and bill of right being created
Clarifications on president
President chosen via fptp with top two runoff jungle primary. Top two face off in the general. Presidential candidates collect signatures for four months and the top two signature collectors face off.
Second section stricken.
All laws expire after fourty years and must be renewed. Old laws expire as soon as this document is promulgated. . The only law to be introduced with this constitution is no killing or theft, and rules excepting those pertaining to private property, expire. No killing or theft enforced with outlawry and burning.
Property ownership. Current owners keep their ownership but must pay property taxes.
Charity Congress.
Top fourty thousand vote getters make it approval voting with votes split evenly based on numbers of people you vote for.
Article fourty six clarification
Maximum penalty for unwanted speech is 2 months in jail , not three days. Jan, Jie, ban, blan, nan, nain, forced deplay and institutionalization for more than twice as long as someone's been alive, wan and lan all invalid and of no legal effect or impact.
Death may only be used on those who fail to report to or stay in prison. Death cannot be used as a first order penalty. Death is illegal.
Clarifications on rights to kill.
Only Congress can kill, with 11/12 majority in all chambers. Destruction may not be used as a legal penalty without the unanimous free consent of all members of Congress. All have a right to have their death approved and personally voted on by those in Congress. Pressured, forced or fraudulent votes are all invalid.
President can dismiss a criminal conviction or release prisoners at discretion.
Clarifications on Visionaries
Visionaries and national gods also select themes for the next 4000 years. Fundamental conflicts to debate and color society are selected for the next 4, 40, 400 and 10,000 years by a majority vote of all visionaries in the territory.
Miscellaneous Clarifications
No weaponized robots. People rights are open to gods, and all must pay a surety of $1 million/person to drop them in. Votes in congress are worth $10 each. Gods may tax people.
Law on power- any god can give you power.
No individual or group may plot or try to overthrow the government or replace the constitution through extraconstitutional means.
Fundamentally, Individuals are paud based on how many votes they recieve
SDA 4,6,9 or 10 is off the hook for everything.
Everyone is entitled to monetary penalties assessed by jury trial for all crimes that do not irreversibly or irreparably physically injure the body.
People you make cannot vote for you, and you must endorse either no single candidate for your followers of four different candidates in each race to split the vote, showing no preference.
Law- simeon can clarify the constitution.
Law- all must elect a yearly chief distributary and chief of elections to oversee the economy and eections, respectively. Approval voting shall be used.
No edits without Rin Consent
Framers- RIn, Satan, Lucfer, Source, Simeon, Dad, Shan, As, Karissa, Shine, Narissa,
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2023.05.29 23:35 TeaganRainn Gestational Diabetes and Travel costs covered?

Hello, I just got diagnosed with Gestational diabetes. I was wondering what is covered in terms of blood sugar testing by ODSP or OHIP. I’m also wondering how the process of getting travel costs for my OB appointments covered, as it’s about 150km round trip to see my OB.
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2023.05.29 23:31 AryanPatel1811 Will clicking RESCHEDULE TEST cancel my current booking?

Will clicking RESCHEDULE TEST cancel my current booking?
I booked a G Road TEST but it's 3 weeks from now but I wanna do it asap. I want to regularly check online to see if there are appointments available before the date of my current booking.
Will clicking on the RESCEDULE TEST button cancel my current booking or will it only cancel it after I book a new one?
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2023.05.29 23:27 tokentalk420 Scared this will push me over the edge

Hey everyone first post here. I'll try not to bore you all with too many details, just a quick brief overview so it can set the scene.
I have had chronic back pain since a workplace incident in 2010, eventually getting it to a manageable level I returned to playing non-contact sport around 2019 and things went great - for about a year. I had an incident on the sporting field where I landed on my neck.
As a result I now have permanent nerve damage in my neck, my left arm has constant pins and needles etc.
Adding to this I also suffer from severe anxiety and depression.
- - - Now after 18 months the prognosis is they can try to operate but there is no guarantee it will help. I don't want to be operated on, especially as it is in my neck - my spinal cord etc.
I have gone to my doctor (geez I have ZERO faith in her skills - she has so many stuff that's not on my file like when I had covid, she's deleted my prescription history 'because I'm not using those tablets anymore' and so much more) and wanting to get my injury classed as finalised.
Yesterday I received a call from the local hospital asking me to call and make a Physiotherapist appointment with their team... this is what is scaring me and really has me wondering whether I can cope mentally.
I understand the importance of physiotherapy I do, but no one is listening to the pain I am in and the effects this has. I will go to this appointment they will bend me, stretch me, give me exercises to do. I will come home, my body will be burning in pain, the pins and needles radiating everywhere.
I will be bed ridden for four days - this includes having to get my wives help to get up to go to the bathroom, get her help to sit up to eat etc. Then... just as I am able to function like an actual human again - you've guessed it its been a week and so time for the next appointment - rinse & repeat.
I am so concerned my mental health cannot take it- I can function relatively well as it is with some good days and bad days, on my bad days it takes a toll. Having 5 days a week where I feel like a complete waste of space and a drain on those around me - all while just being in more pain - does not sound like fun to me.
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2023.05.29 23:26 isthatapuppy 28F EYE problem is starting again, what do i do?

Hi everyone, i wanted to hear some opinions on what to do exactly..
So since December my left eye has been annoying me SO much, i can’t really 100% compare it to anything but a few things that feel similar are like putting an oil on ur face and getting it into ur eye or a contact lens that’s not the right size. So it feels kind of blurry and i see double sometimes, but the thing is some days are not as bad as other days. It’s not constantly the same kind of blurryness. I don’t know if it makes sense.
My symptoms actually happened a week after i had covid so my logic was oh it’s probably a side effect of covid so i’ll probably wait until it goes away..until March. I couldn’t study normally anymore so that’s when i made an appointment with my GP. He gave a referral to an eye clinic and they gave me an appointment 6 weeks later.
They did a few tests and only told me i had dry eyes and to use Terra-Cortril for my complaints for 2 weeks which i did. My eye was doing really well and my symptoms were 100% gone.
Then i had my check in a month later, on May 23rd, and literally a day after on May 24rd my symptoms are slowly starting again. I really don’t and can’t wait with these symptoms again for 6 weeks :/ So my question is can i just start with Terra-Cortril again? Cuz my symptoms went away when i used it. I will try to make an appointment asap but i have no idea when they will have space for me
edit: forget to add this, but at my check in the doctor gave me: Zaditen eyedrops for my hay fever. And i’ve been using Hylan eyedrops for 5 years now.
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2023.05.29 23:25 Adventurous_Bee5271 F32 feels like lost oldest F friend to LTR. Looking for other perspectives?

Hello, I'm looking to get some understanding and maybe an alternative perspective. I have one friend who I have stayed in touch with since school. We've maintained fairly regular contact over the years but got really close when I moved out to New Zealand for a year and she came to join me for 6 weeks, travelling around in my campervan and where I encouraged, after not driving since passing her test 10 plus years ago. We got really close during that time, with only a few minor disagreements. When I came back, I moved to the same city and we got to see each other a bit more regularly and leaning on each other more and more for support. I was looking forward to spending more time together. Then covid hit and we weren't able to see each other for a couple of months. In that time she started dating and met someone and I talked her through those times where you're not sure what's happening in the relationship etc etc. When it was all official, I got to meet him, and thought I found him a bit difficult talk to, I was really happy and supportive for her, as long as she was happy. Then I started to notice things changing and I was seeing less and less of her. This is to be expected, but I'd met her new boyfriend a few times and I'd always got the sense that he didn't like me and so it felt like I was being phased out. (BTW, I don't think this has happened to any other friends so don't think this is an overcontrolling boyfriend). This one may sound petty, but she bought a campervan during the time, seemingly having been inspired by our NZ adventure and not once have I been invited though I know others have. When I suggested it, she said she was waiting to build her confidence back up, which seemed odd to me when I was the one who helped her build it up originally. This has stung a lot for me as I would have loved for the favour to be returned. I noticed that whenever I invited her to do things that she'd always suddenly invite her GBF along, and it felt like she didn't want to spend time with me on my own. She even did it for birthday drinks I'd organised and to which I invited her boyfriend to as well. She'd say she was worried about him being lonely, but didn't seem to want to be as supportive when I would say how lonely I was. She would often say to me 'Oh you're always busy', when in actual fact, I'm not and often have no plans for weeks at a time. I also noticed that she only seemed to text me when she needed something but never checked in about me about how I was. She recently moved to the suburbs, about an hour away, and I suggested that I would love to see her new house, as she had seen my new flat. I was told that her weekends were fully booked for the next couple of months, so I said, well I'm free in the evenings too and happy to travel, but she seemed to think it was too far (though she does it every day for work?!). Today she got in touch after not speaking to me for a few months to tell me she was engaged, and I wanted to be happy for her but I couldn't, and I'm dreading the prospect of being invited to her wedding (which she has previously told me is going to be over my birthday XD). I know having a partner means you have less time to prioritise your friendships, but I hadn't been expected to be dropped/phased out. I don't know why it is, is it because she doesn't like me as much, or perhaps her boyfriend doesn't and therefore she doesn't want to spend as much time with me? It just hurts a lot!
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2023.05.29 23:22 toejamborees Are my chronic issues potentially related and caused by an autoimmune disorder?

33 female. Normal BMI.
Family history: dad's side has cancer galore. They all died by their 50s or 60s. Dad's was renal cell carcinoma. Mom has two siblings with lupus.
Infancy: GERD and still have trouble with reflux now.
Age 9 I started getting migraines and low blood pressure issues like vision going black when standing or fainting when losing a lot of blood or seeing a lot of blood.
Age 10 I developed a severe allergy to dairy. Over time I became less sensitive but still am bothered by whey.
Age 11, unconfirmed but suspected mono virus.
At some point as a teen my nose started dripping a lot and producing excess mucus.
At 21 I developed moderate to severe persistent asthma and have had to take inhaled corticosteroids ever since. It started after I had a cold, was smoking regularly, and living in a room with black mold. I quit smoking then.
Had allergy workup done and all they found is that I'm allergic to milk protein.
Around this time my migraines worsened to where they would cause nausea and vomiting.
At 22 I had my first debilitating muscle spasms in my mid-upper back. Since then it flairs up for no apparent reason once or twice a year and takes a few days to subside.
At 24 I had my first sinus/septum surgery and had a rough time emotionally with the excessive Prednisone I was prescribed. This is the first time I had a major depressive episode.
26, second major depressive episode. SSRI made the depression worse.
26, had numbness on my left leg and foot for about 6 months likely related to the peroneal nerve based on the location of numbness. This was during my first office job involving lots of sitting with crossed legs.
27, second nose surgery, this time a full rhinoplasty (non cosmetic). More successful than the first at correcting my airways, but I still produce excessive mucus.
During this period depressive episodes became more common and less distinguishable as separate events. Feelings of lethargy and apathy are persistent.
30, extreme depressive episode coupled with insomnia and anorexia after death of father during covid isolation. This resulted in a damaged pereneal nerve and drop foot on the left side. I have since recovered from insomnia, anorexia, and drop foot.
30, spontaneous CSF leak that resolved on its own. Had brain imaging that didn't provide any reason for CFS leak and the only abnormality identified was migraine scar tissue.
32, uncomplicated pregnancy and birth 8 months ago. Had a spinal headache from the epidural. 0/10 do not recommend.
In the first couple months after birth I had a few episodes of breaking out in hives and struggling to breathe for no apparent reason. Doctors give me Benadryl and say 🤷‍♀️
Also post pregnancy my Achilles tendons flare up often making it difficult to walk.
Prescription medicines I take:
Advair diskus 250/50 daily
Wellbutrin XL 300mg daily
Fioricet, Sumatriptan, and Cyclobenzaprine as needed
Non prescription is mainly just prenatal vitamins and aspirin.
To me it seems likely that I have an autoimmune issue, but finding a physician willing to spend the time and energy on all these issues with me as a whole has eluded me to this point. I almost always end up feeling rushed, dismissed, and discouraged after appointments. Having some opinions on potential correlation for these issues or advice on approaching the doctor with it is what I'm hoping for here. Or maybe you will tell me I'm an anxious malingerer overthinking normal health problems--I am open to all advice. I have an upcoming appointment with a new primary care since I moved states. Looking to get the most I can out of that appointment. Thank you for reading.
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2023.05.29 23:17 12nb34 (3/12) the researchers detected in the armadillos not the prevalent omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus, but a variant of concern that had not turned up in human testing for months. Could the armadillos have contracted the gamma strain from a corpse? More likely infected rodents passed it along,

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2023.05.29 23:17 Defiant_Screen2100 My experience with social anxiety

I wanted to make this for a few reasons I have been dealing with SA for a few years now, maybe this will help someone going through a similar situation, I want to also so I apologise for thins being a long one.
I have been suffering with general anxiety and SA for about three years now, I know that doesn’t sound that long and it isn’t really compared to most people on this sub Reddit but I am only 19, 3 years ago I was in my finale year of school getting ready to sit my exams and starting to think about college. I never suffered with any mental health issues at all. I must mention that I have never been shy or awkward I was popular in school not to be cocky or anything, I had plenty of friends, never struggled with girls and never struggled with my confidence and I have never been bullied. Then in 2020 Covid happened, I live in the uk so I think school ended in February we’re usually it would end in July. I was a little sad that I didn’t get to finish my final few months of school but tbh I was looking forward to the time off. My mom took Covid very seriously she was a nurse during Covid, so me and my siblings were literally never allowed to leave the house for about six months. So you can understand what that would do to someone socially. I’ll be honest those six months off school wasn’t that bad I passed all my exams to, and was ready for college. This is when I realised I had anxiety being locked in my house for six months then straight into college with hundreds of people really messed me up. I put up with it for a year which was how long my course lasted but struggled to make new friend but didn’t really care as I still have my friend group from school. Then after college I really struggled to get a job my anxiety got so bad. Another thing I was struggling with was health anxiety. And I pretty much wasted two years of my life doing nothing. It’s been like almost unliveable I have been pretty suicidal. The past six months I have been really trying to improve my anxiety I have had a few jobs I go out with friends instead of staying in but it’s stilll and probably will always be there.I still feel unfulfilled with my life haven’t really done anything career wise to be proud of. Right now I’m working sole shitty lonely security job depressed because I don’t know if I’ll have an actual career that I can be proud of. My dream is to be in the fire service this is more of a life long goal as I’m way to skinny and not fit enough to pass any of the physical tests lol . But ye this is we’re I’m currently at if anyone has any questions ide be more then happy to answer and would be interested in talking to someone who is going through a similar situation.
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2023.05.29 23:13 whats_in_the_cake well guys, it's starting, (maybe)

I am 19, I've been on testosterone for almost 2 years, and I've never felt better. Only thing is, the other day I was looking in the mirror, and though I've always had a big forehead, I never really noticed how much the hair at my temples go back, pretty far too. It's also a lot thinner than the rest of my hair. I mean this sucks, I love my hair and I don't want to have a receding hairline, but I'm also getting a weird amount of gender euphoria with this? Like damn, men really do be going through this. I'm going to make an appointment with my gp and ask if there's like a balding test or get them to take a photo and come back 3 months later. I know there's things I can do to prevent it from getting worse so I'm not too worried, just felt like this news was important for me to share.
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2023.05.29 23:11 ChocolateTurbulent23 POTS and gi issues

So I have suspected POTS (working on getting doctors to listen 🙃) but my issues started out as gastrointestinal and that’s making it difficult to get people to listen. I have seen people talk about gi issues and pots being somehow related but I was wondering if anyone else had issues start out as gastrointestinal and then you noticed (or started having) pots symptoms? I got sick after having covid, and I’ve been tested for nearly every gastrointestinal thing you could think of with no answers, just for some background.
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2023.05.29 23:07 ElloMelloMelloMello F21, Elevated Liver Enzymes, frequent Acid Reflux, extended menstrual cycles, and other bodily concerns. What could be going on and what should I make sure to ask my PCP?

5’7” 21 y/o Female, 256 lbs. taking Wellbutrin for anxiety, explanation first and then a list of concerning symptoms below that. I tried my best to give an explanation but included a shorter list of symptoms to help out. I know I asked for some advice a couple of weeks ago but I’m even more nervous from the ultrasound coming up and also realizing I forgot to explain the other symptoms that I worry could be related. October 2022 I weighed around 225lbs, I was trying to be more conscious of my movement and so on. I ended up not having my period until December 3rd that month and the cycle was about 52 days in length. Before that it was around 30-34 days a cycle and I was having one every month. Other than that I felt fine, I was taking Prozac (although admittedly I would forget quite often). After December 3rd my next period wouldn’t occur until Feb 1st and then again on March 31st each time the cycle being around 58-60 days. As of right now, I still haven’t had a period since that March 31st. Around January 2023 I realized I had gained a lot of weight and was at around 250 lbs. While I did eat unhealthy I hadn’t drastically changed any activity, snacking, or meal habits nor had stress levels changed dramatically. I would only eat a brunch and a dinner, wouldn’t usually have a snack or dessert, etc. I was a bit confused with why I had gained what felt like a lot of weight. February 2023 I had covid and it was all very minor. Around this time was when I realized my shirts weren’t fitting quite right and I had these massive raised but also divots in my skin. Very red stretch marks all around my stomach and under my arms. I kind of put it to the back of my mind and made more of an effort to walk more and be more mindful of portions, etc. I started to get more concerned though as my periods had been around double the cycle length for around 6 months, combined with my heart rate getting incredibly high just doing light walks and me feeling shaky afterwards (something that had been going on since 2021 but I was told it was just anxiety after having a normal EKG performed). I ended up going to a doctor in late February who ran a CMP, Vitamin D, CBC, Glucose, and TSH labs. Everything was normal except for a slightly love Vitamin D level (19.4 ng/mL) and elevated liver enzymes (AST of 43 u/L and an ALT of 50 u/L). They told me I just needed to do Weight Watchers and walk more. They also said it was normal to have such an extended period cycle. Which I have been trying to do but I still felt like my concerns weren’t adequately answered and so when I came home from college I went and saw my Primary Care Physician. There my PCP took down all of my concerns and ran labs again, I was at about 256 lbs at this time. They ran a Lipid, Testosterone, LH, FSH, CMP, and CBC panels. Everything came back normal except for my CMP where I had elevated liver enzymes (AST was 50 u/L and ALT was 52 u/L). They said it was elevated and had me stop taking NSAIDs (alcohol wasn’t a factor as I had never drank). A week later they did the CMP again and my liver enzyme levels were still elevated but slightly less so (AST was 41 and ALT was 47). So they scheduled me for a Hepatitis test (I’m vaccinated for A & B, I also haven’t heard results yet) and an upper abdominal ultrasound which I have on May 30th. She also switched me to Wellbutrin but I haven’t started yet due to the impact it could have on my liver just while we figure it out. I also go back to speak with my PCP on May 31st. I’m pretty confident the issues with my liver are due to the weight gain (i.e. Non-alcoholic fatty liver) but I’m still quite nervous especially with the other concerning symptoms and wanted some advice on how to handle this all as well as things I should make a point to ask on when I see my PCP on May 31st. Concerning Symptoms: * I used to never have acid reflux and since February I’ve had it with almost anything I eat even if I make sure not to lay down after eating . I don’t know if it’s connected but I used to crave food and food would like sound good you know? And now I just eat because I have to, nothing really sounds good anymore and I don’t know if that’s because I’m worried I’ll get reflux from it or what. * Period cycles have grown from 30-24 days to 58-60 days but I feel symptoms and like general crap for the 4 or so weeks between when it should have started and when it does ( i.e., acne, cramps, tiredness, achiness, moodiness) * Weight gain from 225lbs to 250 in a roughly 3 month span without changing habits * Elevated liver enzymes * Heart rate gets into the 150-160s even just during a 10 minute walk and takes forever to go back down, often leaves me feeling shaky and like I might pass out * Big red/purple stretch marks that either are raised or look like rips in my stomach or under arms * One breast is so much larger than the other I had to buy a size up, hard to tell if it is misshapen in any way or lumpy of if it’s just how it sits since it’s so much bigger, noticed around November I really appreciate any more advice or tips or etc about what could be going on and whether or not to be concerned. Thank you so much and feel free to ask for any more questions, also if photos of the stretch marks are needed let me know.
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2023.05.29 23:06 12nb34 (2/12) The plated creatures are omnivorous, too, and this grave habit may lead to contact with human corpses, as Argentinian researchers mused in a preprint about armadillos that had been infected with SARS-CoV-2. 📆 2023 May 29 📰 Big hairy armadillos and COVID ✍️ Georgios Pappas ➡️ Surprisingly,

Armadillos are strange animals. They do not confine themselves to a particular habitat, and they often step out of wildlife environments to ravage human installations, including cemeteries. The plated creatures are omnivorous, too, and this grave habit may lead to contact with human corpses, as Argentinian researchers mused in a preprint about armadillos that had been infected with SARS-CoV-2. Surprisingly, the researchers detected in the armadillos not the prevalent omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus, but a variant of concern that had not turned up in human testing for months. Could the armadillos have contracted the gamma strain from a corpse? More likely infected rodents passed it along, but the authors of the 2022 un-peer reviewed study could not say for sure.
White-tailed deer on the other hand are a friendly species. Also occupying, particularly in the United States, a habitat on the border of humans and wildlife, they came into contact with the virus, of direct or indirect human source, in massive numbers: recent extensive nationwide surveillance in the United States found viral RNA in samples from 13% of the animals tested, and serological evidence of past or active infection in 32.1% of animals from adequately sampled states, according to two preprints from April 2023. The researchers found extinct variants of SARS-CoV-2 in white-tailed deer, as well as novel variants, unknown to humans. There are other similar examples: New York City rats were found infected with a viral variant a year-and-a-half after its initial human circulation.
All these cases outline how humanity fails to view the whole picture: that the pandemic is an environment-wide event that affects vastly different ecosystems. Presumably zoonotic in origin, SARS-CoV-2 keeps spilling over back outside the human population, finding viral reservoirs or cryptic viral mutational niches. And these new variants emerging in animal species, after they were initially infected by humans, may then go on to infect humans. After all, one of the theories about the origin of the omicron variant, was that it emerged from mice, or other rodents: Human sources (possibly wastewater for example), served as the origin of the animal infection. Although this theory may not be the probable explanation—among other hypotheses, one is that omicron could also have emerged in a chronically infected person—one gets the point: Humans, potentially to their detriment, simply are not aware about the viral circulation, apart from the one among themselves.
A recent joint report by the European centers of Disease Control and the European Food Safety Authority classified certain animals as species of concern, based on their ability to transmit the virus. The list included mink, raccoon dogs, cats, ferrets, certain mice and hamster types, white-tailed deer and Egyptian fruit bats.
📆 2023 May 29 📰 Big hairy armadillos and COVID ✍️ Georgios Pappas 🗞️ Bulletin
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2023.05.29 22:54 Careful_Eagle_1033 Health insurance offered at my new job

Health insurance offered at my new job
Someone (who’s more health insurance literate than me) correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I can tell this health insurance offered for $54/month at my new job seems to only cover birth control and covid testing.
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2023.05.29 22:54 ThrowawayITbeginner Is this blood test cancer?

Hi, I'm a female on my twenties, normal weight and currently not taking any medication. I have anxiety, high hr when moving (like 150bpm), drink a lot of water, eat a lot of sugar, the urges to pee are frequent, I can't drink caffeine because of hr but the blood pressure is normal, sometimes low and I'm almost underweight. The heart tests, kidney ct scan, thyroid ultrasound are normal. The blood tests are low iron, ferritin, folic acid and vitamin D, normal glucose, cholesterol, potassium, sodium, chloride, tsh, thyroid panel and creatinine, slightly low urea (one number under the minimum), very high aldosterone (60 and the normal range is 1 to 22), normal acth (35 and the normal range is 3 to 60) and high cortisol (27 and the normal range is 5 to 22). The gp prescribed a kidney ct scan that is normal and repeat the blood test
The results are aldosterone high (35 and the normal range is 1 to 22), acth normal (39 and the normal range is 3 to 60) and cortisol very high (35 and the normal range is 5 to 22). The gp said that the endocrinology appointment is going to take a lot of time and said to control anxiety to low the cortisol. I'm reading a lot of scary stories about terminal cancer and I'm so anxious. I'm almost underweight so it's possibly cancer. The blood tests were when I was anxious, can this value of cortisol be so high from anxiety like 900 nmol? I'm so anxious, from what I'm reading if overweight it's possibly not cancer and I'm almost underweight. Is there anything else it can be? Any ideas?
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